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"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my quarry?                       Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?                                     Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon.                

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Mayor Jerry Brown,  doesn't your city have a heart?

It was announced yesterday that the Vallejo Police Department will scale back efforts in the search for missing Xiana Fairchild.  Announcing that the police task force will be cut in half leaving only 12 or 13 members devoted to finding Xiana, Department spokesperson Lt. JoAnn West stated that there is no longer a need for a large task force because fewer tips were coming in to the station.

The pretty 9-year old with the long, dark hair and the gap-toothed smile has been missing since December 9, 1999.  The videos of a playful Xiana taken by her uncle have become a part of homes around the nation.  It is difficult for mothers and fathers not to think of Xiana as a member of their own family.  She has won our hearts.

Apparently not everyone thinks that way.  The City of Oakland, California considers flyers featuring Xiana to be a blight according to Public Works Supervisor Jamil Blackwell.  Blackwell was unavailable for comment yesterday but an assistant acknowledged that Blackwell's office has been deluged with phone calls from angry citizens questioning his decision to remove the flyers from light poles and other public structures.  Citing Oakland Municipal Code 5.06 that prohibits posting handbills, the public works employee pointed out that the city has placed "post no bills" on its light poles.  Blackwell's office has taken the position that all hand bills, including missing-person fliers, are subject to removal by city crews.

Volunteers at the Xiana Fairchild Volunteer Center only learned about Blackwell's decision last Tuesday [2-22-2000].  News reports quote Blackwell as saying that he first tried to contact the center in mid-January.  The Public Works Department is standing by its position that Xiana's flyers are the equivalent of graffiti and a blight and will continue to be removed.  Any citizen can easily realize that this should be a public relations nightmare.  But Blackwell doesn't see the issue in that light.  Instead he is quoted in the press as bragging about how clean his city is compared to the messy light poles in San Francisco and Berkeley.  This gentleman demonstrates a lack of perspective that is truly amazing.

Mayor Jerry Brown's office had no comment about the issue.  It would appear to this reporter that Mayor Brown is running a clean city but one with no heart and compassion for missing children.  The volunteers who took the time to pick up the posters and walked around the city placing them in places where they could be easily seen should be angry.  It is hoped that the Mayor's office will realize the difference between rock concert advertising, the garish signs posted by politicians, garage sales ads and the heartfelt plea to bring a missing child home.

It would only take an exception to be written into the Oakland's Municipal Code 5.06 to send the clear message that Oakland cares about all missing people.  Would it be too much to ask the Mayor and the City Council to address that issue?

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THE BAYCITIES OBSERVER Virginia McCullough       

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my quarry?              Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?                             Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon.                

                      © 2000 Virginia McCullough. All Rights Reserved. Use only with written permission.              


VICTIM NO. 1: XIANA FAIRCHILD, age 7, disappeared in Vallejo on  December 7, 1999.                                                   VICTIM NO. 2:  KIM SWARTZ, missing child advocate, whose daughter, Amber, disappeared in 1989 in Pinole.          THE CRIME: Car boost, theft (a hate crime!) On the one month anniversary of Xiana’s kidnap.  As Kim was planning a fund raiser for Xiana, her car was boosted!                                                                                   THE PERP: Is the perpetrator of this car boost (hate crime) the guilty person(s) who kidnapped Xiana Fairchild on December 9, 1999?

Kim Swartz, whose own daughter Amber Swartz Garcia has been missing since 1989, became the victim of a break-in and robbery on Wednesday night (2/9/00). Kim and her fiancée John Brodie were attending a fund raiser being held at Chris' Club. The two arrived in separate cars at about 8:00 pm and parked the cars side by side in the parking lot. They were there to attend a "fish fry" fund raiser benefiting the search for missing 7-year old Xiana Fairchild. The event ended around 9:30 pm and the engaged couple stayed around discussing another upcoming fund raiser being planned by the owners of Chris' Club, Carol and Joe Klingensmith. They left the club between 10:00 and 10:30 pm.

As they approached their cars, they saw Kim's car had a shattered front passenger window. No other cars in the parking lot were damaged. Missing from Kim's car was her laptop computer and a briefcase that contained pictures of her stolen child, Amber, and a long list of phone numbers of fellow activists dedicated to bringing missing children home. Nothing else was touched including a pair of very expensive sun glasses lying next to the laptop.

In an interview conducted by KTVU, Kim Swartz questioned whether or not she had been targeted because she has maintained such a high profile in the search for Xiana Fairchild. Kim was instrumental in persuading Xiana's mother, Antoinette Robinson, and her live-in boyfriend, Robert Turnbough, to go the Vallejo Police Department for interviews. Shortly thereafter Swartz expressed outrage at the lies attributed to Robinson and Turnbough. Xiana's great grandmother, Lita Domingo said, "Sure they are angry. The lies, my goodness!"

Kim Swartz has made a plea for the return of her briefcase and particularly the pictures of her child, Amber, that she uses in an effort to bring her child home.

The targeting of Swartz comes on the heels of the nationally broadcast Leeza Show that featured Xiana's mother, aunt, great grandmother, Joe Klingensmith and others. The show was edited to eliminate many segments that showed the angry audience verbally attacking Xiana's mother shouting out that she was a liar. In the version that aired, mother Antoinette Robinson, constantly defended her "former" boyfriend who is still being investigated by the Vallejo Police Department in the disappearance of Xiana.

In a telephone interview with Carol Klingensmith she emphatically stated, "If there is anyone out there giving her all to find these children, it is Kim Swartz and her fiancée, John Brodie."

It is apparent also many other volunteers, such as Chris' Cafe owners Carol and Joe Klingensmith, are dedicated to bringing Xiana home. They are planning another benefit to fund the search for Xiana. A wine tasting and dinner will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2000 at Chris' Cafe. By next week the $15.00 tickets will be available at the club located at 656 Benicia Road, Vallejo, California 94591. The phone number of the Cafe is (707) 648-9257 and the email for the cafe is Tickets will also available at Manual's Auto Body in Vallejo. Donations are accepted made out the Amber Foundation and earmarked for Xiana Fairchild.

                                                                                 © 2000 Virginia McCullough. All Rights Reserved. Use only with written permission.


The Amber Foundation for Missing Children                  

PO Box 565
Pinole, CA 94564
Phone: (510)222-9050
Toll Free: (800)541-0777 
Fax:   (510)758-0319



AMBER SWARTZ       AMBER IN 1989                                                                                                              NOW.  (Time enhanced.)  

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XIANA'S 3 YEAR OLD HALF-BROTHER SLEPT AT THE STUDIO APARTMENT THE NIGHT XIANA DISAPPEARED.  XIANA'S MOTHER WAS  ALLOWED SUPERVISED CHILD VISITATION ONLY!   DATELINE 2/10/00.   Interest in Xiana Fairchild's disappearance, caused by the Leeza Gibbon's show expose' on 2/7/00, revealed why Xiana's mother was "asleep" in the morning when her boyfriend Turnbough supposedly took Xiana to the bus stop, or school or wherever.  Xiana's mother, Antoinette Robinson stated that during the evening before the disappearance,  she was taking care of her three year old son who was sick,  therefore she slept in the next morning.

Robinson has three sons with her former husband, whom she divorced in 1998.  Her former husband has custody of all three sons.  Robinson is allowed to have supervised visits with her sons, with their paternal grandfather in attendance, and with the provision that she not drink alcohol during the 24 hours previous to any visit.

Robinson's former husband has a car wash business.  According to a reliable source, he met Xiana in 1998 when Antoinette briefly had custody of her.  His car wash is located adjacent to the first location of the Xiana headquarters, and everyday he visited the headquarters to talk to the great-grandmother and aunt.  He put up $5,000 of the initial $11,000 reward to anyone who finds Xiana.  The remainder of the reward was $5,000 from Sund Carrington Foundation and another $1,000 IIRC from Vallejo.  

A reliable source also reports that,  although she denies it, Antoinette Robinson and Turnbough, her boyfriend, convicted of child abuse in an unrelated case,  have been seen together in recent weeks since their so-called split.


Valerie Earley, Program manager of the Solano County Children's Services Bureau was escorted from her office Monday, 2/7/00 by the Solano County Special Investigations Bureau.  Edie Parsons, Deputy Director of Adult and Children's Services, was escorted out on Friday.  Both were placed on paid administrative leave and have hired attorneys.

A neighbor in the apartment complex where Xiana Fairchild lived, reported neglect and inappropriate sexual behavior involving Xiana, approximately one week before her disappearance. Parsons refused to disclose whether CPS had responded to that neighbor's call, citing "confidentiality."

Solano County Health and Services Director Don Rowe said the two women were removed because of a highly critical audit of CPS performed by the Child Welfare League of America.  Parsons was replaced with her assistant Linda Watts.  Earley was replaced by Laura Fowler, who worked in the mental health division.  Parsons explained her role in the Xiana case: "The tragedy is this child has disappeared.  I don't second guess anything my staff did."  According to Parsons, the State Department of Health and Services has reviewed Solano County CPS's handling of the Xiana case and found no problems. 

According to the Vallejo Times (2/9/00)  Earley blamed the "politics" of the Xiana case for her and Parson's current predicaments. "When I spoke with my director (Rowe) a week ago he told me the public had lost confidence in CPS and that was an issue. The articles I've read have nothing to do with the public and everything to do with politics," Earley said.

Solano County Supervisor Skip Thomson has criticized the department for lacking appropriate concern for the county's children.   He demanded to know what happened in the Xiana case, and CPS refused to explain, citing confidentiality.


Quotes of the Day (2/4/00):

"There's an old saying about wrestling a pig. It seems that somewhere along the way, when you are becoming more and more tired, you realize that the pig is simply enjoying the exercise." Anonymous lawyer. (Referring to the multi-billion dollar river of gold--the kiddie porn/kidnap/kill industry.)

"No, not my baby!"  A yell by Antoinette Robinson, heard by her neighbors a week before Xiana Fairchild, age 7, disappeared -- a yell Robinson could not explain.

"Some kind of dissociation has to happen.  But that's just the way I would respond to it.  I mean, to even do something like that, dissociation perhaps comes first.  And then the whole act and what comes after it may be on a different level of reality or whatever.  I just don't know.  It baffles me.  There's got to be some separation between that reality--what you actually did--and your daily life, and dealing with people and laughing, drinking coffee, and going about your duties on your job, dealing with your family at home.  It's--I couldn't do it without dissociating somehow." Timothy Bindner musing about putting himself in the mind and body of a predator of children.  Binder was and is a suspect in the kidnap of  Amber Jean Swartz Garcia, June 1988, Pinole, and  kidnap of Amanda (Nikki) Campbell, December 1991, Fairfield.


Dialogue, as the show almost erupted into Jerry Springer fist-to-cuffs:

Kim Swartz asked Robinson why, the week before Xiana's disappearance, neighbors heard Robinson yelling, "No, not my baby!"   Robinson, the mother of Xiana Fairchild, missing since December 9, 1999, could not give a direct answer, except she said she believed it had to do with a time when she scratched her boyfriend.

"That shocked me," Lita Domingo, the great grandmother of Xiana, said. "What was that about?"

Kahalekulu, Xiana's aunt, said, "Of all the scenarios it could mean, none of them are good." 

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XIANA FAIRCHILD age 7,Vallejo, Dec. 9, 1999

LE-ZAHN WILLIAMS infant, Vallejo, 1996                                                                   

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AMANDA NIKKI CAMPBELL child, Fairfield, Solano County, Dec. 27, 1991.

HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME CITY OF FAIRFIELD-- IF SUSPECTS IN CHILD KIDNAP CASES ARE PAID OFF, SOLANO COUNTY IS  A SAFE HAVEN FOR PEDOPHILES! On May 2, 1997, the City of Fairfield, (located in Solano County) paid Timothy Bindner $90,000 to settle his lawsuit against the Fairfield police for having executed a search warrant at his Oakland home looking for evidence pertaining to Nikki Campbell and Amber Swartz Garcia.  Bindner's status was classified as a suspect in these and several other cases at the time of the payment.  Attorneys for Binder were Gary Lepper and Matthew Harrington, his partner, who also defended the Emeryville child molesters at the Emery Unified School District.  None of these molesters were prosecuted either and they are walking around free and some of them are teaching school children, and others are government officials and owners of corporations in Alameda County. 

A MUST READ FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PROTECT CHILDREN IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA "Stalemate" by John Philpin, A Bantam Book, 1997.  This superb book exposes the child porn/kidnap/murder ring operating in Alameda, Solano and Contra Costa Counties and tells the tale of Timothy Bindner and the FBI's failures too solve too many cases, which has resulted in death after death after death!