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QOUTE (February 2, 2000 If anybody puts classified material on unclassified computers, "and we have the information, we are going to treat them the same way [as Wen Ho Lee]. (Source: Washington Post, August 2, 1999.)

Calling the Department of Justice!  Are you there?  Either indict Deutch for the same crime for which Wen Ho Lee was indicted, or dismiss those charges against Lee!  Or has the Department of Justice really earned its street titles:  "Department of Injustice",  "Department of Racism"?




Could it be skin pigmentation? Does the DOJ imply PURE NOBLE AND GOOD INTENTIONS from white skin and INTENT TO SPY from yellow skin.

HOW  DEUTCH WALKED!                                               

When Deutch was leaving his CIA post, agency technicians visited his home for routine security checks.  They found Deutch had downloaded classified documents, including data about some top secret covert operations, on a CIA-issued computer not configured for classified work.

With a little help from his lily-white friends, PURE intent was found.  The CIA’s inspector general found "no evidence that national security information was lost." But it found "a potential for damage to U.S. security existed as a result of the actions."  There was no evidence that the classified material on Mr. Deutch's computers was obtained by another country, although there was no way to be certain.  The CIA did not tell the Justice Department about the case for more than a year. The CIA inspector general did so in early 1998, when a CIA agency complained about how the CIA handled the case.  Current CIA Director, Tenet, (Deutch's former deputy) learned of the possible security breach almost immediately but did not move to reprimand Mr. Deutch until the inspector general completed its report about how the CIA handled the case, and  notified the Justice Department of a possible violation. After reviewing the case, the Justice Department in April 1999 decided not to prosecute Mr. Deutch, who lost his security clearances. Deutch issued a statement apologizing for his actions.


Essential counts in the indictment of Wen Ho Lee are that he downloaded nuclear secrets onto his personal computer at the office and at home. (Newsmakingnews note: this is the same conduct for which Deutch was not prosecuted.) The Department of Justice determined that Lee INTENDED, when he downloaded, to aid a foreign country.  Yet the DOJ has found NO EVIDENCE THAT LEE COMMITTED ESPIONAGE.


The difference between the Wen Ho Lee and the Deutch cases boils down to a matter of whether there was criminal intent.  There has been no proof one way or the other that the data on Deutch's computer or on Lee's computer was transmitted to foreign countries.  Yet that possibility exists in both cases.


The People’s Republic of China (hereinafter the "PRC") is constantly developing new and better nuclear weapons. The U.S. intelligence agencies believe that these weapons may have been created by the use of highly classified technology developed at the United States laboratories, such as Los Alamos, Scandia, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Berkeley and Livermore, California. 

The key national security questions are 1) what classified technology has the PRC obtained from the U.S.; 2) who provided it to them, and 3) by what means.

THESE SECURITY QUESTIONS HAVE NOT BEEN ANSWERED!  Instead, the DOJ, and Department of Energy dangled are dangling the yellow scare in front of the American people.  Will the American public to believe that the prosecution and jailing of Wen Ho Lee is the solution.  Wen Ho Lee has been thrown like a bone to the bureaucratic Wolves, who failed, failed, failed, failed, failed to find THE REAL SPIES!  

                                 Some Notable Quotes and Notes re: Wen Ho Lee

Janet Reno re: the Spies Who Got Away.  On June 8, 1999, Janet Reno told a Senate panel that the FBI focused on the Lees and did not follow up on other scientists at Los Alamos who knew the same secrets and had traveled to China, including four others of Chinese ancestry.  Reno said, "The elimination of other logical suspects having the same access and opportunity did not occur.  There are perhaps other leads that could have been followed. There are other people that have a motivation, perhaps a greater motivation than Wen Ho Lee."  The number of other potential suspects at Los Alamos and other details regarding them has been withheld from the public.

FBI geniuses, red-necked with racism, interrogate Lee, with that fascist style that has made them world-famous!   Excerpts from the tape of the FBI's Interrogation of Wen Ho Lee, March 7, 1999:

"Agent: Do you know who the ROSENBERGs are? Lee: I heard them, yeah, I heard them mention. Agent: The ROSENBERGs are the only people that never cooperated with the Federal Government in an espionage case. You know what happened to them? They electrocuted them, WEN HO. Lee: Yeah, I heard. Agent: They didn't care whether they professed their innocence all day long. They electrocuted them. Okay, ALDRICH AMES. You know ALDRICH AMES? He's going to rot in jail! . . . . That's going to happen. Lee: No. Agent: . . . If you're not careful. Later: Agent: What are you going to tell your son? Lee: I just tell them what you told me. I say you people don't believe what I said and polygraph don't believe what I said, and whatever consequence I will take, okay. I'm, I'm, I'm sixty. Agent: Do you realize what that means, WEN HO? Lee: What? Agent: Do you realize what that means? Lee: I know, it will, it will . . . Agent: It means you're going to be an unemployed nuclear scientist with no job and if you get arrested you'll have no money . . . Lee: I'll open an Cha. . . Agent: . . . You won't, you won't have a house. Your kids won't have . . . Lee: (agent's name) Agent: . . . anything other than the fact that . . . Lee: (agent's name) I will open a Chinese restaurant here and you can give me . . . Agent: . . . You're not . . . Lee: . . . welcome . . . Agent: . . . going to be opening any Chinese Restaurant. You're going to be in jail, WEN HO."

Kathy Harine, working for a private company, read classified nuclear data in a Santa Barbara archive and told the tale!

     "When Harine was done with her reading, she knew the insider secrets -- but no one else knew that she knew them. For although she had signed into the reading room each day, there was no paper trail to indicate which documents she had read once she was inside." CLICK TO READ MORE!


Wen Ho Lee's attorneys are going to file a motion to dismiss the case against him because of selective prosecution--that is that Lee has been singled out for prosecution for alleged offenses, for which other persons have not been prosecuted.  Some of the facts in support of this motion are:


"Selective prosecution- Regarding Dr. Wen Ho Lee's current indictment for downloading classified information, there are numerous cases of security violations which have met with little or no disciplinary action in the history of the nation's weapons laboratories. In Dr. Lee's case, the government has taken the unprecedented step of pressing charges for security violations, even after acknowledging that there is no evidence Dr. Lee committed actual espionage. The government's case does not even show a motive for espionage, a change in lifestyle, evidence of anti-American ideology, or even a country on behalf of which espionage was supposedly being conducted. This interpretation of the law is truly unprecedented; the law has never before been applied in this manner.

In the midst of the Wen Ho Lee investigation, it was revealed that former CIA Director John M. Deutch kept important classified information on an unsecured home computer, a fact for which he was highly criticized.

Former Iran-Contra special prosecutor Lawrence E. Walsh lost classified documents he had packed in luggage that disappeared after he checked it at Los Angeles International Airport.

A security lapse at the CIA was recently disclosed in which 25 laptop computers were decommissioned and sold at auction--without erasing top-secret information still on their hard drives.

In another case much like Lee's, a Los Alamos scientist downloaded from a classified computer to an unclassified system material from the lab's "green book," a secret assessment of the status, maintenance needs and vulnerabilities of some of the nation's most sophisticated weapons.

These are but a sample of over 30 publicly known cases of security violations which were not prosecuted and does not even begin to take into account the numerous counterintelligence security cases which have not been publicly reported."

HEADS UP!  Dr. Wen Lo Lee is held in a security prison, can walk in the outside yard one hour per day, in chains.  He is jailed without bail.  He has limited contact with his family.  Dr. John Deutch is enjoying the good life out there somewhere.  The REAL spies who helped China develop its nuclear weapons are having a REAL good laugh at Uncle Sam!

Will anyone ask the Presidential candidates at their town hall meetings about Deutch and Wen Ho Lee and JUSTICE? (Can we get video tapes of their faces trying to answer this one?)