Organized crime + the USA = ?


The following CIA-related ("secret government") and organized crime fronts were plying San Francisco Bay waters and substantially controlled the docks during the Iran-Contra era.  Were these fronts ever dismantled?  They weren't prosecuted by local authorities.  Are they in place today? The names have changed, but the players remain the same. The FBI in San Francisco, headed by US Attorney Mueller, III, a Bush factotum, has yet to prosecute any mob activity in Northern California.  Mueller continues the tradition of former U.S. attorneys Joseph Russoniello (Rudi Guiliani's college roommate) and Michael Yamaguchi.  Federal and State judges and local D.A.'s  take their cue from the local DOJ and FBI and grease the way for drug, money laundering, kiddie porn and blackmail operations throughout the Bay Area.  If anyone litigates against this low cabal or takes them on in any way, the low cabal arrogantly believes it  can "destroy" that person or family.  Such delusional and grandiose thinking is barely masked by the sickened faces of these federal and local judges and district attorneys who are blackmailed by their pervert handlers and dance for them like marionnettes. 

The Fronts:

1. Buttes Gas & Oil (founded, in part by Kermit Roosevelt (now deceased, 2000, who was a key player in the installation of the Shah of Iran, by a coup), operated barges, tanker traffic, in Oakland, CA.  Buttes operated citrus and other farms in Fresno and Napa counties. John B. Anderson served as a fronts for Moe Shenker in the Nevada Dunes Resorts & Casino operations during Iran-Contra.  In approximately 1968, the Eureka Savings and Loan was taken down, its key president was the Gambino- related, John Boreta. 

2. Cargill conducted significant business via Leslie Salt using  barges and docks on the West Coast and Hawaii, and extended its reach internationally.  Cargill operated in Sonoma County, Napa County, Alameda County, Contra Costa and almost reached to San Jose.  Cargill's Fresno operations were forfeited. 

3. Dillingham, as a type of manager, operated barges, ocean and port tugs, docks via Basalt & other subsidiaries.  Dillingham's operations extended to Hawaii and all west coast ports.  In Honolulu, Dillingham provided rent free offices to the Bishop, Baldwin group, and operated as a "successor" to Nugan Hand (which had associations in Napa through the Dickinson law firm which representing Gene Trefethen of Kaiser.   Dillingham was acquired by KKR and its true ownership has is obscure after February 1983. 

4. Kaiser which has aluminum, marine and engineering divisions in Oakland, connected to Gene Trefethen operated barges, pipe, steel and aluminum works and conducted engineering projects in Oakland.  In Napa, James Magetti was an associate of Kongsgaard, Dickenson law firm  and the President  or Kaiser Aluminum and served on the board of Napa Valley Bank throughout the Iran-Contra era.

5. The Pacific Far East Lines, owned by Joseph Alioto, Senior, now deceased, operated ocean freighters docking at  all west coast ports, Hawaii and throughout the world.  Attorney Keker "prosecuted" key Iran Contra figures and failed.  Keker held back important information about the Iran Contra operations in the Bay Area, and kept vital information from Independent counsel Walsh.  Willie Brown subsequently appointed Keker as the San Francisco Police Commissioner, and when Keker and two of his cronies rejected a FBI Strike Force Request in approximately 1997, Keker suddenly resigned. 

6. Lazio Fish, in is 1978 union with Mitsui (Yakuza) worked in ocean fishing, and bought up nearly all west coast canneries from L.A. to Alaska, plus Hawaii. Also Alioto through the International Fish Company, also worked as a front along with  Tom Lazio Fish Company to exert  mob related controls over San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.  Joe Alioto, Sr. co-owned International Fish Company since the 1930s with S.F. crime bosses Francesco and Joseph Lanza.

7. Bank of American and BCCI engaged in the movement of money to support the crime syndicate and Iran Contra money/drug flow through tentacles in the Napa Valley Bank, Napa National Bank, and First Republic Thrift & Loan in Napa County.  These banks set up huge money laundering mills into Napa County which included high end real estate and businesses (wineries).

All of the above business entities have various shells and subsidiaries, some with unrelated names which are retained despite later acquisitions. Almost all of the above entities have Canadian, Alaskan, Hawaiian subsidiaries and operated internationally. 

8. H. William Harlan.  Harlan engaged in money laundering through San Francisco development projects during and post Alioto administration, utilizing Pacific Union. 

9.  The Fly Boys.  President George H. W.  Bush's "trainer" for skydiving, was Gary Carter.  Carter held world records, worked in St. Helena, training in Pope Valley, in the  early 1980s.  

10.  The HUD Methamphetamine connections: Ed Keith of Napa, Contra Costa, San Mateo was integral to this operation.  In approximately 1993,  a Japan Airlines pilot training center opened which was a transport network for drugs in the Asian market.  post Iran-Contra construction, approx. 1993 center opens; transport network to serve Asian market. Almost all HUD deals in Napa and Sonoma Counties were scams. Legitimate investors in apartments were foreclosed by HUD for no reason.  Such properties fell into the hands of people like Ed Keith, who used Canadian banks to take out HUD financing.  HUD was not repaid for these loans and Keith received the loan proceeds, and purchased more and more properties. Keith was closely associated with Gulate who is  connected to Brovelli, Magetti, Altamura and the Dickenson law firm.

11.  Crime boys on the scene in the 1990s.

Richard Frank (formerly an executive with Disney/Paramount), partners with Koerner Rombauer, an associate of Clark Mandigo and Jamie Coulter, as well as Leslie Rudd.

The  Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon (contains Trinity Energy Inc, Barry Seal, formerly under wing of ICF Kaiser). Dean & DeLuca, New York Restaurant Group (Smith & Wollensky steakhouses). Coulter is the Kentucky Fried Chicken/Pizza Hut magnate for laundering; Lone Star is steakhouses including Trinity Energy Inc.'s Del Frisco's Double Eagle).