George H. W. Bush never left office.... his beat and tempo live on.

Aaaaaah, once again the waterfront proves that George H. W. Bush never left office .... his beat and the tempo he set live on. This executive tempo spills over into the legislative branch. Dishonesty, pedophilia, and cover-up artistry are embraced by those in charge of both our lawmaking and oversight branches of government.

To illustrate these points, the July 19 issue of "The St. Helena Star" provided us with Aunt Helena's tidbits. One reads:

"From the office of Congressman Mike Thompson we hear that St. Helena's own Monsignor John Brenkle of the St. Helena Catholic Church has been invited to lead the opening prayer at the Tuesday, July 31, session of the United States House of Representatives. And it will televise at 10 a.m. EST on CSPAN ... Congratulations Father Brenkle!"

It is interesting to see that Representative Thompson embraces Bush's compassionate conservatism in Msgr. Brenkle. In the wake of local criticism, Thompson has rushed to remove another tarnish from Brenkle's image locally by making him a national star.

Brenkle and his flock were the movement behind the "go soft" on pedophile 5th grade teacher Steve Wilhite, whose forrays sent the lives of more than 70 residents into turmoil. Recently Brenkle has received less than seemly press, having terminated without cause the town's beloved Sister
Kate. Prior to that, he punished Sister Mary's Ukiah branch, doubling the interest charged on an existing loan, virtually doubling the monthly loan payments. Sister Mary is the one who had the courage to expose pedophile conduct among priests, where five have been removed from the system.

Always the compassionate ear and mouthpiece for the Genovese who were safe to relocate to St. Helena because of his protection rackets, Brenkle will likely snow the members of the Congress. Few will see his extraordinarily reddened face for what it represents -- years of chronic alcohol abuse that pale by comparison to the abuse he manifests in other ways.

Not only has Msgr. Brenkle covered up his trysts with women and millions of dollars missing from the Diocese of Santa Rosa as its appointed financial officer in August, 1999, he also attempted to cover up $6,000 missing from a St. Helena nonprofit at the hands of one of his faithful. The St. Helena incident pales by comparison to the millions of dollars missing -- left unexplained to the Diocean fold, while he continues to obstruct justice in a Santa Rosa investigation.

Brenkle had a dubious history as a Marine chaplan, and a dubious history at a parish in Oakland that landed him in Africa to do penance. However, Africa appears to have been the center of his widened intelligence connections, and when he appeared in Santa Rosa (a Diocese known to
warehouse the outcasts of larger Catholic communities) he immediately deployed to protect a series of rackets and racketeers, including Elaine Waters, now a Superior Court judge in Sonoma County. Not only have Chicago interests migrated to St. Helena under their watch, so too has The San Francisco Family and a few dubious New York relations associated with the Genovese. Discredited Wall Street refugees count themselves among his fold as do a series of dishonorable ex-Marines and some former Nazi war-crime perps, one relocated from Canada to Brenkle's safe harbor.

Suffice to say, Congressman Thompson knows what he's doing -- he's rusing and thumbing his nose at other members of Congress and residents of St. Helena, likely attempting a political compromise or two with Brenkle on his arm. It's so VERY Genovese of him. And how appropriately timed, so that Msgr. can get his name and the Diocese out front to receive some of that money that is supposed to flow through charitable non-profits. Poppy Bush worked with the Knights of Malta for some dirty deeds, and one if his masters at the game, Bill Agee who bilked 4 Fortune 500 companies, now lives in St. Helena. With the Senate and House busy on monitoring money laundering through commercial banks, securities brokers, and insurance companies, perhaps the old lines of the churches, Knights of Malta, and the Savings & Loans upon which he relied are being revived to service the flow that translates into guns out and drugs in.

As we write, farmers are struggling in Napa to preserve agriculture, watershed and open space -- contesting the Montalcino Resort development project. Meanwhile, the same people who supported the three Napa Supervisors in favor of the project supported Congressman Mike Thompson.
In turn, Mike Thompson's staff provided donations to one of the more rabid pro-development supervisors. How very Genovese .... how very fishy indeed. For more information on the Montalcino Resort project, see NewsMakingNews's June 29 edition. And shame on Congressman Thompson who sits on the House Agriculture Committee should he be involved in the pro-Montalcino movement -- for the other hat he wears is as a member of the Armed Forces Committee.


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