1974 --  MAE  AND  THE  SLA

(Part 4)

By Virginia McCullough

Mother Mae, please be safe,
We know what stalks the home of the brave
Before it sinks, we'll catch a wave.

In the fall of  1970 Mae wanted to take her girls to Canada.  She wanted them to grow up in a country far less threatened by her presence than was the United States government in the early 1970's.  Mae knew that her dream of keeping her family safe was greatly diminished by the death of Bonnie and the severe injuries suffered by Barbara.

On January 3, 1971 mother Mae wrote to the Canadian Department of Manpower and Immigration regarding the immigration application [File No. 637-A 369040]  for Mae and her children:

Dear Sirs,

The enclosed article will tell you what has happened to our family.  Our physical examinations were taken and are enclosed.  The X-rays are here, ready to be mailed.  I did not send them because they are large, expensive, and will have to be taken later, I presume.

My daughter Bonnie died in this accident.

Barbara is in Community Hospital in Carmel, California.

Her legs are in a pin and a cast, and she will not be out of the hospital for many months, maybe  three or four.

I will wait until she is walking again, and completed her medical needs here, before moving to Canada.

It is my understanding that the move must be made within six months following approval of acceptance.

Shall we re-apply when we see she is better?

Can you keep the other interview and forms there for us, holding, because the information is the same, with the exception of having two daughters now instead of three?

Our passport pictures were to be taken the Wednesday afternoon... December 16th, and Bonnie passed away Tuesday night.

Please let me know if you will keep that file open for us.  We are very anxious to move to Canada when Barbara is well.

Thank you.                     Mae Brussell

Mae was taking care of her injured daughter, spending much of her time at Barbara's hospital bedside.   It would take a long time for Barbara to recover from the trauma of her injuries.  Her left leg was severely damaged as evidenced in another letter Mae wrote to the Canadian immigration office on February 21, 1972.  A portion of that letter reads:

Our moving to Canada has been delayed until she recovered from further surgery as a result of the accident.  We are now going into the second phase of repairs.  If all goes well, we would like to be moving by the end of summer or fall of this year.

Barbara's left leg was badly damaged.

Wednesday, March 1 [1972], she goes into Community Hospital in Carmel, California for a second round of surgery.  They will do a bone graft to place bone in the knee area so that the left [leg] does not bend backward.  Then there will be skin grafts to enable the knee to bend forward.  This surgery had to be delayed this amount of time to see how the original breaks healed.

We remained here because I did not want to bring all our medical problems to you when we arrived.. and she was used to the medical teams here and was under treatment for other injuries received at the same time.

In addition to the emotional turmoil of losing a child, Mae was also dealing with the legal matters involving the death of Bonnie.  On March 12, 1971, Mae was appointed administratrix of Bonnie's estate.  The stress that Mae was under is evident in her signatures on the court documents.  She used "Mae Magnin Brussell" as her legal signature.  In several places Mae forgot to include her maiden name "Magnin" and either writes it in at an angle or crosses part of her signature out to include "Magnin".  Bonnie's estate was finalized on March 15, 1972 when Mae was discharged as administratrix

In the later part of 1971 Mae Brussell began broadcasting a one hour radio show on KLRB, Carmel, California.  It was entitled Dialogue: Assassination and aired on Saturdays from 4-5 p.m.  It was the first weekly radio program to deal solely with assassinations.

Mae continued to educate her listeners and her community.  The weekend of March 10-11, 1972 found Mae arranging a presentation at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, California.  She invited computer expert and author Richard Sprague to address a large audience and provide them with their first glimpse of the bulk of visual evidence proving there was a conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy.

In April of 1972 radio station WBAI of New York City interviewed Mae Brussell by telephone.  Newspapers reported that listeners were so fascinated, they phoned in enough pledges of financial support to enable the interview to continue for five hours.

The June 1972 issue of The Realist magazine featured Mae Brussell's article "Why was Martha Mitchell  Kidnapped".  Paul Krassner wrote an introduction to familiarize his readers with his friend:


Mae Brussell is an extraordinary human being.

Back in November, 1963, she was just a regular housewife with five kids.  Like the rest of us, she was stunned by the assassination of President Kennedy.

Her daughter, Bonnie, then 7 years old, was concerned about Lee Harvey Oswald, and decided to send him her teddy bear.  It was all wrapped up and ready to mail when she saw him murdered by Jack Ruby on television that Sunday morning.

Mae couldn't help but wonder:  What kind of world are we bringing our children into?  That basic question is what inspired the initiation of a project, her dedication to which is now in its ninth year.

She reads 8 newspapers a day.  She has carefully digested over 300 books on espionage and related subjects.  She has cross-referenced the entire 26 volumes of the Warren Commission Report.  Her files are incredible.

The evidence, once you really get into it, is overwhelming.  The facts are there.  The connections become obvious.  The conclusion is undeniable:  When John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, the United State Government was taken over.

Did you think that an elaborate plot to kill a President was simply to get Lyndon Johnson into office?  Can you imagine him quitting that job on April Fool's Day in 1968 voluntarily?.....

For the past year, Mae Brussell has had a radio program called Dialogue: Assassination on KLRB in Carmel.  An hour a week of dandy documentation, its the farthest out show being broadcast today.

The repression in this country has been increasing; yet, in devoting herself to research of political assassinations, Mae's philosophy has remained optimistic: "There are higher values than power and force.  Honesty and compassion are stronger than weapons."

She is some kind of saint, and truth seeking is her discipline.  Knowing her, I've undergone a religious conversion: from believing in Coincidence to believing in Conspiracy.

And so, this is to announce a new periodical I'm going to publish, in addition to The Realist: Mae Brussell's Conspiracy Newsletter, to be mailed twice a month.  And remember, even if Paul Revere could've been diagnosed as a raving paranoid schizophrenic, it doesn't mean the British weren't coming.

Last year, Mae's daughter, Bonnie, who never had a chance to send her teddy bear to Lee Harvey Oswald, was killed, at the age of 15, in a suspicious automobile accident.  But her impulse lives on in her mother's work.

The Los Angeles Star ran a lengthy article by Ivan Dryer on September 5, 1972.  (Click.) The coverage stemmed from a press conference featuring Mae Brussell.   The article is highly complementary of "the queen of conspiracies" in spite of the misleading headline reading "CIA Researcher Bombs in First L.A. Appearance".  Speaking of the so-called "legitimate media" who attended the press conference, Dryer wrote:

But in defense of the incredulous establishment news men at the press conference, who have certainly been taken to task more than once in these pages -- it was evidently a case of subject over-kill.  Too much too soon for the naive and uninformed reporters who, having little or no factual background, appeared to reject all of it.

This was doubly unfortunate because the most direct and timely and accessible of Ms. Brussell's charges, particularly those dealing with the Watergate incident, (some of which have even been apparently corroborated in a recent issue of Time Magazine) could have and should have been taken up buy at least some of those "newspeople".  Evidently the underground media have made off with a scoop.

And it is unfortunate also because Ms. Brussell deserved a better hearing and better press for her years of extensive research accomplishments.

The community where Mae made her home also honored her with a large feature article in The Carmel Pine Cone on September 21, 1972. (Click. In this article Mae explains the motivation that drives her, "I'm trying to be a teacher of the sources of information and the techniques to understand very simple processes whereby the American People can control their own destiny.  They can't control it until they recognize it."

In an October 1972 article in The San Francisco Fault the writer comments that it is a well known fact that the CIA has engineered coups all over the world for the purposes of controlling other nations in the U.S. interest.  "Why then," asks Mae Brussell, "are we reluctant to think that the same CIA apparatus uses its power and resources to control the most important government of all...the one right here?"

During this time frame, as increasing publicity focused on Mae and her research, she was inundated by listeners and readers corresponding directly with her.  One such individual was Bruce Roberts, author of the infamous Gemstone letters.  Roberts was considered by many to be a rambling  psychotic and he was fascinated with Mae and her family.  In letter #323 he writes, "Bonnie Brussell was murdered late last year....Back to San Francisco where one of the Genovese-Alioto-Lanza judges, who found Genovese's murder of Bonnie Brussell to be leaving the scene of an accident (fine $59) -- a la Teddy [Kennedy] at Dyke Bridge -- and mafia patsy nosey Hollister at Alioto's hit-run on me, will rule on the matter." (Click. Two pages of Bruce Roberts' letter #323)  Each letter that mentioned Bonnie opened a raw wound in Mae's heart but she would not shut down any line of communication that might lead her to the truth about that horrible December accident.

As 1973 unfolded, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) roared onto the front pages of the nation's newspapers.  The name Donald DeFreeze, aka Cinque, became known and feared in every household.  The "legitimate media" fed their readers and viewers the official government line about the extremely dangerous army.  When Donald DeFreeze "escaped" from Soledad Prison on March 5, 1973, there was very little coverage.  However, when Oakland School Superintendent Dr. Marcus Foster was assassinated on April 11, 1973, media attention intensified and soon DeFreeze's name surfaced again.    

Mae Brussell had already been reporting on the conditions within California prisons.  She had spoken about the mind control techniques, the drugs, the castrations, and the sordid sadism practiced by such individuals as Professor Colston Westbrook, an operative of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Mae linked the ties between Governor Ronald Reagan's insurgency expert, William Herrman, the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), The Hoover Center of Violence, and the Rand Corporation.  Through these connections Governor Reagan sought to "win the hearts and minds of the people of California." (London Observer, 5-17-70).

In August 1973 Mae Brussell's Conspiracy Newsletter published her article "Why is the Senate Watergate Committee Functioning As Part of the Cover-up?" with three pages of footnotes documenting her research. (Click.  Part 1 and Click.  Part 2)

Promoting a rally that took place in front of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. on the 10th anniversary of JFK's assassination, The YIPster Times made the following comments about Mae's work:

The Intelligence Community is a serious threat to the remnants of Democracy in AmerIKKA.  Anyone who poses a threat to them is attacked or discredited.  There have been several attempts on Mae Brussell's life and her daughter was killed in a mysterious car accident...but she refused to be intimidated and continued her after stuffing your faces on Thanksgiving, get your asses out into the streets and let's show her we liked her courage and show the world that not everyone swallows the Government's Bullshit.

On December 1, 1973,  a newspaper clipping entitled "Conspiracies On The Air" read as follows:  

Mae Brussell, an extraordinary woman, has been researching the operations of the United States government since John Kennedy was assassinated.  Her research and the research of others has revealed a network of political assassinations and covert conspiracies in this country.  

A web of conspiracies has been strangling this nation.  The names, departments and chains of command are being identified.

Political conspiracies are divided into three sections.  There are those who carry out the assignments, others who cover it up and the collusion of the courts that protect both the conspirators and those who come later and cover up the crime.

The Watergate affair, being a government top-level conspiracy, falls into that category.

The Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities is part of the cover-up.

From The Realist, December 1972

For the past three years, Mae has been analyzing the week's news in the light of her research over KLRB radio in Carmel, California.  She has printed two articles concerning her documented findings in The Realist (August 1972 and Dec. 1972).  Recently, WAER has been playing the tapes of her weekly shows on Sunday nights at 10:15 until 11:00 p.m.

If you have access to a tape recorder, Mae would be more than happy to know that you have a personal copy of her controversial research.  Unlike President Nixon, her tapes are available to the people.  

Virginia McCullough © 5/15/02

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