QUOTE (Michael Riconosciuto): 
"I ran various operations which developed extremely sensitive military applications from highly advanced technology, e.g.

ii.    Biotechnological weapons, including, but not limited to, lethal monoclonal antibodies which are gene specific, e.g., able to distinguish between specific racial characteristics and cause painful, disastrous, lethal effects for only those  individuals exposed to such antibodies whose cell structure contains the target genes."

CIA Operative Michael J. Riconosciuto's Declaration in case No. 92 C 6217, filed April 1990, US District Court, Cook County, Illinois.  Case:  Riconosciuto, et al. v. Nicholas Bua in the Special Grand Jury investigation of the Inslaw matter. 

Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon


In November of 1990, I received a call from Bill Hamilton, the owner of the Inslaw Corporation.  Inslaw was, at that time, involved in a nasty legal  fight with the Department of Justice over allegations that the Department of Justice had stolen Inslaw's proprietary software called "Promis[e]"  One of the chief witnesses in the case was a mysterious genius named Michael J. Riconosciuto.  Riconosciuto was preparing a declaration to submit in the Inslaw case; he was receiving threats from Department of Justice officials if he filed his statement with the court.  Hamilton was aware that I had researched the Riconosciuto family connections in the State of California.  He wanted background information on his star witness.

In January of 1991, Riconosciuto filed his declaration and he was immediately arrested and jailed on drug charges in the State of Washington.  The prosecutor in this drug case was Michael T. Hurley whose name also surfaces in the downing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in December of 1988.  Hamilton wanted to know if I would accept collect calls from Riconosciuto while he remained in jail in Washington.  I told him I would and so began, what Riconosciuto calls, "the great adventure"

Riconosciuto asked me if I had a fax machine; I replied in the affirmative and he requested that I keep it fully loaded with paper.  The first fax I received simply stated, "Welcome to the adventure".  The second fax was signed by "Ray Lavas" and contained a fax number to respond to if I had questions.  Over the next four months my fax machine spat out over 2500 pages of documents independently confirming what Riconosciuto told me in many tape recorded conversations.

Reporters dealing with a wide array of subjects called me constantly, telling me that Riconosciuto had asked them to call.  Suddenly I was receiving a fast track education on satanic cults, small arms trafficking, the covert use of Indian reservations nationwide, bio-mass burning plants, "Trojan horses" installed in computers, the Nixon/Reagan/Bush mafia, money laundering through the national HUD agency, the CIA/mafia bust out of savings and loans, sexual slaves used to compromise power mongers, Vietnam drug money laundered to CIA banks, fuel explosives, [and] chemical and biological warfare weapons.  When fellow reporters questioned the reality of Riconosciuto's statements, I would convey their doubt.  Within hours more documents would arrive that would verify the truth of his allegations.

When Riconosciuto made allegations that the United States had developed a gene specific biological warfare weapon that could be used to eliminate specific races, he was laughed at by the few reporters still contacting him. By this time few journalists could afford his collect calls from jail;  fewer still considered the story important.  Most correspondents considered him crazy or a pathological liar.  They had bought the government line. No one thought his story about biological weapons was true.

Then my fax machine spat out  a two page letter dated January 20, 1983 addressed to Dr. Harry Fair of Tactical Technology in Arlington, Virginia.  The letter was signed by CIA operative John P. Nichols (Who is Nichols? Click p. 1, Click p.2, Click p.3.) and was on the letterhead of Cabazon Arms, a joint venture between the small Cabazon Band of Mission Indians and the giant Wackenhut Security firm of Coral Gables, Florida often called the CIA's CIA.   In page one, paragraph two, the following statement:

"On February 15, 1983, I will be forwarding to you a unique list of agents and production techniques related to biological warfare.  The Stormont Laboratories, Inc. business plan I mailed you was to prepare you for what we are sending you in this area.  Their products could be utilized in small countries bordering Albania or large countries bordering the Soviet Union.  You will be amazed at the scope."  Click to read entire letter.

Once again Riconosciuto had proven himself to be a "mystery wrapped in an enigma."  His gene specific biological warfare weapons story was confirmed eight years after he made his allegations. 
Riconosciuto made so many strange declarations that the majority of media employees eventually gave up trying to prove or disprove his stories.  As the months passed  and 1991 began to fade away so too did the interest in this jailed genius.  The only reporter who remained intensely interested in the Riconosciuto story was the first reporter on the case, Jos. "Danny" Casolaro.  Casolaro was a handsome man in his thirties who had tracked Riconosciuto all over California, Oregon and Washington as he investigated the Inslaw case.  Casolaro spooked Riconosciuto; Casolaro called Riconosciuto "Danger Man". 

The Great Adventure ended for my friend and fellow journalist, Danny Casolaro,  in August of 1991. The ever-expanding story he titled "The Octopus" had killed him.  Casolaro was executed in a classic CIA "wet operation"; his arms were sliced to the bone many times, he was stripped naked, placed in a bathtub of warm water to facilitate rapid bleeding, drugged and allowed to bleed to death.  This style of eliminating enemies of the CIA was also used in the attempted assassination of Ron Rewald, figure head of the failed CIA bank, "Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong".

I knew and trusted Danny Casolaro; but who was our mutual source Casolaro called "Danger Man".  Was Michael J. Riconosciuto a Prophet, a Patriot, a Player or a Phony?  Simultaneously with Danny's death, I received a lengthy essay obviously composed and typed by Riconosciuto duringhis imprisonment.

In light of the recent stories about the suicide of Dr. Larry C. Ford in Orange County, California, the attempted murder of his business associate, James Patrick Riley, and Ford's alleged involvement with biotechnology warfare weaponry in South Africa, it is timely to post this essay in its entirety.  The essay which follows might allow each individual to make up their own mind about Michael J. Riconosciuto.  Click to read Michael Riconosciuto's essay. 

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