by Virginia McCullough, Curator

Dialogue: Conspiracy - Transcript of broadcast Monday March 11, 1974
Radio Station KLRB-FM - Carmel, California
Research Specialist: MAE BRUSSELL © 1974


    This is DIALOGUE:  CONSPIRACY.  Political research specialist MAE BRUSSELL, whose Conspiracy Newsletter appears in THE REALIST MAGAZINE, has for three years shared with our listeners the fruits of her decades' research into political assassinations and the abuses of power in America.  Her weekly commentary relates the news of the week to the evidence emerging about this conspiracy which allegedly maintains its power by force over America's electoral and executive processes.

    And now, here's Mae....


    Good afternoon, it's Mae Brussell, Monday, March 11th (1974).  I'm laughing, I've so much material here to share with you in forty five minutes and it's overwhelming, so I'll try to keep from speeding it up too fast and we'll try to make some sense from the news of the week.

    I figured it would be a very big week in the HEARST KIDNAPPING when we left off last Monday.  I said... we'll continue next week because the events will escalate, the story will continue to be THE story in the news.  I compare it to the KENNEDY assassination, and in terms of news, the Watergate affair too, this is the 'big' story in terms of domestic turmoil in  America and the tangling of citizens as against the military and intelligence operation that is taking place in our government.

    This week, in summary, we'll talk about the appearance of BIG DADDY, Kolston Westbrook.  He is a fellow associate of the men at Vacaville [California prison] in the Black Cultural Association.  He is on TV - Big Daddy - he has an African name he uses also.

    His name is Kolston Westbrook and we'll go about his television interview and his press conference in Berkeley and also of his being the Military Case Officer assigned to handle 'DEFREEZE' since he was in Vacaville.  He (Big Daddy) was offering his services this week as the 'middle man' to speak to him (DeFreeze) as he said... 'niggah to niggah' and he is the military case officer.

    Then, during the week, I had called the HEARST family and offered information research to help them locate the source of the plot that made their daughter become a political prisoner and fingered the FBI, and as long as I talked to the secretary of Mr. Hearst, he was listening to what I said - until I said 'FBI' - and then he cut me off completely and wasn't interested.

    Then a few days later, Mr. REMIRO and LITTLE, the two men that are in San Quentin allegedly for killing DR. MARCUS FOSTER, accused the FBI of being involved and wanting  PATTY HEARST killed and to come down on the 'blacks' and 'poor' and they asked for a press conference which today. Mr. Hearst is going to try and get for them.

    A few days later, PATTY HEARST came out and said the FBI is involved, that they will kill her and that her life doesn't mean much.  She's a pawn in the game and she came out with that yesterday and today - the transcript of that message has been written up.

    Then following that, KSAN Radio Station in San Francisco got a message that the Hearst family - the phone was cut off and I did try it during the week - all messages come to the FBI - so, I had a press conference today with television and the newspaper and tried to reach the Hearst family directly - because it's very strange that in every political assassination or political conspiracy in this country, that the person who is behind the conspiracy receives all the information that comes in and is supposed to solve it.

    It was like JOHN DEAN getting information for the WHITE HOUSE on solving the WATERGATE CONSPIRACY when he was part of it from its very beginning.  It's like ALLEN DULLES - I have minutes of the WARREN COMMISSION  meeting - where Allen Dulles went to the members of the Warren Commission and said... my evidence comes in about LEE HARVEY OSWALD or MARINA OSWALD, you give to me - because I have studied past assassinations and Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald were both agents of our intelligence operation.  She was working with the DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY and he was working with the NAVY INTELLIGENCE and the FBI.  All information on espionage went to the people who had hired them as agents in the first place.

    The communiqué from the SYMBIONESE  LIBERATION ARMY came out on Sunday saying, as I said, that the FBI was involved.  They followed up the letter that REMIRO and LITTLE sent out saying the FBI was involved and PATTY HEARST has said they were involved and they want me dead.

    We'll go into some of these communiqués and go about some of the mini kidnappings that have been taking place all over the country that tie in with that new vigilante system you heard about on the news a few minutes ago.

    The name of this program when we first started two and a half years ago was called DIALOGUE; ASSASSINATION, and on the very first broadcast I talked about the release of the PENTAGON PAPERS, and that these papers would reveal that Diem [President of  South Vietnam] was murdered by our CIA, and the biggest story in the nation was yet to come on the political assassinations in America.  And two and a half years later we saw E. Howard Hunt of the CIA sitting in the WHITE HOUSE with STATE DEPARTMENT papers, forging documents, blaming JOHN KENNEDY for the death of MR. DIEM.

    I mention that to show that two years later the evidence came in of who was 'really' conspiring the death of Mr. Diem and these same people were involved with the KENNEDY assassination - but I name this now, and my research on the WATERGATE, as credentials for my asking the Hearst family - MR. AND MRS. HEARST - I have asked them today through the media - various messages to meet with them along - without the FBI or any Federal agents - to meet with them alone and present the chain of command of the operation that kidnapped their daughter - the government agencies involved - the LAPD ( Los Angeles Police Department), the Department of Corrections, the Attorney General, the Justice Department, the Oakland Police.  I will sit with them and give them information but I cannot get through to them unless the media gets to them and they are not screened in that way.

    My statements about the PENTAGON PAPERS and the murder of DIEM were confirmed even more this week when an article - an author in Vietnam is coming out with a book saying that the CIA paid $24 million dollars to have DIEM killed and the book reveals the fact that U.S. troops were not wanted in SOUTH VIETNAM and that's the reason they had to kill MR. DIEM - because there was the intention to escalate the war in VIETNAM.  So, within one month after DIEM was dead, JOHN KENNEDY was dead - and the PENTAGON PAPERS tells you about the escalation with no provocation from the NORTH in that three week period.

    Last year in August of 1972 at a press conference on the WATERGATE affair - the UPI and Associated Press were there - and you say at a press conference that the ATTORNEY GENERAL and the acting head of the FBI, MR. JOHN MITCHELL and PATRICK GRAY, were involved in the WATERGATE - the ASSOCIATED PRESS wouldn't carry the story of course, and neither would the UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL.

    I said at the time it was a CIA plot - the WATERGATE secretly funded through the MULLEN ASSOCIATES, the public relations office across the street from the WHITE HOUSE, and I said then two (2) governments existed 'side by side' - one visible and one invisible.  And it is that 'invisible' government again that is responsible for these mass slayings the SAN FRANCISCO, the 'zombie' murders and the PATRICIA HEARST KIDNAPPING.

    With regard to the WATERGATE, I had said at the time - all persons arrested - with each of their contacts and sources of funding - would be protected and every means of avoiding answers to questions would be used.  I also said in July of 1972 that if the country wishes to avoid a coup d'etat, researchers like myself should be allowed to offer information about the altering of the electoral process and I say now that researchers like myself should be able to see MR. AND MRS. HEARST - they should not be cut off.

    PATTY HEARST  sent a communiqué that will go into saying that you know he's (Mr. Hearst) doing all the wrong things, he's listening to the wrong people, he's taking the wrong advice.  Mr. and Mrs. Hearst come from a social class and a type of background that believes if you pray and GOD is on your side - and the FBI is on your side - whatever falls, whatever your fate - GOD willed it.  And this isn't the way the world is - they're not realistic to the situation - that history did prove what the intelligence agencies to kill men like JOHN KENNEDY or DIEM.

    It does prove that the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES was behind a conspiracy.  We don't have any information about MR. SAXBE or MR. KELLY except all that is negative about the computerized police departments - contacts in COSTA RICA, with gambling machines and all kinds of connections that are very questionable - racists, underworld connections - it's a mess - it's a hodge-podge of the ATTORNEY GENERAL and the head of the FBI working in collusion and making damaging statements that will provoke these men to kill - provoke prisoners and guards and plant to kill the two men in SAN QUENTIN that will trigger off the killing of PATTY HEARST.

    Everyone involved in the operation is aware of the mechanics of it now - how they were used - and they want a television conference which will probably take place between now and when we speak again where REMIRO and LITTLE will have a chance to speak.

    What I am trying to do is to get to the HEARST family to give my research to show that PATTY is not brainwashed by DONALD DEFREEZE or THERO WHEELER - they're really the two black ex-convicts that escaped from Vacaville and Soledad - but they were allowed to leave the prison system and had a control and case officer over them - and then when PATTY is murdered and sacrificed - it will come down on the 'lower echelon', the black prisoner and the prison system... and not the people who engineered the whole plot to begin with.

    I wanted, as I say, to call attention to the fact that the media is the ONLY way we have to get through to these people - their lines are cut off - there's no way to reach them and to communicate by telephone or any other way - without going through the FBI.

    The NEW YORK TIMES had an article this last week since we met, by EARL CALDWELL , who hasn't been covering very good stories of the HEARST case, but he did bring out the point finally, after one month, that some people believe that in the BAY AREA - that the whole 'Hearst' kidnapping is something of a 'hoax', he said.  The speculation is the kidnapping may be at least in part something of a hoax, however there is nothing to support that position and the FBI said it was not considering the possibility.

    Well, we're not asking the FBI to consider the possibility of a hoax.  He also said there's speculation that the so-called SYMBIONESE are not a legitimate group but a movement inspired by 'provocateurs' and yet the NEW YORK TIMES doesn't say that the provocateurs could be agents of the FBI.  See, they're caught in a 'web' there and they can't recognize the origin of these conspiracies...or they don't want to.

    Just in the news this last week was a fact that the HOUSTON PLAN, the WHITE HOUSE HOUSTON PLAN is still operating -- that there are directives against blacks , (particularly black people), black campus organizations and that the HOUSTON PLAN that was supposed to have been ended in the fall of 1970 was not ended.

    In my second article, in the THE REALIST, in my NEWSLETTER, I mention the fact - how could the Houston Plan be over at the date RICHARD NIXON  said it ended - the secret intelligence government - the second government that I wrote about in my first article?  How could it be ended when three months later, he was hiring a Judge from SEATTLE to come to WASHINGTON for an interview to be the head of the group???  How can you end a secret government when you're hiring a Judge to head it?

    So, the 'secret' government is in fact existing, and it is the HOUSTON PLAN that is working in the BAY AREA, and all around the country at the present time.

    Well, KOLSTON WESTBROOK had a fascinating TV interview.  He got on and he said the people aren't talking to DEFREEZE the way they should of - they don't understand a black man - that MR. HEARST doesn't understand a black man.  So he comes out with the 'black vernacular' of the talk and it reminds me something more like an E. HOWARD HUNT again, the script - really the way you talk to DONALD DEFREEZE, man-to-man, without all the bull.  So I think the 'Big Daddy', AKA YAJIUMA is his name, is his 'case officer'.  He said....'you sure did come down hard on my man' -- meaning he's working for HEARST.  Now the review - the newspaper man - I have to interrupt his little speech to say that everyone was suspicious of him.  He did have a meeting, and the Cowell newspaper had an interview with him - and the reporters were very suspicious of this particular man when the meeting was over.  But it's filled with vague references and you can break down what he's saying if you try hard - he says to DEFREEZE - 'you sure did come hard on my man'....which means Hearst of the 'agency'.  He refers to 'my man', meaning DeFreeze [is] criticizing too much.  They asked him to help...'they asked me if I wanted to help, I'm sure you got my reply'.  'What other reply could I give to a brother who needs help yet who does not trust me'.  He says...'I could have snitched but  I'm not a snitcher - believe it or not, I'm not a pig'.  Well, he's apologizing.

    DeFreeze doesn't want to say he wouldn't see him.  He knows now that he was the case officer or government agent, or suspects that he was, and the government has sent this middle man in again - and DEFREEZE isn't going to make contact with 'BIG DADDY'.  He's the father of the 'black body who never had a father', 'who was kicked out of the house by his mother when he was 13' - so this man from the military, with a military background, is sent in as a 'Big Daddy' to DONALD DEFREEZE when he is sent to VACAVILLE for his brainwashing and 'programming'.  He says...'I know you'll not harm PATTY unless the man makes a bum move'.  He says...'I know you'll not harm PATTY unless the man makes a bum move'.  Well, Patty is accusing the father of making a lot of bum moves - so that's almost giving instructions.

    It reminds me of the programming that SIRHAN got with the psychiatrist who said - 'you did kill ROBERT KENNEDY, this is how you did it'.  He's almost giving him the go-ahead in this message.

    You won't kill unless the man makes a bum move and they're already making a lot of bum moves which means that you will kill her.

    He [Westbrook] went on to say that the press, the Feds, the news media, are greenhorns when it comes to understanding black communications.

    They've tried such things as trying to goad you into making stupid phone calls.

    Well, the same media that was 'goading' him, is using "Big Daddy' to 'goad' DEFREEZE to make the next move, but DEFREEZE survived a week, and so did PATTY, without falling himself.

    Then, he gets paternal... here's 'Big Daddy' - 'How's Patty?'  'I know it's rough on her - I hope she takes a little time with her studies at Cal.'

    How could he kid her about her studies at Cal?  She's been kidnapped for one month.  He knows she isn't doing homework - when you lose a month of studies at a university - it's a mockery.

    He said - 'did you tell her about your 'inside thing' when others didn't want to see you at VACAVILLE, didn't I help you?'

    The 'inside' is a clue to the 'brainwashing'.  That means something from BIG DADDY to DEFREEZE.

    'Nowhere, nobody else helped you, didn't I?  I'm not going to squeal on you - I'm not a snitcher.'

    See the message he's sending?  Then he says.....'I went to VACAVILLE on Thursday to brief the SUPER about the 'news' thing and to get some mainline information and no one ain't saying nothing'.

    Well, you know they're not saying anything.  He's talking to the 'Super' in the 'mainline' and thinking how much people know and how much they are going to talk.  But the prisoners are responding beautifully - they're not saying a word.

    I got a letter from a friend of mine who is in a cell with REMIRO and LITTLE UP THERE and he said... we're making it, we're getting along, the prison doesn't' want us to.  The prison thought they'd put him up in DEATH ROW, maybe one of these blacks would kill these two whites because they allegedly killed DR. FOSTER - it's not working that way.

    The systems' little 'game plan' isn't working that way and this friend wrote to me they're getting along just fine - there was no problem up there.

    BIG DADDY says...'I've got a mug shot of him and RUSS and me in it'  -- 'him' is referring to Willie the Wolf -- he refers to 'WILLIE THE WOLF' - one of the people involved in this thing.  'Wow!  Dynamite, huh?  Sorry, I didn't mean to trigger anything'.

    Now imagine, this man (BIG DADDY) is using the national television.  Remember the photograph that HOWARD HUNT took in from DR. FIELDINGS' office at the time that ELLSBERG - the robbery of the files of ELLSBERG (Dr. Fielding) - the AGENCY takes photographs to document what they have done.  BIG DADDY was down at VACAVILLE and has photographs of everyone sitting in chairs with this Black Cultural Association.

    Now he says...'regarding your good faith - their demands of foot for the poor people - I thought it was a brilliant idea on behalf of your header.'  'He anticipated the anticipated' - when he's talking to CINQUE - so who's the leader?  There's another leader above CINQUE.  If BIG DADDY is talking to CINQUE, and he says it was a good idea of your leader, then there is somebody higher up, probably military, that has controlled DEFREEZE to do the thing that he did.

    He said something must be done about the welfare situation, not only in California but in the entire United States.  Here is your 'military man' spreading it from CALIFORNIA, making it a NATIONAL problem. and there's been all these kidnappings across the country.  He praises him for the great job.

    Any person who knows the plight of the poor knows that this wasn't a brilliant strategy - this good plan.  He says maybe the HEARST PLAN will make the public aware of poor peoples' needs.  As PATTY said and DEFREEZE in the new communiqué, it's a disgusting way - nobody is putting down RONALD REAGAN for saying the poor should get 'arsenic'.  The media is using all the negative - throwing food at the people, and passing out these bags that are supposed to be so delicious instead of $30 or $70 worth of good - they ate $8 worth of food.

    PATTY goes into the manipulation of the media.  But BIG DADDY here is praising them for the wonderful talk.  Then he says...'I want to talk to you, man, brother to brother, 'niggah to niggah' - and he already knows he doesn't trust him.  He says...'I know that you don't trust me, you think I'm a cop' - but he says 'I want to talk to you' - and then he lists some other brothers, nine of them at SAN QUENTIN, and he says - 'maybe you'd rather communicate with the brothers who have risen up and those who are mellow too.'

    And he sends this disguised message, that's BIG DADDY - that's 'Big Daddy', this week -- the message came from Big Daddy, AKA YAJIUMA and who is Big Daddy?

    His press conference in BERKELEY -- there was an article in the BERKELEY BARB dated March the 8th (1974) -- it says... 'jail program was infiltrated by the SLA says a coordinator'.  Now they had an interview with this particular Big Daddy and what was his background?  He had a military background and he was doing favors for pay for the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.  There was no indication of where his training in 'black culture' came from that he should come home from the ARMY and go right to BERKELEY and then down to VACAVILLE PRISON.  He spent seven years in the military force -- three years in the ARMY, four in the AIR FORCE, four years in KOREA.  In 1965, he was at the American EMBASSY  -- no not in 1965 -- a little later.  I was looking up the route of the AMERICAN EMBASSY in TOKYO  because he was at the EMBASSY in TOKYO and they offered him - he was offered a $10,000 grant - yes, that was in 1965, to go to VIETNAM for five years.  He went to VIETNAM and CAMBODIA and he told the press -- they said...'what were you going there?' and he said -- 'I was doing all sorts of things, I was working on contracts for an architectural firm'.

    Maybe you realize the early articles on the WATERGATE when MR. E. HOWARD HUNT and BERNARD BARKER wanted the dinning room plans, the floor plans, for the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION in Miami -- and they were working with architects and they were offering architectural grants all over LATIN AMERICA and CENTRAL AMERICA.

    Well, BIG DADDY was doing some architectural work.  They don't say what work or what firm, or whether it was 'tiger cages' or 'prisons' -- whether he was working with prisons.  Maybe that's when BROWN AND ROOT were building architectural TIGER CAGES in VIETNAM, because they built the MEDICAL CENTER AT VACAVILLE -- the same firm - that is going to do EXPERIMENTATION in BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION that is doing it now.

    Maybe that's the architectural firm BROWN & ROOT from TEXAS --  LBJ's friends -- and he doesn't say 'what' architectural firm -- but he got a ten thousand dollar grant from the EMBASSY in TOKYO to go down to VIETNAM.

    He cooperated with the OAKLAND POLICE and the FBI.

    On February 1st (1974), BIG DADDY surfaced.

    Now, REMIRO and LITTLE were arrested early -- and PATRICIA HEARST wasn't kidnapped until February 4th (1974) -- so two of the men who were at the 'Black Cultural Center', MR.  LITTLE and his roommate REMIRO, were arrested in the FOSTER affair -- but BIG DADDY, with all his military background and a teacher at the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA and taking the 'black cultural program'  into VACAVILLE PRISON, doesn't go to the OAKLAND POLICE right away in January - when REMIRO and LITTLE ARE ARRESTED AND SAY....'I know who they are'.

    November the 7th (1973), DR. FOSTER was killed and this 'black cultural program' was going on down at VACAVILLE and MR. WOLFE was attending those meetings talking about DR. FOSTER early in September -- and MR. WHEELER had attended these 'anti FOSTER' meetings -- and THEN was let out of VACAVILLE and DEFREEZE, who 'escaped'  -- he was at the classes at the Black Cultural Center until December and then was sent to SOLEDAD -- that that he missed some of that -- but you have BIG DADDY from BERKELEY, the military operator, going into the prisons, taking MR. LITTLE and MR. Wolfe (Wolfe was involved with the shoot out of Dr. Foster along with Little) -- and he (BIG DADDY) doesn't go to the OAKLAND POLICE until February the 1st, three (3) days before PATTY HEARST was kidnapped, and he only surfaced publicly this last week on the media.

    Now, why did it take him three (3) weeks to make any connections between LITTLE, WHEELER, DEFREEZE and MR. WESTBROOK himself and if they went into these matters -- the HEARST KIDNAPPING 'wouldn't' have taken place three days earlier.....  If they had gone into the FOSTER killing and tried to look for the men who had escaped (four) from the prisons.

    I believe that these men were housed with MR. LITTLE or REMIRO or WOLFE  -- there's a good possibility -- and that the 'law enforcement' never bothered to look until AFTER Patricia Hearst was kidnapped.

    BIG DADDY said he lived -- that the man involved lived in a loosely organized leftist collective in East Oakland called the 'PEKING HOUSE'.  We talked about it last week on the radio and the Peking House was raided by the OAKLAND POLICE and the FBI after the kidnapping.

    Now, my point...that they could have found that house before the kidnapping -- three days before certainly -- but long before February the 1st is when we have BIG DADDY surfacing and KOLSTON WESTBROOK -- and he could have helped them out a while before the kidnapping ever took place.

    He (Big Daddy) ran the Black Cultural Association in the prison -- it started in 1968.  In order to understand the black studies in 1968 you have to look at a mental charter diagram where the FBI was at the time in 1968 in terms of the black movement coming down on the blacks and the black radicals -- and where the prison system was on the plans that they were going to do with prisoners who were radicals -- and you realize that it wasn't a country club for education.

    Now this Mr. Westbrook was the outside coordinator who came inside the prisons from 1970 to 1973 and conducted these classes in his black studies program.

    He (Big Daddy) said his black studies program ended at the time of the PATRICIA HEARST kidnapping -- why would it end?  No, I take that back -- he said it ended when REMIRO and LITTLE were arrested  -- the black studies program at VACAVILLE ended.

    When the men who were going inside the prison were arrested, then the 'black study program' ended -- that was January  4th.

    These men were sitting in the prison and telling prisoners about DR. FOSTER cyanide bullets were being made in their home.  Their house had these bullets.  The police could have been at that house and found the 'Maoist' literature or the 'flag' if they had wanted to .

    My point is that KOLSTON WESTBROOK knew these men that were arrested in regards to the FOSTER killing and he could have helped the OAKLAND POLICE long before this -- instead of surfacing that this late date.

    And there were similarities last week I talked about -- the Atlanta, Georgia kidnapping -- a MR. WILLIAMS was charged with the kidnapping in ATLANTA, GEORGIA and I talked about MR. MURPHY, the publisher, and the similarities between that case and the HEARST case, and there is a direct link-up between these two cases.

    Well, down in ATLANTA, GEORGIA, the Judge was horrified and made some very strong statements about the FBI coming into that case.  They're handling that case just like they're handling the PATRICIA HEARST case and just like they handles SIRHAN or BREMER,  or  OSWALD -- all the political patsies -- they come and they take over the case and the local law enforcement doesn't have any hand.  The Judge down there, U.S. District Judge NEWELL ENDERFELD said this week.....'I understand they won't even let this man WILLIAMS make a phone call; he hasn't even got money to buy cigarettes'.  This is the man charged with the kidnapping down at ATLANTA, GEORGIA.

    The JUDGE was very angry, he said...'the government wouldn't let them have their own lawyers present' -- he said... 'there is no excuse for the way the government handled my order'.  They knew he had a lawyer.  The FBI agents visited the client's jail cell Thursday night without notifying him.  The clients were never allowed to bring in their lawyers and the JUDGE  said this --  he compared this to the 15th century.  He said...'this isn't "the 15th century" government we're dealing with' --  we're dealing with a human being'  --  'this isn't the 15th century'.

    Now, that's a JUDGE in ATLANTA, GEORGIA talking about people that are directly related in handling and management of the SYMBIONESE ARMY 'kidnapping' of PATRICIA HEARST affair out on the WEST COAST.

    Now, talk about 15th century handling.  I have a letter here I'm going to read parts of it - by JOSEPH REMIRO  and  RUSS LITTLE -- about what happened at San Quentin and they want a televised hearing to tell about saving  PATRICIA HEARST' life.  They feel they could do it.  They sent a letter out.  Anybody in the prison - if they sent it through - would open the letter and read it.  It has to be handed to the postal station unsealed.  But if it is a correspondence with the lawyer, it can get through.  So, the men sent a letter to the PUBLIC DEFENDER that is representing them in OAKLAND.  The public defender opened this envelope and there was a letter from MARK SCHWARTZ from KPFA in BERKELEY -- so Mark received this letter from REMIRO and LITTLE and he called a press conference immediately -- and at that 'top' made the wire services -- the UPI and ASSOCIATED PRESS.  Otherwise, it would have been in the dead letter basket if it had gone to the FBI.

"We, JOSEPH REMIRO and RUSSELL LITTLE, feel compelled at this time to expose to the general public the latest chain of events that we experienced and the conclusions we have drawn from them.  First, we must give everyone background information.  We are held in isolation in the 'hold' on DEATH ROW  at SAN QUENTIN PRISON."

    Imagine these men are at SAN QUENTIN - they've never gone to court and been found guilty of the charges but they're put right in DEATH ROW at SAN QUENTIN PRISON.

"The DIRECTOR of the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, RAYMOND PROGUNIER, has ordered this in an attempt to isolate us from the news of what's happening on the streets and to keep people on the streets from knowing what's happening to us."

"He's doing this under the direction of the FBI.  A prime example of this is the fact that last Tuesday, February 19, JOE exposed the site of our present confinement, the oppressive visiting situation and the fact that we hadn't eaten means since our forced move from the ADJUSTMENT CENTER while we were in court in MARTINEZ and these statements and others made in court, and after court, by our lawyers are completely suppressed by the news media."

"Thursday, February 21st, at 1:30, much to our astonishment, we got a phone call from our old friend, DEATH ROW JEFF.  He explained he was worried about us and persuaded MR. PROGUNIER of the DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS to allow him to call us and arrange a meeting between the three of us, JEFF, JOE, Russ.  At that point, we wanted our lawyers present at the meeting and we agreed upon a lawyer to be contacted by JEFF immediately."

    You'll see -- like the ATLANTA, GEORGIA (case) -- that no lawyer was present.

"That same morning , Thursday, we were discussing the vast coverage converging on the kidnapping of PATRICIAN HEARST and the fact that it consistently included speculation that her safety and eventual release in linked to demands that we be released from custody.  In fact, the SLA has consistently referred to our safety and well-being and they realize that we are innocent of the charges and that we're presently in prison and that a fair trial is virtually impossible in the UNITED STATES.  There is so much speculative bias, mis-information in the media that is waged against us, we've all been but sentenced to death and we conclude our discussion with a decision to try to come up with suggestions acceptable to the SLA, FBI, and the HEARST family that would allow the release of Patricia Hearst."

"After finishing the phone conversation with DEATH ROW JEFF, we knew the FBI had given PROGUNIER their okay and speculated the purpose was to offer suggestions which came about.  Later that night at 10:30 pm, three guys came to our cell and told us were leaving, destination unknown."

"After being shackled, we were taken on a tour of the gas chamber and then placed in the back seat of CDC  (California Department of Corrections) car where we remained one hour."

    Now what was the tour of the gas chamber about?  -- we'll go back to the letter in a bit.  JAMES EARL RAY was forced to plead guilty in the killing of MARTIN LUTHER KING when he didn't do it -- they told him he would be barbecued.  JACK RUBY was given the threat of death, the death penalty, if he opened his mouth at his trial.  They took these men on an actual visiting tour, chained and shackled, from DEATH ROW to see a gas chamber and then to have a private meeting.

"There is still no reason given for the meeting but we just thought that we were either going to meet JEFF or we would be assassinated for an alleged escape attempt since we were outside the actual prison walls.  Finally we were driven to the first entrance gate and put in an office across from the visitor's waiting room.  DEATH ROW JEFF arrived with PROGUNIER and three (3) car loads of FBI agents."

"Jeff came in the room and we talked about our mutual concern.  The meeting lasted from 12 midnight until 2:00 am.  Our demand was for a live press conference and the suggestions of the three agreed upon were written down and handed to MR. PROGUNIER, the go-between the FBI and ourselves."

"We asked nothing for ourselves and were confident if Patricia Hearst' safety was primary with the FBI, they would set up that press conference and we realize the media suppression of our status was a calculated power play to force us into participating in that meeting without any lawyers present"

    They go from the gas chamber that evening to the car and sit in the car and them they are forced to have the meeting.

"We went Sunday and Saturday with no information not seeing our lawyer.  Sunday, February 24th, at 3 - we were taken from our cell, shackles, and sent to ALAMEDA COUNTY 'maximum security jail' and arrived at 3:45  - were we were attacked."

"Both of us were beaten and choked and RUSS sustained injuries to his wrist, back shoulders, neck and chest.  He has been denied medical treatment and has little sleep because of the pain.  The officers then started spreading rumors throughout the entire jail stating that we stabbed a black inmate at SAN QUENTIN with a knife supplied by a prison guard."

"This racist line was intended to cause verbal and physical attack by the prisoners.  We refrained from mentioning this in Court on Monday because by that time we realized that the FBI had refused to let us voice our suggestions and they had decided that we would be physically attacked in hope of retaliation by SLA on the person of PATRICIA HEARST."

"This latest chain of events, combined with our understanding of the corruption and ruthlessness of the NIXON administration, leads us to one possible conclusion --U.S. Attorney General WILLIAM SAXBE and the Director of the FBI CLARENCE KELLY want PATRICIA HEARST to die."

"They are desperately trying to discredit the SLA in the eyes of the nation's hungry and oppressed.  We're asking for public support and a warning to the FBI - even if you kill or slaughter PATRICIA HEARST, and those holding her, we have made provisions to insure our suggestions will be made public."

    Now, after they asked to be seen publicly, their lawyers take the stand that all lawyers do in assassination or  conspiracy cases, they wanted to stave off a meeting of the media with these two men on the excuse it would jeopardize their trial.  The ASSOCIATED PRESS described REMIRO and LITTLE'S  explanation of events as bizarre - said the authorities gave it a 'cool' reception.  Why wouldn't' the authorities give it a 'cool' reception.  Why wouldn't the authorities give it a 'cool' reception if they are setting them up for murder?  An the important thing is that their lawyers said that they opposed a television appearance in terms of defending the case, it would be hard because of the publicity.  Now this is the same story that with JACK RUBY or SIRHAN or JAMES EARL RAY or CHARLES MANSON  -- all of these people  --  from every meeting with the press.  They don't get a fair trial anyway  -- but the point is that the news never gets out to the people.

    And the SLA became smart and had another message sent out.  They followed this with another message to say that PATRICIA HEARST' safety depended on the men having a televised conference.

    You see, we have to use the media now because the FEDERAL AGENTS and the LAWYERS are keeping the truth from being told about the planned escalation of feelings towards PATTY  -- to pray for Patty -- that is what RONALD REAGAN wants -- and then they intend to kill her.

    She realizes (and her communiqué is very important  -- it's in the CHRONICLE today and I'll read some if I have time) how she is being set up to be killed and she in unimportant  -- JUDGE HALEY was killed l-- the guards were killed at ATTICA  -- that she's a pawn in their game and that the social effect of horror and the effect of coming down on prisoners and the poor is what they want --  and that her life has no meaning to any of these people and that her parents don't come and back and answer.

    Just like when they tried to make a deal for her to come out alive, the ATTORNEY GENERAL SAXBE says...'we'll have to have harsher death penalties' -- 'the FBI should march in and get her' and she says....that isn't a slip of the tongue, that's a previews of what they are going to do.  RICHARD NIXON asked for the death penalty.  Ronald REAGAN is making fun...'they should put out poisoning in the food for the poor'.  They are 'egging' these people.  They are provoking them.  But luckily the SLA and the men in prison are keeping their 'cool' -- they are not falling for the bait.  They are trying to be very logical, reasonable and to come to some agreement with MR. AND MRS. HEARST and not respond emotionally to all the 'goading' that they are getting.

    There was a court order here which is interesting and I'll just read you a part of it because when 'white America' gets inside the prisons - like MR. HOFFA, MR. JOE BONNANNO or MR. REMIRO  and LITTLE - maybe the prisons will change. because the conditions when they are read by a 'white man' are altered.

    When REMIRO and LITTLE gave the conditions of their cell on DEATH ROW, they were moved to another jail.  The other men that I know that are up there who have equal conditions they have brought up in court, they are not moved as easily.

    But in the Alameda Court this last week, MR. REMIRO and MR. LITTLE had their lawyer file a complaint on conditions of the defendant's housing and keep in mind -- this isn't just their housing.  There are some very beautiful people that are living like this every day, year after year, for from nine, ten, sixteen years!

    The article says the defendant's present quarters are in DEATH ROW.  The cell measures approximately 5' in width by approximately 12' in length  You can measure five feet by twelve --  there's an elevated slab which holds a thin cot-size mattress and a floor-standing toilet and no other furniture present.  There is no lighting in the cell.  There is a 60-watt bulb indirectly that reaches from the outside in the hall, the alcove in the area by the cell door.  Any other lighting is that which is vaguely admitted from the general outside hallway.  The latter indirect light, however is turned off at nighttime.  The personal observation is that it is well nigh impossible to read or write.

    The area surrounding the cell is filthy.  Remains of human excrement, wadded pieces of toilet paper, general dust and debris thrown by inmates or previous occupants of the cell are not cleaned up for them.  It is remarkable that cells, occupied by REMIRO and LITTLE, are not only on DEATH ROW, but are called 'management cells'.  The cells are for prisoners who constitute a management problem -- themselves further segregated from death row cells.

    Immediately across the management cells are the screens and a 24-hour guard.  He observes at all times the conduct of the defendants and logs an entry every half hour.  Defendants are constantly exposed to his view or hearing and any efforts on to their part to screen off his view is discouraged, so that neither defendant has any privacy whatsoever.

They were transferred here to insure their personal safety or in case they felt suicidal.  A 24-hour guard was placed with them.  Neither one was to commit suicide and the excuse was that if they commit suicide, the authorities would have a hard time explaining it.  But neither one of these men is suicidal at all.

    The essential reason for their transfer was that a 24-hour watch was logistically and security wise feasible in the Adjustment Center Facility.  It was easier to watch them in these 'quiet' cells on DEATH ROW - away from the other inmates.  They showed no behavioral problems, they along in the Adjustment Center with the other...the two defendants got along with the other prisoners  -- they were able to read and write and they could have exercise.  Here, they have no exercise at all.

    On DEATH  ROW, the only exercise is out of their cell into the 'Death Row' hallway - no sport activities, only walking.  They could get along very good but the excuse for them being here is that they get along bad.  Actually they are getting along fine with the other prisoners.  Reportedly, there were some cat-calls or swear words but the men on 'death row' are getting along with REMIRO and LITTLE very well.  In conclusion, this court requests that the facility is beyond description.  It has a demoralizing effect.  It is not only on DEATH ROW but in a specially segregated part of DEATH ROW where the conveniences are less then those to be expected by a prisoner awaiting execution.

    In the eyes of the custodial authorities, there are management cells, strip cells, the hold 'quiet' cells.  They are cold.  They are unlighted.  They are filthy and the court request is....How can two individuals convicted of no crime and have created no in-custody disturbance be allowed to be placed in cells like this 'boggles' the imagination.  To state it is for their safety and convenience in to confuse the realities.  To state, they may be there because one of them might commit suicide and endanger the life of PATRICIA HEARST is to base important decisions on the most speculative conjecture.  It is obvious the only reason for the transfer to DEATH ROW, MANAGEMENT CELLS, AND THE NORTH SEGREGATION UNIT AND 24-HOUR GUARD was to safeguard the bewildering conjecture of suicide???

    We reiterate that neither one of them has been convicted of any crime.  They requested that they get out this prison, even go to the ADJUSTMENT CENTER, which is a nightmare in itself.  Taking them out of the quiet cells to the Adjustment Center, a veritable 'prison within a prison', is more humanizing and convenient and healthy, to 'management' cells on DEATH ROW.

    Now, one of the communiqués said to take care of these men and treat them right.  They never asked that the men have asylum -- that they leave the country -- that the charges be dropped.  All they ask is that they be treated right and the men claimed that they stuck them there to provoke them so that they will come down hard on PATRICIA HEARST and then have said now that the FBI, the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, want PATRICIA HEARST killed.

    The communiqué that she sent out, in case all of you didn't read it, is very pathetic.   She's told her family...'your silence jeopardizes my safety".  You see, they could speak up to RONALD REAGAN instead of letting talk about poisoning the poor.  He did speak up (the father) to MR. SAXBE about not letting the FBI kill them all and charging in and having a shoot out.  But he hasn't spoken up to all the other fear propaganda  -- putting guards around the 'ASSEMBLYMEN' in SACRAMENTO, and the guards that I mentioned, the gold courses in FLORIDA, the vigilantes and the WACKENHUT CORPORATION.

    The father of PATRICIA HEARST is allowing all the scare tactics to take place.  She said...'I don't think the FBI will let any more words from me get through to the media'.  'The SLA are not the ones harming me, it is your indifference, along with the FBI'.... she says.

    She said...'the FBI and the other Federal agencies want me to die  --  I no longer have any importance as a human being  --  I have become all important as a political pivot point for certain right wing elements and I can only be used successfully by these people if I am killed'.

    And this is the way OSWALD was used by the military and the intelligence -- and they said he was a 'Communist'.  He had to be killed so that the cover story would hold.  SIRHAN had to be smeared with the Communist Party and ARAB guerilla groups whereas actually they had made contact with the MAFIA, the SYNDICATE down in lower California -- there are the race tracks.  JAMES EARL RAY is locked up and kept in the same kind of 'strip isolation cell' going on four (4) years now that REMIRO and LITTLE are complaining about.

    She (Patty Hearst) said the FBI has never known to show concern for the safety of hostages.  The news media is assisting the FBI is now what is an overt effort to see me killed.

    She says....'I am being set up for execution'.

    This is a pathetic story she's telling you because I am pleading with the HEARST family to bring my research to show how the FBI would set up this particular girl so you people that are listening tonight...if you all write to the SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER of the CHRONICLE, MR. AVERY, or (different) the news media people --  and ask them to send a message to MR. HEARST.

    You can write to MR. HEARST and say, if you want, that MAE BRUSSELL is trying to reach you 'personally' -- to show you that what Patty is saying is that she isn't brainwashed -- that she know the way she's been set up and the people know.

What she said in her communiqué is...'my own observations of the way my father has been conducting himself have made me afraid.'  'I realize the plans are coming from the FBI and the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S office in Washington to execute the two men in SAN QUENTIN.'  'If the FBI rushes in, they will obviously be doing it against the wishes of my family in total disregard for my safety.'  'If they do it, they will be doing it to murder me.'

    And she said...'I can't communicate any more until REMIRO and LITTLE have the TV interview.'

    She said...'those who pray for me, re-direct your energies and oppose the FBI's brutal attempt to murder me and the two men in SAN QUENTIN.'

    It's a pathetic letter because the established way of 'pray for me and call the FBI' isn't going to work and it's a shame to see 'this beautiful child' slain at the hands of an AMERICAN battle scene that's going to take place and I promise that it won't work -- there are too many people involved -- if this agency does it.

    It took ten years to 'expose' the chain of command of the agencies on the JOHN KENNEDY, ROBERT KENNEDY, MARTIN LUTHER KING (deaths)  --  any time CONGRESS want to reopen these things -- I have the research -- other researchers have it -- and the PATRICIA HEARST KIDNAPPING is going to go down in line as part of that whole chain of conspiracies.

    Now is the East this last week, there has been a rash of mini kidnappings.  There was one that took place in FLORIDA - three was one in GEORGIA  -- there is another one in NEW JERSEY, an anti-CASTRO Cuban family, wealthy family.  I didn't have time to go into all of these but they are all in the 'southwest' where the paramilitary is operating.  One of the men who kidnapped was named GEORGE JACKSON -  one of the people involved has the name GEORGE WALLACE.  How come these rash of kidnappings aren't in IDAHO, MONTANA, WYOMING, MINNESOTA?  Figure it out.  OREGON, WASHINGTON STATE -- it's a para-military operation.

    Next week we'll go into the individual mini-kidnappings and how they are linked to the major plan of the internal domestic warfare -- the race war.  But next week we'll have a lot more news on PATRICIA HEARST.  The plan of the intelligence agency is going to fall through like the WATERGATE fell through.  How it comes, I don't know.  But in their desperation, I hope they don't try to kill her and I hope that MR. AND MRS. HEARST will listen and meet with me so that I can show them who is planning this and how they can get their daughter out of this and held DEFREEZE and these other people lead a meaningful life.

    Well, that's it for this week  -  the sage of PATRICIA HEARST  -- we'll see you next week on DIALOGUE: CONSPIRACY.


    This has been DIALOGUE:  CONSPIRACY with Political Research Specialist MAE BRUSSELL, who for over ten years has been researching the facts behind the political assassinations in this country so that the truth may be revealed.

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