by Virginia McCullough, Curator - "The Secrets of the House Select Committee on Assassinations"
Mae Brussell's letter to the House Select Committee on Assassinations - guidelines to investigate the assassinations.

By Virginia McCullough © 2001

In 1976, America had just emerged from the experience of the Watergate and Pentagon Papers revelations, and the convictions for corruption of high level White House cabinet members such as Attorney General John Mitchell.  President Richard Nixon, facing impeachment, resigned.  Vice-President Gerald Ford became President and pardoned Richard Nixon.

In a climate of unprecedented public truth seeking the House Select Committee on Assassinations [HSCA] was formed.  Texas Congressman Henry Gonzalez initiated a bill asking for the House to investigate the JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King assassinations and the George Wallace assassination attempt.  Congressman Gonzalez wanted to explore the links and the cover ups of all of these events in order to restore shaken American citizens trust in their government.  Virginia Congressman Thomas Downing's bill asked for an investigation into only the JFK assassination.  These two bills were drastically reduced in scope as a result of intensive lobbying by the CIA, the FBI and President Gerald Ford.  Now the HSCA would investigate only the JFK and MLK cases.

Initially, Robert A. Sprague was appointed Chief Counsel of the HSCA and he assembled a team of superb investigators.

In March 1997, HSCA Chairman Gonzales and Chief Counsel Sprague were forced out of the HSCA just as they were beginning to investigate the CIA and FBI connections to leads in News Orleans and Mexico City.  Louis Stokes became Chairman of the HSCA and Dr. G. Robert Blakely became Chief Counsel.  A "secrecy agreement" was then signed by all investigators and counsel, which gave the director of the CIA complete control over the HSCA's decisions on what could or could not revealed by anyone signing the agreement or by the HSCA itself.  "The Assignment of G. Robert Blakely" by Richard E. Sprague describes the ultimate frustration of HSCA investigators. Click..

In a November 28, 1980 tape, Mae Brussell said, "I get outraged that G. Robert Blakely is so desperate, 17 years after the assassination of JFK, that a professor of a law school has to go out of his way to tell outright lies about who killed our president."

Mae Brussell was the first person to cross-index all 22 volumes [and exhibits] of the Warren Commission Report.  She was the foremost scholar of her time addressing the very issues that Congressman Henry Gonzalez wanted to examine and investigate.  Mae wanted to testify and to present evidence.  She could have offered the vast wisdom of her knowledge and supplied the fully documented facts to back up her beliefs.  The HSCA and the committee's handlers could not allow that.  She never testified.

Her letter to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, suggesting investigative guidelines, is reprinted below.  At the end of this page is printed a New York Times article Mae Brussell clipped entitled "The CIA Tries to Stem JFK Death Theories (11/77/)."

Suggested Guidelines for the investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Rev. Martin Luther King and other related murders 
by Mae Brussell © 9/17/76

House leaders have agreed to create a special committee to investigate the murders of Martin Luther King and President John F. Kennedy. 

A 12-member committee will be established to include at least three or four members of the Black caucus to handle the probe.  

Four other members will be Democrat’s and four Republicans.  

The first step in the new investigation is to demonstrate that the Warren Commission’s investigation was inadequate.  

Under present congressional rules, a special investigating committee can last only until the end of the Congress in which it was created. So the assassination committee would have to go out of business by January 1977.  

Congressmen hope that the committee can raise enough important questions so at the new congress will have to form a new panel.  

There will be no public hearings until after the Nov. 2 elections.  

The new panel that is going to be selected is already bowing down to the same pressures the Warren Commission had.

President Gerald ford is running for election November 1976.  

Ford was on the Warren Commission. Gerald ford is no different than Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign from office because of covering up criminal matters.

Evidence and witness testimony could prove that Gerald Ford was an active participant in diverting the truth, and in covering up the assassination of the President of the United States, and of using falsified testimony, selected by intelligence agents, in his book “The Portrait of the Assassin”, where he described Lee Harvey Oswald.

The America people have the right to know what kind of a President they are electing. Suppressing evidence at this time, about Gerald Ford, is no different than Richard Nixon wanting to “wait to investigate Watergate until after the elections"?

Whoever made this condition, no public hearings until after elections, is not serving the American people’s interests or safety.

Furthermore, there should be no limits on time, and this investigation into the murders of our President, candidate for President, civil rights leader, is not limited by time.

Volume V, page 100, Hearings Before the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, states that this inquiry into the killing of JFK is open at all times. 

Gerald Ford:  “There is always the possibility at some future date that some evidence might come to the surface”. 

J. E. Hoover:  “That is, of course, possible, yet".

Gerald Ford: “Under your authority from the President, the authority which gave you the FBI, the responsibility to conduct this investigation it is not an authority with a terminal point. It is an authority that goes on indefinitely?

 J. E. Hoover: "I can assure you that so far as the FBI is concerned, the case will be continued in an open classification for all time. very definitely so, I think this will be a matter op controversy for years to come.”

There is very good reason to believe that the people conducting the investigations into political assassinations in 1976-77 will be as capable of deleting vital information as their former investigators. 

This opinion is based upon the tight control of a few people to reach the Rockefeller Committee, Senator Frank Church's inquiry, and Senator Richard Schweiker's s investigation. Bernard Fensterwald has been affiliated with the agents from the Central Intelligence Agency and has been mistrusted by over 80% of the researchers.  Fensterwald has had a close relationship with people investigating this case and calling for a new opening at this time. In addition, Fensterwald  has been quoted as saying the JFK assassination inquiry could be completed within a very short time, and that the purpose of the research would not be “to name any names”.

Bernard Fensterwald does not speak for my work, or for others who distrust him.

Mark Lane, head of a citizen’s group investigating the JFK assassination,  has been quoted as saying that the deaths surrounding witnesses to the JFK assassination “are not important" to the final conclusions. The people who were murdered were killed because they could fill in vital pieces of information. Their deaths should be recorded and remembered.

Rep. Henry Gonzalez, whose amendment suggested opening up the investigation of the assassinations, should be allowed to testify, as a very early witness, under oath, about the circumstances by which one of the two most vital pieces of evidence in the JFK assassination ended up in his hands ,and after being delivered, were destroyed. We must know every fact very clearly.

If my references to the John Kennedy murder are more detailed than my knowledge of the killing of Rev. Martin Luther King, it is because the government did not publish their evidence or documentation on that murder. Private researchers, like myself, had to dig and delve for the facts. 

In the case of Kennedy's assassination, you are faced with a very obvious situation. the investigators, and the agencies of the government, including the President of the united states, and the now President of the united states, had access to all the information they needed in 1964 to solve the investigations op the killing op the President, the murder op officer J.D. Tippit, and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald

Published books ,sold by the government printing office, and government documents, released from the national archives, prove the cover-up began the moment john Kennedy was killed.

Whoever ordered the Presidential limousine to be air lifted to Michigan two days after Kennedy was killed, to have the interior destroyed, was part of the first cover-up. Scientific examinations of the interior op the car would show how many bullets went into the car, what direction they came from, what kinds of weapons were used, and how far the assassin or assassin’s were from their victim.

There is an emergency about this investigation that has continued too long. there is a reason to open up all the facts, not settle for a few and a whitewash.  The same people who were active in these murders hold high offices today. Assassinations, killings still take place with the same formula, media control, and election manipulations. Before the next killing takes place, guidelines for solving the crimes must be established.

The following list of guidelines is the minimum that can be done to solve these murders.  

1.  Which witnesses have died mysteriously, been killed, are missing?  

Before any testimony is taken, all persons with knowledge about the killings of participants or witnesses to the murder of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther king, or other political murders should turn this information to the panel:

Name of witness;

Date they died;

How they died;

What they knew about the assassination.

Example: Oswald had doubles in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Mexico, and possibly inside the USSR, New Orleans, and Montreal.

Mr. W. J. Worrell saw one Oswald rim from the back of the building. Sheriff Craig saw another Oswald leave from the front of the Texas school book depository, the identical building.

One Oswald took a bus a few blocks.

Oswald allegedly took a taxi to his rooming house. W. Wheley, driver. 

Mrs. E. Roberts, Manager of the rooming house, heard and saw a police car honk for Oswald.

Sheriff Craig, W. J. Worrell, Mrs. E. Roberts, William Whaley, Oswald’s “bus driver”.  Mrs. Mary Bledsoe (who saw Oswald on the bus) are all dead.  

When you take testimony from existing participants, FBI, CIA agents, you must consider that their testimony would be in direct conflict with what these slain persons might have offered twelve years ago.  

Penn Jones, Jr. Midlothian, Texas, should be asked, along with Mae Brussell or many other researchers, to submit to the full panel, when your hearings begin, their lists of the dead.

When, if a witness comes before you, stating something that refutes the dead person's experiences, documents, or evidence, a researcher can cross-examine them. That way, not like in Nazi Germany, the dead will not have died in vain --their lives arranged for them.  

2.  Pieces of material evidence that have been destroyed, altered, missing or delayed, accessories after the fact. 

The investigation into who killed our leaders can never be solved or explained properly without spending a day or two, in pull committee, listing the physical evidence that was destroyed in the hands of the FBI, Dallas police, Secret Service, doctors ,and other persons from the CIA, Navy, Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency.  

Items destroyed:

Date it was destroyed or discovered missing.
Statement of importance of this evidence.
Who had it last?  Who saw it last?
Evidence that was altered: Negatives, Abraham Zapruder Film.


Interior of John Kennedy's car, street sign on Dealy Plaza in front of the Texas School Book Depository, John Conally's coast, shirt and pants (dry cleaned), Oswald's passport "accidentally destroyed on November 23, 1963, State Dep't", original autopsy reports, Oswald's Post Office applications, files from Dean Andrews. 

If there is, testimony that shots came from directions other than the sixth floor Texas school book depository window, keep in mind the evidence to prove a possible crossfire is gone. The car interior, street sign, clothing that could show entry or exit threads have all been destroyed. 

3.  Priority of witnesses should be selected upon the basis of historical truths and evidence at this time.

Rep. Henry Gonzalez should explain to the full panel, and for students of the JFK assassination, the name of the secret service agent who took John Connally’s clothing prom his Washington, D.C. apartment. The Secret Service agents should look up their records of the day, and determine what dry cleaner they used in Washington, D.C.. or if they cleaned the garments themselves.  How this unusual set of circumstances came about.  This  matter must be settled to show good faith, and to assist in finding how this unusual set of circumstances came about. 

4.  How many witnesses were put into prison, mental hospitals in order to keep the truth from coming out?

Before the House of Representatives’ testimony from persons regarding the JFK assassination, it is necessary to find out how many other witnesses were locked up and silenced.

Where is Abraham Bolden, Secret Service Agent, from Chicago?

Bolden went to Washington, D.C. to tell the Warren Commission there was a plan to kill John Kennedy Nov. 1, 1963,at a football game in Chicago.  Kennedy didn’t appear that weekend because of the murder of Diem in Vietnam. Abraham Bolden was locked up, declared mentally sick, as were many other witnesses.

You are going to investigate a killer team of hundreds of agents, roaming around the country this day, unhalted.

To try to find out who killed Kennedy, and to divert from the basic second cover story, if Oswald didn’t do it, then Castro did it, you must realize that Fidel Castro did not protect the Miami or Chicago police, or the Secret Service, Castro didn’t lock up this agent. Witnesses to the Martin Luther King murder were killed, locked in mental hospitals.  

5.  Blackmail of the researchers and how it affects your investigation today.

Sen. Hale Boggs had in his possession pictures of critics of the Warren Report having sex with one or two parties. Somebody still has the pictures.  President Lyndon B Johnson ordered surveillance of critics of the Warren Report, as early as 1966, to be followed. Their traffic fines, indiscretions, were accumulated for further purposes. 

We don’t know whom the six researchers were that LBJ followed in 1966-67. One of them mentioned among this group has been very divisive, insulting, and exclusive of other researchers, myself included, who have valuable years of information to provide.  If the House Committee does not know the persons who might possibly have been coerced or blackmailed into taking the line of investigation they are now taking.  They will be accepting only half the story of the assassinations. Divisiveness among the researchers, thanks to the FBI, CIA, COINTELPRO, has separated some truths from some other valuable facts. There are no single experts, gurus, and leaders of this assassination investigation.  The evidence, documents, exhibits tell the entire story. Only when the entire story is kept from the public, and some of the researchers are doing the suppression, does it become essential to have the names of the persons LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover and his assistant Marvin Watson were blackmailing.  

6. Every researcher who has investigated the assassination of President Kennedy for eight years or more, and investigated the murder of Rev. Martin Luther King for at least five years or more, should be allowed, at the start of your inquiry, to testify to the panel.

 These authors, investigators, should tell about their findings.

1) How they happened to get into the research?

2)     Bibliography of books, documents they have read on the assassinations.

3) Give a brief description of their conclusions, after as many as thirteen years. . . or five years work.

4) Present questions to be asked, suggest witnesses to be called.

5) Present an overview, conclusion of what the evidence suggests was the plan of the murders.

 7. False documents, planted evidence, accessories after the fact must be screened out in some way.  Don’t fall for the “new evidence” from the FBI and CIA before examining the old evidence. The Warren Commission was not deprived of information necessary to find out who killed President Kennedy.  The Justice Department was not deprived of evidence to find the persons who killed Martin Luther King or Robert Kennedy. 

E. Howard Hunt, CIA agent along with other persons who will be called to testify before your Committee, was caught as a professional forger inside the white House. The President, Pentagon, and CIA along with the news media, were part of a combine to deceive the American public.

Top secret State Department papers, trusted to the military, were delivered to Mr. Hunt, along with scissors, razor, typewriter, in order to blame John Kennedy for the murder of Mr. Diem. 

If the House Committee investigating assassinations wants to find out who is doing all these continuous murders, they should assume that many so called “new documents” can also be forgeries. 

If FBI agent James Hosty threw Oswald’s alleged letter down the toilet after the assassination of John Kennedy, he should be put into prison for destruction of evidence of perjury.

While it would be comforting to Gerald Ford to believe he did the best job he could on the Warren Commission, but new evidence has appeared, this isn’t the fact at all. Gerald Ford knows that he, as well as every member of the Warren Commission members and staff, were selected to cover up the crime of the century. No person must be spared, especially the President of the United States.

8.  The House Committee staff working on the assassination inquiry, secretaries, lawyers, and working members, should sign a statement that they have never, at any time, been employed by the U.S. Intelligence agencies. 

The Warren Report was a total failure because every person involved in the earlier inquiry was associated with the CIA. 

 If the staff is stacked in the same manner the other investigations were, there is no reason to hold hearings at this time. David Belin, attorney for the Warren Commission, headed the Rockefeller Committee. Burke Marshall, Kennedy appointee to keep the National Archives locked from researchers, assisted Sen. Frank Church’s investigation.  Bernard Fensterwald, James McCord’s lawyer, has a long association with the CIA. He was recently fired by James Earl Ray. 

The staff should not only be free from both the CIA and FBI, but it shout,]) rave no attorneys from the past assassination investigations. 

9.  The researchers who have worked for thirteen, ten, or eight years, should be allowed to attend the meetings, and to ask witnesses on the stand important questions.

The selected panel of twelve Congresspersons have not spent years or hours of delving into the intricacies of these assassinations. 

They would not know what questions to ask.

They would not recognize perjury, outright lies, when spoken. 

There are a few people in the U.S.A. who have read the entire twenty-six volumes of the Warren Report.  The years spent in cross-filing the testimony and exhibits cant possibly be duplicated by the House staff.

If a witness makes a statement, which can’t be supported by hard, existing evidence, it should be challenged. Frank Sturgis, agent for the CIA for twenty-one years, has an  “unnamed” source who allegedly saw Jack Ruby, Oswald, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara together in Cuba.  More important than the unidentified CIA agent, are at least one hundred items to prove Oswald worked only with the

Anti-Castro Cubans, and wealthy oil engineers, associated with defense Intelligence.

All evidence regarding Lee Harvey Oswald’s links to State Department, Navy Intelligence, CIA, FBI, should be presented before the “Castro” cover story is allowed to proceed.  

Example: I have a document from the National Archives of a meeting of the Warren Commission attorneys. Allen Dulles was being asked to take care of a secret letter Lee and Marina Oswald brought from the U.S.S.R. The CIA was supposed to arrange to bring the daughters of Alexander Ziger, foreman at the Minsk. radio factory where Lee Harvey Oswald worked, back to their early home in Argentina. 

Why would the CIA be bringing Oswald’s friends out of the U.S.S.R.? 

When you add up the documentation that exists to suggest Oswald possibly brought down the U-2 jet just prior to the peace summit, the reward could be to allow his co-worker’s family to leave the U.S.S.R. 

10.  Historians for the House Committee Report must not be from the Pentagon, Air force, Navy Intelligence or CIA. 

The Warren Report was written by Mr. Winnacker, from Germany. 

Members of the military establishment wrote the story. 

The story was wrong.   

If you allow the facts to flow, they will speak for themselves.

No more military-industrial pen pals.  

What was wrong with the Warren Commission?

a. There was a conflict of interests of members of the Commission and the stated goals of President Kennedy.

Example: Kennedy fired Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs. Dulles appointed on the Warren Commission, working along with his CIA staff and agents.

b.      Richard Nixon, who planned the Bay of Pigs operation, worked with the anti-Castro group, suspects in the JFK, MLK assassinations.  Nixon, instead of bowing out, appointed Gerald Ford on the Warren Commission.  Ford represented Nixon’s cover.  He helped fabricate the “Oswald, Loner” story. 

c.  Many important witnesses were never called.

d.  Witnesses on the stand who wanted to talk were diverted by the staff.  Many times they chose to go “off the record”. Once back on the record, the subject was changed. 

e.  Perjury, outright lies, were allowed. Teams of lawyers worked with different witnesses. Two witnesses described a certain event entirely different from each other.  They were never challenged or charged with lying.

f. There was no cross examination of witnesses.

g. No public hearings.  Chief Justice Earl Warren and other members of the Warren Commission The Commission forced testimony out of Marina Oswald that would never be accepted in any court of law.  No. U.S. citizen could observe their manipulations.  We were expected to accept the final report.  

h. Members of the Warren Commission were seldom in the room. When Bernard Weissman testified, he was asked all the wrong questions.  While he was answering any of them, each of the Commission members took leave.  Yet, he was one of the most important witnesses. 

i. Witnesses were murdered, threatened, frightened. 

j.  Evidence was destroyed altered, missing and ignored.

k. The Warren Commission members accepted a “rational security” cover.  They were all part of the deceptions.

l.      The Warren Commission “handled” the media as its right arm.  Gerald Ford stated, at one of the first meeting: “I can handle the AP, UPI.” 

When they had a “problem”, such as Mark Lane or Thomas Buchanan or Joachim Joesten, they brought in the United Press or Associated Press to put the rumors to rest.

Before the Warren Commission completed their work, they were arranging with the press, the Radio Free Europe, with CIA agencies, to sell the Warren Report as a package that would immediately convince the audience that Oswald was the lone assassin.

m.  The FBI and CIA were part of this assassination, and part of the cover-up. Every member of the Warren Commission knew from the very beginning Lee Harvey Oswald’s affiliations with the military-industrial agencies as well as with the FBI.

This is a brief summary of the errors the investigators were perpetuating upon the American people twelve years ago.

The same mischief, avoidance of facts, disregard for the independent researchers, indicates they are not coming from a place of sincerity in wanting to open up the American assassination syndrome.

Every Committee that makes the same mistakes will continue to be part of the cover-up.

It may turn out that every citizen in America, with the exception of the paid profession investigators, may know the truths about the American murder phenomena.

Mae Brussell
25620 Via Crotalo
Carmel, Calif. 93921
September 17, 1976

Compilation, commentary by Virginia McCullough © 2001