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"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
  Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
                                                      Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon.                          



When NewsMakingNews posted the Ted L. Gunderson "Data Dump" people from around the world sent me emails asking,  "Who is Ted Gunderson?"  It was apparent from the respondents that Gunderson has infiltrated researchers and victims involved in everything from the Oklahoma City bombing to mind control and all of the subjects in between.  Many of the correspondents recited their experiences with Gunderson and his most recent satellite, Sue Ford.  All those who wrote were shocked about the material that NEWSMAKINGNEWS had posted.  Without exception, they all wanted to learn more about this man who had allegedly slandered popular radio talk show host Art Bell.

The Gunderson "Data Dump" was recently introduced in the ongoing trial where Art Bell has accused Ted Gunderson of libel and slander.  Because of this trial, it is important to post as much material about Ted Gunderson  as possible.

Gunderson is 72 years old; he was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 7, 1928.  His own resume states that he is unmarried and has four children.  He has an extensive background in law enforcement and attended the FBI Training School from December 10, 1951 to March 2, 1952.  He served in the FBI  in various positions until his retirement on March 30, 1979.  At the time of his retirement he was Senior Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles, California Field Division.  During his tenure with the FBI he often worked directly with the White House Special Inquiries Section dealing with sensitive requests between the FBI and the White House.  He held positions in New Haven, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Memphis, Tennessee, Dallas Texas and Los Angeles, California.   During his extensive career, Gunderson formed close alliances with law enforcement in each of these locations.  He also formed close alliances with FBI informants and double agents operating at the street level.  After his retirement he used these coalitions to form Ted L. Gunderson's International Investigators and Security Consultants.

He advertises his services in far right magazines such as Media Bypass.  In November of 1995, his ad appeared that stated, "We will train and inform you about mind control tactics and technology.  We will show you how to shield from ELF and 'Electrostatic Sensory Manipulation'.  We will test for brain implants, tracking chips, and resonant cavities.  Our professional services are expensive (min. fee $3000.00 per week-end class).  TO READ THE MEDIA BYPASS AD (11/95):  Click letter size.  Click expanded size.

Gunderson aligns himself with the militia movement.  However, in the fall of 1996 he ran for the United States Congress in District 1, Las Vegas, Nevada as an Independent American Party candidate.  His four page flyer states his beliefs and his allegations.  He highlights nine subject matters that appeal to "conspiracy buffs" and names eleven specific issues that he would address if elected.  TO READ GUNDERSON'S CAMPAIGN LITERATURE:  Click Page 1.  Click Page 2.  Click Page 3.  
Click Page 4.

Who is this man who would be a United States Congressman?  A two page letter that Gunderson wrote on July 27, 1987 to Senator John McCain reveals Gunderson's desire to convince the federal government that "the Satanic Cult movement is involved in a national criminal conspiracy network".  Gunderson states that he "recently flew to Washington, D.C. and met with congressional officials and furnished them with the enclosed material"  [re Satanic Cults].  Then Gunderson switches gears and addresses the following concern:

"I noticed the enclosed Philip Agee article while enroute from New York City to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 7/2/87.  I am sure that you are aware that Agee, a former CIA agent, published a book which identified CIA agents around the world; some of whom were subsequently murdered (probably as a result of this exposure).  Agee is now lecturing throughout the country apparently without fear of prosecution.  Under the circumstances, it is inconceivable that the CIA or Department of Justice would allow him to take advantage of the system he is trying to destroy, without challenging him.  He is obviously a turncoat KGB agent who should be in prison."

"On the other hand, I can document that the Department of Justice has done everything possible, including blackmail, to prosecute me (see enclosed documents).  Since my retirement from the FBI, they have had at least four separate investigations of me.  It makes me wonder if the long-standing goal of the Soviets to infiltrate our Government agencies has been accomplished, in regard to the Department of Justice."

"As a former FBI agent, with more than 27 years of service, who at one time was involved in investigating the Communist Party, U.S.A., and counter-espionage in N.Y.C., I feel more than qualified to ask you to look into this matter".

Gunderson concludes his letter with the following paragraph:

"I also believe that there is a possibility the Soviets are involved to a degree in the Satanic Cult movement in this country."  

TO READ TED GUNDERSON'S LETTER TO SENATOR JOHN McCAIN (7/27/87):  Click Page 1.  Click Page 2.

So is Gunderson just a good American performing his patriotic duty?  What about the four Departments of Justice investigations of former FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson?  What could have caused his former employer to become so interested in the activities of a man who insists that he is just a private investigator?

A letter dated January 18, 1984 from the FBI's Special Agent in Charge Richard T. Bretzing to Ted Gunderson shows that Gunderson had used his connections with the FBI to urge an investigation into the Church of Scientology and the FBI had declined.  TO READ THE FBI'S LETTER TO TED GUNDERSON (1/18/84):  Click.

Personal notes handwritten by Ted Gunderson of CIA to contract agent Michael Riconosciuto show Gunderson urging Riconosciuto to investigate CIA operations in Utah and Paige, Arizona that he alleges is storing children and using the kids to blackmail Senators, Congress, etc and filming the sexual abuse of  children to compromise politicians.  A second note supplies information about the Christic Institute and identifies an informer for the FBI.  TO READ TED GUNDERSON'S NOTES TO MICHAEL RICONOSCIUTO:  Click Page 1.  Click Page 2. 

So, is Ted Gunderson an intelligence operative, an informer, a drugs for arms adventurer or a sponge who gathers information by infiltrating various groups and then profits by selling that information to law enforcement?  The jury is still out, but if anyone can supply more information and documentation about the mysterious Ted Gunderson, I will be happy to write another article.

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