by Virginia McCullough, Curator - "THE GEMSTONE FILES" 
"JFK Photographed at Secret Hide-out - Exclusive Pictures Show Jackie With Crippled Kennedy 
Proving He Didn't Die in Dallas." 

by Virginia McCullough

Several weeks ago I published an article entitled "Requests, Research and Retrieval." [Click. ]  The posting was intended to inform my readers how requests for information contained in the Mae Brussell Archives are handled.   The specific request for pictures published in  1971 in a alternative, Canadian, newspaper entitled Midnight dealt with the alleged survival of John F. Kennedy.  The writer requesting the information needed the pictures to include in a book being written on an intriguing subject that is generally known as The Gemstone Files.

 In 1972 Mae Brussell began receiving lengthy, often rambling, letters from a man named Bruce Roberts who resided with his elderly parents in San Francisco, California.  The letters were laden with conspiracies which dealt with all of the major news stories of the day.  Briefly intrigued with Roberts analysis of events unfolding daily, Mae Brussell traveled from her home in Carmel, California to San Francisco to meet her correspondent.  The letters, that Roberts eventually called The Gemstone Files, were filled with countless murders, kidnappings, and many references to cannibalism.  All of these events were wrapped with filthy language and bound to the political events shaping lives and governments around the world.  Eventually Mae Brussell lost interest in the communication because she came to consider Roberts a paranoid schizophrenic.  However, typical of Mae's desire to preserve and protect everyone's view of the world, she carefully catalogued Robert's correspondence and added it to her growing archives.

The Gemstone Files, like The Torbitt Document took on a life of its own.  Several books were published about the document and on May 1, 1975 author Stephanie Caruana wrote "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files" which purports to be an outline of Robert's letters, with the dirty language and references to cannibalism eliminated.  This outline was photocopied and distributed with the final paragraphs:


You won't be reading it in the papers for quite some time.  At present the only way to spread this information here in America is hand to hand.  Your help is needed.  Please make 1, 5, 10, 100 copies or whatever you can, and give them to friends or politicians, groups, media.  This game is nearly up.  Either the Mafia goes or AMERICA goes.

The stealth and secrecy generated demand and the Key quickly became the password to the private club of conspiracy buffs who treasure the idea of inside knowledge.  Later an anonymous New Zealand writer expanded the Key and produced a work sometimes called The Kiwi Gemstone or The Opal File.

The most recent publication dealing with the infamous Gemstone Files is author Gerald Carroll's Project Seek.  However, it is apparently just the beginning because at least three other authors have requested information from The Mae Brussell Collection to include in their manuscripts.   

The pictures being sought by authors could allegedly prove or disprove one hypothesis advanced by Bruce Roberts.  The Gemstone Files lays out a war for world riches between Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis and American aviator-industrialist Howard Hughes.  According to Roberts the war was won by Onassis when, with the help of Hughes Morman Mafia caregivers, he kidnapped Hughes.  Violence inflicted on Hughes during the kidnapping left Hughes "battered and brain-damaged."  Hughes remained a prisoner on Onassis'  Greek island, Skorpios until his death.  In the interim a double assumed Hughes' position and controlled his empire taking his orders from Aristotle Onassis.

The pictures could also support another theory.  In fact, it is this theory that writer Greg Watson describes in his October 18, 1971 article in Midnight.  Under the headline "Proof that Pres. Kennedy Survived Assassination: Chance Photos Show JFK Alive on Skorpios," Watson writes:

A chance photo seems to have provided the final piece to the puzzle of what really happened to John F. Kennedy after Dallas.

The photo, taken in March 1971, off the Island of Skorpios, is of the "retarded or paralyzed" man in a wheelchair seen by a number of eyewitnesses, and believed to be the supposedly long-dead president of the U.S.

The shot was snapped from a holiday cruise ship [Oriana] by a vacationing Britisher who had no idea of the importance of the photo he'd taken until he read the story, "JFK Did Not Die in Dallas" in a recent issue of Midnight.

"I believe this picture contains the evidence you need to prove that JFK was alive less than one year ago," George Duncastle, 53, said when he walked into Midnight's London office, pulled two black and white 35 mm prints out of a manila envelope, and placed them on a desk.

One of the snapshots, fuzzy because of the distance  involved (they were taken offshore from Skorpios, hundreds of feet from the subject), shows the seated "Kennedy" -- head covered with what appears to be a bandage or surgical cap -- attended by a white-coated doctor and a woman who bears a startling resemblance to Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  The other, taken a few moments after, shows the doctor and the attendant walking the paralyzed figure while "Jackie" stands near the wheelchair looking on.  

On the back of the photos are written the words "Skorpios Island, winter, '71".

The story goes to say that the publication had done a background check on the photographer and that he was found to have an impeccable reputation.  George Cameron Earl Duncastle is a civil servant in the British Overseas Licensing Office.  He and his wife, Isabel, were on a 10-day holiday and Mr. Duncastle was able to produce his canceled ticket for the cruise ship bearing the date February 27, 1971.

Midnight's lengthy article goes on to discuss two other witnesses, Koula Markopolis [a nurse who cared for the handicapped man] and Ardash Tookoian, 26, a tour guide on the Greek ship Hellas who stated that he had seen the man in the wheelchair many times during the past three years.  These two eyewitnesses and their testimony were later documented in an article by Max Roberts dated November 6, 1990.  His story ran in the publication Weekly World News and the same pictures that appeared in Midnight in 1971 were republished.  There was, however, one glaring addition - the Weekly World News claims to have had the closeup of "JFK" face computer enhanced.

It is my belief that each individual should decide for their selves what to believe.  To that end, you will find the entire article and the two pictures plus the "computer enhanced" close up printed below.  It is my suggestion that you pay particular attention to the angle of the man's face in the wheelchair and compare it to the angle of the "computer enhanced" close up.  It brings to mind the notoriously faked picture of Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly holding his rifle in the backyard of his home.  Many publications ran this photo only to have their reputation besmirched when the photo was proven to be a fake.

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Exclusive pictures show Jackie with crippled Kennedy PROVING  HE  DIDN'T  DIE  IN  DALLAS! See the $million check that can be yours for leading us to JFK!
By Max Roberts
Special to The News, Weekly Word News, May 12, 1992

The NEWS  has found dramatic new evidence to prove that John F. Kennedy didn't die in Dallas and is alive today as we reported in our August 21 edition -- photographs of him and wife Jackie that were taken at a secret hideout in 1971, eight years after his alleged death in 1963!

The pictures originally appeared in a major news magazine and clearly show the frail, wheel-chair-bound former president, Jackie and two attendants on an afternoon troll along the edge of a forest.

They were taken on the Greek Island Skorpios by British civil service employee George Duncastle.  An d expert photo analysts commissioned by The NEWS agree that they depict JFK and his wife, their twins or their doubles.

"As far as I am concerned, these pictures confirm that President John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt -- and still might be alive today," said Jeff Davis, one of six experts who analyzed the photos for The NEWS.

"They don't appear to have been altered or retouched.  And a computer-enhanced close-up of the central figure obviously reveals John Kennedy's face."

"If the images aren't of President Kennedy and his wife, they've got twins or doubles that nobody knew existed."

The NEWS blew the lid off the apparent Kennedy assassination hoax in August with a story based on an unsolicited letter from Dr. Sonya Faron, who claims to have been Kennedy's personal physician from 1963 to 1989.

In no uncertain terms the neurosurgeon stated that Kennedy not only survived an assassin's bullets, he arranged to flee the United States and remains conscious and aware -- though slightly brain-damaged and crippled -- today.

The doctor also noted that the 73-year-old Kennedy has continued to advise American presidents from Skorpios and a Polish convalescent center for the past 27 years.

Repeated attempts to reach Dr. Faron have been fruitless and neither the U.S. nor Polish governments will comment on the allegations contained in her letter.

But the 1971 photographs of Kennedy and Jackie, along with testimony from a woman who claims to have been Kennedy's nurse during his stay on Skorpios powerfully support Dr. Faron's story.

According to the Canadian news magazine, Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis hired nurse Koula Markopolis to take care of Kennedy during one of his visits in 1969.

She said Kennedy was the only patient in Onassis' private hospital and described his injuries and condition as "among the worst I've ever seen."

"He weighed practically nothing and you could only guess what he had been like before his injuries," said the woman.  "His hair was prematurely white and the entire back of his head was a scarred mass."

"It had obviously been operated on several times and there was a metal plate under the skin to protect what was left of his brain."

"He must have had a tremendous will and a strong constitution."

"Sometimes we nurses would wonder how he ever survived at all."

And yet another eyewitness, Greek tour guide Ardash Tookoian, told the magazine that he often saw Kennedy or a man who looked exactly like him sitting in a wheelchair on Skorpios in the late 1960s and early '70s.

Eyewitness Martha Hewitt said the same.

And the implication that Onassis had a hand in hiding and caring from Kennedy after he fled the United States dovetails neatly with a conspiracy scenario mentioned in Dr. Faron's letter.

The physician said Kennedy knew that an attempt on his life was likely and enlisted an elite groups of politicians, businessmen and CIA operatives to spirit him out of the country when and if the assassination was attempted.

The suggestion that Kennedy conspired to fake his death is staggering but Dr. Faron insisted that he had to do it to prevent future attacks on his life.

Jackie Kennedy's 1968 marriage to Onassis might also be seen as an attempt to prove that Kennedy was dead but to date there is no evidence to support that theory.

He survived an assassin's bullet in 1963 and now he answers the question
America has been asking for 29 years.... WHO  REALLY  SHOT  JFK?

By Mickey McGuire © May 12, 1992, Correspondent, Weekly World News

Weekly World News, in its August 21, 1990 issue shocked the world with the revelation that JFL did not die in Dallas in 1963 after editors received a letter from a neurosurgeon who had been caring for the wounded President in a nursing center in Poland.  Now JFK breaks his 29-year silence and tells who really was behind the botched assassination!

Former President John F. Kennedy, still very much alive, revealed for the first time the identity of his would-be assassin, and he points the finger of guilt at the last person on Earth anyone would every suspect -- his brother Bobby!

"He hated me," the snowy-haired ex-President told neurosurgeon Sonya Faron, who is credited with saving his life after the failed assassination attempt in Dallas.

"He was obsessed with the idea that no matter what he did, how hard he worked, he was always left standing in my shadow.  He would always be JFK's little brother.  It warped his mind."

"And when I became President, something snapped.  From that point on, he wanted me dead, and he began laying his plans."

"He knew that if I was assassinated, public outrage would make the Kennedy name unbeatable.  He believed that once I was out of the picture, the White House was his.  And it almost was."

"But he got cocky...careless.  He forgot that there are a lot of kooks and wackos out there with their own personal hates and obsessions.  And one of them did to him in Los Angeles what he tried to do to me in Dallas.  Like they say, what goes around comes around."

The martyred ex-President made his shocking disclosure to Dr. Sonya Faron, the brilliant neurosurgeon who saved Kennedy's life and later revealed that he had not died in the hail of bullets fired at his motorcade in Dallas that dark day in November 1963.

Weekly World News carried Dr. Faron's exclusive story, along with photos of an aging, white-haired Kennedy, in its August 21, 1990 edition.

In an unsolicited letter to The NEWS, Dr. Faron told how Kennedy, alive but critically wounded in the failed assassination attempt, was secretly flown to Poland where he eventually recovered.

Though paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, Kennedy has been living in a secret hideaway known only to a few close confidants, including Dr. Faron, who released Kennedy's taped comments to a hand-picked group of reporters earlier this month.

"Living like this -- with my friends and loved ones believing I'm dead -- hasn't been easy," said Kennedy who refused to say how he knew that Bobby, and Bobby only, had masterminded the attempt on his life.  "But I did it as long as it served my purpose.  And I kept quiet about Bobby for the same reason.  Now, it's time to break my silence."

"An attempt on my life would have come as a surprise to no one, least of all me.  A lot of special interest people hated me -- Castro, (J. Edgar) Hoover, Nixon, LBJ.  But I knew there was one person who wanted me dead more than all the rest of them put together -- Bobby.  He wanted the presidency and knew it would never be his as long as I was alive."

"When he learned I was definitely going to Dallas, he laid his plans.  Some friends in the CIA put him in touch was Oswald and a sharpshooter the Company (CIA) used for assassinations."

    "Oswald was assigned to the Schoolbook Depository and the sharpshooter went behind the wall on the grassy knoll.  Oswald was to be the fall guy and Jack Ruby, an ex-CIA operative was enlisted to kill him before he could talk."

"Then Ruby was supposed to be killed in a shootout in the police garage."

"That didn't happen, but Ruby never figured out that he'd been double-crossed."

"Still, Bobby needed one key player to make sure the Dallas motorcade went exactly as planned.  That player was LBJ.  Bobby handed him a term in the White House and LBJ was in"

"I was like handing candy to a baby."

"Everything went along as planned except for one thing -- I didn't die.  A wax dummy was buried in my place and I went to Poland.  Bobby went to his grave thinking I was buried under that Eternal Flame in Arlington."

"No Bobby's dead, LBJ is dead, and Oswald, Ruby and a lot of others are dead.  And here I am, alive!  It's funny how things can turn out.  But it's really sad about Bobby.  He would have made a good president... in time."


There is mounting evidence that former President John F. Kennedy is alive -- and Weekly World News will pay YOU $1 million to help us prove it!

"We're convinced the JFK is out there somewhere, and we believe at least one of our millions of readers must know where he is," said NEWS editor Eddie Clontz.

"We want to be the first newspaper in the world to interview this great man since he went into hiding 27 years ago, and we're willing to pay handsomely for the opportunity."

Accordingly, The NEWS is offering a check for $1 million to the first of our readers who leads us to Kennedy in his current hideaway.

"We know that our fallen President spent many years in Poland and that he's been photographed on the Greek island of Skorpios, but right now he could be anywhere in the world," Clontz said.

"We feel the American people have a right to know what he has to say after all these years -- and we're willing to dig deep into our pockets to make that possible."

Compilation, commentary by Virginia McCullough © 2001