"August 11, 1991

It has occurred to me, sitting here over the past five minutes, thinking how to begin this letter, because there are so many varies, yet relevant, avenues to explore.  So, perhaps it will be best to begin with my own preoccupations... concerns which drive to the heart of democratic principles presumably engendered within our Democratic Republic.

Our great Democratic Republic is under assault by incredible forces of power mongering elitists, driven by coalitions of extreme personal wealth and various institutions.

My own personal pre-occupation of certain 'institutionalisms' has been following the unbelievable course of  "AIDS" it germinated from mere rumors and whisperings within select communities most devastated; as conscious appeals were made to those persons most disenfranchised, who unwittingly gave themselves over to freely participate in a noble cause so that, ostensibly, a vaccine for Hepatitis-B could be developed.

For them, for those persons who so generously gave of their trust, that noble cause was to become their own hellish nightmare of duplicity, deceit, lies and ongoing cover-ups.

In 1978 [and] 1979, in New York and New Jersey, government sponsored campaigns began to enlist those persons, only young males, from gay communities to donate their blood.  They were told that their blood was needed so that a vaccine against Hepatitis-B could be developed.

Only highly sexually active young males, those who admitted to having many sexual partners, were chosen to participate....which seems medically inappropriate at best given that those who have many sexual partners will tend to have had more sexually (and other) transmitted diseases (statistically inferred).  From the very initial stages of those Hepatitis-B vaccine trials there were tainted and very poor medical parameters/procedures/guidelines.

In 1978 [and] 1979, in New York and New Jersey, immediately medical doctors began to tabulate many deaths; so many deaths of such young men who otherwise would be in the prime years of physical health.  Finally those doctors began to hear from one another, and they knew that they were witnessing the 'outbreak' of an unprecedented epidemic in young men.  In fact some medical doctors were already then calling `pandemic' in its apparent scope and immediacy.

Several years later, as those Hepatitis-B vaccine trials moved on to other cities, on to San Francisco and Los Angeles, targeting those areas which had hard-won political inroads into the mainstream, so likewise moved the most curious and highly suspect epidemiology.  Most contagious diseases, no matter the manner of transmission, do not move so neatly, jumping `cross country' and targeting young males aged 20 to 40.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles there were even companies which would pay fairly substantial sums of money to those gay males to sell their blood (upwards to $50 per visit).... but those ADVERTISED appeals were to be only seen in gay oriented community papers....those ads were NEVER to be seen in mainstream newspapers soliciting heterosexually active donors.

Even after medical doctors had tabulated and confirmed that deaths of young gay males in New York and New Jersey, notably after 1978, early in 1979, which medically inferred that a horrendous "outbreak" of some sort had started, the NEW YORK TIMES did not deem that newsworthy for over TWO YEARS!  Now, the revisionists constantly print that the CDC identified "AIDS" (resulting from some weird virus).  In 1981-- which infers that "AIDS" began in 1981, but which totally avoids medical doctors diagnosing the epidemic in 1979 and 1979 from data available in New York and New Jersey.

Time and time again you will read in the newspapers various articles which point to the CDC revelation of 1981.  This has been intentionally done to obscure the obvious medical relevance of the beginnings of those Hepatitis-B vaccine trials and the state of "AIDS" and various issues of diseases (here is the United States), which was 1978 and 1979.

This information is not idle speculation, it can be confirmed from a host of varies sources, notably the magnum opus, the book aptly titled "AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH" by Dr. Alan Cantwell, MC, who practices at Long Beach Memorial Hospital, underscores the awesome relevancy of those Hepatitis-B vaccine trials.  "AIDS" and various issues of diseases, starting in New York and New Jersey in 1978 and 1979.

The very title, "AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH" is a direct indictment, an incredibly powerful accusation against the medical community at large, a scoring attack against the AMA [American Medical Association] which has allowed itself to get in bed with politicos who have extraordinary vicious,  hidden agendas which are being implemented right and left all over the fact of America today.

The extent of "AIDS" as poor science, or as intentionally lacking of proper scientific procedures, has been so massive as to implicate "AIDS" "science" to the extraordinary scientific delusions of Lysenkoism (the debunked theory of genetic transmission of applied characteristics).  If not as massive as Lysenkoism, certainly it is just as POLITICALLY engendered, and perhaps even more ominous in that it has sustained such support without virtue of any real identifiable theory.

The theories of "AIDS" origination are fairly obviously POLITICALLY motivated.  At the beginning, the accusatory nature of academicians of science was extraordinary as they constantly sought to identify a sexual preference as the immediate cause of "AIDS".  That is, that somehow "AIDS" had resulted from over sexual activity of those homosexually active.  Drugs and booze and all sorts of other abuses were being focused upon.

Then "AIDS" was theorized as being caused by mutant microbes intent in the African greenback monkey; which provided a nifty obscuring of various relevant information which directly implicates species cross-over from cattle.  Nevertheless, origins from deepest, darkest Africa got constant media play for many years -- radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, special printings, etc.

A most telling mark of "AIDS" is still being well hidden, variously obscured, because it threatens to topple all of the non-sense, non science that "AIDS" has become as a result of POLITICAL machinations.  That most telling mark has been the species cross-over from cattle and sheep, as CRYPTOPORIDIOSIS.  Prior to "AIDS" inoculations and various issues of diseases, crypotosporidiosis was a very rare cattle affliction which causes relentless diarrhea.

Subsequent to those Hepatitis-B vaccine trials, which were only tried on young gay males, cryptosporidiosis was being diagnosed in those same young gay males, and their sexual partners.  Cryptosporidiosis, which causes relentless diarrhea, is the result of cryptosporidium microbes.  Very few authors will even publicly discuss the awesome medical ramifications of cryptosporidiosis!

Randy Shilts did attempt to bring that information to the public, but for various reasons he chooses NOT to mention that cryptosporidiosis was being diagnosed in 1978 and 1979 in New York and New Jersey; so perhaps for "preservation" Shilts chooses to obscure that data by telling the public, at least, that the only way to have proper diagnoses of cryptosporidium was to have the ARMY take care of it.  Read the book, "AND THE BAND PLAYED ON" and you will see the clues he provides, anyway, and how he strangely words things about cattle.

There is no known cure for cryptosporidiosis, neither for cattle, nor now in humans.  How did cryptosporidiosis make the species cross-over (if that is the case), and certainly don't you think that requires scientific investigation, as most proper scientific endeavors deal with first things first?  Only within the past eighteen months have there been very small articles willing to discuss cryptosporidiosis----but NO articles tell ANYTHING truly relevant, though there are several planted articles which will seek to obscure its relevancy and dire implications.

Dr. Strecker, MD, micro-biologist, practices in Los Angeles [and] met Dr. Cantwell in San Diego for the first time through a mutual friend, and discussed with a small group the bio-warfare implications of "AIDS" as it morphologically relates to bovine leukemia virus COMBINED with visna virus (of sheep).  Dr. Strecker finally convinced an incredulous and refuting Dr. Cantwell to investigate his findings....and finally Cantwell, who had previously written about "AIDS" was convinced that yes, "AIDS" was terribly related to cover-ups dealing with bio-warfare research.

Dr. Cantwell was stunned to find that the more he investigated, the more he realized how horrendous are the "AIDS" implications.  Among many other authors referenced, he underscores the relevancy of  "A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING" by Jeremy Paxman [and Robert Morris].

"A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING", (1982), by Jeremy Paxman and Robert Harris, discusses the horrible realities of chemical and biological warfare.

"During the 1960's, the Army's biological warfare program was largely geared to DNA and "gene splicing" research.  In the late 60's [President] Nixon renounced germ warfare, except for "medical defensive warfare."  This "defensive" research continues to the present time, and primarily centers around vaccine development and the genetic engineering of infectious agents capable of infecting large masses of people.  "Under order from R. Nixon in 1971, A LARGE PART OF THE ARMY'S BIOLOGICAL WARFARE UNIT WAS TRANSFERRED TO THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE (NCI)."

This letter, by necessity, presumes that much of the information is partly known......... that is, it would take too much detailing of so MANY vital facts, tangentially or directly related, to underscore the following implications, because an over-view is difficult to convey, especially when that covers so many various books, magazines, newspaper articles, etc. etc., et al; but there will be an attempt to list several other books which have direct/indirect correlations.

The very contrivance of AIDS is related to subtle psychological conditioning, mass psychology (English speaking peoples).  AIDS is not merely a little constructed acronym; as the verbal communication of "AIDS" has subtle psychological dissonance, subtle, but the effects can be profound.

George Orwell spoke of the necessity for sophisticates to be careful in allowing government to manipulate language, especially quickly changing the meaning of words or phrases, as the political ramifications can be extremely powerful.  He felt modern society needed to be especially vigilant in dealing with the political realities of New speak.  Likewise, similar sentiments were expressed by Wittgenstein, a cutting edge philosopher/linguist, who stated that all words have emotional counterparts.

Read George Orwell's "1984" and "ANIMAL FARM"..... the political realities of Big Brother (computer records of banking/telephone/electronic snoops/monitoring of phone conversations are beyond belief....even the recent BCCI bank scandal has briefly mentioned this re: political interest of bank records), and the much un-appreciated scope of "AIDS".

"AIDS" as a contrived acronym has little to do with medical science --- it was politically designed to create subtle psychological dissonance.  Read the definition of the first word of "AIDS"--ACQUIRED, and think about what is states.  ACQUIRE: 1. to get or gain by one's own efforts of actions, 2. to get possession of: get as one's own.  When medically speaking of a disease, generally the term CONTRACTED is used, which implies a lessening, not a gain, and also generally implies convolution.  ACQUIRED implies some sort of conscious volitional act, as recipient.

Prior to the artificial construct of AIDS, as an acronym, 'aids' and 'aides' had a totally different welcome appreciation as most beneficial, or benign, as one would hear those words  One does not hear 'aids' and 'aides' in quite the same emotional response now that AIDS was contrived.  Mass psychology of language is the essential thought of Orwell's New speak: but few can really appreciate the subtleties.

Possibly you saw the movie on TV, "Endangered Species" (which had a different title in movie theaters several years ago).  Well, that movie tried to tell people things....but apparently no one cared to investigate things about those thousands of cattle mutilations, subsequent development of a bio-warfare germ, subsequent efforts to publicly test the deadly microbe by approaching those who are already greatly oppressed (so that they won't be missed once things really get rolling).  Also a TV mini-series, "Favored Son" tried to discuss the political realities of (bio-warfare) poisons made so obscure that no-one will guess that political enemies will be eliminated, because how will a deadly virus be traced.

If you think that is more "Hollywood" sci-fi stuff then you haven't read AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH, and A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING.  The facts will astound.

In September 1976, in OUI magazine, THE MUTILATION MYSTERY, by Ed Sanders, discusses, "during the past three years more than 1500 cattle in 22 states have been killed and mutilated, their blood drained and selected organs removed with surgical precision.  Suspects range from satanic cultists to government researchers."  The article places the hammer squarely on the head of secret government operatives, using Satanists as covers, using government vehicles which could be inspected by any local police jurisdiction because those huge vans had government seals (of NSA?, CIA?, NAVAL INTELLIGENCE?, ARMY?,  AF?) implying TOP SECURITY.  The article discusses a vast amount re: various microbes, clostridium sordeli: mutated virus by chemicals, radiation, ultraviolet light, other agents, "talk.... that the mucous membranes of a cow's eye possess properties similar to the mucous membrane of a particular race."  Besides Satanists, other covers used UFOs as the source of cattle mutilations.  UFOs, Druid Space Brothers, thirsty for cow blood is quite a story to swallow.  All sorts of misleading information, as in, official policies of disinformation, as one thinks of the CIA, or NSA.

Presently, the military is designing a computer which will be capable of monitoring tens of thousands of phone calls in the U.S. (per hour?), and so it would seem people should ask themselves where will those systems be used, and just who will be the potential enemies here in the United States?

It seems that is this new computer age, it will be possible to monitor and record those conversations deemed "worthy", so that a near instantaneous reading can be had on the nation's pulse at nearly any given moment, to identify trends, derive statistical data in various locales on the nation, derive national opinion moods, and, of course, among others, potentially identify dissenters/dissidents.

Some may be familiar with the phrase, The Big Lie, which efficacy was espoused in Hitler's MEIN KAMPF.  Nearly everything that the public has heard on the socio-political level of "AIDS" has aspects of The Big Lie.  After collating the information provided by Drs. Cantwell and Strecker in AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH, A HIGH FORM OF KILLING, THE MUTILATION MYSTERY, and various other books/sources, the only reasonable conclusion is that "AIDS" was created in the U.S. bio-warfare labs, that it was introduced to select groups (who have had very little voice in participatory democracy), that "AIDS" is being used as a political weapon to silence dissidents, that "AIDS" has been introduced to third world countries (probably through small pox inoculations per a report by Pierce Wright on the staid LONDON TIMES, as noted by Rappoport in the U.S., and that news is being killed by our medias), that "AIDS" represents many things on many different levels and has been used in many foreign countries for POPULATION CONTROL, that "AIDS" is being used to control sexual mores in this country.

"AIDS" incorporates the most vile form of power mongering; it was not created in a vacuum.  It is representative of an on-going pervasive ideology of various institutions in this country which are elitist, racist and will stop at nothing to implement a NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.

We do not have any semblance to correct balance of power.  The Executive, along with all the cowboys, have been slowly tampering with the JUDICIAL at various levels.  The Judicial is not fairly dealing with cases being presented by the Christic Institute --- refusing to hear motions which will un-ravel all the sordid things involving drugs for armaments, drug moneys floating the banking system which is already bankrupt and is already an enormous Ponzi scheme duping all of us; BCCI [is] just another one of the grand schemes used to launder wealth and power by our CIA.  CIA involvement on international drug networks, written in THE POLITICS OF HEROIN IS SOUTH EAST ASIA; THE CRIMES OF PATRIOTS, a true tale of dope, dirty money, and the CIA by Jonathan Kwitny; THE UNDERGROUND EMPIRE by James Mills discusses where crimes and government embrace, especially in drug  cults/empires (banks, etc. etc.).

Perhaps you listened to the Iran/Contra hearings: whenever a discussion was to occur re: drugs-for-armaments, the microphones went dead, and private hearings were held, because the American public was deemed too sensitive to know the truth.

Many are now publicly stating, from judges to professionals to everyday citizens, that we are presently marching down the road to a NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.  There are signs all around.  Our government has allowed, has promoted nefarious associations, all in the name of Business/Internation- alism, on-going for many years, especially noteworthy within the music industry promoting drugs.  THE POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SOUTH EAST ASIA written so long ago --- and lately some of that is being made public by Col. Bo Gritz (re: The Golden Triangle).

What NATIONAL SECURITY STATE?  Now searches are being allowed on all public transportation, and identification is also being requested.  Various road blocks are being tried in various parts of the country, SUBTLY, to CONDITION people to accepting police looking for this or that, looking for drugs, looking for drunk drivers.  Now in Paramount, CA, (Los Angeles Times, August 9, 1991, Roadblocks To Curb Gangs Will Be Set Up In Paramount, California), the police, er, ah, SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT state that this will allow them greater monitoring of gangs, and besides they will publicly publish where they will be, and allow motorists the option to turn-off so that they don't need to encounter the deputies.  Is that crazy?  So what is actually taking place?  A precedent, and a conditioning, so that common citizens will get conditioned to accepting roadblocks, questions of identity, and on public transportation, searches, etc.  Why would gangs accept going through roadblocks?  How will that possibly control them?  In other cities the roadblocks are stationary devices, so that motorists cannon have complete access to public roads.

The roadblocks are merely a minor impediment for assuring that gang members will ensure a siege mentality, because they most certainly will find other avenues upon which to impact their reigns of terror, and drive-by shootings, and neighborhood (political) upheaval.  The gangs will merely come to play the game of avoiding roadblocks; but, meanwhile, a siege mentality will ensure that they really are in control, as other common law abiding citizens will need to negotiate the roadblocks.  Meanwhile, the egos of gangs members are fed, and the conditioning is made every more ripe for instituting a NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.

As gangs are so often associated with criminal activity of car thefts, burglaries, robberies, DRUG DEALING, extortion, common thievery, vandalism, graffiti vandalism, political up-upheaval and social unrest, disturbance of the peace, fear mongering and intimidation against common law abiding citizens, and DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS (which often times claim the lives of innocents, young and old), my thinking is that a more rational course of action which could be much more effective in terms of dissuading gang membership (immediately), is to enforce provisions for control under the RICO Act.

Those known and so identified as gang members (by photos and fingerprints) would be required to have their personal vehicles identified by LARGE VISIBLE NUMBERS on door panels (painted) and large easily readable signs front and read, and if their vehicles are ever seen without those numbers on display the police could automatically charge them with criminal activity and confiscate their vehicles.

In other words, place the onus of responsibility for their criminal gang associations/activity upon them, and make them responsible for ALWAYS having their numbers prominently displayed on their vehicles.  Similar programs have worked against stemming drunk driver's irresponsibility by having them so identified.

Should the gang members refuse to have his CALLING NUMBERS placed on his vehicle, then his only option would be for him to have his vehicle confiscated under provisions/enforcement of the RICO Act.  The various advantages to having those vehicles identified by community neighborhoods, and the police, are obvious.

Perhaps you may be familiar with the so-called Guardian Angels --- who were thrown out of New York, as the Chief of Police did not welcome their presence in that city.  Recently we saw the Guardian Angels passing out flyers, collecting donations in Beverly Hills, California, --- collecting right on the street, as the signal had somehow malfunctioned during heavy traffic on a Friday night.  The police made no effort to remove them.  The Guardian Angels have also been seen marching two by two late at night in many city residential communities.  Some will observe that the Guardian Angels serve another general purpose of conditioning people to uniformed presence day and night, even apart from the posse comitatus atmosphere created by citizen law enforcement or citizen vigilantes (not the same thing as neighborhood watch groups, necessarily).

Thinking people have observed at the dramatic statement ushered in with Bush's New World Order, which started off with such a big bang, and that probably a mere 100,000 civilians, men and women and children as brown skinned people of Iraq won't be around to help us all appreciate its legacy.  But, then, what with no need of our military to discuss enemy body counts, we have seemingly taken the enemy with few casualties (on both sides, except for the civilians).  How remarkable!

Some, do, however, find just a little critical value in reminding the world of the ventures of Pax Romana, and how might Pax Americana be seen?  Perhaps Eisenhower summed it best in his parting speech to the United States as he dramatically emphasized the dangers of encouraging an economy, a people's becoming dependent upon the ever growing military industrial complex.

The United Nations has expressed its own concern about bombing a post industrial nation back into the worst lot of third world nations; not to mention the devastating ecological imbalance posed by hundreds of oil wells darkening the skies.

Why the rush for Bush to declare his New World Order, which thus far does not appear kinder and gentler to the Iraqis, at least, nor bode well for finding other means to resolving global conflicts?  Are there hidden agendas?

As more people consider the realities of "AIDS", the political tool of "AIDS" since its inception, design, implementation, and consider the global consequences in-so-far as appreciating what geopolitics has in store, and eventually familiarize themselves with the process of collating information from varied sources, reading those books/articles which are especially critical and informative about bio-warfare, then they can begin to successfully challenge all of the Big Lies surrounding "AIDS" and various issues of diseases.  It is no simple task.

Most Americans are in a complete state of disregard or willful ignorance regarding all of the many corruptions slowly eroding the great principles of our Democratic Republic... and most especially they refuse to see that balance of power has been totally corrupted from wealthy elitists.

"AIDS" was not created in a is a direct result of elitism, secretive abuses of power, racism, vicious ideologues (similar in scope to Jesse Helms, William Dannemeyer, and a host of others, who take every opportunity to beat their Bible on everyone), educated elitists, technocrats (only doing their jobs), "medicine" without ethics being controlled by pharmaceuticals, all sorts of sordid corruption, the vastness is beyond belief.  "AIDS" touches so many different for instance, curious weird alliances between a faction of militarists into and using Satanists and drug cultists.

Re-read the article, THE MUTILATION MYSTERY by Ed Sanders, OUI Magazine (September 1976), and then read the book, THE ULTIMATE EVIL by Maury Terry (exposing some of the weird connections to drug cultists and Satanists who are being apparently used as political tools by right wing militarists, obliquely inferred).

If one considers that a bio-warfare weapon has been created in "AIDS" and that Dr. Cantwell's book AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH is taken to heart, and appreciates the significance of those "experiments" of those Hepatitis-B vaccine trials, and realizes that the government KNEW those "experiments" were directly causing cancer deaths and spreading cancer death by virus poisons concocted, then after the DENIAL is overcome, one must ask how has this been so long ignored, and how has this information been kept from the American public.

If one considers "merely" the enormous implications of how and why cryptosporidiosis has been kept under wraps, one can begin to appreciate the enormous power of our government to mislead when "necessary".

The WALL STREET JOURNAL, November 24, 1990, THE DEADLY CLOUD OVER SVERDLOVSK, which was provided by our CIA as source, discusses the horrendous "accident" of some sort of biological cloud, which primarily affected and killed many men of healthy, young ages.  Read the article very carefully, and also read the rather incredible "Analysis" of the adjacent article, Review and Outlook, and ask yourselves if they had no one to inquire one word as to the strangeness of our very own "AIDS" here is the good ole' U.S. of A.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL's November 28, 1990 article, THE DEADLY CLOUD OVER SVERDLOVSK as provided so kindly by our very own CIA intelligence gathering, should make freedom thinkers ever more provoked to know the sordid truths surrounding "AIDS" and various issues of diseases: especially so given that the adjoining article's perplexing "analysis" in the Review and Outlook.  Scientific fraud?  The intentionally misled readers will not see one word raised about "AIDS", nor, of course, any public mention of CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS diagnosed here in the United States in so many of those afflicted with "AIDS" and dying directly from the complications created by relentless diarrhea (attributed to scientific ARMY analysis of the cryptosporidium microbe!)

The truth about "AIDS" and various issues of diseases will not be presented with the INSTITUTIONALISM of main-stream those medias receive much of their direct financial backing from their advertising sponsors (private well connected business concerns), and various government programs/alliances.

If you, the reader, have had none of this material before, you will be facing a probable personal DENIAL of this material because it can be over-whelming at first consideration, especially if you have little prior knowledge to the extent of INSTITUTIONALISMS (which may participate in cover ups that may threaten to challenge their authority, or undermine their sacrosanct territory).

Ignorance will not prove to be bliss when the NATIONAL SECURITY STATE comes marching down the road.  In fact, there are many who are now publicly stating Americans must be vigilant in exercising their freedoms of free speech and free press, individually seeking to read all the books available, questioning their local congressmen and senators, challenging the secret parallel government which is trying at so many levels to topple our Democratic Republic's balance of power mechanisms.

You have recently heard after recent window of war, that a New World Order is sought, thought no definition seemed forthcoming, now was any presented.  So, now we have the definition of the New World Order which was defined in Germany.

ROADBLOCKS TO CURB GANGS TO BE SET UP IN PARAMOUNT!  Crime: checkpoints will be similar to ones that target drunk drivers.  Civil Rights groups worry about abuses ... as printed in the Los Angeles Times, Friday, August 9, 1991.... with very similar follow-up, martinets thinking hitting adjacent communities, e.g. ----  Long Beach, etc.  How will a NATIONAL SECURITY STATE try to condition people?

Why are ex-CIA officials now worried about on-going investigations of Iran-Contra/Cocaine Connections?  Read Ex-CIA Officials To Help Fund The Defense Of Iran-Contra Figures by David Johnston in the New York Times.  Will Noriega ever get his say in a court of law?  Why has cocaine/armaments become international business of quiet command?  What nefarious activities are engendered by these sordid associations of our very own intelligence community, which apparently has no accountability to United States citizens?  Why has the CIA been allowed to create spy networks here in the United States against United States citizens?

The Orange County Register article dated August 14, 1991 entitled FEDERAL PROBE URGED IN DEATH OF CONSPIRACY INVESTIGATOR: Report due today on man who studied scandals in Bush, Reagan administrations, by John Farrell of the Boston Globe.  [Investigative Reporter Joseph "Danny" Casolaro examined] other sordid relationships of: BCCI (to Noriega, CIA);  the October Surprise discussing Iran withholding hostage release for favored status for Bush/Reagan preventing Carter from bringing hostages home;  the Justice Department trickery in the INSLAW case (INSLAW designed software is designed to keep track of law enforcement cases but is also being used to keep tabs on POLITICAL DISSIDENTS here in the United States!); the Justice Department, CIA, NSA, in various collusion; all sorts of banking and financial scandals, whereby the same people are commonly associated (as Milken with so many, Keating, et al).  The death of Danny Casolaro has apparently awakened some to the gravity this nation faces in dealing with drug dealers, et al, under quiet command well connected.

People have been showing up mysteriously dying since our own coup here in the United States....just read all of the weird deaths associated with the JFK assassination, and the many books which attempt to shed real light on this on-going political assassination problem in the United States.  Read the recent book CROSSFIRE (Ruby knew he was going to be injected with poison cancer while in jail.  Ruby was well connected with underworld and government intelligence operatives and local Dallas police).

But what are a few deaths, a dozen here, ten dozen there?  No one takes the time to research any of it anyway.  Now we have had for over ten years a real NAZI genocide with "AIDS", but no one really cares.  Ten thousand, or twenty thousand, or fifty thousand, mostly young males who were homosexually active, and have been subjected through clever campaigns of NAZI-TYPE GENOCIDE, but still no one is caring to listen.

Read: AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH, by Dr. Alan Cantwell, MC, and realize that "AIDS" is not merely directed against political dissidents, or those perceived to be dissidents, e.g. homosexually active men, not is "AIDS" hysteria merely being shipped up by crazy fundamentalists who beat their bibles on every pulpit and person passing by (as they are most assuredly used by radical political elements hell bent on subverting Democratic Principles), because, unfortunately, too many will see those things as disconnected, unrelated matters, when in fact those seemingly unrelated events are being used to cloud an even greater objective.

"AIDS" exists on so many levels.... POLITICAL, social, religious, perhaps even environmental has been a concern of internationalists who would seek to design such a biological poison.

What sort of "AIDS" and various issues of diseases may we be discussing within the social medical-militaristic (bio-warfare) over-view of what it properly takes to really see "AIDS" microbes in the scope of man-made worldwide devastation of various eco-systems: forests polluted, rain forests being destroyed daily without replacement, protective ozone layers being depleted and shot full of holes (which will hence create conditions causing proliferation of skin melanomas, unprecedented), irradiation of foods (ostensibly for good purposes, but which causes severe subtle effects of foods), polluted cisterns and underground water sources and streams/rivers/lakes/oceans, and all major cities with airborne pollutants depleting life sustaining oxygen, all major food production going to agri-business international for BUSINESS and political trusts, third world nations seeking industrialization and placing greater demands upon already strained eco-systems.... all of that and much more so that human life can be nourished and sustained.

English political economist, Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) theory that the growing population of the world tends to increase faster than the food supply, and that, unless birth is controlled, poverty and war must serve as a "natural" restriction of the increase.  Of course, even the ancients (predating Malthus) knew about poisons, used politically, and biological plagues occurring naturally (though not understanding the 'biology' of the plague)....and so even if poverty and war may not be 'natural', nevertheless the political presumption would be given and promoted.  So that, even though Malthus never saw the advances in agricultural production via powerful machinery, and advances in irrigation systems, and advances in animal husbandry (genetics), crops made resistant by genetics, chemical insecticides (questionable), he would certainly appreciate the political climates which would seek to justify newer sophisticated forms of killing, via biological poisons fashioned to appear as an ageless plague, quite natural in appearing to be natures (or even God's!) way of controlling population growth.

OVER-POPULATION may just be one of the primary objectives in the creation of bio-warfare poisons which will selectively engage various third world nations.  Take to heart the report written by Pierce Wright in the staid London Times, which was reported here in the United States, in only select "underground papers" (e.g. The Los Angeles Weekly) by Jon Rappoport, though vastly suppressed in our main stream medias here.  Wright writes rightly so that the spread of "AIDS" directly correlates with the injection of small-pox vaccinations by the tens of thousands in those third world countries...and should we accept the staid London Times, we can begin to appreciate the awesome significance of "AIDS" as a created bio-warfare mechanism which has been promoted and unleashed by chains of powerful institutions in the United States well connected internationally, with an international organization WHO (World Heath Organization) which sponsored those small-pox vaccinations.

Read the book, A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING by Jeremy Paxman, and collate that book with the awesome information provided in Cantwell's magnum opus, AIDS AND THE DOCTOR'S OF DEATH.  Dr. Alan Cantwell is a highly credential medical doctor, having published many papers on various medical problems.  He struggled with himself trying to refute evidence presented by Dr. Strecker, though in his heat of hearts he knew the epidemiology appeared absurdly un-natural: that is, the epidemiology itself suggested human intentional intervention (via inoculations).

Probably few readers of this small essay have ever even encountered the term CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS (which was being medically diagnosed in human males in 1978 [and] 1979, in New York and New Jersey).  Cryptosporidiosis, you may recall, causes relentless diarrhea, which will naturally deplete the body's immune system because of total malnourishment, which will make the body a ready host for various cancers and immunologic disorders.  Without nourishment the body's defenses are gone.  If vital nutrients can never be digested and assimilated how can the immune system ever thwart inoculations of cancers/"AIDS".

Prior to "AIDS" inoculations and various issues of diseases, cryptosporidiosis was a very rare cattle (sheep?) affliction with NO KNOWN CURE.  There is no known cure now for humans who suffer the ravages of relentless diarrhea, weight loss, starvation, from the cryptosporidium microbe (which Shilts suggests needs to be identified by the ARMY).

Political assassinations have been around since human being untied for power.  Just think how neat a political tool if a biological killing agent could be placed, somehow, is a dissenters blood stream, or perhaps, even in or on their food.  Better yet, how absolutely NATURAL for a devastating plague to sweep across the world without a gun even being raised at the enemies' head.

"AIDS" has gone from the individual, to the thousands and tens of thousands in this country, and now it heads off to third world nations to devastate them by the millions as articles suggest.

FORTY MILLION "AIDS" CASES ARE PREDICTED BY 2000, Arizona Republic, Friday, May 3, 1991, as new presented by the World Health Organization, the United Nation's agency stating "an explosion in cases in Africa and other developing areas prompted it to drastically increase its estimate of those who could be infected by the human immunodeficiency virus".

In the New York Native, August 19, 1991, ONE OF GALLO'S VICTIMS SPEAKS OUT, Dr. John Beldekas Reveals A New, Potentially Explosive Chapter In the History of "AIDS" Research, by Neenyah Ostrom.  The article discusses at length Dr. Beldekas' concerns re: Dr. Gallo's attempts to undermine J.B.'s and Dr. Jane Teas' research that "AIDS" may actually be caused by a large DNA virus called African Swine Fever Virus.  They had gone to Florida and found a bunch of feral pigs that the Haitians had brought from Haiti.  So, perhaps there is a greater connection to farm animals being used as a source of poison culturing?  That information certainly correlates with the OUI Magazine article of September, 1976, THE MUTILATION MYSTERY by Ed Sanders, and how might farm animals have been used as research vectors to test and carry bio-warfare poisons.

Dr. Beldekas stops just short of publicly accusing Dr. Gallo of stealing their research, by Gallo's renaming of the virus; but certainly Gallo has already been implicated in some mighty strange goings-on per lengthy exposes in the Chicago Tribune and elsewhere.  Beldekas also believes that something real dirty is going on, because he believes that mycoplasma are also being tested in the HIV tests.  "I'm convinced that this is real dirty, and that the mycoplasma may, in fact, be playing a major role ---- a big, big role.  I'm not discounting swine fever.  I'm just trying to tell you that the HIV system for Western blots is a very dirty system."  Certainly the Teas/Beldekas inquiry can be correlated with the findings of Strecker's research implicating cattle/sheep and find out if someone in the government intentionally left the barn door wide open so that infected cattle/sheep/pigs could act properly as living processors for bio-warfare research.  Why the necessity for on-going government cover ups as to what CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS may reveal as a cattle residue from bio-warfare experiments around the country.

Beldekas also sees that pharmaceuticals are using deadly drugs as agents to further governments' vested interests -- as per his anger re: the POISON AZT, which has been pushed down the throats of un-suspecting patients, because un-knowingly they accepted AZT as a poison for the liver.  [Source:] THIRTEEN STAR PRODUCTIONS, (213) 306-4088,  for cassette tapes, especially public forums, discussions led by Craig Huelett (sp?).

Roy Tuckman (sp?) of "Roy of Hollywood" KPFK FAME [90.7 FM] has for years discussed things about the advancing New World Order.  [The] "Shades of AIDS" series is especially noteworthy with talks by Dr. Strecker who convinced Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD, to write his magnum opus, AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH, and Tuckman's incredible broadcasts which,  for years,  have addressed various social ills of militarism and medical deceit and power mongering INSTITUTIONALISMS AND "AIDS" BIO-WARE and incredible discoveries suppressed (e.g. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife Microscope: discoveries of Wilhelm Reich suppressed: discoveries of various cancer therapies, especially noteworthy in in Gaston Naessens' discovery similar to Rife's, as reported by Christopher Bird, author of THE PERSECUTION AND TRIAL OF GASTON NAESSENS, c. 1991, discussing true story of efforts to suppress an alternative treatment for cancer, "AIDS", and other immunologically based diseases, MS, etc., and how the Canadian government tried to suppress NAESSENS' research, similar to the United States persecution of Dr. Rife, MD, and Wilhelm Reich, etc. etc. etc.), and government suppression of vital discoveries in "free energy" of Depalmas (sp?) n-machine.  Roy Tuckman is another freedom fighter for truth and justice.

WORLD WATCHER'S founded by MAE BRUSSELL (recently died from cancer?).  She gave many broadcasts regarding her vast research collating information from thousands of articles (similar to the process used by intelligence agencies which COLLATE all sorts of varied sources of information worldwide), as MAE BRUSSELL valiantly attempted to get people to KNOW the stream of events of history by analysis gained from COLLATING so many sources as she warned people to be aware that an advancing elitist technocracy was gaining a foothold worldwide which was being led by people aligning themselves with INSTITUTIONALISMS (OF AN ESPECIALLY INTERNATIONAL SCOPE) which has no true allegiance to American/United States Democratic principles.  Mae Brussell constantly warned Americans to be vigilant in recognizing power mongering, especially those who USE religion or government to usurp the balance of power.

We have seen in this country how elitists have been usurping the balance of power of our great Democratic Republic.  How is it that a supposed parallel secretive government has been able to advance its own hidden agendas using off-the-shelf, non government authorized clandestine enterprises which are solely at the direction or behest of International Intelligence Networks?

During the sixties and seventies thousands of cattle were found mutilated, entirely drained of blood.... yet somehow our very own intelligence networks could not seem to unravel the mystery, nor even provide a credible clue to what might be happening: although they did somehow manage to convey to the press that apparently all of the cattle mutilations were the result of demonic organized Satanists performing animal sacrifices in the dead of night, or even a few cattle mutilations were the result of Druid Space Brothers come down to participate in ancient atavistic yearnings to perform ritual slaughter on bovines.  We can be so thankful that our Druid Space Brothers did not decide to use a little more intelligent creature upon which to satisfy their blood lusting, as they might have chosen primates, or maybe dolphins as "AIDS" for blood sacrifices seeking atonements to appease their gods (similarly to the thoughts of Dannemeyer and Jesse Helms who know how God thinks to handle those engaged in sexual sins, which are so in-tune with fundamentalists, too, don't you know).

Of course, Congressman Dornan knows also how God thinks to handle those set in their sinful ways, too, as he is often times seen on Trinity Broadcasting Network, TBN, as seen there on Channel 40 in Southern California, and now seen nationwide, and worldwide, even going to Russia along with Robert Schuller (who recently, unfortunately, bumped his head): but Dornan will make a good bookend for Bennie Hinn's preachments on how over sexed black bucks in South Africa, having no other recourse to satisfy their primitive lusts, sought out relief from the poor little African greenback monkeys to engage in bestiality, as you simply must have missed the comedy presented on TBN not so long ago (1990).  Then perhaps it is thought that the purveyors of lies, who can work very deftly with the creation of The Big Lie (as noted by Hitler's Mein Kampf) are merely silly looking people who don't know what they are up to as they are able to buy TV station after TV station across the face of the United States and place antennas in El Salvador, Nicaragua, St. Thomas Island, over to Israel, France --- so many different countries so that they can tell people the truth about "AIDS" being different countries so that they can tell people the truth about "AIDS" being divine retribution from God to know God's blood thirst for atonements for sexual sins.  If you think that is far fetched, then you simply have not seen all the non-sense being broadcast from TBN, especially the things about Satanists who present themselves on national TV to tell the world that they have engages in ritual human sacrifice, but now they are saved by the blood of the Lamb, so apparently they need not go before any Legal Jurisprudence, as God has already served them salvation if not justice, and they need not be understood as murderers who are in need of further questioning by the police or courts of the land.  Do you perceive just a wee bit of mockery against wholesome Christianity: or perhaps, avoiding questions of good ethical/moral religious pronouncements, do you not perceive just a small bit of mockery against our judicial system?  Do you not perceive just a small bit of mockery against our judicial system?  Self professed killers of other humans are allowed public exoneration by merely saying that they were under the sway of Satanic powers: and no mention is every made of their victims names either!  How nice!

Should the previous paragraph has grabbed your attention, then perhaps you will begin to appreciate the aggravation that same sex lovers have endured for years, for a decade, as they have seen friends and loved ones dying from the ravages of relentless diarrhea due to medically diagnosed cryptosporidiosis (which prior to "AIDS" and various issues of diseases was only known as a rare cattle affliction), and seeing those people wasting away (as you hear and think about those un-named Africans wasting away from similar disease), and before their eyes the people dissipate to skeletal remains, living but not quite dead, and they try to tune in for a little solace and find the rabid hate mongering of TBN and other fundamentalists filled with vile hatred spreading vicious lies, promoting  the POLITICAL REALITIES of the BIG LIES of "AIDS".  Would you think that a little anger is justified, even if the antics of ACT-UP seem out of context with their attack against the Catholic Church, which makes for great info-tainment, but not addressing the power of the fundamentalists as their hate filled broadcasts as seen on TBN for many years.  Perhaps ACT-UP  will one day begin to publicly should CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS, and "AIDS" biowarfare.

When the founder of ACT-UP, Kramer, discusses "AIDS" as genocide he is not exposing political diatribe, he is talking GENOCIDE  as in BIOWARFARE!  After you have read Dr. Cantwell's magnum opus AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH, then you will begin to appreciate the magnitude of the BIG LIE of "AIDS" and all the ugly vicious politics surrounding "AIDS" and various issues of diseases.

"AIDS" exists on so very many different levels: that is, there are probably several powerful motivations "reasonings" for developing "AIDS".  There, in the United States, has been seen the powerful POLITICAL hidden agenda to impose moral strictures on sexual activity, most especially those engaging in affectional homosexuality.  It is not chance by which "AIDS"  and various issues of diseases can to be found FIRST AND FOREMOST in primarily homosexually active communities in the major cities of the United States, first starting in New York and New Jersey in 1978 and 1979, finally jumping 'cross country'  to San Francisco and then to Los Angeles, then San Diego, where large politically active communities of same sex lovers reside.  These communities were targeted to participate in the Hepatitis-B vaccine trials -- read Dr. Cantwell's magnum opus AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH  before you try to refute.

Those communities were targeted by well conceived programs to enlist ONLY highly sexually active gay young men between the ages of twenty to forty.  You NEVER saw ads in mainstream newspapers asking for participants from those heterosexually involved with many sex partners, but the gay rags were full of ads, later even offering to pay upwards of $50 per visit to donate blood so that, ostensibly, vaccines for Hepatitis-B could be developed/maintained.

Many medical doctors themselves refused to take the vaccine for hepatitis-b, because they began to see a disproportionate number of gays who had succumbed to the ravages of "AIDS" after submitting to participate in the Hepatitis-B vaccine trials.

Now, this is interesting, you now see that several dentists have recently spread "AIDS", unknowingly unwittingly, to their patients, which is very distressing.  A new medical agenda will need to be addressed as to which medical doctors/practitioners should be allowed to continue their practices after they have tested positive for a virus (which may not even be a true test, for "AIDS" susceptibility contraction, per Dr. Peter Deusberg, et al).  Are hidden mycoplasmas the real factor, or primary co-factor for development of "AIDS" immune system dysfunction (per Dr. Lo's Army research: per other's research)?

Several dentists in Los Angeles, too, have recently died from complications of "AIDS" cancers/immune system dysfunction.  Will there patients be traced by proper medical authorities???  And will that be made public???

Perhaps now that the very medical community which should have originally challenged all the BIG LIES of "AIDS", after seeing their livelihoods being stripped from them, will begin to coalesce and address the relevancy of CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS, and things curiously/secretively addressed by Shilts' book AND THE BAND PLAYED ON (re: cows and stuff and cryptosporidiosis! and the ARMY!), and the research of Dr. Lo and Dr. Peter Deusberg and Dr. Strecker and his likewise courageous friend,  Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD.

Don't you think it is high time to question yourselves as to why you have never heard of any of the facts about cryptosporidiosis and probably bio-warfare mechanisms of  "AIDS" and various issues of diseases on most of the mainstream medias?  What is the AMA hiding about cryptosporidiosis, and things it knows about the Hepatitis-B vaccine inoculations and subsequent deaths of young gay men?  What intelligence communities have participated in "AIDS" bio-warfare research?

Are there groups of "Satanist" renegades being used by the intelligence communities to spread "AIDS" by "infecting" certain sources which would contaminate?   Could "AIDS" be used as some sort of political poison?  If the word "Satanist" holds little or no meaning, then substitute evil-doers, people who are hell bent on creating disorder, and read THE ULTIMATE EVIL by Maury Terry who seems to think that there are reasons that Satanists are being used nationwide to spread something quite rotten.  Drugs and cultists and political power mongers may be more allied than we know.

Was the murder of Pope John Paul I led by internationalists seeking to gain control of the Vatican (bank), as the incredible research of David A. Yallop uncovers nefarious associations with: Marcinkus: Sindona: secretive Masonic P-2 propaganda due:  illicit movements of powerful hallucinogens and anti-depressants and drugs internationally: Cardinal Cody and Marcinkus friendship: Banco Ambrosiano and the Vatican Bank and connections to Panamanian holding companies (and possible ties to US invasion of Panama): CIA involvements: mafia connections: Continental Bank of Illinois in Chicago: all sorts of banking scandals and murders.

The Internationalist scope of drugs under quiet command is simply quite awesome... just take a drive to any major or minor inner city now-a-days and you will see for yourselves what sort of New World Order is in the making, has been planned for many, many years.  The drugs are a way to keep the many disenfranchised quite and docile: or, if not that, then habitually "active" in keeping their habits.  Even at West Hollywood street fairs, and elsewhere, so much emphasis placed on the cacophonic discordant agitating sounds of the rockers and druggies.  After great agitation, somehow provide the sources of habitual responses to soothe the jangling nerves.  Quite Pavlovian in establishing habitual responses.  The Internationalist scope of drugs has been in the making for many years, especially advancing during the 60's with the Beetles, et al to follow them.

A recent Los Angeles Times article stated that the police in West Hollywood had apparently "given up" on arresting drug dealers largely seen on a street corner which we saw many times, and knew that to be true for over one year prior to the media's discovery.  But maybe the local police are getting wise and hip to the "game" of Internationalist drug ventures headed up by top military honchos here and there and everywhere you can see the signs.  But, curiously, when the Iran/Contra hearings were made public, the microphones went silent each time public mention of DRUGS was made mention by Ollie and Company, and NATIONAL SECURITY was righteously invoked.

All the young people must be given something to do, especially those MINORITIES  who are actually quite the opposite and really a majority in most major inner cities.  Should anyone, most anyone, who really tries to uplift the youth of minority, should they appear the least bit political, they will inevitably encounter the "games" of the Internationalists who will publish things in local papers, or somehow seek to ridicule those who might offer hope.  Those people will find themselves the target of various peculiar circumstances.  The Internationalists mean BUSINESS when it comes to their control of DRUG turf, too."