Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon


One year ago today the massacre at Columbine took place.  One year later no one outside of law enforcement has been allowed to see the the ballistic report.  The library and the bullet holes it contains remains locked and barred.  What secrets are so grave that law enforcement and the judiciary lock arms to prevent the American public from discovering them?  Lawsuits filed on behalf of the families of those wounded, disabled and killed reveal new information about the tragedy.  One boy's family declares that their son was killed by a bullet fired by law enforcement.  Other lawsuits state that law enforcement actually allowed the carnage to continue unabated, costing many lives.  It is revealed that the 911 dispatcher told the students to remain in the library at the heart of the violence.  A teacher's daughter charges that her father bled to death because law enforcement refused to allow medical personnel to enter the building.  Instead of charging the building immediately law enforcement remained outside establishing a perimeter but not aiding the victims inside.

Locking and barring a crime scene to prevent the public from knowing the amount of bullets fired, the ammunition used, the direction of the shots fired and the location of bodies prevents the public from knowing how many shooters were involved.  Many excellent web sites have explored the possibility that the Columbine slaughter resulted from another agenda than the one promoted by the so-called "legitimate media".  Did two dysfunctional teenagers pull off the worst school shooting in American history or was there another motive?

The past year has revealed that other motives for school shootings do exist.  One incentive for the violence in our schools is to encourage the federal government to invade our schools and criminalize our children.  If this statement seems outrageous consider the Mosaic-2000 plan promoted by the California based firm Gavin de Becker Inc.  The company's web site [] reveals that it specializes in private investigations and security for high profile people and government agencies such as the CIA and ATF.  It was the ATF that asked the company to create a software program that would rank potentially violent children on a scale of 1 to 10.  Unskilled and untrained school teachers and administrators would then observe our children and feed their opinions into an unproven software system that would then label your child for life.  The information would be made a part of their school lives and subsequently, their professional lives as adults.

In the twelve months since the Columbine shootings school districts across the nation have implemented a Zero Tolerance Policy for children when it comes to drugs and anything that resembles a weapon.  It was only last week that a small boy was sent home from school and disciplined for pointing his finger at a playmate and saying, "Bang, bang".  One must assume that the adults in charge considered the finger a weapon.  Isn't it time the American public asks if the adults on our school campuses are required to conform to the same Zero Tolerance Policy they demand the children adhere to daily.

An incident that was reported in yesterday's Marin Independent Journal clearly demonstrates that are far different rules and disciplines for adults.  The article by Maia Werner details an investigation of San Rafael City School's maintenance department.  The article states:

"Barbara Smith, superintendent of the San Rafael Elementary and High School Districts, would not provide a copy of the report from the investigation, but did outline its findings.

They included:

*That district time and equipment was used to download and store large amounts of pornographic material, and that material was placed on the computers of other employees against their wishes;

*That a district was used as a central location for a violent computer game where off-site individuals would dial up and use the district equipment to play the game;

*That 460 rounds of assault rifle ammunition were being stored in a locker in the work area area of the maintenance yard;

*That an empty box for a semi-automatic pistol was found at the maintenance yard;

*That records had been falsified to earn overtime and that employees were being paid overtime to do work on another employee's personal property;

*That employees were purchasing equipment and billing their time for work done, but actually contracting the work out to a private vendor, meaning the district was being billed twice; and

*That records had been falsified to conceal employees absence from the workplace.

The investigation was conducted by Paul Barron, a Burbank-based private investigator recommended by California state Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) - a state agency formed to assist school districts in assessing irregularities - and Walt Kosta, a retired police captain from the San Rafael Police Department.  Barron and Kosta confirmed the findings reported by Smith."

Superintendent Smith only released the results on this maintenance investigation report because, she said, maintenance department employees had notified the media.  The school district had kept the school board informed about the investigation but neither the board nor the administration revealed to the public what measures would be taken to discipline the employees involved citing privacy concerns.

In a phone interview with Walt Kosta who helped conduct the investigation, it was learned that the 460 rounds of assault rifle  ammunition that was found was 7.62 mm.  When asked what was being done about this discovery, Kosta stated that no criminal charges were filed by the Marin County District Attorney and therefore, the ammunition was turned over to the San Rafael Police Department for destruction.

Walt Kosta also emphasized that the pornography discovered was adult in nature and none of the pornography showed images of children.

Jon Anger, a maintenance mechanic and president of the San Rafael chapter of the California School Employees Association was critical of the investigation.  For example, he described the video game as not overly violent.  The computer game is called "Quake" and consists of the player looking through gun sights and shooting aliens and monsters.

Within the last two days three teenagers in Alameda were jailed for plastering their school campus with hit lists of people they said they wanted to kill today, April 20, 2000.  Police officers who examined the children's home computers stated that they found "disturbing evidence" on the PCs.

Children are being criminalized and jailed for acts far less harmful than the adults in the San Rafael School District who betray the trust of children and parents alike by playing with pornography and violent computer games, storing 460 rounds of 30 caliber ammunition at their workplace and billing the school district for work they did not do.  When adults are discovered violating the Zero Tolerance Policy their names and their acts should be made public.  The school districts responsible for the safety of our children should not be allowed to hide their employees behind "privacy concerns".   It is time that the American public demands that adults employed in our nation's schools be held to the same standards we hold our children to daily.

Virginia McCullough © 4/20/00