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BARBARA HARTWELL SPEAKS OUT. Click. March 24, 2001. "At this point, I think it's appropriate to ask Mr. Cannon if HE can prove what he says about Kurt Billings."

MARTIN CANNON SPEAKS OUT!  ARTICLE REMOVED AT CANNON'S REQUEST.  Click. On March  16, 2001, NewsMakingNews posted a letter from Martin Cannon to Kurt Billings.  Martin Cannon's letter to Kurt Billings stated in part: "MKULTRA was a very real project, and deserves serious study. (I doubt that you have even bothered to read the relevant documents in D.C.) Unfortunately, this field of inquiry has been completely decimated by religiously-motivated crackpots who believe everything they hear from weepy "ritual abuse" victims, and who buy into every nonsensical conspiracy theory they happen to read about."

KURT BILLINGS REQUESTS A RETRACTION!  Click. On March 19, 2001, Kurt Billings posted a NewsMakingNews requesting that Martin Cannon's letter be retracted, stating, "my name, website, research and reputation is not only slandered but slandered by a psychopath that is out of touch with reality."

VIRGINIA McCULLOUGH REPLIES TO KURT BILLINGS! Click. "An interesting observation is that  readers of "mind control" writings produce the most vitriolic demands for censorship.  Censorship is, after all, the finest form of mind control.  Why do the victims of and the self proclaimed advocates for those victims want to practice the very device that they accuse others of employing?"

To Kate at
From: Kurt Billings

Re:  Letter posted on News Making News written by Martin Cannon

Dear Kate,  I appreciate the time and effort you put into NewsMakingNews.  However, as you have posted a letter in which my name, website, research and reputation is not only slandered but slandered by a psychopath that is out of touch with reality, I felt it important to forward and bring to your attention some readily available information regarding Martin Cannon.  You will find copied below the biography section off of his website,, in which he claims to be a drug smuggler, rapist and murderer (his most famous alleged victim being Nicole Simpson.)  I feel it is journalistically irresponsible to post a slanderous letter of this nature without first verifying the credibility and soundness of mind of the author of the letter.  He has engaged in name calling and twisted facts& which could potentially mislead your readers.  I'm sure this is not your intent.  I must respectfully request that you remove Martin Cannon's letter from NewsMakingNews and post a retraction of the credibility of Mr. Cannon's letter.  You posted the letter which in many readers eyes may give it credibility.  I appreciate the credible reporting that I have seen in the past from your site and look forward to still referring people to your site.  I know it is difficult to catch everything.


Kurt Billings

Biography of Martin Cannon

The man known as Martin Cannon (only one of his many nommes-de-guerre) has long been recognized as an important player on the international political/occult scene. He is a leading member of many secret societies, including the Priory of Zion, P2, the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, the Thule Society, the Ordo Templi Orientis (whose members refer to him as the mysterious "HB"), the Golden Dawn, the Jason Scholars, the CFR, the Gustav Mahler Appreciation Society, the Democratic Party, and, of course, the dreaded Illuminati. Cannon was asked to join the last-named society in 1972, at the age of fourteen, when his precocious inquiries into the nature of anti-gravity brought him to the attention of his secret mentors, the Rothschilds.

After a brief stint at CIA ("Too confining," Cannon now says), he went on to assignments for other intelligence organizations, such as NRO, DIA, ONI, the British SIS, the Nigerian BRO, the under-utilized PP, and, most recently, MOSSAD.

Cannon's extraordinary work in the fields of post-quantum physics and espionage has prompted his secret sponsors to cover up his many crimes, which include drug smuggling, rape, and numerous murders (his most famous alleged victim being Nicole Simpson). He is a protected individual; insult him at your peril. EXARP BITOM AFFA!

None of the above is true, but it seems to be what people want to believe.....

Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon

© 2000 Virginia McCullough. All Rights Reserved. Use only with written  permission. 


The BayCities Observer Replies To Kurt Billings

By Virginia McCullough

NewsMakingNews received a letter from researcher Kurt Billings requesting that the publisher "remove Martin Cannon's letter from and post a retraction of the credibility of Mr. Cannon's letter"  [because] "you have posted a letter in which my name, web site, research and reputation is not only slandered but slandered by a psychopath that (sic) is out of touch with reality."  Billings also states, "that it is journalistically irresponsible to post a slanderous letter of this nature without first verifying the credibility and soundness of mind of the author of the letter" (emphasis added).   It is ludicrous to suggest that publishers censor all authors until they have made a judgment about their mental stability.  Some of our greatest authors would have never been published had this criteria been applied to their writings   - Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent Van Gogh and Nathaniel Hawthorn immediately come to mind. 

Of all the authors posted at NewsMakingNews, Martin Cannon and his writings are a lightening rod for critics who would silence others.  I can only assume it is because Cannon is also one of the finest researchers and writers publishing today.  His research on subjects such as Roswell and mind control constitutes a body of work that assures his legacy.  In this author's humble opinion, I would place Martin Cannon and researcher/writer Alex Constantine side-by-side on a pedestal dedicated to those who want to learn.  However, neither Alex or Martin would like to stand side by side anywhere; there is animosity between these two men originating, in part, from their pride in their ability to thoroughly research and write about many subjects.  Constantine has also requested that Cannon's writings be eliminated from the NewsMakingNews site.  Cannon has fired back with criticism of his own,  but has never requested that Constantine's works be banned from the web page.  It is interesting that mind control researchers seem to enjoy male p------ matches that take up a great deal of their time and energy.  For all the readers who enjoy the delicious delicatessen spread out before us on the web by their in-depth reporting,  it is obvious that their time and energy would be better spent writing more thereby giving us more "food for thought and grounds for further research".  

An interesting observation is that  readers of "mind control" writings produce the most vitriolic demands for censorship.  Censorship is, after all, the finest form of mind control.  Why do the victims of and the self proclaimed advocates for those victims want to practice the very device that they accuse others of employing?

In the past the publisher of this web site has received other letters demanding censorship of certain subjects and/or authors.  The response has always been the same: "different viewpoints and opinions are always welcome on this page and censorship is not acceptable".  The great joy and the great danger of the world wide web is that it is an uncontrollable method of communication.  Individuals and governments who want to apply mind control to others fear the net.  Those who want to eliminate that fear can do so by simply pushing the "delete" button or turning off their computer.  By exercising these options their sensitivities are insulated and they do not participate in silencing others.

Virginia McCullough © 2001



To: NewsMakingNews
From: Barbara Hartwell © 2000
Legal Defense and Research Fund
PO Box 832
Woodstock NY 12498

Martin Cannon's letter to Kurt Billings, published by NewsMakingNews seems to have sparked quite a hot-bed of controversy. The issues being debated: Free speech vs. censorship. Quackery vs. professional credibility. Fact vs. myth. All are examined in reference to the CIA's infamous MKULTRA project in which untold numbers of hapless American and Canadian citizens were violated in one of the most nefarious of government- sponsored black operations in United States history. I know as well as anyone could about some of these violations: I  --and certain members of my family-- were among these hapless victims.

Since I have a personal and professional interest in all these issues, I'd like to add my two cents and join in the debate.

When I first read Martin Cannon's letter to Kurt Billings what leaped out at me was the unmitigated nastiness and outright malice of Cannon's assault on the character and professional credibility of Billings.  Cannon's letter seems to have blown in like the proverbial ill wind, suddenly and with the gale force of a blood vendetta, landing with a reverberating splat ! on the front page of NewsMakingNews.

Mr. Cannon says he just "happened across" Kurt's site, "following a link provided on NewsMakingNews.  He makes it clear that he does not know Kurt; that he has never until that moment heard of Kurt, nor previously read any of his published material. Yet he seems hell-bent on leading a crusade to have Kurt Billings pilloried in the public square. I had to wonder: Why ?

It's true that Kurt happens to be a good friend of mine, as well as a colleague and researcher whose work I respect.  So I won't deny there's an element of personal concern and empathy involved. But I should also say that I would --and have-- come forward in the defense of anyone whose reputation I believed was being unjustly defamed, whether that person was a friend or not. Just as I have not hesitated to publicly confront those people --even when they happen to be my family and closest friends--when I find it necessary to loudly proclaim my disagreement with their actions, their opinions or their published writings.

Stating her position in the controversy over libel and censorship, journalist Virginia McCullough first responds to Kurt Billings's request to remove the "slanderous" letter by Martin Cannon from the NewsMakingNews site by pointing out that  "judgments about [the] mental stability" of authors have historically not been the determining factor in publishing --or censoring-- their work.  Good point, and I don't disagree. But though Kurt labels Cannon a "psychopath" based on Cannon's self-described, presumably tongue-in-cheek curriculum vitae --which may or may not contain elements of truth-- (and on that I won't venture a personal opinion ) sanity and madness are secondary considerations in attempting to ascertain whether Cannon libeled Billings-- or whether he was merely exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech.

I think it's fair to say that there may be a thin line between free speech and libel. However, the line that separates madness from malice may be more of a crevasse (and a legal one at that.) Malice, or the absence thereof, is the issue which, in my opinion, needs to be addressed.  Ergo: Did Martin Cannon act with intent of malice to defame Kurt Billings ?

From the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual:

"Libel is injury to reputation. Words that expose a person to public hatred, shame, disgrace or ridicule or induce an ill opinion of a person are libelous.

Actions for civil libel result mainly from news stories that allege crime, fraud, dishonorable conduct, or stories that defame the subject professionally, causing financial loss either personally or to a business.

There is only one complete and unconditional defense to a civil action for libel: that the facts stated are PROVABLY TRUE. " [ Emphasis in the original ]

And, from A Modern Dictionary of Legal Usage, a definition of libel:

"A deliberate, untrue, derogatory statement; a defamatory imputation made by one person about another, which if published, can be a ground for a civil action in damages."

Now, in the light of civil law, let's examine some of Cannon's comments in his letter to Billings. (I will emphasize the key words and phrases with upper case text. Emphasis is mine unless otherwise indicated. )

Cannon writes:

"People like you, whose heads are filled with RELIGIOUS NONSENSE....are the reason why all the serious MKULTRA researchers seem to have abandoned the field in disgust. "

".....your ASININE page on the New Millennium and Mind Control."

"Like most SO-CALLED "CHRISTIANS" you tend to have a very elastic interpretation of the commandment prohibiting FALSE WITNESS. To put it bluntly: You lie and lie and LIE." [Emphasis is Cannon's]

" ....your obvious ANTI-CATHOLIC and ANTI-SEMITIC  biases....."

"I intend to mention YOU [emphasis is Cannon's] by name as an example of a modern-day "Christian" who is STUPID enough to be taken in...."

" Unfortunately this field [ research into MKULTRA ] has been completely decimated by RELIGIOUSLY-MOTIVATED CRACKPOTS..."

"By tying in Masonic LIBELS, the Illuminati hoax, blatherings about Satanism, the mythical "New World Order" and a variety of none-too-thinly-disguised RELIGIOUS BIGOTRIES, ETHIC-LESS "CHRISTIANS" LIKE YOU have only managed to make serious research into the CIA's behavior modification program seem ridiculous. "

"...Stop using sensational, GROUNDLESS CLAIMS AS A SOURCE OF PROFIT. ( I see you make a tidy income with your videos and appearances. ) "  

Cannon ends his letter by admonishing Billings: " Try to PROVE what you say. "

At this point, I think it's appropriate to ask Mr. Cannon if HE can prove what he says about Kurt Billings.

Cannon's allegations about Billings include a potpourri of potentially libelous statements -unless of course, Cannon can PROVE them. According to Cannon: Billings is  a liar.  A religiously-motivated crackpot. An insincere and bogus Christian. A man who "libels" the Masonic Order. A religious bigot. A person lacking ethics. A man who earns his living by bearing false witness and touting groundless claims in order to bilk the public.  Anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic. A man so stupid that he cannot reach his own reasonable opinion of the truth by doing his own research.

If we believe Martin Cannon, Kurt Billings is no better than a veritable snake-oil-salesman; a mountebank; a huckster devoid of morals, intent upon deceiving the public, and motivated by nothing more than misguided religiosity and financial gain.

I for one, do not share Mr. Cannon's opinions. But then, I have good reason to strongly disagree, given that I am well-acquainted with Kurt and have had the opportunity to hear his public talks and radio broadcasts, as well as to discuss with him the field of research in which we are both involved. I formed my opinion regarding Kurt's honesty and good character as well as the quality of his research by getting to know him. 

Did Mr. Cannon make any attempt to establish even a cursory dialogue with Kurt, before mounting his no-holds-barred assault ?    More importantly, what about those people among the general public who have not yet had that opportunity ? Could they be adversely influenced by reading such negatively-charged, defamatory allegations as those being disseminated by Cannon against Kurt Billings ?

Virginia McCullough put forth her opinion that Cannon deserves to be placed "on a pedestal dedicated to those who want to learn." As for those who wish to avail themselves of this educational experience, I can only hope that --unlike Mr. Cannon-- they are able to recognize discretion as being the better part of valor.

I understand and respect Virginia's defense of free speech and I also share her intolerance of censorship in any form. However, I would not equate a person's rightful attempt to protect himself against character assassination with censorship. I don't believe for a minute that it is Kurt Billings's intent or desire to censor anybody. But the libelous assertions by Martin Cannon about Kurt's character, his religious convictions; his research, his professional credibility and the way in which he earns his living have the potential to do severe and possibly irreparable personal and professional damage.

I would be the first to defend Mr. Cannon's right to disagree with Kurt Billings. I would defend his right to state his disagreement or to take issue with Kurt's research; his opinions; or his viewpoints about MKULTRA; the Illuminati; the New World Order; the Masons; etc. in any public forum. But I will not defend what I see as the indefensible: A purposeful and malicious campaign to destroy a man's PERSONAL reputation and honor; disguised as an exercise in intellectual, scholarly discourse and advanced under the protection of free speech.

-Barbara Hartwell

From: "Top View" <
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2001 5:48 AM
Subject: K Thomas Slams Cantankerous Conspiracy Characters (Not US!), ESPECIALLY Martin Cannon/Fwd

Kenn Thomas rightly takes mind control researcher/author Martin Cannon (and he IS a "loose" one) to task (along with a few others), for writing/publishing what are generally across-the-boards obnoxious, insulting, demeaning, vituperative, unproductive, destructive, distractive and demoralizing tracts and diatribes directed at MANY OTHERS who have ALSO  spent much of their time, energy and resources investigating or researching government mind control projects.

We've certainly seen some of Cannon's loud-mouthed rantings on several occasions, though we've never been able to read any all the way through before the relentless negativity and name-calling caused us to bail out  & trash 'em.

We'd say Cannon is doing a DAMN good job of splintering, dividing and distracting the community (such as it is) of sincere people from MANY differing backgrounds, working to uncover the truth about our government's monumental abuses of human rights in innumerable evil mind control operations the FedGov HAS conducted and IS conducting.

Kenn Thomas names some others he feels have been guilty of similar actions, but in our estimation, few have approached Cannon's level of excessive and egregious meanness and jerkiness.

We'd say Martin Cannon is almost CERTAINLY a compromised, paid-off government stooge/disinformer/agent provocateur/agitator and general, all round shit-stirrer: working overtime to further obscure the truth about government mind control.

Let's ALL make sure Cannon is NOT successful. In fact, perhaps with some luck this "cannon" will "misfire" and destroy itself.

From: "Thomas, Kenneth F." <
Reply-To: "Barbara Hartwell" <

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Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 07:44:09 -0600


Although I haven't followed Martin Cannon's contributions to NewsMakingNews, I have previously been brought into disputes he has had with Stephanie Caruana, author of the Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File, and Tom Davis of Tom Davis Books in Aptos, CA. Cannon basically called both of these people names and misrepresented who they are and what they do. He also accused me of lying and tried to smear my reputation with researcher/publisher in the UK that I have known and worked with for years.

I assume all of this colors Martin Cannon's recent writing, which again I haven't read and do not have time to refute. I know that in the past he has made a bad-faith deal with one of my publishers. In fact, I have seen Martin Cannon storming down a hallway at a UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada after being approached by that publisher with an nquiry about the advance money Cannon had received. I know that Cannon now wants to sell a manuscript debunking various conspiracy samizdat, so he is no more or less guilty than anyone of trying to make money writing about these topics.

Martin Cannon also is certainly no more or less cranky than any of the people he insults. This holds true as well of Virginia McCullough, who seems to cling to the idea that she alone is the heir to the legacy of Mae Brussell, sainted mother of conspiracy research.

Cannon also has his religious biases. The Catholic and Jewish religions are as deserving of exposure for brainwashing as MKULTRA, but Cannon takes a "politically correct" approach to these religions while spitting venom at the fundamentalism he perceives and detests among the people writing and lecturing about mind control. He defends the kind of fundamentalism found among the CSICOPs, which sees all conspiracy
research as bunkum and allows for no reality other than officially saanctioned science.


Kenn Thomas

Wednesday, April 12, 2000 1:12 PM
Your email to me dated 4-12-2000 

I received you email this date and am puzzled about what it is you want from me.  I am a free lance journalist who must rely on documentation and facts that I can or cannot independently verify.  So far you have not written down your experiences in any form that can be confirmed.  That is the first step that must be followed before I am willing to dedicate any amount of time to the story.

I do not spend a lot of time on the telephone with individuals until I have read their written allegations and have received some documentation that will allow me to start an investigation.  Once I have reviewed the written allegations and researched and independently verified the documentation, I might have the basis for a story.  Then again, it nothing checks out, I will let that individual know that I will not be covering the story.  This then is the starting point for my investigation and articles and/or books. 

To do anything less then this is not professional journalism.  For example, you tell me that you have known Ted Gunderson for three years - since 1997.  You tell me that Michael Riconosciuto is Ted's friend.  I have known of the Riconosciuto intelligence connections to Richard Nixon since 1983.  I have been in contact with Riconosciuto since 1991.  In other words, I have explored all of the ins and outs of the Gunderson milieu for over fifteen years.

There are many types of mind control and Gunderson/Riconosciuto certainly represent some of those types.  They are to the right of Attila The Hun and are very tight with the woman you call Carole Marshall, whose real name is Cheri Seymour.  You mention that you receive email from a "Scientologist" in Los Angeles named Annie and that her emails to you reflect Marshall/Seymour's return email address.  That is all I need to know to classify her accordingly.  I was briefly entrapped by Seymour and she taped everything I said, and all of my phone conversations for a one week period when she pretended to be a journalist in fear of her life.  Then she turned around 380 degrees and lied through her teeth about me.

Forgive me if I can no longer believe every woman [and yes, it is usually women] who cry that they are in fear of their lives because they are victims of mind control for sexual/power purposes.   If you re-read the Sue Ford article I emailed you today, you will see where Ford [or whatever name she is currently using] still wants others to pay for her daughter's care.  In my opinion her daughter's illness might well have been caused by having an unstable mother who continues to keep a high profile making unsubstantiated allegations.  That is not conducive to a good home life. 

I simply do not have the time to spend a lot of time on the telephone doing interviews when I can be using it to write articles about cases where people have already supplied me a great deal of documentation.  Neither do I have any desire to go on the radio/talk show circuit as I once did.  It wastes time and those individuals so anxious for the limelight inevitably end up in p------ matches.  I gave up petty fights that end up in no resolution for anyone when I left high school. I don't know if you still believe in the Mark Phillips/Cathy O'Brien scenario or not but stories have circulated for years that Sue was taken to the cleaners by Mark.  In any case, she continues to proffer herself to the public as a "mind control victim" - offering much in the way of wild accusations and hyper-emotionalism and nothing in the way of evidence.

Of all the bunch the most disagreeable of the lot is Ted Gunderson; he is a scamster.  Many of my fellow reporters can recall the time when he was referring to MKULTRA as "Mick-ultra".  Now he pretends to be the expert on this stuff.  None of the people now on the "mind control circuit" have bothered to read the actual MKULTRA documentation -- which really doesn't back their O'Brien-esque claims.  Is Gunderson a plant or simply a Maxwell Smart type?  His former girlfriend, Jackie McCauley, insisted to me that he is really a non-very bright con artist -- easily conned himself, a non-uncommon situation -- who wants to live well without working. The problem I have with many mind control claimants is that they use their past experiences as an excuse to never again take responsibility for anything silly or wrong or embarrassing they do in their lives. This, of course, includes but is not limited to beating your children is you want identity as a "real survivor".  

The Monarch myth never dies, even though these people know full well that Mark Phillips made up the term.  An average journalist genuinely wants to find a verifiable story about mind control that can be verified.  When only allegations are made to "those who wanted to believe" in the most Mulder-esque way and no mind control victim will even write down their own story naming names, dates, facts, and verifiable material then all "mind control victims" end up incredible which is where Ted Gunderson and Company come into play.  Most reporters I know say "A pox on all their houses" but I am still willing to explore IF someone writes down their tale.  I know that Kate Dixon will publish it if she thinks it has merit.  At this time that is my best advice for you, Barbara.  


Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon

© 2000 Virginia McCullough. All Rights Reserved. Use only with written  permission. 


By Virginia McCullough

Today the war of words, between those who admire Martin Cannon's work and those who fear it, extended from the United Kingdom to the United States.  Robin Ramsay of Lobster Magazine said of Martin Cannon "he's as good as it gets".  The internet newsletter Top View (previously NewsHawk) Click waded in with both feet, posting a letter from author Kenn Thomas to researcher Barbara Hartwell Click attacking Cannon and Virginia McCullough.

What exactly did Martin Cannon say that triggered this series of replies that have now taken on a life of their own?  Cannon simply wrote a critical albeit abrasive letter to researcher Kurt Billings asking for original documented proof for writing Billings had posted to his web site.  Cannon went on to say "that means ORIGINAL documents - the stuff of scholarship - as opposed to citing the work of some latter-day conspiracy nut".   He also advised Billings to "try to PROVE what you say".  Cannon expressed his utter frustration that Billings was demeaning the subject matter of MKULTRA and mind control by posting provably inaccurate information.

I share Martin Cannon's frustration and disappointment over the massive amount of material on the net that allows "urban legends" to grow without demanding accountability from those who perpetrate the myths.  Those who responded to the Cannon letter, with one exception, have contacted me in the past wanting me to cover the issues they had an interest in or were currently promoting.

During the middle nineties author Kenn Thomas contacted me several times requesting an interview for a book entitled The Octopus that he was writing with Jim Keith.  The book centered around the life and death of my associate Jos. Danny Casolaro, who was summarily murdered over the Inslaw/Promis story.  I did not necessarily trust Thomas,  but reluctantly gave him an interview when he told me that I was an essential source of information in order for his book to be well rounded and objective.  When his book was published in 1996 his quotes from our interview were accurate and fair.  However, he included a prostitution of my research called the "Com-12" document that was published in his book in order to discredit and cloud research material contained on my original radio broadcasts.

In April 2000 Barbara Hartwell first contacted me wanting me to cover her allegations of MKULTRA abuse.  She also expressed a fear of a man named Ted Gunderson who had allegedly contacted her for speaking engagements.  After she contacted my publisher wanting to know why I had not followed up on her story, I wrote her the following letter of explanation. Click. This correspondence attempted to explain to Hartwell that documentation and proof are at the forefront of any accurate story and those making the initial allegations should be able and willing to supply at least some material to an investigative journalist.  It is only by having this starting point that one can search further.

I assumed that Hartwell got the message because shortly thereafter she sent me an email telling me that her friend Kurt Billings was helping radio talk show host Art Bell in his lawsuit against former FBI agent/Satanist theorist Ted Gunderson.  She contacted me and requested that I send her and Billings a significant amount of documentation on Ted Gunderson which I gladly did.  However, I never received any documentation from either Billings or Hartwell regarding their allegations involving mind control.  It was apparent to me that "proof" would not be a two-way street.

In January of this year a woman named Stephanie Caruana, best known for her brief association with the late, great Mae Brussell, emailed my publisher following an article by Martin Cannon about the infamous  "Gemstone Files".  Caruana is also the author of the Skeleton Key and she was promoting a new book entitled The Gemstone File: Update.  Caruana disclosed that Kenn Thomas had written the preface for her book.   Kenn Thomas and David Childress had previously written a book on the same subject matter, Inside the Gemstone File.  The publisher of NewsMakingNews  responded that she would be happy to post an article from Caruana dealing with her interaction with Mae Brussell and she would include the blurb about Caruana's new book as part of the article.  Caruana never submitted an article.

All of this spirited debate began because investigative journalists requested documentation and proof for unsupported allegations posted at various sites on the world wide web.  We, on the web, take great pride in distributing the alternative media literature.  Distribution does NOT mean that we, like so much of the so-called "legitimate press", can abandon the search for the truth.

Virginia McCullough © 2001