Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon


The following article is dedicated to the gay and lesbian community on their weekend of pride in San Francisco.  I want to single out one particular individual whose dedication and activism has left a legacy worthy of being honored as one of the greatest of Brussellsprouts.  The man's name is Paul Bernadino.   A large part of Bernadino's historically important library with donated to the Mae Brussell Collection in March of 1997.  Paul Bernadino and his Network Against War and Fascism worked hand in glove with the late, great Mae Brussell to assure that people of all colors, sexual orientation, and religions are respected and given the equal opportunity they deserve.  Long before the words "Hate Crimes" were conceived, Paul understood the problems those socially labeled as "unacceptable" faced.   Paul reached out to others -- documenting abuses, putting up posters, speaking out at public meetings, holding conferences and placing himself between those who would take civil rights  away from those too afraid to stand up for themselves.  To Paul Bernadino, and all of you who share his daily struggle, this posting is dedicated.

On Saturday, July 16, 1988 a conference entitled "The Fourth Reich in America: The Politics of Repression in the Warfare State" was sponsored by Bound Together Books and the Network Against War and Fascism at the Union Hall at 250 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, California.  Mae Brussell helped organize this conference and gave it its name.   The press release announcing the event describes the battle for equal rights behind the  work of both Paul Bernadino and Mae Brussell.  

This conference will bring together speakers and panelists who will trace the evolution of contemporary Fascism from the "fall" of the Third Reich in Hitler's Germany to the rise of the Fourth Reich in the Americas today.  As well as presenting a historical perspective of contemporary Fascism, we hope to analyze the relationship between the politics of Fascism and current events.  We also hope to engender discussion as to what we, and you, can do about it.

The politics of Fascism, of racial superiority, are not new in the United States.  Before World War II, a racist Eugenics Movement flourished in the United States, resulting in the castration and sterilization of countless so-called "undesirables".  A 1922 U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Immigration and Naturalization published the model Eugenics Sterilization Law which listed categories of people who were subject to mandatory sterilization.  This law became the blueprint for the 1933 sterilization law in Nazi Germany.  Two million people were sterilized under Hitler's Third Reich.  Eventually sterilization led to "euthanasia" -- the outright murder of those countless people as "undesirables".  The influence of Fascist ideology marked countless people as "disposable", to be used as testing populations in the name of scientific advancement.  It still does today.  We can see the results of this genocide ideology in our government's treatment of Native Americans today; in low intensity warfare as genocide in Central America; in the disproportionate incarceration of Third World people in US prisons and psychiatric institutions; in US dumping of toxic waste in Third World countries; in the CRACK on our streets...

Now we must face the awesome and hideous specter of what can only be termed: AIDSGATE.

Fascism is a cancer in our body politic.  Henry Ford (Hitler's admitted mentor and reputed financial supporter) is dead.  Father Conghlin (his widely heard radio spokesman) is dead.  But Fascism is alive today, festering, deep under cover..... and not so deep.....

As conference speakers will prove conclusively, a "Creeping", "Friendly" Fascism has nearly overwhelmed us, and we didn't even notice.

This ideology of Fascism in the Americas today has been implemented by the actual personnel of the Axis which we have been led to believe lay defeated.

The Fascists did not lose WWll. SOME Fascists lost WWll.  Others went underground, and lived to fight (and thrive) again.  A week before the collapse of the Third Reich, six thousand SS men disappeared with $800,000,000.00 in loot.  Where did they go?  Which one attended Reagan's inauguration?

Imperial Japan's germ warfare lab staff never stood trial for war crimes.  Where are they now?  What have they done recently?

Hitler's secret spy network in the Soviet Union defected en masse to fuse with the OSS, forming the CIA.  Where are they not?

Men like Ishii, Gehlen, Skorzeny, Von Braun, Barbie, and even Mengele himself, have shaped our world.  In spite of us, behind our backs, without our consent, against our better interest, they were saved from justice and intentionally recruited by Western Intelligence to form the basis of the post-war covert government.  Now the chickens have come home to roost.

Their power is immense.  Our ignorance is their main strength.  Learn, before it is too late, the trail from Auschwitz to AIDS; from the Schutstaffel to the Medallion Cartel; from the Reichsbank to the Vatican; from the ruins of the Third Reich to the still resistible triumph of the Fourth.

This, then describes the overall view of the Fourth Reich that Mae Brussell  fought and Paul Bernadino continues to fight so hard to expose and conquer.  Little did either one of them know that Mae Brussell had only months to live.  Mae Brussell died at the age of 66 on Monday, October 3, 1988.  One of the bright lights in the crusade for human rights succumbed to cancer and her beloved Brussellsprouts around the world mourned.  In 1989 the entire 12 hour conference described above was  filmed by David Sapinsly and televised by Channel 25 Viacom Cable Vision, San Francisco, on Paul Bernadino's program Network Against War and Fascism.  A transcript of the event is available at in honor of Mae Brussell.

This author was honored  by being invited to speak at another conference sponsored by the Network Against War and Fascism on October 19, 1996, where I first had the opportunity to meet with Paul Bernadino and his fellow activists who had been fighting the honorable war for so long.  It was an evening I will always remember.

So many battles are necessary to win the war against the Fourth Reich, that one has to wonder what wounds these soldiers of honor suffer along the way.  It was rumored that Mae Brussell and her family suffered a great deal for her intellectual honesty and her outspoken nature.  In reviewing the information and reference data sheets that accompanied each of Mae Brussell's one-hour radio shows between the years of 1978  and 1979, I found confirmation that the rumors were true.

In Tape #360 on Sides 1 and 2, Mae discusses the impact her research has had upon her and her family.  The best evidence of just what an irritant Mae Brussell was to the United States Government is an FBI memo dated 9-18-67.  It reads as follows:

TO:     SAC, Dallas (89-43)

FROM:     Director, FBI (62-109060)

NOVEMBER 22, 1963

Re DL Teletype 9/16/67 and SF teletype 9/17/67

Referenced communications set forth information relating to Mrs. Mae Magnin Brussell of Carmel, California.  Due to the fact Mrs. Brussell has been in contact with James Garrison at New Orleans and has made public comments concerning the assassination investigation, Dallas and San Francisco are to immediately incorporate the information received concerning her into an appropriate letterhead memoranda suitable for dissemination both to the Department and U.S. Secret Service.

Copies of the memoranda are to be furnished to the New Orleans Office for dissemination to U.S. Secret Service locally and U.S. Secret Service at both Dallas and San Francisco are also to receive appropriate copies.

This matter is to be handled immediately, and replies are to be marked for the attention of the General Investigative Division.


On 9/15/67 at 6:45 p.m., a reservation agent at Delta Airlines, Dallas, received a call that a bomb was on board Delta Airlines, Flight 827.  Flight 827 originated at Atlanta and was enroll to San Francisco via Dallas.  A search of the aircraft failed to locate any bomb.

Mrs. May Magnin Brussell who was boarding this flight for San Francisco made comments at Love Field, Dallas, she had conducted research on the Kennedy assassination and had been in conference with DA Jim Garrison, New Orleans, for three days.  San Francisco determined that Mrs. Brussell in the past has expressed great alarm over the fact that the United States in becoming fascist.  She is the daughter of Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin of Los Angeles.  It has been reported Mrs. Brussell has "left-wing" leanings and is not in good favor with her father.  She supports Mark Lane's book, "Rush to Judgment" and takes the view Lee Harvey Oswald was not a communist.  She pictures America as controlled by conspirators in the Government which view she has stated publicly.  She is writing a book on the assassination and claims the Government is withholding information on the assassination and the press is suppressing news on the investigation being conducted by New Orleans DA James Garrison.  Mrs. Brussell is described as an author and a playwright, and due to her thinking which she has expressed publicly, Dallas and San Francisco are to incorporate information into letterhead memoranda suitable for dissemination to the Department and the U.S. Secret Service.

Mae Brussell's recollections dated October 17, 1978 differ sharply from those described by the FBI agent writing the memo.  On the bottom on the data sheet are Mae's notes:

P.S.   I "didn't make comments at Love Field" about Jim Garrison.  Before I got into the airport, two Dallas police came into the plane and escorted me out, to a separate room, by myself, apart from all other passengers.  This FBI report written September 18, 1967.  They stated that "Mrs. Brussell in the past had expressed great alarm over the fact that the United States is becoming fascist".

QUESTION:   How long were they following me?
                       Where "in the past" were these FBI agents?
                       My Martha Mitchell, Realist article came out in 1972.
                       KLRB news programs began in 1971.
                       Where did my "fear of fascism" come to the attention of the FBI?
                       "Fear of Communism"  would make me kosher for the FBI.
                       "Fear of Fascism" demands a "letterhead memoranda".

Three years after this FBI memo was written Mae Brussell paid the ultimate price for her activism.  On December 14, 1979 the school bus containing her two daughters and other children was run of the road in Carmel, California.  On November 3, 1978, Mae Brussell finally wrote about it on Side 1 of the Data Sheet that accompanied Tape #361.

December 14, 1970

Death of Bonnie Brussell, Cecil Neill, Sharon Elliot.  Near death of Barbara Brussell, who had broken back, two broken legs, compound fractures, broken arm, broken nose, facial cuts.  In 1971, Barbara had more surgery on her left leg, reset bones.

Americans in the new millennium still believe they are free.  It is obvious we have never been truly free if we speak out and participate in our government; actions our lying politicians claim are something citizens should do to make democracy work.  Mae Brussell was a good citizen seeking the truth through her research and participating actively in her democracy.  She firmly believed that if one does not learn from history, one is bound to repeat it.  One of her favorite quotes was contained in a book review of Colin Simpson's Lusitania published in American Opinion, 1974, and authored  by Medford Evens:

"History does have a plot to unravel.  The world is bewildering, most bewildering to those who study it most.  The world is terrifying, especially to those who have the courage to face it.  The consolation is that nothing is without meaning, whether we can explain it or not.  The Lusitania is interesting, not because of Pearl Harbor, or the Kennedy assassination, BUT BECAUSE OF THINGS TO COME.

Why should one feel that what happened to the Lusitania in one of "those old, far off things", while the secret of Pearl Harbor, or the Kennedy assassination, now ten years old, is an unresolved controversy still on the docket?


Mae Brussell also believed that the Fascist take over of the government of the United States resulted in our new Fourth Reich using Agent Provocateurs to instigate violent events that would then be used to limit ever more severely our civil rights.  On Side 1 of the 2-pg Data Sheet dated September 14, 1979 accompanying World Watchers International Tape #406,  Mae supplies her favorite definition of an Agent Provocateur.

"An agent provocateur is a police agent who is introduced into any political organization with instructions to foment discontent... or to fake a case in order to give his employers the right to act against the organization in question."
                                                        **Quote from Victor Kaledin
                                                        Col. Imperial of the Russian Military Intelligence

Mae often talked about the murders by Agent Provocateurs to produce the desired result wanted by the government.  She discussed the murders of Rock and Roll musicians to stop the peace movement; the murders of foreign government officials to satisfy the greed of big business;  the murder of judges, attorneys, and jurors to dictate the outcome of trials; the murders of high priced whores to silence loose tongues, etc.  Her outspoken honesty earned her the anger of many.

Mort Sahl, writing in his book Heartland [1976] on page 156 asked the question "How many more have to die before some Americans realize murder is not a way of life?  Hugh Hefner (Playboy) is now reduced to attacking Mae Brussell, who is an assassination researcher who pursues the murders among us selflessly."

Harassment of Mae Brussell continued until her death.  "Automobile happenings" are described by Mae on Side 2 of the Data Sheet dated November 3, 1978 that accompanied Tape #361:

Mercury Station wagon on fire, trip from Vancouver to Oregon, 1970.
Saab Station wagon on fire, from San Francisco to Carmel, same reasons given, 1974.
Large bold, 4" long, wide, flat bottom, into new tire, Washington, 1978.
Wheels came off, large "nuts" missing, 1978.

The Data Sheet dated July 27, 1979, Side #1,, for tape #399 lists Mae's "Mail Harassment's" as follows

Five checks mailed to me.  Letters, envelopes kept by Post Office.  "Lost"
Letter from S.F. sent to IRS, Fresno, Calif. "Opened in Error", cut open.
Letter mailed in Carmel, post marked S.F., "Opened in Error" empty.
Letter from Oakland, "Opened in Error", stapled.
Letter from Fresno, Calif., response by Caramel Post Office, "What can I do for you?"
Letter from Concord, Calif. mailed to IRS, Fresno, "opened in error".
Correct name, address, zip code.  They ran out of excuses. "G-2 on back.
Books mailed to Chicago.  "Lost".

Soldiers of war fighting for justice and truth in this land of the free and the home of the brave must expect to be wounded over and over again.  The only hope for this great land of ours is that these are the soldiers that survive and those inflicting the wounds die, so that freedom will ultimately prevail.

Virginia McCullough © 6/25/00