Virginia McCullough

"Have I missed the  mark, or, like a true archer,  do I strike my mark?
Or am I a prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"
Cassandra, as reported by Agamemnon


In September of 1999 Rep. Chris Shays, R-Conn., Chairman of the National Security Subcommittee, said that the forced Anthrax vaccination of reserve and National Guard members is routinely failing and "the program has a serious problem".

On February 28, 2000 Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa said, "The holes in these [chemical] protective suits show the holes in the Pentagon's procurement process.  It's alarming that it took two inspector generals' reports and five years for the Pentagon to finally stop use of these dangerous suits".

These two quotes are terrifying when they are juxtaposed.  It makes one wonder what kind of madmen are running the Department of the Defense and the Pentagon.

The warriors force the men and women under them to take a provably unsafe and untested Anthrax vaccine allegedly used to protect the forces against biological weapons.  Waving the specter of evil Iraq, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre testified before the House Armed Services personnel subcommittee stating, "We have got absolute, incontrovertible evidence we have this threat".  Hamre continued, "We wouldn't send them into combat without protection against an agent we know they will use against us to kill our troops."

In a time when the United States Military is having trouble recruiting sufficient personnel, the use of the Anthrax vaccine is forcing fighting forces to either subject to an unproved vaccine, produced by a company whose quality control is questionable, or resign their positions.

Lt. Col. Thomas Heemstra, a pilot with the Indiana Air National Guard, told a Government Reform national security subcommittee, "The dread and fear is out there on the flight line.   People are afraid.  They're angry".  He went on to state that if this series of shots were forced upon them by superiors,  his F-16 squadron would lose 50 percent of  its pilots.  He was asked to resign as his squadron commander after refusing to take his first shot.  Heemstra concluded by saying, "We are the guinea pigs.  It's a serious safety issue.  People are sick."

In other words, the Military has a captured group that they are using for biological experiments; a given amount of individuals that can be subjected to an experimental series of shots under threat of losing their livelihood.  These guinea pigs then have to go to the very military doctors and hospitals that required them to be injected.  There this select group can be carefully monitored, tests made, and data collected.   This sounds a great deal like Nazi experimentation on humans.  The military is simply, as the title of one of the best books on Vietnam and Agent Orange states, "Waiting for an Army to Die".

At the conclusion of the hearings Congress issued a report stating that the vaccine was unsafe and requested the Pentagon issue a moratorium on the shots until they could be proven safe.  The Department of the Defense refused.

Now we have the same Department of the Defense defending an idiotic decision to issue defective "protective" suits produced by a New York City based company called Istratex, Inc.  Criminal investigators are looking into allegations that the company was intentionally producing poor quality merchandise in the lots of suits issued  for probable use by our soldiers in Bosnia.  These suits had defects that included holes, tears and stitching irregularities.  Quality control of the 607,000 suits produced under a 1989 contract was nonexistent.  The suits were issued to the troops anyway at a cost to the taxpayers of $49 million.

So one can only conclude that if the military does not kill off its own troops with experimental Anthrax vaccine shots, they will certainly succeed by issuing ripped and torn battle dress over garments (BDOs).

What is wrong with this picture or am I missing something?

Virginia McCullough © 3/2/00