By Virginia McCullough

The tragic death of 3-year-old Kaya Isabella Hamilton this week has thrown the spotlight back on the corrupt Marin County courts and the destructive actions of District Attorney Paula Kamena and her prosecutorial lap dogs.  The continuing corruption is like a cancer eating at the very system of justice that will seek to determine what happened to the child found dead in a room at the Acqua Hotel in Mill Valley.  How many more tragedies will have to take place before the FBI performs its function and prosecutes the persons who are responsible for the obstruction of justice ongoing in Marin County?

Today's Marin Independent Journal carries a front page article written by Con Garretson with contributions by Gary Klein.  The article contains quotes by Donnie Doerschler of Corte Madera, the sister of Marisa Mariposa Garcia.  (Garcia is being held without bail in the Marin County Jail for allegedly murdering her daughter Kaya.)  In the article Ms. Doerschler states that "her sister was deeply disturbed by her experience as a juror in the 2000 trial of Carol Mardeusz, whose child-abduction case became a rallying cry for family-law reformers in Marin County".

The article continued stating, "Garcia empathized with Mardeusz' plight and the lengths she took to be with her children, and expressed difficulty in casting her vote to convict."  Mardeusz, a Novato resident, was convicted of attempted child abduction and perjury for allegedly using a doctored court order to gain custody of her daughter.

Garcia was quoted in the Marin Independent Journal as saying at the conclusion of the Mardeusz trial, "In my heart, I don't think she thought what she did was wrong.  The law was carried out, but I'm not so sure that the law is just".

This reporter can assure my readers that the law was not just in the case of mother Carol Mardeusz.  More importantly no official or oversight group has moved to correct the situation.

The cover-up continues and the Marin Independent Journal and the Press Democrat are at the very center of the cover-up.  Neither newspaper reported the suspicious death of Ana Cavazos Magers last December.  Ana Cavazos Magers was the wife of Leo Magers, the self-admitted cocaine dealer and the natural father of Haleigh Magers-Mardeusz.  The Sonoma County Coroner has not yet issued a report citing the cause of Mrs. Magers death.  However she was found dead on Leo Magers' kitchen floor with bruises to the back of her legs, a broken finger and weighing less than 100 pounds according to her family members.  Leo Magers is the man who is so well protected by Marin County District Attorney Paula Kamena and Deputy District Attorney Kelly Vierira that they act as his private defense attorneys.  The newspapers did not mention one word about this death thereby keeping their readers in the dark and protecting the very corrupt system that will supposedly seek justice for 3-year-old Kaya Isabella Hamilton.  This reporter repeatedly called both newspapers to ask why no coverage was provided when Ana Cavazos Magers was found mysteriously dead.  I was told by the reporters who had covered the Mardeusz case extensively that it was an editorial decision not to inform its customers that Leo Magers was being investigated in the death of his wife.  His two children, baby Lee and Haleigh,  remain in his care to this day.  That also is a tragedy.

Virginia McCullough © 4/10/02