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A description of research wizard Mae Brussell was submitted for inclusion in the 1983 edition of "International Who's Who of Intellectuals", Volume Five.  It reads as follows:

25620 Via Crotalo, Carmel,
California 93923, USA

Mae Brussell began her study of history on 22 November 1962, the day on which President John F. Kennedy was murdered.  Her 20 year investigation has broadened to include the study of origins of Fascism, Nazi Germany, Mussolini, terrorism, mind control, Vatican and Secret Societies, hidden governments, espionage, banking, and organized crime.  The author of many articles, Mae Brussell published two in "Realist" in 1972 and 1973 respectively, entitled: "Why was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?" and "The Senate Select Committee is Part of Cover Up".  She has experienced 12 years of radio news casting for KLRB-FM, Carmel, California and KAZU-FM, Pacific Grove, California, with a published bibliography accompanying each weekly tape cassette from the broadcasts.  She has lectured at various universities in the USA on the subject of political assassinations, their inter-locking links, the causes, and the people behind the murders.  Mae Brussell was born in Beverly Hills, California on 29 May 1922.  A student at Stanford University from 1940 to 1943, she married Dr. Marvin Goodwin in 1943 and had two children: Marvin and David.  Ten years later the Goodwins divorced, and Mae married Allan William Brussell in 1954.  They have three daughters: Barbara, Bonnie and Diane.  Ms. Brussell was an Assistant Professor at Monterey Peninsula College during 1973 and 1974.  Philosophy being her main interest in addition to history, she believes that everything we need to know to solve any world problems is already available; that people are forced to use only a fraction of their potential for reason and logic, but, when encouraged, can deduce and think; that organized religions interrupt the ability of otherwise sensible people to create, contribute, and work for peace and understanding.  Her calculations show that over 400 murders were necessary to bring Hitler to power in 1933 and Ms. Brussell is afraid that the killing of potential leaders and witnesses today will bring about a reversion to the Middle Ages if that killing is not stopped.  She is a member of World Watchers International, an organization formed to observe the behavior of elected and non elected persons to force nations into World War III.

This is the side of Mae Brussell that is most familiar to her many fans the world over who call themselves Brussellsprouts.  Yesterday I was introduced to another facet of this brilliant woman.  Early in the afternoon I felt a force overwhelm me; it commanded me to rummage through my husband's tool box to find a flashlight; it compelled me to go down to Mae's files and it led me to the second drawer down in File Cabinet 27.  That drawer is marked "family".  I believe that the energy an individual possesses does not die with them and I have always felt obliged to follow such energy thoughts.  Doing so this time led me to a priceless treasure I want to share with all of you.

This irresistible force guided my hand and I found myself holding a manila folder marked "Ghost History".  When I opened the folder the following letter [Click.] dated April 26, 1977 lay on top of approximately 20 other papers.   Mae Brussell submitted  the following
letter describing her experiences following the death of her daughter, Bonnie.

International Ghost Registry
369 Western Drive #J
Santa Cruz, Calif. 5060

Dear Mark,

Here are the experiences we have had with "Bonnie".   Bonnie Brussell was killed in an automobile accident Dec. 16, 1970 outside Castroville, near the railroad crossing.  She was the middle child, with two older brothers, an older sister, and a younger sister.

Until her death, I had no experiences with ghosts and never read any ghost stories or thought much about death.  My parents are still alive, ages 86 and 83, and my grandparents all lived into the late 80's, with very long lives, so the accident took us all by surprise.

The night of the accident, I had been knitting a shawl for Bonnie for Christmas and had just completed it, along with a purse.

The first strange thing to happen was the summer of 1971, six months later.  Barbara and Diane, Bonnie's sisters, went on a camping trip with me to Vancouver Island.  Bonnie knew we had property on the Island, and was looking forward to our putting a log cabin on the land.  It was difficult for us to leave Carmel to travel, because it was my first trip away from Bonnie...and I felt that going without her, when she wanted to go so badly, was pulling me back... and yet the others wanted to see the land we had bought...

Everything stopped or slowed down our travel.  The trailer we rented, instead of being ready on Saturday, wasn't available until 24 hours later.  The trailer, attached, separated on Carmel Hill, and had to be repaired.  The lights were cut in back, so the first 24 hours out,  they had to be repaired.  At the next gas station, about 200 miles north of that, the lights on the trailer, for night driving, were "cut" clean, not torn, which was an impossibility because nobody could get to them while in transit from one city to other. We stayed overnight to have repairs on another car problem.  It seemed as if we couldn't move from one stop to another, and we thought "Bonnie" was pulling us back to her.

The night before crossing from Washington to Vancouver Island, Barbara wore a blue nightgown...that used to be Bonnie's... and she took with her a bathing suit, and her sister kept out of our suitcases her [Bonnie's] long pants outfit, nightgown, and bathing suit.  The car, except for these [items], was loaded for early morning Ferry crossing.

We slept in Port Arthur, loaded our clothes, nightgowns and bathing suits, into the attached trailer...and when we got on the Island, drove to our property, 125 miles north.

When we unloaded our belongings...the girl's bathing suits, nightgowns, and pants were not there.  We thought somebody stole them on the crossing over, which was almost impossible because we were in the car and the trailer was locked.  But when we set up camping, the items we used the night before were all gone.

We camped for several days...and about the third day of our camping on our property, we came home from the beach...and on the floor of our the middle of the floor as we came in, was Bonnie's blue nightgown.  We would have seen it, walked over it, known it was there before, but it hadn't been seen since we unpacked.  The two bathing suits, pants set, and one nightgown was never found or seen again.  BUT BONNIE'S NIGHTGOWN WAS ON OUR FLOOR!

That was my first experience with Bonnie regarding matter appearing...although we felt her spirit was holding us back, causing the constant incidences that had no basis for happening, that were impossible.

The next impossible incident occurred when our home was sold.  Until that time, we "felt Bonnie" at times, walking by, cold air passing, her presence.  I would remark and feel her presence, her sister or friends would call or come by the house, the same time, around the same day, we would all be feeling Bonnie's presence.

But...the day the house was was too big...after the accident and I didn't want to leave there.  Again I felt badly leaving the house...because of knowing she was there...but it had to be done...and I bought a home about 2 miles away, up the valley...a smaller house...

The day of moving, the new owner went through with me...met me to get the keys...and we went through the closets, house a final time.  In the middle of my bedroom shelf, which was completely empty, was a ball of yarn...pieces of yarn...of the shawl I was making for Bonnie.

However, the shawl was completed, and because it was so typical Bonnie, honey colored to match her hair, soft angora, and I didn't want to have anybody else have it, she was buried in a new Christmas dress I had made for her, with that shawl on her, and there wasn't any yarn left in the house from the time I finished the shawl December 1970 until the home was sold. Dec. 1973.

January, 1974 when I moved into my new home, the ball of yarn was sitting on the shelf.

I broke down and cried.  Mrs. Mazee, who bought the home, told me that she had been raised in a house where a ghost lived, and she understood completely...and was sympathetic to what had happened.

You asked for corroboration of these stories.  Barbara Brussell, 22, and Diane Brussell, now 15, can tell you about the Canadian trip, the nightgown, and about the yarn.  Mrs. Mazee, who now lives in the house, can tell you my surprise and how I felt finding part of the shawl.

It wasn't long before we were in this new house, 25620l Via Crotalo, Carmel, Calif.  that we felt Bonnie was here.  She seemed to follow us.

Her presence is particularly strong around the weeks prior to and after her death, from early Dec. through December.  Her birthday was May 4... so that from about April 25 until May 20, we again are all aware of her presence.

One afternoon I was sitting on my living room sofa reading newspaper.  Hanging on the kitchen door, into the hall, on the knob, was my favorite sweater...which I keep to run out for newspaper, empty trash, etc.  All of a sudden, the first time in my life, I felt, behind my back, the sweater descend.  It was as if I could see it, and grab it if I moved fast enough.  I jumped up, turned around, and the sweater was gone.

This was such a definite feeling...that I foolishly left another sweater, my blue one... to partly test my own feelings, and to reassure myself it was a once in a lifetime happening.

Two weeks after my wine sweater was gone...I put the blue one on the same spot, and when I returned from household errands, one day, the blue sweater was not on the knob....and never seen again.

Don't believe how stupid I can be, or trusting, but totally confused, I tested my fates again, this time with my third and last cardigan, because I only had the three.  And the third one was a hand knit, Scandinavian sweater...that I saved for extra special, not household errands...

The third sweater also went.

I only felt the first one ascend, not descend.  I felt it going up.

But, when I returned to the kitchen, after being in the study typing, living room reading, or making beds, on two different occasions, two others did go away from that same place.

Now, whenever things go away, that I know will never come back, We say "Bonnie" took them...

My family can corroborate that I have never found these sweaters, that we have cleaned every closet, moved everything out, gone over every corner of this home, and they do not exist.

This week, May 4, was Bonnie's birthday.  Diane, age 14 1/2 had a friend sleep over.  The friend was in her bed in the morning.  She said they both saw somebody standing over the bed, a ghost like person.  This is the first time she has ever been awakened, thought the person was in her room, standing over the bed.

Well, that is the story about "Bonnie"  I thought I should share it with you.  Should I register her for your studies?

Mae Brussell

Mae Brussell and her daughter, Bonnie, rest side by side in a Monterey cemetery.

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