by Virginia McCullough, Curator

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty and Mae Brussell Exchange Ideas

"We learn from history that we do not learn from history."
Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel

Mae Brussell was often called "The Queen of Conspiracy", a title she bore with great pride.  Prior to September 11, 2001, the United States government never acknowledged conspiracies existed.  However the day after the assault on America, the so-called "legitimate press" embraced the word "conspiracy" as though they had given birth to it.  Mae Brussell is looking down from her throne in the next life and laughing with satisfaction knowing that her research which began, with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, set the standard for all who search for the truth.  For readers who want to learn more about this great woman, the Mae Brussell Archives can be viewed at Click.

Mae Brussell always considered Col. L. Fletcher Prouty to be her protector.  The two were also close friends and they shared their thoughts and observations in a series of letters over the years.  In 1973 L. Fletcher Prouty published his book, THE SECRET TEAM: the CIA and its Allies in Control of the U.S. and the World.  The jacket describes Col. L. Fletcher Prouty as U.S. Air Force retired.  He was the official Focal Point Officer for first the Air Force and then the Department of Defense for contacts with the CIA on all matters pertaining to the military support of Special Operations (clandestine activities).  The jacket states that this "book pulls no punches, exposing the CIA for what it is and what it really does".  Based on cold hard facts combined with historical hindsight, Prouty presents the CIA with an indictment -- guilty of manipulation and deception concerning peoples and governments on both a domestic and international scope.  More background information about Col. Prouty can be found at Click.

Mae Brussell and Fletcher Prouty shared common viewpoints about those Winston Churchill referred as "The High Cabal".  In December of 1982 Col. Prouty sent Mae Brussell two letters that detailed his knowledge of history that is never more relevant than it is today when our whole world is changing day to day.

On December 7, 1982 Col. Prouty wrote the following:

Dear Mae and CAS,

    This is a good date to be writing a letter about some important things.  The two of you have been doing such a superlative job that I just have to tell you...from time to time... how great I think it is.  Nothing is more important today than to have people using their heads and then doing what they can to see that others understand with them.  You both deserve my congratulations to the fullest.  Thought I'd send you a few thoughts from some work that I have been doing.

    I have a history about [CIA operative Ed] Wilson and his whole gang.  Any group like that has to have some way to lay their hands on a lot of money; at the same time they have become vulnerable because they have had to cut more and more thieves into the deal with them.  But Wilson has some information that is worth a hundred million or more...maybe much more by now.  It involves Tripoli which he knew well in his more active CIA others of us have known special things about Tripoli.

    During WW II the U.S. Army used the old Italian, then British "Castel Benito" airfield several miles south of Tripoli.  Later, as the war progressed, the USA needed an air base there for post-war purposes.  A Lt. Col. Theron B. Herndon was sent out from the US, Washington, to go to Cairo for some meetings/instructions and then to go back to Tripoli.  There he negotiated with King Idris for some land.  He was successful and purchased a big piece of land, nearer to Tripoli, for $66,000 cash.  It was one of the few airfields outside of the USA ever purchased for cash.  I know all this because I was Herndon's pilot and I lived with him during this period wherever he traveled.  Later he became a Major General of the Louisiana National Guard.  (The LA guard had a lot to do with the Bay of Pigs.)

    After this war this big base became one of the SAC Bases for strategic/nuclear bombers in North Africa.  By the mid fifties the CIA was refurbishing millions of dollars worth of weapons...captured, purchased, stolen... of Eastern European manufacture.  They picked up tremendous quantities of these from the Israelis after that 1956 blitz war in the Suez when they had stripped Nasser of everything the Russians had given him.

 The CIA took all of these weapons to a secret underground base in England.  This base had been a fighter base during the Battle of Britain.  It already had huge underground storage areas.  The CIA made a deal with the Brits.  Then they put a big machine shop in there and they worked on these weapons and made them like new.  They put them in new boxes, wrapped in lead foil and packed with cosmoline.  They were like new.  The base was at Cheddington  Click.  Click. 

(Actually this is where the Great British Train Robbery took place.  Apparently the robbers knew somehow that the "police" there were CIA employees and not real police.)

    What to do with all these weapons?  The CIA built an enormous underground storage facility on this out of the way air base near Tripoli.  Then they had the Air Force fly them, concealed in boxes marked "John Deere...spare parts" etc. to Libya.  In this manner a vast quantity of very valuable weapons and other special equipment was cached in Tripoli.  There is no telling how much eventually was delivered and buried there.  Through the years the CIA used these "sterilized"...i.e. no serial numbers, no source, etc. weapons in all sorts of projects all over the world.  It was possible to arm an entire battalion with Czech, Swedish, Chinese, Russian weapons in order that the CIA might disclaim plausibly any connection with them in the event of capture.  All the time they added to this vast stockpile.

    Then Qaddafi broke with the USA and took over this unusual Air Base.  I doubt our leaders and the Dept. of State, of the time, knew that base had been bought with cash and was legally ours.  With it went the CIA stockpile.  Qaddafi and his people may not have known it was there.  Enter Wilson...who did know it was there.

    One can see how easy it would have been for Wilson to approach Qaddafi with a deal.  He and Qaddafi could split the deal.  To suit his ends and Qaddafi's, he could have made deals all over the world for weapons.  There were enough weapons there to make several fortunes for everyone in on the deal.

    This created a need for a bank that could handle this kind of hot money.  The Nugans were selling produce to the U.S. Army in Vietnam.  There they got to know a nice young man (CIA) named Mike Hand.  They set him up in a bank for the hundreds of guys who had made millions in Southeast Asia from hot money, looting, drugs, etc.  Thus Nugan-Hand Bank became a billion dollar bank with offices all over the world and officers who were CIA, top level DOD and Special Forces men.  Of these the biggest were Gen. Leroy Manor, Adm. Earl Yates, General Ed Black and Mike Hand.  Black is by far the most important.  Black was very close to the former Secretary of Defense and Morgan Guaranty CEO Thomas Gates.  Whenever you mention: Taylor, Stillwell and Lansdale you must include Black....big, big, big.

    When this bank went bust, Frank Nugan was dead and Hand evaporated, all this hot money went up in smoke.  No one knows where it is.  Guys who had looted millions out of Indochina lost all.  Guys who had been persuaded by Manor/Yates/Black to invest in the bank, lost all.

    I worked with the Australian Broadcasting Commission and with the London Sunday Times trying to unravel the Nugan Hand mystery.  We know a lot but not enough.  The Australian Government is strangely silent...all because of the power of James Jesus Angleton and the CIA downunder.

    I still do not know what happened to all the weapons in Libya; but I am willing to bet Wilson was converting them to cash.  Many CIA people have made millions on equipment once cached by the CIA that they know where it is.  I could tell you about a big deal in Antarctica.

    We have talked a lot about Kraemer.  Have you a Dr. Dieter H. Schwebs on your list as another German who was powerful in the Pentagon?  See the Washington POST, April 10, 1982, page B4.  I used to know him but unfortunately not well enough to recall anything important about him.  He came from Germany in 1953.  At that time we had countless "black" flights bringing "defectors" (Germans) from Germany to the States without customs and immigration.  Maybe 5000 or more.  We took them to Air Force bases and then the agency took them to safe houses.

    In August 1982 you said, "We have to know who is bankrupting this country?"  By 1953 American corporations were being moved out of America by sharp lawyers and their international banker friends.  They moved their annual investment dollars in new buildings and machinery into their foreign operations.  This went on for years.  In each year's foreign aid bill it says that American companies, present in the country being aided, would have the aid money spent through them.  This channeled more than $100 billion out of the country through these companies.  Foreign Aid paid for all the new factories and machinery, for all American corporations moving out.  This spread through all the Fortune 500.

    During the decade this country has been shifting its business to the debit side of the ledger rather than using equity.  Some time ago CAS sent me a small clip from Forbes.  Mal Forbes was interviewing the grand old man of banking, George Champion.  Champion said to Forbes, "This country now runs its business affairs of the debit side of the ledger.  You give me that control and I will run the country."

    Today most business is run on credit.  The railroads (the US Government does not even know who owns them) pay about $9 billion in interest each year.  The farmers of the country own $85 billion and are paying no less than $11 billion per year on it.  That happens to coincide precisely with the amount of farm support this government is paying to farmers this year alone.  The government pays $2 billion per week in interest that we all pay as taxes, before taxes.  This is what is bankrupting this country...and the world.

    Years ago, Winston Churchill left his office on 10 Downing St. and walked through a tunnel deep underground through the Admiralty.  He had just moved from Lord of the Admiralty to Prime Minister.  Far underground, where he had a safe bedroom, he traveled a tunnel through the Admiralty and through Naval Intelligence where an acquaintance, Norman Denning, was the Head of Intelligence.  He would stop and have a talk and a few drinks with Denning, who had a fine little bar down there.

    On this night of particularly heavy bombardment, Churchill uttered some words that Denning never forgot:  "Unrestricted submarine warfare, unrestricted air bombing...this is total war.  Time and the Ocean and some guiding star and a High Cabal have made us what we are."  Perhaps a touch of Gray's Elegy; but true Churchillian and he calls the Secret Team the High Cabal (just as Dallas had its "high" Mayor Cabell).

    That High Cabal is working for their own ends and in the process they are controlling the world and in the process they are bankrupting this country.  We are the serfs of a New Feudalism...heavens not a New Federalism...and it is all dressed up in TV Games, MacDonald's Hamburgers and Pro Football.

    Keep up the good work.

As ever,

[signed] Fletch

L. Fletcher Prouty

PS-- Thought you might be interested in this note about Ghelen. It is from The Periscope, the publication of the Ass'n of Retired Intelligence Officers... Dave Phillips, et al.

This letter was preceded by a series of one hour radio shows entitled World Watchers International.  This show was hosted weekly by Mae Brussell.  She used this format for disseminating the tremendous amount of knowledge that she had acquired during her previous week's reading, listening and learning.  It was Mae's life work to share her knowledge with others that they might better shape the world in which they lived.  The subjects covered so succinctly in Col. Prouty's letter had already been covered in the Mae Brussell Tapes #451 dated July 27, 1980, #464 dated October 26, 1980, #465 dated November 2, 1980, #467 dated November 16, 1980, #483 dated March 8, 1981, #484 dated March 15, 1981, #499 dated June 28, 1981, and #500 dated July 5, 1981.  The giant mind of Mae Brussell broadcasting out of Carmel, California was being listened to by the equally brilliant mind of Col. Prouty at his home in Alexandria, Virginia.  They supplemented each other's research and complimented each other's interests.  To listen to Mae's broadcasts and to read Prouty's books enabled their fans to stay at least five years ahead of the rest of the world.

The book widely viewed as first exposing the CIA corruption in the Nugan Hand bank affair was published five years after Fletcher Prouty wrote his letter to Mae Brussell.  Author Jonathan Kwitney's, The Crimes of Patriots: a true tale of dope, dirty money, and the CIA was heralded as introducing startling new material into the public record.  The book was published by WW Norton in 1987. Click.

As 1982 drew to a close one more letter from Col. Prouty reached Mae Brussell's desk.  It read:

December 8, 1982


I would like to write every time I see one of your articles.  Your tremendous research is so ably augmented by the gift of assimilation and accurate intuition.  Where so many people see the words and hear the ideas they do not see in what they have read and heard the things that are so important.  We are the prisoners of our own ignorance and the victims of the arrogance of the High Cabal.  At the same time we now have at our fingertips the means to make life and living on earth the Heaven it was intended to one will ever find it anywhere else.

For our troubles, I do not blame those who have done and are doing all these enormously evil things to us.  I blame ourselves.  Anyone who would believe what he has heard about the many murders around us, JFK etc...does not deserve more than he is getting.  Anyone who would be misled by the concepts of Evolution, and of Creation for that matter, deserves what he gets.  Anyone who can not see the tremendous opportunities afforded us by the development of production capabilities and the gift of computers, does not deserve more.  It is all in our hands but we do so little about it.

This makes your work so important.  If minds can not be opened then not much else can follow.

A clue for the the "Freeze" mob gradually succeed to the point some weapons grade uranium (90% pure) becomes "surplus".   Nuclear power plant uranium is only 8% pure.   Then watch the relatively idle nuclear power systems spring into life as they "inherit/steal" this priceless fuel and run the energy plants of this just the time petroleum "happens" to run out.  A trillion dollar heist on top of the petroleum heist.

The Seasons Best!           Fletch

Mae Brussell died October 3, 1988.

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty died June 5, 2001.

Virginia McCullough © 2001