By Virginia McCullough

The Supreme Court anointed George W. Bush sits in the White House while Vice President Richard Cheney pulls his puppet strings from an undisclosed underground bunker.  Cheney probably takes his orders from "Poppy" Bush who officially has his kingdom in the nation of Texas.  Poppy's son has promised Poppy that he will finish the job that the emasculated Sr. Bush was unable to complete.  Sonny says that he will remove Sudan Hussein from leadership at all cost.  Sonny has made it clear to the whole world  that he is the dictator who can and will risk world destruction and the total economic failure of the United States to complete his father's pissing match with his former business partner.

And, until recently, we (the citizens of the United States and all members of all other branches of the United States Government) stand idly by watching the play unfold before us as though nothing the players do matters.  Democrats meld religiously into Republicans and all of these robots sieg heil salute the United States fascist leader.

One man fearlessly did not allow this court-appointed dictator to control his conscience.  The day before his death, at the young age of 58, Senator Paul Wellstone lonely voted against the undemocratic kingship desired by George W. Bush and his Poppy.  The next day the Senator, his wife, daughter and five others died in a mysterious plane crash in his home state of Minnesota.  The hope generated in the people by the most prominent elected progressive in the country might have died with Senator Wellstone.  But did it?

This wonderful upstart college professor who won his Senate seat against all odds, slowly taught us over a period of twelve stimulating years that we could all make a difference.  He taught by example, by his passion, by his votes that challenged all who came across his path.  He proved to all that a man could love his wife, raise his family, have one career for years and run a maverick campaign, stunningly defeating a sitting United States Senator and, in twelve short years, gain a following that extended far beyond the state boundaries of his home state of Minnesota.

Whether or not, King George, Poppy George and the underground groundhog Cheney recognize the love this nation had for Senator Paul Wellstone, the American people understand their outpouring of emotion for this lone rebel.  It is a love born of the love of rebellion that founded this nation.  In Minnesota the outpouring of grief is said to rival that of England's grief when Princess Diana was killed.

Nationwide the question is being asked: "Who murdered Senator Paul Wellstone and why was he murdered?"  One thing is very clear, the Wellstone family has UN-invited the underground mole, Vice President Dick Cheney.  He is no longer welcome at the funeral of their loved ones.  The family, just like their father, does not play the Washington kingdom well.  For that we love them as we loved their parents and all who believed in them.

How do we best remember Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, now that we can no longer vote for him or support him?

The answer is simple.  Vote your conviction and vote for those who might posthumously be empowered by his vision and wisdom.  Vote to defeat those who support the illegal king and his father.  Put the frosting on the cake and defeat Jeb Bush in Florida.  END THIS UNHOLY TRINITY NOW AND STOP THE ILLEGAL DYNASTY!    IN DOING THIS YOU MEMORIALIZE SENATOR PAUL WELLSTONE AND ALL WHO BELIEVED IN HIM!

by Virginia McCullough © 10/29/02