JUNE 16, 2003

By Virginia Lee McCullough

Here  it is all over again.  Another brilliant researcher and writer lost  to the forces that only come out into the daylight from under their rocks to destroy the open sharing of information by destroying the man or woman sharing it.  Although I had never met Brian Downing Quig, we communicated  over the past years on a variety of subjects of mutual interest.

I tried to think of a proper way to honor such a bright man.  It occurred to me that this is the fifth journalist I have known that has been lost to the New World Order since 1991.  These "accidents" do  not occur in a vacuum; they are made to happen to silence the free speech in what used to be a free country.  Little people with small minds are used by intelligence operatives to eliminate troublesome people who would speak the truth.  These people infiltrate a journalist, work diligently to separate him from his normal support group and pursue them until he or she is destroyed.  I am getting very tired of writing memorial pages to brilliant people eliminated by grunts paid for by black op operations.

So in honor of Brian Downing Quig I am posting the scenario I experienced, that I backed away from.  If Quig had recognized these small people have a large agenda, he might still be alive.  

A woman named Barbara Hartwell (  was first introduced to me March 1, 2000 through an email from John Quinn who posted to the web, at that time,  as NewsHawk Inc. (Click.)   Quinn had been doing good work on the Columbine shootings and  the crash of Air Alaska Flight 261.  So it puzzled me as to why he would forward me, what in essence, was a diatribe against two men by someone I have never heard of named Barbara Hartwell.   I thought that perhaps he knew I was an advocate of women and children.  I sent her an a email complimenting her writing.

That same day (3-19-00) she forwarded me "Barbara Hartwell's Security Letter" clearly aligning herself with  former FBI agent Ted Gunderson and the notorious Chip Tatum.   She stated that she is a survivor of CIA MKULTRA and the Phoenix Program and was in the process of writing a book to be entitled Hardwired, The True Story of a CIA Black Ops Survivor.  She said she had documentation and eye witness testimony.   And, of course, Ms. Hartwell was destitute and soliciting for contributions to her Legal Defense and Research Fund so that she could continue to try to expose the evil government operations which she had managed to survive because Ted Gunderson had rescued her just in the nick of time.  Some of the donated funds were to be used to publish the Gunderson/Hartwell Intelligence Report and to  produce a series of video tapes she would call The Hartwell Files.

She staked her bona fides on Ted Gunderson "who for 27 years had an exemplary career with the FBI".  She repeatedly cried poor mouth for not only herself but also for her animals.  She said that every time she had almost finished her work that "spooks and goons" would hack into her computer and bring down her web site thereby destroying her files and making her start all over again.  Finally her "survival letter" concluded with many patriotic quotes and a few religious quotes.  And, of course, she  ended with "God bless you and God bless America."

March 19, 2000 also found her News Bulletin dated 1-24-00 in my in box and that revealed she had alliances with Kurt Billings  (, Mike Ruppert (  and the previously  mentioned John Quinn.  Hartwell and all three of her correspondents had experienced a hellish day as some evil high tech genius tried to take down their web sites implying that it was  secretive insider information that was so valuable that the government had assigned half its employees to sabotage only their web sites.

The third email  was received 3-19-2000 but created 2-11-00  and Hartwell's wrath was directed at  Walter Bowart ([email protected]) .  She accused Bowart of defrauding Hartwell of $100.00 that she had sent him a year ago for membership in  the Freedom of Thought Foundation and a copy of Operation Mind Control.  Hartwell demanded her money back and threatened to file a lawsuit against Bowart and she urged others to join her in a class action suit.

The amount and intensity of Hartwell's emails to this writer, left me uneasy.  Usually when a source contacts a writer, they are interested in a specific subject matter and they will wait for a response before contacting the reporter again.

I received a reasonable letter from Hartwell on 3-22-00 (Click.) and she expressed a desire to share her story with me and detailed a "major professional disagreement" she had in November 1999 with her former champion Ted Gunderson.  She asks me if I know anything about him.   I then called Hartwell and had a twisting conversation with her that rambled on and on without her giving me any facts to back up her allegations.

The next day I emailed some fellow researchers asking if they knew anything about Barbara Hartwell.   She emailed me a lengthy email (Click.) and forwarded me some of Kurt Billings' postings (Click. 5) and sent along a separate endorsement of Kurt Billings.

By March 25, 2000 I had begun to receive feed back from fellow researchers.  Some of their comments follow:  

The most disagreeable of the lot is Ted Gunderson.  Gunderson is a scamster.  Hell, I can recall the time he was referring to MKULTRA as "Mick-ultra".  Now he pretends to be an expert on the stuff.  None of these people have bothered to read the actual MKULTRA documentation--- which doesn't really back up their (Cathy) O'Brien-esque claims.  Is he a "plant"?  My own interactions are few and took place years ago but, they convinced me that he really IS a Maxwell Smart type.  Jacque (McGauley) insists he is a not very bright con artist , easily conned himself, a not uncommon situation... who wants to live well without working.

 A woman in her circumstances can dodge HIT MEN?  Huhh.  They sure got to JFK!  Well, I guess that Babs is just a lot more clever then John was...

Virginia.... what can I say?  Except:  the letters that you have given me are evidence of a VERY depressing sub-culture destined to remain always to remain very sub indeed.  I am cynical about all these claimants whether they agree with each other or argue amongst themselves.  A pox on ALL their houses!  At one time I really tried to convince myself that there was something to what they were saying, but there comes a time when you just have to wake up and smell the bull shit.  

The responses made perfect sense to this writer and I responded back the same day (Click. 6) stating that phone conversation would probably the last I had with Barbara Hartwell because it left me feeling uneasy and slightly depressed and led me places I really have no desire to go.  I asked my friend if that made any sense.

I continued saying that "basically all this reminded me of the time [a period of seven or eight months] when I was in touch with Gunderson and McGualey just after Danny (Casolaro) was killed.  Jacque would give my phone number out to all kinds of weird females [like you say -- always the "victims"] who would call me at all hours of the day and night and just ramble.  Usually the conversations concluded with a forlorn plea for funds.  Nothing they allege could be documented and I felt like I was in quicksand.  I felt like changing my phone number but did not, and the calls eventually ended.  Maybe because I sent no funds?

On the 28th of May,  Hartwell was at it again.  This time she sent out a spam email that caused me to receive some angry email back, many from people I did not know .  Among them was one from her fellow victim of high tech attacks, Mike Ruppert.  Ms. Hartwell continued to inundate me with emails about issues I had no interest in, usually diatribes stirring up the wars between the mind control groups who call themselves "survivors" as opposed to those who prefer to be known as mind control researchers.  My frustration grew in direct proportion  to the amount of garbage she sent and following my publisher Kate Dixon's posting of the now infamous Ted Gunderson Data Dump on  on April 4, 2002, I took out my frustration on Kate Dixon with the following letter:  


This lady writes a LOT better then she talks; I really have no desire to waste a lot of time with her on the phone unless it's on her dime.  Like so many others, she is constantly hinting that she is broke, can barely keep a roof over her head and needs money to pay phone bills.  Yet she is clearly able to travel to these various militia type seminars and take the stage with Gunderson and Company.

If you want to email her as publisher and say that I conveyed this to you because I did not do the data dump on Gunderson that, would be fine.  You might also have her WRITE down her interview and prompt her by asking some questions of her.  I will forward you my outlook file on her.

Thanks for letting me off the hook today.  Your wayward writer will behave this p.m.


Dixon emailed Hartwell and Hartwell emailed her back saying this writer had emailed her and then she commented that she thought that I was a professional and credible.  She also said that I did call her and talk to her but that she had not heard back from me.  This, of course, was a lie because we had, in fact, been in constant email communication which is why I am able to accurately produce these old communications from her.  What I did NOT do is continue to have telephone communication with her for the reasons previously stated.

By April 12, 2000 Hartwell's email to me distinctly changed in tone expressing frustration and anger at my lack of communication with her (Click. 7).  She said in part that she did not understand why I had not contacted her personally and why I had not responded to her emails.  She again stated that she "wants me to contact her personally even if I am not interested in continuing further exchanges with her".  And she attached another female "victim" undocumented story of mind control abuse.

On the 18th of April I emailed Hartwell information (Click. 8) about Ted Gunderson that she had requested after she said that she had spoke with a writer named Cheri Seymour.  Hartwell expressed doubt over whether Seymour possessed a certain "Gunderson document"  and I assured Hartwell that Cheri Seymour had that document in Ted Gunderson's own handwriting.  I scanned it into the computer and sent it to her.  I also told her that "believe what you will, but Gunderson is not what he seems to be.  A woman who wrote to Kate (Dixon) said it best: Gunderson considers Satanic Cult Abuse to be a dating opportunity."

Hartwell continued to contact me asking me for certain documents from the files I had been given that had belonged to Ted Gunderson.  She told me that she wanted to give them to Kurt Billings so that he could supply them to the attorneys representing Radio talk show Art Bell in his lawsuit against Gunderson for libel and slander.

Eventually Kurt Billings' attempt to censure another researcher on led to warrioress Hartwell coming out swinging to defend Billings and defending censorship at the same time.  In the spring of 2001 the MKULTRA controversy was the primary focus of Hartwell's attention  as she continually aligned herself against the first amendment and for the government line that she so allegedly hated.  After lengthy emails in April of 2001 attacking anyone and everyone who questioned her undocumented positions as a survivor of MKULTRA, Hartwell joined up with a new male compatriot, Stew Webb.   On April 7, 2001 Hartwell sent the following to this writer and to publisher Kate Dixon. (Click 9)

My email response was as follows:  


I cannot believe that old hack, Stew Webb is still around.  For Heaven's sake, he contacted Rodney Stich well over ten years ago looking for support and money.  He NEVER PRODUCED ONE DOCUMENT for Rodney Stich in spite of repeated promises he would do so.  Now, many years later he is living off the largess of Ted Gunderson.  It figures, takes one to know one.

I would not waste my time and energy attempting to prove anything Stew Webb says.  I will let Ted chase his own tail or tale.


By November 11,  2001 Hartwell's emails to people at show that her focus has now switched to Operation Phoenix.  She has apparently been given her new script because she posts An Open Letter to the Singlaub Set ostensibly challenging them to face their past sins and confess their past acts because as a warrior for God, she will expose them.  She is now beginning to sound more and more like her newfound friend, Stew Webb.

Publisher Dixon emails this writer saying, "I don't know why they are focusing on Singlaub.  Is this some kind of mind control thing they are doing to each other.  Is it just strange sex?"

Here is down and out Hartwell now aligned with down and out Webb challenging the great General Singlaub who, according to a press release allegedly written by Stew Webb and posted to the web on Saturday 6-21-03 is based in Phoenix, Arizona.  The press release goes on to state that "Brian had further discovered connections of the notorious illegal weapons for narcotics dealer General Singlaub and was deeply involved heavily with Narcotics trafficking into America."  Brian Downing Quig was being embraced by the likes of Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Barbara Honegger, and Ted Gunderson's alleged ex-girlfriend Jacque McGauley ([email protected]).  With friends like that, Quig did not need enemies.

Yet, through it all, Brian Quig kept an open mind and, in one of his last posts to on June 10, 2003 he said to Jim Rarey in part:  

Stew Webb is a special case.

There is no doubt that Stew Webb is a loose cannon...sometimes pointed in the right direction, sometimes not.  He knows a lot of key people. He is easily taken in.  He lived with Ted Gunderson for awhile for example.

I assume that Stew is reading this now.  For some reason Stew likes to shock people and will go to extremes to do it.  In our conversation, he told me that my friend Barbara Honegger was recently murdered and that I could get the details from a San Francisco Chronicle reporter who I called who then told me that he knew nothing about that and he never spoke Stew Webb about the subject.

While his reporting may be compromised by his efforts to obtain funding he appears in every way to me to be his own person and not working for a hidden agenda of any one else.  

For once Virginia McCullough and Brian Downing Quig would not agree.  Every since Quig died on June 16, 2003 guess who is monopolizing the CIA-Drugs Message board?   Stew Webb!  He is writing all about Jacque McGauley harassing poor Ted Gunderson.  Talk about that message board dumbing down!

Virginia McCullough and publisher Kate Dixon will miss Quig's brilliant mind, bravery and open heart.

by Virginia McCullough ©  6/22/03


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From: "NewsHawk® Inc." Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 6:14 AM
Subject: DIRTBAG DUO: GUILTY AS CHARGED--Hartwell Report/Fwd

 Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 14:03:49 -0500
 From: "Barbara Hartwell" <

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 PO Box 832 Woodstock, NY 12498


 For over a year I had been receiving e-mail messages from two men named  Miklos Fornai and Maurice Franco. Fornai bills himself as a "Journalist  /Political Scientist" from "Alpha Team International" while Franco calls  himself "Victom Torture" [sic] . Their messages are filled with racist  and sexist ideology as well as various idiotic schemes, mostly for the
 purposes of "screwing with the government".

At first I simply ignored these messages and didn't bother to respond. I  thought maybe they'd get the idea and just remove my name from their  lists. They didn't. So I started hitting the "delete" button as soon as  the messages came in. Time passed, but still the messages flowed in like  an ever-proliferating tide of sewage. So I finally wrote back to them. I  politely asked them to remove my name from their e-mail lists. I even  said "please" and "thank you". That didn't work either.

One day I received an-mail from Fornai: a pornographic "ad" addressed to  "single women". So I sent another reply, giving him a piece of my mind  regarding his offensive material and directing him to remove my name  from his list . A few days later I got an e-mail in which he asked me to  set up a bank account for Alpha Team International (whatever the hell
that is ). Once again, I issued a directive to remove my name from the  list. No go.

So I used my usual strategy: That is, to make the activities of the  perps a matter of public exposure. I sent letters denouncing the  harassment tactics of Fornai and Franco to every person on their e-mail  lists. Subsequently, I received responses from a number of researchers.  The results didn't surprise me, since the "targets" of their harassment  (sexual and otherwise) were intelligent and ethical researchers. As it  turned out, these people all felt pretty much the same about the dirtbag  duo: Rude. Crude. Offensive. Intrusive. Sexist. Racist. (Have I left anything out ?) All-around nuisances who just don't understand the word NO. It's a simple word, in any language. But stupidity is a commodity  that appears to cross all language barriers with ease, especially in the case of these two men. (Even considering their repeated excuses that  English is their second language.)

Here are some excerpts from a letter sent by Miklos Fornai to one of his  sexual harassment targets, Tambra Marie Shelton. This- after she had  responded to my letter offering her support of my position AND after  sending her own letter protesting the harassment of the Fornai/Franco "tag team".

"Hi Everybody, I am writing this e-mail to inform you that Barbara Hartwell destroyed  my E-mail address....I am sure that this girl is crazy..."

"Undoubtedly, it will be important more seriously to discuss gender and  fundamental human rights issues; however, for example my interests  should also be considered..."

"Usually the most tortured male victims, subjects of technical research  projects are in the worst situation from this point of view..."

"...In most of the cases their problems are related to minority origin doctors and their assistants, employees of the central laboratory who are not free from the well-known middle class worth of values...For  example, a year ago I have also mentioned a message of Dr. Kathy Kasteen  from the UCLA that Miklos you can also masturbate..."

"Finally, a warning: to my knowledge our brainwaves organizationally  also affect the use of this control system. Therefor, it would be a very  serious ethical mistake to support the sexual relations and the  pregnancy of our controllers, while me and the most tortured male victims do not have girlfriends, do not have any opportunity to be  married, to have children and so on..."

"In my opinion, these people can also masturbate, they can also use  their fingers or a candle, and so on....

With true friendship,
Miklos Fornai
Journalist/Political Scientist
Alpha Team International

Say what ? ! What the HELL is he talking about ? I sure don't have a  clue. But I will say that it comes as no surpise that Fornai doesn't  have a girlfriend. I can certainly see why no woman would be interested  in him. I can also say it's a relief to hear that he doesn't have an opportunity to become a father...if he did I would feel sorry for his offspring.

Now, something worth reading, for a change: researcher Kathy Kasten's  comments which she sent to me after I forwarded Fornai's message to her.  Subject: The "Dr. Kasteen" Solution to Electronic Harassment

You may share this response with anybody on your list, except Fornai and  his buddy.

First of all he still can't spell my name.

Second, I am sure you can guess why I told him to go masturbate, but I  will enlighten anybody willing to listen. Here is the approximate theory  Miklos was suggesting: that female TIs should make themselves available  for the satisfaction of the male TIs, and if I really cared about TIs I  would support Miklos' theory. You see, I guess Miklos was advocating  that each and every male TI should be paired with a female TI who was to  put up with the shit of electronic harassment AND sexually satisfy the  needs of the male partner without claim. After reading e-mail with the  above proposal from Miklos, I was outraged and sent the response now  quoted by Miklos, which he now includes in e-mails as if it is my recommendation.

Third, Miklos assumes I am a medical doctor. I am not. He never bothered  to run a very simple background check on me, nor did he read any of my  on-line papers (which would have popped up on a really good
browser/search engine).

Fourth, at least he didn't play his usual racist card by pointing out  that I am both Jewish and Native American, and therefore should be  thought of as defective goods to be used for Miklos' sexual pleasure. KK

Way to go, Kathy !

Need I say more ?

But just to wrap up, a few comments. Thanks also to other researchers  who responded to my original letters to Fornai & Franco: Eleanor White,  Katherine Sullivan, Roy Bercaw, Paul Pietzonka, Kay Pollard Griggs,  Patty Rehn, Janine Jones and last but not least, Tambra Marie Shelton,  who made it possible for us to learn something more of the aberrant
psychology of the perps firsthand by providing Fornai's most recent letter.

Their advice about harassing messages is well-taken and I think in  future I'll follow it: Ready...set... go....DELETE.

As for Franco and Fornai ? The verdict is in: Guilty as charged.

-Barbara Hartwell


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To: Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 12:15 PM


I have read some of your articles on newsmakingnews. It took me some time to get around to it, due to an overload of work. Of particular interest to me were 2 articles: one on scientology and another about Michael Riconosciuto (sp?). I have added the website to my favorites and will read the rest as I find time. All the issues you address are of interest to me.
I don't know where to begin in what I have to tell you. So I won't even try; not until I know if you would really want to know. Yes, this is a warning which it is my duty to give you: it is dangerous info.  But it occured to me that you might possibly be interested in some information I have, which relates to my own personal situation in one way or another. There's a web of connections: with the scientology people; the CIA; the "octopus" etc. Most of it has never been made public by me; mostly because people's lives are in danger -including mine.  When you have time I would appreciate if you would read my security letter dated Oct. 13, 1999, which I e-mailed you a few days ago. It explains at least some background about my situation. What's in that letter is only the tip of the iceberg. As to the really sensitive stuff, I have told very few people in confidence. I also have to protect certain sources.
Michael R.  is a good friend of Ted Gunderson (FBI ret.). Up until a few months ago I was working with Ted. We did lectures, media interviews etc.  on CIA black ops, mind control, etc. Ted was also an investigator on my "case". As a journalist and researcher, I also worked with Ted on some of the cases he was investigating.  In late Novemeber '99 I had a major professional disagreement with Ted which was very disturbing to me.  As a result, I have had to reconsider everything I thought I knew about Ted.  I still haven't sorted things out.  I wonder if you know of him ?
But there's much more. There are names I don't want to name here...not until I know whether you would be interested in looking into these things. A lot of what I have to tell is dangerous to know.
I have been trying to make my situation public, bit by bit, in the safest way I can. I broke out of CIA black ops in 1994 and started to go public in 1996. I can see that you are not afraid to address controversial issues and that your research and writing are top-notch. I would like to talk to you about my case. So, if after you read my security letter you are interested, please let me know. This is a Pandora's box, and I am concerned that I may not live long enough to make my all of my own story  public. I have been trying to pass on some information to a few other people for this reason. Unfortunately, some of them have been the wrong people, if you know what I mean. I am not rabidly paranoid, but I have a problem with trust, as do most people with my background.
 What I am asking is if you would be willing to hear my testimony, in your capacity  as an investigative journalist.
I will wait to hear back from you -no rush- I can see how busy you must be.
As you must know, my e-mail is monitored and my phone is tapped. However, I can't let that stop me from doing what I have to do.
My UNLISTED PH # 914-247-2847. I ALWAYS screen my calls, but will pick up if I am home.  I work at home. The best time to reach me is 7-10 PM EST. But you can call anytime.
Thanks for your consideration


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Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 12:55 PM


Thanks for your call yesterday.  I really appreciate your interest in my case. As per your suggestion I will try to send as much info as possible by e-mail. This way you have documentation of my testimony. I realize that this is merely anecdotal testimony and that I have no hard evidence for much of what has happened. This is very frustrating to me and one of the reasons that I have not made much of my testimony public.
My goal is a lawsuit against CIA and any other entities responsible for the abuses and violations of my rights,  while I was being utilized in black ops and also for the subsequent harassment and persecution.  These people have destroyed my life ! People tell me I am unrealistic, but I will find a way to file this suit and win -or die trying. Even if I have no lawyer, I'll file pro se. Meanwhile, I need as much public exposure as I can get. Fortunately, most people who have heard or read my testimony seem to find me credible.
Your ability to verify sources and do background checks far exceeds mine. I am limited by lack of resources and also I don't have as much experience in that area as you do. Only you can know whether this is worth your time, and I'm sure you'll figure it out. I understand that you have a lot of other things you are working on.
 It is more important to me than anything that these bastards be EXPOSED and held accountable for their massive violations of human rights. I KNOW I have a good case -if only I can prove it ! That's a big IF, but I must keep trying, no matter what.
For now I will ask you to keep all info (at least with my name or others) confidential until such time as I am able to feel safe revealing it publicly. I will leave it at your discretion to share this info with anyone privately for the purposes of investigation or corroboration. As I found out yesterday, a lot of it you already know about, which I had a feeling you would. And you probably know more than I do about many of the people involved- including Ted G.  I will provide names where it is possible without violating confidentiality.
To start, here's a run down on my interactions with Ted Gunderson. I did receive an e-mail from Annie Basile (the scientology lady from Los Angeles), before she met Ted.
It was the web address for The Circle Game by "Carol Marshall". (pseudonym). Annie sent it to me since she was sponsoring a lecture by Sue Ford (Brice Taylor) in Los Angeles last fall. Ted was also a speaker there. Annie was upset by what she read and asked my opinion about whether Ted was legit. At the time, I believed he was. I told Annie that I personally had never seen evidence of foul play with Ted. But as always, I said she would have to make her own decision regarding his credibility.
I didn't have time to read the whole manuscript. I saved the address  in my e-mail files. But  later, when I tried to gain access, I was unable to. So I never read the whole thing. The spooks are always hacking into my computer, so I wasn't surprised at that. But maybe if you have a copy you could try to e-mail to me and I'll try again. Please note: I am terrible with computers; I don't know what I'm doing so that's a problem as well.
I first met Ted in 1997, where we were both speakers at Global sciences Congress in Denver. I signed up for Ted's seminar after I heard his lecture. I was desperate at the time to find help. (As I still am ! )
Ted approached me, more or less, that's how my friendship and working relationship with him started. He singled me out from among all the people eager to talk to him, that much was obvious. At the time I met him I was also approached by Sue Ford, a long time friend and associate of Ted's.  I still don't know whether Ted was "sent" to target me beforehand.
One time, Ted and I were at a bar in Atlanta during cocktail hour, after a mind control conference. By this time I'd known him for a few months and had been in regular phone contact with him. After a few strong drinks, he started telling me some things, seemed like "true confessions". He said that from the first time he met me, he thought I was CIA, sent to target him, to set him up; possibly even take him out.  When I asked why, he said he recognized the earmarks: CIA all the way. Just the type of person they would send after him.  After we discussed this he said he had changed his mind, that he now felt he could trust me.
I do know that he seemed a little  paranoid - or maybe just cautious. He asked me to carry his vitamins in my briefcase. He wouldn't leave anything in a hotel room that could be tampered with. He always made sure the car was parked right outside a restaurant in full view and sat with his back to the wall and his eye on the door. Not that this is unusual- I guess I do that stuff too. But just FYI, this is how he always operated.
Ted gave me advice on my situation. How to better protect myself, how to document my testimony in security letters, etc. His advice was always good, as far as I knew. At least following it never hurt me- not  that I know of.  It was clear to me that he considered himself my "protector". Maybe he was "sent" to protect me, for other than the most honorable reasons. Who the hell knows ?
He sometimes asked for my help on cases he was working on. Like the Wiegand case.  One of the ways I was utilized by CIA was as a psychic. Also as an analyst: assessing situations, psychological profiling, that sort of thing. I was trained in metaphysical "sciences"  like astrology, psychic warfare, etc. My "cover" was that I did the same things on the "outside" for a living. I worked as a Jungian-method astrologer, a professional clairvoyant and hypnotherapist. Many of my clients were CIA fronts. Large corporations, law firms, etc. I also worked for police detectives, finding missing persons, murder cases, etc. The D.A.'s offices also used me as a "consultant".
I was also trained by CIA as a media propagandist for the New Age- NWO : They sponsored my  radio and TV programs and my training as "on-camera talent" and in TV production.
Back to Ted: I don't know how much he knew about me before meeting me -if anything.
But he did ask for my help in his cases, in the ways outlined above.  One time (while working on the Wiegand case), when I told him I was trained as an assassin and that I had the ability to do "hits" by psychic means he suggested (jokingly) that we should make up a "hit list" of bad guys -including Linda's ex-husband- and take 'em out ! Of course, I refused. I think he was joking, but now I can't be sure.
There is so much to cover, even just about Ted !  I'm trying to keep it brief, but it's hard.
About the Wiegand case: Ted called me from CT to ask for my help. He was hired as a P.I. I think by John De Camp, who had been Linda's lawyer. I'll go more into that another time, but it's crucial, for me and others that we get to the bottom of this one, because of all the set ups and all the people involved.
I haven't figured out what the deal is with Ted and DeCamp. I know they are close friends. And I also know that DeCamp is not what he seems. This was corroborated to me by Kurt Billings and his wife. Kurt & Lee Ann are among very few people I feel I can trust. Among us we have been able to piece some things together. (Kurt's wife Lee Ann is also in a bad situation but does not want any of it made public, so this is extremely sensitive).
But I had my own intuition about DeCamp beforehand. I've never met him. He was on a radio show with me, Ted and Brice Taylor (that's another long story, but important) and he made some disturbing comments. The show was The Expert Witness show hosted by Mike Levine (former  fed. undercover agent).
 I later confronted Ted about DeCamp. I told him that I felt that DeCamp had been involved in the child sexual abuse that he had exposed in his book. Ted admitted to me that he knew about it. ( I think Ted knows that it wouldn't be prudent to lie to me; since he has seen enough evidence of my psychic abilities. )
Again I don't have evidence, but someone does.  In the form of pictures. (That's another long story involving some very dangerous people). When I asked Ted WHY he would be involved with DeCamp, knowing this, he said he thought DeCamp was trying to do the right thing and had helped people by exposing the (other) perps and the network of CIA "finders".
As I told you, I distanced myself from Ted after the incident in Las Vegas. Kurt was set up. That much I know. The same people- precisely who they are, I can't be sure- were obviously trying to set me up (another story, but connected).
Someone tampered with Kurt's gun. It went off in the car. Kurt, his wife, Annie Basile and Brice Taylor were in the car at the time. Kurt later found C4 in the barrel. He said the reason he thought it didn't cause an explosion was that the barrel was specially made and was able to contain the explosion. But ANYONE in that car could have been hurt or killed. Therefore I have to assume that anyone in the car is innocent of collusion in the set-up. That leaves any number of other people -including associates of Ted's and Ted himself - as suspects. 
John DeCamp was seen by Lee Ann right outside their hotel in L.V. getting out of a van. (During the time that DeCamp was Lee Ann's attorney, he took $10,000 of her money and never did the work he was hired to do. It was a case similar to the Wiegand case. They had an "accident" shortly after that, where a wheel flew off the car while they were doing 70 on the highway. This stuff is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL.)
Brice/Sue and Ted both insisted that Kurt was a "plant". He was blamed by them for all that went on (and that is yet another story). They and Annie organized a slander campaign against him and got him blacklisted from speaking engagements all over the country. I was also blacklisted, but in a more insidious way -behind my back- by some of the same crew (but not  including Ted) trying to discredit me. Ted had always endorsed my credibility. And -whoever he is- he knows how credible I really am. Whatever his agenda may be, he would be a fool to try to discredit me. He also knows who my CIA family are.
 This is very painful for me. I trusted Ted and thought of him like a family member. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time, and I'm still trying, despite everything.  I still care very much for him,  I guess I can't help it. But I need to know the truth. That's why I ask people like yourself for help in establishing what that is.
I believe, as does Kurt, that Sue Ford is still under mind control and is being used to attempt to discredit and "contain" the testimony of other credible survivors of mind control and CIA black ops, like me and Kurt.  And also to put a spin on the MC projects.  I have lots of stories about that.
There is just so much ! I can't figure out what to say first. I am also in a race against time.  Kurt and his wife are major targets, like myself. Like me, he has had several attempts on his life. Arranged car "accidents". Poison and drugs. EMF weaponry, etc. etc.
Kurt has done many years of research on MK ULTRA and has exposed a lot of info on bio-warfare, implants, EMF tech, etc.  He has documentation for it all. His docs can back up my testimony, at least about the MK ULTRA program and electronic weaponry which was used on me.
Maybe the best thing would be for you to ask me the questions which are most pertinent. Either by e-mail or phone, whatever's best for you. I have a tendency to run on, ramble and be long winded. It just seems that EVERYTHING is important, so I editorialize instead of sticking to the facts. But you be the judge, and let me know.
This is already too long for one e-mail. Please forgive the deluge !
Thanks again for your help.
PS: I will forward some other docs which you can read when you have time. The relevance to the issues here will be self-evident, I think.


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From: "Barbara Hartwell" To: "Virginia McCullough" Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 12:56 PM
Subject: Fw: Heads up

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 From: Kurt Billings  To: Dean Stonier          Gerber  Date: Thursday, January 13, 2000 2:26 AM
 Subject: Re: Heads up

 Hi Dean,
I have become aware of malicious lies being spead by Ted Gunderson and  Brice Taylor (Sue Ford) in regards to myself and wanted to forewarn you  as to their blatant untruthfulness of what they are saying. Many of the  people they are contacting personally know me and my reputation as an  honest person as well as a credible researcher.  As always, the best way
to expose wrongs being done against the people of our country is to  research out documentation.  My concern with Sue Ford's work is lack of  any documentation.  I shared this concern with her (prior to her  beginning her slandering campaign against me) and encouraged her to at  least research out the gov't documents that would support the existence  of her claims at least.  Another concern is identifying public persons  as being involved without any documentation whatsoever to prove or back  her allegations.  This type of presentation of mind control does nothing  to verify, validify or prove anything but rather serves to  sensationalize and discredit those of us who are proving the existence  of mind control through documented research and continue to research out  current projects.  I am sharing these concerns with you as I have  noticed on the internet that Brice's name has been added to the list of  speakers. From my past experience with you at GS I feel you are  genuinely interested in getting credible information out to your  attendees and felt I should let you know not only of the lack of
credibility in the work she is presenting, but as well of the problems  Brice is creating for herself by slandering me.  By and large the  slander has done little to harm my reputation but rather has greatly  discredited Sue as these lies have left engagement organizers and other  supporters no choice but to make a flurry of calls to defend what they  know to be true, that Sue Ford is not credible and is trying to  eliminate her competition.  I would not like to see you get caught up in  the middle of whatever her agenda is and to promote/bring in someone  whose association with GS will only serve to discredit GS.  Not only
does she lack documentation but also has spoken publicly of being one of  the abusers of her daughter Kelly as well as other children and has  stated that all mind control victims have abused (ie. their own  children) and that if they don't admit this, then they are not "real"  mind control survivors. Her claim is that a mind control victim is 100%  a robot under the control of their perpetrators and that they have no  free will.  This is not true and leaves a very twisted view of mind  control survivors which may deter people from helping survivors (because  they are all abusers) as well as cause fear in the minds of survivors
themselves misleading them to believe they "had to of" abused their own children and others. Many, many survivors are not themselves abusers. Disseminating this type of information only serves to give cover to the  abusers and provide them with an out (I had no choice.  I was under mind  control).  This is just not how it works.  I trust you will receive this
message in the manner it is meant.
 Respectfully,  Kurt Billings


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Sent: Saturday, March 25, 2000 4:26 AM
Subject: Re: BH letter to Sue Ford
Dear friend: 
I REALLY want to thank you for taking the time to review these Bab's letters.  The manner in which you express yourself puts into words the instinctive itch I have had that I could not scratch ever since I began communication with her. 
I initially responded to a short essay she had written that was posted on John Quinn's Newshawk site.  That posting seemed to me to be logical and well written and I complimented Babs on it. That opened a floodgate of emails from her revealing the Gunderson connection.  That, of course, made me curious.  Three days ago when Babs emailed me her "unlisted" phone number, I gave her a call. What amazed me was that the voice on the other end of the line did not match the writing at all.  The voice was rambling, alternating expressing   fear and anger.  She kept saying that she was afraid to name names over the phone because "they" tapped her phone; then she would state that she would name the names because I already knew them and she didn't care if she was hurt because she was doing what God wanted her to do.
That conversation will probably be the last phone call with her because it left me feeling uneasy and slightly depressed and led me places I really have no desire to go.  Does that make any sense to you?
Basically all of this reminded me of the time [a period of seven or eight months] when I was in touch with Gunderson and McGauly just after Danny was killed.  Jackie would give my phone number out to all kinds of wierd females [like you say - always the "victims"] who would call me at all hour of the day and night and just ramble.  Usually the conversations concluded with a forlorn plea for funds. Nothing that they allege could be documented and I felt like I was in quicksand.  I felt like changing my phone number but did not and the calls eventually ended.  Maybe because I sent no funds?
Much as I would like to help if I could [without sending money], I have concluded that mind control issues are not the area of research I want to write about.  That is not to say, that I do not want to learn more about the issue from people like you .
Now that I am posting on a fairly regular basis, I am receiving a lot of emails from a variety of people who want to use my "Cassandra" handle for chat lines, to down load and index the subject matter I write about, to identify my readers and find out their interests, etc.  Would you consider this a type of mind control?  I am declining all such offers and just want to post the articles I write at will, without some predetermined  organization.
Thank you very much for your input and I look forward to hearing from you again as soon as you can find time in your hectic schedule.
As Always...........  V.  


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From: "Barbara Hartwell" To: "Virginia McCullough" Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 11:21 AM
Subject: Re: Brice Taylor Legal Fight


I have sent you several messages since we spoke on the phone. I got an  e-mail from Kate Dixon in answer to my e-mail to you when I wrongly assumed the TG Data Dump to be your material. Kate corrected me and told me it was her material and said she would probably post something written by me re Ted.

 I do not understand why you have not contacted me personally since we spoke  and why you have not answered my e-mail messages. If you have decided that  my material is not credible or that I am not credible, I would at least like  to know that. Or if you don't feel it's worth your time to look further into  my case, I would understand that too. But I would appreciate receiving some message from you just so that I know what your position is.

Also please understand that when I wrote those security letters using Ted's  name I honestly believed that he was sincere in his efforts to help me. If  have made a mistake and was hoodwinked I will be the first to admit it. I
am  only trying to investigate the situation so I can learn the truth. And all  that I have to state publicly will be the facts of what happened to me with  regard to my association with Ted. People can only make up their own minds  as to who Ted really is, who he works for and what his motives are.  I can honestly state that at this point I don't know - that's why I am  trying to learn all I can from anyone who will talk to me. And since I
have  no real evidence I can offer, I am limited to my own testimony.

Re the issue of Sue Ford (Brice Taylor) I will say that I cannot endorse her credibility. Not just because of  her association withTed, but because I  know her well and have worked with her. Her background is very different
 from mine, as are my viewpoints on many issues. I have broken off from any  working relationship with her as of last November. My feeling is that she is  using sensationalism and sex scandals in search of publicity and that
these are also smokescreens which obfuscate many of the real issues and  what really goes on in these black projects. Just my opinion.

As far as Andrew Basiago: I have no reason to find him credible. It looks to  me as if he is trying to sell himself and enhance his own  reputation as a  lawyer and journalist by peddling this flashy material from Brice and Ted.
Again, just my opinion.

I would appreciate it if you would contact me directly. It's important to me  to know what you really think about my case, even if you are not interested in continuing with further exchanges with me.

 Thanks for your consideration

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 From: Virginia McCullough  To:  Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 12:19 PM
 Subject: Fw: Brice Taylor Legal Fight
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 From: Virginia McCullough  To:  Cc:  Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 9:25 AM
 Subject: Re: Brice Taylor Legal Fight 
  Good Morning Andrew:
I read with interest your article on Brice Taylor.  Does this mean that  you   are part of the Ted Gunderson milieu?  I would not be inclined to jump on the Taylor bandwagon.  Sounds fishy to me.
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  From:   To:     Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 9:51 PM
  Subject: Brice Taylor Legal Fight 
 Mind Control Author Brice Taylor in Fight for Daughter
 by Andrew D. Basiago
LOS ANGELES -- Brice Taylor, author of a recent tell-all book in which she alleges that she was a "mind controlled slave" programmed on behalf of sinister political and entertainment industry elites, may be denied
conservatorship of her daughter.  |

Taylor (whose legal name is Susan Ford) was excluded from an April 5th meeting at which an official of the state conservator's office and a social  worker decided to recommend that conservatorship of Kelly Ford be
given to  the State of California.
The meeting was held at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital in San Diego, where Taylor's daughter is a patient in intensive care.  Kelly Ford has been deemed  gravely disabled as the result of her psychiatric condition.
Taylor said that she arrived promptly at the hospital on the morning of the meeting and paged those participating in the decision to recommend who will be granted conservatorship of her daughter, but the meeting was conducted in her absence.
After the meeting, Taylor spoke with Herb Maphis, the official of the state  conservator's office involved in the decision to be made about Kelly Ford.  She explained to Maphis that her daughter is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from mind control programming performed by perpetrators associated with "the

Maphis apparently relied upon these little-understood references by Taylor to establish that she is delusional and not fit to responsibly care for her daughter.
According to Ellen Lacter, a psychologist who specializes in treating patients with DID, depriving Brice Taylor the conservatorship of
Kelly Ford  will prevent her daughter from being seen by specialists with the knowledge and the experience to correctly diagnose and treat her disorders.

In a related hearing to be held on April 12th in Los Angeles, Taylor's ex-husband, dentist R. Craig Ford, will ask a state court to
 discontinue the spousal support obligations that help to financially sustain his adult disabled child, who is on welfare, Taylor said.  Taylor will plead that child support payments from Ford are necessary to provide the mental health services that her mentally ill daughter needs.
Taylor is a prominent figure on the mind control lecture circuit. She is one among a growing number of individuals who claim that they have been victims of covert forces within high society who use advanced brainwashing methods to procure their victims for a variety of intelligence functions.
 Victims of the most egregious forms of mind control are said to be abused  from infancy.  The goal of the perpetrators is to create alternate personalities called "programmed alters" by shattering the psyche. Trauma  causes "amnesia walls" to form in the human mind, in which multiple personalities are "compartmentalized" from each other.  This sets the stage for "training" by the intelligence community.  Alter personalties are then used for different intelligence tasks.  These roles include spy, courier, sexual consort, and assassin.
Her 1999 book, entitled Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger's Mind Controlled Slave, tells how Taylor was conditioned  from a very young age to accept her role as a sexual companion to powerful  men within privileged international political and business circles.
Taylor describes how she was regarded within the intelligence establishment as a "Presidential model," an attractive, young, blonde patrician used to gratify the sexual needs of, or carry messages to, every American president from Kennedy to Clinton.
Taylor has stated that her daughter is a victim of similar sexual slavery. In her lectures, she has shown audiences "before" and "after" pictures of  Kelly  -- once, a healthy California teenager, and today, a young woman in a state of profound dementia which ensued when her mind control programming started to unravel.
In a bizarre coincidence, Taylor's Wednesday court appearance is scheduled to fall on April 12th.  Taylor's memories of her mental programming became conscious only after an April 12, 1985 automobile accident in which she struck her head, which caused her to recover, she says, memories of a lifelong pattern of sexual abuse.  She believes that a second accident exactly two years later on April 12, 1987 was the result of a self-destructive "script" embedded in her mind as part of her mind control. In a third incident on April 10, 1991, after months in which Taylor recalled  reams of intelligence data that had been stored in the memory of one
of her "alters," she discovered a dollar bill in her wallet with "April 12" and  programming code numbers written across it, which she believes was a coded threat to her life.
Supporters of Brice Taylor are asking that a member of the California bar competent in conservatorship cases step forward to represent Taylor on a pro bono basis.  Her court date for conservatorship is slated for April 13th  at  9:00 AM in San Diego, CA.  Books and tapes about her life as a victim of  government mind control can be found at
Copyright 2000 by Andrew D. Basiago.  All rights reserved


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Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 11:19 AM
Subject: Fw: Your email to me dtd 4-12-2000
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Cc: ;
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 1:12 PM
Subject: Your email to me dtd 4-12-2000

Dear Barbara:
I received you email this date and am puzzled about what it is you want from me.  I am a free land journalist who must rely on documentation and facts that I can or cannot independently verify.  So far you have not written down your experiences in any form that can be confirmed.  That is the first step that must be followed before I am willing to dedicate any amount of time to the story.
I do not spend a lot of time on the telephone with individuals until I have read their written allegations and have received some documentation that will allow me to start an investigation.  Once I have reviewed the written allegations and researched and independently verified the documentation, I might have the basis for a story.  Then again, it nothing checks out, I will let that individual know that I will not be covering the story.  This then is the starting point for my investigation and articles or books. 
To do anything less then this is not professional journalism.  For example, you tell me that you have known Ted Gunderson for three years - since 1997.  You tell me that Michael Riconosciuto is Ted's friend.  I have known of the Riconosciuto intelligence connections to Richard Nixon since 1983.  I have been in contact with Riconosciuto since 1991.  In other words, I have explored all of the ins and outs of the Gunderson Melieu for over fifteen years.
There are many types of mind control and Gunderson/Riconosciuto certainly represent some of those types.  They are to the right of Attila The Hun and are very tight with the woman you call Carole Marshall whose real name is Cheri Seymour.  You mention that you receive email from a "Scientologist" in Los Angeles named Annie Basile and that her emails to you reflect Marshall/Seymour's return email address.  That is all I need to know to classify her accordingly.  I was briefly entrapped by Seymour and she taped everything I said and all of my phone conversations for a one week period when she pretended to be a journalist in fear of her life.  Then she turned around 380 degrees and lied through her teeth about me.
Forgive me if I can no longer believe every woman [and yes, it is usually women] who cry that they are in fear of their lives because they are victims of mind control for sexual/power purposes.   If you re-read the Sue Ford article I emailed you today you will see where Ford [or whatever name she is currently using] still wants others to pay for her daughter's care.  In my opinion her daughter's illness might well have been caused by having an unstable mother who continues to keep a high profile making unsubstantiated allegations.  That is not conducive to a good home life. 
I simply do not have the time to spend a lot of time on the telephone doing interviews when I can be using it to write articles about cases where people have already supplied me a great deal of documentation.  Neither do I have any desire to go on the radio/talk show circuit as I once did.  It wastes time and those individuals so anxious for the limelight inevitably end up in p------ matches.  I gave up petty fights that end up in no resolution for anyone when I left high school.
I don't know if you still believe in the Mark Phillips/Cathy O'Brien scenario or not but stories have circulated for years that Sue was taken to the cleaners by Mark.  In any case, she continues to proffer herself to the public as a "mind control victim" - offering much in the way of wild accusations and hyper-emotionalism and nothing in the way of evidence.
Of all the bunch the most disagreeable of the lot is Ted Gunderson; he is a scamster.  Many of my fellow reporters can recall the time when he was referring to MKULTRA as "Mick-ultra".  Now he pretends to be the expert on this stuff.  None of the people now on the "mind control circuit" have bothered to read the actual MKULTRA documentation -- which really doesn't back their O'Brien-esque claims.  Is Gunderson a plant or simply a Maxwell Smart type.  His former girlfriend, Jackie McCauley, insisted to me that he is really a non-very bright con artist -- easily conned himself, a non-uncommon situation -- who wants to live well without working.
The problem I have with many mind control claimants is that they use their past experiences as an excuse to never again take responsibility for anything silly or wrong or embarrassing they do in their lives. This, of course, includes but is not limited to beating your children is you want identity as a "real survivor".
The Monarch myth never dies, even though these people know full well that Mark Phillips made up the term.  An average journalist genuinely want to find a verifiable story about mind control that can be verified.  When only allegations are made to "those who wanted to believe" in the most Mulder-esque way and no mind control victim will even write down their own story naming names, dates, facts, and verifiable material then all "mind control victims" end up uncredible which is where Ted Gunderson and Company come into play. 
Most reporters I know say "A pox on all their houses" but I am still willing to explore IF someone writes down their tale.  I know that Kate Dixon will publish it if she thinks it has merit.  At this time that is my best advice for you, Barbara.


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From: To: Date: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 12:17 AM
Subject: Fwd: Fw: "A Response to Barbara Hartwell" by Ted L. Gunderson


I have recently talked with Gerald Fox. Kathleen Keating suggested I contact you about Ted Gunderson (bad guy). I have tons of goodies on this guy, His FBI murder of a Black Panther, his Guns for Drugs activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, the Capazon Indian reservation. His involvement with CIA Clint Merchanson, CIA George Pender, his role as Assistant Director of FBI/CIA Easter Europe 1985-1987. Pender was involved in operation Brownstone the blackmail of Congressman and Senators using children from orphanages. I currently am under false charges, (the same) a second time because Ted Gunderson is and has been trying to extort me out of documents I do not have that would ultimately get him paid by a convicted Las Vegas
KILLER Tom Gaul, whom Gunderson falsified a report to get this Killer put on probation instead of behind bars. Gaul paid him $500.00 and promised him $200,000,00 from his mothers trust Gaul does not and cannot control without said documents.(Gunderson is currently being Indicted by the NV attorney generals office for not having a PI license and lying in the Tom Gaul case. Further I have evidence and persons whom Gunderson has stolen over $200,000.00 from.  $130,000.00 of the theft was negotiated out of court last year and Gunderson agreed to allow $1,500.00 per month to be taken from his
FBI $62,000.00 a year retirement. I am a direct witness to the above, as Gunderson himself revealed this information to me on different occasions. I have notified the FBI and other agencies. Further, Ted Gunderson told me you (Art Bell) were a child molester.
See:  (The Last Circle by Carol Marshal, chapter 6
Gundersons Guns for Drugs)
See; (Inslaw stories by Kelly Omear Michael Reconishuto
was Ted Gunderson Drug for Guns partner)
See:  (Barbara Hartwell Story about Ted Gunderson)
See: (Ted Gunderson Dump)
Art, I have been on over 2,000 radio shows as a guest since 1991.  I exposed Silverado & Lincoln Saving scandals, 1989 HUD scandal, the Denver Int. Airport Scandal, The Keating 5, and many other since then. Al Martin CIA accountant and partner to George Bush, Jr. George, Sr., Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Ollie North, Gen. Richard Secord and others, including my
former father in law.  We have a Web site Please give me a call at 702 362-9567, Gunderson has property in Baja, Mexico worth 60 million dollars. (Clear and free)
Note the attachment by Ted Gunderson.
Thank you.
Stew Webb