by Virginia Lee McCullough

On February 19, 2008 the Betty Cloer murder trial is scheduled to begin in Placerville, California. Puppet Master Michael Riconosciuto has already played a major part in the reconstruction of the case against defendant Philip Arthur Thompson. The two men had last seen each other sometime in 1982 while both were involved in the intrigue of black operations at the Cabazon Indian Reservation. Michael Riconosciuto claims that he resigned from Cabazon Arms in November 1983.

In 1983 Philip Arthur Thompson began serving a lengthy state prison sentence for robbery and kidnapping. On October 23, 2003, one day before his parole hearing, Thompson was served an arrest warrant and later transferred to El Dorado County Jail to await trial for the 1971 murder of Betty Marie Cloer. Prosecutors said that the charges were based on an alleged DNA match in the then 32-year-old homicide.

Riconosciuto has been in federal prison since 1991. He is serving a 30-year sentence for drug manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine between 1987 and about November 1, 1989.

Shortly after Riconosciuto’s imprisonment he began placing himself at the center of a breaking story involving the bankruptcy of a high tech company called Inslaw. He stated that he had placed a back door in In-law’s proprietary software called Promis so that the United States could spy on its friends and enemies alike.

Jack Brooks, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that investigated the “Inslaw Affair” described the committee’s investigation as an examination “Into Serious Allegations That High-Level Department Of Justice Officials Were Involved In A Criminal Conspiracy To Force Inslaw, A Small Computer Company, Out Of Business And Steal Its Primary Asset--A Software System Called Promis.

The Committee’s report had called for the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and issue a report to bring “The Inslaw Affair” to a final conclusion. Instead on October 13, 1991 Attorney General William Barr appointed retired U.S. District Judge Nicholas J. Bua as special counsel to investigate all matters related to Inslaw. Judge Bua impaneled a grand jury at the U.S. District Court in Chicago. However, midway through his investigation he was to dismiss this body calling it a “runaway” grand jury. The jury had apparently believed the allegations against the Justice Department. Finally in June 1993 Judge Bua released his report absolving the Department of Justice of any wrong doing in the Inslaw affair. The document also upheld the government’s position that reporter Danny Casolaro, who had investigated Inslaw, committed suicide. In so doing Bua rejected the belief that Casolaro was murdered because he was uncovering evidence of the related October Surprise.

It was Michael Riconosciuto who had woven the web tying the Inslaw case into the October Surprise through “Dr.” Earl W. Brian, a key operative named in the various Inslaw reports. Riconosciuto stated the Inslaw contract was to have been given to Brian as payment for intelligence work Brian did for the 1980 Reagan presidential campaign. Known world wide as the `October Surprise', it referred to the conspiracy theory that Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager William Casey and others sealed a deal with the Iranians not to release the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages until after the 1980 presidential election.

Many of the issues covered in the Bua report dated back to the 1980s. Riconosciuto’s revelations had exposed many allegations about government misconduct that had remained secret for a decade. “Magic Mike” had exposed his intelligence connections and he had also exposed his status as a drug informant. Tales of Iran-Contra Connections to the Cabazon Reservation were seamlessly woven into Riconosciuto’s 1980 entrapment of methamphetamine manufacturer Ben Kalka. It is rumored that Ben Kalka had formed a partnership with drug dealer Paul Morasca. Riconosciuto referred to Morasca as his “banker” but he was also Riconosciuto’s partner is several companies and a frequent visitor to the Cabazon Reservation. Kalka was ultimately sentenced to jail for twenty years for drug manufacturing. In January 1982 Riconosciuto found Morasca murdered in a San Francisco apartment.

Following the Bua report little was heard from federal prisoner Michael Riconosciuto. He was serving his time in a federal prison in Coleman, Florida and was later transferred to the Federal Correctional Institute in Allenwood, Pa.

Then in March 1997 investigative reporter George Williamson called this writer and requested that I contact the Hercules Police Department regarding the February 19th execution slayings of Neal Abernathy and his 12-year old son Brendan in Hercules, California. Williamson stated that he had received a phone call from Michael Riconosciuto who said that the Abernathys had been killed because the father was storing sensitive files for Riconosciuto. I contacted Hercules homicide investigator Sue Todd and conveyed the message. In June 2000 this reporter was contacted by email by a woman named Anita Langley with a request that I make an appearance on her radio program called Black Op Radio. During an email exchange prior to the radio show Langley clearly indicated an interest in Michael Riconosciuto.

In August 2000 Riconosciuto’s name again resurfaced when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service descended on California to interview free lance writers knowledgeable about the Inslaw Affair. They were accompanied by Sue Todd, the lead investigator into the 1997 Abernathy murders. In was reported that investigators had once again turned their attention to Michael Riconosciuto, a Hercules resident in the late 1970s and early 1980’s. Riconosciuto claimed that he helped alter the Promis software by inserting a “Trojan Horse” or “back door” so that foreign spies could hack into Canada’s computer files. The story was first reported in the Toronto Star leading authorities to question who leaked the story which might have jeopardized Canada’s national security.

On June 14, 2001 reporter Jerry Seper wrote a story for the Washington Post that stated:

Accused spy Robert P. Hanssen gave secret U.S. software to his Russian handlers that later went to terrorist Osama bin Laden, allowing him to monitor U.S. efforts to track him down, federal law enforcement officials said.

The sophisticated software gives bin Laden access to databases on specific targets of his choosing and the ability to monitor electronic banking transactions, easing money-laundering operations for himself or others, according to the sources. Believed to be an upgraded version of a program known as "Promis" developed in the 1980s by a Washington firm, the software originally was designed by Inslaw Inc. to give U.S. attorneys the ability to keep tabs on their caseloads. The program has since been heavily modified and revised. The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, believe Mr. Hanssen, a former FBI agent now awaiting trial on federal espionage charges, delivered upgraded versions of the software to his Russian handlers, who then sold it for $2 million to bin Laden, now being sought in the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa. Federal prosecutors have declined comment on the Hanssen case.

But the government charged in its complaint against the former FBI agent that he made extensive use of the bureau's computerized case management systems -- Field Office Information Management Systems (FOIMS) and Community On-Line Intelligence Systems (COINS) -- as part of his espionage activities for his Russian handlers. The government also said Mr. Hanssen gave his handlers a technical manual on the U.S. intelligence community's secure network for online access to intelligence databases. The sources said FOIMS and COINS are believed to be upgraded versions of the Promis software program.

Michael Riconosciuto told many free lance writers that he and his associate Ted Gunderson had met bin Laden in California during the early 80's at an "area 51-like-base". Riconosciuto claimed that Osama bin Laden, using the name Tim Osman, had come to this country looking for help from the U.S. in his fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. It was implied that the United States government had authorized the meetings with Tim Osman.

This reporter has written this description of the Washington Wizard Michael Riconosciuto:

Michael has a nickname among those journalists in the know. He is called DOT. That is because Michael is such a talented and brilliant disinformation artist with such a photographic memory that he is able to read or hear about a story in the headlines and within a short period of time place himself in the very center of that tale, whether or not he was actually a participant in the event. In other words he BECOMES the DOT as in “connect the dots”. To discern whether what Michael is saying is the truth is a time consuming project. Every statement must be compared against the known and proven facts of the events in the time frame. It is a nearly impossible task for any journalist

On October 26, 2001 Anita Langley emailed this reporter saying that “Michael sent me a letter, very urgent, and some copies which I’ve just made public. He’s been trying to warn authorities of impending terrorist attacks….We’re setting up a web site for him at [Note: this url has since been removed from the net]. This same communication revealed that Langley was a cousin by marriage to Riconosciuto. Langley also stated that Riconosciuto feared that if Anita revealed the relationship there “would be a family blood bath”. Langley continued conveying messages from Michael that conveyed warnings of missile attacks and germ warfare attacks.

On January 16, 2002 Michael Riconosciuto had prostate surgery performed at the Federal Correctional Institute Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois. It is unclear from the existing documents whether or not the surgery was successful.

The case naming Philip Arthur Thompson as the defendant in the decades old murder of Betty Cloer was filed on October 27, 2003. Initially the Public Defender’s Office was appointed to represent Mr. Thompson. Deputy Public Defender Mark Ralphs was the assigned Public Defender. Later in 2004 Deputy Public Defender Susan Gellman joined Mr. Ralphs as co-counsel for Thompson.

In 2003 a web site entitled posted a letter allegedly written by Michael Riconosciuto to Washington State Congressman Baird on February 13, 2001. In this letter Riconosciuto says that he had knowledge of a major radical Islamic group working to provide ID’s and passports to entities and that they reported planned attacks in the United States. Riconosciuto appeared to be a prophet when the twin towers fell on September 11, 2001.

The Mountain Democrat, Placerville’s excellent local newspaper, reported on January 1, 2004 defendant Richard Hamlin would attempt to bring federal prisoner Michael Riconosciuto to El Dorado County’s historic courthouse to testify in Hamlin’s trial. Richard Hamlin was charged with torture in a case of domestic violence. Hamlin was a former district attorney and he was acting as his own 1st chair defense attorney. The wife he was accused of beating is Susan Hamlin. Hamlin's husband’s defense depended on proving that a Satanic cult, headed by his father-in-law Dr. Sid Siemer, was responsible for beating Susan and for plotting Richard's murder.

Prosecutor Vicki Ashworth pleaded with the trial Judge Eddie Keller not to allow Riconosciuto out from the East Coast for the Hamlin trial. She emphasized that “We started with a satanic cult and now we’ve moved up to biological warfare”. Ashworth continued saying that the Hamlin was making a circus out of what had started out as a felony domestic violence case.

On November 15, 2004 Michael Riconosciuto wrote a 2-page letter to his attorney Terry Spears detailing Riconosciuto’s response to letter he had received from “Ted’s [Gunderson] client Richard Hamlin”. Riconosciuto claimed in the letter that he has direct knowledge of Sid Siemer, Cabazon Manager “Dr.” John Philip Nichols and Cabazon Bingo financier G. Wayne Reeder and that Michael has “first hand direct knowledge of this since I have been to many military installations with Sid and J.P. Nichols. Some of the other names in the case are known to me as being involved in the Berkeley cult scene centered around the ANDORPRESS”. Riconosciuto concludes the letter by saying “TLG [Ted L. Gunderson] and I were led to believe, at the time, that everything that took place at Wayne Reeder’s Country Club was sanctioned by the White House!”

On December 23, 2004 an open letter from Richard Hamlin was posted on the cia-drugs list [Digest Number 1284] entitled “Danger Man in Action”. Danger Man was the nickname assigned to Michael Riconosciuto by slain reporter Danny Casolaro. Hamlin’s open letter stated that Susan’s father is Dr. Sid Siemer, the man named in the November 15, 2004 letter by Michael Riconosciuto.

Richard Hamlin was questioned by researchers about the reliability of information he was introducing in his court papers. Hamlin’s only response was to refer journalists to the open letter he had posted on the internet. That letter stated that Ted Gunderson had put Hamlin in touch with Michael Riconosciuto. Ted Gunderson is a business partner and long time associate of “Magic Mike”. Gunderson had been hired as a private investigator for the defense in the Hamlin case. Hamlin was told by Riconosciuto that Dr. Sid Siemer helped Michael develop biological weapons and that Siemer was heavily involved in the international cult scene. (Click. Michael Riconosciuto - Prophet, Patriot, Player, or Phony?

In the meantime, Anita Langley had positioned herself as the contact person for those in the media who wanted to communicate with Michael Riconosciuto. This reporter questioned Anita Langley about Ted Gunderson’s lack of professional integrity. I also questioned the relevancy of Hamlin identifying himself as a “Christian Trophy Head” and emphasizing Susan’s father’s alleged satanic ritual abuse his daughter.

On January 2, 2005 Langely responded in a 2-page email to this reporter as follows:

Michael knew Siemer very well and learned about what the man was doing when he thought they were friends. He told me he couldn't cope with the reality of the situation and was in denial for quite some time. He also told me there were things happening to children that were beyond comprehension and that G. Wackenhut [owner of the Wackenhut Security Corporation in Florida] and friends were part of it. As much as he has issues with Robert Booth Nichols, he made a point of telling me RBN [Robert Booth Nichols] is not with his group, although RBN knows all about it and went to great lengths to warn Michael and Ted away from pursuing them.

During a phone conversation with Langley she indicated that Michael now says that Sid Siemer introduced Dr. Clyde Stormont to the Cabazons and also that Sid Siemer told “Dr.” John P. Nichols to kill Riconosciuto’s “banker” Paul Morasca in January 1982.

On February 9, 2005 posted the first article in a series about the upcoming Richard Hamlin trial. Entitled “Richard William on Trial: The Best Conspiracy Litigation in California” it describes the history, the town, the people and the courthouse location in Placerville, El Dorado County, California. (Click. Richard William Hamlin on Trial) decided to cover the torture trial of Richard Hamlin because of the intervention of alleged former intelligence operative and self-described high tech genius Michael Riconosciuto. Richard William Hamlin on Trial.

On March 30, 2005 Michael Riconosciuto writes a detailed letter to the Hamlin trial judge Eddie Keller of the California Superior Court in El Dorado County. The letter was mailed from the Federal Correctional Institute Allenwood in White Deer PA and references both the Hamlin and Thompson cases. Riconosciuto was under the misconception that Judge Keller had found that he was not a credible witness in the Richard Hamlin case in Keller’s ruling in January 2005. Riconosciuto’s conclusion it was not the truth. Someone had apparently misinformed him. In fact the ruling by Judge Keller denying Hamlin’s desire to produce Riconosciuto was based on Richard Hamlin not providing proof of the relevancy of Riconosciuto’s testimony in his case. In other words, Michael Riconosciuto’s testimony was irrelevant to Hamlin’s defense. Keller specifically denied the oral motion without prejudice. If Hamlin could prove the relevancy of Riconosciuto’s testimony at a later date he could have reintroduced his motion. Richard Hamlin never again pursued it.

In his letter it is apparent that Riconosciuto felt that his mental competency and credibility were being attacked by Keller’s ruling. Therefore, Michael jumped to the conclusion he stated in the letter to Keller. He said that “there is a cover up and attempts to obstruct justice…”

Furthermore, in this letter Riconosciuto said that he was “alerting Honorable Judge Keller to attempts to obstruct justice and use threats of bodily harm to do so, by persons employed by the real perpetrator in this case.”

Finally, Michael Riconosciuto addressed the real reason he felt it was essential that he be allowed to testify in the Richard Hamlin case. He emphatically stated:

There is the additional matter of the prosecution of Philip Arthur Thompson who is presently charged with murder and rape in the same jurisdiction as the Richard Hamlin case. The above mentioned government documents will show that Philip Arthur Thompson was actively working as an FBI informant against me at the time he committed numerous rapes and murders. Many of these rapes and murders were orchestrated by the real perpetrator in the Hamlin case. El Dorado County has demonstrated a conflict of interest between the Philip Arthur Thompson case and the Richard Hamlin case, insofar as the prosecutors efforts to impeach my credibility in the Hamlin case serves to obstruct my being an effective witness in the Thompson case.

The court will see, when it orders a hearing that documents prove my position beyond a reasonable doubt that Richard Hamlin is not the culprit. The real culprit is the party Mrs. Hamlin identified in her earlier sworn statement; later retracted in fear of losing her children. It will also be shown the real perpetrator originally identified by Mrs. Hamlin is one of the leaders of a group responsible for serial rape and murder. This information will draw some serious doubt on the prosecution of Richard Hamlin and support the prosecution of Philip Arthur Thompson, et al. The court needs to consider the fact that most of the participants in the rapes and murders connected to Philip Arthur Thompson et al are still at large. This has had a chilling effect on witnesses coming forward,

Michael continued saying, “My willingness to testify on behalf of Richard Hamlin has brought forth threats of bodily injury towards my family as well as retaliatory transfer from a BOP medical facility, where I was being treated for prostate cancer as well as other serious illnesses. I have been sent to a BOP facility, [FCI Allenwood], who’s medical department cannot provide me with the proper medication and treatment I require. This was all brought about because of the undue influence of the real perpetrator in Richard Hamlin's case. These actions undertaken have effectively obstructed my ability to testify or otherwise provide relevant evidence in the Hamlin case and crimes connected to Philip Arthur Thompson et al."

On April 8, 2005 Michael Riconosciuto, realizing that this reporter was communicating directly by mail with defendant Richard Hamlin, instructed his spokeswoman Anita Langley that Riconosciuto wanted all of Richard Hamlin’s letters that he addressed to this reporter to first go to Anita Langley and then she would select which letters to forward on to this reporter. Riconosciuto was told that if he wanted to enforce this arrangement he would have to do so directly with Richard Hamlin. The diversion of our correspondence never occurred.

On April 26, 2005 Rick Fitzgerald, the new detective on the Philip Arthur Thompson case, visited a newly discovered witness for the prosecution at the Federal Correctional Facility in Sheridan, Oregon. The inmate, Stanley Gene Ellis, claimed to have new information about the Betty Cloer murder case. He claimed that he drove Betty Cloer and her girlfriend to Fromis, the bar they visited on the night Betty disappeared. He claimed that he had dropped them off at the bar and that he returned home to his wife. Later, he said that he saw the man Betty left with and that the couple had babysat Betty’s son Robert until Betty’s family picked up the child following the discovery of her body.

On May 10, 2005 the six family members of the McGowan family were found murdered in their home in Riverside County. David McGowan allegedly killed his wife, his mother, his three children and then himself. At least that was the official determination within 24 hours of the discovery of the bodies. But David McGowan was the lead investigator for the Riverside District Attorney’s office and he was specifically assigned to the Indio, California area. Indio is the home of the Cabazon Indian Reservation and the initial home for covert activities on sovereign lands nationwide.

Anita Langley immediately published an anonymous article on RuMills, a blog site run by RayeAlan Russbacher, who Michael Riconosciuto titled the Black Widow. Again Langley brought Michael Riconosciuto front and center in a current major news story.

Dateline May 14, 2005:

How many more people have to die before this black blight on America is healed?

David McGowan and his family have paid the ultimate price for truth and justice.

In 1982, Fred Alvarez and two friends were found murdered shortly after Alvarez publicly protested the activities of John P Nichols and Wackenhut on the Cabazon reservation. Alvarez wrote a disgruntled letter to Ronald Reagan which provided details of the October Surprise, among other things. He was up front about the danger to his life and was quoted that he believed is life was in danger. The same year, Paul Morasca was murdered after confronting John P Nichols about the illegal activities going on at the Cabazon reservation. Political prisoner Michael Riconosciuto was present during the confrontation; Dr. Sid Siemer was also present and made direct threats to Paul Morasca. Riconosciuto told Police Chief Sam Cross that Nichols was planning more murders, Nichols was caught attempting to hire contract killers and was sentenced to 5 years in jail as a consequence. At the Morasca grand jury murder investigation, Marshall Riconosciuto testified that Sid Siemer had used extortion tactics to force him to pay service contracts for John Nichols.

The Cabazon reservation was being used to sponsor several black programs, conveniently getting around Congressional oversight due to special status granted native bands.

Recent efforts have been made to shine light onto the handling of the Morasca murder investigation and the Alvarez murders. David McGowan was the investigator who was looking into the Alvarez murders.

And the moral of the story... don't mess with these people unless your family is tucked safely away.

Dr. Sid Siemer is struggling to hold back a landslide of information which has been surfacing since his daughter, Susan Hamlin went public with the sexual molestation she endured from him since she was a toddler. Her husband is now in jail after he went after Sid, who somehow managed to turn the tables and had Richard Hamlin charged with torturing his wife. Clearly a victim of mind control, Susan Hamlin's story is best understood by reading her letters, posted here,hamlin,susansword,3,10,05.htm. is a steaming cauldron, and like the landslide that took out Riverside Drive in New York, Riverside County CA is on the verge of meltdown as sordid details of Wackenhut's nefarious activities surface in more places than can be suppressed.

Author Gary Webb was suicided shortly after he began investigating the Hamlin case as it relates to Indio (many of Susan Hamlin's allegations revolved around activities at Indio).

How many more people have to die before this black blight on America is healed?

Name Withheld For Obvious Reasons

On May 17, 2005 Anita Langley wrote a 3-page letter to Michael Riconosciuto. This letter clearly shows that Langley had now placed herself in a position to speak for Riconosciuto without Michael’s prior input. She justifies doing so documenting her perceived danger for this reporter because of the McGowan murders. Langley also said that this reporter was in danger because of my recent interview with Philip Arthur Thompson. Portions of Langley’s letter to Riconosciuto are quote below:

The events of late have obviously had far reaching effect, the fact that you are struggling with such a myriad of retaliatory problems indicates the level of pull that Sid has is formidable. Based on your very strong reactions, I would guess that you would think it highly unlikely that Sid did not very quickly learn of Virginia's visit to PAT [Philip Arthur Thompson] and Richard [Hamlin] (what odds would you place on that I also have considered that this is coming to a head very quickly and there are not enough people who are paying attention, that makes the whole thing much more dangerous. You have pointed to connections between people that can be uncovered with investigation. I think your urgency that these connections be made quickly was compounded with the McGowan murders. In the past we have had to consider options of insurance, I have taken it upon myself to pursue such an option which I hope will ensure that there is an instant spotlight if there is more bloodshed. I wrote a note for Rayellen to publish on RMN. I put a lot of consideration into this decision, I will fully explain my reasoning. If you think I have blundered, please don't hesitate to give me your honest reactions."

As you can see from the note at the end of this letter, I have put the names of Sid, Virginia, Alvarez, JPN, Webb and McGowan in one brief note. It's got to be a very touchy thing for Sid to have to contend with, he's the one who takes the heat if something happens now. Virginia is going to blow Sid and friends out of the water, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this makes her a target. It is important that she has a chance to publish her articles. If anything happens to her, members of the family or anyone close to this case, we have insurance to get a spotlight on the situation in very short time. Anyone intercepting this mail or scanning my mailbox will quickly learn that many dozens of respected authors, publishers and the like will have received personal emails from me providing the link for the attached note and an explanation that will clarify the immediate danger to everyone close to this, and a request to post certain material if anything should happen to those who are close to this. I have maintained open channels with enough well known people that it has the potential to be a containment nightmare.

On May 23, 2005 posted an article entitled Click. Michael Riconosciuto Explains Why His Testimony Is Essential In The Cases Of Richard Hamlin And Philip Arthur Thompson. This article contains the full transcript of the letter Michael Riconosciuto wrote to Judge Eddie Keller on March 30, 2005.

Two days later Anita Langley phoned this reporter and conveyed Michael Riconosciuto’s warning not to meet with Philip Arthur Thompson because her life would be in danger if she did.

On this same date, May 25, 2005, Judge Daniel B. Proud, presiding over the Betty Cloer murder case, appointed alternative panel attorney Dain Weiner to replace the attorneys from the Public Defender’s panel. The Public Defender’s Office had apparently found itself in a conflict of interest because of their representation by Bob Banning as second chair in the Richard Hamlin case. Therefore, the office recused itself from representing Philip Arthur Thompson. This action further delayed the trial of Thompson because the new attorney would now have to “get up to speed” and read volumes of court documents and investigative reports. The continuous delay angered Betty Cloer’s family, particularly her sister Anita McClure.

Two days later Anita Langley phoned this reporter saying that Michael Riconosciuto needed $10,000 for his attorney Terry Spears and Ted Gunderson. Langley again emphasized that someone had put a hit on Michael Riconosciuto's life and she stressed that there is a “conflict between Philip Arthur Thompson and Richard Hamlin”.

On June 20, 2005 posted an article describing the Cloer family concern over the repeated delay of the start of the Betty Cloer murder trial. (Click.) The article also contained extensive quotations from Hal Lamb's police reports from November 7, 2002 and August 26, 2003. (Sheriff Case No. EG7104104)

On August 8, 2005 this reporter wrote the following to Michael Riconosciuto:

\Where Sid Siemer is concerned I have the following comments: Re: the Cabazon Nation - I have many sources that are original to what happened at the Cabazon Reservation apart and aside from you, Michael. For example I was given extensive files from inside the "Business Committee's files by several insiders on the reservation that amount to several hundred pages. Some of these were introduced in my SLAPP counter lawsuit against Virginia Nichols and Brenda Soulliere (Sp?) and have been subsequently published in various written, video and audio media. Additionally John Patrick McGuire (George Wayne Reeder's and Jimmy Hughes' associate) provided me many files in the winter of 1991 that had been hidden in Clearlake, California since the 1980's. Needless to say, a great deal of additional information was leaked to me by certain people within the Riverside DA's and Sheriff's departments. In none of the vast amount of material I have is the name of Dr. Sid Siemer ever mentioned. The very first time that name surfaced is through you and R.H. in the Hamlin case. I find that coincidence very hard to accept.

On the other hand, I have confirmed Dr. Siemer's presence at UC Davis in plant and animal technology.

Michael's response was written just seven days later on August 15, 2005. The letter was 8 pages long. Many of the pages were consumed with an A to Z list of people that Michael wanted me to research that he indicated were tied into his many stories. Michael also discussed his opinions about a wide range of individuals; he discussed Senator Diane Feinstein and her connection to the Cabazon events, deceased investigative reporter Gary Webb, high profile defense attorney Harlan Braun and key Cabazon figure Jimmy Hughes. Riconosciuto concluded with the following comments:

Sid used his influence to get me summarily taken out of the medical center before my treatment had been completed. He then tried to have myself and another party murdered because I had made certain news reporters aware of compromise material. I miraculously side stepped the hits. Now I am dealing with the administrative retaliation."

The way I see things working out -- Richard will wind up getting 25 years to life and Thompson will get off scott free on the murder charge! Judge Keller is under compromise - not the chummy relations with former DEA cronies!

Ted (Gunderson) did not induce me to reach out to Richard. TLG had sent me investigation reports with a request for comments. I had initially declined to get involved. Richard then wrote several impassioned letters begging me for help.

Richard and his attorney's mishandled the situation. Now I am out in the cold without medical treatment or my legal materials. I will not have protection from further retaliation or harassment until I get my criminal complaint filed against Sid and certain BOP staff...

Do you think each of the women Thompson brutally murdered found him charming? Most of Thompson's people are not in jail? He will get turned loose to strike again!

On September 29, 2005 this reporter emailed Anita Langley the following:

The Pandora technology is identical to Siemer to me. That is to say that I never heard of either one until MR and you told me about the two. Yet [Michael Riconosciuto associate] Ray Lavas FAXed me tons of material that I believe would have included something about both somewhere along the line."

I have absolutely no faith in TG's many tragedies - whenever he is supposedly going to do something really great or supply some key bit of information that will help MR, a witness is killed, disappears, or just dies and all the helpful documentation disappears. I simply do not believe any of it. This is just too much like all of those 'whistle blowing' bloggers who are always having the entire government hack into their site and destroy their revelations. The next thing they advertise is their lives and their family's lives are being threatened and they are going off line to protect their loved ones - BS - pure BS! I've been doing this stuff for twenty-five years and the worst that has happened is that I've been sued by two Cabazon ladies who did not know the law on libel and slander. If I talked the way TG and the bloggers do, my credibility would be ZERO.

Several phone calls were exchanged between Anita Langley and this reporter on November 21, 2005. Anita said that Michael Riconosciuto was very distressed and realized that “Philip Arthur Thompson is going to walk on these charges” [the Betty Cloer murder] . Again Langely stated that Michael said a message was delivered to him “by Thompson’s gang members” that Thompson would kill Riconosciuto’s family if Thompson was released from prison. Almost every time there was communication from Anita Langley she now conveyed Riconosciuto’s allegations that Thompson was somehow threatening him and others.

On January 12, 2006 El Dorado County Sheriff Rick Fitzgerald interviewed Stanley Gene Ellis at his new prison, the Federal Correctional Institute in Victorville, California. Fitzgerald later reported about this meeting, "I asked Ellis if he specifically recalls giving Betty and friend(s) a ride to the bar that night. Ellis said that he had thought about that a lot since our first meeting. He is not sure that is the case. As he remembers it, Betty didn't have a car, and he had given her rides to places on different occasions. Ellis said he might be confusing those times with giving her a ride that night." Fitzgerald continues: "Ellis told me that he vividly remembers that he expected to be the one that was going to pick up Betty and give her a ride home at the end of her night".

Of course, by this time Ellis, the new key witness, had as he stated “thought a lot” about the events of June 18 and 19, 1971. It is also reasonable to assume that he had now had an opportunity to become familiar with the testimony of other witnesses to those events. None of the other witnesses recalled anything about the presence of either Stanley Gene Ellis or his wife Margaret that evening.

Detectives Rick Fitzgerald and Rich Strasser intensified their witness interviews in January 2006. They spent hours in Oregon interviewing friends and family members of Betty Cloer. It is not known if their interviews included questions about the interviewees knowledge or lack of knowledge of Stanley Gene Ellis or his wife. Interestingly this report would not be typed up and documented for five months until May 9, 2006.

Meanwhile letters sent to Anita Langley by Michael Riconosciuto recounted Michael’s continuing concern about how the false accusations of his mental illness had affected his court case and his ever lengthening prison commitment. The false accusations were perpetuated by countless articles in the press building a foundation that was impossible to dismantle. All of the entities making these self-serving claims knew better. The final word on Michael’s mental competency had been set in stone by the Federal Correctional Institute in Springfield, Missouri when the doctors there declared on January 16, 1974 that Riconosciuto was “without mental illness” in report No. 11919-116.

On February 5, 2006 Michael Riconosciuto wrote a 15-page letter to his spokeswoman Anita Langley. In that letter he described in his own words the agony he had suffered as a result of these false accusations that he was mentally incompetent.

(5) From the files you have it is obvious how many years it took me to obtain evidence under FOIA/PA of the existence of Dr. Godfrey's final forensics report to my trial judge in the 1973 case. All the time before and during my 1992 trial my attorneys, prosecutors, the trial judge and the media completely ignored Dr. Godfrey's report that was a mandatory part of the court file. Yet at the same time misrepresented in court and in the media that the record indicated I had a long history of serious mental illness. I think I have presented the history and facts of the matter clearly. The problem is my family in Tacoma and my former attorney have all been biased against me over the false information put out about me over the 1973 case. This false mental illness history has caused me major problems with medical staff here at LSCI Allenwood.

Finally on March 19, 2006 Anita Langley phoned this reporter and said that she had left a message on prosecutor Trish Kelliher’s message unit. Langley also indicated that she would be writing a letter to Kelliher about the value of calling Michael Riconosciuto in the case of Philip Arthur Thompson. Langley’s March 20, 2006 letter follows:

Trish Kelliher
District Attorney’s Office
515 Main Street
Placerville, CA 95667

Dear Ms. Kelliher,

Thank you for returning my call. I am faxing you a few items related to our conversation, please let me know if you do not receive 20 pages, including this letter.

While I am not the person who should be providing you with details related to the case of Philip Arthur Thompson, I do hold some documents for Michael Riconosciuto and I understand that clarifying certain common areas of misinformation around Michael will be necessary if you are to be convinced of the importance of communicating with him about Mr. Thompson.

I am sending you a copy of a 1973 Psychiatric report which shows “no mental illness”, perhaps we can address one of the most common credibility issues quickly. I hope you can see that there is a problem with the position held by federal agencies that Michael was possibly delusional and had a history of mental illness going back to a 1972 arrest. This position severely biased his judge and jury. Page 6 of Michael’s PSI (attached) states that many of Michael’s claims, while appearing delusional, later proved to be true. The full PSI can be provided to you upon request.

We are prepared to meet credibility issues as they come up. While it is not your job to undo a conviction which sends an innocent man to jail, unless you understand the circumstances around Michael’s 1972 case, which involves him being framed in retaliation of being an informant against powerful criminals, you are not likely to understand why he should be heard. As you can see from items I am sending, Michael was a protection case. The LA Times article Drug Indictment Names Ex-Agent, 2 SF Policemen makes reference to the case in which he testified.

Here is a very brief synopsis based on the discussions I have had with Michael over the years, and based on letters he has written. I will forward a copy of this letter to him and he can correct any inaccuracies there might be on my part. Michael decided to cooperate with federal agents after he witnessed a murder in the late 60s. The investigation involved corrupt police in the San Francisco area. The corruption was very well organized and also involved dirty federal agents outside the SF police department. Michael’s status as an informant was discovered, and same for some of his friends, several people were murdered. An attempt was made to frame him by dumping the body of Valerie MacDonald, who was his girlfriend and Betty Cloer’s friend, behind a property owned by Michael. ( I may have said “house” on the phone, but I don’t think that is correct, Michael owned a number of businesses. ) Another attempt was made to frame him after Michael produced solid alibi for the murder, drugs were planted under his houseboat. The FBI were not ready to make their case so he went to jail. Michael has been battling with this bunch of organized criminals continually over the years, there is plenty of documentation that was not available for his trial so please don’t hesitate to point out any specific concerns you have over credibility issues. With regards to his more recent conviction, we have ample proof that the federal government’s position to judge and jury stating there was no classified material in Michael’s case was just one of many blatant lies, I am sending you an example. Michael’s lead choice for attorney was murdered and witnesses were killed. None of it stands the light of scrutiny.

I am also sending a copy of a letter written by Retired Police Chief Sam Cross which credits Michael for saving the lives of a number of people by exposing plans to murder them.

In order to understand how dangerous Mr. Thompson is, you need to know how he was connected to a man like John Nichols, whom Michael sent to jail. Note that the FBI refused to investigate John Nichols. Mr. Nichols was involved in a business partnership with some very powerful and connected people.

I am also enclosing an article about the murder of Paul Morasca. Michael has told me numerous times over the years that Philip Arthur Thompson killed Paul Morasca on the orders of John Nichols.

Finally, I am sending you an excerpt from Michael Riconosciuto’s trial transcripts so that you can see at a glance that Mr. Thompson was known to Michael Riconosciuto and that Mr. Thompson is alleged to be involved in some very disconcerting activities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like documentation of any sort to help establish the validity of Michael’s input. With regards to actual information relative to your case, please contact Michael’s attorney and arrange communications through appropriate legal channels. His attorney is:

Mr. Louis Buffardi
110 Oakbrook Rd.
Oakbrook, IL 60523
cell (630)267-1968

Anita Louise Langley
3318 E. 27th Ave
Vancouver, BCV5R 1P7
(604) 430-3180

On May 3, 2006 posted an article entitled Satanic Spoiler Ted Gunderson Surfaces in Susan Polk Murder Case detailing former FBI agent Ted Gunderson's ties to various intelligence agency assets including Michael Riconosciuto. The article also details his emergence in the high profile Contra Costa County, Calif. murder trial of Susan Polk who was later convicted of killing her husband Dr. Felix Polk. Dr. Polk had been heavily immersed in the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare tactics of the 1980s.

Amazingly on May 18, 2006 prosecutor Trish Kelliher states on page 3, item no. 17(a) in her “People’s Response to Defendant’s Request for Discovery” the following:

The People have had no contact with a Michael Riconosciuto nor do we intend, at this time to call him as a witness.

El Dorado County Prosecutor Gary Lacy was defeated by Vern Pierson in the election on June 8, 2006 but nothing changed in the prosecutor’s pursuit of defendant Philip Arthur Thompson.

According to this reporter’s reliable sources Anita Langley continued to contact potential witnesses in the upcoming Cloer murder case and warn them that Philip Arthur Thompson was a dangerous man who had repeatedly threatened Michael Riconosciuto, Ted Gunderson and Langley’s family. Langley stressed that if these witnesses did not cooperate with the prosecution to convict Thompson their lives would also be in danger. Langley went so far as to send these individuals copies of her letter to Kelliher and she followed up with phone calls to these witnesses.

Correspondence between Michael Riconosciuto and this reporter between September and November 2006 documented Michael’s renewed interest in connecting Philip Arthur Thompson to the murder of Riconosciuto’s “banker” Paul Morasca in 1982. It became apparent that Michael was centering on trying to establish that high profile attorney Harlan Braun, who had reported the discovery of Morasca’s body to the San Francisco Police Department, had represented Riconosciuto. It was important that Michael establish that there was a conflict of interest because allegedly Braun had represented Thompson and Riconosciuto at the same time. Braun denied this in a letter he addressed to this reporter.

On November 10, 2006 Braun’s letter was forwarded to Michael Riconosciuto at FCI Allenwood, Whitedeer, PA. This reporter’s cover letter to Michael accompanying the Braun letter stated the following:

Enclosed please find Harland Braun's four-page letter composed and mailed on November 7, 2006 in response to my enclosed letter to him dated October 19, 2006. I received Mr. Braun's letter yesterday, November 9, 2006.

Quite frankly I have never received such a straight forward letter from an attorney. Let's face it, lawyers are not known for their directness.

I can only guess why you would need this information but following my thoughts, I have also enclosed for your information a copy of the Coroner's Register on Paul Morasca finalized January 18, 1982 and signed off by San Francisco's famous Medical Examiner Dr. Boyd Stephens. Unfortunately Dr. Stephens died several years ago.

Please note under HISTORY OF CASE: "The deceased, age about 30, resided at 1205 Kearny Street. According to information received from Inspector P. Sander of homicide, on 1-14-82 at about 1218 hours, he received a telephone call from Mr. H. Braun, an attorney in Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. Braun stated that he had just talked to a man on the phone, who refused to identify himself, but said a body could be found at 1205 Kearny Street in San Francisco, California. The caller further stated that he had found the body on the evening of 1-13-82 and fled San Francisco in a state of panic.

On January 5, 2007 Vern Pierson was sworn in as the new El Dorado County District Attorney. Although Pierson had emailed this reporter expressing a specific interest in the Thompson case, the prosecution of Philip Arthur Thompson stayed on the same course it had been under District Attorney Gary Lacy.

On March 27, 2007 Defense Attorney Dain Weiner’s “Supplemental Request for Discovery” on Page 5, Item 14 requested the following:

14. Michael Riconosciuto

The prosecution has previously indicated that they are not going to call Mr. Riconosciuto despite his ardent attempts to interject himself into this case.

a. Rap Sheet
b. Brady material
c. Copies of all correspondence between Mr. Riconosciuto and law enforcement (and the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office).
d. Copies of all correspondence made by Mr. Riconosciuto’s agents or others on his behalf including:

(i.) Approximately 20-page letter from Anita Langley sent on or about May 18, 2006.

Once more prosecutor Trish Kelliher replied in her April 13, 2007 “Response to Defense Motion for Supplemental Discovery. She states the following:

Page 6, Item 14 Michael Riconosciuto

The People have not contacted Mr. Riconosciuto regarding this case, and he is not considered a witness. In the event Mr. Riconosciuto is determined to be a witness and called by the People, all legally required discovery will be provided.

The events that involved Michael Riconosciuto and his interaction with the El Dorado Superior Courts in the cases of Richard Hamlin and Philip Arthur Thompson put the courts, the District Attorney and the sheriff’s of El Dorado County on written notice that Riconosciuto intended to influence both cases. The use of Riconosciuto spokeswoman Anita Langley to communicate and correspond with both the prosecution and the witnesses in the Thompson case clearly demonstrates Riconosciuto’s intent to influence the outlook they would have about the defendant in the Cloer murder case. The constant repetition by Langley, Gunderson and Riconosciuto of implied threats from Philip Arthur Thompson were portrayed by Kelliher as a reason to keep the names of her future key witnesses secret. Judge James Wagoner was also influenced because he continuously complied with Kelliher’s oral requests to conceal the names of her two star witnesses, Stanley Gene Ellis and Mark Allen Masterson. The media was ham strung in their attempt to report on the Cloer murder case and the public was denied the right to know what was transpiring in the closed door pretrial motions.

There can be no question about the obvious fact that Puppet Master Michael Riconosciuto is pulling the strings in the Betty Cloer murder trial.

Virginia McCullough © 2/18/08
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