Part 1]

by Virginia McCullough

There is a circus in town, folks.  It is fun for everyone but a mother and her three daughters.  It is yet another egregious example of so-called Child Protective Services (CPS) and the family law courts run amuck and wasting you tax payer dollars.  It is a display of cruelty and chaos brought to you in your own local courtroom and paid for by you.  It is a living demonstration of the flight of fantasy that can only be created by an unconscionable district attorney and a heartless female judge.  Combine these two evil entities and marry them to questionable witnesses and ABC-TV Channel 7 I-team headed by Dan Noyce, and you have the persecution of a mother and her three girls.

Are you interested?  Pay attention because it could easily happen to you, your children or your grandchildren.


This writer was first contacted about the Kelly Nunez case in the late summer of 2002.  A man who is allowed to practice law without a license in Marin and Sonoma Counties called me because I had written extensively about a woman named Carol Mardeusz and her quest to rescue her youngest daughter from a man with a long history of drug abuse and violence, Leo Magers. The courts and the district attorneys in the two sister counties of Marin and Sonoma knew this "advocate" well and welcomed him to write legal papers and appear in their courtrooms. The man who called me was Ron Mazzaferro and, according to Mardeusz, he was directing her legal defense, often sitting by her side at the defense table.

Just as in the Kelly Nunez case on trial last week and this week in Contra Costa County, CPS and the courts protected the father and spent thousands of dollars to criminalize and persecute the mother Mardeusz.  The children were cannon fodder shot at and destroyed by the officers of the court who enlist in the army of court corruption.

Also goose stepping in unison with the court's army is the entity known as "the militia" who are sanctioned to practice law without a license by the court's army.  If you can picture a member of the militia hiding under the black robe of the sitting judge and  squeezing his/her's lower anatomy to direct the judgement his/her honor will deliver to the accused, you will get the picture of the importance of the militia.  Their job is to control the outcome of court cases that the court would be publicly embarrassed to dictate.  And they do so with impunity.

So last August Ron Mazzaferro called this writer and told me I should look into a horrendous case of child abuse involving a woman named Kelly Nunez who was desperately trying to protect her two little girls from the verbal and physical abuse allegedly being heaped upon them by their father.  Mazzaferro directed me to meet, not with the mother, but her militia controller, a man named Richard Harry Peterson and he gave me Peterson's phone number.


I made arrangements to meet Rich Peterson at a coffee shop for what turned out be a four hour interview.  He came armed with pictures clearing showing bruised and battered children.  He also came armed with bundles of papers, some of which he would not allow me to see.

He supplied me with militia style legal papers signed by him containing wording typical of allegiance to "common law" adhered to and promoted by the militia. Wording such as "next best friend" and "employee judge".  The use of language is so obviously patterned after "common law" that even a first term, naive judge should easily recognize it.   There are many articles devoted to this issue available on the internet.

This writer had an uneasy feeling about the man I was interviewing and when he went to the rest room, I looked at the papers he had refused to let me see.  Among the papers was a memo from "Wayne Jones" [[email protected]] to Sherene addressing Government Code Section 7700-77013 and stating, "This is what you are dealing with.  Check out GC section 77003 (a)(4) and see if you notice anything familiar?  They have an inherent, intolerable conflict of interest.  ALL OF THEM!  Small wonder they declared you to be incompetent, it pays their salaries, benefits and retirement.  Is it not nice to know that you are doing your part to support those wonderful public servants?"

When Peterson returned to the table, I asked him who Wayne Jones was and he turned white as a sheet.  He tried to talk but stuttered and looked frightened.  Finally he whispered as though he was revealing a great secret and said, "He is the head of our militia.  He is a large, powerfully built black man named "Tony" Eugene Goodspeed and he lives in Oakland.  He handles everything.  You cannot contact him because he won't talk to you."

After many months of research I found that Rich Peterson totally controlled the thought processes of Kelly Nunez in the many months before she turned her two little girls over to him.   On April 22, 2002 Kelly Nunez,  using her maiden name Kelly Treinen , executed a durable power of attorney  in favor of Rich Peterson to control her bank account at Bank of America.  This would give him access to her disability checks through October 22, 2002.  Because of her fear Danny Nunez and his "fiancé" Sharon Zeff were and would continue to harm her babies, Kelly Nunez sold everything she owned and turned over as much as $8,000 to Rich Peterson.

When the moneys supplied to him by mother Nunez  ran out, Peterson contacted Dan Noyce's I-Team and made arrangements to have that group from Channel 7 attend the group headed by himself and Jr. Manning in San Jose law offices.  According to many members of the group, the I-Team lied to  telling them they were there to listen to their  stories of abuse by CPS and the family law courts in Santa Clara County.  Instead they filmed the group and then implied that the many members were all part of the so-called "underground" that was really fronted and funded by Rich Peterson.

Rich Peterson has a long court history in San Mateo County involving his son and daughter and Peterson's harassment of the maternal grandparents who raised them.  San Mateo County records also reflect evictions and disputes involving Peterson.

So how does the Contra Costa County Circus handle this man?  He is named as a co-defendant with mother Nunez and Jr. Manning but he is NOT currently on trial.  Why?  Because the court, in it's infinite wisdom, has sent him away for a mental evaluation.  Yet the court could have easily accessed, as this writer did, his July 5, 1994 psychological evaluation by Kenneth R. Perlmutter, clinical psychologist in Palo Alto.

In the San Mateo Superior Court cases Peterson v. Bunker, Bunker v. Bunker [cases nos. 305850 and 300903] Peterson was referred to Mr. Perlmutter by Kay Coddington, LCSW of family Court Services for testing in order to assist Ms. Coddington  "to make recommendations to the Court regarding the abilities of the various adults in the case to provide effective parenting to the two minor children."  The report also states that, "He (Peterson) is divorced from but still lives with his wife (Helen).  He is the biological father of two children (Amanda and Adam) conceived with Linda Bunker (while she was married to Wayne Bunker)."   The report concludes "His personality style and characteristics (i.e. bring self-centered and anxious) certainly call into question his ability to appropriately focus and attend to his children.  Further, one wonders about the nature of his actual motivation in this matter."  Peterson's two adult children have very limited contact with him.

At the time a $5 million arrest warrant was issued for Peterson in early November 2002, Peterson was still living with his wife in a lovely home in Concord where this writer had interviewed him in the early fall.  At this home Peterson maintained a extensive home office that included a fax machine, a copy machine and computers.  Some of this equipment was later seized by Contra County officials.  An excellent article addressing these issues was posted to on November 7, 2002.  The article was written for The Mercury News by Lisa Fernandez and Roxanne Stites.

It is this writer's opinion that the court and the district attorney are protecting militia man Rich Peterson by removing him from the current trial now taking place in the courtroom in Contra Costa County Superior Court.  The excuse can NOT be made by the district attorney that his office was ignorant of the facts involving Rich Peterson because this writer presented these issues and the documents that support my position in a tape recorded interview at their investigator's office that lasted almost two hours many months ago.

This decision to not try the main man in this case was deliberately made in order to try Kelly Nunez and  Jr. Manning alone so that the many mistakes made in this case will never see the light of day.  The Missing Militia Man Rich Peterson was the main motivator behind the actions taken by Mother Nunez and he is NOT on trial.  What is wrong with this picture.

Tomorrow's article on the Nunez case will bring you The Father and His Finance, The District Attorney's Decision Not To Prosecute Danny Nunez For Grand Theft, and more facts behind the circus brought to you by your neighborhood "public servants".

Virginia McCullough © 6-25-03

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