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Click. Stanford University inaugurated the newly expanded Martin Luther King Institute on January 13, 2006.  The Institute will preserve and protect the papers of the influential civil rights and religious leader.

by Virginia McCullough, Curator

Mae Brussell's research about
the life and death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mae Brussell's research about the life and death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Virginia McCullough © 2005

The great conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell often spoke about the conspiracy to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on her radio shows.  For 17 years she broadcast from radio stations in Carmel and Pacific Grove, California.  In March 1998, Mae Brussell received a death threat that she took far more seriously then those she had received in the past and she stopped broadcasting her weekly show.  Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  On October 3, 1988 the amazing voice of Mae Brussell was silenced forever. 

In the sixteen years since her death countless revelations concerning the assassination of the great civil rights leader have only served to substantiate the allegation that a conspiracy killed Dr. King.  

In 1988, Dr. William Pepper, an attorney in England and in the United States, began representing James Earl Ray who had pled guilty to the assassination of King.  For ten years Pepper tried to obtain a new trial for Ray who contended he was, in effect, coerced to plead guilty.  The King family backed this effort which ultimately failed.  In 1998, Ray died of liver failure. 

On April 1, 1998, Pepper wrote a book about what he gleaned from representing Ray and investigating the case.  He described a plot to kill King by a local mob operative, the Memphis police and military intelligence. This book was entitled Orders to Kill: The Truth behind the Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Pepper approached King's widow, Coretta Scott King,  about bringing a civil suit.  She agreed. In 1998, Pepper filed a civil suit on her behalf in circuit court in Tennessee against unnamed conspirators and Loyd Jowers, whose restaurant  Pepper alleged was used as a staging scene for the assassination.

In December 1999,  a civil jury in Memphis , Tennessee returned a verdict that King was "murdered by an intricate plot that included government agencies".  The facts found by that jury were the topic of an article by James W. Douglass  published on March 15, 2000  in The Christian Century Magazine (pps. 308-313).  That article is online. Click.   

In January 2003, in his book Act of State. The Murder of Martin Luther King, Pepper elucidated the facts which came out in the trial and further explored all the avenues of research which he had worked on since April 4, 1968, the day King was assassinated. Click to read a transcript of a speech by Pepper about his work.

Mae Brussell's work laid some of the groundwork.  Following are excerpts of Brussell's work on the King Assassination.  Mae's research delved into King's life, the steps the U.S. government took against him and the Black race, including such matters as the King Alfred Plan murders in Contra Costa County, California and technical aspects of assassinations.  These notes were excerpted from World Watcher's International bibliography sheets from November 3, 1986, the sheets for Tape #778 through June 13, 1988, Tape #862, one of Mae Brussell's last tapes.  Read patiently.  The gems of knowledge are within the notes, and the connections must be drawn by the reader

Tape 591, 4/4/83, Side 1:

James Earl Ray, Dr. King's "Killer" Sues Tennessee SJM 12/28/83 AP.

"Neglected evidence in his case.  Gave attorney  Percy Foreman (CIA) numbers of two Louisiana men, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, for suppressed evidence. Z.T. Osborne, Nashville attorney, one of the men, then DIED. Links to Teamsters Union official and Mideast-oriented organization.  Tape #471 12/20/80 Links of John Lennon, M.L. King murders. (Archivist's note: At the end of this article is a complete copy of the bibliography sheet for Tape #471)

"Ray Names Four Others in Scheme to Murder King" Nashville Tennessean Nov. 2, 1980. 

Narcotics traffic, JFK assassins. 

Carlos Miguel Hernandez, Memphis, Ala. Narcotics conviction later. 

David Graiver. Alias of Raul.  Embezzlement, American Bank and Trust Co., NYC.

Randolph Erwin Rosenson.  Convicted in N.O. illegal smuggling. Rosenson may be the link to Clyde Watters, General Walker, Fritz Kraemer, the World Anti-Communist League, Hitler's Abwhere, MLK-JFK.

Tape 619, 10/17/83/4/83, Side 2:

"FBI Releases Some Secret Files on King to Conservative Group" S.F. Ex. 10/14/83

Sen. Jesse Helms, R.N.C. Conservative Caucus.
"FBI Document written in 1965 suggested Pope Paul XXIII should be briefed on 'King's communist connections, King expected to see Pope."

Pope John XXIII died June 3, 1963, two years earlier.  There is no Pope Paul XXIII.  Is this one of your illiterate, forged documents like the CIA had E. Howard Hunt writing, 6/72, to blame JFK for Diem murder?

How many history re-writers are taxpayers supporting?  1984 is now.  Erase history, change history to your forged lies?

Tape 737, 1/20/86, Side 1:

First federal holiday for Rev. Martin Luther King, January 20, 1986.

Giving Blacks a MLK holiday is like a peace agreement between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin until the real war broke out.

1. Federal agencies, local police and prosecutors, Defense Dep't. and intelligence connections to Aryan Nations, National Alliance, Posse Comitatus, Ku Klux Klan and other Nazi groups vs. all Blacks.  When does M.L. King's "Dream" become the black "nightmare?"

2.  Black talent, money and energy should be spent removing, as quickly as  possible, the killer teams throughout the USA who are murdering Blacks, labor leaders, civil rights activists, liberal reporters, investigators.

Saturday Evening Jan. 18, 1986, Atlanta GA.  Dinner honoring Rev. M.L. King. CNN, 5:30 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 19, 1986.

Coetta Scott King with guest of honor for this event, none other than Japanese war criminal, organizer of death squads, Mafia funder of Re. S.M. Moon and Col. Bo Hi Pak, Ryoichi Sasakawa.

"The world's wealthiest Fascist", Sasakawa.
"Mussolini a first class persons, perfect fascist dictator", Sasakawa.
Japan's Kuromaku, "Black Curtain" most powerful manipulator, powerbroker.
The money behind CAUSA, death squads, Star Wars, terror on the right.
Classified as "Class A War Criminal", WWII.
Money behind Asian People's Anti-Communist League and WACL., Nazi gangs.
William "Bum Bright" one of the links of Sasakawa to J. F. . Kennedy, King assassinations.

Tape 737, 1/27/86, Side 1:

Birthday celebration of Rev. Martin Luther King, continued from #737

1.  "Unkept promise at King Death Site" SFC 1/21/86

Lorraine Civil Rights Museum Foundation, broke, used for hookers. 
Graceland, King of Rock, Memphis Tenn. across, town, Elvis Presley.

2.  Jesse Jackson.  Morning News, CBS, 1/21/86

"The jury is not in yet on whether the government was behind King's assassination."

3.  "Convicted killer James Earl Ray insists only a pawn". LAH 1/20/86.

"Gun for Raul, 'gun running'.  Wasn't at Lorraine Motel."

4.  Congressman Mervyn Dymally at King Remembrance. L.A. Her. 1/19/86

5.  Congressman Mervyn Dymally with Rev. Sun Myung Moon.  Reuters, 12/17/85.

"Speaker at Moon rally, S. Korea, on belief in Christian Church, S. Korea."

6.  "Atlanta Commemoration limited by tight budget"  W. Post 1/12/86

Col. Jack T. Downey, Third Army chief of War Plans, director parade plans.
Sen. Edward Kennedy and Robert Dole of Graham Rudman.
Vice-President Bush of Task Force 157, CIA, assassination and drugs.
McDonald's Corp. of lowest minimum wages, inadequate funds for work.
E.I. du Pont de Nemours, Edward J. Jefferson, Warfare state, biological war.
Nicholas Katzenbach, former U.S. Atty. General who keeps King murderers safe.
Coca Cola's Alger Davis, Vide-president of Atlanta-based Permindex, MLK.

7.  "Andrew Young and Burke Marshall from Memphis and Atlanta to S. Africa". Sunday Star Bulletin Honolulu, Sept. 22, 1985

How they work with Blacks during the days, evenings for the whites.

Burke Marshall, head of Civil Rights Division of Kennedy Justice, keeps all secrets of JFK assassination LOCKED UP for Jackie O. The same people who killed JFK went on to kill RFK, MLK, Mary Jo Kopechne.

Tape 760, 6/30/86, Sides 1 and 2:

Welcome to America!  While Reagan spent over $40,000,000 on the July 4th Day Celebration, some weird things are happening at home.  Nazis, Klan always busy in the USA, officially "declared war" in the summer 1985.  Weapons techniques, supplies from Defense, intelligence, USA.

Somebody better start adding up the deaths at home. "Sun City" OK, but too far away.

1.  Broken Promises: Racism in American Sports. Richard Lapchick.  

Horrifying analysis of how racism in American sports remains at all levels from high school to professionals." St. Martin's Pres.  Pub. $14.95.  Only $2.95 from Edward R. Hamilton, Falls Village, CT. 06031-0358.

2.  CBS Sunday Morning, 6/29/86. 

Program on baseball player Roberto Clemente.  New postage stamp this week.  Clemente, Black, Puerto Rican political activist, killed in 1972.  "FAA found liable for plane crash that killed baseball star"  LAT 11/20/76.  FAA found plane "not inspected before takeoff, overloaded, co-pilot not qualified".  Clemente on trip to "earthquake ravaged Nicaragua in 1972 to lend assistance."

3.  "Drugs likely caused death of NFL star, doctors says"  MH 6/29/86 

Don Rogers.  "No apparent natural disease or trauma".  Player of game, 1982 Rose Bowl. 1983 all-American selection." Cleveland's No. 1 draft pick in 1984. "No evidence of drugs."

4.  "An empty dream, Len Bias died at 22". Time 6/39/86

One day after being drafted No. 1 by Boston Celtics of National Basketball Assoc.  "Two days to live, a No. 1 draft choice".  Newsweek, June 30, 1986 "The mystery of a star's death". MH 6/25/86, "Manner of death undetermined, homicide or accident".

5.  "Inmate Hanged Himself"  Houston Post, 6/6/86 Hunstville, Texas. 

Ronnie Beller dead. "Nearby cell, prisoner heard Beller plead for his life."  Grand jury, "few minutes".

6.  "Another Black woman's body found hanging from tree" SFC 6/25/86 

Contra Costa County.  Jacqueline Peters.  "We're handling this as a suspicious death".  "Not to family".

7.  Timothy Lee, art student, about to leave for Milan, found hanging from tree. Same Area.

SFC 11/85  Black man, death labeled "suicide".  Klan active in this section of California.  Same day Lee died, two Concord men arrested, Ku Klux Klan, had stabbed 2 Black men.

8.  Fay Stender murder.  White attorney assisting Black prisoners in 1970s.  SFC 6/29/86

"Near fatal shot, 5/28/1979. Left paralyzed, died a year later.  Before gunshots, forced to write a statement, confession, "She betrayed George Jackson".  Jackson was killed in 1971.

A few ways our CIA, your tax money is used by admitted assassins for Uncle Sam:

1. Jack Anderson, Zodiac News 9/17/75 "Domestically trained assassination team".  This team has been trained to kill "without leaving clues".

2.  Hydrocyanic acid causes heart failure and leaves no trace.  William Stevenson, The Borman Brotherhood, "Unexpected death, sudden seizure, police, FBI inquiries discouraged."

3.  "Assassination Games". Jack Anderson, SFC MH 8/25/81.  "CIA plots, secret killers, deadly poisons, delayed effect, no symptoms for 1st 48 hours.  Paralysis, coma, death."

4.  "The White Hand",  Penthouse.  Ernest Volkman and John Cumins.  Over 1,0000 CIA-trained killers have formed their own Murder, Inc.  Now is this terror network out of control?  Linked to Aryan Nations, Richard Butler, Idaho, vows in 1985, "War on Blacks and Jews."

5.  Poison pellets, CIA involved. City News, London Oct. 15, 2978  Bacterial warfare.  Not detected on autopsy.

6.  " CIA studied "natural cause' killing, heart attacks, and cancer." LAT 1975.  Ft. Detrick Md.  Could attack "human nervous system".  Would be prepared in water, by air, other means".

8.  Poisons that can be absorbed through the skin, CIA administers. SFC 1975. Frank Terpil, CIA, described poison, placed on fabric worn, die with no trace.

9.  Dorothy Kilgallen.  Drug overdose, mysterious circumstances, after visit with Jack Ruby.

10.  Succinyl Choline.  "No evidence of a crime, impossible to determine cause of death."  NYT 6/11/78

11.  Gun Ho.  March 1983.  Instructions on how to kill, "never leave a trace of any kind".

Remember Vicki Morgan?  Head split open.  Marvin Pancoast, the patsy, dying of AIDS in Vacaville, California prison. 

Larry Flynt, Hustler, tantalizing Reagan team about video sex tapes.  Althea Flynt now has AIDS, very sick.  Roy Cohn, their associate, dying of cancer-AIDS, disbarred besides.

Stephan Bingham Acquittal, the last hurrah for prison reform 6/29/86

Six killed in San Quentin.  The heyday of Gov. Ronald Reagan, Edwin Meese, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew.

Questions: If Bingham is innocent, who supplied the guns?

Glass House Tapes, Louis Tackwood, Avon Press. When road leads to national, state police of murder, case ends.  Nobody else tried.  Identical to assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.  If not KGB, forget it. Reagan, Pazienze, Gelli, Ledeen, Haig, Henze, Sterling.  Pope lies.

Tape 789, 1/19/87, Sides 1 and 2:

FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, Division V, against Rev. Martin Luther King.  The King Alfred Plan. National Security Council, Defense Dep't, Secretary of the Interior and Justice Department against all Blacks and Third World.

"King's `dream' is kept at a distance"  Edward Olshaker, NYT 1/15/87

Commodity of symbolism sold to honor Dr. King.  Well-chosen words, good show.  "We are comfortable praising King because the `dream" frozen in 1963 speech." 
King disliked "mouthing pious irrelevancies and sanctimonious trivialities". 
"Now we have him where we want him -- on a pedestal, carved in stone, conveniently unthreatening."

Coretta King's Humanitarian Award, January 20, 1986 to "honor Martin" for Ryiochi Sasakwa.

Yazuka, David E. Kaplan, 1986.  Sections on Sasakawa.  Sasakawa created Rev. Sung Myung Moon.  CIA, CIA connections.  Former war criminal, extreme right-wing fascist, with group of drug smuggling murderers, etc.

The Commonwealth games in Britain, Coretta King in S. Africa and Ryiochi Sasakawa.

1.  London Times, 8/10/86.  Sasakawa footed bill for Commonwealth games, boycotted by 24 countries because of Britain's approval of the S. African government's treatment of Blacks.

2.  SFC 9/9/86.  Coretta Scott King in S. Africa, planned meeting with President P. Botha.  SFC 9/10/86 , Winnie Mandela, Rev. Allan Boesak forced Ms. King to cancel Botha meeting.


1.    1950's, 1960's., FBI Cointel-Pro, eliminate and neutralize Black "messiahs, leaders".
2.    1956, Montgomery, Ala., bus boycott that forced integration of city buses.  King involved.
3.    1956, CORE, Congress of Racial Equality formed.  Freedom rides to desegregate inter-state buses.
4.    1957, SCLC formed, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rev. M. L. King.
5.    1957, Sept., FBI started conducting investigation of M. L. King. Looking for "commies".
6.    1958, July, Atlanta FBI couldn't find a commie in any mass organizations.
7.    1958, New York, King met with Black Communist, Benjamin J. Davis outside a NY church.
8.    1960, April, King on "Meet the Press".  That much attention got FBI nervous.
9.    1961, Feb. Nation magazine printed an article by King.  He wanted an integrated FBI.
10.  1962, FBI report, "No significant Communist influence around Dr. King."
11.  1962, J. Edgar Hoover added King's name to Section A of Reserve Index.  King to be rounded up in case of a national emergency as a danger.
12.  1962. Feb.2, Subversive Control Section, William Sullivan, Domestic Intelligence wanted to warn King of some associate.  Hoover wrote, "King is no good anyway, don't tell him."
13.  1963, Washington rally, 250,000 people.  FBI, Hoover, Sullivan compared King to Castro.
14.  1963, Blackmailed Kennedy's, we wiretap King or put out leaks to embarrass you.
15.  1963, Oct. 15, Monograph on King.  Personal attack, highly explosive, hotel, motel wiretaps.
16.  1964, FBI mail to Coretta King, tape purporting to be a recording of sexual behavior of King.  Anonymous note to King, "You are a dissolute, abnormal immoral imbecile and you should kill yourself by Christmas.  King, there is only one thing left to do, you have just 34 days left in which to do.  There is but one way out for you.  You better take it before your filthy, immoral fraudulent self is bared to the nation."  Sent by FBI to Rev. M. L. King.


1.  The Man Who Cried I Am, John A. Williams, Little Brown and Co., Boston 1967.  Pages 371-376.  Reprinted in this "novel", the only way to get it out safely.

2.  King Alfred Plan from the National Security Council  81/2 x 11 1/2, two full pages.  Prepared sometime in the 60's.  I located it in 1971.  Tape #338, 7/21/1978.


"In the event of widespread, continuing and coordinated racial disturbances in the United State, King Alfred, at the discretion of the President, is to be put into action immediately.

(O)  Committee Report from Secretary of Defense.

"Surveys show that during a six year period, production created 9,000,000 objects or 1,500,000 each year.  Production could not dispose of the containers, which proved a bottleneck.  However, that was almost 20 years ago.  We suggest that vaporization techniques be employed to overcome production problems inherent in King Alfred".  Secretary of Defense.

Memo: National Security Council

"Even before 1954, when the Supreme Court of the US declared unconstitutional separate educational and recreational facilities, racial unrest and discord have become nearly a part of the American way of life.  This is repugnant to most Americans."

"Violence costs taxpayers billions of dollars".

"Racial war must be considered inevitable.  When the Emergency comes, once this project is launched, its goal is to terminated, once and for all, the minority threat to the whole of the American society, and, indeed, the free world."

Department of Interior.

U.S. divided into 10 regions to round up, evacuate by cities by National Guard, armed forces.

Department of Justice

12 major organizations.  Keep dossiers on all leaders.
Those leaders not a threat, assign visible government posts, ambassadors, primarily African.
Assignment of Black leaders will slow down minority activities.

At the appropriate time, to be designed by the President, leaders to be detained.
They cannot prevent the emergency.
Compiled lists of leaders in National Data Computer Center.

"We cannot reveal King Alfred in all its aspects" (Vaporization?)
Minority members of Congress will be unseated at once.

Department off Defense

Minority can't hold cities more than a few hours.
Many minorities eliminated in combat areas, such as in Korean War.

Minority will lack, weapons, facilities, logistics.  JCS says operation will take 8 hours.

Tape 841, 1/18/88, Sides 1:

Continuation of repeated lies about the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert Kennedy and Rev. Martin Luther King, is going to destroy this country.  When you fall victim to their lies, truth loses all meaning.

Martin Luther King Day on Monterey Peninsula, Monterey Herald 1/17/88

"Closed for the holiday are federal courts and offices, state courts and offices, county offices, city offices, banks and savings and loan's, post offices, public schools.  Some businesses open.  Trash pickup, normal schedule."

Rev. M.L. King killed in Memphis Tenn., while working for sanitation employees. "Trash pickup" by Blacks.  Yet, they are the ones who don't get the day off, business as usual."

Martin Luther King III, M.H. 1/16/88:  Over the last eight years, racism has grown in this country.  I don't want to say it's because of the Regan administration's policies, but that's part of it."

Tennessee Waltz, the Making of a Political Prisoner, by James Earl Ray, St. Andrew's Press.  Foreword, afterward by Frederick Tupper Saussy, Seqanee, Tenn.

Frederick Tupper Saussy concluded that the people behind framing James Earl Ray and keeping the truth from coming out are involved in a form of Satanism.  He calls this, "The politics of witchcraft".

The murders of Pres. John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert Kennedy, and Rev. Martin Luther King were planned, covered up by the same people.  I have studied their Nazi connections.  Were these the Satanic Nazi links?

"The Politics of Witchcraft and the Lies Written about Rev. M.L. King's Murder
by Frederick Tupper Saussy.

James Earl Ray is locked in prison and in history by American dignitaries as the symbol of that murder.

If James is telling the truth, his accusers, with stifled evidence in obstruction of justice are not telling the truth.  His accusers are liars.

A liar is a witch or demon who distorts reality to your injury and his gain.

Lying is deadly and highly contagious.  The man who receives his information from a liar will spew out lies when he passes the information on.

When you have liars trained in the demonic arts controlling the highest seats of governmental authority, you will have liars controlling the information channels.

When their lies fill printed pages, loudspeakers and on TV screens, you will have liars administering the work places, schools, churches and homes.  Without realizing it, your nation becomes possessed by demons.  You ration practices the politics of witchcraft.

Reflect on American life since the murder of Dr. King: The increased controls and loss of individual freedom, the proportionate increase in depression and suicide, the increase in missing and violated children, in the elevation of blasphemy and perversion to respectability, in high-ranked bureaucratic harassment, in drug dependency, in domestic bloodshed, in economic misery, in political imprisonment.  How many millions of babies have been sacrificed  by their mothers to the gods to time and money since the warlocks took Rev. King?

Why are things getting better only in the pictures and fictions projected in magazines and TV, in the lives of celebrities and rulers?

Have the political developers paid all the communication media to be Weavers of the Spell who, like Donahue, recruit you into witchcraft by offering you the choice of agreeing with a transvestite or a child molester?

If Rev. King gave his life for this, his memory should be cursed.  Yes, if his memory is enshrined in a federal holiday and celebrated by the lying rulers and wicked servants who killed him, it is cursed.  Because it is not King's life they celebrate, but his death.  King's death is their handiwork and they display it proudly.  All who honor it are lie-believers drinking the blood off the Black mass.

(By Mae Brussell:)  If you celebrate this holiday and believe King's assassin was James Earl Ray,  you are under their spell.  If you don't want to know who killed Rev. Martin Luther King and don't care, then why celebrate his birthday?

We know King was against the war in Viet man, a war extremely profitable to interests that employed off-duty CIA men, and 30% of the U.S. soldiers who are Black.

King was beginning to speak out about inflation and the monetary manipulation.

King's death and Ray's imprisonment have taught us that covert action governments, ruling in darkness, are not interested in the truth.  Soon after the death of JFK, the CIA opened a domestic operations office one block from the White House.  the cover name was "U.S. Army Element, Joint Planning Activity, Joint Operations Group" at 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, one block from Lyndon Johnson's White House.

Mae Brussell's World Watchers International
Tape 471, Side 1


TAPE #470, 12/7/80. "The Assassination teams from the Early Sixties Are all in Place."

Exactly 24 hours later, 11:00 pm, John Lennon gunned down. A preview of the eighties with Reagan, CIA, "Moral Majority."


Atty. Gen. John Mitchell, Sen. Strom Thurmond, Justice Dept. wanted them out of USA. We met John and Yoko at that time.


Our family attended that evening, saw them depart, never to sing as a group again.

"COLLECTING PIECE" Autumn, 1963, Yoko Ono

"Collect sounds in your mind that you have overheard through the week. Repeat them in your mind in different orders one afternoon."


John Lennon Marc Bolan J.P. Richardson
Elvis Presley Keith Moon Ronnie Van Zandt
Buddy Holly Paul Kossoff Steve Gains
Otis Redding Jim Reeves Sid Vicious
Brian Jones Berry Oakley John Bonham
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Jim Morrison
Tim Buckley
Jim Croce
Richard Earina
Donald Rex Jackson, manager for "Grateful Dead."
Duane Allman
Mama Cass Elliot
Lennie Bruce
Larry Williams
Rod McKernan, "Pig Pen"     Grateful Dead.
Gram Parsons
Phil Oakes
Bon Scott, AC/DC
Richie Valens
Michael Jeffery, Jimi Hendrix manager
Sal Mineo Meredith Hunter, sacrifice at Altamont. Brian Epstein, Beatle's manager.
 Nearly dead:   Steve Parson

Bob Dylan, crash
Richard Pryor
Stevie Wonder
Eric Clapton
Dave Mason Band
The Weavers. FBI "destroyed them" documents available.

 Mort Sahl, Heartland, 1976, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, NY.: "How many more have to die before some Americans realize murder is not a way of life?"

"Is it too late for America? How many lies before you belong to the lies. You can't return to your own lies. They don't recognize you. You are made different by the company you keep. Nixon reminds us of what you have become."

Tape 471, Sides 2


1. John Lennon's murder was one more of a long list of political assassinations, silencing a man for peace and change.

2. David Mark Chapman, the assassin, was a brainwashed tool.

3. "Detente" and "peace" are lethal words in a government geared to start World War III.

4. Rock music and rock musicians have the potential for large crowds assembled for anti-war purposes. The only social movement for peace. They filled the void, the church failed.

5. "Operation Chaos" and other Federal projects have been geared to wipe out any dissention from musicians, blacks, or other civic minded leaders.

6. John Lennon and the Beatles had the potential to assemble, to cry for "peace", with the USA ready to star war in Poland and the Middle East as soon as Ronald Reagan and the Hoover Institute take control of the White House-Pentagon.

7. President John F. Kennedy was murdered Nov. 22, 1963. The war in Southeast Asia, planned in advance, escalated Nov. 24, 1963. John Lennon murdered Dec. 9, 1980. War imminent for US today.


Attitudes about organized religion, anti-macho success story, anti-war songs and activism, anti-establishment way of doing things and doing it well. It worked. He laughed at all of them.


1. When a photographer took pictures of Lennon and Chapman, the NEW YORK POLICE REFUSED TO ACCEPT THE PICTURES.

2. When arrested, Chapman had a coat over his face and head, not seen. This happened when Oswald, with doubles, was "arrested" in Texas Theatre. Oswald, "Why should I hide my face, I haven't done anything to be ashamed of." 1:45, Nov. 22, 1963.

3. Chapman's wife called by NEW YORK POLICE, to Hawaii, "Don't issue any pictures of him."

4. Miami police, "erroneously said Chapman had a "criminal record." A computer producing the name of a fugitive, same last name, date of birth, race, approximate height as slaying suspect."

Chapman lived in Miami, same as Oswald, where Oswald doubles worked with FBI, CIA, Police.


Mae Brussell
25620 Via Crotalo
Carmel, Calif. 93921

Compilation, commentary by Virginia McCullough © 1/17/05
[email protected]


By Lisa M. Krieger

Stanford University inaugurated the newly expanded Martin Luther King Institute on January 13, 2006.  The Institute will preserve and protect the papers of the influential civil rights and religious leader.

The Institute was created in September 2005 but is being celebrated this month to coincide with the national holiday for the leader.  It aims to build an enduring link between the King legacy and Stanford.

The ceremony - including awards to former Secretary of State George Shultz and folk singer Guy Carawan, who helped popularize "We Shall Overcome" as an anthem of the civil rights movement was free and open to the public.  It kicked off two weeks of free King-related programs in the Bay Area.

Among them: The Freedom Train will carry riders from San Jose to San Francisco in time for a noon rally at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  Rather than the traditional march, participants will be bused to the rally from the Ferry Building, Yerba Buena Gardens and the Caltrain station at Fourth and Townsend streets.

Formerly known as the King Papers Project, the Institute has published five volumes of a planned 14-volume edition of the sermons, speeches and other writings of King, an internationally known Nobel Prize-winning advocate of nonviolent strategies for social change.  The Papers Project was established on campus 20 years ago at the behest of Coretta Scott King to publish her late husband's papers.

"The Institute makes sure that the work we're doing to preserve the King legacy -- all of the materials related to King and the civil rights movement -- goes on in perpetuity," said its founder Clayborne Carson.

"The Institute has raised $4 million of a projected $12 million endowment to ensure that the documents and intellectual legacy of King are permanently protected," said Carson.  Former NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott has pledged $1 million toward this endowment. 

Stanford provides about one-third of the base support for the Institute.  The rest must be raised externally.

The fifth volume of the series, titled "Threshold of a New Decade, January 1959 -- December 1960," was released last year.  It documented King's 1959 trip to India and his involvement in the sit-in protests and presidential election of 1960.

Soon the Institute will publish the sixth volume, focusing on papers that were the basis of King's religious sermons when he was a minister at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.  These boxes were found by Carson in boxes in the basement of Coretta Scott King's Atlanta home.

"I spent many hours going through dusty boxes," said Carson.  "These documents, never before available, are part of his preaching files.  When he was preparing a sermon, he would check his files for past sermons and from notes he had collected.  It really opens up new windows into his early days as a preacher."

Sharing in the January 13, 2006 ceremony was Lawrence Bobo, director of Stanford's Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, who came to the Stanford last year from Harvard.

The program addressed issues that affect African-Americans locally and in the United States, focusing on special topics such as the impact of hip-hop, as well as social problems such as drugs, gangs, HIV/AIDS and involvement in the criminal justice system, " said Bobo.

"The circumstances of African-Americans have changed enormously since King's time.  The middle class is much larger and much more influential than ever before," he said.  "But there remains a segment of the black population that is deeply mired in circumstances of poverty and extreme disadvantage that present a great challenge, not just for the black community, but for society as a whole."

"We have made enormous strides against racism in this country, but there are serious problems of prejudice and discrimination that we as a society, institutionally and culturally, have yet to fully rise to overcome," said Bobo.


Stanford Magazine - The Farm Report
What started with a 10 p.m phone call in January 1985 this month becomes an endowed entity on campus -- the Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute.

Coretta Scott King made that long-ago call of history professor Clayborne Carson, asking if he would consider heading up the Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project.  Carson agreed, and to date has edited and published five of an anticipated 14 volumes of the civil rights leader's work.  In the intervening years, he also has enlisted under-graduates in research projects, set up summer internships, done professional development for teachers and established (which he calls "the most popular civil rights website").  "When you add all that tougher, it is an institute, and the new name reflects what we've been doing for some time," Carson says.  "The reason for forming the institute is to broaden our mission from just doing King papers."

As an affiliate of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, the King institute will fill niche between the King Center in Atlanta and the King memorial planned for the Mall in Washington, D.C.  "In terms of who is actually going to be educating the public about the meaning of King's legacy that has to be something like [the institute]," Carson says.

He is seeking an endowment of $12 million, and already has found two $1 million donors in football great Ronnie Lott's nonprofit All Stars Helping Kids Foundation and the Mumford Family-Agape Foundation.  "Lott was the first to step forward and say, "I understand that there should  be an educational research institute devoted to keeping that legacy alive for future generations," says Carson.

The institute launches on January 21 with "Celebrating South African Freedom: A Symposium on the International Campaign to End Apartheid."