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On June 21, 1982 Mae Brussell sat down to record and broadcast her 550th World Watchers International radio program.  Her radio station was now located in Pacific Grove, California but Mae was not quite use to the new site and still wanted to announce her opening from Carmel, California nestled in the foothills, just a few miles from the ocean hugging town.

Mae might have been confused about the new broadcast location but she was crystal clear in her analysis of the American political scene.  Always the teacher, Mae recalled the names of players and their evil associates who had surrounded President John F. Kennedy just prior to his assassination.  Then she reminded her listeners that the successors to political and covert power in 1982 still had as their confidents and associates the same people whose names were often mentioned in the presidential murder conspiracy, those so often linked so closely with organized crime figures.  Now these individuals were being placed in positions of power for the purposes of cover up and it was happening around the world, not just in the United States.

Mae Brussell wrote a seminal article about the Watergate players for The Realist in 1972.  It was entitled Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped? In this article Mae Brussell commented on the activities of the infamous CIA and how important the covert and often illegal activities of this agency would be in 1972.

     "President John Kennedy wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand
     pieces and scatter it to the winds."  The Bay of Pigs invasion caused 
     him to realize that certain persons and powers dictate to the
     President. The CIA was fingered for their decision to make policies
     that belong to Congress and the citizens.

     Members of the same CIA team that was active in the Bay of Pigs
     operation -- the training, planning and financing of that fiasco -- were
     working as a very strong team 11 years later when arrested at the
     Watergate Hotel. The decision making organization of the CIA was
     tampering with the electoral process one more time around.

President Harry Truman said, "There was something about the way the CIA was functioning that has cast a shadow over our historical positions."  Those observations were made in 1963, at which time Truman regretted his "building an American Gestapo."

The CIA is not new at altering the choice of candidates or presidents. Innocent people believe the electors have a choice of candidates through the primaries or by direct voting. The same CIA that killed President Kennedy because he won the majority of votes, eliminated opposition to Richard Nixon in every election that followed Kennedy's death. Murders, accidents, attempted murders through the use of hired killers, planted patsies, and news coverage that conceals the crimes, have been effective so far.

Two governments have existed side by side, one visible and one invisible, for many years. As the power structure gets more arrogant and sure of itself, the invisible becomes more clear and overt. If the truth about the [George] Wallace shooting and Arthur Bremer are told, and if the Watergate Affair is exposed, you will see how invisible government agents go about their daily business.

1972, is a very important year in American history. Provisions have been made to eliminate the outdated Constitution. The new version of democratic rights does not resemble anything but a fascist dictatorship. A new cabinet, designed by Roy Ash of Litton industries, would trim away every department except those of Defense, Treasury, State and Justice. The same groups of people who put Hitler into power, and revived fascism in Greece and other countries, are determined to maintain their power and control over other people's lives. This decisive year will determine if that power will be maintained by manipulating candidates, assassinating politicians, or by creating a situation where martial law will become necessary so that elections can be cancelled."

Ten years later, on June 21, 1982,  Mae Brussell broadcast and recorded the 550th audio address to her Brusselsprouts.  Once again she was giving her many fans detailed history lessons in the world that surrounded them so that they could be well prepared to questions the powers that be and change the world around them. The first half of the transcript of Mae Brussell's 550th World Watchers International.

Tape 550, 6/21/82 by Mae Brussell

JFK assassination.  Vito-Tony Genovese.  Hoffa, I. Davidson.

THE TRAVELERS, June 14-15, R. REAGAN, Houston, Texas.  Raymond Donovan, Geneva.  Pope John Paul II, Geneva.  Edwin Wilson, USA, Zurich.  $18,000.000.

Good evening this is Mae Brussell in Carmel.  I am so used to saying Carmel, but it is not anymore.  It's Pacific Grove, California.  The areas so close geographically it must a few miles away from the other location where the station was.  Give me time and I will get used to saying Pacific Grove, California.  I want to welcome to the World Watchers group the youngest member that I know of, other then the time before birth, and that is Sam in Philadelphia.  I understand that the group there plays the tapes and have discussions every week and locate books and articles and study these serious matters.  Two members of that group have a new baby named Sam and they brought him to a meeting, and I think he should get an award as the youngest World Watcher that I know of.  I am going to knit him a sweater, for Sam, because he is starting very young and I am sure that he will grow up to be very bright.  His parents are making the effort to learn what is going on in this world in the way that it should be done, studying it and studying the problems and attending discussion groups and sharing the information.  So Sam, you are going to get a sweater.  Hold on there kid, I am proud of you.

x Now to some very important matters.  I am going to up date the continuation of what I did last week - Watergate, 1972 and Watergate, 1982.  It is my contention that Watergate never stopped.  The title was marvelous because it is literally a flooding of material information and crimes and people holding the dike, holding the information back, but it seeps out and they have to keep making appointments higher up in the power structure that were names we were familiar with at the time John Kennedy was murdered and then at the time of Watergate.  The old team from investigating John Kennedy's death was called in to assist in the investigation of Watergate, particularly Leon Jaworski,  but a whole team of people related to the past.  And now it is 1982 and Ronald Reagan is using the same people, so we will update the anniversary of Watergate for a few weeks.  Before I do that I have to spend time on the subject of Edwin Wilson who was brought home to the United States this week.  This is a very important matter.  I will do John Hinckley  next week.  That verdict just came in a little before the program.  I don't want to touch it this evening.  We will take it up next week.

Edwin Wilson is a person I have talked about on the air as long as his name has surfaced.  It came to the attention of people when George or Gary Korkola and Frank Terpil were arrested in New York City, December 1979.  With the help of various people in New York City who accumulated the newspapers and coverage there, more than we got out here, we were able to put a grand script or design plan of these agents going back again to the Kennedy assassination, through the entire era with the Bay of Pigs, the Anti-Castro Cubans.  This gang was responsible and is responsible for the so-called "left  terrorism" which is really funded by the CIA, and organizing people like Idi Amin and Omar Khadafi  [Muammar Al-Gaddafi] and the PLO.  While the United States arms one side, they arm terrorists and they have been responsible or credited for helping Carlos the Jackel and the Munich Olympic Games where the Israeli athletes were killed in 1972.  When Korkola and Terpil were in this country, before they left they were told - Frank Terpil was told - to get out of the country by the FBI.  He used his name, he did not use his alias.  They did not want him in jail.  They didn't want him in this country so they left.  Edwin Wilson has been over in Europe all this while and there are a lot of questions to be asked.   Why bring them home at this time?  But it is in conjunction with his coming home - there is a little ballet going on last week.  I call it the "assassination waltz".  And the characters were very interesting.

One was Edwin Wilson who was brought home.  The other was John Paul II and, of course, Ronald Reagan and Raymond Donovan, our Secretary of Labor, who is under a crisis situation right now and their paths interweave, dates and cities, in an interesting way.  Now, first of all Ronald Reagan came home from Great Britain and Europe.  He was so tired he fell asleep when the Pope was speaking after he went so far to see him.  But, he kept his commitment to go to Houston, Texas to promise to raise money for the GOP and on the news I heard that he was the one who insisted that the GOP nomination, the convention, be held in Dallas Texas in 1984.

1984 is a perfect year.  It is the year people have feared for the police state.  Reagan is insisting that the city where John Kennedy was murdered be the location of the GOP convention.  He knows full well that he and Richard Nixon would never have been president of the United States if John Kennedy had not been murdered in order for these people to take over. He [Reagan] knows that.  He was on the CIA committee, the Commission, headed by Nelson Rockefeller and Ronald Reagan on that Committee in 1975 to investigate the possible CIA links to the murder of John Kennedy and then they brought in David Bellon from the Warren Commission to cover it up more.  These people are not childlike.  They know what is going on.  And, after even being assigned to that Committee (I think he only attended two meetings) but he signed his name to the conclusions.  Ronald Reagan wants the Convention down there [Dallas].  So he was in Houston, Texas but Houston, Texas is a very important city also because Leon Jaworski, who let the men literally off easy at Watergate.  Most of the people involved, one of the investigators, comes from a CIA group down in Houston, Texas.  The Anderson Foundation and Leon Jaworski covered up the John Kennedy murder, Korea Gate, examination of crime and payoffs in the Reverend Moon links to Nazi money.  He covered up the Moon connections to the Korea Gate and then he did the Watergate in between.  He is from Houston, Texas, as is the John Hinckley family.  As is John Connelly who took a quiet disappearance after the shooting of Ronald Reagan in Washington a while back, a year and a half ago.

John Connelly has been very quiet.  But it is the location of the real power structure of this country, Houston, Texas, and Gulf Oil and Resources was the organization run by Mr. Allen who funneled money from overseas into our electoral process, which is absolutely illegal.  It was done and it is against all the books and he took money from overseas, CIA  money that went to Mexico and came back to Maury Stance.  I will try to do more on him in a minute or two, and it went to the Committee to Reelect the President and ended up in the bank of Bernard Barker, a paymaster for the Bay of Pigs who was funding the men at the Watergate Hotel.

So that the illegal funneling for money - a large sum [of] $68 million raised to get Richard Nixon in office and reelected.  A lot of it, a big hunk of it through illegal part and all over the country, as a matter of fact from Houston, Texas.  As I say, John Connelly and Leon Jaworski and Ronald Reagan were down there promising them $40 or $60 million for Dallas, that they would make in franchises, having a convention.

So he [Ronald Reagan] was down in Dallas and Edwin Wilson was brought in.  Earlier this year while they were trying to get Wilson in there, a man was arrested in New York City and some very fine World Watchers in New York  sent me an article from the New York Post that I have not had time to put on these programs yet.  But January 29, 1982 - this past January - a man named John Paul Arthur, who worked with Wilson, Edwin Wilson and Frank Terpil, was arrested in New York City.  He was described in the New York Post as a "mystery British hit man" linked to Terpil and Wilson.  In London Arthur was also linked to a recruiter Roco Salvatore and Salvatore is also an associate of Terpil and Wilson.  He came into New York City and Detective William Mulligan was quoted in the newspaper "every time we pick up a rock we find several more connections".  It would take twenty years before Mr. Milligan would get the connections of Wilson, Terpil and Korkola.  It covers the whole era.

Meanwhile the newspaper said Arthur's mission is a mystery.  The police and federal agents want to unravel this tight lipped gunman.  He had an uzi submachine gun, a high powered pistol, a miniature pair of field glasses and $1,000 in cash.  He was being held on a million dollar bail.  Interviewed by the FBI, the Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the CIA-Interpol also had an interest in the case.

Now you notice there has not been a word about him.  He had contacts down in Ft. Lauderdale.  Telephone numbers there and a picture of a co-worker evidently a Latin American, he [Arthur] left the Holiday Inn at the Kennedy Airport.  Arthur was picked up in Brooklyn.  The tip was an anonymous phone call to the cops.  I don't know who the hero is who brought this person in, but an anonymous tip went out to the police who picked him up.  Arthur was on a $1 million bail.  But that is the kind of activity that Edwin Wilson and Frank Terpil and George Korkola are involved in, and somebody's life was saved or maybe he is dead already.  But they tried and at least the tip stopped it for a day or two and they pulled in another gunman.

Well, while Ronald Reagan was in Texas - this is June, the 15th and 16th - over those two days, Edwin Wilson was brought home on June 16, 1982.  Now he is linked to the CIA, to Navy Intelligence, to Task Force 157, to the Deputy Director of the CIA, Bobby Ray Inman, who just resigned, who was the National Security Counsel Chief.  He was linked to the highest echelons of government.  And before he came home he stopped in Zurich, Switzerland.  Just before he made his trip to the United States, they entrapped him - so-called entrapped him - and I am not sure what they did looking at the news that happened the same day all over the globe.  But anyway, he stopped in Zurich, Switzerland and picked up $18 million dollars.  He was supposed to use it for a small Caribbean Island and we are trying to check out if that was the Dominica Island, that they tried to overthrow earlier this year. That also involved the name of Robert Vesco and John Connelly, the American Nazis Party, the American Klan, and the British Nazis party that were to use it for a Fourth Reich Center of activity.  The Dominica invasion failed.  But with $18 million I  am sure that he could get some people to get a little coup going.  He had $18 million in his pocket when he came to New York.  He picked it up in Zurich.

Now when he [Wilson] was picked up in Zurich simultaneously over in Beirut, Lebanon, his headquarters, the Israeli army was entering Beirut.  And, it doesn't seem that Alexander Haig or Richard Nixon are too embarrassed or angry about that, and centered in Beirut is Assar Arafat who may be sacrificed and become more of a martyr if he is killed or he is sitting over there at the time that Wilson is here in the United States. The person he funded and trained with money from the CIA and Navy Intelligence to Arafat, his buddy is entrapped over there with the Israeli army moving in on Beirut.  Simultaneously the Israeli army captured three members of the PLO who were trained by Wilson and Carlos who assisted in the killing of the Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in 1972.  Also over there as of June the 8th was Carlos the Jackal in Beirut, Lebanon.  And also when Edwin Wilson was picked up, he was picked up in the Dominican Island and brought right to the United State, but the weapon that supplied Agca when he shot the Pope was purchased in Zurich.  The man who got the weapon for Agca (and I will get into that in a minute) was arrested this week, just about the same day simultaneously that Edwin Wilson came to the United States.

Now Wilson had pleaded to come to the United States.  He was in Rome before and after the Pope was shot.  I believe that his circle was responsible for that shooting - attempted shooting of the Pope - attempted killing of the Pope, he was shot.  But Wilson was  in Rome with United States officials at that time and right after that.  And there are articles about it.  He was pleading to turn in two Chileans who were responsible for working as a team, of course, for the killing of Orlando Letelier and Ronnie Moffit in the United States.  And, he would bring in two people, and I think I referred to it way back as like a fishing thing - I will give you two Cubans for my life.  He [Wilson] hires these teams, he is very high up.  So if he is making deals for two Cubans, did he go for a big boy?  Is he going to turn in Arafat, the three PLO that killed the Israeli athletes?   His buddies are over there being bombarded by Israel and the Prime Minister is in this country with the President and Alexander Haig.  Wilson is literally home safe in the United States at this time.  And being that he has bargained for other people's lives, I just wonder what kind of a deal he has made.

Now John Paul II had an arduous few weeks like Ronald Reagan.  He was in Great Britain.  That was a long planned trip.  That was not a quickie.  Then he ran down to Argentina and then he spent twelve hours in Geneva.  June the 16th he is in Geneva.  At the time Wilson is brought home - if you can follow me , I am going pretty fast - the same time Edwin Wilson is brought home, the Pope is in Geneva.  Now, in Argentina, there is Lucio Gelli.  That is the fellow who fled with over $26 million from Italy.  He was responsible for the near coup, the fascist coup that was ready to take place in Italy.  He worked with the entire Italian government.  When he fled the government changed 180 degrees.  Gelli fled but he has direct links to Ronald Reagan who was down in Texas working out his problems, I suppose.  He [Gelli] was at Ronald Reagan's inauguration.  He worked closely with Michael Sindona who is now in jail on murder charges; he has been charged with murdering a judge in Milan and he has been charged with $45 million missing out of the Franklin National Bank in New York City and also some Milan Banks that are missing several million each.

So Gelli is down there in Argentina.  The Pope goes to Argentina and then he flies to Geneva, Switzerland.  So Edwin Wilson is in Zurich, the Pope is in Geneva (it gets a little more complicated!  Just wait, we have got a good one going here, okay.  It gets ever more weird.)  The Pope is in Geneva and, at the time he is in Geneva, Roberto Calvi was missing.  Now he was the President of the Banco Ambrosiano with direct links to Michael Sindona and to the Vatican and to Lucio Gelli down there in Argentina.  As a matter of fact he was missing just a couple of days and he had gone to the Vatican to request funds from Mr. Marcinkus, the head banker.  The Arch Bishop of the Vatican who is soon to become a Cardinal.  If you will, he is the Treasurer.  He is the guy from Cicero, Illinois that I say is directly too close to the old Al Capone gang of Cicero, Illinois.  They go - this pope is now in Geneva simultaneously when Roberto Calvi, who holds the secret to the Vatican manipulation on money - is responsible for up to $200 million of Vatican money has gone because of Michael Sindona and Mr. Marcinkus, the Archbishop.  So Roberto Calvi was missing and he went to ask Paul Marcinkus in Chicago (he is from Chicago).  He asks him because he has a special fund.  It is called The Institute for Religious Works, and it is described in the San Francisco Examiner as the "unofficial bank".  The head of the unofficial bank for religious works.  The San Francisco Sunday Examiner had an article. And, you might or might not have seen it on your wire services.  It came from London that Mr. Calvi tried, but failed, to secure a loan from the Institute for Religious Works, the Vatican's unofficial bank, whose head is Archbishop Marcinkus.  Marcinkus turned him down and then Mr. Calvi was found, the newspapers say "suicide with a question mark".  He was hanging off a bridge in London, this Italian banker.

He [Calvi] had $18,000 on him (which hardly sounds like a suicide - you would leave the money somewhere else I should think.  I think he had the money to flee the country).   But, he was left there dangling off of a bridge - if you follow the script - now on June 16th at the time the Pope is in Geneva.  There was an article September 30, 1981 about the U.S. Bishop gets the key job in the Vatican and it says John Paul II appointed Marcinkus, 59, of Cicero, Illinois to the "pro-president of the Pontifical Commission of the State of Vatican City".  Automatically it makes him an Archbishop.  And then the article says that they were "surprised that he had this position because when Michael Sindona and the Vatican money and financial empire collapsed, the Vatican money that was missing was established between $46 million out of the Franklin National Bank.  $46 to $200 million and here is a fellow asking for help from that person who is responsible for the missing money.  He was the one who got $24 million of tax money out of Italy to Argentina so on the day that he [Calvi] is dead the, Pope had made a quick trip to Geneva.

Now while he is in Geneva,  Raymond Donovan is in Geneva - our Secretary of Labor.  June 15th and 16th, he also was in Geneva at supposedly a labor conference.  Okay, but he was there and while he is there - the week that he is there, June 11th - his primary close friend and witness before a special investigator into Donovan's links to the mob was discovered by the Manhattan police in the trunk of a car.  That was Fred Fareno, former Teamster Union official and he worked with Secretary of Labor Donovan's offices, with his company.  He disappeared June the 3rd from his home in Danbury, Connecticut.  This person was a close associate of Salvatore Briguglio, who was murdered in 1975, two years ago, or '78.  It was 1978, it could not be 1975, because he was a suspect in the Jimmy Hoffa murder.  I am going more into Donovan on the Watergate update but just because it ties into the Wilson story.  He was over in Switzerland the same time the Pope was in the same city.  The Pope's primary witness to Donovan's mob connections is dead in New York.  Edwin Wilson is in New York City and his cohort's in Palestine, the Palestinians, the PLO, working in Beirut and Carlos, and Arafat are in danger of their lives over there.

Now while the Pope is in Geneva, Switzerland, the San Francisco Examiner, June 16th has an article - no headlines incidentally - they have an article "the Pope, suspect for the shooting".  He was arrested in Bern, Switzerland.  And interestingly enough this was sent to me by somebody in San Francisco, a World Watcher, he takes the Examiner.  I take the Examiner and it wasn't in my copy.  We get different editions.  This is June 16, 1982.  "Pope shooting suspect: Bern, Switzerland."  Swiss authorities said today they are holding a Turkish national suspected of being involved in the May 13th attempt of John Paul's life".  He was the man charged. This man has been charged with supplying the pistol with which the convicted attacker Mahomet Ali Ajar shot and seriously wounded the Pope.  Now did Edwin Wilson turn in these people?  Incidentally Gung Ho had an article that the weapon to shoot the pope was purchased in Zurich, Switzerland.  So the weapon to shoot the Pope was from Zurich.  Wilson goes to Zurich and picks up $18 million.  The man who supplied the gun is now in Bern and he is brought in [and] arrested. So two are dead and one is arrested and some PLO have been rounded up that were part of Wilson's team.   So Wilson is tucked in the United States safely and may get a little tap on the finger or the insanity charge like John Hinckley.  Wilson is home in the United States and all of these various bodies are strewn all over the world and it is important because simultaneously at each of these cities where the Pope was, where Donovan was, where Edwin Wilson was, something was happening that effected not only them - but each other - that was related to other persons because they were not separate entities and these people all had direct connecting links.  For example, the Sindona story, the Lucio Gelli, the Italian P2 scandal was directly and closely related to the Republican Committee to reelect the President.  Michael Sindona allegedly wanted to give $1 million, but we do not know whether he did or not because the papers were shredded.  But maybe one of the $62 million came from Michael Sindona taken out of the Vatican prayer shawls and given to Richard Nixon, and then given to Ronald Reagan's election.  You know you can light so many candles and count so many beads and then they take your money and they give it to these crooks to take your life and your taxes and everything else.

Now, Deputy Director Bobby Ray Inman resigned and a new Deputy Director of the CIA John McMann was approved by the Senate May 28th.  That was just two weeks before all this came down.  He has spent a life time with the CIA and that is important.  But the main thing is that he knew that Edwin Wilson was coming home.  Kevin McCulla was working on it with the CIA and Pete Carey from the San Jose Mercury who did the wonderful work on the Otto von Bolschwing story, also was the one who had the San Mercury article about Edwin Wilson picking up $18 million in Zurich.  So you can put this all together and I think you will agree that it is interesting - the paths that these people are following from the past to the present and watching them do their little ballet.  I call that "The Travelers".
Now to update the Watergate story for the remainder of these five minutes and then in the next half hour on the tape and on the broadcast on the air.  I was mentioning certain persons last week that were tangled in the early Watergate story.  Now I want to talk about current people ten years later in the White House.  Why are they there, what are they doing there, and throw out some questions to you that I honestly am not sure of the answer.

One has to do with the Wilson conflict and the other has to do with the Labor Secretary and the mob around Ronald Reagan.  What do they mean?  I have several interpretations and I will share them.  Allen was clean, knowing he wasn't.  So then, you have to be back.  Who is Fred Fielding?  Military intelligence, counter intelligence, or disinformation and also the horrendous role he played in Watergate that I briefly mentioned last week. 

We will take a one minute break and turn over our tapes and I will go back to Fred Fielding and what is going on in the White House that they are pushing appointments that they know are tainted to organized crime.

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Virginia McCullough, Curator

by Virginia McCullough, compilation Copyright © 8/22/07