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Mae Brussell gave an interview in 1978 to Conspiracy Digest (Vol. III, No. 1).  The United States was entering its fifteenth year since the bloody coup that robbed its citizens of its last legitimately elected president.  John F. Kennedy had his brains blown out on the streets of Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.  Countless Americans had taken up the torch and tried to identify the traitors who destroyed Camelot.  One woman stood out from the crowd.  She was a housewife and prophet from Carmel, California named Mae Brussell.  Many people in the media at the time tried to discredit this individual who defied the "government line" so that her influence could be limited. The interview in Conspiracy Digest was unique because it allowed Mae to define Mae.

The interviewer asks Mae Brussell:

What is your attitude on the Right-Left dichotomy?  From your writing I would presume that you have a "left-wing" background and probably are favorably  disposed to socialism or "true" communism.  Could you describe your social-political ideals?  Everyone knows what Mae Brussell is against.  Your positive philosophy, on the other hand, would be news to many of our readers.

Mae Brussell replied in the following manner:

Everyone doesn't know what Mae Brussell is against.  If I tell you what I am against, you can deduce or know what I am for.

"I am against the planned political assassinations by our intelligence and defense agents.  The CIA-FBI-DIA and DISC (Defense Industry Security Command) were set up originally to protect citizens of the USA.  They became their own judges and juries, private servants of corporations with investments at home and abroad.

I am against the constant destruction of evidence in criminal matters and political assassinations.  Prime witnesses are murdered before or after testifying.  Diaries are forged and planted in obvious places.  Doubles are created to confuse.  The Police Departments manipulate facts in cooperation with conspirators.  I am outraged that our judicial system since 1947 has been patterned after Nazi Germany.  Patsies are dead or locked away.  The assassins walk the streets or leave the country - "home free".  I am against using the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren, to cover up the assassination of President Kennedy.  When the highest court is corrupt, there is no hope at local levels.

I am against allowing the CIA to spend $25 million since 1947 for the express purpose, as stated before, to alter our behavior.  Is the State supreme over  individuals?  Who owns or controls our minds?  Why was CIA Director Allen Dulles allowed to order 100 million LSD tablets?  Were half the U.S. population going to receive their doses?  What gives the CIA and Pentagon the right to define normal, or to determine what is national security?  Are we being drugged through food, water and supplied with chemicals so we become slaves and robots?  Where is all the cancer coming from?  Why the preoccupation with death?  Why is the U.S. Government in the business of creating a "Psycho-civilized" world?  Who is ordering the ultrasonic waves to lower brain waves of city populations to an alpha state, leaving citizens susceptible to mass propaganda and hypnotic suggestion?  These facts have been confirmed by researcher Walter Bowart in 1977.  I learned about the project years ago.

I am against the mass media - CBS, ABC, NBC, UPI and AP being used by Washington  D.C. since WWI, and by the CIA wince WWII, as pure propaganda tools.

My positive philosophy is very simple.  I believe there is in each of us a potential for peace and harmony.  A few power-mad perverts dictate orders that must be challenged.  They are going against the laws of nature.  A family and society that does not care for its infants with love and affection will create and does produce mad bombers.   The source of this peace and harmony is within the family unit, not government agents or law enforcement.  Without love in the home there is never quiet in the community, cities or around the world.  There are ways to counteract the evil being purposely planned.  Study history.   Separate fears and prejudices from facts.  Recognize facts from propaganda.  Invest energy in fighting for what you believe in.  Analyze harder where we are going and what you are doing about it.  What do you really believe in?  How much do we care?"

In the conclusion of the second side of Tape 550 Mae Brussell draws a clear picture for her listeners demonstrating once again how America's bloody history is always the rock upon which our current events are built.  On June 21, 1982 Mae Brussell predicts the future we are living today:

"[Edwin]  Wilson is linked to Bush, to [Bobby Ray] Inman, to CIA.  He is linked to the Nugan Hand Bank where twelve people have been murdered.  Does he know he will be murdered if he doesn't come home?  Did he let himself come home and wasn't baited by $18 million?  Was Wilson home because he is going to bring down that element of the government that has been involved in so much and Ronald Reagan has been quiet about the Hinckley family.  Is this Reagan's way of pulling out the CIA element that tried to kill him for George Bush?  Or did George Bush send in his campaign advisor, his head henchman from Houston, Texas again, Mr. Baker, who is Chief of Staff to coax Ronald Reagan, to take mob figures on his Cabinet so that he could be discredited later and not seem credible. I truly don't know which way it is going to fall.... There is a lot going on behind the scenes, but Ronald Reagan made these appointments and they are all known links,  not only to crime,  but back to the John Kennedy murder and Watergate."

Mae Brussell may not have been able to predict in 1982 "which way it is going to fall" but she was giving her Brussellsprouts the detailed history lessons necessary to ask all the important questions.  The last half hour of  Mae Brussell's 550th World Watchers International audio tape follows.

World Watchers International
Tape 550, 6/21/82
by Mae Brussell

This is side two of Broadcast Number 550, June 21, 1982.  Now Fred Fielding was directly involved in the matters I discussed last week on the anniversary of the Watergate arrest, ten years later.  Fred Fielding was called in by John Dean, the attorney in the White House to clean out the desk file of E. Howard Hunt.  Now those were the most important files.  E. Howard Hunt had been with the CIA at least eighteen years.  He was involved with counter intelligence, it was the Bay of Pigs activity, with his wife.  His wife was the head of the CIA group over in Spain and Madrid.  He had an entire lifetime career of intelligence, but more important than just gathering information.  He was doing disinformation and counterintelligence and in his desk not only did he have a pistol but he had information on the Chappaquiddick affair.  And I am sure it was to be used to blackmail Senator Ted Kennedy, because Tony Ulasewicz was up at the island, it turned out, the night Mary Jo Kopechne died.

Fred Fielding was brought in to destroy the records of the ITT scandal.  ITT had given $400,000 to the Nixon campaign to settle a merger dispute with the Justice Department, that was to be part of their campaign contribution.  He [Fielding] was there to get rid of and destroy the forging of the State Department papers on the murder of [Ngo Dinh] Diem, blaming John Kennedy for the murder. So these offers of the ITT were directly linked to many of the Nazis connections I talk about every week, but the assassinations, the forgeries, blaming a dead president for somebody's murder, the ITT, all that was removed by Fred Fielding ten years ago.  And, then when Ronald Reagan became president ten years later, he brought Fred Fielding in as counsel to the White House again.  Now when you are starting new, you are almost seventy-two years old, you have waited all your life to be president, why do you bring in that same person one more time to help you?  Obviously to keep cover on what happened before.  January 11, 1981 Fred Fielding told the FBI that Raymond Donovan was cleared.  Don't go in to the investigation of crime figures at the hearing he told them.  He knew of his links as well as did the third under Webster in the FBI, Mr. Mullen.  They knew of these connections on the second as far as that goes and the links to the Genovese family in New York City.  The Genovese family was important because Tony Genovese was with Jack Ruby and an army colonel and Nancy Perrin at the ridge down in Dallas, Texas just before the assassination of John Kennedy.  So the Genovese family goes back ten years to Jack Ruby and the military and the murder of John Kennedy and Officer  [J. D.] Tippit before she came to Texas.  We will get into that a little bit, but Fred Fielding is saying to them 'don't go into the connection of Mr. Donovan'.  He called Mr. Webster January the 11th, 1981.  This is in the New York Times.  And as a result, on January 12th the Hearings were held, the Senate Committee Hearings on Labor and Human Resources, on the approval of Mr. Donovan. On February the 4th, he was sworn in the as the Secretary of Labor, even though Mr. Webster and the FBI knew that he was linked to William Mascelli and Mascelli was later charged.  He is in jail now for truck charges, highjacking charges, and also for manufacturing, conspiracy to manufacture synthetic cocaine.

Now Ronald Reagan's wife is great on the drug thing now.  She is wanting to work with the drug scene.  Okay, we'll tell her to just go look at the Cabinet.  I mean start with Frank Sinatra and work down.  But Donovan's close contact that he was on the telephone with a lot of the time and knew socially and worked business with was William P. Mascelli of the Genovese Family in New York City.  Mascelli was manufacturing cocaine, and the FBI knew it, in addition to other links that he had to La Cosa Nostra and Luchese Family and so forth.  Now February 4th, Donovan was inaugurated.  And then a little bit later, starting on January 27, 1981, Fred Fielding was clearing National Security Council Richard Allen after Reagan was inaugurated,  There was an investigation in November of 1981 on Richard Allen and the scandal of his having (was it $1,000?) or $100,000 in his desk and the links to the photographs of the President's wife at the time of inauguration with the Japanese officials he had worked with at Stanford University.  Then all of the Japanese mafia and industrialists and Richard Allen's connections.  It was Fred Fielding whose office referred the personal finances of Richard Allen and told the FBI on November 13th [that] Richard Allen is clear.   So he cleared Donovan earlier, he cleared Allen.  And, he didn't tell the Committee that he was partner in real estate with Richard Allen. Richard Allen was in business starting in 1972 with Robert Vesco, trying to invest the money of Robert Vesco.  And, talk about the Vatican missing money,  Vesco had $214 million from investment overseas and becomes a business partner with a man from military intelligence.  Richard Allen got a condominium that I mentioned a while back on programs with Fred Fielding.  So the man who was clearing him as the partner down there in Florida.  And then they had a third apartment that they never disclosed who used it and, I am sure with their activities, it was a large "safe house".

Now a while back,  November 28th last year, 1981, the Los Angeles Times had a story, and on one of the tapes I had, I quoted [from it].   It said the Allen investigation will end with the final stage when the American investigators what the big present was.  The FBI never identified it.  The FBI did not care.  The newspaper passed it up but we have yet to know what the big present was.  Well, Richard Allen was moved out of office but Fred Fielding was telling the FBI in November.  [He was] calling then and saying my buddy Richard Allen, he didn't refer to him as "my buddy or his partner or business associate" (he had property in Florida).  He is cleared.  So, who is Fred Fielding from military intelligence who gets placed into position where he destroys [the] counter intelligence assassination activity from Richard Nixon.  He covers up the Mob family connections to the Labor Secretary when the Labor Secretary's family and Mob family contacts have direct links again back to Dallas and Jack Ruby.  Then he covers up Richard Allen with his connections all around the world with Robert Vesco and organized crime and the Syndicate.

So Fred Fielding is very important.  Why did Ronald Reagan appoint him?  Obviously for this role.  But why does he have to continue covering up for the past Administration.  Well, the answer is very obvious if you study the course of history in the last ten years.  But, there is one article that came out at the time of Bri-Lab (that is bribery of labor) that was hushed up just as the ABSCAM was hushed up as being a minor thing.  June 19, 1980 Joseph Hauser was a witness against Carlos Marcello and Irv Davidson.  Hauser's attorney was Henry Rothblatt, the attorney of all the Watergate defendants when they were first arrested and the attorney for Bernard Barker, the banker of the Watergate affair.  [He] got his money from the Committee to Reelect the President and it came from Mexico and overseas money and illegal money through Mr. Allen and Gulf Oil - Gulf Resources down in Houston.

Rothblatt became the attorney for Joseph Hauser and Hauser describes his activities in California - how he made his money.  He says he wasn't very easy, he - at the time that he got involved with a lot of obvious criminal activities.  He had a $750,000 home in Beverly Hills and he was a close associate of Carlos Marcello, worked with Irv Davidson.  Hauser, according to the Washington Post, June 19, 1980, said, "Hauser made a fortune from scandal ridden California pre-paid health plans which were introduced by then Governor Ronald Reagan to shift the coverage to private enterprise to save the state money".  Does that sound a little familiar?  Is this what we have again? Reagan is always wanting to save us money, right?  So, again we have Mr. Hauser linked to Ronald Reagan when he was the Governor of California with the attorney Rothblatt who is the attorney for the Watergate defendants.  And the beat goes on! And on!  You see what I mean as the links going back through the years.

Then Mr. Davidson was indicted along with Carlos Marcello in the Bri Lab.  But Davidson is part of the National Security Council and threatened again to blow the case wide open, just as James McCord threatened and E. Howard Hunt threatened at the time of Watergate.  He made overt threats when he was arrested and, of course, he was released.  He says he does important work for the Government and the National Security Council and he couldn't be intimidated in this way.

Now the Washington Post article tells about Mr. Irv Davidson and Hauser and how Hauser wanted eighty-five thousand members of the Teamster's Union covered with accident and health insurance and he would collect annual premiums of $7 million.  He misappropriated that $7 million.  You see how much these missing millions come into these scenes and help handle the situation.  He met Irv Davidson in Washington, D.C., who worked with Carlos Marcello, a lobbyist, a public relations man for Indonesia, for the Israeli air force.  Interestingly enough and [also] for Mr. Somoza and Davidson and his friend Thomas Webb.  Hauser's friend took them to call Attorney General Richard Kleindienst, who just got his law degree removed and some more slaps for the Bri Lab case last week.  And he went to the Burning Tree Country Club in Maryland with President Frank Fitzsimmons, the head of the Teamsters.

Now Jimmy Hoffa was released by Richard Nixon and then he was murdered.  Two of the people involved with his murder are close associates of Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan.  So, going back to 1980 you have Richard Nixon assisting this crook Hauser.  Hauser's attorney is Rothblatt who is the Watergate's defendants' attorney, and the moneybags' defendants' attorneys because they are responsible [for the] shifting sands of money.  Then you have the web that goes on to Washington, to Irv Davidson and Kleindienst and brings in their golf partner, Fitzsimmons.  And, of course, all of the Teamster money went to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and when it is misappropriated you don't get too many headlines.  But that is another scam going back to Watergate with Rothblatt being the attorney, and then he is the attorney for Hauser currently and Hauser's association with Carlos Marcello and Irv Davidson.

Now, why in the world would Ronald Reagan take in Richard Allen [with] his close association with Robert Vesco with the missing $214 million.  Why would he take Fielding with his role in the Watergate for destruction of evidence.  What are his [Reagan's] reasons for making these appointments?  Of course, they are obvious.  Either they have to keep holding the dike, or simultaneously Ronald Reagan owes his Presidency to these crime figures.  So he has to sink with them or swim with them or whatever the case may be, because he is so much involved with their scandals right up to the hilt.  He has been involved with them all along.  Richard Allen, as I mentioned way back was with Army Intelligence.  He worked closely with John Dean, with Fred Fielding and he also was the man who put a large sum of money to bring the Georgetown policies.  The studies and the think tank there that harbored and released Nazis and he brought this money over from Germany.  He [Richard Allen] was in Germany when he said he got his Doctor's degree and he didn't get his degree, but he was the founder in 1962 to1966 of the Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies.  I have a biography on him going back to Tape 523, December 13, 1981.  If you want to look it up, or if you don't have knowledge of Richard Allen's connections to Munich, Germany and coming back with this large amount of money.  First going to Georgia and then up to the Center for Strategic Studies.

So, Fielding and Allen are close.  Ronald Reagan seems to have the need to bring these characters into his cabinet at this time. Now as it is  important to bring in Raymond Donovan because of possible connections to the Genovese family.  How important is it to Ronald Reagan's career along with Hauser and Marcello and these people.  There was an article, an editorial,  in the San Jose Mercury this last week.  It is dated May 28, two weeks ago - almost three, 1982.  It says, "It is time for Ray Donovan to go".  That was several weeks ago, I am sorry.  It says that Senator Hatch says "Someone in Donovan's shoes should be moving heaven and earth to disprove the allegations".  Instead the Secretary and his firm only have managed to increase the heat and power of the allegations in addition to the dead fish smell generated by the counter investigation launched by his firm.  There is an odor rising from the news that Donovan received between $65 thousand and $150 thousand in short term,  interest free loans from his Shiavone Construction Company.  While he was Secretary of Labor the money was pouring in".

Now the editorial says it is not only the company he keeps, the Shiavone Construction Company but a sampling, this is not all of them, but a sampling of the acquaintances included convicted felon, Pelogrino "Billy" Mascelli, a soldier in the Genovese crime family, [and] Anthony "Tony" Provenzano the Teamster leader in New Jersey.  This editorial doesn't even say that he was the step-son of Jimmy Hoffa and with him the day he died and  [a] suspect in the murder.  Big Sam Cavalieri of the Luchese Mob and the late hit man.  A Mafia hit man and a suspect in the disappearance and murder of Jimmy Hoffa. He was gunned down in New York.  It was in 1978 in Little Italy in New York.  So the two people involved with the Hoffa murder are tied up to friends of Donovan and with Donovan's construction company and Hoffa and the Teamster money was a very important part of the Richard Nixon/Ronald Reagan Administration.  So that Donovan had those links, I mean that was a May 28 article and there are even more articles now of the La Cosa Nostra, the Lucheses, the Genoveses.  Hardly the only one left out of this is the Gaminos -  and that is the Vatican.  The Vatican, Michael Sindona, has been linked to the Gambino family and the Secretary of the Treasury, David Kennedy, I mentioned before.  Those are the links to Italy to the Gambino family.  So you have got the La Cosa Nostra, the Lucheses, the Genoveses and the Gambinos and there are not many "families" left.

And so for the President of the United States to pull these in, did he owe them a debt for getting him to be president?  With Frank Sinatra, of course, walking in and out of the White House and carrying messages to New York City and so forth for the President's wife at the present time.  What is going on?  Another appointment that Ronald Reagan made that was rescinded just this week was even more sinister or dangerous.  We have his appointment of Fred Fielding from Watergate and Richard Allen.  He appointed as a head of the Drug Enforcement Agency a man who has been investigating Raymond Donovan and cleared him.  And cleared him.  His name is Francis M. Mullen and the Washington Post, July 11, 1982, Page A7 says "Strom Thurman, Senator Strom Thurman, shelved the nomination of the FBI's Francis M. Sullivan Jr. as head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in light of complaints of the FBI investigation last year of Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan".  He was supposed to be made the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Mullen was defending his role in the FBI.  He is still one of the FBI's three Executive Assistant Directors as well as the acting DEA Administrator.  Imagine him as the DEA Administrator.  He supervised the FBI background investigation of Donovan's qualification of a Cabinet appointment.  Last week it was compounded when he acknowledged (this was in the Washington Post) that he knew Donovan's name was mentioned on the organized crime wire tapes when they were arresting Mascelli and wanted to arrest him on making synthetic heroin and so forth in laboratories, and Donovan's name is on there.  And this is the Deputy of the DEA.  Mullen defended his action (now listen to this) "on grounds that the conversation which suggested possible social ties between Donovan and the reputed members of the Genovese family of the Mafia was not pertinent to the Senate/Donovan inquiry".  He said he didn't want to open up the underlying organized crime investigation and its 1600 hours of tape recordings to the Senate scrutiny.

So even though he knew all this, he gets promoted to the Director (although it was pulled out this week and rescinded) to be the Head of the Drug Enforcement Agency knowing the close links on many hours (the sixteen hours of tapes don't mention Donovan once).  And the Senate is asking for these tapes.  They tried to cover this up and the important thing is that they had a lot more information, much more information, including a trip to Miami with Marcello and Mr. Donovan in 1979 to the Super Bowl.  I will do more later on the Super Bowl, probably next week, but it was at the Super Bowl where Carlos Marcello and Irv Davidson and Billy Carter were meeting and Carter worked with Edwin Wilson, the character who had just come home.  Wilson is not apart from all this.  This is not separate from the Edwin Wilson I was talking about - the traveling salesman and so forth when the tape started.

Now another appointment Ronald Reagan made to his Cabinet [was Maurice Stans].  I am not even going this week into the Nazis connections (we have done J. Peter Grace) and I could do twenty Nazis connections.  An important appointment was Maurice Stans, that he Director of Overseas Private Investment Corporation - OPIC.  That means if you have Anaconda Copper and Pinochet is kicked out, and copper is nationalized, you and I, the taxpayers have to pay back and guarantee what was taken, to the people who had, stole it in the first place.  They stole it at no cost and took these resources and the investments overseas are well protected.

Now, Maurice Stans was the head of the Committee to Reelect the President.  He raised $62 million and I got the very articles on him and one from another in the mid-west.  He worked with Donald Nixon, with John Mitchell with Bernie Kornfield, when that $214 million was missing from Investment Overseas.   Maurice Stans gets a presidential appointment after the Committee to Reelect the President [that] was so much a part of the Watergate scandal.  I just took out a Watergate book - I have about eighty on the subject - just some brief descriptions.  One - Who is Who in Watergate.  I will read you the biography of just two or three people.  One was" Robert Allen, President of Gulf Oil and Resources from Houston, Texas.  Republican Campaign and Finance Director for Texas"  He funneled funds across the border, laundered them in Mexican banks, delivered them to Maurice Stans, the new appointee, or did I say new for this year.  Whence they end up in the Miami account of Bernard Barker.  Mr. Allen did not think he did anything wrong even though corporate and foreign donations are expressly illegal.  Now any time you taped for the law, you can't say "I didn't think I did something wrong".  You did not see Mr. Robert Allen go to jail for this, and you didn't see Maurice Stans go to jail.  They got an appointment. They got rewarded.  Okay.

It (money) came through Maurice Stans.  Dwayne Andreas, the millionaire soybean king, funneled money to Stans trying to beat or cheat the contribution reporting deadline last year.  Afterwards he[Andreas] was mysteriously awarded a federal charter for a bank.  Okay.  It went through Maurice Stans.  Alfred Baldwin III, an FBI agent rented a room at the Holiday Inn across from the Democratic headquarters in Washington, D.C.  He tape recorded the Democrats.  He tape recorded those rooms.  Took those recordings and delivered them to the Committee to Reelect the President.  He was granted immunity, but he took them to Maurice Stans.  In other words Fielding was covering up the Diem papers, the ITT, the Chappaquiddick and the major scandals.  The person who was taping the headquarters returned them to Mr. Stans.  Stans had his shredders going.  The Gemstone File, the Gemstone papers, the money, who contributed, links possibly to the Vatican. to people who are now in jail for swindles and murders, covering all that up - and he gets an appointment and Bernard Barker, a Cuban [former member of the Cuban secret police under Batista and one of the Watergate plumbers], another description, who received his money from Maurice Stans and Mr. Andreas. He  [Barker] who works in Miami  told the Watergate judge he didn't know where the money came from, but he was a close business associate of BeBe Rebozo, President Nixon's closest friend and confidante. 

So that the money goes from Maurice Stans down to Bernard Barker and Rebozo's helping Richard Nixon get elected and it also went - John Caulfield got money from the Committee to Reelect the President.  He was the man who was threatening to kill James McCord.  He was brought in for Erlichman's dirty work.  Did you see Caulfield go to jail?  No.  New York police hired by Erlichman for domestic affairs were paid by Maurice Stans, and he originally hired James McCord.  Now that gets into the question of "If  McCord was getting Richard Nixon out of office to make way for Jerry Ford and Nelson Rockefeller and then eventually for Ronald Reagan and the money came out from the Committee to Reelect the President again - it brings me to a question that I have to ask about these particular people that I want to pose to you."

When Edwin Wilson was brought home, this last week was he brought home because he is offering immunity?  He will get immunity for bringing in some corpses overseas and around the world that are embarrassing these people that have to be out of the way?  Did he set up their murder to get immunity.  Was Edwin Wilson brought home because Ronald Reagan wants him to talk for immunity over here and bring in people like George Bush and the FBI?  Bush is directly involved with Letelier, Ronni Moffitt murders, the Mubarek-Sadat crisis.  Edwin Wilson and Thomas Kleins had their offices in Switzerland.  Remember the famous offices that were set up?  Tersam - for the murder, sending money to the PLO, the murder of Sadat and going into the Mubarek.  Wilson is linked to Bush, to Inman, to CIA.  He is linked to the Nugan Hand Bank where twelve people have been murdered.  Does he know he will be murdered if he doesn't come home.  Did he let himself come home and wasn't baited by $18 million.  Was Wilson home because he was going to bring down that element of the government that has been involved in so much and Ronald Reagan has been so quiet about the Hinckley family?  Is this Reagan's way of pulling out the CIA element that tried kill him for George Bush?  Or did George Bush send in his campaign advisors, his head henchman from Houston, Texas again, Mr. Baker, whose Chief of Staff to coax Ronald Reagan to take mob figures on his Cabinet so that he could be discredited later and not seem credible.  I truly don't know which way it is going to fall.  But their heads are bumbling together now.  I know that there are a lot of people who were arrested.  I know with Wilson coming home.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes but Ronald Reagan made these appointments and they are all known links, not only to crime, but back to the John Kennedy murder and the Watergate.  So how far can Reagan hold the line or will he slide out and the CIA take over with Bush coming in if too many mobsters get linked to the Administration?

Time will tell how many chips follow, what dominos going to force the other one down or whether they are going to fight each other.  But it is very important to realize that while they are celebrating the birth of the Prince of Wales and these happy events that are taking place.  Or watching the Israeli's slaughter maybe eleven thousand women and children in Lebanon, there are other things going on that are very important to the power structure.  So we will watch it carefully.  I will be back with you next week and this is Mae Brussell in Pacific Grove, California.

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Virginia McCullough, Curator

Tape 550 6/21/82 Part 1
by Virginia McCullough, compilation Copyright © 8/20/07