FRESNO, Calif.—Jury selection for the first-degree murder trial of a Clovis biochemist accused of killing her husband by stuffing his body in a vat of acid will begin later this month in a Los Angeles County courtroom, a judge said.

Larissa Schuster, 46, and her former lab assistant James Fagone were arrested in 2003 after authorities found the body of Timothy Schuster, 45, decomposing in a barrel.

Prosecutors said the two first immobilized Timothy Schuster with a stun gun and a chloroform-soaked rag. The pair bound his hands and feet, before dumping him head first—and still breathing—into a 55-gallon barrel and poured bottles of hydrochloric acid on the body, they said.

In December, a Fresno County jury found Fagone guilty of murder.

In August, Fresno County Superior Court Judge Wayne Ellison ruled Larissa Schuster's trial—in which she'll face charges of kidnapping, torturing and killing her husband—would be held in Los Angeles County because an impartial jury could not be found locally.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Oct. 15 in the Van Nuys West courthouse in the San Fernando Valley, and lawyers could give opening arguments as soon as Oct. 22, Ellison said Monday.

Larissa Schuster's attorneys said she would testify in her own defense, but neither side expects to call Fagone as a witness.

Information from: The Fresno Bee,