by Virginia McCullough

In the pine covered foothills overlooking the Sacramento Valley of California, there is a quiet historic town called Placerville. Here the air is brisk and clear, rain is frequent and the hillsides sprout colorful large boulders that encourage small children to learn to rock climb at an early age. The main street consists of two narrow lanes with a roundabout circling the beloved Bell Tower. One can walk from one end of Placerville to the other end in under an hour enjoying a trip back in time on the way. In those few blocks of Old Town it seems as if every other store has a plaque out front proudly detailing the building's history. It is a tourist's Mecca offering everything from esoteric coffee to cheap souvenirs.

A unique and enchanting town, Placerville was founded in 1848 by miners, merchants, soldiers and seamen who flocked to the area after James Marshall discovered gold in the tail race of the Sutter mill on the South Fork of the American River on January 24, 1848. First, alternately called "Ravine City" and "Blood and Guts", the popular name soon became "Old Dry Diggings" because the miners had to carry the "dry diggings" to the water in order to flush the gold from the rocks. Miners worked hard for their gold and they did not look kindly on the robbers who tried to take the finds of their labor by force. Three such thieves were tried by a jury assembled of onlookers who quickly sentenced the robbers to death. Justice was brutally swift in the middle 1800's and the three men were immediately hung from a huge tree that stood in "Elstner's Hay Yard" next to "The Jackass Inn". The town was now appropriately called "Hangtown". In 1853 "Hangtown" was incorporated and renamed "Placerville". Placerville was designated the seat of El Dorado County by an act of the California legislature in 1857.

It is appropriate that the place to mete out justice is the historic El Dorado County Courthouse. Placerville's citizens drive well worn trucks, live in old restored homes that cling to steep ravines, and dress comfortably, respectfully interacting with their neighbors and approaching tourists with skepticism. Placervillians are not impressed by fancy dressers, fancy cars or fancy talkers. They are a practical, hard working people-- self reliant, self assured and self contained. Those who live in Placerville are quietly proud of their city's historical past and confident of their city's future. They are a practical, God fearing people who believe, as did their predecessors, in swift and rapid justice for those found guilty of wrongdoing.

The County Courthouse is located at the Eastern end of Main Street. An imposing structure, bold and somewhat bland, this building was built in 1912 after the original courthouse, which had been built in 1859, burned down in 1910. Flanking the entrance stairway are two Civil War cannons. Entering the historic courthouse after having gone through the now standard metal detectors, one is faced with a wide marble staircase leading the judges' chambers on the second floor. Ascending to that floor one finds the walls covered with the portraits of judges who have served Placerville for over the past hundred years. It is hard to tell from just looking at the judges' faces whether they are conservative or liberal, tough on all criminals or compassionate to those who stray from the straight and narrow. One favorite tale from the past clearly demonstrates that whatever the judges' leanings, passion for the law is alive and well in Placerville. It is said that there was a Benj. R. Nickerson who threw the only law book that was then in Hangtown at the judge's head because he decided a case against him.

It is very apparent that passion for a good legal fight in Placerville has not dissipated in 2004 because one judge's chambers is currently playing host to the best conspiracy trial to reach any bench in the great golden state of California in decades. Welcome to the magnificent mystery trial of Former Sacramento County Prosecutor Richard William Hamlin (Superior Court Case No. PO4CRF0132).


My readers often ask how I discover the stories I feature on Bay Area Observer. Often I have a subject in mind that I have not had the opportunity to investigate and writing an article will give me the time to educate myself and satisfy my curiosity. However, the trial of Richard William Hamlin sought me out and I was quickly captured by the conspiracy elements it contained. An associate of mine who is a subscriber to an internet entity called the CIA/Drug List, forwarded me "An Open Letter From Richard Hamlin" that someone had posted to the site. It read as follows:

Open Letter from Richard Hamlin

I am involved in a criminal case where investigative leads have led me back in time to the controversy of Indio, California, the Cabazon Indian Reservation, and its cast of characters. My investigator is Ted I. Gunderson and we have been able to contact Michael Riconosciuto, who has been a tremendous help.

As part of my investigation, I am looking into the background of Sidney Richard Siemer, D.O.B. 2/2/33. He was a close business associate of George Wayne Reeder. Riconosciuto has named Siemer as being involved in the research and production of biological weapons in Indio in the 1980s. Siemer is a PhD in agriculture/biological chemicals. He was in military intelligence for the army during the Korean war. Relatives stated he was a covert operator with a high security clearance. He has spent a great deal of time in Germany. Reeder, who was head chemist with SKW and Siemer & Associates, did a lot of business with S. F. Siemer. SKW is a German company.

Siemer has worked with companies that have worked with military and/or CIA: Abbott Laboratories, FMC, ICI of America, and W.R. Grace in Maryland. With Siemer & Associates he worked with Dupont and Bell.

Siemer has lived in Fresno, CA since 1979. He has also lived in Corvallis Oregon, Leavenworth, Washington, and Columbia, Maryland.

The reason I am interested in him is because I believe he was involved in MK-Ultra programs in the military. His daughter, my x-wife Susan, appears to be a victim of this program.

Two years ago my wife began to reveal a lifetime of child molest, rape, and torture at the hands of Sidney Siemer. She revealed that he continued to sexually abuse her throughout our marriage. She claimed that the method of control he would use to enable him to continue with incestuous sex was through brainwashing, hypnosis, and a complex method of mind control which began at birth and continued for 47 years. My wife finally revealed that our children had been molested and raped by Siemer and that he had my wife participate as well.

We decided to go to the police. Siemer found out about our plans and had associates physically assault my wife before we went to the police station. My wife gave a full statement of Siemer's rape and torture and his involvement in a Satanic cult. She also confessed to her participation in child molest and a conspiracy to commit murder
of me.

Two days later she recanted and claimed I had beat her up and forced her to say these things. She did this to avoid prosecution of herself and her father. She claims she made up everything.

Our defense has been to prove her initial statement as true. One claim was that she was taken to Indio, June 1982 and was brutally reprogrammed. She further claimed that Siemer used a building in Indio where child porn and snuff films were distributed. During the 1982 visit, she claimed that she witnessed the murder of a girl in the making of a snuff film. She watched this while she was naked and tied to a "peg board". She claimed she was subject to beatings, electroshock, sensory, food, and sleep deprivation. After she recanted she claimed that Siemer never did business in Indio and she made it all up.

Through Gunderson, myself, and the help of my brother, we have found rock solid information that Siemer and Reeder did business in Indio. Riconosciuto wrote and told us that Siemer was involved in the biological weapons production in Indio at the Cabazon Indian Reservation and that he is very dangerous. He confirms that Siemer was very involved with an international cult scene.

I am 44-years-old, an attorney who was a prosecutor with Sacramento County and then a criminal defense attorney with my own practice. I have never been arrested before this current situation. Any information on Siemer or Indio would be very helpful.

Use this letter as you wish. The more people who read this statement the better.

Richard Hamlin
300 Forni Road
Placerville, CA 95667

That letter contained all the "buzz words" this writer needed to whet an insatiable appetite to get to the bottom of this story. There were all the places that I had researched and visited -- names like Indio, California and the Cabazon Indian Reservation and the Armenian capital of California -- Fresno. I was already familiar with the people Hamlin named in his letter such as former FBI agent and Satanic cult advocate Ted Gunderson and CIA asset Michael Riconosciuto who has been in jail since 1991 for telling tales about the people who disavowed his very existence. And, of course, real estate developer and convicted felon George Wayne Reeder, the financier behind the now deceased King of the Cabazons, "Dr." John Phillip Nichols. These subjects had all been thoroughly investigated and their bulging files still resided in the basement archives.

One could not devote days and months to learning about these subjects without having developed a peripheral interest in the topics they promoted such as mind control, MK-Ultra, biological weapons, child porn and snuff films.

Writers and researchers are a vain lot always confident that they have thoroughly examined ever angle of a story enabling them to scoop their associates. Therefore it irritated this author that Hamlin's Open Letter contained one name that was unfamiliar -- Dr. Sid Siemer, father of Susan Hamlin and, if Susan's original confession is true, the head of a generational Satanic cult. How could one submerge oneself in the covert world of the Cabazon Nation during the 1980's and have totally missed a major player who was allegedly a partner of the infamous Cabazon controller "Dr." John Phillip Nichols and the financier of the Cabazon Bingo Parlor - the notorious G. Wayne Reeder? An unidentified source close to intelligence operative Michael Riconosciuto stated that Riconosciuto is currently claiming that Dr. Sid Siemer is a brilliant scientist and co-worker in a Cabazon venture involved in the development of biological and chemical weapons.

Within days a website on the world wide net posted three pages of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department Report No. G0402413 dated 02/27/04 in spite of the confidential status of the report in accordance with Penal Code Section 293. This report contained allegations by Susan Hamlin regarding the alleged satanic murder plot against her husband, Richard, and the alleged involvement of her father Dr. Siemer and herself in the molestation of the Hamlin children. The report's synopsis written by Sheriff's Deputy G. Murphy succinctly states: "Husband & wife reported wife committing lewd actions with 3 of their 4 children and wife conspiring with satanic cult to murder her husband. Wife interviewed & children placed into Protective Custody with CPS. Forward to Detectives for follow-up investigation." While Deputy Murphy's account seems accurate and clearly demonstrates the speed with which the Sheriff's department moved to protect the children, it is the remainder of the report that weaves an almost unbelievable tale. This author will eliminate the more salacious sexual details and designate individuals allegedly involved by their first initial and gender only in the paragraphs below quoted directly from the report.

2-26-04, Tuesday, 1535 Hrs -- I was dispatched to take a 288 lobby report. On arrival in the lobby, I met Richard Hamlin and his wife Susan. They made the following report regarding Susan molesting their children and being involved in a conspiracy to murder Richard this Sunday (2-29-04) night at midnight. Detectives Hoagland and Lensing were present during the interview.

Susan originally told me that she is a Satanist and has ritually molested their 4 children ...........under the instruction of her father (Sidney Siemer). Susan said her family is involved in a satanic cult and that her father raped her when she was a young girl and "passed her around to whoever else wanted to rape her." She said H-male who is a friend of her father and is a high priest in the satanic cult has molested her since age 15. Susan said she last spoke with H-male in October of 2003.

Richard said his wife Susan told him that her dad Sidney, H-male, R-male and R-male had planned to murder him on this Sunday night (2-29-04) at midnight at their house on 3340 Beatty Drive, El Dorado Hills. Richard said the plan was for Susan to leave their house on Sunday night with their 4 children by 2100 hours. Sidney would have some associates stage a diversion in the backyard to draw Richard out of his house. Sidney, H-male, R-male and R-male would break Richard's car window, use his garage door remote to gain entry to the house and wait for Richard to come back inside the house to murder him.

Susan said this statement was correct and that her father Sidney and H-male had planned for the last 2 years to kill Richard at midnight going into March 1st. She also said that L-female told her that they had sent 2 Satanist ladies to the Hamlins' house in the disguise of Jehovah's Witnesses on the day he (Richard Hamlin) had an accidental shooting (2-5-04/case #04-1516). Those ladies were supposed to be checking on Susan since Susan's phone was disconnected and she had not had contact with them for the previous year and a half. Susan said she believed that her father and the others would get weapons from her brother but did not know this for sure.

Susan said March 21st in an installation date for Satanists. She said March 1st is 3 weeks prior to March 21st and is a starting or launching date for March 21st. This year (2004) is even more important since it's a leap year. Susan decided she would go along with the murder of her husband Richard so that she could become High Priestess. She said H-male is the High Priest in the cult.

Susan said Richard has been identified as "a Christian with a mission" and "must be eliminated " and that if Richard is allowed to live, he would cause problems for the Satanists. Susan said that Richard "won't go away," is a Christian with strong convictions and "has become a trophy head." She said "it would be a great victory for Satan if Richard is killed." Susan said that simply divorcing Richard (as opposed to killing him) was not an option for her if she was to prove her worthiness as a High Priestess.

Susan said she was supposed to speak with L-female at the Starbucks parking lot on Douglas Blvd. in Granite Bay 2 days ago (2-22-04) regarding the murder plot because Susan's loyalty was in question. She said L-female owns a blue Lexus and a red one. On arrival, Susan saw a red Lexus that looked like L-female's parked in Starbucks' parking lot. As Susan stepped out of her car, a man named "R-male punched her in her face, knocking her to the ground. R-male then kicked Susan all over her head and body. R-male told Susan "YOU BETTER STAY WITH THE PLAN IF YOU WANT TO BE HIGH PRIESTESS! STICK TO THE PLAN OR YOU'RE DEAD!' R-male then got into the red Lexus, made a U-turn and drove off. She described R-male as being a WMA, 47 years or older, some gray in his short hair and about 5"10".

Susan was bleeding from her nose. She didn't have a cell phone so she didn't call anyone. She sat there for a while because she was worried about going home and having to explain this to her husband Richard.

After about 20 minutes to an hour, Susan went home. Richard was asking questions about her injuries and what had happened. Susan hadn't told Richard about the murder plot until then. Rich then wanted to know all the details about the murder plot and her life during the past 20 years they had been married until he decided he had complete information. This process took 4 days since they knew "this story had a lot of crazy information" and "would sound ridiculous." They then decided to report this to the EDSO (El Dorado Sheriff's Office).

Susan said she molested three of their children 5-10 times each in El Dorado County between October 1999 and October of 2002. She said the kids were all asleep during each incident and did not wake up................. She explained that 'THIS WAS TO KEEP THE KIDS COMFORTABLE WITH TOUCHING AND TO KEEP THE KIDS FROM THINKING THEIR SEXUALITY WAS THEIR OWN. THE KIDS HAD TO BE TOUCHED BY MANY HANDS'.................. She said she "THOUGHT SHE WAS BEING A GOOD MOM." When I asked what she meant by that, Susan explained that her father had taught her that was what a good Satanist mom was supposed to do.

She said the kids were "in a trance, a hypnotic state" whenever she did any of these molesting incidents. Susan said that her dad Sidney, her step mom and sister all molested her kids.

Susan also told us she witnessed a young girl being killed in 1982 while H-male was disciplining her (Susan). Susan was "strung up on a pegboard for 3 weeks." She said H-male killed a young girl who had been kidnapped. Susan was kept in cold storage and brought out twice to witness the murder. Susan said H-male and the others broke the young girl's bones and tied her in different shapes. Susan said the girl was alive when the torture started. Susan described the girl as being 9 or 10 years old and having dark hair. Susan didn't know who the girl was but said the torture and murder was filmed.

At this point, Detective Hoagland, Detective Lensing and I (G. Murphy) took a break. Based on Susan's admission that she had molested her children and the murder plot that was due to happen this weekend, I determined that the Hamlin children were not is a safe environment and needed to be placed in Protective Custody with CPS. I phoned on-call CPS worker Raven Emond who met Deputies Hammitt and Moccio at the Hamlin residence and accepted Protective Custody of the Hamlin children.

Detectives Hoagland, Lensing and I then re-interviewed Susan alone while tape recording the interview (item #2). Susan waived her Miranda Rights and again made the same statement and confession during questioning. I confirmed with Susan that the bruising on her face, throat and ears was from the beating that R-male had given her during their encounter at Starbucks in Granite Bay. I took photos of those injuries (item #1).

Based on Susan's and Richard's information, Detective Hoagland, Detective Lensing and I (G. Murphy) decided not to arrest Susan, pending further investigation. I advised Richard and Susan that their children had been placed into Protective Custody with CPS and gave them CPS' phone #. Both were advised that they were free to go and that Detectives would be continuing the investigation.

I booked the photos and film into EDSD Property as evidence. I ran all of the names Susan had given us to develop more complete address information for Detectives on follow-up investigation. Case forwarded to Detectives for follow-up investigation of the murder conspiracy and interviews of the Hamlin children. I notified CPS Worker Kate Campbell of the case # and she advised she would pick up a report copy from Records on Monday for her CPS investigation.

This then was Susan Hamlin's story to the interested sheriff's deputies as she explained the bruises on her body from head to toe. It was quite a tale!

Two days later following her husband's arrest on February 28, 2004 and with the children still in protective custody, Susan Hamlin retracted her original statements to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department.

Richard Hamlin, former prosecutor and defense lawyer, is now held in jail without bail facing a trial on nine serious felony criminal complaints of (1) causing cruel and pain and suffering with great bodily injury to Susan Hamlin, (2) two counts of corporal injury to a spouse/cohabitant/former cohabitant / child's parent, (3) willful and unlawful discharge of a firearm in a grossly negligent manner which could result in injury and death of a person, (4) willfully and unlawfully threaten to commit a crime which would result in death and great bodily injury of Susan Hamlin, with the specific intent that the statement be taken as a threat, (5) terrorist threats - threaten to commit a crime which would result in death and great bodily injury to Susan Hamlin with the specific intent that the statement be taken as a threat, and (6) three counts of child abuse and endangerment under circumstances likely to produce great bodily harm and head, did cause and permit a child to suffer unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering to be placed in such situation that his/her person and health may be endangered.

A former Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney from 1985 to 1989, 44-year old Richard Hamlin had prosecuted several important cases including the first prosecution of John Paul "Cornfed" Schneider when he put a shank into a Folsom Prison guard. This was long before Aryan Brotherhood leader "Cornfed" Schneider hit the front pages of the world press as the owner of Bane and Hera, two Presa Canario dogs, who mauled Diane Whipple to death on January 26, 2001 in an apartment hallway in San Francisco, California. (Click.)

47-year-old Susan Hamlin is a brilliant attorney who, like her husband, had graduated from the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific. At 5'9'' and weighing about 125 pounds Susan is an attractive woman with a stunning smile. Brown-haired and blue-eyed she is, by all accounts, a good wife and mother. Why then was she charged with misdemeanor child neglect and endangering on March 3, 1999 by Sacramento police officer T. Taylor, Badge No. 801?

One must also question why attorney Richard Hamlin would hire the infamous former FBI agent Ted Gunderson as his private investigator. Gunderson is a person who spends as much time inventing satanic cults as he does solving the problems the cults create. Gunderson has apparently been on the Hamlin defense team since at least August of 2004. (The Ted Gunderson Data Dump. Click.)

Hamlin's open letter states that Gunderson put Hamlin in touch with Michael Riconosciuto whose sworn declarations led to countless headlines in the early 1990's. According to Hamlin's letter, Riconosciuto alleges that the very busy Dr. Sid Siemer helped Riconosciuto develop biological weapons and that he was very involved in the international cult scene. (Michael Riconosciuto -- Prophet ,Patriot, Player, or Phony? Click.)

As if these connections were not enough to label this the "Conspiracy Trial from Hell" emails were soon received linking the recent death of investigative reporter Gary Webb to the jailing of Richard Hamlin. One such example was sent to this author by Gunderson fan Tim White and read as follows:

From: Tim White
Sent: Friday 21 Jan. 05 at 8 pm PST

This I just sent to John Buchanan whose address appears in the header just below. John was a close friend of Gary's and has 2 chapters in his book about Gary. John's book was co-authored by John McConnell, the founder of EARTH DAY. (Fixing America: Breaking the Stranglehold of Corporate Rule, Big Media and the Religious Right).

The subject then switches to "Richard Hamlin in Jail": This is the story that recently MURDERED Gary Webb (who) was working on by (sic) the request of Michael Riconosciuto who was given the initial information by Ted Gunderson 3 1/2 to 4 months ago. Ted had 3 consecutive days of interviews - 5 1/2 hours a day, 16 1/2 hours total at the Federal prison outside Boston where Riconosciuto is being held on 100% bogus charges. Michael states flat out that Gary Webb was assassinated because of his investigation into this and it is U.S. military intelligence operatives responsible for Gary's murder - DEFINITELY NOT a "suicide". Obviously this is an extension of the explosive information that came out in Gary's book Dark Alliance. This information was told to me by Ted directly after each meeting with Michael.

The days of the meetings were Dec. 23, 24,25, 2004. Richard Hamlin is being held without bond and his January 4, 2005 trial date has been delayed 7-8 weeks which will allow Ted Gunderson much needed time to pursue more information and leads.

Tim White, Viet Nam Vet (Air Force), Concerned Citizen

Daily the conspiracy continues to thicken around the satanic cult murder contract/domestic violence case that threatens to end Richard Hamlin's life as he knew it.

Finally, the remarkable appearance of Michael Riconosciuto's sworn enemy, Phillip Arthur Thompson.

Riconosciuto has always stated that he believes that Thompson is responsible for the torture murder of his "banker" and friend Paul Morasca in January 1982. Thompson denies this. Interestingly, Thompson is being held  as the suspect in the murder of Betty Cloer on June 18, 1971.  It is allegedly the oldest case solved by DNA in United States history.  He is now being held in the same El Dorado jail as Richard Hamlin, who is attempting to subpoena prisoner Michael Riconosciuto from the Devens Federal Medical Center in Ayer, Massachusetts, to testify as a witness in his defense.

Here are just some of the conspiracy details surrounding the lives of Richard and Susan Hamlin. It is this author's hope that my readers will help me explore and perhaps even solve this grand conspiracy before the Hamlin trial. The second story in this series about the Hamlins will explore my own discoveries concerning the subjects and subject matter of this fascinating case.

by Virginia McCullough © February 9, 2005



SIDNEY SIEMER vs. RICHARD W. HAMLIN [Appearing as defense counsel, attorney
Susan Siemer Hamlin]

Superior Court of California, Fresno County
Case No. 03CEGC02378

by Virginia McCullough