by Virginia McCullough

Richard Hamlin and Susan Siemer met at the University of the Pacific when both were attending the university's School of Law.  Richard Hamlin says that Susan made the difficult class work appear easy. In protective custody in an El Dorado County jail awaiting a trial that could put him away for 25 years to life, Richard reminisced.  He recalled one particular test that he had spent countless hours studying for determined to score a higher grade then Susan - just this once.  He said two-thirds of the way through the test he glanced over at her and she had put down her pencil and was staring off into space.  She looked as though she did not have a care in the world but he was worried that she had frozen and could not complete the test.  He need not have worried; Susan had simply finished the test before any one else and was waiting for others to finish.  As he described this event his voice contained a mixture of pride and regret.

Richard describes Susan as a brilliant, strong willed woman who is beautiful and petite but tall and slender with a model's figure.  In law school they shared an interest in religion and attended church regularly.  Richard Hamlin was not just attracted to his fellow student, he was in love.  In 1984 they were married.  It seemed an ideal match. She was a smart civil litigator whose expertise was writing well researched civil complaints; he was a confrontational trial lawyer who rapidly acquired experience as a prosecutor and then as a defense attorney.  Together they appeared to live an ideal Christian life responsibly raising four children and building a million dollar home with a view in El Dorado Hills halfway between the capital city of California, Sacramento, and the historic smaller town of Placerville.  Their neighbors describe a couple who were devoted parents who both participated in after school activities and church gatherings.  Susan Hamlin was a stay-at-home mother whose husband's income allowed her to have a gardener and housekeeper to help her run their large home.  Observers said that for eighteen years it seemed to be a perfect marriage and both parents were excellent role models for their children.

The early years of their marriage, like most young marriages, had been a financial struggle with both of them working to make ends meet.  Their first son was born in 1987 and their second child, a boy, arrived in 1992.  By this time Richard Hamlin had left the Sacramento District Attorney's office and was doing well as a defense attorney.  With two children to care for, Susan decide to become a stay at home mom and shortly thereafter in 1996 the Hamlin's became the proud parents of a baby girl.  Two years later, in 1998, a second daughter was born and their family was complete.  Their lives were filled with business matters and social gatherings befitting a successful couple.

In the El Dorado County Sheriff's report made on February 26, 2004 Susan Hamlin "said she started molesting her kids in Fresno in 1996 and that her dad Sidney taught her how to put her kids in a "trance like hyper relaxed stage."  She also said that "she last molested her kids in October, 2002".  So by Susan's own words she continued to molest her own children over a five year period. In the audio recorded interview made of Susan Hamlin that same day she was asked if her husband "ever molested one of your children" and she answered, "No". She was again asked, "Are you positive of that?" and she replied, "Yes."

The transcript of this same recorded interview shows Detective Hoagland asking Mrs. Hamlin, "Does your husband ever beat you?"  She replies, "No."  Detective Hoagland says, "Okay, I've got to ask."  Susan acknowledges, "I know."  Then Detective Lensing explains, "One of the reasons why he's asking that is because last time I talked to you, you had a black eye also. It was on the left side. (inaudible) bruises..." Susan states, "I know, I know. I had been roughed up by this..."  Detective Lensing interjects, "This mysterious guy...." And Susan concludes by naming the husband of her friend.

Richard recalled the first disturbing incident involving Susan that occurred in 1999, although at the time Richard had thought the police officer who issued his wife a misdemeanor child neglect/endangering citation (No. 539644, Sacramento Municipal Court) had overreacted.  Susan had taken the children out shopping in their brown 1996 Ford van and had just run into the Pier One import store in Sacramento for a few minutes to shop.  It was a warm afternoon on April 9, 1999 and fellow customers had observed the children crying in the van. Concerned, they went into Pier One and reported the van's license number and a description of the vehicle. Pier One clerks announced over the store loud speaker that the parents of children in this locked van needed to immediately report to the counter.  Twenty minutes later when Susan checked her products out at the cashier, she walked out to find the police trying to open the van's doors to rescue the children.  When she received the citation from officer T. Taylor, Richard Hamlin appeared as his wife's defense attorney.  Susan plead nolo contendre (acknowledged by law to have the same force and effect as a guilty plea.).  She successfully completed a diversion program and the charges were dismissed on April 13, 1999.

Following this 1999 event, Susan began shutting down and withdrawing into herself and hardly ever speaking.  Richard became concerned about the possibility that Susan was suffering from depression.  He admits that he was not the best husband during this time period, concentrating only on money and providing his family and himself with the very best of material things.  He said he had a very profitable practice and when it reached its peak in 2001 he was making $650,000 a year as a defense attorney.  He was defending some very high profile clients who could afford to keep him on 24-hour call by paying him what ever was needed to defend their clients.  He was hobnobbing with powerful politicians, sampling the good life and having an occasional extramarital affair if he had the desire.  He acknowledges that during this crucial time he was paying little attention to the emotional needs of his family and Susan became quieter and more withdrawn.  Finally, Susan went to a psychiatrist at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento who first prescribed Ritalin and later Prozac which Susan took for several years.

Richard noticed a marked difference in his wife.  She seemed to have more energy and was not as withdrawn, talking more openly then she had in years.  Then in October of 2002 Susan suffered a panic attack that was worse then anything that had happened in the past.  She was driving in the van with the children and she suddenly suffered from a severe migraine headache so painful that she began experiencing breathing difficulties and temporary numbness in her arm and face.  She panicked and pulled off to the side of the road calling 911. The police responded, called Richard at work to come get the children and took Susan to the hospital where they kept her for the day, medicating her and sending her home later that evening.  According to Richard, the attack seemed to release some type of trigger in Susan and for the first time she began telling Richard about her horrific childhood.  And she began writing to those friends and family who could explain the gaps in her memory that made her feel as though she had been raised in a totally different household from her siblings.

To her father, Dr. Sid Siemer she wrote the following letter on April 22, 2003:

Dear Dad,

This is a letter that I never thought I would choose to write. But, lately, (the past 3-4 years) I have been struggling with behaviors and moods that I can't explain. I have suffered from severe depression, thoughts of suicide, self esteem problems, marital problems, problems socializing; in all settings, including the work environment, etc. I have gone back and forth between concern for, or more accurately, fear of, your feelings in reading this letter and concern for my well being if I did not write, and send, this letter. At this point, obviously, I have concluded that my need to write this letter has sufficient value. I have not yet, as I sit here writing, determined the value of my need to send it. (If you are reading this now, then I guess, not only do I have a need to verbalize my thoughts, but I also have a need for you to hear them. Any need I have for a response from you is a separate issue that I have not gotten to at this point.)

I have so many gaps in my memory of growing up -- I have always wondered why. Terri has similar gaps. Layne recounts memories that are so foreign to me that I think he lived in another house. I have lived my life not ever letting others see the "real" me. I know that everyone does this to a certain extent.  But I have always expended so much energy projecting an image of someone who is "acceptable"..... always feeling that I had to hide something. While I expended such energy to keep others from finding out what was inside me -- it really wasn't hard to keep it hidden, since I had no idea what it was that I was hiding.

I have been trying so hard to figure things out so that I can, at some point, relax and let down enough to actually experience life, i.e., really feel it -- expose myself so that I could really experience life's feelings, instead of merely acting them out as I projected this more acceptable image of Susan. While my protective walls, my facade, kept the true ugliness safely hidden within, they have also unknowingly served to keep life out too. As you will read in any psych textbook, intimacy in a relationship is impossible to achieve without trusting another enough to let your true self be seen, i.e. exposing yourself to a point of vulnerability. Love is what results then, when in that vulnerability, you can draw strength from a confidence that you will still be, at a minimum, accepted, but even more than that (unbelievably so), affirmed and clung to still, i.e., loved. Isn't that the cliché --"unconditional love?"

In my case, exposing the grotesque ugliness that was me, so I thought, could only lead to being cast aside, abandoned, discarded, rejected, shunned, isolated...unloved. The results, of course was ZERO self esteem. How could I have possibly had any good thoughts of myself if disgust and disapproval were a certainty upon someone seeing behind my facade. Perfection of this facade as I went though childhood, then, was a necessity for my very survival, since dependent children would surely perish if abandoned. While this facade served me well, for the most part, in hiding the ugliness that I have always believed to be me, it is now hurting me, and those I love, much more than any good it is doing. It is affecting every relationship I have with those people in my life -- my husband, my children, my siblings, my friends, any employer I have ever had,.....and you. This facade has outlived its usefulness in my life; unfortunately, however, it has taken on a life of its own. It is going to protect me whether or not I need or want it to. How do I turn it off? What was its source? Why is it so STRONG? About 4 or 5 years ago I remember thinking that I was finally happy with my life. For the most part, I felt comfortable with who I was -- I thought I had a healthy image of myself at long last. I had absolutely no desire to focus any attention backward in an attempt to figure out any baggage I might be carrying through life. I was happy and unaffected by any "baggage".

This feeling of peace lasted for a couple of years. Then I started into a plunge that went deeper than anything I had previously experienced --e.g., the break-up of the family, Mom's suicide attempt and problems with alcohol, her death, post-partum depression, etc. Thoughts of suicide were not unfamiliar to me over the years, but the depth and intensity of this particular period of severe depression really scared me. I remember on a couple of different occasions crying to Rick to please watch me closely -- I was afraid of what I might do. It was, at that time, not just others' disapproval that was so devastating, it was that I couldn't even love myself. I was too "ugly" even for me to approve of. I thought I would be doing my family a favor if I died. I thought Rick should have someone better, and I thought, if I were dead, my kids would benefit from the absence of such a negative influence in their lives. This feeling of despair was so consuming and very scary. I really don't think it is a feeling that someone can empathize with if they have not experienced it. The healthy response, of course, would be "snap out of it". But isn't that like saying to a painfully shy person (as I was) "just don't be shy".  It really wasn't a self centered wallowing in self pity.  I think I would have fared much better if I could have been self centered -- at least that would indicate some sense of self that I was worth even that much concern.

Thankfully, something kept me from totally succumbing to despair and actually taking my life. And as the fight inside me slowly came back, I figured there must be something I needed to figure out. I didn't know how to frame the questions, though.  And I knew that if I didn't ask the right questions, there would be no way of coming up with the right answer. I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels trying to find answers to the wrong questions. I was continuously frustrated when discovering the answer to my questions failed to produce any change in my emotional health. I have been to counselors, I have read books, I have talked to people, I have spent time just trying to figure something out. I thought that the discovery that I have held this "ugly" image of myself all these years would, by itself, be so liberating.  It was not just other people's approval that had such power over me, it was also my own and that, finally, was something that I had control of -- or so it seemed. That it took me until mid life to figure out what seems so simple did nothing to bolster my self esteem, but I guess I'm OK with being a late bloomer. What really bothered me was that I was ineffective at changing my self image , even with conscious effort. As I tried unsuccessfully several different ways to "undo" this disabling self image, it occurred to me that before I could undo it, I needed to know where it originated. I started to re-phrase the initial questions. What was it about me that, if it were discovered, would be so repulsive to others that I would certainly be cast out? This is more than just being "self conscious". My ugliness must be kept hidden at any cost. When did this need to cover arise? Where did it come from? I still haven't answered these starting point questions. So, very shortly after concluding that I needed to take this journey, my trip has stalled out. So now what? Well, maybe if I tackled it from another side first, instead of so directly, I might at least be able to get a start. (More my style anyway.) I started looking again at memories that I do have, instead of racking my brain trying to remember something that I don't remember.

One memory that I never really gave a second thought to in the past, but that has begun to cause more concern for me lately, is one that you could shed some light on for me. I don't need help reconstructing the memory -- that has always been very clear in my mind. What I do have a problem figuring out, as only you would know, is why it took place, whether it was an isolated event, and why nothing has ever been said about it. When I was 16, J-------- L ---- and I planned to take a day trip to the beach. We planned to leave early in the morning so she spent the night at our house. We slept on the floor in the living room so we wouldn't wake everyone else so early. During the night I woke up, rolled over and saw you sitting beside J ------ . I immediately felt awkwardness and said "you guys are being weird". J---- did not say anything, but you said, "Roll over and go back to sleep". I did as I was told. I don't remember thinking anything else about it that night or the next morning. It wasn't until J---- and I were driving home from the beach the next evening that it was raised by J----. She told me that she had not wanted to say anything earlier because she didn't want to ruin our day, but she wanted to ask me something. She told me that you came in to where we were sleeping the night before and started rubbing her breasts. She didn't know what to do at the time, or what to think. She was confused and felt very awkward, as did I. She asked me if that was something that you did to me to help me get to sleep at night. I don't know if she asked that because it was something you told her, or if she was trying to explain it in some way that could make some sense. My response was a very embarrassed "no". But I knew that was what was going on when I woke up during the night when I said the two of you were acting weird. I was so extremely embarrassed, confused, and deeply hurt and affected in ways that I couldn't begin to know. I can only guess about the resulting impact on J-----. We never spoke of this incident again beyond this one brief conversation. As far as I know, you never explained or apologized to J----. I don't have any memory of you raising it in any way with me either. WHY? Because of your failure to address it, I was left with my own assumptions and their resulting impact. (As was J----.) I was hurt to the core by my assumption that my dad didn't love me --how could he love me if his actions evidenced a total disregard for any feelings I might have. When I woke up and said something, your dismissal of me made me feel like I didn't matter at all. And when you didn't say anything the next day, or ever, it just confirmed that you didn't care. Were you concerned at all that J---- and I might talk, or that she might tell her parents? It was a crime you know. She was my best friend for all those years --I can't remember if she ever spent the night at my house again after that, all our friendship was affected, or if her suicide attempt was linked. I have thought about writing her, but thought I should start with you. A big thing that has come to me lately is why, with a clear memory of that night, I have thought of it as insignificant all this time. Looking at it differently now may be because C---- is at the age of spending the night at friends' houses now.

So, all of a sudden, I had a need to write this letter. As I have been writing this for the last week or two, I have been immobilized by severe depression. My body has shut down. I don't drive without literally falling asleep at the wheel. I am freezing cold all the time and crying at the drop of a hat. What does this all mean??? I don't feel anger at all towards you. Perhaps that is odd -- Rick thinks that is odd. He definitely feels angry -- maybe it is a guy thing, or maybe the field he works in, or maybe feelings of a protective husband. But where is my protective daddy??? My feelings started being piqued as C---- is getting older. But I was your baby -- what about that? This is my only memory so I am not making any accusations beyond what I clearly remember. But in my pain as an adult, I have to ask the questions -- did you sexually molest me as a child?? Is that why I have so few memories of growing up? I know that must a horribly painful question to be asked. But it is just as painful, if not more so, to be asking it. As I said earlier, I feel no anger at all, only extreme pain and a desperate need for healing. If you can help me heal, as your baby still, won't you please answer my questions with loving honesty? I am a wreck and, at this point, just trying to survive.

Your baby,


Susan Hamlin had told her father that her husband Richard was angry over the disclosures she was making to him on an almost daily basis.  There was clear evidence that this was true.  Richard encouraged Susan to act on her newly emerging memories and to contact her old friends and relatives in an attempt to establish the truth about her past.  Susan did so and Richard researched the past of his father-in-law, Dr. Sid Siemer.  In his own mind, Richard said he believed his wife and mother of his children had been and continued to be violated by her own father.  He believed it because his wife was verifying it in letters and emails she sent to others and because she maintained a detailed journal in which she documented the abuse in her own handwriting. As his anger and determination grew Richard began contacting the friends, family and associates of Dr. Siemer bringing the confrontation right to the Fresno community where Dr. Siemer lived and worked.  These acts culminated in Richard Hamlin producing and distributing a flyer that identified Dr. Sid Siemer as a serial child molester.

Dr. Siemer's response was immediate and forceful.  On Thursday, July 3rd, 2003 Susan's father filed a lawsuit (Case No. 03CECG02378, Fresno County Superior Court).  The lawsuit was a petition for injunction prohibiting harassment and an application for a temporary restraining order.  Attorney Susan Hamlin defended her husband in the action filed by her father.  Judge Pena signed the show cause order as requested on July 13, 2003 and the proof of service was served on Richard W. Hamlin by personal service on August 3, 2003.

On August 10, 2003 Susan Hamlin wrote another letter to her father. This letter contained an entirely different tone; it is a missive filled with a cold, controlled anger and "Dad" is now Sid.

August 10, 2003


Since we just found your motion for a restraining order in the bushes when we got home last night, it prompted me to re-read the letter I wrote you in April? which, I might add, you so ?lovingly? attached as an exhibit to be included as a public record.  After reading it, it dawned on me that, what was glaringly obvious to all but you, had been omitted. In all fairness to you, I feel compelled to clarify this written record that you are so meticulously compiling.  You truly thought that you had me willingly in your web? that I knowingly chose to participate in your repulsively deviant little ?games? of torture and control. I just couldn't let the record stand if there was any possibility of confusion on this issue. So? to be very clear?  YOU NEVER HAD ME.  That my body was forced to participate, from my very beginning, and continuing on until April of this year, in acts so unbearable that, in order to survive (quite literally) things that were so against nature, my mind had to immediately delete all traces of each event that it sorted into this category.  As supremely intelligent as you think you are, your plan had a fatal flaw? you either had no knowledge of ?repressed memories?, or, more likely, you were aware of such a? theory? and decided that? it was all a bunch of ? hog-wash??. The latter sounds like you doesn't it?  Well? here is a news flash for you, the fact that Sid Siemer doesn't believe in something does not mean that it doesn't exist in reality.  The first clue you had was in your kitchen when I mentioned that I had so many gaps in my memories of childhood. We were specifically talking about when we lived on Colonial?  I was in junior high and high school. You got such an odd look on your face.  You were studying my expression to see if I was just stupid, or if I was doing a really good job of playing along with? the secret?.  I was really convincing, wasn't I? You were worried for only a second though, and recovered very well with your comment about Mom's ?multiple? suicide attempts during that period in my life.  Of course I would want to put those little unpleasantness out of my mind, you told me.  The problem is that the version of the family myth that I was told was limited to only one such attempt? and, now even that is in question since I have recently learned that, upon her release from the hospital a day or two later, she went to the YWCA ?a shelter for abused women, where she stayed for approx...2 weeks.

And all the while I kept remembering more and more....

And did I tell you how glad I am that you have been so predictable. That you would take this private little matter to court gives me the opportunity I have wanted. In court, when you are asked questions, there will be a judge presiding to see to it that you answer.  Oh, did your lawyers tell you that the judge has power over even YOU.  The judge, of course, does expect you to tell the truth.  Can you lie convincingly to an adult?  How about to an adult with power over you?  In any event, I expect nothing from the noise that will come out of your mouth.  I do, however, look forward to watching you try to control yourself when Rick cross-examines you.  I think I'll bring my camera.

Your choice of forums for our first opportunity to discuss this? secret? matter is very PUBLIC.  Since this is your motion, you are obviously not concerned about publicity.  I welcome it. Newspapers, TV and radio could find this to be quite a human interest story.  Just wanted to thank you in advance in case I forget to in court. I am, however, wondering what has suddenly changed to make exposure of your ugly secret no longer life ending.  Or is it that you think if you tell the story first, control remains yours since you can decided which version to tell.  Convincing the court that one person is crazy is not impossible, however, it is also not easy.  Convincing the court that all the witnesses are crazy is ridiculous.  So, I'm looking forward to a good show.

What do you think people will think of you when they learn what you did to me to make sure I never told anyone that you raped me repeatedly throughout my childhood?  The acts of rape were horrific, but you were able to trump even that.  Your acts of cruelty and torture were effective control tactics with me, the cornerstone of which was to teach me [my place].  That, I did learn.  I had the same value to you as did any other animal, no more, and no less.  Animals are kept around only so long as they continue to please the master.  But because this animal can speak, unpredictability exists? you can never really be sure what they might just ?blurt out?.  Control is what defines master, and control cannot exist where there is unpredictability.  You used a demonstration to accomplish this. My puppy that I so loved was the subject of your demonstration on that day? do you remember? While holding her over the bathtub by the scruff of her neck, you took your jagged edged fishing knife from its leather case and sliced open her abdomen allowing her insides to run out into the tub. I got it.  I understood that lesson and acted very predictably for a couple of years.  It is hard for me to believe that I would have ever needed to be reminded of this lesson. Unfortunately, with my limited life experience at age 7, I didn't know that I was telling? the secret? when I complained of severe pain during urination.  Going [potty] wasn't the secret.  Of course, what I couldn't know was that painful urination resulting from forced intercourse did expose the secret.  This demonstration was more personally tailored. You tied me, naked and in a spread eagle position, on top of the table in the Adams St. house and, with your fishing knife, threatened to cut me as you had my puppy when we lived in Richmond.

It is no wonder to me anymore that I submitted to your control.  It also now makes sense that I remained under your control well after becoming an adult since you never released me from your hold (i.e. the childhood lessons remained controlling).  My survival of my past, however, is due to a coping mechanism which spared my child mind from remembering trauma which would have been too great to bare.  This served as a life preserver which, thankfully, kept me afloat until I was strong enough to deal with the memories. I was sent a rescuer - Rick.  Rick is my hero.  Contrary to the propaganda that you have spread all these years, Rick is a good man.  He has endured a lot as a result of your actions over the years, directly and indirectly as your distorted teachings come to him through me. I found myself acting on auto-pilot in ways that I was committed to changing, and I didn't know why.  Until I remembered the distorted lessons that you taught me, I could not release myself from their controlling effect on my life.

It makes me retch to think that you actually believed that I would ever choose you.  You have robbed me of my childhood, my innocence, my trust, my history, and more.  But it stops now.  You will not take anything more from me.  My present and my future are mine.

The revelations disclosed to her husband, her family members and several long time friends finally led to someone severely beating Susan Hamlin on or about February 22, 2004.  The location of the beating and the identification of the person who beat Richard Hamlin's wife is what the upcoming trial is all about.  When Susan and Richard Hamlin went to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, February 26, 04 at 5:35 p.m. Susan twice identified the perpetrator as most likely the husband of a friend that she had agreed to meet in the parking lot of a nearby Starbucks Coffee Shop.  In this very public place, in broad daylight, this man punched her in the face knocking her to the ground where he proceed to "kick her all over her head and body ", she told the deputy sheriffs.  Susan stated this once in front of her husband and a second time on tape when she was alone with the deputies in a private room.  Yet she claimed to have never met her friend's husband.  She only assumed it was him because he arrived in a red car that was the same make and model as one of the cars owned by her friend.  It was her married girlfriend who Susan said had set up the Starbuck's meeting location.

That evening the El Dorado County deputy sheriffs ordered the Hamlin children placed in Child Protective Services to remove them from harm's way.  The next day Richard Hamlin was arrested and immediately Susan Hamlin retracted everything contained in her confession and stated that her husband was the individual who had beat her and, over a period of time, had tortured her.  Sources now say that Susan Hamlin and her children have been reunited with her family and her father.

Individuals who wish to remain unidentified have said that Dr. Sid Siemer is a high ranking member of a CIA sanctioned child molestation ring called "The Finders" and also a senior member of the Order of the Trapezoid, consisting of worshippers of the Temple of Set.  Members of both groups have indicated that they consider themselves a type of royalty operating above the laws of man.

Richard Hamlin, former Sacramento County prosecutor and high profile defense lawyer is now held without bail facing the following serious felony complaints: (1) causing cruelty and pain and suffering with great bodily injury to Susan Hamlin , (2) two counts of corporal injury to a spouse/cohabitant/former cohabitant/child's parent, (3) willful and unlawful discharge of a firearm in a grossly negligent manner which could result in injury and death of a person, (4) willfully and unlawfully threatening to commit a crime which could result in death or great bodily injury to Susan Hamlin with specific intent that the statement be taken as a threat, (5) terrorist threats - threaten to commit a crime that could cause death or great bodily injury to Susan Hamlin with the specific intent that the statement be taken as a threat, and (6) three counts of child abuse under circumstances likely to produce great bodily harm and death (he) did cause and permit a child to suffer unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering to be placed in such situation that his/her person or health may be endangered.

The prosecutor offered a plea agreement to Richard Hamlin that required Hamlin serve 12 years in prison. Hamlin rejected the plea offer and prepared to go to trial to try to prove his innocence.

The Hamlin case reminds one of an ABC television interview of Princess Diane on November 24, 1995.  The commentator asked the Princess, "Do you think Camellia Parker-Bowles was a factor in the breakdown of your marriage (to Prince Charles)"?

Princess Diane responded, "Well, there were three of us in the marriage and it was a bit crowded."

Could it be that Princess Diane and Richard Hamlin both served the same purpose - breeders to "royalty"?

by Virginia McCullough © March 10, 2005




by Virginia McCullough

SIDNEY SIEMER vs. RICHARD W. HAMLIN [Appearing as defense counsel, attorney
Susan Siemer Hamlin]

Superior Court of California, Fresno County
Case No. 03CEGC02378

by Virginia McCullough