by Virginia McCullough

On October 2, 2007 posted an article entitled "A Trip Down Memory Lane Featuring Ted Gunderson".

On Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 2:17 a.m. this reporter received a mysterious email from someone using the internet handle . The subject line said "ARTICLE ON TED GUNDERSON" and excerpts from the body of the long email were written entirely in capital letters and read:

Well VMC I'm not sure what's going on anymore but your article kind of proves the book of revelations of the holy bible is coming true, that (all corporations would be corrupted in the end times), apparently that includes the FBI but hey its the millennium, so chill out Gunderson know's how to speak with his enemies and friend's alike, he's an expert it!!!

Gunderson's connection to the Reagan/Bush administration was to his best friend Ronald Reagan not George Bush!....And for that reason, Gunderson holds a secretive cover post that is even higher then SAC. Something you keep forgetting VM, there are so many secret level's of the US Gov and Reagan was anti-satanic cults anyhow. And so, like any classified caper, Kelly won't be allowed to consummate his investigation against Gunderson. Likely he'll get transferred. But you, of course, want some real evidence in that regard, don't you!? Actually it falls under the war powers act, but I don't have a section to quote you, but it allows the President to appoint any US citizen to do whatever he is called upon by the President and I'm surprised Clinton didn't cite it with the sex scandal in office!?

But VMC, how come you're not interested in the 9/11 victim's family member's lawsuit against the Bush admin!? It's underway in Judge Patel's court in San Francisco but how come the media doesn't cover it? Does this mean they're under some type of demonic control!? Shocking isn't it!????

Angelic Flyer

My response to the discontented reader was to suggest that he simply cease to read my articles if he found their content upsetting. One week later Angelic Flyer wrote again using all capital letters but changing the subject matter to an individual I had never heard about:

Actually, it's more what you don't investigate that concerns me like the Desert Fae case but I can't expect you to hear about everything, she has a web-site re the murder of her father at Cabazon! Sound familiar? I'll let you guess the rest!

Angelic Flyer

At this time I had no idea who the writer was other than the person appeared to be an admirer of Ted Gunderson and he/she had some knowledge of the Alvarez triple execution that had occurred on or about June 29, 1981 at the Cabazon Nation. I spent the next hour researching the net trying to discover who I was corresponding with presently about this old case.

Just over an hour later, another email was received with a few more clues.

Actually Cabazon is being resurrected again with a triple homicide that you and other's forgot about and you call yourself an investigative reporter!?

The Canadian government is flipping like a fish out of water over this and Desert Fae is haunting the're on the late channel! Bye for good!

Now, I was the fish on the hook and curiosity was consuming me. I responded saying:

I am really not the least bit interested in wild goose chases. I have forgotten more about the Cabazon than you, Ted or all of those informants in Canada will ever know.

Later that evening another researcher contacted me and suggested that Michael Riconosciuto's spokesperson, a woman named Anita Langley who identified herself as a cousin-by-marriage of Riconosciuto was working with the woman Angelic Flyer identified as Desert Fae.

I sent the following email to Angelic Flyer:

Thank you for confirming that all of the below comes out of Canada and probably either from Gordon Sivell or, more likely, Anita Langley. In my opinion Desert Fae is either Anita Langley's lap dog or Ted Gunderson's latest female on the hook. In either case both people report directly to the Puppet Master. - Look for my upcoming article on the Puppet Master.

Once again - thank you for letting me know who and what you are and where you come from.

At 6:33 pm on November 29, 2007 I heard once again from Angelic Flyer.

Nope...Desert Fae is rogue and let's just think of all the law enforcement who covered it up!!!???

Guess those post certificates are worth about the same as the cereal brand! Will see what Jerry Brown is all about!?

On November 30, 2007 fellow researchers had sent me information indicating that Desert Fae was also known as Rachel Boger or Rachel Begley and that she said she was the daughter of Ralph Boger, who had been killed with Fred Alvarez and Patricia Castro in Rancho Mirage. That same day I phoned and emailed Sgt. C. Ford of the Riverside Sheriff's Office regarding Desert Fae and the Alvarez executions.

During the following month I determined that the real identity of Angelic Flyer was Patrick Michael O'Shea a California private investigator and long time supporter of Ted Gunderson and Michael Riconosciuto.

Desert Fae also posted a 3 minute video entitled "Virginia McCullough and Her Games" and in that video she accused this reporter of violating a judge's order, which was a blatant lie as was a statement she later made stating that I lunched with Dr. Sid Siemer.

Finally on December 30, 2007 I received two more emails from O'Shea using the handle Angelic Flyer. They arrived one hour apart and read as follows:

I've been kept on a leash for a long time, it's about to be enforcement corruption kept me at bay but they are the one's who will lose over Cabazon and in fact, go ahead and expose any docs that you have you believe are your kings and aces on your web site!? We'll trump anything you've got!!!

And so far VMC, we haven't seen a good hand from you yet!!!???

Desert Fae is not Columbo but she isn't a Calif citizen either!?

Riconosciuto is lining up his ducks now, brilliant strategy is at work.

On his end, you'll see why he's called Magic Mike.

Before the 2008 New Year dawned it was obvious to this reporter that two men were behind the emergence of Desert Fae, AKA Rachel Begley. Yet this woman who targeted my credibility never contacted me by phone, email or mail to verify any of the disinformation she was generating about me and about the Alvarez executions.

It would not be until April 1, 2008 that I received an email from Riverside County Sheriff John Powers who told me that he had been assigned the 1981 Alvarez Execution case several months ago and he had reviewed thousands of documents and viewed Rachel Begley's Desert Fae videos. He elaborated by saying, "I fell a bit like Alice in Wonderland after falling down the rabbit hole. I no longer have a complete grasp on the real world." Powers credited Rachel Begley for introducing him to the rabbit hole and stated that he was having a difficult time shifting through the BS.

On July 1, 2010 Rachel Begley's attorney Robin Sax introduced a motion in the case of James Hughes (Case No. INF066719) who was the sole defendant charged in the Alvarez murders. On page two of that motion Sax stated, "The triple homicide case had never been solved until Detective John Powers of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department took control of the cold case file on November 27, 2007.

This reporter first contacted the Alvarez cold case lead investigator John Powers by calling his cell phone as he requested in his initial email to me dated April 1, 2008. The following day he called me back and I re-sent all of the information I had emailed to Sgt. C. Ford to Detective Powers. This packet included all of the exchanges detailed above because I was concerned about the source of the information I was receiving concerning one DesertFae.

Just like many intelligent people before him the detective eagerly entered the world woven by "Magic Mike" Riconosciuto.

Virginia McCullough © 7/15/10