by Virginia McCullough

Jimmy Hughes, the only suspect arrested for the 1981 triple execution of Fred Alvarez, Patricia Castro and Ralph Boger, was taken into custody on September 26, 2009.He has been held in jail since that date. In 2008 KESQ-TV reporter Nathan Baca was awarded an Emmy for the last two parts of his 34-part series dealing with the executions he labeled "The Octopus Murders". There was also a limited amount of publicity generated in the local Riverside press and one semi-detailed article released by the Associated Press in January 2010.Following the AP article there has been virtually no coverage of this high profile case by either the print media or the television establishment.

The last court hearing on April 9, 2010 for defendant James George Hughes Jr. showed that the defense and the prosecution seem to be in agreement in their handling of the case. Deputy Attorney General Michael Murphy states to the court in the one page transcript that "This is a joint request to continue this matter to May 28th."The court replies that "We discussed this briefly in chambers and the continuance is granted.
May 28th that will be at 1:30 in this department".

When the court said "I believe there was an additional request on behalf of the Attorney General's Office, "Mr. Murphy replied, "I would rather not make that at this time".

The court then had Mr. Hughes waive his right to a timely preliminary hearing and the defendant did so on the record. Click.

The actions of the attorneys for both sides and this court is indicative of an increasing desire by the judicial system to not allow any information to be released to the public in order to control the outcome of high profile cases in the State of California.

For instance, within the past two weeks the murder case of 8-year-old Tracy resident Sandra Cantu and the plea agreement by defendant Melissa Huckaby remained sealed, as it has been since the date Huckaby's arrest by the judge in the case. It is alarming to note that when three media print agencies sued to obtain the records, the victim's family appeared through their attorney in the San Joaquin Superior Court objecting to the newspapers request, even though the prosecution initially sided with the media request. Click. 

The State of California is apparently conducting Star Chambers to pick and choose who to successfully prosecute while denying the defendant the right to a public trial. If this conduct continues the public will never know if law enforcement, the district attorneys and the court are complying with the constitution.

If Jimmy Hughes does not accept a plea bargain and if he continues to maintain and fight for his freedom, one issue becomes paramount: was Jimmy Hughes granted immunity in 1984 during a recorded meeting at Peter Zokosky's home and again at a 1985 Grand Jury that looked into the Alvarez executions. This Grand Jury was empanelled in Riverside County Superior Court at the request of both the Riverside County District Attorney's Office and the Attorney General for the State of California. It was an event covered by local print and television media. Click.  It was just one of countless futile attempts to solve the Alvarez murders.

After the arrest of Jimmy Hughes Cold Case Detective John Powers and Rachel Begley were interviewed by the same anchor that initially interviewed Jimmy Hughes at the time of the 1985 grand jury. During this interview it was alleged that Jimmy Hughes had lied and that therefore the immunity he was granted was invalid.

But was that 1985 grand jury just a figment of everyone's imagination?

Apparently so, because when publisher Kathryn Dixon mailed an April 20, 2010 written request to the Presiding Judge of the Riverside County Superior Court, she received this reply from Michael Capelin, General Counsel for the Presiding Judge:

The court is in receipt of your letter received by certified mail on April 26, 2010.In your letter, you seek any records or information pursuant to the California Public Records Act regarding any grand jury(s)convened in Riverside County, from July 1981 to present, on the executions of Alfred Alvarez, Patty Castro, and Ralph Boger.

A diligent search has been conducted regarding the information you requested in your letter. Despite such a diligent search, there was no information or any records that could be located. Click.

The arrest of Jimmy Hughes has revealed no additional information is being made available to the public that would paint a true and detailed picture of why three people were wiped off the face of the earth in 1981.The public knows less in 2010 then it did in 1985 when the phantom grand jury was empanelled, testimony taken and then quickly shut down. Is the current case just another alternative reality game being conducted to cover up government misconduct and the public prostitutes who endorse criminal behavior in the name of patriotism?

Virginia McCullough © 5/24/10