by Virginia McCullough 11/6/09

On Friday morning, November 6, 2009, Attorney Rene A. Sotorrio appeared in the courtroom of Judge Bertila Ann Soto on behalf of James “Jimmy” George Hughes. Hughes was named as the defendant in a felony complaint prepared by California State Deputy Attorney General Michael T. Murphy on September 29, 2009 and filed on October 1, 2009 in the Superior Court of California, County of Riverside. (Attorney General Jerry Brown's felony complaint against Jimmy Hughes 10/6/09.)

Sotorrio requested a continuance. The Judge set a new hearing for November 20, 2009. There is no indication that Jimmy Hughes was present in the courtroom of the 11th Circuit and County Court, Miami-Dade according to Carlos in the clerk’s office. The case number assigned to the Hughes’ case in Florida is F09 031832.
In the interim Jimmy Hughes remains in the Miami-Dade County jail where he has been assigned #090082914.   The extradition papers between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Governor Charlie Crist were forwarded to this reporter by Florida officials. This same information was denied to this reporter by Governor Schwarzenegger and by Deputy Attorney General Michael T. Murphy.  (Extradition papers.)

Virginia McCullough © 11/6/09