by Virginia McCullough

[Publisher's note: In this article the Child Visitation Supervisor is not named because we consider her to also be a victim.  Her husband is not named.  Minor children are not named. This article is unsuitable for minors.]

The Joyce Welsh v. Brian Tippie case (D05-00622) filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court is a classic example of the corruption in the Family Law Courts.  This tainted process permanently scars children of families in conflict.  The bitter parents at war with each other, the court appointed child visitation supervisors, the expensive, so-called "experts", the arrogant, immoral Commissioners and Judges are building an army of damaged children who may someday take their suppressed anger out on the very society that knowingly allows this base system to exist.

The youngsters who become the product of this multi-million dollar child custody industry can and do act out their wrath in many different ways.  The quieter ones withdraw into themselves and may never recover enough to experience a fulfilling adult relationship.  There are those that are burned up inside by the red hot anger created by the court ordered loss of a parent.  They may seek revenge in violence against themselves or others.  There are a few kids who acquire a self understanding of the game that adults play during the cruel process of court ordered custody.  Such an individual is Allana Krause, author of Letting Children Speak for Themselves published in the San Francisco Daily Journal on July 17, 2000.

Sixteen-year-old Allana speaks of the "hundreds of years of legal history" that "have led the United States to implement a system that insures every party in a legal proceeding gets a voice".  She continues, "But there is a forgotten minority that is not afforded these basic rights.  They are not criminals or foreign aliens. In contrast, they are a group we all hold dear - one innocent and well meaning, with no hidden agendas or twisted motives - children.  Instead of actually being represented, children get their "best interests represented by adults.  We children have no choice and no recourse when those adults have their own agendas". (Click. Letting Children Speak for Themselves)

The Family Law Court plotters certainly had their own agenda in the Welsh v. Tippie case and it had absolutely nothing to do with "the best interest of the child".  It had everything to do with the twisted motives of the co-conspirators appointed and employed the courts.

The evidence shows that one of Commissioner Josanna Berkow's first acts was to reject the 50/50 shared parentage plan originally promoted by county employed mediator Vicki McReynolds following a mediation meeting between the parents on February 4, 2005.  Father Brian Tippie had employed attorney Lisa Gilmore of Whiting Fallon & Ross on or about January 25, 2005 to promote his self-serving agenda.  Gilmore had filed papers two days prior to the mediation meeting that stated that Brian was concerned that mother Joyce was unstable and unable to properly care for the three children at this time. Commissioner Berkow reacted swiftly and 10 working days after the first mediator Vicki McReynolds submitted her recommendations, Berkow rejected that report.  On February 22, 2005 Berkow appointed Karen Hobbs Ph.D. as custody evaluator "to assess the mental health of the parties with respect to suicide threats".  Total control to determine the mental health of the parties rests now with Ms. Hobbs as stated in the order: " Psychological testing only as the evaluator deems necessary".

Shortly after the Berkow order was issued, Brian Tippie had a meeting at Karen Hobbs' office and gave her a list of people he believed would speak well of him. The second person on this list is the future Child Visitation Supervisor who he describes below:

[Child Visitation Supervisor] is a close friend of Joyce and I for over three years.  She was able to see my devotion to raising the children before and after the separation. (Child Visitation Supervisor) was present specifically during the weekends, when I parented all three children, while Joyce worked.

This description establishes that Brian and this Child Visitation Supervisor were often together in the home while Joyce was absent working.  Brian admits this to the custody evaluator in his own words.

Joyce Welsh's interview by evaluator Karen Hobbs took place over the telephone prior to the Hobbs' report being released.

On May 13, 2005 evaluator Karen Hobbs issues her report highly critical of Joyce Welsh and favorable to Brian Tippie.  It is on the bottom of Page 13 of this report that we find the first mention by a professional of the woman who would be chosen by Commissioner Berkow to become the [Child Visitation Supervisor].

In this instance, Hobbs identifies the woman as "a friend of both Ms. Welsh and Mr. Tippie".  Hobbs states that this person said both parents love their daughter very much.  The future supervisor also is quoted as saying that she "has met Mr. Tippie's mother and did not think she was the best role model for children."  She said she drinks beer and smokes and does not seem to lead a very productive life.  The future supervisor continued saying she would not want Brian's mother to watch her own children.

Commissioner Josanna Berkow issued an order filed on May 19, 2005 after a hearing on May 17, 2005.  Berkow's order mandated that legal and physical custody of the daughter is given to Brian Tippie.  It also dictates that Joyce Welsh immediately seek psychiatric treatment.  Berkow's order also stated that the mother is allowed 8 hours of supervised visitation with her daughter each week.  Specifically named is the future [Child Visitation Supervisor] and Judge Berkow further order that the visitation takes place in this [Child Visitation Supervisor's] home.

Who is this woman and to which parent does she owe her allegiance?

The first supervised visit between mother and daughter took place Sunday, May 22, 2005.  Joyce had planned to take her daughter on an outing to a nearby farm so they could enjoy the animals.  The owner of the horse at the farm would take the child on a horseback ride and walk beside her for safety.  They enjoyed a picnic lunch and the "Supervised Visitation Log" written by the [Child Visitation Supervisor] stated that the child was happy and both parents complied with the rules.  The attitude and spirit of the "supervisee" and "custodial parent" was rated "excellent".

The next three visits involved a variety of activities with the central location being the supervisor's house.  The Supervised Visitation Logs for all three visits indicated that the child was happy and the parents' compliance with rules was good.  The attitude and spirit of cooperation by both Joyce and Brian was marked as excellent.

What changed so radically that the fifth and final Log filled out by the Child Visitation Supervisor reported that Joyce Welsh's attitude and spirit of cooperation was suddenly "poor."  For the first time the supervisor attached a page listing five separate transgressions made by the mother "despite disapproval/caution from supervisor".  How did she arrive at that conclusion and who did she consult to create her report before faxing it to Lisa Gilmore, Brian Tippie's attorney?

The last visit occurred on Saturday, June 18, 2005 and Joyce's father Jack Welsh had driven up from his home in Guatemala to see Joyce and her children.  Therefore, it was important that Joyce have her baby visit at her home so that the child could see her grandfather.  The little girl had also been pleading to "go home" so that she could visit her pet rat Nosey and play with Matt, her brother's pet rabbit.  She missed her pets and her family.

The supervisor had arrived 45 minutes late for the visit on Saturday.  She had taken her ward to an ice cream store and she had picked up a soda before arriving at the Welsh home in Martinez.  Joyce, her dad, and the child's siblings were anxious to have the little one arrive.  The child quickly gathered up Nosey and the supervisor put her soda down on a table.  The woman went into the other room to talk to Joyce.  The children were watching cartoons and grandpa was in the room with them reading. T he supervisor began complaining to the mother that she had lesions on her chin and lips.  Then the supervisor made an announcement that was unbelievable.  She told Joyce Welsh that she had a herpes outbreak and that she got it from a dog or a women.

Joyce yelled at the supervisor telling her to get out of her home.  The command was so loud that Jack Welsh heard it in the front room.  The children had drank out of the cup of soda and realizing the danger to her children Joyce became angry.  The supervisor yelled back at the mother telling her she would take Joyce's daughter with her.  She said she would go home and prepare a bad report to submit to the court and threatened that Joyce would lose custody of her child.  The woman was as good as her word, and two days later she prepared a report that was immediately faxed to Brian Tippie's attorney, Lisa Gilmore.

Joyce Welsh was now panicked about the possibility that her children might have contacted herpes from this woman selected by Brian Tippie and his attorney and ordered by the courts to interact with her child.  Joyce talked to her dad and asked his advice.  She told him the history of her disintegrating 11 year relationship with the father of her youngest child.  He asked about how the two of them knew the woman who had just announced that she had herpes. Joyce told him that the supervisor had a child who attended the same school as one of her children and that she believed the supervisor worked for the Department of Health in the nearby town of Richmond.  The woman had a computer in her own home but, for some reason, she did not use it.  She only used her work computer and the Welsh/Tippie home computer.  The supervisor and Brian shared an interest in computers and the two would play on the computer when Joyce was at work and watch the children.

Jack Welsh asked his daughter if she knew what they worked on at the computer.  Joyce said no.  But she added that the woman had given Joyce the password for her Yahoo account.  The word was "Master".  Jack suggested that Joyce download the material on the supervisor's account and hard copy it out.  Both father and daughter were startled by what they discovered.  Once the material was hard-copied, Jack Welsh took the documentation and pictures to the Contra Costa County Animal Control Office and handed it over to Director Dan Barrett and investigator Joseph DeCosta.  These gentlemen began an
in-depth investigation that lasted a full six months and resulted in a complaint against the [Child Visitation Supervisor] (Criminal Case No. 219833-1) filed on January 30, 2006. The two count criminal complaint reads as follows as to both dogs:

The undersigned further states, on information and belief, that [Child Visitation Supervisor], Defendant, did commit a misdemeanor, a violation of PENAL CODE SECTION 286.5 (SEXUAL ASSAULT - ANIMAL), committed as follows:

On or about February 1, 2005 (and May 1, 2005), at Martinez, in Contra Costa County, the Defendant, [Child Visitation Supervisor], sexually assaulted an animal; to wit; dog, protected by Penal Coded section 597f; with the intent of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of defendant, [Child Visitation Supervisor].

[Source: Contra Costa Superior Court complaint, People of the State of California vs. [Child Visitation Supervisor]]

The evidence that resulted in this complaint was voluminous.  The impetus for the investigation resulted from the material downloaded by Joyce Welsh.  The countless graphic emails and the explicit pictures showing the slave and various dogs engaged in sexual activity left no doubt about the [Child Visitation Supervisor's] activities.

The first email Joyce Welsh accessed concerning the Child Visitation Supervisor was dated April 1, 2004 at 12:13:57 and it was from "x x" [email protected] and was addressed to "c---" .  This was the Master talking to his slave about his other c---. He closes the email by saying, "You will remain my slave until the day you die".  That same day the slave responded to her Master by email telling him, in part: "if someone doesn't want to have sex with me, or doesn't want to have sex with You because I have herpes...."

Now it is apparent that the Child Visitation Supervisor was well aware that she had herpes almost a full year before she petitioned the court to be a non-professional supervisor for her friend's child.

Later on April 1st, 2004 the Master instructed [Child Visitation Supervisor],  his "c--- to use Tabasco sauce today...The tabasco is to remind you that your c--- and a-- belong to me.... I want you to research dogsex tapes.  I will have you buy some, I love to watch women f----- by dogs. We still have to gind (sic) a dog for you to f--- and s--- . You have your orders.  M"

On or about July 6, 2004 the [Child Visitation Supervisor] "Slave" sent the following email to her Master:


....It looks as though You wrote this Wednesday afternoon, after You f----- my a-- in Your closet, while i was cleaning Your house. Unfortunately, i haven't been at work and therefore not online since Tuesday afternoon, so I wasn't able to receive it.

You mentioned on Friday that my punishment isn't over and that i am to s--- my husband's c--- 5 days after his herpes outbreak started.  He got his prodrome (mostly itching and a couple of small bumps) and he took his pills from Thursday to Saturday and f----- my c--- on Saturday and Monday.  As of yesterday his bumps are gone.  I will s--- his c--- tomorrow and try to get him to cum in my mouth.  Certainly while I love to s--- c---, s---king my husband's c--- is a humiliating experience for me.  But i will do it because I am bound to obey You and because i believe it is my best interest, as your slave....

...I called in sick on Wednesday and Friday to clean your house, and to receive my punishment.  I'm happy to do that, but when [Child Visitation Supervisor's husband] sent emails to me on Wednesday and Friday, I had to lie and say i received them.  When i am at work, i spend 80% of my time writing to You or writing to others on Your behalf.  When I buy your cigarettes, Prilosec/gum, i have to use my credit card (since i have no cash) and go to stores that aren't suspicious of my credit card.  i understand that i must keep these things on hand, but the cigarettes smell and [Child Visitation Supervisor's husband] is always cleaning my car.  ...and i have my beer, toys, Tabasco sauce, my slave jewelry, safety pins, hidden all over the house.  i constantly lie about where i am and how i spend my time.  i could go on, but for what?  i'm not complaining.  i'm just overwhelmed. i want to do it all, be everything you want in a slave.

In addition to the emails dating from April 2004, a little research on the internet revealed much more about the Master and his Slave. For example:

1) Both were involved in a Master/Slave relationship involving bizarre S&M sexual practices and she had been registered on the internet for these practices since the 12th day of June 2002. (Click. to Slave Ownership and Registration Certificate).

2) On April 21, 2003 this faux female friend registered as a slave with her description noted below:

Member name: 000-452-448, Gender: female, Email: [email protected]: Height: 5ft 6in, Collar size: 28 in, Wrist size: 7 in, Ankle size: 11 in.

The remainder of this woman's description consists of five paragraphs calling herself thirteen horrific adjectives and ending with the term "for her master".

3) In another advertisement posted to Beast on July 27, 2004 she wrote: "seeks k9 Master to submit to on a regular basis if possible.

I have experience being bred with four different dogs.  ...Master will barter my services for those of your k9".

In a Contra Costa County Superior Court docket dated June 30, 2005 in the misdemeanor case No. 03-219833-1, filed against the Slave [Child Visitation Supervisor] it is noted that Judge Charles (Steve) Treat ordered that she is to have "no contact w/Robert Calvillo".  Is there any connection between the nic Z3illa and Robert Calvillo?  The answer is yes, proven in the Internet posting by Robert Calvillo using the nick "Z3illa" below:

NewTek Forum: LightWave 3D®: General Support: To buy or upgrade

By Robert Calvillo (Z3illa) ( on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 04:13 pm:

I have a problem and need some advice. I have Lightwave 5.0 on a MAC with a G3 card and 136MB of RAM. BUT, it has a nubus card and can't be upgraded further. Will Lightwave 7.0 work with this system? I am also running OS 8.1 If not then on to the rest of the info.

I also have an NT system with VideoToaster loaded and Lightwave in it also, it appears to be 5.0 also with Lightwave VT 1.0 and no dongle. Can I upgrade this system? It has plenty of memory in it, but I am unsure if it can be upgraded because of no dongle.

Thirdly, I am thinking of buying 7.0 for my home use. I have an 533MHZ E-Machine that needs to have RAM added and that is not a problem. But I am concerned about whether or not the speed of the processor will be sufficient for my uses. Also, what is the easiest way to transfer files from my E-Machine to a MAC?

I realize there are quite a few questions and would appreciate any help you can give me.

This reporter was given the pictures introduced into evidence during the court hearing before Judge William Kolin that initiated the search warrants executed upon the computers of both Master and Slave.  One picture was a full frontal view identified by the slave as "Master" .  This reporter attempted to locate and interview Robert Calvillo self-identified as "Z3illa".  After communicating with his employer to confirm the picture's identity, this unsolicited email was received :

Ms McCullough,

My name is Robert Calvillo and I understand you are writing an article about me.  I heard that you are going to print that I used my companies facilities and equipment to make pornographic movies.  This is patently false, no such thing has ever happened. I do not know where you are getting your information, but I want you to know that no such thing has ever happened.  I also understand that I am supposedly running some sort of sex ring, again that is completely and patently false. 

R. Calvillo

However, Mr. Calvillo appears to contradict himself when he posts the following advertisement on the web site  There the S&M Master describes himself as follows:

z3illa Male Dominant, 50, Fremont, California "Latin dom seeking a slave to serve with my slave. She can be any height or weight, but must be willing to perform on my slave and have her perform on her. Few limits allowed, but some are. I am married and have a flexible schedule. That being said, I can't play during the weekends. Love to have a slave come to my office and kneel under my desk and blow me while I am working. (Emphasis added by in bold font.]

User Name: z3illa
Description: Dominant Male
City: Fremont
State: California
Height: 5'8'' (173 cm)
Weight: 225 lbs.
Age: 50
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Last Online: 03/18/04

Despite this checkered sexual past one might say, "So the past is the past" or "What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their own business".  Another might ask, "How does the Child Visitation Supervisor's sexual history affect her ability to oversee visits between a child and her mother and file valid reports about these visits with the court?"  These are valid comments but the documents speak for themselves.

The most important emails introduced into evidence to support the issuance of search warrants in the Contra Costa County Superior Court misdemeanor case are dated June 20 through June 23, 2005. These emails were sent and received by the [Child Visitation Supervisor] from her place of employment at the Department of Health in Richmond.  They were apparently left on the server and accessed by Joyce Welsh when she downloaded them by entering the password the supervisor had given her earlier:


Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 10:00:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor]
Subject: Good morning, Master


Master, It's such a different vision of You, sitting in a classroom, just one of many other students.  The way i see You, You're the teacher.  But yea, even teachers are students themselves.  i took [Child Visitation Supervisor's child] to camp this morning.  A few kids that (Supervisor's child) really likes are there and (Supervisor's child) was enthusiastic about it, so i'm glad.  Even so, (Supervisor's child's) been asking me about picking (Supervisor's child) up earlier this summer.  i told him that i'm not sure about my hours yet (i'm not. i really have to pin down Marty about that.)  i'll probably be working the same 30 hours until at least July 11th, until the new computer registry is up and running and the bridge will be gapped between the SLOS study that i did with Suzanne is part of the new reporting system.  Then i'll just be working for Marty, probably 20-24 hours/week.

i had a horrible weekend.  i was with Joyce and [WELSH AND TIPPIE'S MINOR DAUGHTER] on Saturday and she just went off the deep end, acting inappropriately, grilling and pumping  [MINOR DAUGHTER] for information about her father, asking [MINOR DAUGHTER] who she'd rather live with (she said Joyce, and yet Joyce kept asking her over and over again, at least 5 times.).  When i cautioned Joyce to stop asking her the same question (we learned at non-professional supervisor class not to ask the kids things about the other parent or to say anything bad) she said that she can't do this anymore, that i'm being influenced by Brian and that i don't have the balls to stand up to him.  i don't think that's true.  i just remember how negatively it affected me when my mother used to talk bad about my father and grill me after each time i visited him.  It put me in the middle and it confused me.  By the end of the visit, Joyce was making direct attacks on Brian, telling  [MINOR DAUGHTER] that he's a cheater and a robber. She asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] where she was going to camp. [MINOR DAUGHTER] said that she didn't know. (She was at Woodbridge this morning.)  When Joyce asked her if she was staying with Brian's mother, [MINOR DAUGHTER] said yes. Joyce said, "you don't want to stay with grandma, she smokes and drinks."  What's a kid supposed to do?  And as it turns out, she's not staying with grandma.

Another thing Joyce did was....

uh oh, it's 10Am.

~ Your c----

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:38:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor] c----
Subject: Good morning, Master con't


i started rambling on again about Joyce's visitation with her daughter but it started to get me anxious and i didn't want to do that to myself, or to You, so i'll capsulize:

Joyce let [WELSH AND TIPPIE'S MINOR DAUGHTER] ruin her new clothes with paint.

Joyce cut [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] bangs, even though she knew that her father wants to grown her hair long, and even though  [MINOR DAUGHTER] protested, Joyce manipulated her into doing it.

Both of those things were to spite Brian, but the thing with the hair cutting actually hurt _[MINOR DAUGHTER] because it made her go against her father's wishes and pick sides. Joyce repeated asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] who she wanted to live with, even after  [MINOR DAUGHTER] said she wanted to live with her.

  • Joyce asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] about missing items in her house that she thinks Brian stole recently (she thinks that Brian gets in through the bedroom window. i think that she's paranoid.)
  • She asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] about Brian's girlfriend, if she lives there (no) and if she sleeps there (yes).
  • She asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] if she has friends at her new apartment and when [MINOR DAUGHTER] said no, she kepts asking her "You don't have any friends? None? Didn't Daddy take you to meet any children? (She kept asking over and over again, as if to insinuate that her father didn't care about her and that she has more fun at Joyce's, where she has siblings (who actually don't pay all that much attention to her) and friends.)
  • Eventually, despite my cautions and protestations, Joyce told [MINOR DAUGHTER] that he father is a robber and a cheater, and that her grandmother is an alcoholic and a smoker.
  • Upon leaving, she told [MINOR DAUGHTER] that if her father asks what they did at her visit, to say that the court says not to talk about it.

Ok, i'm rambling.  But basically, Joyce didn't ask or say these things once, but several times.  i kept cautioning her, and then she got angry at me, saying that she doesn't judge me and that she has covered for me.  She said that she'd never call [Child Visitation Supervisor's Husband] and tell him that i have sex with dogs.  Was that a threat?  Whatever.  Around 12 noon, she said that the visit was over and that she couldn't do this again.  i told her that i could leave or stay (because although i could tell that [MINOR DAUGHTER] was a bit confused and conflicted, i didn't feel like she was in danger) and suggested that we go out to lunch and change the pace.  We kept the visit until the regular time, but by the time she cut [MINOR DAUGHTER] bangs, i decided that i'm not a policeman and that whatever consequences came out of it were her own responsibility. 

When Brian came to pick up [MINOR DAUGHTER], i handed him her painted shoes and he saw her haircut and i looked miserable and exhausted.  i told him that i didn't feel ready to talk about what happened, but that i'd call the court mediator and ask for advice about how to fill out my report.  i told him that i love Joyce and i know that she loves [MINOR DAUGHTER], but that i didnt agree with some of the things that she did and said but if i couldn't control her, that perhaps i should step down as supervisor.  He told me to let him know by mid-week.

So now i'm sitting her looking at my visitation log. i'm not sure what to do.

i feel like a leper.  i don't want to be the cause of Joyce losing custody (she implied it, but i know it's her own doing) but i've also got an obligation to the court.  c---debbie called me.  Her husband is on the war path.  He found a love letter and a poem that she wrote for her Master (what the heck was she doing printing them out?) and he's still talking about the time that i called her cell phone and he answered it.  i did the best that i could, considering that she didn't warn me that she was going to be with her Master.  When he asked me if she was with me, i said yes, but she went to the store.  i collaberated her story that we go to OA meetings together, but when he asked me if we work out together, i said no.  (i live in Martinez and she lives in Brisbane.  it didn't make sense.)  but she told him that we do work out together.  How was i supposed to know that?  She never told me.  He said that i sounded nervous.  Hell yea, i was nervous!  Anyway, she found an apartment a few minutes away from her house. She's probably going to move out.  Even so, she hates to hurt her husband.  Yea, join the club, missy!

And then there's Donna.  i still regret that She had to find out about me.  She seems to be doing ok, though.  She let You know, and now She's acting as if nothing happened.  i guess that's Her way. i'm glad, if it works for Her.

And then there's my herpes.  Friday night i had a couple of pimples on my chin.  Saturday i had a dozen,  Sunday two dozen.  Some are like whiteheads, others just red.  To an observer, it looks like mild acne, but to me it looks different.  Did i autoinoculate myself by licking TJEN's
c---? my face was soaking wet and there was ejaculate everywhere and my face was buried deep in her c---.  Master, i hope that You'll tell me if You have any symptoms.  If Cameron or Don get herpes, i hope that You'll help me decide how to respond.  i'm not very quick on my feet when it's confronted unexpectedly without preparation.  So........i'm a sexual leper.  Also, i'm in a position to screw Joyce and i don't want to, but i don't know what to do because i have a responsibility to [WELSH & TIPPIE'S MINOR DAUGHTER] and the court.... Soper.  i screwed c---debbie although she admits that it's mostly her fault for not communicating with me and for all sorts of evidence that she's been leaving around on her own and how often she's with her Master.  i screwed Donna inadvertanly.  i never imagined that She'd see my profile.  i didn't realize that She had a friend in the lifestyle who would see my profile and know Your handle.  And i might have given You, Cameron, Don and TJEN herpes.  i didn't realize that the tender spot on my lip Wednesday morning was actually a full blown herpes outbreak that's actually turned out to be symtomaticallly worse than any outbreak i've had in my c---.  i'm glad that You're not going to be home on Wednesday.  i wouldn't want You to touch me.

i feel like a leper.  And what about Your Wife?  i would never do anything or say anything to let Her know the nature of Our/our relationship.  i'm the cleaning lady and that's the way i think of myself and the way i act when i'm at Your house.  When i'm with Your Mother-In-Law, i'm role-playing and i believe that i'm the cleaning lady.  But i'm so close, so involved.  i trust myself, but with all that's happened lately that affects others, i'm just so scared, Master.

Ok, enough of that. i picked up Your Wife's pants.  They sewed the seam and the button hook and dry cleaned them.  i've got Calistoga water and Prilosec OTC in my trunk for You.

Ok, i'm going to do some work now.

 ~ Your c----

Date: Mon, 20 Jun2005 11:59:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor]
To: [Child Visitation Supervisor's husband at his workplace] @ [ deleted by Newsmakingnews]

[Child Visitation Supervisor's husband]:

Joyce sent me this on Friday.  The email below is in reaction to Brian's lawyer chastising Joyce for serving Brian with papers again (unnecessarily) due to advice from the court reporter (not the judge).  She also sent this email to several of her friends and to K____ and D_____ (her elder  daughter) as well.  It just doesn't seem reasonable or rational to me.  She's being evaluated by the courts for her sanity and custody of [WELSH AND TIPPIE'S MINOR DAUGHTER] and she writes in a huge font in all caps.  She says that Brian beat her up.  At the most he shoved her- once.  She spelled harass, harassment, and damn incorrectly.  She is making the situation that she created even worse.

i spoke to the court mediator today.  She said that i should write everything about Saturday's visit down in a log.  i don't need to elaborate necessarily, just the basics.  She said that if i continue to be supervisor, that it must be with Joyce's understanding that she comply with the rules, including not going against the wishes of the custodial parent.  I don't think that i can do that.  And i'm starting to think that [MINOR DAUGHTER] is better off with her visits supervised by a professional supervisor.  i'm really sad about this. Joyce is a good friend, but she's not thinking clearly.

I'll call you later.  i haven't written my report yet.  You've been really good about of this and i appreciate it.  i'm sorry to bring all this drama to our lives.  i'm going to call N----'s mother about watching the cats while we're in Detroit.

Date: June 20, 2005 Supervised Visitation Log filled out and signed by ________ ____________(supervisor) stating Joyce's "compliance with rules during visit was poor" and nothing filled in for "attitude and spirit of cooperation with supervisee" All previous visits had written in "Excellent". ________(supervisor) has always rated custodial parent Brian as "good" and "excellent". Attached is the following dated 6/18/05:

Supervised Visitation Log

Despite disapproval/caution from supervisor, Ms. Welsh:

* Repeatedly asked [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER] about father's living arrangements and his girlfriend.

* Made disparaging remarks about [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] father and her (paternal) grandmother.

* Repeatedly asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] who she wanted to live with.

* Allowed [MINOR DAUGHTER] to paint from a gallon paint can in her good clothing until she was covered in paint. She refused supervisor's offer to get a large T-shirt or to change her outfit. The clothes were ruined and Ms. Welsh eventually threw them out.

* Trimmed [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] bangs despite _[MINOR DAUGHTER'S] initial protestations that her Daddy told her to let her hair grow long.

Signed [Child Visitation Supervisor's] signature under her typed signature.

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 10:02:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor]---
Subject: Good morning, Master

Master, Last night my husband helped me to write my visitation log.  i made it as short and concise as a long-winded c--- like me could manage.  i told the truth without embellishing or editorializing it.   If only Joyce didn't do things that Brian would see (allowing [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER] to ruin her clothes and cutting her bangs) i probably would have submitted a good report and just stepped down as supervisor.  Anyway, i'll give You a copy after i type it (assuming that You're interested in all this drama.  i guess that You are because You met Joyce.)

i actually saw Joyce and her [ELDEST DAUGHTER- K] this morning at my house.  Joyce cancelled her trash service to save money and she uses my can and today is trash pick up day.  i told her that after thinking it over i decided not to be the supervisor anymore and she was ok with that.  i told her that i didn't submit the report yet, but that i would basically tell the truth in the best way that i could. She suggested that i write down that everything went fine, but i said that i couldn't do that because of the physical evidence (MINOR DAUGHTER'S] clothing and hair).

Anyway, K____ said that last night her mother was with her boyfriend (i didn't ask which one, i've lost track) and that they went for a walk at midnight and were kissing.  She seemed pleased. i may be a s--- and a c---, but i don't think that i've have a man at my house during the week after the kid's bedtime.  i guess i'm being judgmental.  And it doesn't seem fair, because Joyce has never been judgmental of me (and there's plenty to be judgemental of with me) but i don't tell her this to her face and this isn't about her, but about her kids.
i know what it's like to be a kid in a divorce.  It sucks.

[Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child] was eager to go to camp this morning. i'm so glad.  We dropped a book from (Supervisor's minor child's] classroom off at the school office (it mistakenly ended up in (Supervisor's minor child's] backpack) and (Supervisor's minor child] allowed the school secretary to hug child without grimacing.  my little child is growing up and getting social skills.

This morning i told [Supervisor's minor child] that when parents talk bad about each other to their kids, it isn't good for the kids. i apologized for the times that i called child's father boring and cheap.  i told child that i actually married child's father because of those qualitites.  i told child that boring also means responsible and stable and child said that child understands that child's father and i might be opposite in some ways but that we compliment each other.  Smart kid.

i love You, Master.

Your c---

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 11:00:26 -0700 (PDT)
From:  [Child Visitation Supervisor] c---

Master, i faxed my visitation log to Brian's lawyer (i've been doing that every week, at her request).  But first i called Brian. i told him what i had written, and i asked if it was ok if i only included the things that were physical evidence [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER'S] clothing and hair) that he would have been obvious to him about without my report, because i don't want to be on the list of people that Joyce thinks is against her, i don't want to lose her friendship, and i don't want to feel responsible if she loses custody of [MINOR DAUGHTER].  He said that he thinks the other things on my list (like pumping [MINOR DAUGHTER] for information and slandering her father) are important and not to worry, the psychologists have plenty of their own observations and my statements would only be one of many.  i know he's right.  i also know that what Joyce did this weekend was more about hurting Brian and validating herself than what's in [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] best interest.  Brian told me that [MINOR DAUGHTER] pissed on herself three times on Sunday.  i didn't tell him that she also pissed and shit in her pants while she was with us on Saturday.  Brian is doing his best.  He's reading books about child psychology, taking [MINOR DAUGHTER] to the child psychologist and trying to keep her busy and happy. He's no saint. But he's got his act a lot more together than Joyce does at this point.  i'm just glad that i'm not the judge in this case.

Anyway, here's what i wrote in my report under the section of "incidents to report, if any":


Despite disapproval/caution from supervisor, Ms. Welsh:

  • Repeatedly asked [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER] about father’s living arrangements and his girlfriend.
  • Made disparaging remarks about  [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] father and her (paternal) grandmother.
  • Repeatedly asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] who she wanted to live with.
  • Allowed [MINOR DAUGHTER] to paint from a gallon paint can in her good clothing until she was covered in paint. She refused supervisor’s offer to get a large T-shirt or to change her outfit.  The clothes were ruined and Ms. Welsh eventually threw them out.
  • Trimmed [MINOR DAUGHTER'S]  bangs despite [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] initial protestations that her Daddy told her to let her hair grow long.


[Source: Date: 6/21/05 [Child Visitation Supervisor] typewritten and signed note faxed to Brian Tippie's attorney Lisa Gilmore (925) 296-6001 (FAX number for Whiting, Fallon & Ross law firm)]:

This is to inform you that am I no longer available to supervise visitation between Ms. Welsh and her daughter.  I understand that a Professional Supervisor will be sought for their future visitations as soon as possible.


Oh Master. i'm exhausted. How did i get myself into this drama? i'm pretty sure that Joyce and i will still be friends, but it won't be the same. i'm going to get a backup to feed my cats next month.

i don't think that i told You this, but i feel partially responsible for her going off the deep end on Saturday.  The week before, when [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER] pissed her pants, she asked me if it was ok if she pissed on top of them.  i figured that [MINOR DAUGHTER] wouldn't know so it wouldn't hurt her and Brian would figure that it was [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] piss. Even if it went past the crotch of [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] pants, they were bunched up in the bottom of the bag.  So Joyce pulled down her pants in the garage, and i held [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] pants between her legs while she pissed on them. i figured that it didn't hurt anyone and it made Joyce feel better.  But i see now that i was just feeding into her vindictive and immature nature.  On Saturday, she asked me if it was ok if she asked [MINOR DAUGHTER] if Brian had her potato peeler (she thinks that Brian has been stealing from her).  Initially i told her no, because [MINOR DAUGHTER] wasn't a reliable witness (remember, she said that her grandmother was watching her this summer and it turns out that she's going to Woodbridge) but eventually i said that as long as she made it seem innocent and not accusatory (she asked her if she helped her Daddy cook and then asked her if she used the potato peeler with him and then asked if he had one like Mommy used to have). [MINOR DAUGHTER] said yes (which didn't prove a thing) and then Joyce went on to ask [MINOR DAUGHTER] about every household item that she thinks is missing and she stopped disguising her questions, at which point i protested. i could see that [MINOR DAUGHTER] had a blank and glassy stare.

After that, when Joyce started asking questions of [MINOR DAUGHTER] over and over, i protested and cautioned her and that's when Joyce and i started to argue. i was almost going to take  [MINOR DAUGHTER] and leave, but i thought that might make it even worse and confuse [MINOR DAUGHTER].  After a while, i just shut my mouth and figured that whatever actions Joyce took would result in her own consequences.  Of course i kept close to them.  i mean, since she was the one who ran away threatening suicide a few months ago, i didn't want her pulling the same theatrics again with her daughter in tow.

Sorry Master, thanks for listening. It's heavy on my mind right now. i'm going to do some work.
~ Your c---

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:40:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor] c---


i'm going for my walk now.  Joyce called me while i was working and i didn't answer the phone, so i'm going to call her while i'm walking.  Thanks for listening, Master.

It's weird how much i miss You when You're busy during the week.  On the weekends i know that You're with Your family and i'm happy about that.  During the week, sometimes You don't answer my emails or write to me for a day or two, but i know that You're reading them and i feel Your presence.  Knowing that You're out of touch all day is weird, but i actually enjoy the visualization of You with a group of professionals, learning, growing, exchanging ideas.  And yea, i imagine that there's some professional c--- in the back row checking You out, wondering about what i already know, what a dynamic/sexual/amazing Man You are.

~ Your c---

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 15:22:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor]c---


i spoke to Joyce.  She still wants to be my friend.  She's not happy about what i wrote on my visitation log, but she writes it off as me being weak and being manipulated by Brian.  She also thinks that he asked me to supervise her visits because he knew all along that he could use me as a pawn (as i recall, it was she who suggested me and he agreed.)  True, i'm weak, but i'm also prinicpled and in my heart, i chose to do the right thing. i'll continue to be her friend and do what i can to make her life easier.  i'll continue to support her through this difficult time and gently advise her when i think that she's doing things (inadvertanly) that are not in the best interest of her children or are contaproductive to her case.

While i was out, i also called the herpes hotline.  i love those people.  The lady reminded me that only 10% of HSV2occurs on the face and that autoinoculation is rare.  my blood test was negative for HSV1.  So maybe the stuff on my lip, uvula and chin isn't genital herpes after all.  But what the heck is it?  Maybe i got impetigo, or some other staff infection.  It's more prevelent among children, but it can occur in adults.  i looked it up and it starts in the nose.  i had a sore in my nose a couple of months ago.  i know, i'm fishing.  But i'd like to think that my mouth is herpes free.  The symptoms are getting better and hardly noticable, but if they come back, i'm going to the doctor for a diagnosis.  Impetigo is treated with antibiotics.

Such drama, huh Master?

i love You so much, even more when You're not around. i'm so glad that i'll be at Your house tomorrow.  Even when You're not home, i just love being there.  When i'm in Your environment, i feel safe and sane, and the rest of my crazy life just melts away.

Thank You, Master.

~ Your c---

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 10:00:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor]c---
Subject: Good morning, Master


i'm here at work, doing the reporting. i'm in a haze, can't seem to wake up.  i'm depressed and conflicted about what "i did to" Joyce.
i gave her the paperwork yesterday and she was frustrated and angry at me.  i don't blame her.  But i did what i thought was right (in my position as court appointed non-professional supervisor) and what i thought was best, not necessarily for Joyce, but for [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER].  i'm glad that when i went over there, Joyce's two older children and Joyce's father were there.  It kept things from getting out of hand.  Joyce yelled at me and defended her actions and i just hung my head and said that i know how she feels, but i made my decision based on my conscience and my obligation to the court.

It was such a difficult decision to make, but i made it and now i have to live with the consequences.  The way Joyce acted with [MINOR DAUGHTER] on Saturday was so blatantly inappropriate and i could see how it was hurting and confusing [MINOR DAUGHTER]. Joyce couldn't see it. i understand that.  She's in pain and she feels abused and misunderstood.  And now she feels betrayed by me.  i wish that she would get some help.  She saw the court appointed psychiatrist once and she took the medicine for about 6 weeks.  i'm not sure that's enough.  She still has (in my opinion) the same distorted outlook, the same paranoia and the same desire for vindication.
i don't know how she's going to pass her follow-up evaluation in August.  And now she has me to blame (although i know that it's only one thing among many.)

i know that i didn't do this to Joyce.  Brian left her and it was devestating to her, but i honestly feel that after the initial breakup, all this legal, custodial and police involvement she brought upon herself.  She doesn't see that.  She still can't understand why she's in a position where she has to prove that she's a good mother.  i don't think that she's a bad mother.  i know that she loves her children and that she does what she thinks is best for them.  But i also believe that because of the state she's in at this point in her life, she isn't able to put their needs before her own.  Does this mean that she shouldn't have custody of [MINOR DAUGHTER]?  That's not for me to decide, and honestly i'm not sure.  And yet, my documentation and stepping down as supervisor may result in her losing custody.  i know, i know, the court has a lot of other documented cause against her and it's Joyce's actions that count the most, but i still feel awful about it all.  i've tried counseling her and i tried to explain how her actions appear to the court, but she keeps justifying her behavior and she continues to do thing that make her appear irrational and volatile.

i'm angry at Brian.  When i told him that i was considering stepping down, he said not to worry because he'd just provide a professional supervisor and he'd pay for it.  He made it sound easy.  Now his lawyer told Joyce that it's up to her to find and to pay for someone.
That makes it seem like she'd too poor to see her daughter.  Of course if it was me, i'd sell things if i had to, in order to see [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child].

And speaking of [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child].  Yes, i know that this could happen to me.  i don't think that [Child Visitation Supervisor's husband] would ever do it, though.  And if it did, i respect authority enough to comply with whatever rules they'd set for me.  With Joyce it's all about principals and it's all about her.  If i were in her situation, it would be all about what's best for my child.

Before i completed the visitation log i spoke to the court mediator and [Child Visitation Supervisor's husband] helped me write it. Everyone i spoke to about writing the report and stepping down (except of course for Joyce) said that i was doing the right thing.
i considered writing a good report and stepping down without official explanation.  i considered only documenting the things that were obvious to Brian about that day (her ruined clothing and her hair cut), but the court mediator and my husband convinced me to include everything.

So i did the "right" thing. But now i have to live with the consequences.  Do i really need this drama in my life?  Don't i have enough of my own? Joyce has been a wonderful friend to me, but i also know that i've been very helpful and supportive to her over the years as well.  Part of me is relieved to think that our friendship has cooled off.  Part of me is scared that a woman who wrote a disparaging email to Brian's entire company, who puts signs with photos of Brian's face and car in her window alerting neighbors that if they see him he's trespassing, who has a website telling her side of the story and giving out Brian's email telling others to tell him what they think about what he did, who claims that she spoke to "the media" about what he did in hopes that they'd write an expose and "ruin" him, who has the key to my house, who knows that i fuck dogs and whore myself, will do to me.  Yesterday when i brought her the paperwork, one of the things that she said was that she's stuck by and supported me with all the "sick and perverted" things that i've done.  She didn't seem to be threatening me, but i'm prepared.

i'm no saint and i know that what i do indirectly affects my  [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child]. But i'm with  [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child] father, we act as a team, i'm responsible and accountable, and i spent lots of time nurturing and supporting my  [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child].  Even before the breakup, Joyce always seemed overwhelmed by her kids.  She made them very independent, she let them play unsupervised and sometimes she didn't know where they were.

Ok, that's enough. i'm sorry, Master.  This is a big thing for me.  i wish that it was black and white, but it's so complicated.

Yesterday when we went to the orthodontist, the doctor told us that  [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child] doesn't need to wear  [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child] retainer anymore. We just have to come for a check up every three months, until  [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child] loses some more teeth.

i had a good day at Your house.  i really enjoyed checking out the model homes with Your Mother-In-Law.  She's so much fun to hang out with.

i don't know why it takes me so long to clean Your house.  i feel bad that i didn't finish Reid's laundry and last night laying in bed i remembered that i missed dusting the table under the new TV.  Adding Reid's room takes time.  He leaves a lot of clothes to hang up and his bed is hard to make because it's heavy and against the wall.  i know that i do some extra things that cleaning ladies dont' usualy do, but i love doing them and i don't think that they take that long. i'm not sure what it is.  i don't eat, i don't linger, i don't dawdle or take time to look at anything or read anything (except once in a while i smell Your socks before i put them in the washing machine:)  i'm not sure what it is.  Laundry takes time.  i'm slower because i'm fatter.  But even so. i guess i do an ok job or You'd tell me.  i love cleaning Your house. i always do.  i just wish that i felt more productive.

i see that You ran out of water.  i'm sorry about that.  i guess that it's been hot out.  i'll try to overlap better.  i gave You a new pack of Dentyne, a new flavor that they don't have at Smart and Final yet, but if You like it, i can get more.

i haven't won any Lotto yet, but i won $4 in a scratch off ticket for You.

i guess that's enough for now.

 ~ Your c---

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 10:27:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: c <


With all my droning on and on about Joyce, i forgot to tell You what i decided about my work hours. After i wrote to You on Tuesday, i stopped by Marty's office to say goodnight.  He said that whatever hours i picked would always be flexible.  He said that as long as i got 20 hours in, it was ok with him.  What a nice guy!  He really seems to like me and my work and he wants to keep me.  So basically, i'm choosing 9:30-3:30 (that includes an hour for lunch/walking) Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.  On weeks where You want me to come to You on another day or whatever, i can work extra hours on another couple of days to make it up.  So i'll have a basic framework, but i can still be flexible for You, and for [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child]. i think that'll work.  It'll start On July 1st.

i love You, Master.  Today i'm thinking about You with the Senator and her people.  You're so professional, knowledgeable, competant and charming.  And You're oh so very handsome!  i'm imagining You with all those people, explaining and discussing how things will go for the show.  i'm sure that some c___ in the senator's entourage (or the senator herself?) will notice what a hottie You are.  Sheesh, i sure could use Your c---  up my a-- right about now.  And some pain.  i could really use some pain.  But only the kind that You can give me.  You're oh so good at that.  Only You, Master. Only You.

x ~ Your c---

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:34:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: c <


i was just thinking. (i know, i know...)  Maybe everything is not all my fault.  Not with Joyce and not with whatever s___ i have (had, actually, it's almost gone) on my chin. i'm so guilt orientated.  Maybe i got the rash from the c--- i licked.  Maybe it was some sort of non-specific bacteria in her amazingly copious c--- -ejaculate....

Back to data entry.

~ Your c---

Cover page to Karen Hobb's Ph.d. with [Child Visitation Supervisor's] attached visitation logs from Brian Tippie's attorney Lisa J. Gilmore's Legal Assistant

[Source: Date: 6/23/05 Cover page to Karen Hobbs, Ph.D., 376 Colusa, #2, Kensington, CA 94707. re Tippie v. Welsh, Brian & Joyce. Enclosure(s): Visitation logs from [Child Visitation Supervisor] and her notice of withdrawal as supervisor, dated June 22, 2005.

"Please review for your information and records.  Prepared and signed by Marlena Noble, Legal Assistant to Lisa J. Gilmore, Esq."


The following attorney-client billing clearly shows an increased amount of communication between Brian Tippie's attorney Lisa Gilmore and the mind controller for the child, Dr. Heidi Perryman, and the custody evaluator Dr. Karen Hobbs:

Date: 6/06/05 Emp LJG Letter to Dr. Perryman re evaluation report; email to client; telephone call from Dr. Perryman; letter to Ms. Welsh re-scheduling appointment with Dr. Perryman; update letter to Dr. Hobbs. Hours: 0.5 Amount: $75.00 (Phone records for Atty Lisa Gilmore of Whiting, Fallon & Ross dated July 5, 2005)

The next billing by Lisa Gilmore is dated Saturday, 25 June 2005.  That date is exactly one week after the last visit between mother and daughter when Joyce Welsh threw the child visitation supervisor/slave out of her home.  The communications between the co-conspirators in that one-week period are documented by the those emails sent and received during that time frame by the supervisor/slave:

Last night my husband helped me to write my visitation log....  Anyway, i'll give You a copy after i type it
(Source: Email from slave to Master, 6/21/05, 10:02:18 am)

i spoke to the court mediator today.  She said that i should write everything about Saturday's visit down in a log.  i don't need to elaborate necessarily, just the basics.  She said that if i continue to be supervisor, that it must be with Joyce's understanding that she comply with the rules, including not going against the wishes of the custodial parent.  I don't think that i can do that.  And i'm starting to think that [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER] is better off with her visits supervised by a professional supervisor.  i'm really sad about this. Joyce is a good friend, but she's not thinking clearly.
(Source: Email from supervisor to husband, 6/20/05, 11:59:28 am)

i faxed my visitation log to Brian's lawyer (i've been doing that every week, at her request).  But first i called Brian. i told him what i had written, and i asked if it was ok if i only included the things that were physical evidence [MINOR DAUGHTER'S] clothing and hair) that would have been obvious to him about without my report, because i don't want to be on the list of people that Joyce thinks is against her, i don't want to lose her friendship, and i don't want to feel responsible if she loses custody of  [MINOR DAUGHTER]. He said that he thinks the other things on my list (like pumping  [MINOR DAUGHTER] for information and slandering her father) are important and not to worry, the psychologists have plenty of their own observations and my statements would only be one of many.  i know he's right.
(Source: Email from slave to Master, 6/21/05 11:00: 26 a.m.)

i'm glad that when i went over there, Joyce's two older children and Joyce's father were there.  It kept things from getting out of hand. Joyce yelled at me and defended her actions and i just hung my head and said that i know how she feels, but i made my decision based on my conscience and my obligation to the court.
(Source: Email from slave to Master, 6/23/05 10:00:38 a.m.)

i'm angry at Brian. When i told him that i was considering stepping down, he said not to worry because he'd just provide a professional supervisor and he'd pay for it.  He made it sound easy.  Now his lawyer told Joyce that it's up to her to find and to pay for someone. That makes it seem like she'd too poor to see her daughter.
(Source: Email from slave to Master, 6/23/05 10:00:38 a.m.)

The increased urgency felt by Brian Tippie and his attorney and the professional co-conspirators is clearly demonstrated by the fact that they were working on a Saturday as the following attorney-client billing by Lisa J. Gilmore shows.

Date: 6/25/05 Emp LJG Telephone call to Dr. Karen Hobbs re status of case; telephone call to client; telephone call to Ms. Welsh; email to Ms. Welsh re restraining order. Hours: 0.3 Amount $45.00

The concern spreads to the child's therapist as documented by the letter of Heidi Perryman, Ph.D. to Joyce Welsh written two days later on 6/27/05:


Dear Ms. Welsh:

Thank you for returning the child development questionnaire. It was very helpful. I'm sorry to learn that you will no longer be doing visits with (child visitation supervisor). I hope you have already begun looking for a professional supervisor, so that your daughter can have contact with you soon. Please understand that I can't have the role of giving your daughter CD's or letters from you. I'm sending the CD back and hopefully you can give it to her yourself in person.


Heidi Perryman

[Source: Date: 6/27/05 Letter from Heidi Perryman, Ph.D. (3704 Mt. Diablo Blvd., STE 319, Lafayette, CA 94549) to Joyce Welsh as follows (Emphasis supplied by Newsmakingnews in bold].

The following emails written on July 7 and 8, 2005 were the final communications between the [Child Visitation Supervisor] Slave and her Master about the slave's problems while serving as a court-appointed supervisor for the minor daughter of Joyce Welsh and Brian Tippie:

Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005, 15:35:17 -0700 (PDP)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor c---
Subject: Re: leaving work
To: "x x" Master,

Thank you for your response.  Thank you for being real with me.  You're right, things that happened before You knew me are none of my business.  But they are part of what has made You who You are and part of who i love and worship.  Even so, thank You for telling me about which VD You had. I would have understood and accepted it if You had herpes and didn't tell me, but that's nice to know that's not the case....

About Joyce. i don't believe that i've been judgemental of her.  Just like she's been with me, i've been open-minded and tried to understand her reactions to her situation.  After some time has passed i'm going to approach her and ask if she would like to resume our friendship.  What i'm stressing about and what i'd like your opinion about is what You think about my decision to write and submit the report i did.  i feel that i did the right thing for [WELSH AND TIPPIE MINOR DAUGHTER], but i feel so guilty about hurting Joyce.
I know that I can't have it both ways. i'm just wondering what You think i should have done, considering what she did that day and what my responsibilities were as supervisor.

I'm trying to leave on time. May i call You on the drive home?

Your c---


Your situation with Joyce needs to be resolved by you and her.  You don't have to agree with everything she does to be her friend, and that is what she needs now.  Don't lecture her, don't tell her she is doing anything wrong, just be there as a sounding board.  That is my opinion.  I don't agree with all she is doing either, but don't feel I would tell her if she were my friend.  Sometimes we need to go through trauma to grow..............

I am and will always be, your Master.



You are my priority and i'm consumed by you.  i'm still upset about Joyce. (I saw Brian yesterday and he said that she hasn't contacted his lawyer about getting a replacement supervisor for her visits. Her reevaluation for custody is 8/11). 

... I'm so sick and tired of spending my life depressed, guilty, lost, and confused but I don't seem confortable living any other way.  i love you Master. Your c---


Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 09:56:50 0700 PDT
[Child Visitation Supervisor c---
Subject: Re /leaving work / good morning, Master
To: "x x"

Thank you for your feedback about Joyce.  Your insight and opinion are very important and valuable to me. It's true that 90% of the time all that I want from You is to listen to me, but this time I wanted your feedback.  my husband counseled me to do what i did in regards to the report and stepping down, and everyone that i spoke to about it supported me in what i did, but i couldn't put it to rest until i heard from You.  It's not even that I needed you to agree 100% with my decision to write a negative report and quit as supervisor.  If You had said that i basically did the right thing but that i could have written the report in a more positive or general way, i would have understood. In retrospect, You're right that agreeing to be the visitation supervisor was setting myself up to be manipulated.  I will learn from that mistake.

I can understand how You see me as judgemental of Joyce's lifestyle.  i am.  But i honestly don't believe that i imposed my opinions on her.  Occasionally i would say something like i don't understand why you did that" or "i think it would be more helpful and effective if you did "x".  But i was always sympathetic and supportive.  i did what i could to help her, physically, emotionally and financially.

...I'll write more later.

Your c---


 You may call me. Whether you did right by Joyce is not the issue, did you do right by the child.  Joyce is an adult and should know better.  It is wrong to put a child in the middle of two fighting parents.  Joyce was wrong.  You were right.

M .

DATE: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 13:47:46 - 0900 (PDT)
[Child Visitation Supervisor c---

Master: Whew, I'm finally alone at my desk and able to continue my garrulous gab.  M___ is a bit stressed out this week because of the start of the new database program and trying to wind up the SLOS project and tie up loose ends....

Anyway, about Joyce.  I'm kinda relieved not to have her drama in my life right now, but I really do care for her as a person and I want to remain her friend, and to help and support her.  Maybe not with the same intensity, but with something that works for both of us.  I'm not sure how she feels about me right now.  When I gave her the court paperwork she was frustrated and hurt, but she didn't seem angry.
I hope that's still the case.  When I get back from Detroit I'll probably write to her rather then call her so that I can do a good job of being clear, and give her a chance to think about how she wants to proceed.

I love You, Master.  Three years!  Three amazing years  You've stuck by me, nurtured me and supported me.  You're a wonderful friend, an exciting in amorato and the best Master a c--- like me could ever hope to have.

Thank you, Master.

You're so good to me....

Your c---


Date: 7/12/05 Emp LJG Telephone calls to client re upcoming hearings and visitation; email to client; telephone call from Ms. Welsh re visitation; telephone call from Dr. Heidi Perryman re visitation; telephone call to [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave], hours: 0.5 Amount $75.00


Letter to Joyce Welsh from attorney Lisa J. Gilmore dated 7/13/05

"Pursuant to our conversation yesterday, a visit with [WELSH AND TIPPIE'S MINOR DAUGHTER] has been arranged on Sunday, July 24, 2005 at [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave's]. [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave] has agreed to supervise a single two-hour visit.  The visit is tentatively scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

As Dr. Perryman has explained you may visit with [MINOR DAUGHTER] regularly as soon as you arrange for a new supervisor to oversee the visitation.  I understand that Dr. Perryman has given you several references. T here are professional supervisors that you may hire to exercise your visitation.  While there is a fee for this service, it should not prevent you from visiting with  [MINOR DAUGHTER].

If you want to visit with  [MINOR DAUGHTER] prior to July 24, 2005 or thereafter, please make efforts to arrange for a supervisor. In addition to the references provided by Dr. Perryman, the following supervisors are also acceptable: Safe Exchange (925) 681-1177; Kids Come First (Stacy Rodriguez) (9510) 432-3204; or Neoma Gottlieb (925) 200-7098.

Mr. Tippie spoke with Jennifer at Safe Exchange and was told that each parent must go to the office to register; each parent must pay a $40.00 registration fee; and the hourly fee is $40.00 with a 2.5 hour minimum.  A 2.5 hour visit is $100.00.  You will be responsible for paying the hourly fee, which is due the day of your visit.  Safe Exchange has availability on Saturday, July 23, 2005.

Also, we are still waiting for your signature to release your interest in Mr. Tippie's Honda Pilot.  Once the title is executed, you will no longer be liable for accidents or damage done by the vehicle.  As a joint owner, you are jointly and severally liable for any damage that the vehicle may cause.  Please call our office to schedule a time to sign the title."

Letter to Joyce Welsh from attorney Lisa J. Gilmore dated 7/15/05

[Note: In this  7/15/05 Letter from Lisa J. Gilmore to Joyce the first five paragraphs pertain to Brian Tippie's Honda Pilot and Vanguard Money Market Account.] The following paragraph on pg. 1 & 2 states:

"Also, we informed Mr. Tippie that your friend, Christine Althaus, is willing to supervise visitation. We are advised that Mr. Tippie does not know this woman and has no knowledge of her relationship with your [MINOR DAUGHTER].  He does not feel comfortable using her services for visitation.  Perhaps you can explain who this person is and why you feel she would be an appropriate supervisor.  Again, there are many professional supervisors that you may use to supervise visitation.  Additionally, we informed you earlier this week, [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave], has agreed to supervise a single visit on July 24, 2005. Please confirm that you plan to participate in this visit."

Letter to Joyce Welsh from attorney Lisa J. Gilmore dated 7/22/05

This letter is in reply to your voicemail of July 22, 2005.

"To this date, our office has received the name of one (1) proposed supervisor, Christine Althaus.  In your handwritten note of July 14, 2005, you stated, "My several friends do not want to have anything to do with Brian."  If you have other proposed supervisors, please forward contact information for each person to our office.

Although Mr. Tippie does not know Ms. Althaus, he is happy to meet her and consider her as a potential supervisor.  He hopes to make arrangements to meet with Ms. Althaus on Saturday, July 23, 2005, and has left her a voicemail message indicating such. Mr. Tippie wants you to have regular visits with [MINOR DAUGHTER], but an appropriate supervisor must be in place.

As we have informed you on multiple occasions, [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave] has agreed to supervise a single visit for two to three hours on Sunday, July 24, 2005. We asked you to confirm this visit by today, but still have not received a confirmation. If you wish to exercise your visitation rights this weekend, please call my office by 5:00 p.m. today to confirm. If we do not receive confirmation, we will inform [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave] and Mr. Tippie that the visit is cancelled.

The pressure on Joyce Welsh  steadily increased as the various professionals communicated with each other to try to prevent any revelations about the dark side of the [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave] they chose.

It should be noted that the only comment that Brian Tippie had when asked about this situation was, " It's all Joyce's fault".

The same day attorney Lisa Gilmore wrote her third letter to Joyce Welsh dated 7/222/05 urging yet another visit with the tainted [Child Visitation Supervisor, i.e. the Slave], the Slave sent her final email to her former friend, as follows:  Joyce Welsh did not reply.

Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 13:26:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: [Child Visitation Supervisor] [First three letters of name deleted by
To: Joyce Welsh

Dear Joyce,

Yesterday morning I couldn't find my cell phone.  When I got home, I looked all over the house.  When I got home from work, I finally found it in the laundry basket in my closet.  How did it get there?  Well... on Wednesday I was wearing a skirt and blouse with no pockets.  I had my cell phone in my brassiere.  I guess that when I changed into my nightgown on Wednesday night, I flung my skirt, my blouse, my bra, and my cell phone into the laundry!

When I checked my missed messages, I saw that you had called me.  The display said that you called at 10:37AM.  I think that was actually before I called you from work.  I had been waiting weeks to call you because I felt that we needed some time to heal and to get things in perspective.  But even after all these weeks, I felt so awkward and uncomfortable that the words didn't come out right.

I know that I hurt and disappointed you.  In retrospect, it was a mistake for me to take on the responsibility of being non-professional supervisor of your visits with [WELSH AND TIPPIE'S MINOR DAUGHTER]. I did it for the same reason that I came with you to court, to testify as a witness in the restraining order case. I did it because I knew how much you and [MINOR DAUGHTER] both need to see each other.  But being supervisor set me up, and it drove a wedge between us. I never wanted that to happen.

Writing the report and stepping down as the non-professional supervisor for your visits with _[MINOR DAUGHTER] was one of the hardest decisions that I ever had to make, but I believe that I was obligated not only to serve the court, but to do what they had taught us and what I believe was the best thing for [MINOR DAUGHTER].  I never wanted to hurt you or to be in such a position of power or judgment (I know that you never judged me, although there’s plenty to judge).  I’m not a perfect mother and I hope that I’m never in a situation where I’m under a microscope like you are now, having to prove yourself.  But we both agreed to put me in that position and when I saw you doing things that we both learned were not good for [MINOR DAUGHTER] (talking bad about Brian and putting her in the middle of your adult dispute with her father) and how they affected her (she cried and she wet and pooped her pants) I felt caught in the middle with no good solution.

I know that you're a good mother.  I know that you love [MINOR DAUGHTER] with all of your heart. But I also understand how much pain and anguish you’ve been through and how I believe that it affected your judgment that day.  I understand why you now want someone else to supervise your visits with her.  I hope that things work out with [MINOR DAUGHTER] as supervisor and that you can see [MINOR DAUGHTER] again soon and often.

The last couple of times that we spoke you seemed hurried and distracted.  I understand if you're not interested or if you're not ready to be friends with me again.  I’ll be here if and when you are.

I believe that we were both very good to each other for many years and that we shared a wonderful friendship.  I still love you like a sister.  We gave each other the shirts off of our backs (literally), we supported and encouraged each other, we shared confidences, and in general we had a blast.  I love your children as my own and I know that you feel the same way about [Child Visitation Supervisor's minor child].

I know that you're a strong woman and that you'll get your life back even better than before.  Learning from this dilemma, I don't think that it's helpful to you for me to get in the middle of things again, but if there's any other way that I can help you, at any time in the future, please let me know.

Sincerely, ~ [Child Visitation Supervisor]

By the time this final email was written to Joyce Welsh by the woman who conspired to destroy her relationship with her daughter, all the evidence of the slave's sexual conduct had already been hand delivered to the Contra Costa County Animal Control office by Jack Welsh.  On July 29, 2005 Contra Costa Control Animal Control opened its investigation into the bestiality case involving this child visitation supervisor appointed by Commissioner Josanna Berkow.  Investigator Joseph DeCosta was assigned to the case.  Ultimately mother Joyce Welsh testified for four hours before Superior Court Judge William Kolin giving testimony that facilitated search warrants.  She was escorted to and from the court by deputy DeCosta and she was constantly in the company of a court house deputy sheriff.  Following her testimony and the introduction of the bestiality pictures and documentation, Superior Court William Kolin told Joyce Welsh not to talk about this case to anyone.  Terrified for herself and her children Joyce obeyed the judge's instructions.  What happened next to the mother and daughter is typical of the immoral cover-ups that occur in the Family Law Courts around our nation.

On Tuesday, April 3, 2007, Joyce Welch goes to trial versus her husband in Contra Costa Superior Court regarding permanent child custody and visitation of her minor daughter before Judge Barry Baskin in the Spinetta Family Law Court building in Martinez, California at 1:30 p.m.

Virginia McCullough © April 2, 2006



by Virginia McCullough