Barbara Hartwell


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October 13, 1999

Barbara Hartwell

Legal Defense and Research Fund

(For the Protection of Constitutional and Human Rights)

PO Box 832

Woodstock, New York 12498

E-mail: [email protected]

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter as a safety measure because my life is under serious threat. A document such as this is known as a "security letter". It is designed to provide information about my situation to as many people as possible. The more public this information becomes, the safer I will be, at least in theory. This is the second such letter I have written; the first was dated January 4, 1999. The purpose of this letter is not limited to protecting my own safety. In truth, my own situation cannot be separated from issues which are of such magnitude as to affect every citizen of this country. All I ask is that you read this letter with an open mind, and using your own discernment, draw your own conclusions.


I was advised to write these security letters by Ted Gunderson, retired FBI Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge and Bureau Chief. Mr. Gunderson has been a private investigator since his retirement from the FBI in 1979. He has been conducting an ongoing investigation of my case since 1997 and he has documented as much of my testimony as he was able to. In these efforts to help me has has spent his own time and money, because I have not been able to afford even to help cover his expenses, due to my financial destitution, engineered by the perpetrators of the severe harassment I am being subjected to. These perpetrators are none other than agents/officials of the U.S. government and their minions. Since Mr. Gunderson lives on the other side of the country, and since his own resources are limited and have been depleted in his efforts to help victims of government persecution and corruption, it has been difficult for him to provide assistance, yet he has persisted, in his dedication to truth, freedom and justice.

Based on his own investigation of my case as well as my testimony, Mr. Gunderson concurs that a major effort is being made by various agencies of the U.S. government, most notably the CIA, to "neutralize" me. When a person becomes a target to be "neutralized" it is usually because she/he is considered for various reasons to be a threat to "National Security". I know that in my own case such a perceived "threat" exists, but in truth it has nothing to do with "National Security". The reality is that the perpetrators who are trying to "neutralize" me are concerned only that their nefarious, illegal and unconscionable misdeeds and massive violations of human rights not be exposed.

In their attempts to "neutralize" me they have used a full spectrum of tactics- including the following: Violations of my privacy (4th amendment rights) in the form of phone taps, electronic surveillance, listening devices and microchip cameras; staking out my home with fully-equipped surveillance vans manned by government agents and placing tails on me while driving.

Electronic harassment, using microwave/pulse beam, laser and sonic weaponry; so-called "woodpecker" signals and the like. These electronic devices cause disturbances to the cerebro-spinal and autonomic nervous systems and electromagnetic energy field of the body; interfere with brain wave frequencies and result in painful, debilitating physical symptoms such as nausea, muscle weakness, and migraine-like head pain. Long term sleep deprivation is another consequence. In their more extreme applications, these exotic weapons can cause cancer, stop a person’s heart or literally "fry" their internal organs. The government calls these devices "non-lethal" weaponry. A misnomer if ever there was one.

Sabotage, harassment and "set-ups" by agents provocateur. Blacklisting, character assassination and slander campaigns. Intimidation tactics, deploying military hardware and personnel. Harassment and intimidation tactics targeting certain of my supporters. (They sent a SWAT team to break down the door of one of my colleagues, a private investigator who had helped me to document and corroborate their electronic surveillance devices and phone taps.) Coercion, and even death threats, made against me, my family, friends and associates.

The perpetrators have made several assassination attempts, since 1994, using poison, drugs, pre-arranged and purposefully engineered car "accidents" and by deploying exotic electronic weaponry, such as laser, microwave/pulse beam, etc. Although I came close to death after several of these incidents, I survived by what I can only call Divine Intervention.

Abductions by government agents, using drugs to knock me out, after which I was taken to various locations to be interrogated and "debriefed" through coercive methods, also using drugs such as scapolomine and "bourandanga", a member of the nightshade family also known as the "voodoo drug". (These drugs as well as others are also used extensively inside CIA black ops.)

The perpetrators have finally realized (and it took them long enough) that I cannot be bribed; cannot be blackmailed; cannot be re-recruited; cannot be intimidated, and that I am not afraid to die if that’s what it takes. As I have said many times to anyone who would listen -and even to those who would not, including the perpetrators- I would rather die with honor, fighting for my freedom than compromise with evil.

Mr. Gunderson has endorsed my credibility and publicly testified numerous times on my behalf, on radio and TV programs and in lectures at conferences around the country. Chip Tatum, ex-CIA deep cover operative and case officer, has also publicly testified on my behalf and endorsed my credibility. He was one of several government and former government agents who warned me that my life was in serious danger and that the perpetrators would have no compunction about killing me if that’s what it took to silence me, assuming they could get away with it. I had been aware for a long time that this was the case, but the warnings I received served to corroborate what I already knew. I understand that there are complex reasons why they have not been able –so far- to "terminate" or "eliminate" me (the perpetrators’ terminology), issues which I have discussed at length with both Mr. Gunderson and Mr. Tatum. Since it might further compromise my safety to divulge more information about this matter, for now I will repeat only that the more public my situation becomes, the safer I will be. Ted Gunderson has been a witness to some of the harassment directed at me and has in fact been targeted for some of the same harassment tactics, as well as attempts on his life, as has Mr. Tatum. Both of these gentlemen are government whistleblowers, as I am.

Mr. Tatum has publicly testified with me, giving detailed accounts of the methodology of the harassment that I and other targets have been subjected to, and has admitted to participating in some of the harassment and "neutralization" campaigns against U.S. citizens while still employed by the CIA. He has clearly stated that those designated as "targets" would only be those who have "insider" knowledge of the government’s misdeeds and/or refuse to cooperate with their agenda. He was also tasked with carrying out assassinations. I have seen some of the documents, shown to me by Mr. Tatum. One such document was signed by former U.S. President (and ex-CIA director) George Bush, in which Mr. Tatum was instructed in no uncertain terms, to "neutralize" a certain person; an American citizen, no less! The target’s name was Ross Perot. Mr. Tatum refused to carry out the mission. Although the CIA officially claims they are "not in the assassination business", nothing could be further from the truth! Mr. Tatum exposed CIA drug-running operations connected with the Iran-Contra Affair as well as other CIA illegal covert operations. When his own life was threatened because he refused to further cooperate in these operations, he made the documents public: Incontrovertible evidence that our own government is behind the drug-abuse epidemic in this country, which has laid waste to so many young lives. So much for the "War on Drugs". Mr. Tatum paid for his "indiscretions" by spending two years in a federal prison, after being convicted of "treason". Last year, after exposing as much as possible of what he knew, Mr. Tatum left the country permanently. I have documented a large body of his testimony, including personal conversations between myself and Mr. Tatum, most of which I have not yet made public. Some of the information given to me by Mr. Tatum served as corroboration of my own experiences, being insider knowledge of CIA black ops in which he and I were both involved.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know what’s really going on in this country, I hope you will support me in my efforts –along with others such as Ted Gunderson- to bring forth this vital information. For those of you who already do know about the state of emergency in this country, through your own experiences and research, I think you might agree that the future of our country as a free and sovereign nation may depend on having such information made public. The CIA operates on a NEED TO KNOW basis. But it’s American citizens that have the real NEED TO KNOW. What you don’t know CAN and WILL hurt you.


I am a survivor of CIA MK ULTRA and PHOENIX Project, trained and utilized by CIA as a deep cover operative and professional CIA asset, under mind control programming, which the perpetrators of this mind control believed was "guaranteed under National Security". Any oaths of secrecy which I may have signed or "agreed" to were under coercion and/or mind control. Since 1996, I have gone public by exposing what I learned about these illegal covert operations through my own involvement and subsequent research, having been victimized and exploited by the U.S. government since childhood. Among the code names assigned to me and under which I was utilized were: Sleeping Beauty, Blue Rose, and Black Angel. These code names make references to esoteric symbolism which relates to the nature of the various black operations and to the missions assigned to me. I reveal these names because I believe that some of those reading this may recognize them and understand their meaning.

I am a law-abiding citizen. Any and all illegal acts I may ever have committed could only have been done under coercion and/or mind control by the CIA and not under my own volition. It is necessary for me to state this for my own protection. I will also state for the record that any and all activities I engage in for the purpose of exposing –and stopping- government corruption are within the parameters of the law, both state and federal and as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

Although I have documented volumes of information about these government-sponsored black operations, such information is beyond the scope of this letter. I am distributing this letter as one of a number of ways to attempt to save my own life, which has been under serious threat since I broke out of CIA black ops in 1994 and began to publicly expose information about government corruption in 1996. If anyone reading this can provide corroborating testimony about these black projects, I would appreciate it if these people would contact me. No agents provocateur, please. I’ve had enough of y’all !

In the event that my demise occurs before I am able to reveal all I know, I hope that I will be vindicated and that other concerned American citizens will take up an investigation which will validate my testimony and see that justice is done to hold the perpetrators legally and morally accountable for their crimes. I would also request that one of my family members file a wrongful death suit against the government. Many others who knew the truth and who were willing to stand up against this tyranny have already been assassinated in the efforts of these perpetrators to cover up their crimes against humanity. As God is my witness, everything stated in my testimony here and in other interviews and documents is the truth.


There are two other documents of my written testimony which have been made public to date. One is an open letter -dated Jan 4, 1999- which is simply a broad overview of the persecution I have been

subjected to, published on Internet on the Mind Control Forum: My situation has become much worse since the last security letter was published; however there is additional information contained therein which is not included here. The other is a short promotional piece for a newsletter, The Gunderson/Hartwell Intelligence Report, which I have planned with my partner and professional colleague Ted Gunderson, FBI retired, and which includes a short summary of my testimony. My attempts at getting this newsletter online have so far been sabotaged and delayed, as have all other efforts I have made over a period of the past 6 years to publicize my own testimony and that of others who have documented similar information implicating the U.S. government in massive and on-going violations of human and constitutional rights.

Other materials including my testimony which may be available are the following: A videotape of my lecture at the Global Sciences Congress, Denver, CO, 1997, titled The Politics of Liberation, with an introduction and corroborating testimony by Bob Fletcher, American Patriot; investigator of government corruption; covert operations; top secret exotic weaponry and weather-control technology; victim of CIA black ops; former leader of Montana Militia and a witness in the Iran Contra Hearings. A taped interview with Janet Russell on her Long Island cable program, Beyond the Unexplained, taped October 1998. An audiotape of a seminar, Insider Secrets of Government Corruption, presented at Global Sciences Congress, February 1998 in Daytona Beach, Fla. The presenters of this seminar were: Barbara Hartwell, ex-CIA deep cover operative and professional CIA asset; MK ULTRA mind control and PHOENIX Project survivor. Ted Gunderson, retired FBI Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge and Bureau Chief, Los Angeles, CA. Chip Tatum, ex-CIA deep cover operative and case officer; also utilized by DIA, NSA and military intelligence. Brice Taylor, CIA MK ULTRA/government mind control and satanic ritual abuse survivor. A television interview featuring the four of us with Ryan Elliott of Chicago Health Television followed our seminar. This seminar was attended by the journalist, Mr. Elliott and is the subject of the interview. You may obtain a copy of this interview in a videotape called Mind Control Goes Public , which may be ordered by writing to PO Box 655, Landrum, S. C. 29356. ($19.95) This interview may also be available in the near future on a composite videotape titled The Hartwell Files , also containing portions of some of my other interviews and public lectures. My last interview to date was on the Expert Witness Show on WBAI radio, NYC hosted by Mike Levine, former federal undercover agent. (Aired 8-24-99). Other guests in this series on government mind control and CIA MK ULTRA were: Ted Gunderson, FBI, ret. John DeCamp, attorney, former Nebraska Senator and author of The Franklin Cover Up . Eric Olsen, son of Frank Olsen,CIA assassinated in 1953 by CIA, whose family won a wrongful death lawsuit against the government. Martin Lee, co-author of Acid Dreams, an expose of CIA MK ULTRA. Brice Taylor, CIA/government mind control survivor and author of Starshine and Thanks For The Memories.


I was utilized against my will and in certain cases without my own knowledge or consent in CIA illegal domestic and foreign covert operations, otherwise known as "black ops". My life is in serious danger, due to the fact that I am in the process of exposing highly classified information about illegal and unethical violations of human rights by the CIA and other government agencies. These violations are infractions of established U.S. national and international laws and codes, including the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention and those officially sanctioned by the U.N.

My purpose in exposing this information is very simply my dedication to truth and justice and my deep concern about protecting the constitutional and human rights of American citizens. I also wish to make every effort to see that the perpetrators of these atrocities are held legally and morally accountable for the egregious abuses committed against myself and countless others. These abuses include such things as: mind control using drugs, hypnosis and psychotronic technology; "trauma-based" programming techniques; interrogation using coercion and torture; abductions; sexual abuse; blackmail; death threats to families and loved ones of the primary targets/agents should they fail to comply with the demands of the perpetrators; genetic engineering using certain "elite" family bloodlines; human slavery; murder. As a result of my efforts to further investigate and expose this information, I have become a target of extreme harassment, political persecution and assassination attempts by agents of the U.S. government and their international cohorts. No matter what their spiritual or religious beliefs- or lack of them- I have to believe that most GOOD PEOPLE would agree that the activities of these perpetrators are at the very least illegal and unethical and a major threat to individual and collective freedom in this country. In my opinion and that of many others who hold similar spiritual convictions, they are flagrant crimes against God. If I know nothing else, I know what side I’m on: THE RIGHT SIDE. THE SIDE OF TRUTH, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.


In their arrogance, foolishness and hubris, the perpetrators were so presumptuous as to think they owned me, even –believe it or not- that they had "created" me. They "recruited" me without my conscious knowledge or consent in my early childhood. In fact, I was "chosen" -before birth- as one of their "genetically suitable" candidates to be utilized in bizarre paranormal experiments, such as PHOENIX project, the most highly classified of all black projects, excepting none. They exploited me for my God-given talents and psychic/paranormal abilities, and twisted my gifts of the spirit in service to their own nefarious agenda. I was among those few chosen for training at the highest levels, in the attempt to create the "perfect spy" and sleeper agent, those who would do their bidding by carrying out missions when our mind control programming was "activated". If this sounds like science fiction, all I can say is that I lived through it and IT IS REAL.

Despite their denials and attempts to cover up these paranormal projects, our government has been not only involved in them for over fifty years, they have been at the leading edge, way ahead of the Soviets, who were purposefully -and falsely- touted as the forerunners in this research as a smokescreen to cover the fact that the U. S. was heavily invested in these projects. To paraphrase a statement I made in a recent interview with Mike Levine on the Expert Witness show (WBAI radio, NYC): The technology and training for these black programs have been operational for many years and the disinformation spread by the U.S. government was designed to cover up the extreme violations of human rights which were instrumental in these projects. Psychotronic technology -designed to produce an interface between the minds and bodies of biological/spiritual entities and electro-magnetic devices- was used. Genetic engineering and other intrusive forms of tampering throughout the lives of the victims –such as installing sophisticated implants and "hardwiring"- were meant to result in "bionic super-human beings". "Mind controlled cyborgs". Call them what you will.

I understand how utterly bizarrre this must sound. I know that to speak or write of these things could compromise my credibility. But I am willing to take that chance. I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it. But, if you refuse to acknowledge the possibility, or insist that these things cannot be real, because they are just too bizarre, too far out, then the oppressors -along with their retinue of disinformationists and propagandists- have you just where they want you. Closed minds are among the perpetrators’ most valuable assets. It is the closed minds of the vast majority of unsuspecting American citizens -who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the mainstream media and lulled into a false sense of security by the government propaganda campaigns- which enables these tyrants to continue their abuses of human rights with impunity. Remember what happened in Nazi Germany. Many people refuse to even consider the possibility that it could happen here. Not only could it happen here, IT IS HAPPENING HERE. And unless American citizens wake up to that fact and become active in the cause of protecting our constitutional and human rights it will soon be too late to stop it.

The perpetrators of the MK ULTRA project indoctrinated us with the "code of silence" and according to them, we were "guaranteed under National Security" because it was assumed that since they fragmented and "compartmentalized" our personalities -and even "erased" our memories, using drugs, hypnosis and "electronic dissolution of memory" - we would lose all ability to remember that we had been leading secret double lives, one part "inside" the shadow realm of cloak and dagger, while we maintained a "cover story" in the "outside" world. But they were wrong. Those of us who managed to survive, through the Grace of God, DID REMEMBER. Not only did we remember, we broke the code of silence. The perpetrators were shortsighted in their vanity and greed and in their unholy efforts to usurp the power of God, believing it was their prerogative and that they had the ability to co-opt and control the very spirits of the people they had chosen to utilize. What they didn’t count on was the strength of our spirits, which they could never touch, much less own. In my opinion, the people perpetrating these horrendous abuses –carrying on the Nazi legacy of "eugenics", genetic engineering, behavior modification, mind control and the "psycho-civilized society"- are nothing short of criminally insane.

I was only able to break out of this enslavement by the lunatics and mad scientists running these black programs through prayer and the Grace of God. I consider it my duty -an ethical and spiritual imperative- to tell all I know, even if it threatens my life to do so. The REAL secrets the government is keeping from its own citizens are darker and far more threatening to our INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM than anything I can dream up, even in my wildest imagination. But then, I don’t have to dream them up; to me they have been all too real. They are stamped irrevocably in my memory. Not as a dream, but as a real-time, real-life nightmare.

Although I was warned by various government agents that I had become a target and that my life was in danger, I chose to take a stand against the perpetrators, instead of changing my identity, hiding out in a "safe house" or fleeing the country to protect my life, as I was advised to do. Some have made these choices, after having exposed what they knew, and I don’t fault them for it. But others have chosen to keep the "code of silence", a standard CIA indoctrination, and to continue to cooperate with the perpetrators of these atrocities, in the misguided belief that they would then be immune to retribution. In my opinion, these people are traitors and cowards. They are selling out their fellow citizens and will have to pay the price sooner or later. What they apparently don’t realize is that by doing this they have become nothing more than pawns of the perpetrators at the highest levels in the chain of command; that they are considered expendable, and will be eliminated once they have been utilized and exploited to maximum capacity and have outlived their usefulness.


I have collected documentation and eye-witness testimony of the following: high crimes and misdemeanors; extreme violations of human and consitututional rights, treason and various combinations thereof, committed by various officials/agents of the U.S. government and their international allies and cohorts. I can name the names. Among them are: Bill Clinton (utilized as a CIA asset since his college days); Hillary Rhodam Clinton; Janet Reno; Henry Kissinger; Oliver North; George Bush; Senator Arlen Specter; MOSSAD agent Mike Harari; ex-CIA director William J. Colby; Raymond "Buddy" Young; Dr. Jose Delgado; Dr. Jolyon West (deceased); Sidney Gottlieb, Nazi war criminal and founder of the CIA MK ULTRA mind control program (deceased); Dr. Ewen Cameron (deceased). There are many others, too numerous to mention here; but their names will be given in future articles and in my book, titled Hardwired: The True Story of a CIA Black Ops Survivor.

Some of this documentation has been furnished to me by ex-government agents; witnesses and victims of these crimes; researchers and others, which includes the testimony of people (including myself) who had direct knowledge of and/or involvement as victims and/or perpetrators under coercion and/or mind control in these crimes against humanity. Truly, there is no vital difference between the atrocities the U.S. government commits in the name of "science" and "progress" and under the cloak of "National Security" and the war crimes of Nazi Germany. Remember, these are the same people, with the same mind set, although the old-timers, as they died off, have been replaced with new recruits. Let’s face facts: The core of the CIA, formed in 1947 from the pre-existing Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was staffed with Nazi scientists and war criminals, brought here at the behest and at the expense of the U.S. government after WWII. Operation Paperclip was the code name. If you think the Nazis lost the war, think again. They have been running our government from behind the scenes for a very long time. America’s "shadow government" is alive and thriving, to the detriment of every patriotic American citizen who lives in this country today.


Every effort I have made to publicize this information has been thwarted, sabotaged and covered up in one way or another. Not only by the government. Because of my dedication to exposing the truth, naming the names, and to holding the perpetrators accountable for their crimes, I have been abandoned and betrayed by many of my former friends, professional colleagues and even my own family members. Not one member of my family has been willing to stand up for me publicly nor to provide any backup privately, even after witnessing the extreme persecution I have been subjected to. I have a number of relatives and in-laws (including those deceased) who are ex-military; military intelligence; CIA; or other government employees with established, long-standing connections to the intelligence community. I am the only person in my family who has become a government whistleblower, and I have paid a heavy price for this by having my own family members desert me; sabotage my efforts to expose the truth; attempt to discredit me; falsely accuse me of being a "subversive"; trying to impugn my sanity. To me, the heartbreak this has caused has been worse than the torture, the interrogations, or anything else that was done to me in the efforts to silence me and stop me from fighting for freedom. To be up against this dire situation all alone has been almost more than I could bear. I love my family, no matter whom they work for and whether or not they care what happens to me. But I will not allow anyone –family or otherwise- to stop me from speaking the truth as I know it or fighting for freedom.

For many years I have scruplously avoided discussing these matters with those family members employed by government agencies and have never mentioned their names publicly, to avoid causing harm to them or compromising them in any way. I have so far found no hard evidence that any of these individuals were knowingly involved in perpetrating any of the abuses which I experienced. However, I would not support them should I learn that they were involved in things which are against my principles. Nor would I be stopped from speaking the truth about the larger issues, even if they appealed to me to do so.



I have made every possible attempt to make my own situation public: the fact that I am under severe persecution with no end in sight. The CIA bears a striking resemblance to the the Mafia: The recruits and "good soldiers" don’t just "walk away". Nor do they "retire". In my opinion, based on many years of experience with individuals who claimed this status, there is no such thing as "retired CIA". Nor is there such a thing as an "amicable parting of the ways". If you want out of CIA, you had better be prepared to take a stand and fight your way out. And they will hound you until the day you die. I am tired of looking over my shoulder; tired of warning every person I come into contact with that they may be compromised or endangered because of any association with me. Tired of the constant surveillance, phone taps and threats to my life.

Because of the persecution I have been subjected to, I have lost nearly everything I owned, or which was important to me. These excessive losses (which in my case included several cars and homes) are a standard consequence for those who have broken out of government black projects, who are then considered "beyond salvage" as "rogue agents" or "loose cannons" and therefore deemed a threat to "National Security". Over the past several years I have been forced to move from place to place in various different states, just trying to stay alive. The perpetrators put me under house arrest for 2 years in motels where I was held a virtual hostage until the advice given me by Ted Gunderson helped me escape –just in time- and saved my life. My health has been seriously compromised because of the constant, extreme stress, which has exacerbated a congenital heart condition. I have no medical insurance and no money for even the most basic health care. Other chronic health problems, as well Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which stem from the many years of being utilized in these black operations, have rendered me for all practical purposes disabled. Disabled, but with no recourse and no way to obtain disability benefits. If the government gave me disability benefits they would have to admit liability; something which is about as likely as a snowball’s chance in hell.

My family and personal relationships have been destroyed. My professional activities have been sabotaged. I am now financially destitute because the perpetrators have destroyed most of my property and seriously compromised my capability to earn a living. For all the years I was living a double life, with most of my income being paid -one way or another- through CIA front companies, I was "allowed" to earn a living, as long as I was cooperating and "going along with the program". Considering the fact that I was under mind control, I had little choice but to cooperate.

I am now on the verge of losing what little I have left, including my present home, which is a rental I do not own, unless I can find some way to obtain the money for basic living expenses. I am also responsible for animals who rely on me for their care and survival; animals I love with all my heart. I would not abandon them no matter what the circumstances. My income over the past several years has been extremely limited and hard to increase, due to the constant sabotage of all my professional endeavors. Contributions to my Legal Defense and Research Fund which I run out of a home office have allowed me to continue working in the efforts to publicize the information which I feel is so important to protecting our freedom. I am now working with a few of my supporters to raise the funds to publish a hardcopy newsletter ( The Gunderson/Hartwell Intelligence Report ) and to produce a series of videotapes ( The Hartwell Files).

The persecution I continue to be subjected to is not fundamentally different from the KGB tactics which were used against dissidents in the Soviet Union. The only difference being that the methods used against American citizens are more insidious and thus harder to prove, since the perpetrators count on "plausible deniability" to cover their tracks. It is very difficult to collect hard evidence of this persecution. The "smoking guns" are the victims themselves: lives which lie in ruins. Tragically, it is most often the case that the victims have to die before others finally take notice and realize the living hell the victims of this persecution have been put through.

Friends, family and associates often don’t believe the victims when they talk about the harassment they are under and sometimes make the situation worse by accusing the victims of having "paranoid fantasies" or otherwise attempting to impugn their sanity. It is also common for others to blame the victims for problems they have no control over, since these problems are engineered by the perpetrators. The perpetrators will also harass any surrounding individuals of their target, especially those attempting to provide support, aid or comfort in any manner. The target is blacklisted from professional employment so that it becomes next to impossible to earn a living. Thus, the individual is effectively isolated and unable to obtain help. This can result in death by attrition -of extreme stress and intolerable deprivation of all basic needs. Or, when the unbearable isolation and deprivation turns to hopelessness, it can drive victims to suicide. Make no mistake: the deaths of these victims are purposefully and systematically engineered. This is a handy way the perpetrators have of removing themselves from all accountability for the deaths of their victims. When this doesn’t work, they arrange a fatal "accident" or a "suicide" -in which the victim never participated. If this sounds paranoid, so be it; I’ve been accused of it many times. But there is a world of difference between the so-called "paranoid fantasies" of those with true psychopathology and the very real situation of being under intolerable persecution because you are deemed a threat to the perpetraors’ agenda.


As previously mentioned, my case has been investigated by Ted Gunderson who for 27 years had an exemplary career in the FBI, who served in one of the highest level positions as Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge and Bureau Chief of the Los Angeles Office, with over 700 people under his command. His service record is impeccable and beyond reproach. For the past twenty years, since his retirement –in good standing- from the FBI, he has worked as a private investigator. He has worked as an investigator for world-renowned attorney F. Lee Bailey, who said that " Ted’s investigative skills are unsurpassed by anyone I have ever known." Mr. Gunderson has endorsed my credibilty as a witness, as a survivor and as a researcher (in my capacity as an investigative journalist) of CIA/government illegal covert operations. He has also testified on my behalf as to the severe harassment, some of which he himself has been a witness to. He has testified with me from the same podium in public lectures at conferences around the country. It is on his advice that I am writing this letter, in order to publicize the fact that political persecution – by the government- does happen in America and that I have been a target of such persecution since I broke out of the government black programs.

I have made phone calls and sent letters to various attorneys seeking legal help for my dilemma. Not one of these attorneys would agree to take my case. Some didn’t want to be bothered because they didn’t see the possibility of financial gain to themselves. Others were intimidated by the government and told to stay away from me –or else. Some just didn’t want to "get involved" or were afraid to take on a case against the powers-that-be. Still other attorneys (undercover agents) in the guise of supporters willing and eager to help me were sent after me to try to sabotage me, distract me or dissuade me from my "foolishness"- my "hopeless cause". And so, six long years have passed, during which I have not been able to find any legal assistance.

So far, the only "justice" –and I use the term loosely- for victims of the infamous CIA MK UKLTRA mind control program was a paltry out-of-court settlement in 1977. No wrongdoing was ever officially acknowledged by the CIA, nor were they held legally accountable for their crimes. But I intend to file suit against the CIA and I intend to win -or die trying- no matter how long it takes, even if I have to file the case by myself. They will not buy me off with hush money, because no amount of money can ever compensate me for the lost years of my life, the heartbreak and devastation, the massive damages they have inflicted. These transgressions of human rights must be EXPOSED. Only by exposing them can they be stopped. The perpetrators must be held legally accountable for their crimes. restitution must be made to all surviving victims and to the families of those who died as a result of these atrocities.


I am willing to lay down my life, if necessary, and I will fight to the end for what I believe in. What I believe in is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Are we really living in the land of the free and the home of the brave ? From what I have experienced first hand, HELL NO ! Just look around you.... We are living in a country run by plutocrats, tyrants and crypto-fascists. Where cowardice, deception, subterfuge, treachery and the perpetration of atrocious violations of human rights are rewarded with all the accolades and amenities that blood money can buy. Where those who are freedom loving American Patriots, seeking "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" are punished with persecution and branded as "terrorists" or "subversives". Where those who love God ( no matter what their religion or lack of religion) and their families, friends and neighbors are ridiculed and ostracized. Where the hard working people have become a virtual slave-labor force, exploited as nothing more than "worker bees" to do the will of the tyrants. Where so-called "federal" tax dollars are extorted from citizens by gun-wielding IRS hooligans in expensive suits, under threat of heavy fines or imprisonment. Most of these victms don’t realize that under constitutional law, federal income taxes are VOLUNTARY, NOT MANDATORY. The so-called "Federal Reserve" is anything but "Federal"...It’s a privately owned corporation, run by multi-national global elitists.

As citizens, we have every right to demand that our military forces be commanded and staffed by those who are proud to serve our country VOLUNTARILY. To protect our National Sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic. (Not thinly veiled Socialism in the guise of "Democracy".) Instead of soldiers fighting with honor, our military has become little more than a corps of mind-controlled robots and mercenaries. ( Just look at the military Commander in Chief – "Benedict" Bill Clinton- a traitor who has stooped so low as to sell our Top Secret military technology to the Red Chinese! If he’s not a traitor, then I don’t know who is.) "Special Forces" are deployed to do the dirty work for the CIA , who in turn are the enforcers for the multi-national cabal of Global Elitists who run the show from behind the scenes.

All this in service to the draconian masters and engineers of the New World Order, the encroaching Police State which will usher in NOT a New Millenium of peace and prosperity, but instead a ONE WORLD totalitarian Fourth Reich where all our civil liberties will be expunged in the blink of an eye. They have already sold us out to the GLOBAL ELITISTS. And they’re trying to finish us off by taking away our constitutional rights (what’s left of them). Just to cite a few: They are threatening our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Here’s a quote to think about. " This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration ! Our streets will be safer, our police force more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future." Sound familiar? No, these are not the words of the treacherous goose-stepping "brownshirt" Janet Reno or of Herr Clinton’s hencman and toady, Al Gore. These words were spoken by Adolph Hitler in 1938. They are eroding our 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion. Eroding our 4th amendment rights to privacy and freedom from illegal surveillance, search and seizure..... and so it goes. Their infringements on our constitutional rights are beyond the limits of tolerance. If you don’t believe me, READ THE CONSTITUTION. Read it and weep!

So-called "U.N. Peacekeeping Forces" will enforce martial law (as they are already doing worldwide) and we will lose the sovereignty of our nation, which is already being destroyed, not because of some "outside threat" or "Evil Empire" but because the enemy is already ensconced in our midst and operating FROM WITHIN. The F.E.M.A. concentration camps have already been built. (I have maps showing many of the locations, some of which are "derelict" military bases. The man who compiled and published these maps died under "mysterious circumstances".) These camps are equipped to contain large numbers of people. What kind of people? American Patriots, that’s who! And anyone else who refuses to cooperate and knuckle under to the New World Order. I don’t know about you, but I’ll die fighting for my freedom before I’ll allow myself to be carted off to a gulag by jack-booted thugs.

Is this Government by the people, for the people and of the people? Not by my way of thinking. Whatever happened to INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? WAKE UP, AMERICA!!! We will soon be living under a tyrannical ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT....UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT!!!!!!



Currently, I am working day and night, 12 –16 hours, seven days a week, trying to finish documenting my own testimony (which will be included in my book, if I live long enough to finish it) and in the efforts of constant damage control because of the harassment I am under. Getting a night’s sleep has become a rare luxury.

By far, the vast majority of what I know has not yet been exposed. Although by profession I am an investigative journalist with years of experience as a radio/TV producer and talk show host, as well as in print journalism, I have now been blacklisted from the mainstream media by the government controllers of that media. Why, you may ask, have I been blacklisted? Because I was trained and groomed by the CIA to become a "media representative" (read propagandist) for the New World Order. They have not been able to collect the returns on their investment in me, since I am now reporting THE TRUTH instead of being utilized against my will as a mouthpiece for their lies, disinformation and propaganda.

I continue to work around the clock, knowing that I may not have much time left. All my attempts to publish this information by obtaining my own website, or by publishing on those sponsored by others, have been effectively sabotaged. The perpetrators have threatened the lives of people who were willing to publish my research. As soon as my most recent website was put up, it was destroyed -within 72 hours. By sabotage and treachery, how else? This was on Sept 4, when I also lost my Internet connection for over a week, which cut me off from all necessary and important communications, and destroyed my e-mail files. On Oct 5, I lost my Internet connection again, when Bell Atlantic cut off my computer phone line without notice. I only managed to get re-connected by giving them every last dollar I had. My long distance phone service has been cut off for several months, since my phone bills are in arrears.

My telephone problems alone would be enough to comprise the plot of a science-fiction spy thriller. For me there is no such thing as a private phone conversation. The spooks are always on the lines. Since they apparently have nothing better to do, they amuse themselves by such acts of petty sabotage as placing echo chambers on my line; disconnecting me from another party in the middle of a call, especially if they don’t like the subject matter or if the party on the other end of the line is Ted Gunderson; high pitched electronic signals painful to the ears; clicking and buzzing sounds. They have patched in phony electronic voice announcements informing the caller that my line is out of service; does not accept "private calls"; etc. Occasionally they break into my conversations, offering their unsolicited commentary about my activities, just to remind me- as if it would be possible to forget- that they are "on the case" and that they know exactly what I am doing at every given moment in time and point of space. Every attempt I have made to resolve these constant phone problems has ended in failure and frustration. Bell Atlantic has refused to provide me with even the most basic phone services I have been paying for. I have spent many hours "on hold" subjected to the bureaucratic shuffle from one department to another, while being lied to and treated with extreme disrespect by their representatives. I filed numerous complaints about phone taps and interference on the lines. Despite the assurances of the bureaucrats, the "security office" never once returned my calls. No investigation was ever conducted. Enough of this for now...the rest of the ludicrous details could fill a small volume. This phone sabotage and these overt violations of my privacy have been going on for the past 6 years.

The perpetrators are continually hacking into my computers with remote-access technology. They have wiped out my files and stolen my documents and photographs, both within the hard drive of my computer and in hard copy files, which they broke into my home/office to steal. They have placed viruses on my computers. They sent hired thugs to destroy my computer hardware, which was dismantled and dumped on the hood of a car outside my home. When I advised them that they were trespassing and directed them to leave my property, they threatened my life and that of a visiting family member, before fleeing the scene. Although I called the police; filed criminal charges and made numerous subsequent trips and phone calls to the police station, no arrest was ever made, and to this day -9 months after the incident- the D.A. has refused to conduct a proper investigation. The destroyed computer cost me $1,000 to replace and I am still in debt for the money. Enough already!


In addition to documenting my research and experiences, speaking publicly and through the media, I have made it a mission to talk to every person I thought might listen to me, people in all walks of life, in the hope that some of them would care – if not about me personally- at least about the larger threat to our freedom in this country. Although a few people have listened and expressed concern, most people either were not interested or told me they didn’t believe me about the harassment and threats to my life. Some said they could not believe the government would commit such atrocities against its own citizens. Still others told me –believe it or not- that they would "go along with the program" should martial law be declared and they were ordered to register at their local U.S. Post Office, where they would be assigned a NUMBER or be tatooed or implanted with a microchip. A microchipped population, subject to "remote control". A population of mind-controlled robots! They have the technology. In fact, it’s already OPERATIONAL, and has been for years. How can I be so sure? Because I have already been a victim of it, that’s how I know ! Obviously, people who are willing to go along with the plan of these tyrants- the NEW WORLD ORDER- are not my allies, nor are they the allies of anyone who cares about freedom and justice.

The way I see it, there are only a few positions you can adopt:






Try thinking of it this way: If you shake hands with the devil, you’re halfway to hell. That about sums it up. To me, the most tragic thing is that most people seem to be nothing more than sheep, following along with whatever they’re told to do. Whatever they’re told by the government-issue spin doctors is in their "best interests" or the "best interests of our country". What they don’t realize is that they are nothing more than cattle being herded and led to the slaughter, by a government that cares absolutely nothing about their rights, their God-given freedom or anything else. These people need to WAKE UP, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE ! If I don’t get any response from this letter, I’ll write another one. And another after that. I will continue to write articles and publish them on the Internet, no matter how many times they destroy the websites they appear on. I will keep writing and keep talking until I collapse, if that’s what it takes.


For the love of God, if you care about YOUR FREEDOM, if you care about your children’s freedom, PLEASE read my testimony cited in the above sources.

PLEASE contact me at the above address or e-mail to ask how you can obtain copies of my videotaped or audiotaped testimony.

PLEASE read the testimony – or watch it on videotape- of my friends and colleagues mentioned in this letter.

And PLEASE consider these words:

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."....Thomas Jefferson

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.".....George Orwell

"Give me liberty or give me death" .....Patrick Henry

"Don’t tread on me." .....motto of American Patriots and supporters of the 2nd Amendment

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." ....Abraham Lincoln

"It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error." ....[U.S. Supreme Court in American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442.]

"Know the truth and the truth shall set you free." ....Jesus Christ, the gospel of St. John, 8:32

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter.

God Bless You and God Bless America.

In the Cause of Freedom and Justice,

Barbara Hartwell

[Missing part added 2-5-99]

January 4, 1999

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense and Research Fund
(for the protection of constitutional and human rights)
PO Box 832
Woodstock, NY 12498
Ph.#: 914-247-0058

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is addressed to those who have requested information about my research and activism on behalf of human and constitutional rights. I have sent copies to friends, family members, acquaintances and professional associates who may wish to be informed of my current situation. As my testimony it has also been sent to individuals with whom I am not acquainted, who may be interested parties due to the larger issues involved.

I apologize for the "form letter". I simply had no choice, since time and resources do not permit me to address individual correspondence under the circumstances. I cannot make phone calls out of my immediate local area. Please forgive me for not contacting you sooner if you are someone whose calls or letters I have not responded to over the past several months. There is the possibility -due to tampering with my phone and mail- ( a regular occurrence) that I may not have received your correspondence or phone messages.

I am a survivor of CIA black projects MKULTRA and Phoenix.

For many years I was utilized as a mind controlled operative and professional CIA asset. I was also used in some of their more bizarre paranormal and mind control experiments. In order for my "handlers" (perpetrators) to gain and keep some degree of control over me, I was subjected to "trauma-based programming" (read torture). It is not my purpose here (and I don't have the time) to explain these black projects. The best I can do is provide a broad overview in the hope that you Amy gain some understanding of my situation. I believe it to be relevant that the CIA "runs in the family". I should make it clear that I mean no disrespect to my family members, nor to denigrate them nor implicate them in my own situation. I have learned, through my research and that of other investigators that there are a number of other survivors of these black projects who have one or more family members employed by the intelligence community. I believe that those who have researched these issues will understand. For now, that is all I will say on this matter.

Political Persecution in the USA:
A brief case history of Barbara Hartwell.

I went public with my situation in 1996. I am working on a book which outlines 12 years of research and a lifetime of relevant experiences. Since 1996, I have published articles on related matters in newsletters and website magazines. I have appeared on radio and TV programs with other survivors of government black programs, including ex-CIA agents. Private investigator Ted Gunderson was instrumental in endorsing my credibility as a survivor of these black projects. I have spoken publicly at several large conferences around the country. Although the consensus among survivors and researchers of these projects is that it is "safer" to go public, I'm not sure it has worked that way in my case. Nonetheless there is no going back. Unless I stay as public as possible about my situation it will only make things worse. I honestly don't see how my situation could get much worse, except that I could meet an untimely death before I am able to thoroughly document what I have been through.

In 1994 I "broke my programming" and began to recover specific and extremely traumatic memories of my involvement in these black projects. I broke this programming through prayer, not under regressive hypnosis nor other "deprogramming" methods. The perpetrators apparently underestimated my spirit, and the gifts of the spirit with which I have been blessed, as my spirit was the one -and most important part- of me they were never able to gain control of. It needs to be understood that memory erasure by the use of drugs, hypnosis, electronic means, or combinations thereof, is routinely used. Also, dissociative disorders (fragmentation of the personality) are attained through trauma-based programming. Basically this equates to physical and mental torture, something the CIA and their psychiatrists are experts at. I was also threatened by my 'handlers' that loved ones would be killed, should I reveal what I had been involved in. I was even programmed to commit suicide should I break my programming, an issue I struggled with for years (and which I have not yet totally resolved) not realizing that this was a "program" rather than any desire on my part to end my own life.

When I was able to gain corroboration of the existence of these projects and was recognized by certain people also involved I began to understand precisely the nature of my situation. Since that time (1994) I have been targeted for severe harassment by agencies of the U.S. government. This particular form of political persecution is not as uncommon as it may seem, but can be effective since the perpetrators operate on the concept of "plausible deniability" and some of the tactics used are extremely insidious.

My situation has reached life-threatening proportions. Accordingly I feel the need to disseminate what information I can before it is too late. Should my demise occur before I can finish documenting the full and explicitly detailed truth of what has happened to me, I hope that someone will take on the investigation and that I will be vindicated. My concern extends far beyond my own life; I am equally concerned about the others who have been victims of the atrocities committed, and those who would be chosen as victims-to-be.

Since 1994 I have been targeted for this harassment, designed to "neutralize" me: to prevent me from doing further research; to prevent me from exposing the truth (as far as I know it) about government black projects; and from engaging in activism to hold the perpetrators accountable for the extreme violations of human rights committed against me and many others. The ultimate goal of this harassment is to drive me to a total collapse, mentally and physically and/or drive me to suicide, as they have done to others who posed the threat of exposing and taking a stand against their wrongdoing. They have also been known to arrange "suicides" which in fact are assassinations. Unfortunately, it appears that they are very near reaching their goal in my situation, unless I am able to find the strength to keep fighting back and unless I am able to get the back-up I need.

(Those interested in learning more about systematic mind control, harassment and political persecution, please read : "Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation" by Julianne McKinney, available on the Internet. Look in search engines under "mind control". This is the most comprehensive report I've found and I have personally experienced much of what is documented there. Or contact the Freedom of Thought Foundation at Write FOTF: PO Box 35072, Tucson, AZ. 85740-5072). "Operation Mind Control" by Walter Bowart may be ordered from FOTF.)

To encapsulate briefly, some of the methods which have been used in attempts to "neutralize" me are as follows: I have been the target of agents provocateur (situations too complex to be detailed here). I have been drugged. I have been poisoned. I have been abducted by government agents: They drugged me, shoved a cloth bag over my head then threw me in the back of a car. I have been hit with "exotic" and so-called "non-lethal" electronic weapons. I have been near death from these attacks on several occasions. (So much for "non-lethal".) My life was saved each time only by Divine Intervention. The perpetrators have vandalized my cars: brake-lines cut; radiators punctured, tires slashed, etc. They have bugged my phones, homes and hotel rooms. (This was corroborated by a private investigator/electronic surveillance expert.) They have broken into my homes and hotel rooms, stolen documents and personal effects. They have stolen, tampered with and opened my mail. They have "rerouted" some mail, which I received as long as 2 years after it was sent. They have placed viruses on my computers and also remotely wiped out documentation, letters and files. (They do have the technology for remote access.) They have sent black helicopters to hover over my various places of residence for purposes of surveillance and harassment. The most extreme examples of aerial harassment were a low-flying military jet at tremendous speed, barely over rooftop level of the house (and which also targeted the house of a man who was at that time my bodyguard) and what appeared to be a "crop-duster" which flew over and sprayed my car with unknown chemicals while driving with my bodyguard (a former air force man). This resulted in coughing, choking, lightheadedness and disorientation. I was unable to determine whether there were other effects to my health. The use (although not common) of these types of harassment tactics utilizing aerial vehicles was confirmed to me by a former CIA agent and military pilot.

One of the goals of this harassment is to destabilize every area of the "target's" life. The perpetrators also use sophisticated mind control technology to advance their agenda. For nearly 2 years I was under mind-controlled "house arrest" in motels. I was only able to escape from this situation when I was warned by a CIA operative that my life was in immediate danger. This was confirmed by Ted Gunderson, who had researched these black projects for many years. Ted Gunderson (FBI Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge, ret.) was instrumental in helping me escape from house arrest and helping me understand precisely the nature of my situation.

I also met other former government agents, (most notably CIA and NSA) who were able to provide corroboration of my situation and the systematic efforts being made to neutralize me. I was warned by these agents that since the perpetrators had not succeeded in neutralizing me through intimidation, their next step would be to arrange a way to "terminate" me- which would of course involve "plausible deniability". My only comment when I heard this was, "Let them take their best shot", since I would rather die with honor, fighting for my freedom than compromise with evil.

Unfortunately it does not end with me. Persons around me (including family, friends, associates) who are perceived as trying to provide support or assistance are usually targeted for similar (although usually far less extreme) harassment tactics. Both overt and covert tactics are used, some involving mind control. Some people received outright death threats should they continue to associate with me. Phones, offices and residences were bugged. Helicopters deployed. Microwave weapons. Surveillance vans. Etc.

In one of the more extreme situations, a SWAT team was sent to break down the door of a friend (a private investigator/surveillance expert) who had helped me to corroborate and document the harassment and surveillance of myself and other individuals who were professionally associated with me. This "raid" was done under false pretenses (naturally) and terrorized his wife, who was home alone at the time. Shortly after this incident this man moved to Florida, where he could not find work, despite his qualifications. He was also harassed by unmarked black helicopters. Last year he moved back to the Northeast, where he is now living with relatives, since his financial situation has deteriorated so badly.

Another man, a researcher of the New World Order and secret societies for 30 years, who expressed his willingness to help me and with whom I discussed my situation in person and on the phone immediately became the target of phone harassment and was subsequently "neutralized" by a series of suspicious events which caused him to lose his business. He was forced to find work elsewhere, where he became the victim of a very strange "accident" involving chemical exposure at his workplace, which totally debilitated him. He was hospitalized for two months, after which he was unable to work.

In several cases, friends who came to visit me from a distance had their cars sabotaged: radiators punctured; air let from tires or tires slashed; engines tampered with. The worst such situation involved the collapse of the rear axle while friends were following me in the car of another researcher, en route to a site where I was conducting research on military black ops. I was also told by a number of people that after the inception of their contact with me, they had serious problems with their phone lines and that helicopters were sighted near their homes, in some cases directly over the roof, clearly violating FAA regs. There are many more cases like this, too numerous to mention. I have given these examples because I need to make people aware that these are the types of dangerous harassment tactics being employed by the perpetrators.

Over the past 3 years, my life has rapidly deteriorated into a living nightmare. Every area of my life has been targeted: my finances; my professional activities; my personal and family relationships; my health. All these areas of my life are being effectively and systematically destroyed: all because I will not be intimidated by the perpetrators and because the single most important goal in my life is to keep fighting for freedom and human rights for myself and others. No matter how hard I have worked, everything I have attempted to do, including finding income-producing work, has been sabotaged by these perpetrators. My life has now degenerated into little more than a constant (24/7) vigil of "damage control" and a brutal struggle for survival. Most nights, I can't sleep more than a few hours. I have no free time; no leisure nor recreation; no social life. The friends I now have are only the few people who were willing to stand by me despite the harassment and apparent danger to themselves which seems to have come from their association with me.

Most of my income has totally dried up. I have been blacklisted from professional employment as a journalist in the mainstream media because those formerly paying me as a "self-employed independent contractor" were CIA front companies or their associates. My professional training in TV production and as a television journalist/talk show host was subsidized by CIA front companies. I was "groomed" to be a media representative (propagandist) for the "New Age" and "New World Order". As long as I was a mind-controlled operative I had no trouble earning a living. Now things have changed drastically. My agent submitted tapes of my cable TV programs to major networks. Their assessments of my talents were such that they told my agent I should be able to get a high paying job as a talk show host. But all such potential opportunities, for which I am eminently qualified, mysteriously fell through at the last minute.

I lost my job as a personnel counselor (independent contractor working only a few hours a week for a large monthly retainer) at a corporation (CIA front co.) because I refused to participate in such things as running an electronic surveillance program targeting their employees. I also refused to manipulate the employees by use of psychological personality tests which I had been trained to administer, to advance the agenda of the corporation (which involved mind control). Instead I urged the employees to fight for their rights. Despite the apparent "benefits" of this cushy job, which included limo transportation to and from the workplace, I quit this job because I could not have lived with the knowledge that my cooperation would do inestimable damage to innocent people who were employed by this company. Fortunately, during the time I was there, I was able to help a number of people with the ethical use of my training as a counselor and hypnotherapist. (Ironically I had been trained in the use of hypnosis many years before by a CIA psychiatrist).

When the harassment began (when they finally realized that I would not cooperate and allow them to get returns on their "investment" in me) I lost everything I had, including my house in Connecticut. I was forced to move to a motel, since I had no money for a security deposit on another house. During most of the past five years I have been without transportation, since my cars have been repeatedly vandalized by the perpetrators, forcing me to sacrifice other basic necessities to spend what little money I had on car repairs. Since 1994 I have lost 5 cars, due to this vandalism.

I once had a large clientele based in Connecticut and New York, who used my professional services as an astrologer, hypnotherapist and Jungian/spiritually oriented psychotherapist. Recently, in an attempt to get paying work by developing a new clientele, I printed and distributed new brochures which outline my services; which describe my professional background of over twenty years; which state that my work has been endorsed by the Jung Society in NYC and Westport CT, where I have lectured on astrology and Jungian psychology. Despite my qualifications, I have not been able to find even one paying client for the past three years.

Because I suffer from severe chronic health problems I am unable to work at a "normal" job involving regular hours. I have a congenital heart condition which has worsened over the years (especially under the stress caused by the relentless harassment of the past five years) as well as poorly understood and difficult-to-diagnose chronic diseases which result in a painful, debilitating complex of symptoms. My health problems prevent me from living a "normal" life or working on any regular schedule. Thus it's impossible to make advance plans for a particular day or time period, as I'm never sure when the symptoms will strike.

These health problems are now so severe that I am bedridden for days at a time. All I can do is take painkillers and try to rest. In the past few years, I have consulted three doctors who all told me that since the state of my health prohibits me from working at a "normal" job, if I had been employed by a corporation, I would be eligible for disability. But aside from my work as an "independent contractor" for front companies of the CIA, I have always been otherwise self-employed, therefore I do not qualify for disability. I have no health insurance and no money for medical and dental care. I have no doubt that most of my anomalous chronic health and dental problems stem from the bizarre experiments I was used in. (Involving psychotronics, implants, "hard-wiring" in the body, exposure to radiation and electromagnetic energy fields.) These health problems are exacerbated by the unrelenting stress I am subjected to in the form of constant harassment.

In October 1998, I was the victim of a car crash. My car was "totaled" and I sustained injuries to my neck (sprain of cervical vertebrae). I do not believe this was an "accident". The circumstances under which the incident occurred suggest that it was otherwise. The police report states that the other party was totally at fault. I have since been further incapacitated by these injuries. Although I have filed a lawsuit for personal injury, I have no idea when or even if I will be awarded a settlement. As a result of these injuries I am having a hard time with even the most normal tasks, especially lifting. I live alone with 8 cats whose care requires much time and energy. Since there is no one upon whom I can depend for help, my situation has worsened considerably over the past two months.

Over the past several years I have been up against these dire circumstances for the most part, all alone. I have lost most of the support I hoped would be available from family and friends. As any survivor of government black programs can attest, it is difficult to get others to even acknowledge the true nature of such a situation. Most people attribute little -if any- credibility to our claims. As far as collecting hard evidence to support our claims, it's next to impossible (although I continue to do all I can and have been able to document much of my testimony and some from other witnesses). We are up against a collective of perpetrators with tremendous resources, financially and technologically. The perpetrators are heavily invested in stopping the truth from coming out, at whatever cost to the lives of their victims, as well as their families and friends.

I have been ignored, neglected, abandoned and/or betrayed by some of my family and friends because it was apparently easier for them to believe that I am a "nut case", than to look at the facts, even when the truth is evident and despite the fact that they have witnessed the effects of my rapidly deteriorating health and the severity of the harassment I am under. In the typical tradition of "new-age pop-psychology" , they seem inclined to lay blame on the victim. Instead of offering support, some of these individuals have done more damage to me by meddling in my personal business and attempted manipulation. I have often been the recipient of unsolicited advice by people who know nothing about the real nature of my situation. They have repeatedly insisted on blaming me for things over which I have no control and/or attributing "mundane" explanations to events and situations which clearly stem from post-traumatic stress syndrome and continuing systematized harassment.

I have been subjected to amateur psychological analysis by some of these people (none of whom have qualifications in psychology). I have been told that I was: "delusional"; "co-dependent"; a "psycho"; "just paranoid"; That my physical symptoms were "all in my head". That I was "just feeling sorry for myself". I've been told to "get hold of myself". To "snap out of it". To "stop being so negative". To "get a job like everyone else". That "none of this is really happening". That "things would get better if I were a positive thinker". I've even been told that I was "possessed by demons" (although I have been attacked by demons, I'm certainly not possessed by them). I've been told that my problems would disappear if I would "get rid of those cats" (whom I love with all my heart, would never abandon and whom I consider to be family members). That I just have "bad luck".

I have even been told by more than one well-meaning but ignorant person that I "shouldn't let them [the government-sponsored goon squads] get to me". If I had a way to stop them from "getting to me" I would certainly have employed it long ago. However, when microwave/pulse beam weapons were hitting me through my windows, bringing on symptoms such as projectile vomiting, unbearable head pain, fevers, chills and cold sweats and even knocking me unconscious at times, it wasn't easy to do. Or when I have woken up with laser cuts on my body, having no memory of how they got there. I don't have the money to turn my home into a fortress, with electromagnetic shields, alarm systems, video surveillance, etc. Basically I am "out-manned and outgunned".

As a result of this insensitive treatment, and the extreme ignorance which seems to fuel it, I have become increasingly isolated from other people, simply because they do not understand, and apparently do not care enough to try to understand, although I have been explicit in my explanations regarding my situation. I have finally given up trying to explain or trying to get anyone to understand. It is exhausting and an exercise in futility. Self preservation dictates that I remove myself from those who would only make my situation worse, since they are not willing to help me (except under terms which are unacceptable and manipulative, usually involving a hidden agenda or "price tag") and since they have only treated me with disrespect, and even worse, with callous disregard.

Some of these former "friends" have even gone so far as to violate extremely sensitive personal confidences and to use information I confided to them in trust, to slander me and try to discredit me, and have succeeded in sabotaging some of the few relationships I had left, hurting innocent people in the "fallout". If you have been on the receiving end of these lies and malicious gossip, I ask only that you consider the source and suspend judgment accordingly. Slander campaigns are known to be among the more insidious weapons in the arsenal of the perpetrators. Some of those spreading this slander and misinformation are being used, through accessing defects and weaknesses in their character, in a Machiavellian strategy of "divide and conquer", meant to isolate the victim and rip away all support. It is heartbreaking to know that in many cases (including mine) even family members are exploited and hoodwinked as part of this strategy. All I can do is pray that those close to me who are being influenced to turn against me will be guided to see the truth and to realize how they are being manipulated to serve the agenda of these perpetrators.

There are a few people who seem to have some understanding of my situation. Some have provided what help they could. Some, I'm sure, would be willing to help if it were possible. Unfortunately, most of them are survivors of similar black programs themselves and as such are in similar circumstances to mine: financially ruined or struggling; in ill health; suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. These people don't have the resources to help others, since they are too busy just trying to recover and to stay alive.

Physically and emotionally I have reached the limits of my endurance. Due to ill health, financial destitution, severe unrelenting stress and harassment, and worst of all, being up against this all alone, I am near to a total collapse. My phone has been turned off twice in the last year because I could not pay the bills. A few months ago a man from the electric company came pounding at the door, threatening to turn off the power. I live in constant anxiety because I never know what will happen next, or how I will be able to come up with the money for basic living expenses. I have done everything in my power to change this situation, yet it only continues to grow worse, through no fault of mine, because my life is being destroyed by design. If this sounds paranoid, so be it; but I know there are other survivors of these black projects who can validate my testimony.

It has been my life's goal to do everything in my power to stop institutionalized oppression and tyranny. For over twenty-five years I have been committed to various forms of human rights activism. I have worked as a press representative for Amnesty International. I spent many years lobbying for animal rights, running an educational organization to promote compassion and respect for animals, and participating in wildlife rescue programs. I believe in a reverence for all life, animal or human.

It is only a matter of time until we are all living in a police state and under a tyrannical One-World-Government.....unless we do something to stop it. As retired FBI agent and private investigator Ted Gunderson has said many times on his radio programs: "Wake up America!"

Ted, who is one of my dearest friends, and one of the few people who understands my situation, has been working for the past 20 years, to investigate and expose the massive government corruption which is rapidly eroding our constitutional and human rights. He has been an investigator for F. Lee Bailey, who called him the finest investigator he'd ever known. Ted has personally investigated my case and helped me in every way he could. (Since he lives in Nevada and I live in New York this has not been easy.) Ted has come under even more extreme harassment than he was previously targeted for: because of his association with me. According to the NWO perpetrators of mind control, torture, and other abuses of human rights, Ted and I, working together, are "double trouble" and a major threat to their agenda. It seems they regard us as a "tag team" on the order of Public Enemy #1. These perpetrators are cowards, and as Ted and I know, if they expend so much energy targeting us for persecution, we must be doing something right!

Ted has hosted numerous radio and TV programs on the topics of government corruption, CIA MKULTRA, the New World Order, the Illuminati, Satanic Ritual Abuse, CIA drug-running operations, etc. He has personally investigated these issues and used his own money to fund many of the investigations, since the victims could not afford to pay him. Over the years, he has been the target of assassination attempts. His life was saved by Divine Intervention, just like mine. Fortunately, Ted and I have "friends in high places" and I'm not referring to the government!

The last I heard from Ted, he called me from a phone booth. His phone was shut off because he had no money to pay the bill. He has also lost his radio and TV shows due to lack of funding. He told me recently that he was "under investigation" by the FBI. He asked me and some other survivors he has helped over the years to write letters on his behalf to the director of the FBI. Ted retired from the FBI -in good standing- twenty years ago. But it seems he is now considered a "subversive" because he refuses to back down and to stop investigating and exposing the illegal, unethical, unconstitutional activities of this and other government agencies. I am on file with at least two government agencies that I know of (FBI and Air Force Intelligence) as a "terrorist" (!) Ted has been a target of character assassination, just as I and others have. Meanwhile, he has been responsible for saving the lives of many survivors (I'm included) and of children victimized by satanic ritual and sexual abuse. How many people are willing to put their lives on the line to tell the truth and do the right thing? All too few!

Tyranny is everyone's problem.
Please help by becoming part of the solution.

Ted and I have plans to create a new website magazine: The Gunderson/Hartwell Intelligence Report. We plan to publish articles based on our own research and that of other credible investigators, many of whom have gleaned their evidence from being "on the inside" : ex-CIA and other ex- government agents; survivors of black programs such as MKULTRA, Monarch and Phoenix Projects. We will offer mail order books, videotapes, declassified government documents and hard-copy intelligence reports on diverse issues, most importantly, things you need to know if you are interested in working to protect our constitutional and human rights.

Our website will be sponsored by The Legal Defense and Research Fund. The purpose of this organization is to raise money so that we can assist survivors of government black projects and mind control programs. To make educational materials available to the general public. To fund independently produced TV and radio programs and Web-TV. To provide resources for survivors to avail themselves of the appropriate therapies to get them out from under mind control and into recovery. To fund class action lawsuits against the perpetrators of mind control (such as the CIA) and other violations of human rights.

I am currently working as hard as I can to make this website a reality. It is one of the few things which gives me hope for the future, and the only way I see in which I can earn enough money to survive and keep doing the work I am committed to doing.

We need help to continue our work.

Financial contributions (no amount too small, no amount too large) to fund our website and various other endeavors, such as to get Ted's short-wave and satellite radio programs back up and running. Donations of equipment for research and production: computer equipment, software, photocopy machines, electronic surveillance equipment, scanners, video cameras, etc. etc.

Professional services:

Computer Programmers/experts; Attorneys (specialists in constitutional law, civil rights, etc. or those willing to do legal research on these issues) Psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists (well-versed in trauma recovery, Dissociative Identities Disorder and/or the methodology of mind control programming). Private Investigators and law enforcement personnel concerned about civil/constitutional rights; Researchers interested in the issues presented here; Writers who publish articles and/or books on these issues.


Anyone interested in helping with our research, website or other projects.

Agents provocateur and other infiltrators need not apply. (We've had enough of y'all!)

In closing, I will ask you to please consider these words:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" - Thomas Jefferson

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in reading this letter, and may God Bless You.


Barbara Hartwell

Mind Control Forum