Threshold Experimentation
On Children
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NewsHawk received this brief from a well-respected and personally-known researcher, well-connected to the late and great Mae Brussell, Ms. Virginia McCullough.
She has personally conveyed additional information to me on the telephone regarding the monstrosity described below; and has thoroughly demonstrated her credibility, professionalism and commitment to truth.
NewsHawk Inc.
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 From: "virginia mccullough"
I have a friend, Kate Dixon, who is fighting disbarment in the state of California because she filed a lawsuit against the Emeryville School District [US District Court, Northern District of California Case No. C 92-2971 BAC [Barbara Ann Caulfield - now resigned and the most overturned judge in the ninth circuit] because the children [largely children of color] in the schools were being physically and sexually abused by teachers in the district.
The lawsuit was filed in 1992. Much of the material was filed "under seal" because the courts were protecting the school district. The administrators covered up the abuse because the district was involved with a World Health Organization [WHO] sponsored pain experimentation study conducted by the School of Nursing at the University of California San Francisco. The teachers would inflict the pain using "head knockers" [long cardboard tubes filled with hard material], hitting, and paddles.
The children would then be given a survey [without parental consent] asking questions such as: 1)Does this feel like a gun shot wound? 2)Does this feel like a stab wound? 3)Does this feel like a spanking?
Keep in mind that this is low income, high-crime area. In my opinion these are racists surveys and would not fly in a high-income, white neighborhood [see San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/96).I have viewed the thirty-eight video tapes of the abused children testifying and I assure your readers THIS HAPPENED AND THE COURTS AND THE SCHOOL DISTRICT ABSOLUTELY COVERED IT UP!
These surveys were also conducted at Children's Hospital in Oakland but with parental consent. The injured or ill child would be brought to the free hospital for treatment and prior to checking in the patient, the parent or custodian of the child would be asked to sign a consent form for the survey to be conducted on the patient in the hospital. You are talking about a captured audience - what is wrong with this picture?
The UCSF nurses were conducting this study, it is alleged, to determine the best type of pain control medicine to give children. In other words, how best to drug them.
WHO bought the thesis and paid for the study. The nurses benefited by publishing [or perishing]! Remember this is a university hospital so, I guess, us taxpayers have to take some of the blame but it is doubtful that a normal citizen would have knowledge of this atrocity.
When attorney Kate Dixon [[email protected]] filed a lawsuit on behalf of the approximately 50 children who were abused, she was persecuted. [State Bar Court Cases #94-0-12203-NRL and related] What message does that action by the California State Bar send? Clearly - DO NOT MESS WITH THE SYSTEM - WE ARE BUSY EXPERIMENTING WITH YOUR CHILDREN AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO.
Yesterday Kate Dixon argued her case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. Her primary request of the panel was to appoint a special master to investigate the experimentation on the school children. Our taxpayer dollars paid for the numerous attorneys who argued against her. Whether or not the panel decides to act responsibly is anyone's guess.
The children on whose behalf Kate Dixon originally filed a lawsuit were paid $10,000 each earlier this year without the school district being forced to admit guilt. The teachers who had physically and sexually abused the children remained on paid administrative leave from 1992 until recently when they retired from the district. The system protects its own!
Please publish both my name and the name of attorney Kate Dixon because we are proud of what we have done on these issues. We doubt that the courts and the school district are proud of their conduct in covering up the abuse of school children for the profits of drug manufacturers and their political prostitutes.
We are: Virginia McCullough [[email protected] and Kate Dixon [[email protected]]