According to the Independent Journal (5-17-01), the Marin County  elections office had already determined there were more than enough valid  signatures to get the DA recall question on the ballot, and that a state  probe of the recall petitions will have no bearing on the election. This  means that the signatures and the process by which they were obtained were  already determined to be valid. If there had been fraud involved, there would  not have been an election set in the first place.

Moreover, the petitions themselves were only the means to determine  whether or not there would be an election. Signing a petition did not mean  that Kamena would be removed from office, only that if enough people wanted  it, there would be an election, so the citizens of Marin County could have a  say and exercise their right to vote on an issue of importance to them.  It is clear, that this "probe" of the recall petitions has nothing to do with determining fraud, but is being done for other reasons -- none of which  actually have anything to do with legitimate investigation into allegations  of crime.

 In fact, it is interesting to see that Paula Kamena is using the same legal tactic ("Parental Alienation Syndrome" [PAS] methodology) to shift  blame, threaten and punish anyone who questions her, as was used against Carol Mardeusz to place her child in the "custody" of a child molester, and  jail her for reporting abuse, based on a phony "diagnosis" and fabricated crimes.

These appear to be the only reasons that Kamena is calling for a probe:

1. To intimidate the 20,000 Marin County citizens who did sign petitions.

2. To identify names of individuals so that the DA and State officials can  initiate more bogus investigations of innocent citizens they perceive as  "whistleblowers".

3. To deflect the focus off of the real issues behind the recall.

4. To deceive the public in a last minute desperate attempt to keep Paula Kamena in office.

5. To try to prevent the citizens of Marin County from exercising their right to vote on an issue which they already decided warranted attention.

Regardless of the hype Paula Kamena and her spinmeisters are generating  and regardless that the media is Kamena's propaganda tool, the facts remain  that Paula Kamena is not doing her job properly. Her office is involved in  politically motivated prosecutions and politically motivated refusals to  prosecute. The DA's office is protecting criminals, but jailing innocent  people. Paula Kamena is not only refusing to investigate crimes committed by County officials, judges and contracted court-appointees, she herself appears  to be colluding with them.

And while Paula Kamena claims that investigating her cronies is a conflict of interest, isn't it also a conflict of interest to allow Judge Lynn Duryee -- herself named on a recall petition after she took over several  of the same rigged custody cases which Kamena refused to investigate -- to  sign off the request allowing investigators to examine the petitions?

by Cindy Ross © 2001

Cindy Ross/CA director
National Alliance for Family Court Justice
PO Box 744
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Click. Marin Independent Journal reports State officials probe Kamena recall petitions  State authorities have launched a criminal investigation into possible signature-gathering abuses in the recall effort against Marin County District Attorney Paula Kamena, according to court documents filed yesterday.