On June 16, 2003, Brian Downing Quig, owner of Primary Research Associates, 54, of Phoenix, Arizona died in Tempe, hit by a car. (Click.) It is reported that the driver, age 17, may have been under the influence. Early reports by Quig's associates indicated the driver engaged in hit and run, but there was no press or official verification of this.  A piece of plywood Quig carried when he was hit, is alleged to have gone through the windshield of the car at impact, and injured a passenger or driver.  This apparently caused one of them to obtain medical attention.  It's hard to accomplish an undetectable hit and run when an occupant of the car needs medical care and the windshield is smashed.  The 17-year-old persons could presumably be held as juveniles if charged, thus their names would be sealed from the public.  The police investigative reports could also be sealed.  Their status as minors makes it likely that any sentence of them would be light and result in early release from a juvenile facility or probation.

Quig was best known for investigating the "Temple Murders" case in Arizona which involved one of the biggest heroin busts in history. Quig also investigated the death of journalist Dan Bolles.  Quig published the results of his investigations on his website, The De-Central Intelligence Agency at (Please mirror or save his site.)

In May 2003, Brian Quig expressed to reporter Virginia McCullough his frustration that there was a lack of interest in the Temple Murders case which he viewed as an important window into researching corruption at the highest levels of government, especially in Arizona.  NewsMakingNews published his article on May 27, 2003. Click.  THE SCANDAL THAT HAUNTS THE TEMPLE MURDERS!! by Brian Downing Quig

Quig was a scientist.  Recently he was happy the Bush administration recognized the value of Omega-3 Click. For years Quig had studied and promoted its use in treating depression.  Omega-3 is notably found naturally in salmon and tuna. Quig was also recently working on "nanochloropsis".  Quig described nanochloropsis as "the ideal algae for worldwide aqua culture that will improve omega-3 content of aqua culture product but also solve the problem of mercury toxicity in fish!!"

Quig frequently posted his research and articles on two websites: Yahoo's CIA-Drugs discussion list and Yahoo's BushCoup2000 discussion list. Quig was a moderator of BushCoup2000 which is owned by andycaffrey.  The CIA-Drugs list is moderated by Kris Milligan, owner of TrineDay, a publishing company.  Milligan and Daniel Hopsicker originated the CIA-Drugs list, whose most prominent poster has been Michael Ruppert, who no longer posts there.  On April 11, 2003, Milligan placed Quig and several other posters on "restriction", and  Quig was returned on line in about ten days.  Click.

Quig was under heavy attack in March 2003, when police raided his home.  He filed formal complaints against the Phoenix police and posted his complaints on the Yahoo lists. Click.

What topics was Quig researching in the months prior to his death?  On about September 1, 2002, Quig published his analysis of the 9/11 attacks. Click.  Quig continued up to his death to refine, debate and promote his theory about 9/11. See his June 5, 2003 posting: Click.  Quig was angry that that his friend Daniel Hopsicker who is writing about the Venice Florida hijack milieu was not treated fairly by, and his last posting on Yahoo before his death on June 13, 2003, involved this subject. Click.  A few months before he died, Quig read Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper and connected the data in that book to his own research. Click. Recently Quig told friends he wanted to make MP3 recordings of approximately 300 interviews he had done with J. Fletcher Prouty.  Quig was also interested in the politics of Clear Channel. Click.  For many years, Quig investigated the bombing in Oklahoma City. Click.

Memorial services were held on June 21. Quig was cremated  He is survived by his mother and two sisters.

To you, Brian Downing Quig:
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, 
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 
Article by Kathryn Joanne Dixon © June 23, 2003
Poem From The Poems of Dylan Thomas, published by New Directions. Copyright © 1952, 1953 Dylan Thomas. 

Arizona Republic News Article June 17, 2003

Pedestrian, 54, is killed while crossing street

PHOENIX - A 54-year-old man was killed Monday morning while crossing the street at 75th Avenue and Catalina Drive.

The pedestrian was carrying plywood, which broke through the windshield of the vehicle that hit him, injuring the passenger, said Phoenix police Sgt. Jim Pryor.

The passenger, a 17-year-old male, was transported to Maryvale hospital, and the 17-year-old driver is under investigation for drug use, Pryor said.

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by Brian Downing Quig   

After turning on my TV to see the burning tower after the first plane hit the WORLD TRADE CENTER my attention was arrested like all others. When the second plane hit the second tower I said to myself WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?  When the 3rd hijacked plane hit the PENTAGON, the first witnesses reported the "plane circled the PENTAGON in a sharply banked 270 degree turn that was distinctly different than any
commercial plane and more like a military plane" and bypassed a straight in shot at the offices of the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF only to hit an insignificant spot in the back of the PENTAGON.  I said to myself then, IT IS NOT A REAL TERRORIST ATTACK!!  THANK GOD!!

One hour after the second plane hit a CIA analyst on ABC announced that it was Osama bin Laden who was behind the attacks!


When the passport of the alleged lead terror pilot, Mohammed Atta, was found in 2 feet of rubble 2 blocks from the WTC I said WHO DO THEY EXPECT TO BELIEVE THAT!! Then they expected us to believe that Atta packed a bag for his suicide flight and by some good fortune it did not make his flight.  To top it all off the baggage contained a suicide note.  Then bin Laden makes a confession on video tape and leaves the tape where it is found.  And the gullible American public buys it all primarily because it is unchallenged by the entire mass media!!

I can now give 25 compelling reasons to indict Daddy Bush, Cheney, the PENTAGON and the CARLYLE GROUP for the real terror behind 911.  Daddy Bush and Cheney were in the SITUATION ROOM at the WHITE HOUSE during the terror attacks (during the 34 minutes between the second WTC hit and the PENTAGON hit while a stand down order was issued to the AIR FORCE to supersede established intercept
procedures for planes that stray off course).

Junior Bush was reading stories to grade school children during the attacks.  He knew one plane had crashed into the WTC when the reading started.  When his top aid Andrew Card whispered in his ear about the second plane hitting the WTC this was caught on videotape and is widely available on the internet.  Junior Bush only looks up and nods and then goes back to reading stories to the kids for 25 more minutes!!  It clearly looks more like Card is informing Bush of an expected event.  There was for example no time for Card to add AND THERE ARE SEVERAL OTHER HIJACKED PLANES IN THE AIR.
The Director of the WHITE HOUSE SITUATION ROOM where all military crises are managed is with Junior Bush at the grade school.  At the end of the 25 minutes of reading Bush goes immediately to the library of the school where a press conference was set.  He says there I CALLED MY VICE PRESIDENT AND MY FBI DIRECTOR AND THE GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK.  This was a lie!!  There was not enough time for that.

It takes $5 million to make the minimum investment in CARLYLE GROUP, the defense contractor investment group whose stock has gone up 37% since 911.  The friends of Bush and Cheney are the other investors in CARLYLE GROUP along with the bin Ladens and John Major. CARLYLE GROUP was having their international investors conference in Washington D.C. at the RITZ CARLETON at the exact time of the 911 attacks.  CARLYLE GROUP had a big interest in BIOPORT a company that was the sole source of ANTHRAX VACCINE for the PENTAGON.  BIOPORT gave Admiral Crowe, the former Chairman of the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF a 27% interest in the company for his pull with the PENTAGON.  Do I have to connect all the dots regarding the ANTHRAX ATTACK that was traced to US military sources?

It was widely reported by THE NEW YORK TIMES Feb. 17, 2002, MSNBC Oct. 7, 2001 and others that Pakistani ISI Chief, General Mahmud, wire transferred $100,000 to alleged lead terror pilot Mohammed Atta the week before the terror attacks.  At the exact moment of the terror attacks Mahmud was having breakfast with the chairmen of the HOUSE (Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla) and SENATE (Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla) INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEES along with my senator Jon Kyl.  I will have words with Kyl at the next opportunity. The $100,000 was sufficient to remove Mahmud from office but not enough for the light to go on in the brains of our top US intelligence officials!!

Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, and others were told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October. In an exercise, called Operation "Swift Sword" planned for four years, 23,000 British troops were on their way to Oman the day before the attacks.  These troops were the ones used to assist the Americans in the Afghan invasion.   At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups arrived on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time, some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation "Bright Star." All of these forces were in place before the first plane hit the WTC!

Dan Hopsicker found plenty of CIA connections to the flight school in Venice Florida where Atta and others trained and much more of this nature

Ariel Sharon canceled his address to ISRAELI support groups in NEW YORK CITY just the day before his scheduled 9-11 address.  The 120 Israeli art student spy ring active in the UNITED STATES before 911 had a group living on the same street just 3 blocks form Mohammed Atta. US intelligence and US media had no interest in this ring or the 2 Israelis who were disarmed in the Mexican congress with guns and explosives
and fake Pakistani passports at a time when the congress was not going along with Fox's support for the Bush invasion of Afghanistan.

Those who consider it unthinkable that the UNITED STATES government and the ISRAELI government would fake a terror attack killing thousands to initiate a war to benefit those controlling these governments should listen to the sound track of the LOSS OF LIBERTY (Direct link for download: )  It will take 2 hours to download with a 56k modem but it is worth it.  This is the account of how the 1967 WAR was started wherein all the Palestinian lands now in occupation were taken and how Israel tried to sink an American ship and blame it on the Egyptians.  The US government was clearly a party to this infamy!!

In my search for the best evidence of fake 911 terror I have found a great deal.  As far as stand alone evidence, the capability of the BOEING 757 and BOEING 767 to take off and land by computer alone is the most compelling.  These planes are fully capable of being remotely piloted which is what happened during the terror attacks.  Each of the four hijacked planes had 6 hidden panic alerts for just such events that were known to the flight crew.  NONE OF THEM WERE ACTIVATED!!  The alleged terrorists were the equivalent of Lee Harvey Oswalds --- patsies lured into place to take the blame.  Our FBI has made no effort to reconcile their initial list of terrorists with the real people with those identities shown to be alive in the Middle East!!

The overall plan to send operatives to the US and have them train to fly commercial aircraft at single engine flight schools is a very doubtful affair.  Real terrorists financed by bin Laden's billion dollars would have already been trained pilots quickly infiltrated shortly before the operation.  In secret operations like this time is the great terminator.  One of the alleged pilots trained at a single engine flight school in Phoenix that I once attended.  One day a year WILLIAMS AIR FORCE BASE opened their flight simulators to the public.  Their simulators were on hydraulic lifters with switches to day and night flight as well as various aircraft.  I used to consider myself lucky when I could crash the F-16 on the runway.  Usually I did not do that well!  For any terror master to bet the farm on such a dubious plan would be unthinkable.  But fooling the gullible American public is a far easier prospect.

The software of the BOEING 757 and 767 over rides pilot error and will not let a pilot make banking turns like the PENTAGON plane which was pulling 5 Gs at its final approach or the second WTC plane that was pulling 3 Gs.  This is the most fruitful area to explore for those wishing positive proof that the terror attacks were faked.

The American public has no concept of how the entire broadcast industry is monolithically controlled --- all offering the same lies at the same time.  There are 6 corporate groups that own all of the newspapers in America.  The last time the senate examined the corporate ownership of the broadcast industry was 1970 when they issued a report showing an enormous crime in progress.  A handful of international banks were illegally usurping corporate control of the entire broadcast industry in the UNITED STATES  It has only gotten much worse since then.

There is an ISRAELI WAR LOBBY numbering in the thousands beating the drum for war totally unchallenged on TV.  They are not registered as agents of a foreign government as law requires.  In the news media they fill the ranks of the very most prominent, like Ted Kopple, George Will, Mort Kondrakie, Wolf Blitzer and Billy Kristol.

The ambitions of the Bush administration go far beyond getting the Afghan pipeline to move the $350 billion of central Asian oil.  They are pressing for full-scale war where more is destroyed in a day than is produced in an entire year of peace.  From the business standpoint WAR IS THE ULTIMATE CONSUMER!!

I welcome comments, criticisms and corrections.

Brian Downing Quig

Quig had been living in Phoenix while making repairs to a reposessed house. This message was dated April 15, 2003

-------- Original Message --------
From:  "Brian Downing Quig" <>

Below is my first letter to Commander William Lewis which is a bit more graphic about just some of the abuse I suffered from 2 PHOENIX POLICE who invaded my home at 4:00AM in the mourning march 25th and held me prisoner there for 4 1/2 hours.  I made it graphically clear that these police were being sanctioned by those downtown to do what they would not otherwise have done.  This is a DOWNTOWN PROBLEM.

Don't we all know that if such at thing had happen to Phoenix Police Chief Harold Hurtt or Mayor Skip Rimsza, or to one of their neighbors that the fur would fly!!  Do police behave differently toward citizens depending upon where they live?  Should it take 22 days to make contact with the victim where the perpetrator is the PHOENIX POLICE?  No phone calls.  No e-mails. No faxes --- from anyone!!

All I wanted was to review the recordings of the police radio.  Am I not entitled to that?  If I have to go through formalities to get that it will look like an admission of bureaucratic concealment.  I want to go down town to speak with Commander Lewis and receive the recordings and then talk again after listening to them.

There are two serious abuses in my complaint.  One is that street cops are being given sanction to abuse me by as yet unknown higher ups downtown.  I have reason to believe that law enforcement again are distributing erroneous material about me as I caught them doing before. That is why I am asking Commander Lewis to review every record the PHOENIX POLICE has on me.

If this had happened to any one of you --- who would not want at least this?

The second abuse is far more serious than the first.  It is the indication of the presence of narcotics corruption in the PHOENIX POLICE.  The complaint below was received on 3-31-03.  No calls from Harold Hurtt or Commander Lewis in more than a week.  Then I send a second letter to Commander Lewis with exhibits that make the searching of my possessions and the calling at 5:00AM every phone number on my desk all the result of a ruse.  When I finally reached Commander Lewis on the phone he promised a detective would contact
me the next day.  A week went by and not call so the SECOND COMPLAINT.

Did I give anyone the impression from what I posted that I am the type to just GIVE UP when I am ignored?  I think that it is quite shameful that 2 days have gone by since my SECOND COMPLAINT reached your offices and not one of you has picked up to phone to contact me. I wonder how many calls you made to each other about this.

I am left to imagine that rather than examine what went wrong here the department is trying to rewrite police reports and clean up foul play.  I am distressed to think that the pressures being applied to Officer R. Lopez must be close to unbearable.  The first thing I requested is that members of the mayor's office interview him about this for his protection. I have placed Officer R. Lopez in grave danger by expecting my public officials to act promptly and responsibly.  It  looks now like my expectations were unfounded.

Brian Downing Quig

(This was my first complaint received 3-31-03 six days after the ordeal where I requested an inquiry)

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From:  Brian Downing Quig

Dear Commander Lewis,

At 4:00AM I was wakened out of a deep sleep by flashlights being shone into my home. When I went to the door it turned out to be 2 uniformed PHOENIX POLICE OFFICERS. I opened the door and spoke with the officers who told me that neighbors had called just 5 minutes before to report that someone was occupying the home at 7605 W. Avalon Drive in Maryvale that had been vacant for months. I thought that this was a reasonable concern so I made the mistake of inviting the officers in to explain what I was doing there. I told them that I had moved in on Friday, 3 days before to make repairs on the home for the owners. They asked
me to show them ID and the keys to the house and I complied. I also showed them mail addressed to me at this location and showed them that the telephone had my voice and name on the outgoing message. I also showed them documents from the owners of the house CNP LOAN SERVICING that listed this and 20 other properties as holdings of CNP.

Based on the dubious premise that they could not check the name on the utilities because their computer was down, these officers then proceeded to hold me for 4 1/2 hours in my own home and search every drawer and all my possessions without the nicety of a search warrant!! It is difficult to stand up for one's constitutional rights when being threatened with arrest for trespass and transport to jail. In the course of this egregious breach of proper police conduct one of the officers, whose name I did not note but whom I will refer to as OFFICER
FLIPPANT, called every phone number on my desk starting at 5:00 AM against my strongest
protests that this would be disturbing the sleep of these people!!

I gave OFFICER FLIPPANT the phone number of the secretary of CNP LOAD SERVICING and he woke her at 5:30 AM!!  She confirmed that her company owned the home in question and that I was doing work for them.
This was still not good enough for OFFICER FLIPPANT who said this 29 year old woman was "no more than 19 and knew nothing about the company."  When I told this officer that I had worked closely with the GREATER PHOENIX MENSA SOCIETY and was a speaker at their REGIONAL CONFERENCE he asked me what my IQ was.  He then said his IQ was much higher!!  I would be surprised if his IQ was higher than 110 and astounded if he even read one book in the previous year.  This officer was plagued by DUMB AS A ROCK REASONING.

The reason I chose the name OFFICER FLIPPANT is because this officer called me a liar at least a hundred times!! He did all the radio communications and ran the show despite the obvious fact that the other officer, OFFICER R. LOPEZ was far more experienced and far more professional. It was OFFICER FLIPPANT who made all of the disturbing phone calls to CNP CLIENTS and every other number on my desk --- starting at 5:00 AM!! It was OFFICER FLIPPANT who threatened to arrest me many times.  And it was OFFICER FLIPPANT who tore the PERCALE SHEET that was hung temporarily by tacks to cover a sliding glass patio door, who did not acknowledge the damage or apologize for the rough treatment of my property. I will send by mail the SEARS price tag of $69.99 for the replacement of the set and I expect  this to be paid. With this I will also send the documents from CNP LOAN SERVICING that I referenced above and other items of relevance.

I could go on about the improper conduct of this officer but the fault of this inexcusable conduct was not just his. In 4 1/2 hours there was plenty of time to talk. In this time OFFICER FLIPPANT told me in no uncertain terms WE WOULD HAVE LEFT SHORTLY AFTER WE ARRIVED BUT THEY ARE REAL INTERESTED IN YOU DOWNTOWN. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE INT0 BUT THEY ARE VERY INTERESTED IN YOU. I think I
am entitled to know what this interest is.

I am no stranger to police harassment so I have a very good idea about how this should be handled. I want to hear the 911 call that supposedly initiated this unwarranted search of my home. More important than this, is the recording of the police dispatch radio from the hours 3:30 AM to 9:00 AM which will reveal all the sordid details which I wish to review at the earliest possible moment sometime on Tuesday. I am copying SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO and my Councilman Doug Lingner and inviting them to also review this police dispatch recording.

I also want a written statement from the systems administrator of this computer that was supposedly down from 4:00 AM until 8:30 AM that was the excuse used to abuse me. I find it suspect that the computer suddenly went up and revealed my name on the utilities just at the exact moment that the two cops were getting off duty. I would then like to question this systems administrator myself.

At 8:00 AM DETECTIVE WILSON of the TERRORISM TASK FORCE showed up to ask me what I thought of the WAR ON TERROR. My positions are well known by the public. I told him I considered the WAR ON TERROR to be as fake as the WAR ON DRUGS. DETECTIVE WILSON was the kind of professional that I am proud to have serving me in law enforcement.  I asked him to call SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO who knows me well since I served in his first campaign organization for his successful run for sheriff in 1992. JOE ARPAIO told
DETECTIVE WILSON that "he knew me well and that I had helped MCSO and the FBI in the past". This was still not enough to convince OFFICER FLIPPANT who continued to hold me until the end of his shift!!

OFFICER FLIPPANT was being SANCTIONED TO ABUSE ME by higher ups on the dispatch radio!! All this and my previous experience make it look to me as if your police force is operating a GOON SQUAD that is OUT TO GET ME. I have it on authority from a source at the supervisory level of law enforcement that there is a DIRT SHEET being circulated by law enforcement about me. I would like to review all the documents that PHOENIX POLICE has relating to me. Why would law enforcement do all this? Perhaps some of my
previous experiences with local police will shed some light on my suspicions.

Here is an account of my experience TRYING TO HELP THE FBI. I took the results of a $25,000 investigation conducted with my own money of associates of TIM MCVEIGH in Kingman to the FBI after sharing them with JOE ARPAIO. At a time when the FBI was telling professional journalists that they were actively searching for these 2 MCVEIGH associates (that I had located with the aid of a private eye)
because they had violated a subpeona to appear before the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING GRAND JURY,
the local FBI denied that they had any interest in these two!!--- One of these was the JOHN DOE II
who was with MC VEIGH when the $1,400 check was tendered for the RYDER TRUCK. It should be clear why I was not pleased with this encounter.

My last encounter with the OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT of the PHOENIX POLICE, which was responsible for police misconduct, was even more distressing. During the time I investigated the mass murder of the 11 Buddhists in the Temple in West Phoenix that occurred in 1991 suddenly I began to have severe problems with different police departments. Do you consider it unusual for someone who has never had a car stolen to suddenly have his car stolen 3 times in 2 years? The police did not consider this strange and made
no effort to even investigate or protect me!! When I made my best effort to expose the narcotics corruption in this state it turned out to be the municipal police departments that were used against me.

I had very good reason to suspect that it was the TACTICAL UNIT of the TEMPE POLICE who stole my car the second time as I explain in this letter to JOE ARPAIO When my car was found --- due to my agitating with all top law enforcement --- the PHOENIX POLICE dusted the car for finger prints but did not lift any of them and said they found none. TEMPE CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATORS at my
insistence found more than 30!! What is more appalling is my overhearing the LIEUTENTENT  on duty at the station in Tempe tell the 2 CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATORS on an intercom --- when he was not aware that I was listening--- to JUST TAKE THE EVIDENCE FROM THAT CAR OUT BACK TO THE DUMPSTER AND THROW IT AWAY!! I believe that is criminal destruction of evidence, severe dereliction of duty --- and a

After that unpleasant experience my car was stolen again. This time I caught a PHOENIX  POLICE SURVEILLANCE UNIT casing the area where I parked my car the day before it was stolen. I noted the license plate number and reported it in a letter to the woman who was in charge of the PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT OFFICE at that time. Nothing happened because she made it impossible for the lieutenant who she assigned to investigate this by 1) Spelling my name wrong 2) Eliminating the office number in the high rise office building
where my office was so that finding me was impossible 3) Giving the wrong telephone number so that I could not be contacted and 4) Giving the wrong police report number for my stolen car so that contact information would not be available!!
This lieutenant called me after talking with Chief Hendershott at MCSO who gave him my phone number. If you have any difficulty believing this I have the recordings of all these phone conversations. This lieutenant sent a Sergeant and a uniformed officer who told me in my office THOSE MEN YOU SAW WERE WORKING FOR ME. I recognized the 2 from a previous surveillance incident when I was sitting with 2 doctors when these two
approached with one other all wearing Bermuda shorts at the COFFEE PLANTATION. When the 2
doctors were told about the lady at PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT blinding the contact information, they did
not consider it healthy for them to go down town with me to ID these cops.  In fact the other people in this office suite were so disturbed by this that they moved out within the week so I had to leave also.

In the 2 weeks after my car was returned the second time I was pulled over 7 times by traffic cops and my car was searched each time. I have a great respect for law enforcement. I finally asked OFFICER BABBITT why he thought this was happening to me, (after he searched my car), and he showed me the CRT display in his patrol car. It was displaying that I had been arrested for DRUG SMUGGLING and that was a lie!! Changing this stopped the police searches. And yes, I can prove this.

Now let me give you some background for understanding this unusual conduct of the police.  Here is the big picture. I was editor of the newspaper published by the former staff responsible for the newsletter of the GREATER PHOENIX MENSA SOCIETY. This was called the GRAPEVINE and was sold by the homeless. This paper put $42,000 a week directly into the hands of the most needy of PHOENIX every week!! It should be of interest to you that as a result, petty crime was way down, shoplifting was way down and bank robbery,
a crime of  desperation which had been going up for 9 straight years --- was suddenly down 52%!!

I have a photo taken in the THAI RESTAURANT of LAMTHONG SIDTHUSSA-ARD who was the person selected by law enforcement as the contact for them with the Thai community in the aftermath of the murder of the 11 Buddhists.  In this photo you can see MARICOPA COUNTY ATTORNEY RICK ROMLEY, ATTORNEY GENERAL GRANT WOODS and SHERIFF AGNOS. After the arrest of 4 Tucson kids, using forced confessions from kids who were innocent, and the arrest of 2 Goodyear teenagers it was discovered that
LAMTHONG --- a  far more likely suspect --- was a fugitive on a $10 million conviction for heroin possession!! LAMTHONG was rushed out of the state in 2 days and not questioned regarding the murders in the Temple where he was on the board of directors!! The helpless teens, a Thai and a Hispanic, went to trial and were convicted with complicity of their own attorneys!!

Three years later after many banner headlines on this appalling state of affairs, made worse when 5 weeks after we started writing on this, LAMTHONG was suddenly being extradited  back to Thailand. SHERIFF ARPAIO and RICHARD CANNIS the SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE OF THE DEA agreed with us that LAMTHONG should be questioned about the TEMPLE MURDERS. The day aftEr LAMTHONG was questioned he left the country!!  You can read all the articles we published in the GRAPEVINE here

As egregious as this police conduct was in my home I uncovered something far more egregious.  OFFICER R LOPEZ related to me, after I told him of all that I had written about narcotics, that 2 days before he was on the narcotics unit and had made the biggest narcotics bust of his career.  He expected a commendation but when he went to work the next day he discovered that he was busted out of narcotics without as much as an explanation and was assigned as a beat cop to the 3rd shift in MARYVALE!! I am far more appalled by this than I am by the rough treatment I was given in my home. I am demanding a full investigation of the treatment
of this exemplary officer who comported himself in the most professional manor throughout my ordeal.

Let me make this very clear. I believe that both OFFICER R LOPEZ and I are victims of the RAMPANT SYSTEMIC NARCOTICS CORRUPTION that I have documented so many ways. I want this investigated and I want the higher ups responsible for this injustice to be brought before the bar of justice. This officer has a family and has placed his life in danger many times to protect the public from the menace of narcotics. It must be
determined why the PHOENIX POLICE protects the narcotics trade by busting successful officers and harassing honest citizens working to expose the corruption.

OFFICER FLIPPANT may look down on the mostly Hispanics living in my neighborhood but I respect these people who all take pride in the care of their homes and in their yards. In their own eyes they are all very successful. The sale of this home is vital to the health of the neighborhood and the efforts of CNP LOAN SERVICING are to be praised. CNP is currently dealing with a qualified buyer who is interested in purchasing this house that has been vacant for months.

If you read this carefully you will understand why I am interested in reviewing this recording of  the dispatch radio so that I can learn what it is about me that they found "very interesting". I  have every reason to suspect that law enforcement is running a GOON SQUAD that is targeting me. It is your obligation to show me this is not so. I have sent copies of this to Dennis Wagner at the ARIZONA REPUBLIC in the event that you do not have the inclination or the resources to investigate this intrusion of my home and punishment of this officer for
making the biggest narcotics bust of his career. I know that Dennis and his paper will have the inclination and
resources and so I hope will my councilman and my mayor.

This by no means lists all my complaints but it at least should reveal the severity of this police conduct for any honest and decent individual who takes his police oath seriously. Please contact me by phone 623-247-6500.

I am taking it as a matter of faith that there has been a regime change from the time I last reported police misconduct to your office.

Just because the dumbest president in US history, unelected, has placed our brave men in uniform in harm's way is no license for the police to start acting like brown shirts!!


Brian Downing Quig

         Sheriff Joe Arpaio, MCSO
         Councilman Doug Lingner
          Skip Rimsa, MAYOR, CITY OF PHOENIX
          Mike Davis, President CNP LOAN SERVICING
          And one thousand researchers and journalists!