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The statement below introduces my web site DE-CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY which attempts to do the very opposite of what the CIA does.

This site exposes the largest China White Heroin trafficking organization in the UNITED STATES and examines the dynamics of the most heinous drug crime of this century.  This crime was the murder of 9 Buddhists at Wat Promkunaram Temple, Aug. 10, 1991 on the far west side of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  By this examination, systemic narcotics corruption is revealed in many layers of Arizona government.  While major media imposed a news blackout of the Temple Murders, Arizona law enforcement led by AIR FORCE Intelligence officers fabricated a case against teenagers known to be innocent. Other textbook examples of U.S. Department of Defense drug trafficking are presented. More intelligence fronts propagandizing the American public are exposed here than anywhere else. The business aspects of war are discussed. Economic crimes less than $300 million will probably not interest us.

You can listen to my interview with Len Osanic on the TEMPLE MURDERS by clicking here:
Part I:
and Part II

The next audio file is an interview I did with the man who was the top DEA official in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at the time of the TEMPLE MURDERS. 
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In this interview he tells me that there were several loads of heroin in addition to the $2.5 billion load that related to the TEMPLE MURDERS "of a similar size that entered the UNITED STATES with the foreknowledge of the DEA and CUSTOMS"!!  Does this start to sound like a motive for mass murder?
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Three innocent teenagers have spent more than 10 years in prison because readers have been in denial about this.

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It is very distressing that Americans cannot seem to believe anything is real that does not get on TV.

Brian Downing Quig