Persecution of Carol Mardeusz continues.
 Marin DA complicit in keeping girl, age 9, at risk

by Phil Graff © 2000  

San Rafael, CA (Coast Writers Syndicate) - At 9:00 am Thursday morning, June
8, 2000, Carol Mardeusz will appear in Judge Verna Adams' courtroom.
Officially, Mardeusz is accused of perjury and attempted child abduction.
Unofficially, Marin officials accuse Mardeusz of being a "vexatious litigant"
who irresponsibly disqualifies judges and files too many frivolous motions.
The truth is, Mardeusz's motions are embarrassing the Marin DA and judiciary,
who have abused their authority while denying rights.

According to supporters and court observers who have followed this case, the
charges against Mardeusz ought to be: telling the truth; attempted child
protection; and being a dedicated mother who will risk jail rather than abandon her daughter to a confessed drug and alcohol abuser and alleged child
molester (according to affidavits & testimony filed in the case). And with respect to too many motions, how many is too many, when one is innocent, and the DA and the courts routinely deny rights and fail to observe the law?

It is the DA and the judges who should be on trial, according to court watchers. DA Paula Kamena ran on a platform of protecting children. Yet,
instead of protecting Mardeusz's daughter, Haleigh Magers Mardeusz, DA Kamena and deputy DA Kelly Vieira have chosen to persecute Mardeusz for the non-crime of attempting to use valid court documents and proper legal
procedures in an attempt to rescue her daughter from an abusive bio-dad (they were never married), Leo Magers of Rohnert Park.  

Mardeusz has no criminal record whatsoever, except for the voluminous file
which has been created by the system's systematic and unrelenting attack upon her.

Carol Mardeusz is not the only person who is concerned that the Marin
judiciary has been taken over by self-perpetuating bureaucrats and empire
builders. There are many other "broom marchers" in the recall movement who
have been equally abused by the system. But many feel the Mardeusz case has the potential of stopping those Marin judges who don't follow the law; and of alerting the general public to problems in the court system.

This near-Shakesperian tragedy indicts not only the judges, but also the clerks, sheriff's deputies and local police who knowingly carry out illegal
orders, such as warrantless arrests, falsifying documents, keeping files from
the falsely accused, abuse of authority, willful destruction of evidence, and
generally trampling the constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights of the accused.

The worst part of this unfortunate play is that the courts have placed little
Haleigh in the care of a screwed-up, drug dealing, girlfriend beating, cocaine using, child molesting bio-dad. This is not a classic railroad of the male by a false accuser - extensive records demonstrate that the bio-dad is clearly not the parent who should have the little girl.

But because of the criminal complicity of attorneys Catherine Conner of Santa
Rosa, deputy DA Kelly Vieira, complicit judges, and DA Kamena, Mardeusz - a
mother of great personal integrity and no criminal record - has been denied
any contact with her daughter for nearly FIVE YEARS, while the child has been
trapped in an abusive situation!  Even if Mardeusz had been guilty of some
crime, experts agree, enforced separation is an unconscionable abuse of both
mother and child. Yet the courts have not only allowed and encouraged this
travesty, they continue trying to jail the mother! 

Carol Mardeusz may be the Rosa Parks of the controlling, but out-of-control
Marin judiciary and DA . If Marin residents don't take an interest, who will?
Where are the public figures and community leaders with the integrity and
courage to buck this corrupt system? Carol Mardeusz has the potential for
blowing the lid off Marin court misconduct, and the bureaucracy is reacting
by trying to jail her, intimidate her supporters, harass the press, and shoot
the messengers, such as ex- Grand Jury member Martin Silverman. When
Silverman and others complained about irregular proceedings, instead of
investigating the complaint, DA began investigating him! 

Kamena and Vieira had 60 days to prepare and bring their purported case to
trial. They failed to do so. It has now been well over 160 days, and according to law, the case must be dismissed. But Kamena, who refuses to
prosecute demonstrable felonies by county employees, continues to persecute Mardeusz on bogus charges. 

Will the kangaroo court continue on Thursday morning? Since Judge Verna Adams has been challenged and disqualified, she cannot legally act, except to
dismiss the case. Carol Mardeusz has been denied her rights to a proper
arraignment, indictment and speedy trial. Will Judge Adams dismiss the case,
as the law requires?

Finally, and most importantly, when will SOMEONE in the system recognize that there is a child at severe risk, and move to protect her? This young girl
deserves the chance to see and speak with her mother. Five years ago, with no notice, Haleigh was forcibly ripped from her mother's arms by armed police
officers who are reported to be friends of the bio-dad. Unlike the Elian
Gonzales case, there was no one there to take a photo, but the damage was
done, and is ongoing. Since then, Carol Mardeusz has been forced to be in a
constant fight for freedom, against the very system that failed to protect
her and her daughter.

Will someone in law enforcement finally do the job he/she swore an oath to do,
 investigate this, find out what the hell is going on, and stand up for truth
and justice?

Or is it too late? Were all you once-dedicated police officers and attorneys
neutered when you signed on to work in Marin?

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