September 28, 2001



Click. US Plans Limited Strike to Scare Taliban

Click. British warn of new terror

Crouch, spring, crouch. Click.

In Hijacker's Bags, a Call to Planning, Prayer and Death 

Click. US Deploys into Ex-Soviet Republics

Click. Former emissary blames Taliban rise to power on Pakistan

Click. Saudi Royal Politics Are Quicksand for US

Click. While publicly denouncing dangerous drugs, Afghanistan's ruling Taliban earn millions of dollars a year by taxing the production, transportation and sale of heroin and opium, said Asa Hutchinson, new head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Click. Powell is calling it wrong once again

Click. Opportunism Watch Reports on government statements or actions which use the anti-terrorism campaign as a cover for their own human rights violations.

A calendar which was printed in Egypt and for the month of September shows a crashing passenger plane with Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop -- It was printed in May. Click.

Click. Chinese firms helping put phone system in Kabul

Click. BUCHANAN: Whose war is this?

Click. We should make the Northern Alliance sign a contract on women's rights.

Click. The "low grade sensation" of covering the bin Laden family's 1971 vacation in a small Swedish mining community.

Click. Speakers skip call for antiwar rally Unless you've got John Lennon and Yoko Ono naked in bed in Montreal, it's usually impossible to get the press to show up for an antiwar rally.


Click. Yemen demands probe of consul’s detainment at S.F. Airport

Click. Davis calls National Guard to improve airport security as Bush unveils safety plan

Click. A Sonoma County judge on Thursday rejected Santa Rosa priest Don Kimball's latest attempt to set aside charges of sexual misconduct against him.

Click. Vintage wine auction in Napa faces case of lingering doubt

Click. Davis orders energy session

Click. NAACP's Reeves, GOP women empathize.  NAACP's Reeves espouses GOP vision

Click. San Rafael woman brings skill, hope to N.Y. tragedy

Click. Bicyclists urge lifting of bridge ban

Click. Backroom Politics by Warren Hinckle

Click. Bond sale delay worries treasurer. Angelides says power purchases could bust state budget next year

Click. Modesto girl, 10, lured from park, assaulted.

Federal officials threaten fines, permits revoked of two ranchers Click.


Click. Hawks Blast Powell Over 'Soft' Approach

Click. White House Keeps Feuding Over Bin Laden Evidence

Click. U.S. shifting toward strategy of limited military response

Click. Ashcroft's plane was warned on September 11.

Click. White House lied about threat to Air Force One

Why no UN in this war?  Click.

Counterpunch reports that Vice President Dick Cheney was set to resign prior to the 9/11 attacks. Click.

Click. Retired colonel guilty of selling data to KGB


Click. Swiss fear for open democracy after killings

Click. German Greens 'ended Cold War' per German Greens' opinion.

Click. Give AIDS drugs to African soldiers, report says

Click. Gays in the military told : Go - No, Stay

Click. New Intel program to boost car-based devices

Microsoft hires Iran Contra attorney. Click.

Click. 'Good Sam' Hacker 'Fesses Up

Click. Beyond the Tech Bubble [Part Three]

Click. Smart Idea: Laptops for Teachers


Click. Helping hand, East Bay Delta Home Ownership Program aids people with 'too much money' who can't afford a dwelling

High finance, low tech protect al Qaeda's funds Click.

Bay Area wealthiest. Click.

Click. Scios' long, long road. Biotech firm's success took almost 20 years

OBL'S family to benefit from defense spending. Click.


Don't fight the last war. Click.

Click. Al Qaeda May Have Crude Chemical, Germ Capabilities

Click. Is FBI Asking for Data Overload?

Click. Life term: Retired colonel guilty of selling data to KGB


Click. Audit shows DMV doesn't have tools to fight identity fraud. 

Click. Officials Make Mom Deliver Child While Handcuffed, Seize Baby

Click. In a custody case that has received nationwide attention, a mother accused of abducting her two daughters and fleeing to Texas to avoid returning them to their father, a registered sex offender, is now free to post bail.

Click. A Pleasanton man charged with three counts of lewd acts with a minor has pleaded guilty to one count as part of a plea bargain

Click. $1 million more for Marin crime unit

Click. Illinois justices challenge old death penalties

Click. Watch Out for Jackboots and Swagger Sticks by Al Martin

Click. Two arrested on suspicion of fraud involving $11 million on ATM deposits

Click. Federal appeals court grapples with Reagan-era drug sentences

Click. Terror suspect 'taught hijackers'

Click. Ressam raising fears of more terror attacks

Click. Agents ask state for foreign students' records. Blanket request for CSU Fresno

Click. Ring Ring, You're Dead Airport authorities jack up security because of cell phone guns.

Click. Key Government Systems Vulnerable


Click. Scientists can 'read your mind'

Click. Otter that killed seal pups will be part of university study

Click. New Gun Fires 'Laser of Lead' An Australian inventor has married ballistics with electronics and come up with a machine gun capable of firing 1 million rounds per minute.

Click. An Outfit That Simulates Old Age

Click. The microbes that 'rule the world' 

Click. Wildlife’s allies look beyond the warfare 

Click. Low Back Pain Linked to Stress in Young Adulthood 

Click. Kansas State Researchers Fabricate Blue Micro Light-Emitting Diodes, Paving The Way For Future Miniature Displays

Click. Physical Activity Over A Lifetime Could Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

Click. Researchers Find Glass-Eating Microbes At The Rock Bottom Of The Food Chain

Click. Virtual Lung Models Every Breath You Take - And Its Impact

Click. Heart Jacket Offers Potential Innovative Treatment For Heart Failure

Click. Blood Vessels Trigger Development Of The Pancreas

Click. A Sticky Situation For Ants And Bees: UMass Biologist Looks At How These Insects Adhere To Various Surfaces

Saint Anthony the Abbott Tempted by a Lump of Gold, Fra Angelico c. 1430 

"In light of the horrible events that occurred on Tuesday, I think it's even more important and urgent that we open up communication with extraterrestrials on a global scale." Click.

Click. Unpublished letters of Fitzgeralds in the offing

Click. Youngsters can 'tell tales' online

Click. Model-twit role is Stiller's funniest

Sport sex. Click.

Click. Freeze company

Hollywood's favorite product blows up in its face. Click.

Clown Conservatory. Click.

In toy stores, heroes wanted: Violent characters and themes are giving way to rescue workers and GI Joe. Click.

Click. Bobbie Ann Mason: Poised for Possibility

Only fond memories of Papa O'Neill Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

The "patriotic" squelching of Bill Maher is a scary sign of an emerging groupthink Click.

Deputy Dogs publisher Click.

Click. An Archivist's Nightmare

Click. PR professionals, steeped in the discipline of "crisis management," find themselves ignored during this crisis.

Word of the Day Click.

September 27, 2001


Click. Bush Backs Away From All-Out War

Click. Powell Triumphs Over White House Hawks

Click. Plan of action either top secret or nonexistent

Click. Defiant Islamic Axis Forming Against US

Click. Russia May Send Commandos to Afghanistan

Click. US Sides With Russia Against Chechen Rebels

Click. OBL's secret goal is to overthrow the House of Saud

In the rubble. The unknowns. Click.

Human catastrophe hidden. Click.

Click. Even before Sept. 2001, Afghanistan was a rare example of U.S. and Russian intelligence cooperation.

Click. Few clear enemies and still fewer clear aims

Click. US prepared for loss of life in a war of attrition

Click. Allies are opposed by 13,000 men, say Russians

Taliban's Forbidden World: A journey into Afghanistan Click.

Click. Iran won't back coalition against terrorism

Click. AFGHANISTAN: UN gears up for "crisis of stunning proportions"

Click. Russian Mercenaries Are Desperate To Join Up - For Either Side

Click. Berlusconi: The West must conquer Islam


Click. Generals Now Have the Authority to Order the Shooting Down of Passenger Jets

Click. Patent Blunder: Terrorists' recipe for making the nerve agent VX in Sudan apparently came from a U.S. patent.

Salman Rushdie says US authorities banned him from taking internal flights a week before the terrorist attacks. He thinks officials were aware of an imminent terrorist strike. Click.


Click. A Bush administration proposal that would permit the indefinite jailing of noncitizens suspected of having ties to terrorist groups goes well beyond existing law and may be unconstitutional, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and other key senators said.


Click. Three lawsuits filed against San Rafael quarry

Click. Sonoma County's home prices lowest since January

Click. Petaluma marijuana club ouster may be moot point

Click. Former Sonoma County Sheriff Michaelsen dies

Click. D.A. won't prosecute Healdsburg police officer accused of forcing a kiss on a woman while on duty.

Click. Bay economy staggered by '1-2 punch'. Region suffers blows, first to tech, now other sectors

Click. Oakland's war games make sense. Marine exercises look necessary now

Click. SAN MATEO: County begins work on new forensics lab

Click. Senate OKs funds to clean shipyard. Feinstein secures $50.6 million for Hunters Point work

Appellate court rejects Michelle Michaud's attempt to overturn kidnapping conviction. Click.

Local water districts increase security. Click.

Joe Nation to lead legislative panel studying cancer. Click.


Click. White House Will Not Support Push For National ID Card.


Click. White House Drops Claim of Threat to Bush


Click. Bush confident in Tennet

Click. Torricelli wants probe into 'stunning' intelligence failure

Click. Chemical, biotech companies institute stringent security measures  

Bush Pursues Charities in Terror Money Chase Click.

Bank Account the Vital Link to Bin Laden Click.

Age-Old Way of Moving Cash Leaves Little Trail Click.


Click. German government announces far-reaching restrictions on civil liberties

Click. German force is approved by NATO

Click. Shelter sales skyrocket

Click. Man on Rampage in Swiss Parliament 

Click. New York City Is Now a 'Police State'

Click. Acceptable face of robotics

Click. Media players rush to offer digital music delivery

Click. Liberte, Egalite ... E-Security?

Click. Anyone for Photoshop Tennis?

Click. Reason's C. Young: Encryption is "scary," put up with surveillance

Click. More on Reason's Cathy Young column on encryption, wiretapping

Click. Palm's Tools of the Future

Click. A Worm's-Eye View

Click. Did Bin Laden use steganography to hide files on eBay?


Click. Thinking the unthinkable: A takeover of DISNEY?

ROYAL Bank of Scotland yesterday asked the Bankers Almanac to remove a listing from its web site which states its Nat West subsidiary has a correspondent relationship with an Afghan bank proscribed by the United Nations Security Council for its links to the Taleban and Osama Bin Linden. Click.

Click. EU freezes Afghan assets worth $100 million

Click. WTO or Not: China Is 'Risky' Business

US Could Use Cybertactics to Seize Bin Laden's Assets Click.

Strategies to Combat Money Laundering Click.

Click. Some traders believe they got burned by terrorist options deals

Click. Money trail leads to German import-export firm

Click. Jobless claims in the US surge to nine-year high


Click. Cincinnati Cop Acquitted in Shooting

Click. Davis taps federal judge for California Supreme Court

Click. U.S. Attorney: Morning heroin busts dismantle trafficking ring

Click. Sausalito woman named to Commission on Judicial Performance

Click. Witness detentions stir resentment

Click. Sacramento's "community" prosecutors

Click. Immigration detention carries its own set of rules.

Raids crush terrorist cells and foil plot to kill Bush Click.

An ambitious terrorist plot to attack a host of American interests overseas was foiled by the capture of a key Osama bin Laden operative. Click.

How the plotters slipped the U.S. net. Click.

Hijackers operated in Britain. Click.

Click. Ressam filling in feds on chemical-attack training

Click. How Osama Cracked FBI's Top 10

Click. Spanish police arrest 6 Algerians, find pro-Taliban material

Click. Virginia man questioned in Pentagon attack probe


Click. Concern over faulty hip joints

Click. Eros in pictures

Click. Gas attacks A century of chemical weapons

Click. Ovary transplant safety fears eased

Click. 'Forest fire' Schizophrenia "sweeps through the brain"

Click. Drug tackles Prozac libido loss

Click. Space pajamas to fight cot death

Muscles need not only strength and flexibility, but a good relationship with each other. Click.

Click. 'Magic Trousers' Stride for Heart Patients

Click. New ISS Duty: A Military Outpost? 

Click. Atom Experiment Brings Teleportation a Step Closer 

Click. Calcium May Boost Risk of Prostate Cancer: Study 

Click. Common Asthma Therapy Ups Risk of Osteoporosis 

Click. Spinach Protein Could Offer New Hope For The Blind

Click. Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Estrogen May Provide Protection From Parkinson’s Disease

Click. Irradiated Balloons May Help Prevent Plaque Re-Growth In Blocked Arteries

Saint Anthony the Abbott Tempted by a Lump of Gold, Fra Angelico c. 1430 

Click. Earliest presence of humans in east Asia

Click. Director of `Shine' has lots at stake in `Atlantis'

Want to learn a lot about a person's life? Look at their feet. We did. Click.

Click. Day Care Quality May Predict Later Academic Skill 

Nostradamus' "The Centuries". Click.

Click. Solution To Ancient Pueblo Indian Mystery Is Elemental 

Free sheet music. Click.

The Pen is Mightier.... A website with the inside dope on the Middle East. Click.

Why are Americans so ignorant of what's going on in the world outside our borders, even when our own government is playing a key role in those events? Click.


Click. Mainstreaming the Anti-War Movement

Charge of the patriotical brigade. Click.

My father bombed Afghanistan frequently. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

September 26, 2001


Click. Attack on Taliban to come from north

Click. Rumsfeld rules out massive strikes

Click. Kabul drops opium ban; boom feared

Click. Bundestag Gives Putin Standing Ovation

Click. Wargame Exposed Gaping Hole in Pentagon Strategy

Click. US Was Ready to Move on Bin Laden Before 9/11

Of Sin, the Left & Islamic Fascism Click.

What about the Taliban's stingers? Click.

Click. Beijing's Troops Training for War on Afghan Border

Click. Crusade in Asia

Click. Iran seeks detente with US

Click. Mission Creep and We Haven't Even Started

Click. The Assassins And Drug Dealers Now Helping U.S.

U.S. won't seek to replace the Taliban. Click. 

Relatives of Bin Laden have fled their homes in the U.S. Click.

Click. Diplomacy and history collide in Iran's oval office.

Bin Laden Calls His Balkan Brigades to Arms Click.

Click. Quick passage of Bush anti-terrorist package unlikely.


Click. Here’s one for the books: A pro-U.S. rally at Cal

Gay Heroes, Amos Brown and the War by Warren Hinckle Click.

Click. Seasoned rookie

Click. A l9th-century dream

Click. Historian spends year crafting town photo album

Click. Assistant city manager Beatty will retire Friday

Click. Lightning hits Lake deputy's boat

Click. Lightning survivor thankful

Click. Riordan edges out Davis 

Click. Rep. Barbara Lee, committed to ideals, takes heat 

Click. San Jose district discloses $1 million deficit


Bush's promise of an all-out "war on terrorism" isn't one he can keep. Click.

Click. Hastert to push for more tax relief


Israel's undercover assassins. Click.

Click. Ex-CIA Director R. James Woolsey on Iraq's connection to the attacks.

Russian mind control. Click..

Click. How the Israelis Are Helping U.S. Fight Terror War 


Click. VoyeurDorm: Address Unknown The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturns a ruling that says Tampa, Florida, could shut the porn site down because it's filmed in the city. The court says its real home is the Internet.


Click. Anti-War March in DC Raises Security Doubts

New light on Gulf of Tonkin. Click.

Click. A new type of public service announcement featuring one of the Internet's founding fathers is targeting hackers who might consider cyber-retaliation for the Sept. 11 attacks their patriotic duty.


Click. Wiretap Bill Gets Third Degree

Click. Search Reveals No Code in Web Images

Click. Curtain Rising on Net's Programming Potential


Click. Russian Liquor Goes International With SPI

Click. Saudi prince to invest £700m

Click. Oil caught between a rock and a hard place


Click. Flag burning in class probed

Click. California sets up terrorism database for police

Click. Youths: Getting firearms is easy

Click. Bankruptcy judge backs model Anna Nicole Smith in estate case

Woman sues boss over dumb blonde jokes. Click.

Man wanted on Daly City molestation charge. Click.

Man who fled with girls stays jailed. Click.

Click. DEATH IN A CELL. How sick man spent final hours in S.F. jail

Click. FBI focuses on 20 linked to chemicals

Click. Authorities link San Diego men to hijackers. Three material witnesses knew Pentagon attackers, feds say

Click. Authorities Question Criteria for Access To Flight Simulators

Click. Iraq, Sudan Implicated in bin Laden Pact

Criticism is Patriotism. Click.


Click. Snow and lofty terrain will hamper war on terrorists Cloud cover and snow in Afghanistan will preclude laser-guided bombing and few support aircraft operate well at high altitudes

Click. Universities get grants to curtail binge drinking

Click. Countries Need To Plan Effectively For "Deliberate Infections" - WHO Leader Urges Health Ministers

Click. Scientists Discover How Some Viruses Take Strong Hold Of Cells

Click. Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Proteins Create A Destructive Team

Click. Novel Means For Stopping Transcription Found, Hopkins Scientists Report

Click. Boxes, Books And Earthquakes Share Common Friction Characteristics, Researchers At The University Of Texas At Austin Find

Click. Under Biology's Hood

Click. Digital satellite radio goes live

Click. Deep Space 1 reveals lopsided comet

Crimes against humanity. Click.

Saint Anthony the Abbott Tempted by a Lump of Gold, Fra Angelico c. 1430 

Click. Take a Virtual Tour of The Hermitage 

Click. Red carpet, tuxedoes out for somber Emmy Awards

Click. Tolerance call as Yom Kippur begins tonight. Rabbi reaches out to Muslims

Click. Holden's Children 

Click. Star Wars to boldly go backward More: Click.

Roman waterworks unearthed in London


Click. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

The Pen is Mightier....

The ominous power of loose lips. Click.

Click. Impatient, rumor-fed media face new kind of war

Click. S.F.'s perpetual protester subs for capitalist

Click. 'Mommy Liberty' Packs a Gun

Click. 'United We Stand' -- Or Else

Word of the Day Click.

September 25, 2001



Click. Hijackings May Have Been 'Inside Job'

Click. In major shift, Russia backs U.S. use of ex-Soviet bases

Click. Unholy Trinity In Chemical Weapons Pact Evidence is mounting that a secret pact was forged between Osama bin Laden, Iraq and Sudan to wage a terrorist war against the US

Click. Largest Armada Since WWII

Click. Charity denies ties to terrorism

Click. Leading US pilots union wants guns in cockpit

Click. 'Disposa-Planes' Groomed for War

Click. "We are not going to be hijacked": An El Al pilot's story.

Click. Taliban Threatens U.N. Techies United Nations officials say the Taliban have threatened to execute any of its workers who use computers or electronics communications equipment.

Click. Pakistan's military regime rallies to US war coalition

Click. How the War Against Terrorism Could Escalate

Click. WHO warns of biowarfare threat

Click. Fictional Diary of an anthrax attack

Click.  A former deputy US attorney general called on President Bush and Congress yesterday to create a special commission to examine why the United States was so vulnerable to suicide hijackings by Islamic extremists and why federal agents were unable to stop them.


Click. California says it has found housing for first sexual predator to complete treatment program

Click. State finds housing for sex predator awaiting release

Click. Rapist likely to stay in Marin

Click. Many ships, few mariners. Fleet in Bay Area set to sail -- question is who will crew


Click. Bush Backs Off Release of Bin Laden Evidence

Click. Ashcroft: Anti-terrorism package wouldn't stop attacks

What it's like to be W now. Click.

Click. New York Times, Washington Post suppress media recount of Florida vote

Click. Actor Ethan Hawke: 'I'm highly skeptical about President Bush. I pray for him'.


Click. The Israeli defense establishment is deciphering the findings about the most efficient terror strike in history. 

Click. South African Intelligence Report on Hamas

Click. What will be considered a victory?

Mossad chief favors HUMINT Click.


"If the Taliban are monsters, wait until you meet the West's new friends" Click.

Background on the Northern Alliance Click.


Click. Israeli, French guards tussle during Vedrine visit

Click. Japan faces strange new world

Click. Terror Cripples Anti-Globalization Movement

Click. When Science Inadvertently Aids the Enemy

Click. Hackers face life imprisonment under 'Anti-Terrorism' Act

Click. Bush administration hopes to make computer crime a terrorist act


Click. War Vote Virus wreaks tech havoc New virus deletes files while masquerading as a program that allows people to vote on whether the U.S. should go to war.

Click. Napster Settles, Eyes Relaunch

Click. Calls for Investigation into MS Pricing


State Department briefing from July of 1999 on nation states whose banks were turning a blind eye to laundering for Bin Laden. Click.

At least six of the 19 hijackers wired thousands of dollars from the United States to bank accounts in the Middle East. Many of the accounts lead back to one man - Mustafa Ahmed. Click.

Wars plunge the world into recession.  Could it happen again? Click.

Click. Venture funding slows to near standstill

Click. A $15 billion welfare program for the airlines. For the 600,000 employees who are expected, directly or indirectly, to lose their jobs as a result of the industry layoffs, the government says, "Up yours!"  More. Click.


Judge Moruza rules that mom who fled with girls (to take them away from abuser father) stays jailed

Click. The preliminary hearing in a stagnating Novato homicide case has been delayed again while defense attorneys try to remove the Marin district attorney's office from the case over an alleged conflict of interest.

Click. Court Examines Executing Mentally Ill

Click. Manson Arraigned on Sex Charges

Fingerprint ID cards possible in two years. Click.

Click. S.F. police cleared in shooting death

Click. FBI Investigates Web Domains ...Suspicious Names Registered Before Attack ...

Click. Investigators find no U.S. terror cells that aided hijackers

Click. Probe links WTC, Kandahar hijacks MUGHNIYEH'S HAND SUSPECTED

Recent investigations developments state by state. Click.

Click. The former Cat Stevens denies ties to Islamic militants

Click. Hijack suspect lived a life, or a lie

Click. Interpol vows bigger role in combating terror attacks

Click. 350 Held in Terror Probe, 400 More Being Sought


Click. Cancer vaccine trials to begin

Click. Medical Records Made Easy So many hospitals, so many forms. An IBM computer team works to develop a universal medical record that combines personal data while protecting patients' privacy.

Click. Landing Without the Pilot

Click. Hair Dye Use Linked to Type of Arthritis

Click. Dolly scientists target biomedical research

Click. Tree chemicals could fight cancer

Click. Plants harnessed for cancer fight

Click. Flax seed muffins 'fight breast cancer'

Click. Tapioca treatment for cancer

Click. Snails may hold secrets of growing old.

A slow-release aspirin to help combat potentially-fatal deep vein thrombosis on long haul flights is being developed by Scottish scientists. Click.

Click. Extra pounds piling up on baby boomers

Click. New rules issued for heart attack survivors

Click. How reptiles survived the big one 

Click. Wireless Web Isn't Connecting

Click. Monopoly Clicks Off India Callers

Click. The Proteomics Payoff

Saint Anthony the Abbott Tempted by a Lump of Gold, Fra Angelico c. 1430 


Click. X-Class Solar Flare Hurls Coronal Mass Ejection Our Way

Click. The fighter still remains

Click. Pope John Paul, appearing frail, has priest complete speech in Armenia

Click. Some See 'Ghost' of Towers at Night

Click. Random Number Generator "Predicted" Attacks

Click. Work-related stress on the rise

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. ' Perfect Storm' writer in Afghanistan

Click. Journalists worry about limits on information, access. 

Why people need conspiracy theories. Click.

Click. Brilliant Careers: Paul Harvey

How will Hollywood react now that real life is more terrifying than fiction? Click.


Maher, Huffington, ABC and censorship. Click.

Quote: "Life is a conspiracy". Jello Biafra.

Word of the Day Click.

September 24, 2001


Bush seizes assets to stop Bin Laden's money flow. Click.

Click. The Plan? Five terrorist camps around Jalalabad will be the focus of the military campaign

Revealed: British Plan for Afghan Onslaught Click.

Click. China Rushes Troops to Afghan Border

Click. Fighting in mountains 'will bring higher casualties'

Linked and Dangerous: Terror Inc Click. 

Gallery of Terror: Profiles of the Hijackers Are Emerging Click.

Click. Hundreds Cross Pakistan's Border to Rally to Afghanistan's Defense

Click. US Sets Up Asian Launch Pads in Ex-Soviet States

Click. What if Taliban Fell?

Click. Cropdusters Grounded by FAA

Click. US May Be Warning of More Serious Attacks

THIS IS ONLY A TEST The District's improvised response to the terror attacks inspires a terror of its own. Click.

See satellite images of the Afghanistan camps. Click.

The Trap. Click.

LaRouche: Calm Down! The Enemy Is Right Here In the U.S.A. Click.

Click. EU's seven-point anti-terrorism plan The European Council signifies its agreement to the introduction of a European arrest warrant and the adoption of a common definition of terrorism.

Dangers for India Click.

Click. US War Dissenters Punished, Silenced


Click. Gay hero of Flight 93. When the game is on the line, go to Bingham

Stolen Jet Fuel and Bus in Northern California Click.

Click. Armed Guards greet patients Security guards at San Francisco General Hospital turned away dozens of patients in the last week, a majority of them poor, because they could not provide proper identification,

Click. Afghan community in Fremont angry, uneasy

Click. Woolsey forum focuses on war

Click. Northern California troops receive two-hour notices in most recent reserve call-ups

Click. FBI agents interviewed teachers and students at a Hayward community college last week, piecing together information about a relative of Osama bin Laden who attends the school.


Jeb Declared Martial Law In Florida on 9/7/01.  Dubya's Obscure 'Goat Story' Click.

Skolnick: The Overthrow of the American Republic. Click.

Global Eye - Blank Check. Click.

Click. The rise of Condoleeza

Click. Bush weighs military tribunals for suspected terrorists

Click. Bush and bin Laden's brother were business partners

What the President meant to say, folks, was.... Click.


Law forces MI5 to open its files. Click.

Click. The CIA already has right to hire thugs

The intelligence gap. Click.


Click. Trial to open in '94 bombing of Argentina Jewish center

Click. Pentagon analyst charged as spy for Cuba

Click. Judge Merciless The new face of the German right - in Hamburg

New Software Takes Aim at Messy Data Click.

Click. Email encryption for idiots.

Click. Jackson single 'will block pirates'

Click. Internet privacy threatened following terrorist attacks on US

Click. EarthLink Rejects FBI's Request To Install Carnivore

Click. Protein-Like Molecules Could Form Medical Devices, Electronics

Click. A Step Forward In Nanotechnology


How much U.S. $ went to Afghanistan  2001: Click. 2000: Click.

Click. Markets test the limits of investors' fear

How was the attack on America financed? And is there a money trail that might help investigators trace the conspirators? Click.

Click. U.S. Bank Laws Fund Terrorists

Click. Bin Laden's business empire

Click. Iridium phones answer the call A year ago, Iridium (Bin Laden family related firm) appeared doomed.

Click. Oil Hits Two-Month Low, Gloom Descends

Click. Fast-growing tech firms lost a bundle

Click. What price rice? California farmers harvest $480 million in subsidies


Click. The Immigrant Trap

Click. Security on the Cheap

Click. EU Forms Anti-Terrorism Laws 

Proposed Ban on Secret Settlements in California Fails Click.

John Birch Society: Will the law fall silent? Click. And Click. America’s First "Interior Minister" And Click. Enemies and "Assets"

Click. Bill would ensure pilots' right to bear arms

Fast moving House bill restricts liberties. Click.

Click. From smuggler barons to warriors

Click. U.S., allies could have trouble deciding who is a terrorist

Click. FBI Lacks Proof to Move on Qaida Cells in U.S.

The extreme Islamic sect that inspires Osama bin Laden as well as all Muslim suicide bombers — and is subsidized by Saudi Arabia. Click.

It's the Oil Conspiracy Theory from hell, folks. Click.

The Saudi binladen web site. (Site pulled in last 24 hours.( Url:

Click. FBI held dozens of Indian trainee pilots

Click. FBI Agents Ill-Equipped To Predict Terror Acts


Parents of ill children are rewriting the rules of the medical industry Click.

Click. Spacecraft flies close to comet

Click  Geriatrics in a New Age

Click. San secret becomes R26-billion wonder drug 

Click. Dots could mark a quantum leap 

Click. Computerized Euthanasia

Click. Device Helps Weak Hearts Pump Better

Click. Study finds protein that helps kids in chemotherapy to resist infection

Click. Fury At Plan To Sell Off DNA Secrets DNA samples collected from patients during routine hospital treatment would be stored on a massive national database and auctioned to pharmaceutical companies.

Click. Today's antidepressant drugs are effective, but better treatments may be in the pipeline.

Human thumb under biomechanical scrutiny. Click.

Click. Researchers Find Enzyme Crucial To Preservation Of Memories

Click. Gene That Prevents Tumor Growth Also Carries Messages From Circadian Clock

Click. Researchers Use Statistical Gene Profiling To Predict Breast Cancer Clinical Status

Click. Television Can Enhance Children's Intellectual Development, Study finds.

Saint Anthony the Abbott Tempted by a Lump of Gold, Fra Angelico c. 1430 

Click. Radar performs hi-tech archaeology dig

Click. Three Things We Learned

The role of  the magician in ancient Egypt. Click.

Click. Children with pet dogs adjust better to parents' divorce

Letter from Afghanistan. Across the divide. Click.

Golgotha! Calvary and the Elusive Tomb of Jesus of Nazareth: the Bishop's Secret!

Who will be the Antichrist? Click.

Click. Churches 'need an extrovert' to attract the men

Click. Oldest village in the world

Click. Jews are the Genetic Brothers of Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese but not to Non-Jewish Europeans New Challenge to Anglo-Israelism and the Lost Ten Tribes Theory from molecular biology. 

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. PBS’s dangerous idea?

Internuts need to get off their butts and do something proactive Click.

Tenure-track jobs in new media and political economy of communication Click.

Media Industry Efforts to Eliminate and Weaken the Ownership Rules Click.

Word of the Day Click.

September 22, 2001


First shots fired. Click. Bush's war starts at a remote border crossing in Pakistan

Click. Taliban take position along Pak border


Russian Troops and Armour Mass on Afghan Border Click.

Click. Terrorist's Chemicals Discovered in Belgium

THE SAUDI - U.S. DEAL IS SHOT TO HELL: US Bereft of Arab Coalition After Saudi Arabia Backs out. Saudi Kings run for their lives. Click.

Click. Anti-Taliban commander in Tajikistan

Click. Afghan opposition to meet with deposed king in Rome

A Pakistani paper is claiming Osama bin Laden has gone into hiding in the province of Uruzgan in south-western Afghanistan. More

Click. Taliban's internal foes ripe for picking

Click. Bahrain Base Active, No Strike Sign 

Click. Hamas ready to temporarily suspend suicide attacks

Elite troops prepare the ground. Click.

Click. How Osama bin Laden may be captured

Click. Lack of knowledge leaves US unfit for ground battle

Click. A pushover for a superpower?

Click. US and UK ready for joint military action


Click. Wolf Blitzer: 'The Rumsfeld Memo'

Mubarak proposes alternative to anti-terror coalition

Global coalition: Who is for?  Who is against? Click.

Click. Australian forces ready to join US military action

Click. Pakistan sticks by Taleban ties

Saudis balk at U.S. use of key facility. Click.


Click. Teacher on Leave After Conflict

Click. Governor names two Los Angeles media executives to UC Regents

Click. Weapons slipped past security at S.J., S.F. airports

Click. FBI questioning of houseguest stuns Forestville family

Click. Berkeley rallies aren't starting from scratch

Click. Marin protesters rally for peace


Click. Opposition to Bush's War

NY Times reports that Bush views this as a Christian war Click.

Click. Inevitable Ring To The Unimaginable

Click. Bush and bin Laden

Click. Great Speech! - Just One, Teensy Problem


Click. FBI Van Stolen as Agents Investigate Terrorist Attacks

Click. Intercepts Foretold Of 'Big Attack' The day before terrorists struck the U. S., its intelligence agencies detected discussions between Osama bin Laden's lieutenants of an impending "big attack.''

Click. China, U.S. Ready To Share Intelligence

Click. CIA begins covert operations

Click. Federal health authorities told public health agencies to be on the alert for "unusual disease patterns associated with today's events''

Memo Reveals US Plan to Overthrow Taliban Regime Click.

Jihad in Chechnya Click.

Musharraf's Maneuvers Click.

Science, Technology and the CIA Click.

Click. CIA `White Paper' Planned on Bin Laden

Hunting Osama by the author of Black Hawk Down. Click. READ BLACK HAWK DOWN to see what "elite" Rangers can and cannot do, when faced with kids using Stingers and old rifles.


The resistance: Underground groups in WWII Click.

Click. Satellites, human remains fall to ocean 

Nun Who Worked for Human Rights in Colombia Is Killed (This is terrorism) Click.

Alaska Refuge Drilling May Ride on Military Funding Bill (apparently the temptation to pile other agendas onto the war is overwhelming) Click.

Click. Suspended Florida Teacher Demonstrated Hijacker's Tactics

Click. City Offered Use Of Mobster's 6M Shredder

Click. Silicon Valley rushes tech aid east

Click. WorldNetDaily reports WTC-Pentagon terrorists used encryption

Click. Surfers choose Bin Laden over sex

Click. PGP author Phil Zimmermann under fire for terrorist crypto use?

State profits from dotcom busts. Click.

Click. French cops investigate website encouraging attacks on U.S.

Click. MS Denies Wingding Thing, Again


Click. America's psyche takes another blow

Click. EU orders probe into possible insider trading

Click. Egyptian American From Orlando Is Suspected Terrorist Paymaster

Click. Bin Laden's Money Takes Hidden Paths to Agents of Terror

Click. SEC extends buyback program

What does this mean for the economy we knew? Click.

The largest banks and institutions were behind this week's stock sell-off (People who took the universal advice to stay in got hosed) Click.

Click. CEOs Slash Jobs, but Not Their Pay

Click. EU to list bank accounts suspected of being used by terrorists



Click. Libya AIDS Trial Verdict Put Off

Click. Probe of Two on D.A.'s Staff Still Unresolved

Click. Judge names potential alternate locations for SF dog attack trial

Click. Fire district facing wrongful death suit

Click. The terrorists apparently practiced for months by repeatedly riding the flights they later hijacked, learning jet crews' patterns, counting passenger loads and testing airline security, the FBI now believes.

Click. O'Hare-bound man arrested

Click. The Mind Of A Fundamentalist

Click. French Hold 7 on Terror Suspicions

Click. U.S. wants arrested Yemeni extradited

America's biggest ever manhunt is focusing on 240 suspects including an "elderly man" investigators believe may have masterminded the whole operation. Click.

Click. Germany Issues Warrants for Pair Linked to Hijacker

Click. UK arrests over US terror attacks

Click. Bin Laden's options

Click. WTC Terrorist Training

Click. Box cutters found hidden on 2 other planes


Click. SPECIAL REPORT: Surviving the Shake-up, A decade of Russian Science

Click. Spacecraft heads for comet fly-by

Click. 'Playtime could prevent disease'

Click. Putting the squeeze on leg pain

Click. High calcium prostate cancer link

Click. Childhood sunburn melanoma risk

Click. The father of the atom bomb, Edward Teller, tells instructors to instill their students with enthusiasm

Click. New York Subways May Flood

Click. Babies help uncover the secrets of the human brain

Click. Mobile Phones May Do Harm by Speeding Up Brain 

Click. Drinking Milk Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Online public access of all astronomical data will turn the internet into the world's best telescope. Click.

Pravda: Click. Albanian terrorist groups, Black Eagles and Cobra, are planning a devastating attack on Belgrade. Meanwhile, Bin Laden’s links with the Albanian terrorists, whose other main sponsor is the USA, have now become clear.

One ought not to act and speak like people asleep. Heraclitus

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives, 
Edwin Frederick Church, 1870

Click. Pope arrives near crisis zone

Click. Pope in Kazakhstan: Vatican Reports US Says No Strikes During Visit

Click. Pope Urges Dialogue Not War on Debut Kazakh Visit 

Click. Fashion follows, so serious side sure to emerge

Joan Didion’s discussion of her new book, "Political Fortunes" Click.

Click. Somber Oktoberfest opens in Munich

Atlantis obviously near Gibraltar. Click.

Click. Video Rentals Rise, and Nostradamus Is Biggest Star

Click. Pilot recreating Earhart's 1928 flight lands in Texas

Click. Earthly battle over holy shrines 

The Pen is Mightier....

Network Lions and Cable Jackals Find Essence of TV News Is News Click.

9-11 by Kenn Thomas Click.

Click. Who's Truly Behind The Attack On America? by Jim Marrs

Book jackets. Click.

Click. Will Truth Again Be First Casualty?

One City Indivisible Click.

Click. God bless Big Brother

Word of the Day Click.

September 21, 2001


Intelligence sources have pointed towards a possible new terrorist strike on 22nd September, 11 days after the first strike on WTC and the Pentagon. The same sources which had indicated that 11th September would happen have informed the FBI that next Saturday is a possibility. Click.

Click. Ashcroft warns of possible attempts at terrorist strikes in Boston, reports say

Click. Ultra-elite troops will be vanguard

Click. Khatami speaks to Blair, rejects retaliation against Afghans

Click. India, US agree to fight terrorism together

Click. Taliban rapidly re-deploying forces: Russian intelligence

Click. Big rewards for Pakistan for helping US: Reports

Click. Bin Laden Can Run and Hide

Janes: Covert aid from Pakistan may bring about dire consequences. Click.

Click. Central Asia Is Crux of Russia's Dilemma

Click. Terrorist Attacks Redraw the Global Map

Click. Bin Laden has already left Afghanistan: Pakistani report

Click. Anti-globalization protesters adjust focus after World Bank, IMF meetings cancelled

Click. Ex-Soviet States Will Accept U.S. Fighters

Dayna Curry, Heather Mercer and other foreign detainees moved to "a safer location" by the Taliban. Click.


Click. Bin Laden's man in Silicon Valley. "Mohamed the American' orchestrated terrorist acts while living a quiet suburban life in Santa Clara

Click. Hate crime hits home for noe valley family
lick. Cabs sit idle, drivers suffer

Click. Berkeley rallies aren't starting from scratch

Click. Missing small plane spurs jets over Petaluma

Click. Rapist freed by jury, moves to Sacramento. Predator law hinges on mental defects

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Text of President Bush's Speech

Cheney: the Power Behind the Throne

Click. Rumsfeld view of multifronted war. 21st century conflict will be shadowy affair

Click. Bush Unlikely to Bring Back Draft

Click. Powell swears in gay U.S. ambassador 


Richard Helms’ Afghani Niece Leads Corps of Taliban Reps. The Accidental Operative Click.

Click. Shadowy JTF2 on offer to Americans as counter-terror force

Click. Terrorists clever with use of disinformation. U.S. was kept off-guard for months

Click. FBI, CIA say newspaper erred in story on Israeli intelligence

The warnings were on page 1. Click.

Click. Digital Moles In White House? Terrorists had top-secret presidential codes

Click. Attack Can't Erase Stored Data

Click. The Little Screensaver That Could

Click. Devices Unite to Find Drugs

Click. Yahoo News Hacked

Click. MS Opens Up Passport

Click. New Dell Laptop to Shed Pounds

Click. Eric Freedman on morphed child porn: "Pursuing Pixelized Pixies"

Click. American Flag Wallpapers

Click. Lab associate director resigns post

New "Lollipop" Film Promises Improved Electronics

Click. University Of Cincinnati And Air Force Use Algal Enzyme To Create New Silicon-Based Materials

Click. Plankton Power: Organic Matter Harnessed In Underwater Fuel Cells


Click. Terrorist hunt turns to London futures market

Click. Laden group wants to buy PIA shares

Click. Markets in freefall

Click. Will the war on terrorism be a recession buster?


Click. Large sales of Disney stock hurt shares.


Click. The lawyer Who Could Defend bin Laden

Click. S ecurity camera captured Mountain View killing

Click. Pac Bell fined $25.6 million for deceptive marketing

Click. MS, DOJ Don't Want Mediator

FBI Director Robert Mueller says the identities of several of the suicide hijackers are in doubt. Click.

Click. Evidence suggests terrorist systems extensive

Click. Russia to deploy marksmen

Banks in spotlight as key suspect arrested in Chicago. Click.

Click. Fresh arrest in attack inquiry

Click. Germany may contain as many as 100 terrorist 'sleepers'

Click. Hijackers may have used aliases

Click. Islamic 'plotters' held in France

Click. Saudis Hire Lawyer for Material Witness


Click. Squirrels 'genetically altered' by forest 

Click. Scientist Says He Can Create Meat Without Killing Animals

Click. Proteins Stored in a Compaq Space

Click. High-Wire Robot Tackles Messy Birds

Click. Magic Bullets Fly Again

Click. Survey: Many Migraine Sufferers Under treated 

Dining habits governed by your genes

Wind-Borne Pollutants May Travel Thousands Of Miles

Click. Fly Genetics Point To Potential Cancer-Causing Gene; Mutated Variants Found In Human Cancer Cell Lines

Click. Detecting Alzheimer's: New Device Reads Brain Activity

Click. Frog Venom Could Be Vital Weapon In Combating Cancer And Heart Disease

Click. Millions Go Undiagnosed And Under treated For Artery Disease

New Study Shows That Salmon "Feed" The Very Forests That Nurture Them

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives, 
Edwin Frederick Church, 1870

The "Teissier affair". Astrology rehabilitated at the Sorbonne university in Paris Click.

Click. P lays, parade, music honor Eugene O'Neill

Click. Sex in a time of terror 

Click. Pope to make Kazakstan trip despite safety concerns

Click. "Never be bound by the truth."

Click. Snake escapes for five weeks and follows owner to work

Click. Hollywood on Alert After FBI Warning

Click. Why ruins appeal to us

Click. Art and science at MIT

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. China Quietly Unblocks U.S. Sites

The Guardian has gained access to diplomatic cables suggesting that the U.S. plans to overthrow the Taliban, put Afghanistan under U.N. control and return to power the exiled king. Click.

Here's the King! Click..

Click. Postcards From Hell 

Word of the Day Click.

September 20, 2001


Click. Weekend alert!

Click. Army Ready For Full-scale Land Combat

Click. Brits, US Planning 10-Year War

Click. Rumsfeld: Afghan Ground War Likely

Click. Taliban Could Grab Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal

Click. Afghan Women – First Victims of Terrorism – and US Bombs

Click. Islamists Flood into Afghanistan to Defend Taliban



THE BUSH WORLD...........


Click. Bush to ask Saudis for support / Talks will include apparent ties 14 hijackers had with kingdom

Elder Bush Busy Behind the Scenes


Click. Bin Laden May Flee Using CIA-Built Tunnel System

Click. US Worried About Taliban's CIA Missiles

Click. Terrorists Leave Paperless Trail The Internet's fingerprints are all over last week's attack -- from plane ticket purchases to the hijackers' coordination of plans.

Click. The State of Bio Defense: Not Good

Click. Submarines: Not Just for the Navy


HUD Financial Fraud Data Dump Click.

Click. Underground Bank Greases Wheels of Arab Terror Industry


FBI Should Abandon "Guilt by Association" Strategy Click.

Leahy Opposes White House's Antiterrorism Plan and Proposes Alternative Click.

New US Law to Monitor Net Traffic Will Be Powerless to Disarm Terrorists Click.

Click. Bin Laden's Balkan Connections Probed

Soviets were winning in Afghanistan until the Stingers arrived Click.

Heavy rant against GOP and Clinton's zipper while the country's business neglected


Click. Fossil Finds Show Whales Related to Early Pigs

Click. When whales walked the earth 

New Fossils Suggest Whales And Hippos Are Close Kin

Mayo Clinic Study Shows Long-Term Use Of Antidepressant Helps Smokers Who Stop Avoid Relapse, Gain Less Weight

Click. Maggots Crawling Back to Medicine's Mainstream

Click. The Air Car

University Of Southern California Researchers Find Cancer-Growing Role For Blood-Vessel Protein

Computers To Help Doctors Identify Rare Diseases

Sex and heart attacks

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives, 
Edwin Frederick Church, 1870

Click. Another Atlantis May have Been Found

Click. Medical uses of herbs.

Click. New easy cure for snoring!

El Nino, La Nina Rearrange South Pole Sea Ice

The Pen is Mightier....
Junger & the Taliban

Said K Aburish's "A Brutal Friendship: The West and the Arab Elite," traces first British, and then U.S. success in securing control of the Middle East by supporting dictatorial client regimes, against the wishes of their Arab peoples. Unpaid reviewers rave.

September 19, 2001

Click. US Jets Arrive in Pakistan Capital

Click. US Unprepared for Afghan Land War

Click. Ground War Looks Likely

Click. U.S. military may tap elite German troops

Click. Pakistan's Nuclear Wild Card

Click. Central Asian Dominoes

China worries about US troops in Pakistan Click.

China seeks U.S. favors for supporting war. Click.

Click. Under Pressure From U.S., Arafat Orders His Forces to Halt Attacks

Senate to create new anti-terrorist post. Click.

Click. Hell no, they won't go -- yet

Click. Good to go For the first time I feel like an American, willing to fight for my country

LAROUCHE: Who really controls international terror? Click.

Click. Mullah Omar's speech to the Taliban clerics [transcript] 


Click. Former Afghan leader struggles in Concord.

Click. Scientists study Mt. Tam planned burn

Condit's likely successor runs a bar offering  "soft porn" and mud-wrestling nights. Click.

Click. Lockyer sued over gun regulations

Click. Bugged on the bus Surveillance in the aftermath of terrorism.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. George and George W.: Why their link is crucial

Click. Bush's upcoming encounter with China's Jiang Zemin will be a fateful meeting.

Click. Bush Considers Tax Cuts To Boost Economy.


India Identifies Air Bases for US Click.

Click. Bush Bill Rewrites Spy Laws

No Sympathy From China's Cyber Elite Click.

Click. Virus "Nimda" infects the internet

Click. There is no innocence Techsploitation

Click. Facecam maker Viisage sees stock leap, offers free use to FBI

Click. Disposable Phones-- a Security Risk?

Click. Fujitsu Opens Up Linux-Based Humanoid Robot

How Americans Used the Internet After the Terror Attack Click.


Click. Yahoo - Barclays no comment on bin Laden: laundered money for Bin Laden?

Click. UK targets terror finances

Click. Watchdogs Probe Allegations of Bin Laden Trading Stocks


Click. Senator Gregg: World Gov Needs Crypto Key Access

Click. Egypt: The trial of 52 alleged homosexuals pits traditional values against calls for secular tolerance.

Click. Internet scam artists see a profit in U.S. attacks  

Click. Justice Drafts New Rules for Deportation

Click. First charges filed in terrorism investigation

Click. Ex-Boston cabdriver may be tied to attackers

Click. Hijacking suspect said to have met with Iraqi agent

Click. Hijackers Linked to Albanian Terrorists

Click. Report: Germany Was hub for bin Laden guerrillas

Click. Criminal charges filed against 3; FBI finds airport diagrams in Detroit home

Click. California detainee questioned as possible roommate of hijacker

Click. Fighters were eight minutes away

Terrorist Cell Networks: Mapping the Invisible Enemy Click.

Click. Scientologists accused of misrepresenting selves during crisis

Click. Terrorists made no effort to hide identites


Click. Potential Treatment for Alzheimer's Identified

Click. Doctors claim world first in telesurgery

Click. Seeking Less Flammable Jet Fuel

Click. Antioxidants fight smog damage

Click. Caterpillars Make Noise to Threaten ...

Click. Lost moon landing tape found

Click. Scanner 'could boost air security'

Click. Cigarettes May Function Like Antidepressant Drugs 

MGH Researchers Use Gene Therapy To Correct Heart Failure In A Rat Model

University Of Georgia Researcher Unlocks Links Between Complex Carbohydrates And Spread Of Cancer

Bizarre New Protein Blocks A Real-Life Terminator

AIDS Virus's Ability To Mimic Other Infections Weakens The Body's Defenses Against Disease

Human Bites Require Quick Medical And Surgical Intervention

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives, 
Edwin Frederick Church, 1870

Click. Gallery puts DNA in the frame

Click. What jihad is; what it isn't

Annual Booker Prize shortlist is announced Click.

Click. Emily the Strange turns trendy

Click. Life in Elizabethan England : Letter Writing

Click. A Conspiracy of Conspiracy Gamers

Click. Teens Peer Ahead

Click. Hercules

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Afghanistan Asks CNN To Leave; Last Net Out.

Click. New 'War' to be Fought with Major Press Censorship

The working writer. Click.

Click. Industry review Video games revised in wake of attacks

Click. TV news gets high marks

Click. Terror movies surging in popularity

Click. FCC OKs Satellite Radio Plan

September 18, 2001



Click. "Taliban would choose death before handing over Laden to US'

Click. Top U.S. official says handing over bin Laden won't be enough

Click. Huge Islamic Coalition Warns of Holy War

Click. Israeli military: The second strike wave - after attacks on Osama bin Laden's organization in Afghanistan - will likely include actions against Saddam Hussein's regime. If this happens, Iraq is likely to fire ground-to-ground missiles at Israel.

Pakistan instability feared. Click.

Click. Pakistan's clerics plot downfall of military regime

Click. Pakistan's Sophisticated Nuke Arsenal

Bin Laden may flee in tunnels. Underground escape routes funded by CIA Click.

Click. Too early for alliance against "terrorism"-Mubarak

Taliban May Sentence Christians To Death Click.

Click. American Parents Fear for Daughters Left In Afghanistan

Click. Saudi king promises US full support

India torn on dealing with terror attack in U.S. Click.

Click. Israel and Arafat - ceasefire!



Click. 25 warships near Ormara

Click. US calculates a war with little room for error

Islamic terror groups met to form unholy alliance. Click.


Click. Family remembers heroism of former Novato man

Click. Negotiating the Bay Area airports

Davis adviser's memo - a threat to quickly expose Riordan donors is called extortion. Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Foreign leaders head to U.S. to talk "war". Click.


Is Camp David Cheney's Siberia? Click.

Cheney's stringent press restrictions and adroit spinning as Defense Secretary "made accurate reporting on the invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War virtually impossible." Click.

Feds Looked Into G.W. Bush-Bin Laden Connection In '92. Click.

Click. Bush, aides seek covert powers for war against terror


The amount of top-secret information Capitol Hill receives from the intelligence community after a major national catastrophe may never be the same. Click.

It has now come down to this: We lacked the will to do the right thing. Now we are at War. We must do the right things. Full Story

Why can't Uncle Sam spy? Click.

Click. Informant gap could hurt Afghan operation

Echelon gave authorities warning of attacks Click.

Click. FAA on Special Military Operations

Click. Did US air emergency procedure aid WTC attack?


Click. Taking pictures with your phone

Click. Voracious, nasty new "Code Red" worm may be spreading quickly

Now, brace for online 'terror' attacks Click.

Click. U.S. Company To Import Chinese Computers- 40% cheaper than U.S. equivalents.

Click. "News and Weblog search engine DayPop has added some new features to its new search engine."

Click. Web without the waiting

Web of terror thriving on the net. Click.

A Nation Under Siege - Did Satellites Serve the Country? 

Robots aid New York rescue workers

Spy satellites search for Bin Laden


Click. Cui Bono. Building a Map to Solve the Crime.

BUSINESS ENEMIES? Corporate jets equipped with missile detectors, counter-terrorism training for executives, fingerprint scanners that deny computer access to unauthorized users, and Internet safeguards that use the lexicon of warfare. Click.

Click. A former executive's exit interview.

Click. WTO Gives China Formal Go-Ahead

Click. Science delves into market mysteries

G8 to hold crisis talks in the wake of attack on US financial center. Click.

Click. SEC investigating airline stock deals

Click. Rise in sale of guns, ammo and gas masks in US

If US troops ever set foot inside Afghanistan they will find themselves confronted with  a formidable array of weapons - many provided by America. Click.


Click. Canada rejects calls for tighter border controls

Click. The prospects for a female lawyer, classes of '01, '91 and '81.

Click. Hard Time Behind bars with 1,000 male convicts.

Click. Revenge motive studied in Arizona Sikh's slaying.

Click. New Perspective on the Issue of Cell Phone Use in Planes

New crime wave - theft of flags. Click.

Click. Osama's Ecuador link

Click. Osama men entered Japan first

The Hunt for Bin Laden. Click.

Click. Five Israelis Jailed, Grilled By FBI For 'Puzzling Behavior' After WTC

Click. Officials probe stranger's visit to Logan tower

Linda Moulton Howe: Who is Osama? Click.

Click. FBI Digs Deep to Get on Trail of Terrorist Group

Highjackers may have been on fifth plane, but flight cancelled. Click.

Click. FBI probe's trail leads to Scarborough apartment

Flight school says FBI trailed suspect prior to hijackings Click.

FBI agents investigate Jersey City neighborhood Click.

Click. FBI: Texas Doctor Likely Provided Technical, Financial Support

Islamic terrorists based in Britain and controlled by Osama bin Laden planned a devastating attack on the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, France. Click.


Hospitals in North and South Pakistan Placed on Emergency Footing. Also US Military Hospitals in Europe and Middle East

DEBKAfile’s US and Israeli Counter-Terror Experts Warn:
After US Strike Begins, Islamic Terrorist Cells May Sabotage Oilfields and Oil Installations in
Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf and Algeria

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Sources in Buenos Aires Link World Trade Center Attack with 1994 Argentine Jewish Center Bombing After Argentine Jewish Witness  Identifies “Arab aid worker” in New York as Suspected Bomber   
FBI Buenos Aires Flies Witness to New York

Monday, Israel Deploys “Arrow” Anti-Missile Missiles in  Operational Array

Afghanistan Aligns Army Along Pakistan Frontier and Points Scud Missiles at Pakistani Cities

Special American CIA and FBI Units Are Positioned Along Pakistani-Afghan Border

Iranian Units Deploy on its Border with Afghanistan. Russia Bolsters Forces on Tadjik-Afghan Frontier
Putin Allows US Use of Bases in Central Asia.
Inside Russia, Bin Laden-Backed Moslem Rebels Capture
Chechnya’s Second City Gudermes, Shoot Down Russian Gunship with Two Generals and 11 Troops
Saddam Regime Daily “Babel” Warns Iraqi People to
Prepare for Total US Offensive

Bush Aims to Launch Anti-Terror Offensive in Days –
With or Without Coalition
US Slaps Syria with Ultimatum:
Break up Damascus-Based Palestinian Terrorist  Groups Hamas, Jihad Islami, Fronts

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives, 
Edwin Frederick Church, 1870

Religion's misguided missiles. Click.

Click. A Sign in the Sky: The End of Islam?

Click. Table for One, Please

Click. The American woman's most powerful accessory.

Click. Naked women go ape at monkey study

Click. Big Women on Campus Delts, quads, pecs, mascara, lipstick.

Click. Ellen again 

Click. Brilliant Careers: Anne Bancroft

Click. Digging stirs up trouble between Jews and Muslims 

Click. Shackleton auction concern
The Pen is Mightier....

Censorship, so far. Click.

In times of war the official control of public information is fiercer than ever - three lost stories Click.

A blinking message is up on our collective video game console: Game Over Click.

Journalism's Surreal Reality Check Click.

How the nation's magazines scrambled to cover the story. Click.


Fleshing out the human family tree 

Winning the superbug war

Purple potato may block blight

September 17, 2001


Click. Fearing terrorists, China seals its border with Pakistan

Click. Assassination may be key tactic of 'new kind of war'

Why a war against terror has Pakistan terrified

Interview with Sharon: The solution will come with time. Click.

China Strengthens Ties With Taleban by Signing Economic Deal Click.

NEWSWEEK: Alleged highjackers may have trained at U.S. bases.  The Pentagon has turned over military records on five men to the FBI. Click.

Revealed: British bank’s links to bin Laden’s global empire Click.

Anxious Germany waits for other sleepers to awake. The Hamburg connection. Click.

Click. The bloody Jordan river now flows through America

Russia Nixes Strike From Central Asia

Click. NOVAK: Congress being kept in the dark and unhappy about it.

Click. Excerpts From Bin Laden's Terrorist Manual

Suicide terrorism: a global threat Click.

Click. Mullah Omar - Taliban Commander Of The Faithful 

Tough to swallow: Soft drink sales boost bin Laden's wealth Click.

Dirty little secrets about terrorism Click.


Click. Nuclear terror team on standby

Why? From Jane's New Delhi correspondent.


Click. Sen. Feinstein in the know: More terrorist cadres around


Click. Lone Lawmaker, Barbara Lee, of California, Opposes Use of Force

Click. Attacks Fuel Panic Buying of Food, Guns

Click. A woman who accused Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty of sexual harassment, racial discrimination and firing her for blowing the whistle on what she deemed misconduct won a partial legal victory this week.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Bush did not heed several warnings of attack. Click.



Wm. Safire: That knowledge of code words, presidential whereabouts and possession of secret procedures indicates that the terrorists may have a mole in the White House -- that, or informants in the Secret Service, FBI, FAA or CIA. Click.

Click. The spy agency 'Not Referred to Openly'. This group was so top secret it didn't have a headquarters

Click. Why we missed all those warning signs

The Telegraph has learnt that two senior experts with Mossad, the Israeli military intelligence service, were sent to Washington in August to alert the CIA and FBI to the existence of a cell of as many of 200 terrorists said to be preparing a big operation. Click.

Click. CIA Had Presidential OK for Covert Bin Laden War

Unclassified Report from the Director of Central Intelligence, September 2001, on the  "Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction and Advanced Conventional Munitions." Click.

Click. Biological Weapons Lab, Ft. Detrick, Locked Down, 50 Miles From Pentagon

Click. US pulled the plug on Muslim websites ...Five hundred websites - many of them with an Arab or Muslim connection crashed when an anti-terrorism taskforce raided InfoCom Corporation in Texas.

Click. Intelligence Technology May Not Stop Terrorists

Click. This Is How We Know Echelon Exists

Click. Anna Virus Writer's Trial Begins

IBM's brainy unit : its research center Click.

Click. The FBI warns of an increase in hacking attacks following last week's events in the US - but hackers are divided over how to respond.

Click. Code Crackers Prepare Massive Computer System Attacks Against the
Middle East for Tuesday's Terrorist Attack

Click. Senate votes to permit warrantless Net-wiretaps, Carnivore use

Click. Debate over warrantless Carnivore bill with Stu Baker

Click. More on Taliban website hack, apparently not a hoax

Click. More on Senate votes for warrantless taps -- the U.K. experience

Click. U.K. government asks Net providers to record, store all data

Man pleads guilty for copying Intel chip design specs Click.


Click. Fed cuts interest rate by half a point

Click. Fed to prop up Wall St Shadowy committee ready to pour billions into stock markets to avert shares meltdown.

Click. Investment principles, not patriotism, will rule The managers of the big portfolios and hedge funds, which control the market today, aren't going to buy or sell for patriotic reasons.

Click. Germany checking suspicious trading


Sacrificing Freedoms in the Name of Saving Them Click.

An Alameda County judge, Ronald Hyde, ordered Friday that a woman accused of abducting her kids to keep them from her ex-husband -- a registered sex offender living in Livermore -- must return the girls to California Click.

Study: Hitler, Goering bought plundered art through neutral Switzerland Click.

Click. Federal authorities have known for at least three years that two Osama bin Laden associates had trained in the United States as airplane pilots, possibly while operating as members of the suspected terrorist's organization.

Click. Spy satellites search for Bin Laden

Who is Bin Laden? Click.

Osama bin Laden: The truth about the world's most wanted man. Click.

Click. Esquire interview with Bin Laden.


Click. Red Herrings Was the astonishing amount of clues that the hijackers left in their wake intentionally planted in order to distract U.S. law enforcement from other terrorists?

Click. Spy Base in Yorkshire Listens in on Bin Laden's Phone Calls

Click. Suspected hijacker had flown over D.C. He was aboard jetliner that hit Pentagon

Click. DNA Chip Gives Positive ID

Click. The Astronaut's New Clothes

Click. Wind-Powered Building Design Revealed

Click. Engineered Microbes' Impact Still Unknown

Click. Silicon Valley's plan to stop skyjackings

Click. Gene Therapy May Be A Tool To Prevent Blindness; Reduces Blinding Blood Vessel Growth By Up To 90 Percent In Laboratory Mice

Click. Finding Of Key Blood Sugar Controller Could Yield New Diabetes Drugs

Click. Study Shows Excessive, Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescriptions For Sore Throats

Click. Early Drug Therapy For Recently Infected HIV Patients

Click. DNA Transcription Is Tuned To Specific Cells

Click. Scientists Find Holes Etched In Silicon Chips Can Migrate

Click. Chandra Examines Quadrillion-Volt Pulsar

Click. RAWA - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Click. Lousy jobs: Smart workers get out, save their sanity

Click. Women Face 'Third Shift' Online

Click.  Father offers to take place of daughter jailed in Afghanistan

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives, 
Edwin Frederick Church, 1870

Click. Books about Nostradamus are the big movers at

Click. Free Career, Personality, Soulmate, and Color Test 

How the Hunley civil war sub worked. Click.

The Holy Valley of Ihlara. Click.

Click. Hotel going up on site of Hitler's retreat. Luxury rooms to feature views shown in the Fuehrer's photos

Click. Tuscany's Excalibur is the real thing Recent research authenticated the sword of St Galgano, bolstering Italy's version of the Excalibur legend.

Clash of the Titans: Rev. Moon v. The Pope Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. We'll forever wonder: Would the World Trade Center still be standing today if the Hart-Rudman report had been spotlighted instead of swept under the Gary Condit rug?"

Click. "Terror spreads with the news. It's a war of impressions, of ideas, of symbols. And in this war, America is vulnerable."

Click. Counter-terrorism writer Jessica Stern on terrorist leadership and the importance of marketing in recruitment and mobilization.

Fear & Loathing in America

The US has expelled a group of visiting Chinese journalists, some of whom reportedly applauded at last week's terrorist strikes in New York and Washington. Click.

Click. Porn mourns and chimps sign off

September 14, 2001


Pakistan asks for time to consider cooperation with U.S. Click.

Click. Formidable US weapons await target - GBU-15 - GBU-28 - JDAM

China-Taliban deal signed on attack day Click.

Osama may have cells in 34 countries Click.

Doom-Laden Click.

What Does Osama Bin Laden Want?
Nothing we have. Click.

Bin Laden's long reach into Israel. Click.

Click. Militant outfits oppose Pakistan move to support US

Click. Taleban's spiritual leader has followed bin Laden into hiding

Click. Afghanistan and the "New Great Game"

Afghan Taliban Warn of Revenge if U.S. Attacks

Click. South Asia is like the Middle East, except everyone has nuclear weapons


Click. Marin Grand jury foreman upset over quarry

Click. Bechtel's $45 million screw job

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Powell leads the President's men into battle

Click. USAF general will be making key decisions

Click. W's Dad to Nation: My Son Is Strong, Be Patient

Click. Congress balks at giving Bush a blank check

Click. Bush gave Taliban drug-war money -- Robert Scheer

Pentagon seeks the activation of tens of thousands of military reserve troops for ``homeland defense''. Click.

Justice is a Dish Best Served Cold. Click.

Click. Don't make the enemy fit the crime

General Mohammad Fakhim, a deputy to Afghan opposition chief Ahmad Shah Masood, described as in a "very critical" condition, has replaced him as the top military commander. Click.

Click. Did Encryption Empower Terrorists?

Click. Hiding Like Snakes in the E-Grass

Click. The Call Is Out for IT Experts

Click. Shared Files: Real or Mirage?


Click. Security Measures Hit Skycaps

Click. High-Tech Recovery Put to the Test


WTC Wreckage Guards Buried Treasure of COMEX Gold Click.


Lawmakers seek shakeup at CIA. Click.

Click. Chronic under funding of US HUMINT plays role in intelligence failures

Click. CIA's Covert War on Bin Laden


Click. Israeli Air Security Might Have Foiled U.S. Attacks

Click. Mail delays force lenders to reconsider late fees

Click. Congress Mulls Stiff Crypto Laws

Who is Bin Laden? Click.

Hijacking Clues May Be Red Herrings Click.

Click. Coast Guard detains 2 from cruise ship

Click. 3 N.Y.-area airports closed after arrest. Suspect tried to use phony pilot's license

Click. Belgium, Dutch Hold Six Islamist Suspects

Click. Police arrest a man under the Prevention of Terrorism Act at Heathrow airport but refuse to reveal whether it is linked to the attacks in the US.

Click. Hijackers Planned to Seize Philippine Plane to Attack U.S.

Click. Scans show why heart rules the head in a crisis

Click. Warming patients can reduce infection

New High-Speed Trains Will Fly Click.

Click. 2nd Man Gets Artificial Heart

Click. Berry Good News in Cancer Fight

New interest in the outer solar system. Click.

Click. Ulcer Bacteria May Cause Stomach Cancer

Click. More Good News for the Miracle Drug Aspirin

Click. Artificial heart No. 2 implanted. Kentucky man, 70, the recipient

Space Drills for Mining the Future

Click. Corporate Scientists Create GM Corn Which Prevents Human Conception

Click. Robot slug killer ready to roll 

Click. Space Station Isolated from Terror 

Click. BT ponders bacterial intelligence 

Paul Revere

Woman, Dog Guide Blind Man Down 70 WTC Floors Click.

Click. Getting the photo of a lifetime

Click. Did Nostradamus Really Predict New York Attack?

Pilots will be living on the razor's edge. Click.



Click. The morning after the worst terrorist attack in history, the nations' great editorial pages offered up the wisdom of a group of middle-aged white men whose claim to fame is that they lost the Vietnam War.

Excerpts from the book "Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire" Click. by Chalmers Johnson

Click. How passengers on the planes were able to make cell phone calls.

Word of the Day Click.

September 13, 2001


Click. War Declaration Being Prepared

Click. Powell: US Adopts War Footing

Click. Bush Rallies Support for Attack on Afghanistan

Click. Chrétien hedges on troops to assist retaliatory strike

Click. NATO invokes Article 5

Click. Norad's Winnipeg command center warned plane in Whitehorse was a threat

Click. Hazards of the World Trade Center

Suspects 'filmed attack on World Trade Center'

Click. Bin Laden moved minutes after attacks

Click. The enemy with a thousand faces

Click. A venture capitalist for terrorists

'Russian intelligence suspects Jamaat Al-Islami hand' Click.




Valley shoppers don't want to shop. Click.

Click. Emeryville-bound Amtrak train crashes, catches fire in Utah

Click. Cloverdale lifts housing curbs

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. "We predicted it" A panel led by Gary Hart and Warren Rudman warned the White House and Congress that a bloody attack on U.S. soil could be imminent. Hart wonders: Why didn't anyone listen?

Click. The Canadian connection

Click. Terrorists may have taken Yarmouth ferry to Portland

They can run and they can hide. Suicide bombers are here to stay. Click.

Click. Life-changing technology that fits in your pocket


Click. Fed makes $50 billion available to Europe banks

Click. Recovery of records daunting, but doable

'Turbo-capitalism' risk to society Click.

Canadian connection suspected in hijackings Click.

Click. FBI does not rule out shoot down of Penn. airplane

Click. Diminished intelligence of the CIA

Click. CIA taking heat from all sides

Airport profiling failed. Click.

Click. 3 men trained to be pilots are key to probe

Canadian connection suspected in hijackings Click.

Barbarians at the gate. Click.


Jury finds Kmart negligent in Utah suicide case Click.

Click. P oundstone reaches plea agreement in lewd conduct case

Click. Court rules U.S.-instigated kidnapping violates human rights law. Doctor abducted after extradition was refused

Click. State opposes ruling on convict procreation. 'Fundamental right' to have children disputed

Click. State limits logging of ancient trees. Permission needed even on private land

Sense and Nonsense About September 11 By Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair Click.

Click. Black hole's wild ride

Click. Ancestral Roots of Today's Europeans.

Click. How hard is it to fly an airliner?

Click. How the World Trade Center fell

Click. Vaccines could fight tooth decay

Click. Women's immune system 'key to long life'

Click. Research Finding Could Lead To Vaccines Against A Range Of Cancers

Paul Revere

Is hi-tech killing films?

Life with a robot dog Click.

Click. The British government's own expert on the elderly says regular sex and plenty of money in the bank are the secrets of long life.

Click. The day our cocky sense of invincibility crumbled

Click. Thoughts of draft incomprehensible

Word of the Day Click.

September 12, 2001


Click. Bio-Terror Component Feared in World Trade Attack

Click. Fears Grow in Afghanistan of US Retaliation Strikes

Click. Call for answers after intelligence failure

U.S. attack: Spy technology failed to signal attacks Click.

How the CIA created Bin Laden. Click.

Click. U.S. intelligence failed to predict extremists' acts. Former agent calls CIA 'blind'

Click. Deadly attacks may loosen CIA's shackles. Curbs on recruiting informants with 'dirty hands' could be lifted

Click. How US Intelligence Was Bound to Fail

Click. Where Was U.S. Intelligence?

Click. War comes to America

Click. Imperial Paralysis: The Fragility of US Power

Star War shield could not have stopped these terror murders Click.

U.S. fighter aircraft and warships on patrol. Click.

Click. RCMP to probe possible links to Canada

Click. For a concerted onslaught on America, one terrorist organization, acting alone, is not enough

U.S. probe focuses on Boston and Florida. Click.

The legions that hate America. Click.

Click. Atrocities May Provoke America Into Costly Military Adventure

Click. (JUST BEFORE THE TERROR MURDERS) Afghan warlord 'killed' by bombers

Click. Finding the Right Lawyer in a Taleban Court

Click. (JUST BEFORE THE TERROR MURDERS) Pentagon to be cut 15 percent


Click. Bay Area has its share of symbolic targets for terrorism

Click. Willie Brown Got A Warning

Click. California military would play large role in retaliatory strike

Click. Tolerance put to test in Bay Area

Click. Local Muslims prepare for worst after East Coast attacks

Click. Dead Hells Angel called a devoted family man Man, wife, kids found shot in S.F. home

Click. Hells Angel dad ad may have shot wife, kids, himself

Click. Davis Criticized Over Health Bills

Click. Gay Male Couples Partial to City Life Census: Parenthood influences lesbian pairs who choose suburbs, data show.

Antioch's  Deer Valley student, Corey Verrico, was last seen Aug. 28 Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Guns and flags selling briskly in Florida today

Team Bush Swamped by Crisis by James Ridgeway


Click. Tech Sites Pick up the News

Click. Terrorist Attacks Knock News Sites off Internet

Click. Hijackers chose best time for TV cover 

Click. Amazon Criticized for Links to

University of Toronto has come under fire from two Nobel laureates and 25 other internationally respected scientists for withdrawing a job offer to a UK researcher after he questioned the safety of antidepressants like Prozac. Click

Click. The Rules That Horror Films Live and Die By

Click. Attack on the U.S.: An Internet Guide by David Plotz

Tuesday's attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon may be the beginning of a wave of assaults that could include cyberterrorism. Click.

Click. Sex with storm troopers

How a tiny Scots firm took on Microsoft and won Click.

Click. Browser deal may end Microsoft legal wrangle

Click. Internet domain overseer approves '.museum,' '.coop' and '.aero'

Click. Gates at Appomattox  Thanks to the venality of politics in America, Microsoft is riding high right now, but it is headed for the bone yard after all.

Click. A Microsoft settlement? Report fuels speculation

Click. Two views of the scripting world in 2005

Click. Blame Game Dominates Chat Rooms


Click. Banks act to save markets.

Click. Attack Causes Oil Prices to Skyrocket

Click. THE GATHERING STORM: Understanding the emerging financial crisis. 

Click. The box says Japan. The label says not

Click. Bring On Another Crisis With the first symptoms of a recession in Europe and the United States, flight capital is heading home.

Click. French Tycoons Strike a Deal to End Bitter Feud Over Gucci

Click. Stock Markets Around World Take a Beating

Click. We are no longer innovating


Click. U.S. airman charged with Okinawa rape says sex was consensual

Click. A year after Wen Ho Lee's plea bargain, the real battle may just be beginning

Click. Depriving elderly of information a big mistake

Click. FBI has 700 leads in terrorist probe

Click. US drug lords on the run in Sydney

Click. Telecom Chief Could Face Conflict Issues

Click. Conference will try to cleanse blood from diamonds

Click.  At least 10 judges, prosecutors and investigators have been gunned down in Colombia this year

Embryonic spinal cord tissue is safe and may even work to repair spinal cord injuries. Click.

Click. IV drips to rehydrate players


Click. The bully of Belarus  Belarus is Europe's rogue state, what US secretary of state Colin Powell calls its 'lone, remaining outlaw'.

Click. Why the people of Belarus didn't protest the disputed re-election of Europe's "lone outlaw."

Click. Colombia Militias Seek Legitimacy

Click. A doll with a dark past

Russia's other foreign minister. Click.

Click. Leader sees Lithuania joining NATO

Click. Once Nearly Extinct, Jewish Communities Are Reborn in Germany

Click. New doubts about gun historian

Paul Revere

Click. John Hogue on the Nostradamus 'New City' Prophecy on Dreamland

Click. Memoirs of a trophy babe

Click. Brilliant Careers: David Mamet

Click. The Mind of God

All around me people say miracles have happened, they’ve been cured. Who am I to say otherwise? Click.

The Vatican is to abandon decades of secrecy and obstruction to allow changes in the Bible based on revelations in the Dead Sea Scrolls, more than half a century after they were discovered. Click. More: Click.

Click. Secret network keeps sororities white

Click. The Popol Vuh

Word of the Day Click.

September 11, 2001

Click. Rumsfeld backs Israel's retaliation.

Click. Eight killed, over 100 injured in orgy of violence in Middle East

Click. 25 US Planes Bomb Iraq, 8 Killed

Powell in Colombia: No quick fixes Click.

Click. CIA Says Iran Developing Nukes

Click. Lukashenko's Landslide

Fears of acid attacks as Kashmir women are ordered to wear veils

Senate panel OKs bill to fund U.S. intelligence community Click.

Trial begins of eight Vietnamese in corruption case Click

US envoy set to examine IRA links with Colombian guerrillas this week

Click. Covert Operations and Spying Around the World

National Reconnaissance Office declassifies some early secrets. Click.

ARDA Click.

Click. Canada, U.S. to monitor Russian Arctic exercises

Click. EU nations compete for Iranian arms deals


Police have no suspects, no motive in San Francisco shooting deaths Click.

Contest welcomes teens to show off Web design skills Click.

In Gallo's shadow, tiny winery refines its art Click.

Click. Meth labs increasing in Marin area

Click. As Davis and Burton spar, big Capitol agenda remains unsettled

Click. Davis backs plan to classify old growth trees on private lands

Click. Brown excoriates Hallinan, other 'big-mouth' critics

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Slowdown Forcing Bush to Shift Focus.

Click. 'The Secret Vote That Made Bush President'.

Click. Democrats Plan Attack on Missile Defense

Click. Retiring Republicans Leave Behind Polarized Party

Click. Bush Puts Freeze on Aid for Utility Bills

Click. Bush OKs Use of US Arms for Israeli Assassinations

Tracking the Costs of Star Wars Click

Click. New domain names edge closer

Click. Reading your mouse movements


Click. Human touch selling online

Click. Campuses a refuge as dot-commers return

'Advergames' playing with customers Click.

Click. It's The Sales, Stupid

Click. Libya to buy all Caribbean bananas.

Click. Take a leaf out of China's book

Click. Ruling the Roost in China

Click. Should Wall Street be open to slavers?

Probe Rips Cuomo in $130 Million HUD Mess


Click. Larry King: All Talk, No Questions

Click. Associated Press demands explanation for subpoena of reporter's phone records

Click. Stanford Professor Buys Nude Club to Fund Research


Northern California's Judicial Advisory Committee -- a bipartisan committee born of political necessity -- soon will begin reviewing candidates to replace vacancy created by federal Judge Legge's retirement. Click.

4 Republicans seek north state U.S. attorney nomination Click.

Statements by the San Bernandino county's former top official tell his version of governmental corruption. Click.

Click. Rising date rape drug use frustrates police, victims

Click. Suspect in Sacramento Spree Kills Himself

Click. Sacramento Slaying Suspect victim of molest

Click. Utah Paying a High Price for Polygamy

Click. Catholic Church's Ultimate Hypocrisy Over Molestations

Click. Police surveillance debate creates odd bedfellows

Click. Nicotine vaccine tests launched

Click. Banking baby's cells

Click. Saturn rings only a few meters high

Click. Mad-cow disease hits Japan

Click. 'Science cities' see their salvation in brain power

Click. Nuclear cities face uncertainty

Click. Kidney transplant market thrives in Delhi

Click. Vietnam man sprouts a dozen new teeth at 95

Click. Diseases of the Food Supply

Click. Misuse of Pain Drug, Vicodin, Linked to Hearing Loss

Click. Larynx Transplant Gives Man New Voice

Click. Researchers Find An Antibody That Destroys The Blood's Platelets; Discovery May Lead To New Therapies For  Blood Disorders

Click. New Antimalarial Drug Succeeds In First Animal Tests

Click. Third Animal Species Cloned At Texas A&M University

Click. Structure Of Key Protein Involved In Cancer, Osteoporosis And Foot-And-Mouth Disease Finally Solved

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

At Holy Cross Episcopal Church, when parishioners there go in circles, they are clearing their minds by walking the path of a large concrete labyrinth. Click.

Inland pagans gather. Click.

Click. The Alternate Reality of the Prettiest Girl

Women and Power in 2001 Click.

Click. As males live longer, more are, unexpectedly, all alone

Puzzle takes guesswork out of mission to spread the word Click.

Click. Sorority System In No Rush to Integrate

Click. Dylan Hates Most Modern Music

Word of the Day Click.

Click. Rumsfeld backs Israel's retaliation.

Click. Eight killed, over 100 injured in orgy of violence in Middle East

Click. 25 US Planes Bomb Iraq, 8 Killed

Powell in Colombia: No quick fixes Click.

Click. CIA Says Iran Developing Nukes

Click. Lukashenko's Landslide

Fears of acid attacks as Kashmir women are ordered to wear veils

Senate panel OKs bill to fund U.S. intelligence community Click.

Trial begins of eight Vietnamese in corruption case Click

US envoy set to examine IRA links with Colombian guerrillas this week

Click. Covert Operations and Spying Around the World

National Reconnaissance Office declassifies some early secrets. Click.

ARDA Click.

Click. Canada, U.S. to monitor Russian Arctic exercises

Click. EU nations compete for Iranian arms deals


Police have no suspects, no motive in San Francisco shooting deaths Click.

Contest welcomes teens to show off Web design skills Click.

In Gallo's shadow, tiny winery refines its art Click.

Click. Meth labs increasing in Marin area

Click. As Davis and Burton spar, big Capitol agenda remains unsettled

Click. Davis backs plan to classify old growth trees on private lands

Click. Brown excoriates Hallinan, other 'big-mouth' critics

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Slowdown Forcing Bush to Shift Focus.

Click. 'The Secret Vote That Made Bush President'.

Click. Democrats Plan Attack on Missile Defense

Click. Retiring Republicans Leave Behind Polarized Party

Click. Bush Puts Freeze on Aid for Utility Bills

Click. Bush OKs Use of US Arms for Israeli Assassinations

Tracking the Costs of Star Wars Click

Click. New domain names edge closer

Click. Reading your mouse movements


Click. Human touch selling online

Click. Campuses a refuge as dot-commers return

'Advergames' playing with customers Click.

Click. It's The Sales, Stupid

Click. Libya to buy all Caribbean bananas.

Click. Take a leaf out of China's book

Click. Ruling the Roost in China

Click. Should Wall Street be open to slavers?

Probe Rips Cuomo in $130 Million HUD Mess


Click. Larry King: All Talk, No Questions

Click. Associated Press demands explanation for subpoena of reporter's phone records

Click. Stanford Professor Buys Nude Club to Fund Research


Northern California's Judicial Advisory Committee -- a bipartisan committee born of political necessity -- soon will begin reviewing candidates to replace vacancy created by federal Judge Legge's retirement. Click.

4 Republicans seek north state U.S. attorney nomination Click.

Statements by the San Bernandino county's former top official tell his version of governmental corruption. Click.

Click. Rising date rape drug use frustrates police, victims

Click. Suspect in Sacramento Spree Kills Himself

Click. Sacramento Slaying Suspect victim of molest

Click. Utah Paying a High Price for Polygamy

Click. Catholic Church's Ultimate Hypocrisy Over Molestations

Click. Police surveillance debate creates odd bedfellows

Click. Nicotine vaccine tests launched

Click. Banking baby's cells

Click. Saturn rings only a few meters high

Click. Mad-cow disease hits Japan

Click. 'Science cities' see their salvation in brain power

Click. Nuclear cities face uncertainty

Click. Kidney transplant market thrives in Delhi

Click. Vietnam man sprouts a dozen new teeth at 95

Click. Diseases of the Food Supply

Click. Misuse of Pain Drug, Vicodin, Linked to Hearing Loss

Click. Larynx Transplant Gives Man New Voice

Click. Researchers Find An Antibody That Destroys The Blood's Platelets; Discovery May Lead To New Therapies For  Blood Disorders

Click. New Antimalarial Drug Succeeds In First Animal Tests

Click. Third Animal Species Cloned At Texas A&M University

Click. Structure Of Key Protein Involved In Cancer, Osteoporosis And Foot-And-Mouth Disease Finally Solved

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

At Holy Cross Episcopal Church, when parishioners there go in circles, they are clearing their minds by walking the path of a large concrete labyrinth. Click.

Inland pagans gather. Click.

Click. The Alternate Reality of the Prettiest Girl

Women and Power in 2001 Click.

Click. As males live longer, more are, unexpectedly, all alone

Puzzle takes guesswork out of mission to spread the word Click.

Click. Sorority System In No Rush to Integrate

Click. Dylan Hates Most Modern Music

Word of the Day Click.

September 8, 9, 2001

President Bush has let the CIA continue to be run by Bill Clinton holdovers Click.

CIA uncovers missile moves by China Click.

Click. Ex-spy chief attacks secrets act More: Click.

Click. Australia halts refugee boat

Click. European Parliament Final Report on Echelon

Click. Colombian President Andres Pastrana, one of Washington's closest allies in the global war on drugs, calls for a review of that struggle, saying it has produced few victories.

Click. Deal on slavery reached at UN racism conference

Click. Migrants could earn legal stay with new plan. Points for having job, paying taxes

Click. The admiral in charge of the Great Lakes Naval Training Center is stripped of his post after being found guilty for misusing Navy money,

Click. Drug War Casualty: Privacy?

Click. Risking Security for Tech Sales?

Click. Despite scoffing at the FBI's claims that information about its bugging devices is confidential, a federal judge in the Scarfo case calls for a private hearing in the case against an accused bookmaker.


Italy's Berlusconi flounders in aftermath of G-8 fiasco Click.

Cambodian-American implicated in anti-government plot Click.

The diplomatic back-story on "Zionism equals racism." Click.

Click. GOP lawmakers prepare funding bill for high-speed rail that bypasses Amtrak.


Click. Plan would alter Woolsey district

Click. Auction of defunct dot-com's wines billed as world's largest

Click. Alameda man charged with molesting SR girls

Click. Flu vaccine distribution mapped out

Click. New fast ferry goes into service Monday

Click. SF schools try to straighten out bond expenditures

Click. 'Frustrated' Brand quits water board

Click. UC seeks funds to attract more graduate students

Click. Redistricting plan has some in Contra Costa steaming

Click.  Erin Brockovich's Los Angeles law firm has filed suit in Sonoma County against city, county and state officials as well as 15 local businesses over ground water contamination.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. President Bush appoints a leading Republican fund-raiser and organizer in South Florida, Jorge Arrizurieta, as alternate executive director of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Click. Ohioan Don Schregardus' EPA nomination is on "life support."

Wall Street Journal: The incredible shrinking President. Click.

Bush Tells Media to "Shut Up" in Spanish Click.

Our Man in Honduras -- John Negroponte Click.

A unique Republican hardy party. Click.

Click. Al, Don't Run

Click. MS' Lobbying and Campaign Contributions

Click. Electronic paper moves closer to reality

Click. New worm 'Code Blue' hits China

Click. John Conyers Jr., ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, says inappropriate contact between White House political officials and the Justice Department might have influenced the Microsoft decision.

Click. Unix Tick Tocks to a Million

Click. Techno Magic Courtesy of People

Click. Jail Threat Gags Programmers

Click. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, You?


Click.  A Canadian Internet company plans to launch a new service in January that will enable Americans to buy prescription drugs from Canada at savings of 40% to 70%.

Click. Millions without banking services

Click. Canadian women cash in by putting their eggs up for sale

Argentina on the brink of collapse. Click.

Click. Condit has financial incentive to finish his term. He would receive an additional $227,000 in retirement pay

Modesto Man by Christopher Hitchens Click.

Valley meth money eyed by Southern California Click.

Click. "Cornfed" pleads not guilty in Aryan Brotherhood indictments


The treaty to globalize law Click.

An electronic technique that enables policemen to identify drunk drivers among passing motorists remotely Click

Click. Brothers plead guilty in  Synagogue arson case

Click. Mayor fired after prostitution sting reinstated to prison post

Click. Fetal murder: Legal quandary

Click. Court-named lawyers to ensure Milosevic fair trial

Click. Vallejo: Judge Mike Nail, overseeing the trial of a man charged with killing popular police Officer Jeff Azuar, recused himself from the case this week.

Feminists Scrap About Mother Who Killed Children Click.

The charges against Penngrove's Grabske, Indus' former CEO, and Pocsik illustrate the lengths that some Silicon Valley executives went to please the stock market during the last few years as investors lusted for technology stocks. Click. 1 Million bail set. Click.

Click. Surgeon White pleads no contest to battery. Female friend accused him of sexual assault

Click. FBI: 13 Miami officers charged

JonBenet Investigators Seek Name of AOL User who said he was involved in her murder. Click.

Alameda: Man facing rape charges reached 150 girls on Internet Click.

Click. 16-year prison term for intruder

New Research Indicts Ritalin. A recent study reveals that the drug being prescribed to tens of millions of school-age children for a scientifically unproved mental disorder is more potent than cocaine. Click.

Click. Serious flu outbreak described as 'inevitable'. Worst-case scenario -- thousands dead, millions sick in state

Click. Study examines how humans spur evolution.

Click. How the octopus manages its arms 

Click. Fat-Melting Gene Found in Mice; Could Help Humans

Click. New Program Aims to Boost Children's Sleep Time

All-but-Secret Battle Rages Over Fate of Airwaves Click.


Click. Justice Department says it has subpoenaed journalists' telephone records 13 times in the past decade.

Press group speaks out on secret subpoena of reporter's phone records

Click. A new attack on freedom of the press. US Justice Department subpoenas reporter's phone records

Click. New Copyright Bill Heading to DC

Click. General public may lose influence with Internet addresses overseer

Click. The ever-changing stories of Billy Martin

Touring the Media Industrial Complex. Telecom for Dummies Click.  

WEBSITE PICK OF THE DAY: Mediawhoresonline. Click.

Click. Feds back off regarding judicial monitoring. More: Click.

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

Click. Ancient Armenia in the spotlight

Click. Peter Fonda Recalls Acid Trip with the Beatles

Twiggy today. Click.

Click. Mormon Homosexual Directives

Click. HBO's massive and bloody miniseries, "Band of Brothers" 

MORE Americans than ever are calling themselves Scottish Click.

Click. 150 years after it was buried, Gold Rush ship unearthed in S.F.'s Financial District

Click. Jackson’s starry night

Click. Antediluvian Civilization Sought in Black Sea

Click. Pocket-sized drug detector on the way

Tool kit for the expert web searcher. Click.

Click. A Santa Rosa boy scout's hope to boost the local bumblebee population never took flight because the University of California farm adviser's office rejected his proposal because the organization bans homosexuals

Click. Lessons of the 1924 Leopold and Loeb murder case

Word of the Day Click.

September 7, 2001

Click. Arafat, Hamas discuss joint rule Talks reflect increase in guerrillas' influence

Click. In Africa, free HIV drug slow to reach babies at risk

China Finds Massive New Oil And Gas Deposits In Tibet Click.

Out of an anti-racism conference, into a trap Click.

Click. Wider War in Colombia

Click. MI5 Offers to Spy for UK Firms

Click. Anne Marie Smith describes alleged relationship with Gary Condit

Click. Condit tells fellow Dems he will quit at end of term

Click. The political significance of Israel's assassination policy

Waterbury, Connecticut: The city council's Republican majority voted to give Mayor Philip Giordano his full pay, benefits and all the honors of his office -- despite the fact that he's now behind bars on federal charges of arranging sex sessions with two children, aged 9 and 10. Click.

Click. NATO’s New Terrorist Partner

Click. U.S. Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack in Japan

U.S. Warns Libya Over Oil Installations

Click. George Washington University to Shut Down for IMF Protests

Click. Rumsfeld Says Missiles Proof of China's Global Ambitions


Fat Cat Corporate Chiselers Censor the News: The Miami Herald & The Orlando Sentinel Click.

Kryptohistory Click.

On Tina and Harry Click.

Late to the Party. Click.

When is a journalist a journalist? Click.


Click. California's most notorious child molester dead at 65

While the West Burns, Federal Land Agencies Fiddle Click.

Click. Home-schoolers unfazed by fall

Click. Mountain View: Man sought in girl's attempted abduction

Click. Judge says Enron has to give up documents

Winery foes plead case to county Click.

Click. Radical Prada boutique plan wins approval. S.F. commissioners defy staff in endorsing design

Click. CSU pushes new test to replace SAT. 11th-grade exam would also serve as state assessment

Lyons sworn in as Morongo tribal leader Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

W to Nominate Austin to be U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Click.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice Discusses State Visit Click.

Click. White House Refuses GAO Demand

Click. Bush's Economic Policy for Fall: Crossed Fingers 

Click. Stem Cells: Bush's Fuzzy Science?

Bush's plan for drug card dealt setback. Court rules program needs Congress' approval

Click. The Bumbling Communicator New Television has finally found a President who speaks its language. 

Click. Bush brushing up on English -- Christian Science Monitor

Bushes in government can't seem to catch a budgetary break Click.

Click. Microsoft may become the first regulated software monopoly

Click. Net body grapples with people power

Click. Paper web The pen that communicates with the internet

Click. Computer pioneer peers into the future

Click. South Korean ISP takes on Microsoft

Click. Slap on the wrist? Is the Justice Department's decision not to pursue a breakup of Microsoft a big wet kiss from Bush, or just smart strategy?

Click. Letter to the Wall Street Journal re. HP-Compaq Deal

Click. Write Your John.Hancock.Name Here

Click. Way paved to Microsoft accord

Click. U.S. retreat on breakup won't end Microsoft woes

Click. The U.S. Recruits New Hackers

Click. Here Comes Code Blue


Click. Know Your Credit Cards or Pay the Consequences

Click. Venture Capital: Helping minorities get share of the wealth

Click. Why has Mellon Bank been stonewalling on the details behind the mishandling of 40,000 federal tax returns and $810 million in payments?

'Golden age' ahead, treasury chief tells high-tech execs Click.

Click. Wine Buyers Say 'Cheers!' to Internet Bubble Burst

Click. Life begins long before 40 for the American super-rich

Click. Hollywood Studios Form Venture to Distribute Movies Over the Web


Yeshiva and the Mob. Feds: Gotti washed cash through Brooklyn school Click.

Click. FBI Knew Client Innocent, Lawyer Says

Click. Alleged online scam is busted

Click. Hair from Jimmy Hoffa found in car driven by friend in 1975, newspaper reports

Click. Few see end to antitrust enforcement. But activity may slow, Bay Area experts say

Click. Face Morphing Could Catch Criminals

Click. Senate passes bill to extend deadline for illegal immigrants to pursue visas

Click. Kmart Sued for Suicide - gun case

Click. Salvation Army duo on pedophile charges

Click. U.S. Probe of Bank Credit Lyonnais Swells to Assault on French System

Click. Panel Slams Ashcroft for Withholding Clinton Scandal Documents

Click. FBI Raids Texas Business Accused of Supporting Terrorism

Click. Mobster Caught Planning Hit from Jail

Priest says pedophila was good for children. Click.

Click. Biotech company Aventis confirms it is going to the High Court to try to stop the government forcing it to disclose the risks of GM crop trials.

Pig And Human Viruses Combined For Catastrophic 1918 Flu Pandemic Click.

Vaccine Using Live Virus Blocks AIDS In Monkeys Click.

The octopus, it seems, has some of its intelligence actually inside in its arms. Click.

Click. How the flu virus turns killer A tiny genetic change can turn a relatively benign flu virus into a killer, scientists have found.

German scientists offer flu hope. Click.

Click. Scientists investigating an influenza virus which killed millions shortly after the First World War have found vital clues in the bodies of victims frozen in Arctic ice.

Click. Icelandic town seeks crocodiles for waste disposal

Click. Food makers turn to high-pressure machines to crush germs while preserving taste, texture.

Click. Science Tracks Influenza Genes

Click. Night Vision Camera to Spot 'Invisible' Cancers

Click. If It Ain't Broke, Fix It

Click. Inland study shows pecans in diet cut 'bad' cholesterol

Click. Tornado Spreads Genetically Modified Seeds Far and Wide

Click. Drinking Can Help and Harm the Brain, Study Shows

Click. Amphetamine Helps Stroke Patients' Language Skills

Click. 700,000 Salmon Destroyed in Maine to Stop Deadly Virus

Click. Cold fusion experiment produces mysterious results

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

There are only 35 extant paintings by Johannes Vermeer Click.

American folk art. Click.

Click. In "The Corrections," Jonathan Franzen's highly acclaimed novel of the season, an American family grapples with stock market reverses, Internet scams and antidepressants

Click. Scotland’s oldest building found

Click. Statue of French Cult Leader Destroyed

Click. Lonesome Highway

Click. New Evidence for Life on Mars

Click. Hungarians: Mars Life in South Pole 

Click. Michael Jackson Steals MTV Awards Show

Click. UK Children Cause Earthquake in Giant Jump

Click. Are We Over-vaccinating Our Pets?

UFO-crash survivors are building a library in Aztec, New Mexico. Click.

Police find panther was a black cat

Click. Beauty pageant shielded from x-rays

Word of the Day Click.

September 6, 2001

Click. US obtains stem cell access pact Senate is told only 25 lines now available to researchers

Click. China ready to deploy its first mobile ICBMs; Range is enough to hit western U.S.

Click. Maine fish farmers have been forced to kill more than 700,000 salmon this year in an attempt to stop the spread of a deadly fish virus that some compare to the foot-and-mouth disease.

Click. Mueller Begins As FBI Director

Click. U.S. Seeks Duplicate Of Russian Anthrax

Definition of "Fascism" via Sam Smith. Click.

Slow motion fascism. Click.

Click. Government granted extension to scour book on Chinese nuclear weapons program

After Chandra Levy disappeared, flight attendant Anne Marie Smith was so fearful, she says, that she asked her sister and a girlfriend to contact police if she vanished. Click.

Click. Senate Committee Puts Off Secrecy Bill

Click. Bush's Unilateralism 'unhelpful for 2 Koreas'

Investigator may take White House to Court Click.

The University of Bonn has caused outrage by naming Joseph Goebbels  as one of its most famous alumni in an advertising drive for new students. Click.

Click. Wider War in Colombia as Military Steps Up Attacks on Rebels

Click. North Korea Renews Ties with China


Click. CIA Goes Primetime on CBS

The new starring role for the CIA coincides with the agency's decision to employ a full-time entertainment liaison officer, himself a former CIA officer in Latin America Click.

Click. Fired Anchor Sails Off With 1.5M Raise

Click. Reality’s fight


Click. The man charged with shooting Petaluma's harbormaster to death in a dispute over a boat entered an insanity plea

Click. Anchor-Outs Standing Firm Against Local Govt. Intrusion - By David Swinney

Click. Serra not taking air tanker death case

Click. Chevron moving to East Bay

Click. Sunol man seeks helipad at home

Click. Workers' comp bill runs afoul of governor. Assembly OKs increase that Davis opposes

Click. Power prices a drain on jobs

Click. Hamilton Documents: Where Are They? - By Tracy Carg

Click. Davis feels heat over student depositions. Critics say state's lawyers bully kids

Click. Oakland Estuary developer chosen

Click. Locals Drive Off Coptic Pope; No Blessing - By Elena Belsky

Click. Shakespeare vs. Steelheads Update - By Louis Nuyens

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Fox remarks catch Bush off guard 

Click. Is Nader Right? by Sam Parry

W is hiding the skeletons of the Reagan administration. Click.

Click. The Bush affair with secrecy -- The New Republic

Click. PAT M. HOLT: Of course we're imperialists

Click. Wanted: Enemy to Justify $344 Billion War Budget

Click. Bush to Invoke Executive Privilege in Clinton Cases

Click. US Military Bases Turning Into Slums

Click. Sailors Awarded for Bravery in Defending Against Attack on USS Cole

Click. Microsoft won't be broken up The Justice Department announced Thursday that it no longer is interested in seeking a court-ordered breakup of software giant Microsoft.

Click. Microsoft's research group touts latest ideas

Click. HP Is No IBM

Click. Mem os That Ignited the HP/Compaq Merger

Click. Volunteer 'Army' Fights MS on Open Source

Click. Uncle Sam Wants His Geeks Back

Click. Filmmakers Say: Hi, Resfest

Click. The Miss Manners of Cell Phones

Click. Man accused of installing spy software to monitor estranged wife's computer use - checked her every keystroke.

Click. Gadgets, Vests and Pants, Oh My!

Click. NEC Develops Fuel Cell for Handhelds

Click. Hancock Exits Exodus

Click. Computer Worm: FBI Had Advance Warning


Click. Ailing Polaroid sends jolt with health-benefit cuts

Click. Disney and News Corp in internet movie plan

Click. Disney tsunami hits Tokyo -- again

Click. IMF points to danger of a "protracted global downturn"

Click. Ripping Off The Poor At Safeway Doesn't Hurt? - By Karen Nakamura

Click. HUD wasted $1.1 million on questionable program, audit concludes

A broker on your dashboard. Click.

Click. Fed May Purchase Private Bonds

Click. Who's minding the World Bank?


FBI Raids Muslim Web Hosting Company Click.

More courts, more prosecutors needed to clean up city, says S.F. DA Hallinan

Click. Charges reduced in fatal collision

Click. Tiburon man indicted for fraud

Click. Bill letting women inmates visit kids overnight approved

Click. Who gets reward in Soltys case?

Click. Ill lawyer forces another delay in SLA bombing trial

Click. Gangs use Internet to discuss crimes

Party Animal Parents. Click.

Click. Court OKs remote fatherhood via artificial insemination for inmates

Click. Owner of killer dog, 7 others indicted. White supremacists accused of terrorism from behind bars

Click. Colombian drug lord Fabio Ochoa beat a U.S. trial once - but not this time

Click. Wrongful-death claim filed in Metreon police shooting

Click. David Shapiro, chief of criminal prosecutions in the San Francisco U.S. attorney's office, has been named the interim successor to U.S. Attorney Robert Mueller.

Feds give up Torricelli book probe. Click.

Click. San Francisco music teacher murder

Click. Gay L.A. officer deserves back pay, judge says

Click. Philadelphia. Bill would allow police to jail people for lack of ID


Click. vCJD )Mad Cow) victims on the increase' in Britain

Click. Benign microbe may prolong lives of HIV infected

Click. Pelicans hooked in fishing frenzy. Hundreds of birds hurt, 40 killed in Santa Cruz anchovy run

Click. Black holes: the story in links

Click. Scientists May Be Close to 'Black Hole'

Click. Virtual Voyager

Click. 'Environmentally Friendly' Explosives Get Ready

Click. Building a Better Mosquito

Click. Pet Cancer Trials Planned

Click. Universe Could Turn To Jelly

Click. Study Shows Coffee Is Rich Source of Antioxidants 

Click. Coerced Treatment: Too Many Steps in the Right Direction

Click. Some Colon Polyps May Not Be So Innocent

Click. Researchers Locate Genes That Speed Up Formation Of New Species

Click. Secret To Earth's "Big Chill" Found In Underground Water

Click. New Drug Shows Promise In Preventing Blood Clots

Click. Spiraling High Blood Pressure Linked To Nitric Oxide Deficiency

Click. Photovoltaics Researchers Developing Self-Assembling Solar Cells

Click. China To Declare New Reserve For Siberian Tigers

Click. Z-Beamlet Image Shows Z Evenly Compresses Pellet

Click. Penn Engineers Develop Fuel Cell That Uses Liquid Diesel, The First Such Device To Run On A Widely Available Fuel

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

Click. She bedded countless men (and women) and became the most celebrated woman of her day. She wasn't a rock star -- she was poet Edna St. Vincent Millay

Click. Amelia Earhart re-creation begins

Invisible internet sources. Click.

Click. Christianity 'almost vanquished'

Click. Mother Teresa's exorcism raises questions for Roman Catholic scholars

Click. Satan and the Saint

Click. Road project unearths ancient Miwok site

Click. Humans in Arctic 30,000 years ago, experts say

Click. Revolutionary thoughts: Ji-li Jiang's stories are fueled by her experiences growing up in Mao's China

Click. Freedom for pet ferrets

Click. Dressing Ashley Trying for another Kournikova at the U.S. Open.

Click. Parents with a past must talk to teens about sex

Click. Courtney Love takes her campaign against the record industry to the California legislature.

Click. Famous Beneath Los Angeles

Click. The Green Man.

Word of the Day Click.

September 5, 2001

Mexican President wants migration deal before the end of the year. Click.

Click. Kennedy set to speak out against stem cell limits

Send in the assassins. Click.

Click. Gecas unfit to stand trial in Lithuania

Click. Yamashita's Gold - Eyewitness Reveals Truth Of Fabulous WWII Hidden Treasure

PRAVDA: U.S. Contras in Belarus? Click.

Click. Russia Stuck In Era of Catherine II The draft federal budget for 2002 continues the glorious tradition of not repaying Western debts.

Terrorism benefits the state? Click.

Click. The seas have shrunk since the first boat people set sail

Click. Blowback and Body Bags - Making Sense of "Balkan Policy" under George W. Bush

Click. Australia first, at its peril

Click. Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Nichols offers to waive appeals, accept life sentence

Click. Bin Laden fuels hard line expansion

Click. US Seeks Duplicate of Russian Anthrax


Click. How low can CNN go?

Advertising can alter people's childhood memories, making them remember events that never happened. Click.


Click. Do You Still Need a Library Card? 

Click. Mark Fuhrman Makes Comeback with Books, Radio Talk Show


Click. Ranger wasn't told girl was drowning

Click. There Is No Greater Force of Nature Than Unbridled Naiveté

Click. Complex steps to cleanup at Hamilton

Click. Attempt to curb Hearst development rights has potent foe

Click. Construction begins for Stanford's new cancer center

Livermore vineyard may grow reputation Newcomer plans the first major commercial planting north of I-580

Tony Hall for WHAT? by Warren Hinckle

Click. Charter schools search for space

Click. Harvest of worry: Pest fears, low prices hang over wine grapes

Click. Mariner hunkers on Delta island, impervious to official storm

Click. Placer leads state as top GOP county

Still Afloat. Mission Creek's houseboat community lives on in the midst of urban development Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Gramm's departure will just open way for another Republican in Texas

Click. Senate panel will air doubts on stem cell research

Click. U.S. agriculture secretary 'very encouraged' by farm summit in Uruguay

Click. Bush Reverts to Satellites for China

Click. U.S. health secretary sees limits on stem cell lines

Click. Bush budget chief faces grilling by Congress on shrinking surplus

Click. Third BART union may strike; ATU and SEIU will honor their picket lines

Click. New variant of Magistr virus on the loose

Your local bus tracked by satellite for you. Click.

Click. Cookies: A Godsend For Net Surfers, And Spies

Click. SirCam: No Sign Of Stopping

Click. More on Singapore may block overseas sites that don't register

Click. New Leadership, Focus

Click. Security Danger Found in Web Postings

Click. Bush And The Silicon Soldiers In the future, human soldiers may be miles away from battlefields where high tech "silicon soldiers" struggle for control of territory.


China is to allow Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and AOL Time Warner access to its television audiences in return for the firms distributing a Chinese government-sponsored channel in the US. Click.

Click. Recent moves mar CEO Fiorina's record

Click. HP Deal Could Trigger More Tech Mergers

Click. HP's bid to buy Compaq could wipe out 15,000 jobs

Click. Sun CFO says HP-Compaq is 'gold mine' for his firm

Click. Missed Cues About @Home Mess

Click. Hearing to Hit Cuomo Over Housing Scam


Click. Fremont bomber gets 37 years to life. 'Not guilty, no remorse,' says man whose explosions terrorized East Bay city  More: Click.

Click. Ex-FBI Analyst Guilty in Theft for Mob

Click. San Francisco police may be violating demonstrators' rights by asking private citizens to sign arrest warrants in advance without specifying the suspects or the charges, a federal appeals court ruled.

Click. Bar to rate four for Mosk seat

Click. San Diego judge drops 300 red-light camera tickets

Click. President Bush to Nominate Thirteen Individuals to Serve as United States Attorneys

Click. Epidemic of hepatitis C in nation's prisons

Click. Fugitive arrested in San Francisco after more than six years on the run

Click. Trial opens in lawsuit against major Bay Area biotech firm

Click. Federal indictments unsealed Tuesday charge eight reputed Aryan Brotherhood prison gang members with committing a series of violent crimes across Northern and Central California since 1986, including the murder of Sonoma County sheriff's deputy Frank Trejo.

Click. Defense lawyers to seek delay in SLA fugitive trial

Welcome to my nightmare! Acquittal! Click.

Click. Stem Cell Patent Issues Resolved

Click. Doctors need to do more to relieve children's pain, policy says

Click. In global warming war, plowshares are swords

A breakthrough in the treatment of stroke patients has been announced by an Australian researcher. Click.

Click. New heart tube could revolutionize coronary medicine

Click. Honda unveils new gas-electric hybrid car

Click. New robo-plane could join fire fight 

Click. One Cup of Coffee May Temporarily Harden Arteries 

Click. Study Cautions on Car Trips for Newborns 

Click. Doctors Overlook Folic Acid, Women Tell Poll

Click. Invisible teeth brace launched

Click. Brain Circuitry Involved In Language Reveals Differences In Man, Non-Human Primates

Click. Earth Is Becoming A Greener Greenhouse

Click. Multiple Evolutionary "Jumps" Drive Drosophila Diversification, 

Click. Cancers Appear In Mice Treated With Adeno-Associated Virus, A Gene Therapy Vector

Click. First Controllable 2D Nanopatterns Imaged By Sandia Researchers -- Nanotemplates For Nanostructures

Click. Can Dental Cells Help Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson's Patients?

Click. Teaching Human Side Of Patient Care Is Best Done At The Bedside, Say Medical Educators

Click. Mysteries Of The Stumpy Lizard Revealed

Click. Closer to AIDS Vaccine?

Click. Robots That Operate on Brains

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

Religion just a by-product of the human mind? Click.

Kurt Cobain - Beyond the Myths. Click.

Click. David Mamet's 'Heist' pays tribute to film noir

Click. Traces hint at fate of a ghost ship 

Click. Actress Heche Says Sexual Abuse Made Her 'Insane' 

Click. Archaeologists Unveil Venice Lagoon's Hidden Galley

Click. The Piececlopedia, an encyclopedia of chess variants.

The work - family conundrum. Click.

Anais Nin: Writer or Perfume? by Judy Chicago Click

Click. Bobby Seale's Shadow

Click. Jim Thorpe Great American Indian athlete.

Click. Megan Seely is the youngest woman to be elected president of the California chapter of NOW.

Click. Doctor's message: Healing is matter of spiritual growth

Click. Teenage shaman.

Click. Tomato tips and recipes from the pros

Click. How Effects Affect Good Films

Word of the Day Click.

September 4, 2001

Click. President  Bush's determination to forge ahead with his proposed missile defense system could see China being granted an early view of the plan.

Click. White House denies condoning nuclear buildup by China

Click. US and Israel quit race conference

US: NATO Mission to Get  Bigger

NATO commanders were said to have been horrified in the weekend when German Leopard tanks moved into Macedonia from Kosovo. Click.

Click. Syria reaches a crossroads

Click. David Horowitz After being pardoned by Bill Clinton, former Weatherman member Linda Evans is still an enemy of American democracy

Hugo Chávez Frías, the President of Venezuela and how he allied himself with the Bolívar legend in his rise to power. Click.


"Soldier Vision" for urban combat. Click.

Friend remembers Crosslin: 'He had a heart of gold' Click.

Click. U.S.

U.S. Air Force and NASA Work Closer on Strategic Space Control 


Click. Want to advertise? Sponsor a novel

Click. Web site gives scientists outlet for explaining the unexplainable

Click. More Black Voices in Print

Click. How movie sex scenes turn us on (or off)

Click. Women Getting Into Science Fiction

Click. British Schools to Show 'Cocaine and Sex' Film About Jesus


Click. BART settlement near

Memory of Lisa Norrell builds non-profit Click.

Click. Money key for Davis, rivals

Click. Judge orders limit to application of pesticide near two Monterey County schools

Click. 'Tidal Wave II' opens at California State Universities

Click. Low-income East Bay families to be hit hard, report says


Click. Prosecutors question reason behind raid of PI's office Some defense attorneys wonder if there is more than possible forgery behind the Aug. 14 raid on the home and office of private investigator Alan Peacock.

Click. Raid of PI's office revives 'special master' issue The Aug. 14 raid on the home and office of Modesto private investigator Alan Peacock was the not the first time that questions were raised about the need for a "special master."

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Protests are out and we will decide what you can investigate Click.

Danger Zone: Justice Department looking more like secret police Click.

Bush rolls the dice on social security. Click.

Bush as populist? Click.

Click. Bush administration stonewalls on energy task force documents

Full story of the Skull and Bones society. Click.

Bush Doing Well by Doing Nothing. Click.

Click. Bush's Surplus Lies

Cyberathletes paid to hawk computer games and gadgets Click.

US company Hewlett-Packard is buying fellow computer maker Compaq Computer for a reported $25 billion in stock. Click.

Click. EU to launch probe into $25bn HP-Compaq deal

Princess Fiorina kisses the Ugly Frog Click.

Click. Japan's NTT DoCoMo plans world's first supercharged cell phone

China's internet generation. Click.

Click. Motorola claims chip breakthrough

Click. Intel zooms ahead with AMD on its tail

Click. Beware That Company Box You Took

Click. DMCA update: Russia warns its programmers against U.S.; LoC report


What happens when international laws are tighter than those in your own country? Dow Jones learns the hard way. Click.

Click. Marconi in crisis Top managers resign and 2,000 more jobs go

Click. Retooling finances is ticket to dream of Cancún business

Click. Investors plan Russian Space hotel

Click. A new Dell business model: A Citrus Heights company helps customers buy PCs that aren't sold in stores.

Click. Global taxation moves closer

Click. Service Professions Go Begging for Workers

Click. US (Under) mining of Africa


The 'stalker' who stayed at home and terrorized a town. Click.

Click. Assemblyman Joseph Nation, D-San Rafael, last December proposed a state constitutional amendment designed to take the campaigning, and the mudslinging and money-grubbing that often go with it, out of the process for choosing the state's trial court judges. Nation proposed having the state's 1,500 Superior Court judges join Supreme Court and Court of Appeal justices in being exempt from ballot opposition.

John Moss caught the eye of the FBI long before he authored the pesky Freedom of Information Act. Click.

Woman claims 2 men assaulted her, carved KKK on her chest Click.

Click. Kidnap's all the rage, even those that may be faked

Click. U.N. study: Obtain trademark for domain name protection For the past 21 months, the issue of Internet names has been governed by a system set up by the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization.

Bishop convicted in pedophile case A French bishop is given a suspended jail sentence in an unprecedented case for keeping quiet about a priest's sex abuse of children. 

Click. Video line-ups 'fairer'?

The New Thought Police Don't Care What You Do—Only What You Imagine Click.

Click. S.F. police read palms for evidence. New computers scan beyond fingerprints

Click. Drug-Free Urine at $69 a Pee

Click. Thirty years later, memories of Attica cry out

Witch hunts haunt us even now Click.

Click. Researchers Say New Cannabis Spray Relieves Pain

Study Shows Antioxidants Play Vital Role In Protecting Skin Click.

Click. Cannabis 'dramatically improves pain relief'

Click. 'Significant advance' for artificial liver

Click. Human blood from stem cells

Click. Gene clue to long life diet US researchers find genes linked to the way restricting food intake can extend life.

Click. Antibiotics may cut heart attacks risk

Click. Oregon: Physician has OK'd marijuana for 1,000 patients--40% of the state total, attracting official scrutiny.

Epilepsy's no bar to her future Click.

Click. Russian space station a 'real possibility'

Click. Rise of the humanoids

Click. Widely varying counts of human genes spur debate by scientists

Click. How to choose the right painkiller

Click. A Vaccine for Plants

Click. NASA Unveils New Robot Plane

Viruses sounded out. Click.

Click. "Imprinted" Gels Hold Promise For Future Medical Devices

Click. Nature's Chemical Weapons Save Lives

Click. Drug Decreases Blood Vessel Stiffness In Older People

Click. India has seriously decided to become the third world power realizing its own interplanetary flights and looks forward to Indian’s landing on the moon soon.

Click. Doctors Say a Chocolate a Day Keeps Them Away

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

Click. Dung-Flavored Beer Brewed Anew on Scottish Island

Click. Shakespeare's hidden lesbians. 

Perfect salade niçoise Click.

Click. Iron Age boats discovered near pagan site

92 percent of female drivers eat in a car, 72 percent do their makeup and 65 percent finish off their hairstyle -- while driving. Click.

Click. All-American diva

Click. The critic: Pauline Kael, R.I.P She was hard as nails. She was funny as hell. And she taught me everything I know about beauty.

Click. Boys suffer from date violence, too

Click. The paddle's infinite sting Corporal punishment at school leaves temporary welts and permanent shame

Click. Son reveals the highly sexual life, death of Bob Crane 

Buddhism has some problems that other religions do (graft, lecherous monks), and some very, very strange ones that they don't. Click.

Click. Disney Site: Have aliens visited Earth?

Detailed account of Van Gogh's time with Gauguin Click.

Sexism killed the Tassie Tiger Click.

Attenborough team find new sea species. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

September 1, 2, 3

Chinese leader warns of arms race if the US withdraws from ABM treatyClick.

How do we know what's going on in Macedonia? Click.

Click. No treaty from Mexican visit

Army of Bias? The U.S. Army National Ground Intelligence Center has been rocked by charges of racial discrimination and illegal electronic surveillance of whistle-blowers. Click.

Bush to Boost Military Aid to Colombia Click.

Hardline figure Salvatore Mancuso emerging as leader of Colombia's paramilitaries Click.

Click. US Army Shifting Equipment to Asia

The new voice of Europe. Click.

Click. Wesley Clark Joins CNN Propaganda Team

Click. Taliban shut down 2 more aid groups Agencies linked to jailed Christians

Click. Let the refugees land

Click. People-smuggler's rising reputation

Did Herzl want a 'Jewish' state? Click.

What is Hamas? Click.

French Police Prevent GM Crop Destruction Click.

Afghanistan's iron rule brings only death, despair Click.

UN Urges Action on Illegal Arms Click.

Click. The FBI ''fumbled an extraordinary opportunity'' to recognize that its Wen Ho Lee spy investigation was off the mark after receiving a CIA analysis in September 1997 that challenged the underpinnings of the probe, according to secret sections of a government report.


Proposed boundaries for California's congressional seats have Rep. Gary Condit's district jutting into central Stockton and nearly half of Stanislaus County residents joining a district dominated by Fresno and Madera counties. Click.

Click. Kaiser restricted patients' access amid campaign touting accessibility

Kidnapping suspect named in 2 more cases Click.

Click. Canadian teachers find school daze in U.S.

Click. Drug gang bust in Novato

Click. Greenbrae pair arrested in crystal meth raid

Click. Stem cell controversy draws in Stanford

Click. Roadblocks along adoption's path

Sputtering economy puts squeeze on winemakers Click.

Click. Bill Gates aids Petaluma school

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Ex-aide to Bush campaign jailed

Click. Ex-GOP attack dog David Brock charges that Bush judicial nominee Terry Wooten gave him FBI files to discredit a key witness in the Clarence Thomas hearings. Will the Senate investigate?

Click. Arianna Huffington President Bush's shocking energy-policy sellout 

Click. Bush pets lead virtual White House tour

``Now there are some who are second-guessing tax relief. I presume those who now oppose tax relief are for raising your taxes. That would tie an anchor on our economy and I can assure you I won't allow it.'' (8/29/01, San Antonio) Story: Click.

Removing plug-ins from Internet Explorer. Click.

Click. NSA: Cyber Operations Readiness Triad (CORT)

Click. Defensive Information Operations Planning Tool

Click. Superconductor quest getting warmer 

Click. Linux: A Chipmaker's Best Friend


Click. Social Security paid $31m to dead people.

Let the music play someday. Click.

Click. When Profit Becomes A Booby Prize Slashing costs at dot-coms revisits the old struggle between vision and economics.

Click. Belgium Kicks Off Major Euro Distribution Process

Click. DOWNGRADED: Salon stock transferred to NASDAQ SmallCap market.

Click. Breaking into the lockbox

Click. Lending bill's back -- so are its foes


Hollywood film-makers have frequently changed plot lines, altered history and amended scripts at the request of the Pentagon, according to recently released military documents. Producers and directors have often agreed to changes in order to gain access to expensive military hardware or to be able to film on military property. Click.

PR Nation. Click.

Washington's Post's unique attributions. Click.

Click. CIA goes Hollywood

Click. White House Denies Role In Subpoena

Click. Bush Delays Reagan Records Release


Click. J. Tony Serra to represent suspect in firefighter deaths

Click. 2 Mass. families sue vaccine makers Blame preservative added to medication for children's autism

Click. Flemmi, son sued over condo deal

Click. Man gets 33 months for boy's abduction

A Brazil Switch: Wealthy Defend Their Kidnappers Click.

Click, Knoller's bail reduced, prosecutor shows gang connection

Click. A 26-year-old Richmond man was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges he forced a young girl into prostitution and videotaped another having sex with him.

Judge Delays Ochoa Extradition Click.

Death case lawyer challenged Click.

Click. How Soltys eluded hunt

Click. Prosecutors and defense attorneys want to ensure that a 16-year-old boy gets treatment for his sexually aggressive behavior but a critical snag is holding up the deal: What happens in a few years when the boy is set free?

Two-plus months after the police shot Idriss Stelley 20 times, they still won't release their reports on the death Click.

Click. Kenneth Starr joins Olympic Pipe Line's legal team

Click. Brazil wins big price cut in AIDS drug

Click. 2 Stanford scientists endorse billionaire's action. $60 million gift withdrawn because of stem cell controversy

Click.  Engineer Bill Gerrey builds devices to help other sightless people navigate the world.  He's not looking for miracles, just a few small victories. 

Alter our DNA or robots will take over, warns Hawking Click.

Click. Ill Tidings on Labor Day Eve by Warren Hinckle. Political scientists began as brothers to historians but evolved into weak sisters to sociologists. Now the chiropractors are having their way with the profession.

Click. Human Emits Sex Scent Signals

Click. How Lock Picking Works More: Click.

The first Raelian has just moved to Manhattan, and she's on a mission to multiply. She is hosting her first "sensual meditation" class next week, spreading the extraterrestrial good news on the Upper West Side—and bringing the group's controversial stance on cloning to New York. Click.

Click. Volcano poses Atlantic wave threat

Click. NASA Work on Making Wine

Click. Satellites help produce better wine 

Click. Scientists call for online library 

Click. A new twist for gene-modified food 

Click. Shark Attacks More Soundbite Than Teeth? 

Vincent Van Gogh, Stone bench and Fountain in the Asylum Garden
October-November 1889

Click. Pleasanton Scottish event hosts international sports

Click. An ancient art reunites a people

Click. Coming up short on Duke Ellington

Click. 3-line deck goes here and here and here and here and here Talbot was a little late getting home Friday afternoon, but his wife did not mind.

Click. Burning Questions and "Burning Man"

All the world's a dark room. Click.

Click. 'The Ice' gives reservists a rare opportunity

Click. Judge denies motion over Kennewick Man

Click. We aren't whining, we do work too much

Click. The Lioness in Winter At age 72, Ann Theresa Calvello, the Roller Derby Queen, is the subject of a movie -- and as salty as ever

Click. Building a wall (and a work of art) out of stones

More on the Ice Man Click.

Word of the Day Click.