August 31, 2001

Click. New Taliban Army Chief – Bin Laden


Pentagon Plays Hollywood Censor

Israeli Troops Threaten to Shoot UN Agency Chief

Click. Tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed accused U.S. security agencies of having been involved in a huge cover-up in the investigation into the deaths of his son Dodi and Britain's Princess Diana.

Army may expand presence in Asia. Click.

Click. US to help thwart China's Web censors

Click. Ex-Diplomat Pleads Guilty to Conflict of Interest in Chang Case

Click. War College Details New Taiwan Attack Scenario

Click. Nuclear Arms Data Get New Classification Wen Ho Lee Case Spawns 'Sigma 16' Level of Secrecy

Milosevic judges walk out Click.

Click. Why the Tampa refugees should be free to live in Australia

I survived the maximum performance take-off, when Maj. Glen ``Lunar'' Lawson stood the F-16 on its tail and we screamed skyward like a scalded cat. Click.

Click. Protesters go into training for summit in Washington

Click. Robinson: I am a Jew

Click. Mystery mansion traced to Bhuttos

Click. More than 30 high-level U.S. officials arrive in Colombia for an extensive review of U.S. policy there amid rising concerns about Colombia's efforts to control leftist guerrillas and narcotics trafficking.


Click. Pakistan wants jehadi belt around India

Click. No Stasi Reunions for Putin on Dresden Trip

Click. Classified section of report details CIA warning to FBI about Wen Ho Lee


Click. FBI announces drug, gun raids   Close to 200 FBI agents and Bay area police officers at 6:00 a.m. today began expediting numerous search and arrest warrants to apprehend drug distributors and weapons violators. 

Click. San Francisco Police: Criminals control Sixth St.

Click. Fire sends reptiles running

Click. Harvest Wine Celebration fetes region Livermore, Castro Valley and Sunol wineries offer vintages; treats, music, and arts and crafts booths this weekend

Click. BART strike threat has firms scurrying for transit options

Redwoods setting for art fair. Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Expanding Medicare to cover prescription drugs unlikely

How democrats intend to win Dixie. Click.

Click. Hillary fails to back Gore

Click. 'Star Wars' poses nuclear risk to Britain


My administration has been calling upon all the leaders in the—in the Middle East to do everything they can to stop the violence, to tell the different parties involved that peace will never happen."—Crawford, Texas, Aug, 13, 2001

One of the interesting initiatives we've taken in Washington, D.C., is we've got these vampire-busting devices. A vampire is a—a cell deal you can plug in the wall to charge your cell phone."—Denver, Aug. 14, 2001

"There's a lot of people in the Middle East who are desirous to get into the Mitchell process. And—but first things first. The—these terrorist acts and, you know, the responses have got to end in order for us to get the framework—the groundwork—not framework, the groundwork to discuss a framework for peace, to lay the—all right."—Referring to former Sen. George Mitchell's report on Middle East peace, Crawford, Texas, Aug. 13, 2001 

A wearable phone you can talk to. Click.

Click. Ass'n of American Physicians and Surgeons: Nix kid ID cards!

Click. Bill Gates to help fund Chicago ‘small school’ experiment

Compaq mulls biotech JV with Taiwan academic body Click.

Click. Parasitic Computing Tricks Machines

Click. Beyond the Tech Bubble

Click. The State of Artificial Intelligence

Click. IBM Launches $699 Computer Server

Click. Society of Professional Journalists on Vanessa Leggett still in jail

Click. Helena Kobrin: Still assailing anti-Scientology websites

Click. E-Witch Pagan Auction

Click. Reading, Writing And Red Hat?

Click. Net art after e-commerce

Click. The Internet backlash


The World Trade Organization (WTO) blew its whistle on a U.S. tax law in a recent ruling, finding that the legislation, which was revised by Congress last year, continues to subsidize exports. In so doing, the WTO waded so deeply into U.S. tax legislation that it has irreversibly established itself as an international referee on tax matters. Click.

Click. IMF warns of a significant danger of global recession

Click. Venture Capital: Netpreneur eyes the mountain once again

Click. New euro notes are dull and soulless

Click. Ritalin Acts Much Like Cocaine

Click. A Credit Card Sent To An Old
Address Can Cost You

Click. Hitachi to slash 14,700 jobs


Burton assails Ashcroft 'stonewalling' on probes Click.

Click. Iowa police seek man for questioning in 7 slayings

Click. Judge OKs Florida ban on homosexual adoptions

Click. Jury says landlord guilty of race bias. Black tenants plan discrimination suit

Click. D.C. Wrongly Jailed Deaf Man 2 Years

Click. Two Are Acquitted In Gold Club Strip Club Trial

Click. Snaring pedophiles by posing as kiddies on the 'net'.

Click. Sklyarov, Boss Plead Not Guilty

Click. Landlord can limit tenant leafleting. Split in high court over S.F. case

Click. Copywrong? A government report giving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act a passing grade is a disaster for the general public

Click. New FBI Head Approved Subpoena of Phone Records of AP Reporter 8/31

Click. Judge in gay custody case picked for appellate court

Click. $1 million awarded to lesbian officer. Jury agrees she was harassed

Click. Dog-mauling lawyers linked to prison gang. Prosecutors call them flight risks

Salem witches want their good names back. Click.

Click. Pregnancy problems Stress affects unborn babies

Click. Radio Waves Zap Zebra Mussels

Click. MIT chemist reports use of light to free hydrogen

New theory of ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) developed by former sufferer Click.

Click. Donor cuts off $60 million to Stanford. Entrepreneur upset by limits on stem-cell study

Click. Researchers Use Quartz Crystals to 'Hear' Viruses

Click. Undersea Landslide Could be US, Europe Threat

Click. Lizards and frogs enter Eden 

Click. Mars Explorers Call for Opening the 'New World' 

Click. Growth Factor Stimulation Leads To Increase In New Neurons In The Brain

Click. Climate Plays Bigger Role Than CO2 In Make-Up Of Plant Communities

Click. Inhibitory Switch Found For Master Regulator Of Inflammation, Gladstone Researchers Report

Click. PET Proves Best For Revealing Spread Of Cervical Cancer

Click. Biomolecule Studied For Medical Uses

Click. Rock And Ice Linked By Crushing Mechanism

Click. Scientist Finds Answers In Antarctic Icefish

Click. Rutgers Professor Details How Polymers Improve Drug Delivery And Make Possible Crystal-Clear Water-Based Cosmetics

Click.  Study Supports Buoyancy Explanation For How Volcanic Rock Rises Through The Earth's Mantle

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Mussel Collectors at Berneval (Coast of Normandy). 1879.

Click. Kicker Is First Woman to Play in Major College Football Game

Click. Divers find Scottish hero's submarine

Raymond Abescat Click.

Click. The Wollemi Pine. A 'living fossil'-- the only known living tree in the world from the Jurassic period

Scientists dig up Aztec temple. Click.

Click. Intimidation tactics may have led to speech

Useful quotes from Diogenes of Sinope Click.

Click. Pharaohs of the sun. 

Click. Millionaires Take Aim At Mars 

Click. Send in the clowns How Ringling Bros. minions tormented a freelance writer for eight years

Click. Bentwaters UFO Document Release

Click. Dutch Scientists to Try to Create Crop Circles Using Plasmas

Word of the Day Click.

August 30, 2001

Click. Pentagon Certifies Emergency Teams The Pentagon has certified three more civil support teams in the National Guard to respond quickly if a biological, chemical or nuclear weapon is used on U.S. soil.

Click. Intercepted Missiles Could Fall On Europe Missiles targeted at US cities and intercepted by President Bush's proposed missile defence shield could fall on Europe, Canada or middle America instead.

Click. Milosevic to face genocide charge

Click. Two Men Arrested For Planning To Smuggle High-Tech Encryption

Click. Spy Probe Seeks Cache Of Classified Documents

Sticking with an Andean disaster. Click.

Racism only happens in little nations. Click.

The Kurdish curse is chasing us both. Click.

Baby steps — and missteps — for information warfare Click.

Click. U.S. Navy lifts stern of Ehime Maru sunk by USS Greeneville

Click.  Corps troops gear up for the Exercise Victory Strike II in Poland 

Click. Brothers at odds. Ex-dictator, Guatemalan bishop demonstrate how deeply 36 years of civil war divided nation

Click. Why China came clean about its AIDS problem.

Click. Europe seeks greater role in Middle East

Click. Hillary Ready to Pull Plug on Tax Cuts


Click. Charter vote sets off scramble  

Click. Marin County executives indicted in nuclear testing sale More: Click.

Click. Murder charges filed against accused Calif. wildfire starter

Click. 3 donate $60,000 to Sunol school

Click. Dirty work at big dig? by Warren Hinckle.

Click. 'Bad dope' called kidnap motive

Click. Let the district battles begin

Click. Parkmerced scam Tenants gain unusual ally in battle against giant landlord.

Click. Santa Rosa faces big shift in Assembly district

Click. Rohnert Park petition denounces public safety director

Click. Welder charged in burning of woman

Click. Davis wants more protection for patients of HMOs

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Ecologists, Bush make surprise deal

Click. U.S. sends tiny group to racism conference. Unofficial delegation to lobby for Israel

Click. The Bush administration wants to remove some people from a compensation program for workers who contracted illnesses after working in Cold War-era nuclear weapons programs.

Click. Bush's nominee to head Joint Chiefs promotes miniaturization of space

Click. Europe to widen antitrust probe of Microsoft

Click. New Microsoft court date is set

Click. Google Wins by Not Hiding the Banana 

Click. U.S. plots to circumvent China's Internet censors. East Bay firm could help open up Web access

Click. Whodunit? Only Webmaster Knows

Click. Korea Sex Offenders Jam Web

Click. Governments Push Open Source

Click. Motorola Designs Tools for Ultra-Small Chips

Click. AOL: You've Got Dissidents?

Click. ISPs Forced to Abet 'Orwellian Creep'

Click. Virtual Worlds Get Real At Siggraph

Click. Bluetooth has lost, says Intel executive

Click. Dilbert Creator in 'Ultimate Cubicle'


Click. HUD's payback time Public housing tenants may be owed refunds.

Click. The case of the lost tax payments grows

Click. Hard to Fold How to start a magazine in hard times

Click. Germany Wants IT From U.S.

Click. So that's what happened to your tax return


Click. Lesbian couples win parental rights B.C.'s human-rights tribunal rules that both people in same-sex couple can have name on their child's birth certificate.

Click. A federal judge has taken the unusual step of ordering a reopening of a discrimination trial against Contra Costa County at the county's expense because officials were late in handing over documents.

Click. Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is moving to fire six deputies and suspend nine others at the county jail after an investigation into charges of inmate abuse.

Since the 1970s, local authorities have tried twice without success to prosecute suspects accused of starting fires that led to deaths of air tanker pilots. Click.

A settlement awarding $1 million to the family of a Rohnert Park man shot and killed by police has been finalized. Click.

Post-constitutional America. Click.

Click. Sklyarov Indictment 'Not Unusual'

Click. Law Prof Cajoles Dmitry Allies

Click. Calls for Cybercrime Database

Click. Aaliyah Pilot Pleaded No Contest to Coke Possession Prior to Crash

Help for stroke victims. Clot-fighting tool could reduce brain damage Click.

Click. A new picture, as patient swallows the camera

Click. Adverse effects from childhood vaccinations rare

Click. State plans lusty exit for male fruit flies

Click. Striking Gold at Speed of Light

Click. Bay Area leads on new laser weapon

Click. Scientists Identify Black Tea's Anti-Cancer Secret

Click. Scientists Warn of Possible Atlantic Monster Wave

Click. Flaxseed Could Fight Breast Cancer in Older Women 

Click. Cancer-Killing Virus Found

Earth's Light Show Is A Clue To Finding Habitable Neighbors

Click. New Epilepsy Gene Identified In Mice

Click. Dentists Abuzz Over Cavity-Prevention Potential Of Honeybee Product

Click. Laser Technique Examines Movement In Nucleus Of Living Cell

Click. Experiment Provides New Clues To The Location Of Visual Consciousness

Click. Ray Bradbury Is On Fire!

We're all primates Click.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Mussel Collectors at Berneval (Coast of Normandy). 1879.

Click. One man's notebook helped turn the tide against Napoleon Click.

Click. Wet Hot American Summer takes the teen movie to new extremes.

Click. Erin Brockovich keynotes Women's Success Forum

Click. All aboard for Chemainus: an outdoor art gallery of a town 

Click. Show it like it is: A group of women bare everything to show that all bodies are perfect 

Click. Sex, drugs, and the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Click. War in Brooklyn  

Click. What’s OK for Britney will drive mom crazy

Click. Getting medieval

Word of the Day Click.

August 28, 2001 (No new publication August 29, 2001) 

Israel claims regional shield after Arrow- 2 downs Scud in test Click.

The U.S. Congress' non-partisan budget watchdog: The government will use about $9 billion of politically sensitive Social Security revenue to balance its budget this year, contradicting White House promises to leave Social Security untouched. Click.

Campaigners against religious cults across western Europe are trying to persuade the British government to follow the French and legislate against movements such as Sai Baba and the Moonies. Click. 

Click. Sai Baba could be put on UK blacklist

The Federal Security Service has used organized crime gangs and war criminals to carry out contract killings in Russia and abroad, according to excerpts of a book co-authored by a renegade former FSB officer Click.

Click. The CIA claims to have changed. So why is it suppressing a book about activities in Greece?

Pravda: Putin criticizes Nato charge in Macedonia. Click.

Click. Fujimori May Face Homicide Charges

Chinese expansionism. Click.

Click. Uncontrolled Burn: How Congress is Adding Fuel to the Western Wildfires

DARPA granted Visionics a $2 million contract last November as part of the agency’s "Human ID at a Distance Program." Click.

After half a year in Senate, Hillary gets credit for hard work, but negative ratings stay. Click.

Click. Midair crash kills 2 air tanker pilot in Mendocino. Suspect arrested in arson-murder. Clandestine drug lab may have started fire. 

Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police - Part I by Sherman Skolnick. Click.


Click. Californians concerned over chemtrails

Click. Tauscher will retain labs, lose elsewhere

Click. Mailman runs awry in Isleton

Click. New San Rafael schools chief gets to know her turf

Click. Non-gambling California tribes collect $22.5 million from gambling tribes

Click. Alleged hate crime outside Guerneville bar leads to 4 arrests

Click. Sonoma County sheriff's deputy pleads guilty to false imprisonment in sexual assault case

Click. Gay rights conference in Oakland. City playing host for third consecutive year

Richmond: Suspect in sex-videotaping ordered held without bail

Click. Catnip repels mosquitoes more effectively than DEET

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Utah Lawyer Tapped to Lead BLM

Click. Bush Budget 'Starves' NASA

That slurping is Bush's raccoons at work on our societal nest eggs by Molly Ivans Click.

Democrats brace themselves for Bush's possible reelection.  The plot unfolds. Click.

Bush and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Click.


Click. Bush Names Homosexual to US Arts Commission

Click. 'Code Red II paralyses Chinese computers'

They change your site content without your permission. They steal traffic from independent Web site publishers. It's the biggest threat to the survival of the Internet to date. SCUMWARE! Click.

Click. Wearable computers hit the front lines 

Humanizing technology. Click.

Click. Programming a Way Out of Poverty

Click. Sklyarov Boss to Skirt DMCA

Click. Pentagon Shouldn't Share Airwaves

Click. Big Borders Bookshop Is Watching You

Click.  Yahoo to enhance GeoCities network

Click. The Angler: Natural selection in cyberspace

Ice Princess Click.


Milton Friedman regards the European single currency as a divisive instrument which, instead of encouraging a united political system, will create further differences. Click.

The world economy is probably already in recession. How bad might it get? Click.

Click. Cancer Center, Drug Firm Fight Over Biotech Riches

Click. Walt Disney Internet Group Launches Web Site in China

Click. Minutes point to mounting problems for the US Fed

Click. Astrology School Approved for Federal Aid

Click. High-Tech Piracy That the Industry Condones


Judge rules Feds don't have to reveal bugging method. Click.

Click. Judicial nominee denies leaking secret info for Clarence Thomas book

Click. Seven European Countries in Court Over Transgenic Micro-organisms

Click. Poundstone Will Soon Be Free, Back With Kids, Lawyer Says.

Click. Author Vidal Charges FBI with Shoddy OKC Investigation.

Judge refuses to release Richmond owner of dogs which mauled little boy Click.

Click. Supreme Court nullifies Orange County gang murder conviction

Justice Department gets reporter's records. Click.

Click. Freedom Of Information Kit

Click. MS judge's husband represented Corel; Cheney's son-in-law at DOJ

Click. A government worker who blows the whistle on corruption cannot be moved to a less desirable job as a result of his report 


Click. Tom Cruise extends gay defamation suit 

Click. Hypnosis May Give False Confidence In Inaccurate Memories

Click. Conspiracy or not? THE CHANDRA LEVY & BUSH CONNECTION

Connie Chung interviews the recently deceased (not Chandra). Click. 

Click. Condit to seek another 2 years

Click. Indian labs to supply stem cells to US

Click. India Plans to Fill U.S. Stem Cell Void

Click. Stem Cell Colonies Unproven The usefulness of many of the 64 lines endorsed by Bush is questioned.

Click. UCSF keeps control over scientist's stem cells. Researcher's departure won't impede further study of lines

Entirely New Basis Sought For Psychiatric Definitions Click.

Click. Heart devices pose infection risk

Click. Officials identify 64 embryonic stem cell lines eligible for use.

Click. Maths ability linked to gray matter 

Click. Volcano poses Atlantic wave threat 

Scientists for the first time have linked multiple brain cells with silicon chips to create a part-mechanical, part-living electronic circuit. Click.

Click. Brain Trigger for Sex Found

Click. European Probes To Identify Underground Water On Mars

Click. Stem Cells Face Xenotransplantation Glitch

Click. 'Black Box' Recorder for Surgeons

Flesh-eating kangaroos, hippopotamus-sized wombats and flightless emu-like ducks weighing 1.5 tons freely roamed the vast Australian island continent about 100,000 years ago. Click.

Virtual brain injuries. Click.

Exploiting "quantum weirdness" would dramatically improve the precision of radar, sonar, and the global positioning system Click.

Click. Scientists Identify Chromosome Location Of Genes Associated With Long Life

Click. Permian Extraterrestrial Impact Caused Largest Mass Extinction On Earth

Click. Implanted Defibrillators: How Well Do They Work?

Click. Researchers Find Mercury Pollution In Wildfires

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Mussel Collectors at Berneval (Coast of Normandy). 1879.

What your writing says about you. Click.

Ernest Hemingway - Life is courage. Click.

The Secret Language of Nu Shu "For centuries -- perhaps millennia -- Chinese women who faced horrendous oppression had a way to share their burden" Click.

Life in the Navy is improving? Click.

Click. The art of absinthe

Click. DNA analysis tracks Silk Road forbears

Click. Parkinson's patients pool their strengths

For years, an intense hallucinogenic herb first hauled down from a Mexican mountain four decades ago was quietly traded by online merchants to a small collection of global connoisseurs, never popping up on the radar of thrill-seekers or federal regulators. Click.

Acupuncture for animals. Click.

Click. The story of  Judge's wife: Six-Figures & Film Plans

Answer To 'Arecibo' Crop Circle? - A Clever Hoax? Click.

Click. German Teens Jump to Their Deaths for Satan

A straight author wonders why heterosexual men can't talk about homosexuality Click.

Ice age snails. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 27, 2001

Click. Iraq Shoots Down US Spy Plane

Macedonia Mission Ready to Fail Click.

FARC Commander Killed in Colombia

ETA young blood thirsts for terror They start on the streets at an early age, but the 'molotov cocktail pups' soon become hardened dogs of war.

Click. Lockerbie appeal: top U.S. lawyers put Scottish justice in the dock

FBI testimony provokes fears of new COINTELPRO. Click.

Hague Tribunal imposes severe sanction on Milosovec for "talking" to the press. Click. The interview with the BBC the Hague hated. Click.


$35 million for drugs seized Click.

Click. The Silence of the Liberals (or How Matt Drudge Killed the Book that outs Ken Starr, "The Insane
Clown Posse")

KOSOVO REPLAY What they're doing to Macedonia Click.

Click. The U.N. wants to rule children.

Click. Defense Science Board Report on Protecting the Homeland, Vol I

Click. Defense Science Board Report on Defensive Information Operations

A heated argument about the weight of equipment erupted between the pilot of the plane carrying singer Aaliyah and her video crew minutes before their tragic Bahamas crash. The pilot gave in.  Click.

Click. US State Department Sponsors Training of Would-Be Terrorists by Al Martin


Click. State regulators tell PacBell to refund customers $15 million

Click. Sunol Glen School does us proud

Click. Charter network founder gives $50,000 to author of bill that would aid it.

Click. Canadian surrogate mothers sought by border-hopping Americans

Federal geologists want to study groundwater basins in Sonoma County Click.

Click. PG&E's move to isolate assets raises controversy

Click. Billionaire backs bid to finish beleaguered Belmont Learning Center

Click. Antelope Valley civic leaders caught in meth sting

THE BUSH WORLD...........

David Brock says a protégé of Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.) who has been nominated as a U.S. district judge gave him confidential FBI files nearly 10 years ago for his book on the Clarence Thomas versus Anita Faye Hill controversy. Click.

Click. Bush's Energy Plan Bares Industry Clout

Click. Bush Accused of Blocking Arafat-Peres Talks

Click. Frances Mainella: She's Bush's 'greenest' appointee. New parks director even has support of environmentalists

Click.  Test anxiety: Talks of resuming nuclear testing may obscure Pentagon's more ominous plans.

High-speed Net users sitting ducks for hackers. Open season on PCs without firewall protection Click.

Click. IBM builds smallest-ever computer circuit

Robots to wear. Click.

Click. Polaroid banks on wireless printer

Click. Delhi children make play of the net

Click. Intel to push faster Pentium 4 chips

Click.  NASA Computer Tool Smoothes Flow Of Air Traffic



The big money pumped into S.F.'s high-tech epicenter flowed right on through and left it a threadbare relic. Click.

Click. Money Laundering Investigation Into Russian Company Raises Questions About Putin's Role.

Click. Record labels try to stop ability to digitally copy CDs

Click. Condit Turns to Shrewd Campaign Strategist

Click. Lawyer for flight attendant to ask grand jury to indict Condit

Luray, Virginia - the Key to the Condit case? Click.


Prison bars have failed to stop the powerful Gambino crime family from thwarting FBI investigators in the paper chase to find the family's hidden fortune. Click.

The Watchdogs of Waco: Defenders of State Terror by Cletus Nelson Click.

Lawsuit claims popular anti- depressant Paxil is addictive Click.

Click. US Defies Court Order on PC Tracking

Click. Lawyers for Children Say County Fails to Cooperate : They claim information is withheld in abuse cases involving wards of the foster care system

Click. Mentally ill endure racial bias

Click. FBI probe of Lee botched worse than was disclosed, report says

Click. Can DNA IDs Heal Bosnian Wounds?

Click. Firms Craft Cell Phone Policies

Click. Portuguese Businessmen Murdered in Brazil Were Buried Alive

Click. The Florida Department of Corrections has established "faith-based" prison dorms where "religious" inmates live separately from other prisoners and spend their days immersed in religious services and study.

Click. Body simulator keeps human kidney alive

Teeth that can heal themselves Click.

Click. Mosquito fish are hot sellers amid West Nile virus

UCLA scientists have found a small group of brain cells from which they believe breathing originates Click.

Crystal Geyser and Calistoga water and others contain Chromium 6. Click.

Click. New research could lead to insulin pills instead of shots

Click. UCSF stem cells on research list. 9 other labs also eligible for federal funding

Click. Frenzy in Thailand over 'drug' for AIDS. Experts outraged that creators call it a cure

Click. Red faces. Sometimes, scientists' overexcited imaginations supersede the facts

Click. Well Preserved Meteorite Yields Clues To Carbon Evolution In Space

Click. Rutgers Researcher Details Revival Of Life After Deep-Sea Volcanic Eruption

Click. Duke Researchers Shed Light On A Depression In Cells That Serves As A Route Of Entry For Pathogens And Toxins

Click. Galileo Flyby Reveals Callisto's Bizarre Landscape

Click. Expert: Mars Astronauts Would Lose Teeth 

Killer tomato. Click.

Click. Thoratec Wants Heart Pump OK
As Transplant Option

Click. BresaGen, Geron On List Of 10 Stem-Cell Sources Approved For U.S. Funding

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Mussel Collectors at Berneval (Coast of Normandy). 1879.

Click.  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein may have been a work of fiction, but the same year the book was published, a Scottish professor used electricity to make a killer's hanged corpse breathe

The sisters vs. the world. Click.

Lanai for the rest of us. The affordable side of Hawaii's most exclusive island Click.


 Are Zecharia Sitchin and Vatican official Monsignor Balducci climbing the same path to ascension? Click.

Getting the bats out. Click.

Click. 'Bat Lady' cancels educational talks after Humane Society dispute

Click. The British press goes to town as the aging rocker Mick Jagger plugs his film in a seniors magazine.

Click. French history unfolds in nighttime spectacle and medieval theme park

Word of the Day Click.

August 25, 26,  2001


Click. Iraq, Syria Tighten Strategic Cooperation

China Tests Missile In War-Game Finale

Click. Arafat In Beijing, Seeking Support

Click. Ex-decoder faces charge in espionage case

Click. Israeli forces strike Hebron

Click. John Sweeney sees the AFL-CIO through some growing pains.

Johns Hopkins Tragedy: Could Librarians Have Prevented a Death? Click. More: Click 

Click. WHO Team Will Study Depleted Uranium Shells in Iraq

Click. Slobodan Milosevic: I 'Defended Freedom' Against NATO

Click. Authorities Arrest Retired Air Force Sergeant on Spying Charges.

Click. Understanding the Moscow Coup of August 1991

Click. NSA: Satellite Agency Has Tradition of Secrecy
Joint Defense-CIA Enterprise Uses Many Contract Employees Such as Alleged Spy.

Click. Florida Seeks Face-Recognition Ban

Click. Former MI6 agent pleads guilty to child porn on police computer

Click. Controversial archbishop gives up his wife

Click. After Condit, Chung is back

Click. ABM Withdrawal Likely, But Not Set, Bush Says

Click. China's unwanted girls 1/7 of all female babies are missing. 


Click. Concord child taken from home A man snatched a 6-year-old boy playing video games from his living room Friday morning and took him on a wild ride to an unoccupied house on Marsh Creek Road, where deputies rescued the child and arrested the suspect. More: Click.

Click. A Napa couple accused of repeatedly sexually molesting a young girl has pleaded guilty to a fraction of the charges initially brought against them.

Click. Marin Charter school revocation talk called surprise

Click. Agenda set for S.F. psychology convention

Winemaker Gina Gallo and her husband are buying the Dry Creek General Store. Click.

Convicted molester Curtis Dean Anderson's claim that he killed the Vallejo girl remains unsubstantiated, as tests show a mattress he said he killed her on contains none of her DNA. Click.

The Return of Red Art Agnos by Warren Hinckle. Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Rumsfeld Pledges 'Hands-Off' on Weapons Decisions to Avoid Conflicts-of-Interest

Click. Bush says pension not untouchable and will draw on Social Security fund in recession or war.

Click. There's a lot to be learned from the president's encounters with elementary school students

Click. Elizabeth Dole Primed to Seek Helms Seat

Tar-Heel Hopefuls Lining Up in Horse Race Click.

A Singapore man has been jailed for stabbing a teenager who killed his character in a computer game. Click

Click. Conformity rules in cyberspace: The theory that the anonymity offered by the internet will free its users to behave outside social norms has been shown to be a myth.

Click. In the hit computer game Max Payne, death comes with a cost: Your own tortured soul.

Click. What a Long, Slow Burn It'll Be That giant sucking sound you hear is a bunch of neo-counterculturalists on their way to Burning Man No. 16.

Click. E-mail Snoopers Risk Legal Action

Click. Computer experts say `good worm' is bad idea

Click. Feds can secretly get info on cable modem owners, judge says

Click. Wave of High-Tech Failures Could Become Deluge

Click. Trojan horse breaks Windows PCs

Click. Drive-By Hacking


Click. IMF fears Japan's economic outlook is worsening

Richer than Rockefeller. Click.

Total Lack of Trust. More than a century ago, a trust fund was set up to generate income for American Indians in return for use of their property. Today they claim that the fund’s trustees – the U.S. departments of the Interior and Treasury – have bilked them out of $10 billion-plus. Click.


Ex-porn star accused of insider trading in U.S. says she is now suicidal Click.

Canadian prosecutor questions the competence of U.S. murder investigators Click.

Click. Rep. James Traficant ordered to support courtroom claims

British Colombia Indian bands sue, claiming ownership of the land on which the province's legislature sits.  Click.

Click. Government Releases More Than 600 Boxes of Records From Committee Looking for Communist Moles

Click. Federal judge named to set penalty in Microsoft case

Click. Klamath farmers plan to sue government for up to $1 billion

Swearing at the police is not a crime. Click.

Chicago's former detectives chief portrayed in court papers as having mob connections Click.

Stephen Wolfram works late into the night to find a simple program that will generate the Universe. Might be the greatest discovery since Newton. Click.

Click. A distant object spotted circling our star near Pluto is confirmed as the largest yet known space rock.

Click. Man-Beast Hybrid Beyond Talking Stage

Click. ET Communication or Hoax?

Click. Quitting Coffee May Help the Heart: Report

Click. Some Asthma Patients Also Suffer Mood Disorders 

Click.  A tiny set of jaws that can capture one red blood cell at a time, at the rate of 10 cells per second, and then release them unhurt. The technology promises to provide a way to capture stem cells and inject them with new DNA, proteins, or drugs to correct alter genes or genetic defects, or to counter pathogen attacks. Eventually teeth will be replaced with hollow silicon needles aimed for precise depths and positions in the cells.

How Scientists Are Solving History's Riddles Click.

Odd spires on Callisto. Click. More: Click.

Click. Making soymilk palatable

The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, 1930

Lady Godiva: the naked truth. Click.

Comic books: No girls allowed. Click.

Men ask "What to wear?" Click.

Click. The fighting Fitzgeralds
Scott stole Zelda's ideas, plagiarized her diaries and even pushed her into an affair. He was the worst husband of his generation -- and that made him its best author

Click. "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion" Woody Allen's newest movie

Click. Estée Lauder Dumps Liz Hurley

Berkeley's Chez Panisse. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 24, 2001

NATO Throws a 'Hail Mary' into Macedonia Click.

Click. Web site used to recruit terrorists moves to U.S.

Click. State Department seeks military talent

Al- Amin Khalifa Fhimah describes in detail his movements in the days and hours before the Lockerbie bombing Click.

Click. Clarke Company Faces New Smuggling Claims

Britain and the United States bombed small towns in Germany in the final stages of World War II because they would burn easily and not because they were strategically important. Click.

Macedonia: Ali Ahmeti, wanted by police and banned by the U.S., has legitimized himself and his group via NATO negotiations. Click.

Click. Joint Chiefs Pick Is at Home in Battles Real or Diplomatic

Click. Senator wants stem cell limit revised. Boxer asks Bush to loosen restriction

Click. Russian Book Sheds Light On High-Speed Underwater Missile

Click. India Police Charge Osama Bin Laden

Click. Colombia Army Hunts Down Guerrillas

The judge who apologized to former government scientist Wen Ho Lee at his sentencing has scheduled a hearing on whether to unseal documents to check if Lee was prosecuted because of his race. Click.

Click. Prize-Winning Author to Aid Bill With Memoir

Click. Contract Controversy Still Plagues Cuomo

Click. Tribes Try to Profit From Power Crisis

Click. Mom, Three Daughters from Texas Killed, Dumped in Mexico

Einhorn. Click.

Click. U.S.-Mexico Border: It's Obsolete


Click. State consultant bought stock in power firms. While working for Davis, he invested in companies that had state contracts

Click. Refrigerator campaign to stamp out vineyard pest. Counties hope magnet will educate residents

Click. Forest visitors urged to take steps to halt oak disease
A state government panel issued a warning yesterday to hikers, bikers, campers and horseback riders who might be visiting areas infested with a fungus-like algae that causes sudden oak death syndrome

Click. Couple plans to pay surrogate on schedule

San Bernardino County Supervisor Jerry Eaves and one current and three former elected Colton city officials are charged with bribery and other federal crimes. Click.

Click. Marin Charter school fate unsure

Click. Fight over monastery heats up

Click. Garcia guitar maker wins rulings

Click. Paradise Beach a well-kept secret

Click. San Anselmo, Larkspur cancel elections

Click. San Jose soil could liquefy in temblor

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Bush names Texas library administrator interim NEA chairman

Click. The Environmental Protection Agency and the states fail to track hundreds of thousands of sources of pollution contaminating the nation's rivers, lakes and streams and do a poor job of policing many of the polluters they do know about, according to the agency's own investigator.

Click. Suit charges Florida election reform violates voting rights

Click. China urges Bush to act cautiously on missile treaty

Denial and the ravaging of cyberspace. Click.

Click. Microsoft Pledges $58 Million to Get Mexicans Online

Kevin Mitnick interview Click.

Click. Release of Xbox Delayed in Japan

Click. Digital multimedia for the masses

Click. New The U.S. Court of Appeals handed the government's antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft back to a lower court  where a new judge will decide what penalty the software giant should face

Click. Controversial XP to get glitzy Microsoft sendoff

Click. Technology may bring an end to CD copying

Click. Game Industry Hits Back at Brain Study

Click. South Koreans Are Biggest Internet Users

Click. NASA Technology Helps Weekend Photographers Look Like Pros


Click. Venture Capital: Investors peek out from their shells

Click. US Pledges $16 Million for IMF Security

Click. Skolnick - Coca-Cola, The CIA, And The Courts By Fritz Springmeier



Click. Judge wants to see files from raid

Click. Massachusetts judge raps DA office on race, sentencing

Click. US to Oregon farmers: Go fish!

Click. DNA Tests Give Idahoan Freedom After 17 Years on Death Row

Click. More time allowed for filing bias suits. State justices say workers need not rush into court

Click. Questioning without counsel frees suspect

Keystroke criminals. Click.

Large San Francisco law firm cutting jobs because of drop in business Click.

San Francisco luxury hotel accused of racial discrimination. Click.

Click. Man accused of killing Reno officer hated cops, government

Judge issues gag order in SF dog mauling case Click.

Click. McDonald's Sued Over Game Fraud

Click. Baby Seized by Massachusetts Police from Mother’s Hospital Room

Click. Victims of Bullies Say They Don't Receive Help 

Clinic to give embryos to Harvard for stem cell research

Click. Doubt over shortened gene count. Humans may have more than 30,000

Click. Better Down's tests 'ignored'

Click. Cloned cattle set to revolutionize food

Click. India trying for iron-rich, wheat germ plasma

Click. Landmark case helps patients with pain

Click. Biologists baffled by rise in numbers of ships hitting whales

Click. California flower, once thought extinct, now considered endangered

Click. Jupiter's Moons Are Weird Places

Click. NASA Junks Ozone Satellite

Click. Gene Fingerprint Could Spot Cancer

Click. Study Links Blood Protein to Chemotherapy Problems

Click. Keyboards spread disease

Click. Galileo Flyby Reveals Callisto's Bizarre Landscape

Click. Power Plant On A Chip? It's No Small Matter To Lehigh Scientists

Click. UC Davis' First Cloned Calf Born, Succumbs Three Days Later

Click. How Brain Cells "Remember" Their Birth Order

Click. Scientists issue Himalayan quake warning 

The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, 1930

Boston Globe suspends veteran reporter over details in story Click.

Click. A former Finnish pastor recounts his family's intriguing journey to Judaism - and Israel

Victims of emotional traumas need each other. Click.

Click. Hollywood’s wildest child is revolting

Click. The Ever-Evolving Science Class

A strange place, the Hamptons. And now it's stranger than ever. Click.

Click. Papunya Tula--the birthplace of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art


Click. Mysterious maddening buzzing probed in southwest Germany

Click. Japanese have invented nukeman

Click. Scientists uncover Sodom's fiery end

Word of the Day Click.

August 23, 2001

Click. White House Undecided On Bill To Criminalize Leaking Classified Information.

Click. The man who liked New York so much he decided to buy it

Click. Russia Offers ABM Treaty Compromise

Click. Arabs Believe US OK'd Assassination Policy

Click. US Pledge: Americans Ready to Die for Australia

Click. IRA Arrests in Colombia Portend Escalating Conflict

Click. FBI blames Yemen for thwarting Cole probe

Click. Colombia: Packed cells where armed battles rage 


Click. Clinton Ignored Mass Killings in Rwanda, Delayed Action

Click. Bill Clinton Enchants Thousands of Asian Women in Las Vegas

Click. Clinton Foundation Raises $8.4 Million

Click. Bush to Name Air Force General Head of US Space Command

Click. Pedophile Caught in Thailand Admits Porn Habit

Click. MINI-NUKE: Japan developing micro nuclear reactor for apartment blocks.



Click. Text of Rep. Gary Condit's letter

Click. Democrats stand by Condit. Are they nuts?


Police keep quiet about Levy investigation. Click.


Click. Judge Dufficy: The Dead take a hit over Jerry Garcia's guitars

Click. New Web site sparks students' initiative

Click. There are 150,000 people in Solano County that U.S. Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo, has never met, but if her fears are correct, she may soon be representing them.

Click. Student gets restraining order against school official

Click. Moraga: Federal agents arrested a former foster parent wanted on molestation charges who had fled the country two years ago and was hiding in Chile.

Click. Sunol school board will add two trustees

Click. S.F. spent like boom would never bust. Expanding city government ate up dot-com windfall, report says

Click. Peninsula school district ruled in contempt of court. Ordered changes in special-ed services not made

San Ramon's historic park. Click.

Click. Religious Material OK'd on California Campus

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Bush gives Russians until November to agree on missile shield

Social Security panel presses on
Vows to fashion solution despite shrinking surplus

In D.C. a name can go a long way. Click.

Click. Jesse Helms trashed the U.N. and drove our allies nuts. And the Bush team will keep his go-it-alone ideology alive even after he leaves office.

Click. U.S. surplus evaporates – except for Social Security; Bush, Democrats blame each other

Click. Linda Tripp's Tin Cup

Click. Intel is expected to slash prices of processors on Monday as it releases its fastest chip to date - a Pentium 4 that runs at a speed of 2 gigahertz.

Click. MS Releases 'Easy' Security Tool A free, downloadable security tool for less sophisticated computer users, designed to halt worms and viruses, is now available on Microsoft's website.

DVD outlaws flaunt cracked codes Click.

Click. Microsoft disables all plugins in IE which now uses ActiveX instead

Hacking Hotmail made easy. Click.

At Home dumps critical auditor. Click.

Click. Debating Merits of Palms in Class

Click. Software That Can Flunk You

Click. Borderhack: Barbed and Unwired

Click. Ready to Delete the Border

Click. U.S. Plays Dumb With Smart Cards

Click. Feds can secretly get info on cable modem owners, judge says


Click.  India Outraged As U.S. Company Wins Patents On Rice ActionAid has launched a campaign against "bio-piracy" - multinationals taking out patents on crops that grow in poor countries.

Click. Huge federal budget surplus nearly gone

Click. Time for Tech-Aid

Click. When Nice Analysts Turn Mean

Click. Big Blue to Start Co-Branding

Click. IT Courses to Be Compulsory in China

Kick 'Em When They're Down. Silicon Valley's Usual CEO Excuses Don't Tell the Real Story. Click.

Click. Tech Slowdown - Night in the U.S., Day for India


Click. Circuit Judge Jones Blasts Judicial Snooping

Click. Former radical loses parole bid in N.Y.

Click. Lawman earns his medal

Click. Dispute with Mullins won't keep judge off case Sonoma County Judge Robert Boyd will preside over a coming criminal trial despite a dispute over his ability to remain unbiased.

Click. California backs strippers' rights

Click. Fingered by the movie cops Under today's copyright laws, you are guilty until proven innocent. I know -- it happened to me,

Click. Leadership of Puyallup tribe in disarray

How two Cisco employees got into their own network and walked off with hundreds of thousands of stock options. Click.

Click. 3-strikes law diverts funds, study finds. More nonviolent inmates aging away in state's prisons

Click. Sex offender pays for own castration. East Bay urologist performs the surgery

Click. Judge chastises new attorney, Nedra Ruiz,  in mauling case. Contempt hearing for violating gag order

Click. India Probes Muckraking Site

Click. Lawyers Maneuver in Sklyarov Case

Click. Medical pot is back on the burner

Click. Pennsylvania supreme court says no privacy rights in phone calls


Click. Marine eye to future Finding on creature may aid optical networks

Click. Brazil to break AIDS drug patent 

Click. Why JFK Stressed Moon Race

Click. Health care nightmare. Retirees hit hard as HMOs pull out of state's rural areas

Click. Machine-Phase Nanotechnology

Click. Lithography Unmasked

Click. New pest touches down in Napa

Click. Attempt to Drain Dangerous Volcano Crater

Click. IUDs Not Linked to Infertility

Click. New Findings Expose T. Rex Secrets 

Click. Jupiter Probe Unveils Alien Moon 

Click. Japan Scientist Pins Big Hopes on Tiny Wonders

Click. Colon Cancer Screen May Miss One Quarter of Cases

Click. Physicists make 'strange' matter

Click. Astronomers Go Behind The Milky Way To Solve X-Ray Mystery

Click. Substantial Resistance To HIV Infection Tied To Genetic Mutation

Click. Tiny, Unmanned Planes In Florida Helping Colorado Researchers Assess Storms, Hurricanes

Click. University Of Michigan Scientists Reveal Prostate Cancer's Molecular Fingerprint. Study Links Proteins To Patient Prognosis

Click. New Study Shows Oral Contraceptive May Be Effective In Treating Severe Form Of Premenstrual Syndrome

The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, 1930

Click. Do I like it? I do, I do, I do

Click. A fall classic in men's fashions

Cardinal assails Moon's church

Divorce figures may be down, but many more children are suffering through the break-up of unmarried couples

Click. Thumbs Up for Internet Traveler

Click. Teen age girls are fleeing fundamentalist sect to avoid polygamy

Click. Mistaken Rapture Kills Arkansas Woman

Click. Mystery Company Offers 'Exceptionally High Quality' Human Meat

Click. Division of Household Chores Affects Marital Bliss 

Many amusing facts about the cow. Click.

Click. Shark Attacks May Be A "Poisson Burst"

Word of the Day Click.

Click. Secret Service, Utah GOP Reach Compromise On Gun Ban During Cheney's Visit.

August 22, 2001

Green light for Macedonia mission. Click.

Click. US-European antagonisms sharpen over Macedonia

Click. 37,000 US Troops Practice Fighting N. Korea

Click. In the event of a Cold War nuclear attack, the Soviet Union planned to finish off the United States with a smallpox plague intended to wipe out any survivors.

Click. China Sells Sweden 'Invisible' Army Wear


Click. Advanced Light Helicopter to fly next year

Len Horowitz: Wildfires likely linked to energy industry plot Click.

Click. How an anti-Semitic riot changed New York's history.

Pravda: A trial for Henry Kissinger for Asian war crimes? Click.

Click. Rally demands water for Klamath farmers

Click. The Nazi Hydra in Fascist America.

Iran tests the Caspian waters. Click.

Click. Oregon Set to Seize Woman's Unborn Baby

Click. Judge may rule today in Ravenswood takeover hearing

Click. Torres-Martinez tribe severs ties with Las Vegas-based gambling concern

Click. Researchers Make Key Genome Public On The Internet

The Adventures of Capt. GayMan The Bush administration has released the first- ever Army training manual on homosexual policy -- as a comic book. Click.


Click. A man is being held in federal custody in connection with a Silveira Ranch methamphetamine operation police are now calling a "super-lab."

Click. A San Rafael teaching assistant charged with lewd acts.

Click. West Marin ruled out as Ghilotti residence Five sites in Central Marin are being contemplated as the new home for convicted serial rapist Patrick Ghilotti, a prosecutor said yesterday More: Click. Prosecutors say they have three "good leads" on Marin County housing  for Ghilotti.

Click. Oakland: Former student wins $140,000 against schools

Click.  Arrested man allegedly peeked down girls' shirts VALLEJO -- A Fremont man who secretly filmed young girls and women at the 2000 Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton was arrested Saturday during an undercover operation at Six Flags Marine World for allegedly looking down the shirts of young girls.

Click. Livermore candidates form bloc

Click. Greenwood's creditors may go unpaid A bankruptcy trustee says the ex-financier from Blackhawk has only a few hundred thousand dollars in assets

Commission releases list of blackout exemptions. Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Bush would veto stem cell bill

Bye, bye Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond. Click.

Hillary will attack Scalia's son who wants Labor Department post. Click.

Click. Social Security changes may reduce benefits, study says

Click. Chao vows to retrain workforce

A Peppy Foreign Policy by Molly Ivans Click.

Click. Former Clinton Aide Now Performing As Drag Queen.

Click. Teen-age Teacher: 15 Going On 3D

Click. IBM Collaborates on Supercomputer

Click. New Tool Analyzes Facial Expressions

Click. Reaching for the Unrippable CD

Click. Apple: No New Hardware at Paris Expo

Click. French failing to click 

Warning over wiretaps 

Click. DOJ prosecution of "good Samaritan" may be justified after all?

Click. Mouth-Based Music Control

Click. Little Big Science

Click. Solar Power, Batteries Included



Click. US share of royalties on research is opposed

Secretaries have evolved into high-paid executive assistants. Click.

Stock Focus: Big biotech companies. Click.

Click. Who's the boss? HUD lets AIMCO make its own rules.

How a team of beautiful headhunters survived the crash of 2001. Click.

Click. IMF Offers Argentina $8 Billion

Click. Catholics Are Shaken by Molestation Allegations Religion: Clergy and church community respond with outrage and sadness to news of $5.2-million settlement to man who says a priest abused him.

Click.  A Trail of Secrecy and Deception 


Click. Consumer privacy bills get a boost in Assembly. Curbs on telemarketing, disclosure of financial data

Click. Holdout felons weaken DNA database. Loophole prevents state from forcibly taking blood, saliva

Click. Key witness who skipped out on D.A. is arrested. S.F. man was freed from jail in Foxglove conspiracy case

Click. U.S. may send some smugglers back to Mexico to face charges

Click. Oprah: Fighting for the Big "O"

Click. Gangster still haunts St. Paul




Why Chung got the Condit interview. Click.

Click. Common thread ties Casanova Condit and Clint Reilly, the Satan of San Francisco political consultants
by Warren Hinckle. 

Click. Some worry about Condit's participation on secret House panel

Click. Pain pill linked to heart risk

Click. UC Berkeley scientist leaves academia to manage biotech start-up

Click. Northwest women pose nude for cancer research

Click. Kent: The Genome Superman

Click. Ball Would Make Mars Study a Breeze

Click. Yoga May Help Those with Chronic Pain

Click. Alpha veterans: Trip to Mars is doable 

Click. Instrument on Mars-bound probe falters 

Click. Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) Spacecraft Sees Solar System Under Construction

Click. Enzyme Increases Number, Size Of Heart Muscle Cells In Mice

Click. Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 Show Potential As Heart Disease Treatments

Click. Neurons Implanted In Stroke-Damaged Brain Tissue Show Function

Click. New Model Of Staph Drug Resistance Implicates Unlikely Protein

Click. NASA Gives Pole-To-Pole View Of Cloud Heights And Winds

Click. Forestalling Pesticide, Antibiotic Resistance Possible, Theory Predicts

Click. Supercomputer Paints Electric Landscape Of Cellular Structures; Researchers Create Atomic-Resolution Maps Of Microtubules And Ribosomes

The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, 1930

David Crosby - still young and dashing. Click.

Click. Mysterious Maddening Buzzing Probed In Southwest Germany

Click. Reversing the Panopticon

Curse of the hippie parents
Benign neglect and living-room-floor orgies do not a healthy childhood make

Injuries mount from motorized scooters Click.

Click. On Wine: No one is safe from wine fashion police

Click. Princess' Family Wants 'Dracula's Castle' Back

Click. 1600s Indian Trail to Be Re-Created

Click. Parallel Universes May Be Physically Real

Click. Phobos and Deimos Have Vanished

Word of the Day Click.

August 21, 2001

A blind eye on Guatemala. Click.

Click. Waco Getting Prepared For Reno's Visit

Click. NSA School of Cyberterrorism

Click. From Skopje to Jerusalem: The US Empire

Click.  Unsealed court documents reveal that a Croatian considered a Nazi war criminal was a paid operative of the American government in the 1950s and 1960s.

Click. Shine Light on the Lies Behind the Vietnam War

Click. CIA played "major role" in IRA Colombia arrests. 

Click. IRA suspects 'gave Semtex pledge to terrorist group'

Click. China spies on defiant US naval visit

Click. Despite pact, diamonds still financing Sierra Leone's rebels

Click. Report confirms US government misconduct in Wen Ho Lee spy case

A Pentagon program, Defense Enterprise Fund, which converts former Soviet doomsday-weapons organizations into commercial projects is under criminal investigation. Click.

Marijuana growers in Kelowna, Nelson, Langley and Chilliwack have been shut down after a 10-month RCMP investigation linked the producers to three independent drug rings in B.C. and the U.S. Click.

Canadian officer in porn case to resume command Click.

Click. US Hits Taliban Over Access to Detainees

Click. Russia Military Simulates Nuke Battle

Click. Croat Commander Seeks CIA Testimony 

Click. Portugal Takes Away Prison as a Penalty for Using Drugs


Click. Marin County rapist release hits housing problems

Wine: California dreamin’ Just what does the Golden State label mean? Click.

Click. Government appeals order halting oil and natural gas exploration off California

Click. Healdsburg on Monday joined four other Sonoma County cities to split with Empire Waste Management and to seek bids for garbage hauling and recycling.

Click. Oakland: Mechanic arrested in Internet sex case

Russian community in San Francisco. Click.

Click. Police seek leads in Fisherman's Wharf double shooting

Click. Catholic Church settles Calif. sex abuse suit for $5.2 million; monsignor leaving priesthood

Click. Fifty protest Boy Scout policy

San Lorenzo schools to give laptops to all. $20 million experiment to link all class projects to technology Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Bush's envoys not always welcome overseas. 

A mole in Katherine Harris' office. Click.

Click. Schumer to Block Bush EPA Choice

Florida Legislature Secretly Authorized a New Felons Purge Click.

Images of Bush belie power grab. Click.

Click. Pentagon gives go-ahead for missile test site in Alaska

Click. LaRouche Warns of War: President Bush Must Change His Mind Quickly!

Mitnick joins Vegas hack investigation Click.

Click. ExciteAtHome says it may not survive

Click. Mixed blessings in using Internet for schoolwork

Click. Agilent to cut 4,000 jobs

Click. FBI Blows Code Red All-Clear

Click. Bill's open back doors If Microsoft can't get its free e-mail act together or keep its servers secure, can we trust it with our online lives?

Eidos in clear over Columbine Click.

Click. Used PCs May Link Sensitive Secrets 

Click. Haptics

Click. Carly: We Techies Are So Vain

That's Entertainment: SIGGRAPH And The Art Of Human Computer Interaction Click.


Click. U.S. slump causes Mexican recession. Hundreds of thousands lose jobs

Click. Textbook Cases of Bankruptcy

Click. VIPs, Chips and Economic Dips

Click. Insurer: Microsoft Is A Costly Choice

Click. Gov. Jesse Ventura Set To Replace Striking Public Employees With National Guard Troops.

Click. China to launch largest military exercises.

Click. Life In Deepest France:
Ancient Planetarium 

Click. Tough To Prove Who You Are -- Or Aren't


Click. Thailand Nabs One Of FBI's 10 Most Wanted 

Designated heir to racist group dies in San Diego Click.

Program seeks to find abducted kids. Click.

Click. Missing kids tracked using emergency-weather system

Alameda County judge cuts big award in pain case Click.

FBI says Bay Area becoming bank holdup capital of state Click.

English Doctors put on alert for girl 'butchery'. Click.

Secrecy creates a problem for prosecution. Click.

Click. Court orders MTBE cleanup

Click. Accountants plead guilty in theft of Cisco stock

Click. Civil infractions vs. constitutional rights

Click. FBI Confirms Probe of Stolen Briefcase

Click. SAN FRANCISCO: Judge rejects bid to put Hallinan on stand

Click. Mumia Abu-Jamal barred from Philadelphia hearing

Ex-MI6 agent put porn on police computer Click.

COPYRIGHT "CRIMINALS": How The Sklyarov Case Exposes The Power Of The Copyright Lobby Click.

Click. The Man with the Artificial Heart

Click. Managers Face Reprogramming After Defeat

Click. The Undefended Airwaves

Click. Microbe has Midas touch, turning dissolved gold into tiny deposits of solid gold

Click. Computer game helps dyslexics

Click. Black Hole Hunter Instrument Tested In Flight At Edge Of Space

Click. Warmer Periods In Alaskan Area Not Confined To Modern Times

Click. Sandia Creates Mechanized Microfluidic Device — Pac-Man-Like Microstructure Interacts With Red Blood Cells

Click. NASA Satellite, University Of Maryland And U.S. Forest Service Provide Rapid Response To Wildfires

Click. Brookhaven Physicists Produce "Doubly Strange Nuclei"; First Large-Scale Production Of Nuclei Containing Two Strange Quarks

Click. Key instrument on Mars-bound probe fails 

Click. Mechanical Heart Pump Can Reverse Heart Failure

Click. Study Indicates Alternative Medicine Here To Stay; Complementary And Alternative Medicine Used By Broad Age, Demographic Groups

Click. Smoking May Ease Anger And Anxiety, Acting As Trigger

Click. Dartmouth/VA Study Reveals New, Realistic Estimates For Surgery Survival In Older Americans

The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, 1930

I'll be damned if I let a psychiatrist near my son. Click.

Searching for Eden Among the Tourists on the Greek Island of Zakynthos Click.

Click. Calling Oprah: Author Needs Exposure 

Click. Archaeological dig uncovers reminders of traditional Squaxin tribe

Click. What's Really in Their Backpacks

Click. The Library That Keeps On Giving

Genius-type bouncer. Click.

Click. Invasion of the 'boomer babes'

Click. Oh to be 50 again and single

Click. Changing the face of stress

Click. CBS to Feature Transsexual as Major Character in New Show

Russia's Artic Circle. Click.

Click. Ohio University Botanists Collect, Study Rare Hawaiian Plants

Word of the Day Click.

August 20, 2001

Click. CIA & Croatia: Partners in Balkan Wars

Click. Ceasefire strains as British troops land at Skopje

Top spies seek Condit as security risk. Click.

Click. High Cost of Selling U.S. Jets

Click. UN call to save key forests 

Click. 'Star Trek' Shields To Protect Supertanks

Click. Colombian army fears terrorist links between Farc, Eta and IRA

Click. Chinese police raid Tibetan religious institute

Click. Britain's Asteroid Defense Station Goes Ahead

'Liquidate' fathers of suicide bombers Click.

Click. EU's Secret Network To Spy On Anti-Capitalist Protesters

Click. A Pardon Overheard New transcripts reveal Clinton and Barak’s private chats about Marc Rich.

Click. Double-Dealing: Over the Road Explosives, the FBI Hanssen Fiasco and the Government- Media by Al Martin

Click. India's salt wars

Click. U.S. makes biggest Hong Kong port call since spy-plane crisis

Click. U.S. To Launch Massive PR Campaign For Macedonia Peace Deal

Click. How a huge US-based corporation with high level political connections is hoovering up lucrative government contracts in the UK.

Click. Bill Gates-Sponsored Vaccinations Begin A five-year vaccination program aimed at reaching every young child in South East Asia has begun in Cambodia.

Click. U.S, South .Korea stage war games 


Click. PROFILE of Tay Yoshitani. New captain at helm of Port of Oakland

Cleaning up Emeryville's blighted land. Click.

Marin: Principal who sued district might get charter position

Click. At home with new power authority

Developments in California's energy crisis Click.

Click. Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill that will allow Californians to use the telephone or their PCs to bet on horse races.

Click. Santa Rosa Junior College faces $3 million state cut

Click. Disaster waiting to happen. Lurking beneath the earth is a potential explosion that could bury all of California

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Democrat ads to attack Bush policies. Click.

Click. GAO criticizes Cheney's silence

Click. Gephardt Still Stands by Condit

Click. Push for House leadership job pits Tauscher against Pelosi. 'Blue Dog' won't support unabashed liberal for position of whip

Click. Push for federal voting standards. House Democrats want U.S. to pay


Click. Al Sharpton to Form Presidency Bid Committee

Bush guy behind HMO deal. Click.


Click.  10,000 workers with H-1B visas may have left the Bay Area and returned to India because of layoffs. Germany wants them.

SirCam - the worm that won't die. Microsoft has convinced people this sort of travesty is just a fact of life. Click.

Click. Hotmail hole exposes e-mails Hackers have exposed a security flaw which allows you to read other people's e-mails in Hotmail.

International geekcorps. Click.

Personal global positioning for everyone. Click.

Click. 'Simputer' set for November roll-out

Click. All Houston citizens get free e-mail

Click. Location-based sex services drive growth of wireless industry

Click. Salaries through roof for many in S.F.'s dot-gov world

Click. Tech Leaders Ponder IT's Woes

Click. It's a Phone And a Flower

Click. Israeli 'Hal' Eyes Turing Test

Mob software. Click.


The International Monetary Fund has expressed serious doubts about the central plank in the Bush administration’s economic strategy, its $1.35 trillion ten-year tax cut. By the IMF’s reckoning, the tax cut will cost twice as much. Click.

Venture capital: Looking for the bottom. Click.

Click. Department of Justice and SEC Crack New Tech Encoded Bookkeeping

IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti has been filling plum positions at his agency with employees of his information-technology company and others who steered business to it. Click.

Click. Baltic Exchange launches e-broking website  

Click. Wall Street loots Argentine workers' pensions


Offices of Waterford PI held materials for felony defendants, say lawyers Click.

FBI busts cyber citizen doing a good deed? Click.

New link lets hospital share child-abuse data. Twenty years ago, abused children were shuffled from one government office to another, repeatedly asked to describe details of the abuse to police, prosecutors and other officials. Click.

Click. Air controller accused of robbing banks also misdirected planes

Click. Justice: Federal drug charges rise

Click. Seafarer says pirates attacked him off Mexico's coast 

Click. Integrating jail gangs a tense transition. S.F. sheriff's officials ignoring affiliation

Possible DNA evidence in JonBenet Ramsey case. Click.

Click. FBI Investigating Missing Briefcase

Click. Child Porn 'Addict' Gets Less Prison Time Because of His Addiction

Click. Study Spotlights Over fishing In Collapse Of Marine Ecosystems

Click. U.S. Tax Break Ruled Illegal By WTO,

Click. US Balks At Mideast Monitors

Click. Booby-trapped Toy In Spanish Blast

Click. Microsoft Ready To Make A Deal?

Click. Supplements lure athletes, skirt FDA

Click. Challenge to a 'Constant' Shakes Modern Physics

New way to target cancer. Click.

Click. Hospital lecture focuses on heat-related illnesses

Click. University of Washington lab in eye of fetal-research

Click. Changes sought in HIV testing

Growing Blood Clot: New Mad-Cow Rules Cause Big Shortage Click.

Click. The Mosquito revealed!

Click. Lemon juice 'cuts the risk of DVT'

Click. The forgotten embryo. 

Click. Unusual Solar Storm

Click. Brain Activity Is Influenced By Chemical Signals Undetectable As Odors

Click. For Aging Brains, Two Hemispheres Are Better Than One

Click. Hot Pepper Oil May Prevent Salmonella In Poultry

Click. Fire Ant Queens And Workers Negotiate "Truce" On Colony Sex Ratio

Click. Researchers At UT Southwestern Discover Link Between Gene In Rare Disorder And Growth Factor

Click. Synthetic Antifreeze Could Prevent Ice Growth

Click. Mechanism Believed Found That Regulates Movement Within Cells

Click. Shifting Liquid Crystals May Serve As Personal, Portable Chemical Sensors, 

The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, 1930

Speech software can recreate the voice patterns of dead people, making it possible for them to say things they never said. Click.

Click. Porn is hot course on campus Professors seek meaning behind flourishing market

Click. Jane Austen and other novelists go online

Turtle rescue plan Click.

Click. Novelist Condemns Hollywood's Yen To Rewrite History As Cultural Imperialism

Click. Buddhist stupa rises in the Rockies

Disney: Sociologists chart impact of "happiest place on Earth" Click.

Click. Unmarried Partners Up 72% in Nation

Click. Nazis Seized Top Violins

Click. Scientists Uncover Sodom's Fiery End

Click. Lara Johnstone to take ET hunger strike to White House

Britain tries to predict unknown "unknowns". Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 18, 19, 2001

Click. Colombian army battles Farc guerrillas

Click. Israel Predicts Five Years of Carnage

The deep end. To Macedonia on a wing and a prayer. Click.

Click. U. S. pilots in Colombia say they're not 'Rambo'

Click. Colombia Warplanes Kill Dozens of Guerrillas

Click. Money, Power, & Macedonia

Click. Israel's Assassinations: The US Debate

Click. Sharon's Popularity Plunges as Violence Rises

Click. Youth's bondage ends with a farmer's bullet

Click. General, 7 others named in Osprey case

Our Class "A" war criminals and theirs. Click.

Stasi uncovered. Click.

Click. Desperation sweeps across Central America after a drought devastates the lives of more than a million people

Click. Atlanta woman, 71, first U.S. fatality of West Nile virus

Click. Gore's busy Bay Area trip -- fund-raisers, meetings with backers

Click. White House secrecy challenged. White House energy task force refuses to disclose documents

Click. Bush chooses nominee for high Justice Department post

Cash from slavery mars Yale birthday. Click.

Click. Many minority lawmakers seeing their districts quickly change

Veterans go to war against fake heroes. Click.

Click. Macedonian refugees block route to "NATO aggressors"

Click. Vatican may allow controversial archbishop, wife to meet


Alameda County ready to buy "touching voting" from Global Election Systems of Texas for $12 million. Click.

Mabel Teng Plays the Race Card, Loses a Hand in Chinatown by Warren Hinckle Click.

Click. Hate group's decals posted in Livermore

Click. Livermore rancher's killer back in court

Click. Gaming bill would exempt skill games

Click. Marin meth lab raided

Click. Marin $1 million bail for identity theft suspect

Click. Man charged in assault on Santa Rosa girl, 12, he met on Net

Click. Mendocino County fights convict's parole

Click. Jenner residents, Sonoma County sue over logging

Click. Officials say rapist may stay in Marin

Click. California condom warning label bill shelved

Click. New leaders to direct Camp Parks activities

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Faith-initiative chief quits as debate on plan heats up

Click. Social Security Commission meetings will be closed

Click. Democrat vows to fight Bush Social Security plan

Click. Trust funds at center of budget fight

Click. Bush differs sharply with Democrats on treaties

Click. Bush's Bioethics Man 

IRA suspect is Sinn Fein's Cuba envoy. Click.

Texans accused of trafficking in women Click.

Click. MI6 Mischief - Diana's Death

Click. Judges won't delay Microsoft action

Click. Women reconnect online

Click. The hard work of making the web pay

Click. Chinese webmaster tried for subversion

Click. D.C. Wants to Catalog Its Kids

Click. U.S. government patents anonymous browsing "Onion Routing" technique

Click. Taming the Web

Click. Mona Lisa Meets the Motherboard

Click. Niels Ferguson on DMCA, Intel, and breaking digital video scheme


Click. China, Silicon Valley talk business deals

Click. New Economy magazines face trying times.

Click. Be and Standard were both done in by larger forces.

Click. Biotech tomato in search of a market

Click. Ford to cut up to 5,000 white-collar jobs in North America. Layoffs hit US manufacturing, airline, e-commerce and financial sectors

Washington's mad scientists create a regulatory monster. Click.

Russia to earn billions in Iraq. Click.

Click. Should foreign workers get the boot when Americans hurt?


Click. Children of convicts share their sentence

Click. Attorneys ready for SLA fugitive trial on Sept. 24

News outlets challenge Neulander trial rules Click.

New controversial Othello. Click.

A new perfume line is supposed to distill the essence of being Latino. Click.

Swamped county courts turn to settlements to ease workloads Click.

Click. Internet makes fighting organized crime difficult: report

California's payday loan industry growing unchecked Click.

Click. U.S. appeals court rules Kaczynski's guilty plea stands

Click. Alameda man arrested for molestation of girl

Click. Teacher's aide in Napa charged with molestation of student

Click. 'Cyberteen' Sex Case Perp Popped Viagra 'Like Candy'

Click. Dog owner involved in mauling of Richmond boy charged with federal drug offenses

Click. White House Wants Right to 'Pull Back' on International Court

Click. 911 callers get CHP ads, energy tips. 'Your emergency is very important to us, but meanwhile . . .'

Click. Gay groups laud officials for quick response. It was a different story when murder suspect Andrew Cunanan was loose in 1997, they say

The world's largest federation of scientists questioned whether there really are 60 embryonic stem cell lines available for federally funded research and challenged the Bush administration to immediately identify them. Click.

Click. Self-administered test aims to measure bone loss

Click. Immune system blamed for cancer

The Plum Island Animal Disease Center Cover-Up Click.

Click. The Tofu Mobile

Pravda: New theory on drug prevention. Click.

Click. The Once and Future Nanomachine

Click. Listeria for Lunch? What you don't know can hurt you 

Click. FDA Panel Backs Artificial Sphincter Device 

Click. IV Drug Therapy Relieves Tough-To-Treat Migraine

Click. Hot water - latest in designer drinks.

Click. Africanized Bees Discovered in Houston

Click. West Nile Virus May Now Be In Canada

Stem cell research "license" sought. Click.

Paranoid princess trusted her "rock". Click.

Click. Diana's trusted friend will fight charges.

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Click. CBS delays rerun for advertiser

Click. From Degas to Van Gogh

Click. Disease brings poor crop of circles Wiltshire farmers say the lifting of foot-and-mouth restrictions has produced a late burst of "alien" phenomena.

Click. Crop Circle Masterpiece Awes Observers

Largest and most complex crop circle ever. Click..

Murdoch's daughter weds. Click.

Click. People in the News: It's official, Sinead is married -- to a man

Click. The People's Diva

Switzerland’s Jewish past. Click.

Click. Ideas Make a Lot of "Senses"

Click. Expedition Finds 60 Unopened Tombs

Click. Son and lovers

Ancient Hebrew Ten Commandments stone in Las Lunas, New Mexico circa 1600 B.C. Click.

Pre-Neanderthals talked 300,000 years ago. Click.

Ancient South American mariners Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 17, 2001

Click. 'War' bill signed in Colombia. President criticized for expanding military's powers

10,000 Russian anti-aircraft shells vanish from storage Click.

Taleban terror. A ravenous revolution devours all before it. Click.

Four Fatah members shot dead in internal conflict Click.

Click. Stumbling towards Pentagon reform


750 veterans of CIA secret army become American citizens Click.

India's spy satellite project takes shape Click.

Click. Colin Powell plants seeds of war in the Mideast.

Pravda: Israel's new strategy. Click.

Click. Koizumi's visit to the Yasukuni shrine legitimizes Japanese militarism

Click. Giuliani MUST Spray NYC! by Robert Lederman

U.S. servicemen as mercenaries in Kuwait. Click.

India confronts globalization. Click.

Click. Large nations fail to register satellites 

Malaysia: Tourists hooked by prostitutes on arrival. Click.

Gore Vidal Promises More McVeigh Revelations Click.


Click. State may place serial rapist in Petaluma

Click. Date set for Sonoma County Judge Gray hearing

Click. Pelosi wants leadership role. S.F. congresswoman going after job as party whip

Click. 16 dogs believed thrown to their deaths off bridges into concrete Compton Creek

Click. San Francisco man alleges he was attacked by serial killer who preys on gay men

Click. California lets rules slide in Oracle contract - no other bids required

Click. Venture Capital: 'Elves' use support system to weather dot-com crash

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. President Bush declares District of Columbia federal disaster area

There's a burr under Bush's saddle, and his name is Waxman Click.

Click. Grant-seeking religious groups face 'unwelcoming environment,' White House says

Putin and Bush: The End of the Affair. Click. 

Click. Palm Beach County Democrats invite Al Gore, Joe Lieberman to Florida

Click. Bush urged to cut off Sinn Féin's funding

Poverty is the new "Black. Click. 

Ted Turner Moving to Russia

A nun's dangerous talk. Click.

Click. Drug Dilution Allegations 'Mindblowing'

Click. Pentagon Hides Behind Onion Wraps The presence of dot-mil in its e-mail addresses does little to conceal the CIA's anonymity. That's why the Pentagon has a new technology that bounces Internet communications around like pinballs.

Click. Appeals court denies request for delay in Microsoft antitrust case

Click. Jim Bell-quoting Australian anarchist pleads guilty

Click. Still Waiting on Neural Nets Can neuroinformatics bring the decades-old technology out into the real world?

Click. Should foreign workers get the boot when Americans hurt?

A permanent electronic identity on the horizon. Click.


Click. HP's profit plunges 89%

France Agrees to Promote Roquefort Cheese Click.

Click. Industry Standard joins list of dot-gones. Voice of new economy runs low on money, ads

Click. Hollywood reveals plan for Internet movie service. Backing by major studios -- but not Disney, Fox

Click. French vintners fear losing prominence 


Click. National hunt in slaying case focuses on S.F.

Click. DOJ Intervenes in Religious-Rights Case

12-Year-Old LA Girl Faked Own Kidnapping. Click.

Click. SoMa loft hero held on parole violation. Taking intruder's gun broke rules

Click. Man sentenced in case of tracking ex's car

Click. Busting a cocaine empire Mark Greene ran a million- dollar-a-week crack empire under the watchful eyes of the FBI, officials say.

Click. New court battle set in Abu-Jamal case; officers converge in anticipation of protests
Click. PeopleSoft ordered to pay $5.45 million to former employee
Cactus Smuggling and Other Adventures by Alexander Cockburn. Click.
Judge OKs sexual harassment suit against Dial Corp. Click.

Helping to inform the citizenry about law. Click.
Girl abducted 10 years ago returns home. Click.

American Family Radio's Rev. Don Wildmon built a Christian radio empire by exploiting a loophole in FCC law that allowed him to take over small-market "translator" stations, many of which were owned by NPR affiliates. Click. 

Click. U.S. Lawyer to Seek Worldwide Case Against Bayer

Click. Study finds hands-free cell phones not any safer

Click. Unraveling bluefin mysteries. Study leads to amazing discoveries about threatened tuna populations

Stem cell lines doubted. Researchers question their viability, ownership Click.

Click. Staking Claim to Your DNA Playing off fears surrounding human cloning, a company will sample your DNA, enter your genetic profile into a database and send you a plaque. All this for only $1,500

Through "systems biology," says Leroy Hood, medicine will be utterly transformed. Click.

Click. More Moons Around Earth? It's Not So Loony


Click. Constipation May Lead to Parkinson's

Click. Breakthrough patches detect dangerous chemicals

Click. Pocket Rockets Pack a Punch

Click. Machine keeps organs alive for longer

Click. Beating Parkinson's The saga of William Bland and his brain pacemaker.

Click. Brain Pacemakers Hearts have long been regulated by electronic implants. Now it's the brain's turn.

Click. Clothed in Health A wearable—and wireless—health sensor.

Click. Nanolaser Tag Zap! Scientists create the world's smallest ultraviolet laser. 

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Witch-Hunt Mounted to Tackle Macbeth Jinx Click.

New Zealand's witch. Click. More: Click.

Hot Weather Leads Some Workers to Strip Click.

Click. "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"
It's your typical fascist meets girl, fascist loses girl, fascist gets girl back again story.

Homer in the Baltic. Click

Coca-Cola Buys Lost 1931 Norman Rockwell Painting Click.

Report on Mother Teresa Runs 35,000 Pages. Click.

Movie about life in Swedish hippie colony. Click.

Sex Drive Flagging? Pop the 'Miracle' Maca Click.

My Guidance Counselor Steered Me Into Cult-Like Activities Click.

E-mail a Che Guevara card to your loved one. Click.

Click. Web untangles Civil War history

Calling a reporter at home to get results. Click.

Legend breathes life into ancient city. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 16, 2001

Security Council convenes despite U.S., Israel opposition Click.

Click. GAO claims FBI doesn't always share information

Tensions involving three neighboring Central American nations are intensifying, with allegations of military spying and treason, and even warnings of armed clashes. Click.

Click. Israeli Terrorism Subsidized by US

Click. Levys keep up the heat on Condit

What the Chandra Levy-inspired navel-gazing says about modern American journalism Click.

Click. Web War on Condit

Click. 'Sherm' infuses many users with raging paranoia

Click. Making of a suicide bomber

Click. Clash over Max Kennedy cost job, tour guide says

The big true story of Genoa and "The Black Block". Click.

Click. Montreal Web site used to recruit Islamic terrorists

Top-secret device stops gun-running. Click.

Click. Rebels Hit Once-Invincible Sudan Oil Fields

Click. Man drives explosives into Lourdes

Click. The Office of Government Ethics moves to make public financial disclosure reports for public officials less revealing.

Fidel's Irish friends. Click.


Venezuela orders U.S. military mission to vacate offices. Click.

Click. Mob Money Tied to Gore

Click. ART BUCHWALD: The perks are gone


See where your local school rates on the STAR tests. Click.

Kids fare poorly on new test: Just three in 10 meet the state's standards in language arts. Click.

Click. Detective reopens 1985 Concord case

Click. Advocates petition to file the California Midvalley Fairy Shrimp under the ESA

Click. Mill Valley man charged with animal cruelty

Click. Klamath water war to heat up

Click. State sues to get crash damage funds

Click. Lawyers argue Massachusetts child molester can be rehabilitated

Click. Sonoma County police officers increasingly rely on nonlethal tactics

Santa Rosa police are searching for a man who entered an Aston Avenue home early Wednesday and used a kitchen knife to threaten sleeping children. Click.

Click. S.F. loft intruders killed by own gun. SoMa resident, friend shoot robbers

Click. Our hooker heaven

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Exploring Bush's flight

Images of Bush belie power grab. Click.

Click. Bush relearns lessons of Mideast

Moscow Times: A legislature passes a  program that takes more than $30 billion from the country's public treasury and gives it to the wealthiest, most powerful interests in the land. Click.

Bush, Inc.'s Quarterly Earnings Report. Click.


A Japanese couple who killed themselves by jumping into the Danube had left a suicide note saying they had been hunted down by a Japan-based cult. Click.

Click. Democrats Decry Bush's Move To Shift $4.3 Billion Away From Social Security Budget

Click. FBI Told to Be More Open 
Justice Department deals another blow, says the agency has been too slow to share information with prosecutors in security cases.

Rev. Jackson's ex-lover may stake her claim on TV. Click.

Click. A SCI White unveiled at Livermore A White giant with a speed and power unrivaled on Earth has emerged from Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

Code Blue. McAfee's Monopoly on Antivirus Software Could Prove Deadly. Click.

AOL, IBM instant messengers to 'Talk'

Click. Why Peapod Is Thriving: First-Failure Advantage

IBM releases a slew of developer tools

Click. Silence of a code cracker

Web site opens for waste snitches. Click.


Click. Why Peapod Is Thriving: First-Failure Advantage

Click. Entrepreneur hooked on dot-com high

Click. Bank of America reshuffles

Bush tax cut may cost 2.5 trillion. Click.

Cash tempts Mexican truckers to haul immigrants. Click.


Click. Federal civil cases go cyber

Click. Lawless Redress

Click. Disney sued over Pooh royalties

Click. Developer loses ranch land ruling Environmental regulators may exercise control over certain farming activities

Click. Appeals court considering decision gutting California Coastal Commission's powers

Click. Judge dismisses perjury charges against LAPD officer

Click. Los Angeles Superior Court judge removed from bench for lying

British Colombia to make parents pay for their kids' crimes. Click.

Click. Life of dog in mauling spared for now

Click. Jailed writer takes case to court

Click. Internet kidnapping

Relief for children of abusers. Click.

Click. DC Refuses to Release Red Light Camera Data

Click. Early Age Of First Drink Likely Symptom, Not Cause, Of Alcoholism

Click. Ecstasy Component May Help Researchers Measure Brain Damage From The Drug

Click. US firm offers stars DNA copyright A US corporation is trying to persuade famous individuals to copyright their DNA.

Click. A new heart drug, when teamed up with aspirin, could help save 10,000 lives each year in the UK, say scientists.

Japanese scientists have used a laser to draw the image of a bull the size of a red blood cell. This 3D sculpture gives hope for  tiny machines that could work cures inside the body. Click.

Click. Astronomers discover solar system that resembles our own

Click. '70s theory of moon's birth revisited

Anti-Cancer Mushroom Toxin Gets FDA Fast-Track Status Click.

Massively cloned chickens. Click.

Click. Study: Speed of light may have changed

"Mystery" DNA in genetically modified Soy. Click.

Click. Over-The-Counter Lubricants Fight HIV in Lab Test

Click. 'Superfish' to ease food shortage 

Click. Genetic Mutation May Be Key To Onset Of Deadly Skin Cancer

Click. Survival Tactics In Bacteria - Environmental Conditions Fit For Mankind

Click. NIAID Researchers Identify HIV-Induced Changes In B Cells

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Writer's cramp 'a sign of obsession'. Click.

Click. Drinkers 'feel healthier' than teetotalers

Click. 'Will & Grace' star helps gunshot victim

The children of Nazis Click.

Click. Oscar winner 'dazzled' into tale of love and war

Click. Cathedral, and a stir, rise in LA

Is a snooty "sentence cult" sending the Great American Novel to hell in a pretentious purple hand basket? Click.

Click. Synthespians No 'Final' Fantasy

Click. Moon a New Star among African Americans

Paleopsychology. Click.

Click. Queen Agrees to Marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla

Politics of torture as entertainment? Click.

Fans whoop for Whoopie at Fillmore. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 15, 2001

Israeli army poised for attack. Click.

Click. IRA rescinds its proposal to disarm

How You Can Do What the Government Won’t: Arrest Henry Kissinger. Manhattan’s Milosevic Click.

Click. "This Is Now A Comprehensive War,' Says Police Chief Surveying Wreckage Of Jenin

Click. The lesson in Jenin: No one can win conflict

Test data is in; Joint Strike Fighter decision now up to Pentagon Click.

Click. The Royal Navy's largest deployment since the Falklands conflict in 1982

U.S. operation against Iraq underway. Click.

Click. A resolute early Zionist has lessons for the current crisis.

Moscow Times: The Coup that Changed our World. Click.

Click. Indigenous Mexicans reject new laws

Click. Overdoses blamed for Houston deaths

Click. Bishop Dumps Pregnant Moonie Bride


Boy, 10, foils kidnapping. Click.

Click. Safeway removes popular gel candy

Click. Petaluma housing dispute 

Click. $60,000 gift for Petaluma's McNear Park

Click. No pet too exotic for Petaluma 

Click. Dozen Indicted in Alleged Ecstasy Ring

Stanislaus County votes $150,000 for Silicon Valley office Click.

Click. Lucasfilm signs pact for 23-acre Presidio space. 

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. When Cannons Shoot, Call Brown & Root

Click. Dubya 'soured' on Daschle

Click. Vice-presidential backups 

The CEO's best friend. Click.

Click. New math and the Electoral College

Click. Gore Sends Clear Signal About 2004

Click. Countdown on Korea: 

California judge has ruled that Yahoo does not need to reveal the identities of some message board posters Click.

Click. Taxpayers Prefer to Fight to Save Macs

Click. Your Face-Scan Dollars at Work The federal government has spent $8 million developing facial recognition and other surveillance technologies through the think tank, ANSER.

Click. Putting the Fish in the Net

Click. US losing hi-tech spying race


Click. CIA's Assistance to Startups Lauded by Venture Capitalists

Click. Euro Notes: Bonanza For The Underworld?

Media consolidation is "born out of pure desperation and ego mania." Click.


Click. Monitoring Of Judicial Internet Use Supported

FBI nabs four in $10 million software piracy bust Click.

U.S. cracks down on travel to Cuba Click.

Click. Her Good Detective Work Would Make Sherlock Holmes Proud

Click. Court OKs lawsuits over home bug spray. Two babies reported to have become sick by exposure to EPA-approved pesticides

LA City Council votes to settle police lawsuit for $3.75 million Click.

Click. Drug tried on Texas inmates to make them less violent

Gigante becomes top don in Genovese crime family as Gotti fades

Click. Organized crime groups going online, report says -- beware!

Click. US teen killer set to die

Click. A two-year-old in Ohio shoots his grandfather

Click. 'Angel of death' walks free

Court bars man from having embryos implanted in new wife Click.

Click. Feds Join New York Teenage Cybersex-Slave Probe

Click. Hepatitis C Could Be Deadlier Than AIDS by 2010

Click. Space data suggest cosmic laws alter as universe ages

Click. University patent agency sues Calif. company over stem cells

Click. Polio's effects stalk survivors decades later

Click. Study: Human Cloning Is Safer

Click. Brain Pacemakers

Click. Beating Parkinson's

Click. Milky Way Invisible From Most of Europe, U.S.

Click. Life from space dust? 

Click. Seven European Countries in Court Over Transgenic Micro-organisms

Click. NASA Solar Aircraft Sets Altitude Record; Communications And Environmental Breakthroughs Expected

Click. HIV Infection From Receptive Oral Sex Is A Rare Event, UCSF Study Confirms

Click. The Medium And The Message: Eyes And Ears Understand Differently, Carnegie Mellon Scientists Report In The Journal Human Brain Mapping

Click. Genetic Secrets Of Metal-Eating Plants Uncovered

Click. Exploding Frog Eggs And People With Rare Disorder Help Researchers Unravel Mysteries Of Water Regulation In Humans

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Click. Top canine athletes to compete in S.F.

Click. The wedding waffle "I won't" feminists go up against "I did, but I have a good excuse" feminists in a holier-than-thou battle over what it means to walk that aisle.

Click. Scuba divers think shipwreck is worth its weight in artifacts. Partners collect treasures for show, not silver's value

Click. More Faces are Female at Top Surfing Beaches

Secrets of the Glacier. Click.

Archaeologists unearth ancient giants. Click.

Ur. Click.

Mars watering hole. Click.

Click. Explore Antarctica

Airship. Click.

Local Legacies website. Find your city. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 14, 2001

Colombia arrests IRA 'arms team' for training FARC rebels. Click.

Click. Rumsfeld fails to sway Russia

Click. Russia Projects Middle East War Within 6 Months

The Provisional IRA has withdrawn its offer to put its arms out of use. Click.

China's Capitalist Cornucopia. Click.

Pravda: Kosovo - the Truth. Click.

Click. Britain: Inquiries into foot and mouth epidemic to be held behind closed doors

Click. Space Warriors

Click. Arafat May Be Studying Biological Weapons

Click. Rusting Russian Subs May Be the Next Chernobyl

Click. Israel Raids West Bank Town; Fighting Flares

Click. Pope urged to apologize for Vatican castrations

Girls get "candy" from strangers via internet. Click.


Click. Dump site at Hamilton Field can't be found

Click. Financial collapse of tiny Emeryville school district underscores larger problem

Click. Good ol’ Alcatraz

Click. Allowing phone-in bets on the horses will make California the biggest casino of all

Click. Oakland's public military school snaps into action

Click. UC Merced's impact reports causing a stir; Campus would occupy prime farmland in valley

Click. Two-year colleges want cuts canceled. Loss of $126 million called unacceptable

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Bush's stem cell decision: an attack on medical science and democratic rights

Part-time White House resident, full-time fascist. Click.

Showdown in WACO. Click.

Click. Ballmer critics go ape over Web video of Microsoft leader

Click. Image Woes Haunt MS Launch

Click. Need a Job? Do Biotech

Click. Ex-executives team with techies to bridge digital divide abroad

Click. World's First Disposable Cell Phone Makes Its Debut

Click. Searching for Google's Successor

Click. Christ's Music Shalt Stream First

Click. Rand report: Facecams can thwart terrorism, install them now!

Click. E-book advocates see no threat to pulp

Click. Print-on-Demand Books Cost More

Click. 'For Dummies' publisher sold for $90 million



Click. FBI spent four years too long on Lee spy case, report says

Long Island cyberperverts  brutalized a 15-year-old girl during an S&M ordeal, and "lent" her out as a sex slave. Click.

Click. Naked Barbie photos case dismissed

Alameda County lawyers say the grand jury selection created a panel prejudicial to a pair charged with strangling a Pleasanton woman in 1997. Click.

Click. California Supreme Court says schools may detain students without reasonable suspicion

Rohnert Park police officer shot and killed a resident brandishing a fighting stick.  Rohnert Park officials have agreed to pay the man's family, Kao, $1 million. Click.

Click. How the mysterious Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary actually conducts its reviews of candidates.

3 Oakland 'Riders' cops tell judge they're innocent. Attorneys for ex-cops say city will be sued. Click.

Click. Death Penalty Denied in Texas Sleeping Lawyer Case

Click. Court upholds Massachusetts law setting buffer zones for abortion protesters outside clinics

Click. 3 Arrested in Alleged Net Assault

Click. Stem cells from skin grow into brain tissue

Research confirms hope of vCJD (mad cow disease) cure

Click. Stem Cells: Now for the Hard Part

Click. Organ transport device unveiled

Nasa's solar-powered flying wing has beaten the previous altitude records for non-rocket powered aircraft. Click.

Rats' genes in lettuce. Click.

Study Identifies New Source Of Stem Cells

Memory Starts To Decline In Our Mid-20s

Researchers To Design Computer Network To Monitor Bone Loss In Astronauts

Depressed Heart Failure Patients Are Twice As Likely To Die Or Be Re-Admitted To Hospital

Spaghetti Gets Protein Boost From Corn Gluten Meal

Physicists Challenge Reports Of Accelerated Decay Of Nuclear Excited State

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy May Help Predict Effectiveness Of Cholesterol Medication

New NASA Satellite Sensor And Field Experiment Shows Aerosols Cool The Surface But Warm The Atmosphere

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Click. Lutheran group to study gay rights for clergy, unions

The Sorbonne                                        has come under fire for awarding a doctorate to an astrologer who has advised leading personalities. Click.

Click. New Book Focuses on England's Young Princes

Click. Cannibalism was widespread in the Stone Age.

Click. Kids Computer Camp Crashes

Click. Porn Stripped of Gossip Maven

Fireflies. Click.

Click. Artist to Paint Moon, But Physics May Foil Plan

Mayan riddle. Click.

Click. Ads on taxis urge women as priests

How a minor Old Testament figure, Jabez, became a magnet for the faithful and a marketing miracle. Click.

Gath. Click.

Is Noah’s Ark under the Black Sea? Click.

How old is the Tibetan plateau? Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 13, 2001

Click. Land mines -- deadly tradition in Colombia

Click. U.S. Cools Toward Land Mine Phase-Out Plan

Fayed denies smearing Hamiltons Click.

Click. Gore takes tentative step back on political stage

Click. Health fears as El Comandante Castro falters on tour to visit protégé

Click. US Vet Led Vietnamese to Mass Grave

Click. So why has nobody taken the world’s most infamous war criminal, Saddam, to trial?

Click. USDA Approves ‘Terminator’ Technology Despite Opposition

The Defense Department cannot account for $1.1 trillion that seems to have vanished within the tangled system of financial accounting put in place by private contractors. Click.

CNN in discussions with Rush Limbaugh Click.

Intelligence agencies cash in for technology. Click.

Click. Capitalizing on the Anti-Capitalist Movement


Click. By now everyone knows the name Chandra Levy. Yet almost no one has heard of Janie Coe or Jose Quiroz.

Claiming poor morale and a lack of respect, the Rohnert Park police and firefighters union is waging an offensive against Public Safety Director Jeff Miller. Click.

Click. Mendocino College official target of federal probe

Click. Would-be nurses get turned away

Click. SF State University to train Chinese bankers

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Bioethics chief seen as strong crusader

Web site urges Cheney to name "names." Click.

Bush flies in the face of logic by Pete Hamill Click.

Click. The Have-A-Nice-Day President

Click. Tiny Stem Cell Firm Might Get Windfall

Realistic rendering of translucent materials has eluded researchers and animators. Now a solution may be near. Click.

Click. 95% of people using the internet for a couple of hours a day attract the attention of hackers

Click. Cell Phone Gun

A Warhol Worm: An Internet plague in 15 minutes! Click.

Click. 2600 Hackers vs. the Corporate Wet Dream

Click. South Africa moves to increase Net-surveillance, limit encryption

New Web advertising tool gets results, draws criticism. Click.

Click. The e-plot thickens  

Click. US jobs at center of global condom debate

Click. Cuban businesses in midst of revolution

Click. European Billionaire Looks to Make Access to Internet Easy in Harlem

Click. Simple pump makes farmers richer 


Click. Shooting victim fights to rebuild his body, his life

Click. Dutch make sex industry legit by wrapping it in red tape. Brothel owners, prostitutes protest rules, costs, taxes

Click. FBI 'allowed mafia to continue with plot to kill gangster'

Click. Hamiltons play high-risk game

Click. Olson (SLA) Case Alters Lives of 3 Aging Witnesses

N.Y. police admit profiling "anarchists". Click.

Click. Alien Worshipers May Sue FDA Over Cloning Freeze

Click. Stayner lawyers seek to move case for fair trial

Click. He's been in on the AIDS battle since the beginning, but it's the feds Donald Abrams fights the feds when it comes to researching medical benefits of marijuana

Click. From outer space to the Operating Room., a 32-year quest to save lives

Click. Parents wonder whether to store umbilical cord blood.  Cells could be used to save child's life from some diseases

Click. The movement to store bodies in deep freeze is feeling the heat of discord and financial problems, placing the industry ON THIN ICE

Click. Heart cells beat anew in 3-D dish

Click. HIV woman wins bid for fertility treatment

Click. Cloner Promises 'Perfect' Babies via a technique that reduces risk of abnormalities.

Click. Flying wing set for launch off Hawaii 

Click. Did asteroid help dinosaurs rule Earth? 

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Click. An epic made intimate

Click. Between doubt and faith

Click. Creating a context for Chinese arts

Click. Jersey zoo saves two species on Montserrat

Click. Ghost writer who invented darkest Africa

Click. Military Fitness and Training

Click. Earth, Wind, Fire & Viagra

Yahoo News: Male, white and right. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 11, 12, 2001

Macedonia braced for all-out war. Click.

Rebels Cripple Colombia Oil Industry. Click.

Click. Argentines pray hard times will end. 16.4% jobless as economic crisis drags on

Click. CIA officer wrongly suspected of spying returns to work

AWOLs increasing in the U.S. Army - many fake and use the "I'm gay" ticket to get out. Click.

Closing down Orient House, the headquarters of the PLO, was the most provocative step the Israelis could have taken. Click.

Click. Israel seizes control of East Jerusalem

Click. $15 billion missing from education department.

Bush delivers stern message to Baghdad. Click.

Click. U.S. plays the India card

Ex-King of Bulgaria Welcomes Mafia Influence Into Government Click.

Click. The New Corporate War - By Carol Sterritt

"The military no longer respects even conservative civilian authority" Click.

Click. Falun Gong: Let The Games Begin - By Karen Nakamura

Click. No Choice About Prostitution For Young Women In Madhya Pradesh - By Shuriah Niazi

Livermore Lab opens 2 new research centers. Tours of supercomputer and detonation facility planned. Click.


Emery school board candidates need extension. 2 people out of 4 running for 3 seats are late with returns. Click.

It's Rose Pak's (Boss of all bosses in Chinatown) Party and nobody can come by Warren Hinckle Click.

Click. Jerry Brown has close call in Mexico.  De La Fuente pulls him from van that rolled

Click. No More Bolinas Fish - "Marine Protection Areas" - By Josh Churchman

Click. Sudden Power Glut Puts State in Costly Bind

Click. Teachers to finally see those bonus checks

Click. Freeman likely to head power agency

Brentwood's history holds hidden depths. Click.

Sonoma posh coastal resort under way for ultra rich. Nightly price tag could hit an estimated $2,400. Click.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Adm. Vern Clark has emerged as the front-runner to become the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Click.

Click. Gore still looks like a political animal.

Harris' Computers Held Bush Campaign Items Click.

The Imaginary Firewall Click.

 Katherine Harris registered to vote in two different counties Click.

Paranoia for fun and profit. It must be a conspiracy. Everyone is talking about the computer game Majestic -- even the aliens. Click.

Very small computers with sensors and wireless communication that can be dropped anywhere to monitor your movements Click.

Click. Hunger Site Seeks Sustenance

Click. Remembering a Hacker's Hacker

Web tracking info about 88 million users is for sale Click.

Finland is thinking of embedding national ID's in cell phones Click.

EU-funded research program on "The Disappearing Computer" Click.

Click. Reno says Bush should've done more on stem cell research

U.S. firm calls halt to cancer test in Canada. Utah patent-holder claims exclusive right to diagnose breast cancer gene. Click.

Click. New Elvis clothing line produced

A candid conversation with the parents of Chandra Levy. Click.

Click. Families of missing gather in grief. Susan Levy joins others to form new support group


Click. Former Tory MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine describe allegations of serious sexual assault against them as "appalling".

Einhorn to fast over prison diet. Click.

LA FBI agents arrest four in huge software pirating case Click.

Click. Suspect accused of fake Golden Gate Bridge suicide arrested

Click.  Judge in SF dog mauling eases gag order, hints at change of venue

Click. Berkeley attorney gives Hera hope for life

Click. Two die in attempt to hijack plane chartered for sex; pilot survives

Click. Custody dispute pits Texas against California in a fight over extradition

NSI Supports Forcing All Domain Disputes to Virginia Click.

Does Home Schooling have a dark side? Click.


Ethics is not the only touchy area for stem-cell research. A patent fight is also possible. A California company holds rights to technology some say belongs in the public domain. Click.

Click. Stem cell grants could begin in January 2002. Battles loom on ownership of embryo 'lines'

Click. Is Buying Stem-Cell Stocks a Good Idea?

Bush Outlook Mostly Good For Stem-Cell Firms Click.

Click. Buck Institute researcher troubled by Bush decision

Click. Researcher worries about limits of policy. Some key areas of research still can't be pursued

Click. Breakthrough Antibody Research Published

Einstein’s Refrigerator Click.


Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

The tearful Korean wife of Emmanuel Milingo, the Zambian archbishop who joined the church of the Rev Sun Myung Moon, threatened to fast to death in front of the Vatican unless she can see her secluded husband. Click.

Graveyards offer history, mystery. Click.

Click. Livermore Banquet celebrates Hindu god's birth

Camille Paglia.  What she's really saying. Click.

Click. Death-The Final Frontier



Word of the Day: Implicate. Click.

August 10, 2001 

Click. A war increasing in cruelty, fuelled by lust for revenge

Click. 50 US Warplanes in Major Iraq Strike

Click. State Dept. Gains Access To Kissinger Transcripts

Click. Kerry's nation Can Sen. John Kerry, derided by his critics as an arrogant press hog, do in 2004 what his fellow liberal Al Gore couldn't do?

Senator Lieberman visits Colombia. Click.

Why would the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange travel to a remote rebel stronghold in the wilds of southern Colombia to meet with a Marxist commander of the last major leftist insurgency in the hemisphere? And why would the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), welcome this capitalist icon with open arms? Click.

Ireland has no regulations re: cloning. Click.

Click. Scientists worry how policy affects them. Few cell lines, limited funds for studies

Click. GAIL MARTIN: UCSF scientist opened door. Research has been built on her seminal work 20 years ago

ONLY IN RUSSIA!  New sexual weapon invented? Click.

Click. Japanese Veteran Admits Germ Tests

Click. Risking All to Expose the Taliban A website run by a revolutionary women's group in Afghanistan shows, often in graphic detail, the horrific repression of the Taliban.

Click. Iceland's 21st Century Energy Policy

Click. In-Q-Tel looks promising, but CIA overseers don't pay attention

Click. Pentagon's Internet Voting Project Cost $73,809 Per Vote and delivered 84 votes.


Click. Interns enjoy work at Buck Institute

Click. Marin part of Dioxin monitoring project

Click. Bay Area lure to people in all of Asia. Fremont a favored destination for smaller immigrant groups too

Click. Oakland raid turns up pot and plenty more.  891 plants found in hills home, police say

Anthony Steven Tapia, 26, who lives at the Alpine Apartments, 1282 Mattox Road in the unincorporated Cherryland area north of Hayward, was arrested April 27 minutes after receiving two child pornography video tapes from Landslide Productions Inc. Click.

The massive kiddie-porn crackdown called "Operation Avalanche" is roaring into Canada, where as many as 2,000 Internet perverts could be collared soon. Click.

Click. A year after a 4-year-old Upvalley girl reported being molested by a family friend, questions remain about whether the accused has the mental capacity to stand trial.

THE BUSH WORLD...........

President Bush's decision on embryonic stem cells has created a deep rift in the Republican Party and pushed the contentious issue to the courts. Click.

Click. Bush: Too Far or Not Far Enough?

Click. Michael J. Fox says Bush did not go far enough

Click. Bush's compromise supported by shaky science

Click. University of Chicago bioethicist Leon Kass appointed by president to lead stem cell panel  

Bush adviser Karl Rove fails to mention ties to his own firm in a financial disclosure form. Click.

How Microsoft's file system caper could anger the Department of Justice. Click.

Click. NSF grants $53 million for supercomputing grid

Tech stars gather at celebration of IBM PC. Click.

Click. TRS-80: Thanks for the geek memories

Click. Microsoft Hotmail Servers Invaded by Code Red Worm

Click. Microsoft Imposes New XP Icon Requirements 


Click. French winemakers face new Agincourt gets $2.5 million cash infusion. Click.

Is the Magic Starting to Fade for Manufacturing in Mexico? Click.

Lights, Camera, Investment Banker Taking movies public with an IPO.

Click. Vintners With a Mission Bring Wine to Denmark

Click. Does a new rule legitimize insider trading? A relatively new SEC rule enables insiders to sell any day of the year as long as they have a prearranged selling plan. Should insiders should disclose these plans.

Click. Keeping the Faith A growing number of faith-based funds are catering to religious investors.

Click. You Can Still Retire Rich

Click. But Does This Qualify as Full Disclosure? Harvey Pitt sworn in privately as new SEC chairman.

Click. Entrepreneurs emerging to help grow medical marijuana plants

Click. Don't 'invent" traffic jams -- your boss could be checking up on you


Dutch prostitutes fight for banking rights. Click.

Click. Prosecution of kid porn suspect difficult overseas

Click. Court rules conservators can't withhold life support without evidence of patient's wishes

Click. New California law requires insurance coverage for experimental cancer treatments

Click. Florida implements the country's first sex crimes court.

Click. Adding time to terms in jail unconstitutional

Click. SF police to undergo transgender training

Another shuffled jury;  Juror removed - conviction obtained.

Click. Aided by the Internet, Self-Help Law Matures

Click. Sex offender battles to lose label

Click. Woman stalked by Michigan cop via police databases is murdered

A twenty-five-year-old reporter for the Huntsville Item gives a methodical account of her job covering Texas' executions. Click.

Click. US Vice President Cheney endorses Israel's assassination policy

Click. Big and clever Intelligence linked to babies' birth weight

Click. OxyContin making 'smart pill'

Click. Plants grew on land twice as early as first thought.

Click. Cooking Gases Can Trigger Asthma Symptoms

Click. Perceived Job Stress Raises Blood Pressure

Click. Abused Girls Grow Up to Be Abused Women: Report

Click. Group Says 17 Deaths May Be From Recalled Inhalers

Click. Astronomers Go Behind The Milky Way To Solve X-Ray Mystery

Click. First Land Plants And Fungi Changed Earth's Climate, Paving The Way For Explosive Evolution Of Land Animals, New Gene Study Suggests

Click. Antioxidant Supplements Lessen HDL Response To Cholesterol Drugs

Click. Jefferson Neuroscientists Uncover Novel Receptor In The Human Eye To Control Body's Biological Clock

Click.  The Genome's "Black Holes"

Click. Wistar Study Offers New Support For A "Histone Code" Theory Of Gene Regulation

Click. Physicists Find Gyrations Of Tiny Rod-Like Viruses Induce Measurable Entropic Forces In Solution

Click. Air Plants, Migrating Birds And Your Morning Latte

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Click. Ghost ship revisited 

Click. Lie of the Land

So what were the ancient Slavs really like? Click.

Click. Desperately Seeking Katie Couric

Click. Greek archeologists unearth rare Roman tombs

Shut Up And Eat Steak. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy yourself despite yourself. Click.

Faith healer linked sex to exorcism. Click.

Click. Dead Sea Will Disappear

Click. Unearthing Herod’s palace 

Click. Taxi Driver's Passenger Is His Long-Lost Son

Scotland's King Arthur. Click..

Humans talked 300,000 years ago. Click.

Solution to the mystery of the origin of the Book of Changes. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

August 9, 2001

Click. Thousands may face charges in crackdown on child porn 

Click. Hayward man arrested in child pornography sting

Click. Transcript of DOJ "Operation Avalanche" child porn announcement

Click. UN: Biggest Pimp in the Balkans

Click. CIA's Role in Moroccan Leader's Murder

Click. Pentagon Documents Show US Intentionally Destroyed Iraq Water Supply

Click. Spain Demands Payoff for EU Expansion Support

Click. The playboy who could spend more than £500,000 a day

Click. Daschle to challenge Bush on military. Speech will paint him as a unilateralist

Click. Killers in uniforms. With crime spiraling out of control in Venezuela, police death squads shoot first, ask questions later

Click. Putting women on the defensive in Israeli army

Click. The US search for absolute security is a threat to us all

Click. I RS chief got ethics waiver because of stock holdings in company with major agency contracts

Click. Gore Vidal joins the black-helicopter crowd

Click. Bill Reilly and Chris Matthews - caricatures of themselves? 


Click. More soil tests planned at Hamilton site

Click. Western power grid has close call

Click. San Francisco rent-control measure ruled unconstitutional

Click. Napa council hires Spanish translator

Click. Architectural team renovates caves into an ecological masterpiece

Click. Assyrian-American group doesn't have nonprofit status,

Click. Moms of missing offer support

Click. Fraud scam funded man's double life

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Plum job for Thurmond's son, 28, gets critical look

Click. Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris may have claimed to have a "firewall" between her official duties and George W. Bush's campaign, but computer files suggest otherwise.

Lyndon Johnson won the 1964 election, but Barry Goldwater, whose legacy is alive in the presidency of George W. Bush, won the war. Click.

Click. US moves towards deeper intervention in Colombia civil war

Click. Blacks working at Christian Coalition headquarters charge they were forced to enter through a back door and use a separate lunch room.

Click. New study takes different view on isolation and the Internet

Click. Recording industry asks judge to skip trial in Napster case

Click. Online Ads Have Bright Future

Click. No laughing matter BANG! POW! ZAP! Online comics come under assault from the art form's old guard

Leonardo built the first robot in 1495. Click.

Click. Postcard from the Future: More gloom for the PC market

Click. Software engineers are mapping newsgroup verbiage and turning it into data.

Distance learning. Click.

Click. Claude Shannon:
Reluctant Father of the Digital Age


Analyst Lawsuits: Blaming The Cheerleader Click.

Click. Volume dealers.  Why NASDAQ stays so busy.

How C.E.O. Alex Vic Sucked $400 Million by Selling Xcelera Click.

Beige Book report shows weakness is spreading throughout economy. Click.

Click. Lower-Level Employees Double as Fortune Tellers Their stock option exercises can tip you off to share price movement.

Click. Cashless Severance


Click. Federal Judges: Don't Monitor Our PCs

FBI chief Mueller lied to Senate about key-logging Click.

Click. Top FBI Officials Facing Inquiry Retaliation Alleged In Ruby Ridge Probe

A controversial ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court has prompted federal prosecutors there to suspend all major federal undercover investigations for the past year, halting everything from street-level drug stings to probes into organized crime and child pornography. Click.

Click. MIT will probe actions in case that preceded suicide

Click. Audio Experts to Tackle Watergate Tape Mystery what's in the 18 1/2 minute gap on a Nixon recording?

Click. Ill Health Hits 3rd Witness in Olson Case

Click. Supreme Court declines to hear case of arrest warrants using DNA evidence

Click. San Mateo D.A. takes losing trials in stride. Assured conviction is not his standard

Click. Davis names 2 to Santa Clara bench

Click. Attorney General John Ashcroft to lawyers: "Money laundering often is not taken as seriously as it should be."

Click. Bush to announce stem-cell decision tonight

Click. Robotic prostate surgery launched

Click. Do-It-Yourself Clinical Trials

Click. Widely used cholesterol drug pulled off market after deaths

Click. Sun Flu & Margarine Asthma

Click. Diet And Exercise Dramatically Delay Type 2 Diabetes; Diabetes Medication Metformin Also Effective

Click. In First Human Trial, Insulin Shows Ability To Reduce Components That Inflame Vessel Walls

Click. Scientists Find Largest Flood Channels In The Solar System

Click. New Source Of Natural Fertilizer Discovered In Oceans

Click. Researchers Trace The Origin Of A Widespread Antibiotic-Resistant "Superbug"; Findings May Lead To New Strategies For Combating The Infectious Microbe

Click. Structure Shows Repair Protein Cradling Broken DNA

Click. Meningitis Clotting Pathway Cracked By UK And US Scientists

Click. Cannibalism In The North Atlantic: Scripps Researcher Finds Crustacean Species Keeps Population In Check By Eating Its Young

A revealing tale of dinosaur discovery and deceit. Click.

New cream may repair sun-damaged skin and help prevent skin cancer. Click.

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Click. The cost of a hit single

Behind Barry Blitt. Click.

Moonie archbishop meets Pope. Click.

Click. Labradors collar the title of unluckiest dog

The device, called the Bow-lingual, consists of a small microphone attached to the dog's collar and "reads" dog-speak by matching sounds to a set of pre-programmed wave patterns. Click.

When parents are gay, kids' reactions vary Click.

Art in Santa Fe. Click.

Click. Teaching Can Be Deadly

Internet history of the Great War Click.

Click. The Big Bang Theory of Art

Click. Reborn to be wild Indian motorcycle company climbs back in the saddle

Click. A taste of honey

Click. Amish quilt stamps debut today 

Click. 2 ,000-year-old walls fit for a king

Word of the Day Click.

August 8, 2001

Click. Bush Policies on Gulf, Israel at Odds

Click. Egypt: 'Gang of Assassins' Leads Israel

Click. Flaws in the Lockerbie prosecution case Alan Dershowitz on his concerns that the wrong person may have been convicted and the real mass murderer may not have been charged.

Top team to fight Lockerbie appeal. Click.

Click. CIA headquarters evacuated during fire

Revolving door poses danger to defense Click.

Horror in Honduras: The Nun and Negroponte. Click.

Click. Lee Probe Not Racist, Report Says

Kosovo and Macedonia - the West's real motivation. Click.

Click. Hanssen Is Said to Have Given Secrets to 2 Soviet Agencies.

Click. Australia was involved in Irangate, claims former spy

The Stealth Genocide Program. Click.

Click. Iraq Attack Plans Complicated By Chinese Fiber Optics The White House and Pentagon agree that President Saddam Hussein's military must come under heavy U.S. attack.

Vatican charges it's target of 'slanderous campaign' Click.

Click. Let Wen Ho Lee speak!

Well-funded paramilitary acts as violent go-between. Colombia's businessmen, ranchers pay militia to battle rebel groups. Click.

Click. New theory for Kursk sinking

Click. U.S. Special Forces finish up training with Ghana, Senegal troops

Click. California criticizes Bush on health insurance delays. Mixed signals on expansion plan

Click. Salt in California's wounds.

Click. Sen. Jeffords' dairy issue tests majority's gratitude.

Click.  Pavlovich decision dramatically increases the jurisdictional reach of California's court system, creating nearly limitless jurisdiction over internet disputes involving the motion picture industry, the technology industry, and any other industry reputed to exist in California. 


Click. EMERYVILLE. State takes control of Emeryville schools, 

State aide leads Emery School District. Eastin's pick is Henry Der as bankruptcy administrator. Click.

Click. Napa County is planning to spend $500,000 to participate in a new $5 million law enforcement training complex near Fairfield.

Click. Hearst and conservation groups to start negotiations on 83,000-acre ranch

Click. 4 housing officials in S.F. reprimanded by HUD. List of irregularities cited in federal audit Federal audit: SF housing agency overpaid director Click. 

Click.  Census takes first count of same-sex households 92,138 gay and lesbian couples -- about eight-tenths of 1 percent of all households statewide.

Click. Perseverance pays off for Warrior Girl

Click. Futrell complaint clarified

Click. Berkeley furor at snub of Scouts.  Emotional outcry over Japanese group

THE BUSH WORLD...........

Click. Reading, writing and anti-drug messages. 

Click. Bush vows to check Hussein's ambitions

Click. Saddam warns Americans to get its ships, planes out of area

Click. Pro-Bush Files in Florida System

Data Permanently Erased From Florida Computers. Click.

Bush's attorney Barry Richard says the Supreme Court should not have stopped the voting--though unlike Coffey, Richard supported the court's ultimate decision. "I think that stay did more damage to the U.S. Supreme Court than anything they did," Richard said. "They wanted to protect themselves [against having a recount declare Gore the winner before they invalidated the recount]. I think it was a mistake." Click.

Paul Weyrich defends literacy tests used against black voters in the South Click.

Click. Bush's Weird Tax Cut

Click. Oklahoma Bombing Trial Judge Seriously Ill

Paranoid Hollywood wracked by hack attacks. Click.

Click. FBI Must Reveal Computer Snooping Technique -Judge

Click. Man misidentified by Tampa spy cams, grilled by detectives: 'It made me out to be a criminal'

Click. Attacking Robots: 'Igniting Fear With Flying Metal'

Click. Lawsuits are biggest reason for spying on workers, from USN&WR

Click. Gates shows how 'artificial intelligence' is not so smart

Click. Microsoft to Supremes: Judge Jackson's bias should give us new trial

Click. A.I. Can't Yet Follow Film Script

Click. Moscow Cracks Down on Pirate CDs

Click. Hopkins Offers Free Program To Speed Up 3-D Graphics

Click. Whois in Dot-Info? Everyone

Click. Anonymous Root Access on Quarter Million Machines

CURL - a  new web programming language, created to streamline complex web content by merging the functionality of different programming languages.

Click. New language could speed up the web


To Live and Throw Up on Wall Street: Diagnosing Brokers' Depression Click.

Click. P G&E tells SEC its corporate structure is legal

Click. Take care -- takeovers can take you down

How long a recession, if the Federal Reserve adopts "Positively Outrageous Service" as an official slogan? Click.

Click. Wireless Coupons Come to London

Click. A peak inside Greenspan's portfolio

Russia: A financial watchdog with unprecedented powers to force corporations to hand over documents is to be set up to fight money laundering. Click.

Russia: Chukotka's Romance With Roman Click. 


A day in the life of a parole officer. Click.

Click. Swearing at police is criticism, not crime. Appeals court overturns 2 convictions

Click. Mark Fuhrman's On-Air, on Crime

Click. Estate case questions oversight of lawyers

Activist nuns, 88 and 68, cause stir in prison Click.

Click. Automatic Iris Recognition A Security Tool To Replace Keys And Personal Identification Numbers

Click. Defense attorney will seek a change of venue in Yosemite homicides  

Click. Marin judge Duryea rules in favor of teen actor's parents
The youngest star of the hit TV show "Home Improvement" lost a lawsuit against his parents yesterday over access to $1.4 million in earnings from the show.

Click. Testimony delayed in SLA fugitive case

Click. God-based Ponzi scams bilk billions from devout

Click. Joe Montana sues to block porn site that uses his name

Click. Suit: Clear Channel is an illegal monopoly 

Click. Witness in murder case jailed

Click. 'Billionaire Boys Club' defendant sued. Son of victim claims wrongful death 

Click. Cloning clash. Rejecting pleas for caution, a group that says space aliens seeded Earth tells a key science panel it will create human copies

Click. Largest prostate cancer study starts.  Diet supplements could hold key to prevention

Rules designed to catch blood test error. Click.

Click. T he first stem-cell transplant to treat Crohn's disease appears to be working

Click. Potential Player in Autoimmune Disease Identified

Click. Astronomers See First Light in Universe, Lifting Cosmic Fog

Click. Three-in-one HIV pill may aid world's poor

Click. Natural tag found in salmon ears

Click. Nano Particles Find Stability In Orbit

Click. Star Trackers Awarded Patent

Click. How Small Can Life Be

Click. NASA Scientist Finds Clue To Possible Evolutionary Shift

Click. Earthquakes Reveal Diamonds' Origins

Click. Contracts Awarded For Mars Ascent Vehicle Studies

Discovery taking ovarian tumor cells into space When the space shuttle Discovery blasts off, it will take ovarian cancer into space for the first time. The ovarian cancer cells are headed to the space station to develop three-dimensional cancer cell clusters that function more like cancer in humans than the two-dimensional cell cultures traditionally grown in petri dishes. Click. 

Fishing Boats on the Beach, Van Gogh 1988

Click. Olives, Olives, Olives

Click. A Glimpse of Soul in Ancient Footsteps

How Gay Men Are Remodeling Regular Guys.  Post-Straight. Click.

The Making of Stephen Elliott How a product of Chicago's group homes became a local literary cause célèbre Click.

Peter Pan is back on Never-Never Net. Click.

Click. Kitten Survives 20-Minute Spin in Washing Machine

Click. Japanese Company Interprets Canine Chatter

The science of sensory confusion. Click.

CNN Chief Courts GOP Click.


Click. Panoramic photo of S.F. Earthquake

Click. Talk shows clamor for writer's word on Levy case.

Click. Bohemia lost I turn my back on a city that turned my head and then broke my heart - San Francisco.

Word of the Day Click.

August 7, 2001

Click. CIA Panel May Lack Voice for Change

Click. Sharon's new order

Click. 'Moderate' Saudis Now Talking War Ambassador says taking on Israel must not be ruled out.

Click. U.S. Study Due on CIA Venture Capital Firm In-Q-Tel

Click. FBI spy Hanssen published pornography on the Internet

Click. Evicted by the US military, the Inuit prepare to fight Star Wars

"THE SECRET HISTORY OF AIRPLANE SABOTAGE", Part One by Sherman H. Skolnick 08/6/01 Click.

Pandora's Box Opens. Marshmallow Business Booming by Al Martin Click.

Click. Thai court ignores evidence and acquits prime minister of corruption charges

Click. Tribe accused of purging dissent for casino dollars

Click. Running Las Vegas

Is America becoming a rogue nation? Click.

Click. Bush Medicaid Plan May Have Loophole   

Click. Mexico to back China's WTO entry   

Click. WTO Entry Challenges Bonded Zones

Click. Knowledge is the path to regaining power Is there a right-wing conspiracy?   

Click. Surplus woes may kill reserve for uninsured


Click. San Quentin slayings haunt the Bay Area

Click. Hallinan bites back Mayor's Office, DA play the blame game while the downbeat of drug-dealing and drunkenness goes on.

Click. Rent costs half of salary for 21% of Californians

Click. Tech business incubator to open next door to the national labs and will help fledgling entrepreneurs get their products on the market. 

Click. Ex-L.A. mayor testing the waters

Click. Price gouging case strong judge says. El Paso Corp. executives decline to testify -- hearing cut short

Click. Assembly primary taking shape. Papan wants to keep seat in the family

Bankrupt Emery schools vote to take state bailout. District would get $1.3 million outright to pay bills. Click.

Life on the edge.  The California dream. Click.


Russians examine Bush's IQ. Click.

White House revives the old enemy's list. Click.

Bush's baby nuke - the bunker buster. Click.

Bush's Texas crony will head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Click.

Why Bush is riding high. Click.

Click. Russian programmer Sklyarov freed on $50,000 bail

Click. Google names Eric Schmidt new CEO

Click. The new head at Google says it is operating at a profit, but declines to reveal details.

Liquidators to auction 80,000 wine cases left after dot-com bankruptcy. Click.

Click. SEC charges Hingham attorney with fraud. 

Click. New Disc To Replace The CD?

Click. Will History Repeat Itself? Half a century of trust busting barely dented IBM. Microsoft's monopolist bets history is on his side.


Click. Greenspan Reportedly to Retire

Explosion in round-the-clock businesses. Click.

Rebel worker asking for it. Click.

Click. Computer, Software CEO Pay Is Chaotic

Click. A Lifeline for Priceline

Click. Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mano Murthy

Click. Bank loans' irregularities investigation winds up   

Click. China starts purging bank account records   

Click. Can Internet companies really get brokerage licenses?   


Click. Supreme Court of California: Gunmaker Not Liable for "illegal" use of guns.

Click. US watchdog investigates online music ventures

Click. Asia's richest woman faces fight to keep inheritance

Click. Bar Association Moves to Relax Rules Covering Client Secrecy

Click. GAO to Investigate FBI Travel Vouchers

Click. 'Sociopath' amazed he's not on death row

Click. Classified Russian Databases Put Up for Sale

Click. Legal to fire gay people, court rules  US federal appeals court has ruled that firing a person because of their sexual orientation is legal.

Click. Parting Teens From Trouble

Boot camp for new fathers. Click.

Click. Thai scam investors wait in vain

Click. Cloning 'brain drain' US biotech industry warns of scientist exodus.

Click. How to make bedrooms 'allergy-proof'

Click. Cloning doctors make their case

Click. Experimental cream might heal sun damage

Click. Gel candy is choking hazard

Click. Hidden Wheat Fields Spark Outrage

Click. Techies: Have job, will travel

Click. GM Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Click. Tea, Chocolate May Be Heart-Healthy Snacks 

Click. NYU Researchers Successfully Immunize Mice Against Alzheimer's

Click. Regeneration In The Mammalian Heart Demonstrated 

Click. Human Population Growth Already Slowing

Click. Chinese scientists to explore North Pole   

Click. Bio-tech to Help Human Remove Six Dilemmas say Chinese Academicians.


Click. Anita Hill - live and kicking

Click. Dogs really laugh when they play

Click. Memory Mastery

Click.  When a writing student accused England's poet laureate of sexual harassment, the tepid peccadilloes of a nation's literati were laid bare.

Click. Five years after Swingers, Jon Favreau just wanted to get a movie made.

Click. Disgraced Married Archbishop Knocks on Pope's Door

Click. The Ancients Were Right - Delphi Was A Gas!

Click. Camping in Yosemite's Backyard

Click. Lusty Memories Sustain Women of Woebegone Isle

Word of the Day Click.

August 6,  2001

Click. Battle lines drawn on the Temple Mount

Click. Israeli Intelligence Projects War In 2002

FBI + CIA - Q for third gizmo chief in three years. Click.

"It is imperative we develop our Global Strike Task Force, a kick-down-the-door force that will assure access and aerospace dominance for all our joint forces." Click.

Click. Israel's Assassination Policy: Immoral and Self-Defeating

Click. The no-fear factor

Click. Suicide and the death of negotiation

Click. Problem: Anti-Globalization Protesters - Solution: A Dedicated Pan-European Police Squad

Betrayal in the Balkans  As a CIA agent, H. K. Roy witnessed the breakup of Yugoslavia and the bloodbath in Bosnia that followed, and describes his harrowing escape from terrorists. Click.

The Taliban are holding 24 foreigners for the crime of spreading Christianity. Click.

Click. What really happened to Russia's 'unsinkable' sub

Click. RIGHT YOUNG THING How Michael Powell Rose From GOP Obscurity

Click. The Media Borg's man in Washington FCC chairman Michael Powell, Colin's smooth, ambitious son, has never met a media merger he didn't like.

Colin Powell. From General to Lapdog. Click.


The sale of prescription drugs to Americans, many of them elderly, is one of Tijuana's biggest businesses. Click.

Click. Pilgrimage: UC to Asia. Students go to ancestral homelands to study cultural roots

Click. ' Tomato King' ready to rule in Mexico as a mayor

Click. Hospitals make changes to draw new nurses

Click. Santa Clara County's programs for needy kids rank among the best

Mendocino County may face water fee Click.

Click. Middle class caught in squeeze

Click. Benicia battleground: Plan for homes at historic arsenal has some up in arms

Sonoma County: Futrell backs off middle school vote. Click.


Bush forced to forge compromises. Click.

Preschool disconnect: Bush dollars don't match first lady's rhetoric. Click.

THE SALVATION ARMY, CHURCH, AND STATE: A Closer Look At The Charity's Proposed Deal With The White House. Click.

Talk speaks louder than action. Click.

Click. The Birth of the PC: In the beginning was an IBM team

Click. Asia-Pacific web users to 'overtake' US.

Click. Pieces of the bubble Internet-boom remnants are hot commodities

Click. New Variant of Code Red Computer Virus Sighted 

Future Computers Could Provide Speaking, Listening Personal Assistants Click.

Click. The Man Who Debunks Virus Myths

Click. MS Sends Listbot to the Heap

AT&T Labs struggles to turn theory into profits. Click.

Click. A Cure for What Ails Search Engines


Click. View: Private Companies use market back door

Beverage reviews. Click.

Click. More waves in the radio business Is corporate behemoth Clear Channel behind the latest shakeup?

Click. US Justice Dept probes online music ventures

Click. HUD says police, teachers defrauded housing program

Click. How To Make $45 Billion Disappear

Click. Communists At Work: Kim Sells Workers To Gulags In Debt Deal


Did FBI protect Mafia hit man during '71 Santa Rosa trial? When a congressional committee apologized to a man who spent three decades in prison for a murder he didn't commit, it reopened a chapter of Sonoma County history. Click.

Deputy DA Passalacqua may run against his boss, Sonoma D. A. Mullins. Click.

Click. Call for censure of ex-FBI chief was shelved. Freeh, 3 others blamed in probe of Ruby Ridge

Click. FBI Expands Globally

Click. Despite US law, seniors click on Canada for drugs

Click. Neglected computers hamper FBI

Click. Mass Quarantines Likely if America Faced Bioterrorism Attack

Click. Hallinan called to testify in pot case his office filed  More: Hallinan fights summons.

United States v. Elliott Abrams. Click.

Click. "The criminal investigation of Bush was regrettably incomplete."

Click. State Bar set to ignore new ABA rules. Client privacy remains priority in California

Click. UCSF testing new pacemaker.  Device not only regulates heartbeats but synchronizes left and right sides of heart

Click. Family seeks clues that boy can hear

Click. War on ovarian cancer Expensive drug may benefit thousands.

Click. Evolution and life at 15,000 pounds per square inch of pressure under the sea

Researchers at the University of Alberta hospital in Edmonton, Canada, have grown a mouse with a human liver that will be used for hepatitis C research. Click.

Click. Alcohol Researchers Localize Brain Region That Anticipates Reward

Click. Skin Patch For Parkinson’s Disease Proves Effective In Large Study

Click. First HIV Rat Seen As Best Model For Human Studies

Click. Celebrex Under Study For Lung Cancer Prevention

Click. Carnegie Mellon's Solar Powered Robot Demonstrates Concept That Could Lead To Long-Term Exploration Of Planets And Moons

Click. Dead or Alive?

The Giant Squid. Click.

Her Eyes are With Her Thoughts
 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1887

Click. Hughes letters say drugs led to Plath's suicide

Click. Are you a left-wing wacko? Take this simple test and find out!

The land of eternal spring. Click.

Click. A Sonora, Arizona, archaeologist is hoping to find descendants of English seamen who might have been left behind as colonists or castaways by Sir Francis Drake during his expedition along the coast of California in 1579,

Click. Jayne Mansfield

The Tibetan game of liberation and rebirth. Click.

Click. Planners defend vision for Muir's birthplace . 18th century house has been extensively modernized already

Click.  A company offers to implant false memories of an alien abduction in your mind.

Click. Discovery Of Ax Heads Furthers Understanding Of Cahokian Society

Click. Preserving Wild Progeny of Cconquistadors' Horses

Word of the Day Click.

August 4, 5, 2001

Click. Iraq Says U.S. Tightens Embargo In Preparation For Attack

Click. Two U.S. Carriers Now In Persian Gulf

Click. Rumsfield says any U.S. retaliation against Iraq would go beyond the limited set of targets in the February raid.

Tenet Names Chairman of the National Intelligence Council and Other Senior Intelligence Posts. Click.

Click. The man hunting the bombers.

Click. Bush 'Has a Plan' for Macedonia

Click. Sharon and Hamas May Have Common Goal – War

CIA Agents in Peru Didn't Speak Spanish

Facing an issue few want to touch - Black and Hispanic kids score lower on tests across America. Click.

Click. Infowar Capabilities of the Two Chinas

MINERS ARE NOT "EVIL" AS RECENT NMN LINK SUGGESTED: Mining companies aren't just dumping pollutants. There are also success stories. [This anti-gold sentiment has done much to increase the suffering in South Africa where the people are dying with what some estimate, a 60% HIV infection rates because of reduced gold price from reduced demand.]

Here are some links about the realities of mining. Click MORE: 
Click. MORE Click.  MORE: Click.
Some of these are laws made and administrated, as they should be, at a
more local level, the state. Here, though is the Federal Government also in action: Click. See the money!


The state has bowed out of the budget duel that has gripped the Alameda County Office of Education in recent months. Click.

$40 million marijuana bust in Napa. Santa Rosa man arrested. Click.

Judge's order halts adoption of Petaluma cats. Click.

Dragsters light up Sears Point. Click.

Click. SEC seeks data from Davis aides

Click. Firings standards vary for consultants While the Davis administration moved swiftly in recent weeks to dismiss a handful of low-level energy contractors who had apparent conflicts of interest, a group of powerful consultants to the administration has enjoyed far more lenient treatment.

Click. Hispanic Indians: the new workforce

Click. Two peas in a pod want a shot at Davis

Click. Is Katherine Harris' office resisting Florida election reforms?

Click. Cheney rebuffs inquiry into energy records. White House likely to be taken to court

Click. Bush says he hopes streamline Medicaid

Two drilling execs named to US ocean commission Click.

Click. Senate Abandons Family Farms and Conservation

Click. 11-year-old crafts award-winning computer game

Click. Media skepticism regarding Code Red.

Click. Music May Yet Stream From Web

Click. Sen. Torricelli's "anti-hacker" bill puts parents, kids in jail

Click. Researchers Develop Receptionist Robot

Click. South Africa Plans Internet Snooping Law

Click. Susan Levy: "We're not holding up very well."

Click. Condit Returns to California.


Click. Pawnshops open doors online

Click  Treasury to borrow 51 Billion to pay for tax cut. 

Click. Heartbreak Hotel. 24 years after I-Hotel evictions, senior housing is going up

Click. The Day The Workplace Goes Home

Click. Risks of a Equity Crash High-Dresdner

Click. Citibank acquisition angers Mexican taxpayers who bailed out Banamex


Woman sues husband's alleged gay lover. Click.

Elderly witness testifies for upcoming SLA trial. Click.

Free Dmitry? Spare Me.: Why the FBI Was Right to Arrest the Internet's Latest Martyr Click.

2nd Airline to lose child. Click.

Click. Mounties lose their man.

Click. Three sentenced in scam that used NASA computers to clone ATM cards

Click. Judge orders Iran to pay $314 million. Family of priest held hostage now eligible for $14.6 million from U.S. government

Click. An angry Alameda County prosecutor said yesterday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is defying the law in refusing to extradite a former East Bay woman who hid her daughters from their father, a convicted sex offender.

Click. Stanford cyclist's body found. Student was hanging in tree -- 'a suicide'

Man who killed kitten gets maximum penalty of 3 years, 8 month prison. Click.

One year later, income, ethnicity again dividing Los Alamos. Click.

St. Agnes' efforts only add to anguish after lab error. Click.

Click. Gene warning over HIV drug West Africans may have a genetic makeup which may prevent some anti-HIV drugs working properly, say scientists.

Click. How Hyper-X and X-38 Will Shape the Future of Flight

Automated Invention Machines. Click.

Click. 'Ice baths' help stroke patients

Click. Cheap Prozac pills go on sale.

Click. Cholesterol warning for elderly

Click. Incense link to cancer Burning incense, popular in places of worship and in people's homes, could be a cancer risk.

Click. Prodding 'sounds out' breast lumps

Astronaut urges science literacy. Click.

Click. Feud overshadows discovery. 2 teams detect signs of first galaxies formed after Big Bang

Click. Men's Health:  20 Tips

Click. Welcome to Cornell Urology

Strange things can happen to the human body when people venture into space. Click.

Her Eyes are With Her Thoughts
 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1887

Priest battles negative depictions of Jews. Click.

Click. The sound of Vietnam How wizard Walter Murch created a soundtrack of horror.

Click. Palo Alto native assumes a leading role in recapturing James Dean's mystique

Click. Deadly ethic among athletes of ignoring pain

Click. Ancient DNA Discovered...Or Not

Click. Among the truly great filmmakers of the last half-century, Kon Ichikawa.

Divorce, love, loneliness, and the benefits of a roll in the hay. Click.

Psychics take up the Randi challenge. Click.

How are diamonds made by the earth? Click.

Click. Missing Teenager, Family Reunite

Word of the Day Click.

August 3, 2001

Click. FBI's Mueller refuses to commit to independent Carnivore review

Click. Senator Vows to Block Star Wars

Click. US Sends 2nd Carrier to Persian Gulf

Click. Virus Leaks Ukraine President's Secrets

Click. Afghanistan's Taliban Bans Internet

Click. The US is secretly drawing up detailed plans for the deployment of an observer force to monitor flashpoints in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Click. The leader of North Korea is making a two-week trek across Russia, on a mission of potentially global import, in almost complete secrecy.

Moscow pulls Kim out of the cold. Click.

850,000 kids are home schooled. Click.

U.S. Presses Taliban on Terrorist Ties

In Tit for Tat, Mexico Vows to Bar U.S. Trucks

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is threatening to shut off Uncle Sam's funding for Viagra - on the grounds it's sexist. Click.

Click. China reacts sharply against US proposal for Asia security forum

Click. The Mormon Stem-Cell Choir

Alabama establishes a state religion Click.

Groups vow fight if Philadelphia schools seek privatization. Click.


Click. Memories of the way things were - Ex-supervisor Bishop watches old colleagues on TV

Napa: Friends ask for leniency for child molester. Click.

Click. Marin County rapist says he's no longer a threat 

Click. San Rafael: Rapist to be released for rehabilitation

Click. Phenomenal views unveiled at Marin Headlands

Click. Healdsburg officer accused of forcing kiss

Click. 3 million due power rebate

Click. Bay panel rethinks ban on Sausalito 'anchor outs'. 

Click. The Anarchists Next Door

Two Indian festivals. Click.

San Ramon delays vote on growth plan. Click.

Click. Margaret Warren -- Napa Valley winery operator

Click. House passes patients' bill of rights. Bush-backed deal faces Senate fight over damage limits

Click. Bush product safety expert bites the dust

Bush doesn't want to give up land mines. Click.

Bush lies about the UN? Click.

Molly Ivins: 'The Republicans are coming for your women' Click.

Click. NetZero Cuts Staff, Free Services

Click. Of 'e-diots' and the future of ASPs

The complete guide to hackers in film. Click.

IBM's pay drove me to start stripping. Click.

Click. The Science of Selling Images

Click. Girls Dig Demos Too

Click. IBM Turns to (Server) Farming

Click. Free online tool for generating custom webpage graphics and animations.

Click. Feinstein says Condit is political toast


Who or what is WETIP.COM? Click.

Click. Tip on Levy being buried a hoax, FBI says. 


Click. Venture Capital: New fund to focus on dot-coms, e-commerce

Click. Free Resume Writing

"Conflicts of interest run deep at almost all the largest brokerage firms". Click.

Click. Can the GAO make Cheney blink?


Ex-Customs Agent files Lawsuit Against US, names Rubin.  Accusation: $250,000 bribes to let Cocaine Trucks Pass and Sec. Rubin Did Nothing Click.

Click. Strip Club Owner Pleads Guilty

Click. Fitzhugh killed wife, jury finds

In a case with implications for investigative journalism in the Internet age, a Canadian mining company has successfully used British libel law to shut down part of a U.S.-based Web site. Click.

California filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to force Texas to extradite a woman who hid her daughters from their father, a convicted sex offender. Click

British Colombia: Legislation introduced to make it illegal to prevent parents from volunteering at the schools their children attend. Click.

Bush to replace U.S. Attorney in New York. Click.

Click. Case Sparks Debate Over Testimony by Children

Click. New trial ordered in '96 sex case. Right to jury improperly given up

Click. It’s the wrong Vargas Man caught in 20-year fight to clear name as deadbeat dad.

Click. Cops arrest teens who warn drivers to brake before radar gun

Click. Killer dog's grand-pups advertised for sale. Owner wants $1,200 per Bane descendant

Click. Three arrested in identity theft case

Click. Scientists Find Protein That Turns Carbs Into Fat

Click. Soy Protein Suppresses Breast Cancer Hormones

NASA's most accurate global map ever created -- 3-D images of mountains, valleys and plains that were put together from a trillion measurements of the Earth's surface collected by a space shuttle crew last year. Click.

Children still at risk from airbags. Click.

Click. Doctors seek a Viagra variant for lung ailment

Click. Hormone therapy's bumpy ride

Click.  Just duel it: Medieval swordplay keeps history buffs buffed

Click. US warned of cloning 'brain drain'

Click. Asteroid May Have Created Hawaii

Click. Dinosaurs' Large Noses May Have Been Key To Physiological Processes

Click. Scientists Find Genetic Basis Of Insect's Resistance To Engineered Crops

Click. Zero-Gravity Cancer: USF/NASA Project Will Take Ovarian Tumor Cells Into Space For First Time

Click. Designer Chemical Offers Alzheimer's Hope

Click. Cancer Diagnostic Method Could Reduce Biopsies

Click. Brain Tumors And Mouse Models: New Insight Into The Development Of Gliomas

Click. Estrogen, Soy Boost Recovery In Hearts After Surgery, Studies Show

Click. Virtual Hurricanes: Computer Model Pushes The Frontier

Her Eyes are With Her Thoughts
 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1887

The oracle of Bacon at Virginia. Click.

Dogs laugh! Click.

Click. A new spin on Boy George

Click. Snarky, savvy 'Ghost World' is the year's best film

Rokia Traore is revolutionizing music in Africa, blending a rainbow of 'global color' Click.

Click. Book club starting up, and whole city's invited

Click. David Halberstam on "Apocalypse Now"

Click. Brilliant Careers: Francis Ford Coppola

Click. Monkey Business

Click. Asian Americans' wavering image. Journalism group forum tomorrow

Wood in their blood keeps them carving. Click.

Hot Copy: Hollywood's Hot for Mag Piece on Hit Man Click.

Click. Pioneer Astronaut Dazzles Kids

Click. Artifact Analyses Dispute Assumptions About A Prehistoric Society

Click. The H.H. Bennett Studio. The photographer who helped make the Wisconsin Dells an international tourist destination."

Word of the Day Click.

August 2, 2001

Click. Air Force General Calls For Deployment Of Space-Based Weapons To Protect Satellites.

The FBI is looking into reports that a large-scale "boiler room" securities operation busted in Bangkok last week was actually a clandestine scheme to channel funds to the Irish Republican Army. Click.

Citing limited air-space, Israel says wants to base jets in U.S. Click.

Israel tells the U.S. military what to do? Click.

Click. Friction Over Israel: Powell vs. White House?

Click. Israel Vows To Continue Policy Of Assassinations

Click. Israel Beats 'Cyber-Jihad' Attacks

Blueprints for Columbia War by Alexander Cockburn Click.

Click. U.S. Angry As Chile Asks Kissinger About Death Squads

Private firm hired to save Philadelphia schools. Click.

Click. Court Rules Genocide Was Committed

Click. Why the "Code Red" worm is a red herring, by Wayne Madsen

Click. World Cooperation Urged to Tackle 21st Century Space Issues 

Click. Know thy enemy!

Click. Transcript of Ashcroft news conference on DNA samples, database


Click. IBM pushes computing power utilities

Click. Big five in grip of recession


Click. Three plead guilty to building illegal bike trail

Click. Chaos obscured energy conflicts

Click. Marin judge to release rapist

Click. Father gets life in attack on daughter

Click. Ghilotti left home 6 weeks before suicide

Click. A black exodus in San Francisco

Click. The mining of the West An 1872 law lets miners take precious metals from public land at little cost -- but with great environmental impact.

Click. S.F. port developer gave $50,000 to Davis

Click. Top adviser's $1 million in Enron stock. Oversight board member denies conflict of interest

Click. San Francisco Public defender's race has sky-high price tag

Click. George the Good Will his vague "Communities of Character" initiative prop up his stumbling presidency?

Click. Secret documents show that the National Education Association has become the Democratic Party.

Thesesa LePore is an idiot or the deepest black operative vote smasher in the world. Click.

Wrong way to head off germ warfare. Click.

Click. Adversaries Would Find Other Attack Methods, Game Theory Shows

Click. Bush Budget 'Starves' NASA, Florida Senator Bill Nelson Says 

Laws requiring technicians to report on the content of hard drives. Click.

Click. The parasite economy There's a new software business model in town -- symbiotic plug-ins that pay for the privilege of piggybacking on the hot download of the moment.


Click. Music's Turf Warriors Do Europe

Graphical User Interface Timeline. Click.

The art of computer programming. Click.

Click. Search Engines and Editorial Integrity

Click. IBM to Build Computing Power Grid

The ultimate laptop. Click.

Click. Condit has mighty legal bill mounting

Click. Washington internships a big draw

Click. Battle lines set on Web ad pages

Business intelligence software. Click.

Click. Treasury Is Planning to Borrow to Cover Cost of Tax Rebates

Disney CEO Eisner Under Pressure Click.

Click. Are Home PCs a Backdoor Into Your Corporate Network?

Click. Are Analysts Pumping and Dumping? The SEC Thinks So.


Oregon Supreme Court lets stand indictments after grand jurors were "coached".  Click.

Click. Mueller nears confirmation as FBI director

Click. FBI to hold Web chat on Jesse James Hollywood

Click. Sen. Hatch "commends" DOJ for Sklyarov arrest, IP prosecutions

Click. Four California Supreme Court finalists named

Click. Lawsuit accuses brokerage, analyst of cheating Amazon, eBay investors

Click. Lawyers pay price for hoaxes

Australia: "Anti-social conduct" outlawed in the Northern Territory. Click.

Click. A lawyer for Christopher Slavin, accused of assaulting two Mexican day laborers, urged jurors to look past whatever racist beliefs Slavin has, including his Nazi tattoos.

American Constitution Society formed to counter Federalist Society. Click.

Click. Scientists invent 'weather control powder'

Click. Surgery Viable for Epilepsy, Study Shows

Click. Scientists reconstruct Neanderthals

Click. An NFL tragedy puts new focus on the risks of exercising in high temperatures

Anorexia goes high tech. Click.

Click. We've Been Invaded by Aliens--Bacteria, That Is

Click. Black Death Found to be Ebola

Click. What Caused 6th Century Catastrophe...and Could it Happen Again?

Click. New Long-Necked Dinosaur Discovered In Madagascar

Click. Clinical Trial Of "Artificial Liver" Uses Albumin Dialysis

Click. Optical Technique Studies Brain Activity Without Surgery On Skull

Click. How Nerve Cells Get Ready To Fire: Utah Biologists Demonstrate A Protein's Key Role In Nerve Signals

Click. Russia Launches Satellite for Studying the Sun 

Life, the Universe and Supercomputers. Click.

Click. Speeding Through The Gas Pump

Her Eyes are With Her Thoughts
 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1887

Planks from an English ship Sir Francis Drake left behind. Click.

Click. James Dean lives again in a riveting, beautiful TNT movie.

Click. Creating a wildlife sanctuary in your own back yard

Click. Frame Your Memories Digitally

Cougars -  love and hate. Click.

Click. Apocalypse Again  Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam epic, "Apocalypse Now," is back after twenty-two years.

Click. Queer as your folks?

Click. White nights Chardonnay shows why it’s the world’s dominant grape

Click. Why Pay to See 'American Pie 2' When It's Free Online? 

Inside the World of Tracy Quan, Literary Hooker-Cum-Novelist Click.

America's most dangerous mountain. Click.

Click. At foxy boxing, it's good to fight like a girl

Word of the Day Click.

August 1, 2001


Click. The U.S. House of Representatives approved a sweeping ban on human cloning, a prohibition that would make it a federal crime to clone people to produce children or to create embryos for medical research.

Click. Israelis Turn Human Stem Cells Into Heart Cells

Protest Goes ‘Star Trek’ With Nonlethal Weapons. Click.

Chile Court OK's Kissinger Queries in "Missing" Case Click.

Click. Bold New Plan For US Elections

Click. 8  Killed as Israel Attacks Militant Site Violence: Two boys are among those to die in the assault. Massive protests, vows of revenge follow.

Click. U.S. backs face-ID system for military uses. Government's role in research worries privacy advocates

Click. Indians court power firms. Tribes share revenue from electric plants

Click. Heinz Unveils Purple Ketchup in Bid for Kids

Cash makes Pat Robinson and Disney into strange bedfellows! Click.

Laundering reports hit record high in U.K. Click.

Click Where did the love Go?  My short-lived bonding session with the boss.


Click. Cal State Hayward scrambles for students

Click. Santa Rosa may break with Empire Waste

Click. Santa Rosa charter school gets prestigious credential

Click. Special ed overhaul for East Palo Alto district

Click. New problems fester in Klamath water dispute

Click. Going to War in Hollister After buying the town's weekly paper, two women take on pro-growth forces. An Internet attack on their sexual orientation raises the stakes.

Click. That commie-rat, alien Harry Bridges — today a S.F. hero by Warren Hinckle

Click. Oakland A's sold. Team denies deal, but Oakland says Vegas investors to buy club

Click. Iran-Contra gangsters resurface in Bush administration

Federal Funding Pushes No-Sex Education Into the Mainstream. Click.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) wants NBC News to surrender to him alleged in-house NBC videotapes that reportedly show presidential- election-night interference with news operations by General Electric Co. chairman and CEO Jack Welch in support  George W. Bush. Click.

Click. Plan would lower many Social Security benefits

Type in the Vehicle Identification Number of a car, get public records on it. Click.

 Click. What would happen if that fish screensaver suddenly enabled the creatures to swim off your screen and onto someone else's, perhaps a continent away?

Inventor of the Super Soaker Click.

Digital TV a Remote Possibility Click.

The operator who runs the Honeypot Project to study black hats Click.

Steve Gibson's "Code Red" analysis Click.

Code Red was just testing #1. Click.

Touchy-Feely Computing. A NEW MOUSE PICKS UP GOOD VIBRATIONS. Click.

Click. HOLLINGER INTERNATIONAL: Publisher sells bulk of its remaining Canadian papers

Click. What's Behind AOL's Investment in Amazon? What Else?

Click. Did Chandra frantically call Condit or not? 

Click. Yes, Chandra Levy Is Missing, But The Real Story Is Sex And Power


Click. British Farrakhan ban overturned

Click. German chancellor's outburst against sexual offenders: "Lock them up--and throw away the key"

Click. Honduran Police Investigating Cult Child Sacrifices

After fighting in a bar and lying to police, she will be off Superior Court for three months. Click.

Click. Woman gets three months in jail for leaving children in car trunk

Click. Jury finds city, county negligent in sex-ring case

Click. Senator Targets School Hackers

Click. Eaten As Food, African Orchids Threatened By Illegal Trade

Click. Germany legalizes gay marriage

Click. Testimony In Atlanta Strip Club Trial Halted Abruptly Without Explanation

Click. FBI gauging Internet snooping technology. Nominee Mueller says he'd decide policy later

Click. Love Monkeys We've got to save our cousins, the endangered bonobos!  They seem to have developed a superior civilization: the women are in charge, and the bonobos really know how to solve conflicts!

Click. Imagery Therapy May Reduce Nightmares After Trauma  

Click. Doctors Implant Chips in Eyes to Restore Vision

Click. Israeli Teams Grows Heart Cells And Insulin Producing Cells From Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Click. Point, click, and identify more than 20,000 detailed anatomical structures within fully dissectible male and female bodies.

Click. Optical Scientists To Develop Eyeglasses With Autofocus 

Click. What Side Effects to a Clone Ban?

Click. Finding the Genesis of Space

Click. Clothed in Health A wearable—and wireless—health sensor.

Click. New-Found Moons Of Saturn Remnants Of Larger Moons

Click. "Bionic Ear" Implanted By Penn Surgeons To Give Hearing To The Deaf: FDA-Approved Device Provides The World's Fastest Hearing Technology

Click. UT Southwestern Team Isolates Key Protein In Transforming Excess Glucose Into Fat

Click. NYU Study Assesses Whether Yoga Can Reduce Epileptic Seizures

Click. Discovery Will Change The Way Researchers Look At DNA Transcription, Scientists Say

Her Eyes are With Her Thoughts
 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1887

There is nothing guaranteed to make you feel the passage of time so much as an ageing Beatle. Click.

Click. Daniel Barenboim conducts Wagner in Israel

The Fact and Fiction of Bestseller Lists Click.

Click. The many faces of Sappho Genius? Pervert? Seducer and murderess? Homely bluestocking? Nymphomaniac?

Click. Are High-Tech Women Crashing?

Click. The Crusades in France A set of recent books on how a heresy was crushed.

Solzhenitsyn, a new book, and the new Russia. Click.

We have the technology to reinvent teaching, says MIT's distance-learning guru, but do we have the will? Click.

Click. Mysterious game escapes Internet and invades reality

Click. Overdue book's return priceless

Click. Celebrating Steinbeck. Salinas salutes native son it once snubbed

Click. 1 in 5 girls say date got violent

Word of the Day: Decline Click.