Click. Friendship pact OK'd by China, Russia. A bid to counteract supremacy of U.S.

Click. Rumsfeld: Billions More for Pentagon

Click. Bush Says Relationship With Blair 'Still Special'

Click. Israeli defense official secretly visits U.S. to discuss Egyptian-N. Korean missile program

Click. Four Rwandan Genocide Suspects Discovered Working at U.N. War Crimes Tribunal

Click. Adoption touted for embryos

Click. Indian tribes left out of landmark $200 billion tobacco accord

Click. U.S. Plan to Halt Blood Imports Worries Europe

U.S. Grapples with Biological Weapons Compliance Protocol

Click. U.S. servicewomen question Muslim dress requirement

Click. Survivor benefits of GIs slated for cuts

Click. What is the price of a constant state of anxiety?

Once-feared drug enforcer killed in barrage of gunfire. Snitch Bluitt testified against Felix Mitchell. Click

Bush suspends law on Cuba lawsuits. Click.

Click. Girls taken in s\exual Slavery


Ten new members appointed to Alameda County civil grand jury. Click.

Click. Avocado Farmers Fear Increase in Imports

Click. Reviving Tomales watershed

Click. SF financier sworn in as ambassador to France

Click. Cops in riot gear overreacted to Fairfax concert, say teens

Click. Financial privacy bill gets new life in Assembly.

Click. Big bonuses OK'd for PG&E bosses.  

Meet Bret Schundler, From Wonderful Guys Who Gave You Reagan. Click.

Click. Bush pushes rapid development of US missile defense

Click. James Baker and the Stolen Election

Bush's SEC Pick Amassed $3M in 2000. Click.

Click. Why Bush doesn’t want to use federal funds for embryonic-stem-cell research — and why he should.

Click. Cheney Calls on Navy to Pay Bill to Light His Home

Click. Katherine Harris' partisan fixers

Search engines accused of deception. Click. 

Click. Nader accuses major search engines of deception

Click. Indian handheld to tackle digital divide

Single digit solution to losing your house keys. Click.

Click. Russian Adobe Hacker Busted

Click. Hackers Secure a Downgraded Storm

Click. Touchy-Feely Computing

Click. A Standard for E-Comments


Capitalists seek hackers. Click.

Click. Condit's team uses the old nut and slut theory:  Chandra was no angel

Chandra-free CBS is a puzzle. Click.

Click. Condit won't say who is footing PR, legal bills- Cotchett still drawing a check.

Click. Why do apparently bright young women like Chandra Levy fall in love with cads like Gary Condit?

High infidelity. As a former president might have said, it all depends on what your definition of ‘cheating’ is. Click.


Click. Ex-labor boss guilty in fraud case

Click. Russian Mafia threatens net.

Click. Teacher aide arrested in alleged Palo Alto molestation

Click. Missing adults often get uncertain response

Click. East Palo Alto school chief's credibility faces test of jurors

Click. Sonoma County set to merge clerk, recorder posts

Click. Bible Mistaken for Gun in Police Shooting

Secret Mafia Love traps. Click.

Click. Jury sees dramatic video in Fitzhugh slaying trial. Victim's distraught husband described finding body on cellar steps

A judge without politics? Try the Smithsonian. Click.

Click. Feds Steal the Fun From Nightlife

Click. Dead Man Talking - Priest explains.


Click. US manufacturing decline longest in 19 years

Click. Know the Ins and Outs of Secured Credit Cards

Click. Wired Up for Wealth

Knight Riders profit plunges. Click.

Click. Selling an Illness Helps Pharmaceutical Giant Peddle Its Pill

Click. Sandia team shrinks an imaging device to allow refineries to detect problems quickly and help control pollution

Click. John Hopkins suspends human research after death

Click. UCSF stem cell expert leaving U.S. Scientist fears that political uncertainty threatens his research

Click. Never Too Old for safe sex

Click. Big News About Living Longer

Click. How Heart Surgery Went Down

Click. Take the Train Between England and the US

Click. Astronomers Fight to Restore Dark Side of Night

Click. Agriculture After Global Warming

Click. Twelve more moons around Saturn act in strange ways.

Climate Change In Atlantic Larger Than Previously Thought

Click. Research Detects Mechanism That Appears To Enable Deadly Brain Tumors To Progress, Develop Blood Supplies To Fuel Their Growth, And Invade Neighboring Healthy Tissues

Click. Mother's Drug Use Increases Risks For Male Offspring

Click. Researchers Discover How Immune System Rids Nervous System Of Mosquito-Borne Viruses

Click. Vision-Saving Treatment For Patients With Eye Cancer

Click. Brookhaven Lab: Two Major Nanoscience Research Programs

Click. DDT Use In US Linked To Premature Births In The 1960's

Beach With Figures and Sea With a Ship, Van Gogh, August 1882

Click. For Lincoln, ancient cure worse than his malady

Click. There's No Stopping Those Letterpresses

Click. Twelve-Minute Book Delivery

Click. Top movie agent caught up in lawsuit

Click. On Stage: a Drunken Christ; At Issue: Taxpayers' Dollars

Suspended Hollywood Reporter columnist George Christy is a vestige of a bygone era in Tinseltown. Click.

Click. Sacred Harp singers

Click. The End of Shame  NBC scrapes the bottom of the barrel with two new reality-based shows.

Surviving Auschwitz: the morality of luck. Click.

Click. Brilliant Careers: John Hughes

At Manassas Site, A Black Educator Soldiered On . Click.

Nepal chooses new living goddess. Click.

Click. Astronomers Find Link Between Earliest Illustration Of Sunspots In Medieval Britain And An Observation Of Aurora In Medieval Korea

Word of the day. Exhaust. Click.

July 16, 2001

Click. Test Success an Important Step in New Arms Race

Click. Russia And China Forge Pact Against 'Star Wars'

Click. US Role in Croatian War Crimes

Click. US Military Elite Rebels Against Missile Shield

Click. Sharon's Propaganda Blitz

Click. Turkey Invades Northern Iraq

Click. Chinese Shipper COSCO Expands To Boston

Click. UK, US, Canada Prepped For Foot And Mouth Epidemic 4 Months Before It Began All four countries were staging a coordinated F/M simulation exercise in October 2000, despite the fact that Britain had not been struck by the disease for 34 years and the USA and Canada had not been affected since 1929.

Click. Can UK-US Echelon-Bribe EU Spooks

Study: Cheap Guns Make Kids Warriors. Click.

Click. Don't forget the Baltics' independent history

Click. Italy prepares for biological, nuclear and chemical threats

Pravda: Satellites can perform astonishing and often menacing feats. Click.

Click. Bill Clinton says his daughter will study at Oxford


Fractured Board: Bitter drama unfolds in Alameda County Education office. Battle over the budget splits board, superintendent. Click.

Click. Marin firm entangled in sting. Electronic device sold to India can be used in nuclear weapons

Click. Woolsey introduces renewable energy bill

Click. New vaccines need more careful study, panel says

Click. 23 sent to hospital after chemical release at Reno casino

Click. Petaluma whistle-blower vindicated in federal suit

Click. Klamath livelihoods wither. Water shut-off along Oregon border takes toll on farmers

Click. Vineyard housing slowed by tax rules. Owners need new law to shelter farmworkers

Click. Petaluma whistle-blower vindicated in federal suit

Click. Bush Sr. Called Saudi Prince to Vouch for Jr.

Click. Flawed overseas ballots helped Bush win Florida, N.Y. Times says


The Bush Administration's Shell Game in Colombia Click.

Death of a Click.

High-tech gadget makers learn to love their hackers. Click.

Click. Defcon Keeps Hackers Hooked

Click. British Dept of Defense to add biometrics tracking to military I/D cards

Click. Honeynet sweetens hacker bait

The Mark of the Beast is actually Passport Click.

Microsoft Invades Your Car Click.

Click. People Make the Best Robots

Click. Slim Down That Homepage

Condit family men are no strangers to criticism

The congressman, the missing intern, his wife and his lovers. Click.

Click. Levy surfed travel sites

When Gary Condit Was Chosen By the California Democratic Party To Run For the Congressional Seat Vacated by Tony Coehlo, Due to Scandal, Coehlo became Condit's Washington mentor. Click.

Click. Levy hunt focuses on hints from computer. GOP leader rips Condit for affair with intern, urges him to resign



Mediators vs. Lawyers' Slugfests. 
Opposing sides meet in offices rather than in court. Click.

Click. Einhorn case: Hope for an end to sister's tale of murder

Click. US Supreme Court completes term with rulings attacking democratic rights

Online filing of law papers. Click.

Rehnquist and Scalia: The Sequel. Click.

New Burlesque vs. the old smut. Click.


Click. IRS often screws up when dealing with public

Click. How China won Olympics

Click. Politics, Religion, and Salary

Click. founder goes on the rebound

Scientists disable cancer's defenses

Click. Herbs tested on breast cancer. UCSF research investigates Asian remedies

Click. When Privacy and Science Collide Wiretapping is illegal, but tapping into your DNA is not.

Click. Will cloning be the magic tool to copy disease-free, prize animals?

Click. Exercise Chemical May Cause Migraines

Click. U.S. Stem Cell Researcher Defects to Britain

Female Viagra. Click.

Hidden infection by common bacteria could be to blame for up to half of all cases of sciatica. Click.

Catching specks of the sun. Click.

Click. Cell-Assisted Suicide

Click. Living Array Speeds Gene Research 

The doctor is healed. Click.



Beach With Figures and Sea With a Ship, Van Gogh, August 1882

Click. Alcatraz:  Deep in the catacombs of "The Rock," a dimly lit tunnel leads to where Civil War cannoneers once stood watch for Confederate raiders.

Click. Berlin's erotic carnival

Click. Cats, People to Share Common Scents 

Labyrinth of Desire: Women, Passion and Romantic Obsession. Click.

Click. Cannabis puts females in mood for love

Click. The Medieval English Longbow

Click. The Trojan War - A companion with associated images

My Son Is Flunking Pre-Kindergarten Click.

Word of the day: Unaccustomed. Click.

July 14, 15, 2001

Click. China convicts American professor of spying

Click. Chinese government says fugitive in Canada was smuggling kingpin

Click. White House Rejects Bailout of Argentina.

Click. 10-year term for shocking journal Civil liberties lawyers believe Brian Dalton is the first person in the United States successfully prosecuted for child pornography that involved writings, not images.

Click. 7 babies born to Virginia mother. Septuplets survive, for only 3rd time ever

Three Colombian Journalists Killed in Past Week Click.

Click. What's the Rationale for Seeing China as Enemy?


Click. Beijing's Olympic Gold May Come at a High Price

Click. Could Beijing lose by winning?

Click. FBI Unveils ex-CIA Officer

Click. One man's report of CIA Spying on US Citizens

The case of the forwarded e-mail. Online allegations of Nazi-looted art inspire a suit that could test the limits of Internet libel law. Click.

Click. Sex con row State Megan's Law allows exact location to remain a secret.

Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney. Meet OMB Director Mitch Daniels: The most powerful man in the Bush administration you have never heard of. Click.


Click. Calistoga to get an earful of nation's first quake siren

Click. Feinstein asks airlines to limit passengers to 2 drinks. She says measure would fight 'air rage'

Click. Emeryville school board recall race heats up. Emery schools recall heats up. Trustees in trouble after district's slide

Click. Ravenswood schools chief denies misusing district fund. Proud of loan program, she says on witness stand

Click. Discussion series on 'Ancient Native Sites of the East Bay'

How Anaheim bans books without banning them. Click.

Wine aficionados pony up $325,000 at barrel auction. Click.

ONLY IN IDAHO. McGuckin kept away from kids for now. Click.


2001 International anti-bribery report Click.

Click. U.S. Uncovers Record Overseas Bribes

Click. Born to be mild? Harley goes after upscale clientele 

Click. Timeline on how the Corporations took over America

Click. Famed Trader Missed Pit Trading Thrill

Click. Movers & Shakers

Click. Hackers in Suits? Gadzooks!

Click. Is the Click-Through History?

Click. Police May Charge In-Flight Mobile Caller A woman used her cell phone on an airplane, disrupted the navigation devices and interfered with the planes contact with the control tower.

Google Zeitgeist - Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google. Click.

The dot-com fad wasted the talents of a generation Click.

The Physics of the Web Click.

Click. Bush Bored by Idea of Nuke Talks

Click. Why Hastert played hardball

Shock therapy for the day: Conservative quotations. Click.

Click. Jeb Bush's Recount Role Examined

Click. Condit 'Passes' Lie Test

Click. Condit: Gays, bisexuals and murder. [This article which was first posted on NewsMax on 7/15/01, was pulled off its site within 24 hours, yet appeared all over usenet.  It was also pulled off]

Condit's pals and enemies - the invisible man. Click.

Condit's special phone numbers, his mystery car. Click.

Click. Yo, Condit: Update Your Web Page


Click. Girl, 10, abducted outside grandparents' Santa Ana home

Click. The father of a 5-year-old girl at the center of a high-profile custody battle has pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

Click. Clinic worker arrest raises questions A criminal history does not mean you won't be able to get or keep a job with Marin County.

A Sausalito yacht broker and another man who arranged boat donations to the California Maritime Academy pleaded guilty to federal charges of tax fraud. Click.

Click. Chowchilla kidnappers say they've paid for 1976 crime

The ‘Just Us’ System: DA investigator Steve Douglass tells how his boss derailed consumer-fraud charges against the county’s most powerful Republican. Click.

The Marines spent most of yesterday (during court martial)  trying to prove that Tenney lied about his sexual orientation in order to be kicked off the amphibious assault ship Tarawa so he could open a window of opportunity to rob the Los Angeles Federal Reserve. Click.

Click. Who the Hell’s in Charge? District attorney Tony Rackauckas says his organized-crime agents are out of control. His agents say he’s hanging out with a mobster.

Click. Massachusetts high court upholds conviction of man who secretly taped police

Click. Test of Missile Shield Set for Tonight

Click. Analysis: Did Hanssen do more damage than Ames? 

Convict Escapes Jail Using ‘Eddie Murphy’ ID. Click.

Click. BMW Shows Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Click. Divorce Is Written in DNA


Click. Coping with Caregiver Burnout

Click. Skin Cancer Less Likely on Wrinkled Faces: Study

Click. City Living Linked to Risk of Psychotic Symptoms

Click. Prostate Cancer Tied to Playing the Field

Click. The Trouble With Turtles

Click. The Post-Genome Project

Human Genome contains 14 versions of each gene. Click.

The Wreckfinder: No plane crash is too small or too old for Gary Patric Macha Click.

Click. Conviction in 2000 plot to bomb LAX. Algerian shopkeeper guilty of conspiracy

Orpheus and Eurydice Returning from Hell, Rodin

Click. Story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Wild pig prefers cows. Click.

The Gnome Liberation Front. Click.

Click. "The Score" Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando and Edward Norton (almost) get away with this high-tech heist for adults.

Forgotten dead of St. Elizabeth's mental hospital. Click.

Click. Super Models-Sex & Drugs

Click. Super Models-Sex & Drugs

Click. Masada wheel may be from Roman tower.

Click. The grave of a Sythican ruler has been discovered intact during excavations at a mound in the Russian republic of Tuva.

Actress Dyan Cannon will take her ministry--God's Party--on the road. Click.

Make a peace pipe. Click.

Click. Ducklings in Trouble, Ma Duck Calls the Law

Click. New Spielberg movie - "Minority Report": The U.S. Department of "Precrime", prosecutes suspects for crimes they only plan to commit.

Word of the day: Tandem Click.

July 13, 2001

Turkey and Iraq amass troops at Kurdistan border. Click.

Click. Documents Show U.S. Expects to Violate ABM in Months

Click. ExxonMobil's dirty little war in Aceh

Suicide of Kohl's wife splits German media. Click.

Israeli generals' plan to "smash" Palestinians: report Click.

Click. US Call for More Bases in Australia: Target is China

Click.  Hong Kong Surrenders Veto Power To China

Click. Who Controls The Stasi Files?

'Father' of Iran's missile program is found dead Click. Key Iranian missile man dies mysteriously. Click.

Click. Hanssen's Wife Expresses Regret, Gratitude

Click. King's redemption. Former child monarch chosen as Bulgaria's new premier

Revolt in Tennessee! Click.

Click. Death at Cape Canaveral probed 

Click. Terror and sports.

Click. Fire At Rainbow Room On Top Floor Of Rockefeller Center Skyscraper Deemed Suspicious

Click. Campaign Finance Debate Cut Short

Click. Troops, Ships, Minesweepers Moved in for G8 Meeting; Missile Defense System Installed...


Revamp Alameda County Board of Education. Click.

Attorney Joe Peatman to lead Napa civil Grand Jury. Click.

FIGHTING HIGH-TECH CRIME: "We have assembled the finest minds in law enforcement," said Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca Click.

Click. State turns down all-charter-school district in San Lorenzo Valley

Click. Marin County Health Clinic supervisor arrested

Click. State launches financial probe of Ravenswood school district

Click. U.S. panel warned of meth flood in California. 

Click. Senate bill eliminates Santa Rosa tribal deal for land

Panel votes to limit Hearst's coastal plans

Click. New dens let sleeping bears lie. Group builds them homes around Tahoe

Click. Beijing Wins 2008 Olympics

Click. AOL poised to buy UK magazine giant

Click. Now that the dot-com glory days are done, S.F. restaurants are cutting back - and closing down

Click. 10% of ERs Rejected Patients

Argentine debt has world-wide fallout. Click.

Click. How will the rash of denial-of-service attacks affect Internet security--and personal privacy

Click. New Mexico pulls out of Microsoft antitrust action

Click. Who Gets Access to Whois? Should you be able to register a domain name without revealing your personal information?

Click. The Do-It-Yourself Supercomputer

Click. Microsoft v. the country.

Click. Big health firms back president's drug plan. Democrats call cards 'absolutely superficial'

Click. The Evidence for Ballot Tampering in Escambia County, Florida

Click. Missile shield inevitable even if it doesn't work!

Click. Levy probe expands to consider obstruction of justice

Click. Condit's Democratic enablers

Click. ABC's messy role in Condit affair The network now says one of its reporters -- the subject of tabloid rumors -- claims she never met with Condit the day he claims they did; the day Chandra Levy most likely disappeared.

CONDIT CASE: Exploratory hypothesis by the Progressive Review. Click.

Click. Condit Turns Over DNA To Police

Click. Rep. Condit's Teenage Lover Bore A Son During Relationship


Click. Child molester Anderson gets 251-year sentence

Click. "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" A call girl should never have a favorite john, especially not one who rats her out to the IRS

Family sues Coke over son's death. Click.

Click. U.S. Fugitive Ordered Extradited by France

The saga of Ira Einhorn. Click.

Extradition suspended for U.S. hippy leader. Click.

Click. Judge reluctantly refuses to release key figure in L.A. police scandal

Click. The Wisconsin Supreme Court gives women a victory over deadbeat dads -- but at the cost of endangering reproductive rights.

Click. Ex-Judge Gray of Sonoma County loses discipline appeal (Note: she campaigned against child molesters being let off easy in Sonoma County, and was hounded out of office!)

Click. Jury trial ahead for Oakland Police ex-officers accused of corruption.

Click. Vance Punishes 8 After Probe Of Student Tours of D.C. Jail

Click. Man Talked of Killing Wife, Md. Court Told

Click. Killer must remain in prison as court rules on parole policy

Click. Ex-lover on defensive in Fitzhugh trial. Robert Brown is asked over and over to explain

Click. Keep politics out of the global courts

Click. Army worms mowing down lawns

Click. Worcester firm aims to clone human cells

Click. Huge Genetic Variation Found

Click. E-Mail therapy can ease Eating disorder blues - MD

Click. Critics pan heart patient secrecy. Ethicists say Abiomed, surgeons should keep public updated

Click. Why Is Your DNA Their Secret?

New way to produce energy discovered by Russian scientists. Click.

Click. Trans Fat Worse for Heart Than Saturated Fat 

Click. Sex Problems Linked to Anxiety Disorders

Click. Physicists Find A New, Striking Difference Between Matter And Antimatter

Click. Genesis Set To Catch A Piece Of The Sun

Click. Blocking "Engulfment" Gives Dying Cells New Lease On Life

Click. Study Of Flamingo Genes Reveals Surprising Family Tree

Click. NASA Tests New Airborne Tracking System Designed To Bridge The Gulf

Researchers Study The Brain As Subjects Feel The Pain. Click.

Click. "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" An eerily human new generation of computer-generated actors populates this earnest sci-fi fantasy

Unsightly Screwcap a Winner in Preserving Wine. Click.


Click. E-mail Flaw Hits MS Outlook

OOrpheus and Eurydice Returning from Hell, Rodin

Click. A media insider samples how the other half works.


Broke Playboy Takes First Job at 85. Click.

Click. Scientists Seeking Secrets Of "Lost City"

Click. Portraits of a Princess:  images of Chief Seattle's eldest daughter 

Click. Reese Witherspoon goes to Harvard Law School, in "Legally Blonde."

Click. It's quite possible that Reese Witherspoon is the best young comedienne working in movies today.

Click. Elderly man licking wounds after cat attack

Click. Exec Hands Waitress Tip of a Lifetime

Click. Amelia Earhart Plane Possibly Spotted By Satellite

Click. The truth about blacks and gays

Click. Soil Suggests Early Humans Lived In Forests Instead Of Grasslands

Click. Crew Leaves Camera on Hotel Roof for a Year: Claim UFOs Targeting Scotland

The perils of covering news about porn. Click.

Word of the Day: Stream Click.

July 12, 2001

Click. Dissident rocket attack in Baghdad

French 'sect lists' criticized in House hearing. Click.

Click. Los Alamos National Laboratory computer program given to Russia 'loses' track of nuclear material; files become invisible and inaccessible to the nuclear accountants.

Toxic gas released at Oklahoma company. Click.

House of Lies Won't Shelter Condit Forever C lick.

Minister Says Daughter, at 18, Had an Affair With Condit. Click.

Click. Will Condit's troubles hurt California Democrats?

LIE OF THE DAY: Click. D elay did not hurt Condit search-DC police chief

Florida Rep. Frankel Enters Gov. Race against Jeb Bush. Click.

Four Oregon families sue twelve drug companies. Click.

Burned Hands Save Wash. Firefighter Click.

Massachusetts police find body parts and Satanic worship at crime scene. Click.

Click. Apartheid Chemical/Biological Warfare Program

Click. Cheap guns and children make a fearsome fighting force, study says

Click. Fugitive Ira Einhorn Attempts Suicide


California schools reach power deal. Click.

Click. Judge lets S.F. schools get desegregation funds. Using race for admissions remains banned

Fueled by anger, one woman unplugs and finds her power. Click.

Click. Marin's top health official resigns because she wants to live in a more racially diverse community.

Heartbreak House. Memoir of a recovering homebuyer Click.

Click. Enron files suit in contempt bid

Click. Sebastopol nonprofit discovers ex-CEO's criminal past

A 32-year con job. Click.

Click. Controversy over artist's old abode. Status of cartoonist's former house not very funny

Red Bull in suspected link to deaths. Click.

Magical formula found in Bangkok. Click.

Oddball Mogul . Maxim Publisher Felix Dennis Combines Slick With Silly. Click.

Click. Republic of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean admits a computer glitch wiped out the nation's entire financial records for the year 2000.

Click. Dick Armey And ACLU Team To Protest Video Surveillance They say face-scanning invades privacy.

Click. Inside Windows Product Application

Click. Microsoft bends on licensing

Click. Big News, or Windows Dressing?

Click. How Researchers Use Internet2

Click. Marconi job losses rise to 10,000

The Spy in Your Living Room Click.

Click. English Dictionary Recognizes Text Messages


Click. White House aides point fingers on anti-gay hiring deal with Salvation Army -- and Rove gets singled out.

How the Media Stole the US Presidential Election Click. 


Click. Severed thumb kept in bottle leads to murder suspect

Engagement ring is a 'conditional gift,´ court rules. Click.

Click. Former LAPD officer Rafael Perez may be released from jail

Click. Extreme porn crackdown The LAPD is targeting a new wave of kinky XXX films.

Click. Ex-lover testifies at trial that he fathered murdered woman's son.

Mobile divorce unacceptable, says Malaysia. Click.

Click. Did you toss your privacy in the trash?

Click. Oakland snubs ex-officers. Oakland won't defend 4 ex-officers in civil rights suits charging misconduct.

Knife edge wait for U.S. student. Click.

Click. Trial Heads Straight for the Cell A California murder trial takes an interesting turn after a Verizon Communications engineer testifies.

Click. Defense Lawyers' New Strategy: Attack Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Click. NHS fraud levels exposed

Click. University of California, San Francisco suspends research on embryonic stem cells

Click. Low-income men with prostate cancer will now have access to free treatment at UC Davis Medical Center and its affiliated clinics throughout the region.

Click. House OKs buying drugs from abroad by mail, Net

Click. Firm tries to create cloned human embryos. Goal is to produce stem cells for use in medical research

Click. Arlen Ness designs dream machines

Mad cow paths in the U.S. A. Click.

Click. Stellar Apocalypse Yields First Evidence Of Water-Bearing Worlds Beyond Our Solar System

Click. Researchers Find That After Stopping Cocaine Use, Drug Craving Gets Stronger Over Time

Click. Scarring Process Plays Major Role In Kidney Rejection Following Transplant, Researchers Report

Click. New Pilot Study Suggests Flaxseed And Low-Fat Diet Can Be Protective Against Prostate Cancer

Click. Virtual Reality Helps Astronauts Adapt To Life In Space

The Syracusan Bride leading Wild Animals in Procession to the Temple of Diana,  Lord Frederic Leighton, 1866

Click. Oldest ancestors lived in Ethiopia

Idyllwild - gateway to a hiker's paradise. Click.

Click. Tech words like e-book added to latest Concise Oxford Dictionary

Click. The thrill is gone Twenty-five years of marriage have extinguished my husband's ardor. And that breaks my heart.

Click. What kinds of people build online burial sites.

Buddha's all-American. Or, the whiteness of Eastern religion. Click.

Makah tribe resumes its communion with the gray whale. Click.

Click. MONICA,HBO, and the rest of us

Garden Gnomes Gather in Shadowy Operation

Word of the day: Engagement Click.

July 11, 2001

Click. Macedonia Game Unfolds: Partition

Click. Missiles will shield G-8 summit leaders

Click. Palestinians put activists in 'protective custody,' but Israel unsatisfied

Click. New study to track cancer, early deaths in Gulf War veterans

U.S.-Chile arms trade 'grotesque,' Nobel laureate says. Click.

Click. Police zero in on Condit They want a DNA sample, a lie detector test and a search of his apartment. Did the congressman step into a trap?

Click. A history of failure Psychiatry, psychotropic drugs and the role both may have played in the case of Andrea Yates

Click. The Republican version of the campaign finance bill would make Internet ads and e-mail subject to regulation for the first time.

Rich nations "could be sued" by global warming victims. Click.

Turkey welcomes Israeli offer for joint missile-defense. Click.

Human rights center wants Stasi tapes to be available. Click.

Click. U.S. blackmails Australia by refusing access to spy data

Warning over African mail scam. Click.

Click. War's the same by any other name

Click. Australian Navy ties up to Uncle Sam


Click. Hallinan wants to be mayor

Click. Oakland moves to prevent 'predatory' loan practice

Click. Lawsuit says school board violated open meetings law A retired school official claims Sunol Glen trustees wrongly discussed a charter school and an investigation in private

Click. Medical pot war engulfs 7-year-old boy

Click. He's the governor. She's the state controller. Both are Democrats. So can they all just get along in the energy crisis? Apparently not.

Click. San Francisco: New chief hired to run Redevelopment Agency

Special patrol arrests 3 men on sex charges during Alameda fair. Click.

Charter school crackdown advances. Homeschool fans turn out for hearing Click.

County OKs spending $6 million for Cooley Ranch. Click.

Click. Abiomed puts soul into heart

Click. Shanghai Surprise The myth of the massive Chinese market.

Click. Drug company ad spending often doubles research expenditures, group finds

Lieberman offers bill to change stock-option taxation. Click.

Click. Military Backs Open-Source Security

Click. How to Complain Online

Click. BART may wire tunnels for cell phone users. Firm offers to pay to install antennas

Microsoft patents binary system. Click.

Click. Flaw detected in Check Point security

Click.  Wireless Technology Enables Physicians To Access Patient Updates From Anywhere, Anytime

Click. Bush retreats on review of bias law

Click. Bush has plan for cheaper medicines  
More: Click.

Click. Oakland moves to prevent 'predatory' loan practice. Home refinancing law being rewritten

Celestial warmongers lobby Congress The Pentagon hawks and the Bush administration are about to lobby Congress for funds to build a missile defense "test site" in Alaska.

Click. The arming of Ashcroft's America

Sticking to the script. Click.

Click. Guardian: Bush set to open nuclear test floodgates

Click. Better-educated Mexicans heading to U.S., study says. California less of a destination

Click. Crucial test for rocket in Star Wars Fantastic graphic picture of the test. Click.


Law Protected Abusive Teacher Click.

Click. Boris's $1m-a-second fling Former tennis ace Boris Becker has paid more than $5 million to a Russian model after a "five-second" fling in a restaurant broom cupboard.

Click. Panel backs killers' move to Folsom

Obstruction of Justice: Appeals Court Rejects Libel Judgment re: Anti-Clinton film. Click.

Click. Kidnapper's sentencing tomorrow. Victims' families wish the worst for Anderson

Click. San Jose: 1.4 million paid in HUD fraud case

Click. Klamath farmers offer land sale to end conflict

Click. Witnesses admit borrowing funds in Ravenswood school trial

The United States has said it will oppose any UN plan to curb the illegal trade in small arms that interferes with the right of individuals to carry guns. Click.

Click. Massive Award in Overtime Lawsuit

Click. Two arrested for spotlighting police helicopter

Click. Children as young as six 'suicidal'

Click. Herbal remedies 'pose surgery risk'

Click. Tea consumption linked to healthy arteries: study

Click. 'Pill' For Men That Lasts Three Years

Blue Cross of California will pay doctors bonuses based on the quality of care rather than the low cost of care, the company announced Tuesday. Click.

Click. Diabetes Study of Older Latinos Cites Poor Care

Click. Flax & Soy Granola

Click. Even a Few Extra Pounds Can Raise Disease Risk

Click. NASA Prepares To Open A New Doorway To Space With Delivery Of New Joint Airlock To International Space Station

Click. Scientists Report The First Live Births In Large Mammals After Using Frozen Ovarian Tissue

Click. Therapy Hinders AIDS Virus From Evolving Drug Resistance,

Click. Brain-Development Timeline For Mammalian Species

Click. World Land Database Charts 

Click. Risk Of Uterine Rupture During Labor Higher For Women With A Prior Cesarean Delivery

The Syracusan Bride leading Wild Animals in Procession to the Temple of Diana,  Lord Frederic Leighton, 1866

The meta-Monica mythology. Click. More Click.

Sex and the higher cause. Click.

Cosmic solution to the origin of sex. Click.

The previously unknown "Eumaeus" notebook of James Joyce's Ulysses was sold for £861,250 sterling (£1.13 million) to a private buyer at Sotheby's auction house in London yesterday. Click.

Laser tag game. Click.

Best softball catcher. Click.

Net couple vow to adopt again. Click.

Americans vote Ulysses best novel. Click.

Click. Gossip Is a Way to Survive

Word of the day: Engagement Click.

July 10, 2001

Click. Japan deals blow to Kyoto treaty

U.S. rebukes U.N. gun control proposals. Click.

Click. Sharon's Guerrilla War

Click. Hallucinogenic sage sells for $120 an ounce to New Yorkers with recipe for a good time

Click. New hip drug is legal in America

Click. The Chandra spinners Behind the story of the missing intern.

Condit kinky sex. Click.

Click. More bad news for Condit: Stewardess to tell U.S. investigators of affair with Condit

Click ad to keep site in your sight.

Click. Saddam Masses Troops To Take Kurd Zone In North

Click. Vast right-wing conspiracy against Tom Daschle?

Click. NATO 'Dilemma' Over Macedonia Force

Click. War Games Show Aggressive Motivation for Star Wars

Click. Secret documents reveal U.S. armed and trained Croats who slaughtered Serb civilians in 1995


Click. Summer school is a hot bargain at CSU, UC

Slavery scam against Black elderly. Click.

Click. Inmates file motion to defend dogs. Bane and Hera weren't trained to kill, they say

Click. Russian River gravel ban debated

Click. Oakland may tighten up on medical pot. 

Click. Fort Bragg bans liquor in fire rec room

School chief's fraud trial starts

Click. S.F. school board can't get rid of Edison Charter school

Click. Novato charter board in violation of meeting act

Click. Yahoo Chief Prepares to Run the Gauntlet

Click. The PerfectBook Machine
A former automotive engineer invents a technology that could drastically alter the publishing industry.

Click. Microsoft to schools: Give us your lunch money!

Naked man with no product waggles his dotcom. Click.

Diary of a dotcom demise. Click.

Click. Wisconsin militia group alleges Fed threat against web site

Dot-commers to blame for anti-capitalist violence, says WTO boss. Click.

Click. Solar Power Within Your Grasp

Click. Markle survey says Americans want more Net-regulation

Click. The Microsoft to English Dictionary 1.0. 

Click. Arianna Huffington Why can't the president do for the nation what he's done on his own ranch?

Bush announces "New Fuels' Horizons" program! Click.

Click EVERY EMBRYO A PERSON Taking a Debate to Its Logical Conclusion

Clarence Thomas's Revenge. Click.

Click. Blood on his hands Elliot Abrams

Rush admits there's as coordinated attack from the right, i.e. vast right wing conspiracy. Click.


He was the perfect playboy bachelor: handsome, charming, and an heir to the Max Factor cosmetics empire. So how did he end up in court, facing allegations of serial date rape? Click.

2-year-old's naked lark triggers lawsuit. Click.

Judge alters internet news ban in Bulgar murder case. Click.

Click. Fatal SF mauling trial might change venue

Click. Judge rules Kaiser Permanente does not have to pay for Viagra

A woman who caught her schoolteacher husband in bed with one of his 14-year-old pupils has explained why she is standing by her man. Click.

Sherman Skolnick's Historic Judicial Expose' Subject of New Book. Click.

Click. Fitzhugh trial focuses on investigators

Man convicted of attempted murder walks out of jail and no one notices.  Click.

Reardon pleaded guilty yesterday to 75 charges of rape, molestation, and disseminating pornography. Click.

Click. California Supreme Court: Mediation ruled confidential. 

Click. Eggs fertilized without sperm Scientists in Australia have found a way to fertilize eggs using genetic material from any cell in the body - not just sperm.

Why are we here? Click.

Click. Whales in Trouble Worldwide

Click. Ageist doctors 'harm women patients'

Click. Hi-tech poverty battle 

Click. Planets poised for July performance 

Click. Childhood Stress Boosts Harmful Brain Hormone 

Click. Images Stir Life On Mars Debate

Click. Enormous dust storm could coat all of Mars. Spacecraft monitors 'fabulous event'

Click. Staph Bacteria Are Prolific Gene Swappers, Researchers Show

Click. Begetable "Immune Systems" Protect Better Against Food Spoilage

Click. Experiments Indicate Normal Visual Experience Necessary For Proper Brain Development

Click. Liver Regrowth Depends On Prostaglandins

Click. Scientists, Students Explore Virtual Worlds

Click. UMass Researcher Solves The Mystery Of The Shower Curtain

The Syracusan Bride leading Wild Animals in Procession to the Temple of Diana,  Lord Frederic Leighton, 1866

Click. Gay Holocaust survivors speak

The mental health problems of one musician could have led to the creation of jazz. Click.

The pirate's library. Click.

Click. Witches Upset by Broomstick Style

Click. Fighting in the Streets with the Weathermen

Study backs Adventist lifestyle. Click.

Click. Mordecai Richler. 

Click. By Fragonard 

Holocaust of Giants: The Great Smithsonian Cover-up. Click.

Click. Sunken City Found in Peru As Other Discoveries Abound

Click. Ancient Indian village 

Click. Parents who kill their kids prove we shouldn't have an automatic right to reproduce.

Word of the day: Stamina Click.

July 9, 2001

Walter Isaacson, the editorial director of Time, Inc. and one-time managing editor of Time magazine, will take the reigns of CNN. Click.

hen does life begin? Answer the question democratically. Click.

Click. Pinochet charges suspended

EU is extending its global reach. Click.

Click. The international dealers in death

Click. Ex-Beatle Harrison Treated for Brain Tumor

Click. Moscow declares war against the Salvation Army

Click. Israel Says Iran Preparing Attack

Click. Drought of biblical scale worsens modern conflict among Jews and Arabs

Click. Lithuanian government resigns amidst bitter intrigues over privatizations

The CIA's China tilt. Click.

Activists in Argentina and Chile are making sure former dictators and their collaborators don't enjoy an anonymous retirement. Click.

Guns secret set to haunt U.S. Click.

Spy network discovered in Mexico. Click.

Click. Operation Asanacija: Truth or Fiction?

Click. Blair Seeks Top UN Seat For Germany


Click. Cops want to know more about Rep. Condit's ties to Hells Angels

Bishop Daniel Walsh talked about wanting to sever ties with the National Scrip Center -- the Santa Rosa-based fund-raising giant created by the diocese 14 years ago -- "from the moment of his arrival" Click.

Petaluma might ban Russian River gravel. Click.

Click. Political gamesmanship costs veteran port deputy his job

Click. Hope for crumbling Taoist temple: Marysville site placed on endangered list

Click. State seeking more regulation of charter schools. Home schools face 30% funding loss

Click. Caltrain offers patrons cars in Palo Alto area to ease commute to and from station

Click. CHP targets big rigs

Schools attack pest controls. Click.

Disney's land grabs. Click.

Click. Online Art Trading Good Investment

Click. Online grocer Webvan files for bankruptcy

Click. Congress joins SEC to look into accounting fraud  

Click. Crisis management is tough

A Rival Is Offering $44.5 Billion for AT&T's Cable TV Business. Click.

Click. France Plans High-Speed Internet Access for All

Click. The idea of opening the curtains and boiling a kettle, all from your PC, is more reality than science fiction.

Click. Swim, Gym and Surf (the Web) Microsoft donates computers and software to a summer program in San Jose, California.

Click. Claude Shannon: Reluctant Father of the Digital Age

Click. White-Collar Blues

How Karl Rove tricked the media into trashing the messenger while ignoring the message re: W's cocaine use. Click.

George W. Bush's Brain? How Karl T. Rove Used Fortunate Son to Stick George W. Bush in the White House despite W's cocaine use. Click.

LOS AMIGOS DE BUSH The disturbing ties of some of George W. Bush’s Latino advisors. Click.

Montesinos used the CIA's money to set up a major arms deal in the Middle East, which funneled approximately 10,000 AK47 rifles to Colombia's Marxist FARC guerrillas, thereby fomenting the very uprising that the U.S. has pledged 1.3 billion dollars to stamp out. Click.

Someone in the Pentagon is staging a defense revolution—and it's not the generals. Click.

Click. Colombia War Highlights Arms Trade

Click. U.S. May Pay Bills With Trust Funds


Click. S.F. prosecutor to handle Kosovo cases
Assistant D.A. says gang trials were good preparation for war crimes tribunal


Click. Gay bashing in Schools

Police well protected against dismissal. Click.

Click. Anderson faces 260 years and is blabbing all over.

Click. Xiana's searchers observe melancholy birthday

Click. Lawyer Says ‘Land Grab’ Was Spark for Idaho Standoff.

Click. "Zero Tolerance" arrests will mar kids' records till they turn 18

Mike Chertoff takes over DOJ criminal division. Click.

Click. Canada legalizes medical marijuana

Click. State Farm lawyers claim they were forced to commit illegal and unethical acts

Click. Affidavit Details Banker's Basement Sex Room

Cemetery moonlighter gets a payout. Click.

Dealer guilty of handling Nazi art. Click.

Click. Schizophrenics denied best drugs

Click. Short Bouts of Exercise Boost Mood, Energy Level

Probing Polynucleotides with a Nanopore: High Speed, Single Molecule DNA Sequencing Click.

Click. Japanese Tourist Operator Opens Space Division

Click. Britain Plans World's Biggest Gene Database

Click. "Gut Feelings" are Real--Your Gut's Got a Brain of Its Own

Click. User-friendly defibrillators saving lives. Public able to counteract cardiac arrest

Click. Medical journals give poor nations Net access

Click. Germany Embraces the Sun

Click. New Study Shows Normal-Looking Clones May Be Abnormal

Click. With First Comparative Look At Human And Mouse DNA, Joint Genome Institute Team Confirms Gene Estimate

Click. Benefits From Alzheimer's Plaque-Producing Reaction? 

Click. Cool Gas Makes More Than Great Fizzy Drinks - New "Koolgas" Injection Method Increases Plastic Production By 40%

Click. Multi Center Study Finds 'AIDS Cocktail' Therapy Effective In Advanced AIDS Cases

Irish scientist has developed a system that accelerates plant growth. Click.

The Syracusan Bride leading Wild Animals in Procession to the Temple of Diana,  Lord Frederic Leighton, 1866

Archeologists dig for apostle Matthew. Click.

Click. New Evidence Baseball Originated Years Earlier

Click. Japanese Artist explores body and light transformations

The return of cheese. Click.

Click. How Teleportation Will Work-- The Photon Experiments

Click. Damsel comes to rescue of dragonfly

Click. Pre-Pubescent Boys' And Girls' Brains Process Faces And Expressions Differently

Georgia's Isolated Region of Svaneti Click.

First digital cuneiform library. Click.

Sexism of shoes. Click.

Click. Hidden conflict is worse for children

Brando clashes with Frank Oz. Click.

Modern Flintstones can 't rebuild Stonehenge. Click.


July 7, 8, 2001

HUD dropped its five-year investigation of Hamilton Securities (owned by Catherine Austin Fitts) finding no evidence of wrongdoing. Click.

Click. Angry Macedonians Mob US Ambassador

Israeli cabinet debates plan to topple Arafat. Click.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appealed to Israel today to immediately halt its policy of selectively assassinating Palestinian militants, calling it a violation of international law. Click.

Secret Jewish group blamed for attack on Palestinians. Click.

Click. War Crime Claims Hit Sharon's Visit To EU Belgian court begins to investigate alleged war crimes.

Military not ruling out Taliban invasion of Tajikistan. Click. 

Click. For Mexican officials, immigration road to U.S. paved with gold. Arrested agent tells about shakedowns, bribes, corruption

A war backed by Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. Click.

Click. 1991 Russian Coup Plotters Praise Putin

Canadian Intelligence report on Anti-Globalization. Click.

Click. Intelligent sharing: Why Menwith Hill and Cyprus are linked

Why the U.S. decided to liberate Kuwait. Click.

Click. Secretive Cuba

Click.Ex-MI5 chief given go-ahead to publish memoirs.


Click. Pac Bell pay phones to charge 50 cents for local calls

Farmers get cash for water. Click.

Click. Activists stage anti-corporate march to power plant

Click.  Jerry Brown has presided over a fledgling renaissance that has finally given Oakland a positive spin, and he has little patience for critics.

Click. Future uses of San Quentin prison land

Click. Boxer asks Congress for $2.4 million for sudden oak death

Click. Bay lighthouse-inn seeks buyer 

Click. Grapevine-threatening pest found in South San Jose

Click.  Hidden marina in Richmond

Click. S.F. agency tells HUD it denies misusing 18.1 million

Click. Scrip Center splits from the Catholic diocese. 

Click. The chief attorney for schools in Sonoma County plans to merge his 16-person staff with a smaller group in Alameda County to become the largest public agency providing legal services for California schools.


Click. Disney ends quest to open chain of virtual theme parks

Click. Marconi executive resigns

France's Fabius blames US for world slowdown

Click. Browser Blocks Ads and More

Click. Asian Indians Remake Silicon Valley

Curador (who hacked Bill Gates) sentenced to psychiatric and community service rehab. Click.

Click.  One-Third Of Workers Watched

Click. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do  Despite last week's appellate reprieve, Microsoft may be irreparably damaged

Moscow: It's America's End Game. Click.

Click. Bush's No. 1 adviser: Pops

Click. Help Wanted: Bush administration seeks crooks, cronies and ideologues

Bush will allow companies with criminal histories to get contracts Click.

Click. Who's Really President? - Rove or Cheney?

Oregon Democrats want Supreme Court impeached

Women's appointments plummet under Bush. Click.

Bush Calls for $221 Mil in Military Projects. Click.

Click. DAMAGE CONTROL - Decisive action helped a Sausalito firm, MetaTV, survive an executive scandal, i.e., head of the firm charged with using internet to "date" a minor.

Meanwhile, something is bringing in the big bucks! MetaTV Expands Into Marin County. Click.

It's just MetaTV's interactive television success. Click.


Click. San Rafael molest suspect charged

Click. Judge says post-partum depression spurred woman's attempt to kill babies

Click.U.S. Calls Judicial Reform Top Task for Russia.

Click. Utah City Declares Independence From UN

Annual Roswell UFO festival begins. Click.

Click. When a jury sentenced James Elledge to die, there were a lot of things they didn’t know about the convicted murderer, things that could have spared him the death sentence. But he didn’t want them to find out.

Top corporate criminals of the 90's. Click. Well, the ones who got caught!

Click. Zero intolerance strikes again By state law, a student who has never had a problem before can be deemed a "habitual" troublemaker with one single erroneous act. During his expulsion hearing, district officials said Joseph K. fits the "profile" of a potentially violent student: "He's well-groomed, gets good grades and is well liked".

Click. Feds Mull Calling in Marshals in Oregon Water Fight.

The mob site. Click.

Click. Stanford particle accelerator gives new peek at the nature of life itself

Click. Physicists Study Matter, Antimatter -

Click. Seismologists create satellite network to monitor Earth

Click. More hospitals preparing to perform artificial heart operations

Beware of new ideas. They can be 25 years ahead of their time. Click.

A smart walker. Click.

Click. New Planet Discovered in Our Solar System

Click. Infants' Gestures a Clue to Learning Problems

Click. Never-Before-Seen Look Deep Inside Cancerous Tumors

Look at the ultimate NASA vehicle to explore everything out there. Click.

Click.  Grand jury to tackle missing intern case. Condit may be questioned. 

London Times: Pregnancy hinted by intern Chandra Levy. Click.

Condit's seat suddenly in play. Click.

Condit - Hell's Angels. The Red Car. Encephalitis. Click.

Click. Condit With Other Woman on Night Intern Vanished

The Syracusan Bride leading Wild Animals in Procession to the Temple of Diana,  Lord Frederic Leighton, 1866

Click. USF institute's fate divides hierarchy. S.F. archbishop discusses Vatican's concerns

Click. Eve Ensler's Lemonade

New hot book "Empire". Click.

Race and access to  health care. Click.

Inside London's walled oasis. Click.


Click. Prehistoric Cave Art Stuns Experts

Pirate Henry Morgan's ship found. Click.

Rock carvings worldwide Click.

Pyramid Built 5000 years ago Found in Inner Mongolia. Click.

The forgotten Scythians. Click.

Christ in pre-Columbian North America? Click.

Word of the day: Tympan. Click.

July 6, 2001


Between 1995 and 1998, Mr. Mueller was senior litigation counsel and then chief of the homicide section in the United States Attorney's office for the District of Columbia. Previously, he was a senior partner in a private Washington, D.C., law firm, where he practiced both criminal and civil law.  (Which private law firm employed Mueller  from 1993 to 1995?) From 1990 until 1993, Mr. Mueller held the position of Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice, supervising 800 attorneys and overseeing broad and significant federal criminal investigations. 

Prior to that appointment, he served as Assistant to the United States Attorney General for law enforcement issues and criminal matters. From 1988 to 1990, Mr. Mueller served as a partner with the law firm of Hill and Barlow in Boston, MA. Prior to this, he served in the Office of the U.S. Attorney, District of Massachusetts, in several capacities: Deputy U.S. Attorney, 1987 - 1988; U.S. Attorney, 1986 - 1987; First Assistant U.S. Attorney, 1985 - 1986; and Chief of the Criminal Division, 1982 - 1985. In addition, Mr. Mueller served in the Office of the United States Attorney, Northern District of California, in several capacities: Interim Chief of the Criminal Division, 1981 - 1982; Chief of Special Prosecutions Unit, 1980 - 1981; Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Criminal Division, 1978 - 1980; and Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Civil Division, 1976 - 1977.  (It appears that Mueller may have served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, in the Northern District of California, for approximately one year when Joseph Russoniello was the U.S. Attorney Russoniello's term ran from 1982-1990.) 

Mr. Mueller received a B.A. degree from Princeton University in 1966, a Masters degree in international studies from New York University in 1972, and a J.D. degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1973. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 1967-70 and has been awarded the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. 



"At no time, to my knowledge, has anyone from the CIA, or any agency, attempted to obstruct or interfere with the Department of Justice's investigation and prosecution of BCCI." Robert Mueller, III, now U.S. Attorney, Northern District San Francisco, then Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Bush Administration led the investigation of BCCI looting in 1991 and 1992. From Mueller's testimony before Senate Subcommittee, Hrg. 102-350 Pt. 3, p. 789.


If Mueller's fortunes have changed since last week, it may have to do with his handling of recent developments in the case of Timothy McVeigh, who admitted to killing 168 people in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

The Department of Justice announced late last week that several boxes of documents had not been turned over to McVeigh's defense attorneys. Almost immediately, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced McVeigh's execution, which had been scheduled for today, would be delayed one month.

According to Newsweek, Mueller knew about the missing evidence before Ashcroft, but waited a day before telling him. He later reportedly apologized to Ashcroft for doing so. McVeigh's lawyers also reportedly knew about the documents two days before either Ashcroft or President Bush. Click.


Mr. Mueller played key roles as head of the Justice Department's criminal division under former President Bush in the prosecution of several high-profile cases, including:
     • The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988 that killed 270 persons. Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, a Libyan intelligence officer, later was convicted for the bombing in a Scottish court after an eight-month trial.
     • The prosecution of Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega, ousted from power during a 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama. Noriega was convicted in 1992 on charges of cocaine trafficking and sentenced to 40 years in a U.S. prison.
     • The conviction of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International on money laundering, racketeering and conspiracy charges in separate cases in 1990 and 1991. The bank paid $550 million to U.S. authorities to settle the cases.
     • The 1992 conviction of mob boss John Gotti, who had outmaneuvered the government in three prior trials. Gotti was sentenced to life in prison for the gangland assassination of his former boss, Paul "Big Paul" Castellano. (Source: Insight Mag.)


San Francisco's US Attorney Mueller, a Bush factotum, has yet to prosecute any mob activity in Northern California.  Mueller continues the tradition of former U.S. attorneys Joseph Russoniello (Rudi Guiliani's college roommate) and Michael Yamaguchi.  Federal and State judges and local District Attorneys take their cue from the local DOJ and FBI who all grease the way for drug money laundering, kiddie porn and blackmail operations throughout the Bay Area.  If anyone litigates against this low cabal or takes them on in any way, the low cabal arrogantly believes it  can "destroy" that person or family and it attempts to do so. Why?  Mueller never investigates or prosecutes king pins at the top who are still running these operations and raking in the bucks.

NOTE: Mueller is a favorite of Marilyn Hall Patel, U.S. District Court, Judge, Presiding, S.F.

July 5, 2001


Click. Macedonia agrees ceasefire

Click. Macedonia Rebel Chief Worked for UN

Click. Rebels Advance on Macedonian Army

Click. What are the 'Macedonian Rebels' Fighting For?

Del Ponte: Milosovec Trial Could Last 10 Years. Click.

What is a "war crime"? Click.


Click. Why Wasn't Kissinger Asked About War Crimes Charges?

Click. US policy on Iraq in disarray

Click. Greek Cypriots Storm British Base

Click. Why Are the Brits in Cyprus?

Click. Israeli Cabinet backs pre-emptive killing of Palestinian militants.

Teenagers in Iran use the Internet to escape from conservatism Click.

Outing Torturers in Argentina and Chile Click.

Click. Condit abruptly drops out of parades. Congressman's aide gives unclear reason

Click. China's countryside in turmoil as rural poverty explodes


Petaluma schools face enrollment drop. Click.

Click. Former U.S. Navy base in City of Alameda is a toxic disaster area.

Plans for San Quentin land. Click.

Click. Report: American Indians face rampant poverty in L.A. County

Click. Isolation increases for Latinos

Click. Computer technology coming to Napa elections

Alameda County D.A. charges a Pleasanton man had sex with a minor, but a certain judge refuses to sign a search warrant of the suspect's home. Why?

High-stakes commodities market behind power crisis. Click.

Click. Radical look rattles S.F.'s city planners. Federal building design called appropriate for Houston, L.A.

Click. California offers funds for breast cancer treatment

Click. Prostate cancer funding proposed in California

If Governor Davis has his way, California will soon have, located in the wrong places, some unnecessary, and very few based on renewable energy. Click.

Click. Santa Cruz wines come around 

Money tracking by microchip. Click.

Bush and Microsoft. Click.

Click. How criminals can use search engines to find credit cards.

Bush's 4th Of July Message..."Well, it's an unimaginable honor to be the president during the Fourth of July of this country. It means what these words say, for starters. The great inalienable rights of our country. We're blessed with such values in America. And I--it's--I'm a proud man to be the nation based upon such wonderful values."--Visiting the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C., July 2, 2001

Florida Republican chair discusses his unfortunate plans for black leaders Click.

Helms, Bush clash over foreign policy. Click.

Click. New White House, new 'war room' for strategizing

Click. NEA drops homosexuality resolution


Click. Smarter Money 

Click. Companies Venture Less Capital

Click. Our way or the highway," Redstone chief tells shareholders

Click. Business people obsessed with email.

Click. Marconi's 50% fall drags down European markets

Click. Options: 10 Trading Tips

Click. Behind the Metricom meltdown

Click. Courts Adopt Coherent Framework for Analyzing "Tax Shelter" Cases


Click. Stalking the stalkers.

Click. Giving more than money: Ethical wills gain favor

Click. An obscure clause in the North American Free Trade Agreement is being used by corporations and investors to override local labor and environmental laws, bypassing established court systems in the process.

Click. Deaths of Prostitutes Spark Conspiracy Theories in Iran

Lai Changxing begins to tell his story  China's biggest corruption scandal in more than 50 years Click.

Click. Menem fights arms charges

Click. Seeking answers in world of dead. An Inland woman makes it her business to know how and why people die.

Police May Be Barred from Scientology Work Click.

Click. FBI is investigating an alleged "Black Bloc" threat sent to Politech

Click. No release of police files on Kohl

Teg provided contract guards for the Murrah building in 1995 and that Teg, like AKAL, is run by Sikhs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This fact was only reported in New Mexico. The director of Teg was unconcerned about liability. Click. Thread 1and  Click. Thread 2 and Click. Thread 3

Click. Trotsky held for 4 weeks

Click. Was Nuremberg a fair trial?

Click. Double agent's only loyalty was to her dog

Click. Montesinos's Revenge: CIA's Drug Warrior Thug 

Click. Nazis planned Palestine subversion

Click. New hope for TB sufferers

Click. UK bids to save dormice from extinction

Click. Oral sex HIV warning

Boy or girl? Just sort the sperm Designer babies are no longer science fiction at a US clinic.

Click. Pets in Workplace Please Workers, May Reduce Stress

Galactic cannibalism. Click.

Click. Strange Lights on Jupiter Moon

Click. Cancer pill shrinks tumors

Click. Byte by Byte, a Map of the Brain

Click. Drug-resistant bacteria dropping off: study

Click. Anthrax kills 19 bison in northern Alberta Park

Click. 'Worm' researcher probes aging at Buck Institute

Click. In 'retainer medicine,' the doctor is always in Imagine having a personal physician at your disposal within minutes, 24 hours a day. Sound like a fantasy? Not in Seattle, where a quiet revolution in medical care has begun.

Click. C-sections may imperil later births

Click. High Speed Satellite Secrecy Nears

Click. UCSF Scientists Halt Tumor Growth By Manipulating Telomerase Enzyme

Click. Bacterial Toxin Slows Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Tumor Growth

Click. New Plant-Like Bacteria That Appear To Be Significant Component Of Ocean's Carbon Cycle

Click. Drug Protects Infants With High-Risk Heart Defect From Neurologic And Cardiac Injury After Heart Surgery


The Seine with the Ponte de la Grand Jatte, Vincent Van Gogh, 1887

Colosseum 'built with loot from sack of Jerusalem temple' Click.

Click. Children's books 'miscast women'

Click. Book's treatment of suicide creates controversy in schools

Click. Are 'Seinfeld's' supporting cast members cursed?

Click. Risky Journalism. In Castro's Cuba, reporters who reject the party line pay dearly

Find a grave. Click.

Click. Another Digi-Film Success Story

Click.  International Memory Training Institute's expert William Hersey trains CEOs and NASA scientists in the art of recollection.

Click. Dig reveals iron age camp in `time warp' .

Black Elk. Click.

Click. A Saucer From Mars? Nope, Canada

Click. Crop Circle Season Defies Skeptical Predictions

Click. Cave art gives insight to life 30,000 years ago

Disney Animators Cite Cheapness as Big Cause of Sinking Atlantis Click.

Click. An ancient flood about 7,500-years ago changed the course of civilization.

The treasures of Qumran. Click.

Word of the Day: Unburden. Click.

July 4, 2001

Click. Analysts Fear 'Accidental' Mid East War

Click. Milosevic Plans To Expose Secret Deals

Army Chief, a Former Enron Exec, Won't Step Away from Energy Issue Click.

Click. A Day in the Life of a Colombia War Lobbyist

US Abandons 'Smart Sanctions' Plan. Click.

Click. Rep. James Traficant, D-Ohio, may face new charges as federal prosecutors press ahead with a probe into the operation of his congressional office and allegations of kickbacks.

Click. Protesters occupy radar base

Click. Briton will lead Nato troops

US Supplies Abusive Regimes Click.

The Enemies of Democracy make irrational minds. Click.

Click. Baptists lead from the right


Click. HUD gives vouchers to Bay Area counties. Rental aid will benefit 4,091 families

Click. Details emerge in power contracts

Click. Yolo farmer returning to Mexico - as mayor

PG&E's call center getting an earful. Click.

End of Cotati's Inn of the Beginning. Click.

Click. Woolsey seeks more testing at Novato school site


Click. Brussels blocks General Electric's Honeywell bid

Click. Business: Affluent investors feeling unsettled

Click. Spinning the Biz of Genomics

Verified: you can get anybody you want kicked off Hotmail. Click.

Call my bluff - how smart is reverse engineering .NET? Click.

Click. Dumped Workers Find Revenge

Click. Most Hacking Hides Real Threats

Click. Porn Outsmarts Search Filters

Click. Bush Will Open Gulf Tract for Drilling

Click. Paul O'Neill was supposed to be the "grownup" in the Bush Cabinet. Instead, he sounds more like Uncle Bonzo.

Click. Strong Ties to Bush: Wyly, brother are among president’s largest contributors.

Misleading on Kyoto. Click.

Click. British paper faces suit over Palast investigation In retaliation for the investigative story about the finances of the George W. Bush campaign, Barrick Gold Mining of Canada has sued my paper, the Observer of London, for libel.


Click. Barry George: Obsessive's fantasy life

Click. Car rental Satellite detected speeding fines held illegal

Click. Cyber slammed Kids are getting arrested for raunchy online bullying. It's definitely offensive, but is it against the law?

Click. Judging history The British judge facing Milosevic in court

Click. UN War Crimes Tribunal: Prototype For Universal Criminal Court?

Click. Supreme Court clarifies when criminal defendants may sue their lawyers

Fremont Musician found slain. Click.

Click. Robert S. Mueller III in the running for FBI director. Bush considers low-key S.F. federal prosecutor for job

Click. FBI 'Mob Leak' Gals Make Bail

Click. Giant world detected in deep space

Click. Discovering the Tricks of Fireflies' Summertime Magic

Click. Skin Disorder Rosacea Linked to Facial Warmth

Fear, politics slow stem-cell work

Click. 5 Million U.S. Children Have Hearing Loss - Study

OxyContin: It comes in small pills, is of reliable quality, and has become the hottest drug on the streets. To users, OxyContin, a powerful prescription painkiller, is heroin without the stigma, a high without a needle. Click.

Click. Methods to test genes flourishing

Click. Nicotine study surprises scientists. Substance promotes blood vessel growth, tumors, artery plaque

Click. Man Receives Artificial Heart

Click. More Hope for Wannabe Moms

Click. Quantum Dots to Barcode DNA

Click. Gene bank to save rare breeds 

The Seine with the Ponte de la Grand Jatte, Vincent Van Gogh, 1887

Click. Vietnamese scientists given go-ahead to restore famous mummy

Click. The story behind the professional relationship between Woody Allen and producer Jean Doumanian.

Click. Retiree Makes Permanent Home on Cruise Ship - CHEAPEST DEAL!

Click. Performing arts center planned as monument to Woodstock. New York billionaire has big ideas for site

Click. Bill Clinton spices up a party.

Click. France's Greatest Beauty: Provence

The Reprimand by Seymour Hersh. Click.

On July 3, 1863, the Civil War's Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

Word of the day: Black cap. Click.

July 2, 2001

Click. Milosevic to Reveal Secret Deals With West

Click. Israel Warns of Iranian Nuclear Program

Click. Ramsey Clark to join the Milosevic defence team

Click. US soldiers executed Nazis at Dachau

Click. The congressman's wife and another alleged mistress are pulled into the investigation, while a suicide theory emerges to explain Chandra Levy's disappearance. 

Click. Real-Time Satellite Tracking Site

Mao's warriors at the gates of Nepal. Click.

Click. Early document outlined Holocaust A newly discovered document that reads like a rough draft of the Final Solution provides the earliest evidence yet the U.S. knew the Nazis planned to eradicate the Jews.

Feds let terror spy wiggle free. Click.

Click. UK: New Police Unit Will Spy On Would-be Killers An elite team of detectives and psychiatrists is being set up by police to target would-be killers and stop them before they commit murder.

Click. Bold $80M Plan Made to Lift Kursk

Click. Pentagon Unveils Laser As 'Crowd Controller'

Click. U.S. Eying New Russian Sub


Click. Why suppliers get away with huge profits. Manipulation of power market appears to be legal, experts say

Click. Wasps take aim at grape predator

Click. Treating Drug Offenders. Huge coffers fund effort to replicate Prop. 36 in other states

Click. From killing fields to family havens. Bay Area boom has transformed Oakland's violent core neighborhoods

Click. Medical marijuana advocates say prosecutors more tolerant in Sonoma

In summer, Europeans discover Joshua Tree

Ex-Goldman Trader Stung in Arms Plot, Shocks Colleagues. Click.

Click. Cisco CEO sees brighter days ahead

Click. Lab test firm's lifeline Bank of England is told to act as a banker to Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Click. Paving the way for casino-style Net gambling

Click. How to Develop a Positioning Statement

Click. Swiss freeze Taiwanese arms dealer's accounts

Will political donations keep Microsoft intact? Click.

Click. HAL's New Pals

Click. To Russia, with love. Techie from Seattle downloads a new life -- for himself, and for 60 desperate kids

Click. The Truth Behind A.I.

Click. Who Owns What at Media Lab Asia?

Ollie North calls for War! "We ought to overcome our reluctance to aiding resistance movements and start supporting Ahmad Shah Masud's Afghan United Front, solicit their help in pinpointing bin Laden and his fanatical followers and attack them not with cruise missiles and not with lawyers. Instead, we should employ our considerable U.S. military power." Click.

Click. Is the White House spinning Cheney's condition?

Click. How Widespread Is Lying In America?

Click. Bush In Corner On Patients' Rights

LOCKERBIE: Flight from the truth. Click.

Click. LaRouche: Israel's Sharon Accused As War Criminal

Click. Arson, vandalism mark new breed of eco-saboteur. Small businesses become targets

Click. Islam is fastest-growing religion in U.S.


Was what nude female dancers did with each other last year inside the Flesh Nightclub in San Bernardino prostitution or legally protected freedom of expression? Click.

Why has society reared a new breed of murderer? Click.

Click. Using Cash To Buy Postage Makes You Suspect At Post Office

Click. Embattled Key West newspaper harassed by cops is back online

Click. Checking in with O. J. Simpson, in South Florida.

Click. Educator as seen by friends, foes. East Palo Alto chief's conflict-of-interest trial starts in a week

Click. Tampa police test face recognition cameras on city streets

Click. Breyer's stature grows among Supreme Court centrists

Click. Where There's Soup, There's Life

Click. DIY sperm kit Home fertility tests for both sexes unveiled.

Click. Tighter rules sought on faulty hip joints

Click. Clear Link Between Nutrition And Bi-Polar Manic-Depression

Click. Building a Database of Specimens

Click. Manipulating A Single Gene Dramatically Improves Regeneration In Adult Neurons: Finding May Lead To New Approaches For Treating Brain And Spinal Cord

Click. Development Of Important Immune Cells Relies On More Complicated Influences Than Scientist Had Thought

Click. Technique To Analyze Steadiness Of Marksmen's Aim May Help Patients With Tremors

Click. Big Plans for the Tiny Screen Making an Internet film presents a wide variety of problematic situations to a conventional filmmaker.

Click. Fingerprinting the brain -- beyond polygraphs. 

The Seine with the Ponte de la Grand Jatte, Vincent Van Gogh, 1887


Click. Indian Guru Seeks to Love the World Personally

"I am uncertain whether to become a Catholic or a madman," joked the 19-year-old student Robert Schumann in a letter in 1829. Click.

Word of the day: Hog Click.

Click. Links Between Chinese, Mayan Cultures Questioned

Egyptian-like culture in Southern Illinois. Click.

The Game of the Gods. Click.

Ancient Africa's black kingdoms. Click.