May 31, 2001

Click. US Gulf Forces on High Alert

Click. Matthew (Max) Kennedy keeps up tradition, may run for Congress

Click. Kennedys seen anxious over Max's planned run

Click. China suspected in port deal. China has clinched a deal to develop a major deep-sea commercial port in western Pakistan, giving Beijing a potential staging ground to exert influence along some of the world's busiest shipping lanes.

US military readies to meet threat of war in space. Click.

Click. Iran: political crisis overshadows presidential campaign


On May 24, 2001, Bush sent Congress a letter explaining his decision to extend the alleged "national emergency" declared by Clinton in 1999, one which enabled him to launch his war in Belgrade without Congressional approval. Click.

Click. Democrat Doves Back Powell

Click. AIDS Rate Among Young Gay Men in U.S. Soars 

Click. SIMULATING DEMOCRACY Eschewing Protests, World Bank Meeting Goes Online

Clean Elections at Stake. Click.

Click. Power monster GAZPROM that fuels Russia's foreign policy

Cybercrime justifies world government. Click.

Click. The Oslo Hit Squad. CIA snipers roam the Holy Land by Barry Chamish

Click. Report: Ressam's target was Los Angeles International Airport

Private eyes 'compromised' Spain's not-so-secret service. Click.

Click. Worst nightmare Terrorists could easily make an atomic bomb from MOX fuel, says a confidential report.


Click. California Utilities' Donations Ultimately Led to Blackout Crisis

Click. As California officials cut deals in recent months to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to purchase electricity, they signed agreements not to reveal the terms of those contracts to the public.

Click. Pierce's cure would involve genetics Genetic engineering could end the threat of the grapevine-killing bacteria spread by the glassy-winged sharpshooter, but would likely bring the wine industry new confrontations with environmentalists and foreign retailers.

Witness protection granted to "someone" in the San Francisco dog maul murder case. Click.


Click. Federal prosecutors lied to get harsher penalty in case related to Oklahoma City bombing.

Click. Fortier’s sentence cut by 1 1/2 years

Click. McVeigh? What About Blacks Waiting to Die?

Oklahoma City bombing reports by  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph. Excerpted from his book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton:

Click. Part 1 revealed that "the Justice Department's inspector general lists the Oklahoma bombing case as one of the worst examples of de facto evidence tampering by the crime labs."

Click. Part 2,  Relive the Oklahoma City tragedy through the eyes of a family that lost two children in the Murrah Building's daycare center, and their subsequent horror to discover rampant official lying in the tragedy's aftermath.

Click. Part 3 established clearly that a bomb squad truck was in Oklahoma City shortly before the blast.

Click. Part 4 Overwhelming evidence that Timothy McVeigh "was accompanied by other men at every stage" of the crime, and that the FBI intentionally sought to avoid prosecuting other parties complicit in the worst terrorist act in American history.


Click. Silicon route to Mumbai underworld ZAP Infotech promised an expressway to Silicon Valley for a pittance, but aspiring techies found that Zap's trail led straight to the Mumbai underworld

Get ready for the search engine wars. Click.

Blair savaged over Microsoft visit. Click.

A strip club allegedly frequented by Bill Gates is under scrutiny by the US Government over links to pimps, the Mafia and fraud. Click.

Click. Canadian privacy czar shouldn't be so private, by Michael Geist

Click. Microsoft and allies counter attack over antitrust accusations

Click. Movie studios, 2600 describe free speech impact of DVD case

Click. How Echelon Works

Click. More on Echelon, intercepts, and a quick history lesson

Click Hailstorm: Open Web Services Controlled by Microsoft

AOL's bomb threat check list. Click.


Click. Companies that shaped world history

How drug money works in real estate. Click.

The In's and Out's of begging for money online. Click.

Click. An experiment in micro advertising.

Click. Going public: IPO review for 2000 A look at last year's top IPOs, VC firms, and banks.

Click. Sittin' Pretty Richard Rainwater believed in oil when everyone else fell for tech. He made a ton of money.

Partial remains of murder victim lost in mail, officials say. Click.

Click. Gotti’s Nephew Testifies for Government

Use of DNA as a dragnet. Click.

Click. Hearing in police misconduct case, The Oakland Riders, accusers in court. Hearing on alleged police misconduct

Click. 50,000-volt penalty for talking is ruled illegal. L.A. judge's use of stun belt in court rejected

Police, medical marijuana backers seek odd alliance. Click.

Christopher Reeve joins scientists who are suing the Bush administration for halting stem cell research. Click.

Hold FBI Accountable in Bari Case. Click.

Russia urged to not restart executions. Click.

Click. Con man bilks Microsoft Silicon Valley investors out of millions,

Click. Details on Scientology critic's arrest in Toronto

Another 55 pages of Columbine documents were released Tuesday, mostly FBI investigative reports that should have been among 11,000 pages turned over in November. Click.

How identity thieves thrive in the information age. Click.

Florida County puts court records on line. Click.

Click. New pathogens may take advantage of populations with low immunity.

In the first attempt to rejuvenate a human heart through the use of arm muscle cells, UCLA researchers implanted the cells into a 62-year-old heart attack victim. The technique has worked in animals and in safety trials in three human patients. Click.

Click. Authorities are investigating a possible case of the human variant of mad cow disease in the French West Indian island of Guadeloupe, the health ministry in Paris said late today.

Click. Voicebox transplant man can sing.

Joint Juice. Click.

Click. New class of blood-pressure drugs is going unused

Click. Preparation For Martian Samples Quarantine Facility Must Begin Soon To Be Ready For First Mission, Report Says

Click. Natural Immune Response Reduces Nerve Damage; May Lead To Improved Treatment For Spinal Cord Injury

Click. Brain's Visual Cortex Doesn't "Tell" All It Knows

Click. Exercise And Heparin May Grow New Blood Vessels, Improve Hearts In Children With Blocked Arteries

Click. Researcher Finds Links Among Stress, Pain And Immune Function

A well-timed one-two punch from viruses may be the cause of multiple sclerosis Click

Click. Space revolution Smart satellites due for launch next summer will be able to plan their own missions. 

The Roses of Heliogabalus, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Click to see enlarged version.

Click. St. Petersburg, an urban sleeping beauty.

Click. UFOs in the land of the rising sun 

Men are more likely than women to divorce their spouses when the spouse suffers a serious illness such as brain cancer, suggests a new study Click.

A former Navy SEAL commander questions Ventura's claim that he hunted man in Vietnam. Click.

National Book Network is launching a new division geared to give small publishers more distribution options. Click.

Anne Heche, the former lover of actress Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly to marry the cameraman she met while making a documentary on her partner. Click.

Click. Australia's swimming legend, Dawn Fraser, officially launched her tell-all autobiography today.

If you missed the riots and protests at the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle a year and a half ago, you may soon get another chance. Video-game players can march down the middle of a city street to the beat of loud music, launch a rocket or brick into a storefront window, even punch out an officer in riot gear while playing "State of Emergency." Click.

Click. Single dose starts cocaine addiction. Findings on brain chemistry may apply to other drugs as well

May 30, 2001

Computer users across Europe should encrypt all their e-mails, to avoid being spied on by a UK-US eavesdropping network, say Euro-MPs. Click. 

Click. Jospin's Plans for EU Superstate

Click. Wave of mass redundancies throws Jospin government into crisis

Click. Practical Proposals of Jospin's Speech Welcomed by Germany.

Click. Bush to "Bribe" Backers of Missile Plan

Click. McVeigh Eyes Execution Stay After Agent's Shocker

Click. Taliban vows to never hand over bin Laden
Japanese cult member gets life sentence

Click, U.S. commandos set to capture Bin Laden, but held back

Click. bin Laden's protectors.

Doomsday cult responsible for sarin gas attacks. Click.

Click. Terrorist Tells of L.A. Bomb Plot

Click. Drug trafficking in the Pacific has a distinct Russian flavor

Misconduct, Corruption by U.S. Police Mar Bosnia Mission. DynCorp at work! Click.

CIA Documents on Ron Brown declared secret. Click.


Click. California county to sell last rural Chinatown to descendants.

Click The IRS has questioned $91 million in tax-exempt securities the Los Angeles Unified School District sold in 1997 to pay for the Belmont Learning Center, the unfinished downtown high school sitting atop a shallow oil field. 

Click. Farm influence sways state power policy

Click. The dot-com bomb  After the crash: the real story of how the boom and bust ripped San Francisco apart.

Click. Japan starts 3G phones trial. Third-generation mobile phones promise users fast and "always on" access to the internet, e-mail and video streams. They can be up to 40 times faster than current mobile phones.

Click. MIT has invented a 96-bit code that can tag trillions of objects. Almost everything you buy could have a radio tag, and it won't just track price -- it will track whereabouts. 

A gadget that reacts to audio signals embedded in TV programs and tells your PC to surf over to web pages related to that show. Click.

China's dot-com boom went bust, but it gave birth to a revolution. Click.

Click. The price of Internet freedom 

"If a person doesn't have the capacity that we all want that person to have, I suspect hope is in the far distant future, if at all."—Pres. Bush's remarks to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute, Washington, D.C., May 22, 2001

Click. Senator Biden's a New Thorn for President Bush

Click. With Democrats assuming control of the Senate, a mom-in-
tennis-shoes from Shoreline has made herself a player.

Our Man in Little Havana: The secret Cold War history of Otto Juan Reich, George W. Bush's Frightening Nominee for Assistant Secretary of State of Western Hemisphere Affairs. Click.

Click. The Coming Democratic Majority Senate committees may be just the beginning.

Click. McCain on the March and Gore floats trial balloon in Tennessee.

Click. Propaganda's Triumph by Robert Parry.

Try telling these children that net porn is a victimless crime. Click.

Criminals who create a demand for this sick kiddie porn trade.

America's love affair with power, sex and death. Click. 



Relief for Local FBI agents and their pricey informants. THE OVAL GOLF BALL. Click.

Click. 'Mass branding' of sex offenders order by Texas judge

Click. New twist in cases over right to die. Patient.s is in twilight state, not in a coma

Bronx cops: We were conned by body-parts killer. Click.

Click. Lawyer says judge unduly swayed jury

Click. Disabled golfer can use cart.

Click. Judge won't drop murder, manslaughter charges in death by mauling dog case.

Lawyers for former SLA fugitive Sara Jane Olson filed a 17-page motion  enumerating conflicts of interest they say are so complex they require a full-scale inquiry by the court. Click.

Click. Feds must make their websites accessible to the handicapped.

Click. San Francisco Police Department conducts first training class on mental illness.


Click. Small Business Builder: Sell to Uncle Sam

Click. Can Time Inc.'s magazines  survive AOL?

Click. White abalone, once a delicacy, gets federal protection

Click. Livermore lab test finds plague in prairie dogs

Click. Federal researchers find a gene that indicates a higher risk for schizophrenia. Knowing which patients have the gene can also help doctors choose the right medication.

Click. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory researchers have proposed a new breed of high-tech, high-speed missile hunters, dubbed Advanced Technology Kill Vehicles.

Solar system scientists plot new strategy. Click.

Click. Quarantine urged for Mars sample return 

Genetics to create new flavors, fragrances. Click.

Dinosaur robot struts its stuff. Click.

How the brain sees. Click.

The High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager spacecraft, or HESSI, is scheduled for launch. Click.

Click. Babies Have A Different Way Of Hearing The World By Listening To All Frequencies Simultaneously

Click. Study Shows Obesity Bad For The Mind, Too

Click. Sacramento Firm, Lab Scientists Seek To Test Rocket Technology To Produce Pollution-Free Electricity

Digital Rights Gain a Foothold
The teaming of a company that deals with digital security and one that tracks downloads is good news for copyright holders.

Click. Laid Off -- Got Mail?

Click. DNA ON DVD?

Click. Don't believe the hype

Ground Swell
Edward Hopper, 1939

Girls in every port.  They had a high time on the high seas. Click.

SEX AND SPORTS: Click. Strictly male delivery

Click. Lenore Skenazy: I Just Touched Abe Lincoln, at a Distance

Click. Kids shine when left to build their own devices

Click. The Tell Chuera Riddle A team of archeologists will be working together on the Syrian steppe for clues as to why the once booming city fell into decline

Click. Lutheran bishop quits after gay ordination. He admits disobeying church rules. More: Click.

Four women writers explore humankind's relations with the planet's other inhabitants. Click.

Click. With software programs that allow musicians to mix and master like never before, personal computers are now required equipment for music makers.

Click. Mari Matsunaga, a technophobe, is one of the top women on the Web.

Click. Blogging as a Form of Journalism

Click. New book asserts animals show the instinct to do good

CyberPounce is a collection of online toys and games intended to amuse felines and their owners. Click.

Stones that could be Britain's pyramids. Click.

May 29, 2001  

France's Jospin envisions an alternative EU. Click.

A retired Los Alamos scientist who spent the past decade gathering firsthand information on China's nuclear weapons programs is fighting U.S. efforts to block publication of his book. Click.

Click. Bush picks Rep. James Rogan to head Patent Office

Click. U.S. rethinks nuclear aid to Russia

Click. US Offers Russia Arms to Abandon ABM Treaty

Click. Scientology critic seeks asylum in Canada, reportedly arrested

Click. Russia wary of U.S. offer on defense. Moscow not swayed by anti-missile plan

Click. EU to Set Up Spook Agency

Click. Faint Voices Rise From Cuba

China clones sheep, pigs, plants, rabbits, cows. Click.

Click. Stakes are high for Davis meeting with Bush

The Internet has not clicked with everyone. Click.

Click. Keith Henson Busted in Canada

Click. Q&A with Martin Cooper. The inventor of the portable cell phone talks about blazing new trails in broadband wireless.

Click. Internet Explorer knows where you live

With over 164 government sites that are selling treasury notes, bonds, homes, horses, cars and more the US Government raked in over $3.6 billion in sales last year, that's almost a billion more than Amazon's $2.8 billion in sales. Click.

McDonald's is currently testing an electronic payment system using wands. You just wave the wand in front of a sensor and it deducts the payment from a pre-paid account. Click..

Click. How Amazon Is Beating the Costs of Shipping

Click. Lou Gerstner brought IBM back from the brink. Can it survive without him?


Reversal: U.S. Senate and White House by Sherman Skolnick. Click.

Click. More on NSA Tapping Undersea Fiber Cables

Seafood Linguini, Exploding Hockey Pucks and "Marshmallows" by Al Martin

The Americans who stopped My Lai. Click. 

US Postal Service is going to sell undeliverable packages on eBay. Click.

Latest blame for the arrival of syphilis in Europe. Click. 

New site pushes the arrival of humans in the Americas back 3,000 years. Click..

China's new lab focuses on cosmic rays. Click..

Las Vegas entrepreneur wants to build a space station. Click.

Click. Spaniards fear a Website Inquisition


Click. Dead bodies, autopsy photos, and privacy rights

Click. Napa County's Grand Jury -- a group of 19 citizens mandated by law to investigate local government -- has recently targeted one public entity desperately in need of reform: itself.

An alleged pedophile ring operating for years in eastern Ontario. Click.

Click. Hackers, some from organized crime, steal credit card data from safe havens in Europe, Asia

Click. Brazil's Comuna: Does this music-trading software herald the death of capitalism?


Click. Mineral interests led investor to a gold mine  How Will Edwards survived the tech bloodbath better than many. 

Click. U.S. Marshals arrest Lernout & Hauspie CEO Gaston Bastiaens.

Click. Buy Stuff, Get eSpaceTickets Toward Trip to Space 

A pioneering procedure offers the hope of a less painful technique than traditional heart bypasses. Click.

Click. Tiny protein molecules are big players in solving the mystery of brain function

Click. Dopamine-Dampening Gene Linked To Prefrontal Inefficiency, Schizophrenia

Click. New Class Of Drugs To Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Click. Prototype Space-Return Vehicle Successfully Completes Final Test Flight

Click. Listening To Music Of Choice During Outpatient Eye Surgery Lowers Patients' Cardiovascular, Emotional Stress

Click. E. Coli Bacteria May Be More Useful Than You Think

Click. Standing Tall: Plains Indians Enjoyed Height, Health Advantage

Click. High Blood Pressure A New Risk Factor For Kidney Rejection

Click. A new glimpse into the genetics of autism

Click. NASA taps robot fleet for next-generation Mars missions

Click. Brave New World for prostate surgery 

Ground Swell
Edward Hopper, 1939

Click. Descendants want justice for Salem's witches

Click. Sonoma State to offer classes to retired seniors this fall

Click. Break for breadwinners. Japanese men seek shelter through support groups, sabbaticals

Click. After facing the specter of an early death, reporter had a change of heart 

Click. A look at Thad Carhart's memoir "The Piano Shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier.''

Click. The French and their flings--a fictional affair.

 Little separates France, U.S. in sexual behavior, study says

Click. The writings of Chester Himes—his mystery novels and his more personal work.

Click. Profiles of Worm Writers

May 28, 2001 

CIA Goof in Wen Ho Lee Case: Mistaken Identity

Click. Isolated from the world since the Taleban takeover, Afghanistan is being kept alive by the United Nations and western aid.

Daschel told President Bush yesterday to forget about a Star Wars missile defense system - and a whole lot of other things he wants. Click.

Click. Giuliani Praises Billionaire Bloomberg, a Potential Successor As Mayor

Click. Indians reclaiming the Great Plains. Way of life restored as whites leave

Click. UN bid to save child soldiers criticized

Click. Skinheads riot at Third Reich castle

Click. Euro Army Unveils Germanic Anthem

Click. Governor turned cocaine baron is captured after two years on the run


Click. Sunol residents fight to keep distinctive character of village

Click. Tribal land rush. Native Americans bet future on Bay Area casinos

Click. Fremont cars damaged in rash of pipe bombs

Click. School-trip chaperone has critical meningitis. Lafayette pupils possibly exposed

Click. HOT THREAD: Why did America enter the Second World War?

Probe urged on French sect list. Click.

The enduring myth of Star Wars. Click.

Nazi's started the Star Wars idea. Click.

Russia already has a Star Wars system. Click.

An FBI agent, Pitts, arrested in 1996 for spying for Moscow told investigators he knew of suspicious activity by fellow agent Robert Hanssen. Click.

Kissinger's war crimes documented. Click.

Click. Jesse Helms went far to support Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet

DNA Terrorism. Click.

Germany, UK breaching human rights with NSA spy link-up by Duncan Campbell Click.

Schmoozing the Reds: AOL's secret China plans revealed. Click.

FTC blesses Amazon's privacy sleight-of-hand. Click.

Snitch a customer program was stupid, says Microsoft. Click.

Cheap and easy web heists. Click.

Computer wrist watches tell more than time. Click.

Click. Deutsche (American) Telekom – From Local Hero to Global Player?

Click. Complete layout of sunken Alexandria . 

Who Killed 22 Star Wars Scientists? Click.

Spotlight shines on anew on Bilderberg. Click.

Click The Strange case of Major Edwin A. Walker and the Kennedy assassination.

Click When They Kill a President by Roger Craig - an eyewitness' unpublished manuscript.

Nixon and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Click.

Otto Rahn and the quest for the Holy Grail. Click.

Click. The greatest hacker of all time. 

NASA'S POSITION: Mars loses face, gains nature trail. Click.


Click. The Split Faced Glyphs of the Maya,

Click. A Decade old Prediction Confirmed

Click. The Hominid-Lion Connection

Click. The Face 2001 - More Evidence of the Internal NASA War?

Click. The FACETS Mars Initiative ... and the Mysterious NASA Response

Click. John Glenn Finally Tells the Truth


Click. Update on the legal status of web links, from

Click. FBI searches home of EarthLink co-founder  

Ashcroft Protects Terrorists By Snuffing Out McVeigh by Jeffrey Steinberg. Click.

Newly discovered McVeigh document backs claim of defense witness Kuper that he saw a John Doe with McVeigh on the day of the OKC bombing and told the FBI about it 2 days later. Click. 

Federal investigators believe they have enough evidence to indict Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.). Click.

Providing Photos to defense attorneys in pornography case at heart of dispute Click.

Click. Graffiti cops fighting an endless battle

Click. Steal This Book! Abbie Hoffman's masterpiece. A sort of 70's Anarchist Cookbook, it goes into detail about living for free, pulling pranks, monkey-wrenching and smashing the state. All the things "they" don't want you to know about. Isn't it ironic that it's now available on the Internet?

Click. Care about politics to stop the move to privatize water

Click. DIG, DEMOCRATS, DIG  If the Democrats had the creativity and bloodlust of the Republicans, gobs of fun could be had with U.S. Senate investigations.

Click. Viagra 'works for women'

Click. Berkeley scientists are developing tiny dust motes that could shed light on how energy is used and promote conservation.

Click. An Off Switch For Epilepsy?

Click. One Year After Surgery, Robotic Heart Grafts Are Still A Success

Click. We get CJD and bile duct cancer so others get rich

Click. Epidemic of pig meningitis infects humans

Click. Warning: this little piggy could give you meningitis

Click. 'It's time we returned to the Moon'

Click. The nation's war on cancer. Here is a survey of cancer-related Web sites.

Click. Has the ultimate cancer cure arrived? Indian Cancer researchers have taken a giant step on the road to discovering the ultimate cancer cure by developing a drug that selectively targets the cancer cells without harming the healthy ones.

Click. GM bugs that do the same job as the components of a microchip are revealed in the US.

Click. Flying start for bird-breeding technique

The famous Martian meteorite ALH84001 does or does not contain meaningful fossil evidence of ancient Martian microbes? Click.

Click. Studies show higher rate of hepatitis C in vets' groups

Ground Swell
Edward Hopper, 1939

Click. Marie Darrieussecq wrote a book about a woman who turns into a pig and it sold millions. Three novels, two husbands, one baby and an admirer in Jean-Luc Godard later, she is France's undisputed literary sensation.

Click. Vatican Challenged. Catholic bishops want more power. Even cardinals have begun calling on Rome for a greater voice in church liturgy and policy

Click. Cat 'hoarders' are usually victims of mysterious obsession
Some see themselves as Mother Teresa

Click. Mother Teresa will be declared a saint 'within months'

Click. War-torn zoo has become a jungle

Click. Vatican's rebel archbishop weds Moonie

Click. Vatican says married archbishop is 'outside the church'

Is this a picture of Shakespeare we see before us? Click.

Hollywood boosts the military. Click.

Click. Wacky new German reality TV show

Click. "Our Song"  A girl's life. 

May 26, 2001

James Jeffords. That one Yankee could so upset the balance in Washington illuminates how much opportunity exists for the Democrats should they be able to act like a party of principles. Click   

Click. The man most responsible for guiding Sen. Jim Jeffords to a new political identity has a long history with party-switching.

Click. Jeffords' defection highlights GOP fragility.

Click. Jeffords: Bush's education budget will cost him second term in 2004

Click. Arafat pleads for support...  

Montana Indians take on oil chief in the battle of Weatherman Draw. Click.

Click. Rumsfeld Warns of 'Pearl Harbor' Surprises

Rumsfeld's Revolution. Click.

Click. New twists to the Andean drug war Efforts to wipe out the coca crop and stop the flow of cocaine are attracting more money and more allies than ever before.

Click. Chelsea to follow father to Oxford

Click. Chelsea may follow father or Raleigh

Click. Clintons bask in past and future Oxford prospect

Click. Chinese-American congressman Wu barred entry to Energy Dept.

Click. Washington state forest closed after discovery of meth lab. Manufacturers use federal lands to escape detection

Vast right wing conspiracy on a cruise to Caymon Islands. Click. 

Click. No face on Mars says NASA.  More: Click. Highest Resolution pictures available. Click.

Ancient craters may have been traps for large animals. Click.

Click. Earliest Scots discovered Amateur archaeologists have discovered the earliest known evidence of human settlement in Scotland - dating from 8500BC.

Biologists unleash a voracious beetle to chew its way through the US Southwest. Click.

Tutankhamen's pea crop. Click.

The pre-Inca Chachapoya. Click.

Bilderberg group meets in Sweden this week. Click.

Evidence suggests the Soviet Union, fearing its fate at the hands of a growing Pacific power, used agents in Washington and Tokyo to manipulate the U.S. and Japan into open warfare. Click.

They interned Italians too. Click.

Click. China warns Dalai on choosing Living Buddhas

Click. Sharon - The comfort of the wink and the blink

Click. Britain’s angry tribes Some of the disaffected people who feel mainstream politics is passing them by could make their mark on Britain's election

Click. Before U.S. entered WWII, Flying Tigers volunteered

Profile. The Duke of Edinburgh. Click.

Click. Simulating democracy can be a virtual breeze World Bank recently canceled a global meeting set for Barcelona in late June—and shifted it to the Internet.

Click. How well is WHO doing?

Katarina Witt, Ice Skating Star, vs. the Stasi. Click.

A report on the global spy network Echelon recommends all Europeans use encryption and open source software. Click. More: Click.

Companies are bracing themselves as Big Brother goes live on the net and one million office workers may log on to play the game.  Click.

Hacking made simple from Asiaweek Limited. Click.

Preparing for The Next Pearl Harbor Attack.  America’s whole information infrastructure on which the modern U.S. economy is based now is vulnerable to attack. Click.

Click. Silicon ally: Indo-Paki bhai-tech

Click. Viewers of reruns of Law and Order can see sponsored imagery interpolated where it had not been before as a result of an agreement in principle to allow the insertion of computer-generated make-believe items like cans, bottles, signs and logos into scenes.

Click. The anti-Spam conference allows a professional spammer to explain himself.

Think your office is too small to be a hacker's dream? Think again. Click.


Click. Yosemite tragedy led to reward fund aiding hunt for missing intern

Click. Canadian company reaps the benefits of California's power problems

Click. Davis asks U.S. to limit firms' prices. Governor argues 2 generators manipulated market

Click. Enron's secret bid to save deregulation. PRIVATE MEETING: Chairman pitches his plan to prominent Californians

Click. Bonuses sought for PG&E execs

Click. Texas CEO denies firm manipulated prices. Conflicting testimony on gas supplies

Click. Sacramento County knew that Cindy Dewey had a criminal assault record when they hired her to work in Child Protective Services, but decided to give her the job anyway.



Russia Tries to Get Off Money Laundering Black List. Click.

Patently Absurd The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is fast heading toward irrelevancy.

SEC Orders Foreign Firms to Report Activities. Click.

Click. How Big Is Porn? Porn industry fans say the business grosses as much as $14 billion annually. We say more like $4 billion.

The decision of the Cayman Islands court not to reveal the names of Ansbacher account-holders should not be viewed as a victory by those holding the accounts. Click.

Click. Tech Giants Court Genome Crowd Leaders look toward red-hot genomics and bioinformatics for salvation.

Click. Biotech patents fester after Festo Patent holders are finding that their rights are not so far-reaching as they were before the November 2000 decision in Festo Corp. v. Shoketsu Kinzoku Kogyo Kabushiki.

Click. Hernando de Soto sheds light on why much of the world sees capitalism as something desirable but inaccessible.

If you liked Survivor, you'll love proxy season. Click.


Click. Cox pulls name from consideration for court seat Republican Rep. Christopher Cox of Newport Beach, Calif., asked the White House on Friday to withdraw his name from consideration for nomination to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

San Francisco U.S. Attorney Ropbert Mueller given interview for FBI's top job

Five organized-crime figures were convicted in a series of cases that officials say show the mob controls the adult entertainment industry in Suffolk County, New York. Click.

Click. Marin Judge drops contempt threat against Tony Serra

Click. Couple get lesson in how not to smuggle drugs A tip for the criminally minded: Try to keep your dope in your truck. Don't let a big bag fall out on the freeway. And for heaven's sakes, don't go running after it as a federal agent drives by.

Why the government's rush to execute McVeigh? Click.

Click. Investor activists seeking changes in corporate civil rights and environmental practices this year picked five companies to press for votes giving shareholders a say on including gays in corporate anti-bias policies.

Vancouver - the next Amsterdam for drugs. Click.

Click. Hanssen Attorneys Plan To Fight Death Penalty

Three active cases of Mad Cow disease have been diagnosed on the island of Guadeloupe, a few hundred miles east of U.S. territory in Puerto Rico.  Click.

Scientists around the world are in revolt against moves by a powerful group of private corporations to lock decades of publicly funded western scientific research into expensive, subscription-only electronic databases. Click.

Click. 'Birth of a superbug'

Click. Patients do well after robot heart operations

NASA sending probe to collide with Comet. Click.

Aggression is an acknowledged side-effect for about one in 1,000 people who take antidepressants such as Zoloft, an Australian expert said yesterday. Click. More: Click.

Click. Snoring linked to ADHD in young children

The next generation of small planes could usher in a new age of travel. Click.

Click. Dutch scientists watch as bacteria suddenly develop antibiotic resistance, thanks to a stolen gene.

Oldest dinosaur ever found. Click.

Click. Surgeons See Into Their Patients

Click. Stick It in Your Ear Portable gadgets that can translate language as fast as you can speak are almost ready to emerge from the lab.

Click. The idea that multiple sclerosis is triggered by two separate viruses receives a boost.

Ground Swell
Edward Hopper, 1939

Click. Injunction lifted against publication of 'Wind Done Gone'

Robert Blake's funeral speech to Bonny Lee Bakley. Click.

Click. Hay-on-Wye literary festival

Click. Greetings From the Rambo Hotel Only seven photographs of Arthur Rimbaud were previously known to exist. A newly discovered photo of the poet in Aden has brought new information about his life there to light.

Slipping down Orwell's dark memory hole, the bloody, brutal events of Tiananmen Square are slowly being erased from history. Click.

Writers write about themselves, whether they want to or not: diction, grammar, tone, imagery are all deeply autobiographical. Click.

A Portrait of the Artist as Apprentice. Click.

Click. Male judges disagree with women's literary prize pick

Click. More seniors work because they must

Click. Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Becomes Nun

Click. How to keep the carcinogens down while grilling

May 25, 2001

Click. Israel May Force Arafat Into Exile

Click. US Senate approves record tax cut for the wealthy

Click. How sweet it is! The Democrats control the Senate!

Click. Legislature hangs Governor Davis out to dry 

Click. Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam

Click. Report Downplays Echelon Effect

Click. Cheap and Easy Web Heists

Click. The Font of All Personality

Outages could be fatal for disabled. Click.

Click. Movie about Japanese American war camp distributed to all schools, libraries

Click. Federal decision on shrimp dismays environmentalists

Click. More outage notice ordered

The Secret of Pearl Harbor - FDR's role exposed. Click.

Click. Covert Action in Africa (Halliburton)

Click. The military of the 21st century

VARIETY: 'Pearl Harbor'' a film that will live in infamy...


Click. Nine tribes' casino plans put on hold Gov. Gray Davis won't approve any more agreements with Indian tribes to allow casinos until the federal courts resolve a legal challenge to California's Indian gaming law.

Click. Attorney General Lockyer comes out swinging at oilman. Davis has plenty of company in depths of poll

Click. Pittsburg schools' e-mail catches flak from NAACP. Board member mentioned race

Click. Cat owner says it started with 2 fecund felines. 'All of a sudden' there were 196


Click. "I feel like God was there for me"

Click. Reprieve for grandmother - Bills would prevent deportation Zhenfu Ge, the Chinese grandmother facing deportation and separation from her Sausalito grandchildren, received new hope yesterday.

Judge delays decision on freeing rapist

Click. N .Y. mayor finds new way to dump his wife: fire her

Click. FBI violated privacy rights, judge rules. Documents seized in S.F. minority contract probe are inadmissible

Click. Judge demands straight answers from El Paso Corp.

Click. Another 1A vs. privacy case: Lawsuit over autopsy photos

Click. Researchers find how Alzheimer's clutters brain. Defective protein gums up cells' normal cleanup work

Click. Text Messaging Could Damage Your Kidneys

Click. Fossil Of Tiny Mammal From Early Jurassic; Discovery Provides Important New Evidence On The Earliest Evolution Of Mammals

Click. Researchers To Test Skeletal Muscle As Replacement For Damaged Human Heart Muscle In Humans

Click. Scientists Find Solution To A Mystery Surrounding Alzheimer’s, Huntington's And Other Neurological Diseases

Click. Treating Acne With Antibiotics Leads To Resistance

Click. Wake Forest First In World To Perform New Brain Tumor Treatment

Click. Gulp! University Of Rhode Island Professor Studies How Sharks Eat

Click. Real-Time 3D Models For Engineering And Architecture

May Morning in the Park
Thomas Eakins, 1879-80

Click. Blake's wife to be buried at cemetery of the stars

Click. Levi Strauss pays $46,532 for oldest pair of its denims

Click. 'Sopranos' a hit in Italy

Click. The Momo Mystery

Click. Mysterious Big Cats

Click. Columbus Secretly Discovered America 7 Years Earlier

Click. Scientists say Japanese underwater pyramid man-made.

May 24, 2001

Click. Rumsfeld: Give Pentagon More Cash

If less than 0.1 per cent of the renewable energy within the oceans of the world could be converted into electricity, it would satisfy the present world demand for energy more than five times over. Click.

Click. Prosecutors give hundreds more documents to McVeigh 5/24/01

McVeigh prosecutors plan quick strike. Feds will give court their view on papers withheld from trial, pre-empting defense. Click.

Click. U.S.'s Defenseless Department Congress' General Accounting Office says that the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center is about as effective as Bob Dole without Viagra.

Click. MP Calls Euro-Currency "Nazi"

Click. Central Asian Islamists Threaten 'Bloody Wars'

Click. Lawyers must work in hospital emergency rooms to get treatment for patients by fighting bureaucracy.

More of a threat than the suitcase bomb--the "dirty bomb" -  a conventional bomb covered in highly radioactive material. Click.

Click. NASA serves warrants on Greenville Tube Company in Arkansas.

NSA taps into underwater cables. Click.

Listening for secret nukes, hearing giant meteors. Click.

JEFFORDS BOLTS THE GOP! "Increasingly I find myself in disagreement in my party," Jeffords said. "I understand that many people are more conservative than I am and they form the Republican Party. Given the changing nature of the national party it has become a struggle for our leaders to deal with me and for me to deal with them." Click.

Click. Bully Boy Bush's Big Blunder

Click. Will Trent Lott pay for losing the Senate?

Click. A Snub by Bush Set the Stage for Switch

Click. Why did he do it?

Click. Peter Peterson, Ambassador to Vietnam, resigns, and sets sights on running for governor in Florida

Click. How Karl Rove tricked the media into trashing the messenger while ignoring the message



Click. Marc Rich group pulls mgt. coup

Click. President's son is China's unseen tech mogul

Click. Carly Fiorina's strategy to get Hewlett Packard, the doyen of Silicon Valley, back on top.

ERDMAN. Follow the money, not gold prices. Click.


Click. Be there or be square. Bush to meet Davis during California visit

Click. Burton, Hertzberg demand FERC puts price caps on electricity

Governor Davis to order 1-hour notice of blackouts in California. Plan also in works to give law enforcement even earlier alerts.

Click. Search for missing Modesto woman remains fruitless

Top Ten Hackers and Top 10 Ports they're attacking this week. (ending 5/23/01) Click.

By 1999 an investigation code-named Moonlight Maze (which continues today under a secret name) revealed wholesale mapping and looting of U.S. government and private computer networks. The Pentagon's public computer network was thoroughly excavated, as was the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command's network. NASA also came under intense attacks, spurring the space agency's inspector general to tell reporters that the breaches were "massive, really very massive." Click.

The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has released the NAVSEA Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Guide for NAVSEA Headquarters, Field Activities and Industry Partners, collectively known as the Enterprise. Click.

Click.  Fear the Trojan hidden programs.

This watch registers what its wearer hears every minute of the day. Click.


Click. A Chicago woman who stole nearly $250,000 from her employer to finance a shopping addiction was spared from prison in a ruling Wednesday by a federal judge who found that she shopped to "self-medicate" her depression.

"Dirty trick" telephone calls attacking mayoral candidate were unethical and deceptive but not illegal, says L.A. District Attorney. Click.

Click. 90 Arrested on Net Fraud Charges

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas wants all Americans to be assigned new Social Security numbers that the government would have to keep secret. Click.

Click. Supposed legal barriers against human cloning in the US would not hold up in court, say legal experts.

Click. Martinez California Coach pleads guilty to molesting players

During FBI Director Freeh's 8 years as America's Top Cop, the bureau behaved more like the Keystone Kops. Click.

Click. Ashcroft warns of online anonymity, tells firms to report attacks

Inside the San Francisco Police Auction. Click.

THE BEGINNING OF THE FEDERAL CRACKDOWN ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA. Click. Federal judge seizes Calif. man's medical marijuana at government's request 

Click. The "human hatchery". A test tube baby microchip that carries out every stage of in-vitro fertilization automatically. More: Click.

Click. Swarm of small worlds around Pluto

Click. Bigger breasts? Grow your own

Click. The Plapple.

Click. Researchers Shed Light On Gambling And The Brain

Click. Scientists Switch Memory Recall On And Off In Fruit Flies

Click. Scientists Find Heavy HIV Levels In Patient Fluids Less Than 30 Days After Start Of Flu-Like Symptoms

Click. Steller Sea Lions Disappearing

Click. Factors Related To High Levels Of Dust Mite And Cockroach Allergen In Beds

Methadone may stimulate the HIV virus in infected patients. Click.

Click. A common drug boosts the mutation of a virus until it self-destructs.

Click. A re-engineered polio virus is used against deadly brain tumors.

Click. Doctors call for regulations on using live donors of livers

Bacterial study gives new meaning to term "dirty money".  Click.

Click. Discovery increases chance of finding another Pluto.

Canadian University works to sustain life in deep space.  Click.

May Morning in the Park
Thomas Eakins, 1879-80

Disease as the wild card of history and art. Click.

Click. Letters reveal the Kaiser's taste in violent sex

Click. Older college grads say age is no barrier

Is technology making kids more intelligent? Click.

Get your internet therapy. Click.

Click. The Spanish fashion chain taking the world by storm.

Click. What would happen if a ballplayer were to declare, 'I'm gay'?

Click. Dissenters shake up meeting of cardinals at Vatican

Click. Sculpting with light.

Science and religion can mix in

 "intelligent design." Click.

Lobbyists are controlling science. Click.

The Carlyle Group employee's sexploits in Korea email that has been read 'round the world. Click.

Click. Are you descended from the Seven Daughters of Eve?

Tibetans Keep the Faith. Click.

May 23, 2001  

Jeffers to become an "independent" but would align himself with Democrats for organizational purposes, thereby giving them control. Click.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is again warning that the Middle East is sliding toward war. Click.,

Click. Sen. Jesse Helms undecided if he'll run for reelection

Click. Senate Democrats delay passage of tax bill

Click,. Nevada Pushes Toward Online Bets

Click. German vehicles fail Foot-and-Mouth tests at Texas port

Bush's Faustian deal with the Taliban. Click.

Bush wants to give cash bonuses to mothers who marry. Click.

Pedophile Liberation Front and "Praetorian Brigade - the only alternative to the massacre of Italian pedophiles", which aimed to attack anti-pedophilia policemen, judges and priests. Click.

Click. American parents Not Prepared For Missing Kids

Click. Children Sold As Slaves In West Africa

BREAKING: RE: CURTIS DEAN ANDERSON'S CLAIM THAT HE KILLED XIANA FAIRCHILD AND STASHED HER AT SILVER SPRINGS ROAD. Police find suspicious items at location. (ABC News Television, San Francisco 8: 25 a.m.)

Army's nonlethal  stink bombs. Click. 

CIA Director Tenet lobbies against death penalty for alleged FBI spy. Click.

Ex-stripper describes her time with accused spy Hanssen. Click.

Click. Secret world guards Taiwan

Click. It's not easy being a rogue state

Is Super Lopez, accused industrial spy, loco? Click.


Alternative trading systems permitted in Germany. Click.

Click. On-line music becomes a game for superpowers

US banks should learn from Japanese banks in the lucrative market of loans to China. Click.

Click. Welfare: The New Corporate Playground

Click. Curtains Rise Halfway On Digital Cinema

Click. Hewlitt Packard's Growing Pains

Click. The Fall Of the British Empire British Telecom was poised to dominate global communications. Now it's $40 billion in debt and selling off the crown jewels.

Click. Chinadotcom Loss Narrows But Revenues Fall

Click. Rebuilding Japan Inc.

Click. Would You Give This Man Your Company?


Click. Recall of Marin D.A. Kamena fails Marin County District Attorney Paula Kamena easily crushed an unprecedented recall attempt yesterday by a stunning six-to-one margin. More: Click. More. Click.

Click. Petaluma woman running a cat hotel arrested

Click. Psychiatrist sues over medicinal pot

Click. Supervisor sees energy up on S.F. rooftops. Sunniest areas would have solar panels

Hemp car smokes. Click.

Click. Iran says it hanged CIA spy from Los Angeles


MARTIN LUTHER KING MURDER WAS A GOVERNMENT PLOT. Former CIA participant says he was part of it, Raoul identified as FBI Agent. Click.

Click. Documents on the history of the Navy's clandestine intelligence unit, the Naval Field Operations Support Group (NFOSG), also known as Task Force 157. SEE THE DOCUMENTS. Click.

Click A former head of KGB code-scrambling and an ex-director of the CIA rolled out Monday what they called a revolutionary way of hiding Internet communications from prying eyes.

The Pearl Harbor Hollywood can't show. Click.

Click. Trappings of Empire: Rising Costs of Space Control


One of Britain's richest men has been jailed for eight years for masterminding a timeshare swindle that made him a fortune. Click.

Click. U.S. fugitives no longer safe in Mexico.

Denise Rich Immunity OK'd. Click.

Click. Teen mom who stabbed newborn to death released

Click. Keith Henson, Scientology gadfly turned fugitive from justice, explains his reasons for fleeing the country.

Click. Child Molester Who Taped His Crimes Gets 80 Years in Prison

Click. Teen found dead in storage locker. Daly City police treating case as homicide

Click. Is Your Credit Card Cloned?

Click. Democrats retreat on nomination of anti-Clinton conspirator Theodore Olson

Click. Theodore Olson: a record of political reaction and provocation

Click. The Arkansas Project wasn't journalism IS YOUR LEGAL SYSTEM ON DRUGS
Of Girlfriends and Mandatory Minimums. Click.

Click. If You Think Weed is Bad, Try Cancer Clarence Thomas says marijuana has no medical use. Maybe he'd like to try my cancer.

Click. McDonald's is buying the world, one word at a time. It now owns the trademark to 131 different words and phrases.

President Bush's pick for the federal circuit appeals court lost sole custody of her children in 1994 because a court ruled she spent too much time doing her job as legal counsel to Senator Orrin Hatch. Click.

The apocalyptic cult leader's lawyer says his client is "nuts," but jurors couldn't decide. Click.

Click. Eyesight problems 'genetic'

Click. Plants harnessed for cancer fight

Galileo gets one last close encounter with Jupiter's Callisto. Click.

Astronomers find more light at the edge of the Universe than can be explained. Click.

Flesh eating bug kills woman. Link to over the counter pain killers? Click.

Click. UCLA Research Shows Immunotherapy May Prove A Potent New Weapon Against Prostate Cancer

Weblike scary structures in the early Universe. Click.

Click. Researchers Find Everyday Traffic Noise Harms The Health And Well-Being Of Children

A South African expedition to find and film the coelacanth, a "fossil fish" that has swum the seas for around 400 million years, has been halted by authorities for conservation reasons. Click.

Click. Biodiesel revolution begins in San Francisco. First retail outlet for vegetable fuel opens

Click. Brain Gene Implicated In Autism

Satellite data shows environmental ruin of the Fertile Crescent. Click.

Click. Botulinum Toxin Injections May Ease Low Back Pain

Genetically modified MEAT coming to your store. Clear.

Click. New Marker For Disease Activity In Multiple Sclerosis

Genetically modified babies show genetic disorders. Click.

Man and woman can now climb walls. Click.

Click. One of London's top research units has admitted that it broke health and safety legislation while combining Hepatitus C and dengue fever virus into a hybrid.

Click. Burst Pipe Destroys NASA Photos

May Morning in the Park
Thomas Eakins, 1879-80

Click. DNA test may point to sailor's heroic end

Click. Tintin conquers China

Click. Same-sex schools a failure, study says.

Small children may be the world's biggest sexists. Click.

HERO OF THE DAY! Cow roughs up golfer, stalks the fairway. Click.

Click. 'On the Road' manuscript earns $2.4 million at auction

Click. San Franciscan puts collection of intriguing antique globes, atlases, maps on the Web for all the world to see.

Click. The genius of György Ligeti, the shining light of modernist composers.

Big Media Pushes News to the Far Right. Click.

Pearl Harbor luster rusting. Click.

Mass exodus of ice bergs breaking off Antarctica. Click.

Click. Avant!, 7 execs plead no contest Avant! and seven of its current and former executives pleaded no contest to stealing trade secrets from their fiercest competitor.

Click. Amazon, whipping boy of the e-commerce downturn, can still teach us all a thing or two about online shopkeeping

Click. U.S. Wooing Student Hackers

Click. The White House's official site suffers a denial-of-service attack

Click. Max Vision, A 'White Hat' Goes to Jail

Pizza Hut pays cosmonauts to eat pizza in space. Click.

May 22, 2001

Click. Sharon Talks of All-Out War

Click. Sharon's Bloody New Strategy

Bush's dirty Colombia war. Click.

Taliban to force Hindus to wear identity label More: Click.

Ireland is "Exhibit A" in a global move towards progress through mutual gain rather than competition between peoples, former US president Mr. Bill Clinton said last night Click.

Click. National Enquirer to give police Blake abortion tapes

Click. Toronto Star: Pray that Bush comes to senses on missile plan

Why has voting technology failed us? Click.

Click. Koizumi's agenda for Japan: economic austerity and rightwing nationalism

Click. FBI investigates radical environmentalists in Oregon fires

Click. Red Cross takes steps to keep blood supply free of mad cow-related disease

MKULTRA DOCUMENT RELEASE: Cornell Medical Hospital was unwittingly used as a CIB Chem-Bio Warfare Research Facility. Click.

Secrets of Putin's success. Click.

MI6 - Background. Click.

Australia offers Pine Gap for Bush's defense missile shield. Click.


Click. Day Trading For the Masses Brokerages try to sell mainstream investors on the benefits of direct access. Be careful.

Click. High-tech bra builds breasts The FDA approves a surgery-free system for breast augmentation.

Click. Everything Must Go! A firsthand account of where dot-com dreams go to die: liquidation auctions.

Click. One Internet retailer achieves success allowing customers to purchase directly from email.

Click. A list of the 21 people we think best benefited from, thrived during or artfully maneuvered through the past 12 months.

Click. The giant AOL ISP will raise its price for unlimited monthly service by $1.95, to $23.90.


Click. Half-hour notice of blackouts planned. FAST ALERTS: Power grid operator may send voice, e-mail messages

Click. Attorneys for a trio of former Oakland police officers suspected of misconduct want initial courtroom proceedings cloaked from the public.

Click. Raiders lose suit vs. NFL

Mayhem shadowed therapist Blinder's life. Expert on relationships examines why many of his have ended badly. Click. 

Click. Parents are so riled up in San Ramon about Gay issue, they forget school budget is falling apart.

Medical doctors flee San Francisco. Click.

Bush and Powell will meet Dalai Lama, in meetings that are expected to antagonize China. Click.

When Dick talks, Dubya listens

The Jeb Bush Affair Story That Won't Go Away by Al Martin

Leaked memo says GOPers must "Carterize" the Dems to win support for their energy policy. Click.

McVeigh adds two lawyers. Click.

Here's the Zodiac!  DNA is last hope of solving slaying. Click. More: Click.

The end of Freeh reign at FBI. Click.

Click  First Amendment Trumps Wiretap law.

Dutch police want to screen whole groups of citizens to see if they can establish criminal patterns. Click.

COPS HATE HIM. Bill Sheehan sought the names, title, and salaries of Seattle law enforcement personnel under Washington's Open Records Act and then cross-matched the data. Click.

Click. Customs agent gets 6 1 / 2 years for letting pot across border

Click. Prosecutors ask appeals court to jump-start (SLA) Olson trial

37% of world software pirated. Click.

Click. Ex-FBI Informant Butler gets 18 months for hacking government systems. 

New: Hundreds of pages of government documents concerning the Clipper Chip and encryption. Click.

Click. Microsoft bets on a big year.

Click. The soft-porn fixation at E3.

375 pound dream machine Click.

Genetically modified wine. Click.

Click. Study Says Black Tea Helps Prevent Cavities

Click. Japanese scientists find possible Alzheimer's cure

Click. Half of anorexia treatments fail

Chemical permanently kills germs. Click.

Click. The UK's science academy says depleted uranium is unlikely to cause cancer but calls for further studies.

Blind mice see. Click.

Studies Find Eating Fruits And Vegetables Good For Lungs

Earth and Mars converge. Click.

Click. Genetically Engineered Poliovirus Fights Brain Tumors

Click. "Silent" DNA Speaks Up For The First Time -- Until Now, Half Of All Genes In Certain Cells Were Thought To Be Inexpressible

Click. Massive Water Erosion Of Mars Highlands

Click. World's Most Energetic Light Beam Produced At Argonne

Click.  Researchers Identify Subtype Of Cell That Promotes Organ Transplant Acceptance

Click. Evidence Found Of Recognition Between Animate And Inanimate Objects

Diana's Return From the Hunt,
 Francois Boucher, 1745

In the crosshairs: Killing creativity in the Clark County School District. Click.

Cardinal Connell hears that Pope John Paul is "a prisoner of those who surround him" Click.

William Blake talked with angels, with the dead, even with the ghost of a flea, and howled against the tyranny of convention. Click.

The World Through Granny Glasses  Rescuing Anna Mary Robertson Moses from her homespun reputation.

Click. Scary cherubs and bloody wall flowers Artist Becca Midwood, painter of haunting outdoor portraits, is getting a reputation as the "female Basquiat"

ISN'T THE REAL WORLD ENOUGH? The virtual world of Ultima Online- a vast role playing came that mimics the dangers of the real world. Click.

Click. Alien species cause havoc on five continents

Click. Alien Bacteria Cultured From Meteorite

Click. Man is a machine If you don't believe a machine can harbor consciousness, explain to us why a human isn't a machine.

May 21, 2001 

Click. Mideast Violence: Is It War Yet?

Click. Cheney blames Davis for crisis. 'They knew over a year ago they had a problem'

Riverside Co-op customers smile as power keeps flowing. Click.

US Generals Go To War Over Euro-Pullout. Click.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and U.S. President George W. Bush agreed to withhold financial aid from Russia as long as vast sums continue to flow out of the country. Click.

Click. Italian prosecutors gathering evidence on Berlusconi from Mafia turncoats.

Click. Sydney dispatch: Australia houses one of the key tracking stations the US needs for star wars.

Former US president Mr. Bill Clinton will today be received by the President, Mrs. McAleese, at Áras an Uachtaráin, as he continues his visit to Ireland. Click.

If he seizes America's satellite TV market, über-mogul Rupert Murdoch will rule the airwaves on earth and in heaven. But John McCain may shoot him down. Click.

Keating lays out 4 ways to fix the FBI. Click.

Click. Fairfax ponders court pot ruling 

Click. California city's enclave of affluence designed to lure Asians

Click. Exodus from San Francisco

Australian Intelligence recruited Nazi war criminals. Click.

Click. Ex-Red Army Faction Members Suspected Of Forming New Terrorist Group

Click. Fifteen Years Later, Victim Remains Trapped in the West Berlin Disco Inferno

Two Decades of Terror: The Red Army Faction's 'Armed Struggle'. Click.

The Myth of Pearl Harbor. Click.

Click. Gay veterans to remember fallen

Click. Government disinformation behind reports of Chinese cyberwar attacks?

Wild Justice by Alexander Cockburn. Click.

America--rogue super power. Click.

Click. White Tiger Unleashed: Drugs, assassins, conspiracies, and the tale of a mild-mannered professor


Click. Are Stars Worth It?  Why it's a bad idea for companies to adopt a Hollywood mind-set.

Click. Russian Gazprom executives have transferred to their relatives assets potentially worth billions of dollars.

Click. The Re-Education of Jaques Nasser Despite his early stumbles with ebusiness strategies, Ford's iron-willed CEO is determined this time around to make the Net pay off.


A man acquitted in a Sonoma County medical marijuana case is a financial backer of a bid to recall Marin County's top prosecutor Kamena. Click. (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Click. Medical pot backers target Marin DA Paula Kamena
(Sacramento Bee))

Click. Psychiatrist Blinder's work echoes in personal life. Doctor known for insanity murder defenses was almost killed by ex in seemingly insane act

Click. Marital troubles dogged noted family therapist Blinder After wife No. 1 divorced doctor, second wife committed suicide

"There's no question that the minute I got elected, the storm clouds on the horizon were getting nearly directly overhead." Washington, D.C., May 11, 2001

"Thirdly, the explorationists are willing to only move equipment during the winter, which means they'll be on ice roads, and remove the equipment as the ice begins to melt, so that the fragile tundra is protected." Conestoga, Pa., May 18, 2001

"For every fatal shooting, there were roughly three non-fatal shootings. And, folks, this is unacceptable in America. It's just unacceptable. And we're going to do something about it." Philadelphia, May 14, 2001 

Click. I care, Senator Hatch

Click. My most precious possession
Click. Michael and Colin Powell, the politics of opportunism

What Columbine and Waco teach us about government law enforcement. Click.

Click. Oakland has raked in $400,000 in anti-vice car seizures, but study says charges mostly misdemeanors

Click. Kidnapping besieges Mexico

Click. Dying men confess to race riot murder A suicide note led to a mayor and six other men being charged in connection with the death of a black woman 32 years ago.

BBC In-depth report: Cybercrime. Click.

Click. Can a boy be a sex predator at age 16? He's a gangly teenager who likes sports, falters bashfully around adults and learns more slowly than most kids his age. Now barely 16, he faces becoming Washington's youngest "sexually violent predator."

Click. Worst-case scenario. Defending child molester Curtis Dean Anderson is a tough job for lawyer

Click. Giving Workers the Treatment If you raise a stink, you go to a shrink!

Click. "Mere Presence" Of A Black Face Can Lead People To Mistake Objects For Weapons More Often, Study Says

More New Yorkers  getting zapped by court ordered electroshock. Click.

Senate Anti-Gambling Bill Forces Schools to Spy on Students. Click.

Click. Agent Defenbaugh, at center of FBI foul-up called 'bureau to the bones',

Click. Emeryville's Chiron blazes trail for biotechnology  

Click. Aventis cancer vaccine to begin trial 

Click. Spine implant offers hope to restore movement for paralyzed.

Agilent and Harvard professors hope the day will come when patients can walk into a doctor's office in the morning and by afternoon have a complete read-out of the 3 billion chemical letters -- the As, Ts, Cs and Gs -- in each individual's DNA. Click.

Some say Phyllis Kanki saved  Senegal from AIDS. Click.

Click. Comets Filled The Oceans. More: Click.

Click.  Role Of Key Protein In Converting Short-Term Memories Into Lifelong Ones

Click. Long-Chain Alcohol Found To Block Mechanism Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Click. DDT, PCBs Not Linked To Higher Rates Of Breast Cancer.

Click. Novel, Even Unlikely Drugs May Curb Childhood Leukemia

Click. Lens Development

Click .Long flights shrink brain.

Click. Hand-helds for Army combat.

Click. It's all about the excitement, impact, passion

Meet George Bush's tech policy guru, Floyd Kvamme. Click.

Click. IBM announces denser data

Internet Rules to live by. Click.

Click. Has Palm Lost Its Grip?

Microsoft's world domination? Click.

Click. Eisenhower: nukes for Mexico

Diana's Return From the Hunt,
 Francois Boucher, 1745

Mozart didn't create his lucid music merely by letting it all hang out: he was rigorously and relentlessly trained. Click.

Click.  A new biography finds cruelty and spite in the great Broadway and ballet.

Click. Looking to Adopt? Beware the Web

The Nerve and Arrogance of Missionaries. Click.

Click. Hollywood's Gaming Raid If Tomb Raider hits it big with audiences this summer, watch for a flood of flicks based on videogames.

Click. The Blind Physicist Who May Find ET

Click. The secret of the Indian rope trick revealed

Anyone can become an online journalist? Click.

Secrets of Silbury Hill to be revealed. Click.

Physical evidence of UFOs exists. Click.

Scientist Say Underwater Japanese Pyramid Definitely Manmade

Scavengers, development, and tourism damage the mysterious Nazca lines. Click.

One in every 100 " white" Britons is directly descended from an African or Asian. Click.

Click. Nerves need marijuana-like substance to stay in touch, studies find
Brain's self-made 'cannabis' essential to normal thought

May 19, 20, 2001 

Click. Whistle-blowers give evidence to PUC that prices were illegally manipulated

Click. Judge excludes ratepayers groups in PG&E bankruptcy case

Click. Bush Off by a Few Decades, Experts Say

Click. Bush accused of handing bonanza to oil industry

Click. Time to Reverse the Drift Toward War in Space

Click. EPA investigates erased files

Click. Bob Kerrey and the Crime of Vietnam: Will We Learn? by S. Brian Willson

Click. Most Corrupt US Military Plan Ever.

A Reckless Program in the War on Drugs. Click.

More holes in the Peru plane cover-up. Click.

Click. The historic marshes of Mesopotamia in southern Iraq, which once sheltered a 5,000-year-old civilization and unique wildlife, have nearly vanished, according to UN scientists

Click. China is now unstoppable and is the world's second most powerful nation? 

Click. Great Relief, Enormous Pressure Following the rejection of the major class-action suits against industry, insurance companies and banks, payments to Nazi-era forced laborers must begin before the summer recess. Anything else would bring Germany into disrepute.

Click. Chrysler Opted Out Of U.S. Tax System How could Chrysler, one of the Big Three American carmakers, manage to opt out of the U.S. tax system and cease to be an American business?

Click. EU Asks Russia to Ax Dollar for Euro 

Click.15 year old daughter of former San Diego Sheriff disappears.


Why is it so difficult to get rid of a poorly performing teacher in California? Click.

Click. FBI investigating San Francisco school system

Glick. Grant to take swipe at bar-code ID cards Students at a Sacramento junior high school will soon start carrying ID cards with computer bar codes

Click. Tribal leadership fight puts casino on hold A fight over leadership of the Dry Creek Pomo Indian tribe has stalled plans for a $35 million casino in Alexander Valley.

Click. Elections chief reassigned in ruckus over S.F. ballots. Charge that November election was tainted brings calls for probes

The wife of Fremont bombing suspect Rodney Blach said she saw white airplanes following them after the bombings. Click.


Click. Hackers apparently nab and repost police SSNs 

Click. U.S. bill tries to end anonymous surfing, email from libraries

Click.  A Rohnert Park man seeking freedom from prison scored a victory Friday in his legal battle with the state parole board.

Click. Utah bigamy conviction may cause ripple effects

A lawyer for Terry Nichols, who was convicted as Timothy McVeigh's assistant in the Oklahoma City bombing, says the FBI may have intentionally withheld documents from defense lawyers and misled federal prosecutors. Click.

Defense lawyers given third FBI bomb file batch on 5/18/01. Click.

Well known chef criticizes sterilizing agents. Click.

Click. Hankering to start a local radio station? Now's the time.

Click. Scientists have patented genes that could help new grapevines resist Pierce's disease.

Click. Big, ugly, stinky bugs taking over Nevada. Mormon crickets threaten crops near Reno


Blogs are affecting main stream PR. Click.

Click. Content Technology: Data With Mixed Feelings

Pentagon says it's under heavy hacker attack! Click.



Diana's Return From the Hunt,
 Francois Boucher, 1745

Two–thirds of all the martyrs in Christian history died in the 20th century. Click.

For Carlos Fuentes, Balzac of Latin American letters, every book is an exorcism, and an outlet for his great obsession, Mexico. Click.

Click. Row, row your lonely boat across the Atlantic

Click. Virginia Military Institute's first female students graduate

Cardinals head to Vatican. Successor to pope an unspoken topic. Click.

Occult roots of the Russian Revolution. Click.

May 18, 2001

Click. How to get e-mail alerts about the next blackout


Click. California Gov. faults Bush energy plan


Click. U.S. Targets Pacific as Hot Spot

Click. University of California  taps overseer for labs A former Ford Motor Co. executive and White House science adviser will take charge of the University of California's oversight of three national laboratories.

Click. Saddam's second son elected

Click. Relationship with congressman questioned. Parents of missing intern make plea for help in D.C.


Click. The Jeb Bush Affair Story That Won't Go Away by Al Marin

Click. On May 7, President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell  addressed the Council of the Americas. In Powell's speech,   David Rockefeller was revealed to be behind the organization seeking to turn most of the Americas into one economic zone.

Saudi Arabia, holder of the fifth-largest natural gas reserves, picked Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch/Shell Group, BP Plc and five other oil companies in a $25 billion plan to open its fields to foreign investment for the first time in two decades. Click.

Click. The Bush White House: Foxes in the henhouse and free range hogs

Libertarians and China.  Click.

Click. CIA Inspector General Report on MKULTRA 1963

Click. CIA Inspector General Memo Chem/Bio Research

Click. It has come to light that Scientology is actually owned by a group of lawyers, most of whom are not even Scientologists!

Click. Judgment in David Shayler case.

Bob Kerrey and CIA War Crimes by Valentine. Click.

Click. The case of Robert Kerrey: how the US media covered up Vietnam War atrocity story

Click. Almost 30 years after the Vietnam war, the legacy of Agent Orange appears to be worsening

Rudy Giuliani and the Hanover Devil Click.

Terrorism - the US statistics. Click.

Mediated democracy: Following Italy's example by Normon Soloman. Click.

Methods of the modern fascist in Moscow. Click.

Click. New breed of mobile phones promises fast internet access

Click. Harry Potter games unveiled

Death of the Web Inevitable. Click.

Click. Goings and Leavings in the Valley

Little Big Screens Click.

French Web addicts can now buy their dream home -- a fully-wired Web house dubbed Ma [email protected] -- in the suburban Parisian town of Etiolles. Click.

Click. Molest suspect pleads guilty to assault A Livermore man who faced 120 years in prison on 20 felony counts after his daughter claimed he molested her pleaded guilty this week to a misdemeanor assault charge in a deal carrying no additional jail time.

Click. Accused Fremont bomber Blach begins his defense After 39 days of the prosecution painstakingly presenting nearly 100 witnesses and 900 pieces of evidence, the defense for the alleged Fremont bomber began Thursday with the testimony of a bomb expert, one of only a handful of scheduled defense witnesses.

Click. $60 million misspent by 4 S.F. school chiefs. Records reveal that staggering abuses stretch back a decade

Click. Family abduction. More parents in custody battles win by fleeing with their children

Click. De Beers in $19bn diamond deal The world's biggest diamond producer accepts a takeover bid offer from mining giant Anglo American and the Oppenheimer family.

Click. Venture Capital: A window closes, a window opens

Click. Amazon hooking up with movie studios in marketing deals

Click. Systems Failure  Why do investors still swoon over Cisco?

Click. The Fake Bone Connected to $50K This year's winner of MIT's prestigious Entrepreneurship Competition is a company that makes synthetic bone.

Click. Is it simply boom, interrupted?

Click. Pentagon's security woes are ours

Click. Hong Kong's high-tech ambitions hinge upon China

Click.  What Sontag Said in Jerusalem by Cockburn


Click. EU to Snoop All Phones, E-mail

Tainting Evidence: Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab Click. 

Click. Olson lawyer pleads innocent in release of witness information

Click. Committee deadlocked on Olson Hatch asks, "Who the hell cares about the Arkansas Project?" as a full Senate vote looms.

Click. Why the Senate should reject Ted Olson

Click. Columbine panel faults authorities

Click. Fugitive Lund slipped easily into double life .

Juror tells about jury box shenanigans. Click.

Eurocops want seven-year retention of all phone, Net traffic. Click.

Wisconsin high court: Speech alone can constitute disorderly conduct

Click. FBI agent concealed McVeigh mistake for months

Click. Probes found problems in FBI office

Click. Feds Cover Up Mystery Explosion Why is the national media ignoring and the federal government refusing to talk about one of the largest explosions ever to occur in the United States?

Click. Growing a new set of fingers A Scot who was left with only stumps for his middle, ring and index fingers after an industrial accident has undergone a revolutionary technique, pioneered in Russia, to grow his stumps.

Orthodontists reap the benefits of the trend toward early treatment -- but do their young patients? Click.

The Origins of Madness. The role of essential fatty acids in schizophrenia and human evolution. Click.

Click. Scientists produce test-tube horses

Click. Big Split Over Gene Theory

Comet's Spectacular Death May Illuminate Birth Of Solar System

Click. Study Offers Insights Into Evolutionary Origins Of Life

Click. The Part Of The Brain That Allows Emotional Significance To Heighten Perception

Click. More Extensive Analysis Casts Doubt On Portion Of The Public Project's Human Genome Paper

Click. Sun’s Intensity Tied To Recurrent Droughts In Maya Region

Click. New Protein Is Essential For Lung Development

Click. Baylor Team Discovers Reason For Heart Transplant Failure

Click. The Mystery of Insect Flight

Click. Pocket Rockets Pack a Punch First proposed a decade ago, microrocketry is taking off. Engineers hope to use the dime-sized dynamos to power everything from tiny satellites to "smart dust."

Baseball players practicing, 
Thomas Eakins

Click. Snoopy postage stamp goes on sale in Santa Rosa

Click. Keep pets cool during the summer

Click.  Will "Shrek" redefine the animated blockbuster?

Click. The Original Producer - Moss Hart.

Click. Do you own Star Gazing at the Cannes Film Festival.

Before your children are born, their children could turn up at your door. Click. More: Click.

Click. Two arrested for spreading 'monkey-man' scare

Are these the oldest stone structures on earth? Click.

Are these Aboriginal rock paintings the oldest pictures of mystics on earth? Click.

Click. The Pentagon Goes Hollywood

The Witch Who Flew Over Nazis by Night. Click.

May 17, 2001 

Click. Israeli Leader Warns of 'All Out' Combat

Click. There is more to Berlusconi than naff suits and monster yachts.

Dogs Search Woods, River Area for Former Washington Intern. Click.

THREE MAVERICKS: Kostunica, Koizumi, and Berlusconi Click.

Click. China charges U.S. scholar with spying for Taiwan

What the Feds won't tell you about OKC. Beyond McVeigh. Click.

Click. OKC BOMBING: FBI Refused 22 Eyewitness Testimonies

Evidence implicating Mideast connection created 'discovery problem'.

Click. OKC BOMBING: FBI Ignores 'John Does'

Click. FBI director admits errors

Click. Release of FBI Files in McVeigh Case Only Tip of the Iceberg

Click. FBI Probe Finds Problems in Oklahoma Office

Only the FBI could screw up this badly. Click.

The gray pickup had a sticker that said "Waco, Texas, and Oklahoma City are where the one world government shot itself in the foot." Click.

Click. State officials probe Kamena recall petitions  State authorities have launched a criminal investigation into possible signature-gathering abuses in the recall effort against Marin County District Attorney Paula Kamena, according to court documents filed yesterday.

Click. University of California rescinds affirmative action ban


Click. Mexico to give survival kits to border jumpers

The San Francisco School District's disastrous PeopleSoft Financial program. Click.

Click. FBI searches for Modesto woman

Click. Sonoma County sets rules for medical marijuana 

Click. Ending 23 years on the run, a Sequim man accused of conspiring to import 37 tons of marijuana to the Puget Sound is behind bars in Denver

Click. Canadian spies join U.S. drug war

Click. Believe it or not, Bush's drug czar nominee is more extremist than Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Those who pay get to play, while Dubya pushes us to the brink of World War III. Click.

Click. Deadlier threat Now bio-weapons can be even more lethal

State Department cover up of KAL Flight 007.  Who killed Lawrence McDonald? Click.

Click. Rumsfeld's worldview: a ruthless place


The Truth About Boeing, Star Wars and Spy Satellites. Click.

An Outlook worm to jam NSA's Echelon. Click.

Email is top cause of workplace stress. Click.

Click. Advanced weaponry unveiled in game console wars

Mobile web versus reality. Click.

Click. Who's Next at Big Blue

Click. Internet Tax Deadline Nears

Click. Nevada politician unwittingly emails porn to colleagues

Click. Europe weighs recording all phone calls, Net traffic for 7 yrs


Click. Judge sides with University of California in student free speech case

Click. 'Jr.' Gotti To Face Judge In Club Trial

Click. Scalia The Lefty?

WHO OWNS THE LAW? Turns out, the text of the public laws in question belongs to a private, but influential, organization.  That's what a federal judge and an appeals court say. 

Click. $ 3 million bilking case is continued Martinez, California: Larry Greenwood, a Blackhawk financier accused of bilking 14 victims out of nearly $3 million in real estate scams, appeared Wednesday in court to face 26 charges of securities fraud.

Click. Industry toasts first conviction under No Electronic Theft Act

Rafael Perez's testimony on police misconduct ignited the biggest scandal in the history of the L.A.P.D. Is it the real story? Click.

Click. Once upon a time, a conservative was a liberal who'd been mugged. These days, a liberal is a conservative who's been stopped by the police


Click. Scientology online critic flees to Canada, seeks asylum


Click. The Bipolar Economy Will lower interest rates spark a revival? Or will layoffs depress consumer spending and cause a recession?

Click. Obesity linked to some forms of cancer

Click. A Smarter Cancer Test

Click. New Radiation Technique Benefits Patients With Nasal-Passage Cancer

Click. Progenitor Cells Can Have Protective Effect Against Brain Trauma

Click. New Jersey Farmers "Grow" Pharmaceuticals

Click. New, Improved Drugs Could Result From First-Ever Transfer Of DNA Information From One Species Of Streptomyces To Another

Doctors who were trying to grow new blood vessels with gene therapy found a welcome side effect: The therapy repaired what they thought was permanent nerve damage. Click.

Click. Neuroscientist Studies Brains Of Bizarre-Looking Mammals

Click. The unexplained health problems of cloned animals makes cloning for milk and meat unacceptable

Click. Celera's genome sequence may be riddled with errors.

Click. The more you brush your teeth, the sicker you might get.

Click. Ready For The SkyCar?

Click. Mystery Force Tugs  Probes

Click. Astronomers Find "Spaghetti" Twirling Around In Galaxy

Click. Taking the Lab Into The Field

Click. Drive efficiently.

Smart Glass. Click.

Click. Plan to Unfurl Giant Solar Panels Around Earth's Orbit

Click. Elastic laser

Baseball players practicing, 
Thomas Eakins

Click. Companies let office romances blossom

Click. Every Box Bears a Pearl The children of American author William Gaddis reveal his literary estate.

Click. Cleopatra No Beauty Queen

John Adams, American Cicero. Click.

Women-only trains in Japan - Anti-groping test. Click.

The gender police. Click.

Click. Hindu mullahs are attacking Islam, Christianity and science

Click. People may be settling personal scores under the garb of 'monkey-man' and the attacks are likely to be more vicious in the coming days, says Indian intelligence.

Click. What new civilization has been found under the sea south of Cuba?

Has King Jason’s mythical palace been discovered. Click.

Probes indicate a mystery force. Click.

NASA hopes probe will answer questions about the universe. Click..

Click. Ramsis II, the mystery man..

Ants and infertile humans are not alive, but parasitic DNA is. That's the view of a Polish researcher who has proposed a new, universal definition of life. Click.

May 15, 2001 

Hunt for McVeigh gang ended within weeks. Click.

An Investigative Report on the Oklahoma Bombing Families' Legal Case Against the U.S. - "Others Unknown" Raises Unsettling Questions. Click.

Click. More undisclosed records in McVeigh case found

Click. No second suspect, McVeigh say: Mockingly asks if Elvis was involved too.

Click. Bertelsmann reorganizes

Click. Berlusconi to Form New Italian Government

Italy swings to the hard right. Click.

Click. EU liberals silent as Italy receives its premier

Click. Clearance Sale on High Tech Weapons: Inside the Weekly Arms Bazaar at Redstone Arsenal by Al Martin

Real Men Don't Conserve by Sam Parry Click.

Canada not ready to back Star Wars

Click. Transnational terrorism and Iran

Click. Phantom Weapons Test Airport Screeners

Click. Digital Cash and the Surveillance Society

The 10 top lobbying groups in Washington.  The NRA heads the pack. Click.

Computer networks are feeding a new Cold War mentality. Click.

Click. The Drug War Goes Private

Click. The Narking of America: The Bush Team for Total War, or Just to Keep the Lid On.

Click. Medical marijuana patients fear having to return to streets for drug after Supreme Court ruling

AA Unmasked.  The 12 step program has a killer drug problem. Click.

Click. Patients resolve to keep using pot, and suppliers vow to keep it flowing

Click. 'Major bummer' for pot users. Many plan to keep smoking in Bay Area



Munoz believes that for a decade a shadowy cabal of criminals, corrupt insiders and professional hackers has had an illicit stranglehold on Vegas cyberspace. Click.

Hackers stealing millions of rands from African companies. Click.

You might be naked on the Net — even if you've never posed for a nude photo in your life. Click.

Click. Computer Crime in the European Union Storage of communication data is the 'weak link' in the fight against computer crime.

HOW MANY BACKDOORS ARE THERE IN MICROSOFT WEB SERVERS? Click. Microsoft has admitted the existence of a back door in its IIS web server that could affect hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide . This comes barely two weeks after the  revelation that another, unrelated bug in IIS permitted crackers to gain root access to sites running IIS 5.0 and Windows 2000 -- the latest, greatest versions of Microsoft's flagship OS and web server. Click. 

Click. The secret of matter discovered

Click. CJD Scientists Warn Of 'Second Wave' Of Mad Cow Disease

Click. New Light-Based Computer Runs At Quantum Speeds

Click. Scientists Find Link Between Indian Caste Rank And Genetic Similarity To Europeans

Click. Cancer Vaccine May Help Patients With Melanoma Spread To The Lungs

Click. New Discovery Offers Hope Of Better Treatments For Cocaine Addiction Relapse

Click. Device Liberates Quadriplegic From Ventilator

Click. New Technique For Sound Transmission Makes Sweet Music On Internet

Click. For its latest trick, IBM has shrunk a computer running the Linux operating system into a wristwatch.

Despite the expertise, Russia doesn't have the money for a trip to Mars. Click.

Computer users may soon get 3-D screens. Click.

Baseball players practicing, 
Thomas Eakins

Click. First word from Asia's lost civilization

Click. Director of three simultaneous hits on Broadway will make "Contact" with San Francisco

Cruise Control? Why Is It Libelous to Call an Action Actor Gay? Click.

The Pyramids were stairways to the stars. Click. Cambridge guys crooked Bauval. Click.

Prehistoric boats voyaged around the world. Click.

Click. Siamese cat adopts pair of wolf cubs

Marie Darrieussecq. Fame via the pig. Click.

May 14, 2001 

Click. McVeigh sought martyrdom 'to aid co-conspirators' Timothy McVeigh deliberately encouraged newspaper stories about his guilt in the Oklahoma City bombing from the earliest days of his case to deflect attention from other possible suspects, a new book by his trial lawyer shows.

The Independent Series on the OKC Bombing.  Click. Part 1  The Aryan Republican Army could become a force to be reckoned with. Click. Part Two  "As in all wars, some innocents shall suffer." Click. Part 3

Click. Militia groups say McVeigh case is proof of US plot

Click. McVeigh's confession to authors has little legal value

Click. Plans are revealed in a leaked party document that call for the EU defense force to intervene around the world, have environment authority and an elected EU president.

Click. Goering Bunker Could Be 'Euro Army' Base

Click. EU To Have At Least A Small Military Force Ready By Year's End

Click. The worldwide smuggling of radioactive materials has reportedly doubled in the last five years, according to a leaked United Nations study, and there are now thought to be more than 100 terrorist organizations capable of developing a rudimentary atomic bomb.

Click. Iraq Says It Nixed Radiation Bomb Plan

Why They Hate Us.  Lessons of the UN's rights vote. Click.

Click. Coast Guard seizes tons of cocaine  

Click. Bush's Conservative SEC Pick

Click. Ashcroft leads Justice Department Bible Study

What has Barry McAffrey been smoking? Click.

Click. Space Cowboys Inc.

Click. Rumsfeld seeks to rule space

A senior US official arrives in Beijing today to explain President Bush's controversial anti-missile shield plan to Chinese leaders. Click.

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. The CIA and Mind Control 
by John Marks. Click.

Click. Selections of CIA MKULTRA Documents - 0001

Doctors Seek Way to Measure Evil 120 Psychiatrists are creating a 'depravity scale".

Click. Cheney's 'Drain America First' plan is myopic

Click. David Icke is a conspiracy theorist who believes that the world is ruled by a secret, shadowy élite of 12-foot lizards who feast on human blood.

Click. Big California companies raising the roof as state considers raising their rates

Click. Older Firms Are New IPO Targets

While online content plays continue to struggle for profits, a growing group of writers are finding personal publishing may also make for good business. Click.


Two lawyers defending Sara Jane Olsen (SLA case), J. Tony Serra and Shawn Chapman, face criminal charges. Click.

Click. "Overvotes" for Gore.

Click. The first Ted Olsen scandal.

Click. Telling lies in America: The Miami Herald overvote analysis—Part One: Herald cooks the numbers
Click. Florida's "fixed it" farce

Click. Lawyers target FBI for losses to families Two former federal prosecutors have filed legal claims against the FBI, seeking as much as $600 million in damages for two families whose lives they say were destroyed by the bureau and its mobster informants.

Click. Cops Find Gun In Killing Of Blake's Wife

Click. Pain Pill Oxycontin New Drug Of Choice On Street

Click. Jury selection begins today in Avant! (trade secret theft) trial

Click. Spain plans to require all web sites to register, pay fees

Click. Royal Society gives belated fellowship to web mastermind The British inventor of the world wide web, Timothy Berners-Lee, has been awarded the highest scientific honor.

Two of the world's largest telescopes combine to observe Venus. Click.

Bacteria drop their genes to evolve. Click.

Click. A preliminary study showed an Abbott Laboratories drug slowed the spread of advanced prostate cancer to patients' bones.

Click. Scientists Track Down The Root Of Cloning Problems

Click. Study Supports Out-Of-Africa Origin For East Asians

Click. Evidence That Sheds Light On Origins Of Earth

Click. Leptospirosis Raising Health Concern Among Companion Animal Owners

Click. Walking Protects Women From Cognitive Decline

Click. Blueprint Opens Doors For New Microphotonic Devices; Simple Design Has Potentially Far-Reaching Implications For Networking And Telecommunications

Click. Taxol two: A new cancer treatment more potent than taxol produces encouraging results in its first human trials.

Baseball players practicing, 
Thomas Eakins

Origami Page. Click.

Reputed likeness of Shakespeare sets off whirlwind of debate, demand. Click.

Click. Inspiration for the pyramids might have arrived from outer space.

Modern attempt at mummification works. Click.

How the Easter Islanders move their great stone statues. Click.

Ancient Scottish Kings drank French wine. Click.

The Tsar's photographer used an advanced color process to record far-flung corners of the Russian Empire c.1910. Slow load. Click.

Click. The Return of Ernesto Guevara's photography.

May 12, 2001  

Click. Bush's SEC pick advised online sex company

Click. State treasurer urges Davis to take over power plants

Skolnick: New Details - Oklahoma City Bombings...Split In The FBI? Click.

Click. Ashcroft Frosty on Freeh

Ex-informant, in psychiatric ward, claims conspiracy in McVeigh Special report by Joplin Globe. Click.

Click. How the FBI lost the McVeigh evidence

Click. Missing McVeigh papers cap 10 years of FBI problems. Pattern of error prompts talk of hearings on the Hill

Click. Russia sells cruise missiles to Iran

Click. Thwart Terrorist Fund-raising, Screw Privacy

Click. Disney taps violence in new video game

Click. On the firing line of games that warriors play

Click. U.S. Intelligence Efforts to Get Major Review

Wendi Deng - Mrs. Murdoch. Click.

Click. Woman says CIA trained her to kill as a child

Click. Hutchinson was involved in drug smuggling, says Hopsicker

Tight Security for Fatima. Click.

Click. Russians testing missiles on Indian shores

Click. Berkeley health officials warn of possible connection between two meningitis victims More: Click. 2 more cases of meningitis in Bay Area Berkeley girl a possible link

Click. More documents on Columbine massacre released

A 60-year-old Petaluma man accused of killing the city's harbormaster three days before Christmas must stand trial, a judge ruled Friday. Click.

Click. Napa Masonic lodge celebrates 150 years An organization shrouded in secrecy for centuries may be much more open to scrutiny than most people are aware -- especially in these high tech times when information is available from dozens of sources.

Click. Mexican, U.S. lawmakers romp in Napa


EU  investigates USA's spying on European Echelon. U.S. Government Accused Of Industrial Spying. Bush Administration Seen As Uncooperative. So European Members Of Parliament Give Up And Go Home. Click

Click. SEC obtains restraining order against EarthLink co-founder

Donation to mayor surfaces in S.F. probe. Company won schools contract Months after obtaining a $32 million San Francisco school district contract now being probed by the FBI, a North Carolina energy firm funneled a $15,000 political donation to Mayor Willie Brown

The business of prison. Click.

Dallas Police Forged Secret Link With FBI. Click.

Click. General's Anthrax Vaccine Testimony 'Inconsistent With Honesty,' Says Inspector

Click. Aaron, 28, paints and draws and he isn't even human

Click. India's guerrilla news site fearlessly exposes government corruption and gets persecuted.

Click. The company that makes OxyContin announced yesterday that it is suspending shipments of the most potent form of the prescription painkiller because of growing concern about lethal abuse of the drug.

Click. Car, which runs on rotten vegetables,  does 0 to 60mph under 6-seconds.

Parent plants pass along 'lessons learned' to Junior. Click.

US Air Force is prepared to put  guns in space. Click.

Ancient sea floor slab found near Great Wall of China. Click.

The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet 1975

Robert Blake - his younger days. Click.

Click. Bodyguard says police think actor Robert Blake, killed wife

Click. Confessions of a UFO spotter: We don't want a war in space

Click. California missions falling apart.

May 11, 2001  

Click. How to get email alerts about the next blackout

Click. Governor signs power bill authorizing $13.4 billion in bonds

Russians try to reestablish communications links with their space nukes following the mission center fire. Click.

Click. McVeigh 'Did Not Act Alone In Oklahoma Bombing' He was part of an underground network of white-supremacist guerrillas dedicated to the overthrow of the American government.

Click. FBI withheld data from McVeigh defense

Click. Skolnick: Oklahoma City Bombings - a Split in the FBI?

Click. Saddam Pledges $1 Billion To Palestinian War Effort

Click. U.S. Targets 'Rogue Nation' Iran

Click. The ABCs Of Battling Bioterrorism

Click. European Court finds Britain guilty of human rights violations in Ireland

Ronnie Biggs is still making money while he is behind bars through the sale of souvenirs on his website. Click

Gore Vidal's Anti-War Manifesto. Click.

Pat Robertson - Friend of Communist China? Click. 

Click. The Original G-Man

Click. French general admits to atrocities in Algeria. Shocking tales of torture and executions

Click. Last emperor's secrets. Tell-all book has tongues wagging in China

Click. Russian mogul challenges Putin. Expatriate vows to return, fund new party

There is something truly visionary about the Rumsfield's master plan for World Domination. Click.

Click. Heaven is a battlefield: Bush's space war plan
Click. Florida's "fixed it" farce

Justice Department's letter to McVeigh's attorneys. Click.

Click. Marin D.A. Kamena well ahead in recall fund-raising
District Attorney Paula Kamena declared $47,826 in campaign contributions over the past month, including more than $19,000 from members of a San Francisco banking firm, according to election documents.

Click. Vote on solicitor nominee Olson delayed. Concern over ties to Clinton smear effort

Click. From Dance Fever to Startup Fever  "I don't want to sound arrogant but the fact that I am an active investor, involved in several angel groups—that I am a player—attracts money. I think this concept really has legs and I want to see what we can do to make it succeed."

Click. Microsoft wants to be a 'positive partner with the Chinese government'.

The so-called Bank of Scotland ‘merger’ marks the beginning of the end for an independent Scottish financial sector. Click.

Click. Every million counts 100 companies are getting creative about cutting costs. They have to.

Click. IBM Chief Sets the Record Straight


Click. A cult leader's 'visions' result in murder trial Christopher Turgeon told members of the Gatekeepers sect that he heard the voice of God. One day, Turgeon said it told them to kill a man. Now a jury must decide if he was insane.

Four years ago, Daniel Anthony Marinangeli signed the last of his divorce papers and ended his marriage. The next day, he cashed in stock options and netted a cool $1 million. But the overnight windfall should not have been his alone, a judge ruled yesterday. Click

Click. Calistogan may face one year for elder abuse

Click. American nun's killing in Guatemala is believed to be politically motivated

Click. Union City loses in court .Officer negligent in fatal shooting. Union City must pay $2 million, jury says

Click. San Francisco schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman is busy trying to find out what happened to that missing $18 million in school building funds.

Click.  A former San Francisco Chronicle employee's allegations that The Chronicle's sale to Hearst Corp. was an illegal merger will not go forward to trial, a judge ruled yesterday

Click. FDA Approves New Leukemia Drug

Click. New cancer detection device now available

Click. One in 10 long-haul travelers 'risk deep vein thrombosis'

Click. Collapse Of Simple Life Forms Linked To Mass Extinction 200 Million Years Ago

Click. Protective Protein Caps Discovered At Ends Of Human Chromosomes

Click. Diet And Disease In Cattle: High-Grain Feed May Promote Illness And Harmful Bacteria

Click. Musical Training During Childhood May Influence Regional Brain Growth

Click. Double-Drug Therapy May Benefit Some Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Click. Lobsters Play Biological Violins

New Molecular Key To Disposal Of Dying Cells

Half the species on earth were destroyed in the blink of an eye. Click..

Australian researchers clone a pig. Click.

Scientists claim to revive alien bacteria. Click.

Click. 'Overvotes' Leaned To Gore

The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet 1975

May pets are allergic to their owners. Click.

Click. UFOs, Aliens and Secrets Former Government Employees Say It’s Time to Reveal Evidence.

Click. Was JFK removed to prevent UFO disclosure?

Click. Less Than 50 People Founded The Entire Population Of Europe

Click. Study Backs 'Out-Of-Africa' Theory Of Human Origin Anatomically modern humans rose out of Africa in the past 100,000 years and swept aside populations of archaic humans, with no inter-breeding.

Click. How Pinball Machines Work

Details on literate, 5,000-year old civilization near the Iran and Afghanistan borders. Click.

May 10, 2001  

Click. Businesses face 50% electric rate hikes

Click. Battle Flares Between GOP and UN

Click. Bush Told Iraq Patrols Too Risky

Click. Financing for Star Wars Still Unclear

Fortune Global Forum: Next Generation Asia. Click.

Click. Hear No Risk, See No Risk, Speak No Risk How a bunch of Wall Street analysts and others hyped a company called Winstar--to death.

Click. Watching you from Independence Hall!

The EU will be transformed if and when the waiting east European countries gain entry. So why are all the political lips sealed? Click.

George Soros Said To Have Financed Deadly Peru Riots Of July 2000 Click.

Click. UC Regents appear ready to eliminate obsolete anti-affirmative action vote

Click. Hundreds of thousands of California kids at risk after school, study says

Click. S.F. Dog owners arraigned in mauling; attorneys challenge indictment More: Click.

Click. GOP's gubernatorial man of mystery. Enigmatic entrepreneur to speak today

Click. Trump eyes Oakland for casino. Mogul sends scout after mayoral chat

Click. 2 Democrats from S.F. join secretary of state race. Kevin Shelley and Michela Alioto

Click. School bond money spent for salaries. S.F. district could be in trouble with city, IRS

Click. Japanese Prime Minister to visit controversial shrine where some WWII leaders buried

Click. Israel hits Arafat's nerve center

Click. Eurozone rate cut surprise

Click. Revealed: The real reason for Hess mission. On the 60th anniversary of Hess’s unexpected arrival, it has been revealed that the purpose of the German’s hazardous trip may have been to negotiate a peace deal and alliance with Scottish nationalists which would have ensured Scotland’s independence in the event of the Allies losing the war.

Click. What NSA investigators do know: over the last three years, there have been repeated attempts to break into Pentagon computers. What they don't know: pretty much anything else about it.

OpenCola. Interview with Cory Doctorow. Click.

Click. Breaking the habit Fix it if it's broke: Is it time to devise a new system for IPO allocation? In part seven of a seven-part series, Red Herring looks at some proposals to revise the process.


Click. U.S. Allies In Drug War In Disgrace "The United States was working with people involved in massive criminal activity in Peru''.

It's a Clash of Cultures in Mob Trial

The Gravanos have an odd definition of "family." Click.

Berkeley ponders marijuana rules

Click. Not Forcing the Issue Lucasfilm won't cross lightsabers with fans over a popular but unauthorized Website

IRS Surfers Hit Sites For Porn, Chat Click.


Click. Ohio journalist collective also hit with subpoena for logs

Click. FBI reportedly recruited "Equalizer" hacker as informant

Click. Osteoporosis breakthrough rebuilds brittle, decayed bone Daily injections of a hormone known as PTH can reverse bone loss and protect against fractures in people with advanced osteoporosis. More: Click.

Click. A Parasite, A Virus, And A Bacterium: NIAID's Plan To Tackle The World's Leading Killers

Click. Here Comes The Holodeck: Virtual Reality + Artificial Intelligence = New Training Tool

Click. Study Sheds Light On Evolution Of The Brain

Click. Copy cat snake theory.

Click. Frankenstein's Triffid may head for Mars and report back

Click. White Mars.

Click. Volvo's Safe Car: Gadget Heavy?

Click. The Patent King He has a staggering 558 patents, costing companies around the world, some $1.5 billion in licensing fees. But what did Jerome Lemelson actually invent? 

The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet 1975

Click. Work On Blackbeard Wreck Offers Chance To Develop Techniques, Reveal State, Nation's Past

Click. No Pain, All Gain

Click. UFO enthusiasts gather in DC, demand Congress hold hearings

Click. Excellent UFO Disclosure Effort Gets Chilling Press Reaction

Guy's Guide to Gynecology. Click.

May 9, 2001  

Click. Test for Bush as FBI names 'bombers' FBI gives Bush list of Iranian officials accused of bombing US military barracks in Saudi Arabia.

Click. Clerics’ Circle Of Power A secretive group of conservative clerics, known as the Haqqani Circle, preside over Iran's most important institutions of power.

Click. US Banks required by law to send you Privacy Info by July 1st. Ignore the notice and waive your privacy!

Click. Domestic Terrorism Plan Unveiled Bush puts new FEMA office in charge of federal response.

Click. Missile-defense efforts will not prevent the use of "suitcase bombs" or other means of conveying weapons of mass destruction.

Click. Boxer, Feinstein block 2 Bush court nominees More: Click. Boxer puts brakes on 9th Circuit contender
Orange County Republican not on Bush's list of nominees

The San Francisco Willie Brown machine is dead? Click. Or is it really? Click.

Click. Website with more hits than the 'Godfather'

Click. Black versus white on the White House lawn It had been planned down to the last detail.

Dead Police Officer And OKC Bombing Cover-up. Click.

The CIA's Worst Kept Secret by Martin A. Lee Click.

Click. San Francisco schools' financial fiascoes snowball. S.F. district already under FBI probe

Click. Senate panel OKs lesser charge of "infraction" for possession of less than ounce of marijuana

Click. Italian tycoon poised for return to power

Click. Oakland offered $6 M deal to make Coke the official Oakland drink

Click In defense of Gore Vidal.

Click. Scots 'Tried To Set Up Nazi Alliance' Scottish nationalists attempted to set up a German-Scottish alliance against England during the Second World War, according to MI6 files.

Click. Police find principal and abducted girl

Click. Search engine portals dying off during slump... Infind, Excite... 

Click. Where was the SEC? Pulling on the reins: In part six of a seven-part series, Red Herring examines the pattern of SEC investigations. The good news: regulators kept their distance. The bad news: regulators kept their distance.

Click. The Underground Military

Click. The Mystery of the 364th Were thousands of black WWII soldiers massacred by white troops in a 1943 race riot in Mississippi? And has the government covered it up for 60 years?


The Associated Press says it's obtained official documents under the Freedom of Information Act which confirm that the FBI is using the "Carnivore" Internet eavesdropping system to monitor suspected fugitives, drug dealers, extortionists, computer hackers and foreign spies. Carnivore was supposed to be used only for a suspect already under investigation, but civil rights campaigners warn that agents could easily go too far and "put ordinary citizens at risk." The documents also reveal how agents tried to put a gloss on the agency's use of the system and reassure the public the FBI wasn't abusing privacy but was only using the technology to catch "bad guys." Click.

Click. FBI search and seize guidelines - How much power do they have? Lots!

Click. News media can name jury members, if they can find them

Click. Appeals court orders postponement of Sara Jane Olson trial

Click. If proposed Internet privacy laws are enacted, it could cost businesses as much as $36 billion. And that's reason enough, say free-market groups, not to have them.

Click. Hepatitis C Risk Not Limited To Injection Drug Users

Click. Nuts Cut Coronary Heart Disease Risk

Click. Colonizing The Deep Sea: WHOI Scientist Helps Find Answers To Hydrothermal Vent Puzzle

Click. Operation Of Self-Aiming Camera Modeled On How Part Of Brain Works

Click. Research Could Help Warships Survive Combat

A mutated form of the anthrax toxin could be used to make both a new vaccine and a fast-acting medicine for people exposed to biological weapons. Click.

Twenty Military and Government Witnesses to provide testimony about ETs. Click.

Click. Will making a new mosquito save millions from malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, and West Nile fever— or make matters much worse?

Click. Roses For The Red Planet NASA Astrobiologist thinks we should start terraforming Mars.

Click. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory called $1 billion over budget

Click. Free Mouse Genome, Step Right Up

The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet 1975

Click. Did Columbus Discover America Earlier In Secret Mission For Pope?

Click. Dear God, send me some business A new 'businessman's Bible' has sold more than 4m copies in the US in the last six months.

Girl bibles: little pink guidebooks with the skinny on how to be a "bad girl" or a "swell girl." Click.

Blastables, those songs worthy of being listened to at generous volume in the automobile. Click.

Click. Designing Jackie  What the First Lady's clothes concealed.

Click. Starting school at age 3 can help low-income kids, study finds

May 8, 2001  

Click. U.N. Boots U.S. From Narcotics Board

Click. Secret power deals contain hidden costs. THE CLAUSE: A link to natural gas prices.




With two shipments of military equipment from Europe en route to a West Texas training exercise, Texas' largest farm organization wants the event canceled because of fears the cargo could harbor foot-and-mouth disease. Click.

War in space, among the stars! Click.

Click. Hackers Hit White House

Click. Cipla plans cheaper three-in-one AIDS pill

Click. Pentagon Computers Under Assault Moonlight Maze is “the most persistent and serious computer attack against the United States to date”; Russian suspected.

Click. The Pentagon’s Next Wonder-Plane, The V-44 The Pentagon’s next transport flies like a plane, lands like a helicopter and unloads enough firepower to start—or stop—a war.

Click. Teacher credential process speeds up The projected shortage of public school teachers in California is providing teacher candidates the chance to get a credential in less time while taking courses at approved community colleges.

No Ale at the London Pub tonight! Biggs spends night at high security prison. Click.

Sweets full of nicotine may hook children. Click.

Click. Gay Pioneers.

Click. The Koon Kreek Klub (KKK).
One of the houses in the secretive community was purchased by George W. Bush in 1991, and sold for $10 just before the 2000 election. The Klub is reported to have no black members. Ex- president Clinton is reported to have visited the Klub, and it is also reported that parties have been held there at which illegal drugs were consumed and the services of prostitutes engaged.

Click. The Invisible Man by Alexander Cockburn

The Kennedy Clones.  Camelot-the next generation. Click.

Click. Life sentence for killing girl, 4

Treasure troves of venture capital still exist but the first movers are no longer the beneficiaries. Click.

Click. Jeeves Hitches a Ride Inside one dot-com's desperate effort to survive.


Click. Court won't order Enron to supply UC energy.  Cal State's electric supply for summer also could become critical

Click. Davis appoints judges to Superior Courts

Click. Fraud probe at S.F. schools after superintendent alerts FBI

Click. Misdemeanor charges for Cincinnati cop who killed unarmed black teenager

Click. How the European Union plays Let's Re-make a Deal with U.S. mega-mergers.

Click. Fingerprint Technology All Over Latest Version of Napster

PARK YOUR CONSCIENCE AT THE COURTHOUSE DOOR!  Click. Top state court says jurors must honor law.  They'll be removed from case if they put conscience first

Click. Nazi Sellers Just Moving On

Click. Microsoft launches attack on open source software

Click. The judiciary's threat to the Bill of Rights —Part One: The criminal justice system

Click. How catching a cold can stop cancer growing

Click. GM baby doctor: my little IVF experiments Scientists will be cloning human beings within five years, according to the surgeon at the center of the GM babies furor.

Click. Alzheimer's Linked To Lack Of Vitamins People with low levels of the vitamins B12 or folate may have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

New breast cancer treatment a godsend. A new minimalist technique for checking whether breast cancer has spread to the lymph glands. Click.

Click. Chips Show DNA Differences Biotech researchers are putting the entire human genome on a single chip.

Click. Research Ties Vitamin B12 And Folate Deficiencies With Alzheimer's Disease

Click. Device Offers Promise For Faster Optical Communications

Click. How newspapers hope to prevent on-line content from being Napsterized

For people at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to their chances of avoiding the disease. Click.

Professor will testify in Washington that aliens do exist. Click.

The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet 1975

Courageous Christians in Indonesia, North Korea and the Sudan are facing hardships of biblical proportions for their beliefs – including slavery, imprisonment and execution. Click.

Click. Seal pups trapped by Arctic ice face starvation, claims Russia

Click. New Breed of Female Icons Are Tough

Society needs balanced folks who work less and spend time with the family. Perhaps, says Daniel Akst, but it also needs crazy, manic, obsessed geniuses. Click.

Adopting an older child. Click.

Turbulent priest rocks Belgian church. Click.

May 7, 2001  

Simple low cost solution to California energy costs. Click.

Click. How Californians got burned It isn't like California's political and business leaders got together and decided to wreck the state's electricity system. It just worked out that way.

A spy plane has flown the first United States reconnaissance mission off China's coast since a mid-air collision between a US plane and a Chinese jet. More

Click. Hollywood Shills for CIA

Click. Green Berets Training Colombians

Click. India Preparing To Test 1st ICBM New missiles will have eventual range of over 12,000 miles.

Click. Pentagon Plans Major Changes In U.S. Strategy Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is set to unveil sweeping changes in U.S. military strategy, including the formal abandonment of the "two major war" yardstick.

Click. Germany emerging dominant in Europe

Click. Soros: May Day protestors do have a point

Click. ID cards for users of medical marijuana? California patients using medicinal marijuana would be free from arrest if they obtain identity cards under a state Senate proposal that has law enforcement support.

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez, 1964

Click. Dylan is 60.

Click. Pope visits Golan Heights

Click. With Slow Step, Pope Makes Historic Leap In Syria, John Paul becomes the first Catholic leader ever to enter a mosque.

Click. 98 and still trucking at the Senate

Click. Are you ever too old to be put behind bars?

Click. Use cheap labor to fund your Open Source idea

Pentagon hit with 'Maze' of hack attacks. Investigators trace case to Russia Click.

Click. Free dot-com world is coming to an end  

Click. Confessions of an Anti-Government Terrorist --by Hari Heath

Click. W. Is he inarticulate or deceptive?

Click. 'Mom-pop' meth labs invade neighborhoods

Click. VIVA BERLUSCONI! Will the Euro-left derail Italy's hope?

Click. Western Secret Services and the KLA

Click. Nation-Building and Bank Robbery in Bosnia


Click. How safe is the nuclear shield?

Click. World's Journalists Must Collaborate In Age of Globalization 

Shed some rational light on the Chinese hack attack hype? Click.

Cisco teams up with the CCP to provide China with an expanded information barbed-wire fence. Click.

Click. One technology company's wild IPO ride

Click. Sayonara, silicon? Hello, Carbon!

Click. Is Microsoft a software fascist?

Click. Beware the market rumor beast

DNS and whois results for IPs here:


Click. Kimberly Guilfoyle and James Hammer. Prosecutors in S.F. dog mauling case an unusual pair

Click. Deadly disease difficult to stop. Effective meningitis vaccine is years away

Click. Lawyer Tells Of McVeigh Conspiracy Jones repeats his contention that the April 19, 1995 bombing was part of a conspiracy and that McVeigh is lying when he claims sole responsibility.

Click. Convicts ignoring chance at DNA test  

ShapeShifter acquitted of all charges. Click.

Freeh Hid Saudi Info From Clinton Click.

FBI Chief Had 4-Year Silent Feud With Clinton Click.


Click. Professor Set To 'Control' Wife By Cyborg Implant Surgeons intend to implant computer chips in a couple to see if they can communicate sensation and movement by thought alone.

Click. An easier way to eat broccoli Australia to test cancer-fighting abilities of vegetable in pill form


Click. Serious Infections Can Guard Against Tumor Growth By Inhibiting The Development Of Blood Vessels, Study Finds

Click. Research Helps Understand Neural Machinery Of True And False Memories

Click. Cooling patients off could minimize the long-term damage caused by stroke or heart attack.

Click. The Programmable Pill Drugs of the near future will be microdevices that search out and destroy germs without the side effects of conventional therapies.

Click. Oranges Make for Healthy Lungs

Click. Visualizing the Web WebMap lets you zoom around a topographic map of the Web to find the page you need. 

The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet 1975

Click. Conservative women cement bond with Bush. Association gaining more political clout

Click. Would-be doctors flocking to Havana. Cuba offering controversial free schooling

Click. Who Wrote the Gospel of Luke?

The maps hold mysteries of the Salton Sea. And, like pieces of a puzzle, each offers clues that could help scientists save the vast Inland lake. Click.

Who owns the past? Click.

May 6, 2001  

Guardian, London exposes McVeigh conspiracy. Click.

Click. America braced for 'brutalisation effect' as McVeigh waits to die

China Plans to Build Internet Monitoring System Click.

FBI HELPED KLAN BOMBERS! As early as 1964, the FBI had identified four men in the 1963 bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church, the center of civil rights activity in the city at the time. However, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a fervent opponent of the civil rights movement, blocked the prosecution of the four men, and eventually shut down the investigation in 1968 without filing charges. It has now become clear that the FBI not only impeded the arrest and prosecution of the four suspected men, but for years withheld incriminating evidence from state prosecutors that would have provided overwhelming evidence of their guilt. Thomas Blanton remained a free man for close to four decades following the crime because the FBI kept secret tape recordings in which he openly spoke of his role in the Klan's bombing activities. Click.

Hirschfeild “Likes” Prison. He gained fame and wealth building parking garages, and world headlines in 1998 when he offered $1 million to Paula Jones to drop her sexual harassment law suit against President Clinton, Hirschfield now sits behind bars “Finally after 80 years I have found a completely new world – a most beautiful excellent world. I never had a chance to be in a Black home,” he quips, referring to his prison experience, where most of his fellow inmates and card-playing partners are African American. Click.

Hey, They Made Me a Socialist! Click.

Click. Al Gore's first 100 days: Just what has he been up to?

Click. The heir and North Korean General gets marching orders on trip to Disneyland, after being kicked out of Japan.

Click. Fifth force goes to war on high street banks  Halifax and Bank of Scotland merger sets up fight with big four.

Click. Women treated 'like animals' under Taleban

School District asks court to bar 8th-grader Albany -- He was a 6-foot-tall seventh-grader who liked to wear black. Seven months after two teen-agers in the "trench coat mafia" gunned down 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School in Colorado, a rumor spread at Albany Middle School that the towering 12-year-old was planning to "bring a gun to school and shoot everyone" on April Fool's Day.

Click. Bush selects Matt Fong, former California treasurer, for Army job

Click. Alameda County School Board could go belly-up


Federal prosecutors whisked John A. "Junior" Gotti from his upstate prison cell to testify about an Atlanta strip club where NBA stars were treated to oral sex, and cops were paid to look the other way. Click. More: Click. Lawyer Says Jr. Gotti Won't Sing in Atlanta

Click. Congo war blamed for 2 1/2 million deaths


SHERIFFS AND A SHERIFF'S SON ARE TREATED DELICATELY BY COURTS AFTER MOLEST CONVICTIONS!   Click.  David Prandi was spared from state prison one more time for assaulting teenage girls, but not before a tongue-lashing by Sonoma County judge Ballinger. Prandi's dad, former Sheriff of Marin County, shows up to support his son. Click. The Santa Clara County district attorney's office yesterday appealed a judge's decision to sentence a former candidate for Santa Clara County sheriff to a year in jail on child molestation charges.

Click. Documents Show FBI Web Surveillance

Click. Kidman insists marriage with Tom Cruise outlasted alimony date - financial settlement at stake.

Click. Genetically altered babies born


Building Better Babies Click. Bio-Babies Spawn Ethics Question Scientists correct a fertility flaw in human eggs by introducing healthy donor DNA. Experts say the untested method could have grave consequences.

Click. Antibiotic boost Experts unlock secrets of key drug group.

Click. World's Most Advanced Science Ship Stages At Taiwan For Major Expedition

The most confidential secrets, over the years, end up fully or partially in the hands of thousands of civilians. Click.

Click. Air Force Brass Lay Out Ambitious Space Warfare Program

The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet 1975

Click. Pope apologizes to Orthodox Church for tensions starting with Crusades

Click. Will the Religious Right Make Tech Slump Worse?

Click. Beauty And The Beach: A Photogallery Of The Most Beautiful Women In The Universe

Click. Novelist Gore Vidal will attend McVeigh execution

Click. Patsy Cline's hometown embraces her -- finally

Click. Rep. Jim Hansen says he may push the federal government to create a real Jurassic Park in the middle of St. George, Utah.

Click. So it goes for Vonnegut At Smith, 78-year-old author still shaking up the Establishment.

May 4, 2001 

Click.  The U.S. suffered a diplomatic humiliation at the UN last night when it lost its seat in the UN Human Rights Commission, which it held since 1947.

Click. State asked about using nuclear submarines to power state

Son of Star Wars is essentially a poker-chip in the game between the US and the emerging superpower in the East. Click.

Click. Florida to get chad-free ballot system. Changes to include recounts by hand

UN sends weapons inspectors to Antarctica. Click.

Click. U.S. Hackers Retaliate Against Chinese Attacks

Click. Bill's No Shill for Bush on Trip to Asia

Click. CIA knew about Waldheim's Nazi past Austria dispatch: Newly released US intelligence documents show that officials knew about Kurt Waldheim's history long before he was appointed UN secretary general.

Click. REVENGE OF THE WEAK SISTERS The Case for Party Switching by Republican Moderates Chafee and Jeffords



Click. Veggie Car Takes a Spin

The Pioneer 10 message from beyond Pluto to Earth

Click. Supreme Court rules Three Stooges T-shirts are not protected art

Click. EarthLink founder crashes, burns in fraud probe And takes several other Scientology dupes with him.

Click. FBI: Lucent Workers Stole Secrets

Click. What's Up With Yahoo's New Guy?

BlueEar considers new propulsion technologies and their promise for the next forty years  Click.

Click. Harvard School of Government Wins $50M Grant from Ford Foundation. 

Click. Microsoft urges installation of a patch to fix vulnerability that could let in hackers.

Click. BIG BLUE:  A New Force Against Cancer


Click. Convicted kidnapper says he will perpetuate child crimes from jail More: Anderson admits to kidnapping and killing Xiana Fairchild, paper reports More: Convicted kidnapper fibbing, lawyer says. Latest confession called a bargaining chip

Click. 'National Security' surveillance up in 2000 Secret court authorizes FBI bugs and black bag jobs.

Click. 8-year sentence expected in 20-year-old abuse case. High court ruling allowed prosecution

Click. FBI denies trying to derail Alabama prosecutors  More: Click: FBI Buried Church-Bomb Evidence

Click. Is the FBI tracking online protesters?


Click. Bill Creates Federal Tech Czar

Click. Flipping made easy: the in-n-out IPO

Click. British scientists develop a laser beam that can move tiny objects.

Click. Resistance to HIV drugs 'growing'

Click. Skimping on elderly's pain drugs 'like torture'

Click. Adult stem cells may adapt for body's benefit. 

Click. Brain Cells of Corpses Grown in Test Tube

Star Trek tractor beam technology advances. Click.

Harnessing the power of El Nino could turn deserts into pastures. Click..

Click. The "ultimate" stem cell has been found in the bone marrow of adult mice.

Canadian Health Minister proposed a ban on human cloning, while advocating the possible creation of animal- human hybrids. Click.

Superbug genes are getting into the soil and the water -- will humans be next? Click.

Sunrise, Yosemite Valley, Albert Bierstadt

Click. Unwelcome mat out for pope Visits criticized by Orthodox hardliners of Greece and Ukraine, while Russia advises Pope to keep out.

Click. Pope Seeks Forgiveness For `sins' Against Orthodox Christians

Click. Hellish Nell: Last of Britain's Witches?

Was Count Dracula a Freemason? Click.

Click. Listen with grandma An interactive rocking chair that persuades people to tell stories will help preserve oral history.

Click. The Patent King He has a staggering 558 patents, costing companies around the world some $1.5 billion in licensing fees. But what did Jerome Lemelson actually invent?

Click. Stanley Crouch: Right Wing Proves it Again — Honesty Doesn't Always Pay

New DNA evidence shows that some Native Americans came from Europe. Click.

Prehistoric North Americans hunted and butchered tiny horse. Click.

May 3, 2001  

"But I also made it clear to [Vladimir Putin] that it's important to think beyond the old days of when we had the concept that if we blew each other up, the world would be safe."Washington, D.C., May 1, 2001

Click. Pentagon 'blunder' on China ties The United States revokes a decision to suspend all military ties with China, in a move widely seen as a startling blunder.

Click. Blair stuns allies by backing 'Star Wars'

Analysts fear U.S. missile plan will implode. Click.

Click. The empire strikes back
Media Twits Flay Kerrey, but Dine With Kissinger. Click.


Space hotel tariffs likely to tumble. Click.

Self-aiming, intelligent camera modeled after the human brain. Click.


Escaping the 'minders' to stroll through Pyongyang, North Korea. Click.

Click. Lazio Lands a Lucrative Banking Job More: Lobbying Group Taps Lazio

Click. DNA clears man in rape of little girl in San Jose

Confession In Xiana Killing Anderson, convicted in Vallejo kidnapping, reportedly admits to other abductions. More: Guilty verdict in Vallejo abduction More: Vallejo celebrates Curtis Dean Anderson kidnap conviction More: Vallejo girl's bravery commended as attacker convicted

Click. Brown's City Hall is politics as usual despite election

Click. China is selling human organs. The proof.

Click. It took a coup to bring about a great awakening There is a new form of re-birth that has been going on since November of 2000.


Click. Olson's inconsistencies After further questioning, Bush's solicitor general-designate admits he knew more about the anti-Clinton "Arkansas Project"

Irish politicians welcomed a deal allowing bogus non-resident account holders six months to regularize their affairs, and insisted it was not an amnesty for tax evaders. Click.

Click. Land grab in the Amazon. Swindlers and crooked officials have illegally appropriated up to one-third of the great river basin

Click. Judge weighs case against Web site posting officers' personal data

Click. Convicted arms dealer funnels aid from Europe's far right to Iraq. Austrian, German neo-Nazi groups are fans of Hussein

Click. Wise guy blabbermouths damage Detroit Mob's image. Underlings flub tasks, are caught on FBI tapes

A firm involved in the sale of Canadian Forces helicopters has been linked to a company accused of laundering drug and prostitution money in Florida. Click.

Click. Stem cells grown from dead bodies

Plants to be placed on Mars in order to send back messages. Click.

Key step in the origin of life identified. Click.

Click. Repairing the hole in the ozone layer could trigger an environmental catastrophe that would reduce life expectancy to 30 years, says the editor-in-chief of New Scientist.

Click. The Ultimate No-Brainer

Click. Scientists Unveil High Resolution Picture Of The Early Universe

Click. New Drug Improves Heart Function By Removing Free Radicals, According To Researchers At Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Click. Immune System Helps Prevent Tumors After All

Click. Chickens Succumbing To Virus Formerly Avoided By Vaccination

Click. Watching Wrestling Positively Associated With Date Fighting, Say Researchers

Click. A Donor Named Wilbur the Pig

Seal Rock, Albert Bierstadt, 1872

Twinkles is the luckiest cat in the world after being tumble-dried on high heat for 15 minutes - and surviving. Click.

Click. `Love Story' Star Has Cancer  Click. RFK Jr. Has Heart Scare

Click. Jane Fonda Edits Her Radical Past

Click. Christian Right Tries to Cure Gay Students

Roman bloodlust in ancient Britain. Click.

Click. Greek Orthodox Anger to Greet Pope

Click. UC hiring too few female teachers, audit finds

Cleopatra the stout. Click.

Click. Women Engineer Tech Success

Many Iranian villagers are forming militias to fight the drug traffickers who have turned huge swathes of eastern Iran into a war zone.  Click. The Opium Trail  Click. Casualties of the Drug ‘Epidemic’  Click. Slide Show: Iran's War on Drugs

The Keystone Kops are on the loose again; this time ordering and rescinding the suspension of contacts between U.S. military personnel and Chinese civilians and military personnel. Click.

Click. FBI Charges Scientists Stole Lucent Trade Secrets For Chinese Company

May 2, 2001  

FBI Director Louis Freeh stunned the White House yesterday by quitting his job just ahead of a blue-ribbon report expected to slam him for lax counterintelligence security at the bureau. Click.

Click. Patterns of Global Terrorism 2000

Click. US plans to resurrect Zahir Shah to counter Taliban

Click. Aries II Revisited: The Deluge of Government Lies Continues by Al Martin.  The US Government's Ludicrous Statement Index regarding the Aries II Incident once more scales to new heights of ludicrousness.

Click. Indefensible missiles  President George Bush's decision to develop highly versatile, "multilayered" space, land, air and sea missile defenses is an historic mistake that will have dangerously negative repercussions worldwide.

Click. Oklahoma State Rep. Charles Key Refuses to Buckle

Click. American is key witness against chief of Real IRA

Click. Dutch Government Uses Biometrics To ID Immigrants Scanning of irises of eyes and faces will start in June and will be stored on a chip card. In 2003, all Dutch citizens with EU identification cards will have unique biometric data stored in a chip

Who owns "James Earl Ray's" killer gun? Click.

Click. Time and again, Brown's allies win the bid Many contractors have 'juice' with mayor -- critics say it's no coincidence.

Click. Gusher of 'soft money' a bonanza for S.F. mayor Brown

Click. Brutality of child army film shocks Colombia

Private firms aid US Covert work. Click.

Click. Behind the sex-change vote

Click. The general and the chairman: Michael Powell in his father's footsteps

Activists Admit They Stole Ducks

Thanks to Dubya, we're once again being dissed around the globe as "ugly Americans" Click.

IBM'S ELECTRONIC LIZARD. Click. "If IBM can today develop a computer with the capacity of a lizard, tomorrow some other company can develop a computer that has a higher level of self awareness that is almost equal to the consciousness that higher forms of life have."

Click. Can Software Predict Violence?

Video games rule the world. Electronic Arts rules video games. Electronic Arts rules the world. Click.

Click. Mountain View official accused of threatening Microsoft

Earthlink co-founder accused of bilking $35 million

Click. Dot-Coms Investing in Dot-Coms: A House of Cards

Jet Propulsion Lab database was broken into. Click.

Click. Yahoo!'s secret war

Small, local anarchist groups suffer and die as big multinational anti-capitalist groups take over the global market in anarchism. Click.

SEC Filings Watch



Click. First online court powered by Indian know-how

Click. New laws make testifying easier for children Courts now accommodate, protect youngest witnesses.

Click. Curtis Anderson's attorney urges lesser charge

Click. Anderson Jury chief removed.

Click. U.S. made deal with fake father in landlord case. Man brought teens from India.

Click. Congress Calls Ex-Agents In FBI Crime Probe Did the FBI in effect become a partner in crime with mobsters in Boston and possibly elsewhere?

Click. Buy a Shot, Wave to the Camera A web cam has come to the bar nearest you.

Click. Army Wages War on Porn

Click. Microsoft Rewards Stool Pigeons

Los Angeles Judge's 'Court Phobia' Defense Falls Flat. Click.

Click. GM tomato 'reduces risk of disease'

Research into plastic bottles may lead to molecular robots that repair damage to the body. Click. 

Click. Anti-ageing breakthrough

Click. New Research Shows Promise In Conquering Ulcer-Causing H. Pylori

Click. New Hope For Neurodegenerative Disease Sufferers

Click. Protein Chips

Click. Molecule Reduces Alzheimer Plaques In Brain, Researchers Report

Click. Aussie Radar Detects The Invisible

Click. UC Davis Study Investigates Health Effects Of Paraquat, A Herbicide Commonly Used Throughout The World

Click. Newest Hypertension Drugs May Improve Sexual Function

Click. Genetic Disorders Common Among Hospitalized Children; New Findings Carry Important Implications For Medical Training And Patient Care

Seal Rock, Albert Bierstadt, 1872

"It is a little known fact that Ms. Spears is an expert in semiconductor physics." A website about semiconductor physics attracts two million hits after its owner uses pictures of Britney Spears. Click.

Click. Heroic Guard cat chases burglars.

A German priest is to hold the world's first mobile phone religious service with prayers being sent out as text messages. Click.

Click. Robert Sapolsky: Of Monkeys and Men  The author of A Primate's Memoir talks about his years as a member of a troop of Serengeti baboons.

"Tales of The City" revisited Kicking gay culture out of the closet.

Catholic church alarmed that priesthood is becoming a 'gay profession' Click.

Olympia, Washington. A bill aimed at curtailing bullying and harassment in schools stalled out in the Legislature after Christian conservatives complained that it amounted to a gay rights measure. Click.

Click. Field Museum Anthropologists Establish Date And Importance Of The Americas' Oldest City

Click. Deconstructing dogs' harmonic barks and howls

May 1, 2001

Click. Putin Agrees On Arms Sales To North Korea

Ghosts of Vietnam. Click.

Click. Why Are We Still In Vietnam?  As Bob Kerrey's past resurfaces, so do questions about America's long war.

Behind Cheney. Click.

Click. Bush meat

Burger Tampering. Click.

Click. "So, How Was Your Trip?" -- CIA Chats With Business Travelers

Click. Study -- Kids Of Gay Parents Healthy, But, You Know ... Different

Click. US Reviving Iraq Coup Option

Click. S.F. Mayor's patronage army - Brown fattens payroll with loyalists, colleagues, friends

Click. The Sunday Times "Rich List"-Britain's wealthiest 1,000

Click, Transient riding a bike arrested in San Jose girl's assault More: Click.


Rival interests battle over desert. It's a back yard on the grandest scale. The desert's increasingly coveted "lawn" of Joshua trees, creosote and sand dunes stretches across 25 million acres of California, nearly one-fourth of the state.

Google restores the Usenet Archives.  Click.

Click. Defense expected to ask court to delay Sara Jane Olson trial again

Click. 25-year-old SLA case goes to trial in L.A. Olson the soccer mom facing charges today as Soliah the alleged '70s terrorist

Click. The far-right Austrian Freedom Party under the magnifying glass

British intelligence built bombs for IRA. Click.

Click. Two hundred of Germany's top codebreakers were secretly brought to Britain in the dying days of the second world war to operate against the Russians.


Skolnick - The Japanese Mafia In The United States. Click.

Click. My Mother the Flying Car

Click. 3G Phones Hold $1 Trillion Promise

Click. Great Expectations Jane Swift is about to give birth to twins. She’s also the governor of Massachusetts. This working mother, who already has a 2-year-old daughter, says she can handle the pressure.



Fed corruption or wild goose chase? HUD contractor saves taxpayers billions, yet fights 4-year probe.

Click. Mark Fuhrman is trying to "solve" the mysterious, contentious death/murder/suicide of Vincent Foster.

Justice Antonin (or Anthony to his good friend Dubya. Click.) Scalia led the charge for the US Supreme Court's historic decision to halt vote recounts in Florida and effectively hand the presidency to George W. Bush. Now Scalia's son Eugene is in line to be nominated. Click. by Bush to be the top lawyer for the Department of Labor. Eugene's job in a law office where top Bush attorney Ted Olson is a partner was the source of conflict of interest allegations against his father. Click. at the time of the recount case; Scalia Sr. dismissed the allegations.

Click. Brand New ABM Fraud by Al Martin

Click. 'Leg pump' gives heart patients new lease on life

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Click. Tastes Like a Red Light Two scientists are developing a device that might eventually allow the blind to make their way around by following electric currents on their tongues.

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 
Paul Gauguin 1888

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Female condoms gain acceptance as safer option for women. Click.

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