April 30, 2001 

Click. Putin Agrees On Arms Sales To North Korea

Ghosts of Vietnam. Click.

Click. Why Are We Still In Vietnam?  As Bob Kerrey's past resurfaces, so do questions about America's long war.

Behind Cheney. Click.

Click. Bush meat

Burger Tampering. Click.

Click. "So, How Was Your Trip?" -- CIA Chats With Business Travelers

Click. Study -- Kids Of Gay Parents Healthy, But, You Know ... Different

Click. US Reviving Iraq Coup Option

Click. S.F. Mayor's patronage army - Brown fattens payroll with loyalists, colleagues, friends

Click. The Sunday Times "Rich List"-Britain's wealthiest 1,000

Click, Transient riding a bike arrested in San Jose girl's assault More: Click.


Rival interests battle over desert. It's a back yard on the grandest scale. The desert's increasingly coveted "lawn" of Joshua trees, creosote and sand dunes stretches across 25 million acres of California, nearly one-fourth of the state.

Google restores the Usenet Archives.  Click.

Click. Defense expected to ask court to delay Sara Jane Olson trial again

Click. 25-year-old SLA case goes to trial in L.A. Olson the soccer mom facing charges today as Soliah the alleged '70s terrorist

Click. The far-right Austrian Freedom Party under the magnifying glass

British intelligence built bombs for IRA. Click.

Click. Two hundred of Germany's top codebreakers were secretly brought to Britain in the dying days of the second world war to operate against the Russians.


Skolnick - The Japanese Mafia In The United States. Click.

Click. My Mother the Flying Car

Click. 3G Phones Hold $1 Trillion Promise

Click. Great Expectations Jane Swift is about to give birth to twins. She’s also the governor of Massachusetts. This working mother, who already has a 2-year-old daughter, says she can handle the pressure.



Fed corruption or wild goose chase? HUD contractor saves taxpayers billions, yet fights 4-year probe.

Click. Mark Fuhrman is trying to "solve" the mysterious, contentious death/murder/suicide of Vincent Foster.

Justice Antonin (or Anthony to his good friend Dubya. Click.) Scalia led the charge for the US Supreme Court's historic decision to halt vote recounts in Florida and effectively hand the presidency to George W. Bush. Now Scalia's son Eugene is in line to be nominated. Click. by Bush to be the top lawyer for the Department of Labor. Eugene's job in a law office where top Bush attorney Ted Olson is a partner was the source of conflict of interest allegations against his father. Click. at the time of the recount case; Scalia Sr. dismissed the allegations.

Click. Brand New ABM Fraud by Al Martin

Click. 'Leg pump' gives heart patients new lease on life

Click. Potential New Anthrax Therapy Discovered; Findings Could Lead To Novel Treatments Against Other Bacterial Infections

Click. Research Shows Therapeutic Cloning Technique May Work In Mice; Offers Hope For Treating Parkinson’s Disease And Other Neurological Disorders

Click. World's Most Advanced Science Ship Stages At Taiwan For Major Expedition

Click. Molecular "Gateways To Death" Identified

Click. Biologists in Norway use a computer program to "read" the scientific literature and successfully predict gene interactions


Click. Tastes Like a Red Light Two scientists are developing a device that might eventually allow the blind to make their way around by following electric currents on their tongues.

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 
Paul Gauguin 1888

Click. At Stanford meeting, experts on aging advise revamped image of elderly

Click. Solving A Tibetan Mystery: How Did The "Roof Of The World" Come To Be?

Click. Springtime for Mel Brooks "The Producers" sets records for Broadway ticket sales and brings joy back to the stage.

Female condoms gain acceptance as safer option for women. Click.

Feminist activism and the internet. Click.

Promise Of Cures Lures Tourists To Cuba Click.

April 29, 2001  

Click. Alabama CIA Air Contractor: We Don't Know Nuthin' 'bout No Peru

Click. Villagers recollect U.S. raid led by Bob Kerrey

Click. Cabal of lawyers drives Bush further to right

Click. Peter  Romanowski - the man behind the Marin Supervisor Rose recall

Deep Politics II: Oswald, Mexico and Cuba. [  Chapter III  |  Chapter IV  |  Chapter VI of Deep Politics II 

Click. "Miami's Cuban Americans May Get the Last Word." .

Click. "Miami-Dade Reversal -- A Cuban Terrorist Payback To Bush Family?"

OLD MIAMI-CUBAN CONTACTS AND THE BUSHES. Click. Was the CIA involved in rigging the election?

Click. E Vineyard pays to pluck off the vine

Click. The student-led Italian 'Reggio Approach' is the latest method in alternative education to hit Pleasanton.

Click. Brit Undercover Agents Want in From Cold.

Click. Businesses built on missing genes in mice


HIV hideout in memory T cells crushes hope of cure. Newest research suggests HIV infection will last a lifetime. Click.

Click. Iraq tested bomb meant to cast radioactive cloud. '87 experiments called 'moral barbarism'

Click. The Senate unanimously passed a bill that would make it possible for police to record conversations without a search warrant.

CIA Opens Nazi Files, Including Hitler's

Click.   A year ago, Michael Chabon was just another lyrical genius, writing critically acclaimed works such as the one that inspired the film "Wonder Boys."

Click. Patty Hearst story to be told again as US settles old score

Grover Norquist: 'Field Marshal' of the Bush Plan Click.

Click. State Supreme Court's wild card could be key in upcoming votes.

Click. Willie Brown Inc. How S.F.'s mayor built a city based on 'juice' politics (Part 1)

Click. Iraq tested bomb meant to cast radioactive cloud. '87 experiments called 'moral barbarism'

The Business Of Sex Click.

April 28, 2001  

Click. Pentagon misled Bush on Iraqi air strikes, insiders say

Click. Rights group slams Australian plans for collecting DNA samples at birth

Click. Why do we sacrifice our best to protect our worst?

Spray-paint protester swims to nuclear sub

Click. CIA admits employing Nazis

Click. Releasing 25 years of secrets is full-time job at spy agency National Security Agency workers sift through documents

THE SEALED FBI STUFF. Montreal Independent Media Center Cop Docs. Click.

Click.  House Hearing on Combating Homeland Terrorism April 27, 2001

8,640,000 SECONDS OF BUSH. Even a Boob Can Outfox the Democrats. Click.

Click. The End of the End of the Paranormal by Joseph Felser

Click. Shroud imprint could be a priest

Click. Crater Bruno Mystery

Black Magic in Greece's Golden Age. Click.

Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon. Click.

Click. Global Manipulators Move Beyond Petroleum

Click. E-Commerce, Big Brother & Global Corporate Order

Click. China vs. New World Order: The Final War and the Dark Millennium - Part One
Click. China vs. New World Order: The Final War and the Dark Millennium - Part Two

FBI hunting for PoizonB0x and Pr0phet - as peace offerings to China. Click.

Large retailers have implemented surveillance systems that record and interpret customer movements, using software from Almaden's BlueEyes research project. BlueEyes is developing ways for computers to anticipate users' wants by gathering video data on eye movement and facial expression. Click.

How Can Rossotti Reform the IRS? Click.

Click. IRA moles plead for protection British soldiers recruited to infiltrate IRA were cleared to carry out terrorist operations. Click. Sinister role of secret army unit

Click. Demise of a Catholic hat-check girl

Secret weapons in Italy's leadership contest

Click. Teachers have clinched an unprecedented deal to be paid extra for marking test papers.


Click. THE IRRELEVANT JUDGE MARILYN HALL PATEL: Judge powerless to stop copyright infringement on Napster

Click. San Jose State College discusses student fee to cover energy costs

Click. Feds Buy Citizens’ Most Personal Information Banned by law from snooping around in the private lives of American citizens, the FBI, IRS and about 35 other inquisitive government agencies buy information about citizens from huge personal data-gathering companies.

Click. Cops look for links in attack on child San Jose kidnap compared to others.

Click. Bishops' child abuse shield

Click. Scientists use gene injections to make blind dogs see More: Click.

Fungus on Mars. Click.

GREEN MARS! A hardy microbe from Earth might one day transform the barren ground of Mars into arable soil. Click.

Modern human beings might have outlasted relatives such as the Neanderthals not because of genetic advantages, but by a slice of "cosmic luck". Click.

What to do when computers become smarter than us. Built-in unconditional "friendliness". Click.

Click. Google restores Usenet archive, plans posting

Click. Wireless Nets Are Snoops Gold Mine.

Quantum cryptography -- using light particles to communicate in code -- is the only sure way to talk in secret. Click.

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 
Paul Gauguin 1888

As director of the National Portrait Gallery, Marc Pachter has grand plans for displaying artwork to reacquaint Americans with their heroes and heritage. Click.


Click. 38 years, and she still gives her all


Click. A brief history of mob rule

April 27, 2001  

Is Bob Kerrey a war criminal?  Yes. Click.

Bob Kerrey. Vietnam was no joke. Click.

Click. Henican: Horrors Were The Tactics of Battle

Click. James Brady: Bob Kerrey in Combat

Click. Does Taiwan Want War?

Click. U.S.. military proposed terrorist attacks on Americans; then publicly blaming Castro and Cuba

An Invasion Foretold. Terror Triumphs in Colombia.

Click. Up to 8,000 Tamil guerrillas living in Toronto, RCMP says

Click. IBM Dream: Self-Policing Networks Big Blue has a multi-billion dollar plan: to create a system by which computer networks will protect themselves from destructive acts of human and nature.

Click. Big Blue's Crime Spree IBM is probably one of the last companies one would expect to rally its employees to deface public property.

Click. Child sexually assaulted in San Jose More: Click.

Click. Shayler Case Begins.

Click. From Start-Up to Bust-Up Former CEO Philip Greenspun, who was forced out of his role by venture capitalists, and later forced out of the company altogether, writes about his experience, frustration, and lawsuit with ArsDigita.

The Cloverdale Pomo tribe has made an agreement with two gaming companies to finance an 88,000-square-foot Indian casino at the south end of Cloverdale that could open within two years. Click.

Click. You Can Hide From Prying Eyes Researchers at the Information Hiding Workshop present technologies designed to help you shield your online identity.

Click. Here's a news flash: Google research director Monika Henzinger has always been a woman. When, she wonders, will it stop being news?

Click. Pentagon Bracing For
Chinese Computer Attacks

Click. Extremists to close lab?

"Whatever it took to help Taiwan defend theirself."—On how far we'd be willing to go to defend Taiwan, Good Morning America, April 25, 2001 

"First, we would not accept a treaty that would not have been ratified, nor a treaty that I thought made sense for the country."—On the Kyoto accord in an interview with the Washington Post, April 24, 2001 

Click. Hillary launches her party political career

Click. President George W Bush has picked John P. Walters, a top anti–drug official during his father's administration, to be the nation's next drug czar.

Click. All the president's businessmen George Bush's America: Julian Borger on how corporate America bought itself a president.

Click. 100 things we've learnt about Dubya in his first 100 days

Click. Florida's Katherine Harris considers run for Congress


Click. Judge declares Coastal Commission unconstitutional

Click. Pelican Bay gang conspiracy trial set to start in January

Click. S.F. city attorney Louise Renne won't run in fall race

Click. Feinstein, Boxer given a say over judges Bush forms 1st bipartisan panel to fill U.S. court seats in state.

Click. Steven W. Brennan: Crime and 'Punishment' in the Navy

Click. UPS slides through customs

Click. Dump cleanup costs soar The cost of cleaning up the largest dump created by FBI mole John Christopher has ballooned to $21 million.

Click. First Dinosaur Found With Its Body Covering Intact; Displays Primitive Feathers From Head To Toe

Click. Household Ant Invasions Are Determined By Weather, Not Pesticide Use, New Study Finds

Click. Scientists At Penn Track Epileptic Seizures

Click. Purdue Team Develops Watermark To Protect Electronic Documents

Click. 'Off-pump' heart bypass raises hopes, concerns It was just as he was being wheeled into surgery last January that David Liebniz, a 41-year-old chemical engineer with a good brain and a bad heart, learned he would be part of a new and unusual trend: ''executive heart surgery.''

Click. Three promising stem cell studies fuel debate over embryo use

Click. First US Case Of Sexually Transmitted Typhoid

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 
Paul Gauguin 1888

Click. Archeologists have identified the oldest city in the Americas, a massive 4,600-year-old urban center called Caral in the Supe River valley of Peru.

Leonard Nimoy is rumored to be directing the next Star Trek movie and reports suggest he may also make an appearance as Mr. Spock in the film. Click.

Click. Animators create "virtually" human characters

Click. E-marketing on a Shoestring 

April 26, 2001  

Click. Pentagon Predicted Peru Tragedy

Click. Bush stance on Taiwan creates stir 

Click. China warns U.S. over Bush remarks China said today that already badly strained relations with Washington were damaged even further by President Bush's blunt warning about America's will to defend Taiwan.

Click. Germans' Wealth Restricted to Small Group

Click. Marin D.A. and opponent trade accusations

Click. Marin graduate wanted in SLA case on the run for 25 years MORE: Click.

Click. World Bank bonds are bought by institutional investors, trade union pension funds, and university endowments. This gives us a powerful tool to exert influence over an institution promoting an unsustainable model of globalization.

Click. Bush in a China shop

Click. Microsoft security fixes infected with FunLove virus Is this the worst security screw up ever?

Click. Police seize 45 Mafia suspects in three states MORE. Click. Mob Takes A Big Hit

Click. Cartoons Aren't Just for Boys

Click. From NASA to Web Savant

Click. An unmanned U.S. spy plane capable of spotting a raft in the ocean from 61,000 feet is being tested off the coast of Australia.

Click. Libertarian, or Just Bizarro? The director of tech studies at the libertarian Cato Institute is calling for "splinternets," or parallel Internets that wouldn't have to deal with nuisances such as government regulations.

Click. Parole officials see treatment for Downey more likely than punishment

Click. Jury views car in Vallejo child kidnap case

Click. Shayler vows to put state on trial Renegade MI5 agent David Shayler has arrived at court promising to put the British state on trial. 

Click. Studies aim to dispel an AIDS-polio theory There is no evidence to support the explosive theory that careless American polio researchers set off the worldwide AIDS epidemic by transferring the virus from chimpanzees to humans in the 1950s, according to four studies to be published tomorrow.

Click. World Trade Organization agreement aims at privatizing public services

Airborne Laser (ABL) program destroying Scud-type theater ballistic missiles during their launch phase. The Air Force program would mount a chemical laser aboard a modified Boeing 747-400F freighter. The system would generate a laser beam that would be fired at launching missiles from a rotating turret in the nose of the aircraft. RW and Lockheed Martin
Source: Airborne Laser

Hail Koizumi. A New Day for Japan. Click.


Click. Indian programmer wins suit against US firm  San Francisco: Foreign technology workers who can prove they are working in the US under illegal, harsh contracts can make their recruiters pay their legal fees, a judge has ruled. The attorney who represented the Indian programmer who brought the case is saying he's about to bring lawsuits on behalf of hundreds of foreign workers laboring under such agreements.

Click. Journalists protest gag order preventing journalists from reporting on gag order

Click. S.F. District Attorney won't fight venue change in dog attack trial

Plasma bullets could save sight. Click.

Click. Artificial Lung On The Horizon, Reports University Of Pittsburgh Researcher At International Society For Heart And Lung Transplantation Meeting

Click. A "Four-Piston Engine" Drives Earth From The Inside, New Study Shows

Click. Laser Treatment Reduces Scarring After Heart Attack

Click. Researchers Develop White Wine With Cholesterol-Lowering Benefits, Discover Israeli Wines Healthier Than French Wines

Click. Effective Acne Treatments Remain Elusive, Hopkins Researchers Find

Click. Drug helps shy children, study finds. Luvox is recommended only if therapy fails

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 
Paul Gauguin 1888

Click. Females trick males into long-term relationships, say scientists.

Click. Roman armor of Hadrian's Guard discovered More: Click.

Click. Disney buys Shyamalan supernatural thriller

Click. Cartoons Aren't Just for Boys

Click. Journalists protest gag order preventing journalists from reporting on gag order

April 25, 2001  

Neither the CIA nor the Pentagon will reveal the name of the company hired by the CIA for aerial interdiction duties in Peru, saying such information is classified. Click.

Click. Japanese maverick grabs reins Japan's next prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, promises tough love for the country.

Click. New Leader In Japan Wants Right To Wage War

Click. FBI Busts Russian Hacking Ring

Click. Bush defies China with Taiwan deal Beijing warns of retaliatory action against the US over arms package.

How Israel Uses U.S. Weapons to Threaten Our Troops. Click.

Click. Defense secretary given 90 more days to unload stock

Click. Wall Street downgrades California's bonds

Click. Suspect in shooting belies stereotypes. San Jose woman viewed as good-natured

Click Euros Continue Echelon Probe

Click.  How PR opinion-shapers undermine environmental protection

Click. All Porn, All the Time An interview with investigative reporter Gary Webb about the "post-censorship generation."

X-FILE! What is happening at the South Pole? Click.

Click. NSF Ships To Probe Biological Enigmas Of The Frozen Southern Ocean

Click. Secret Night Camera Exposes Skull & Bones Rituals

Click. Colombia Deports Cocaine Convict

Click. SuperBra offers support, easy access The SuperBra is the world's only combined brassiere and firearm holster, designed by a female security specialist for female gun owners who had been resigned to carry their personal weapon in a purse or waist pack.

Click. Jurors in Curtis Dean Anderson trial watch videotape

Click. Board will investigate Sunol's superintendent The escalating rancor between school officials in this tiny district reached a boiling point Tuesday night, as the board voted to investigate school Superintendent and Principal Diane Everett.

Click. S.F. considers rescinding its Sunol quarry arrangement

Click. Alameda County supervisor Haggerty eyes Assembly seat  

Retrenched dot-com workers are finding an unlikely shelter from the economic downturn: the porn industry. Click.


"It's very important for folks to understand that when there's more trade, there's more commerce." —Quebec City, Canada, April 21, 2001

"Neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican."—Declining to answer reporters' questions at the Summit of the Americas, Quebec City, Canada, April 21, 2001 

"We must have the attitude that every child in America—regardless of where they're raised or how they're born—can learn."—New Britain, Conn., April 18, 2001

"It is time to set aside the old partisan bickering and finger-pointing and name-calling that comes from freeing parents to make different choices for their children."—Remarks on "parental empowerment in education," Washington, D.C., April 12, 2001  

"This administration is doing everything we can to end the stalemate in an efficient way. We're making the right decisions to bring the solution to an end."—Washington, D.C., April 10, 2001

"The Senate needs to leave enough money in the proposed budget to not only reduce all marginal rates, but to eliminate the death tax, so that people who build up assets are able to transfer them from one generation to the next, regardless of a person's race." —Washington, D.C., April 5, 2001 

Click. Presidency of dunces


Click. "No such agency" The author of a pioneering work on the NSA delivers a new book of revelations about its mysterious cover ups, eavesdropping and secret missions.

Click. LOCKERBIE: Baggage handler says American agents used Pan American Airlines to smuggle drugs
4/25/01The claims made on the eve of the Lockerbie trial by Roland O'Neill, from Frankfurt, could throw allegations that Libya was behind the bombing into complete disarray. It would also seriously undermine the position of the Scottish prosecution team which is preparing the criminal case against Abdel Basset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah. 

Click. Reward offered for arrest of last SLA fugitive, James Kilgore.  MORE: Click.

Click. Quadriplegic Gets Pig Cell Injection.


Click. Doctors Find Early-Warning Indicator For Autism

Click. "Synthetic Life" -- Scripps Research Institute Scientists Make Bacteria Do What Nature Doesn't

Click. Countering The Body's Own Harmful Response To Stroke

Click. Study Clarifies Brain Mechanisms Of Cocaine's High

Click. Research Improves Treatment Of Bladder Cancer

Click. Autism's huge increase pushes hunt for causes California shattered its record for new autism cases as 700 additional children and young adults registered at regional centers during the first three months of 2001.

Click. Babies who later develop autism or retardation could be treated from birth, suggests new research.

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 
Paul Gauguin 1888

Click. Witch casts spell to protect Nessie

Click. I'm all woman, says Miss France

Click. Gays protest choice for GOP faith summit. Anaheim minister once urged quarantine of AIDS patients

Click. The Dangers of Boozing and Banking

Click. Lucas Shoots for 'Stars' With Digital

Click. Early Shrine Found Under Site of Jesus' Grave

April 24, 2001  

CBS News has learned the crew of a CIA surveillance plane, flown under the name of a front company, witnessed and recorded a Peruvian jet shooting down a plane carrying missionaries mistaken for drug couriers. Click.

Click. CIA Error Led to Downing of Aid Plane

Click. Russia tries US student for drugs, amid spy hints

Click. Police seek motive for fatal shooting at San Jose school bus yard

Click. When money and hatred undermine the First Amendment By Martin A. Lee

"It appears, as new facts emerge, that the vast power of the state was used to destroy him." Click.

Click. Putin is out to get me Vladimir Gusinsky, the once-mighty Russian media magnate whose empire is being dismantled by the Russian government, believes President Putin is building a totalitarian state.

Click. Gangster No 1 For 37 years, mafiosi Bernardo Provenzano has been on the run, masterminding the ruthless activities of the Cosa Nostra from safehouses in the Sicilian mountains. But finally the net is beginning to tighten around the man they call the Accountant.

Plum Island Lab In Foot-and-Mouth Frontline. Click.

Click. Debating the Ban on Virtual Porn

Click. Brand New ABM Fraud by Al Martin


Click. Big Blue's Big Brother Lab
Imagine knowing the name of every single person who lived in this world. One of IBM's lab scientists shows how existing technology could make this scenario possible.

Click. IBM Bets a Billion on Informix The world's largest computer maker will pay cash for the database software business.

Click. Big Blue Wages Open Warfare

Click. IBM's Open Systems Arsenal

Click. IBM's e-Marketplace Gamble

Click. E-ink invention Electronic paper comes a step closer.

Click.  A federal jury concluded that former Chicago Police Officer Joseph Miedzianowski was a crooked cop for much of his 22-year police career.

Click. 8-year old girl testifies against man accused of kidnapping, molestation

Click. Vallejo girl testifies in kidnapping trial. 8-year-old tells of sexual assault without crying, though her father leaves courtroom

Sonoma County authorities criticized the governor and state attorney general on Monday for being unresponsive to their pleas for help in uncovering how gang-related street crimes are being orchestrated from behind bars at Pelican Bay State Prison. Click.   FOR MORE. Click. 

Click. FBI raids Seattle media center after security leak 

Click. The Sacramento branch of the NAACP on Monday said it plans to investigate the alleged beating of a 17-year-old African American scholar-athlete by two white sheriff's deputies during a traffic.

Click. New Research Confirms That Natural Selection Is Acting On The Current Human Population

Click. Mutated Clotting Gene Raises Risk Of Heart Disease In Blacks, Not Whites

Ancient tree stumps uncovered in a South American earthquake have provided an unprecedented weather record from 50,000 years ago. Click.

Click. Blood Medicine May Ease Cocaine Withdrawal

Click. Mom's Warmth Influences Kid's Ability To Get Along With Others

Click. Yale Physicists First To Create A "Squeezed State" Of Atoms, Which Could Lead To Improved Sensitivity Of Navigation Systems Used On Planes And Ships

Click. Scientists Identify First Factor That Enables Parasite To Infect Humans

Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence. Click.

The Power Of Yoga It bends. It stretches. It turns you into a human pretzel. But can the power of yoga really cure what ails you? Click.

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 
Paul Gauguin 1888

Philip K. Dick had many academic champions. How did he return the favor? By denouncing them to the FBI. Click.

Click. The soul of Hart "Dazzler'' is a hyped-up title - it sounds like it needs an exclamation point - for the biography of a man most people know for his collaboration with others: as George S. Kaufman's co-writer, or as Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews' director, or even as Kitty Carlisle's husband.

Click. Small Tribe Founded Europe New genetics research claims Europeans are much more recently descended from a small band of Africans than previously believed.

The myth of matriarchal prehistory.

Click. Once Thought Extinct, Siamese Crocodile Is Photographed In Thailand

April 23, 2001

Click. Foot-Mouth Disease Could Spread To U.S. President Bush's top environmental official said on Sunday that the highly contagious foot-and-mouth disease could strike in the U.S.

Click. The US jungle drugs watch

War on Drugs: Military Perspectives and Problems Click.

Click. Brazil's top drug lord arrested in Colombia


Click. Jimmy Carter: Peru could give US a lesson on how to hold elections.

Bilderberg agenda was partially revealed. The Trilateral Commission held its annual three-day meeting behind closed doors in history-rich London. The subject for all sessions was how to achieve world government as quickly, quietly and efficiently as possible. Click.


Click. Duke of Argyll dies

Click. Triumphs, troubles shape generations Prescott Bush paved moderate path for son and grandson; wounded by friend's betrayal, he put high price on loyalty.

Click. Quebec Crackpots?

Click. Teacher recalls 'six years of hell' Six years ago, Neil Shumate entered San Quentin amidst the spittle and curses of fellow inmates who recognized him. Last week, he walked out of prison to begin a second life -- as a new grandfather, reconciled husband and registered sex offender.

Click. Curtis Dean Anderson trial begins today in Vallejo

Click. Calpine plans to provide one out of every 10 megawatts in the US.

Click. Women in tech fields see gender as a professional handicap



Click. Top US lawyer seeks mobile-phone cancer cash

Click. Is this the end of corporate porn? Internet Savior - or Big Brother?

Backlogs at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department crime lab have forced police departments across the region to use expensive, private facilities to analyze DNA evidence. Click.

Click. Groups to offer global e-commerce conduct code

Click. Canada's 'COINTELPRO' revealed: RCMP spies haunted local campuses for years

Click. Workplace Stress And Fear Of Lay-Offs Can Lead To Increased Rates Of Worker Illness And Injury

Click. Scientists propose using HIV virus to smuggle in a cancer cure

Click. Interview: Brain Transplant Pioneer "With the significant improvements in surgical techniques and postoperative management since then, it is now possible to consider adapting the head transplant technique to humans."

Click. Intelligent Nanostructures Report On Environment -- "Nanoskin" May Aid In Inhabiting Mars

Click. Statins Reduce Levels Of Protein Linked To Inflammation, Heart Attack And Stroke

Click. HIV Nef Protein Plays Both Offense And Defense In Battle Between AIDS Virus And Body's Immune System

Click. Chronic Periodontal Disease Could Lead To Diabetes

Putting children to the test: Clinical drug trials on babies and youths can save lives. But drug trials are always risky, posing a dilemma for parents. Click.

JoBreton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, Paul Gauguin 1888

Click. Deadheads May Not Be Grateful launches Monday amid dozens of already-existing websites dedicated to the Grateful Dead. The new site is headed by his third wife and will showcase never-before-seen art created by Jerry. But is it rightfully hers to control?

Dostoevsky could "touch God" during seizures. Are our deepest religious feelings just affects of the limbic brain bubbling up into consciousness? Click.

Click. Elephants' famously long memories could be the key to their families' survival. 

April 22, 2001  

Nasty Job for Task Force 399. U.S. Special Forces are about to join Thailand's war on drugs from Burma; a tense border and geopolitical pressures complicate their mission. Click.

Click. US Aided Peru Shootdown of American Aid Plane

Click. U.S. On Alert For Smallpox Terror Attack The U.S. government has ordered 40 million doses of smallpox vaccine from a British company in a sign of the growing alarm that terrorists could unleash lethal viruses in future battles against Western states.

Click. Europe in Space: Overtaking the Cold Warriors Representatives of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company and the Russian Aeronautics and Space Agency agree to pool resources on several projects.

Authors claim Rudolf Hess had a double. Click.

Click. Trade off for summer power could be increased pollution
Pollution regulators worry a surge in emergency diesel generator use in this summer of predicted power outages is going to spew tons more pollution into the skies, and slow California's struggle to clean its air.


Click. Powerful alliance aids Bushes' rise Financier George Herbert Walker provided money and support for the climb to power.

Click. Spy bugs found in Whitehall

Click. Vietnam Communist Party chooses moderate new leader


An interesting read already leaked to the Internet...FTAA – NEGOTIATING GROUP ON INVESTMENT:



Click. USS Iowa returns to San Francisco for first time since 1951

Click. Unmanned airplane takes off on attempt to cross Pacific

Click. Restoration of S.F. Bay inches closer

Click. Another side of Silicon Valley

Click. Napster To Take Fingerprints


Click. FBI shelved hunch about Russian spy in agency. Search focused instead on finding infiltrator in CIA

Click. States pay price as sex criminals stay locked up. Cost estimated at $180,000 a year per prisoner, including legal fees

US pursues AIDS-drug profit abroad As jubilation swept the world AIDS community last week following the pharmaceutical industry's capitulation in a bitter dispute over anti-AIDS drug prices in South Africa, one party deeply involved in the drama escaped criticism: the US government.

Click. How Just Is Our Military Justice?

Click. STIMULATING NEURAL GROWTH. Using a motorized device to slowly pull connected neurons away from each other, the Penn researchers have discovered that the connecting nerve fibers, called axons, grow longer in response to the strain. In addition, the researchers have grown these elongated nerve fibers directly on a dissolvable membrane, ready-made for transplant.

Click. Lurking ticks can transmit bacteria When Sharon Furrer returned from a day of hiking at Suisun Marsh in February and found a tick in her 21/2-year-old son's ear, she figured her doctor would know what to do.

RACHITT: Shuffling towards highly evolved genes.  Click.

Click. Solar-charged cell phones.

Click. Researchers want wasps that prey on pests to reproduce

John the Baptist, Leonardo Da Vinci

Click. Exploration of vernal pools serves as Earth Day symbol On Saturday -- John Muir's birthday and the start of Earth Day celebrations -- a group of nature lovers set off from Mather Regional Park in Rancho Cordova to take a closer look at the vernal pools Muir found so dazzling in April 1869.

April 20, 2001  

Click. State prepares for energy costs that could hit $100 million a day

Click. California to get three new Mormon Temples


Click. Two indicted in mail bombing that killed teen at San Jose home

Click. Grape debate splits state An unusual international trade argument is cracking California's table grape industry along north and south lines.

Click. D.C. Culture: Clean? How About Mercenary

Click. NO WOMEN'S SEAT AT THE PRESIDENT'S TABLE George Bush should have continued the progress achieved in providing women a seat at the policy making table. But he chose to turn off the phones and close down the White House Office of Women's Initiatives and Outreach.

A federal grand jury has issued sweeping indictments that accuse the "Nuestra Familia" prison gang of orchestrating killings and street crime across Northern California from behind bars at Pelican Bay State Prison. Click.

Click. Tipped by a wary probation officer, police in San Jose have arrested a registered sex offender who they say enticed three young boys into his home and photographed them.

Click. Police yesterday arrested a 27-year-old San Jose man with a history of sex offenses on suspicion of crawling through the window of a home and attempting to kidnap a 7-year-old girl. Click for more news

Click. Mysterious Masonic desk keeps its secrets

PANIC EXPECTED IN THE GOLD MARKET? by Sherman Skolnick. Click.

Federal Reserve banks destroyed records related to the trust assets of an estimated 300,000 American Indians throughout the country. Click.

Click. Treasury ordered accountable for Fed Just two days after the Department of Treasury was able to convince a court-investigator it had no control over actions of the Federal Reserve, the agency is now being ordered to make sure it does. The court-appointed investigator in the trust fund lawsuit on Thursday issued an order requiring the Treasury to make sure the Fed preserves all trust related documents.

Click. Euro-Imperium: The New Rome

Click. Bush Daughter Off Limits Online Yale University forces a student newspaper to delete an article on the president's daughter. So much for free speech.

Click. Pentagon urges ambitious plan for missile defense


Click. Judge rules that past council members liable in Rampart cases

Click. Grey-market dealers celebrate legal victory

Click. U.S. District Judge Charles Legge is leaving the bench after 17 years to join a private mediation firm.

Click. Women-owned firms get tiny share of federal contracts 



Click. The day before an Indianapolis man went on trial Friday for dealing 20 kilos of cocaine, prosecutors learned they had a big problem: the evidence was missing.

Click. Drug lords join trade in rare animals

Our minds evolved not as survival machines, but as courtship machines. Click.

Napster turns to digital fingerprints

Click. Aptos survivor of amoeba baffles scientific world. Virulent organism lies dormant in man's brain
No one knows why Hayden Dryden survived an attack by the same rare amoeba that killed a Rohnert Park toddler earlier this month and an Orange County boy in March.


Click. Workers Mired in E-mail Wasteland

Click. Is Foot and Mouth Disease Industrial Espionage?

Click. The foot-and-mouth battle is won, but now the trade war begins Britain's meat and livestock exports will be knocked out for three years by foot-and-mouth disease.

Massive Chinese dust cloud sweeps across the U.S.A. Click.

John the Baptist, Leonardo Da Vinci


Click. Three Days in Vegas  A stripper, a nerd, and his ten thousand dollars, in Wayne Wang's "The Center of the World," based on a story by Paul Auster. 

Screaming manager needs training. Click.

Click. Latest Attack on Fritz Springmeier 

April 19, 2001  

Click. Martial-Law Option Studied As Response To Foot-Mouth Disease Minnesota state officials might ask the Minnesota Legislature for authority to declare martial law in Minnesota counties or regions if foot-and-mouth disease strikes livestock herds.

Why they hate china.  Click.

State and federal disease control experts are trying to determine if a deadly amoeba caused the death of a 3-year-old Rohnert Park girl. Click.

Sonoma County District Attorney Mike Mullins, who has come under fire for pursuing medical marijuana cases, said Thursday he will try to establish guidelines that could result in fewer prosecutions. Click.

Click. Bill Gates Tells All

Click. THE WOMAN IN THE FRONT ROW - by Cindy Ross 

Click.  North Korea may also have biological weapons in addition to chemical weapons, says Deputy CIA Director John McLaughlin.

Click. Corus launches MOJO format 'for guys only'

Lockerbie. Foreign Devil by Cockburn Click.

Click. Bush's dangerous Mideast policy

Click. Biology Yearns to Be Free Should big companies have the exclusive ability to look at the molecular machinery that makes us tick? Scientists at the Molecular Science Laboratory in Berkeley ponder possible answers.

NY Observer Penetrates Secret Skull And Bones Rites. Click

Click. Attorney general taking two energy companies to court

DNA printing for children at the local Safeway? Click.


Click. Firing blanks? US military plans to use airborne lasers against enemy missiles could have a serious flaw.

Click. Linking Records Raises Risks A government oversight agency believes there are under-examined privacy risks in the practice of freely combining research data from public projects.

Click. Hacktivists Target Trade Summit



Attention Wal-Mart workers: Please do not report injuries. Click.

Click. Accused teen gunman draws support from around nation



Click. FBI Crashes Parody Party The author of a faux "Trenchcoat Mafia" website says the feds paid him a surprise visit Thursday morning. The agents purportedly failed to see the humor in his Columbine rip off and were looking for explosives.

Click. Breakthrough in 'superbug' battle Scientists in Japan report an important advance in the fight against dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.

Click. The children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange during the war in south-east Asia may well be at greater risk of contracting leukemia, a new study has suggested.

Click. Mother Is Just Another Face In The Crowd To Autistic Children

Click. Miniature Unmanned Planes Descend On Arctic For Research

Click. With An Eye On Safety, UF Experts Explore Cellular Mechanisms Of Gene Therapy

Click. Form Of Cholesterol Singled Out As Cause Of Chest Pain, Heart Attack

Click. Bug uncovered: Genetic blueprints for two antibiotic-resistant superbugs are sequenced, raising hopes and fears.

John the Baptist, Leonardo Da Vinci

Princeton unseals Lindbergh documents. Controversial manuscripts written by Charles and Anne Lindbergh on the eve of World War II and thousands of letters in response to them were unsealed by Princeton University earlier this month. Click.

Click. The Man Who Saved Blogging?

April 18, 2001    

Click. Iranian Scud Attack Raises War Fears

Click. Deep-Burrowing Nukes Would Destabilize Globe

Click. Discrimination lawsuit filed over California voting systems  

Click. Hainan Dim-Sum: Feeding a Bully's Sinister Agenda

Click. NASA unveils new "X" plane built for hypersonic flight

Click. Man who hacked NASA computers arrested again on wire fraud charges

Click. Making HAL Your Pal What happens when artificial intelligence becomes far smarter than humans? What will keep it friendly?

Click. MS Office Helper Not Dead Yet

Russia is Finished. Click.


Stock option tax hits hard. Click.


Click. Marin District Attorney Paula Kamena and challenger Thomas Van Zandt engaged in their first face-to-face duel last night in a turbulent forum marked by harsh accusations, outbursts from the audience and a door-slamming exit by a disgruntled protester.

Click. Kamena's Guidelines And The Recall - By Reverend Lynnette Shaw

Click. Kamena Kayoed By Recall Election - By Stephen Simac

Click. Alternative to Kamena Emerges - By Louis Nuyens

Click. THE WOMAN IN THE FRONT ROW - by Cindy Ross 

Click. Court Case Ensnares Marin's First Female District Attorney - By Jim Scanlon

Click.  Jury selection began Wednesday in the trial of Curtis Dean Anderson, accused of kidnapping and molesting an 8-year-old girl in August.

Click. FAMILIES FIGHT FEARS OF INFECTION Medication given at school after teen's death Livermore--Nearly 1,300 students and their parents streamed into the Livermore High School gym Wednesday, nervous but calm as they lined up to take a meningitis-fighting drug.

Click. Jury selection begins in girl's kidnap case Vallejo -- Jury selection began Wednesday in the trial of Curtis Dean Anderson, accused of kidnapping and molesting an 8-year-old girl in August.

QUEBEC CITY - On the eve of an international summit marked by the tightest security in Canadian history, police arrested six men they say were headed for the Summit of the Americas armed with a cache of explosive materials. Click.

Click. The Day Democracy Died in Russia 

Click. Program to Help Small Farmers Now Virtually Run by Industry

How I lost it all online. Click.

Slavery and South East London. Click.


Click. Drug firms concede S. Africa's right to cheap drugs

Click. Report Faults INS For Loss Of Weapons, Computers Agency officials could not account for more than 61,000 items worth about $70 million; ''The fact that INS weapons ended up in the hands of criminals is cause for serious concern.''

Click. Federalist Society becomes a force in Washington.

Click. Carrying a razor blade on school grounds isn't illegal, but it should be, says a state appellate court.

Federal sites fall short of protecting privacy. Click.

Is FCC quelling free speech? Click.

Click. Activists: More Slaves Today Than Ever Before


Click. Implanting ear tubes - an operation done on hundreds of thousands of toddlers each year - does not appear to improve their speech and learning development and may not be worth the risks and the cost, a study suggests.

Click. Artificial heart set for test

Click. NASA Prepares For First Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Flight

Click. USGS Issues Wildlife Health Alert For Foot-And-Mouth Disease

Click. Researchers Link Failed Cell Division, Alzheimer's Disease

Click. Three Statin Drugs Found To Reduce New Marker Of Heart Disease

Click. Cancer Virus In Sheep May Provide Clues To Understanding Human Lung Cancer, According To Hutchinson Center Study

Click. Mars Mission Takes Shape in Arctic

Click. Microsoft in Security Snafu

Click. Hunting on Grid World

Click. The Beast of Complexity

John the Baptist, Leonardo Da Vinci

Click. King Arthur Was Really A Russian, Say Slavs 'New Chronology' a Russian attempt at rewriting history; rejects orthodox dating and makes a welter of fantastic claims.

Click. Red Wine Could Help Treat AIDS And Cancer Red wine could provide the inspiration for new ways to treat AIDS, sleeping sickness, heart disease and cancer, and even to rejuvenate blood and skin.

Click. Bees brighter than we knew, study finds. They pass cognitive tests usually given apes, people

April 17, 2001  


Click. General Singlaub's opinion General has ''some concern'' that we ''may have given them words they can manipulate in psychological warfare better than we do.''

Click. Report: Government Tracks Visitors To Its Web Sites People who log onto dozens of federal government Web sites may be unknowingly tracked despite a privacy policy forbidding it.

Click. Commentary On The Latest McVeigh Confessions by Joel Skousen

Click. Great Expectations: The Red Herring 100 for 2001 Presenting the most important private and public companies in the world: companies that, despite the downturn, are either disrupting existing markets or creating new ones altogether.

Click. Clergy checks urged to protect children The Catholic Church is told by an independent committee that police should vet all clergy to prevent child abuse.

Click. Gov. Davis names Freeman as chief energy adviser

Click. The Spy Who Lost Me. Call James Bond. More than 200 laptops of British Intelligence officers, most carrying classified information, have been lost since 1997. Now Q has devised a smarter laptop, one in which lost hard drives will self-destruct.

Yale press goes online: The collections of Yale University Press, a 90-year-old publishing house, will now be available. Click. Included are thousands of works of poetry, history, literature, economics and language previously unavailable on the Web.

Click. Families Allege Columbine Cover-Up

Click. P3P's Big Test Microsoft says it can keep personal information private.

Click. SPEEDLE. It can email web pages to people and rates them at the same time.

Click. Russia’s devoted secret servant She was Donald Maclean’s secret lover. For years she ran rings round the Gestapo and FBI, but was too headstrong for her Soviet masters. Geoffrey Elliott on the pain.

Click. One year after the merger, Exxon Mobil is a well-oiled machine that is pumping profits.

Click. Novartis to Pigs: Keep Your Kidneys The Swiss drug giant scaled back pig-to-human transplant research last month.

Tobias Schneebaum pushed the parameters of anthropology (and reality) about as far as they can be pushed. Click.


Click. S an Francisco lawyer accused of insider trading

Click. Witnesses Cannot Testify Anonymously. Justices decline to alter California fair-trial decision

Click. Plea of No Contest To Child Porn Charges A computer consultant pleaded no contest yesterday in federal court to child-pornography charges after authorities found the material while searching his computer in connection with a murder case.

The Supreme Court will decide whether work-related ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back injuries are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Click.

Click. Antisense Treatment Promising For Deadly Brain Tumors

Click. Vitamin-Like Substance Leads To Dramatic Improvements In Patients With Muscular Disorder

Click. Nitrate In Drinking Water Increases Risk For Bladder Cancer

Click. Merlin Tells When To Grow And When To Stop

Click. New Model Of IQ Development Accounts For Ways That Even Small Environmental Changes Can Have A Big Impact, While Still Crediting The Influence Of Genes

Click. Shape Shifters

A US hospital has started an unusual organ-donation program: Donate one of your kidneys to a stranger, and your loved one will move up on the waiting list. Click.

Click. Behind Enemy Lines

I and the Village, Chagal

The ribald court jester is a universal creature, as happy near the throne of a Chinese emperor as in Renaissance England. Click.

Click. Berkeley author wins Pulitzer  

April 16, 2001  

Click. US Troops Join Thai Drug War

Click. Mideast Violence Escalates All Over

Ashcroft: Let's Sell Christ.  Click.

Rising Sun. Japan Awakens. Click.

Click. US carrier 'heading towards China'

Click. Say You're Sorry There's a new voice in China, and neither Washington nor Beijing may like it. 

Japan's floundering economy. Click.

Beyond the New World Order. Click.

Click. Saddam Uses Foot And Mouth Ruse To Rebuild Bio-War Plant

Click. An outing at the Gulag Lithuanian park tells dark history of Soviet occupation.

Click. Russians Create 'Artificial Human Brain' The neuro-computer is based on the workings of the human brain cell and can out perform previous brain models.

Click. Swedes embrace high-tech devices for smarter living

Click. South Africa is the first country to license a human blood substitute for use in surgery.

Click. U.S.-China: Why The Game Is Really Just Starting Both countries are headed for additional military showdowns.

In just a few days, every publicly traded company will need to provide data to the Securities Exchange commission in XML. Some will be ready for the change from SGML, some will  not. Click..

Click. Keeping health care if job ends

Click. Renters insurance -- issues, answers

Click. North Bay gay rights group to oversee estate

Click. Passing Along the Cost. Many Bay Area businesses resort to surcharges to survive

Click. Broadcasting Charting its past, present and digital future

Does the world need little tiny Palm printers? Click.

Click. To reduce the wave of female bashing, the National Organization for Women is moving its message boards to a fee-based website.

A database housing about 22 million records of immigrant arrivals through New York Harbor from 1892 to 1924 will be made available to the public at Ellis Island and on the Internet. Click.

Click. The Ecstasy Therapist Richard Doblin, PhD, is committed to proving what he knows: that ecstasy and other psychedelic drugs are therapeutic powerhouses.

Click. Our Aging Eyes. At an age when life starts to seem a little clearer, presbyopia, a widely deliberated disorder, blurs the picture

Click. Doctors Test New Surgery on Presbyopia A maverick Texas ophthalmologist has been making waves with a new surgical procedure that he claims can reverse the loss of vision that comes with age.

Click. University Of Pittsburgh Surgeons First In U.S. To Use Zeus Robot During Cardiac Bypass Surgery On A Beating Heart

Click. Ancient Climate Excursion Linked To A Rare Anomaly In Earth's Orbit

Click. Small holes in the heart may be to blame for the most severe migraines.

Click. Pill 'cuts bowel cancer by a fifth'

I and the Village, Chagal

Click. Redheads 'are Neanderthal'

Click. Oxford's dons make millions

Click. Carving out the forgotten Rome of Michelangelo

April 15, 2001   

Click. PG&E Took Hard Line, Dooming State Talks.  Secret plan shows utility demanded less regulation PG&E's bailout talks with Gov. Gray Davis fell apart after the utility demanded unprecedented freedom from regulatory oversight and the ability to pass along huge rate increases to consumers.

Click. The surveillance state of Great Britain

Click. Looking ahead to a more Asian-influenced America

Click. Pentagon hawks make China chief enemy in new cold war

Click. A FINE PLACE CALLED WASHINGTON One Town, Two Images by David Corn

Click. MADE IN CHINA Corporate Pacifism Reigns Supreme.


Click. Prison Rape -- A Crime That Mostly Goes Unpunished. Few legal remedies exist for inmates molested behind bars

Click. Foreign species seize share of U.S. habitat Arriving in shipping crates and ballast tanks, accidental intruders threaten native plants and animals and cost billions of dollars each year to control.

Click. Congregation X Rocks the Mission. Cornerstone markets new-time religion

Click. Mexican E-Merchants to tap cross-border money flow

Click. Oakley, California -- Police are investigating an 11-year-old girl's report that a man and woman tried to lure her into their truck as she walked to a friend's house Friday morning.

Click. Mick Jagger and Robert Redford fight to be the first to bring Che Guevara's life story to the silver screen.

Click. Jim Bell's Show Trial.

Click. Soros Says Split Up Yugoslavia

The rise in paramilitary policing. Click.

Click. Israel Developing Guided Tank Shell


His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:
And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.
Matthew 28:3-4

Click. Heavenly music on earth.

Click. Former CEO has become a spiritual guide Silicon Valley is not about the money. At least not to the Rev. John H. Huntington, the first "missioner to Silicon Valley'' of the Episcopal Church. 

April 14, 2001  

Opening the Door National-security insiders say strategies from the Reagan Doctrine, a factor in the fall of the Soviet Union, could be borrowed to pry open the Chinese political-control system and clear the way to freedom for the Chinese people. Click.

Click. US delegaton to accuse China of aggression in talks A Pentagon-led delegation will accuse China next week of aggressive and dangerous interception and tracking of American reconnaissance planes.

Click. Mercy killing condemned by Germans

Click. German Jews criticize neo-nazi Easter marches

LIE OF THE DAY! Click. Gov. Davis promises crisis won't cost voters "one penny"

Click. SLA bomb-plot trial to be televised

Click. Judge Denies Olson Delay -- Trial To Begin April 30

Click. Fraud may have cost US up to $1bn The American government may have been defrauded out of up to US$1 billion by European construction companies that undertook work laid out in the 1977 Camp David peace accord.

Click. Boeing unveils new investment in Russia.

Has Dirty Money Polluted BNY? The Bank of New York’s chairman/CEO and its board of directors are being sued for their alleged involvement in the laundering of billions of dollars stolen from Russia. Click.

IRS Boss Snagged Clinton Waiver Charles Rossotti held on to millions of dollars of stock in AMS, which has huge contracts with the IRS, but got a midnight waiver of conflict-of-interest rules from the Clinton team. Click.

Click. NASA researchers developing new system for aircraft


Click. CIA Nerve War

Click.  Aid workers in Benin await the arrival of a ship carrying up to 250 suspected slave children amid threats of action against their parents.

Click. Official took job after aid for casino In his last months as a ranking official in the Clinton administration, Michael J. Anderson made a pivotal decision in favor of the St. Regis Mohawk Indian tribe in a multibillion-dollar dispute over casino gambling, then left office for a job working on behalf of the tribe's gaming interests.

Click. Judge won't dismiss Hearst Corp. from Chronicle purchase suit

Menlo Man Arraigned In Child Molest Case. Click.

Click. New lawyer says Knoller and Noel are victims of `spin machine`

Click. Grand Jury Transcript Temporarily Sealed in Dog Mauling Case


Click. For three months, National Post reporter Mary Vallis went undercover to join the anti-globalization forces in their preparations to disrupt the Summit of the Americas in Quebec. 

A former Amityville man allegedly masterminded the ring that used corrupt Federal Express workers to distribute 100 tons of marijuana. Click.

Click. Drug King Pin arrested

Click. Veteran Cop Charged With Molestation A sergeant who served 21 years with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department has been charged with molesting a child and possessing child pornography.

Click. Teaching Kids About Hacking

Click. Cashing In on Cyber Crime The Bush budget allocates extra funds to protect against a "cyber Pearl Harbor."


Click. Our computers, our selves Last week's Computer-Human Interaction conference unveiled a mind-boggling convergence.

Click. AOL Ends Blackout Of 'The Federalist' Conservative e-journal says report of Ted Turner comment prompted ban; AOL admits it blocked The Federalist's IP address.

Click. Livermore lab laser funding gets major boost Government agency wants to release money for controversial project despite earlier concerns about lax management.

Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth, 1948
Click to read about Wyeth

Click. The Crystal Sun By Robert Temple


STAR FIRE: The Gold of the Gods by Sir Laurence Gardner Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Click. Critters: Pets Allergic to Us, Too

April 13, 2001  

Click. Bush asks Ashcroft to 'help calm' riots

Foot And Mouth Released In Agraterrorism Attack On UK? Click.

Click. Can McVeigh Killing Be Hacked?

NEW CATASTROPHE THREATENS CHERNOBIL NUCLEAR POWER PLANT? Valentin Kupniy, the former director of “Ukriye” (“cover”) unit of Chernobil nuclear power plant, warned the community about the possibility of a new disaster in Chernobil. Click..

Mikhail Gorbachev who is now visiting Texas, called on US president George Bush Jr. to regard Russia as the US partner. The ex-president of the USSR said this on Thursday at the Texas university near Houston. Click.

Click. Yahoo decides not to sell porn

Source: Financial Times: "Serbia is preparing to launch a comprehensive privatization programmed as part of economic reforms introduced following the overthrow of former president Slobodan Milosevic [including] the sale of some 4,500 companies by tender and auction to strategic investors. Controlling stakes of up to 70% of a company's equity will be on offer to Serb and foreign investors. The remainder will go to workers. First to go are two cement plants . . . Serbia's largest cement producer, Beocin, in the northeast, has already been promised to Lafarge... Ministers hope the process of internationally financed reconstruction will generate interest."

Click. Livermore meningitis cases raise concerns When news hit this week that two cases of bacterial meningitis had popped up in Livermore schools, panicked parents flooded health department phone lines and emptied pharmacists' shelves of antibiotics.

Click. Big Bucks Sought to Help Addicts. Sen. Boxer wants to double federal money for drug treatment

Click. Two Views of Defendant In Medical Marijuana Trial. Grower portrayed as saintly, criminal

Click. S.F. Investor Leach Is Ready For Ambassador Post in France

Click. European Union Wants Global Superpower Status

Click. Court appoints lawyers for dog-mauling case

Are the Chinese Nazis? Click.


U.S. Attorney Denied Street Crimes Data Southern District U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White will have to sue if she wants to force New York City to release confidential data on the police department's Street Crimes Unit. 

Click. War driving by the Bay  Wireless hacking detailed.

Click. Sting exposed men to HIV, lawsuit claims A rural Washington police task force used a prostitute to lure men into supplying her drugs -- an undercover operation that one man claims exposed numerous people to the virus that causes AIDS.

Eric Hebborn's artistic crimes hang in the best museums in the world. And what curator would admit to having been suckered by his fakes? Click.

Click. Civil rights panel urges end to Indian sports names at schools

Click. Multi-drug resistant bacteria, or so-called superbugs, seem to have defeated one of the newest antibiotics.

Click. Bay Area biotechs are setting up in Singapore

Click. Cut back on tuna, experts urge

Click. Scientists Determine How Chemistry Keeps Weird Worms "Out Of Hot Water" At Steaming Deep-Sea Vents

Click. Three Children Cured Of Defective Immune Systems Through Unrelated Umbilical-Cord Blood Transplants At UCLA

Click. Science Paper Calls For Rapid, Pre-Emptive Slaughter Called "Ring Culling" To Combat Foot-And-Mouth Disease

Hardened arteries and heart attacks may be the price we pay for fighting off infections. Click.

New imaging technology is revealing hidden worlds -- a development with applications ranging from archaeology to medicine to fighting crime. Click.

Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth, 1948
Click to read about Wyeth

Click. MEMORIES OF A MOVEMENT. UC Berkeley holds digital archives of '60s student protest
Click. Bridget Jones arrives onscreen. Will she end up with Hugh Grant or Colin Firth?
Click. Who Haunts These Castle Walls?

Project Censored names the top stories buried by the mainstream media in 2000. Click.

How well did Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke predict the future? They nailed it, says Sun's chief technology officer. Click.

"The Veggie Van" fueled with used vegetable oil from fast food restaurants. Click.

April 12, 2001   

Click. The Sun Is Acting Up Again Attention Earthlings: Brace yourselves for a powerful geo-magnetic storm.

Click. MS Declares 'War on Hostile Code'

Click. Robotic Insect Takes to the Air


Click. Tiny new chip is giant leap Meet the chip maker of the future.

Click. Livermore Lab laser funding in limbo A U.S. Department of Energy report this week certified that the National Ignition Facility has overcome managerial flaws, but failed to address one important requirement set forth by Congress.

Click. Cosmic Golf Could Smash Cities Asteroids could be nudged out of their normal orbit to destroy enemy cities in what astronomers describe as a deadly game of “cosmic golf”.

Navy breaks ground for new Norco laboratory. The facility could play a role in developing a missile defense system. Click.

Concern heats up over Zemin's trip to see Castro. Click.

Click. Enron ordered to provide power to state's colleges



FROM RUSSIA WITH DIAMONDS. In 1995, Golden ADA Inc., a San Francisco diamond-importing firm, collapsed, unveiling an international trail of theft and betrayal.  Click.

Click. Has the Church of Satan Gone to Hell?

Click. Australia Warned On Tobacco- Crime Link

Dirty Gold in Goldman Sachs. Click.

GAGARIN WAS NOT THE FIRST COSMONAUT As 40 years have passed since Gagarin’s flight, new sensational details of this event were disclosed: Gagarin was not the first to fly to space. Click.

Click. A Great Oakland Historian To Retire. This Library veteran built top-notch collection

Click. Dog Case Attorneys Can't Pay Lawyers. Court-appointed defenders probable

Click. Cypherpunk Guilty of Stalking Jim Bell, the Internet essayist charged with stalking government agents, is convicted on two of five counts by a federal jury.

Click. Cincinnati mayor may use Guard to end unrest

Click. Computer buffs look to classics for plots

George W. Knight of Eulogia  Click.

Click. Yahoo! banks on porn sales to boost profits 

'Blow': Bad Karma -- Why the CIA Dopers Beat the Independents by Uri Dowbenko Click.

Click. Piracy Written Large - How to Steal a Country (Brasscheck).

Bilderberg to meet on Swedish Isle. Click.

Click. An international panel claims it can overrule the Supreme Court—and the United States, under NAFTA, is obligated to comply.

Click. On March 29, 2001,  it was reported that Timothy McVeigh had finally confessed to having been involved in the bombing. Why the false confession was made is a mystery.

Click. A Great Oakland Historian To Retire. This Library veteran built top-notch collection.

Click. Dog Case Attorneys Can't Pay Lawyers. Court-appointed defenders probable


Click. In Praise of Bankruptcy

Secret Courts by Larry Bolin Click.

Click. Patent-Busting Effort Gets Stranger

Click. Measure seeks to curb racial data Affirmative action opponent Ward Connerly launched a ballot initiative Wednesday to prohibit most government agencies from compiling racial data.

Click. 'Morning-after' pill gets an over-the-counter test Pharmacies in San Francisco, Marin and five other counties statewide are quietly preparing to sell the "morning-after" contraception pill to women without a prescription.

Click. Gov. Gray Davis' lawsuit against 18 school districts was put on hold by a judge yesterday until he decides whether the state has failed to provide decent learning conditions in California schools.

Click. Sun Takes Another Solar Shot, This Time At Earth

Click. NASA Demonstrates How Earth's Global Heat Engine Drives Plant Growth

Click. Rush Studying Antiangiogenic Therapy To Treat Metastatic Breast Cancer

Click. "Brainy" Students Least Likely To Engage In Risky Behaviors While "Burnouts" And "Non-Conformists" Are At Highest Risk

Click. Frailty Most Likely To Affect Women, African-Americans, And Low- Income Population

Click. Spurred By The Worldwide Fight Against Malaria, Scientists Release Parasite Genome Database

Click. Mass. General To Study Acupuncture Treatment For High Blood Pressure

Nightshift 'link' to ulcers

Click. Cactus pricks obesity problem

Viruses reproduce and evolve, but unlike bacteria, they don't breathe, eat, or excrete. In a sense, they aren't even alive. Click.

Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth, 1948
Click to read about Wyeth

A communiqué from a desperate Ernie: Free me! This plea from Ernie the Bush cat was smuggled out by a sympathetic carrier pigeon on the run from the CIA.
Click. The coming of age of a Pollyanna


Click. Gay youth should be protected, panel says

Deconstructing  high tech press releases. Click.

Click. Sex and science Are women discriminated against in the lab? Or are gender imbalances due to intellectual differences?

Harrelson's bike ride activates his passions. Click.

April 11, 2001   

Click. China Consolidates Ties With Latin America Pledges to bolster bilateral cooperation efforts with Argentina.

Click. Cato Blasts Danforth Waco Report Cato Institute study says that the final official government report on the 1993 Branch Davidian disaster in Waco, Tex.-- which exonerated federal officials from wrongdoing-- is "not supported by the factual evidence."

Prepare for Holy War, Bin Laden tells followers. Click.

UPS paid US politicians 1.2 million to win China contract. Click.

Click. Disney names Bornstein president of ABC Television

Click. Racist fliers about student election surface at UC Davis

Click Lakireddys indicted on sex counts OAKLAND -- Federal prosecutors Tuesday dramatically expanded their immigration fraud case against two sons of a wealthy Berkeley landlord, adding allegations of sex crimes involving multiple victims.

Click. Trial on Hold in Bombing That Killed 4 Black Girls

Click. Father Indicted in Alleged Molestation 40 Years Ago. Daughters accuse ex-Antioch resident A Contra Costa grand jury has indicted a 73-year-old former Antioch man who allegedly molested his daughters more than 40 years ago.

Click. The Options Play

Click. Five Patents to Watch

Click. NASA's Blank Line




Click. EMERYVILLE Schools Group Submits Recall Petitions A group of residents submitted signatures to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters yesterday for a recall election against the Emeryville School District board.


Women's prison provides bottled water for inmates. Inmates and staff at California Institution for Women are drinking bottled water because of excessive nitrates in well water piped to the facility. Click.

Click. Abuse of prescription pain relievers nearly tripled in recent years, sparked in part by a new painkiller making inroads in Illinois.

Click. Victim as Prosecutor Some observers of Jim Bell's stalking trial in Washington state are curious about whether it's ethical for the alleged victim to also be the prosecutor.

Click. UCSD Team Performs First Surgery In Gene Therapy Protocol For Alzheimer's Disease

Click. Scientists Sequence Genome Of Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever Bacterium

Click. Behavioral Therapy Effective In Treatment Of Insomnia

Click. Low Vitamin C Levels Linked To Inflammation In People With Severe Leg Artery Disease

New imaging technology is revealing hidden worlds -- a development with applications ranging from archaeology to medicine to fighting crime. Click.

Click. Join the Army, wear interesting computers and kill people. Power Computing - or the Blue Screen of Death?

Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth, 1948
Click to read about Wyeth

The barbarians aren't at the gates of our libraries. They're inside, destroying precious books, as they pad about in sensible shoes and tweed. Click.  Click for more.  Click yet more.

Click. Bodysnatchers! MS Research steals your face Weird scenes.

April 10, 2001  

Click. State fights Bush over price caps California's pleas for the Bush administration to rein in electricity prices could become more strident now that the state's largest utility is in bankruptcy court and federal authorities have put the state treasury on the hook for an additional several million dollars a day.

Federal rulings force daily costs for California electricity higher. Click.

Click. State's Financial Exposure Is a Growing Worry. DAILY LOSSES: Experts say fiscal stability at risk


Click. Hawks Beating Doves on China Crisis

The US Navy spy plane held in China was on autopilot when it collided with a Chinese fighter jet. Click.

Click. Jim Bell's Strange Day in Court The cypherpunk accused of threatening federal agents accuses his attorney of making death threats, admits stealing mail and then take the Fifth. His attorney asks for a mistrial.

Click. Fall in Biotech Stocks Rivals Dot-Com Bust

New Jack Beatty on IBM and the Holocaust—a shocking account of Big Blue's dealings with Nazi Germany—and on what the critics have failed to grasp. Click.

Click. Ressam may finger extremists in Canada U.S. prosecutors to offer reduced sentence in exchange for names of Montreal contacts.

Click. Is U.S. History Becoming History? 

Click. Panel May Rescind Resolution on Mining A committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution tomorrow to reverse earlier approval of a controversial quarry expansion on city-owned land in Sunol.

Click. Mexican drug lords end feud to form cartel

Click. The NSA-affiliated 2821 Machines List.

Click. Officials warn parents about meningitis cases Health and school workers are looking for children who may have been exposed to infected Livermore students.

Click. Sonoma Pot club's leader calls self caregiver The head of a medical marijuana buyers' club testified at his own trial Monday about his purchases of marijuana for more than 1,200 patients who considered him their caregiver.


Click. Justice Ginsburg Backs Ending Death Penalty.

Click. Anthony Correnti, a former high school music teacher arrested in January for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl, kept detailed accounts of his online courtship and seduction of children.

Click. Nelson Mandela has said he will present Tony Blair with fresh evidence supposedly clearing the Libyan intelligence officer jailed for the Lockerbie bombing.

Click. Delay fought in trial of SLA figure

Click. S .F. dog mauling case: Attorney seeking suspect's release

Click. State profilers step up when other officers get stumped Sharon Pagaling Hagan is the sole full-time member of California's Criminal Investigative Profiler unit. She is joined by a part-time colleague and a trainee. 

Click. Lab Body Parts Nearing Reality

Click. Artificial Thymus 3-D matrix mimics thymus and grows live T-cells.

Click. Turning Up the Heat on Cancer Heat-activated sacs deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to the tumor, sparing healthy cells.

Computer chips that mutate and evolve. Click.

Click. Virus in DNA is cause of mental illness?

Click. Flesh-eating' bug genome decoded

Click. UCLA/Pitt Researchers Transform Human Fat Into Bone, Muscle, Cartilage; Discovery Of First Plentiful Source Of Stem Cells Could Make Fetal Tissue Use Unnecessary

Click. Owners Willing to Foot Cloning Bill for Copied Cats. Frozen cells may produce first pet this year

Researchers hint at life from space. UC Berkeley scientist and colleagues say they have shown that organic matter could have survived the difficult ride . Click.

Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth, 1948
Click to read about Wyeth

Click. The first complete map of the drowned quarters of ancient Alexandria is revealed

Pope Pius XII - Monster who coldly left the Jews to their fate, or honest man of God who did his best in an impossible circumstance? Click.

Click. Secret wife of Bob Dylan The story is told for the first time -- the family he kept hidden from the world.

Click. Playing God Prepare to justify your soul: The long-awaited, state-of-the-art Black & White asks more of you than any other game has ever demanded.

Click. Tycoon does penance on the high sea  One of the richest and most ruthless businesswomen in Britain has given up her empire to work as a volunteer on a hospital ship in Africa.

April 9, 2001  

Click. California fights Bush over price caps California's pleas for the Bush administration to rein in electricity prices could become more strident now that the state's largest utility is in bankruptcy court and federal authorities have put the state treasury on the hook for an additional several million dollars a day.

Click. Power Grab -- Some Democrats Favor Seizing Plants With the prospect that state power buyers could burn through more than $2 billion a month this summer, some state Democratic leaders are pushing for a takeover of private power plants.

Click. Red alert for Bush as empire strike


Click. US Spy Plane Was 'Forced to Land'

Spy-plane fiasco sets off US policy struggle. Click.

Click. Van Zandt turns up campaign heat in Marin D.A. race.

Clicks. Bill Gates and other leading philanthropists are squaring off against a prestigious Harvard University group calling for wealthy nations to buy AIDS drugs for Africa and other developing nations.

Click. A teacher wins a prestigious Pirelli prize for his biology website which provides a multimedia tour of a cell.


Click. African manuscripts rewriting history Northwestern professor uncovers 16th Century writings by a black African that contradict many Western preconceptions.

Click. Little Bush and the art of war

The Latest WACO fireball. Click.

Click. Poor Readers Have Gotten Worse, U.S. Study Shows ''After spending $125 billion ... over 25 years, we have virtually nothing to show for it... Fewer than a third of fourth-graders can read at grade level.''

Lockheed gets more US tax dollars than any other defense contractor so why are they selling surveillance equipment to China. Click.

The number of women top earners is a ridiculously low 4 percent.  Click.

Click. Asia's 25 Movers & Shakers

Click. America’s Global Embrace America’s surveillance network has grown so vast and formidable that in some respects it is feared as much as U.S. weaponry itself.

Click. How We Spy On Our Friends Australia's main role involves massive satellite surveillance of its Asian neighbors' civil and military communications that extends over a third of the planet.


Click. The evidence now is in the judge's hands in a probe of accusations that California prison officials and members of the attorney general's staff put a man on death row by persuading witnesses to lie.

Click. Did cypherpunk Jim Bell cross the line by collecting home addresses of Treasury Department agents? In a case that raises questions of what's permissible free speech and what's inappropriate harassment, Bell takes the witness stand to argue his motives were entirely innocent.


A Killer Microbe's Trail. Listeria strain can hide in an array of food products. Click

Click. Milk protein, not fat, 'causes heart disease'

Click. Gentle touch, top-notch surgeons make Grossman Burn Center pre-eminent

Click. Researchers Find First Prostate Cancer Antigen, Providing Hope For 
A Vaccine Against The Tumor

Click. Star Trek Revisited: Creating Objects From Powders

Click. Simple Control Strategy Derived For Solar-Sail Spacecraft

Click. Intravenous Cell Transplant Holds Promise For Stroke Recovery

Click. An outbreak waiting to happen

Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth, 1948
Click to read about Wyeth

Click. Arthur C. Clark - a man out of this world.

Besides her bad habits, poor judgment, and rotten luck, all Carson McCullers had was a mad desire to write. Click. .... Click for more.

Occultist John Dee was viewed by later ages as a crank, but he had the 16th century intellectual world at his feet... Click. .... Click. for more

April 7, 2001  

Bankruptcy shocker -- a cry for mercy or maneuvering? California's 11-month-old electricity crisis took a dramatic turn Friday when venerable Pacific Gas & Electric Co. unexpectedly filed for bankruptcy, stunning many state officials, consumers and investors.

Judge Dennis Montali will preside over PG&E's bankruptcy case. Click.

Click. PG&E bankruptcy to be costly

Click. PG&E seeks more time for water pact

Click. Chronology of state's power crisis

Click. California's energy crisis is a long-awaited vindication for the feisty publisher of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Click. Bush opens up Rockies to energy explorers

Click. Swiss indict Kremlin ex-aide for money laundering

Click. First Family’s rescued cat takes walk on wild side

Click. Three Earth First! activists arrested in Humboldt County

Click. Top cops rip campaign tactic by DA hopeful A candidate for Marin district attorney has infuriated a group of police chiefs by using their department emblems on his campaign Web site.

Click. Feds Post Indecent Material The busy FCC issues a lengthy report containing examples of words that aren't fit to broadcast.

George W. Bush says that aside from the Bible, the book that's influenced him the most is Myron Magnet's The Dream and the Nightmare. Myron who? Click.

Click. CSIS watched Ressam for years before arrest  Canada's spy service began investigating Ahmed Ressam as early as 1996 as part of a larger probe into Islamic extremists and warned the RCMP and United States authorities in 1998 he had gone to Afghanistan for military training, the agency revealed yesterday.

Click. Parents banking on 'biological life insurance'  For three out of every four babies born at Markham Stouffville Hospital, the placenta and umbilical cord are immediately thrown away like so much medical waste. It makes Michael Virro feel "lousy."

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is promoting Sarafem as a miracle pill for women suffering from PMDD, a ‘mental disorder’ not yet proved to exist. What’s more, Eli Lilly admits that Sarafem has the same active ingredient as Prozac, complete with the same dangerous side effects. Click.

BUSHISMS OF THE DAY! "The Senate needs to leave enough money in the proposed budget to not only reduce all marginal rates, but to eliminate the death tax, so that people who build up assets are able to transfer them from one generation to the next, regardless of a person's race." Washington, D.C., April 5, 2001 

"It would be helpful if we opened up ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). I think it's a mistake not to. And I would urge you all to travel up there and take a look at it, and you can make the determination as to how beautiful that country is." Press conference, Washington, D.C., March 29, 2001

"And we need a full affront on an energy crisis that is real in California and looms for other parts of our country if we don't move quickly." Press conference, Washington, D.C., March 29, 2001 
Click. The Meaning of Life and Microbes NASA's new Astrobiology Institute will study the origin, evolution and future of life on Earth and in the universe

The omega man: Gregory Chaitin shattered mathematics with a single number. And that was just for starters Click.

Click. Tumor Tracker

Click. Odyssey takes off for Mars

Click. Mothers can prevent eczema and asthma in their children by swallowing benign bacteria

Click. The UN's top climatologists reject the US President's claim that scientists are divided over global warming.

Click. Telling the truth: Simple analysis of a rape victim's statement improves the assessment of its truthfulness by a third.

Don Quixote, Picasso, 1955

Click to read 10 top quotes from Cervante's Don Quixote

Science fiction cartoons! Click.

Lost Technology of the Ancients - The Crystal Sun. Click.

April 6, 2001   

Click. Bush administration ratchets up tensions on the Korean peninsula

China conflict - the oil profit motive. Click.

U.S. Navy plane victim of 'electronic ambush'? Report: EP-3E incident 'engineered' as payback for American actions. Click.

Click. Flight Diverted A Delta flight from Atlanta to Japan was forced back to the United States, landing in San Francisco, after Russian air traffic controllers said it didn't have permission to fly through their airspace.

WAR PARTY PLAYS THE RACE CARD Spy plane downing provokes racist rants. Click.

Real Violence and Tim McVeigh Click.

Top 10 Reasons Giuliani Decency Panel is Absurd by Robert Lederman Click.

Click. Top 25 censored stories of last year  

Click. Wine region battle on The California wine industry is mounting an unprecedented battle against a plan by vintners Jess Jackson and Robert Mondavi to create the California Coast viticultural area, a 14 million-acre grape-growing region that stretches from Mendocino County to Mexico.

Click. GOP Hits Cuomo 'Sopranos' Poll


Click. Media Prostitutes And China Coverage

25 people leading the Internet revolution. Click.

New Report: Climate time bomb ready to explode under Bush. Click.

Click. First shots in global attack on disease Today, children in Mozambique will be the first to get vaccines from an unprecedented new global health initiative launched out of Seattle by Bill Gates.

Click. Feds urge security pros to call in shysters.

Click. Pentagon cyber defense impaired -- report 

Click. SETI founder speaks about Intel P2P cancer project Lining corporate pockets?

Click. The glory of is quickly drying up A year ago, it seemed like had it all - cash from top venture capitalists, the cachet of Napa, everything. Today, the Internet wine company is nearly bankrupt. This week, the dot-com laid off two-thirds of its 245 employees.

The Media Ownership Chart. Click.


Click. Guards Watch Prisoner Kill Cellmate

Click. DNA-Based Warrant That Gave No Name Faces Appellate Review

Click. California Hit With Huge Class Action Over Health Care in Prisons

A former Riverside County prosecutor has filed a federal civil-rights suit against District Attorney Grover Trask, the county and others, contending they retaliated against her when she reported that assets seized in drug cases were misspent or mishandled. Click.

Click. Defense attorney decries Sonoma County Judge Boyd's indecision in pot trial

Click. Free Speech, or Cop Harassment? Officials in Kirkland, Washington are trying hard to stop a local website from posting personal information about members of its police department. The site operators say the info was legally obtained, and have no intention of backing off.

Click.  Microsoft licenses speech recognition technology. 

Click. Miracle' procedure gives hope for treating "Boy in the Bubble" disorder

Wireless Location-Based Searching with Lasoo. Click.

Click. Livermore Lab employees learn about social biases

Click. Morni
ng-After Pill: Over the Counter?

Click. Flapping Like a Bird Is More Than a Flight of Fantasy. Science close to tapping nature's design secrets

Click. Acne vaccine may be on the horizon

Women And Science: New Research Explodes Old Bias Click.


Extreme Robotics. Click.

Click. Researchers Find Evidence Of Aging System That May Promote Long Life

Click. Researchers Close In On Stroke Candidate Gene

Don Quixote, Picasso, 1955

Click to read 10 top quotes from Cervante's Don Quixote

Click. Coke Isn't It  The new cocaine epic "Blow," with Johnny Depp as a whiny kingpin. Plus: "Heartbreakers" and "Say It Isn't So.

Bush Cat Missing in LA!  Click.

Click. That barbecue you're planning is going to cost you

This report is the result of research into the science of contrail formation and an analysis by observation and measurement of contrail persistence. This research was inspired by the claims of an unnatural type of trail known as Chemtrails as an attempt to detect such trails. Click.

April 5, 2001  

Click. U.S. may been hunting for signs of a breakthrough in Chinese submarine technology – one that poses a serious threat to America’s most powerful conventional weapon: the aircraft carrier.

Aries II Down: Another Technology Transfer to China by Al Martin Click.

Bush's solicitor general designate, Ted Olson, can't hide his connection to the notorious "Arkansas Project"

Click. Accused Spy Hanssen May Have Blown Russian Payoffs on Stripper

Click. Russian Space Forces To Be Formed By June 1st Command structures for the Space Forces and strategies for their development are being put together.

Click. Livestock Plagues Could Be Bioterrorist Attack Is a new breed of terrorists responsible for the epidemics of "mad cow" and foot-and-mouth diseases plaguing Europe, and are these part of a well-planned "agro-terrorist" assault?

Click. Rise of disease has links to the Empire

Click. E-mails deliver financial disaster to US post service


Click. Customs seizes largest marijuana load ever at California border

Click. Rise of the Techno-Spy

Click. Petaluma school district drops out of DARE

Click. Drug firms say violence could cost UK billions

Click. Sunken Kursk 'was carrying atomic weapons'.

W's Latest Unjust Reward by Robert Parry Click.

Click. Hearst Corp. accused of acquiring a monopoly in databases


Click. Ressam defense rests

District Attorney recall effort moves closer in Placer County. Click.

Click. NASA says Caltech uncooperative in criminal probes  

Bush is proposing to allow ground meat that the government buys for schools to be irradiated; meat would no longer be sampled for salmonella bacteria. Click.

Chemical Formed in Certain Irradiated Foods Damages DNA. Click.

Click. Software that turns everyday language into computer code could make us all programmers.

Click. Duke Chemists Synthesize Fungus Compound That Could Lead To Oral Diabetes Drugs

Click. Oily Fossils Provide Clues To The Evolution Of Flowers

Click. Eye Strips Images Of All But Bare Essentials Before Sending Visual Information To Brain, UC Berkeley Research Shows

Click. Old Drug May Offer New Hope To Victims Of Childhood Neuro-Degenerative Disease

Click. Consuming More Protein, Less Carbohydrates May Be Healthier

Click. Tatooing A Major Route Of Hepatitis C Infection, UT Southwestern Researcher Finds

Click. Flies inspire hearing aid technology

Click. Pill to prevent cancer?

Don Quixote, Picasso, 1955

Click to read 10 top quotes from Cervante's Don Quixote


Click. THE ALEXANDER B. CUPPETT LETTER: Are Soviet Planes flying around the U.S. spreading experimental biological material?

April 4, 2001    

Click. How the Spy-Plane Standoff Sharpens the Taiwan Dilemma

Click. A dangerous game of cat and mouse

Click. Aircraft was not spying, says Defense official

Click. The collision: How it happened - Flash

Click. San Mateo launches federally approved study of medical marijuana

Click. R ight-wing groups view bomber McVeigh as a 'patsy'

Click. New San Jose plan for power plant

Click. Why Star Wars worries China

The Resurrection of Gary Powers. Click.

Davis' solutions may be in trouble California can't require builders of new power plants to sell electricity here, even as a trade-off for super-fast environmental review, lawyers at the state Energy Commission have concluded.

UCD says foot-and-mouth poses big economic threat A UC Davis report says the trade restrictions and border controls on travelers "do not constitute a perfect shield against possible outbreak" of foot-and-mouth disease in the United States. It calls the introduction of the disease into California's livestock population "a real threat."


Click. HUD audit says SF housing may have misspent $18 million

Click. Defense attorneys ask for another delay of trial

Click. Cost of Theft: $65 Million

Click. Stanford Cop Takes Issue With Professor's Hate Poll. Text of racist graffiti reproduced on Net

Click. Sun Unleashes Record Superflare, Earth Dodges Solar Bullet

Click. Genetically Engineered Skin Substitute Is Designed To Promote Wound Healing

Click. Penn Researchers Explain The Mechanics Behind The Delayed Effects Of Brain Trauma; Findings May Chart Paths To Therapeutic Relief

Click. Study To Focus On Diet, Nutrition And Weight Loss In Cats With Cancer

Click. Naturally Occurring Protein Could Slow Alzheimer's Disease

Don Quixote, Picasso, 1955

Click to read 10 top quotes from Cervante's Don Quixote


April 3, 2001  

Chinese board U.S. plane, take gear. Click.

The U.S. Navy EP-3 Aries aircraft captured by China is reported to be part of the National Security Agency "Echelon" system. Click.

Click. Americans had been 'spying on China's most advanced warship'
The US spy plane grounded on Chinese Hainan Island was reportedly collecting information on China's most advanced warship. 

Spy plane standoff heightens US-China tensions. Click.

Click. US-China Naval Run-In Revealed

Click. US Finances Ethnic Warfare in the Balkans

Click. Ex-wife in Davis fears for Navy man Josef "Joe" Edmunds of Davis called his ex-wife from Japan a few weeks ago and told her that he couldn't divulge exactly what his job was with the U.S. Navy, but he was very busy and he "feared for his life." The petty officer is now being held captive in China along with other crew members of a U.S. spy plane.

Click. China races to lead the world in genetic research, while most of its citizens are detached from technology

Click. Critical bank records tie Milosevic to scam
These documents may prove to be central to the new Yugoslav government's corruption case against Milosevic.

More programmers going "Extreme". Click.

Best sites on virtual supercomputing. Click.

Click. Google now features text translation  

Click. Join the SETI-style quest for cancer drugs Six million computers wanted.

Click. Gold market ponders effect of India bank blocks

Click. Air Force General in Line to Head Joint Chiefs

Deadly import: A study of World War II troop movements supports the idea that an infectious agent causes leukemia. Click.


Californians Try to Recall Several Anti-Pot District Attorneys. Click.

Click. A federal judge Monday ordered the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to revamp how it investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect.

Click. Judge orders pot trial to continue

Click. High Court Limits Suspect's Right To Have Counsel. Police don't have to call lawyer when probing a related crime

Click. Martinez: Challenge to Bishop's Release Is Dropped

Click. Jury rules in favor of Brockovich

Click. San Diego council bans the word 'minority'

Click. Judge restricts terror expert in Ressam trial

Stop Diana Inquest says Royal Coroner. Click.

Click. New help for back pain

Click. Doctor's Guide: It's in the Eyes It's more distracting, doctors say, to perform delicate surgery while constantly having to read information on a computer. That's why they like a new device than scans the info directly onto the retina.

Click. Scientists Find New Tumor Suppressor Gene Involved In Breast, Prostate And Other Cancers

Click. Rockefeller Researchers Identify Defense System In Plants; Protein Found To Confer Resistance To Drought

Click. Blast From The Past: Farthest Supernova Ever Seen Sheds Light On Dark Universe

Click. Scientists Probing The Origins Of Life Develop Method Of Making Novel Proteins Using A 21st Amino Acid

Click. Polymer Gel Holds Promise For Therapeutics Delivery And Tissue Engineering

Click. Ice Probe Reveals First-Ever Images Deep Within Antarctic Streams

Click. UCSF Researchers Move In On Role Of Brain's Naturally Occurring Marijuana

Don Quixote, Picasso, 1955

Click to read 10 top quotes from Cervante's Don Quixote

Biochemist David Horrobin claims in The Madness of Adam & Eve that tiny mutations in our ancestors' brain cells triggered mankind's takeover of the world 100,000 years ago. But those same changes also cursed our species to suffer from schizophrenia and depression. Click.

Click. New Evidence Found to Back Universe "Dark Energy' Theory

Click. Prince 4 MP3 Pop artist promotes new song on Napster

Click. Copyright Cat Fight.

April 2, 2001 

'The EP-3 is the Navy’s land-based tactical reconnaissance aircraft. These aircraft provide worldwide operational support by collecting and distributing critical intelligence data to fleet commanders and national security agencies.'"
Click. China holding Navy crew; U.S. warships nearby

Click. EP-3 Spy Plane is State-of-the-Art, Top Secret Surveillance Tool

The tactical importance of the EP-3's technology cannot be underestimated. Click.

Click. Lack of post-collision contact called 'inexplicable'

Slobo's Last Stand. Click. Slobo - key symbol in a great power game. Click.

Click. Fingerprint May Soon Be Needed To Buy Groceries Biometric Access Corp Click. has teamed up with four Kroger stores in the Houston area to test a point-of-sale finger-scanning device for retail transactions.

Network of 24 spy satellites will be able to provide pictures and even continuous television coverage of any part of the world. Click.

Click. Pigs Hit With AIDS-Like Symptoms ''Swine mystery disease'', ''blue abortion,'' and ''swine infertility,'' is now referred to as ''Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome,'' or PRRS, and has infected some pigs in about 75 percent of American pig herds.

Click. Vallejo: Second man accused of kidnapping teens A second suspect was arrested Saturday in connection with the alleged kidnapping of two teen-age boys and the attempted murder of one of them.

Click. Bush’s CO2 Flip-Flop Came Through Staffer Who Lobbied for Exhaust Firm  President Bush’s decision to abandon his campaign pledge to limit carbon dioxide emissions was routed through a key Bush aide who had lobbied for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobile exhaust systems.

Click. Lab simulates temblors to help make structures quake-proof Livermore researchers create three-dimensional, detailed geologic models to study a wide range of possible ground movement .

Click. Gay Activist Agrees to Leave Papers to Yale. Author Kramer unsure if he'll give alma mater his estate

Click. Rugged Tribute to Bataan Veterans

Click. Last Weekend's Luncheon Menu at the Redstone Arsenal: Finger Sandwiches, Fresh Paranoia Salad with Shredded Document Bits, And a Bowl of Cover Your Ass Soup a.k.a "The Oliver North Blue Plate Special" by Al Martin


Click. Stopping parole's revolving door Sacramento County is trying something new with parolees, two months ago launching a program it hopes will slash a 75 percent recidivism rate.

Click. Congress' National Smut Tour 
A panel commissioned by Congress will hold regional meetings across the United States, seeking testimony from porn experts.

George W. Bush's decision to impose an abortion "gag rule" on international family-planning groups is spreading alarm in the Third World. Click.

Click. Protect your company in foreign deals International markets require extra protection.

Click. Mozart music therapy 'can cut epilepsy'

Click. Scientists find glucose is food for thought

Click. Scientists Repair Damage From Heart Attack Using Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells In Mice

Click. Protein That May Induce Drug Resistance In Lung Cancer Cells

Click. In Possible Boon To Sickle Cell Victims, Basic Scientists Find Reason Cells Stick

Click. Most People With Allergy-Like Symptoms Don't Have Allergies, Study Says

Click. A Worm Is More Like A Human Than Previously Thought

Click. Enzyme Could Provide Continual Fat Burning

Click. Purdue Engineer Goes Back To Class To Put Einstein To The Test

Click. 'Yeti's hair' defies DNA analysis

Don Quixote, Picasso, 1955

Click to read 10 top quotes from Cervante's Don Quixote

People may be fundamentally alike, but human migration has left distinct genetic trails all over the globe. Click.

Click. Going Batty  A cult-hit musical about a half man, half bat. Plus: "The Book of Liz" and "Mnemonic."

Click. Are Dead People Really Dead? A new book, Buried Alive, examines the sometimes macabre methods that have been used throughout history to determine whether a body was really a stiff.

April 1, 2001

Click. The President who bought power and sold the world George Bush's decision to ignore global warming and pull the plug on Kyoto is payback for the energy industries which backed him.

KGB interviews with convicted killers show how Edinburgh resident Anton Gecas orchestrated genocide in Lithuania.  Click.

Click. Military men make a splash in Brussels  The EU's defense identity is starting to take shape.

US spy plane forced to land A US Navy plane makes an emergency landing in southern China after colliding with a Chinese fighter jet.

Click. New York Officials Bracing For A New West Nile Invasion

Click. Utah Porn Czar Pushes Mormon Morality to the Masses. She earns $75,000 a year to help rid state of pornography, without violating U.S. Constitution

Berlin's aging radicals. Click.

A website set up by the Tory peer Baroness Young to let people vote on the gay age of consent is being investigated for potential breaches of the Data Protection Act because it requires users to give their names, postcodes and sexuality. Click.

Click. Censored MI6 Information Restored.

'Senor cardenal: si usted no la mete, no se meta'' (roughly ''Mr. Cardinal: If you don't put it in, stay out of it'') reads a graffiti along one of the main thoroughfares in the Chilean capital, causing giggles as well as indignation, and graphically highlighting the controversy unleashed by the Catholic Church's opposition to the so-called ''morning after pill''. Click.

Triggering the foot and mouth crisis. - When a distressed local man came to Martin Coutts last December with gruesome allegations about a Northumberland village pig farm, even the seasoned animal welfare campaigner was shocked. Click.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
by Anthony C. Sutton Click.

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy by Anthony C. Sutton Click.

Bay of Pigs 40 Years After Click.

Click. France fears 'Germanization' of continent as 15 nations struggle to shape EU's future

Click. Young men cause wars, study says

Click. The hoax that started a war

Click. Auroras to be Visible Across Whole US

Click. Pentagon sends robo-lobster on ocean patrol

Click. Can Berkeley High rebound? An ambitious program to rescue black students before they fail starts a debate over how much help is too much.

Click. Sex center near Bellevue, Washington school alleged


Click. DNA tip may have saved Ryan Harris Six days before Ryan Harris disappeared on July 27, 1998, an analyst at the state crime lab told Chicago police that DNA evidence linked Floyd Durr to a sexual attack on another 11-year-old girl. But police did nothing.

Ex-CIA Director Deutch Balked at Nondisclosure. Click.

A new report on the ''thousands of girls'' being raped and sexually harassed in South African schools has added to the growing body of evidence about the discrimination and hardship girls across the developing world face in their quest for quality education. Click.

Click. Experimental therapies hold new promise for paralyzed Using electricity, biological insulators, hormone superchargers and stem cell replacement parts, investigators around the world have launched a campaign to repair and regenerate damaged spinal cords.

NASA's new supercomputer sits on a desktop. Click.

Chemtrails - DOD Network Ops Spends 10 Hours At In One Visit. Click. What is Click.

Click. Cheaper AIDS Drugs Lead To New Worries in Africa. Misuse could cause mutation of HIV

Water is weird. It's the foundation of life, the most common of liquids, and the strangest. If only we knew how it worked. Click.

Researchers have identified a novel way to obliterate bacteria that cause strep throat, flesh-eating disease and other infections. Click.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, 1884-86
Click to read about this painting

Click. "Amores Perros" This feverish blast of filmmaking is a brutal look at the violent heart of Mexico City -- and a breakthrough work of Mexican cinema.

It took eight years for Yitzhak Mordechai to be transformed from one of the most powerful figures in Israel's most cherished institution, the army, and later a candidate for Prime Minister, to a symbol of disgrace convicted of sexual misconduct towards women subordinates. Click.