SEPTEMBER 30, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Baghdad Car Bombs Kill 34 Children Receiving Sweets + Al-Zarqawi Group Claims Responsibility  +U.S. Forces Strike at Suspected Terrorist Safehouse in Fallujah; Witnesses: U.S. Troops Fired at Car Carrying Children +  The true face of Iraqi resistance + Kirkuk: The Next Iraqi War + Car bombs rock Baghdad + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Oil-Rich Iraq Provinces Push for Autonomy + 'Enduring Bases' in Iraq: US Presence for Decades + One in four Iraqis on hand-outs + Hidden Plans, Enduring Bases

Hostages: Blair wants contact with hostage-takers + British captive says Blair betraying him. TV shows engineer begging for female prisoners to be freed + '2 Simonas' say Iraqi kidnappers apologized. Persistent reports Italy paid ransom + Film shows 10 new Iraq hostages + The price of freedom + Freed Italian Hostage Says She and Second Woman Feared Death, Despite Special Treatment From Captors

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban try to intimidate Afghan voters with 'night letters'.

MIDDLE EAST: Clashes in Gaza follow deadly rocket attack. 2 Israelis, 5 Palestinians killed. Sharon predicts broader offense + U.K.: Israel must stop assassinations, PA must curb terror organizations

RUSSIA: Warlord wanted for Beslan atrocity trapped by Russian-backed forces + Road to Beslan + Belarus prez prepared to struggle against possible Western aggression+ State sells Lukoil stake for $2 billion in 2 minutes

EUROPE: EU claims 'victory' as Russian cabinet approves Kyoto treaty + For Europe, Turks still have to shake off "hordes of the Apocalypse" image

BRITAIN: Blair to have heart procedure, will serve 3rd term +  Blair avoids Iraq vote defeat + Prescott attacks + No more Jeeves + Blair defeats Iraq troops pull-out call

AMERICAS: Coca production making a return in Bolivia + China Readies Riot Force For Peacekeeping in Haiti


Pakistan refuses to let UN nuclear watchdog interview Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

2 get death in bombing of Cole. Judge in Yemen also sentences 4 to prison terms

Venezuela, Colombia Get Failing Grade in Nazi Hunt

A human security doctrine for Europe, and beyond

NZ will keep pushing for apology over Mossad 'agents'

Report: Ex-MI chief Zeira may be charged

For Israel, it’s even all right to spy on the US!

Intelligence Failure re: keeping funding secret

China Asks Canada to Hand Over Intruders

Pinochet Examined by Doctors to Determine Whether He Can Stand Trial

Kyrgyz security agency arrest man accused of trying to sell plutonium Click.

Ex Gitmo detainee vows to fight Russia

How to avoid future 9/11s and Beslans

1971: Foreign Office names Soviet superspy + 1971: 'I arrested a KGB superspy'


Fannie Mae's Shares, Bonds Fall as Justice Considers Fraud Investigation

Oil problems cast wide net

Rocky Mountain states power options

General Mills to change to whole grains

Natural resources funds boom

Don't fault growers for price of coffee

For old venture capitalist, a good day

Oil Giant Total in French Probe Over Alleged Overseas Bribes

Enron Barge Dealmaker Regrets Deal




Patriot Act subpoena of Internet data struck down + Ashcroft likely to appeal Patriot ruling

FBI rounds up alleged leaders of Gambino crime family on East Coast

Bail denied slain lawyer's husband

Prosecutor: Pelosi made threats

Zeta-Jones Stalker Mentally Fit

Pitcairn Mayor 'Led Rape' on Island

The Supreme Court's Excessive Secrecy: Why It Isn't Merited

Durst may walk by March

SEC Investigates Business Between Delphi, EDS

Boston Gangster Sentenced to Life in Prison in Slaying of Businessman in Tulsa, Okla.

Houston Police Chief Wants Executions Halted Because of Crime Lab Problems

Australia makes child porn sweep


Major crackdown on human trafficking. Feds make Northern California focus of new effort + Task force spreads word on 'modern-day slavery'

Ex COO of Liberate software indicted for inflating company's revenue

Dentists arrested for fraud can keep working

Relatives of Dead Inmate to Sue State (Man died after tooth pulled) Click. (LAT Reg)

Santa Clara: Convicted sex offender Michael Donald Raney of Gilroy held on registration charge + Trial begins for suspect in Mtn. View hate crime + San Jose tax attorney Owen Fiore guilty of evading taxes

Contra Costa: Concord OKs online crime statistics + Theft victims invited to view recovered items at El Cerito police station

Alameda County: With patriarch Qader Qudus in prison re: Hawalas family closes business in Little Kabul, Fremont + Residents, but not their things, escape fire in Berkeley duplex + Sausage king defense contradicted. Brain not small but banged up + Unregistered pesticide infraction costs Oakland firm, Chemical Compounding Co. + San Leandro murder case ends with no-contest plea to avoid death penalty + RV pursuit ends in arrest + Union City police: accident scams on rise + Fremont police concerned by car fires set intentionally + City of Alameda: Suit filed to stop tenants' evictions

Sacramento area: Ex-wife says man admitted murdering Cal State Sacto student + Sacramento Symphony checks bounce after concert + Slaying of cat makes headlines, inflames passions in Glenn County + Olson likely to serve longest SLA sentence, officials say + Redding teen who killed neighbor was on anti-depressants + Sacramento slaying suspect chased, caught + Charges filed against man accused in killing 1-yr-old with hammer + Talk set on identifying gang activity + News in brief from Northern California

San Francisco, San Mateo: Bonds ball in court +Judge tells possessor not to sell Bonds' ball. 5 lawyers now involved in ownership squabble + Ex-lawyer Nikolai Tehnin felt 'absolute panic" when $ million from clients missing from his trust fund + Police officers call for apology by commissioner. Remarks hinting racism in school response resented + Union blisters Keane + Straight-A student is S.F. slaying victim. Girl, 17, vanished on way to school + Stunned by slaying

Marin: Dep't Corrections to expand San Quentin's death row + Experts testify Mill Valley killer (former cult member of Bhaqwan Shree Rajneesh) can be released

Sonoma: Man in Rohnert Park slayings to stay in hospital

Solano: Four months since Grant murder, but still no leads + Carjacking suspect to be extradited this week + Smokeshop handed eviction

Southern California: Lawyer: Robert Blake's wife was victim of a conspiracy + LA county supervisors sued over vote to delete cross from county seal + Former Orange County assistant sheriff denies corruption + Daily News: Gangsters in Southern California streets + Bryant Told Police of O'Neal Payouts

Central Valley: Stanislaus deputies under care after training scare + CHP weighs charges in Modesto auto accident (11-yr-old driver)+ Judge suggests Turlock officials not wrong to meet with Wal-Mart's competitors before passing ordinance blocking Wal-Mart

Scott Peterson: Court hears new contradiction + Few calls about Laci, detective says + Prosecution hits at defendant's actions after wife vanished + Lead Peterson detective spends 7th day on the stand + Peterson defense implies botched investigation + 'Longing' for Laci, Scott called Frey + Defendant rarely inquired about case. Modesto detective says behavior was suspicious + Developments Wednesday


The Governor:  Gov. vetoes bills on offshoring jobs. Legislation bans foie gras starting in 2012 + Gov. signs 52 bills into state law + Water meters on the way +  + Gov. vetoes bills to prevent outsourcing of jobs + Curbs on jobs offshore vetoed + No go on bill to push affordable housing + Bill boosts domestic violence aid in Alameda County + Phone recycling signed into law + Gov. signs foie gras bill + Runaway Filming a Challenge for Gov. Click. (LAT Reg) + Youth sports law's goal: Gender equity + Supplements curb signed by Gov. + Law will streamline school fund system + Gov. signs education overhaul + A veto, a jibe for Wiggins, colleagues + Bill Lacks Heft When a Target Shows Support Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. Vetoes Port Smog Curbs Click. (LAT Reg) + Ferret out as house pet in California after veto Click. + 'Angels of Death' deliver legislators the bad news + Daniel Weintraub: Gov., social conservatives go separate ways + Gov. Vetoes Privacy Bill for employees re: their e-mail at work

California should mimic federal prison health care, senators say

For eastern span of Bay Bridge, it's do-or-don't day

Shelley took check in his office, donor says. It's a misdemeanor for officials to accept campaign donations in state buildings

Propositions: Measures put future of gaming to voters + Experts debate stem cell measure + Props. 68, 70 spending may top $100M

Legislative grants to nonprofits, recipes for waste and abuse

Trailing badly, Jones accuses Boxer of ducking debates + Libertarian judge Gray says he's no purist. Senate hopeful left GOP over Patriot Act

Monterey: GOP candidate Mark Risely receiving threatening phone calls

Plan to roll back diesel emissions

$26-Million Deal Will Save 8,800 Acres of Fragile Joshua Tree Desert Click. (LAT Reg)

Better diet could be healthy for farms, too Click.

Indian tribes: Gov. opposes a casino in Jamul Click.

LOCAL NEWS:   Mischievous grizzly cubs to be adopted by S.F. Zoo. Montana planned to kill 2 orphan bears

San Clemente surfer takes brief ride on a whale

Another substantial quake, not an aftershock, rattles Central California

San Francisco: Officials deny blocking Julie Lee. They say documents for Sunset center were not submitted + U.S. grant to boost lead peril cleanup + 1,400 union workers strike against 4 major S.F. hotels + Picket lines concern guests at struck hotels + Tourist biz braces for impact + Newsom wants wireless 'hotspot'

Contra Costa: Pleasant Hills Golf Course scheduled to close today, development in the works + Grand jury would end open space funding authority + Fire chiefs protest ordinance change re: training standards for refineries + Refinery fire chiefs resist training rule. Unions want all contractors to take apprenticeship program + Supervisors delay vote on big-box retailers

Santa Clara: Former Ebay Prez Skoll urges valley to create local endowment + Los Altos to revise restrictions on day care centers + San Jose panel clears ex-mayoral aides in ethics probe + San Jose hopeful after baseball moves Expos to D.C.

Alameda County: Alameda Med center deal will avoid layoffs + Oakland gives Olympian Ward hero's treatment + Light of Lights, Children's Grove recall lost lives + Berkeley modifies 1989 creeks law + Fremont bans pot shops -- for now + Fremont to study 'quiet zones' + Mercury thermometer swap offered on UC Berkeley campus

Sonoma: Little Acorn winery that could + 1 in 4 families in financial limbo + GOP's Tyrone faces stiff race against Berg

Marin: San Anselmo residents oppose development plan + Fairfax officials cut pay to trim deficit

Napa: Napa's plan for Soscol 'Gateway' coming to life + Low-income apartments christened

Monterey: New law targets zoning, building code violators + Final Rancho San Carlos subdivision lots OK'd

Solano: Water bills likely to rise 50 percent

Central Valley: Valley getting bigger slice of charitable giving in state + Tracy hospital running behind + Hughson holds forum tonight for candidates + Tuolumne County hopefuls debate in Sonora + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Stanislaus County targets binge drinking + Kaiser will pay for Modesto city engineer + CHP weighs charges in Modesto auto accident (11-yr-old driver) + The McHenrys are gone, but the name lives on in Modesto

Southern California: Hahn defends crime fight+ L.A. business tax cuts to cost $95 million + Baca says Measure A still needed + Unexpected riches in L.A. treasury + Cities on 710 Push for Port Smog Clause Click. (LAT Reg) + Coalition Seeks to Protect Santa Clara River Watershed's Very Nature Click. (LAT Reg) + Orange County Whites a Majority No Longer Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Schools to unload surplus on eBay, gain needed cash + Mt. Diablo grapples with crowding + Palo Alto school's fundraising helps African kids + Strapped district in Sunnyvale cuts teacher salaries 4.9% + Expanding their world: Grants let schools do what they otherwise cannot + Nine scholars join UC Merced faculty + Newark fund-raiser a bust as school recalls racy catalogs + Quarry Lane School opens its third campus + Baffling ventilation problem at San Francisco's Lowell + S.F. supervisors to decide on broadband system + Cal super-cautious on Fulbright filings. Dean overseeing early application process + California youth summits to be held through state + Salinas financial deadline looming + Scotts Valley schools race is talk of the town + Vallejo: Early audit nearly done + 2 more black studies professors leave Harvard

FBI ordered to turn over last 10 pages from file on John Lennon

Berkeley wall tallies Iraq bloodshed

On Oct. 17, union workers launch "Million Workers March" in D.C.

Protesters prepare for chase as plutonium ships near UK

Dershowitz's Jihad: Inventing Exceptions to International Law




West Nile virus kills 12th bird in Contra Costa County

Statins questioned + Firm seeks to change law, sell low-dose statin pills at stores Click. (SJM Reg)

More lunar landings for NASA?

Merck recalls Vioxx worldwide on heart, stroke risk + How to Get a Refund for Vioxx + 1/4Consumers Have Lots of Alternatives + Summary: What's Wrong With Arthritis Drug Vioxx? + A List of the Best-Selling Drugs in the Nation

Oceans might add to Earth's rock 'n' roll

2.5 million AIDS grant awarded. Veteran researcher to study how body can suppress HIV

Sea of ancient microbes found atop South African mountain

Women dominate marine-science lineup

Toxic algae grows to 30 miles wide

Protection Urged for Quirky Dolphin

Sound Makes Electricity for Space

In Search of the Earth Mark II

Japanese discover new chemical element

High Resolution Satellite Imagery Assists Hunt For Infectious 'Kissing Bugs'

Caffeine Withdrawal Recognized As A Disorder

Cancer Vaccine Based On Pathogenic Listeria Bacteria Shows Promise Targeting Metastases

'Dead Zone' Area Shrinking, Texas A&M Prof Says

Fuel Cell Celebrates One Year

New Hydrothermal Vents Discovered As "South Pacific Odyssey" Begins

Bacteria's 'Glue Valve' Surprises Scientists

New Structure Found Deep Within West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Chromosome Research On Flies Yields Insights Into Human Diseases

A Fishy Change In Diet: McGill Research Shows Fish Eating Junk Food

Stage 0 breast cancer is cancer that has not spread out of the breast tissue

Punching The Timeclock Of Life

Government Issues Forecasts of Harmful Algae in Gulf of Mexico

'Tomato treatment' slows cancer

New search site launches

HP kills slow-selling marketing miracle

Call of the Wild: Is it Cellular?

Clever Cars Can Read Road Signs

Giving Computers The Jitters Helps Explain Human Behavior

New Surface Chemistry May Extend Life Of Technology For Making Transistors

Microsoft Says It Would Have Gone Further Than EU Order in Sharing Software Blueprints

Comcast upgrade on track

Microsoft Appeals EU Ruling

SpaceShipOne Surpasses 100 Km Altitude On First X-Prize Flight


Kerry to Counter Indecisive Image, Bush to Fight Reckless Charge in Debate

U.S. forces suffered from poor planning + U.S. didn't note post-invasion Iraq power shift

White House backs broader provision on deportation

Powell calls for Palestinian intifadah to end

France, U.S. Sign New Cooperation Accord to Fight Terrorism

State Department: Release of Suspected Enemy Combatant Delayed

Bush: Wildlife Protections on Hold Click. (LAT Reg)

Congress: Intelligence overhaul bill called bad for immigrants + House repeals gun laws for D.C. Bill likely to face defeat in Senate + Lawmakers work on corporate tax overhaul+ Congress delays votes on overtime, drug issues + Women facing off in 11 House races + Congress airs debate on new phone books + Congress puts off some divisive issues until after election + Republicans Pad Intel Bill + House Moves to Defeat Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage + Congress Seeks to End College-Aid Provision That Has Benefited Banks + Unable to Settle Disputes, Congress Gives Up on Highway, Welfare Bills


Debate: Bush, Kerry Set for Crucial First Debate + Real-time poll aims to feed survey appetite + Bush Team Prepares Net Assault on Kerry's performance in debate + Fight over the lights

Times Poll: Bush Leads Kerry Going Into Debate Click. (LAT Reg)

HUD secretary puts focus on black vote and "victimization"

Alaska judge orders ballots reprinted

Bloggers become weapon in US presidential election

Military records: Yet another new document surfaces on Bush's military service + White House Lied About Releasing All of President's Military Records + Bush's Exit Letter To Guard Released + Assembling Full War Records a Challenge

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush tours Fla., Kerry faults Bush on oil + Families of war dead denounce Bush

KERRY/EDWARDS: Edwards: Religion shouldn't divide voters + NRA ad portrays Kerry as poodle + Kerry defends ridiculed vote


America's Dead Remain Faceless: Ilana Mercer

High Time for Bush to Tell the Truth: Ray McGovern

Sen. Kerry, Help Is Not on the Way: Engelhardt, Giussani

Novak: Kerry's 'facts' just don't add up

Kerry's own party throws him

No debate: Kerry must connect - now

Juan Cole: Is justice being delayed by Bush administration politics

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Bush has Babs fired up

Tina Brown: Waiting for Kerry's big finish to start

The Kidnap Capital of the World: Iraq's One Growth Industry


Sons killed in Iraq; mothers turn political Click.

'Helmets to Hardhats' helps ex-soldiers

Top Air Force Lawyer Steps Aside

Army bolstering its ability to learn, teach lessons

U.S. Navy Chief England addresses topic of the ''next war'' at conference

House Votes More Flexible Hours for VA Nurses

Navy plans to scrap ELF


The Beltway inquisition

9-11 widow cites attorney- presidential conflicts, threat in estate court petition to judge Click.

Blood for pork....


Russia's top oil company, Lukoil, hopes that U.S. oil company's acquisition of a 7.6 percent stake could boost its chances to retain a Saddam-era production-sharing agreement to develop Iraq's giant West Qurna fields Click.


Diana Griego Erwin: Recruiters have his number and his mom's wondering why

Deployment figures; dignitaries in town

Stardom:  HEROIN Pulls Another PLUG

Women could out sprint men in the long run, say scientists

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   Gay rights group wants reggae star's L.A. concert canceled + Christopher Caen: Marriage saved, chaos ensues + Spanish government to allow homosexual couples to adopt + Music of black origin gets British salute amid gay-bashing controversy + Politicians now face voters on gay ban

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

U.S. Marshals shut down Santa Cruz private radio station + Pirate radio station unplugged

Iraqi Cartoonists Mock Militants and America Alike

Paper trail: A history of newspapers in America

US news media on the Right track

New 'Security' Target: the Press

Ken Starr is the lawyer for New York Times in leak case

Hewitt: I never would have done that article

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Lady at the Piano,
Felix Vallotton Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Muzzi's maze is corny, but people keep coming back

A different kind of labyrinth

Tribute concert held in Beverly Hills for late Ray Charles

Disney's vital organ

Behind the scenes at the Pucci show

'Black Pinocchio' Tells of Dreams and Desperation

Amelio film to carry Italy's hopes at Oscars

Biographer emerges from Graham Greene's shadow after 27 years

Vancouver International Film Festival's 'Dragons and Tigers' has teeth

Witch City brews a new image

Ono's image of naked breast offends Liverpudlians

Moving take on Gershwin showcases American genius

Music Videos Tap Video Games

Patrick White, Down Under

Rush & Molloy: A sorry tale of Hilton's latest tape

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 29, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraq Study Sees Rebels' Attacks as Widespread + Iraq Rebel Cities to Be Retaken in October - Minister + Security is deteriorating in Baghdad, some say + Three British Muslims Reportedly Join Zarqawi Group in Iraq + Baghdad's Green Zone 'island' prepares for rough seas + More British soldiers die in Iraq keeping peace than in war + Snipers pick off danger in Iraq + Iraqi intelligence officers killed + Kirkuk, the Sarajevo of Iraq + Gangs Gone Wild, and Why + Forces 'seize Haifa St terrorist' + Two British soldiers killed in rocket attack + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Italian aid workers released. Italy denies ransom paid; 4 Egyptian engineers also freed + Bigley makes new video appeal + Blair Says Britain Would Respond to Bigley's Captors + British captive begs Blair to save his life + Iraq Captors Wanted $5 Million Ransom, Editor Says

Occupation: A scared, confused people voices its fears on Iraq's 'dark period' + Why Isn't the World Bank Doing More to Help Iraq?

War prisons: San Diego: Classified data puts SEAL abuse case under wraps

MIDDLE EAST: Two Israeli children killed in Hamas rocket strike on Sderot

RUSSIA: Putin accused of eroding democracy. 115 specialists protest to Western leaders + Investigators expose names of terrorists who attacked Moscow metro + Son of Slain Chechen President Says Maskhadov Will Soon Be Captured Amid Fighting

AFRICA: Nigerian Rebel Says Cease-Fire Agreed with Government + Nigerian rebels demand that firms shut off oil taps

Pursuit of Sudan Tribes May Lead to War + Darfur chief 'innocent'


Al Qaeda planning Miami attack for Bush-Kerry debate?

CIA: Iraq Worse Than Portrayed

Goss gives first interviews since confirmation as CIA chief + Goss faces his biggest task yet + New role keeps Goss away from island

An Israeli mole named Mega in the Pentagon

Report: Israel's Ex-MI chief Zeira may be charged

Suspected Israeli Spies Deported from New Zealand + NZ, Israel deny deal on spies

Agency tests security blimp in Washington

Documents were ‘war trophies,’ airman Al Halabi says

Two Sentenced to Death for Bombing of U.S.S. Cole

Lindh asks Bush to commute sentence. Lawyer cites case of combatant slated to go free this week + Ashcroft: No commutation for Lindh

China says NY Times Journalist's Detention an Internal Matter

I spy no need for reform!

South Africa Secret Service Web Site Launches

Mordechai Vanunu speaks

Police investigating fake FBI agent

Not just a socialite, but a gritty survivor

Laser injures Delta pilot's eye

The final days of Il Duce, by his son

Iranian Mujahideen at the crossroads

New Russian SSBN Missile



Dissenting Soldier Could Get 20 Years

Cat Stevens says he was victim of 'unjust' U.S. profiling

Truths Worth Telling: Daniel Ellsberg

UK: Biometric gear to be deployed in hospitals and GPs' surgeries

Stardom: South of the Border, The TERRORIST Way

Hersh predicts draft


Vatican, in First U.N. Speech, Condemns Human Cloning, Unilateral Responses to Terrorism




Federal judge Rules Against Patriot Act Provision

Suit vs. U.S. Forest Service seeks to prevent logging

Stewart to Serve Time in West Virginia

Lenders levy up to 120% interest -- legally. Loophole lets firms target the poor, military families

Federal commission sues Farmer John alleging racial discrimination

Ashcroft Is Undeterred in Push for Capital Cases

Scalia decries judicial activism in Harvard talk

Women of Pitcairn vow to stand by their men in sex trial + Pitcairn: 'We all thought sex was like food on table'

File Traders Could Do Hard Time

Microsoft, Amazon Take Phishers to Court

IBM Settles Part of Pension Lawsuit, Will Record $320 Million of Costs

UN warns on South Asia child sex

Hamptons-Slay Prosecutor Stuns Court, Alleging Murder Defendant Threatened Her Kids

Executive's "sole Reason for Living" in Barge Fraud Case

Man Who Raped Woman in Coma-Like State Denied Parole; Claimed He Was Trying to Help Her


Report: 1 in 5 California prison doctors disciplined or sued

Stolen explosives inspire Rep. Lantos bill. It would give feds authority over how materials are stored

Anti-smoking ads upheld. Judges reject tobacco firms' claim that state violates their rights

Alameda County: Did Alameda Judge Goldman and Dep. D.A. Quatman conspire to rig a death penalty case? + Fremont woman escapes after abduction in Oakland + Union City burglars keep police busy

Santa Clara: San Jose police to review use of stun gun

Contra Costa: Police seek two suspects in fatal Antioch shooting + More on warrants for 2 teens + Pleasant Hill: Rash of break-ins at Sequoia Middle School + Domestic violence program faces cuts

Sonoma: D.A. opposes freeing man from Napa Hospital in Rohnert Park slayings + Santa Rosa home target of drive-by shooters

Napa: Suspect arrested for 2002 Pope Valley murder + Napa police hunt woman in son's disappearance + Police search for Napa woman and child, 4 +Wine guild head gets jail for bad checks + Die-hard Zodiac sleuths gather at Lake Berryessa

Central Coast: Bethany student pleads innocent in assault on woman in Scotts Valley +Watsonville-based Monterey Mushrooms settles discrimination suit

San Francisco: Another Bonds' homer ball ends up in court + 2 city coin collectors busted for spare change + Feds sue wharf hotel over alleged bias + Cops probe killing of unidentified woman + Bar patron dies after fight over right to disrobe + Supes OK taking of Transbay site

Sacramento: Prison, fine for ex-boss at Unify + Mental health resources decried by Sacramento police chief in death of 1-yr-old + Seeking freedom from gangs' grip + One man is no longer seeing red after court fight over red-light camera traffic signal + State officials temper reaction to Alta's woes + Galt officer stops train headed for propane tank on tracks + Washington inmate charged in 1980 murders + Sacramento: Suspect named in shooting death

Southern California: San Diego: Indiana man convicted for 1986 rape, murder of 14-year-old girl + Chain saw attack in Lennox leaves woman critically wounded + Son of R&B singer Chaka Khan freed after murder arrest + LA Catholic priest arrested for alleged child molestation + Special report: Terror on our streets, Los Angeles + Cancer Funds Misspent, UC Irvine Auditors Say Click. (LAT Reg) + D.A. to Get Records of King/Drew Meetings Click. (LAT Reg) + Federal Official in Orange County Charged With Selling Fake Work Permits Click. (LAT Reg) + Bratton Is Certified as State Peace Officer Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Defense tries to paint picture of bias + Defense recounts possible sightings + Defense tries to blame other possible killers + Defense: Leads ignored in Peterson case + Defense attacks police focus on one suspect. Others could have killed pregnant woman, it contends + Developments Tuesday + Peterson defense works to create doubt with multiple theories + Detectives wondered if Laci was poisoned


The Governor:  Gov. signs vaccine, sex discrimination, computer privacy bills + Gov. signs flurry of measures Gov. leans left in signing locals' bills + Bill to Limit Mercury in Shots OKd Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. does radio ad against gambling ballot measures + Asthma inhalers allowed in school + Gov. names 3 to sports panel

Bay Bridge decision due on Thursday

Dan Walters: One-of-a-kind Burton exits Capitol with typical flourish

The Hetch Hetchy fantasy

Propositions: Contra Costa D.A, Sheriff warn of Prop. 66's (anti-3 strikes) wake + Stem Cell divide + AdWatch: TV ad enlists Nobel winner to tout Prop. 71 + Peter Schrag: Coming on Nov. 2 ballot: A lot more of the same

Indian tribes: Ante upped on sale of Pt. Molate + Richmond: Chevron offer postpones vote on tribal casino. Council was ready to OK development before 11th-hour bid + Vallejo joins Prop. 68 foes

Voters in four counties to consider anti-biotech measures

LOCAL NEWS: Humans are loving otters to death, says researcher

Data from strong Central Calif. quake could help researchers + Quake Hits California 11 Years Late

Vaccine given to children in 2001 at Palo Alto Medical and MayView Community Health may be ineffective

Bay Area: 1 in 4 families can't afford basics without government aide

Swordfish bought in California show mercury at dangerous level

San Francisco: Monster Park it is -- renaming deal done. City attorney says Prop. H can't break Niners' 4-year pact + Monster name for Candlestick trumps voters + Monster is a suite deal for all involved + Break bread with Benjamin Bratt? + Angel Island restoration legislation wins House approval

San Mateo: Parks to open again in middle of the week. As budget looks better, board bows to public

Santa Clara: Tax break deal advances affordable housing project

Marin: Report finds 22% of Marin families are struggling + Marin supervisors back ban on gene-altered crops + San Rafael weighs in on planning + Mill Valley: The show must go on. Roof collapse forces film festival into different digs

Solano County: Study: Poverty prevails in area + Vallejo, Fairfield hospitals cited + Solano County dodges impact of e-voting law + Base closures up in the air, lobbyist tells county board

Contra Costa: Endorsement flap roils Pittsburg race + Supervisors debate larger stores' impact + Pleasant Hill: U.S. homeless chief to attend conference

Alameda County: Oakland: ATF agents investigate fire at Mt. Zion Temple + Oakland honors Olympic champion boxer Andre Ward + Hayward: Public invited to comment on La Vista Quarry's impact + Hearings set for Measure A funds (re: Health care services) + Pleasanton: Candidates stake out voter issues + Livermore: RV parking regulations put in fast lane + Berkeley OKs rebuilding houses near creeks. Revised ordinance applies to dwellings destroyed in natural disasters + After 99 years, Livermore's landmark wooden flagpole to come down + San Leandro ceremony to honor slain children + Children's Hospital in Oakland offers free sickle cell trait tests

Sacramento area: Homecoming: Yolo grower leaves U.S. to lead village + Laws force RV campers at Wal-Mart to hit road + Sacramento decides to drop March vote on arena + Sacramento Council OKs N. Natomas mall + Sacramento: Association at odds with homeowners + W. Sac motel tax hike faces no opposition, officials say

Sonoma: Job market reversal + How county can compete now + Traverso's Foods weighs move to Railroad Square site + New county administrator Deis has cancer + Water board: Don't build near Petaluma River + Austin Creek gravel mining plan may aid fish + Rohnert Park council bans wood stoves, fireplaces

Monterey: County OKs clearing at Pfeiffer state park + Housing panelists may lose jobs + Rocky start to effort on redevelopment in Chualar

Central Valley: Air activists unhappy with deal + Mariposa faces struggle to pay fire-related costs + Ag agency hears call for diversity + MID budget woes put rate hike on radar + Sabatino adds fuel to Crist flames + Target pursued as anchor for Riverbank center + Sonora bypass studied + Newman reaches deal with builder + Modesto: Crash course for new CEO as supervisors respond to county grand jury criticism Click.

Central Coast: Santa Cruz: Audit leads to eviction of private companies from county offices + Santa Cruz signs off on new cell-tower rules + Watsonville council approves annexation plan + Purple crush — The harvest comes early to the Santa Cruz Mountains + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Stalled $220,000 museum draws state scrutiny. Taxpayers funded L.A. school project + LA County discovers $337 million in unexpected surplus + San Diego OKs Financial Disclosure Recommendations for City Officials Click. (LAT Reg) + Riverside County to Review Pensions Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A. Council Backs Expansion of the Red Line Click. (LAT Reg) + Expansion of Long Beach Port Faces Vote Click. (LAT Reg) + Supervisor Math -- They Give, You Pay Click. (LAT Reg) + Hahn Foe Posts Crime Statistics on Website Click. + L.A. Business tax survey to be aired Click. + Los Angeles County Officials Cite Improved Balance Sheets Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Mountain View schools targeted for closing to be revealed in January + Lead found in water at Fairfax school, day care + Terra Linda kids get lesson in tolerance + 'Genius' has harsh words for Union City district + Charter school explores downtown Oakland + Mills College receives $4 million donation + Students disagree over Measure U re: Tracy High School + San Francisco: No approval given for school election event + State education boss hears from St. Helena students + San Francisco school meeting channels Mideast tension + Contra Costa Community college faculty fights planned 7% pay cut. District leaders fear state takeover + China expecting record number of foreign students in 2004 + Seeing District's Obstacles as Opportunities Click. (LAT Reg) + Local Moorpark College a Major Pipeline to UC Click. (LAT Reg)


Army thinks California bull rider will help recruit soldiers

Former U.S. Soldiers Balk at New Iraq, Afghan Duty

Is anyone ever truly prepared to kill

Eastern European Task Force among items on transformation drawing board Click.

At Expo, a look at the latest gear Click.

Army Met Most 2004 Recruiting Goals but 2005 Will Be Tougher

Army Denies Using Threats to Get Soldiers to Re-Enlist


How zoos are driving animals crazy

Blood for pork....

Despite beheadings and risk, no slowdown in eager workers


Human transmission sends bird flu fears flying

Private Rocket Ship Lands After Space Flight

After 20 years, AIDS vaccine still seems a distant dream

Patients' kin may watch life-and-death dramas

From Live Mice To Raw Meat, 'Magic' Slow-spinning NMR Technique Reveals Hidden Biology

Studies Strengthen Kidney And Heart Disease Link

Mechanism Helps Explain How Airways Respond To Constriction In Asthma Attacks

Large Asteroid Will Zoom Safely Past Earth

Climate Change A Focus Of New NSF-Supported Research On How Decisions Are Made In A World Of Uncertainty

Flexible Pain Relief With Morphine-free Poppy

Eating More Soy-rich Foods Could Reduce Spread Of Breast Cancer

Low Doses Of A Common Intravenous Anesthetic May Relieve Debilitating Pain Syndrome

Wolverine Takes A Road Trip: Scientists Track Male Animal Over A Three-state, 550-mile Walk-about

New Sequence Involved In DNA Replication Timing May Aid In Cancer Detection

Coast-mapping Satellites Will Follow The Tides

Master Of Antimalarial Resistance

British Scientists Zero In On The Birth Of The Universe

Weedkiller poison 'should be used to treat cancer'

WHO shines a light on 'invisible epidemic', death in childbirth

When the Sun lost its heat

World's most powerful computer coming to Lawrence Livermore lab

IBM says its superfast supercomputer is No. 1

Computer Scientists Develop Wireless System To Monitor Volcanoes

At Molecular Scale, Vibrational Couplings Define Heat Conduction

Malicious Code Hides in JPEGs

System error in India's Silicon Valley

Low-Cost Versions of Windows XP Unveiled


Prospect of U.S. Fall Offensive in Iraq Hinges on Goals for Election

White House opposes sections of 9/11 bill + Sept. 11 families want intelligence reforms, but not GOP plan + Showdown Likely on Intelligence Operations + Battle Over Spy Bill Hinges on Panel Leaders + Irresponsible Intelligence Reform + White House Generally Backs Senate Intelligence Measure

Blair splits with Bush on Hussein arms cache + 'I cannot apologies for getting rid of Saddam' + Delegates Split Over Whether Blair's Iraq Apology Went Far Enough

Growing Pessimism among government officials on Iraq + Intelligence officials hit back at Bush over post-war predictions

U.S. won’t let Iran have nukes, he says Is this a replay of his stance on Iraq?

Powell to Visit Latin American Nation Next Week + Powell Calls for End of Intifada Uprising

Congress: Capitol Hill clash over TV, movie ratings. Hollywood's new lobbyist meets angry lawmakers + Lawmaker upset by aid to Iraq + Hastert rejecting calls to consider recognition of Armenian genocide + Wedges' come out as election-year session ends + Hearing Set on Nonnative Citizens and Presidency Click. (LAT Reg) + House Votes to End Handgun Ban in District of Columbia


Polls show Dem's on Pa. roll, in Mich. slide + Gallup defends results against attack

Debate: Debate spin in full force as candidates rehearse. Trailing Bush in polls, Kerry hopes for strong showing + Networks to ignore debate camera rules

Swing-state cities tire of paying for campaign visits + Cost of candidates' visits wearing out welcome

Hurdles Remain for American Voters Who Live Overseas + Distant Americans flocking to cast absentee ballots. Expats might again tip scales in tight presidential race

Military records: Bush says he fulfilled his Guard duty + Bush's Bald-Faced Lie + Bush on His Guard Service: Special Treatment? Who? Me?

BUSH/CHENEY: Record shows Bush shifting on Iraq war. President's rationale for the invasion continues to evolve + Bush heads back to Fla. to survey damage + ANALYSIS: Rising fuel prices may hurt Bush + Veterans for Kerry barred from Bush rally + Families of Iraq War Dead Target Bush in Ads + TV's feisty Dr. Phil puts Bush on the couch + Bush says he fulfilled his Guard duty

KERRY/EDWARDS: Poll of 'persuadable' voters suggests Kerry has an opening + John Kerry explains war funding vote + Jackson joins Kerry campaign as adviser + Kerry needs to shake up status quo in debates + Teresa Heinz Kerry makes fund-raising swing through California + Daily News Analysis: Showtime for Kerry


Poll Finds a Nation Chastened by War: Jim Lobe

A Neocon By Any Other Name: Justin Raimondo

Has Kerry Found His Footing?: Pat Buchanan

The Neocon Godfather

Only Draft the Ones You Love

Two views on war, both seen lacking

Winston, where are you now?

Bush's high-risk civil war scam

George Soros: Why we must not re-elect President Bush Click.

Jack Dalton: Security or just criminalization under a different name? Click.

Al Gore: How to debate George Bush Click.

Security tips election in Bush's favor

Molly Ivins: The twilight zone of wonderland Click.

LEAKGATES   Growing suspicion AIPAC probe driven by inappropriate agenda

NY Times Sues Prosecutor on Phone Records

UK: War planned 'months before vote'


Crude Oil Falls as U.S. Supplies Rise, Concern Over Nigerian Output Eases

Global economy set for best growth in 30 years: IMF

Google stock hits a high

Fannie Mae's problems may pop housing bubble + HUD Secretary: Fannie Mae Board Should Decide Whether Management Goes

Disney dissidents support board effort to find Eisner replacement + James Surowiecki on Michael Eisner

ConocoPhillips wins LUKoil stake in historic auction

Seven Chinese Companies Penalized for Weapons and Missile Technology Sales to Iran

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay Rights Activists Make Last Stand in Still-Divided Oregon + Gay group questions Phoenix. mayor at meeting + Group sics IRS on Swaggart + Spain's bishops warn against 'virus' of gay marriage

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Kate Butler named assistant chief for Associated Press in California and Nevada

Bestsellers lead the misinformation campaign

Trail-blazing photo journal Life magazine to hit US news-stands once again

2 Chechens held + Chechens arrested over murder of Forbes editor

Nancy Franklin on CBS News

The Future of Radio?

FINKE: ABC, CBS, NBC refuse pre-election 'Fahrenheit 911' ads

Mark Morford: Dan Rather takes a bullet Click.

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Lady at the Piano,
Felix Vallotton Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

UC Berkeley holds public events leading up to Nov. 2

$12 million retreat on Eel River built by Julia Morgan

Hikers end first known continuous trek of 1,800-mile West Coast

Lectures hope to catch a wave

Autumn Festival celebrates historic Lorenzo Theater

Graham Legacy, on the Stage Again

Mexican Mayans Worship Elusive Speaking Cross

Old time Brazilian Music

Bardot auction raises 37,000 euros

Austrian emperor on road to sainthood

Being Graham Greene

Around the World in 80 Days, on Hog, With Bob

The lost continent of Atlantis to be found in near future

Samantha Ellis: What's so good about Hamlet?

DJ Scott Muni, 'The Professor' of Rock 'n' Roll, Dead at 74

Hollywood fantasies take centre runway at Milan fashion week

Rush & Molloy

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

How does it feel to be Bob Dylan?

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Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 28, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  U.S. Bombs Insurgent Targets in Baghdad; Civilian Toll Reported + + Prewar Assessment on Iraq Saw Chance of Strong Divisions + Insurgents Are Mostly Iraqis, U.S. Military Says + British soldiers killed in Iraq, Egyptian hostage freed + Taking On Sadr City in a Pickup Truck + Marines roll on river patrol + Micronesian Soldier Dies in Iraq + Falluja takes more US hits + U.S.-Backed Forces Launch Major Assault to Get Abu Sayyaf Leader Wanted by Washington + Al-Zarqawi's Group Uses Banners to Make Presence Known + Al-Zarqawi Seeks Greater Impact, Terror in Militant Videos + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Gaza Kidnappers Free CNN Producer + Two Iraqis freed along with Italian female hostages + Canadian woman was ready to be killed by abductors

Occupation: Iraqi Judge Closes Case Against Ahmad Chalabi + Truckers say it's not safe out there. They contradict government's optimistic picture + US: More Iraqi Police Needed as Attacks Continue + Saddam to Declare Candidacy for Iraqi Elections + White House Takes a Hit Over CIA Plan to Rig Iraq Election + Sadr to Boycott Elections if US Stays + $2 Bribe Gets You Into Iraq From Syria + In Iraq, try talking with the insurgents + Jordan: Iraq not ready for polls

War prisons: U.S. to Keep 10 Guantánamo Detainees + 'Backdoor' trials for Britons in Guantánamo

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Election Bandwagon Creaks Into Motion + Polls Unlikely to Halt Afghan Drug Trade - Experts + U.S. envoy criticizes Afghanistan's 'forces of the past'

IRAN: Israel can't stop Iran's nuke plans + No Sign of Nuke Work at Suspect Iran Site

MIDDLE EAST: Israel can't stop Iran's nuke plans

Losing Faith in the Intifada

Reckless and myopic

RUSSIA:  Putin Sends Parliament a Bill to End Popular Election of Governors + Russia Introduces Terror Resolution + Russia 'wasted time' during siege

EUROPE: Combative Blair refuses to apologise for Iraq conflict + Blair Apologizes for `Wrong' Iraq Information, Urges Labour Party to Unite

Easterners' resentment taxes unity in Germany

AFRICA: Nigerian Militia Threatens "full-Scale" Armed Struggle in Oil Region

ASIA PACIFIC: North Korea bets on its own black gold


Osama bin Laden's half brother says family shared bank account

Intelligence unit's bleak July Iraq report not its first caution to Bush's White House

Terrorists Target Global Oil Industry

FBI Backlogged in Translation of Counterterrorism Wiretaps

Man Arrested for Videotaping Buildings May Stand Trial

Does Bin Laden still count?

Al-Qaeda seeks tie to gangs in U.S. capital region

Al-Qaeda's Uzbek bodyguards

Xymphora on fake Pakistan operation

'American Taliban' Appeals for Early Release

Click. Sikh Group Gets a Billion of Homeland Security

Moussaoui Appeals Constitutional Issues to Full Appeals Court

MILITARY  Soldiers slow to report back for duty + NATO answers call for submarine SOS service + Blue-to-green recruiting + Naval Academy and West Point face inquiries + More guardsmen, reservists noting job troubles after returning + USFK, Pentagon approve student, mother to fly on KC-10 + Sept. 29 a deadly day for North Carolina county + US Navy -The Last Slave Ships




Bryant defense gives up effort to seal evidence in rape case

High court takes on question of whether governments can seize private land for economic development projects

Argentine Teen Kills Four in School Shooting

Patients, advocates and government spar over tighter controls on painkillers Click.

Spector's wall of fury at slay rap

Medtronic Told to Pay Spinal Surgeon $109 Million for Implant Inventions

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Depositors Who Lost Millions in Failure of Savings and Loan

Government to Appeal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act Ruling

Pfizer Appeals Chinese Decision on Viagra Patent

Extradition Hearing Begins for British Bankers Sought Over Enron-Related Fraud


Feds' fight against hemp reaches end of its rope

Daniel Weintraub: Letting parents know when police question kids

Cruise Lines, Disabled Spar Over Accessibility Click. (LAT Reg)

Contra Costa: Richmond: Woman critically injured over $10 + Former housing official Darrick Chavis gets 5 years for scam

Santa Clara: Los Altos: Student's killing linked to gangs + Mother sues Cupertino school district, alleges abuse in special education + Crowd vents grief, anger over cop's shooting man + Drunk driver gets 8-year sentence + New police stun guns under scrutiny. Tasers failed to stop suspects, who were then fatally shot  Click.

Marin: Man pleads not guilty in knife attack on his mother + Woman sent to mental hospital after murder, fights for freedom

Sacramento area: Company plans 600-job facility at Mather Field + Edward Theodore Lopez arrested in child molestation case

Alameda: Oakland DUI checks back on + Record cocaine haul by Coast Guard from Alameda + Fremont: Victim recounts day of shooting - a stare, a scuffle, a shot + Fremont: Alameda D.A. gives coach Robert Shawler extremely light plea deal for molestations + Fremont aims to nip medical pot stores in the bud

Sonoma: Santa Rosa attorney Harvey Hereford man gets nearly 9 years in killing of bicyclist + 8 guilty pleas end federal prison gang case

Central Coast: San Lorenzo Valley man faces 12 years in prison for car-theft spree

Central Valley: Mariposa: Defense attorney for accused arsonist wants judge recused

San Francisco, San Mateo: End of the trail for Half Moon Bay sheriff + City plans drunk driving crackdown + Man who caught Bonds' 700th homer sued

Southern California: Marina del Rey man pleads guilty to federal computer crime (spam) + L.A.: Former federal Superfund official found guilty in fraud case + Son of R&B singer Chaka Khan arrested on murder charge

Scott Peterson: Defense lawyer points to past affairs in bid to undercut theory on motive + Laci knew about affairs, witnesses say + Defense: Scott cheated on Laci before + Peterson defense offers explanations for'suspicious' behavior + Mistaken-identity theory unfolds in Peterson case + Geragos: Mistaken identity? + Weekend search comes up empty + Developments Monday


The Governor:  What's next with the California Performance Review process + Proposed state overhaul gets sharpest criticism yet at hearing + Critics assail governor's plan to reform state + State overhaul plan blasted + Schwarzenegger signs bills moving primary, requiring paper trail + Election, smoking measures signed +June returns as state primary date + Debit machines to be easier, safer for blind + Governor signs Medi-Cal anti-fraud bills Click. + Gov. still sitting on four education bills + Inmates can bid farewell to tobacco + Who will build power plants? Regulators must decide after Gov.'s veto + Veto shifts debate over regulating power to PUC Click. + Power upgrade in works in the Central Valley Click. + Governor is ready to end school suit with more money and problems + Governor eulogizes ex-bodybuilder, Fresno developer Harold Zinkin Click.

Editorial: CHP promises reform

Canada drug plan touted in report

Hetch Hetchy:  Study says it can be restored; critics pounce + Removal of Yosemite dam urged + Future hinges on Bay Area + Environmentalists dream of restoring

Propositions: Don't change '3-strikes' law, Jerry Brown warns

Indian tribes: Unidentified tribe eyeing buying S.J. hospital + Chevron expected to bid on Point Molate. Casino developer's exclusive rights expired at midnight Click.

Dan Walters: State's geographic political division getting even starker

Boxer Launches First TV Spot Click.


Earthquakes Shake Central California

Bay Area piles up 'genius grants'

Strong Quake Could Trigger A Tsunami In Southern California, USC Researchers Report

San Francisco: SoMa emergency + Newsoms make news + 'Care Not Cash' program slashes welfare checks to the homeless but gives them their own rooms and other support  Click. (LAT Reg)

Contra Costa: Hopefuls propose solutions to county budget + Pleasanton's future hinges on new mayor

Santa Clara: San Jose affordable housing project hits budget snag

Marin: San Rafael housing debate turns lively + San Rafael planners order quarry offices removed + Supervisor hopefuls rip transit planning

Sonoma: Losing jobs at three times national rate + 9 Santa Rosa council candidates debate traffic, housing + Sonoma plaza parking a headache + Geysers Fire tab $11.5 million

Alameda: Anti-eviction group amends expenses + Children's Hospital opens first sports clinic for kids + Foothill Freeway takes long road to completion + Fire guts West Oakland church

Central Coast: Watsonville renews push to create industrial park + Hemp-food sellers praise FDA for ending legal food fight Click.

Central Valley: Turlock facing decisions with Wal-Mart feud + Modesto takes on boundary litigation + Ceres can’t settle billboard issue + Modesto ninth Street tracks on way out + Shaver Lake faces water shortage Click. Group contests deal on dairies and clean air Click. Hey, don't ask -- just breathe Click.

Solano: Suisun struggles to cope with $600,000-plus deficit + Benicia benefit show called off + Mare Island St. Peter's Chapel apologizes, says all faiths may trade vows there

Sacramento: Student's body, car discovered

Monterey: Car veers off Laureles Grade, woman rescued + Don't call it a city, say Carmel Valley backers + Woman won't be evicted from Marina apartment

Southern California: Fatal LA fire broke out in building conveted to illegal housing + Hahn picks up endorsements for LAX, office + Villaraigosa quits MTA board + No Issue Too Small for L.A. Council + Kaiser makes bid for Chino Valley Medical Center Click. + Catholic Healthcare West has at least a $30 million grip on Community Hospital of San Bernardino Click. + San DiegoDeficits Trigger Reform Efforts Click. (LAT Reg) + Owners of San Diego Bonds Await Rebound  Click. (LAT Reg) + Complaints Against Union Filed by Hotels  Click. (LAT Reg) + Hurricanes could slam Southland-based firms Click. + Help for Ports Won't Come Via Panama Canal Click. (LAT Reg) + Drug Import Idea Risky, Exec Says Click. (LAT Reg) + Living in fear of gangs in Los Angeles Click. + Riverside County, Sheriff Profile Latinos, Suit Says Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Contra Costa crowded area school districts ready to spend + Santa Rosa school board puts off laptops + Logan coach wins genius grant + Fiscal help on way to struggling schools + UCSC’s gain a loss for Santa Cruz + Fiscal health: an impossible dream for Vallejo district? + Imbalance of students tilts Belmont Redwood shores district + Faculty questions Stanislaus State incentive plan as pricey + Officials from UC Merced hit the Hill + L.A. schools may start in August + Hanging on to new teachers Click. + Fresno Unified fears takeoverClick. + Financial aid going unclaimed by eligible students Click. + Compton Community College officials face $100,000 fine for not filing conflict-of-interest statements for years Click. (LAT Reg)


Reporters Put Under Scrutiny in C.I.A. Leak

Michael Elliot: Secret evidence

Growing suspicion AIPAC probe driven by inappropriate agenda


West Nile found in San Joaquin + West Nile found in Mantecan

His quick work on SARS gave crucial answers Click.

Riddle of Japanese 'plague' balloons

Dolly's Creator Applies for Human Cloning License

Live longer by easing up on your liver

Spun From Bone: Researchers Discover How Protein In Teeth Controls Bone-like Crystals To Form Steely Enamel

Information System To Help Scientists Analyze Mechanisms Of Social Behavior

Key Genes Help Fish Oil Fight Cancer

Amyloid Fibers Sprout One Step At A Time

Experimental Drug Shown To Block Mutant Protein Causing Blood Disease

High Energy Mystery Lurks At The Galactic Centre

Study Explores Gene Transfer To Modify Underlying Course Of Alzheimer's Disease

Combination Of Laser And Topical Skin Ointment Effective In Treating The Skin Disease Vitiligo

Double Dealing Receptor Protein On Tumors Promotes Cancer Development In Cell Nucleus

'Fossil Genes' Reveal How Life Sheds Form And Function

High Speed Space-tech Cooling Creates New Era In Cosmetics

Androgen Loss May Lead To Alzheimer's Study Endorses Wood As 'Green' Building Material Life threatening allergic reactions

Cheetahs Flourish on Spanish Plain

Sleep study touts therapy over pills

Article: Dinosaurs may have been doting parents?| New Scientist People Programmed to Die Early?

Searching for Medicines in Old Herbal Texts

Alleviating Pain, In More Ways Than One

File-swap software gets a speedy update

Security firm hires writer of worms

Boosting IQ of artificial intelligence Click.

Analysts Can't Peg Google

Hotmail fees for Outlook access

Hackers Take Advantage of Microsoft's JPEG Flaw


Iraq in Mind, U.S. Forms Post-Conflict Planning Team

Bush administrations completes get tough plan for Syria

Bush seeks $7.1B more for hurricane relief

Jeb Bush comments on Carter's Florida election statements

Fannie Mae gets a shake-up + Fannie Mae fallout may be expensive + Fannie Mae's Agreement to Boost Capital Cushion Could Have Far-Reaching Effects

Study: Ambassadors don't promote America

HUD backs down from much-maligned Section 8 plan

Health Insurance Costs Rise Faster Than Wages

N.Y. man disappears after threats to Bush

As Iraq struggles, critics zero in on Pentagon aide Feith

States face Medicare drug price handicap

U.S. General Richard Myers Says Iraqi Force to Grow to 145,000 by January

Congress: GOP urges a vote on same-sex marriage ban. Some see it as effort to stress gay issues + More federal lawmakers want paper records of electronic ballots + Senate to Wrestle Over New Intelligence Post's Powers + Senate Bill Proposes Anti-Terror Database + Democrats rip House GOP proposal on intelligence


Bush, Kerry ads key on Bin Laden

Law-enforcement groups divided on presidential candidates

Bush, Kerry, and the Jewish vote

Group wants Alaska ballot distribution blocked

BUSH/CHENEY: Poll: Bush widening lead over Kerry in N.C. + Bush targets Kerry in Ohio + Richard Cohen: Bush hides behind the troops

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry says he would seek nations' input on Iraq + Kerry's Catholicism + Third party could tilt Nevada to Kerry + Edwards to rally Jersey + Brass knuckles time + Crewmates stump for Kerry


The media: election observer or player?

Paul Krugman: Swagger vs. substance Click.

John Nichols: Debate Halliburton Click.

Howard Dean: The myth of corporate accountability Click.

Robert Scheer: The dangers of a 'what the heck' vote Click.

George W. Bush Ain't No Cowboy

Staying the course isn't an option


OPEC fights skyrocketing prices with Saudi production increase

Mortgage Giant Agrees to Alter Business Ways

Microsoft Weighs Resuming Negotiations With Europe

Geek style

Business Booms for Makers of Dirty Bomb Detectors, Spy Cameras and Other Hardware Meant to Stop Terrorists

Free speech at 40

Trouble just tags along on her van

Advancing human rights for Chinese Click.

Rights group raps Afghan commanders

Click. Mystery Company Threatens Anti-RFID Website



San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Wonder Woman lassoed in to launch France's first gay TV station + Mass: Foes of gay marriage see blow to amendment hopes

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Air America makes way to Bay Area

Turner Broadcasting to provide content for Internet TV startup

Late night shift: Conan O'Brien to replace Leno in '09. But why him? And why announce change so early?

AP, Hattiesburg Newspaper Agree to End Litigation Over Erasure of Scalia Speech

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Orpheus leading Eurydice from the underworld, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Oakland parade honors black cowboys on Saturday

A trip to remember: Budget bus tour included splurges

World Cyber Games to be held in San Francisco in October

Restoring HP's garage

Scientists try to date the Priestly Benediction

Team tries to find what Washington looked like

Bardot at 70: I would prefer turning 30 + Fans, media flock to Paris auction of Bardot memorabilia

Professor strives to shed light on Byzantine era Click.

Imelda Marcos Takes Center Stage in Film Biography

'Bonanza' Ranch Rides Into Pop Culture Sunset

Wong Kar-wai's '2046' finally opens in China amid global hype

Greenlanders mystified by incredible shrinking glacier

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Macondo - Author Homepage

Greenblat on Shakespeare

Gwen and Augustus John on show at Tate Britain

Rush & Molloy: For Cynthia, romance is academic

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: A twist in a Keyes issue

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Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 26, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Jets Pound Sadr City as Insurgents Carry Out Two Car Bombings Against Iraqi Security Forces +  12 killed in Iraq violence, Iranian diplomat freed + US air strikes target Sadr City + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Iranian diplomat Freed in Iraq, Hopes Raised for Others + 'Blair will have blood on his hands if terrorists behead my brother'+ We opposed the war, say Muslims as they plead for Bigley's life + CNN employee abducted in Gaza

Occupation: Iraq guard general arrested. Seizure poses loyalty questions + Heady U.S. Goals for Iraq Fall by Wayside + A Sunni Boycott of Vote Could Sink Its Credibility + Iraq Christians Flee Bombs and Head to Syria + US Promises Not to Secretly Back Iraqi Candidates in Upcoming Election + A Multitude of Investigations of U.N. Oil-for-Food Program, but Access to Many U.N. Documents Limited to Internal Probe + AP ENTERPRISE: Congressional Investigators Are Trying to Determine Whether French Bank Was Lax in Monitoring $60 Billion in U.N.

War prisons: England to Be Court-Martialed in Jan. + Unit 1319. Uncovering an Israeli jail that specializes in nightmares Click. + U.S. Citizen Held Nearly Three Years Expected to Be Freed Tuesday, Lawyer Says

AFGHANISTAN: Kabul kills Taliban chief freed from Guantanamo + Three U.S. Soldiers Injured, One Critically, in Afghan Attack

MIDDLE EAST: Threats trail man organizing Gaza withdrawal + Four Palestinian shot dead; Israelis mount search operation in Jenin + Israeli troops raid hospital for militants

Israel suspected in killing of Hamas operative in Syria + Israel Threatens Syria Over Militants + Hamas: Arab state may have aided Israel in Damascus assassination + The Arab who helps the Jew kill the Arab: militants look to Israel - and their own - for the culprit + Message to Syria + Mossad's fingerprints all over assassination + Mossad back in Action +Hamas plots revenge + Anatomy of an Assassination

Saudi Women Hope for a Voice in Historic Election

EUROPE: Campaigners salute Britain's pledge to scrap poor nations' debt + The shadow over Blair + Blair faces Iraq pull-out debate + Britain's Treasury Chief Says Economy Is Key to Government's Re-Election 

Greenland looks to US in quest for independence

AFRICA: Canada offers to train African troops

Rwanda tries to stop killings in Darfur


Osama Probably Alive, in Pakistan, Top Officials Say

Agencies implement aggressive anti-terror plan. But officials say they lack specific threat information

U.S. Plans to Offer Guidance for a Dirty-Bomb Aftermath

Pakistan Makes More Arrests After Slaying Militant + Musharraf "very happy" about killing of top Al-Qaeda militant + Pakistani Police Arrest Four More Militant Suspects After Raid That Killed Top Al-Qaida Fugitive

U.S. on Terror Offensive Ahead of Election- Report + States Told to Prepare for Election Terror Plot

Major cities rectify 9/11 radio issue

West Africa: Where the Empire Will Come to Ruin: Chris Deliso

Looking for WMD? 8 million chemical weapons exist

UK Spies Being Identified by Balkan Rivals

US to Buy Town for Terror Training



UK police given extra time to hold 'dirty bomb' suspects

House Proposal Puts Less Power in New Spy Post

FSB Staff Cards for Sale on the Internet

When Allies Steal Secrets

Armitage has nothing to say on Keyser charges + Taiwan Says Security Officers Did Not Hurt U.S. Ties + US: Know where your interests lie

Case against airman was full of holes

Heads may roll over RAW officer's disappearance

Alleged Mossad agents jailed in New Zealand to be freed

Pollard calls on Basi not to be “chief liquidator” of Jews

I-spy in Harry Lime's Vienna

John Parangosky Dies; Helped Manage Spy Satellite System

FBI opens new field office Operations

Inept spy networks thrive in the face of constant bungling

North Korea Warns That Danger of War on Korean Peninsula "is Snowballing" and Blames Intensifying U.S. "hostile Policy"

LEAKGATES  A Leak Probe Gone Awry

Blood for pork....

Overhead Costs Whittle Funds to Iraqis




Former Mass. bishop indicted on child rape charges

Athletic Smugglers Run Drugs Over U.S.-Mexico Border

Move Over Sniffer Dogs, Here Come Africa's Rats

Kung fu monks of China's Shaolin temple in hand-to-hand copyright battle

Gang life takes heavy toll on family

Judge removes 100-page brief from United bankruptcy

Seattle: Victims of abuse by priest question 'outreach'

Money crisis threatens Crime Stoppers

Confiscated cars sold by Customs may have contraband in them Click.

'Wall of Sound' Record Phil Spector Charged With Murder

Martha Stewart Designated Federal Inmate No. 55170-054

Kobe Bryant Faces a Shrewd, Media-Savvy Attorney

Family Says They Tried to Have Gunman Put in Mental Hospital Before He Shot Officer

Federal Judge Orders Hotelier Hundley to Forfeit $45 Million

Top Fastow Aide Begins Testifying in Barge Case


Civil rights groups want Taser use cut

Deception, incompetence and greed can lead to over-prescribing Click.

Dentists, doctors, should be queried Click.

Contra Costa: Driver arrested after police chase

Santa Clara: Police shoot man outside San Jose cafe + S.J. cop kills man in scuffle + Los Altos weighs limit on nail salons + San Jose arts consultant awaits his next stage

Alameda County: Sausage maker's worker testifies + Hayward: Woman arrested after police chase

Central Valley: Turlock: Setting penalty for fatal mistake (vehicular manslaughter) + Clerk locks robbery suspect in store

Sacramento area: Suspect held in '80 UC Davis slayings + Residents seek relief from homeowners association rules Click.

Southern California: Newspaper: Funding cuts hamper fight against SoCal gangs

Scott Peterson: Peterson defense continues cross-examination of lead detective + Deputy D.A. gets some good marks


The Governor: Insiders Are Cashing In on State's Bond Market Click. (LAT Reg) + Governor hopes to boost fortunes of GOP candidates + Analysts say unity has eluded governor + Governor's state overhaul may be tied to offshore jobs + Activity in the state capital for Sept. 27-Oct. 1+ Governor pitches; business still wary + Energy policy bill gets vetoed + Richard Costigan appointed legislative secretary + Daniel Weintraub: Governor should lead debate on immigrants + Calif. emissions rules would raise car prices + The buzz: Kids say the darnedest things, first lady finds Click.

Shelley Learns the Hard Way That Politicians Are Not Invisible Click. (LAT Reg)

State's E-Vote Trust Builds Slowly Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: Interest Groups Retain Advisor to Governor Click. (LAT Reg)

Propositions: Initiative Fight Puts Focus on Felons Click. (LAT Reg) + Fall ballot is a muddle of measures Click. (LAT Reg) + Initiatives part of California democracy Click. + View: Pass Prop. 1A and stop state raids on local taxes + Why Prop. 63 is essential

Sacto Bee editorial: Machado for Senate + Dean Gardner's race for assembly from San Joaquin Valley Click.

Sen. Boxer launches first Senate race ad + Text of Sen. Boxer's first campaign ad

LOCAL NEWS:   Events planned to celebrate sea otters

Preserving the high Sierra Valley. Creative tactics will defend ranchland against development

BART's bond drive stuck in neutral. Consultants threatened to quit over lack of funds for campaign

Sacramento: Clean-air groups back Measure A + A new 'big-box' battle in Davis + R.E. Graswich: Old tunnel is still used by trains, but also hobos and graffiti artists + Rising costs cut capital's allure Click.

Marin: District to assume policing retrofit of low-flow toilets + Desalination surfaces as key MMWD issue + Buck housing builder seeks voter support + Stinson Beach's water a huge issue, candidates say

Alameda County: Fremont: More noise follows Dumbarton rail line + A tour of Fruitvale's history and potential + Centerville won't have 'Little Kabul' sign + Oakland: NAACP seeks panel + San Leandro chamber won't support public safety parcel tax + Feds may shut Alameda County medical center + Newark marine among four soldiers killed in Iraq

Contra Costa: New ordinance would register lobbyists

Sonoma: County job losses from offshoring have $1 billion impact + Ripple effect of offshoring hits home Click. + In Willits, a company loses customers Click. + Agilent layoffs take toll on auto shop Click. + Sonoma council hopefuls divided + Petaluma festival celebrates liberal agendas + Unitarians taking it to the streets

Solano: Looking back: 51-year career at Mare Island

San Francisco: Global warming creeps up on S.F. City has plan to cut greenhouse gasses + Change could be brewing over on Mariposa Street. Anchor Beermaker says zoning plan may force him to hoist anchor + Revival After 9/11. S.F. tourism springing back, but not to glory of 2000. Hotel occupancy rates, traffic at SFO grow -- hotel labor dispute could derail progress

Napa: Protest groups target foie gras + Airport land use commission officials strike down day care, health club proposals + Two area bridges granted landmark status + Environmental group combating erosion around Napa River

Monterey: Alternative trauma centers considered + Carmel looks at sales tax hike + No business for art business in Carmel + LAFCO to get Carmel Valley incorporation report + Seaside Auto Plaza proposal

Central Valley: Report: Modesto enticing to businesses

Central Coast: News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: San Diego facing a billion-dollar pension problem + Violence-scarred LA communities fear loss of trauma center + L.A. controller Chick says she has no intention of changing her ways + L.A. councils may fight zoning plan that includes low-income housing + Riverside Hospital's vital signs strong after bankruptcy Click. + Consular visits to Orange County cities bestow IDs to immigrants, many of them undocumented, for consumer uses Click. (LAT Reg) + San Bernadino Day laborers ask nonprofit for help against recent sidewalk citations Click. + High Turnover Leaves Los Angeles City Departments in Limbo Click. (LAT Reg) + Delays Mount at L.A. and Long Beach Ports as Shipping Surges Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Vocational pre-apprenticeship builds teenagers' confidence + Alameda teacher wins top state honor, $10,000 + Ohlone board candidates have different visions + Ohlone board candidate Bierman under Bar suspension + Livermore board keeps free benefits + Solano Community College students feeling pinch of higher fees + Stanford's challenge: better, but not bigger Click. + Orchestra in two schools Click. + What's in a name? For colleges, it's a big, fat check Click.

MILITARY Navy to shut down Cold War-era radio transmitters

Army May Reduce Length of Tours in Combat Zones

The wounds of war

Two U.S. Soldiers Charged in Death of Iraqi Civilian

We Reap the Whirlwind for Ignoring the Constitution

Former detainees return to former camps

Human Shields Denied Hearing on Iraq Sanctions Charges

But most adherents don’t deserve to be profiled as dangerous fanatics

Runaway Train: The True Story of the U.S. Patriot Act

Putin Sets Up Center to Protect Rights of Russians in Former Soviet Republics


Click. Five countries which received vCJD-risk blood plasma products should be named Thousands warned over vCJD risk + Q&A: vCJD numbers

Horses falling victim to West Nile + West Nile spread slows across California + Researcher Recommends Caution In Using DEET Against West Nile

Lawrence Livermore Lab fights microscopic enemies

Ontario announces $30-million in BSE aid

USF Microbiologists Can Detect Smallpox And Anthrax ASAP

Quakes at St. Helens prompt warning

Stem cells as heart "pacemakers"

Marking time is a science at UC center. It devises ways to date nearly everything

What good is alcohol?

Grandfather of American fitness still spry at 90

Gene clue to malaria drug failure

Picture of North Sea fish decline

Montserrat volcano: Has it gone quiet?

Folic acid supplements cut spina bifida cases

Pollutant Causes Delayed Flowering In Plants

Rover Missions Renewed As Mars Emerges From Behind Sun

Scientists Discover Potential New Way To Control Drug-resistant Bacteria

Genesis Mission: First Scientific Sample Salvaged

A Glass Of Red Wine A Day May Keep Prostate Cancer Away

No Role For Simian Virus 40 In Human Pleural Mesotheliomas

Rutgers Engineers 'Mix It Up' To Promote Better Food, Medicine

What does heart disease look like in women?

Long Trip for Psychedelic Drugs to be used for mental disorders

New Palm Operating System Targets Smart Phones

Ask Jeeves bets on smart search

Click. 20 million copies of free Windows update downloaded

HP tests tactic to save batteries

Smart phones for all kinds of people

Big Wi-Fi Project for Philadelphia

Adobe plans new format for digital photos


Powell Defends US Hunt for bin Laden, Still Doesn't Know Where He Is

Is Colin Powell growing tired of Bush politics?

Fannie Mae Agrees to Boost Reserve Capital, Rework Transactions to Correct Accounting Problems




U.S. Agency Plans to Invest Up to $2 Billion in Ukrainian Economy

Congress: Nancy Pelosi explains it all to you


Carter: Fair conditions don't exist for Fla. voters

Bush May Hold Advantage in Debate as Kerry Prepares Foreign Policy Attack

All eyes on aging justices

Voters in Ohio give political ads a thumbs down

Ten toughest things to do in presidential politics

Colo. initiative could make 2004 a repeat of 2000

Federal Court Orders Trial in Florida E-Ballot Lawsuit; Paper Trail for Touchscreen at Issue

Military records: An Agile Pilot Who Flew Under the Radar + Mike Lux: Enough already Click.

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush stands by aircraft carrier speech + ANALYSIS: Bush changes view of Putin's Russia + Bush heads to Ohio; new ad criticizes Kerry on Iraq + Republican stealth weapon targets women + Bush campaign turns toward army of volunteers + Bush Claims on Iraq Progress Don't Pass Smell Test + Bush's New Ads Slam Kerry's Iraq Comments

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kennedy ties Iraq criticism to election + Kerry campaign shifts gear into attack mode + Edwards hits Bush camp on terror ad + Europe to Bush: Go away. Even British prefer Kerry for president + Edwards discusses strategy for war on terror at Maine rally + Kerry Can't Take Oregon for Granted + Kerry touts his record in the Senate + Linda Colley: John Kerry needs a narrative - and fast + Kerry Tells Dairyland Voters That Bush Would Hurt Milk Producers - After Election


Despite Chaos, Bush Still Believes

Blowhards, Left and Right: Justin Raimondo

The Russians Are Coming! To Iraq?

'Ownership society': why US can't buy in

The Blue Bolsheviks

Novak: Is the CIA at war with Bush?

Democracy cannot be good in parts

Bean Counters Give Bush an Edge

Crockett & Lawrence: Gallup polls: Conditioning the public for vote rigging? Click.

Margaret Kimberly: President Arnold Schwarzenegger Click.

Michael Kinsley: Bush or Kerry: Who's really Osama's boy Click.


Crude Oil Nears $50 a Barrel on Concern Over Nigeria and U.S. Gulf Supply

Crackdown on books strains valley firms

Startup exploits new way of networking

Investors should review 401(k) allotments

IRS changes may boost small firms

Former Parmalat boss released from house arrest

Virgin plans space tourism by 2007

Deutsche Bank under investigation

Candy bars cut down to size

Mondavi Is Hoping for High-End Harvest Click. (LAT Reg)

Harrah's, Caesars to Sell 4 Casinos to Satisfy Regulators


Study: Living in the Suburbs Can Make You Sick

Breaking out of the prison called ageism

Forbes 400 list of richest Americans: snapshot of a financial oligarchy

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay marriage backers focus on Ore. battle + Flash point for black churches. Gay marriage issue may benefit GOP + Folsom Street Fair marks 21 unchained years. But some say event losing its raw edge + Just another day in the life of France's first official gay family

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

L.A. Times May Break Tradition, Make Choice for President

Let the Fourth Wind Blow: Florida Papers Publish Despite Hurricane

Web site takes aim at political 'arms race of spin'

Putin Tells Reporters to Fight Terror

Can authors buy an honest review?

Stardom: The DOGS of WAG

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Orpheus leading Eurydice from the underworld, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Clayton brings Old West back to its town center

San Rafael library gets grant for human rights series

Duo nears end of first known continuous trek of West Coast Trail

The loneliness of the long-distance bicyclist

A historical look at sports memorabilia commerce in Napa

Mexican American cultural center to open in 2007 Click. (LAT Reg)

Art in the midst of Hell

Refighting the Civil War, With Government Help

Hemingway Bullfight Tale From 1924 Turns Up

Mystery of the Model

India's Taj Mahal city fetes birthday of famed monument to love

Chinese mooncakes get modern makeover for Mid-Autumn Festival

Heading for the Baltic on board the Nostalgia Express

The Monday interview: Mel Brooks

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 25, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: 
7 Iraqi Guard Applicants, 4 U.S. Marines and a Soldier Are Killed + Rebel Hold In Fallujah Expands Despite Strikes + US Troops Stop Honoring Iraq 'No-Go' Deals + More Iraqi Civilians Killed by US Forces Than by Insurgents + Sadr's Aide Warns of Possible Uprising + Security picture not so rosy + Civilians killed in US 'precision strike' + Baghdad mosque raided + Few clues in hunt for mastermind + Demise of Iraqi Units Symbolic of U.S. Errors+ Kurdish Leaders Call for Arabs' Departure From Northern Iraqi City + Zarqawi’s Palestinian No. 2 Dies in US Targeted Assassination Click. + Orders of battle

Hostages: Six Egyptians Seized in New Iraq Raids + Egypt appeals for captives' release + UK Muslims in Iraq on mercy mission + More kidnapping operations in Iraq + Lethal alliance fuels kidnappings + Another 10 are taken + Muslims fear backlash + The other Mr. Bigleys + Number of Foreigners Taken Hostage in Iraq Tops 140

Occupation: Allawi Setting the Stage for 'Some Sort' of Vote + Official: US Haunted by Early Occupation Failures

War prisons: Navy charges 3 more SEALs in Iraq abuse + Court-Martial Expected in Abu Ghraib Case AFGHANISTAN: U.S. to deploy troops to Afghanistan for election security Click.

MIDDLE EAST: Security forces on high alert for Yom Kippur; territories under closure + Israeli Wall to Grab Land: UN + Israeli Army Flattens Rows of Houses in Gaza Raid

Brunei Convenes Legislature After 20 Years Click.

RUSSIA: Rail Boss Rolls Out $1Bln China Plan

EUROPE: Blair: I will serve another full term Prince Harry's fighting fit for Army

AFRICA: Sudan announces foiling a coupe by Turabi supporters + Darfur 'fear and rape' decried


Bell Labs physicist is No. 2 at Livermore Lab + Woman named to high post at lab

Korea: US Destroyers Deploying Off North Korea + U.N. agency orders N. Korea to halt its nuke program + N. Korea Missile Site Movements Said Continuing

Report: Iran delivers 'strategic missile' to armed forces after successful test

"Red Death": History of Russian secret weapons

Mounties short of national security know-how

Guatemalan war crime suspect vanishes

Imagining the mind of a terrorist

First meeting of its kind since 35 years; Powell asks Libya's Shalqam of explanation over assassination attempt of crown prince Abdullah

Musharraf 'reasonably sure' bin Laden is alive

Hitler's secret Indian army

U.S. borders plugged into vast database


Brazil Pressing for Favorable Treatment on Nuclear Fuel Click.

House drops plan to move cybersecurity role to White House

Germany finally honors 'traitor' spy

UK: Power plants 'should be secret'

Spanish novelist spied for Franco's regime

Pinochet quizzed over killings

Lines Pose Risk at LAX

LEAKGATES  In Shadow of 9/11, Hamburg Tracks Atta Contacts


Mike Cassidy: Handicapping the performances of Silicon Valley CEOs (SJM Reg)

New interest in coal sparks energy debate

Car-sharing services' business booming

Bonuses replace pay rises in big companies

A positive strategy for work

Europe Is Said to Be Close to Allowing Bid by Oracle

Insurers relying on satellite photos to determine fire risk

Marvin Davis, Billionaire Former Fox Studios Owner, Dead at 79

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Nova Scotia allows gay marriages + Chief Financial Officer for Republican Party admits he's gay, refuses to discuss policies or anti-gay flyer + Miranda clams up




Nevada casino licensees Seeno Jr. and son are fined $775,000 for links to felons

Hendrix brother gets none of $80 million estate

Study shows rates of intravenous drug use in U.S. metro areas

Half the adult males in Pitcairn on going to trial re: child abuse

US judge strikes down bootleg law

Texas Teen Agrees to Plea Bargain in School Shooting Plot

Mother, Two Children Abducted by Family Friend


L.A. Archdiocese won't fight to join lawsuit re: state law + Clergy abuse of young people who later become priests themselves Click. + Church secrecy protects priests, not parishioners

Dentists contend they are innocent of fraud

San Francisco: Police arrest fleeing Bay Area carjacker in Missouri + Missouri cops catch Fairfield suspect in carjackings + Police issue warrant in killing of Giants fan + Threatening e-mail brings man's arrest. He says he's leader of Aryan Nations; S.F. officials targeted

Alameda County: Oakland employees' pay is public, judge opines + Alameda County deputies nab $2 million in pot plants west of Sunol + Cops seize 170 marijuana plants near Fremont + Legal terrain altered for Oakland Riders cops' misconduct retrial + Woman beaten, raped near Chinatown + Oakland man slain in double shooting + Emeryville police can't return medical marijuana evidence to man because thieves raided Emeryville police storage in an "inside" job + San Leandro robbery suspect arrested + Ceremony set for a new juvenile hall + Hayward carjacking suspect turns gun on himself + Two plead guilty in theft of explosives in San Mateo County + Livermore locals dig deep for humanity + Union is stickin' It to the G-Man

Sacramento area: Man pleads not guilty in Woodland fraud case + Vagos and his motorcycle club fight outlaw image + Las mujeres problematicas

Solano: Vallejo: 100 drug indictments sought in wake of 8-month operation + Accused child killer seeks to suppress statements to police + Suisun: EPA sends diesel spill case to Justice Dept.

Santa Clara: Valley ex-CEO Reza Mikailli, of Unify, sentenced to 4 years in prison + Unify exec convicted of making false ledger entries + Sunnyvale: Plea in illegal dumping

Marin: Man charged with attempted murder in attack on mother in Tiburon

Monterey: Judge sets new hearing for Hartnell College president

Sonoma: Gang members could get probation; D.A. fears witnesses may be at risk + Transient arrested, may be linked to 5 bank heists

Central Valley: 4 Merced deputies admit steroid use + Man arrested as suspected Nesler accomplice

Southern California: Santa Ana: Assistant sheriff resigns, cites hardship of son's rape charges + Jury recommends death for LA man who killed three brothers

Scott Peterson: Chief Deputy tries to save the case + Prosecution takes charge + Stockton pair takes up hunt for Peterson evidence in bay


The Governor: Megan's Law data to go online + Sex-offender names to go online in July + Gov. signs prison-reform bills + Gov. signs, vetoes prison bills + The buzz: Correctional officers union still an election player + Gov. signs bill for phone privacy + No hint yet on Gov.'s positions on offshoring + Calif. OKs toughest auto emissions rules + Exhaust rules to become tougher + Gov. shows his green side + Gov. deflects rays, reins in scooters + Bill aimed at cracking down on code violations is vetoed + Hispanics threaten boycott of state over licenses veto + Gov. blasted by some conservatives for his bill signing + Cruise ships face new ban on sewage + Wireless directory consent bill signed + Tanning law for youths + Gov. says 'no' to claims for those sent to Mexico in 1930s + Gov. signs bill aiding buyers in private communities + Lawyers Say Gov.'s Aide Can Join Bank Board Click. (LAT Reg) + Chiropractors, patients both hit hard by state worker's comp reform + Gov. in demand for Terminator 4 movie

Overruns cause Caltrans bond rating to slip. Bay toll authority also takes a hit from Wall Street firm

Shelley: `Buck stops here' on misuse of funds, Shelley insists + Shelley ends contracts of 15 consultants + Shelley's office was told of partisan activity. Consultants paid with federal voter funds provided advance notice of their plans Click.

Another post for Bustamante?

Capitol hopefuls for District 3 Senate seat spell out difference on health bill + State assembly candidates for Napa area attack each other in debate + 7th District candidates face off over taxes

Seeking support one vote at a time in rural areas

GOP star Giuliani backs Jones + Boxer says U.S. less secure, ties Jones to Bush policies +Candidates Will Turn Up the Volume in Senate Race Click. (LAT Reg

Corporation for Supportive Housing group's new hire

Indian tribes: San Benito gambling site in works for California Miwoks + Director of state's dominant Indian gambling lobby resigns Click.

LOCAL NEWS:   Brush-clearing goats ordered out of Mill Valley

Wildlife plans for Blair Island near Port of Redwood City. Public input sought

Pressure's on to scale back BART project

Alameda County: `Little Kabul' proposal dropped in Fremont + Fremont nips pot shops in the bud + New policy removes Oakland shrines 48 hours after victim's death

Contra Costa: Group fights for low rent from Richmond + Law and order comes to Delta. County cracking down on illegal buildings dotting the islands + Workers file suit in Lesher center case. Boss retaliated after complaints to city, six plaintiffs say + Law to require huge stores to report on their impact. Rule would be unfair burden, Wal-Mart spokesman says

Sacramento: Growing needs of county's seniors spotlighted in study + Alta's top executive quits

Marin: Canal voters prepare to get out immigrant vote + Child-care cuts draw ire

Napa: Land trust's motivations questioned + County to ask city to provide water for affordable housing

Monterey: Salinas mulls deep budget cuts +

Santa Cruz area Highway Patrol will help in Salinas

+ Los Padres National Forest blaze nearly contained

Central Coast: City leaders break ground on Watsonville Civic Center + Santa Barbara County oil site shut down following gas leak

Solano: Benicia invests in senior housing

San Francisco: Plan to close church lamented. Sacred Heart needs $8 million in repairs + Fireboat that fought earthquake fires in the Marina gets renovated + Muni joins war on terror

Sonoma: Measure R leaves campaign donation limit, disclosures up to Petaluma voters + Syar's electronic ear listens for noise

Central Valley: Clean-needle law heartens Fresno officials, who see high drug use + Stanislaus supervisors refute grand jury findings

Southern California: Pension fund woes present San Diego with one fine mess + Endangered LA trauma center criticized in reports + Gas leak prompts freeway closure in Riverside County + King/Drew Trauma Unit a 'Jewel' With Big Flaws + San Diego pension deal draws scrutiny Click. + Another San Diego credit rate downgrade announced Click. + Bobby Shriver Joins the Family Business Click. (LAT Reg) + Supervisor Will Seek County Trial of Foreign Pharmacies Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Fremont finalizes deal for music program + Delta College event to promote disabled services awareness + High lead level found in water at Tam campus + Marie McCarthy's life goal is to empower others at disabled students program, College of Marin + Marin: High lead level found in water at Tam campus + San Francisco: Race may become factor in school assignments + A new twist in the debate on learning in online classes

After Child's Hot-Car Death, Father Backs Alarm Systems for Parents Click. (LAT Reg)


Destroying the National Guard: William S. Lind

Air Force chief: Advanced study growing need

Amputee refuses to give up Army career



Outlived the Stigma

Back From Iraq, Soldiers Flock to Laser Eye Clinic

Stardom: The CAT'S Meow Yusuf Islam: From pop idol to Islamic star

Comic strip bites at politicians' Hispanic strategies

Mimes Speak Out on Social Issues

Richard A. Stitt: An American Gulag coming? Click.

Familiar Story

U.S. soldier seeking to stay asks for Canadians' help


Homeschoolers portrayed as terrorists: Federally funded security exercise concocts fictitious foe

Mobiles to let parents keep a track on children

Blood for pork....

U.S. military satellite deal with Lockheed may be work $3.27 billion

Texas Expects Economic Boom From Soldiers

U.S. firm fined $6.3 million for Iran trade

Thousands of Taiwan People Protest U.S. Arms Deal

Health Benefits Are Hard to Get in War Zone Click. (LAT Reg)


Gulf war health checks 'too late'

New Crew to Leave for Space Station on Oct. 11, NASA Says

Vitamin E 'can restore hearing'

Scientists Report Increased Thinning Of West Antarctic

Massive Merger Of Galaxies Is The Most Powerful On Record

Females May Be More Susceptible To Overindulge "Sweet Tooth" Cravings Than Males

Targeting Stress Response Proteins On Breast, Prostate Tumor Cells Shows Promise

New Signs Of Life Found At The Poles

Appetite Hormone Restores Fertility

Google site in China under fire

Virus writers focus on image bug

Cut the clutter on your PC

MIT Works to Power Computers With Spinach


Bush Says Bombings, Beheadings in Iraq Won't Weaken the U.S.'s Resolve

Bush Promises to Step Up Iraq Rebuilding Spending

Bush Wants Parley on Iraqi Election + Walking a Tightrope Quickly Toward Iraqi Elections + Credibility Questions Bedevil January Vote, With Security Major Problem An AP New Analysis + To Help Iraq Vote, Powell Seeks Meeting of Nations Click.

Bush: Iraq omitted from US terror list

Rumsfeld: US Could Begin Troop Pullout Before War Ends

Allawi safety claims 'out of touch with reality' say Iraqis

Bob Dole: Indonesia's Man in Washington Click.

Shifts in Iraq funding designed to address immediate priorities

Take time to avoid HUD rent increases for low-income housing program

Farmworkers, supporters fast for federal ag bill

Click. Bush moves to rewrite the rules governing millions of acres of undeveloped federal lands in the West

Click. Bush's words and actions are at odds on children's health care.

Life of Prescott Bush

Congress: GOP Bill Adds Police Powers to Intelligence Reforms + House Democrats decry GOP Intel bill + Intel Bill Lacks Bipartisan Input


Democratic leader Pelosi calls Iraq war a 'grotesque mistake'

Bush touts Iraq; Pelosi says 'face reality'

Bush plays on faith and family values

Under microscope, voters in Fla. difficult to gauge

3 states to allow soldiers to vote by e-mail

Latino Vote Still Lags Its Potential

Pocketbooks pinched, but war grips voters

Mixing milk and Bush politics

Groups try to inspire U.S. Asians to join vote

Military records: Little light shed as Pentagon releases more Bush Guard papers + DOCUMENTS CONFLICT WITH BUSH CLAIMS

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry seeks to put Iraq centre stage + Kerry Promises to Refocus U.S. on Terror War + Kerry, DNC follow Bush's lead on ads + Kerry Blasts Iraq 'Diversion'


Juan Cole: Iraq Elections a Disaster in the Making

Helen Thomas: Bush rallies are by invitation only

Shocker: Bush Lies (about Iraqi forces training)

Jonathan Chait: If it ain't broke, give it a (tax) break Click.

When Spin Replaces Truth

Every day is WACO day in Allawi's liberated land

If you start the fight, don't complain when you get hurt

Dire Warnings from the Past: From Wilson to Bush

Lesser Evilism: We Are Living in the Logical Conclusion

The Politics of Nader's Republican Support

Max Boot: Wars, Presidents and Errors

Two faces of Bush

Pakistan's President says Iraq war was a mistake


Marjie Lundstrom: Jeepers creepers, video peepers more sophisticated than ever

The Sky Is Always Falling

Another "beautiful mind"

The conventional nuclear family is a thing of the past

Oy Vey. Management the Hasidic Way

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Comic Al Franken's Air America starts Tuesday in the Bay Area as KQKE, 960 AM Click.

No joke: Daily Show viewers follow presidential race Click.

Israeli millionaire to purchase 50% of Al-Jazeera shares Click.

Networks Don't Like Seeing Their News Footage in Political Ads

HBO: The Tough Act TV Tries to Follow

'Balance' (aka who gives a shit about the truth)

Bill Ballance, host of provocative 1970s radio show, dies at 85

Tony-Nominated Playwright Bryony Lavery Accused of Plagiarism

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Orpheus leading Eurydice from the underworld, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Serendipity links Carrillo Adobe, sunken clipper Frolic

Sale at architectural salvage and antiques firm show San Jose area's history

Cedars of Marin members create original textiles

28 years of sharing Shakespeare

Indians decry Lewis and Clark re-creation

Shakespeare text 'worth millions'

Omaha Indian Music

Rediscovering Angel Mounds

Norge bones' origins confirmed

Chinese Poems

Hugo Brehme: Postcards from Mexico

Talking Ring Lardner

The ministry of women

Scientists find diagnoses of 'x-ray' girl hard to stomach

Opera's new Pavarotti soars

Brando became close friend of Michael Jackson

Dating website for canines (and possibly their owners)

Sisters under the skin

Best foot forward

Sinead begs for mercy after nits joke

Discreet Charm of San Sebastian's Film Festival+ "Turtles can fly" about Iraqi children wins Spanish film festival

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Egyptians, Four Iraqis Working for Mobile Phone Company Kidnapped in Iraq; Rocket Kills Four in Baghdad + As rebel-held zones proliferate, pressure mounts for Pentagon to act before January election + Guerrilla Strongholds in Iraq + US aircraft, artillery fire pound Falluja + Iraq held hostage to terror + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Six Egyptians Snatched in Two Iraq Kidnappings + Family of British hostage in Iraq take plea to streets of Baghdad + Islamic group says it has beheaded two Italians +
UK Muslims in bid to save hostage + Drama casts shadow over Blair + Comment: Jonathan Steele + Websites boast 'slaughter' of women + Hostage executions in Iraq follow a ritual pattern + Bush administration sabotages attempt to save British hostage in Iraq

Occupation: Iraq leader: Nothing will stop vote. In Washington visit, Allawi downplays power of insurgents + Allawi Effectiveness Hinges on Credibility + U.S. Sees Chances of Saddam Trial in 2004 'Remote' + Hepatitis Spreads to Two Iraqi Districts + US Congress hails Washington's Iraqi stooge + Sistani and the prospect for Iraqi elections + U.S. Officials, Allawi at Odds Over Timetable for Saddam's Trial

War prisons: Torture and Rape Rampant in Iraq Prisons

AFGHANISTAN: Karzai scrambles for 'friends'

MIDDLE EAST: 3 Israeli soldiers in Gaza killed by gunmen. Deaths renew debate on Sharon's plan for withdrawal + Israeli woman dies in Gaza mortar strike, police go on Yom Kippur alert

RUSSIA: Russia moves to ratify Kyoto Protocol + Russia charges 2 police officers with aiding Chechen leader. Crackdown so far has singled out only lower ranks+ Putin vows to stay democratic course despite anti-terror plans + Russian state firms get go-ahead to bid for Yukos + Chinese Premier Promises Support for Russia's WTO Membership, Discusses Oil Supplies

ASIA PACIFIC: Indonesia detains 6 gold mine officials

India, Pakistan Leaders Hail New Chapter in Ties

China paves the way for possible return of the Dalai Lama


Al Halabi discharge ordered + Translator convicted of lesser charges to appeal sentence+ Airman says he did 'a dumb thing' but was no spy + Cleared of Spy Rap, U.S. Airman Seeks Second Chance

'There's no ring, and no spies...' at Gitmo

North Korea threatens U.S. in Japan. Nearby nations fear Pyongyang is planning missile test + U.N. Calls on N. Korea to Scrap Its Atomic Arsenal

N.Y. Times' Beijing aide held in China for leaking state secrets + Researcher for The Times in China Is Detained

LAPD counterterrorism chief detained at airport with handgun

Britain backs Russian move against refugee 'terrorists'

3rd German Arrested in Probe Into Arms Trade + German Arrested Over Suspected Nuclear Arms Trade

Tiny Sensors That Can Track Anything (smart dust)

What a Comprehensive Intelligence Bill Should Contain

US Marines Train Niger Counter-Terror Force

Click. Chinese Intelligence Service FOI Documents

U.S. tries to penetrate Qaeda 'cyber sanctuaries'

Internet Emerges As Potent Terrorist Tool

107 tons of toxic gas smuggled to N. Korea

Russia wants UN to create terrorist blacklist Click.

Vanunu Says His Revelation of Israeli Nukes Changed the World

U.S. Embassy Criticizes Detention of Executives From American Mining Company

Prosecutors Charge Three Suspects in Connection With Twin Plane Bombings

Blood for pork....

Venezuela to Buy Russian Helicopters to Fight Guerrillas

Boeing Deal Faces Justice Dept. Review





Suit challenges cut in pesticide reviews

Company Withholds $5 Million Bonus from Lance Armstrong pending performance drugs investigation

Prober wants Brooklyn judge out

Martha ink expert faces sex harass rap

UK: Police authority chief denies child abuse allegations

9 out of 10 Financial Websites Susceptible to Online Fraud

Malvo to Plead Guilty to Second Sniper Killing

Man Ruled Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial in Videotaped Lawyer Shooting


Report: Calif. three-strikes law imprisons more than other states

State fires CYA guards tied to beating + CYA fires six + Videotape of Stockton incident showed punching, kicking

State bar takes action against South Bay online law school

$99 million settlement reached in water suit vs. 4 oil companies

Fellow alumni speak up for law grad hounded by feds for prostitution money

Cardinal Mahony deplores abuse, defends church litigation

Dentists’ patients tell of terror + Experts say people run little risk of disease even if dirty tools were used + Napa: One suit vs. dentist done, six more to go

Touch & Go: Trial re: death of dairy workers from fumes, serves notice to state

Contra Costa: Lesher Arts center's troubles continue with lawsuit + Ex-Pittsburg officers contest charges of filing false reports + Police seek man who tried to lure child from Sutter Elementary, Antioch + San Ramon: Police seek man in sexual assault

Santa Clara: San Jose: Murder charge in death of cyclist

Sacramento area: El Dorado sting unravels meth network + Sacramento nightclub owner sentenced to prison re: drugs + Witness tells of molestation while patient at Mercy General hospital + Man shot to death in Rancho Cordova + Parolee detained in Sept. 4 killing

Marin: Sausalito trailer thief gets more than he bargained for

Alameda County: Girl, 16, gunned down in Oakland drive-by + Hayward: Jury convicts woman of 2001 murder at hotel + Hayward: Armed carjacking suspect turns gun on self + Slavery abounds in U.S., rights group says. Berkeley landlord case is 1 of 8 cited in UC group's report

San Francisco: San Francisco civil courts cancel cost-saving closures

Santa Barbara museum owner sentenced 6 months for fraudulently obtaining copyright to sell photos

Santa Cruz: Elder-abuse victim will get money back + Alleged attacker in UCSC library assault arrested in Oregon

Vallejo drug busts target key dealers

Southern California: Three charged in immigrant marriage fraud + Anaheim man sets up internet sting to retrieve exotic pythons

Scott Peterson: Jurors see tape of living victim + Defendant's tears were from guilt, detective says + Defendant's tears + Defense hails Peterson's cooperation + Jury sees home video of Laci Peterson + Detective tells jury defendant was helpful. He allowed search of home, took cops to boat storage site + Day 60 + Scott Peterson shed a tear when notified bodies were found


The Governor:  Gov. signs bill on smog checks, OKs hybrids using carpool lanes+ Gov. signs environmental bills + Bill signings pleases conservation groups + Ocean, Sierra bills signed + Voters to decide on library bonds + New state agency to guard Sierra. Bipartisan effort establishes conservancy for 25 million acres + Calif. Gov. signs legislation to curb pollution from cruise ships + Transit experts concerned about impact of new hybrid-vehicle law + Driver's license issue not settled Click. Nunez relents on licenses Click. + Gov. vetoes children's hearing aid bill Click. + Gov. signs bill for Delta water-quality plan Click. + Gov. OKs bills on quake safety Click. + Gov. signs bills aiding fire protection Click. + California Regulators Approve World's Toughest Smog Rules

Backers stung by veto on licenses

Hybrids can enjoy carpool privilege

Stay out of state, two health card firms told

State's specialty crops seek funds

DMV isn't the best agency to help homeland security

Backers of bill to cut illegal immigrants' benefits prepare to gather signatures + Back-breaker hand weeding gets the boot

Air board to vote on car rules. New standards would reduce vehicle emissions

Shelly: Budget chair won't send Shelley fed voting funds. Democratic senator says secretary of state didn't provide plans + Shelley seeks to reassure officials + Shelley says he's taking reform steps + 2 testify they were repaid for blank checks. Nonprofit's money replaced funds that went to Shelley+ Secretary of state should resign

CHP medical pension probe pledged

PUC: SBC gets OK to raise wholesale phone rates + SBC to raise rates on rivals + State Fines Cingular Over Charges, Service Click.

Candidates Rep Woolsey and Erickson are near polar opposites

Propositions: Emergency care providers boost pressure as Election Day nears + No on expanding DNA sampling: It’ll clog system + Stem Cell Supporters Launch Ad Campaign Click. (LAT Reg) + Stem cell bond's costs disputed Click.

Indian tribes: Richmond: Mixed reaction to plan for tribal casino+ Times Poll: Both Gambling Measures Failing Click. (LAT Reg) + Are Tribes Cashing In Their Heritage? Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Federal grant to aid wildlife

Bird-lover's battle

Santa Clara: Limited trauma services offered by Regional Medical Center, San Jose + Honda withdraws support for Amah Mutson's attempt to get fed recognition (ties to developer Wayne Pierce)

Marin: Novato delays vote on site for City Hall + Public safety facilities become major Sausalito council issue + Sausalito: Disease outbreak killing sea lions

Alameda: Fremont backs phased-in utility tax + Livermore assemblyman Houston reviews his successes + Many hospitals lack interpreters + Livermore water district fined for not reporting spill+ Officials: Pot not acceptable at Coliseum + Berkeley council member Shirek to be write-in candidate

Contra Costa: Activists: Vasco needs barriers now + Iron triangle in Richmond getting trashed

San Francisco: Planning panel to decide on director. Newsom, activists want to replace Brown appointee+ City's new ads: 'Only rain down the drain'+ Grant to boost biotech + Supe's wheelchair ramp hits snag + Al Gore hits Fillmore Street + Dwellings tiny, not cheap

Central Valley: Business, politics passing Latinos by+ Barbara Matthews captures Farm Bureau’s endorsement + Ex-Modesto city manager to keep benefits + Task force reiterates Vasco Road safety needs

Santa Cruz: Family homeless shelter nearly complete

Napa: St. Helena to use Web to go after illegal B&B's + County offices evacuated after envelope bomb scare + Supervisor calls for changes in local elections department

School days: UC regents set admission GPA at 3.0 + Alameda: Developers sue Island schools over developer fee hike + Sacramento school exec pensions to get citizen oversight + San Francisco. Shop classes to make a return. Construction trade unions to bankroll renovation at alternative high school+ Billionaire who just couldn't get the staff builds his own retail and fashion college + Cal State students: Moore to come after all Click.

Southern California: Rating agency puts San Diego on caution list Click. + Hawthorne Hospital to Shut Doors Click. (LAT Reg) + Court refuses to halt work on busway project Click. + Cargo Hub OKd at March Air Base Click. (LAT Reg) + Site decision by DHL remains up in the air Click. + San Diego Voters Are Asked to Give Mayor More Power Click. (LAT Reg)

Forbes lists 400 Americans with most billions, millions. 44 Bay Area people are among richest Click.


Navy's top doctor says war-zone care in need of checkup

Germany pulls out of military expo

SETAF readies for deployment


How to avoid being anti-American

Search for last Indian


Report: OPEC has lost control over oil prices.

Tech firms taking stock of options

California is 'slave' worker gateway

Sony-led group, now including Comcast, agrees to buy MGM

California wine makers begin emerging from glut crisis with cautious optimism

China: Too much easy money, too many loans

Martha Stewart Living renews contract with founder

Reports: Trump Trying to Use Bondholders to Rescue Casino Company


Livermore Lab focuses on ways to fight bioterror, disease

West Nile virus endemic in 5 Sonoma County communities + State aid sought to fight weed Ludwigia that harbors mosquitoes

Bullish Chemical Could Repel Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

Vaccine for deadly flu?

Agent Orange Darkens Dreams of Vietnam's Progeny

What's next for depressed kids?

Space station crew to do AIDS research

Belgian baby believed first from frozen ovarian tissue. Mother, 32, had been sterile from cancer treatment

Massive Merger Of Galaxies Is The Most Powerful On Record

Researchers Find Troubling Offshoot Of Schizophrenia

Brain's 'Storehouse' For Memory Molecules Identified

Jefferson Liver Transplant Surgeons Show Less Rejection, Better Survival With Drug Regimen

Scientists Discover New Marine Habitat In Alaska

Cannabis May Help Combat Cancer-causing Herpes Viruses

Researchers ID Chlorophyll-regulating Gene

Key Cell-Death Step Found

Mediterranean Diet And Healthy Lifestyle Associated With Significant Reduction In Death Rate

Strep Bacteria Uses A Sword And Shield To Win Battle

What Genesis Solar Particles Can Tell Us

'Smart Antibiotics' May Result From UCLA Research

Flightless New Zealand Kiwi Claws Back from Brink

Glaciers Quicken Pace to Sea

MS fires amour-piercing suit at 'bullet-proof' spam host

HP's famous garage will be restored

Browser might be next Google venture

Scientists Find Nanowires Capable Of Detecting Individual Viruses

When Bot Nets Attack

Web Tool May Banish Broken Links


Bush, Allawi Say Most of Iraq Is Stable; Map, However, Is Dotted With Violence

Porter Goss Sworn in As New CIA Chief

Parallel Worlds

Bush and Allawi Say Iraqi Voting Won't Be Put Off + Violence Belies Positive Picture

Rumsfeld: Iraq Elections May Be Limited + State Dept. deputy contradicts Rumsfeld on Iraq elections + Armitage: No Plans for Partial Iraq Election

More troops needed, new study warns. Current, anticipated operations at risk, outside experts say + Gen. Abizaid: More US Troops Needed in Iraq+ National Guard Won't Meet Recruiting Goal

Republicans admit mailing campaign literature saying liberals will ban the Bible Click.

Powell Holds Talks With Libya's Foreign Minister Click.

Many face sharp cuts in Section 8 aid

NIH Proposes Yearlong Moratorium on Drug Company Collaborations

Paige Declares Debate Is Over About 'No Child Left Behind'

Congress: House, Senate vote to extend 3 tax cuts for middle class. $146 billion reduction will be 4th since Bush took office + Hill Divide Widens on Intelligence


Bush Lead Narrows in National Polls; Kerry Holds Edge in Electoral Votes President

Security viewed as pivotal among crossover voters. Candidates' stances on Iraq, terrorism trump party loyalty

Kerry and Bush send their relatives abroad to court expatriate voters

Want to see Bush, Kerry duke it out? Try Wisconsin

Some Presidential debate rules

Tallying the Woes of Electronic Balloting

A Massive Experiment in Voting (WaPo)

Bush and Kerry Mount Full Invasions of Pennsylvania

Military records: FL Woman Says Fear Of Flying Ended W's Guard Service + xymphora opines

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush gains more support from male voters, poll shows + Cheney says Kerry lacks resolve for war on terror+ How Bush is winning the US sports vote

In prime minister, presidential race gets a touchstone

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry to outline terror strategy + Edwards courts women voters + A turning point for Kerry? + Echoes of a 1972 Loss Haunt a 2004 Campaign + Video game puts players in Kerry's Swift boat + Tying Kerry to Terror Tests Rhetorical Limits + W 'unhinged' in view of war - Kerry aide + Kerry: Bush Dropped Ball on Terror with War in Iraq


Are US elections the ultimate hostage?

The president's blind eye

A dove in good company

GOP Senators Tell Unpleasant Truths

Human dignity, Crazy Mike, Indian country

Daniel Schorr: Aiming at Bush, but felling Rather

Mark Morford: What's wrong with John Kerry? Click.

John W. Dean: Supreme Court: A crucial but largely ignored 2004 campaign issue Click.

Paul Krugman: Let's get real Click.

Molly Ivins: Carnival con: DeLay's 'values politics' makes rubes out of voters Click.


Mystery in the Heartland

Homeland Insecurity

For kayaker-activist, let the paddling begin

Singer Cat Stevens Demands Probe Into Deportation + One way to alienate moderate Muslims: deport Cat + The deportation of Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

Conference on Arkansas internment camps begins in Little Rock

Protester attacks Berlin exhibition of art 'bought with Nazi blood money'

Click. TSA Demands More Air Passenger Data

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: "Miranda" switches sides + France recognizes gay parents

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Miami Herald Prepares for Fla. Presidential Debate

Click. We Have Met the News, and It Is Us

CBS killed story on forged Niger yellowcake documents

Writers guild members snipe at Hollywood execs on website

Balancing Act: How News Portals Serve Up Political Stories Click.

LewisNews gets visit from local Sheriff and the Secret Service Click.

Paul Colford's Hot Copy: Bush 'Family' tops Times list

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Orpheus leading Eurydice from the underworld, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Kinetic creations abound at The Crucible in Oakland

Automotive history on display at Galt Old Car Festival

California Missions. Restoring history

'Da Vinci' Code fans comb Paris for clues

A movie, the mob, and an FBI sting

Che on a Bike + Chasing Che + Meet a kinder, gentler Che in 'Motorcycle Diaries' + Guevara is face kids like to see for now

Get away from it all on Tunisia's pre-colonial train

London's fashion brat pack razzles and dazzles its way to spring

End of an era: first post-Ford ready-to-wear at Gucci

Wintour avoids the bullets on the world's fashion runways

Old traditional Chinese towns bring new forms of tourism

Catwoman flop claws hole in Australian cinema company's kitty

Why crime fiction matters

Stephen Fry: my favorite classical composers

Can movies, music change the world?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Some Rather kind words

Rush & Molloy: Elton John, a real Taipei personality

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 23, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraqi unit takes field with assist + US troops seal off Samarra + Car bombs cause more Baghdad carnage + Patrols turn ugly in Baghdad + Oil official shot dead as at least four Iraqis killed in US attacks+ U.S. warplanes attack insurgents in east Baghdad + South Korean Troops Deploy to Iraq, Meet With Kurdish PM + Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

Occupation: US Opens Tikrit Bridge, but Iraqis Unhappy About Slow Reconstruction + + Frustrated US forces fail to win hearts or minds + NATO agrees to send trainers to Iraq + Iraqi Scientist Who Kept Nuclear Secrets in Garden Cautions Against Proliferation

Elections: US Officials: Road to Iraq Vote May Be Violent + Sistani: Politics May Delay January Election + Doubts Rise Over Partial Elections in Iraq

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. Hand Seen in Afghan Election + Activists: Afghan women no better off + Tribal leader among 11 Afghans freed by U.S.


Three Israeli soldiers, three Palestinians killed in Gaza settlement raid + 2 Israeli police officers killed in suicide bombing. Teenage girl sets off blast amid tighter security for holy days

Israel Charges Iran Replaces Saddam as Terror Exporter

Saudi Arabia's religious hatred

RUSSIA: A police state minus the police

EUROPE: Turkey's EU hopes leap as Brussels sees 'no more obstacles'

ASIA PACIFIC: President Megawati refuses to acknowledge election defeat

CHINA: Who Shall Control the East Asian Sea Lanes?

RUSSIA: 10,000 Rounded Up in Moscow Terrorist Hunt + Russian Railroad Chief: Chinese Company Will Pay for Oil Deliveries From Embattled Yukos + Soviet Scientists Planned 'Invulnerable' Military HQ on the Moon


Feds warn of 3 terror plots coming

Senate gives Goss bipartisan blessing to lead CIA

Travis airman pleads guilty but not as a spy. Minor charges only after long legal struggle + Prosecutor: Questions remain about accused spy’s intentions + Spy case highlights U.S. missteps, some argue + U.S. Drops Spy Rap Against Syrian-American Airman

UC regents urged to bid for lab contracts + UC considers unleashing labs + UC needs 'industrial partner' for lab bid. Regents advised to share responsibility with private firm

Titan gets National Security Agency deal worth up to $300 million for program management

Report: U.S. Airport Screeners Missed Weapons

CIA Says Speaker on Hensley Video Unlikely Zarqawi

In Xinjiang province, China's frontier in war on terror

Feds probe why singer Cat Stevens allowed on jet in London

UN nuke watchdog says no deal with Brazil yet

North Korean Missile Test Isn't `Imminent,' Japanese Foreign Minister Says

Accused Officers of 'Operation Condor' Elude Extradition

Nations unite in four-way alliance to spread power of Security Council

Keyser case shows blurred relations + Confusion over Keyser deepens + US 'may be using spy scandal as warning'

Bombers kill recruits as deception fails

Canada: Graham denies missile defence a done deal

American government cracks down on Ukraine again

Click. Tobacco Killer Hosts Secret DoD HomeSec Meet

Click. UK Secret Bases Web Site Revived

Suspected Nuclear Blackmarketeer Detained Click.

Juan Gonzalez: Kabul guys had trial wired

Britain Authorizes Public Probe Into 1989 Killing of Belfast Lawyer

Who Killed James Forrestal?






Friends and businesses seek claims on Marlon Brando's estate

Patent suit nets $82 million for Immersion

Fla. Court Nixes Law Keeping Woman Alive

Court rules horse is not vehicle, thus no such thing as drunk driving a horse

Court allows political asylum from Germany. Afghan fled Soviets first, then neo-Nazis

Anti-Terror Measures Delaying Green Cards

Gang Killings Deepen Mexican Border City's Woes

Botox: guilty of crimes against beauty?

Update 8: Ex-Computer Associates CEO Enters Plea


Mistrial in pepper spray suit. Jurors deadlock 6-2 in favor of demonstrators

A third of Prop. 36 offenders finish drug treatment, study says

Feds grant millions to DNA programs throughout state + Federal funds will help clear backlog of cases

Dentists accused of fraud, assault. 20 in Central Valley did unneeded work, attorney general says

Santa Clara: Witnesses sought in Mtn. View shooting + Local dentists face state fraud charges + Witnesses sought in Mtn. View shooting + Music hall litigation escalates + Sheriff's new situational training center + Murder suspect Curtis Dean Anderson told to halt letters to Xiana's aunt + Alleged kidnapper told to stop letters

Monterey: Salinas immigration clinic ordered to pay $50,000 but can stay in business + Duke Energy, contractor to pay Monterey  $2M in fire case + Salinas: CHP joins fight against gangs + Salinas gang member Fiegley enters insanity plea

Contra Costa: Jury convicts woman of faking pregnancy, bilking three couples + Baby adoption scam results in conviction + Richmond settles police brutality suit for $150,000

Marin: San Rafael police sued for wrongful death (Grime) + County employee Curtis McCutheon pleas innocent to child porn

Alameda: San Leandro: Diversified Collection indicted in GOP scandal re: DeLay campaign funds + Carjacker strikes in Union City + Newark police consider using Tasers + Defense says fashion model triggered 'sausage king' + Alamedan among the accused in dental scam case + Livermore man shot in Oakland + Oakland: 'Ample' flier sues airline for saying he needed 2 seats + Oakland: Dead crime-spree suspects identified + Pleasanton: No charges for mom of abandoned baby

Sonoma: Sonoma may regulate conversion of mobile parks + Panel: Man barred from Sonoma Valley hospital meeting can sue + Magazine for inmates files censorship suit against Sonoma County Sheriff

Sacramento: Placer murder suspects waive hearing; trial set + Kaiser hospital technician accused in card thefts + Teen kills neighbor, self at Redding day-care site = Prison for UC Davis embezzler

San Francisco: Stun gunmaker woos police commission with demonstration + King Tin restaurant workers to file $450,000 claim for back wages

Guide Dogs' Trail Leads to Court Click. (LAT Reg)

Vallejo: Deadly force by police at issue

Sonora: Judge delays Nesler hearing

Spector may face indictment

Scott Peterson: Expert: Peterson fetus died near Christmas Eve  + Undercover agent recalls erratic ride, obscene gesture + Doctor tells when fetus likely died + Expert: Unborn child died about Dec. 23 + Ultrasound Doctor contradicts defense, + Developments Wednesday + Agent: Peterson altered look, tried to elude police before arrest

Michael Jackson: Home of  personal assistant searched


The Governor:  Gov.'s popularity takes a hit + Governor vetoes licenses for illegal immigrant drivers + Governor vetoes 3 health care bills + A look at bills signed and vetoed Wednesday by Gov. + Maybe It's Time for Cedillo to Let Arnold Take the Wheel on driver's licenses for illegals Click. (LAT Reg) + Dreier migrant proposal ripped Click. + Gov. reviews Cabinet Secretary Marybel Batjer's potential conflict of interest (she oversees banks, joined board of Nevada bank moving to California) + Governor Aide's Bank Position Prompts Legal Review Click. (LAT Reg)

California likely to approve hand-weeding ban

Park and Recreation Commission approves general plans for 3 state parks along Monterey coast

Air board may tackle global warming re: pollution by cars + Stakes High as State Targets Greenhouse Gas From Cars Click.

Alta California Regional Center's disability management under fire ($7m overrun, manages 12,000 adults, children in Northern California)

State allows review of prison doctors + State prison doctors' abilities to be tested. Lawsuit accord puts 300 physicians under hard scrutiny

Metropolitan Transportation Commission says no U-turn on plan for Bay Bridge + Bay Bridge faces deadline in a week. Time running out on only bid to finish replacement span

Backtracking on bullet train route + State bullet-train planners take new look at train over Altamont pass + Altamont backed for bullet train line + Rail could pass through Tehachapi Click.

U.S. election agency to examine Shelley use of federal funds + Shelley donor gets immunity to name Julie Lee. He'll tell grand jury about campaign funds, lawyer says + U.S. may probe spending by Shelley + Shelley donor will testify before federal grand jury

Poll shows Kerry and Boxer far ahead in state

Wholesale SBC Rate Expected to Rise 20% Click. (LAT Reg) + Time Warner joins phone fray Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Champagne grape harvest promises to be cork popper

874 wines challenge judges at Sonoma Harvest Fair

Condors released from Pinnacles on the move, radio tracking shows

Wildfires break out as Santa Anas blow in Southern California

Santa Clara: High-speed rail setback + Plan for trial near Stanford moving forward + Sikhs are victims of hate + Memos link tax, transit agency effort + San Jose: Bomb-like device rendered harmless + San Jose and Cisco Get a Little Too Cozy Click. (LAT Reg)

Marin: Fairfax pesticide ban challenged + Optional site in antenna controversy + Health district hopefuls discuss core issues

San Francisco: City gives schools $3.5 million more + Grocery Workers in Bay Area Hope to Avoid Strike Click. (LAT Reg)

Alameda County: Berkeley rated No. 1 in services to head off teen pregnancy + Funky water blamed on tunnel retrofit

Central Valley: Growth looms in Merced’s future + Clean-air forums offer ways to lower pollution + Kaiser’s plan in Modesto gets a final approval + San Joaquin Farmers fight for mandatory country of origin labels Click. (FB Reg) + Shell Studying Offers for Its Bakersfield Site  Click. (LAT Reg)

Santa Cruz: Trauma care is threatened

Southern California: Cargo Hub at March Air Reserve Base, Riverside, Debated Click. (LAT Reg) + Completion of Playa Vista OKd Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A. Mayor Hahn to set up economic team Click.

School days: Marin student compares U.S. and Chinese teen life + Newark school board OKs raises for administrators, managers + New Haven, Union City considers parcel tax + Hacker taps into CSUH server + UC regents committee OKs budget for 2004-05 + Livermore may lose education funding + Pleasanton willing to help finance new elementary school + San Francisco: Students, activists seek apology for '02 near-riot at Marshall high + Santa Rosa school districts fight sanctions + Damelio outlines Vallejo district hurdles + Davis student named to UC Board of Regents + Turlock will establish magnet school for arts + UC regents set to consider raising required GPA + UC regents mull absenteeism, will develop member guidelines Click.

Health Issues: State lags in health care ranking, below average Click. (CCT Reg) + San Fernando Valley hospital adds to emergency beds Click. + Panel's King/Drew Talks Assailed Click. (LAT Reg) + Contra Costa County cuts mental health services staff  Click. (CCT Reg)

An unlikely man at the tip of Wal-Mart's spear Click.


Pentagon to Close 35 Percent of Overseas Bases, Open Smaller Ones

Army's war game recruits kids

Army National Guard will fall short of recruiting goal this year

Army charges 2 soldiers with premeditated murder

A Small Town's Casualties of War

US Troops Who Visit Prostitutes May Face Harsh Penalties + Troops wonder about effectiveness of anti-prostitution laws

INFANTRY: Specialized Israeli Training

True fate of Red Baron

Patriot Act II Proposals Back From the Dead

Cat Stevens Calls U.S. Deportation 'Ridiculous' + CAT STEVENS HAD BEEN IN U.S. 20 TIMES IN PAST YEAR

When Revolt Hit Rio

Netherlands Terror Laws Raise Concerns

Black Outs and Whiteout

Jonathan M. Katz: An old law turns protesters into threats against president Click.


Morford: Kiss My Megatruck, Dude

Are you a girlie man?

Ruins from giant Nazi beach resort sold in Germany


Science cracks killer bug's code (Legionnaire's Disease)

UK: Sick Gulf veterans will be tested for depleted uranium

Britain urged to be ready for plague

UK gov awards £1m to bio-terror detector firm


New Way To Protect Brain From Stroke Damage

Hubble's deepest shot is a puzzle

Study looks at effects of mild kidney disease

Walking can ward off Alzheimer's, studies suggest

Many scrimp despite work health plans

NASA Selects Contractor For First Prometheus Mission To Jupiter

Glaciers Surge When Ice Shelf Breaks Up

Anger, Hostility And Depressive Symptoms Linked To High C-reactive Protein Levels

Watery Load For Ariane 5 ECA

Study Finds Fibromyalgia Prohibits Sufferers From Breast-feeding

Search For New Markers For Sudden Cardiac Death To Focus On Patients At Risk For Catastrophic Disruption In Heart Rhythm

Lessons From Snakes: The Better Part Of Valor

Acupuncture Reduces Nausea And Vomiting, Pain After Major Breast Surgery

Termites Could Hold The Key To Self-sufficient Buildings

The deafening sound of the seas

Small silicon sensor could sniff out health problems early

Blood-loss test aids op recovery

Safer route to gene therapy found

Britain: dramatic increase in self-harm by children

Pre-Dinosaur Reptile Discovered -- Long-Necked Hunter

Virus-obsessed firms ignore insider risk

NASA Selects Contractor For First Prometheus Mission To Jupiter

Hostages: 'Sovereignty,' but US Still Runs the Show + 'Mr Blair, please... I think this is my last chance' + Hostage's brother accuses US + Click.(VIDEO) Beheading of Olin Eugene Armstrong + Italian hostages probably alive + Iraq group says kills two Italian hostages + Profile: Kenneth Bigley + Leader: It's lose-lose for Blair


Bush Seeks to Explain Earlier Remarks on Number of Terrorists and Intelligence Estimates

Allawi Joins Bush in Linking Iraq War to Fight Against Terrorism Worldwide + Allawi Tells Congress Democratic Forces Succeeding in Iraq

U.S. losing terror war, Musharraf warns UN Click. + Pakistani chief warns of 'iron curtain'. West must address injustice in Muslim world, he says

Bush: Terrorists may plan more attacks

Powell: US Has No Plans to Attack Iran

U.S. Cybersecurity Office May Relocate from Homeland Security to the White House Click.

Study: Bush adds $1.3t to deficits

Groups Challenge Rules Allowing Fewer Reviews of Pesticides' Impact on Endangered Species

Congress: House Democrats pitch their message. 10 million jobs, end to deficit spending, health care for all kids + Agreement on Extending Tax Cuts Reached + US House Rebuffs Bush, Votes to Allow Family Visits to Cuba + Senator calls for Patriot Act scaleback + House Votes to Strip Supreme Court of Authority in Pledge Cases


Poll: Bush Leads Kerry; Kerry Backed on Jobs

E-Vote Fears Soar in Swing States

Dean and Perle to hold foreign policy debate


Young voters flock to sign up in swing states


BUSH/CHENEY: Despite Bush Flip-Flops, Kerry Gets Label + Rove touts Bush headway in key areas

KERRY/EDWARDS: Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts. Kerry always pushed global cooperation, war as last resort + Kerry rallies troops with fierce attack on Bush's credibility + Bouncing back to Kerry + Edwards: Let’s ‘outsource’ Bush + Kerry Says Allawi's Speech Contradicts Reality in Iraq + In Fla., Kerry hits Bush on Social Security + The ghost following Kerry


We're at War not with a State but an Armed Ideology

Blumenthal: The hollow world of George Bush

Michael Moore: Mr. Bush and his 10 ever-changing different positions on Iraq Click.

Stephen Zunes: Bush's UN speech: Idealistic rhetoric masks sinister policies Click.

Froma Harrop: Foes of stem-cell research create their own scientific reality Click.

Being fooled once by Bush was enough

Stardom: From Inevitable DRAFT to Kerry Was Going to BLOW UP The Senate

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: '70s Bush: The party man

War prisons: U.S. Will Free Louisiana-Born 'Enemy Combatant' + Iraqi scientists detained despite lack of WMDs + Detained women are biologists + More Delays as Gitmo Spy Trial Catches Lawyers Off Guard + Pentagon: 10 New Detainees at Guantanamo


U.S. Economic Gauge Signals Weakness

Oil prices fall as US considers tapping emergency reserves

PeopleSoft CEO: Saga far from over

Corporate taxes melting away. 82 top firms paid zero

Gas deal for U.S., Russia signed. Chevron Texaco gets foot in the door

Lock maker (Kryptonite) offers free replacements

Huge U.S. bakery files Chapter 11

California EDD starts web site showing jobs available in 23 states

Lehman to Pay $222 Million to Settle Investor Suit Over Enron, People Say

General Electric Settles Welch Contract-Disclosure Probe With Regulators + GE Deal Over Reporting of Welch Perks May Improve Disclosure

Fannie Mae Taking Steps Amid Findings of Serious Accounting Problems, SEC Inquiry

Blood for pork....

Company pleads to illegally selling pumps to Iran

British nuclear waste to be sent to central Asia

Halliburton May Sell or Spin Off KBR Unit After Final Asbestos Settlement


Status of AIPAC probe unclear as no recent contact reported

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Swaggart's queer apology

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Former attorney general, newsman to probe CBS

Magazine for inmates files censorship suit against Sonoma County jail

Dictionary to end them all lists greatest Britons -- 55,000 of them

Clancy urges military to tell and sell war tales

Review: Plot against America by Philip Roth

The Little Website that Couldn't

Martha Stewart meets Survivor

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Orpheus leading Eurydice from the underworld, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Berkeley welcomes fiddling, plucking and clogging this weekend

Angel Island, the gem of the bay

West Coast Is Theirs, Underfoot Click. (LAT Reg)

A chilling adventure

After 450 years, Michelangelo's last works are set to shine again

Two's a Crowd

The Shoot

New fiction by Zadie Smith

Click. How Elisabeth Kübler-Ross went around the bend.

John Keats, Autumn

Rush & Molloy: 'A Dirty Shame,' an even dirtier party

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 22, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Violence rocks Baghdad as clock ticks down for British hostage + Rising call by clerics for jihad. + Top Zarqawi Aide Reportedly Killed + Car bombs blast Baghdad + Dozens killed in Baghdad  + Al-Tawhid and Al-Jihad leader killed + US attack on Sadr City kills 22

Hostages: British hostage pleads for life +  Hope Fades  as U.S. Stands Firm + 'Sovereign' Iraqi Govt Wants to Free Dr. Germ, US Says No + Leader of Hamas Calls for End to Kidnappings in Iraq + Kidnapped Canadian woman saved in Iraq + Weapons scientists wanted by  militants + Foreign diplomatic efforts fail + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iraqi elections, in the shadow of death + U.S. Now Taking Supporting Role in Iraq, Officials Say

War prisons: Pentagon: 10 Prisoners Transferred to Guantanamo, 11 Detainees Returned to Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan leader says he's not trying to woo foe + 'Invisible' Afghan rivals spread the word by network + Afghan Army's Kandahar Regional Command Stands Up + Another U.S. Soldier Reported Killed in Afghanistan; Former Taliban Commander Comes Home From Guantanamo

IRAN: Iran defies limits on uranium. Enrichment goes on -- U.S. wants action + Iran Defies Bolton, Asserts Treaty Rights. + Click. A determined response must halt Iran's nuclear plans + Iran shows off ballistic missiles

LIBYA: EU set to lift arms embargo on Libya

MIDDLE EAST: Woman Suicide Bomber Kills 2 Policemen in Jerusalem

Fears of a power vacuum in Syria

The right assails 'dictatorial' PM for lack of legitimacy on disengagement. Some on the left may now agree

EUROPE: German restitution bid stirs outrage in Poland

Turkish Premier Heads to Brussels Amid Pressure to Pass Key Reforms

Prosecutors Investigating Alleged Poisoning of Ukrainian Presidential Candidate; Defense Minister Resigns

ASIA PACIFIC: Modern mask hides rural China+ Hu holds the scepter - and the sword+ China's hunt for new oil routes + China to Europe via a new Burma road

The inhumane face of India's reforms

On Kashmir, hot air and trial balloons


US to Send 'Enemy Combatant' Hamdi Back to Saudi

Airman Al Halabi pleads guilty to three minor charges

London evacuation plans found on train

Ex-Pop Star Cat Stevens to Be Deported from U.S. + Singer Cat Stevens Has No Terrorist Ties

Taiwan frets over US 'spy crisis' + Keyser's Taipei Trip Not Confidential: NSC Official + Visit unrelated to Keyser flap: Chen + Error of Judgment + Taiwan-U.S. ties unchanged, says MOFA minister Filling India's anti-terrorism void

Indonesia: Terrorism key in US support for TNI

CIA's spy network thin + Spies come in many forms

GAO will review Homeland Security's classifications of sensitive papers

Alleged Pak spy held with papers, codes + Spy-hard Pak plays the game

C.I.A. Review Is Critical of Prewar Iraq Analysis Overhauling Intelligence

US Plant Suspends 'Bunker Buster' Bomb Production

Concerned scientist warns of rogue nukes

Nuclear shipment departs from US

Mass death not always terrorists' goal

Blood for pork....

US Sending 500 'Bunker-Busting' Bombs to Israel

Linda McQuaig: Crude dudes Click.




Tobacco firms accused of hiding dangers of smoking for 50 years. U.S. seeking billions in 'ill-gotten' profits as trial opens in D.C.

Quattrone wants freedom pending appeal

San Diego immigration raids target naval station contractors

Wily Milosevic keeps Hague judges guessing

The Department Of Justice Is Forced to Admit Serious Error in the Detroit "Terrorist Cell" Case: Judges' Key Role In Curbing "War on Terror" Excesses

Woman, Baby Found Slain Along Walking Trail in Connecticut Park

Former Computer Associates CEO Charged With Fraud, Company Agrees to Pay $225 Million

Jury Selection Begins in Trial of Ink Expert From Stewart Trial

Ward Weaver Accused in Deaths of Two of Daughter's Friends in Oregon Pleads Guilty to Murder, Avoiding Death Penalty

Fired FBI Translator Sues Over Government Records


Shut Down State Youth Prisons, Experts Say Click.(LAT Reg)

California Attorney General Charges 20 Dentists With Fraud

San Jose: New dispatch system flawed + Courthouse plans on hold + Ronnie Mitchell, nursing home worker pleads no contest to assault on patient + Kidnapper-rapist Cruz sane, jury decides + Jury deems kidnapper to be legally sane + East Palo Alto: Police seek suspect in two shootings

Contra Costa: Antioch man shot in head, killed + Defendant in adoption case confessed because worried about police beating + Defendant in surrogate mom case testifies

San Francisco: Au naturel is natural for Naked Yoga Guy + Lawyer argues protesters were tortured. Pepper spray jury reports deadlock, told to continue

Alameda County: Berkeley: Sierra Club, developer unite for court victory + Oakland: 2 of 4 suspects die during crime spree + Woman leaves newborn at Pleasanton hospital + 4 years for step mom in young boy's death + Step mom sentenced + Oakland: Deadly crash brings crime spree to end + ChevronTexaco says new plant to boost San Ramon + San Ramon police seeking sexual assault suspect

Sonoma: Sleuths offer theories in Jenner killings + Santa Rosa: Man killed by police after chase identified + Santa Rosa teen pleads guilty in crash that killed 2 children

Marin: New state report shows rarity of slayings in Marin + Judicial candidate d'Opal says she'll resign from Marin Community Foundation if elected

Sacramento: Sierra College student missing since Sunday + Roseville suspect conned seniors, feds allege + Man arrested in halfway house rape

Central Valley: Hearing redo rejected in embezzlement trial + Turlock task force: Never too early to worry about youth gangs

Southern California: Ontario: Man arrested in connection with stabbing, body found in suitcase + Appellate court says officers can be held liable in L.A. raid + Death of Girl May Cost Fontana Millions Click.(LAT Reg)

Napa: Prison likely for janitor who kissed girls + Two L.A. courts to hear sex charges against Napa priest

Solano: Vallejo community marches to stop the police violence + Fairfield: Police find evidence in carjacking spree

Catholic Church invokes confidentiality tradition on files in sex abuse cases

Scott Peterson: 41 reasons to search bay for body + Detective sought confession 'to end all of this nonsense' + Search for remains focused early on Bay + D.A. focuses on defendant's pattern of lies + Cop says he knew Laci was in the Bay + Developments Tuesday


The Governor:  Gov.'s drug discount plan detailed + Governor signs Internet piracy bill. E-mail address required to share movies, music online + Schwarzenegger vetoes mascot, hotel safety bills + Governor signs violent-video bill + Clandestine Filming Ban Broadened  Click.(LAT Reg) + Greenhouse gas order may be issued Click. + Anti-spyware bill lacks teeth; Schwarzenegger should veto it + Gov.'s lawn for smoking tent led to office flooding + Official: Keep the Bay Bridge span as planned

Shelley's consultants schmoozed on the job + Political activity by workers Shelley hired + Shelley controversy deepens + Lawyer assails coverage of figure in Shelley case

Ex-Napa County CEO lands state LAFCO job

Hate Crime Panel: Sikh activists to testify on hate. Fremont resident whose home was vandalized three times also will speak to panel

District 3 Senate candidates differ on state restructuring + Machado assails Podesto on Stockton development + Machado criticizes Podesto over Stockton-area ‘sprawl’

Peter Schrag: Charney's sweatshop-free T-shirt kibbutz in L.A.

Health care proposition has some feeling sick Click.

Tauscher rips into president over Iraq

Jones bemoans paucity of headlines in U.S. Senate race

Dreier folds on illegal immigration Click.

Indian Tribes: Rival sues casino developers for $1 billion + $1 billion suit over gaming plan + Feinstein targets Indian casino. Governor opposes her move to block San Pablo project + Richmond: Tribe to detail plans for casino tonight + Governor opposes Feinstein casino bill + Indian land use bill is debated + Ukiah tribe votes out 5 on council who overstayed terms + Indians celebrate cultural milestone + Governor is scolded for waffling on casino Click. (CCT Reg) + House committee passes bill to give land to Pechanga tribe

Hetch Hetchy restoration. Big Dam Mess

Profile of George Soares, agriculture lobbyist

LOCAL NEWS:  Report: 2 minutes and 5 feet were fatal for Calif. firefighter

Sea lion corralled on Dumbarton has wound

Dan Walters: Fiscal irresponsibility also plagues local governments

San Jose: Downtown to get permanent outdoor skating rink + Council backs garbage deal + Groundwater cleanup bill for Santa Clara County moves ahead in Congress Click.

San Francisco: Julie Lee reacts to campaign inquiries. Her lawyer does most of the talking about disposition of $500,000 in state funds + Heroine of 9/11 gets her due. Chinatown honors flight attendant + Fire Dept. to be restructured. Firefighters and paramedics will cease to be merged + Plan to increase condo conversions + Ex-police chief Sanders and City sued by his atty over fees + S.F. small businesses crank up Prop. K fight + Smoking ban in S.F. parks proposed + Rice, ratings and Rupert + Emporium blame game + Lee defends center + GOP appointee DeNunzio nixed

Alameda County: Berkeley: Group says stiff taxes pain property owners

Marin: Passions high in debate over GM crop measure + County adds culture office despite major budget cuts

Sacramento: Pot stores must wait for month + Fire chief gives few details on conduct probe

Contra Costa: Green light for Contra Costa County auto fleet + Contra Costa voting initiative shelved until after fall election Click. (CCT Reg)

American Canyon forum on Wal-Mart fails to materialize

Salinas: $7 million in budget cuts approved + Groups join forces to protest water company

Los Angeles: King/Drew's Trauma Unit Gets a Reprieve + L.A. water politics + Hahn Gains Laborers' Union Aid Click.(LAT Reg)

School days: Three Contra Costa educators vie for county honor + SAN FRANCISCO / Hiles breaks school race finance limit / Mayor's choice is first Board of Education candidate to exceed city's $90,000 ceiling +  UC revises its GPA plan + Challenge on Oakland school ethics gets brushoff + Activists seek increased school funding + Union City New Haven appoints new chief + St. Mary's College president to quit. Campus mired in funding controversy + Manteca aims for free preschool + Napa schools, DA work to cut truancy + Did a lie sway L.A. school bond voters? + Harvard offering fewer tenured jobs to women + Spending on students low, teacher salaries high Click. + Price of teaching increasing Click.

HEALTH: Uninsured patients bankrupting state emergency rooms + Hullabaloo Over Hospital Boo-Boos Click.(LAT Reg)


40% of Army Reserves Fail to Report to SC Base

Veterans Seek Support for Embattled MP Unit

No sex please, we're soldiers

Refreshing Drinks of Fresh Air


Women, and the future of IT

Tidal wave of irresponsible tourism suffocates Thailand's paradise reefs


Update 4: Oil Tops $48 a Barrel on Supply Worries

China overtakes United States as top destination for foreign investment

PeopleSoft, Unfazed, Announces 5-Year Pact With I.B.M.

Yukos boss: No bankruptcy filing

Prices of basic foods are soaring

Disney to name CEO by June

The Buying Class


Japan confirms 13th mad-cow case

Authority on West Nile virus dies

Dengue Fever Capable Mosquito Now In SoCal

Biological terrorism becomes more real

Feds move to reduce risk of mad cow ending up in vaccines, medication Click.

FDA faces trial on drug rule

Five UC Berkeley researchers honored

Masai, Whites and Wildlife: No Peaceable Kingdom

New Anti-inflammatory Strategy For Cancer Therapy Identified By UCSD Researchers

Researchers Discover 'Hole' In Global Warming Predictions

The Book Opens On The First Tree Genome

Water And Methane Maps Overlap On Mars: A New Clue?

Wastewater Could Treat Itself, Power City

Scientists Decipher Genetic Code Of Biothreat Pathogen

UIC Unveils World's Most Powerful MRI For Decoding The Human Brain

Stimulating The Production Of Utrophin Protects Muscular Dystrophy Mice From Muscle Wasting

HIV Dementia Mechanism Discovered; Finding May Lead To New Therapies

Two Studies In Science Point To New Evidence In Asthma Development

Researchers Eliminate Leukemia In Mice, Demonstrating Potential New Approach To Cancer Drug Therapy

Anxious Mice May Parallel Men Vanilla May Have A Future In Sickle Cell Treatment

Bloglines free service brings content to one web page for users

China unveils new semiconductor rebates

Bush, Annan Speeches Show Divisions on Iraq

UCSD to study 'epidemiology' of Internet viruses Click.

Houses That Defy Hurricanes


Cash-Strapped Pentagon Taps Emergency Fund

Bush: CIA 'Just Guessing' About Iraq Dangers

Bush Mixes Diplomacy and Campaigning

Bush asks more nations to join war against terror

Bush calls on Israel to freeze settlements

Texans Still at Odds Over Bush's Legal Reforms

U.S. Regulators Question Accounting at Fannie Mae

Indian Affairs out $28 million + Prison report criticizes Indian Affairs bureau

Senate panel OK's DNA testing bill

Bush sapping Schools

Critics Say Changes in Rent Formula Could Hurt Low-Income Voucher Families

Serious Problems Found by Regulators at Fannie Mae, Prompting SEC Inquiry

Congress: High-tech execs lobby Senate on stock options + HOUSE VOTES TO EASE LIMITS ON TRIPS TO CUBA + Lawmakers see Iraq visit through political prism. Republicans defend, Democrat slams White House policy + Anti-Semitism proposal wins key backer. Republican endorses Lantos' bill to create office in State Dept. + Republican discord in the Senate + Grand Jury Indicts 32 in DeLay PAC Fraud Probe + 3 top DeLay aides indicted + Lawmakers Try to Add Corporate Tax Breaks to Bill Extending Middle- Class Tax Cuts

THE 2004 ELECTION:  Town hall debate questions must be submitted in advance

Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election + Activists Find More E-Vote Flaws

Connecting with voters in Columbus' Ward 62.

Texas Heavyweights Battle in Costly U.S. House Race

Senators Reject Broader Powers for New Spy Chief Senate panel rejects fixed term for national intelligence director

Group Calls for Slowing Intelligence Reform + Kissinger Urges Caution on Intel Chief + Ex-Cabinet Members and Lawmakers Urge Delay in Overhauling Intelligence

Military records: '60 Minutes' source has a long history of disparaging Bush. Retired Guardsman accused president of lying, destroying files + Lockhart contacted memo scandal figure + Xymphora opines

BUSH/CHENEY: Terror concerns move more women into Bush camp +  Kerry's Flip Flops Get the Treatment in New Bush Ad

KERRY/EDWARDS: In Florida stop, Kerry hammers Bush on health care policy + Kerry fund-raisers tied to S. Korean spy + Kerry's Flip Flops Get the Treatment in New Bush Ad + Kerry: Draft likely to return under Bush


Hart has grim view of Iraq, terrorism

A U-Turn in Iraq?: Justin Raimondo

Are We in Saidad or Baghgon?: Tom Engelhardt

Cooking Up a Cut-and-Run?: Jude Wanniski

Stardom: American P.R.I.D.E. In Action

Bin Laden's Useful Idiots: Patrick J. Buchanan

Iraq: How bad can things get?

Quit Iraq, and quit fast. It's that simple

James Boyne: 55 reasons to vote for Bush and Republicans in 2004 Click.

Molly Ivins: Them's fightin' words Click.

AP Interview: Carter Says Apparent Open-Ended Presence in Iraq Has Contributed to Bloodshed

Draft 'Teach-in' recalls a previous era

Former law professor launching rights group in wake of Sept. 11

State Department Bans Distinguished Muslim Scholar

Uncle Sam Wants Your Airwaves

Google Omits Controversial News Stories in China

The Secret Service's War on Protesters

Secret Service Reviewing Comments Made By N.J. Woman

LEAKGATES  Whistleblower Sues for Release of 9/11 Info

Official heading AIPAC probe linked to anti-Semitism case

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: UC Santa Barbara study looks at gays in the military + Gay Service Members Ponder Military Policy + Japan's pioneer gay magazine giving way to cyber sites + Lesbians fight to retain post-Soviet freedom + Evangelist Swaggart apologizes for gay remark

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

CBS News Names Panel to Review Tainted Bush Report + AP's Boccardi to Investigate CBS Story

1 million Web users click to see beheading. 50,000 an hour visit site to see U.S. captive's slaughter

Webcast of Jewish news fills a void, creator says

TV Stations Fined for Janet Jackson Breast Flash

The Myth Behind the Famous Eddie Adams 'Execution' Photo

Murdoch Says Fox Would Have Been 'Crucified' for Rather Mistake

Driving Kitty Kelley

'Cloud Atlas' is early favorite as Booker shortlist announced

Do-it-Yourself Book Publishing Takes Off on the Web

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Women on Waves returns to Capitola

Extra Drama for 'Otello': Can He Do It?

Behind the Scenes of Brando's Life

India plans glittering 350th birthday bash for Taj Mahal

20 years on, street and Sicily still inspire Dolce and Gabbana

Antwerp fashion designers happy out of the limelight

Wanted: a British-style revolution in walking

Alex Ross on new classical recordings

Inca destruction

Rush & Molloy: Justin no longer in sync with Cameron?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Dressing down the Gottis

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 21, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US presses Syria to stabilize porous border with Iraq + Iraq's Sunni-Shiite tension rising + Two US marines killed in Iraq + Possibility of Iraq civil war looms large + Orders of battle + Occupation: Iraqis vexed at plan to shift rebuilding funds to security. Unfulfilled projects could leave many without utilities + Iraq losing its best and brightest + Allawi barking up the wrong tree

War prisons: U.S. probes torture allegations in death of Afghan recruit. Inquiry also will investigate alleged abuse of 7 others +  US must justify Cuba detentions, judge says + Blunkett releases suspect held at 'mini-Guantanamo' for three years

IRAN: Iran Converts Uranium in Defiance of UN + Of course, Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons + Iran Won't Halt Nuclear Program, May Suspend Inspections by United Nations

MIDDLE EAST: Syria starts pulling troops from Lebanon

Jordan Plans to Build a Fifth Minaret in Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque

Settlers File Suit Against Compensation, but Sharon Forges Ahead With Gaza Pullout

ASIA PACIFIC: Retired general projected to win Indonesian election. Stunning reversal for once-loved president

The tortuous N Korean refugee triangle

Roh, Putin Again Call on N. Korea to Curb Nuclear Weapons Drive

AMERICAS: Brazil's Lula Is Savior in Native Northeast

Fox touts Mexico's job growth during tour of plants Click.

Colombian Paramilitary Leaders Demand Inquiry Into Killing of Compatriot,  a Blow to Peace Talks


Senate Panel Approves Goss for CIA Director

Kissinger Urges Caution in Creating National Intelligence Director

US Spy Agencies: Strikes on Iran Wouldn't Work

UC Regents advised to seek lab contract

Travis Air Force Base: Spy trial for translator begins. Man allegedly had notes from Guantanamo + Judge denies motion to dismiss + Deal near?

Anybody here speak Arabic?

Pentagon sets up headquarters to defend capital

US Must Reach for Space Dominance

Terrorists plan to attack television centers in Russian regions

Going after Iraq's most wanted man

Taming terror in Algeria

Don Keyser case: let’s talk rumors

Intelligence alert on ISI operations - South Bengal new haven for Pak agents, says IB + Pakistani spies target Indian defense establishment + Pakistani spy arrested in Delhi

Imam who hid his ties to terrorism sentenced

FBI going to Israel for chat with McGreevey's ex (aide)

Air, water risks part of terror plan

The spoils of another war

Italian Embassy Attack Thwarted? Click.

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Arkansas attorneys spar over gay marriage + The award-winning national gay & lesbian newsmagazine Web site





Ashcroft: 0 for 5,000

Juan Gonzalez: Justice foreign to Kabul court

Judge: Martha Stewart must surrender by Oct. 8

Sixteen jurors picked for Enron trial

The Supreme Court and Employee Health Insurance: How the Court Is Making this Area of Law National

SEC Announces $2 Million Settlement With TD Waterhouse Over Payments to Investment Advisers

Sniper Judge Accused of Improper Investigation Recuses Himself

Supreme Court Justice Stevens Describes Frolic-Free Summer

Prosecutors Plan to Charge Man With Murdering Univ of Oklahoma Ballerina


Humboldt County pepper spray case going to jury.

L.A. refinery charged with 109 environmental law violations

Man arrested at LA airport allegedly had three bullets in jacket

Four Southland residents charged in federal counterfeiting case

Judge rejects libel suit by Napa priest named in sex abuse case

Lawyers seek revival of suit over tobacco sales to Calif. teens (SJM Reg)

Los Gatos slaying suspect called `real mystery man' (SJM Reg)

Dean Lesher arts center manager pleads no contest in conflict case (CCT Reg)

Palo Alto: Charges filed against nursing home worker for sexual assault of patient (SJM Reg)

Skinny-dippers arrested after fight in Hercules (CCT Reg)

Adoption process a bumpy ride + A frozen embryo is adoption for adoption Click.

Redwood City: Robber who killed gets life in prison

Richmond: Police officer charged with DUI

Woman recants her story of being attacked on Sonoma beach

Obituary: Judge Cameron exercised friendly persuasion

Peninsula murderer Scanlon 'will die in prison'

Family pickets Tracy police

Marin County jail inmate falls from county jail balcony

Mendocino man sues ex-tenants over pot odors

New details in shooting death of suspect by Sonoma County deputy sheriff

Merced jury finds dairy farmer innocent of worker deaths + Dairy farmer found not guilty

Santa Cruz: Preliminary hearing begins for Spruce St. murder suspects

Authorities arrest man in SoCal's 9-to-5 bandit bank robberies

Ex-Chief of EIDC Avoids Prison Click.>

Sacramento: Internet threats target whistleblower fireman + Federal grant targets liquor sales to teens + County to weigh a moratorium on marijuana shops + Ex-boyfriend held in woman's death + County set to open focus group talks + Symphony calls suit 'without merit' + Arson alleged in construction site fire + Sacramento County weighs moratorium on marijuana shops Click.

Alameda County: Oakland: Murder trial for father of boy, 3 + Berkeley considers limits on pot clubs + Mom in killing case wakes from coma + Man faces judge today in kidnap of mom, tot + > First use of Taser by Fremont police subdues suspect (SJM Reg) + Oakland: parents fear drugs led to homicide + Oakland police continue prostitution crackdown + Dublin teenager arrested after fatal accident + Pleasanton police detain two auto theft suspects

San Francisco: Police increase patrols at Giants games after fatal stabbing, seeking witnesses, officers to hand out leaflets at SBC Park + Stolen Millbrae guns turn up in S.F. rental + Day laborers retrieve wages due in court + Ex-homeless, city's leaders make case for housing bond + A victim who keeps getting arrested -- tangled in a case of identity theft. S.F. warrants ruled bogus, but they were never voided

Scott Peterson: Detective: Lies, lack of alibi cast suspicion (CCT Reg) + Detective tells why police suspected Peterson (SJM Reg) + Day 57 + What defendant told police made them suspicious + Peterson had own theories for wife's disappearance + Police explain focus on Peterson + Detective: Peterson had theory + Developments Monday


The Governor: Gov. OKs increased needle sales + Gov. signs needle bill but sticks it to another + Gov. lures shop from Nevada + Bill to help missions clears panel

State Republicans seek oversight of federal election funds + State GOP asks for audit of Shelley's control of funds (SJM Reg) + Voter fund oversight sought by state GOP + Analysis: Shelley's case gives off echo of old scandal

Dan Walters: Sex crime votes powerful fodder for campaign exploitation

CalFed bills a starting point in tackling water issues

Indian Tribes: Judge OKs land sale for casino at Point Molate, Richmond + Tribes gamble on TV ads + Richmond: Chevron challenge rejected, but deal has long way to go


San Jose: Garbage pact drawing fire + Editorial: Council blindsided by contract, but it's a good deal

School days: UCSC raises $32.3 million (SJM Reg) + Berkeley protesters decry low pay on campus + Where teachers educate their own children + UC continues to tinker with GPA plan + Cheerleaders have the right moves + Mexico's Schools Can't Keep Up + Free SAT review at DeVry + Farr's grants aid ocean research + S.F. Bd of Ed candidates quizzed + Donors to Cabrillo, Bethany, CSUMB also give generously +Donors to Cabrillo, Bethany, CSUMB also give generously + Youngest leaving Modesto Schools + Ceres schools tip budget scale + Garden Grove Schools Triumph Click. + On a nutrition mission Click. Districts strive to balance health, taste Click.

San Francisco: Panel seeks assessor's records on hiring. Teng is accused of political patronage + Senior care innovator retiring. On Lok's alternative to nursing homes got its start in Chinatown + Newsom picks chief of human services + Carjack suspect sought in SoMa, Tenderloin + Newsom isn't running but has a lot riding on Nov. 2. Races for supervisor, school board could affect mayor's power + Gossip + Supes still skip + Political blocs split on key city issues + Prop. K pressure

Alameda County: Oakland gets grant for job training for those in foster care + Ex-Alameda city manager will be back on the job + Crematory drops San Leandro bid + Danville council to decide on small dog divide + Livermore prepares to pick arts commission members + Fremont history shows up early + Rifleman arrested in Niles Canyon + Hayward Chabot College clinic dispenses affordable dentistry + Port of Oakland's nonunion workers in line for raises

Northern California: Sacramento: Punishing the activist

Marin Healthcare District board hopefuls outline their positions + Novato weighs moving city workers + Now Fairfax Mayor Egger will steer toward law degree

Living-wage study moves Petaluma council

Cloverdale farmworker housing proposal withdrawn

Living-wage study moves Petaluma council

Monterey: Proposal outlines higher water rates Desal water rates for consumers unveiled

Roy's Drive-In checks out in face of disability access lawsuit

Senator says changing air district dangerous

Contra Costa County set to deny pension change Click. (CCT Reg)

Sacramento County to weigh a moratorium on marijuana shops Click.

Napa Residents to Gehry Project: Put a Cork in It Click. (LAT Reg)

Southern California: San Diego's credit rating drops after fiscal audit delay

Ethics Watchdog Drops Chase in W. Hollywood

Los Angeles County officials fail to cut pension fraud

Valley neighbors fight Hindu temple's plans

Bond Rating for San Diego Is Suspended Click.

La Mesa assemblyman says computers stolen from district office could be "political" crime

King/Drew Trauma Unit's Future Unclear Click. (LAT Reg)

San Diego Supervisors asked to endorse tougher voting laws by requiring proof of ID Click.

Villaraigosa Reaches $200,000 in Donations Click. (LAT Reg)


The Wrong Sub for New Warfare Era

Other Priorities

Home Depot offers work to military spouses (SJM Reg)

'The Rock' is ready if needed in Fallujah Click.


New CIA Chief: Cheney May Have 'Stretched Iraq Intelligence'

Laura Rozen: Italian Niger docs middle man, Rocco Martino Click.

Bob Barr vs. the FBI

Bitter fight over air security may be held in secret Click.

Worldwide Protests Against Militarization of Space Next Week


Diana Griego Erwin: Soccer mom holds the line in women's battle against area winery

The "Girlie Men" Slur and Similar Insults: How They Show the Persistence of Sex-role Stereotypes

Blood for pork....

Big Risks, Big Rewards for Iraq's 'Dogs of War'

US to sell Israel 5000 smart bombs


Government Buys 2 Million Doses of Experimental Bird Flu Vaccine

Thousands warned over vCJD

Consortium Identifies Novel Potential Therapeutic Targets For Spinal Cord Repair

Students Build Submarine To Track Octopuses

Babies get a lift from new strollers (SJM Reg)

Genetically altered grass spreads like wildfire

1 of 8 passenger airplanes the EPA randomly tested carried water that was tainted with fecal coliform Click. (SJM Reg)

Call for combined HIV and TB care

Diabetics 'must test blood more'

Clue to 'blocking' bowel cancer

Contract award for Jupiter probe

Light relay 'should be dropped'

Space O2 Generator Fails Again

Robot Telescopes Comb the Skies

Ox's Natural Mosquito Repellant Synthesized in Lab

Spacecrafts Powered by Thunder

New Robotic Shape Shifters

Lymphoma often goes undertreated

Methane on Mars causes controversy

Long-term Eradication Of Brain Tumor In Lab Model Holds Promise For Treatment In Humans

Smog May Cause Lifelong Lung Deficits

Green, Leafy Spinach May Soon Power More Than Popeye's Biceps

Fractures Mean Broken Lives In Developing World

Scientists Gain Glimpse Of Bizarre Matter In A Neutron Star

Genes Expose Secrets Of Sex On The Side

22nd Amino Acid Synthesized And Added To Genetic Code Of E. Coli Bacteria

Researchers Develop Fast Track Way To Discover How Cells Are Regulated

Hostages: Click.  Film of Beheading of Olin Eugene Armstrong (6.4MB) /J + Group 'kills second US hostage' + Video shows American Eugene Anderson beheaded by militants + CIA: Zarqawi beheaded Armstrong and is voice on tape + Turk firm quits Iraq to save hostages + Deadly twist in hostage-taking + AJ: UK captive's brother appeals to officials + Blair calls hostage's family + AJ: Senior Iraqi Sunni clerics murdered + AJ: Iraqi group claims Kurds' beheading + Slaughter follows grisly pattern + Chirac's plea for held journalists  + Where are the US-held women hostages in Iraq?

Google builds a browser

Stardom: GMAIL Is Alluring! Let's Go PHISHING!

Ask Jeeves adding feature

India launches learning satellite


Bush ExtolsIraq Plan as UN Diplomats Seek Changes (Update4)

Bush, Annan trade barbs over Iraq at UN

At U.N., Bush Defends Iraq War, Asks for Help + Key extracts: Bush at the UN

Bush asks world leaders to cut ties to Arafat

Bush, in Shift, Taps Into Emergency Iraq Funds

Bush Aides Divided on Confronting Iran

Powell Suggests Iraq Critics Are Defeatist, Rattled

Options battle reaches president (SJM Reg) + Battle Heats Up Over Stock-Option Rules

USDA announces Loan Deficiency Payment online

Congress: Woolsey pushes for 'balance' bill ($180bn for working families)

Republicans express optimism on tax-cut extensions

House Bill Would Guarantee Pack Animal Access to Public Lands


Legality of swapping votes debated (SJM Reg)

Campaign fund rules thrown out. Federal judge says FEC's edicts leave 'immense loopholes'

Edwards, Cheney criticize each other's campaigns

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush confuses terrorists' names again + Bush's passion for secrecy + FEDS HUNT FOR MAN IN BUSH THREAT + Inside a Cheney 'Town Hall Meeting'

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry: Bush failed in Iraq + Kerry rolls out health care ad + Kerry fund-raisers met with S. Korean intel agent + GOP Senator Chafee Admits He May Not Vote for Bush + Kerry Iraq Speech Puts His Camp in 'Fighting Mood' + Kerry: Bush failed to level with the United Nations + Kerry Gets Poked in the Eye During the Thrashing of CBS


Anti-Bush US troops in Iraq Click.

Michael Moore: Put away your hankies Click.

Sam Parry: Campaign 2004's Jedi Mind Tricks Click.

Howard Dean: Hidden agenda: A national draft in the future? Click.

Paul Krugman: The last deception Click.

David Corn: Will John McCain be the October Surprise? Click.

Commander-In-Chief's Bait-And-Switch

Juan Cole: Bush taunts Kerry

A Soldier Explains Why We Can't Win: AlLorentz

The Neocons Target Damascus

Bush health plan: cheaper for the rich

Bush's Iraq illusion pays off in polls

Why Americans back the war

The Iran/Iraq war in 1981


Fed Boosts Key Interest Rate 0.25 Point

Intel's rising star may face daunting task (SJM Reg)

Brokers versus advisers

Mondavi winery, analysts at odds + Mondavi to shed top-end brands

Daniel Weintraub: Why are these people (Wal-Mart hires) smiling?

Where Do the Jobs Come From?

Slowly But Surely Asia Switches on to Green Power

Profit Jumps 30 Percent at Goldman Sachs

Boeing and IBM team up for defense

When that cool Indian job hurts

I.M.F. Chief Sees Potential Hazard in U.S. Fiscal Policies Click.

Top 10 Among Working Mother Magazine's Top 100 Places to Work + Companies Expanding Service for Working Mothers

The Pen Is Mightier....

Even if Rather quits, belief in a fair press long gone + Network unsure, knows it was misled + Purported memos and what's known + On the CBS Memos. Does it affect your view of the mainstream media? + 2 Different Views of CBS Source

New journal in Half Moon Bay worth its salt

Hollywood writers vote for new president under federal monitoring

UPDATE: New Yorker Magazine Quotes Teresa Heinz Kerry Out Of Context

Favorite makes Booker shortlist + Booker 2004 nominees profiled

Jon Stewart's 'Daily' genius

'Da Vinci' author: I'm 'Da' real deal

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers 

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Museum seeking submissions for 'Women On War'

Organ expert restores old treasures

Charismatic Swenson makes 'La Traviata' sing

San Rafael photographer leads labyrinth revival

Stage version of "Ten Commandments"

Twyla Tharp challenges dancers and audiences alike with 'Movin' Out'

De Young Museum soars as source of discussion Click. (CCT Reg)

Hadrian's wall found in the garden

Little Bighorn dig reveals secrets

Nazi heir hits back at critics over major Berlin art opening

Spaghetti Western Set Seeks Comeback in Spain

50,000 historic books lost in German library blaze

'Sheikh of Chic' brings haute couture to Kuwait

Expat Brits in France's Dordogne share love of cricket with locals

A Woman with Taste

Outfoxed Offered for Remix

Nothing Robotic About Robo-Art

Fighting to put London back on fashion map

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Nudie in a haystack

Rush & Molloy: Clooney wants Dad put into a House

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 20, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Web Site Says Zarqawi Group Kills American Hostage + Report: Islamist Group Frees 18 Iraqi Soldiers + Iraqi PM: Terrorists Are 'Pouring In' + Peace Talks Fail, Sadr Militia Refuses to Disband + Classic guerrilla war forming in Iraq + Effort to Train New Iraqi Army Is Facing Delays + Sunni clerics killed in Baghdad + British hostage deadline passes + French hostages 'freed': website + Iraq's PM Says Saddam Depressed, Begs for Mercy + US determined to cut out 'cancer of Fallujah' + Relatives Plead for Release of Two Americans, Briton Held Hostage; Two Clerics Slain in Baghdad + Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Abu Ghraib: The Hidden Story + Lynndie England: A Woman Apart

IRAN: Iran refuses to halt uranium program / It threatens to quit nuclear arms treaty + US Weighs Cost of Preemptive Strike Against Iran

MIDDLE EAST: Israeli banks succeed in reducing payments to Holocaust victims

EUROPE: Extremists gain in Eastern Germany

ASIA PACIFIC: Transfer of power completed in China. Jiang's retirement solidifies Hu's command + Start of Hu era

Ex-general cruising to victory in Indonesia

Japan's grail: A UN Security Council seat


Anti-terror funding still hit-and-miss

Terrorism preparedness guide produced in Marina


Los Alamos to Remove Nukes Over Security Concerns

The Iraq intelligence fiasco exposes us to terrible danger

Ridge Hails U.S.-European Anti-Terror Work

Spain, U.S. to Sign Anti-Terror Cooperation Deal

Genocide trial begins of Rwandan Roman Catholic priest

Saudis fall further from US grace

UN Official: 40 Nations Can Make Nukes

Imam Gets 2 Months in Prison for Hiding Ties to Terror Groups

AP EXCLUSIVE: New Militant Groups Turning to Bank Heists, Carjacking to Fund Terror Operations in Karachi

Ukrainian Company, Four Foreigners Suspected of Trying to Send Missiles, Mercenaries to Iraqi Insurgents

Schools say they balance free speech with potential disruption Click.

Iran's hardline judiciary plans to "detoxify" film industry




Racketeering case against tobacco industry to begin + Tobacco suit asks for unprecedented forfeiture

Trial in police shooting stirs issues in Louisville

Enron Trial To Shine Light On Wall Street

Fearing jail, he let tot die

Saving the Artistic Orphans

UK: Guilty pleas could cut murder sentences by a third

Tucson Catholic Diocese Files for Bankruptcy

Bayer Says Settlements Over Pulled Cholesterol Drug Total Nearly $1.1 Billion

Judge in Baylor Player's Death Appoints Third Mental-Health Expert to Evaluate Defendant

Jurors in Harvard Student's Murder Trial Hear Opposing Versions of Fight With Teen


Slain fan was making fresh start. Police seek possible S.F. gang members in knife attack after Giants game

Sex predator DeVries starts his new life

Respected Mentor Now Abuse Suspect Click. (LAT Reg)

Band seeks to banish Folsom Prison blues

Downtown San Jose parking garage jump possible suicide

Carjacking spree ends in crash. Suspect flees scene at S.F. off-ramp, remains at large

Deadly tribute to gangsters

Berkeley: UC panel to evaluate alleged hate crime

San Mateo: Man arrested in son's fatal beach stabbing

El Sobrante: Neighbor held in man's death

Sacramento legal center for elderly in an uproar

Woman assaulted on Sonoma coast near murder site

Marin: Judicial candidates speak on legal system

Prison transformation in the forest

Sonoma: Man may have been suicidal when shot

Cloverdale: Arson suspected in 3 wildfires

Sonoma County's new juvenile hall

LAPD's Motel 6 squad

Marvin Mitchelson, divorce attorney to the stars, dies at 76

St. Helena files suit against couple for illegal bread and breakfast inn

Santa Cruz: Spike in methamphetamine use sparks local seminar

Millbrae: Stash uncovered

Dozens protest latest CYA death Click.

Energy lawsuit taken to Fresno Click. (FB Reg)

Scott Peterson: Witnesses hurt Scott Peterson's defense, experts say + Prosecution case against Peterson enters 17th week, more than 150 witnesses


The Governor:  State GOP Likes Its Chances + Daniel Weintraub: Be honest: Take all the money, Gov. + Political insider emerges as stem cell's biggest patron + Californians hope to rival global stem-cell leaders + California lieutenant Gov., actress end Hispanic bus tour

Jones' Schwarzenegger fund-raiser latest sign of troubled run + Boxer cruising +Jones and Gov. fund-raiser bans photos Click.

Value added product grants for California farmers

Gerrymandering Takes the Drama Out of California's Election Season Click. (LAT Reg) + San Diego: New try to tighten county law on voter ID Click. + Voting machine manufacturers answer to activists, politicians Click. (CCT Reg) + New federal election law has some worried about post-election court battles Click.

Major contributors to the Proposition 64 campaigns + Major contributors to the Proposition 72 campaigns+ Measure B in several counties would ban GMO food

Indian Tribes: Rival casino camps are in the chips

Hetch Hetchy Reclaimed: Hetch Hetchy's future + Hetch Hetchy Reclaimed: Drain it, then what?

CalFed bills a starting point in tackling water issues

LOCAL NEWS:   The state of the vine + Improving Wine With Satellites

School days: Computers raise expectations, anxiety + Cal State Hayward program engineers approval + UC eligibility change raises minority protest. Regents look at higher GPA standard again + Phantom classes plague community colleges + No breaks to teachers who provide supplies + $12 million restoration of historic Napa High is complete

Oakland project: boon or boondoggle? Mandela Parkway may draw builders -- or more troubles

East Bay Regional Parks tax plan has its critics

Proposed power plant worries San Ramon

Pleasanton council to debate antenna proposal

Newark may grant raises to managers

Dan Walters: While Capitol sparred on budget, Sacramento fought over arena

Transforming Vallejo + Developer determined to see project through

Crunch time for phone firms Click.

Saws or woodpeckers? Click. + Rising From a Wildfire's Ashes Click. (LAT Reg) + Greatest Show on Girth Click. (LAT Reg)

Los Angeles: Hahn, Parks Spar on Crime Click. (LAT Reg) + Hahn, Parks and Villaraigosa make nice, for a while Click. + Trauma Center Vote Is Likely Click. (LAT Reg)

Off-road use drives trail plan for Tahoe Click.

State unable to ban candies with lead Click.

Clothes Remake Shelter Women Click. (LAT Reg)


A Frenchman who can see water beneath the Sahara

Reflections of a coastal stakeholder


Architect sees co-housing as cure for isolation

TBN's Promise: Send Money and See Riches


Papers Defend Classified Turf

Ovitz Case Haunts Disney Board Click. (LAT Reg)

Reincarnated Napster Goes Public

As Income Gap Widens, Uncertainty Spreads

Fed Expected to Boost Rates for Third Hike This Year


'Atomic veterans' fight for benefits Click.

TB May Be Global Threat Again

Japan Moves Closer to Accepting U.S. Beef, but Hurdles Remain

Changes Proposed to Reduce Salmonella Infection Risk in Eggs

New Mars data gives life clue

Gel may 'replace pills and jabs'

1 in 4 adults may develop irregular heartbeat

Web-based system an ally in war on breast cancer

Fossils show climate influencing evolution. Changes affect genetic course of 2 rodents

Author: Education key to seals' welfare

New Drugs To Watch

Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Development Linked To Ocean Temperatures And Carbon Dioxide

Scientists Shed Light On Mechanism Behind Beneficial Effects Of Red Wine

Genetic Modification Of Linseed Produces Healthier Omega 3 And 6 Fatty Acids

World's Most Powerful Ground-based Telescope To Be Unveiled

Tiny Bacteria Give Boost To Marine Life

Strings Of Shadowy Rings Drape Saturn

Therapy For Alzheimer's In Sight?

Huygens Test Successful

New Technique For Thyroid Cancer Therapy Eliminates Many Side Effects

Folic Acid Vitamin Use By Women Reaches All-time High

Red Meat And Alcohol Bowel Risk

Earth's Best View Of The Stars -- Antarctica's Dome C

Humans Not Irrational, Just Wary Laboratory Grows World Record Length Carbon Nanotube

Cannabis chemical pregnancy link

Cancer herbal remedy Carctol claims dismissed

What to Eat on the Way to Mars

Simple design drives new iMac, Apple

Web site allows digital photo makeovers

Media center at your fingertips. Digital takes entertainment one step beyond

Google making its mark worldwide. Firm will have to play catch-up in some key nations

Putting New Life In Batteries

Motorists, start your hard drives: There's a computer on board


Bush lifting Libya sanctions

Bush, Iraqi prime minister to address U.N.

Snow Says U.S. Social Security Needs to Be Changed

Blair says 'no weakness' in Iraq

Limits eyed on AIDS education

British Envoy to Italy Stirs Waters with Bush Barb

Optimism in London, carnage in Iraq


Voters Fear Another War

Bush, Kerry campaigns reach tentative accord for 3 debates

Hurricanes throw new wrinkle into presidential race in Fla.

Faith factor (CCT Reg)

Cultural persuasion

Native New Yorker captures that Berkeley spirit

Bush, Kerry divided on scope of Patriot Act. President says expand, rival says reduce

Judge strikes down several FEC rules on campaign finance law

Military records: CBS can't vouch for Bush guard documents + Questions persist about Bush's service in Guard. 1972 was the year unexplained gaps began to appear in his part-time military career + Disputed National Guard memo no challenge for local typewriter expert + Bill Burkett: Perp or Patsy? + Portrait of George Bush in '72: A privileged party-boy safe from combat Click.

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush Second Term 'Quick' Withdrawal From Iraq + Bush taking campaign to Democrats’ strongholds + 3 GOPers give W his lumps + Is there a connection between Bush and the makers of the electronic voting machines?

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Questions Bush's Judgment on Iraq + Kerry camp plans for hard road ahead + Edwards takes aim at 'fear mongering' + Slogan Points Kerry in 'New Direction' + Who’s Afraid of Teresa Heinz Kerry? +Hillary rallies jittery Illinois Dems + Daschle Defends Iraq Remarks


Novak: Quick exit from Iraq is likely

Indict the War Party: Justin Raimondo

Memo to Feith and Wolfowitz: Don't Blame the Fall Guy

Daniel Benjamin: What does Cheney know? Click.

Harley Sorensen: Commander-In-Chief's bait-and-switch Click.

A hierarchy of suffering

Senators Urge Bush to Rethink Iraq But He's Not Listening


Who leaked the name of Valerie Plame?

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Gays cautious about new partners law. Some opt out, fearing legal or financial troubles

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Hawkish 'Washington Post' Hits Bush on Iraq

Writers Guild Election Enters Its Final Act Click. (LAT Reg)

Free Content Still Sells

Oliver Stone documentary on Castro at San Sebastian film fest

Greg Palast: The lynching of Dan Rather Click.

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Oakland library's Indian-language collection to grow

First Fremont people knew nothing of city's districts

HBO is the true Emmy winner + TV's big night brings out fashion to dye for + 'Sopranos,' 'Angels' lead record-breaking finish

Tribes hope to protect ancient sites in Southern Nevada's Little Red Rock

Dr. Judy Kuriansky: Madonna in Israel a lesson for us all

John Updike on José Saramago

Alex Ross on new classical recordings

'The Scream' Thieves -- More Careful Than Munch?

'Please do touch the objects': Athens tactual museum for the blind


Nazi fortune casts long shadow over major art opening in Berlin

Sharon Stone sells out

Rush & Molloy: Osama Bin let go, sez U.K. playwright

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Kitty bares her claws

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 18, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraq suicide blast kills 18, militants threaten to kill hostages + Into the abyss + U.S., Iraqis raid foreign fighters. Suicide bombers in Baghdad, air strikes near Fallujah raise week's toll to over 250 + Keep to the timetable + U.S. Denies Baghdad Security Forces Heavy Weapons + Iraq route full of peril for 1-4 Cav troops Click. + Patchwork of Insurgent Groups Runs Fallujah Click. + U.S. due to target rebel strongholds + AJ: More deaths in US assault on Fallujah + Turkey snaps over US bombing of its brethren + Kirkuk Car Bomb Kills 20 + Battle for Tal Afar Reveals Ethnic Muddle and Shaky Coalition Control of Iraq + Militants Threaten to Kill Iraq Hostages + Kidnapped by Ansar Al-Islam: How Scott Taylor Survived and Was Saved in Iraq: Chris Deliso + AJ: Time running out for western hostages + Relatives in Michigan Await Word About Hostage in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq's interim leader goes on the stump and gets an earful. Campaign-style tour gives Allawi dose of democracy + Oil Sabotage Threatens Iraq Economy, Rebuilding

AFGHANISTAN: An Afghan woman who would be president + Suspected Taliban Kill Pro-Election Elders Click. + Crackdown on Afghanistan's cash crop

IRAN: Compromise reached on Iran uranium. Agency to demand enrichment is halted, but put off deadline + Iran given new nuclear 'deadline'+ UN Agency Gets Tough On Iran Nukes + Amid IAEA Parley, Iran's Military Exercises

EUROPE: Deal May Be Close, Premiers Insist After Northern Ireland Talks Fail

Turkey's generals may be the real obstacle + Turkish Parliament Takes Recess After Delaying EU-Backed Law + No Turkish Delight for Europeans Who Fear Mostly Muslim Nation Will Join EU

Kazakhstan President, Opposition Both Play the Oil Card in Parliamentary Election Campaign

AFRICA: Darfur Rebel Commander Wants Investment, Democracy + Hopes rise for sanctions as Security Council votes on Darfur

ASIA PACIFIC: N. Korea Vows Will Never Dismantle Nuclear Arms + The North Korea Nuke Mess: Gordon Prather

Indonesia: US-Backed Terror?: Conn Hallinan

Pakistan MPs Walk Out to Protest Musharraf Remaining Head of Army

Dalai Lama's envoys in China for talks

China's Communists Ending Leadership Meeting Amid Questions About Jiang's Future + Resignation of China's Senior Leader Appears Imminent Click. + China Marks Anniversary of Japan's 1931 Invasion With Protest, Sirens AMERICAS: Seven Venezuelans Killed on Border With Colombia

MILITARY  GAO: services could run out of eligible Reserve forces fighting war on terror Click.

New Training Needed Since "Battle Lines ... Aren't Out There," General Says

Two Army Soldiers Face Military Trials in Death of Iraqi Forced off a Bridge



First Enron Criminal Case Set for Trial

Milosevic's British Lawyer Faces Huge Obstacles, Including His Own Client

Federal Push to Deport Illegal Immigrants Beset by Enormity of the Task

Post mortem drug tests 'flawed'

Man arrested in UK in Cisco source code theft

Actor Macaulay Culkin arrested for drug possession in Oklahoma

U.S. Faults Mexico Over Closure of 3 Baja Schools Click. (LAT Reg)

Feds Consider Spam Bounty

Martha: An Admirable Loon


More judges throwing out lawsuits as frivolous, fining lawyers and subjecting them to State Bar review

San Mateo: Girl's age a key factor in jury's split verdict on former priest Superasio (SJM Reg)

Man was 'furious' at surrogate-to-be re adoption fraud case (CCT Reg) + Couple 'heartbroken' when adoption fizzled

Calls for caution follow death of man taser-ed by Vallejo police

San Rafael bike distributor sued over injury

San Jose girl ingested locoweed, police say

Bizarre story revealed after Tiburon arrest

Los Altos: Police investigating boy's report of sodomy (SJM Reg)

Cupertino: Man arraigned on molest charges (SJM Reg)

Oakland mom, baby free after kidnap + Man held in kidnap of woman, infant son

Oakland: Hearing in toddler's beating death + Stepmom testifies husband beat son

New defense lawyer Wm Du Bois in transgender slaying case

Claremont professor to undergo testing in staged hate crime case

5-carat engagement ring swiped from Windsor Burger King counter

Sonoma D.A. opposes Nunnemaker's release

Classic car buffs upset over pending law that will cut exemptions from smog tests

San Diego: Online tobacconist settles with state

Ex-Roseville police officer sued in stalking case

Sacramento music group is sued

San Francisco: Lost wages for disabled jail guard upheld

Napa: Schippmann who killed wife goes up for parole

Redwood City: 3 lawyers named to Superior Court slots

Santa Cruz: Potentially lethal mail mishap leads to lawsuit

Catholic Church says freedom of religion limits molest damages

Dairy decision handed to jury

Police snag suspects from Merced’s ‘Most Wanted’

LA police seize cache of nearly 400 guns after undercover buy

Blake attorney to try again to bring evidence of another killer

More Killers Gaining Parole

New Law Lets State Supersede Foreign Trials Click. (LAT Reg)

$3.2 million to Stanislaus County is a vital shot in arm in assault on gangs

Scott Peterson: Defense-strategy speculation rises (CCT Reg) + Will attorneys put on a defense? (SJM Reg)

Michael Jackson: Jackson Now Regrets Paying Off Molestation Claims


The Governor: Gov. announced $2m mail campaign to voters to tell them how to vote + Demos blocking me, says Gov. (SJM Reg) + Gov. taps 16 economic advisers + Stanford dominates panel + Members of Schwarzenegger's Council of Economic Advisers + Gov. makes policy barring state workers from illegally downloading copyrighted material (SJM Reg) + Families of state's soldiers get help + Gov.'s office refuses voting funds + State won't release bulk of voter funds. Elections chief Shelley's earlier expenditures resulted in audit + GOP: Keep eye on Shelley + Release federal election funds + A look at bills signed and vetoed Friday by Gov. + Gov. OKs bill for battered women + Gov. vetoes bill on CalSTRS board + Pesticide agency director named + Law banning 'teak surfing' honors young victims + Consumer Groups Seek Veto of Bill on Spyware Click. (LAT Reg) + The Buzz: Gov. in Democrat's ad - but not in her corner + Aggressive companies eye Gov.'s upgrade idea, raise concern + Law's loophole makes companies' bids legal (CCT Reg) + Bill to stop vegetation encroachments that block levees + Nursing homes on verge of cash infusion but critics say bill does not demand better care of seniors + Governor Girlieman Pouts at "Silly" Bills Click. + Tech firms lobbied California Performance Review for data merger

Indian Tribes: Chevron, Richmond to face off on Pt. Molate sale (CCT Reg) + Tribe seeks to build in area south of Gilroy (SJM Reg) + Arnold says racetracks' suit won't fly

Propositions: Billions of dollars in initiatives bombard state ballot + Editorial: Yes on Prop 62 (open primary) + Dense ballot test for voters and Gov. Click. + The war over Prop 67

U.S. may plug funding gap for levees

State's air quality regulators win backing Click. (FB Reg)


Mill Valley goats might lose their permit again after escaping into traffic

$4.7M gift to grace Yosemite

San Francisco Ciff House's $18 million face lift blends old with new

Central Valley groups unite against plan to eliminate air quality panel

School days: Hispanic university + Students leave sanctioned Santa Rosa schools + CSUS gets two new administrators + Spring Hill school wins national recognition + Educators seeking credential flexibility + East Bay Blue ribbon schools bask in achievement's glow Click. (CCT Reg) + LAUSD restores day-care funding Click.

Departed Fairfax official complains of staffing

Redwood City: Strange chemical reaction forces Safeway evacuation

Auditor probes nonprofit spending of People United for Better Oakland

Sonoma open space district seeks $50 million credit line

Former SF mayor's helicopter makes emergency landing in Malibu

Shoreline park to open in Oakland

Ending trauma care a 'life-death' decision, Santa Cruz County official 'stunned' by Santa Clara proposal

Sacramento: Tighter screening in public housing

Sebastopol: Hospital tax faces hurdles to passage

BLM official to honor rangeland panel

Few parents take advantage of No Child transfer option

El Dorado water agency gets funds

Modesto council won’t explain ouster of manager Jack Crist

Port of Los Angeles director resigns amid corruption probe

California's oil industry struggles to attract young workers

Hospitals Dread Possible Effects of Closing King/Drew Trauma Center Click. (LAT Reg) + Protest staged at King-Drew Click.

More L.A. subways? Click.

SAG, WGA elections key Click.


Causes Of Dr. Kelly's Death Thrown In Doubt


In Quiet News Leak, U.S. Arms Teams Face Up to Blix's 'ordinary Reality' An AP News Analysis

Michael Moore's Lecture Is Canceled by Cal State San Marcos but Moore's Still Talking Click. (LAT Reg)

John Fogarty resurfaces

In the 'Land of the Free' dissent can be dangerous


Chancellor Berdahl condemns apparent hate crime at UC Berkeley

Israelis invent stink bomb for riot control


From teacher to journalist to priest

Don't Even Think About Joining This Club

At home among the rushes and roses

“The Manchurian Candidate”: All-American Conspiracy

The death of intimacy

Blood for pork....

Army taps Titan to continue providing translators in Iraq



PeopleSoft speculation spreads (CCT Reg) + PeopleSoft ups severance deals

Click. Pressure mounts on hospitals over health billings

Winemaker's Career to Have Rich Aftertaste Click. (LAT Reg)

Argentine central bank chiefs to go

Analysis: A 'Privatization' Deal To Create A New State Oil Giant Click.


San Bernardino County woman 16th Californian to die of West Nile

Singapore warns of deadly illness

Feds' warning: Be wary of killer geraniums

Stem cell case shows need for Asian donors

Body clocks 'hinder' space travel

Tough bone repair cement created

Blood cells an asthma drug target

Kidney test may cut dialysis need

Controversy rages about the benefits of taking vitamins

Pregnant women and foods

Afraid That Cancer Will Return, Doctors Treat "cure" Like a Four-Letter Word + Cure Vs. Remission: Some Cancers Easier to Declare Cured

Tech's next 1 billion customers will be Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Thai....

Rammed earth houses are an eco-friendly architectural style

Searchsite: A9 bowls a Googly


Bush Warns of Worsening Violence in Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S. Lifts Curbs on Nuclear, Space Exports to India

US snubbed by block on Nato officer training plan for Iraq

Bush Signals Softer Approach to U.N.

(PDF File) Secrecy in the Bush Administration report

Storm Brewing for Federal Pension Agency

House GOP backs Bush on intelligence shake-up


Bush Opens Lead Despite Unease Voiced in Survey

Florida Supreme Court Gives Nader a Spot on State Ballot

Pelosi, colleagues challenge Bush on war Click.

Nevada hits jackpot as a presidential battleground Click.

Lack of voting machines hinders New Orleans voters

Fickle polls give little away.

Parties anticipate chaotic election. Observers mobilize for big day, lawyers prepare for fallout

Winning the white vote

Bush vulnerable among independents

Ready or Not (and Maybe Not), Electronic Voting Goes National Click.

The debate debacle

Military records: Bush Raises Questions About CBS Documents + Navy Inquiry Affirms Kerry's Medals, Finds No Problem With HIs Post-Active Duty Actions + Guard Supervisor Wrote to Bush's Dad + GOP Activist Made Allegations on CBS Memos + Doug Ireland: Up to his old (dirty) tricks Click. + Xymphora opines + In the Rush for a Scoop, CBS Found Trouble Fast + Author says Cheney draft deferments weren't unusual

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush says speech to U.N. will set different tone + Bush targets states lost at last election

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry steps up attack on Bush over Iraq


Operation enduring millstone

Dave Johnson: You're gonna get drafted Click.

Physician sees 'presenile dementia' in Bush's faltering speech

Eclipsed in Iraq

Stardom: Why All the Interest In PIERCE Bush??

Drinks for George?

Fear & loathing with 45 days left

Extreme security mars America's image

Bushism of the Day


In Stricter Study, U.S. Scales Back Claim on Cuba Arms + Administration backing off on Cuba's germ warfare ability.

Los Alamos crackdown imperils U.S., lab physicist warns Click.

FBI's anti-terror October plan

US Eyeing Space-Based Interceptor Test Bed by 2012

CIA rewards in English removed

AJ: Pakistan closing in on 'foreign militants' + Pakistan tightens noose around Al-Qaeda militants

Plot to storm House of Commons hatched on the back of an envelope

Thatcher to face £260,000 coup claim

War prisons: 35 Pakistani Prisoners Return Home After Being Freed From Guantanamo Bay

RUSSIA: Russia Markets Missile Defense System + Putin Accuses West of Harboring Terrorists + Two mined cars found parked near apartment blocks in Moscow + Firearm fever in Russia + A glimmer of hope in Putin's power grab + Russian Plane Bombers Exploited Corrupt System Click. + Lithuania to close Chechen site Click. + Russian Who Killed Chechen May Get a Pardon Click. + Chechen lists details of attack on school + Attacks on Russia Expose Rifts With West Over Terrorism

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Louisiana Voters Decide on Same-Sex Marriage Amendment + Haaland may be first openly transgender person to win elected office in the country Click.

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Amy Goodman speaks at Chico


US book world launches XXX revolution

London 'call girl' gives up blog

Today's papers

Columbia campaign desk

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

El Cerrito man makes filmmaking debut

Santa Cruz: Pair of playwrights celebrates decade of dinner theater

Chico world music festival

Point Mugu ready for annual show

Art: Internationalism sweeps the Paris Biennale

Independent record labels failed by Apple

Munich Opens 171st Oktoberfest Beer Festival

Identity Crises

Spirit of Jimi Hendrix haunts London's new Marquee Club

Lebanon's jazz festival opens, dedicated to Duke Ellington

Thomas Wolfe on going home

Francois Boucher

Museum salutes queen of floral art

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 17, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  US jet fires at house where insurgents believed to be meeting +Suicide Car Bomb in Baghdad; U.S. Pounds Fallujah + Violence flares in Baghdad, dozens killed in Fallujah air strikes + U.S. Death Toll in Iraq at Least 52 This Month + MARINES: FALLUJAH A "CANCER" + Insurgents in Iraq More Powerful Than Ever + Help make Iraq vote safe, U.S. asks world + U.S. Launches Third Strike on Fallujah; 53 Killed in Violence Across Iraq + Orders of battle +  Juan Cole reports

AFGHANISTAN: Attack misses Afghan leader. Taliban says it shot rocket at helicopter transporting Karzai + Karzai risks taking on a warlord + Challenger to Afghan president emerges from pack

IRAN: ElBaradei: No Sign of Nuke Activity at New Iran Site + UN, Iran said in talks on military sites + UN urges cautious Iran approach + US and Iran Disagree on Satellite Imagery

MIDDLE EAST: Dubai sees no end to construction frenzy + Is a division between Saudi Arabia and the US beginning to show itself?

AFRICA: Annan backs US bid on Sudan resolution + African officials begin to take lead in battle against AIDS epidemic +  Displaced Sudanese Attack Government Official During Tour by American

ASIA PACIFIC: Tensions easing in Hong Kong. Tung (read China) no longer pushing new security law + How two diplomats sowed peace between U.S. and India + Diplomat: No Sign of N. Korea Nuke Blast

EUROPE:  Irish peace talks open / Meeting in England is attempt to bridge divide on North

AMERICAS: Activists try to calm land fears in Guatemala

Canadian health care deal adds $14 billion to ailing fund.


The record in court of U.S. charges brought against terrorism suspects by the Justice Department

Florida: 2 men accused of aiding al Qaeda recruits. 'Dirty bomb' suspect among alleged trainees

Arrest of Donald W. Keyser shocks Former State Department Colleagues + U.S. Says Diplomat Quit Post, Then Met With Taiwan Agents + Probe Focuses on Ex-Diplomat + Ex-U.S. Official Accused of Lying About Taiwan Trip + Ex-U.S. Official Charged

Germany Arrests U.S. Translator on Spying Charges

Al-Qaida 'targeted parliament' + Police ignored three warnings

Lien Hsien-ping, turncoat spy sent his son on mission: police

Army drops charges against Guantanamo colonel

Ex-Sailor Had Access to Naval Data in Terrorism Case

A Spyhole Into North Korea

Convicted spy dies in prison hospital

IRA spy walks free

Whistleblower defies gagging order

Ex-Boeing employee to plead guilty?

Back to CIA's Bad Old Days

Accused Iraqi 'Sleeper Agent' Released

Khadr teen in Guantanamo admits role in terrorism, U.S. alleges

US puts Lockerbie payouts in jeopardy

Security breach triggers evacuation at Oakland airport (SJM Reg)

De-Classified Document Admits Oswald Was CIA




Grand jury: Papers withheld after Columbine (SJM Reg)

Juarez, Mexico: Moms of slain women to get free housing

Excerpts of Bryant's interview with investigators+ It was totally consensual

Former Boeing manager agrees to plead guilty in conspiracy case

Remains found near Fallon could be missing mother from Carson City

China challenged on intellectual property

Seattle: 11 face federal piracy charges + Charges filed in Microsoft piracy

Dead wrong Coroner in Cleveland


Software Sting Leads to Arrests

Martha's bucks stop at jail door

Are methamphetamines becoming a work place staple in America?

Cigarette Makers and Feds Head to Court for Biggest Civil Racketeering Trial

IBM in Settlement Talks in Closely Watched Pension Case


California Sex Predator Vows 'kid-Free Life' in Washington

San Pablo: Students questioned in possible abduction

Oakland: Judge says Catholic Church 'may have ratified' abuse

California girl to live with mother until judge makes final custody decision

Autistic teenager accused of assault Click. (FB Reg)

Thousand Oaks: Council hopeful advocates violence (CCT Reg)

Westminster: Woman arrested for allegedly ordering murder of two patrons who harassed her

Bustamante ex-employee admits crime (CCT Reg)

Kensington: Promoter fined $200 for illegal concert

Obstetrician wins key ruling against Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

Rental deposit returns covered by specific laws (SJM Reg)

Sacramento law librarian's achievements speak volumes

Microsoft to pay $112 million in fees to opposing attorneys re: monopoly case

Southern California: L.A.: Two porn companies fined for allowing unprotected sex on set+ Four Southland residents charged in federal counterfeiting case+ Seven arrested for allegedly stealing from San Diego-based gas company + 38 Held in Auto Body Shop Sting Click. (LAT Reg)

Ralphs clerks given immunity for crossing picket lines

Martinez: Woman told pack of lies, couples testify in adoption scam case (CCT Reg) +  Saudi royalty, polygamy figure in testimony

Vallejo: 21-year-old man dies after being hit by police stun gun (CCT Reg) + Suspect dies after shot from stun gun + Police defend use of Taser gun on suspect

Monterey: Monterey sheriff's deputy arrested for letting felon play with his gun at bar

Alameda County: Fremont cops start carrying Tasers + Man, in 60s, robs Livermore bank + Oakland suspect who killed self ID'd + Arrest made in Hayward hotel slaying + Suit against day laborers tossed + Fremont man sentenced to 10 years for DUI crash

Central Valley: Doctor says $500,000 stolen + Surprise e-mail jolts dairy trial + Shooting suspect is captured after Modesto chase + Police name suspect in gang-related death + Stockton: Slaying plea  26 years for wheel man

San Francisco: Autopsy inconclusive on whether suspect had hands up when shot. Police say man, 29, fired on them first; case rallied activists + Ex-caregiver pleads not guilty in scam + Fencers turn to Internet

Scott Peterson: Analysts' roles come under fire (SJM Reg) + The pundit army (SJM Reg) + Defense tries to show baby cut out of mother (SJM Reg) + Testimony, photos cause tears  + Cause of death + Pathologist: Baby was protected by uterus. Tiny body was more intact than mother's + Developments Thursday + Expert: Laci Peterson's fetus expelled after death

Michael Jackson:  Arrives for Court Showdown + Defense shows sheriff's search video (SJM Reg) + Boy's mother to take stand in Jackson case


The Governor: Treasurer demands Gov.'s records from review meetings re: California Performance Review + Gov.'s first order could aid tech companies )consolidate state's computer companies) + Technology firms lobbied for state computer plan + Financial relief package to help military, Guard families + Gov. signs tough DUI laws (CCT Reg) + Gov. vetoes bill expanding ship escort law (SJM Reg) + Firefighters arbitration bill for labor disputes vetoed + Ex-Marine Will Semmes appointed to lead youth corps + Four appointed to toxics agency + CCC director is named + New laws fund help to swat W. Nile Click.

Feds, state plan $1.3 million program to save state fish (SJM Reg) + $1.3 million effort to save golden trout

Bay Bridge project gets dual audits (CCT Reg) + Ex-treasurer will oversee bridge audit

Forest Service PR spending was OK, auditors say

Propositions: No on Proposition 64 (vs. unfair competition lawsuits) + No on Proposition 61 (funds children's' hospitals) + State would borrow $3 billion re: stem cell research measure

Shelley: Voter-outreach work had a partisan tilt

Indian tribes: Gambling interests raise stakes (SJM Reg) + Prop. 68 backers sue over Indian gambling deals (CCT Reg) + Casino deals challenged + Indian casinos' foes sue. Horse racing tracks, backers of Prop. 68 among the plaintiffs + Ads frame gaming measure Click. (RP Reg) + Fear of an Indian Toehold

Pork politics sizzling in hot Senate race. GOP challenger accuses Boxer of failing to win state a fair share of federal dollars

LOCAL NEWS:  Hospitals faulted on uninsured aid

Fallout from closure of San Jose hospital. Trauma care for 3 nearby counties is threatened

Panel eyes oversight of home owner's associations

BART tunnel quake-proofing begins + BART seeks $980m bond

Fire at Tesoro refinery burns for seven hours

Alameda County: Port of Oakland delivers on West Oakland park promise + Pleasanton City hall faces big changes in November + Planners balk at closing Al's Liquor store in Oakland + Ex-Alameda city manager back on job + Pixar Foes Turn Tables on Emeryville + From Political Punk Rock to Politics in Berkeley

San Francisco: S.F. Housing Authority explores bankruptcy. Director says no way agency can afford $10 million legal tab + Friday fish stew: Jots and littles

Napa: Mondavi break-up is talk of the valley + Michael Mondavi is out, but maybe not for long + Napa County wins award for quick, creative work on tax map

School days: UC Merced builds staff, welcomes first students (CCT Reg) + Business officer to be interim chief at SJSU (SJM Reg) + A school threatened by violence sees how compassion can curb it + Mill Valley private school finds room at hotel + Sausalito Marin City school bond plan faces opposition + Dublin High caretaker asked to move + How to take one student's deadly threat + San Francisco: Public opinion sought on school enrollment + Goal of making the LAUSD a top district runs into pitfalls Click. + Collapse of 60 Charter Schools Leaves Californians Scrambling Click (NYT) + A "no" on any part can bring or maintain costly federal sanctions Click. + Students max out class space at Mt. Diablo high schools Click. (CCT Reg)

Sacramento: City accused of ignoring its rules re: historic auditorium + Top planner will turn to developing + Welcome to the new Old Sac: The nights aren't so late anymore + Downtown center for seniors, homeless forced to close doors

Marin: Mt. Tam fire road rubbed out + County to play a role in cleanup on coast

Oakdale, San Joaquin districts favoring $12M deal with PG&E

Carmel Valley inching toward municipality

Santa Cruz officials grab sneak peak at hotel plan

Bittersweet memories: Mare Islanders reminisce

Benicia city officials defend use of costly consultants + Waterfront plan opponents, including council member, speak out at meeting

Latino committee for San Diego says not enough bilingual poll workers to satisfy DOJ Click.

Report Criticizes Fiscal Decisions in San Diego Click.

Demonstrators seek to "Fire Dreier" over immigration stance Click.

How not to dump medical waste Click.

Same-sex marriage foes win right to proceed with suits Click.

L.A. Mayor Hahn Gains Support of Key Unions Click.

Bakersfield: Officially, GOP still likes Gardner Click. Gardner kicks off radio ads Click


'Social networking' sites help land jobs (CCT Reg)

Disney Chairman Isn't in the Happiest Place

Japan's financial watchdog shuts four Citibank private banking branches

Pressing for Greater Olive Oil Oversight Click. (LAT Reg)

For post-Eisner era, tea leaves are muddy at Disney

Conrad Black and Hollinger International: a financial oligarchy out of control, Part two

Chavez: Oil prices could hit $100 a barrel


San Jose resident is 1st to get virus from local mosquitoes + West Nile May Thrive in Northern California Click. (LAT Reg)

Early Success for New Cancer Vaccine

Stanford: Underground blasts probe Earth's crust

'3 for Life' tries to save Asians from hepatitis

National symposium on stem cell research in San Francisco + Clinics Vary on Embryo Disposal

Naturalists Struggle to Save Iran Cheetahs

DPP IV inhibitor clears Phase II diabetic study

South Dakota Tech Grad Student Finds Rare Whale

Tibetan Children Are Five Times More Likely To Survive Infancy If Moms Have Oxygen-Promoting Genes

Mayo Clinic Researchers Define Link Between Eosinophils And Asthma

Maggot Therapy Linked With Reduced Post-Operative Wound Infections

Neutron Physics Instrument May Unlock Mysteries Of Universe

Europe's MSG Weather Satellite Serves Scientists As Well As Forecasters

Joslin Researchers Clarify Mechanisms For Beta-cell Formation

Study Finds High Incidence Of Unnecessary Anti-stroke Surgeries

Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Lupus

Discovery Of Fruit Fly Pancreas Points To Possible Diabetes Cures, Say Stanford Researchers

European Common Frog Found To Use Novel Mating Strategy: Males Pirate And Fertilize Egg Clutches

Study Finds Pain Decreases With Massage And Teddy Bears

Sweden, Tanzania Plan HIV Vaccine

Antarctica Gives Best View of the Stars

Pulsating Red Giants Hide Inside Deceptive Shells

Casino Buyouts Mean Rethinking Technologies

Scanning the dead

Asthma linked to toxins from white blood cells

Attack of the Radio Clones

Proving That Shape-Shifting Robots Can Get A Move On

A Traveling-wave Engine To Power Deep Space Travel

Mobiles in Aircraft Edge Closer


Bush Rejects Bleak Iraq Intel Report

Evidence of intent, but no WMD program. Details released on report by U.S. weapons inspector

Bush Shows Congress Plan for Spy Czar


Unease Shadows Bush's Optimism

Bush Reform Call Seen Part of Consumption Tax Move

Medicare OK's paying for brain scans to diagnose Alzheimer's

Military records: CBS News Escapes Gov't Scrutiny Over Bush Memo + CBS DOCUMENT 'SOURCE' COMPARED BUSH TO HITLER

Congress: House GOP balks at bid to expand hate crimes law + REPUBLICANS SCHEDULE VOTES ON CULTURE WAR ISSUES + GOP Senators Rebuke Bush for Plan to Divert Iraq Funds

THE 2004 ELECTION:  Bush's Post-Convention Lead Slips to Tie With Kerry in Three of Four Polls + Poll Finds Bush Lead Surging Among Likely Voters + 3 polls show a White House race in flux + Bush, Kerry offer 2 views on Iraq, health care

BUSH/CHENEY: Kerry's evolving stance on Iraq derided by Bush + Bush: Kerry Proposals Will Hurt Economy+ In N.J., Laura Bush stumps for spouse on Democratic turf + Mystery RNC Woman-Kicker Identified

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Blasts Bush's Character in Speech to National Guard + New Blood at Heart of Kerry Campaign + Edwards jabs VP over eBay remarks + What Kerry can learn from Cabral + Waiting for an attack on Bush's deceptions + Israel's message to Kerry + Rambling Kerry gets himself lost + Kerry accuses Bush of living in 'fantasy world of spin' + Kerry dismisses progress in Iraq, talks of 'chaos' + Kerry Criticizes Halliburton Overcharges


John O'Farrell: How Europe could swing the US vote

Kelley was fascinated by Bush family dynamic

Lobe: Growing Consensus That Iraq Is Hopeless

Bush and the house of cards

Roger Cohen: If Chirac can’t deliver on hostages, who can?

Earth to Bush: Get Out!

Molly Ivins: Why history is relevant

Lie and You Thrive

If the US Attacks Persia

The American Nightmare: Will We Be Eclipsed by the European Union?

The Most Important Terrorism

Landau: Syria Next?

War prisons:  GI faces charges in Afghan abuse. Practices not limited to detainees in Iraq + UK to get tougher over Guantánamo detainee + Abu Ghraib 'Immensely' Improved, Iraqi Official Says + Family of California man stunned at Afghan conviction (SJM Reg)

MILITARY  Wars draining Army of specialists, Reserve chief warns.

Inside the Ring: Notes from the Pentagon

Reserves have not yet adapted to the war

Modern Soldiers From Ancient Texts

LEAKGATES  Judge Rebuffs Judith Miller in Plame Probe

RUSSIA: Putin Accuses West, Chechen Rebel Vows More Attacks + Putin, the Patriot: Justin Raimondo + Chechnya warlord claims Beslan school hostage taking + Russia 'seriously' preparing preventive strikes: Putin + KGB agents run scared by cracking down + Putin 'was set to do deal for Beslan children' + Putin launches unconstitutional coup d'etat + Auction sale of Yukos's assets to end conflict with government + Russians admit airliner bombing blunder


Movie casts Afghans as 'Stray Dogs' struggling after hell of war

'Human' Hitler film attracts 100,000 for German premiere + Ian Kershaw gives his verdict on the new Hitler film

Scarred Bond girl speaks out against female genital mutilation in Kenya

Hamdi: The High Cost of Freedom


China Discovers the Couch

Delinquent French teens learn the real hard-knock life in Senegal

Dark Side of the Force

Dan Walters: Public-be-damned attitude, badges seem to go hand in hand

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay party in Prague cancelled as US organizer declares bankruptcy + Judge says ruling ahead in anti-gay T-shirt case Click. + Same-sex marriage foes win right to proceed with suits Click.

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Latino leaders decry 'racist' newspaper cartoon in Monterey County weekly

Barbara Walters signs off on '20/20'

Plan to regulate journalists stirs outcry in Brazil

Faster, Neocons! Kill! Kill!

Russia criticized for harassing journalists

Fictional candidate weighs into US election

Moyers: Journalism Under Fire

Today's papers

Columbia campaign desk

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Age poses no barrier to ballet folklorico (SJM Reg)

Berkeley dancer's performance is for the birds

Father Hidalgo receives some respect. Statue of a hero of Mexico's battle for independence will be restored in S.F. park

Cherry's jubilee, Monterey Jazz Festival

Thrift store sells wardrobe with glamorous pedigrees Click.

'Sky Captain' and the world of computers

Archaeologists to study Harpeth

Caroline Sullivan spends a week in Girls Aloud

When Hollywood and indie films collide

Singing detectives

Joan Acocella on Philip Roth

Roman coin hoard found in Surrey

Digging up graves in Worcester

Not All Who Wander Are Lost: The Global Treasure Hunt of Geocaching

Rush & Molloy: Mary Kay, Vili smile

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

Police Arrest Two Madonna Bodyguards After Brawl With Photographers

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Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

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Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 16, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: 
U.S. Military Launches Anti-Zarqawi Attacks in Anbar Province + Cleric's ragtag army takes heavy toll on troops in Sadr City. Child warriors execute battle plans in Baghdad slum + Army Defends Baghdad Battle That Left 16 Dead + Gunmen Kidnap Two Americans, Briton in Baghdad + Marines grow wary of even friendly faces + US gives conflicting accounts of rocket attack that killed 13 dead + Lebanon the Wrong Model for Iraq: R.B. St. John + Iraq War: US Casualty Reports Are 17,000 Short + GAO: US Running Out of Troops + New Zealand Troops Quickly and Quietly Leave Iraq + Hostage in Iraq: Five days in Hell + Who seized Simona Torretta? + Marines see little progress in rebel-controlled Fallujah + Deserters, insurgents foiling plans to build new Iraqi army + Iraq's hottest front line: the police +Old, Cold and Cunning + AP Enterprise: Death Lurks in the Traffic Jams as Insurgents Gain Upper Hand on a Lawless Iraqi Road + Annan declares war illegal + Britain, other US allies defend legal basis for invasion of Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan President Escapes Assassination Bid

RUSSIA: Yeltsin warns Russia rolling back democracy in wake of Beslan crisis + Putin rules out talks with Chechen rebel leaders + Prosecutor: Some Weapons Used in Russian School Raid Were Seized From Police Posts

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon declares 'road map' at dead end. 10 Palestinians die in Israeli army raids + Gaza Gunmen Kidnap, Then Free Palestinian Official + Xymphora on Israeli pipeline through Iraq

Saudis Say Politics, Not Religion, Behind US Move

EUROPE: EU rejects US request on Airbus, Boeing subsidies

Insider suspected of Commons security breach

EU urged to revise terror responses


State Dept. Official Arrested in Inquiry on Taiwan Contact

Intelligence Proposals Gain in Congress + Congress Details New Intelligence Plan + Failing the Senate Intelligence Test + Wrong time for an intelligence overhaul

California: Radiation monitors installed at Port of San Francisco + Coast Guard pier off Oakland estuary to get terror shield + Gary Hart at UC Berkeley to discuss security + Faulty maintenance of FAA radio causes near mid-air collisions + FBI investigating anthrax threat to Franklin Templeton fund in San Mateo (SJM Reg) + Sea Marshals ride Bay ferries Click.

Foreign diplomats in North Korea en route to site of mysterious blast

Los Alamos National Lab scandals cost 5 workers their jobs + 7 others keep jobs but face discipline at Los Alamos

Travis Air Force spying case is delayed again + Proceedings against Travis airman delayed again

Exonerated Army chaplain to get honorable discharge

Paranoid Paradise: Equatorial Guinea Lives on Edge

Retired Taiwanese agent nabbed over PRC espionage

Ex-spy under arrest for helping Beijing monitor Falun Gong

Former Slovak spy boss Lexa acquitted

Finucane killer jailed for 22 years

USS Cole Prosecution Seeks Death Penalty

POTENTIAL HOT SPOTS: Mali and Desert Madness

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Transformation of the Israeli Defense Force

INFORMATION WARFARE: Who's Afraid of Predicting the Future?

Did Terrorists Destroy TWA Flight 800?

Nominee Goss' Lies Threaten National Security

Neo-Cons Are Knee-Deep In Caucasus Provocations

Two Men Indicted in US for Aiding Global Holy War

ABC examines the storm-steering question

Nazi Suspect Testifies About 1944 Capture of Americans in Slovakia

New Charge of Material Support Leveled Against Jailed Terror Suspects


Mexico: Mexico jailing prescription drug-buying tourists + Mexican leader is inmate's last hope + 'Disappearance' New Weapon in Mexico Drug Wars

Stewart asks to begin sentence. Appeal pending, domestic doyenne welcomes 'finality'

On Death Row, a Battle Over the Fatal Cocktail

PA Distributors mutual fund company's case settled for $20.6 million

Obese Italians win landmark benefit ruling

The Proposed Federal E-Discovery Rules: While Trying to Add Clarity, the Rules Still Leave Uncertainty

Can Justice Truly Be Blind? Reflections on the New York Yankees, Serena Williams, and Frank Quattrone


Activists recount pepper-spray agony. Logging protesters testify about 1997 sit-ins at 3 sites

Martinez: Trial opens: 'Thief of hearts' accused of adoption scam. Oregon woman charged with conning couples out of thousands of dollars + Defendant in adoption scam, had miscarried, lawyer says (CCT Reg) +

Martinez: Convicted sex offender Cary Verse still seeks new home

Brian DeVries, sex offender released by California registers in Olympia

San Pablo: Identities sought in possible kidnap. Downer Elementary school aide sees girl shoved into van -- no students missing + Police withdraw Amber Alert notice (CCT Reg)

Supreme Court upholds $15m award vs. Phillip Morris

Two new lawsuits target Sutter Hospital's billing practices

Santa Ana: Lawyer for woman linked to daughter's murder says she's innocent

Feds fund $3.3m gang task force for Monterey Sheriff, Salinas

Federal judge again tosses braceros' lawsuit

Salinas police arrest 7 on drug charges

Five indicted in alleged Davis gang stabbing

Sonoma County to drop charges against water agency for harming wildlife

AmCan pair face federal fraud charges re: small business loans

Merced: Death penalty sought in officer’s death

Turlock: Attempted-murder charges are likely

Report on LA county jail system suggests more than 50 upgrades

Mission Hills: Mother abducts own son, authorities continue search

Los Angeles D.A. Calls Jails Lethal for Witnesses Click. (LAT Reg)

Family Faces Loss of Home Over Signature Click. (LAT Reg)

San Jose: Taser use on teens

FBI probing cop dog attack in Mt. View

Oakland: A's fan whose wife was hit defends taunts. Prosecutors haven't decided whether to file charges in chair-throwing incident + A's '10th man, bruised wife defend heckling 'tradition + As officers move in, suspect kills self + Cops talk to abducted woman

San Francisco: Identity theft suit alleges bad warrants. Mother, 28, claims 5 arrests after police conceded mistake + Supes advised to settle teenage girls' suit. Police Commission votes on alleged improper search + Man gets 15 years in prison for 1986 slaying

Sonoma executions: Probe pushed in pair's slaying + Dozens of tips in Jenner rifle alert

Scott Peterson: Grim photos of remains disturb jurors, Peterson (CCT Reg) + Doctor says fetus expelled naturally (SJM Reg) +  Baby was not born naturally or by cesarean + Prosecutors point to crucial lie + Macabre Peterson pictures  + Developments Wednesday

Michael Jackson: Jackson to face accuser's mother + Jacko foe: God chose us + Jackson Defense Challenges Evidence Seized From Neverland Ranch by Showing Tape of Search


The Governor: Gov. vetoes 24 bills, signs 20 + Daniel Weintraub: State poised to move faster on renewable power + Gov. tries to keep donations, bills apart (CCT Reg) + Donors have a stake in bills (SJM Reg) +New chief picked for state highway patrol. Union pleased that Michael Brown came up through ranks + Scientists' ethics bill vetoed by Gov. + More protection for levees OK'd + Lawmaker wants to open presidency to foreigners + Schwarzenegger turns down 24 more bills, including school nutrition measure + Special Interest May Be Hitching a Ride in State Reform Plan Click. (LAT Reg) + Arnold stumps for Prop. 1A Click. + Air Traffic Glitch Keeps Gov. from Beverly Hills fundraiser for Jones Click. (LAT Reg)

Workers Comp: Dispute. Insurer wants higher rates + More comp-rate cuts, Garamendi predicts + Warning Issued Click. (LAT Reg)

CHP chief vows probe into high rate of disability pensions, medical claims

Legislature: Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez talks jobs in valley + Nuñez outlines direct access energy policy + Rescue plan for missions advances+ Bustamante aide stole + Machado, Podesto trade barbs in debate+ Machado, Podesto open with attacks

Propositions: Prop. 1A: Cities try to fend off state budget raids + Prop. 66 forces California to rethink ‘three strikes’ + Business Owners Rally Around Initiative to Limit Lawsuits Click. (LAT Reg)

CalFed water bill passed. $395 million to restore Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Bay Bridge cost leaves panel split on solution Click. (CCT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:  A crucial OK for Hearst land deal. 80,000 coastal acres to be saved from development + Coastal Conservancy approves state purchase of Hearst Ranch

School days: Textbook two-step draws districts' ire (CCT Reg) + SJSU business officer chosen interim president (SJM Reg) + He's SJSU presidential material, except no doctorate (SJM Reg) + CSU postpones vote on tuition increases + Psychiatrist: Boy a threat to students. Skyline, Oakland wont' let him enroll again + Test scores show no advantage for California's charter students. Results undermine federal policy's claim that alternative schools show faster improvement + UCD med school, hospital to have one administrator + Teens in Rocklin schools can no longer leave campus without parent's permission for medical appointments re: reproductive health, mental health, substance abuse + Santa Rosa public schools losing students + Leaving 22 teaching positions vacant saved Vallejo district more than $1 million + Rising cost of community college spurs growing demand for financial aid Click.

San Francisco: State approves plan to flush out mercury out of Bay. Agency's proposal would cut flow by 40% over 20 years + Taqueria to open in Pagoda Theater + $1.6 million allocated by feds to retrofit Gate bridge + City film board gets beefed up, office gets new head + Cameras rolling + Hollywood connection

Indian tribes: State's tribes play big role in museum. Building to open on National Mall + Caesars, Big Sandy Band tribe will announce casino Click. (FB Reg)

Alameda County: Fruitvale's Unity Council poised for 'new era' + Forums cover Island housing

Contra Costa: Contra Costa supervisors want harsh fines on Vasco Road + State's .50-caliber rifle ban could prompt Contra Costa County repeal of similar ordinance

Marin: Merchants see two sides to loss of Marin Film Festival + Silveira land tussle intensifies + Assembly candidates disagree on rising cost of medicine

Los Angeles: Commission considers pulling support from troubled LA hospital + Deal's off, UCD tells animal shelter

Salinas: Anti-tax activist criticizes ballot measures

Deadline pushed back for sale of Bakersfield refinery

Napa County prepares to dole out tobacco funds

Leadership issues cited in firing of Modesto City Manager Crist

Stanislaus County residents fear they’ll be silenced by weighted vote

Staggering cost seen for San Diego's pension fix Click. + No Easy Fix for San Diego's Pension Woes Click. (LAT Reg)

AQMD Critical of Long Beach Port Plan to Grow Click. (LAT Reg)

Fight surfaces in salmon ruling Click. (FB Reg)


Reserve Chief Says His Force Was Not Properly Prepared to Fight a War on Terror

The new label on trainers: British army

Psychological Operations plays with soldiers' minds

Air Force officials trim oscilloscope inventory

Air Force Takes New Look at Tybee Bomb

Wartime veteran meets man who dived on the Bismarck

Iraq Marine Marries Calif. Gal by Cellphone

Former Defense Secretary McNamara Marries Italian-Born Widow Register as a Foreign Agent

Germany's neo-Nazis change look to attract disgruntled voters

Germans get disturbing close-up view of Hitler

Woman arrested after interrupting Laura Bush's speech Click.

Protesters Arrested During Overtime Law Demonstration


Community spirit makes garden magic

Canada Hippie Enclave Braces for Real Estate Giant

French cafes promise to do better as complaints mount

Be It Storm Gods or Sheer Luck, New Orleans Escapes Another Blow


US inflation in check, giving Fed room to maneuver

Exposing conflicts in load funds

Infineon pleads guilty

Unions look for new tactics

Mondavi to sell 'luxury' wineries+ Mondavi breakup 'a tragic moment'+ The Grapevine Is Whispering; It Says Mondavi + Mondavi empire for sale

Introducing Gastrointestinal Economics

In the flea market's rise, an economic saga


West Nile spreads in Stanislaus county + Few in California, Arizona take steps against West Nile, study finds + West Nile bird cases at 9 in San Luis Obispo

Man-made rainforest baffles scientists

Cheek tissue to restore eyesight

FDA Approves Home Defibrillator Use Without Prescription

S.F. tops Marin for breast cancer cases in study + Marin breast cancer rate lowered

A One-two Punch For Tumors: Double Drug Combo Attacks Tumor And Blood Vessel Development

Marijuana-like Chemicals In The Brain Calm Neurons

Using A Carbon Nanotube, Cornell Researchers Make An Oscillator So Small It Might Weigh A Single Atom

Disease Genes, Important Regulatory Elements Populate Vast Terrain On Human Chromosome 5

Largest Window For Space Completed

EU Project Shows 'Killer Bacteria' More Common Than Expected

"Hedgehog" Signal Distinguishes Lethal From Localized Prostate Cancers

University Of Alberta Researcher Offers Promising Treatment For Premature Ejaculation

Hardy Buoys: Texas A&M Project Predicts Oil Spill Movements

British Columbia Researchers Aim To Create 'Living Glue' For Replacement Joints

Scientists Tame 'Hip Hop' Atoms; Precision Placement May Help In Building Nanoscale Devices

Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Sheds Light On Unravelling Of Nerves' Protective Myelin Sheath

Kids create new sign language

Body can 'heal dementia

IRAN: U.S. Says New Images Show Iran Plans Nuke Bomb + Current Threat of War Against Iran + IAEA Delegates Wrestle With Iran Resolution as U.S. Expresses Alarm About Suspect Site

New Breed of Portable Media Players Means Squinting at Palm-Sized Video

Image flaw threatens Windows

A Computer With the IPod's Bloodlines

Supercomputers Aid Hurricane Forecasting

Blackberry shrinks phone keyboard

Brazil is world 'hacking capital'


US Debates Striking 'Nuclear Iran'

Intelligence report to Bush pessimistic about Iraq future. Instability in best case, civil war in worst

Bush signs storm disaster declarations

FAMILIES OF INJURED SOLDIERS TO LOSE GOVERNMENT STIPEND + Wounded Guard, Reserve troops typically recover far from home

Bush blasted for slow reconstruction in Iraq


Plans to drill Wyoming forest for oil on hold.  Environmentalists, politicians, ranchers unite for wilderness

Price Comparison for Drugs Is Put on Federal Web Site

Congress: Some, not all, 9/11 panel proposals likely to pass Congress + Senate votes to renew controversial water plan. Feinstein calls bill crucial for California + Senate panel votes to raise AIDS funding


Long a Republican Bulwark, a Growing Arizona Is in Play

Business Cash for Bush Campaign, Lawyers for Kerry

Company Hired for Overseas Ballots Faced Lawsuit Over a Bill Click.

White House blocks former Democratic donor from promotion Click.

Military records: Guard files said to be faxed from copy shop + Ex-Guardsman: Probe Gaps in Bush Service

BUSH/CHENEY: ANALYSIS: Bush re-election bid goes against grain + ANALYSIS: Even at White House, Bush campaigns + The artists who are giving George Bush the brush-off + Bush reaches out to Hispanic voters

KERRY/EDWARDS: Dems ask: Where's Edwards? Party insiders worry telegenic candidate is being held back + Kerry blasts Bush over jobs, taxes. Senator's biggest, toughest speech on economic failings + Kerry courts blacks, Hispanics with new ads + Edwards: No military draft if Democrats win + Kerry accuses Bush of passing buck on economy + Kerry tops Bush among likely Minn. voters + Calm eye in Kerry's storm + Bush 'living in a fantasy world' on Iraq, Kerry tells veterans + Help Me, Howard + Kerry Tells Guard That Bush `Failed Fundamental Test' With Iraq Omissions


The Dunce. Professor recalls W.

David Hirst: Israel is wild card in explosive Middle East pack

It's the Policies, Stupid: Pat Buchanan

Richard Perle: Bush Sleaze Personified

The Presidential war path

The Banality of Betrayal

What's behind U.S. strategy shift in Iraq war?

George Will: Why is Kerry's Campaign So Pathetic?

Jimmy Breslin: Making call on sham of political polling Click.

Arianna Huffington: Special delivery: A Hogwarts Howler for the American voter Click.

The Fearful Voter

Excerpts of new Bush Junta book

Nadar case in Florida goes beyond weird

War prisons: Afghan court jails US bounty hunter who claims to have tracked down Bin Laden + 3 Americans get stiff sentences for imprisoning Afghans + Both sides say judge should quit Guantanamo tribunal + UK officers linked to torture jail + U.S. military displays new look for Abu Ghraib

Blood for pork....

Boom at Fort Meade Ripples Into County

Click. Former Bechtel consultant portrays Halliburton bidding process as a “sham”

Soldiers of fortune. At what price?


Plame: SOURCE REVEALS IDENTITY TO CIA LEAK PROBERS + Time Reporter Again Subpoenaed Over Leak + Magazine and reporter subpoenaed again on CIA leak

Americans Think AIPAC Should Register as a Foreign Agent

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: California School Lawsuit Pits Gay Rights, Free Speech Click. (LAT Reg)

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Judge: NY TIMES Reporter Must Testify in CIA Probe

Pincus, Cooper Targeted Again in Plame Probe

Press Reports on U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 Short, UPI Says

Chilean Human Rights Archive Rescued from Oblivion

Journalist back in Canada after Iraq ordeal

Houston Chronicle Dumps '10,000 Body Bags' Quote

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Great white shark puts jaws on display in aquarium tank

Alameda Island couple restore a Craftsman

As We See It: Experience real community at the County Fair

Spielberg, Zemeckis say video games, films could become one

Johnny Ramone, member of punk legends' The Ramones,' dies at 55

Survey: Many Jews don't attend synagogue because services are long, boring

In search of the true face of George Washington

Camisea Pipeline Unearths Ancient Peru Relics

Ravaged by age and ideology, German imperial facade gets a facelift

Material Girl immerses herself in Jewish mysticism

Marco Evaristti, the enfant terrible of Denmark's art scene

Winning score, but paler shade of original White novel

Did the Ancient Egyptians Play Baseball?

Rameses II and arthritis

Shock and draw

In Va., preservationists hail deal over Civil War battlefield

An eye on Rembrandt

New fiction by Joyce Carol Oates

Rush & Molloy: Madonna's latest tour draws boos

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: W foe tells the toot

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 15, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: 
Attacks on police kill 59 people, wound 114. Baghdad bombing lays waste to crowd of would-be officers + Three Decapitated Corpses Found North of Baghdad + Commanders: US to Pacify Iraq by Year's End + US Wounded Count Rising as Insurgency Takes Heavy Toll + Aftershock and awe + Iraq: a descent into civil war? + AJ: Fresh Iraq clashes leave many dead + AJ: Carnage after Baghdad bomb blast + AJ: Musa: Gates of hell open in Iraq + AJ: Many killed in Ramadi, Falluja raids + Iraq: a descent into civil war? + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Lawyers want to bar CACI from using untrained interrogators + Torture Is Evil. But Does It Work?

RUSSIA: From Those Putin Would Weaken, Praise + Putin Issues Plan to Tighten Grasp, Citing Terrorism + Putin shakeup won't foster a safer Russia. Analysts say it only moves nation back to authoritarianism + U.S. SAYS PUTIN TERROR PLAN "THREATENS DEMOCRACY" + Russia Rebuts U.S. Criticism of Putin's Shake-Up + Absolute power + Chechen guerrilla's path to terror + EU divided in reaction to Putin’s power play + Russia Considers Color-Coded Alert System

IRAN: Diplomats: Europeans, U.S. Closer to Iran Nuke Deal

MIDDLE EAST: IDF troops kill 9 wanted militants, 11-year-old girl in Jenin, Nablus + Syria, Egypt call on Israel to open talks with PA on creation of Palestinian state + 'The year of the initiative'

ASIA PACIFIC: Musharraf retains army post + Significant Events in Pakistan's Recent Political History


As CIA chief, Goss says, he'd eschew politics + Dems pounce on CIA nominee for partisan attacks on Kerry. + Bleak Prognosis by C.I.A. Nominee + Intel Panel Democrats Not Yet Sold on Goss

Senators unveiling intelligence plan + Panel Wants Intel Chief With Budget Say

Whistle-blowers' group launched + Iraq whistleblower starts support group Interview: Whistleblower Katharine Gun

Terror response study spurs concern

Espionage trial delayed for airman at Travis + Hearing postponed

Security faulted at nuclear reactors. Plants vulnerable to terrorist attacks, GAO report finds

Americans Convicted in Afghan 'Private Prison' Trial

Germany Searches for Russian Agent in Intelligence Service

Taxi driver China spy arrested in second espionage case this month

German spies furious over revelations of incompetence

German Pays Fine for "Spying" for Bulgaria

12 ISI agents nabbed in a month in Bengal

Jury Picked in Danilov Retrial

S. Korean Spies Say Building Work Behind North Blast

Super-Secure Network Warns of Data Danger Students Being Trained In Dealing With Cyber Threats

Click. GAO: Intelligence Reform Via Human Capital

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Vandals break windows, steal items from UCLA center for gays + Michelangelo Signorile: Out in the Garden Click.


Exclusive: Martha's headin' to big house

Prosecution's tab in the Kobe Bryant case is nearly $400,000 and counting (SJM Reg)

Trial Adjourns as Some Western Diplomats Support Milosevic and Refuse to Testify

Apple Computer face further payout to Beatles' company

Baby girl hurled from car during Wisconsin police chase

Extortion Online

Daily News Exclusive: Gambino hit man wants all to know he's no rat


State Law Sealing Victim, Witness Data Takes Effect Click. (LAT Reg)

Sutter Health sued for overcharging uninsured (CCT Reg)

Sheriffs share lead in Jane Doe case (CCT Reg) + Firm that brings immigrants into U.S. investigated

U.S. agency cites UCSF for abuses of animals. 'The gravity of the violations is great,' complaint says

Two suspects in custody in slaying of S.J. man (SJM Reg)

Judge allows human rights lawsuit against Unocal to proceed (SJM Reg)

Inquiry re: cause of blaze that killed female firefighter

Rocklin woman receives maximum prison term for fraud for selling imaginary horses

'Sausage king' pulling 'scam,' prosecutor says

East Palo Alto Councilman found guilty of domestic battery

San Jose: Child's assailant Daniel Montiel Cruz guilty on all counts

Union City man slain in Hayward

Pleasanton couple Mike and Yasmin Ali charged in loan scam

Obit: John B. Molinari -- ex-appellate justice

Lodi fire captain arrested on rape, child porn charges

Judge rejects vindictive prosecution claim by defense in welfare fraud case

Fighting words at ballpark. Player booked, security tight. Fracas that bloodied wife of heckler roundly criticized

Napa County judge may hear church molestation suits vs. Donald Glew and Jehovah Witnesses

DA's offices, Napa, Solano, Sonoma settle with herbal diet pill maker

Salinas police crackdown on crime

Suit filed against CMF Vacaville prison (Swisher) for failure to treat ill inmate

Oakland: Comatose mom charged with murder + 3 killed, 9 hurt in gang gunfire. Violence started at Hayward cemetery, shifted to Oakland + 'Amber alert' canceled. Suspect in alleged kidnapping of pair contacts police

Sonoma executions: Investigators detail type of rifle used to kill pair on beach + Weapon IDd, but not found + RARE RIFLE SOUGHT

Scott Peterson: Prosecution deflates theories about bodies (SJM Reg) + Defense makes headway on forensics (CCT Reg) + Defense seizes on lack of physical evidence + Day 54 + Experts testify of finding little forensic evidence. Numerous objects were tested for blood


The Governor: Gov. signs a pair of controversial bills + Domestic partners bill gets Gov.'s OK. Discrimination by insurance firms banned + Letter to Gov. was rigged to ignite + Worker Comp Fix in Doubt Click. (LAT Reg) + Foes Say Gambling Vote Could Foil State Click. (LAT Reg) + Cell phone limits for bus drivers Click. (SJM Reg) + Few takers for job running Caltrans

Controller halts grants to parks because state didn't monitor spending + Controller tells groups to return $15 million. After S.F. scandal, oversight faulted

Editorial: Curing CHP 'chief's disease'

Bill to restore historic Spanish missions passes Senate committee

Bank dispute mars Assembly candidate Dean Gardner's past Click.

Gardner, GOP should have known better Click.

Tauscher embarks on mission to Iraq

Propositions: Stem cell backers cite savings + Cities seek guarantee on funding by Prop 1A Click. + Ad Watch: Spot targets uncertainties of Prop. 72 Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Cleaning up toxic legacy of mercury (SJM Reg)

San Jose: Council approves increase in number of household pets (SJM Reg) + Council expands City Hall probe (SJM Reg)

Sacramento: End preferences, court tells Sacramento Municipal Utility District + Sacramento port closure may be option

School days: State college system still strong + Parcel tax extension would help fund Mill Valley School District + Rocklin school board tackles confidential medical release policy, rights of parents vs. students at issue + Higher education gets mixed grades + Bill to guard Oakland schools chief: $173,308 + Hayward schools prepare for audit of retirement plans + Students march for education + Report: State colleges unable to keep up with enrollment

San Francisco: Deconstructing Joe Donoghue + Supervisors call for grants oversight + Mayor vows homes for 149 seniors in shelters + Building inspection honcho resigns + Prostate cancer program. Treatment offered to city's black men + Stage set for hotel workers strike + Pocketful of names and notes + S.F. film industry to get lift

San Mateo County: Supervisors OK emergency water plan. Private sources to fill basic needs if Hetch Hetchy fails

Marin: Disputed county trail clears hurdle

Security beefed up on passenger ferries. More Coast Guard, police, deputies -- some riders skeptical

Berkeley goes to voters for taxes + Mayor renews call to pass tax increases. $1 million deficit in pension fund bumps up shortfall

Contra Costa County: Supervisors OK plan to keep shelters for homeless open. Nonprofit to run 2; Concord facility to have fewer beds

Fremont: Muslim, Sikh attempt to educate educators + Council's support for Measure V, admonished group has council in its sights + City talks about utility-tax breaks

State OKs Sutter Med Center's (Vallejo) plan to fix problems

Los Gatos: Symptoms prompt post office evacuation

Collision renews push for Vasco Road fines

Guerneville: Officials outlaw curbside living

Salinas: Budget shortfall may close libraries

Big box bill comes too late for AmCan + Wal-Mart planning approval may draw appeal

Tech jobs becoming scarcer. Off shoring takes its toll, as employment rate falls below levels during recession Click.

Plan to Close Trauma Unit Jolts South L.A. Click. (LAT Reg) + New Plan to Reopen Santa Paula Hospital Is Offered Click. (LAT Reg)

Opposing Groups Share a Dislike for Romer's Plan for Ambassador Hotel Click. (LAT Reg)

New Obstacle to Shell Refinery Deal Click. (LAT Reg)

Los Angeles: New Curbs on Homeless Supported Click. (LAT Reg)

LEAKGATES FBI's AIPAC Probe to Go to Grand Jury + As Leaks Dry Up in FBI Investigation, Activists Still Fear Jury Probe


OPEC tries to calm market by raising quota by one million barrels a day

Options alternate offered by 3 firms (SJM Reg)

Harvard fund soars 21.1 percent

Click. Leaders of WR Hambrecht can finally talk about IPO

Mondavi to sell off luxury wine brands

Out with a bang at PG&E

Tech jobs becoming scarcer. Off shoring takes its toll, as employment rate falls below levels during recession Click.


Scientists Develop Avian Flu Test

West Nile virus kills Tehama man

Taking the Scare Out of Biotech Crops

Panel urges suicide warnings on 9 drugs

Human genome hits halfway mark

'Mighty Mouse' Helping Find Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis

Fox Chase Cancer Center Researchers Identify Novel Target For Detecting Ovarian Cancer In Blood

Frances, Ivan Contribute To Hurricane Studies

Research Uncovers Added Value Of Streamside Forests

Researchers Identify Distinctive Signature For Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Sugar-coated Sea Urchin Eggs Could Have Sweet Implications For Human Fertility

9/11 Search-and-rescue Dogs Exhibit Few Effects From Exposure To Disaster Sites

Protein Is Key To Fatal Disorder And Normal Cell Function

Decoupling The Control Of Brain Cancer Cells To Find Better Treatments

Byproduct Of Water-disinfection Process Found To Be Highly Toxic

Optical Fibers And A Theory Of Things That Go Bump In The Light

Motions In Nearby Galaxy Cluster Reveal Presence Of Hidden Superstructure

Cannabis may help combat cancer

Hibiscus 'may reduce cholesterol'

Bad habits or bad genes?

Better Health Through Play

Amazon to Take Searches on Web to a New Depth + Amazon shows off its A9 baby (SJM Reg)

Click. Massively parallel processor to 'change the world'

Another Patch Job From Microsoft

Silicon Chips Revolutionize Speech Recognition

A Credit-Card-Sized Music Player

Computer Worm Sniffs Out Passwords

A Dark Start for Night Vision in Autos


Bush Opposes Move to Delay Medicare Premium Increase + Medicare chief defends rise in cost

50-year project to save river life. U.S.,
3 states plan to restore habitat on the lower Colorado

Bill to combat youth suicide awaits Bush's OK

Bush Requests NASA Storm Aid

U.S. Rebukes Saudis Over Lack of Religious Freedom

Iraqi rebuilding fund to be spent on security + Lawmakers Concerned About Shift in Iraq Reconstruction Funds

Congress: Divided, House passes bill targeting frivolous suits


Democrats Score Win in Fight Over Nader in Florida

News Analysis: Americans seem not to focus on the war

2 lawmakers sue FEC on political donations

Bush and Kerry battle over science

Military Records: Texas Guard secretary says she didn't type Bush records + GROUP OFFERS $50,000 FOR PROOF OF BUSH SERVICE

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush plays debate card close to the vest. Kerry agreed to 3 but president isn't talking + Guard treats Bush as old soldier

KERRY/EDWARDS: Price tag called high for Bush's proposals + Kerry says Bush hides Medicare fees + Kerry must 'reframe' Bush and fast + Kerry says Bush tricks seniors on Medicare / Democrat refocuses campaign to paint president as dishonest + KERRY CAMPAIGN ASKS FEC FOR ADVICE ON FUND-RAISING FOR PRESIDENTIAL RECOUNTS + Moveon PAC Ad Lies About Legality of Machine Guns


Mark Morford: Love Masochism? Vote BushCo!

Crazy Like a Fox: Justin Raimondo

Kristoff: Mr. Bush's Glass House

A wily, prickly portrait of Bush

Russ Baker: Why Bush left Texas


Kwiatkowsky: Military Politics Should Be an Oxymoron

RAF bomber emerges from melting glacier

Toward a Cyclocross Ethic


UK school cans 'world-beating' biometric scanner

Who's taping who

Fla. Deputy Makes First Arrest With Facial Recognition System


War Against Sex Slavery Creates Strange Bedfellows

Efforts Intensify to Support Doctors and Pharmacists Opposed to Abortion and Emergency Contraception

True turtle love


The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Commentary: New Blackberry, new way to write

Click. Dan Rather To Bush: ‘Answer The Questions’

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Blessed are the grapes

Historian Kevin Starr's grand California panorama

Calistoga set to mark Mexico's independence

Mill Valley Film Festival moved out of town

San Francisco Fringe Festival + More

Mountains of sand now a national park

Kennedy Center to Honor Elton John, Warren Beatty

Falcons take pride of place at Abu Dhabi show

Finland launches three-year project to collect soundscapes

Resurrecting the statues in Reims cathedral

Pet mummies given VIP treatment

Pop superstar Madonna arrives in Israel for Kabbalah conference

Grand plans for Stonehenge

Plot thickens at RSC for Gunpowder season + Comment: Michael Billington

Hidden Picasso goes on show

Beach boy

London film festival shines spotlight on documentaries

Swords into art on Taiwan

On The Town With Rex Reed

At The Movies With Andrew Sarris

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Stars and snipes

Rush & Molloy: Olympics apparently Greek to Athina

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Insurgents Target Iraqi Police With Car Bomb, Gun Ambush, Killing at Least 59+ Dozens killed by Baghdad car bomb + Saboteurs hit Iraqi electric grid + Get tough tactics. Signs of backfire + Ambulance torn apart in Fallujah as US launches 'precision' strikes + U.S. Attacks an Iraqi City With Double-Edged Sword + War Makes Iraq the Ultimate Welfare State + Civilians Allowed to Return to Tal Afar + Raids send message to insurgents' helpers Click.+ Australians kidnapped in Iraq + Iraq Appeals for International Troops to Protect U.N. Experts Needed for January Elections+ Iraqi President Asks NATO for More Help With Military Training + Arab League Chief Says "gates of Hell" Open in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: British Lawyer: U.S. Torture in Iraq Spread to Mosul + Another Excerpt from Sy Hersh's Chain of Command + US troops face new torture claims 

AFGHANISTAN: Anti-Karzai mobs targeted UN office

IRAN: Iranian nuclear plans 'unclear' + IAEA Won't Guarantee Iran Probe Deadline

MIDDLE EAST: Netanyahu Backs Settlers' Proposal of Nationwide Vote on Gaza Pullout

Israel Shuts Palestinian Election Offices in Jerusalem, Seizes Voter Lists

W. Bank rabbi says willing to hold ritual resulting in Sharon's death

Ministers approve guidelines on evacuation, compensation of settlers

RUSSIA: Putin's radical push for power, says unity needed to control terrorism in Russia + Powell Concerned by Putin Political Changes + Moscow treads softly with its Muslims Many Beslan victims gravely ill

ASIA PACIFIC: India, Pakistan and the 'peace' pipeline

North Korea: Mushrooming rumors + Russian Official: Next Round of North Korean Talks Will Not Take Place This Month

EUROPE: Spain hosts summit as it returns 'to the heart of Europe'


Click. Al-Jazirah Reports on Al-Zawahiri and Al-Qa'ida

Court gives Moussaoui a win, but U.S. can seek death penalty


On Fed Payroll, Hackers Seek to Save America

India, Israel to hold joint air exercise

Gerry Adams: Hold a public inquiry into Finucane's death

Sinn Fein Unveils What It Says Is British Eavesdropping Device in Party's Belfast Headquarters

Blurred Images in Spain's Media Show Explosion of Train Bombs

A geopolitical jungle

Helping women balance family life, jihad


Erasure of Scalia Speech Said Wrong Click.

Quattrone asks court to seal personal letters from wife, daughter (SJM Reg)

San Francisco: Court says transgender man can apply again for asylum. El Salvadoran must prove he'd likely face torture if deported

Justice to probe Patriot Act abuse. Mismatched fingerprint of lawyer Brandon Mayfield led to detention


Drug Cartels Battle Over Mexican Turf

Turkey debates reviving criminal law on adultery

Crime pays for Northern Ireland paramilitary gangs

Phoenix diocese, not D.A., can oversee abuse allegations

Jailed mothers find link to children

Milosevic team seek halt to trial

German MS counterfeiters sent to jail

Car's black box may be key in murder case

Techie pleads guilty in largest identity theft in U.S. history

Former Drug Company Employee Seeks to Withdraw Guilty Plea

FBI Joins Probe of Arson in Gary, Says It May Have Been Racially Motivated

Pitcher arrested, charged with battery


Judge declares molester free to leave. Brian DeVries ends 1-year monitoring program at Soledad

Assault weapons: State law remains in effect prohibiting assault weapons. Possession of banned arms a felony, even if bought out of state + East Bay police expect influx of assault weapons Click. (CCT Reg)

East Palo Alto official David Woods convicted of misdemeanor re: abusing his wife (SJM Reg)

Man killed by police was armed, they say (CCT Reg)

Sausage King case: Doctor testifies, cites brain damage in shooter (CCT Reg)

Saratoga couple brutally beaten in attack at residence (SJM Reg)

Martinez: Police suspect downtown barber Jim Carillo in molestation cases (CCT Reg)

Fremont: Accountant appointed to oversee Sikh temple (SJM Reg)

LaMark Lassiter gets 21/2 years for fraud against Hercules housing fund (CCT Reg) + HERCULES / S.F. man sentenced in housing fund scam

Steven Merenkov sentenced to 17 months, release re: federal weapons charges (CCT Rag) + Man due to be freed after gun sentencing + Arsenal owner sentenced to time served

Police seek public's help after Paul Alfred Jagoda, El Cerrito charged with molestation (CCT Reg) + EL CERRITO / Man held in alleged attempt to date child

Dublin: Red tape stops Chinese dad from visiting. Bureaucrats fear 70-year-old wouldn't go home

San Francisco:2 from Seattle held in inheritance scam

Oakland: Infant dies in apparent attempted murder-suicide by mom + In coma, mother may face murder charge

East Oakland gun violence kills two; gang link possible + Fight at cemetery may have sparked incidents later in day + Pimp gets 7 years for using teen

Hayward: Verbal dispute at funerals escalates into shooting

Too many deaths in CYA

San Anselmo day care operator sued for alleged abuse (no criminal charges)

Davis teen pleads guilty in vandalism of vehicles (originally charged as hate crime)

Sonoma man pleads guilty to theft of $100,000 in Web scam

Santa Rosa Diocese seeks dismissal of 12 sex abuse suit vs. Don Kimball, Gary Timmons, Patrick Gleeson

Former LAPD photographer pleads guilt for secretly taping teen

Trial begins for farmer charged in deaths of two Calif dairy workers + Dairy death witness now a wanted man

Killings spur Berkeley rallies

Bid to Decriminalize Prostitution in Berkeley

Settlement reached in investor-related Ponzi scheme re: Earthlink co-founder Slatkin

Parks again criticizes 3-day LAPD workweek

LA city attorney expands lawsuit against public relations firm

Prisoner who killed cellmate gets life in Calif. mental hospital

Orange County hospital worker arrested for allegedly molesting mothers in maternity ward

Scott Peterson: Criminalist says stains are blood (CCT Reg) + Only 4 droplets of blood found. State tested objects from victim's house + Defense attacks vehicle tracking + Testimony turns to blood, tracking; families quarrel + Developments Monday + Families become confrontational


The Governor:  Gov. signs bills on gun limits, domestic partners + Gov. signs first of three DUI bills + .50-caliber BMG rifle ban signed by Gov. + A look at bills signed and vetoed by Gov. on Monday + Gov. urged to free voting funds for voting guides (SJM Reg) + Ignitable letter reaches Gov. Click. + Gov. signs first major gay rights bill re: insurance coverage Click. + Gov. signed bill to help prevent massive junk pile fires Click. (FB Reg) + Gov. should sign bills giving state access to Canada drugs + Car Buffs Have Bill in Headlights

Legislators: Lawmakers call for Hetch Hetchy study + Dutra bill extends spinal cord research funding + Legislators from California visit Iraq + East Bay lawmaker Ellen Tauscher headed to Iraq

GAO clears Forest Service for lobbying for logging

Dan Walters: As health care expands, its politics grows more convoluted

Daniel Weintraub: Stupid and smart on CHP disability pensions

Carpool growth coming + Some SUVs Have a Serious Weight Problem Click. (LAT Reg)

'No' on Proposition 69 (massive DNA expansion will clog system) + Soros, 2 others give financial boost to three strikes ballot measure Click.

LOCAL NEWS: Living by the vine + Harvesting the French way + Heat causes headaches but vintners predict quality harvest

Fires: Firefighters battle blazes in Sierra Nevada, U.S.-Mexico border + Elite firefighter Eva Schicke is mourned + Fire used as tool to heal forest

Indian tribes: Judge scolds El Dorado tribe over legal tactics

Carpool growth coming + Some SUVs Have a Serious Weight Problem Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Parents back schools' get-tough approach (Schools closed by Mexico re: abuse) (SJM Reg) + LONG BEACH. CSU wants students to pay third of costs + BERKELEY: Report criticizes Cal's treatment of staff. Cooks, custodians, secretaries barely getting by, students say + UC Davis to open MBA program in San Ramon + Santa Rosa school board backs Carrillo class, book + Cal delays land development plan + UCSC awarded grant for organic agriculture research + San Francisco granted 4 million for 33 school cops + Pioneering area family gives land to UC Merced + Day-care scramble. Cutback stuns LAUSD parents + Sacramento: Some 2,600 students displaced from charter-funded schools return to class + UC, once gold standard, dulled by pinched pennies Click. (CCT Reg) + Inglewood Trustee's Campaign Actions Scrutinized Click. (LAT Reg)

San Francisco: 'Cool gray city' projected to turn murderously hot. Temperatures likely to rise by mid-century as a result of global warming, study warns + Mayor names kids' advocate to run department on youth. Brodkin gives up activist role to become insider+ Group SFSOS accused of campaign violation + City wins ruling on parking tax + Newsom picks director for small businesses + Catellus sells portion of land in Mission Bay + Gav's travels + Races heating up in districts one to 11

Some fear Hearst deal sets precedent

Consultant hired to oversee Port of Sacramento

County may bar move of trauma center in San Jose (SJM Reg)

Higher development fees could help swing Santa Rosa sales tax measure

Pungent pot causing stink in Mendocino County

Shots fired at Niles party

Monterey: Cal Am won't seek development moratorium

Pleasanton water rates could jump 34% by '09

San Joaquin County tackles drug abuse charges in Office of Substance Abuse + Board to respond to worker intoxication

Los Angeles: Walk, wait? $9.3 million in signals too dim to read + King/Drew Trauma Unit Faces Closure + King/Drew Proposal Assailed Click. (LAT Reg) + Los Angeles hotel workers vote on strike authorization

Cargo a burden on railroads Click. Hotel Workers in L.A., D.C. Cast Strike Votes Click. (LAT Reg)

Environmentalists Oppose Mormons' Forest Church Click. (LAT Reg)

Few minorities serve on county farm committees Click. (FB Reg)

Longtime Silicon Valley rights leader James McEntee dies (SJM Reg)


U.S. Marine Returned to Duty; Kidnap Probe Continues

Navy unable to reach battered Cayman islands

‘Good Morning, Vietnam’ DJ keeps promise to raise awareness about MIAs Click.

Click. How the Loss of Military Virtues Fosters a Politics of Militarism by Garret Keizer


National Security Experts Demand to Be Heard: Sibel Edmonds, etal.

Intelligence agents knew case flimsy, Powell says

Ex-Feds Blast 9-11 Panel and Bush

Sept. 11 Panel: Candidates Should Name National Security Team Soon


Activist's role stirs furor re: her teaching others to use Sacramento voting machines


Insurance company promises discounts for allowing onboard device to track road habits. Click.

Big Anti-Induce Campaign Planned

Gandhi or Che?

Palace batty over protest

New RFID Services Based On IBM's Own Tagging Projects


Graying Japan's centenarians total record 23,000

America's Jewish founding father

Stardom: Sick of People Places? Try PETSTER

Social & Environmental Factors Play Important Role In How People Age, Two Studies Find

Blood for pork....

Firms Vie for Pieces of Air Force Contract


Oakland squirrel dies of West Nile

Proteins Show Promise For Mosquito Control

Into the hurricane's eye for sake of science Click.

Discovery May Halt Progression Of Alzheimer's

Study Of Flu Patients Reveals Virus Outsmarting Key Drug

Hospices widen care services

New fertility treatment (frozen eggs) 'closer'

Space's largest window is built

Prozac raises child suicide risk + FDA Deals With How to Balance Rare Suicidal Medical Reaction With Need to Treat Youngsters' Depression

TB patient medicine test unveiled

Alcohol good after heart surgery

First Glimpse Of DNA Binding To Viral Enzyme; May Serve As New Target For Antiviral Drugs

Heat-controlled Drug Implants Offer Hope For Future

Is This Speck Of Light An Exoplanet?

Adaptive Changes In The Genome May Provide Insight Into The Genetics Of Complex Disease

Blood Test May Be Superior To CT Scans In Predicting Survival In Some Ovarian Cancer Patients

Prolonged, Sustained Exercise Prevents Precursor To Heart Failure

Major Milestone For Detecting Life On Mars

Researchers Report New Gene Test For Isolated Cleft Lip And Palate

I, RoboNet - intelligent telescopes survey the violent skies Click.

Tech industry to adopt standards for Linux (SJM Reg)

Report: Chinese mobile phone carrier to set up 3,000 Internet cafes (SJM Reg)

Ivan to test unusual home designed by Fairfax architect

Yahoo buys online jukebox provider Musicmatch for $160 million

Speech Code From I.B.M. to Become Open Source

Japanese invention turns flowers into loudspeakers

Virus writers add network sniffer to worm


Bush-Kerry Race Tied As RNC Bounce Fades, New IBD Survey Shows Click.

Fla. official allows Nader onto ballot

Will voters get the debates they deserve?



Is Israel 'Swing State' That Could Tip U.S. Election?

Peaceful Protests Made the RNC More Palatable

Colleges Stumble in Aiding Voter Registration Click. (LAT Reg)

Bush, Kerry bear down in three Midwest states

The lunch that fed Kelley-Bush furor

War record debates: Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service + Professor says Bush revealed National Guard favoritism Click. Molly Ivins: Moral blindness: Bush in denial about 'Champagne Unit' privilege Click. + Dave Johnson: The supposedly forged document Click.

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush blasts Kerry's 'enormous price tag' for health care, says plan creates nationalized system + Bush calls Kerry's Social Security warning 'tired, pathetic' + Once called out, Bush a hit with baseball team owners + Bush says he's proud of Guard service + Bush says he did not defy an order + Bush makes pitch in long-shot Mich.

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry sets forth anti-crime plan, blames Bush for demise of assault weapon ban + Kerry Questions Bush's Honesty on Health Care, Iraq + What Butler saw : John Kerry, combat hero and anti-war icon + Bush broke vow to police on weapons ban, Kerry says + Heinz Kerry: Bush unwilling to change + Edwards's unheard message + Defeat Bush: The Guide + DEMS LAUNCH NEW BUSH GUARD VIDEO; USES CLIPS, QUOTES IN SPIRIT OF 'FAHRENHEIT 9-11+ NBC Asks DNC to Cease and Desist 'Fortunate Son' Ad


Mark Morford: Who The Hell Is "Undecided"?

Have 1,000 US Souls Died for Oil?: Ivan Eland

No OBL, No WMD: Bush 0-2 in '04: Paul Sperry

Time to Be Honest on Iraq: Anonymous

Pete McCloskey: If you're a true Republican, you'll vote for Kerry Click.

Paul Krugman: Taking on the myth Click.

Robert Scheer: If only Kerry were from the Bronx Click.

Maureen Farrell: Can it happen here? Click.

Marie Cocco: Fire Ashcroft for clear incompetence Click.

Robert Parry: Bush's bloody flip-flop Click.

Helen Thomas: Cheney takes the low road Click.


Silicon Valley jobless rate declines 1% (SJM Reg)

Fuel suspected deep inside Earth. Studies suggest heat under crust may not destroy methane gas

Worldwide search urged for Eisner heir + Eisner Foes Roy Disney, Gold Seek to Speed His Departure Click. (LAT Reg)

MGM agrees to be acquired by Sony-led group for $3 billion + Kerkorian's Tax Eraser

Here's a good way to make a buck in Columbia: Cocaine dollars cheap

Brazilian slaves help make products that end up in the United States through world trade Click. (SJM Reg)

Gonsalves: Time Banking

Market does not need more oil: Iranian minister + Saudis Pledge 800,000 Barrels Per Day of New Oil + Iraq Pledges to Improve Oil Security

Tech Companies Unveil Less Costly Options-Expensing Plan

Kremlin Backs Gazprom Deal That Would Increase Foreign Investors' Access to Natural Gas Giant

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Parenti: Gay Marriage+ Congressman who voted against gay rights, believed to be gay. Media kept silent

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The day CBS News got 'blogged' down

Web Site Killings Raise Dilemmas for Media

Edwards: BBC and Iran

German film plays with fire in portraying 'human' Adolf Hitler

Cocaine-use charges send Bush book soaring up bestseller lists

Sun, voice of British brashness, to turn 40

Jacko fans rip accuser kin's book

N.Y. Daily News to Launch Free Spanish-Language Weekly

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

A trip to remember: Yosemite summers began with cabin just outside park

Oakland International film festival flooded with entries

History enthusiasts to explore Fremont

No-flash business attracts loyal base in Studio City

All the Works of Shakespeare to Be Performed in One Season

Ancient mystery of Mayan civilization

French impressionist masterpieces set to go on display in China next month

Among the well-heeled at the world polo championships in Chantilly A New Tribe?

The Dealer Was a Thief

Steam of consciousness

Reviewing myself

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Trump fires salvo at ABC

Rush & Molloy: So many sponsors, so little J.Lo

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Romeo and Juliet, Ford Maddox  Brown

SEPTEMBER 13, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  U.S. Targets Zarqawi Loyalists in Iraq Strike + 15 killed in US strike on Iraqi hotspot of Fallujah+ U.S. Military Set on Pacifying Iraq Before Elections + + Constant rebel attacks kill 25 in Baghdad. Guerrilla war grows more sophisticated and widespread + General contested Fallujah operation. Chief opposed invasion, then the withdrawal + 1,000 Iraqis Killed in 3 Weeks of US-Shi'ite Clashes in Najaf + Australians 'kidnapped' in Iraq + Italy's Foreign Minister Leaves for Mideast in Hostage Crisis + Crowds Plead With U.S. Forces to Let Them Return to Besieged City of Tal Afar + Bloody Weekend + Orders of battle + Iraqi Christians Seek Sanctuary in Ancient Homeland

War prisons: Rice says she wasn't warned of Guantanamo prison abuse + + 363 Pakistanis who fought with Taliban freed + Rumsfeld's Dirty War On Terror + Marine convicted of abusing inmate gets clemency

AFGHANISTAN: Afghans protest warlord's ouster as Herat governor + US troops kill warlord's supporters after Karzai sacks 'Lion of Herat'

SYRIA: Gulf Ministers Urge Syria to Withdraw Troops From Lebanon

IRAN: Confusion and Division Over Iran + S. Korea Rains on Bolton's Parade: Gordon Prather + Iran Plans to Resume Nuclear Enrichment + US's impasse over a 'nuclear' Iran

MIDDLE EAST: Three Palestinian militants killed in Israeli helicopter strike + Sharon-Netanyahu Showdown Looms Click. + God wills it + Sharon Rival Backs Referendum That Could Scuttle Gaza Pullout Plan

ASIA PACIFIC: Hong Kong democrats miss. Advocates fail in election to overcome Beijing's edge in legislature

Top Chinese Political Leaders at a Glance

NORTH KOREA: N. Korea allows blast site visit + N. Korea Says Blast Was for Hydro-Electric Project + Playing the nuclear bully in Pyongyang


Treasury Dept official Richard Newcomb targeting terror funds quits

New Chief for CIA, With Strings Attached + On the Eve of Confirmation Hearings, Questions Persist About Bush's CIA Choice+ Goss Hailed as Old Pro, Assailed as Partisan + C.I.A. Nominee Said to Champion Budgets Over Watchdog Role Click.

Russia: In Caucasus, Frozen Conflicts Are Still Hot + Putin floats plans to tighten grip on Russia after deadly attacks + Caucasus conflict fears escalate + Russia, as Always + Terrorists down Russian Mi-24 helicopter in Chechnya + Putin to restructure Russian government + Beslan Siege Was Work of al Qaeda Cell from… Kabardino-Balkaria Click. + Russia Says It Can Hit Militants Abroad


As Trial Nears, Case Against Airman Is Marked by Missteps Click. (LAT Reg)

Portrait of a neo-con Douglas Feith

Goat Wars

Agonist Exclusive: Mordechai Vanunu interview Click.


House Votes Posthumous Honor for Commander of USS Pueblo

Chalabi aide in Israel

Turkish Terror Suspect Warns Turkey of Future Attacks Unless Country Ends Support of U.S. Policies and Israel


Jefferson Getting a Makeover on Nickel Being Revealed Thursday

Electric savings could be $15b, study says

US Airways seeks 2nd bankruptcy in 2 years. Expert sees 50/50 chance airline will fail

'Condo craze' sows seeds of controversy + Hidden world of condo conversions

At Disney, Mending Fences or Moving On?

Depression, a Frequent Visitor to Wall St.

Industry Databases Help IRS Close Taxing Gap

Car-SUV bumper mismatch costly, study finds

The New Stagflation

Cayman Islands, Renowned Tax Haven, Devastated as Hurricane Sweeps Through

Ahead of Key Meeting, Analysts Wonder if OPEC's Influence Has Waned

Bayer, Schering-Plough Announce Strategic Pharmaceuticals Alliance

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay students find it easier to compete for college scholarships (SJM Reg) + Anglicans consider gay clergy


Islamic Justice Takes Hold in Canada

Study: US crime rate stabilized at 30-year low

Cold cases hot stuff for criminalists

Dead Pigs Help Forensic Experts

Gunmaker sets sights on end of ban

Talking about Darfur: Is Genocide Just a Word?

Campaigners Say Intellectual Property Agency Helps Rich Nations, Not Developing Countries


Assault weapons ban spotlights local case

Sacramento Judge Loren McMaster targeted for same-sex ruling. Group opposing domestic-partners law plans recall

Red-light runners, meet the 'rat box' (SJM Reg)

Prosecutors oppose deportation of Canadian man recently paroled on child molest charges

Deputy D.A. Gary Medvigy an advocate for Afghan inmates

Oakland: Mother kills baby in suicide attempt

Sonoma: Deputy D.A. Gary Medvigy is back from duty in Iraq

Marin: Curtis McCutcheon case leads to 3 more arrests for child porn

Family of inmate slain at Salinas Valley Prison calls for help

Napa: Moscowite winery suits raise planning and zoning questions

Solano County: Caseload grows, but court system doesn't

Mexican Officials Shut Down 3 Schools for Troubled U.S. Youths Click. (LAT Reg)

Pepperdine Law School Adds Some Starr Power Click. (LAT Reg)

Mexican Officials Shut Down 3 Schools for Troubled U.S. Youths Click. (LAT Reg)

Police Check 'Little Gaza' Claims Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Expert Says GPS Tracking Devices on  Cars Had Some Problems + GPS testimony + Satellites spied on Peterson

Michael Jackson: 'Dateline' plays tape of Jackson accuser's father + Calls Jacko 'the Devil'


The Governor:  Capitol resistant to reforms + Public approval in the dumps, legislators fail to clean house + The Buzz: Games let Gov. run for White House + Prisons Promise a New Code for Guards

Competing Measures Add to Complexity of State Ballot

Modesto, Turlock hold key to Hetch Hetchy

California Performance Review: Republicans, Democrats underwrite multibillion-dollar handout to big business

Bush boosts state's windmill power Click. (FB Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:  Bay Area woman helps imperiled rhinos

Indian tribes: Casino fever grips the Golden State + Dan Walters: California, Indians and gambling: Where do we go from here?

School days: Bargain colleges now less of a deal (CCT Reg) + Students see UC Merced as unique chance + Latest school plan would save some Ambassador Hotel features + Santa Rosa school chief hunt hits snag + Ambitious ninth-graders find new niche

Bush's water contracts criticized. Opponents say feds failed to follow environmental law

Firefighter killed while battling Stanislaus forest fire

Revisions to Ceres master plan at stake as council meets

Future under way as Mare Island hits 150. City had to adapt after Navy closed shipyard in 1996

Sacramento: Measure A mailer feud lands in the DA's office + R.E. Graswich: Natomas rezoning plan to fund Kings arena: It's developers' deja vu

Tax on tourism (Measure J) upsets Sausalito hotel owners

Marin supervisor candidates speak out on housing, politics

Tracy group to pull plug on Tesla power plants?

Fremont: Community to review fire station plans

Contra Costa County hopes to transfer shelters to Bay Area Rescue Mission

Moss Landing: Desalinization may go solar

Moss Landing preservation deal may hit snag

Napa D.A. says Cosentino producing too much wine

Marin General May Lose Medicare Coverage By Karen Nakamura

San Diego Snarled in Web of Financial Woes Click.

Profit pressures hit San Jose hospitals Click. (SJM Reg)

San Francisco Zoo Embroiled in Controversy Click. (LAT Reg)

Irvine Mayor Target of Ethics Accusations Click. (LAT Reg)

There's Gold in the Spills by the Casino Click. (LAT Reg)

Pacific Crest Trail hikers finish 2,650-mile odyssey Click.

L.A. City officials accused of buying up properties without a plan


New Power Sources Needed For Soldier Of The Future

The USAF Lessons From the War on Terror

What Really Kills the Troops (and it ain't combat)

Home skilled kids can't hack it in the military

U.S. casualties are higher than reported


Robert Novak Believes in Revealing Confidential Sources, After All

WTC workers file class action suit

Powell: Unlikely WMD Stocks Will Be Found in Iraq

Kensington, CA: Kerry fund-raiser draws 300 and neighborhood protests

Group to repair site of Ala. church bombing

Oilmen object to removing derricks from LA County seal


PayPal to Impose Fines for Breaking Porn, Gambling, Drug Bans


The future of affection

Stardom: The sound of BRENDA


Tracking a killer + Merced reports dead birds had West Nile

Missing Genes May Help Explain Why Plague Bacteria Are So Deadly

Twenty-eight dead as bird flu returns to ravage Asia

Researchers discover 'Jekyll and Hyde' cancer gene. Amount of a specific protein determines whether a tumor is created or suppressed

Life-saving defibrillators now common but skilled operators aren't

Researchers' Discovery Is Gateway To New Stroke Treatments

Stanford Researcher Declares 'PSA Era Is Over' In Predicting Prostate Cancer Risk

Discovery Could Lead To New Strategies For Operating Fuel Cells

Genesis Scientists Bouncing Back From Hard Landing

Serotonin Metabolites In Mollusks Suggest Pathways For Human Therapies

Bacteria Use 'Molecular Lasso' To Cop Copper

Government Study Finds Nearly Half A Million Medical Device Injuries A Year

The Search For A Kinder, Gentler Chemotherapy

OutFoxed: New Research May Redefine Late-stage Cardiac Development

Cassini Discovers Ring And One, Possibly Two, Objects At Saturn

Frozen Eggs Showing Promise

One Ear is Not Like The Other, Study Finds

Ships Shape Up To Fight Killer Waves

Arctic's Toxic Burden Harms Bears

'Any alcohol' a risk in pregnancy

Deep-sea diving gas helps asthma

Brain's 'dream centre' found

Scientists say world's largest volcano ready to erupt

Weight Loss Truth - Chase Freedom Diet Reviews and Information

Nanotech: Up and Atom

Molecule Awakens and Maintains Neural Connections Click.

Secrets of a salty survivor Click.

Implanted Lens Sharpens Extremely Blurred Vision

Step Toward Universal Computing

Carnegie Mellon Engineering Researchers To Create Speech Recognition in Silicon Click.

Can Mr. Chips Transform Intel?

Click. PC users feel heat from faster processors Click. Race is on to build a better chip + The need for speed

Devices transfer data between computers

The Sleep of Forgetfulness

Fremont firm creates down-to-earth technology

Nanotechnology Leads To Discovery Of Super Superconductors

Yale Scientists Bring Quantum Optics To A Microchip

Web to Handset: Easy Data Dump

Interventional Innovation

Lens does away with blurry snaps

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities


Powell, Ridge endorse new Intel position

Bush to seek $2.5 billion in Florida aid

Politicians loath to tangle with the power of gun lobby

FDA set to review antidepressant pills' link to suicide

Labor Board May Rule on Union Tactic Click.

Congress: Weapons ban demise likely; senator vows not to give up Click.


Absentee Votes Worry Officials as Nov. 2 Nears

SF Bay Area keeps cash flowing to Bush, Kerry campaigns

NAACP head to apologize to education chief


Patricia Marx on undecided voters

Expatriate vote a hot commodity this year Click.

Could Florida-Like Recount happen in Ohio? Click.

A call to mix politics, faith Click.

Is it Real or Is It Memorex? Experts Back Away From Doubts on Bush Service Memos + Xymphora on the bloggers

BUSH/CHENEY: GOP's playbook: a single, relentless message. Strategy is clipping Kerry's momentum in crucial states + A Trial Lawyer on Ticket Has Corporate U.S. Seeing Red + POWELL , RICE DEFEND CHENEY "VOTE FOR BUSH OR DIE" COMMENT + Faith in Bush Unshaken in Rural Ohio Despite Economy + Kerry, Dems to blast Bush on arms ban

KERRY/EDWARDS: Movie highlights Kerry's 2 Vietnam roles + Kerry blasts lapse of assault weapons ban + Democratic group's ad campaign courts black voters + Gore unleashes fury on Democrats' behalf + The Candidate's Brain, Bob Shrum + Kerry Family Values + 'I've been in worse situations.' + Kerry woos the African-American vote, promising they will be heard + Kerry faults Bush on North Korea. Senator says failure to deal with regime led to nuclear threats


While You Weren't Looking: Justin Raimondo

Why Americans love George

Time to Withdraw From Iraq

What the neocons can't tell Americans

Justin Frank: Bush on the couch

Steve Sebelius: Democracy in peril Click.

The real reason we're in Iraq

The rise of a "Satanic" right

After success in Bosnia, why failure in Iraq?

Tony Blair's survival is an affront to our constitution

Andrew Greeley: Voters have no choice on Iraq

How George Bush bankrupted the war on terror

Bush family history shows a dark past unseen by most

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Nick Paton-Walsh on covering the Beslan siege

Kerry Should Stop Stiff-Arming the Press

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

International papers

Invitation to the Sideshow, Georges Seurat, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

War dance highlights fight to save Shasta heritage

"Early retirement" for Marin cartoonist

Pacific Crest Trail hikers finish 2,650-mile odyssey Click.

Exhibit puts lens on L.A. Armenians

Indian artifacts on Univ. Tennessee land

Divers uncover ancient skeleton near Caribbean coast

Box office:' Resident Evil: Apocalypse' captures moviegoers

Pacino draws Oscar buzz in compelling "Merchant of Venice"

World's top violinists seek out French bow-maker

Italian professor solves Da Vinci mystery, identifies Mona Lisa

Dive recovers Cromwell's sailor

Philip Roth's new novel

Lewis and Clark slip through climatic window to the West Click.

Silent classic given soundtrack for today

Leo Carey on Kyril Bonfiglioli

Russian sexual traditions

Studio has indie spirit but Hollywood backing

'New York, New York' lyricist Fred Ebb dies

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Bashing from the booth


Rush & Molloy: Kerry girls celebrate a parent's victory

Agony and ecstasy on runways of New York

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 11, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Ineffective Iraqi Force in Fallujah Disbanded + 4th day of attacks on Fallujah rebels. U.S. tries to shake control of militants now running key city + Militants tighten control of Fallujah + Another Iraq pipeline sabotaged + Basra blast kills two near US consulate: wounding three more + Large Explosions, Roar of Projectiles Rattle Central Baghdad + Explosion Occurs Outside of U.S. Consular Office in Southern Iraqi City + From Saddam to Allah: William S. Lind + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Prison abuse not as bad as beheadings, Rumsfeld says + Bush 'Exceptionalism' Led to Abu Ghraib + Lynndie England Ruling Sealed + CIA Cites Order on Supervised Interrogations + U.S. Intelligence Soldier Jailed Over Abu Ghraib (8 months) + GI in probe believes in system + Army Says C.I.A. Hid More Iraqis Than It Claimed + Cobban commentary + Evidence Flap in U.S. Marine's Trial Over Iraqi Death + AJ: Rogue soldiers or Pentagon policy?

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Government Replaces Powerful Regional Governor

MIDDLE EAST: Israel Pulls Back Forces in Northern Gaza

EUROPE: Prime minister of Luxembourg is cast as first 'Mr. Euro' + EU embroiled in taxing debate over 'fiscal dumping'

Poland demands war reparations

Orthodox Church leader dies in helicopter accident


AP Interview: U.S. General Says Bin Laden, Al-Zawahri Still Directing Attacks Three Years After Sept. 11 Strikes + Is Osama dead? The argument continues

Russia: 'The true story of the gruesome hostage-taking in Beslan + Police Emerge as a Big Security Threat + Silence of Political Elite Is Deafening + Giuliani Pays Respects, Talks Business + Suspect in Russian Plane Crash Is Alive, and Sells Toys + Soldiers fled, special forces borrowed bullets at siege end (SMH Reg) + Russia Says Rebels Can Get Huge Reward for Information About Chechen Warlords

Jakarta: Targeting two elections? + Mufti warns Australia over dangers over US links + Australia: Second Cell Poised for Indonesia Attack + Jakarta gang 'texted police with warning 45 minutes before blast'

Pakistan cites growing extremist network

Pak to share terrorist intelligence with Russia

Blasts in Saudi city mar 9/11 anniversary

Argentine Jews decry lack of justice in blast

Big gains, worrisome gaps in aviation safety. Passenger screening poses political dilemma -- attacks on Russian planes a 'wake-up call'

Yemen traps, kills rebel cleric, Anti-U.S. militant had been leading Shiite insurgency

Mercenary Mann sentenced to seven years in jail over coup plot

Explosion Rocks Area Near Saudi-American Bank in Jiddah, Reports of Attacker Wounded

Aryan Nations Leader Mourned by Few, but Still Left His Mark on Northern Idaho


'Rat Patrol' Secures Afghan Mission

Light Brigade lessons

Auction of former El Toro Marine base expected later this year

Seaman Swan, killed in a storm, tells story of life in Cromwell's navy

US 'deserter' hands himself over

After Sept. 11 Duty, Then Iraq, Soldiers Try to Readjust at Home

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Activist says he'll out GOP Congressman Drier + Gay musicians asking to be showcased on Web site + Gay foster dads in Florida allowed to keep daughters + First Gay Nightclub On Las Vegas Strip Prepares To Open


Quattrone's wife to judge: he never broke any law

Victims of Depression-Era Deportations Seek Redress for Old Wrongs


DeVries needs more therapy, psychologist testifies (CCT Reg) + Sex offender's fate argued (SJM Reg) + SAN JOSE / Psychologists split on molester's release + Judge waits to rule on DeVries

Castro Valley: Police stop driver, find syringe, heroin (CCT Reg)

Woman hurt, man killed in Hercules (CCT Reg)

Violent night on the streets of Richmond leaves 1 dead (CCT Reg)

Wife says push by councilman was accidental (SJM Reg)

San Rafael Armed man ready for gang, but plan backfires

Marin man charged with assault, flight

San Francisco: Western Addition raid nabs 2 men, weapons

Richmond: 1 killed, 3 wounded in shootings

UC Davis autopsy assistant who stockpiled bones pleads guilty + Guilty plea over remains in Davis

LAPD captain placed on probation for DVD piracy

LA city attorney opens ethics probe into fund-raisers for Hahn

Sonoma: 25 to life for gang killing

Two rob Salinas bank

Napa: Former employee admits to stealing $800,000 from Aetna Springs Resort

Sacramento: Wrenching day in court re: victim of domestic violence

Ex-prison guard who lied about beating gets 90 days

5 years for Web kid-porn trader James Richard Morrison

Detective: Three death threats made to Zeta-Jones in hotel

Riverside man arrested in New Jersey after $500,000 found in tractor-trailer

Police arrest father of infant who died in hot van in Santa Ana

Max Factor heir's mother sues lawyer for alleged incompetence

Berkeley: Contractor Alton Vanik pleads guilty in bribe case

Scott Peterson: Relatives heated as trial resumes (CCT Reg) + Detective work under fire again (SJM Reg)


The Governor: Gov. sides with business on 2 laws. His opposition to health care plan surprises Burton + Schwarzenegger signs 49 bills and vetoes four + Gov. backs business on ballot (SJM Reg) + Gov. sides with business groups on propositions + Gov. cools Bay Area battle with toll lane, 680 over Sunol grade + Gov. clears way for tunnel at Devil's Slide + Emeryville resurrects its landlord tax + 'Chief's Disease' under fire' + Job bills putting heat on Gov. + The buzz: Gov. keeps his fund-raising muscles in shape

California's 'Iron Duke' calls for prison overhaul + Push for civilian panel on prisons

Legislators meet, demand Bay Bridge action by state + Senate insurance bill to force maternity coverage gives birth to debate + Focus on hospital-acquired infections. Bill on Gov.'s desk; goal to reduce 9,000 yearly deaths

Feinstein, Pombo hoping to move CalFed Bay Delta bill through Senate soon

Shelley contributor to testify to grand jury. Contractor to say he was intermediary for nonprofit, lawyer says

LOCAL NEWS:  Workers spark 13-acre blaze west of Petaluma

Crystal Clear Warnings About Mountain Snowfall

Los Angeles: MTA views $1.1 billion bond plan + Another DWP raid + Blacks clinging to Dream's Frayed Edges

Marin: Golden Gate Bridge directors favor deal with Celebrity Cruises + Novato park stays under wrap + Public gets detailed look at Marin Center plans

Alameda County: 3 Oaklanders die on Vasco Road + Despite some progress, Vasco still playing the Grim Reaper + Speeding car hits truck on Vasco Road -- 4 dead. CHP, lawmakers have struggled to make stretch safer + Biodefense team is ready to protect + Berkeley: Councilwoman Shirek to run as a write-in

San Francisco: A recipe for complete car chaos. Ballgame, race and concerts to conspire against motorists

Richmond: lessons on fixing a broken community. Temporary city manager tackles financial problems

Northern California could be next in line for a supermarket strike

American Canyon: Ruling favors Wal-Mart -- both sides to appeal

School days: Lessons of 9/11 are evolving. Some teachers find new ways to build global events into curriculum + Few transfer from underperforming SR schools + Universal preschool called best antidote to poverty + Livermore: Special needs program faces funding cuts + Mexico sister city group tours Pleasanton schools + Manteca high school student suspended for ‘massacre’ list + Gates gives $300,000 to charter school cause + Technology Gamble: School That Bet on Computer Savvy Campus Finds Hard Wiring Doesn't Equal Success

FORA (Fort Ord) may buy insurance plan

Sacramento Port will go broke in a year

Citrus Heights: Medical marijuana hearing postponed

Concord: Better disabled access in the works

Tracy: Slow-growth group endorses City Council candidates

French delegation from sister county visits Stanislaus

Chico: Political fight over Bidwell Ranch


World Bank study on the global business environment

Qwest ‘to pay $250m to settle with SEC’

PeopleSoft: Defiance and denial roil PeopleSoft (CCT Reg) + Oracle, rival face next chapter (SJM Reg)

Couple acquires unique bottle etching business (CCT Reg)

Disney: Eisner leaving Disney + Iger's weak inheritance + Reaction mixed + A Question of Succession

DaimlerChrysler to build trucks in China next year: report

Fidelity Buys $549 Million Google Stake, 23 Percent of Shares Sold in IPO


Mystery surrounds those who jumped

Graham puts views on terror in black, white

WTC Agency to Sue Saudi Arabia for Damages

Kensington, CA: Backyard concert for Kerry will go on, despite neighbors' static

Republican National Convention ran the (toxic?) detention facility used for New York City protestors

Textual Healing

Photos of 1,000 Dead U.S. Soldiers Laid Out in NYC


World Mourns Sept. 11 Victims, but Arabs Accuse United States of Spreading Terrorism Threat

Religion is a bloody disgrace

He's still climbing at age 70

Blood for pork....

Christopher Brauchli: Halliburton's good fortune never ends Click.

Judge deems Halliburton deal short of standard

Enron gets go ahead to sell pipes


Biodefense Knowledge Center will be worldwide clearing house for biological threats

Ottawa offers $500-million inmad-cow relief

West Nile virus rate may start tapering off + Found in Potter Valley, Clearlake horses + In Alamo + California records 13th death from mosquito-borne illness

Solar samples in Genesis wreck may be salvageable

Implanted radiation pellets show early promise in breast-cancer fight Click.

Dark Future for White Animals in Arctic

Medical trials of cannabis show positive results

Object 230 light years away could well be first planet directly seen outside solar system

Scientists find the part of the brain where dreams are made

FDA Searches for Ways to Make MRIs Safe for People With Pacemakers, Other Implants

How Some People Manage to Stay Thin in a Fat, Fat World

Microsoft puts fingerprint readers into hardware

Lord of The Rings computers turned into supercomputer-for-hire

U.S. Atomic Energy Pioneers Regret Lost Chances

A Look at "ubiquitous Computing"


Intel reform? Reforming America’s spies + Bush Intel Chief Would Have Less Control Than CIA Director

Rumsfeld vows to defeat Iraqi extremists

Debate rages on plan to develop new nukes

Few Enroll in Low-Cost Drug Demonstration

Bush orders sanctions against Venezuela

NEXT WARS?  Syria: U.S.: Syria partly responsible for Be'er Sheva double bus bombing + U.S. Official Tells Syria to Leave Lebanon +
Iran: U.S. official to visit Israel for discussions on Iranian nuclear threat + AP Exclusive: European Powers Set November Deadline for Iran to Comply With International Demands on Its Nuclear Program + Weapons Experts Say Iran Has the Ability to Build a Nuclear Bomb + A Look at Iran's Nuclear History and Recent Developments


New AP poll shows Bush holding slight lead

Bush, Kerry Set Aside Personal Battles for Sept. 11

9/11: 40% of Americans Think Saddam Did It

Rumsfeld: Violence Will Intensify in Iraq as Elections Near

GOP wants church endorsements legal

States prepared for recounts (they hope)

Call It Election Month: Growing Numbers of Early Voters Transforming Campaigns

Military service debate: Authenticity backed on Bush's National Guard documents + Right wing claimed hoax is a hoax in itself + Critics countered on Kerry record of inactive service If Democrats want to win, the only way they can do it is to get information on what happened in that Texas court room in 1972. The person brave enough to do this would be on an a suicide mission Click.

BUSH/CHENEY: If Kerry 'had way,' Bush says, Hussein would be in power + Kerry critics draw crowd, ire during speech in S.F. + War could aid Bush's bid. Despite bad news from Iraq, many say he's best to lead now + Click. Jenna Bush Is a Scoop Girl + Click. The Graydon Carter Enigma: Why Is He so Hot to Bash Bush?

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry pushes to get black vote + Lapse of weapons ban benefits Al Qaeda, Kerry says + Kerry struggles for second wind + Click. Kerry Watch + KENNEDY: BUSH HURTS U.S. + Edwards asks black caucus to help create 'one America'


Bush shamefully exploits tragedy

Deconstructing the Neocons: Alan Bock

Sean Aday: Angus-eating surrender monkeys Click.

Stardom: I Woke And Saw BUSH

Craig Unger: Bush has always been soft on terror

Click. Kerry’s Backers A Little Panicky As Bush Surges

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Fourth Mexican journalist investigating corruption is killed (CCT Reg)

Second Beslan reporter drugged

Kitty's book? Mostly catty

Secret Service blocks media access

Chinese author's new book can be read on cell phones

Click. Bush’s Convention: Amazing TV Triumph, Infomercial for Ages

Rockefeller Presses CIA on Woodward Book's Disclosures

Today's papers

Columbia campaign desk

L'Incantation ou Le Bois Sacré,
Paul Sérusier,

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Lagunitas native Thessaly Lerner follows her passion for theater in San Francisco festival

Opening night glamour. 'This is San Francisco -- who doesn't want to be a diva?'

LA's last winery survived by serving immigrants, churches

Santa Cruz: Genealogical group hosts workshop

Mike Leigh's "Vera Drake" Wins Best Picture at Venice Film Festival

The ancient steps serve as a touring link

Revival of political theatre in UK

A wordsmith's pilgrimage in London

Sightless seer of Buenos Aires

Maori artists going global

Mexicans battle to bar Wal-Mart store near ancient pyramids Click.

Viking burial ground dispels myth of long ship marauders Click.

Lauren Bacall: The souring of a Hollywood legend

In the beginning

The Van Gogh of sex

Girls allowed


A Writer’s Time

The Sociology Of Alien Abduction & Ritual Abuse Examined

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

SEPTEMBER 10, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Fallujah Is Target of Airstrikes for Fourth Day; One Man Killed, AP Says + U.S. flexes military might in 3 cities. But GIs remain less than a day in Sunni guerrilla stronghold + 'Rebel' Iraq grows + Iraqi Rebels Seize, Threaten to Kill Najaf Police + Influential Shiite cleric criticizes US for using force + "Sunni Triangle" Samarra May Prove Key to Handling of Iraq's "no-Go" Cities + Costa Rica seeks removal from Iraq 'coalition' + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: The Hidden History of CIA Torture: Tom Engelhardt & Alfred W. McCoy + Government may have lost body parts re: court martial for prison abuse + General to lose promotion over Iraq prison scandal + Rumsfeld Downplays Detainee Mistreatment Click.

CIA May Have Held 100 'Ghost' Prisoners

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Leader Concerned by Attacks on Aid Groups

MIDDLE EAST: Hamas leader killed in Gaza as settlers warn of civil war + Over 70,000 attend Islamic Movement rally titled 'Al-Aqsa is in danger' + Sharon Says Gaza Pullout Still on Despite Settler Warnings of Civil War

AFRICA: Darfur talks break down + UN demurs at 'genocide' tag + Sudan hits back at charges + A war over land

AMERICAS: AP Interview: Colombia's Military Commander Says Rebels Planning for End to Cocaine Profits


South Africa Links Pakistani `Khan Network' to Nuclear-Smuggling Arrests

Powell says bin Laden is alive but on the run

CIA Has 'High Confidence' Zawahri Spoke on Video + Officials Search Al-Qaida's Anniversary Tape for Clues

Russia: Chechen Warlord Always Brazen -- but Never Caught + Security intensified around Chechnya + Beslan explained + Beslan Deepens Rift Between Russia, West + Russia shapes plan of attack + West must curb our terrorists, says Russia + Former hostages on verge of suicide + Putin Says Parliamentary Commission to Investigate School Hostage Crisis + Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Says Basayev Directed School Attack

Berkeley: Theft of truck loaded with Army supplies spurs terror center alert + Authorities seek stolen military gear

Jakarta: Indonesian police received warning just before Jakarta bombing: Howard + Embassy bombing linked to al Qaeda + Indonesia 'may face new attack' + Familiar terror rears its ugly head + Murder in Jakarta + Jakarta Hunts Islamic Militants After Embassy Attack + Prime suspect is a gifted mathematician educated in Britain + Let's face it

Spy in the Pentagon: Spy vs. Spy + The spies who aren't

Zimbabwe jails UK 'coup plotter'

Democrat Lodges Complaints Over Leaks From Bush Camp to Bob Woodward School drops China trips over spy charge

Lawmakers to Address Security Oversight

FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley Warns of Too Many Leads

Germany honors anti-Hitler spy

Accused U.S. Deserter Jenkins to Surrender in Japan

Loose nukes, Russian instability

Yemen army 'kills anti-US cleric'

Senator introduces bill to establish unified command for military intel Click.

Life of Soviet intelligence officer Lev Manevich


Disney's CEO to leave company in 2006, when contract expires

PeopleSoft: Judge Allows Oracle to Bid for PeopleSoft + Verdict weighs on Pleasanton (CCT Reg) + Move clouds future for the firms, sector (CCT Reg) + American Canyon revisits Wal-Mart (CCT Reg) + PeopleSoft ruling rattles city leaders

A Farsighted New Fortress Mentality on Wall St.

Assuming the Yoga Profit Position

IPO expert selected co-CEO at Hambrecht

Drivers Wage High-Tech Fight on Fuel Prices

Robert B. Reich: The truth about job numbers Click.

Facts About Airlines Restructuring - in and Out of Bankruptcy

Blood for pork....

Judge Approves Sale of Enron's Domestic Pipelines


West Nile found in chickens' sentinel in Stockton


Federal Judge Throws Out Pa. Child Porn-Blocking Law

Spurred by Illness, Indonesians Lash Out at U.S. Mining Giant

Ritter widow sues, sez docs bumbled

U.S. Appeals Court Reinstates Claim Against Wells Fargo

Lawyer Asks Judge to Hold Janklow, Not Government, Liable for Damages in Car Crash


First graduate of sex predator treatment program, Brian DeVries seeks release (CCT Reg) + Predator graduate seeking release

Sausage King case: Doctor testifies, cites brain damage in shooter (CCT Reg) + Did small brain play role in 3 killings?

Federal pepper-spray trial under way (CCT Reg) + Retrial of logging protesters' lawsuit begins + Retrial opens on using pepper spray on protesters' eyes

Sacramento man arrested on suspicion of burning a cat

Burglary suspect shot by controversial LAPD unit

Healdsburg woman waives preliminary hearing (child died from heat in locked car)

Man shot twice in Salinas on Thursday

Fremont: Guard foils store theft + Fight leads to stabbing outside bar

Napa: Police standoff ends in Napa man's arrest + Husband's stolen ashes recovered

Mounted suspect refused to rein in

Fregia: Vallejo man to be tried in 2 deaths of boys

Richmond: Gas station shooting leaves 1 person dead

Albertsons sued for profiting off private info they receive from prescription drug customers by using it to enter into secret marketing agreements with major pharmaceutical companies Click.

Belmont: Teen in ecstasy case to stand trial as juvenile

Riverbank man fit to stand trial for fatal crash

Merced: Jury selection begins in dairy workers’ deaths

Modesto school secured during house search

Hilmar: Meth at school leads to 3 arrests

Ex-shoe company executive Vans Inc. accused of taking $4.7 million in kickbacks

Whittier: Woman kills roommate, son to avoid eviction

Santa Clara County: Cruz case: D.A. recounts bravery of kidnapped San Jose girl in closing argument + Guilty plea in '91 slaying, innocent man served 11 years for same crime (SJM Reg) + Man bitten by Mountain View police dog vows to file lawsuit (SJM Reg) + Wife who accused husband of violence, takes stand, defends him (E. Palo Alto Councilman Woods) (SJM Reg)

Scott Peterson: Father says he didn't know of boat (SJM Reg) + Lee Peterson details son's reticent nature (CCT Reg) + Peterson's dad takes stand + Father says suspect is fisherman in the family + Peterson’s father vouches for him + Stan State professor who oversaw juror bias survey is put on paid leave + Developments Thursday + A bad call by Laci DA?


The Governor:  Sen. Florez asks Gov. to call special session of legislature to stop West Nile + Gov. asks drug makers for help + Gov. renews calls for lower drug prices (CCT Reg) + Education reform proposals go too far, say educators + Gov. Sets Restrictions on His Fundraising Sources Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. Raises Funds for GOP Races Click. (LAT Reg) + Yet another case proves campaign 'reform' cannot work Click. + State's Bond Sale Is Strong Click. (LAT Reg) + Stuntwoman's case against Gov. dropped + Bill would ban preservative thimerosal in vaccines Click. (CCT Reg) + Terminator or Bloviator? + Forestry board appointee is pro-logging, critics say + Gov. signs bill giving locals more notice of releases of sexually violent predators + A look at bills signed Thursday by Gov. + Foothill High got $5000 sponsorship from supplement maker, bill would ban practice

Court backs energy refund to California ratepayers (SJM Reg) + More

Feinstein supports stem cell measure + Senator Boxer vows to assist emergency personnel Click. (CCT Reg)

Ex-official Richard Clarke endorses GOP Assembly candidate Poizner

Many high ranking CHP "chiefs" file disability claims when retiring + Touch of irony or curious timing imbue 2 officials' cases + Anti-fraud unit faces uphill fight + Official allowed to receive a medical pension as demotion was withdrawn

Health-care costs jump 11.2% + Spending slows. Workers cut back to pay medical tab + Premiums rise. Firms, employees face tough choices

Boom brings growing pains to CalSTRS

Napa OKs voting paper trail

Indian tribes: Mixed views on Prop. 70 re: casinos

Farm Bureau backing Podesto over Machado for Senate

LOCAL NEWS:  Record number of wayward California pelicans reach Arizona

San Francisco seabird eggs have high level of chemical flame retardants + Toxin contributes to local birds' demise

Bay Area: Only 15% participate in Spare the Air day

Conservationists buy land in San Bruno

Fires: Cost to fight Geyers blaze tops $8 million + Citation to Sequoia-Kings National Parks for burn in forest protested Click. (FB Reg) + Sequoia fire-setter assessed $20 million Click. (FB Reg)

San Jose: Officials ponder loss of San Jose hospital (SJM Reg) + Impact of closure + Ex-San Jose mayor takes council to task on ethics (SJM Reg)

School days: Sausalito school candidates seek change + Manteca girl suspended for 'hit list' + Doctors, educators unite to fight obesity in Sonoma County schools + Study blasts treatment of workers at UC Berkeley + UC regent, media mogul Saban resigns amid criticism + UC headquarters in Oakland earns marks for being green + White House honors Berkeley professors + New funds spur Sonoma State Univ. to revive Green Music Center plans + Vintage High pilot program pairs teachers to catch students before they fall behind + UCSC staff, students say Rolling Stone’s pot story is full of hot air + L.A. Unified Opens 8 New Schools Click. (LAT Reg) + Contra Costa County: Big cuts averted, but fund raising key as new budget looks bleak + Mass. Legislature gives students a pass on dissection rite

San Francisco: Assessor Teng defends hirings + Civil service board looking at claims of nepotism, patronage by Teng + Gossip + Beheading hoaxer still in game + Swedenborgian Church is designated a national landmark + Hearing reviews new rules for massages + San Leandro contractor Scott Co barred from doing city work. Fraud in obtaining minority contract + City confirms workers' charges. SLUG employees were coerced to vote for Newsom

Alameda County: East Oakland Baptist church caught in a battle for pulpit + Hayward Cannery Court project shows progress + Oakland: Park Village seniors won't be evicted, landlord will take HUD vouchers for 1 year + State Legislature closes sales tax loophole which earned Oakland $1 million a year

Marin: San Rafael Canal lagoon blamed for nasty odor + Golden Gate Bridge wants to raise $500,000 by ads for cruise line + West Marin wildfire is contained + Marin employee's pension board insures itself against claims + Fairfax voters will decide whether to triple municipal services tax

Sacramento: Sheriff gets hike in county funding + Sacramento mayor bewildered by defeat of Natomas shopping center + Mayor is bystander as Sheriff Blanas steps into Taj Maloof saga + Safeway sees long road to contract

Grocery giants gird for another California labor showdown + American Canyon: Wal-Mart proposal is jeered + Wal-Mart Superstores Find Their Niche Click. (LAT Reg)

Monterey Del Monte Beach project starts, stops

Napa Councilman Crawford says no to re-election

Contra Costa: Measure J (extends Contra Costa transportation tax) advocates hope to make history in election + Concord Developers dream of urban village. But many oppose proposal to close Concord airport

Southern California: Sunshine Canyon landfill cancer rate higher but disputed + Radioactive tritium found in highest levels yet at lab + Simi Valley: Radioactive tritium found in highest levels yet at Santa Susana Field lab + 2 Hahn Events Test Ethics Law Click. (LAT Reg) + Crime fight in L.A. is political Click. + Radioactive plume detected near former LA nuclear research site + Security costs for SoCal airports more than originally expected + New Trump golf course overlooking Pacific provokes mixed reaction

Air of Unease Over Big Dairies Click.

(LAT Reg)

Central Valley: Doctors Medical Center of Modesto had the highest markups in charges to patients Click. + Stockton Dredge delay may cost jobs Click. s' sentinel in Stockton


New Leak Probe of 2001 Raid on Islamic Charity

Relatives of Undocumented Terror Victims From Mexico May Never Find Answers

Telescope snaps distant 'planet'

Astronauts Get Broken Oxygen Generator Working, but It Shuts Down After Barely an Hour of Operation

Another 6,000 Species Threatened With Extinction

Stanford Study fuels prostate debate Click. (SJM Reg)

Redwood City: Endoscope hygiene a growing problem. But experts say it's unlikely a patient would get hepatitis

Boost for biotech in San Francisco

FDA criticized over label omissions. Agency wanted to leave off negative data on kids' antidepressants

Some collectors on solar explorer appear unbroken. Scientists confident atomic bits survived crash landing in desert

Study backs safety of MMR vaccine

Clinical drug trials 'distorted'

Ghana Gets a Fab Lab

Hypnosis Really Changes Your Mind

Team Hopeful in Its Effort to Recreate Primal Life

The great white predator is now vulnerable victim of ocean

Scientists find secret of life in the stars

How NASA Uses Sapphires in Space

Disruption Of Protein-folding Causes Neurodegeneration, Mental Retardation

Left And Right Ears Not Created Equal As Newborns Process Sound, Finds UCLA/UA Research

NASA's Grace Gravity Mission Weighs In On Earth's Changing Climate

NASA Gravity Probe B Mission Enters Science Phase, Ready To Test Einstein's Theory

New Research Suggests Link Between Maternal Diet And Childhood Leukemia Risk

Scientists Discover Way To Slow The Progression Of Prostate Cancer

Quake Researchers 'Look' Deep Inside Fault With Cold War-era Gravity Sensor Sandia Experiments May Reduce Possibility Of Future Water Wars

Oranges, bananas and turmeric prevent leukemia

Where to Find Info on Drugs for Cancer and Other Diseases

Cell Phone TV Is Coming

Intel sees big changes to the net

MyDoom Worm Authors Seek Antivirus Jobs

Yale Scientists Bring Quantum Optics To A Microchip

Engineers Model Effects Of Hurricane Force Winds On Structures


AP Interview: Powell Says Bin Laden Is Alive but on the Run

Burns to deliver 'strong message' to Assad to pull troops out of Lebanon

Powell: Key to Mideast progress is stripping Arafat of his power

U.S. voices support, caution on Russia's terrorism war

Far Fewer Patients Than Expected Apply for Medicare Drug Coverage

Congress: Bush plan for OT pay voted down by House. Dems hope action bodes well for election

As Republicans Move Toward Deal on Highway Bill, Others Object


Economy, health care top agenda. Bush, Kerry swing through Midwest

Court: Nader may be off Florida ballot

Nevada Inmates Questioned About Booby-Trapped Letters Sent to Several Governors

Bush National Guard service: Veracity of Bush Guard files in doubt. Formatting features in documents not in wide use during early '70s + TV writer gives $100K to Texans for Truth + Bush told forces chiefs to 'sweeten his war record + Democratic National Committee 'Action Alert' E-mail + Are they real? + Rather says documents are authentic

BUSH/CHENEY: Cheney Says Iraq Harbored Al Qaeda + In W.Va stop, Bush criticizes Kerry war stance + Cheney Backs Off Hard-Line Comments + Bush Says Kerry Has Many, Many Positions on Iraq+ Fiscal Conservatives Challenge Bush +

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry team, DNC hit Bush on Guard issue + Kerry Tells Bush to 'Get Real' on Assault Weapons


Ghosts of 9/11: Justin Raimondo

War on Terror a Failure: Jim Lobe

The Iraq Numbers Game: Joseph Galloway

Tiptoeing Around the President's Culpability

Is there a Yale presidential conspiracy?

As war toll climbs, Bush still deceives

Richard Cohen: Cheney is now channeling Joe McCarthy

How Many Deaths Will It Take?

Donna Marsh O'Connor: To Cheney, on the anniversary of my daughter's murder Click.

John W. Dean: Osama's dream team: Kerry-Edwards or Bush-Cheney? Click.

Mark Morford: Who the hell is 'undecided'? Click.

Chris Floyd: Night and fog: Disturbing resonances between regime and Reich Click.

Paul Krugman: The dishonesty thing Click.

Molly Ivins: Forget Bush: It's his supporting cast that deserves the boot Click. Helen Thomas: America at a crossroads Click.

Bush Tax Policy Revealed!


Women see roles evolve in Marine Corps

Aviation accidents alarming Marines

Navy names ships for Sept. 11 attack sites

Bell: Uncertainties of war have delayed repositioning of Europe-based forces Click.

Sandia Helps Navy In Shaping Future Of Aircraft Carrier Operations


Oakland blacks recall bumpy history as porters on rails

Muslims find Bay Area leans toward tolerance. But even here, many experience some 9/11 backlash

AP Exclusive: Prisoners Convicted in Grenada Coup Ride Out Hurricane Ivan in Prison, Stay While Others Escape

Whistleblowers urge workers to disclose classified information + Ellsberg Urges Insiders to Leak Iraq Info

History sanitized in Los Angeles

Berkeley: Columnist Michelle Malkin defends racial profiling as aid to war on terror

Beware of Bots Bearing Messages

Veterans Groups Criticize Warhol Museum Plans for Abu Ghraib Photo Exhibit

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Low-Profile Marriage Law Pioneers Click. (LAT Reg)

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Media muzzles kept truth from Russians in school attack. Survey finds 85% distrusted what they saw on television

Deaths of reporters in Latin America

Stardom: Trying To Figure Out DMOZ

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

L'Incantation ou Le Bois Sacré,
Paul Sérusier,

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Illegal backyard concert planned in defiance of Alameda County rules features Taj Mahal and Bonnie Rait

Latin American fiesta set for Sunday at Placer County Fairgrounds

Club notes: Chili, autos to unite for event in Rocklin

San Ramon calls all music, art lovers to annual festival

San Francisco: Blue Angels bail out, but Snowbirds step in. Fleet Week's aerial showcase going Canadian

Beatle mania

Diego Luna rising

Early versions of Shakespeare's plays go online

Proof Love at First Sight Exists

Amelio film carries Italy's hopes for Venice prize

Sharks circle Venice lagoon for fishy De Niro "Tale"\

Race for the Golden Lion hots up in Venice

Japanese slice of still-life vies for Venice film prize

From George Eliot to the Garden of Eden

Mira Nair

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Pardon his French!

Rush & Molloy: Puffy's pain is former galpal's gain

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Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day


WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. jets bomb in Fallujah, but rebels run city. Roadside attacks kill 2 GIs; military copter crashes + At least 40 Iraqis killed in US-led assaults on insurgents + U.S. Forces on Offensive in Iraq Rebel Strongholds + Insurgents Hold Fallujah Despite US Bombing + Rumsfeld Vows Iraqi Govt Will Retake Cities + The Fashionable Young Men of Fallujah + AJ: US bombing kills more Falluja civilians + AJ: US missiles pound Falluja + AJ: Families flee US pounding of Falluja + US stoic in face of mounting body count + U.S. offensive in Talafar + Experts Predict Extended War + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

AFGHANISTAN: Living Masoud's legacy

IRAN: Iran's push for regional power

UK sets Iran a November deadline to end nuclear bomb work Click.

MIDDLE EAST: Right-wing petition calls on police, IDF to refuse evacuation orders + Sharon: Key settlement blocs to stay inside fence + Israeli Hard-Liners Escalate Rhetoric, Calling on Soldiers to Oppose Gaza Evacuation

AFRICA: Powell says militias in Sudan committing genocide + Rebels welcome US genocide verdict in Darfur, call for prosecution + U.S. targets Sudan's oil

ASIA PACIFIC: Hong Kong's flawed referendum on democracy

EUROPE: The court of King Tony is a nasty place


New tape aired from bin Laden's deputy

Seoul tells of 1982 test to extract plutonium

Was McGreevey's ex (aide) given sensitive security info?

Pakistan: Pakistan Bombs 'Terrorist Camp,' Kills at Least 50 + AJ: Pakistan jets pound tribal area + Another Taliban song and dance+ Pakistan's military minds its own business

US Blacklists Oregon Branch of Al Haramain Charity

Russia: Analysis: Kremlin's tactics breeding extremism. Brutality, atrocities carried out by both sides is draining Russians, Chechens alike + Russia warns West not to interfere over Chechnya + Beslan: The real international connection + Britain Backs Russia on Preemptive Strikes + Xymphora on Belsan + Beslan school headmaster tells of three days of nightmare + Videotape was meant to force Russians to accept demands + 'Colonel' orchestrated Beslan siege with iron fist + Russia Says Siege Leader Brutally Killed Three Followers + Chechen Rebels Offer $20 Million Reward for Putin + Russian Officials Say Chechens Were Among School Raiders; Government Form Anti-Terror Commissions

Spy in the Pentagon: AIPAC Soliciting Donations to Combat Spy Probe + The FBI broke the rules + White House Draws Fire From Congress, Officials Over Leak of FBI Probe + Boundaries Blur for Communal Leaders, Israeli Officials + Watching AIPAC case, Jewish groups wonder if they also are being checked + Neocons Blast Bush's Inaction On 'Spy' Affair

INFORMATION WARFARE: American Airborne Division Gets Hacked

Guantanamo Interpreter Halabi Wants Charges Tossed

Rowley to leave FBI at year's end + FBI whistleblower says agency suffers from info overload

Ex-CIA chief Tenet speaks at Mercer

Libyan sincerity on arms in doubt


Click. Spy Vehicle 2 Updated

Click. Nuclear Terrorism Report Falls Through Cracks

Germany honors long-forgotten WW2 spy Fritz Kolbe

Doctor Claims MicroNukes Used In OKC Blasts

WWII Nazi murder suspect on trial

South Africa drops charges in nuclear case

Nuke smuggler ready to 'tell all'

Russia Concerned at Iraqi Shipments of Scrap Metal  That Could Be Used to Make Banned Weapons Click.

Aryan Nation founder Richard Butler, 86

Documentary by Kennedy kin envisages terror strike on nuclear plant


Court to review decision on aid to terror groups

Condit, tabloid publisher settle libel suit in Levy's case + Condit settles lawsuit

UK: Bill to lock up mentally ill condemned as unfair and dangerous

Law Fights to Keep Pace With Tech

Facing the Copyright Rap

3d US judge rejects curb on abortions

Bryant's Attorneys Win Temporary Order Sealing Criminal Case File

Cracker Barrel Announces $8.7 Million Discrimination Settlement

Police: New Orleans Inmate Plotted to Kill 11-Year-Old Murder Witness

Four Former Basketball Players Settle Racial Discrimination Lawsuit With Roman Catholic League


Berkeley: Cover-up feared in prison death. 4th Youth Authority inmate to die in custody this year + Family wants answers in death of CYA ward Brewer, 24 + Family can't get info about cause of death (CCT Reg)

L.A. archdiocese ordered to release ex-priests' files (CCT Reg) + Ruling could put records of priests in hands of LA grand jury

East Palo Alto Councilman David Wood's wife ordered by judge to testify in domestic abuse case (SJM Reg)

CHP: Driver in bridge accident unlicensed; boy missing in SF Bay + Driver in fatal crash was doing favor for friends

San Diego man arrested for allegedly killing church deacon

Report: Investigation into alleged sexual assault by member of USC football team lacks evidence

Sacramento: Feds file forfeiture action of home and business of Richard Marino re: medical pot

Citrus Heights staff recommends pot store permit request be granted

Arrest in Roseville slaying

Sarah Nome refuses to leave Kaiser, Terra Linda, Kaiser sues to take her house to pay bill

Drowned 4-year-old's parents may be charged

Oakland man charged in girlfriend's death

Bay Area Advocates for disabled sue life insurer UNUM over exclusions

Hayward: Anderson murder case: victim's cell phone linked to arrest

Richmond: Leads scarce in shooting death

Bradford Island: Long-running feud blamed in shooting

Napa contractor ordered to pay $92,000 to bilked homeowner victims

Napa: Jessup Cellars winery family feud goes to the jury

Santa Cruz: Years of sexual abuse of young girl ends with molester Lee Thomas Bjorn sentenced to 24 years in prison

Judge balks at dropping Nesler counts

Hearing delayed for N.Y. private eye accused of fraud

Burbank: Man pleads innocent to high-tech GPS stalking

Oxnard Hospital Fights Elder Abuse Lawsuit for keeping patient alive Click. (LAT Reg)

2 women, both 18, admit Christmas Eve robberies in Santa Rosa Hearing slated for Merced attorney Wm. Gnass re: conflict interest, JPA roving bonds

Fontana: Suspect in Molest Case Dies in Jail Fall Click. (LAT Reg)

Sacramento: 32 parents arrested in truancy sweep Click.

San Francisco landlord could face jail time for slum

Zeta-Jones Stalker Ruled Competent

Fragia Case: Burn victim testifies against ex-beau (CCT Reg) + Scarred victim's tragic story sways judge

Scott Peterson: Detective lied about witness's tip, man testifies (CCT Reg) + Modesto neighborhood full of Laci Peterson look-alikes (SJM Reg) + Peterson prosecutors try to anticipate defense case + Hair found in boat might have been Laci Peterson's + Detective's role under fire again + Former mothers-to-be tell of walks in area. Jurors also hear of hair found in pliers in Peterson's boat + Day 51 + Dog walkers and dark hair + Developments Wednesday


The Governor:   Gov. ignores panel in plans for prisons + Gov. avoids 'linchpin' commission + Key prison-reform advice dismissed, lawmaker says + Highlights of California prison reform recommendations+ State official cites need for new revenue Click. (CCT Reg) + Gov. is proposing scaled-back electricity deregulation Click. + Gov. signs bill that volunteers can work on public projects without pay + Sacramento: Steinberg's housing bill aiming for affordability in 10% new housing sent to Gov. + Bill calls for level playing field for sports + Maternity insurance mandate awaiting Gov.’s decision + Millions in Grants through Parks Agency Raise Questions Click. (LAT Reg) + Editorial: Pension watch + This time, bobblehead of Gov. wears pumps

UC regent resigns under fire over attendance at meetings. Gov. to pick successor to media mogul

Obituary: Bion Gregory gave calm counsel in Capitol battles

Roman Catholic Church gives money to defeat stem cell campaign

Orange County judge pitches for less government in his Senate bid

LOCAL NEWS:  West Marin: Containment nears of 360-acre wildfire + Geyser fire may be contained today

BART again will turn to riders to cover costs (CCT Reg)

Suisun City: $3.2 million pledged to restore marsh

San Jose Medical Center to close in December

Fremont: `Little Kabul' idea gets mixed reception

Mtn. View council Margaret Abe Koga's problem re: campaign finance rules (SJM Reg)

Smog stunts lung development for a lifetime

Staring at deficit, Atherton to weigh budget remedies

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge retrofit to end on time, officials say

School days: Saban resigns seat on UC Board of Regents + New Truckee school goes easy on energy, resources + Teachers find making house calls pays off + Daniel Weintraub: Charters remain best hope for public education + Closures may not help New Haven + UC Merced begins to rise from Valley + Tracy trustees outline goals for this year

Marin Emergency Radio Authority considers antenna on Angel Island

Fairfax exodus of top planning, building officials prompts demand for investigation

Mill Valley business district plan dies

San Francisco: Church, condo owners worry about expansion at Buddhists' Temple site + Cisneros pledges service as treasurer + Assessor has hired campaign backers. S.F.'s Teng denies union's charge of patronage + Housing bond hopes + Stadium sits vacant

S.F. League of Urban Gardens, model of job training for ex-cons, out of cash without city contracts

American Canyon: Proposed Wal-Mart divides growing city

Emeryville acts to slow demolition by Tibbits, Oak Club owner, re: older homes he owns in the Triangle

Berkeley: Trout colony thriving in urbanized stream. Discovery buoys effort to restore Codornices Creek

Crematorium must wait in San Leandro

C0NTRA COSTA COUNTY / Children's deaths spur campaign to make streets safer

Fremont seeking public's trust by using citizen watchdog group re: utility tax measure V

Fremont council extends consultant agreement re: housing plan

Pleasanton council OKs 'big box' growth

Click. Carmel: Moratorium on new galleries dies in city chambers

Monterey: Groups eye public takeover of water distribution

Port of Stockton wants to dredge San Joaquin

Napa: Councilman Crawford says no to re-election

Solano County funds tripled to fight grape pest

Stockton mayor receives ag’s support for Senate

L.A. hotel workers union will vote to authorize strike

San Diego man arrested for allegedly killing church deacon

Sonoma County: Low-cost housing plan unveiled + Transportation tax finding support

Oakland says disclosing employees' salaries could endanger them Click. (CCT Reg)

Safeway Sees Gains in Southern California Labor Pact Click. (LAT Reg)

Wal-Mart CEO tries to reassure Wall Street analysts Click.

Pushing for Healthcare Shift From the Inside Click. (LAT Reg)

Study Finds Rampant Illiteracy in L.A. County Click.

Science study under LAUSD microscope Click.

Bus Tour Steers Latinos Toward College Click. (LAT Reg)

Foes Criticize L.A. Mayor Hahn Over Low-Income Housing Click. + L.A. Mayor Hahn accuses candidate Parks, ex-police chief, of failure in that job. Click. (LAT Reg)

Chicago's mayor outlines elaborate camera network for city

Pro-profiling author draws Berkeley protest

Los Angeles has New Seal, Sans Cross, Offers Other Changes

Delete records, or profile the whole UK, says DNA print pioneer

Red Scare, Updated

New sex-ed texts omitting contraception debated

Ellsberg Urges Government Insiders to Leak Classified Documents on Iraq


Marjie Lundstrom: Trip to Tijuana to fill prescription ends in jail time and a good scare

On Jupiter Island, Storm Took Heavy Toll on Residents' Seclusion

Christopher Caen: Emporium razed

Blood for pork....

Halliburton says U.S. review deemed it 'efficient'

U.S. Oil Firms Entwined in Equatorial Guinea Deals Click.


UK: Transfusion patients in vCJD alert

Study: Value of Sharing Info on Dangerous Germs Outweighs Terrorism Danger

GAO: Postal Service Must Revise Handling of Future Anthrax Attacks

Mars satellite finds clues to once-deep ocean. Big sea could have warmed climate, supported life

New Moon, Ring Found Around Saturn

Kaiser, Redwood City warns 2,116 patients of possible exposure to Hepatitis

Antibiotic Erythromycin linked to cardiac arrest

UCSC goal: Develop a faster test for toxic algae

Clean Air Tech Has Ancient Roots

Scientists Comb Genesis Wreckage

Bacteria Turn Toxins Into Plastic

Smart Bandage to Help Diabetics

Complex Cells Likely Arose From Combination Of Bacterial And Extreme-microbe Genomes

A New Protein Is Discovered To Play A Key Role In Cancer Progression

B Cells Gone Bad: Researchers Uncover How HIV Causes Abnormalities In Antibody-Producing Cells

Long-Term Effects Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Are An Autoimmune Reaction

Exploring The Noisy Nature Of Atoms

Spitzer Arrives At Scene Of Galactic Collision

Molecular Staples Shape A Cancer Killer

New Penn Study Shows Genes May Affect The Rewarding Value Of Food After Quitting Smoking

Broken Arms And Collateral Damage: Clues To Predator-driven Evolution

Novel Gene Therapy For Bladder Cancer Shows Strong Results In Animal Studies

Cancer can be fed by the same hormones that govern puberty

Coal tar is an accepted and effective therapy for psoriasis

Jakarta bombing: At least nine dead in bomb attack on Australian embassy in Jakarta + Timeline: bomb attacks in Indonesia + Profile: Jemaah Islamiyah + Embassy bomb in Jakarta timed for voters + Indonesia Says Embassy Bomb Has `Similarities' to Bali, Marriott Attacks

Information, Please: Wine Goes Digital

New IBM Software for Linux Users

Military Noise Reduction Headset Reaches Masses

No Friendster of Mine

Brits design fly-eating autobot

Mitnick movie comes to the US


Bush agrees to bigger role for spy chief + Bush Plan Draws on Advice of 9/11 Panel + FBI, CIA directors oppose aspects of intelligence reform + Bush Now Backs Budget Powers in New Spy Post + House GOP Seeks Own Response to 9/11

Russia vows terror fight, hits US view

Feinstein pushes Bush on assault weapon ban

Renewed focus on Bush time in military. Ex-official says he helped politician's son avoid Vietnam + What Did George W. Bush Avoid and When Did He Avoid It? + More Questions on Bush's Military Record

Industry group wants unfair trade case pressed against China

White House threatens veto over overtime pay issue

Neocons' commitment to the war on terror evaporates in Chechnya, whose cause they have made their own Click.

Black Farmers Sue Agriculture Department Alleging Recent Discrimination in Farm Loans, Programs

Congress: Senate defies Bush on immigration jobs + Senate works on domestic security spending amid backlog of bills + Congress will not vote on assault weapons ban expiring next week + GOP House leaders confident they will win passage of tax cuts

Lawmakers Consider Reorganizing Congress' Intelligence Oversight


How public views rising death toll

Hurricanes may affect Florida politics + Hurricane Ivan, Strongest of Season, Spins Toward Jamaica, Florida Keys

Texans for Truth has tie to Berkeley

Bubba's room fit for a king

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush touts economic program in Pennsylvania + Terry Holt no longer Bush campaign spokesman Click. + W.House Accuses Kerry, Surrogates of Guard Attacks

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry assails Bush for financial, human costs of Iraq war. Democrat says $200 billion price tag has depleted critical domestic programs + Democrats' ad buys show race narrowing to 14 states + Heinz Kerry: Opponents Of Health Care Plan Are 'Idiots' + Kerry Blames Bush for Aiding Drug Price Rises + Kerry: Bush is running campaign of fear


Joan Ryan: Don't look too closely at the war

Click. Patrick Buchanan: Terrorism is the price of Empire.

Sidney Blumenthal: Now it's Bush's time to squirm

Guard records indicate Bush was suspended from flying for refusing orders Click.

Josh Marshall: His moral cowardice has guided him all along Click.

John Nichols: Vice President of the Apocalypse Click.

Arianna Huffington: Heroes and villains: Reframing the 2004 race Click.

Naomi Klein: The Likudization of the world

Honesty on Iraq

George Bush, This is Your Life


LaRouche: Was are gripped by a global strategy of tension


Female General Selected to Head Sexual Assault Policy for Pentagon

Northern California families who have lost service members in Iraq gather for a televised encounter to share their anguish and their stories

Lawmakers Slam Insurer, Fund Sales to U.S. Soldiers

Chicago soldier shot Iraqi out of mercy, officer testifies

“Shoot/Don’t Shoot” Training

New Night Vision Goggles

Surviving reality drift

Glitch Halts Weapons Disposal in Oregon

War prisons: Tribunal decides detainee no threat. Man held 2 1/2 years after his capture in Afghanistan + Retired Pentagon brass call for independent probe of military prison abuse + Officers: US Policy Allows Army to Hold Detainees in Secret in Afghanistan + Senators censure CIA in Iraq abuse probe + Army Generals: Iraq Prison Has Two Dozen 'ghost Detainees'

LEAKGATES Sept. 11-related cancers may not appear for decades, doctors report


U.S. Economic Growth Forecasts Lowered by Economists for the Second Half

WTO bars protectionist gravy train

Sacramento: Placer Sierra Bancshares to purchase First Financial Bancorp

The Suburbanization of Poverty

Utility to Peg Some Customers' Rates to Credit Scores

Chiquita Hopes New Bags Will Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

Some Businesses Booming After Two Hurricanes Hit Fla. in a Month

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Judge clears new Calif domestic partner law for Jan. 1 start date + California marriage law defense must come by Oct. 8

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Poisoned by Putin

China's cyber-muckrakers prevail - for now

Reality TV Drama Featuring 'Philadelphia Inquirer' in the Works

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Kitty smells a rat at CNN

Rush & Molloy: More blow-by-blow over W coke tale News Media Subtly Influences Attitudes About Gender Differences

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

In the Garden, Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Marin's theater companies ready to shine spotlights

Oakland: Old West town opens at Children's Fairyland

San Francisco Symphony opens season with orchids, caviar and Gershwin

Serendipitous discovery of stolen painting. Maxfield Parrish admirer finds it near S.F. gallery it was taken from 20 years ago

Wenders parodies US-led war on terror in "Land of Plenty"

Venice hosts official exhibition marking Dali centenary

Next stop on the Kidman's film fest express: Deauville

Nina Hagen launches 'Mother of Punk' fashion label

Sex, genocide, dead cats and Oscar highlight Toronto Film Festival

Tokyo hosts major Matisse exhibition

Foster's Gherkin tipped for prize

Riddle of the sands

Joyce at the Martello Tower

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Word of the day


WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Baghdad, Fallujah Attacks Kill 21 Iraqis, Two U.S. Soldiers Over 24 Hours + Grim milestone: Toll tops 1,000, MAHDI ARMY Returns: Al-Sadr's militia attacks GIs in Baghdad + Sadr City Peace Talks Fall Apart: Peyman Pejman + US: Rebels Control Key Areas of Iraq + Fears grow for Italian hostages + AJ: US missiles pound Falluja + AJ: Families flee US pounding of Falluja + AJ: Sadr City clashes leave dozens dead + AJ: Baghdad governor escapes attack + Peace shattered in Sadr City + Iraqis die in Fallujah; hostage snatch spurs charities to look at pullout + U.S. Warplanes Bomb Insurgent-Held Sunni City for Second Successive Day, Militants' Hold on City Appears Tighter + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: State Dept. eyes realignment of Iraq reconstruction funds + Foreign NGOs deny move to leave Iraq + London report foresees civil war in Iraq after U.S. pullout + Iraq: The Bungled Transition

War prisons: Pentagon Says Guantanamo Prisoner Improperly Held

AFGHANISTAN: Afghans Lionize Masood on Anniversary of His Death + Afghanistan reinforced before polls

IRAN: Iran Risks Referral to U.N. Security Council in November Unless Uranium Enrichment Activity Stops, Britain Says

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon: Fence to include Ariel, Ma'aleh Adumim, Gush Etzion bloc + Israel dismisses prospect of deal with Syria, troops enter Gaza

ASIA PACIFIC: China Ex-President May Be Set to Yield Last Powerful Post + Jiang prepares to stand down as military chief

Musharraf cools on pledge to quit as head of army

Taiwan 'truth' probe said to rape justice

Koizumi rocks the boat with Kurils jaunt

EUROPE: EU 'will not withstand a Turkish invasion'

AMERICAS: Canada is conned into taking Colombian rebels


Russia prepared for pre-emptive strikes on 'terror bases' worldwide

Al Halabi spy case: Air Force shrinks its spying case (letters in his possession not classified) + Al Halabi trial to begin next Tuesday + Guantanamo 'spy ring' case takes big hit + Errors in investigation erode espionage case+ Key Documents in U.S. Airman Spy Case Not Secret

California Homeland Security: Communication failure is deadly + Technology in place, but is it working? + San Francisco begins disaster-training program for terror attacks. Police, firefighters, health workers to focus on coordinated response to 'dirty bomb'

Canada: J

etsgo leaps into airline espionage flap

UK: Policeman admits spying for Saudis

Vanunu asks for Palestinian citizenship + Mordechai Vanunu to marry Wisconsin woman

Was N. Korean Defector Kidnapped or Arrested?

Mystery Man Has Japanese Island Abuzz

He grew up in Glen Allen. So why did he cross over to North Korea?

Click. Spy Vehicle 2 Updated

The History of U.S. Intelligence Agencies

Alleged coup plot man tries to protect accounts


Neb. judge finds Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act unconstitutional

Jordanian woman loses appeal of deportation

Texas: Whether inmate grasps why he will die debated

Sasser worm creator charged with sabotage

Kobe prosecutor: Case was solid, but accuser was 'ill'

Family Wins $1.6 Million Against Merrill Over Churned Account

Three Charged With Operating Ring to Smuggle Middle Easterners to U.S.


13-year term for Sarah Jane Olsen

Judge: Quattrone to get 15 to 21 months in prison

Former guard at Salinas Valley Prison charged with beating inmate. Guard has gang ties

Top lawyer in the state doesn’t like all its laws

Trial to Begin Over 1997 Use of Pepper Spray Click. (LAT Reg)

Antioch driver, 30, in custody after fatal wreck (CCT Reg)

Cruz kidnap case: Stepfather played no role in abduction, he testifies (SJM Reg)

Judge Arnason declares mistrial in death of Moraga man re: prosecutorial misconduct (CCT Reg)

Police identify Berkeley's fourth homicide victim

Defense says abuse suit vs. priest filed too late

3 held in burglarizing medical marijuana store Oakland

Teens' suit vs. Sacramento Juvenile Hall cites strip-search shame

Fremont executive Andrea Smith killed in home by husband

Santa Ana: Woman who placed razor blades at playgrounds found with nails

San Francisco Police accused of withholding evidence against officers. Sergeants charged with leaking confidential memo + Cops' lawyer lashes SFPD

Friar wanted in Canada for molestation moved to Missouri church facility

Stockton: Cause of death at CYA unknown

San Francisco: 2 slain men IDd, lived on Peninsula

Richmond: Apprentice painter arrested in slaying. Relatives say suspect took pride in work; heroin conviction in '02

Martinez: Drinking involved in fatal crashes

Berkeley: Drive-by shooting leaves man dead

San Francisco: Injured Muni rider's lawsuit reinstated by appeals court / Passenger blames broken leg on driver

Bradford Island: Deputies investigate possible homicide

Pot farm workers receive 10 years

Police union agrees to pay fees for 6 commanders who criticized Hayward Chief of Police

East Palo Alto rent board sues San Jose for raiding its funds (SJM Reg)

Santa Rosa man fatally stabbed after gang fight

San Francisco: Angels on mean streets

San Francisco Juvenile Hall problems

Los Angeles: Feds charge Westlake Village investment firms in $6.7 million scam

LA sheriff's deputy pleads innocent to sex charges

Orange County attorney convicted of stealing from clients

San Diego: FBI looking into pension, corruption Click.

Sonoma executions: Sheriff rips Santa Rose Press Democrat over coverage of Jenner killings

Scott Peterson: Jurors shown pliers linked to Laci's body (CCT Reg) + 7 witnesses, little evidence (SJM Reg) + Testimony in Peterson case turns to tips, behavior + Focus in Peterson trial shifts to pliers and DNA + It's hard searching bay, diver testifies. Prosecutors try to show why body wasn't found + Day 50 + Selling home started soon after case began + Developments Tuesday

Michael Jackson: Defense complains about ex-sheriff's Jackson comments


The Governor:  Gov. Lends Jones Star Power Click. (LAT Reg) + State's Geography Hews Party Line + Details torpedo Gov.'s budget gimmick on civil lawsuits + Homeland security gets new adviser, Richard Andrews + Disney Safety Manager May Get State CAL/OSHA Post Click. (LAT Reg) + The Big Dig of the West: As Calif. span goes up, so does cost

State joins lawsuit against voting company Diebold for false claims

State sets new power-use record during heat wave + Power ball for power bill Click. (OC Reg)

Marin group sues CalPERS to reveal firm it pays fees to venture capital firms

Indian tribes: Firm sees Hilltop Mall as possible casino site +Richmond casino negotiations still exclusive Click. (CCT Reg)

Economists' forecast sees slow growth for state + Fitch upgrades state credit rating

George Shultz backs stem cell bond measure

Bills would address 'wrongful deportations' in 1930s Click.

Henry Mello -- former state senator. Democrat was known as classic retail politician

LOCAL NEWS:  West Marin wildfire scares residents + Sonoma County blaze slows; SoCal fire prompts evacuations + Ranch burning near Marin line + Fire crews corral Geysers blaze

BART waives fare again. Smog prompts 2nd Spare the Air day

Dairy wary activists make Sacramento Valley next battleground

San Rafael's 911 service won't change

San Rafael OKs advisory panel for disabilities law

School days: Novato school trustees back crossing guard deal + Schools test their water for lead level + Oakland: Shaky transition to new school. Poor scores have students taking seats in new setting + Study: Preschool cuts gaps for kids + Historic schoolhouse opens to Tracy students + Peter Schrag: API or AYP test? Will we call the whole thing off? + Sebastopol: Crossing guards' hours halved + Monterey: Eight vie to fill school board vacancy + UCLA Takes Too Few L.A. Students, Panel Told Click. (LAT Reg) + Small, autonomous academies take hold Click.

Boy missing in Bay after San Mateo bridge crash

Payroll error is latest snafu at Alameda County med center

City steps in to stop Alameda evictions

Deeper channel advised for Port of Sacramento

LA county gives tentative approval for bathhouse regulations

Danville preparing for All Wars Memorial

San Francisco: Waterfront plan called traffic threat + Federal mediator sits in on S.F. hotel negotiations + Demolishing a bad plan + Fiddlin' while Frisco burns + Will tenants become homeowners in city?

Many will feel pain of Yolo budget cuts

'Scrubs flu' hits nurses at prisons

PG&E estimates tens of thousands of bills. Practice could result in overcharging users

Candidates for Santa Cruz City Council hit campaign trail

Benicians squabble over consultant costs

Houses taking place of Oakdale senior complex

Stanislaus fire stations should become safe-surrender locations

Bay Area is in a real jam over traffic Click.

Algae suffocating popular lakes, streams

Analysts call Bay Area grocery strike unlikely Click. (CCT Reg)

Bills would address 'wrongful deportations' in 1930s Click.

Trial to Begin Over 1997 Use of Pepper Spray Click. (LAT Reg)

Riverside Fires Its City Manager Click. (LAT Reg)


War against terror is a failure, ex-White House official says. Richard Clarke tells Berkeley audience U.S.
still isn't safe

Lord Butler says weapons evidence 'very thin'

The making of a mess

How Bush Got It Wrong

A Federal Appeals Court Approves the DNA Profiling of Criminals: Are Innocent People Next?

Modesto civil rights struggles recalled

Greenpeace protests ChevronTexaco gas terminal in Mexico

Feds go for hypothetical defense in Gilmore airline ID case

Stop The Federal Refusal Clause!

Campaigner for Women's Rights in Tough French Suburbs Dies

Belgium considers euthanasia for children


More killed by suicide than war

Turtles flock to reproductive safety on Lebanese coast

Arctic was the Mediterranean of its day (55 million years ago)

Blood for pork....

European Marksmen-for-Hire in Gaza Click.


Greenspan remains upbeat on US economy

2 Fund Groups to Pay $450 Million to End Inquiry

US Air Pilots Union Balks at Wage and Benefit Cuts

Bay Area firm to help fill demand for halal meat

New micropayments

Ads That Annoy Also Succeed

Former Leader of Enron Task Force Joins Law Firm


VaxGen eyes smallpox vaccine

Woman is 12th person to die of West Nile in California

Common Cold Virus Can Cause Polio In Mice When Injected Into Muscles Chicken Pox Vaccine For Kids Saves Society Big Bucks, And May Be Protecting Adults, Too

Genesis solar capsule crashes into Earth

Expected Call for Advance Registration of Drug Tests

Medical Journals' Policy Requires Public Data Registry

Asians' cancer testing probed (SJM Reg)

Stanislaus fire stations should become safe-surrender locations

The Promise Of Personalized Medicine

Satellites Guide Aid Workers Sinking Water Wells For African Refugees

New Genetic Hypothesis For The Cause Of Autism

Mitochondrial Genes Cause Nuclear Mischief

Maine-based Biophysics Institute Gets Funding For First US-based 4Pi Nanoscale Microscope

Optimizing Protein's 'Death Domain' Halts Leukemia In Laboratory Study

A Guiding Light On The Nanoscale

Mystery Of Sterility Of The Garlic Plant Solved By Hebrew University Researchers

Tiny Meteorite Grains Help Settle An Astronomical Debate

Stealthy doom floats up on mink

Progress in Animal-to-Human Organ Transplants

AIDS: The Elusive Vaccine

Maker of Implantable Artificial Heart Seeks Approval for Commercial Use

Fingerprint Recognition a First for Microsoft

Movies in a snap: Netflix and TiVo discuss downloads

Intel shifts course on processors

Glass Semiconductor Softens With Low-Power Laser, Then Re-Hardens

Profiling software predicts your fast-food order

McAfee to eradicate app assassin bug

Automatic Icons Organize Files

Sony Readies High-Definition Camcorder

Stardom: about: blank

High-Tech Ice Cream


Bush Back in Florida to See Hurricane Damage

Budget watchers see a sea of red ink. Even without more tax cuts, U. S. deficit projected to soar

Feinstein criticizes Bush for inaction on assault weapons ban

Rumsfeld Says Iran Fueling Iraq Insurgency + Rumsfeld: Force not only tool + Myers, Rumsfeld defend approach to Iraq militants Click.

Secretary Rumsfeld issues warning on intelligence reform

Bush to Expand Axis Of Evil?

Who Is 'Scooter' Libby?

White House reveals plans on spy reform +Bush Now Would Give Intelligence Chief More Power + Bush, lawmakers confer on intelligence overhaul + Bush Flip-Flops on Budget Director Powers

Congress: Almost all 9/11 panel's ideas in bill. Bipartisan group in Congress introduces measure in both houses + Senators plan shakeup of spy agencies

Frist Says Vote on Drug Import Legislation Unlikely Before Election

Senate Panel Votes to Freeze New WIC-Only Stores


Kerry is back in the race, says latest poll

Voter Bounty Hits Hundred Grand

Clinton is likely to stay in the hospital for 5 days. He's awake, alert, talking to family after heart surgery

BUSH/CHENEY: Cheney suggests a Kerry victory could invite a terrorist attack + In New Hampshire, Cheney questions Kerry's judgment + Bush campaign portrays Kerry as out of touch on terrorism + Bush faces pressure over drugs and draft

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry rips handling of war and economy + Who's in charge of the Kerry campaign? + Kerry: Bush's Iraq Choices Costing Americans at Home + Kerry's new offensive blunted by enigmatic policy on war + Globally, a Kerry landslide


A Shabby and Sinister Case for War

Kristol: Kerry vs. Kerry

Gay Republicans to Bush: You Ain't Our Guy

It's time to get tough

GOP's phone line to God

Molly Ivins: Throwing out the garbage Click.

Rush & Molloy: Book claims to sniff out W's secret

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: GOP has the drop on Dems

Diagnosing Dubya

Bushism of the Day

The war on terror is being lost

The Power of Framing

Spy in the Pentagon: Neoconservatism and Espionage: Justin Raimondo + Pollardites in the Pentagon?: Pat Buchanan + White House Blocks Israeli Spy Probe + AIPAC Scrambles to Shore Up Support in D.C. + Neocons Keep It All in the Family + Spy-scandal lobby blitz+ AIPAC and the chill factor + Buchanan: Are any U.S. spies sharing sensitive information with Israel? + Witch hunt?

Russia: The Chechens' American friends + How the Beslan terrorists set their death trap + Hidden scars of Beslan at children's hospital + Fears of ethnic war between Ossetia and its neighbors + Anger rising in volatile Caucasus + Russia offers $10m bounty for Chechen rebels + Russia targets top Chechen rebels + Profiles: Russia's most wanted + Officials to quit over Beslan tragedy + Larouche On Putin's Statement  + Dismissal is the minimum defense units leaders deserve + Xymphora opines + Gorbachev Calls for Public Investigation of Russian School Seizure + Russia's second Afghanistan


Thinking ahead: The military's transformation challenges

NorthCom, NORAD operations overhauled

A Deepening Debate on Soldiers and Their Insurers

Admiral disputes claim of disunity

Group plans monument to naval aviation

UK: Army on trial over soldier charged with murder + Soldiers unable to act with impunity + Army left sexual predator in charge of recruits

Trio to revisit WWII battle

New Stryker brigade off to Iraq

On Okinawa, trouble at home base

The long road to healing

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles sues three breakaway parishes + Mobo drops gay hate acts

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

On Guard: 'Globe' Reporter Explains Timing of Latest Bush Probe

As journalists die, the government looks away

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

In the Garden, Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Despite kitchen snag, annual Greek fest in Santa Cruz a go

'Great honor' awaits Campo band at nation's new Indian museum Click.

At home with Diana Kennedy: ‘The high priestess of Mexican cooking’ takes writer on culinary journey + Santa Cruzan, a native of Mexico, puts Kennedy’s recipes to the test

Ars Electronica Asks What Will Be Next

Hollywood Reporter chronicles 100-episode TV shows

Adam Gopnik on Shakespeare

Viking Grave Discovery the Find of a Lifetime

The letters and stories of Truman Capote.

Capote in Spain

These Illusions Are Real

Kidman glitters at Venice but critics cool on film

Winners and losers at the Venice festival

Mike Zwerin: Hot nights in Copenhagen

'Da Vinci Code' Readers Flock to Milan's Last Supper

Last Piece of Hungary's Tokaji Heritage Up for Sale

Antonio Pigafetta and Magellan's Voyage

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day


WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Baghdad Fighting Leaves 40 Iraqis, Two U.S. Soldiers Dead, Ministry Says + 13 US Troops Killed in Iraq + Clashes in Baghdad slum kill 24 Iraqis + Gunmen Abduct Two Italian Aid Workers in Baghdad + Suicide bomber kills 10 troops in Iraq. 7 Marines, 3 Iraqis die when convoy is hit outside Fallujah + Dozens killed in Sadr City + AJ: Baghdad governor escapes attack + AJ: Sadr City clashes leave dozens dead + AJ; Attacks across Iraq leave many dead + New Iraqi government failing to gain crucial Shi'ite support +  40 Iraqis Killed, 200 Wounded in Sadr City + Sadr group says 'Sunni extremists a threat' + Armenia to Send 50 Troops to Iraq + Chalabi nephew won't be the judge in the trial of Saddam + Orders of battle

War prisons: Guantanamo Military Commissions Under Attack; Tough Challenges Ahead for U.S. Government + Key Dates for Military Trials of Suspected Terrorists at Guantanamo Bay + Guantanamo-Panel Members, Military Commission Members at Guantanamo Bay Challenged by Defense Attorneys

AFGHANISTAN: Afghanistan kicks off election campaign under the shadow of violence + Spinning the web in Afghanistan


U.S. Interfering in Lebanon and Syria, Damascus Says

IRAN: Iran urges EU not to buckle to US pressure + NUKE RACE: NEW BOOK DETAILS IRAN BUILDUP+ Iran Nears Deal on Renewed Nuclear Freeze

MIDDLE EAST: Police, IDF hold their first meeting on implementing Gaza pullout plan + New fence route to be presented to U.S. first, then cabinet

Palestinian PM warns Israel to expect revenge after Hamas strike + Israelis kill 13 in revenge attack on 'Hamas base'

Extremists Won't Be Allowed to Teach in Saudi Arabia, Minister Says

ASIA PACIFIC: China: 'Peaceful' rise at stake in power struggle + Shoot him and take him out

India's Hindu Nationalists Express Concern at Rise of Muslim, Christian Populations

EUROPE: Blair to reshuffle British cabinet by end of week

EU presses Turkey on Kurd rights

Ukraine official 'sacked for exposing government fraud'

German car wars

AMERICAS: An OPEC for South America

Killings of Three Labor Leaders by Colombian Army Underscores Washington's Human Rights Concerns


Pakistan: U.S. Official's Osama Claim Was 'Political'

Missile defense to tie U.S. to Iraq, experts warn

Ofek: the risk of blindness + Loss of Ofek-6 Deprives Israel of Second Spy Satellite in Critical Period Click.

Ten ways the Pentagon spy probe may still damage Israel whether the allegations are true or not

Madrid bomb probe extended

Terror prosecutions a mixed bag

Four held in terror raids

Thatcher to be questioned in court over 'coup plot'

Nuclear genie out of South Korean bottle

Russia forced to rethink US ties

Twinkle, twinkle, little Ipstar

Man who videotaped buildings pleads not guilty

Bali bomber writes autobiography

California Homeland Security: A flawed funding formula + Federal funding stuck in red tape + Cities bill 'terror' overtime for anti-war protests, schools

Attack on Russia: Russian Rebels Had Precise Plan + Militants Were at Odds, Kidnap Suspect Says + During School Siege, Russia Took Captives in Chechnya + Mass rallies for Beslan victims + Civilians 'began siege shooting' + Angry Putin rejects Beslan inquiry + Putin: Don't tell me to talk to child-killers + Hostage-taker: 'warlord ordered attack' + A lengthening trail of terror + The atrocity at Beslan demands a united response

Spy in the Pentagon: Dual Loyalties: the Bush Necons and Israel

Totalitarianism motivates terrorists

Terror in the sky. The V-2, Hitler's terror rocket, first struck London 60 years ago

MILITARY Retiring WV Reserve Chief Denounces Iraq War

Revolution in IDF doctrine

UK soldier charged with murdering Iraqi civilian

Strike Force Manchus help keep supply route through Iraqi desert safe Click.

Investigators Suspect Horseplay Led to Soldier's Death at Iraqi Munitions Dump


'Frontline' details battle for 9/11's sacred ground

Ernest Partridge: Pravda on the Potomac Click.


Former Banker Quattrone Faces Likely Prison Time at Sentencing Wednesday + More

Post-mortem sperm retrieval requests and ethics

DrinkorDie suspect to be 'extradited to US'

Trial news: Saddam & Slobo

When -- If Ever -- Can Facts Found By Judges Lengthen Criminal Sentences? \

Why Did Kobe Bryant's Accuser Stop Cooperating with Prosecutors?

Sentence for Child Molester Vacated Because of Judge's Religious Comments

Trial Begins of Woman Accused of Trying to Help Hockey Player Hire Hit Man


Farm program faces its latest high court test

Pepper spray lawsuit returns for new trial (SJM Reg)

Los Gatos: Man arrested in wife's slaying (SJM Reg)

Prosecutors asked to justify sentence for former SLA sympathizer Sarah Jane OIsen

UCLA student who has been missing for weeks found in Mexico

Oakland man, 24, found dead in CYA cell

State worker sues for right to post religious, political views on cubicle Click.

Scott Peterson: Peterson trial resumes with focus on surveillance, DNA + D.A. to focus on DNA evidence in Peterson double-murder trial


The Governor:  Bridge going up - and its costs too + Gov.'s Bay Bridge stance baffles transportation officials (CCT Reg) + Disputed textbook bill awaits Gov. (SJM Reg) + How green is the Gov.? + Can we do without Air Board?+ Phone tax for hospitals? Prop. 67 is the wrong cure + Bill would free ferrets Click. + State gets a homeland security boss, Richard Andrews + Dan Walters: Ballot issues, not candidates, will provide action this election year + Gov. faces flurry of bills Click. (CCT Reg) + Whereas the aforementioned gobbledygook is ongoing Click. + Former state Senate Majority Leader Henry Mello dies at age 80 + Editorial: Yosemite on the cheap

AC Transit vows fare deal if tax passes (Measure BB)

Indian Tribes: Doubts on South Bay tribal casino for Cal Valley Miwoks (SJM Reg) + Gaming tribes form new political association to go beyond gaming issues Click.

Juggling act helped GOP put 2 in office. Complex strategy to fund candidates avoided new limits

LOCAL NEWS:   Mercy mission: ambulance driven to El Salvador

Firefighters gain in Sonoma -- 100-degree heat. 2,600 take on Geysers Fire -- it's 35% contained + Sonoma fire could cause power outages + Geothermal plants threatened

Bay Area grocers, union to open talks (SJM Reg)

Fairfax is going Green

School days: Tam school chief wants new focus + Decision to go ahead with building unusual. St. Mary's had not received any funds from huge pledge + Analysis: Reform comes slowly on funding of schools + At 75, Vallejo campus riding high. Cal Maritime enrollment booms as graduates quickly find jobs + Schools ponder fingerprint checks of parent volunteers + Oakland to level playing field for girls in school athletics + Sacramento: Funds and land offered to aid pregnant teens + Stanislaus interim president at top of the CSU pay scale + Families deal with school child care cuts + Bait & switch. L.A. property taxes for schools + Pressured into preschool Click. (SJM Reg) + Students focus on adult life skills Click. + Can competition really improve schools?

Some fear Livermore airport plan too noisy

Trying to save ailing Livermore cattle enterprise + Challenging conditions force ranchers away

Health care dominates Alameda County union rally

Fremont council ponders citizens' oversight group

Santa Maria, water district settle water rights lawsuits

Alameda County looking at asphalt plant dispute

Alameda Navy base up for review

Visitors, communities protest Yosemite funding shortfalls

Coast Santa Cruz Hotel EIR points out potential problems

Sprawl produces crawl: bigger cities, bigger traffic jams

Dedicated residents should empower Modesto's Planning Commission

Oregon battling California in a real organic beef

Pressured into preschool Click. (SJM Reg)

Hahn, Rivals Court Labor Support Click. (LAT Reg)

Paragliders Suspected in Dearth of Least Terns Click. (LAT Reg)

What Does It Take to Raise an Artists Village? Click. (LAT Reg)

East Bay hospitals get good grades for treatment Click. (CCT Reg)

Plight of the Hotel Children Click. (LAT Reg)

Hotel Housekeepers Say They Are Pressed for Time Click. (LAT Reg)

State worker sues for right to post religious, political views on cubicle Click.

Thai animal activists try shame

Hitchens: Murder by Any Other Name


'Defensive' Action By Influenza Viruses Demonstrated By Hebrew University Researcher

Amid fears of West Nile, health experts worry about what's next Click.

Deadly toxin found in 1 in 5 bags of bird seed

Cloudy skies for biomedical research

Nektar shares rise on inhaled insulin study's results

Chickenpox shots lead to $100 million savings

A family's journey to madness and back. Son's schizophrenia spurs parents to raise millions for research

Where the Healing Touch Starts With the Hospital Design


Scientists skirt Arctic ice and politics

Do Genes Respond To Global Warming?

Stem Cells Renew Hope For Fading Hair Follicles

Genetic Map Of Important Tree Genes Outlined

A Spoonful Of Sugar Aids Chemo

Imitative Parrots Just Might Tell You It's All In The Tongue

Small, Smac-like Molecule Encourages Death Of Cancer Cells

Scientists Image Tooth Decay In The 3rd Dimension

Heart Gene Yields Insights Into Evolution, Disease Risk

Enlarged Tonsils, Adenoids And Allergies May Affect A Child's Bite, Facial Appearance And/Or Behavior

Helios Mishap Blamed On Inability To Predict Aircraft's Increased Sensitivity To Atmospheric Disturbances

Liposuction Shown To Be Safe Under Proper Conditions

Long-term Effects Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Are An Autoimmune Reaction

Battle Of The Bubbles May Have Sparked Evolution

MIT Fab Labs Bring "Personal Fabrication" To People Around The World

MRI machines adapt to newest patients: pets

Blood vessel clue to heart risk

Dads 'pass on' radiation effects

Epilepsy drugs 'dull brainpower'

Dog geneticists aim to build a better pooch

Genesis probe heads home to Earth

Modified lab animals continue trend

Dry-On Nontoxic Lotion Suffocates Head Lice

New Lilly drug can treat diabetics, too

Intel shifts focus to multicore chip performance

Taiwanese PC Maker on Verge of Sales Push Into U.S. and China

Start-up to develop online 'Star Trek' game (SJM Reg)

Online digital hearing aids

The Evolution Will Be Mechanized

HD PC: Cheaper Than High-Def TV

In-flight cellphones + Do hotels jam cell signals?


Bush asks for $2bn for hurricane-hit Florida

Congressional analysts project record $422 billion deficit this year

Ridge: Terrorists Hope to Disrupt Election


News Analysis: In a fluctuating race, Bush is moving ahead

Bush, Kerry spar over drug benefit

Bush Leading America Into 'Snake Pit of Fascism,' Congressman Owens Says Click.

Bush Bisexuality Asserted In Scorching New Book

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush apparently mixed up words when speaking about health care + Bush's stands clear, Kerry's murky + Bush Launches Counterattack on Kerry Over Iraq

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry uses deficit report as evidence in N.C. stop + Kerry camp sees hope in past finishes + Kerry blames president for litany of wrongs + Down, Kerry far from out + Kerry shakes up his campaign team


The New Era of Big Govt: Bob Barr

Bush hasn’t lifted a finger to help keep assault weapons off streets

Convention revealed scary discord in U.S.

Government growth booms under Bush

Election at home will be decided abroad

The Bush crusade

Do Republican followers really believe propaganda?

Bush took cocaine at Camp David Click.

Robert Parry: Mysterious Republican money Click.

Bush's missing year

Bush and OB-GYNs

Blood for pork....

Report: Halliburton to lose Iraq contract


Social software gets money this fall (SJM Reg)

Freecycling is the latest way to put surplus stuff to good use

The Mind-Boggling Lord Black

Software warriors enter Asian arena

The Workplace: Bully them to make them leave

Older Workers and Retirees Wonder About Pensions' Security

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: A Second County Judge in Washington State Rules Ban on Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin, Backer of racial profiling to speak at UC, Berkeley

Beijing Pledges Full Media Freedom, Arrests Guardian Reporter for Covering Tibet Protest

'Poisoned' journalist: Russian inquiry urged

Penguin pack big ideas into tiny tomes

AP's Latest Push for President's Military Papers Comes Up Empty

Russian Television Shows Footage From School During Hostage Crisis

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

International papers

In the Garden, Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Oakland youth try to give back with recording studio

Visitors to Yosemite complain of decline in services

Farmer who found Kensington Runestone not a fraud

Ancient treasures shed light on a forgotten Sudan

Roseanne Barr is slimmer, less foul-mouthed, but her humor is still caustic

New faces of poker

Wikipedia 'to make universities obsolete'

Israeli director launches film on white sex slavery at Venice

Almodovar's "Bad Education" gets bad ratings in Poland

Sonia Gandhi film to track journey from Italian girl to Indian politician

The secret of a good artisan: using brains as well as hands

The Sydney Opera House: a father and son enterprise

'Amazing' Viking cemetery found

City Survives Art Geek Invasion

Cowboys, wannabes going on 650-mile trek

It came from Roger Corman!

Theatre in Chile

Art in Mexico

Crew to trace Kon-Tiki raft's path across Pacific

Apollinaire, Picasso, Mona Lisa

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: O'Reilly, running man?

Rush & Molloy: Gotti's siege of Paris averted by Lizzie

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day


WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Seven US Marines Killed in Fallujah + GIs Battle Rebels as 500 Iraqis Seized + US Assault on Iraqi 'No-Go Zones' Likely Before Elections + Iraq Sunni Clerics to Issue Fatwa Against Kidnappings + Iraqi Nuclear Scientist Assassinated + Truce fails to soothe Shi'ite fears + Violence May Force Iraq to Bypass Hotspots in Election + Ten killed in Fallujah blast, Iraq retracts Ibrahim arrest claim + ABDUCTORS SEEK NOD FROM GOD + Iraqi Kidnappers of French Reporters Demand $5 Million Ransom for Release + Unmanned American Spy Aircraft Crashes Over Fallujah + Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

AFGHANISTAN:  NATO set to beef up Kabul force + U.S. Forces Raid Taliban Hideout + Kabul Free of Heavy Weapons + Afghan Strife Exposes Deep and Wide Ethnic Tensions Click.

MIDDLE EAST:  Mofaz: Israel will find the right time and place to exile Yasser Arafat

Israel Plans to Grab Less West Bank Land for Barrier

Hamas Leaders in Syria Go Underground After Israeli Threats

AFRICA: Sudan Talks in Nigeria Said Deadlocked

Politicians Wage Geopolitical War in Central Nigeria

EUROPE: West Europeans may have to retire abridged workweek. Free time imperiled by EU's industrious new members

Schroeder party vows not to buckle on reforms after election debacle


Pakistan Dismisses Claim by U.S. Official About Progress in Hunt for Bin Laden

Officials: Terror Threat as High as Ever

Spy in the Pentagon: Officials Play Down Larry Franklin in Spy Case + Daily News Exclusive: Eye Pentagon in leak of spy secrets to Iran

Attack on Russia: Russian Govt Admits Lying About Hostage Crisis + Gruesome scene lures Russian townspeople + Tragedy in Beslan: Lessons to be learned + Special services believe the terrorists had an accomplice in Beslan+ Putin's watershed + Military crackdown offers no solution + Dangerous Errors + Crumbling Russian empire + Suspect is shown on television as link is made to al-Qaeda + Russians see careful planning in terror siege + Doomed by lack of command + Bombers' justification: Russians are killing our children + Putin warns of security backlash + Bombers attempt justification + Russia, Israel Agree on Need for Anti-Terror Coalition

Terrorism is getting nastier

In the Caucasus, another crisis threatens

Launch malfunction sends Ofeq 6 spy satellite crashing into sea

Many times crueler and more dangerous

Capturing bin Laden won't end al Qaeda's threat, experts say.  He's now a symbol, not a solo strategist, in evolving network

The California target list confusion

New Iraq PM a Mole for American, Brit Intelligence

The spectacular rise of the female terrorist Part 18: Colin Powell, a small myth inside a bubble Scientist plays down Korean nuclear test

These terrible tactics may actually be working


West Nile concerns spur improved screening of donated blood + Virus a Risk to Blood Supply Click. (LAT Reg)

Experts urge precautions for West Nile

Microsoft creates static over new radio feature

The whole world in your handheld

Cashing in their chips: In a digital world, analog is the money maker

A free, easy alternative to Office

A Raft of Technology: Kon-Tiki II Is Kon-Nected to Satellite, Internet


A hacker's tales from years in the Big House (SJM Reg)

Condit may face tough questions

Seattle to try zoning out drug deals

Indefensible: Feds withheld evidence + Detroit Terror Case Collapse Shows Difficulty of Winning Victories

Boy's shooting of dad fuels Prozac concerns

Sixth body linked to 5 others found in Kansas

Call for witness guidelines in sudden infant death cases

Isotopes could improve forensics



Oakland man is fourth to die in state's youth prisons this year (SJM Reg)

Oakland: Profiling is worse than police will admit

Jury dodgers face public shaming, fines, but problem persists

Napa: Former Aldea director convicted of abusing teen-aged boy in Nebraska

Legal Aid coming back to help Napa's poor


The Governor:  Activity in the state capital for Sept. 6-10 + Gov. takes aim at legislative Democrats + Dan Walters: Gov. puts California unions on the defensive + Boards and Panels Add to Bureaucratic Framework Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. Takes Another Unscheduled Trip Out of State Click. (LAT Reg) + Republican Candidates Count On Gov.'s Popularity Click. (LAT Reg)

Offshore controversy (SJM Reg)

Guard's new chief keeps eye on the globe

Indian tribes: San Pablo casino deal could drive up land value (SJM Reg)

The buzz: Burton's next gig: Help kids without homes

LOCAL NEWS:   The Cliff Dwellers

Sonoma County: Tactics shift in wildfire. Containment now focus; damage may reach $1.4 million + Geysers Fire burns 4 homes; containment still days away

Hwy. 4 dust creeps into lungs, homes (CCT Reg)

School days: Schools feel fallout from cuts +  Enrollment Surges Despite Corinthian's Legal Troubles Click. (LAT Reg) + Student Loan Subsidies Questioned  Click. (LAT Reg) + High School Vocational Classes Are Stalling Out + Houston Thinks Small to Tackle Big Dropout Problem; Home Visits, 'learning Communities' Stressed

Fresno City Council considers proposal to transform blighted area

Study: Urban hardship high in OC city, drops in most big cities

Care, not cash, finds a place in S.F.

Fine as wine

Cutbacks challenge Tri-City Animal Shelter

San Rafael man to monitor Ukraine voting

Napa airport getting facelift and expansion

Los Angeles County labor unions facing tough choices Click.

Family says San Mateo Medical Center never told them of overdose Click.

Nearby wildernesses caught in legal battle  Click. (FB Reg)

Struggle Over Power Plants Click. (LAT Reg)


Be all you can be -- digitally


Texas lawmaker works to raise Afghan army

Report questions timetable for Navy's new ship

Cherokee Chief Warns Members on Rights

Justice Department Wants to Hide Airplane ID Case From Public

Cdn. gov't to capture newcomers' biometric data

Black box in your car could tattle to your insurer

Feds want OK to frisk air travelers

Gandhi's way won't do


OPEC Head Sees Oil Price Drop Soon

Eisner calls Disney president Iger top possible successor

Caller ID spoofer hangs it up

In Trying Time, Scaling Down Expectations of Job Growth

Unemployment rates tell half the story

Women looking over glass cliffs

`American dream' goes up in coal dust

Foreign Workers in Japan Have Become an Economic Juggernaut Back Home

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Iraq Extends al-Jazeera Ban and Raids Offices

Battle of the bandwidth pits TV, public safety (CCT Reg)

Plan to Tame Journalists Just Stirs Them Up in Brazil Click.

Unlikely media titan plays potent role for Israel

Leading Russian journalist 'poisoned'

Editor of Russia's Izvestia Forced to Step Down Over Decision to Run Graphic Photos From School Hostage Siege

Writing the script for terror

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Unusual Number of Storms Hit Land in Florida, but Experts Say It's Chance

Afflictions of the soul. On S.F. General's front line in emergency psychiatric care

Diet rich in Omega-3s can keep Alzheimer's at bay

UK moths reveal 35-year decline

Pesticides linked to child cancer

Go ahead for 'designer baby'

'Fat' hormone restores fertility

Secrecy penalizes cancer patients

Keeping elderly healthy is major challenge for doctors: WHO

Alzheimer's Fight Focusing on Sticky Brain Buildup


Bush wants to shift $3.3 billion to strengthen Iraq security. Funds would be diverted from rebuilding projects

Vote apt to thwart intel shakeup + Turf Struggles Eclipsing Politics as Hurdle to Intelligence Changes

Overtime changes draw workers' ire

Congress: U.S. Intelligence Overhaul to Dominate Congress


Clinton surgery successful + Statement from Clinton family


BUSH/CHENEY: DEM'S TAXES WOULD KILL JOBS: W. + Bush Fires Back at Kerry Criticism of Iraq

KERRY/EDWARDS: Dems say Bush bounce will deflate + Angry Democrats mix despair with hope + Kerry says his goal is to withdraw troops in first term + A trailing Kerry has been there, won that Click. + Vietnam duality challenges Kerry + Senator taps Sasso, confers with Clinton + Kerry on Iraq: Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong  Time + Kerry urges inquiry into senator's allegation of 9/11 muzzle + KERRY BLAME GAME + All Clinton All The Time For Kerry


Bush Wins, We Invade Iran: Gordon Prather

If Israel Attacks Iran: Claude Salhani

Republican vs. Republican

Rhinestone Republicans

The Wilderness Campaign

The Bush Rap

God & Dubya Have a Chat

Bob Herbert: An economy that turns American values upside down Click.

How the Bush administration used 9/11 to advance its agenda

Bush's Blind Spots

The opaque John Kerry

End of the rainbow

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gays forging creative paths to parenthood. Couples turn to co-parenting to build and raise families

In the Garden, Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Crowds flock to Tri-Valley wineries

Oakland, Berkeley hidden treasures offer city escapes

Crowds brave heat to celebrate Napa River

Surf, sand and sculpture at Drake's beach

First-ever TamFest celebrates valley's history

WAMMFEST a hit among medical-pot users

Life of a professional witch

Thomas Mallon on Truman Capote

Adam Gopnik on Shakespeare

Wild West reenactments

Click. The newly restored Christ Church Spitalfields

Parishes hold services after bolting from Episcopal Church

Quilter stitches political views into colorful works of art

Krassner: The original Howl Fest

Hikers in East Bay Parks Have a Beef With Cows Click. (LAT Reg)

A Rocky Path for Mormon Pilgrims

Joseph Conrad, Marlowe, Africa

Romany Gypsies came out of India Click.

Pope puts three Roman Catholics a step closer to sainthood

Did the First Americans Come From, Er, Australia?

Singer Anita Baker Returns After 10-Year Break

Midnight sun, austere beauty, sharp design: Nordic tourism takes off

Owning a chateau is no impossible dream in former East Germany

Angry Robbins takes anti-Bush satire to Venice

Rush & Molloy: Celebs in tales told out of school

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Word of the day


WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Fighting rages in northern Iraq + Iraqi Ministry: Most-Wanted Saddam Aide Captured + Saddam's #2: Izzat Captured? Maybe Not + Trial of Saddam, Aides to Begin Within Weeks--Daoud + U.S. Troops in Iraq See Highest Injury Toll Yet + Suicide blast kills 17 at police academy. 11 die as troops hit suspected terrorist cell + NEWS ANALYSIS: U.S. forfeiting influence in growing number of Iraqi cities. Pullbacks could undermine January's nationwide elections + Militant Group Asks Sunni Muslim Body in Iraq for Religious Edict on Kidnappings + Grand Ayatollah Who Was Al-Sadr's Mentor Distances Himself From the Anti-U.S. Cleric + Orders of battle +Juan Cole reports

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinians register to participate in election. Future votes may depend on how Arafat's faction does

Israel begins construction of new stretch of separation fence in south

AFRICA: Libya changes to bidding to woo investment for sanctions-hit oil sector

ASIA PACIFIC: China's water supply in danger of drying up. With new river diversion project, government hopes to avoid disaster

EUROPE: Debate over Sicily bridge spans Italy‘s past, future


Reagan's cabinet debated how to fight terrorism, but infighting undermined the better strategy

U.S. was blind to terror threat, but evidence was abundant

We anticipate enemy moves with a great deal of hype

Dirty bomb called 'all but inevitable'

Amateur radio operators offer last line of defense (CCT Reg)

Iran Denies It Harbored Qaeda Agent After Sept. 11

The Struggle Within Islam

'We guarantee we won't apply death penalty - so let us extradite Thatcher'

Authorities Probe Claims Uzbek Attackers Have Links in Kazakhstan, Make Arrests Among Islamic Radicals

Saudi Clashes Kill Three Police, Lead to Arrest of Seven Suspected Militants

Attack on Russia: Russia Holds Suspects as Siege Leaves 600 Dead or Missing, Itar-Tass Says + Deadly common denominator + Putin's September 11th + The bloody week of ignorance + After the tears the anger + Why Putin cannot escape his share of the blame + The women with death at their fingertips - martyrs or victims? + ON FRONT LINES IN FUTILE BID TO SAVE TOTS FROM THE MONSTERS + Chechen Separatists Say “Third Force” Behind Terrorist Attacks + Focus: Massacre in the Caucasus

Spy in the Pentagon: FBI probes Jewish sway on Bush government + FBI painting ugly picture + Why would Israel need a spy in Pentagon? + Time Mag: A web of intrigue

MILITARY Senator Says Commander Told Him of Early Drain of Forces From Afghanistan for Iraq

France takes NATO lead in Kosovo peacekeeping. Forces in Afghanistan also under its command

Canadian military prepares for the worst

Iraq: The View From on the Ground


Behind Sept. 11 blunders

How'd city do? OK, but lose that orange netting

Xymphora on text-messaging, protests, crackdowns

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Already damaged McGreevey couldn't survive sex scandal + Pope keeps up drive against gay marriages + As Cuban Transvestites Come Under Renewed Police Pressure, They Bank on a Friend in High Places


Immigration appeals swamp federal courts

Levy case haunts Condit

Mexico City: The new kidnap capital of the world

Nearly 3 Years on, Jury Selection Begins in Slaying of East Hampton Millionaire


FBI special agent Rick Lack (Monterey) retires after 30 years

Turlock, Wal-Mart due back in court

Three indicted in string of 10 armed robberies

Santa Clara gets new chief probation officer

It's not just Jackson: in high-profile cases, the first lawyer is rarely the last

Roseville: DEA seizes pot from medical marijuana operation

Amtrak train kills man in Brentwood

Sonoma Deputy D.A. Brooke Halsey files $25,000 claim for expenses defending himself re: Pelfino case

Napa: Ferguson, serving murder sentence, denied parole

Sonoma executions: Slain counselors remembered for faith, love of nature + Jenner beach slaying case taking toll on Sonoma County Sheriff's nvestigators

Oakland: Police fire tear gas on unruly crowd at East Oakland Motorcyle Club + Fatal shooting victim identified

San Mateo County tries to sweep gangs away (CCT Reg) + Police task force looks for gangs on Peninsula (SJM Reg)

Scott Peterson: The Peterson Trial Week in Review


The Governor:  Gov. targets Dems, propositions for defeat + Gov. powered by Chevron? + Gov. stumbles on policy actions Click. (OC Reg) + State's correctional boss Roderick Hickman vows prison system reform Click. + Not Legal but Need a License? No Sweat Click. (LAT Reg) + Bill Would Fight Child Prostitution Click. (LAT Reg) + Business groups seek repeal of health-coverage law Click.(FB Reg)

State acts as giant ATM for politics (CCT Reg)

Bay Bridge replacement work plagued with doubts

Dan Walters: North-south division, thought to be passé, revived a bit

Editorial: Muir's plea

State's jobless rate still too high. Central Valley hurts most, report says

Once-rising star Shelley fights for his political life

Parties open wallets for hot Senate race for Machado's seat

Newspapers: California governments misspent anti-terrorism funds + High cost of safety

Bickering spotlights stem-cell measure

Bill Jones' Campaign Quandary Click. (LAT Reg)


Sonoma County: Fire battled in rough terrain. High winds pushed blaze to 7,500 acres; only 10% contained + Sonoma County blaze threatens wineries

San Francisco: Newsom unleashes an attack dog. Consultant makes short work of Chris Daly's Prop. M

With 911 fee, San Jose. joins fray (SJM Reg)

San Jose City Hall scandal exposes failures (SJM Reg)

An ugly situation in Monte Sereno (SJM Reg)

Santa Clara County asks judge to dismiss music hall lawsuit (SJM Reg)

San Jose: Indicted agent's affiliation brings out protesters (SJM Reg)

School days: Back at school, teachers lose tax breaks for class expenses + Fremont: Grimmer school's low scores lead to transfers + Talks between teachers union and Oakland district have + Chinese delegates look at Ohlone + Cal State Hayward shines + Monterey: Lauterbach roils board divisions + Salinas schools may face cuts + Federal report allows Napa students to switch schools + Art vs. multiple choice: Educators debate testing Click. + Kindergarten offers more learning, less playing Click. + "Free schools" offer alternative to homework Click. + The ABCs of Back-to-School Electronics

San Leandro residents seek to bar crematory from area

Beef ranching today a world apart from past practices

City of San Mateo to vote on venue security

Sacramento water meter bill in limbo

Santa Rosa Council hears noise complaints

Illegal inns a drain on Napa county + Cities also reap the financial benefits

Cougar management debated as mountain lions advance into Napa's rural neighborhoods

Sun Valley pollution studied Click.

The Hard Life Santa Ana Style Click. (LAT Reg)


When a mother vanishes

More older Americans roaring down the road on motorcycles. And an alarming number of late-in-life Easy Riders are paying the ultimate price

Che gains chic in Argentina

Stardom: I Was STRUCK By Lightning

Vietnam hoping to cash in on its painful past

Blood for pork....

Boeing boss caught in transatlantic cross fire over defence secrets


Conservative, liberal think tanks put their own slants on how workers are doing

A transfer of title can be tricky

Chasing the ‘unbanked’

Taking stock of Fiorina (SJM Reg) + GOP insiders see HP's CEO as potential candidate (SJM Reg)

What Disney's got in store now

The Working Underground + Day laborers face increased job hazards

ActivCard struggles to secure profits Click. (CCT Reg)

Microfinancing becomes big deal in Mexico

Delve Into Hollinger’s Black Hole


UN appeal to stop locust 'plague'

Study on super floods may pay off with geologic trail. Congress considers giving public a record of ice age's catastrophes

Cottontail losing its briar patch in New England

Always on the Job, Employees Pay With Health

UK: 65pc rise in calls by self-harm children

Too much caffeine ups risk of kidney stones

Blocked Arteries Can Surprise Someone With Top-Notch Health Care

Painful Waiting Game Is Patients' Price for Care at World-Renowned Public Hospital

Microsoft Sees Open-Source Threat Looming Ever Larger

Chopper Stunt Pilots Will Try to Snag Space Capsule as It Hurtles to Earth

iMac G5: A new option

To get or not to get Windows XP Service Pack 2?


Bush Pulls to Double-Digit Lead in Two Polls

Cheney on Solo Route During Campaign

No Market Magic for Aging U.S. Click. (LAT Reg)


Campaign 2004: States with close contests are girding for another Florida

Bush, Kerry press key battles in swing states

October terrorist surprise?

The battle lines drawn. GOP to campaign on national security, Democrats the economy

Politics is hot topic at meeting of U.S. Muslims

Dems: Clinton will return to campaign after surgery

Clinton Likely to Have Standard Bypass Surgery; Some Doctors Question Delay

Nader may get on ballot in key battleground states

ANALYSIS: Next president to face pressure on taxes

Key Players in Bush, Kerry Campaigns

BUSH/CHENEY: Bowling for Bush + Bush’s communication problem + Mitchell: Blacks for Bush have won my respect + Novak: Cheney surpasses expectations + Steyn: Kerry's showing he just can't take the heat + Bush's Air National Guard file missing some records + Bush's Republicans Battle to Retain Congress + Anti-Kerry Vets Get Plum Appointments From Bush + BOOGIE ON DOWN WITH THOSE VIP BUSH GIRLS + Bush Challenges Kerry on Jobs, Economy

KERRY/EDWARDS: Sasso is wrong man for Kerry + An extra helping of support for Kerry + Edwards, wife made $39 mil. in last 10 years + Teresa Heinz Kerry treated at Iowa + Kerry Hits Back + KERRY'S MEDICARE ATTACK + MAG: Kerry Furious With Campaign Manager Over Not Attacking Swift Boat Ads Sooner


Strong men who won’t ask directions

Maureen Dowd: Amnesia in the Garden Click.

Whole lotta flippin' and a floppin'

Taxes Will Go Up Even if Bush Wins

Dirty tricks campaign means Bush will win

Bush: A man's man in the land of the free

Why Bush's man is fighting dirty

Meet President Good Cop

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The death of diversity in cable TV programming

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Victor Borisov-Musatov. The Pool Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Pleasanton: Solid meals, muscle at Scottish Games. Festival expects 50,000 weekend visitors + Local Scots get in touch with roots

Art festival kicks off in Sausalito

Potpourri of activities at Oakland's downtown Art and Soul party

Buried lore at Empire Mine park

Shock and awe of Maya art

Early stone crosses restored to full glory

Frail Pope Struggles During Beatification Ceremony

Shrinking population threatens an ancient faith, Zorostrians

Peak's spiritual tradition raises hackles. No women allowed on Japan's holy Mount Omine

Deauville film festival gets under way with old French favourite

The Art Of Midlothian

The Rio Thing The Rio Thing

Was the Alamo the last refuge of scoundrels?

Italian B-movie maestros get Tarantino treatment

How Loren made Sellers's heart go boom boody-boom

This is no parody President + David Hare: The right stuff (enter, stage left)

Gem of the theater

Polygamous sect ousts 400 boys

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Word of the day


WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Attack on oil pipeline halts exports + Attacks on Iraq Police Stations Kill 41 + AJ: Many killed in Iraq as violence surges + AJ: Armed group threaten to behead Turk + AJ: Fallujans slam US raids + Al-Sadr claims victory in standoff with U.S. + Kirkuk Car Bomb Kills 20 + Police clear out squatters as new Iraqi state starts to flex its muscles + New Iraqi Police State Flexes Its Muscles + Separating the wheat from the chaff for the Iraqi national guard + +
Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

War prisons: Iraqi abuse scandal spreads to special forces. SEALs accused of assaulting man who died afterward + Reservist to serve 60 days for abuse of Iraqi prisoners + U.S. Changes Arrest Techniques in Iraq Click. + Sabotage hits oil pipelines in northern, southern Iraq in new export blow + General Says 'conspiracy' Among Top Commanders Left Her to Blame for Abu Ghraib + Douglas Valentine: What the World Should Know About Guantanamo

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban 'Billy The Kid' Killed

SYRIA: Lebanon leader's term extended. Parliament revises Constitution -- gives in to Syria+ Egyptian spokesman says Israel's threats against Syria are 'beyond logic' + Lebanon's lost sovereignty

IRAN: AP Exclusive: Iran to Extract Its Own Uranium in Early 2006

MIDDLE EAST: Hizbullah chief rejects UN resolution

AFRICA: Sudan: Internal Politics Drives U.S. Over Darfur

EUROPE: Chirac rule under threat as protégé spreads his wings

Blood for pork....

Mercenary allegations deal blow to S. Africa image


Fresno: Ex-Salvadoran officer ruled liable in killing of archbishop Romero in 1980. First trial ever in case, but ex-airman has disappeared + Archbishop’s assassination tied to ex-Modestan

Border Patrol agents fear coming retribution from new gag rule Click.

Tribe fights Indian child's adoption

Tears, Rage In Guatemala

Milosevic fury after defense lawyers are imposed by tribunal


Counties want costs recouped from state re: major trials (CCT Reg)

2 Palo Alto officers to be tried in beating (SJM Reg)

Homes invaded in San Jose, Mountain View (SJM Reg)

Richmond: Several sustain injuries in dog-maul aftermath (CCT Reg) + 4 hurt in accidental firing of police gun

Retiring Salinas Valley warden blasts state prison corruption (CCT Reg) + Salinas prison guards accused of abuse

Jason Borrevik, attorney with Wilson Sonsini law firm arrested on sex charges with minor (SJM Reg)

Molester Brian DeVries faces key hearing Friday in Santa Clara County court (SJM Reg)

Second flasher sighting reported in Livermore (Flashing girls at Middle schools) (CCT Reg) + Police searching for exposed man

Hollywood hooker Divine is arrested at Hilltop buying a Cadillac with a stolen credit card (CCT Reg)

Nicasio: Former Book Passage employee Robert Dry on probation for embezzlement back in custody

Alameda and Contra Costa: Catholic schools begin sex-crime screening. All employees to be fingerprinted same as at public schools

Pleasant Hill: Defective dishwasher blamed in fatal fire. Son says his mother never received 1996 recall notice

San Francisco: Blood clot wasn't airline's fault, S.F. court rules. Decision could hurt similar lawsuits by other passengers

San Mateo County: 4,000 pot plants seized from 3 clandestine farms

Medical pot shop shut down in Roseville

San Francisco: 2-month drug sting nets 12. Suspects accused of dealing crack + Man shot in arm driving on Hwy. 101 + Dead man found near McLaren Park

Alameda County Judge Sabraw orders cardinal Mahoney (Stockton Diocese) to give deposition in molest case + Some abuse claims tossed

Alameda County Judge Steven Brick hears Chiron harassment case. Animal rights group denies protesting at employees' homes

Hayward: New attorney in Araujo slaying trial

Glendale man accused of stalking ex-girlfriend with GPS

Placer inmate drives away in county truck; keys inside

Costa Mesa friends sentenced to life terms for 1998 slaying

Reseda man, 24, charged in street race that ends in fatal crash

Teen sentenced to 18 years for slaying of Hoover High School student

Hayward cop scandal may come to an end

Napa nursing home fights back, takes state to court

Insanity plea in stabbing death of Santa Rosa cab driver

Snowden defers Napa river lawsuit to another judge

Public Defenders Decry Aid Recipients' Arrests Click. (LAT Reg)

Farmers Insurance Settles Overtime Suit Click. (LAT Reg)

Stanislaus: Westley tire fire settlement of $22 million fallout smolders Click.

Sonoma Executions: Inseparable couple united for eternity. Friends, relatives gather in Ohio to bury slain pair + Sonoma County gun owners face suspicion

Scott Peterson: Evidence may point two ways (SJM Reg)

Michael Jackson: Complete text of statement + Denounces "untruths and sensationalism" + Jackson Acknowledges Settling Past Claims


The Governor: Cash and ink may flow during bill-signing month + Gov. considers including maternity benefits in insurance + Food Stamp bill will test Gov.'s compassion + License plate bill by Dutra signed into law + Gov. weighs Jackson forest plan + Gov. faces business-related bills Click. (SJM Reg)

SHELLY & THE ELECTION: Election funds released to counties. State had frozen millions in grants pending outcome of Shelley audit + Shelley OK'd to spend funds + Shelley investigators: It's a crowded field. 8 agencies involved, so errors are more likely, experts say + Memo: Julie Lee urged state to release cash. Her legislator also expressed interest, parks dept. note says + Secretary of state fights to save reputation amid inquiries

CHP boss trying to get a disability retirement + Related special report: Premium pensions

Workers' comp cost declines 7.5% last quarter

ValleyCare and Alameda County Dept Public Health sign four-year project to improve health care in Azerbaijan Click.

Behind Proposition 36


California firm sends fleet of RVs to Florida

San Jose official blames three underlings in City Hall deal (SJM Reg)

Pittsburg says it's capable of filling San Francisco's electricity needs (CCT Reg)

San Pablo Redevelopment targets 'blighted' mobile home park (CCT Reg)

School days: Novato: Tests find more lead at school's fountains + Waldorf finds a home in Lagunitas + 1,500 students rejected by UC, then welcomed + Report: Texas may lose 'No Child Left Behind' funds + Head of top school calls for end of coursework

Grass fire scorches Novato

San Mateo County: Judge clears path for Peninsula District's open space expansion plans

Ex-official returns to assist Richmond with its deficit. Interim city manager has 170 recommendations

Rocklin project expands for UC Davis med center

Bob Shallit: CalSTRS may sink its roots into 27 acres of West Sacramento

Riders on mission for Bay Area Ridge Trail

Tri-City paratransit for disabled boosts services

Sonoma County: Patrons eager for Rodota trail extension

Salinas: Salvation Army hits rock bottom

Can historic Vallejo mill be saved from closure?

Long Beach Cancer Study Spurs Outcry Click. (LAT Reg)

Bankrupt Dinuba hospital recovers Click. (FB Reg)

Newport Channel's Toxic Sediment: Survey Will Get to the Bottom of It Click. (LAT Reg)

LEAKGATES WTC firm Cantor Fitzgerald sues Saudi Arabia


Security scare shuts Los Angeles airport

South Korea and nukes: South Korea pressured over nuclear experiment. It withholds details as inspections loom + South Korea repudiates uranium experiments + South Korean Scientist Admits 3 or 4 Uranium Enrichment Tests, but Says a Miniscule Amount Far Below Weapons Grade

State Department official to Pakistani TV: U.S. close to finding bin Laden

Spies in the Pentagon: Israeli Spy Probe Ongoing Since 2001 + Neocons Serve Two Flags: Stephen Green + FBI Questions Officials at DOD, Cheney's Office + FBI Probing Spy Suspect's Impact on Iran Policy + Leaks derail FBI's Pentagon spy probe

The most vulnerable will always be on the frontline

UN Finds Three Armed Groups Staged Burundi Massacre

Old boys end up in a fine African mess

S. African's Arrest Seen as Key to Nuclear Black Market

Security review after machete attack on MI5

Sacramento: Veterans for Kerry sign torched on lawn

Fight Over Gulf War Film Escalates Click. (LAT Reg)

What Rights Are We Willing To Forego?

TSA Should Secure Us From Its Employees


Frequent fliers sign up for security program in Washington

Internet helps cops corral protesters


Iraq Oil Exports `Greatly Reduced' After Pipeline Attack, Official Says

Disney critics keep up fight with Eisner

India, Pakistan to discuss pipeline plan

Did Richard Perle Loot $5.4 Million from Hollinger?


Department of Health setting up bird flu alarm system

San Francisco: Dead bird in Presidio had West Nile virus + West-Nile infected birds found in Mid-County, Watsonville + Virus Takes Steep Toll on Birds Click. (LAT Reg)

Truckee: Chipmunk with bubonic plague found

Half a million Americans have heart bypass surgery annually

Tunnel vision boost for British bats

The tale of the otter and the abalone

Russian, US astronauts leave ISS on maintenance mission

China Reveals Secret Space Center

A new world awaits

ATTACK ON RUSSIA:  Putin Lays Blame With Corruption, Breakup of Soviet Union for "full-Scale" Terrorist War on Russia + Hundreds killed in Russia in school hostage siege + Survivors describe 52 nightmarish hours + Mother forced to choose gets both children back + Putin unyielding + Who are the hostage-takers? + Putin vows reform of security service + The horror + A terrifying prospect + At least four hostage-takers at large as officials suggest al-Qa'ida connection + Taken by surprise, army solution fails again + A local separatist struggle or a front of the war on terror?

Stardom: Russian Hostage Horror - ARAB MERCENARIES Or AL-Q??

Google is dying. Death by a billion cuts

IBM opens design to its blade servers


Record rise in Medicare fees. Seniors, disabled hit with biggest premium increase in 40 years + 42 million will feel impact of rise in Medicare costs + Thread on Medicare

Drug Recycling Offers Alternative to Imports

At American Muslim Convention, Commotion Surrounds Pro-Bush Booth


Bush Has Double-Digit Lead on Kerry - Newsweek Poll

Bill: Got it in the tick of time + Doc: He's courageous, composed + Fit Bubba still at risk from high cholesterol

Clash over jobs kicks off election's final sprint. Bush unfazed by Labor report Kerry slams

BUSH/CHENEY: Texan says he helped Bush into Guard. Former politician recalls family friend asking for a favor + 2 ANTI - KERRY VETS TAPPED FOR VA PANEL + Bush mum on need for tax increases

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry: Bush Aims to 'Bamboozle,' Hide Medicare News + Democrat Kerry raises outsourcing issue again + Outraged Kerry takes the gloves off at last + What John Kerry Said in 1971


The Empire Meets Reality: Patrick J. Buchanan

Not anti-U.S., anti-Bush

I can't mock missile shields -- I have one

Helen Thomas: About time Kerry dropped Mr. Nice Guy act Click.

Jeffrey St. Clair: High plains grifter: The life and crimes of George W. Bush (Part 4) Click.

Blumenthal: Bush casts himself as the Lone Ranger

The Bush Crusade

Michael Moore: Why Democrats shouldn't be scared Click.

Despite the double-speak, Bush's message is clear

Evangelicals are strict, not stupid


SEAL unit drug, sex escapades detailed

Navy hoping ''pre-sea swap'' prepares crews for ship switch

Wounded soldiers say they languish at base for no reason Click.

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Pope denounces gay marriage in Canada + LA Episcopal bishop names assistant bishops to rebel parishes

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

French journalists 'about to be freed' + What the French papers said

Iraqi Government Extends Closure of Al-Jazeera's Office in Baghdad Indefinitely

Russian TV Turns Away From Crisis Click.

The AP Changes "Boos" to "Ooohs" in Report on Bush and Clinton

Magazine "Seventeen" adds faith section for teens

Elmore Leonard on the art of writing crime

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Victor Borisov-Musatov. The Pool Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Oakland: First-hand civil rights stories sought. Bus on national tour to gather unrecorded memories of the era

Capitola Begonia Festival in full bloom this weekend

San Francisco: Like old stamps, collectors are growing rarer. At expo, it turns out Elvis is not the King -- at least in postage

Massive LA development unearths Indian grave site, controversy

Bob Sylva: Nun reaches back through centuries to create religious icons

French Egyptologists defend pyramid theory

Hard Facts of Grimms' Tales

Mirror image

Hopper is big draw at Tate Modern

Hollywood raids Venice festival + At Venice Festival, Pacino Plays Shylock and Depp Creates Peter Pan

Rock bands inspire Belle époque for Glasgow scene

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Miami twice

Carlos Fuentes: Confederacy of shadows

Umberto Eco on philosophical black holes

Which vodka is the best?

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Word of the day


WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Al Sadr militia says Iraqi leader out to trick it. Threat of new battle in Baghdad slum where rebels strong + Hope for kidnapped French reporters, northern oil exports halted + Turkish hostages found dead in Iraq + Orders of battle + Xymphora on kidnaps of French journalists

Occupation: Analysts: Most Likely Iraq Outcome Is a Breakup + Iraq's U.K. envoy: Strong Baghdad lobby favors relations with Israel + Iraq president halts French visit

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinians end prison hunger strike. As many as 3,500 held in Israeli jails fasted for 18 days + Egypt disputes Israel's claims of Syrian role in Be'er Sheva attacks

Beirut rejects UN resolution ahead of Lahoud vote + UN: Syria must withdraw from Lebanon, Hezbollah must be disbanded + Lebanese Parliament Amends Constitution to Extend Pro-Syrian President's Term in Office

Israel May Strike Syria Over Pair of Suicide Bombings

AFRICA: U.S. Says Sudan's Government Involved in Recent Darfur Violence + While World Leaders Concentrate on Darfur, Victims of Other Wars Involving Sudan Go Neglected

ASIA PACIFIC: 'Nobody feels safe' as Maoist rebels clash with Nepal royalty

Musharraf imposes former Citibank official as Pakistan's prime minister

Tigers roar over US visits to Sri Lanka

EUROPE: Quiet first day for France's ban on head scarves in school

Canal Controversy Divides Venice of the North

Spain's Liberal Plans Spark Church Counterattack

AMERICAS: Ecuador free-for-all threatens tribes, trees. Weak government lets loggers prevail + Development in Ecuador's Amazon a tale of 2 tribes

Prison is family affair for inmates at Bolivia's San Pedro Penitentiary


Iran admits it provides facilities to Al-Zarqawi to conduct his operations in Iraq Click.

South Korea experimented with highly enriched uranium. Incident could complicate arms talks with North + U.S. Links S. Africa Nuclear Suspect to Libya, AQ Khan + UN agency probing 2000 uranium experiment in S. Korea + South Korea's retrograde politics

Oregon Soldier Convicted of Trying to Aid Al Qaeda + Guardsman gets life term in prison for trying to aid terrorists

U.S. Plot Suspects Face UK Trial in Sept. 2005

Internet magazine grooms women for jihad

Bin Laden's Wealth Not the Force Behind 9/11

William Pfaff: Terrorism is a tool of a greater danger


Pravda: All US-bound planes from Russia are under suspicion

Oil worries lubricate South China Sea pact

Foreign intelligence activities reach alarming level: Ryamizard

Five Acquitted in 1994 Argentina Bombing

SA man charged for 'nuclear bomb'

Libya pays $35m over Berlin attack


Sheriff, prosecutor defend handling of Kobe Bryant case + Bryant outcome typical of rape cases. Experts cite barriers to prosecution + 'Cumulative Stress' - Bryant Case Finally Ended With Call From Alleged Victim

Procter& Gamble, Vidal Sassoon settle suit

I.B.M. Offers $10,000 to Owners of Contaminated Houses

Ruling expected today in '80 assassination case re: Archbishop Romero

Wilderness Act turns 40, and people are still arguing about it

First black judge joining British High Court

Pennsylvania Settles Trooper Misconduct Cases for $5 Million


California's Grandparent Visitation Statute: Why the State's Supreme Court Upheld It

Solano County authorities seize 8,000 pot plants+ Worth 40 million

Judge orders Verse back to Contra Costa (CCT Reg) + Sex predator to be moved from San Jose (SJM Reg) + Verse move to Merced fails; Contra Costa next + Ex-con's county settled

Dublin High discovers sex offender may have lived on campus (CCT Reg)

Teen dealer of the ecstasy pill that killed girl, may be tried as adult (SJM Reg)

Fed jury clears (wrongful death suit) San Jose officer in shooting of Richard Sharpe, but another officer to be retried

Ruling by Alameda County Judge Sabraw limits sex abuse suits against priests + Ruling limits sex abuse suits against priests + Belated sex abuse lawsuits pass test + Judge sets standards for clergy abuse cases + Judge's ruling reduces payouts in clergy molest suits

Judge tentatively sets ground rules for LA cardinal's deposition + Cardinal faces questions about old abuse cases

Martha Stewart fan convicted of jury tampering

Marin: Novato mother and mentally disabled son charged with setting series of arson fires

Report: Michael Jackson paid $2 million to another accuser

LAPD Bratton says goals of reducing homicides won't happen in 2004

Surgeon at troubled LA hospital investigated by county officials

Maid who won suit against Sony executive decries slavery

American River: Woman who lit fires to get attention sentenced to 1 year in arsons

Oakland: Man charged with slaying for second time

Vagos (Mexican) Motorcycle Club faces trafficking, gang charges

Capitola Village resident thwarts home-invasion robbery + Capitola: Suspected bank robber caught in wrong place at wrong time

Watsonville restaurant patron foils robbery

Ramcho Cordova: Woman sexually assaulted

Napa: Mobile home lands family feud in court

Blue Cross seeks arbitrator in case where doctors allege defamation

Ex Modesto Mayor Sabatino hearing on 11 charges is delayed

San Francisco: D.A. dismisses ethics charges. Judge had earlier ruled in favor of ex-planning commissioner + 2 of 3 trials planned for S.F. in fajita fight + Alleged kidnapper ends standoff quietly + Flasher targets girls on San Francisco Avenues

Redwood City: L.A. man guilty of San Bruno slayings. Life without parole possible for killing of 4 in drug dispute

Belmont: Slain man's relatives post $150,000 reward

San Francisco: Alleged kidnapper ends standoff quietly

San Jose: Auto fluid leads to hit-run suspect

Oakland: 'Band-Aid Bandit' indicted in holdups

Vallejo: Court upholds verdict on singer's uncle

California Dept Corrections health care in disarray Click.

Department of Corrections accuses Bakersfield businessman Terry Moreland of misappropriating $1 million in inmate telephone revenues at private prison he runs in San Bernardino Click.

Scott Peterson: Cat-and-mouse game recounted in court (SJM Reg) + Witnesses talk about surveillance (CCT Reg) + Surveillance got 'burned' by Peterson + Peterson knew he was being followed + The Peterson File + Defendant realized he was being followed. After 8 days, police, state agents had to end surveillance


The Governor: Gov. faces business-related bills (SJM Reg) + Chevron makes donations, gets key say in state overhaul + Gov. makes time for big donors + Historians criticize Gov. for Austrian history gaffes + 'Mr. Mom' no more, he recalls hectic days + New Medical Board chief Dave Thornton + Dan Walters: Gov. pleases neither side in fight over licenses + Gov. demurs at stumping in Ohio for Bush. 'No plans right now' to visit swing states in president's behalf +Gov. defends his integrity after convention Click. (LAT Reg)

Chevron Influenced Schwarzenegger Reorganization Plan, Made Large Contributions Click.

Bay Bridge delays may top 3 years + Current bridge plan urged. Single-tower span now quickest, cheapest, audit says + Bay Bridge deal: Perata shows Gov. how to make a political point + Report offers options for Bay Bridge Click. (CCT Reg)

Measure urges agencies to buy California lumber + Machado, facing big test, skips key votes + Legislators' failure to vote is killing legislation Click.

Catholic Church, financier Howard Ahmanson opposing stem cell research

Two East Bay reps. Lee and Stark call for General Boykin's firing

Boxer calls for stiff fines for delayed response to Suisun Marsh oil spill


Neighbors return missing desert tortoise

Earthquake observatory of the San Andreas 2 miles down (SJM Reg) + Probing seismic secrets

Mariposa fire leads to evacuation of hundreds of residents

Palo Alto fundraiser Gregory Slaton enjoying GOP ties (SJM Reg)

Santa Clara County looks at lobbying curbs (SJM Reg)

San Jose City Manager calls document by lawyer about botched deal with Cisco misleading (SJM Reg) + Text of City Hall memo on Cisco contract

Richmond Bridge cost soars

Salisbury Island residents' dream falls to dust on the Delta (CCT Reg)

School days: Transfer plan for sanctioned Santa Rosa schools thanks to No Child Left Behind law + Oakland district fills out teacher ranks + Principal culls stability at Berkeley High from 'utter chaos' + Chemers, Wormhoudt discuss growth on UCSC campus + Vallejo district allows cell phones + Three vie for single Napa school board seat + Editorial: Progress on schools + Westminster trustees agree to become the plaintiff in Christian group's lawsuit over regulation on gender anti-discrimination Click. (LAT Reg) + 21 San Fernando Valley campuses fall short Click. + Leaving kids behind Click. + Dissenters Steamed but Not Heard a Coast Community College meeting Click. (LAT reg)

Mercury warning for Lake Natoma

UC Davis nurses picket over lifting heavy patients

City of Alameda: Law will allow new Webster St. makeover work

Stockton: Altamont express facility funds OK'd

Review shows pockets of cancer clusters in LA region

San Francisco: Emporium demolition deceit? + Report calls for MTA to reform planning + Compost from restaurants fuels farming + Hotel workers plan vote on strike + The San Francisco real estate lexicon dictionary + Muni executive to replace Leal as treasurer. Cisneros has also worked for IBM, Bank of Boston + Measure to stop demolition off ballot. Daly petition lacked disclaimer, special election expected

Foes vocal on shift of Lake Almanor water to Feather River

Napa trash up for grabs

Commuters sailing high aboard new ferry from Vallejo to San Francisco

Napa: Crane brothers' dream realized in ripe, lush syrah

San Mateo Coastal dwellers dream of a city to call their own. County critics seek control over 156 square miles

Emeryville streets are public issue

Martinez: Nonprofit for developmentally disabled may take over some centers

North Richmond: $10 million pledged to build affordable homes. Project also to train low-income people how to buy them

L.A. is America's poverty capital

County Moves to Fire Surgeon at King/Drew Click. (LAT reg)

Study Offers Strategy for Southern California Housing Gap Click. (LAT reg)

PUC Acts to Boost Natural Gas Supply Click. (LAT reg)

Ventura County: Justices uphold ordinance providing four law enforcement agencies a guaranteed share of the budget Click. (LAT reg)


Shift From Traditional War Seen at Pentagon

Denying the Troops a Secret Ballot

Pentagon reassigning military health workers

Palast: Air Guard Fix

Statue Made of Melted Bronze From Saddam Statues Dedicated at Fort Hood

Fort Carson-Based Soldier Kills Himself After Arrest on Child-Sex Charge


Brent Scowcroft Calls Iraq War an 'Overreaction'

San Francisco woman hauled away for interrupting president + How did San Francisco's Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the feminist, anti-war group Code Pink, get convention credentials? Click.

Biometrics: The Fingers Have It

JUDGE SLAPS CITY + Police Show of Force, 18 Months of Planning Prevented Major Disruptions During GOP Convention

Films push boundary of onscreen sex

First They Came for the Protesters


Rev. Andrew Greeley: Church is failing the world's women

Boys Ousted From Polygamist Sect Seek New Life in Outside World

Mexicans Battle Over Wal-Mart-Owned Store Being Built Near 2,000-Year-Old Pyramids

Blood for pork....

Halliburton says Nigerian scheme involved plant


2nd Butte County resident tests positive for West Nile virus

Identifying Tick Genes Could Halt Disease, Bioterrorism Threat

Scientists Develop 3-Day Cure for Malaria

American Psychological Association Launches Three New Databases

Bacteria May Be The Cause Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Treatment For Pulmonary Fibrosis May Be Achieved By Blocking Cell Death In The Lung

Treating Systolic High Blood Pressure In Older Persons Is Beneficial

Cassini Reveals Saturn's Cool Rings

Envisat Witnesses Return Of The South Polar Ozone Hole

Bone Marrow Cells Routinely Help With Wound Healing

Fred Hutchinson Researchers Uncover A Key Driver Behind The Progression Of Prostate Cancer

Molecular Motor Myosin VI Moves 'Hand Over Hand,' Researchers Say

Computer Models Expose Humans As Main Cause Of Caribou Decline

Study Suggests Stress Of Task Determines If Estrogen Helps Cognition

Convulsions In Worms Mimic Epileptic Seizures

Mindless brutality? No, it's the spiteful gene

Soya boom threat to South America

Swiss group 'helped 22 Brits die'

Cancer gene controls nerve growth

Hopes for baldness cure as hairless mouse grows 'fur'

ATTACK ON RUSSIA: High death toll  + Russian forces storm hostage school; more than 150 dead, 560 hospitalized + Eyewitness: Hostage terror +In pictures: Russian school battle + Comment: John Kampfner + Huge toll as school siege ends + Steinberg: Russian hostage situation raises chilling prospects here + Pravda: School stormed, hostages released + Over 300 Hostages Taken to N. Ossetian Hospitals + Two Female Suicide Bombers Detonate in School — Eyewitness + Field Engineers Clear School of Mines, No Gunmen Left + Timeline of Hostage Standoff at Russian School

U.S. Plans Portable Nuclear Power Plants

U.K. Demos World's Largest Computing Grid

Millions Handed To Local Trio For Nano Projects

Digipass Pack secures Microsoft network logins

Supercool! Model Unscrambles Complex Crystallization Puzzle

Body and brain of gamers probed

Prevx releases free intrusion prevention software

Inflatable Spaceship Set for Test Flight


TIME Mag: Bush Opens Double-Digit Lead

Who really pulls the strings in Bush's White House?

U.S. Economy Adds 144,000 Jobs; Unemployment Is Lowest Since October 2001

Bush Uses Jobs Report as Proof Policies Working; Kerry Focuses on Net Loss


Showing modest upturn, jobs data gives ammunition to both Bush and Kerry

Bush and Kerry Hit Road, Trade Blows on Jobs

Shot Fired Into GOP Headquarters in W. Virginia

And now, ad campaigns

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush strikes with hard message + A case for reelection based on the war + News Analysis: To Bush, it’s the man, not the plan + GOP Ally Reports $40 Million in Pledges + Bush camp may cut 1 debate

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry calls foe ‘unfit,’ rips VP on deferments


A plea for national amnesia

Mark Morford: Where Is Your Hallowed Balm?

Saying whatever it takes

Keynote speech at Republican convention: a fascistic rant from a pro-Bush Democrat

Greenspan warns cuts to Social Security may be "abrupt and painful"

Novak: Debate on small government swept under the rug

Mitchell: GOP's African Americans keeping distance from Keyes

The ‘compassionate conservative’ is back, but why should we believe it?

Big Tent? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Big Tent

Too Little Too Late

Stardom: I Turned Off ´´The SPEECH´´

Michael Moore: Why Democrats shouldn't be scared Click.

The South Will Rise Again

Paul Krugman: Feel the hate Click.

Jimmy Breslin: Kerry should counterpunch Click.

Bush speech leaves out complex facts

Juan Cole: The CEO test for Bush

RICH: Dog fight for the presidency

Spy in the Pentagon:
FBI looking for Pentagon leak to Iraqi figure. Chalabi, Israel lobbying group under scrutiny + Israel Has Long Spied on U.S., Say Officials + AIPAC, Espionage, and Chalabi + FBI Probing Spy Suspect's Impact on Iran Policy + Friends in High Places: Justin Raimondo + Israel Spy Scandal: Misplaced Feith + What if the friend of my friend is my enemy? + AIPAC defiant over FBI probe of alleged leak + Another AIPAC Statement + FBI probe of Pentagon extends to Iran stance + Column One: Policy wars and real wars

War prisons: Marine convicted of assaulting Iraqi prisoners. But military court finds him not guilty of detainee's death + Reports in, US must act on Abu Ghraib


Dollar Rises After Report Shows Strongest Growth in Employment Since May

Intel Lowers Its Forecasts; Shares Plunge After Hours

NUMMI gearing up for new Tacoma (SJM Reg)

Rush to train longshoreman at California ports

Oil in Tennessee? Some folks keep on looking. Prospectors have to fight through rock

IRS hiring 500 agents, officers

Credit reports now extending to the job front

Yukos handed 4.2-bln-dollar tax bill for 2001

Could Black retake control of Hollinger Int'l?

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  S.F. officials launch salvo for gay marriage (SJM Reg) + Advocates file briefs in support of gay marriage + Court briefs charge state ban based on 'archaic stereotypes'

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

After 30 years, publisher is still in his Heyday (CCT Reg)

Santa Rosa Press Democrat moves court to get names of abusive priests

Talk? These Walls Rant

£2m advance for new children's author

18 News Groups Push for Confidentiality

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Victor Borisov-Musatov. The Pool Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Celebration of the arts in downtown San Jose this weekend (SJM Reg)

Ancient Mayan art on display in San Francisco at Palace of Legion of Honor

Sausalito Art Festival accentuates Labor Day weekend

Scottish Festival returns to Pleasanton Saturday

Harvest Wine Celebration begins Sunday in Livermore

Slice of Heaven in the Desert

A Painted Tale Of The Past in Modesto

MDCT 'Unwraps' Egyptian Mummy, Clearly Revealing Face Of 3,000 Year Old Man

India's filmmakers -- like society -- facing realities of HIV

Spielberg, Lucas headline Deauville film fest

"Learning to shout", as opera, the Iliad and football merge into one

Thousands of rare books damaged in fire at historic German library

Indelible Persia

Hare's war

£10m restoration gives new life to Hawksmoor masterpiece

Berserk for Björk

Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge"

Rush & Molloy: Live, from N.Y.!  McCain!

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WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Air Strike on Iraq's Falluja Kills 17 + Iraqi Militants Say Kill Three Turkish Hostages + US Report Accuses Sadr of Mass Killings + Chalabi attacked on road to inaugural assembly meeting + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Council holds first meeting under fire. 7 foreign workers said to be released after ransom paid + Iraqi legislature convenes for first time + Geopolitical weeds in cradle of civilization

War prisons: :26 US Soldiers to Be Charged in Deaths of Afghan Detainees + Aussie Terror Suspect's Lawyer Makes US Court Challenge

IRAN: Pakistan aided Iran on nukes since '95. U.N. report says Tehran becoming more helpful + Iran to Convert Uranium Batch + Feith's Office Contemplates Iran War + Nuclear agency says Iran making precursor to bomb fuel

MIDDLE EAST: Syria: Israel's retaliation threat against Damascus lacks credibility + Why suddenly blame Syria? + Israel vs. Hamas in Syria: a new battleground? Israel's war may have taken a new turn, toward Damascus + US, France Tell Syria Not to Interfere With Lebanon Election

Security prisoners end hunger strike; Israel denies meeting demands

AFRICA: Politicians wage geopolitical war in central Nigeria Click.

ASIA PACIFIC: Anwar's release roils Malaysian politics + Anwar's freedom catches UMNO with pants down

EUROPE: Iraq kidnappings backfire in France. Many Muslims take stand against terrorists, accept head-scarf ban

AFRICA: UN warns Sudan over attacks on villagers


AP ENTERPRISE: Osama Bin Laden's Operatives Still Use Freewheeling Dubai as a Logistical Hub

German intelligence reports attack on U.S. before elections likely

Israeli intelligence assailed for blasts. It failed to break up Hamas cell that carried out attack + Background. Weak intelligence on Hebron streets + Background: Hamas infrastructure in Hebron strikes again

US-Backed Armies Firing Blanks: Thalif Deen

Russian Terror Exposes Weak Intelligence

US Spy Jobs Not an Easy Sell for Muslims

Israeli Intel Tried to Recruit Suicide Bomber as a Collaborator

Anderson traitor case: Defense says soldier mentally ill + G-I accused of trying to aid al-Qaida called bipolar, 'social misfit' + Mental health experts testify at Lynnwood soldier's hearing

Two Qaeda arrests in Pakistan

Bush's Intelligence Moves Don't Attain Scope Urged by 9/11 Panel

Recruiting spies: tricks of a murky trade

CIA Reduces Exchange With Israel

U.S. Defector Tells of Abuse, Fear in North Korea + Four Decades in North Korea

Harvey Clew remembers foreign service career

The Man Who Never Was: World War II's Boldest Counterintelligence Operation

Firms warned to watch out for foreign spies

Equatorial Guinea: How oil brought the dogs of war back to Malabo

Al Qaeda's Tech Traps

Terror Witness Waiting to Speak Out

U.S. Prosecutors Drag Heels in Kazakhgate Case


U.S. Erred in Terror Convictions + Report Scolds Terrorism Prosecutors + Justice Dept. stumbles in 'huge mess' of terror case

Bryant rape case ends in dismissal. Accuser refuses to testify. NBA star apologizes

San Francisco: Federal Court grants hearing to IRS whistle-blower

Court revives fraud suit against Oracle

Seattle police arrest one, seek one in attack on radio host Tom Leykis

Prosecutor to charge genocide re: Mexico's dirty war

Pope Discusses Sex Abuse Scandal with U.S. Bishops

UN court forces ailing Milosevic to take on defense counsel + The Hague Showdown: Nebojsa Malic

Court acquits Bosnian Serb after five-year genocide trial

Twin suspects spark unique DNA test

Feds Hunt Source of GOP Data

Mail box bomb suspect is called delusional

Accused Elizabeth Smart Abductor Pleads Not Guilty

12 charged with fraud in settlement over diet drug

The Crucial Criminal Cases that Will Start the New Supreme Court Term: Testing the Federal Sentencing Guidelines' Constitutionality

Prominent Former Judge Pleads Guilty to DWI, Cocaine Charges; Sentenced to Probation


California Supreme Court to set rules for parental disputes between gays

Sund/Carrington Foundation's scope evolves from regional to national

Feds subpoena Tenet Hospital over recruitment issues at San Ramon hospital (CCT Reg)

CHP asks for help in shooting of Belmont stockbroker (SJM Reg) + Driver on I-280 was killed by single bullet. Police, family baffled

Lawyer wants church funds frozen in San Diego Diocese (CCT Reg)

Belmont: Girl's slow drug death from ecstasy pill described

Novato: Mother, son suspects to be arraigned today. Accused of setting 8 fires in 6 locations -- officials mum + Mother, son arrested in Novato fires

San Francisco: Separate trial OKd for 'lightweight' charged in fajita case. Fagan Jr. to be tried out of city; Tonsing may go either way

Sacramento: Man convicted of sex with 14-year-old girl

Oakland teen may face adult charges in slaying of one-year old infant

Vacaville: Suspect held in transient's killing, beating of witness

Sacramento: Former lover arrested in man's beating death

Berkeley Police chief Roy Meisner says he's stepping down

Yolo jail inmate dies at hospital

Rio Linda man arrested in Front Street shooting

Pot plants seized near Foresthill

Public scrutiny for prisons

Modesto man, 32, shot, faces arrest

Did San Francisco Juvenile Probation bosses swindle their employees?

Report: L.A. Police chemist botched evidence in criminal cases

Modesto woman gets one year for vehicular manslaughter

Indescribable’ scene greets deputies in Boulder Creek arrest

Napan surrenders to police weeks after assault on gang member

Watsonville man Francisco Sanchez gets 20 years for molesting two girls

Latinos Warn of 'False' Credit Card

Vallejo: Attempted scam goes wrong, leading to kidnap at gunpoint, victim says

50 Migrants Discovered in Sailboat outside L.A. harbor

Scott Peterson: Police describe defendant's visits to marina (SJM Reg) + Search dog evidence questioned (CCT Reg) + Police followed him secretly on several trips from Modesto + Defense attacks prosecution ideas about Peterson conduct + Peterson testimony turns to surveillance + Developments Wednesday + Lawyers debate motive for marina visits


The Governor: Gov. visits Harlem school, boosts pet project. But he's under fire for backing Bush's 'No Child' policy + Uncertainty zaps power construction + State, private prison spar over funds + Lawmakers approve chemical ship bill (SJM Reg) + Scooter bill lands on desk of governor + Legislators begin push for San Pablo casino cash (CCT Reg) + Prime-Time Hero Schwarzenegger May Take Act on Road to Ohio Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. Backs '08 Anaheim GOP Convention Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: Richmond Council votes to proceed on casino at Point Molate. Deal won't be final until judge rules on Chevron claim + Tiny California Valley Miwok Tribe wants coastal land for casino complex Click.

Boxer ties Jones to Bush policy

Shelley needs a timeout + Grand jury subpoenas 2 Shelley contributors

Commuters should have say on toll if state can't fix Bay Bridge plan


El Sobrante plan slow to emerge (CCT Reg)

San Jose City Hall probe misses target: incompetence (SJM Reg)

Sacramento County's budget outlook improves

Port of Sacramento will hire new leader

San Francisco: UCSF med center plans to stay put. Proposes building 3 new hospitals in Mission Bay + Old Emporium offices vanish + Raw deal for elderly homeless + Newsom campaign to pay $10,000 rent. Expense wasn't filed in financial disclosure reports + Feds give BART, Muni projects $26.5 million + Housing nonprofit sues ex-official. He's accused of using group credit card for personal expenses + Ethics panel seeks campaign fund cash + Embarcadero Center loses tax-break bid

School days: Daniel Weintraub: Paring back the foliage in the school-finance mess + Larger budget gives College of Marin room to repeal some cuts + ACLU sues California school district for treatment of pregnant teens + Test incentive program needs firm commitment + Sebastopol: 2 districts, 1 superintendent + Program will help bank Valley school districts + Santa Cruz teachers take contract stand + UCLA is urged to favor locals

Monterey County:

Scientists point drill at quake fault

American Canyon: Overcrowding halts superstore meeting re: Wal-Mart superstore

Ruling on dam water worries Central Valley + Valley residents wonder if judge's decision will alter landscape + More must be weighed than fish and farms if San Joaquin River revived

Oakdale public projects in works

Modesto: Gang sweep nets 50 arrests, hope for safer streets

Affordable housing complex in Merced to open in October

Huntington Beach councilwoman at center of investigation resigns

Fremont Council fills city manager post

Fremont Sikh temple leaders resign

Sonoma/Marin mosquito district may expand

Proposed Petaluma mall lands Target

Napa: Pritchard Hill winery expansion under study

Oakland: Anatomy of a boom in dogtown

East Bay gossip

Oakland: Silence as a Campaign Strategy in Mayoral Race

Two Fresno protesters marched off to jail Click. (FB Reg)

First home buy gets easier via California Housing Finance Agency Click.

MILITARY  Congress Puts Insurance Sales to Military Under Scrutiny

Death of British submarine captain cuts link with great WWII spy hoax

Changing names of Iraq camps causing problems for air evacuation teams Click.

Why the Bayonet Survives


Chalabi, Claiming Exoneration, Plans Another Comeback

Veterans of Iraq war join forces to protest US invasion

In the streets of New York day and night + Jailings as choreography + 'Txt msgs' keep convention protesters organized + Republican National Convention Operations 12  + An anarchist in court + Glick: Ground Zero Arrests + Judge orders city to release anti-GOP demonstrators



Stardom: EU Flips BYRD Off And Threatens SANCTIONS

Xymphora opines

Blood for pork....

Halliburton Says Officials Spoke of Nigeria Bribes + Halliburton Role in Nigerian Probe Criticized Click.

CalSTRS leery of CACI contractor

USA and Russia dominate on arms market, despite delivery cuts

Russian arms to flow to Iraq

Citing anti-terror aid, US eases arms sales ban to Yemen

Prized Enron pipeline business is sold


World oil prices surge after Iraqi pipeline blast

Moscow freezes $2.6bn in Yukos accounts

Google lifts rules on selling insider shares

LeapFrog founder steps down

Outsourcing parts to China, not airliners

Iraqi oil still flowing, barely

Report details ways it says execs took Hollinger Int'l money


Bird Flu Found to Sicken Cats

Japanese virus may have killed Wisconsin babies

What every woman should know about heart disease

Buck researchers discover cancer prediction gene

The Rocks Of Mars: Opportunity Tool Back At Work + Mars rover Opportunity shakes free pebble jamming rock tool

New virus suspected in two SIDS cases

Scarce insects duck UK splat test

Alternative for dental sedation re: children

Maternal blood test could predict cot death + Pregnancy clue to cot death risk

Pig organs may be safe for humans

Age may figure in radiation therapy

Men from early middle ages were nearly as tall as modern people

Rare Deficit Maps Thinking Circuitry

Scientists Discover Proteins Involved In Spread Of HIV-1 Infection

Scientists Estimate Probability Of Death From Breast Cancer And Other Causes Following Diagnosis

Purdue Study Finds Antioxidant Protects Metal-eating Plants

Anti-cancer Compound In Vegetables Found To Block Late-stage Breast-cancer Cell Growth

Chernobyl Study Reveals First Direct Evidence That Risk Of Thyroid Cancer Rises With Increasing Radiation Dose

Analysis Of Gene Expression In Lymphoid Cells Can Determine Lymphoma Cancer

Tiny Diamonds Precious For University Of Alberta Research

Veterinarians Discover First Known Case Of Canine Distemper In A Wild Tiger

Modest Climate Change Could Lead To Substantially More And Larger Fires

MIT Team Explains Yin-yang Of Ginseng; Work Emphasizes Need For Stronger Regulations Of Herbal Drugs

Attacking Fish Prompt Defensive Evolution

TERROR IN RUSSIA: 26 women, children freed from Russian school + International Terrorism Declares War on Russia— Defense Minister + Russia Sends Troops to Guard Nuclear Sites + Putin faces critical test to save pupils + World briefing: Simon Tisdall + Attack Creates Dilemma for Putin

Hydrogen Fuel Closer to Fruition

Software Service Aims to Outfox Caller ID

I.B.M. to Share Technology and Designs for New Computer

Microsoft makes mobile media push

Finally, a Car That Talks Back

Jonathan Glancey praises Apple's computer designs


Venerable Wilderness Act Stands Test of Time + Endangered seabird could lose protection. U.S. ruling on marbled murrelet

Iraq war has some Republicans looking to president for answers. Party stays unified to win re-election, but a debate looms

Perle the kleptocrat

Former Rep. Frank Ballance Indicted on Fraud Charges


A chill among Maine's voters

In cliffhanger US presidential vote, absentee Americans overseas sign up in droves

BUSH/CHENEY: Cheney and G.O.P. Mount Vigorous Assault on Kerry + Bush campaign sues to shut down political groups + So, Why is this man Rove laughing? + Bush to attend Midtown church service + President's daughters go to bat + Republicans on a roll + GOP's big show for a tiny group + The right kind of diversity + Off script, Bush could sink own ship + Speech goals: Address taxes, avoid Kerry, fix a blunder + SOURCE: BUSH PHOTOGRAPHED WEARING AIR FORCE AWARD HE DID NOT EARN

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry lists Bush fumbles on Iraq. American Legion audience gives a mixed response + Kerry Slams Bush Approach to Iraq + Kerry attacks president on postwar strategy + Kerry Planning More Aggressive Campaign Style In Final Months Of Campaign + TO BEGIN 7-STATE AD BLITZ


The Republican convention: Wall Street fetes its political stooges

Schwarzenegger has it backwards: It’s gutless pols who are economic wimps

Jimmy Breslin: Weary shoulders shrug off historic visit

Republicans Don't Read 'The Joy of Sex'

Blumenthal: Dubya doesn't do nuance, Arnie does

Opposing Bush becomes unpatriotic

Guess what? Republicans fear the other guy more than they like their own Click.

Michael Moore: Don't send more kids to die Click.

Bob Fitrakis: Gott mit uns: On Bush and Hitler's rhetoric Click.

Scott C. Smith: The GOP convention: Home of the revisionist historians Click.

Gene Lyons: The consequences of catastrophic success Click.

High Plains Grifter: Part 3: More Pricks Than Kicks + Jeffrey St. Clair: High plains grifter: The life and crimes of George W. Bush Click.

Molly Ivins: Unmitigated gall Click.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Zig Zag Zell Click.

Reich: What Ownership Society?

Cheney's Party

Click. Chris Floyd The vote-count is controlled by corporate players hardwired into the Bush power nexus

Click. Brent Scowcroft Calls Iraq War ‘overreaction’

Click. In Historic Shift, Jewish Support Plotzes On Bush

Click. Invasion of Bushy Snatchers

Click. Why Is Kerry Behind? Bush Bunch Bloodying His Aquiline Nose

Click. Crisis in Kerry Camp: How to Suck Wind From Swift Boat Sails

George W. Bush's missing year Click.

Spy in the Pentagon: FBI Probes Israeli Theft of Vital Secrets + FBI Copies AIPAC Computer Hard Drive in Israel Probe + Congress Must Probe Spy Scandal: John Conyers + The Axis That Should Worry Us: Robert Dreyfuss + Report: FBI suspects classified NSA data may have been passed to Israel + More Investigations of Feith's Offices + Leak Probe More Than 2 Years Old + Pentagon Office in Spying Case Was Focus of Iran Debate + Israel group in FBI probe wields influence in U.S. + AIPAC hires lawyers + ADL calls for probe of Pentagon ‘mole’ leak + Espionage Ruled Out in Case of Bad Art + Shepherd professor at center of probe by FBI + Questions Raised Over Aipac's Tactics + Groups Rally to Lobby's Side as FBI Intensifies Israeli Espionage Probe + Jews Fear Fallout On Fed Spy Probe + Spies and/or Victims + Ahmed Amr: Fixing the Son of Pollard + Defending Israel's Defenders + Spy Scandal's Roots are Deep + Franklin Spy Case: A Non-Partisan, Institutional Response

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Mixed reaction to proposal for gay-rights boycott

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Censored! The 10 big stores the national news media ignored

NPR Stokes Iran Hysteria: Mike Whitney

News Organizations Present Case for Confidentiality

The two flavors of cable news

What's a Stemwinder?

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Shepherds of Arcadia, Nicolas Poussin

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Turlock hoping to revive tribute to Scandinavians

Spend slower summer afternoon the Gatsby way at Dunsmuir Estate

Livermore harvest celebration begins on Sunday

Sanz Is a Big Winner at the Latin Grammys

SETI has not found ET: official + Alien Contact More Likely by "Mail" Than Radio, Study Says

Fiction by Yoko Ogawa

Stonehenge on Don

Menaced by holy monkeys, Indian villagers call in the contract killers

Unique Roman collection to be restored to view

The African play

The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures

Second Childhood

Pepys' London "A Malicious Bloody Flame"

Rush & Molloy: Prez's aide: Twins were Bush-league

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: The convention's twin engine

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