NEWSGRIDS - December 2001

December 31, 2001

A war between India and Pakistan would be bin Laden's victory. Click.

India Vows to Win Nuclear War

All Indian Political Parties Back War Stance

India Again Rejects Pakistan Offer for Talks

Latest US Bombing Error Kills 107 Civilians

New Argentine President Quits After One Week

Argentina in chaos after latest president quits

Afghan military commander in Harat criticizes United Nations-arranged peace agreement Click.

Sadaam's enemies make plans to take over

The Dreamer Shimon Peres

Mystery Ship Sent Suicide Message

Short history of the Kashmir conflict


U.S. Lacks Stockpile of Special Drug

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Egyptian agent worked with Green Berets, bin Laden

Paper Discloses Contents of al-Qaida Computer

Opinion of Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former CIA spy in the Middle East Click.

Scanners designed to identify terrorists

Where al-Qaida has gone


Vocational cuts leave students without middle ground

Concannons not gone with the winery

New laws: Boosters hot on new trail to follow California's coast

Redwood Children's Center

Former L.A. mayor trying to buck trend. Governor's job has eluded big-city leaders

Reworking Hayward: Blueprint for city's future proposed

Luxury liner ventures into wine country

To build a fire, the California way

Sisters restore Taoist temple, testament to vanished community

Gov. Davis taps donors outside California for millions

Gov. Davis fighting to broaden his authority

Happy New Year in Sunol!


President Bush is Wartime CEO

Another Bush, another recession

The Two Faces of Richard Mellon Scaife

Daschle Defends 60-Vote Majority Rule

Daschle: Bush Must Compromise on Stimulus

Rosie O'Donnell Stumps for Janet Reno at Fund-Raiser

China sentences two leaders of a Christian sect to death

Germany's just war


Healing After Terror Click.

What's the Best Way to Get Rid of a Holiday Hangover?

Australian net users 'mature'

Japan rations new year mobile use

Tampa desalination plant drawing international attention

December Internet job losses at 18-month low

California's auto design centers earn nickname "Detroit West"

More on FCC wants to yank Kevin Mitnick's radio license

EMC Seeks to Rebound in '02 with Data Software

India Seeks to Become World's Back-Office


Europe hails 'historic euro'

A flat 2001: Bubbly sales in U.S. lack pop

Top 10 business stories of year mostly bad news

France Investigates Israeli Banks For Money-Laundering

Hong Kong Disneyland

Indian Stocks For American Investors


ACLU Exec Voices Concerns

Click. In 1942, I helped try the German saboteurs. Here's what we learned.


Former judge fought mental illness

Counterpane: Crypto-Gram: National Security Cards? Specialists in security matters argue against them.

Bush's Judicial Nominees Go 28 for 80 in the Senate

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. How did a racist speechwriter for George Wallace turn into a "Cherokee" sage and author of a revered multicultural text?

A guide to the dot.commies and dot.reactionaries on the web

Queen of Madison Avenue brands America. Click.

An Egyptian view of the press in the U.S.


Giant Jupiter heralds new year

Alternative therapies 'backed by ministers'

Doctors support acupuncture

Aromatherapy hazards warning

'Deaf' toddler recovers hearing

Renaissance man relishes role of provocateur

Herb linked to liver problem

Worldwide Climate Crisis

Scientists validate old wives' advice

Newborns Will Be Screened for More Diseases

Defensive Maneuvers

Return to Exercise Can Be Hard on Your Bones

Hearing Solutions in a Fly's Ear

Defensive Maneuvers

Researchers Announce Location Of Gene That Causes High Bone Mass; May Lead To New Osteoporosis Treatment

From Cornstarch To The Giant's Causeway

NASA Scientist Finds Some Meteorites Not Sugar-Free

Pierre-August Renoir, Sleeping Girl
(known at Girl with a Cat) 1880

Girls in Pearls: The legendary Mitfords. Click.

Click. A former Christian fundamentalist recalls a life of ferocious, intractable faith -- and the moments it began to crumble

Dig up your family tree online  The 1901 census for England and Wales is going online.

It was a very strange year for movies

Women of God Click.

Out of Hollywood's Closet

A Look at the Past With the Tools of the Future

Word of the Day Click.

December 30, 2001

India or Pakistan: Who will strike first?

Pakistan freezes nuclear scientists' bank accounts

A shortage of cruise missiles has thrown plans for a full-scale strike on Iraq into disarray.  Click.

Ex-Taliban hide their histories to rejoin society

The making of a human time bomb. Click.

Unanswered Questions About Would-Be Suicide Bomber Reid

UK Spies Knew Shoe Bomber Was Linked to 9/11

Bin Laden Fighters Say Little

One man's basic training

Afghan Gov't Reversal: US Bombing Should Continue

India: We Can Survive Strike, Pakistan Can't


Doctors fear Ebola is spreading


Click. Alameda County Counsel Richard E. Winnie has served as legal adviser for a virtual United Nations of clients.


Anti-Clinton pit bulls don't even bark at Bush-Enron scandal Click.

'Reaching for Glory': The Workings of Lyndon Johnson's Mind

List of anti-life actions and inactions made by the Bush Administration

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Many Say U.S. Planned for Terror but Failed to Take Action Click.

The FBI is conducting more than 150 separate investigations into groups and individuals in the United States with possible ties to OBL's al Qaeda organization. The domestic targets include dozens of people who are under electronic surveillance through national security warrants, and others who are being watched by undercover agents attempting to learn more about their activities and associates, officials said Click.

Cuban officials said Saturday that they oppose the use of the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay for detainees from the war in Afghanistan - mostly because they believe the base should have been closed decades ago. Click.

2002: the next big things

Veterans clubs seek to gain new members

Musharraf to travel to SAARC summit via China: Official

The perfect couple?


Skolnick - The Sucker Traps, Part 1


The Two Faced Business of New Year's Resolutions Click.


Click. ACLU Exposes Baltimore Cops Secret Spy Fund

New Inquiry Ordered Into Columbine Teen's Death

Child Molester Implicated in Florida Patricide Case

FBI Widow Turned Down for Benefits by Twin Towers Fund

Judge Reduces Sex Charges Against Shock Rocker Manson


Workers Rethink Retirement Savings

Early Warnings of Trouble at Enron

Enron's India Disaster. Click.

Agent Orange hotspots located 

Earth and Moon Viewer Click.

Common Mycoplasmas - Now Weaponized, Pathogenic And Deadly

Japan aims for space tourism

Complications from popular gastric bypass surgery can be deadly

Web sites can help you stick to resolutions

Life on the edge

Christopher Wren: The Architect as Manager

'Wittgenstein's Poker' by David Edmonds and John Eidinow

"Secret" sound archive revealed

Medicine's New Millennium
Q&A with Mark Levin

Pierre-August Renoir, Sleeping Girl
(known at Girl with a Cat) 1880

Isadora': Making Sense of a Genius and an Icon Click.

Click. Image of mysterious underwater structures found off Cuba.

Click. Are Egypt's pyramids simply the world's oldest confidence game?

Word of the Day Click.

December 29, 2001

Afghans Say End Bombing, US Says No

US Says Shoe Bomber Linked to Bin Laden

Shoe bomber 'aimed to repeat Lockerbie'

Schools of terror that taught how to kill

Hamas make explosive used by Reid

London mosque leader says police ignored warnings

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Taliban Spy Chief Says Al-Qaeda Planning Next Phase

Al-Qaeda Trained More Than 40 Britons

Arafat Asks US to Implement CIA Peace Plan

The Air Force loves B-52s. Click.

U.S. military tests new robot attack plane

Afghan, British troops begin joint patrols

Troops Gear Up for Phase 2 of War

Pakistan's Jihad factories. Click.

EU adds Basque, Irish, Greek extremists to terror list. Move would ease freezing of assets, arrests

Tribunals to Allow Hearsay Testimony

Bush Team Drafts Tribunal Rules

Lawyers in Tribunals to Face Daunting Task

Shoe-bomb incident offers a lesson for law enforcement


Marines Test High-Tech 'Ghostbusters' Slime


Fairfax neighbors oppose plan for new home

Leader steers Conservancy in a radical new direction

Paying a big price to boost learning

California Vintners Put Hopes in Brazil's Labs

California Getaway: Visitors board historic ships in East Bay

Trigger lock law irks gun sellers

Montalcino resort back with revised plan

San Francisco City worker, estranged wife disappear in boat mystery

Newsom wants to widen ban on S.F. begging. Plan would cover median strips, ramps, movie lines, parking lots

Face-Recognition Technology Undergoing Tests at Fresno Airport



Bush Bashes Women Again

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Bush Nixes Congress' Demand for Spy Failure Report

Profile: ADL's Irv Rubin Click.

US agents seek clues of Briton’s links to terrorists Click.

Terror Cells Slip Through Europe's Grasp Click.

The Brainwashing Manual - who wrote it?

Hijackers Found Welcome Mat on West Coast

Argentina: Statism Triumphant

Anti-gov't riots flare anew in Argentina

State takeover of Philadelphia schools paves way for privatization

Afro American scholars may desert Harvard

Muir scion hews to his heritage. Stubborn advocate for disability rights

'On Call' but Not Replying

Domestic dispute leads police to drug lab on wheels

Keeping kid on ground could land mom in jail

Boeing wants broadband to fly

Jobs takes home $1 salary. Click.

Former Boeing engineer puts the hex on dimples

Sex, Text and Wireless Profits. Click.

Sexchart Degrees of Separation

Japan Bets on Fuel Cells for Tech-Toy Power

Making corporate Web portals pay


Disney, EchoStar battle heats up

Last tango

The Argentine Financial Crisis: Causes and Cures

Euro-creep. Brussels may set UK taxes. Click.

Ohio Pension Funds Lost in Enron Collapse

Concerns Deepen Over Policy to Depreciate Yen

WTC Insurance War Looms


Delayed Marin County family law report due late next month

Campaign complaint against Sonoma D.A. Mullins is dismissed

Berkeley man to be Superior Court Judge

Alioto-Lazio fish firm wins big.  S.F. agency must pay $3 million

Forced mental care still tough issue

Tattoos admissible as evidence of hate crimes.

High Court's Political Position Debated One Year After Bush v. Gore Click.

Click. The California Highway Patrol is now issuing alcohol-content test kits to Modesto area bars

Click. Afghan jailers beat confessions from men

Judge Orders Bolivian General: Defend "Plan Condor" Crimes: Court Seeks Testimony by Kissinger on U.S. Complicity

Click Trulock Wins against Freeh, FBI Agents

Birds 'missing' after US bombing

Moon status denied to new satellite of Uranus

Goats may provide malaria vaccine

Almost one in three people will suffer complications from body piercing. Click.

Skin cancer websites 'misleading'

Rocket city thrives in unlikely oasis 

Scientists 'unlocking body clock'

Jogging May Make You Smarter, Study Says

Treatment for nerve disorder

Whole Grain Diet Lowers Heart Disease Risk Factors

Mushrooms: 'the new medicine'

Super-broccoli 'to fight cancer'

Agricultural genomics. Click.

L.A.'s polluted air linked to infant heart defects

Steroid Nasal Sprays Seem To Speed Sinusitis Recovery

Implantable Hearing Device Can Improve Sound Quality

Pierre-August Renoir, Sleeping Girl
(known at Girl with a Cat) 1880

Flier steers by compass of her own

Language scholar helps decipher Tolkien

French food police

Art and science worlds at odds

Click. Glimpses of the ancient Buddhist art that sprang from Afghanistan.

Review of the year: face to face with greatness

The Pen is Mightier....

Newspaper feud turned ugly in 1874

Pair take unorthodox approach to war coverage

Word of the Day Click.

December 28, 2001

Shoe bomber's terror tour

Reid Says He Built Shoe Bomb Alone

Shoe bomb 'came from Netherlands'

Sneaker-Bomber's Lawyer Denies Ties to Wider Plot

Moussaoui Mom Here to Help Son

US Military Ops 'Going on in a Great Many Places'

Osama Video Highlights US Quandary

Strange symbiosis - Israel and anti-Semitism Click.

Bin Laden: 'We Are at the Start of our Military Action on America'

Full Text of Osama Bin Laden's Videotaped Comments

Historical Truth And 'Black Hawk Down'

Saudis Ignored Fighters

POWs to Be Held at Base on Cuba

India: Full-scale War Threatens Subcontinent

Pakistan Would Retaliate To Indian Threat, Rules Out Nuclear War

There's no question U.S. favors India

July arrest was missed opportunity. Militant's odyssey led him to bin Laden

How we could still lose in Afghanistan

Military mission turns to searches, interrogations


Postal Workers Nix Vaccine

US anthrax attacks linked to army biological weapons plant


California's roads have ranked low for years, but have finally hit ROCK BOTTOM

Click. As we're now finding out, Gov. Davis may be the only one who won't have to pay for his mishandling of the energy crisis

GOP fails to dispute Tauscher district

Whale migration begins

Future is hazy for cannabis facility

County OKs Martini plan for winery

Pilotless plane crashed in Napa County canyon

Easing of rules a boon for hard-rock mining. Clinton environmental regulations being erased

Dog maul victim's holiday of hope. Richmond boy gets artificial ears, surgery just before Christmas


Dubya's Reach Is Beyond His Dad's

Author Links Bush Family To Nazis

We Need the peace movement? Click.

Daschle hangs tough. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Military Intelligence by Finnegan. Click.

From Afghanistan to Iraq: Would Same Tactics Topple Saddam?

Lawyer says defendant in nuclear trigger export case will plead guilty

High-Tech Weapons Change the Dynamics And the Scope of Battle

They're Baaack!


84-year-old teacher not retiring type

The Chinese Police Can't Bust Crime

Bones found buried under El Salvador's police headquarters

Japan: men behaving badly

Click. The Year in Queer

The 30 most influential Jews in America in 2001. Click.

Plane thefts spark security concerns

Paul Newman to help set up camp for seriously ill children in Galilee

Security overhaul for wireless networks

Internet Reconstruction: Assets Going for a Song


Yahoo will buy HotJobs

Click. FinCEN Rule on Money Instruments, Suspicions

Hewlett lays out detailed case against HP's bid for Compaq

Invasion of the CEOs

Surf 'N Hemp: Feel the Power

PG&E says natural gas bills should be 60 percent lower than a year ago

The Tax Breaks

The Pen is Mightier....

The two-faced Chronicle SANTA MARIA! If The City needs an Ethics Commission to vet its politicians, does the Chronicle need a Hypocrisy Commission to pass on its news copy?

Click. How Not to Run a Liberal Magazine

Asleep at the switch. Click.


Should she now be teaching law?

Afghans May Nix War Crimes Tribunal

Three strikes law appears to have met goal

Court says sex offenders' rights violated

Sonoma D.A. Mullins accused of witness coaching in rape case

Agent's ouster from flight prompts probe

Detainees, free after 67 days, can't shake fears

Calf's DNA leads to rancher's arrest. UC Davis analysis is evidence.

Black Cops Under Surveillance

Marshals force best in U.S. at making arrests

Sentencing judgment calls

Columbine Motion Accuses Cop of Killing Student

Computerized surgery

New bone marrow registry targets Armenian donors

1978 UFO Appears in Art Over Thousands of Years

Crab-poaching fight goes high-tech

Herbicide ruining compost; chemical detected in vegetable gardens

The Lame Shall Walk & the Blind Shall See

Was Christmas star a double eclipse of Jupiter? 

What is Ball Lightning?

Alpha skipper: body adapts well to zero gravity 

Sumatran tiger cub makes his debut 

Simple Skywatching: Doorstep Astronomy for Late December

Blooming Plants of Southern California

Adverse Childhood Experiences & The Risk of Suicide Attempts

Animal Study Finds Embryonic Stem Cells Can Repair Heart Muscle

DaVinci, 1508, Ann, Mary and Jesus

Wonder Woman going strong at 60

Roman life. Click.

A Feisty Show-Biz Life

Diarmuid and Gráinne's resting place is being investigated by the National Museum. Click.

Between aliens and Christians. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

December 27, 2001

London mosque is called magnet for extremist recruiters

Coalition allies lament: It's still 'America first'

U.S. to Aid Jakarta Army

Congressman: 'I Wouldn't Be Surprised if There Were a Nuclear Blast in Israel or US'

Bush Unilaterally Junks the ABM Accord

It Was Allah Scam

Vice behind the veil.

Horn of Africa: al-Qaida regroups?

A closer look: Yemen's about-face

Hamas ceasefire is only tactical

A Transfer of Power in Colombia

Japan to Build Heliport for US Marines

Click.  An Analysis of Al-Qaida Tradecraft.

Click.  Passenger Report on Flight 63 to Miami


Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons

The Pen is Mightier....

Murder So Quirky Has Its Rewards

Was the bombing of Tora Bora one big photo-op? Click.

TV news' East Coast  state of mind. Click. 

Turning Girls Into Ladies

Bringing fantasy to life


Plane flies away from Marin pilot

Marin City man gets 85 years for molestation

Plan would restore Skaggs Island wetlands

Time to dump old computer

Quail at crossroads. Feral cats may be rounded up to protect S.F.'s endangered birds

11 Bay Area scientists honored

Swastika emblems called hate crime


Cheney's Hiding in a Cave in Pennsylvania

"Inspiration from the top: Observations on the President addressing the nation." Click.

Funeralgate - GW Halted Investigation into Corpse Abuse

Is Bush Still an Enron fan?

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Mr. Putin's Latest 'Spy'

Gen. Sherman's Advice

Killer shoes worked for Romans, but were no match for Bond

Russia's four-legged conscripts

Russian Arms Researcher Called Spy

Furtive Past Complicates Search for Mullah Mohammad Omar

Click. NSA's SHAMROCK - A View From the NSA Side

Evita's dream world now a slum

Prostitution unveiled after Taliban

Sri Lanka asks Norway to renew peace role

U.S. master raises ugly head in response to collapse of Argentine capitalism

Office Pool, 2002

Commercial Closet 30 years of ads depicting gays, lesbians and bi-sexuals.

Iceland launches energy revolution

What Would Jesus Do About Bin Laden?

Ex-Child Combatants Seek Normal Lives

Confederate Air Force changing its name

After the crash

Security by remote control

Analysis: 20 factors that will change PCs in 2002

Cell phone rules reach the workplace

Pop-ups, begone! How to kill those pesky ads


Has Eisner lost the Disney magic? Click.

Enron Shifts Cash To Democrats

The tale of Marc Racicot and Enron Click.

French Movie Industry Fears Worst-Case Scenario

Ruling Allows Investment Advisors for 401(k) Plans


Targets change in drug probes

Still no trace of missing girl

Former Playmate Tells Court About Diamonds, Promises

New law calls for car seats to age 6 or 60 pounds

Court overturns Kern County death sentence

New laws: The debt debate

Court orders Samsung executives to compensate company for mismanagement 

U.N. Halted Probe of Officers' Alleged Role in Sex Trafficking

Why Worm Writers Stay Free

Milosevic 'will be convicted'

Security Failure Throws French Police on Defensive

Hope for Glaucoma Is in Sight

L.A. flu cases at 10-year low

Feathers clue to warbler's wanderings

'Snore box' spots sleep trouble

Drug tackles cancer and brittle bone

Group weighs study of sex

Geologist's Melting Story of a Lost Civilization

Solar wind sparks dazzling light show 

Russia Signs Contract For Satellite Launches From Australia's Christmas Island 

Eating Raw Sprouts Linked to Foodborne Illness

Stress Reduction Could Help Diabetics, Study Says

Curry Spice May Help Heal Wounds

MRI Test Could Replace Angiograms

'Father of hydrogen bomb' publishes autobiography

DaVinci, 1508, Ann, Mary and Jesus

'Black Hawk' Goes Where Hollywood Wary to Tread

Click. Christian conservatives prefer Frodo to Harry

Vestiges of a Celtic Crossroads Are Discovered in Turkey

Who's in Midas's Tomb?

Word of the Day Click.

December 26, 2001

Shoe bomb suspect 'one of many'

American Airlines put up 'shoe bomber' in 4-star hotel

Detainee tied to terror suspect

Shoe Bomber Suspect 'A Briton Lured by Extremists'

Shoe-Bomb Suspect Said To Be Test Case

Passenger profiling: A security option?

Bin Laden sightings, rumors fly

'Thermobaric' bomb may be used to destroy Al-Qaeda caves

U.S. asks Yemen to permit Marines to search for al-Qaida

Three-Day Search of 'Terror Ship' Yields Zilch

Japan: We Will Defend Ourselves

US Undermining China's Security

Arafat activists seized in Israeli raid


America The Unready

On Guard In The Sky


Medical detectives' inside story of tracking anthrax

On the Editorial Page The anthrax trail may lead to Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.


Livermore consultant's role indicative of state energy conflicts

Security-minded San Jose showing other cities how

Reform plan would make schools pay

Wine, food museum has divided loyalties in Napa community

New laws: Taxing times

Recession slows plans for new JFK University

Plans for park at gravel mine site revived

New S.F. health insurance for kids. County-run project one of two in state

Pelosi Defends Controversial AIDS Prevention Group

Free CHP kits to help drivers check alcohol

Finding Paths Into the Past in Mexico


Mike Hersh: 'Thanks to the Bush Family, USA means 'Under Saudi Arabia'' Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Flashback: FBI Probes Espionage at Clinton White House

Russian eco-warrior convicted of high treason

The U.S. says that the triple border region of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina  is a terrorist haven. Click.

Computerized guerrillas. Guatemala ex-rebels log on to win justice

Chechen commander receives life in prison. Raduyev defiant over role in bloody attack in 1996

Swiss continue army of citizens

Turkey Extends Cooperation With U.S.

Argentina's new leader asks U.S. for financial aid

Expedition to the lost net

Half the internet is going nowhere

Silver surfer discovers the web

ECE Team Helps Build the Ultimate Surveillance System Click.

Cable-Satellite Fight Heats Up

IT: A Language From Beyond India


Enron Continues To Climb

A big year for smaller banks

Who wins what. Views from the top. Click.

The belief in the safe syringe beckons the adventurous investor

The NewPower gamble -- How one spin-off contributed to Enron's fall

Buzz Flash interviews Henry "Bulldog" Waxman on Enron et al

The Debt Set

Saa: 'I will take the bull by the horns'


S.F. prosecutor finds the tables turned. D.A. called mild-mannered, but stabbing charge isn't first legal run-in

Baby left outside found; mother arrested

Court orders species review

Davis names appeals justice

Deputy D.A. fights consumer rip-offs

Secretive military tribunals helped Peru beat terrorism at a cost

Buy a Star, But It's Not Yours

Ashcroft kills DNA test program for prisoners to test innocence. Click.

Anti-Bush bumper sticker earns Georgia citizen a Secret Service visit

The Pen is Mightier....

Texas writer still jailed

2001 Was a Tough Read for E-Books


Click. "DeLillo

'Today' show suffers from salary bloat

Tumor cell growth blocked

Lobsters help science hunt for sea secrets

HRT 'delays mental decline'

The booze effect

Brain study offers addiction clues

Rain-shy dormice risk starvation 

'Natural genetic engineer' laid bare 

Coolest Space Science Images of 2001

Study Links Multiple Sclerosis, Mono

GAO says researchers need to prevent financial conflicts of interest

In Search of Giant Squid

New Joint Surgery Easier on the Knee

Researchers Identify Key Factor In Hair Loss Disorder

Suppressing Entire Immune System Unlikely To Be Best Way To Treat Autoimmune Diseases, New Findings Show

Leisure Activity Decreases Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease

Thumb-Sucking, Pacifier Use May Damage Children's Teeth

Protein Protects Against Degeneration Of Neurons In Fruit Flies

DaVinci, 1508, Ann, Mary and Jesus

Sorcerer's Apprentices

Ages of the Rock written in stones. Fort, military jail, U.S. penitentiary

Hidden dungeons. Alcatraz quake work to reveal Citadel fort from Civil War era

Geologist's Melting Story of a Lost Civilization

Johan's Guide to Aphrodisiacs

From ghosts to Jesus, apparition tradition continues in Atlantic Canada.

Word of the Day Click.

December 25, 2001

Shoe bombs capable of grave harm

No screens for plastic explosives

Graphic: how a shoe bomb could work

Osama's U-238

Warlord given key post. Dostum had threatened to boycott Afghan government

Surge in Afghan Poppy Crop Is Forecast

U.S. sees bin Laden leaving by sea

Pakistan is thrusting war on us: Vajpayee

America's ports vulnerable, even with more patrols

Top Afghan Commander Arrested

Search of terrorist ship may take weeks. Click.



Santa Rosa Geysers pipeline costs balloon

Golden Gate toll may rise next year

Texas firm enters Dry Creek casino fray


President Lines Up Cabinet Successions

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Top-Secret Hideaway 'Site R' - Secure But No Longer Secret

Click. What Is ISTAC at Bend, Oregon?

The Pen is Mightier....

Geraldo's the Best Comedy on TV

Language of war claims its own victims. Click.

Oprah and I

US unhappy at Gerry Adams visit to Cuba Click.

Parkinson's love child to tell all on TV. Click.

Friendship in a WTC envelope

Strike Hard campaign in China is not going to settle down.

Deported Druid becomes cause celebre in U.S. Religious-freedom advocates defend Breton faith healer

Diller's strategy spawns speculation on internet era. Click.

Assemblyman targets 'spam' sent to cellular phones

Bidding war likely for


Murdoch's gloomy Christmas message

Campaign Gifts, Lobbying Built Enron's Power In Washington

New Afghan Strongman Is Former UNOCAL Consultant


Click. Bush will protect FBI informants who commit murder with shield of executive privilege.

Click. Sergeant served U.S. and OBL.

Click. Cops Vile Snooping Software Downloads

Court extends print and media protections online

Judge says cabbie found competent. Mental state at issue in slaying of woman

Envelopes Full of Legal Controversy

Whistle-blowing on rise Increase since 9/11 may reflect patriotism

'Energy drinks' stir health debate

Something to chew on next time you eat fat

2001 had breakthrough in angioplasty

Computers guide experimental plows


Cough lingering in state firefighters who helped in N.Y.

Metro Set To Initiate Chemical Sensors

Catholic theology with a beer chaser. Click.

Life on Edge of Stardom in Hollywood

Queen of England and Sir Elton John put their tiaras on show. Click.

Snobs, Upstairs and Down

Witch-hunt in South Florida

DaVinci, 1508, Ann, Mary and Jesus

Muslims love Jesus too

King Midas' tomb isn't really that, scientists suggest

Buddhist treasures dug up. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

December 24, 2001

How Gutsy Fliers Snuffed Hotfoot

C-4. Click.

Putin chats with Russia in call-in

Bush handed three attack plans for Saddam

Japan Sinks 'North Korea Spy Ship'

Chieftain warns after disputed US attack

Turkey's Iraq Dilemma

Behold Russia, the Energy Giant and Big Winner

Vatican, Greece pressure Israel to let Arafat into mass

In Bethlehem Christmas standoff, who's really cornered, Yasser Arafat or Ariel Sharon?

Israel offers Arafat passage to Bethlehem on condition of assassins' arrests

Walker Met With Bin Laden

Walker reportedly rejected martyrdom course

Thousands of other Americans have fought for foreign armies, Click.

Palestinian Terrorist was U.S. Trained

Inside Al Qaeda's Secret World

Australia on alert over possible threat to U.S., British interests

Peronist Named Argentina's President

Airman who fell off Roosevelt recalls rescue


Dominick Dunne's tale of Chandra Levy's fate. Click.

Patents key to State's economy. Click.

Darkness at Noon in Santa Monica

PUC chief backs Davis

'Write-in' candidate will challenge judge facing porn charges


Click. A look at working-class South Boston and its local Osama bin Laden, a mobster named Whitey Bulger, reveals the extent of the White House's mania for secrecy.

Religious Right Finds Its Center in Oval Office

TOM DASCHLE Responds to Ari Fleischer

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Israeli Lobby Panics Over Spy Report

Shadowy men run guns, feed fires of war

Liabilities of using Afghan informants

German prof brands bin Laden video 'faulty'

Flight training school was "clearly more alert than federal officials"

The Pen is Mightier....

The time has come to stop the Geraldo-bashing," says Geraldo. Click. The Baltimore Sun started it all. Click. David Folkenflik explains why. Click.

How Still, the Town of Bethlehem

College 'Early Admission' Policies Come Under Fire

Blood Letting at the Red Cross

Australian government mulls intelligence and emotion tests for all 4-year-olds

Going Without a 'Home' Phone in a Cellular Age

Hacker boys from Brazil

Digital Cameras Come Into Focus

Give and Take in Tech Education

2001's Odysseys on a Pale Blue Dot

LARRY BLASKO: The 2001 Dubious Achievement Awards in technology


Chief Tries to Smooth Ruffled Feathers at Lazard

New president says Argentina will suspend payments of its $132 billion foreign debt

Rejections of Emergency SBA Loans Irk Companies

Increasingly, Nasty Surprises Lurk Off the Balance Sheet

Euro Bank Notes To Embed RFID Chips By 2005

Laid off, but not down: Recession Camp eases tech blues

Diller's Move Online May Signal New Era


From Brothels to Internet, Child Sex Abuse Is Under Wider Scrutiny

Did William Rehnquist lie at his confirmation hearing? Click. More. Click.

1990 Oil Spill Suit Still Stuck in Court

Deported Druid Becomes Cause Celebre

Ruling: Tribal restaurants won't be taxed

Victory for housing code enforcers. Judge's visit was defining moment in trial

FBI and Pentagon quiz Microsoft on Windows XP security flaw

Hijackers' Helper to Get Slap on Wrist

The sanctity of citizenship

Special unit hunts high-tech criminals


Army harvested victims' blood to boost anthrax: Ex-scientists detail Detrick experiments

Compound 1080. Click.

The Marconi deaths. Click.

Pour on the ketchup, head off prostate cancer

Chinese scientists develop nimble robot hand

Probe finds sonar linked to whale, dolphin strandings

A Yoga Novice Searches for the Best Fit

Snooze and Lose? Weighing the Merits of Diet Product's Claim

Exercise Builds a Reputation Against Cancer

Asia could emerge as stem cell leader

Missions to visit asteroids, search for planets

Zev Yaroslavsky Gets Converted to the Religion of Good Nutrition

Antarctica's big draw 

UN to map green energy sites 

Science: Deep-sea monster caught on tape 

Group Day Care May Increase Risk of Ear Infections

Why Goldfish Might Turn Blue

'Man could have settled in Britain up to 200,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Oliver Sacks recalls his childhood romance with chemistry. Click. More. Click.

DaVinci, 1508, Ann, Mary and Jesus

"A slightly different reality'

The Mystery of Robert Altman

Jason, the Orgasmic Foot Masseur, Makes His Customers' Toes Sing Click.

Click. Was Atlantis, an ancient, exotic island kingdom catastrophically buried beneath the sea, a small mid-channel island sitting in what is now the Strait of Gibraltar.

Winter solstice heralds new sun, old rituals 

Paris Diary

'The newly opened sacristy at Saint Catherine's monastery

Word of the Day Click.

December 23, 2001

French police ID bomb suspect from diverted flight

Sealed caves may yield bin Laden

U.S. Weighing Assassination In Terror Fight


Brace Yourself For Part Two Of The War For Civilization

Sharon's way now riding high

Viewing Platforms Planned at WTC

Forces board suspected terror ship in Channel. Click.

War against terrorism heading towards Pakistan

The political perils of victory without Osama

Wealth disparities act as fuel for terrorism

Taliban abducted women for sex

Russia Wins the War

Click. India edges closer to war in Kashmir

Policies of Power [Part Two]

Getting Ready to Invade Iraq?


The Pen is Mightier....

High Crimes and Conspiracies

Playwright Arthur Miller accuses Bush of abusing and curbing civil rights

Noncommercial radio versus the capitalist urge

Elitism for Everyone

The New York Times and Walker

Click. 2600 Wins in  


A never-ending land-use fight

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints plans Sacramento temple

BART's reefer madness

Unspent money increases S.F. schools' fire risk

Click. How Kennedyesque is Gavin Newsom?

More losers than winners in power play

The Chronicle v. Doris Ward

Fremont seeks new sister city role with Kabul

A man, his midgets and a big ball of bras. Click.


Daschle, Prairie Fireball

Washington's man to be installed as Afghan prime minister

Rumsfeld Stumbles Into Cacophonous Caucasus

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA Paid Afghans To Track Bin Laden

Flight Instructor Warned FBI of Use of Jet as a Weapon

Prisoner intelligence may be key to curbing Al Qaeda

Some interesting details of the full bin Laden video transcript begin to emerge. Click.

France: Former intelligence officer Bunel jailed

International billionaire, French prisoner, Angolan weapons broker, Arizona Republican. Who is Pierre Falcone? Click.

The Army plays mind games at Fort Bragg. Click.

A Chinese battle on U.S. soil

Payment dispute closes access to school records

Mysterious other Jesse L. Jackson emerges

The Best Places In America For Singles

Britain: Open divisions emerge between army chiefs and Blair government

Homeland Security = Homeland profits. Click.

Schools Seized in Philadelphia

FBI warns on WinXP hole

Shedding Light on 'Magic Lantern'

Wartime profiteers of the digital age

U.S. to yank Kevin Mitnick's radio license. Click.

Sylvain Martel has built a fleet of coin sized walking nano-robots. Click.

Porno paymaster CCBill hacked hard. Click.

Digital Cameras Come Into Focus

Clever Shoho worm may flood e-mail

Online religion sites take off


China is taking away Mexico's jobs. Click.

How Valley Media collapsed

Web site can help you figure out share values

IMF comes under fire over loan to Argentina. Click.

Biotechs attractive as takeover targets: Amgen's purchase of Immunex signals scaling-up of industry

Company Of The Year: Harley-Davidson


Mullins may lose edge in D.A. race after Pelfini debacle

Orange County  to Track Sex Criminals With Global Positioning Satellites

Doctor sues Stanford for allegedly failing to protect her from reprisals for reporting

A rapist aged 15 walked free from court after a judge heard his eight-year-old victim had been "leading him on". Click.

Xerox wins Palm handwriting case

Click. Overturning the Death Penalty. Reasoning behind Abu-Jamal reversal; For a death sentence, each juror must be free to choose a reason for leniency

Public defender vows to shorten youths' stay at S.F. juvenile hall

Fake Euros, Get Your Fake Euros

The Ideal Lawyer. Click.


Click. She's accused of setting up a Web site showing explicit photographs of her former lover.

Embryo screening to save child

Biotech's Glowing Breakthrough

High on the hogs.Vacaville sanctuary gives farm animals clover instead of cleaver

Weird Science in 2001

2001's Odysseys on a Pale Blue Dot

The World Technology Awards 2001

Coolest Space Science Images of 2001

Caffeine Boosts Memory in Older Adults: Report

Forensics studies note physical changes in Americans over last century

Nanocircuits Top 2001's Breakthroughs

At Home in the Universe

More evidence for 'nanobes'

Rosary prayer leads to healthy heart

Antibiotic May Be A Potential Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis


Body of missing biologist found

When Smallpox Struck During the Revolutionary War

DaVinci, 1508, Ann, Mary and Jesus

Quiet monk takes on a resounding mission

Bringing 'reality' to the fantasy movie

Après 9/11 Notes on a Paris falling out of love with Amélie.

Act II: Hollywood waves the flag and is redeemed

Sex and the single hobbit

New Films to See!

Picasso: The Old Jew

China's first feudal dynasty

Word of the Day Click.

December 17, 2001

German Firm Probes Final World Trade Center Deals

Deal-Making Let Many Leaders of Taliban Escape

Report: Osama Flees to Iran

Brits Plan 'Stiletto' Attacks on Yemen Training Camps

'Homeland Security' Puts Texas Pols in Spy Business

Hospital Internet System Could Spot Bioterrorist Attack

Afghanistan: US rules out surrender and turns Tora Bora into a killing field

Sobbing Arab prisoners put on parade.

Warlords, bandits rule most terrain

Mossad Chief: Iran Developing Nukes

What turns a man into a terrorist?

In Uzbekistan, Whatever It Takes

Tribunals Without the Military


Source of Mailed Anthrax Found: Ft. Detrick, MD

Fort Detrick CIA Bioweapons Mystery

Official: CIA Uses Anthrax, But No Link to Letters

FBI Investigating CIA Anthrax Program

Genetic anthrax match inconclusive

CIA Links Porton Down to Anthrax Attacks

The Pen is Mightier....

Top executive salaries for major media companies

Web Radio Not Making Waves

Pasadena men chronicle Afghanistan adventures on the Internet Click.

Japan to air first all-made-in-space TV ad 


Red-faced SFO rushes security checks. 29 workers revealed to have convictions

Cabazons lend fiscal help to mid-western tribe. Click.

Analysts rethink energy selloff

Charter school's religious tone Operation of South Bay academy raises church-state questions

Lucas' company bypassed Presidio bidding requirement

Just how many wineries are too many?

Click. State pursues Santa Rosa company for $586,000

In This Ethnically Diverse State, One's Smile Is Another's Slight


What really went on during Bush's 'missing hours'?

Rumsfeld on the rise

Victory tour takes Rumsfeld to Kabul

Washington hawks get power boost

Daschle Predicts Denial Of Scalia Nomination

Reno resumes unorthodox run for Florida governor

Bush Administration Proposes Rules to Govern Research Tax Credit Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

How the CIA checked Osama's tape

Ashcroft Creates Interagency Force on Security Leaks

Book says China involved in 9-11 attacks: Beijing used bin Laden to assault U.S., claims author

Starving for Intelligence

The CIA killed her husband

Details on bin Laden's radio communications system

Asia: child sex trade in global spotlight

A New Giant Sucking Sound William Greider says that China is taking away Mexico's jobs, as globalization enters a fateful new stage.

Bleak future for Chile coalition after narrow win

Pakistan will reply with force, says CE: India must avoid adventurism

How the Feds Stole Christmas

Small and Scrappy Wins Big on the Net

Tech Industry Warned: 'We're at War'

HIGH COST OF AGING Medicare options dwindling

Paving the Way for 'Uncrackable' Codes

Spam Spreads to Cell Phones

Al Qaeda terrorist manual tells how to use PGP crypto software

The end of the road for the IBM PC

As Chips Reach Speed Limit, Makers Tap Into 'Clockless' Logic

FBI wants access to worm's pilfered data


Vivendi 'close to US media deal'

Connect the Enron Dots

Japan's Nikko plays down Enron damage

Boards OK acquisition of Immunex by Amgen

Foaming Over Guinness in a Bottle


Coping with e-mail onslaught

Moody's Cuts Kmart to Junk Status


Ex-San Jose officer conducts state's war on pot farmers

$195,000 settlement in 'Riders' case. Suit one of dozens alleging misconduct by Oakland police

Click. Did Larry Benedict purposely swap child pornography, or did he merely think he was swapping computer games?

Judge who said Black Panther member got unfair trial dies

FBI wants to beef up Canadian presence

Cypherpunk visited for making "derogatory" remarks about Feds

Veteran detective's murder cases unravel

Fox in ``League'' for Victorian suspense

Ashcroft Praises German Law Allowing Crackdown on Religious Organizations Deemed Extremist Click.

Anthrax's Dogged Detective

Hollywood Detectives Vet Weirdos, Winos and Crooks

Cell transplant reverses blindness Scientists have developed a pioneering technique using genetic engineering which could lead to new treatments for eye disease.

Why we crack under pressure

Click. Computer software which can detect television images likely to trigger epileptic fits has been developed by UK experts.

Study: Pets Can Get Sick from Owners

Adult Stem Cell Research Is Therapy's Real Future

'Wind may explain mystery anthrax cases.'

Va. Policy Of Confining Mentally Ill Is Targeted

California the scientific giant has feet of clay

Space mice pioneer bone research 

Science Peers Closer at 'Near-Death' Experiences

The Cold Virus Meets Its Match

Jefferson Scientists Suggest Potential Mechanism Underlying The Origin Of Colon Cancer

Magnetic Tag Lets Scientists Track Stem Cells In Living Rat

Ferdinand Lured by Ariel
John Millet, 1849-50

Click. Charles backs campaign to save village pubs.

'Marilyn as you've never seen her.' 

One in four has sex in car after xmas party

McCartney's New Album

Neptune Fountain Giovanni Bologna

Singing, sin and September 11

Grandmother, 88, Leads Deer-Hunting Contest

Billy Joel Settles Score with Kin of Nazi

Virgen de Guadalupe

Word of the Day Click.

December 15, 16, 2001

Bush threatens to end Mideast peace efforts

Goodbye, Mr. Irrelevant! Click.

Navy removes captain of USS John F. Kennedy

Marines' new weapon gives foes the slip

Guns and drugs: just like the old days

Translation not totally accurate, says expert

Osama's Troops Retreat – Endgame?

Pentagon: Capture, Not Kill, Bin Laden

US 'Covered Up Massacre of 200' at Kandahar Airport

Et tu, Israel? Click.

Terror Suspect's Family Seeks a Trial in France


Which foreign-owned corporations own a controlling stake in the two private bio-tech labs that had specimens of the virulent version of the Ames strain of Anthrax? Click.

Hart Building Remains Closed For New Attempt at Cleanup

US Urged to Detail Origin of Tape

The Pen is Mightier....

Hard Truths of Reporting Afghanistan

Yahoo Tries Mining Gold From Web Data

Norman Solomon: 'Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2001' Click.

For Jailed Writer, Prison Time Is Study in Ethics, Experience


Davis to stay neutral in Condit re-election bid

Group asks for payment from PG&E

Cautionary tales about bad boys. Marin's Walker has Concord counterpart

ONLY IN DUBLIN, CA. Council candidate violates probation

Lockyer to examine Marin Community Foundation

Records show some felons had access to secure areas at SFO

You can be Santa at Laguna Honda

The Oakland Unified School District will siphon $3.2 million from its reserves to cover costs this year. Click.


Woolsey fights Bush on ending ABM treaty

Bush Offers ABM Talks in Call to Chinese Leader

Bush Advisors Cashed in on Saudi Gravy Train

Widening assault on democratic rights in US

The more Bush grows, the more he stays the same. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Senate Panel to Hold Hearings on 9/11 Failures

Why are defense deals so murky?

Draft CIA Report Fingers Egypt on Missiles

Surrenders Add to Intelligence Haul

Campus hazing reportedly increasing - in sororities

Korean Dream Team Recalls Its Day in the Sun

Samish file suit to revive their tribal-fishing rights

Judge Blocks Reno, Freeh Depositions on Investigation

Oklahoma's First Lady Drops GOP House Bid

Ghost of Christmas Future in the Land of the Free

EU to Tax Internet Downloads

Jury rules against Intel in patent case

ExciteAtHome to shut down on Feb. 28

Online Out Of Line At AOL AOL Time Warner and Wall Street need to grasp that the Internet stopped being sexy two years ago.

Nanotech group comes to DC, begs for billions in federal $$$

EU plans for digital age 


Look who's heading the SEC?  Invested interest. Click.

Valley jobless rate stabilizing

How Far Will Yen Slide Amid Recession?

The Enron mess: Energy giant's calamity spotlights regulatory loopholes

Amgen-Immunex merger would unite like companies


Judge removed from trial on Vallejo officer's killing

Blair to Let EU Arrest Brits for EU Crimes

Iraqi caught in foreign-student sweep faces gun, fraud charges

A Boston FBI clerk admitted he received a July phone call from confessed triple murderer Gary Lee Sampson, who said the bureau ignored his attempt to surrender the day before he went on a killing spree. Click.

U.S. says parents let smugglers rent babies

Click. The question is whether Mary Ross killed her husband because she thought he was about to kill her or if, after years of abuse, she decided to shoot him to death while he slept, using a pillow to muffle the gunshot.

Former harbor patrol officer sentenced for pimping

Cash for crime solving

Video of pathologist halts Pelfini trial

Ringling circus trainer to go on trial on charges of abusing elephant

Sex offender location maps distributed to schools Click.

Don't give these toys to children you love

Heart device faces a challenge

Teen arrives at Stanford, hopes for triple transplant

A New Struggle for HIV Patients

Cloning: Success Is the Exception

Children of HIV mothers given a lifeline

"No medical explanation" for near death experiences Click.

Exercise May Cut Cancer Risk in Middle-Aged Men

Tumor Size Does Not Predict Lung Cancer Spread

Space Station Told to Evade Stray Rocket

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? HIV cells to combat sickle cell anemia? Click.

Science and Bible Research. 




Martin Luther King's Letter From the Birmingham Jail Click.

Ferdinand Lured by Ariel
John Millet, 1849-50

Click. Female gladiators in Roman London.

Click. Remains of a woman point to an ancient coastal trek.

Microart Reveals Macrotruths

Discoveries: Western Fantasy, Eastern Craft

We seem to be missing 0.8 of a friend. Poll finds West Coast folks have fewer pals

Wagner grandson wins Bayreuth fight

Hollywood's Dark Days

Greta Garbo

'The Significance of Being Frank' : Franklin Benjamin Sanborn

Finding God in Cyberspace

Word of the Day Click.

December 14, 2001

Trying Al Qaeda: US vs. Europe If Mr. bin Laden wants to escape death, he has one surefire route to safety: find his way to Europe and hand himself in.

Bin Laden proves master of elusion

News report says Osama bin Laden is no longer in Tora Bora

US Helicopters Seen Near Somali Capital

US Concedes Osama May Have Escaped to Pakistan

Click. What if Osama Isn't Caught? 

Is the Pentagon Aiming for Victory or Annihilation?

Credibility Gap: Pentagon Lies and Civilian Deaths

Syria Developing VX Gas Missile Warhead With N. Korean Help

Transcript of Osama Video

We'll be back in a month: Taliban

Legal analysts say tape is not necessarily proof

So far, US probe into Sept. 11 yields one big catch and many small fish

Commandos aim for bin Laden. U.S. increases number of teams looking for al Qaeda leaders

Click. Dragon Battlefield Visualization System

Germany Raids 20 Companies Suspected Of Aiding Iraq Military


Army Developing High-Grade Anthrax

Antivirus firms balk at FBI loophole

Have Soviet-era bio-weapons infected Afghan refugees?

Scientist Found Slain In His Loudoun Home

Scientist dies in lab airlock

Ebola victim disappears from Gabon village, raising fears disease could spread

Authorities Search For Missing Harvard Virus Specialist

Horowitz Labels Battelle Memorial Chief Anthrax Mailings Suspect


California making 'environmental justice' tenet of air policy

Feinstein sees big homeland role for Guard

Co-workers' rare cancer a mystery. Three women in Castro Valley blame toxic exposure in lawsuit

Audit excoriates state trade agency

Ridge pledges help on state's security costs -- in 2003. Davis, in Washington, rebuffed in pitch for immediate aid

Drug-sniffing dog prowling BART cars. 13 arrests on trains on first two nights It might be a good idea to leave the doobies at home if you plan to ride BART anytime soon.

Tauscher endorses Condit's opponent.

Why everybody was wrong by Warren Hinckle. Click.

Click. Newsom wants to fingerprint homeless


Bush blocks bid to get documents

Lynne Cheney-Joe Lieberman Group Puts Out a Blacklist

Right Wing Has Walker in Wrong Political Box

Cynicism and political reaction in the Bush White House: the case of Karl Rove

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Plane-spotters freed from jail

Israeli Spies in the US

Congress Drops Independent Probe of 9/11 Spy Failure -- Gives More $, Power to Spies

French Officer Convicted of Kosovo War 'Treason'

Kamikaze Practice

UMass Chemist Working On Sensors That Could Eventually Identify Bioterror Agents

The Pen is Mightier....

Digital history saved

People Mag's Losing Its Luster

Frustration builds among Argentina's middle class

'Faulty Fire-Proofing' Brought Down Twin Towers

Secret Bush/Putin ABM Treaty Deal?

Putin Calls ABM Move 'Mistaken'

Bush dumps allies along with ABM treaty 

Southeast Asia Bars Help of U.S. Troops

More Than Half of All State Legislatures Lack Outside Oversight

Novel career move for jaded porn stars

Historic vote in Taiwan

Poetic Goker disables antivirus protection

Web pioneer scoops Japan Prize

Microsoft hires compliance officers

Microsoft Online gaming to follow Xbox

The art of the quantum leap

Silicon Valley given call to arms

The odd Usenet trail of "American Taliban" Walker

State of the Web: Glass half full

Fingerprints Replacing Passwords

Dmitry Sklyarov can go home -- but must testify against Elcomsoft


The Enron Tip Line: Henry Waxman Wants to Hear From You

U.S. Economy Is Enduring the 'Worst of It' Now

Efforts Shift to Terror, So Cartels Move On In

Fight over HP merger heats up

HP board member quits foundation

Japan: From Riches to Rags?

Business Under Siege

Enron: Safeguards Failed to Detect Warnings


Click. Russian freed. Controversial copyright charges dropped

FBI Blasted on Lee Probe

How Clinton Laid Groundwork for the New Police State

Airport time is billable, PG&E judge rules

Pathologist: Pelfini was smothered

Judge: Release Papers in Rich Pardon Probe

Video of Walker calling himself a student may aid his legal case

Olson Conflicted Over Plea But Resigned to Jail

Where Were Suspect's Porn Pics?

Click. 'Witch' testifies in slayings. Suspect claims he is 'warlock,' she says

FCC OKs Area Codes for Cell Phones

Va. Scientist Was Killed With Sword 3 Suspects Interested in Occult and Witchcraft, Friends Say

We're number one! Justice Department inflates its record against terrorism Click.

Sickle cell cure called a step closer

Cassini mission develops camera fault

Russian mafia 'poaches Bering fish'

Test run for future phones

Blood test may aid heart prediction

Antipyschotics, heart deaths linked

Japan's Suicide Epidemic

Ford Talks Up Bluetooth Car

U.K. Approves Embryo Testing

Center to Focus on Life in the Universe

Black aurora behind Northern Lights unveiled

Fertility Doctor Vows to Create 'Designer Baby'

Study: Most Crows are Righties 

Cholesterol-Carriers Better Heart Attack Predictor

Brain Damage From HIV, Alzheimer's, May Have Similar Mechanism, Researchers Say

Scientists Work To Prevent Recent Ebola Outbreak From Decimating Gorillas And Chimps

Man-Made Hurricane Hits South Carolina Coast Monday

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 


Director's 'Vanilla' nothing to crow about  

Church of One Tree relocation approved

Click. Small is the new big Why intimate clubs rule

Holding Court

About Antonin Dvorak

Gifted children neglected

Click. Gay Conservatives Use 9-11 to Attack Political Diversity

Civil War Women

Word of the Day Click.

December 13, 2001

John Walker: 'US Bio Attack Imminent'

Iran Plotting With Hamas to Replace Arafat Regime

Big US Fear: Osama Flees to Pakistan

Team In Somalia May Be Planning U.S. Strikes

China Demands Return of its Terror Fighters

Osama's Crash Course In Nukes

Australian mercenary fighting for Taliban, captured. Click.

Taliban human assets still well intact

Italy Adds Hamas to List of Terror Groups

Bush Offers New Vision of Military

Abandoned caves hold human story

Revealed: America's Case Against The 9/11 Terror Conspirators

Kamikaze Camel Threat Scares U.S. Marines


Daschle Links Anthrax Mail to US Military

Bio Terrorism: CDC's Model State Emergency Health Powers Act May Terrorize Americans

Kerick: FBI hindered NYC's anthrax probe. Click.

The drug war blunders on: The DEA is cracking down on hempseed oil in tortilla chips Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Judge Shuts Down Fed Websites

Warmongers on the Left. Click.

LANDMARK DECISION New York Court: Online Journalists Protected Interview: Click. 


Court battle over rapist Ghilotti's fate. Ruling due today on fate of rapist. Health officials, experts in legal battle

FBI is interviewing Bay Area residents re: terrorism, despite protests. Click.

Marin County's new probation chief relishes support

Herrera victorious in San Francisco city attorney race

California milk often doesn't meet standards

Assembly GOP and Davis offer anti-terror laws

Trust in Presidio boss ran out. Little love lost between new city attorney, Brown

Probe clears 2 S.F. elections officials. Case against 3rd remains unclear

New charges likely for Petaluma cat lady

1 in 7 of state's teachers uncredentialed. Poorest children stuck with the least qualified


3 Social Security options offered

Bush will quit ABM Treaty to push missile defense

Armey's exit sets stage for power struggle. Click.


"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. USA v. Zacarias Moussaoui - Indictment 

Portrait Emerges of an Islamic Hard-Liner

Al Fayed shopping for deals in Chicago. Click.

Bill links fed funds to school progress

Milosevic Dismisses Genocide Charge As Absurd

Endangered Rep. Kennedy gets $90 million in pork. Click.

Fool for love doesn't know what hit him. Click.

United States Lawmakers Set to Strike Out at Global Tribunal

A decision on the future of a Geyserville High School teacher who admitted having a small amount of pot on campus could come as early as today. Click.

US confiscates computers in software piracy probe

MS TV: It'll Be Watching You

Palm Pilot or Calendar? Paper Wins

Symantec, McAfee backpedal furiously on espionage enabled-software

More on Symantec, McAfee, loopholes, and espionage-enabled 'ware

Microsoft unveils new version of Project

New Pentium 4 chipset to tiptoe out


Credit Suisse in talks to settle

Enron Snubs Congress

Don't bet your future on your company's

Museum defends investing strategy

ScottishPower axes head of US subsidiary


Federal Judge Saundra Armstrong withdraws from Berkeley sex-smuggling case and won't say why. Click.

Law firm from hell. Click.

Terrorist attacks stall selection of California's federal prosecutors

Marin: Prosecutor says suspects had questions for victims

Petaluma: Pathologist's past dominates Pelfini trial for second day

Wife, Bank Team Up on Slain Exec's Will

Appeals court: State worker allowed to sue employer for Family and Medical Leave Act violation

How smart does a lawmaker really need to be? Click.

An Australian man believed to be at the center of a billion-dollar software piracy ring targeted yesterday in 60 separate police raids across six countries had boasted on the Internet that he would never be caught. Click.

Mob Rides Bioterror for Cash: FBI

Conspiracy charges put burden on the defense, analysts say

California court rules unwanted spam can be unlawful trespass

Body Scanner Sees Like Superman Handheld scanner lets doctors look inside patients in three dimensions as if they could see through skin.


Breast X-rays doubts raised

Filters help cellular capacity

Grappling With Growth: Creeks in crisis

Screenings for Stroke in Doubt

Case Made for Life on Jupiter Moon 

A Robot That Thrives on Slugs

Scientists Unveil New Images of Io 

Walking With Prehistoric Beasts

Methane Explosion Warmed The Prehistoric Earth, Possible Again

Tag, You're It: A Two-Step Approach To Treating Patients With Multiple Myeloma Shows Promise

Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center To Test Treatment For Shift Workers Plagued By Chronic Sleep Disorder

New Findings Explain T-Cell Loss In HIV Infection

Study Of Key Enzyme Sheds New Light On Programmed Cell Death And May Lead To New Drugs For Reducing The Severity Of Stroke

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

First black Scrooge graces ACT stage

An 'Otello' of Distinction at La Scala

A Studio Executive Tries His Hand at Wizardry

Lost King of the Maya

Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921

America Loves to Hate the Mouse

Researchers discover gay orangutans

Benedict Arnold

US cable channel whitewashes the CIA. Into the Shadows: The CIA in Hollywood, written, produced and directed by Charles C. Stuart

Word of the Day Click.

December 11, 2001

American officers have secretly entered Somalia in the first indication of President Bush's determination to extend the war against terrorism. Click.

Remaining al-Qaida fighters would die before surrender

20 OBL aides held at Afghan border

Lords inflict more damage on terrorism Bill

Al-Qaeda fund apparatus can survive Osama's death: Report

Al-Qaeda primed for wider struggle

'Daisy cutter' dropped on caves

Cost of Afghan Nation-Building: Billions

U.S. Ties To Saudi Elite May Be Hurting War On Terrorism

Trusted leader works to forge exile movement

Taliban prisoners dying in containers. Locked in without air holes for several days

U.S. Bioterrorism Vote May Weaken Anti-Terrorist Coalition

Search or Destroy

Japan informally warns US against extending war on terrorism to Iraq

Questions about Phase II. Click.


Click. Study Finds Spores in Daschle Office Easily Stirred Up, Complicating Risk Questions

Study Links Lou Gehrig's Disease To Gulf War Service

Click. Paper on the Sources of Mailed Anthrax

Anthrax - military industrial espionage. Click.


California Democrats ask Norton to block California gold mine

Friends, family celebrate slain woman's birthday

San Francisco embarrassed again by elections fiascos

Trees are dying because of urban runoff from new Southern California homes

12 year sentence for Santa Rosa child molester. Click.

Condit Dares Foes to Bring Up Levy

Under gun, Presidio chief quits. Misspending has long been alleged

Sonoma County about to test plan to let farmers grow vegetables on public land


Lawsuit Is Filed to Seat Bush Rights Panel Choice

Click. Bush To OK Export of Faster Computers

Most Powerful Democrat Disappointed. Click.

Bush Picks Aviation Security Chief

A&E Names Giuliani Top Personality.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Plane-spotters to face spy trial in new year

Who is OBL's "owner"? Click.

US mounts spy mission in Somalia

Osama & Omar May Be Handed Over To US: Meeting Soon: Agha's Aide

Clinton's Top Secret Service Agent Takes Job At AOL.

French officer accused of collaborating with Milosevic government

Merry Christmas From Your Death Squad

The Objective Individual Combat Weapon  (OICW)

Interior Dept. Sites Still Down

Sites Forlorn When Reborn as Porn

E-mails From a Traitor

'Wearable' translating computer due out soon

Antivirus firms not supporting FBI's "Magic Lantern" virus Click.

Microsoft's secret meetings

Microsoft Hopes 'Corona' Makes Digital Media Glow


The Junk Heap of Enron

Report: Top Analyst Being Probed

Attorney general investigates Wall Street analysts

Biz-Woman Mystique Dispelled

Estonia: An Economic Success Story

Study: Americans nearing retirement ignorant about cost of care

Recession shock and the SEC. Click.

New name, new strategy at software firm

Terror Money Trail Leads Home

Lilly preparing for life after Prozac

Pritzkers in Record Thrift Settlement

Botched Burials May Be Industry's Funeral


Supreme Court Upholds Warrantless Searches

Juror Accused in O.J. Simpson Case

Saudi Leader Defends Women's ID Cards

Caught in Net Of Uncertainty

Federal judge declines to dismiss Lazarenko money laundering charges

Nepotism in action in picking federal judges. Click.

Search warrant unsealed in D.A. stabbing case

Judge rejects HMO's charges against state's top regulator

Jail search lawsuit expanded

Pelfini pathologist grilled by defense

The Pen is Mightier....

Geraldo's War. Click.

TV network thirsts for US revenge on Osama

A technique for repairing broken bones that needs no plaster cast and can halve the time it takes patients to recover has been invented by scientists in Switzerland Click.

Smuggling tortoises threatens survival

Science With a Social Conscience

New avenues in spinal injuries work

Transplant patients beat lethal virus

HIV patients boost demand for transplants

Doctor plans UK 'designer baby' clinic

Click. Camels could help save human lives

Magnetic convulsions behind violent sun storms. Solar behavior more dynamic than thought

Click. Antibiotic alternative 'could beat bacteria'

Vibrating platform cuts fracture risk. Click.

Livermore scientists track airborne toxins

Newer Drug Beats Tamoxifen in Breast Cancer Study

Women lead UK online growth

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

Harrison’s ashes never came to India

Beating the Test

Click. Screams from within the Boston Conservatory create new hope for the American musical.

David Hockney's (not so) 'Secret Knowledge'

The circus may have left town but the culture in Sarasota  keeps going

Wagging tails have healing power. 

Genes Reveal Gypsies' Past

The Ancient Olympics

Word of the Day Click.

December 10, 2001

In War's Next Stage, White House Plans To Place Troops On Different Fronts Simultaneously.

US Makes 'Terror Hit List' of Countries

North Korea Says It's Ready for War

How Strong is Hamas?

Mass pardon for Saudi prisoners

Secret Al Qaeda Escape Hatch

Investigator: Atta Lived in New York

Israeli Helicopters Kill Palestinian Toddler, Youth

Desperation, missteps led to fortress carnage

How Omar led Taliban to power, then defeat

Al-Qaeda Plan Mountain Ambush of Western Forces

US Troops Land in Philippines


UK: Police Want To Supply Free Heroin

Skolnick - The Enron Black Magic -Part Two Click.


Photocopier's 'Fingerprint' May Help in Hunt for Anthrax Attacker

Gabon Ebola Virus Deaths Rise to 11


Santa Barbara beach time. Click.

Marin County could soon be wired with fiber optics

Click. New Round of 'Erin Brockovich' Cases

Walker provides information to U.S.

Walker given hope of leniency. Marin man's cooperation could mean lesser charge


New RNC Chairman Racicot to Keep Job as Lobbyist

Molly Ivins on the long history between President Bush and Enron. Click. More: Click.

Bush presses allies on Middle East

Cheney Finds Bin Laden Video Convincing

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Report: Pakistani Intelligence Armed Taliban

Western Intelligence Agencies Knew of Bin Laden Plan Since 1995

former CIA director James Woolsey never stops spinning.

Stratfor situation report. Click.

China Increases Intercepts of US Reconnaissance Aircraft

Stalin's Heirs Debate the Dictator's Legacy

France Debates Right Not To Be Born

Architects gather to discuss buildings in light of 9/11

Optics expert rebuts Waco standoff report

Schools Canceling Field Trips in Wake of Attacks

Oracle's 'Unbreakable' Boast Attracting Hackers

Get out of the MS licensing forest

Verizon to Sell Wireless Processing Unit 

Programs: 'Majestic' Conspiracy Moves to Store Shelves

Israeli youths confess to spreading Goner computer worm

Business: Excite was a good example despite its demise

A new spin on computing. UC scientists suggest way to harness electrons for processors


Balancing act: Unilever, Enron -- lawyers are coming home to roost. Click.

News-driven stocks such as Hadron can be risky


U.S. weighs how to try foot soldiers

Rooting Out Terrorists Just Became Harder

Justice trend toward 'secret evidence'

Student-Led 'Messages' Approved

Senate votes against U.S. involvement in world crimes court

Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support

The 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

The Pen is Mightier....

Robert Fisk Badly Beaten in Pakistan

Intelligence services wanted me killed, says journalist Click.


Order For Libraries To Destroy CDs Raises Concerns

Hollywood celebs aid war effort by tying in troop visits with new movie releases. Click. - Ten Habits of Highly Effective E-mailers

The cancer revolution. Click.

Click. Heart disease indicators may appear in children as young as 15.

Michael Kinsley Discloses He Has Parkinson's Disease

Police Officers in Two Cities Will Put 'Segway' to the Test

Scientist: Orangutans Can Swing Both Ways

Ultrasound Scans Linked to Brain Damage in Babies

Vegetarian Diet May Mask Eating Disorder in Teens

Rejection by Peers May Lead to Violent Behavior

Healing hands -- mantra for a manned Mars mission 

Gene Triggers Stem Cell Differentiation

Tracking Path Of Virulent Bacteria Via The Web

Exploring The Digital Universe With Europe's Astrophysical Virtual Observatory; Vast Databanks At The Astronomers' Fingertips

New Technology Tested At Stanford Offers Unique View Inside Small Intestines

Study Identifies New Treatment Option For Heart Failure Patients

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

Lore and order  

Jennifer Anniston

John P. Meier on "Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God"

The Phoenix Lights Mystery 

'Terminator' Will Be Back, but Won't Come Cheap

Religious Icon Archive


Mystery man is Gauguin, by Van Gogh

Shock art? Have a word with Madonna

Word of the Day Click.

December 7, 2001

Ten Leading Lawmakers Urge Targeting of Iraq

Secret US plan for Iraq war

US plots to entomb bin Laden

Bunkers Taken — Osama Missing

Enigmatic Mullah Hard to Read, Find

Taliban Forces Flee Kandahar; Omar Missing

Al-Qaeda unlikely to perish

Promis Software - Bin Laden's Magic Carpet

Everybody's Got Their Own Terrorist

Profile: Mullah Mohammed Omar

Sharon Flinches

Taliban lad’s Kodak moments

Al-Qaeda primed for wider struggle Click.

Australia should seal its borders to prevent the escape of 20 terrorism suspects, says the man leading the investigation into a suspected plot to fly a plane into Melbourne's tallest building. Click.


Anthrax found in mail bound for Federal Reserve

Fever outbreak in Gabon may be Ebola: WHO

Frankenbugs in the Wings

The Pen is Mightier....

Whatever You Do, Don't Link to KPMG.

Geraldo Shot at by Sniper

Pentagon Apologizes for Blocked Coverage of 'Friendly Fire'

Philadelphia Inquirer Reporters Face Contempt Charge

The Future of


Two More Californians Spotted in Bin Laden Camps

San Francisco: Details in Web sex case to be made public

An Emeryville attorney and former school board member filed candidacy papers Thursday to be the lone Democratic challenger to state Attorney General Bill Lockyer Click.

Xiana Fairchild's aunt finds new focus amid grief

Vintner's irrigation proposal in doubt

Coats come off as heat goes on at S.F. school.

Bay Area police mulling new list for deportations. Cooperation levels may vary city to city

Man wants a fresh start in Oregon. Injured ex-plumber can no longer afford housing in Bay Area

Bill Would Force Company Mental Health Coverage


GOP Targets Daschle

Click. Hearing on Bush/Ashcroft Terrorism Initiatives

House gives high tech a boost

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Slain CIA Agent Interviewed US Taliban Fighter

U.S. envoy says China may allow FBI agents in Beijing

Pentagon auditors get poor grade in examination


The German-Afghan connection 

Film on Reagan Shooting Plays Loose With Facts

Didn't Profit From Nazis: Ford

U.S. Investigators Wield Vast New Powers

A teacher-student bond that may have foiled murder

Society Goes Gaga for Yue-Sai, The Most Famous Woman in China Click.

Acxiom's modest proposal: Background checks on air passengers

Special Forces 'Helicopter Assault' Startles East St. Louis

Click. BIA Secretary Report on Indian Trust Fund Hacking

States May Ask for Edited Windows

Mobile phones turn into masseurs

MS launches Chinese Pocket PC 2002

Another wireless ISP flops...Yada Yada

EarthLink to Buy Omnisky Wireless Assets

Disposable Cell Phones a Security Threat?

Queen Elizabeth Banishes Linux


Hitting the Trifecta. Click.

Get-rich guru's converts warned of false profits

Secret NYSE Trading Site

IMF Admits Bankruptcy: Wall Street `Alternatives' A Fraud

Gen X Embraces the Recession By Going to Plan B: Layoff Lust Click.

Woman Hunting 'Fargo' Movie Loot Dies

Senator Says Enron Violated 401 law 

SEC crackdown on companies that use creative accounting methods to pump up poor earnings results. 

Taking a Public Firm Private


DeSalvo DNA can't be tied to murder victim

275-pound stumbling block

France debates right not to be born 

Bankruptcy may void bail bonds

Bail raised for man in San Rafael stabbing

At Taubman Trial, Lovely Paralegal Holds the Balance Click.

Path to find father's killer leads to courtroom confrontation

Military Tribunals Dangerous In Ashcroft's Hands

Sinatra kidnap goes back to court.

Teacher Demands Quiet, Smashes Girl's Finger with Paperweight

Workers had been warned about gunman in Indiana shootings, authorities say Click.

Federal agents visit "anti-American" art exhibition in Houston

State Mulls Enron Suit

Science Panel Faults Air Quality Aboard Jets

Folic acid, iron may cut leukemia risk

Experimental vaccine shows promise against malaria

Mars may be changing

'Split' Bike Seats May Ease Women's Pain: Study

What About Kamen's Other Machine?

"Sonic Flashlight" Gives Users A New Form Of Ultrasonic Vision

Researchers Distinguish New Type Of Leukemia

Early Detection Device For Exposure To Chemical Warfare Agents Being Developed

The Ecological Consequences Of "Promiscuous" Boating

7-Day-On, 7-Day-Off Regimen Could Reduce Cost, Toxicities Of HIV Therapy

Enzyme Studies At Brookhaven Lab May Lead To New Antiviral Agents

Identify Music With Your Cellphone

Tracing Tech Could Catch Digital Pirates

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

Click. "Ocean's Eleven" 

Leo's Great as Alexander

Why Dec. 12 is Dangerous Date

Explorers map undersea structures

Explorers View 'Lost City' Ruins Under Caribbean

When It Comes to Romance, Listen to Your Friends

Harrison's Ashes a Mystery

Word of the Day Click.

December 6, 2001

Taliban Orders Surrender of Kandahar

US refuses to agree to protection plan for Mullah Omar

Key Warlord Rejects Afghan Accords

Israelis, Islamists Both Gunning for Arafat

Woman Becomes Afghan Deputy PM

New Afghan Leader is an Aristocrat Who Turned His Back on the Taliban

Russian Airlift To Afghanistan Highlights Underlying US-Europe Tensions

FBI document links U.S. charity to Hamas

Armchair generals' Vietnam

Is the US preparing an invasion of Somalia?

Al-Qaeda has 20 Russian missiles

Inside the battle at Qala-I-Jangi

Suspect claims al-Qaida planned attacks in Britain, Australia, India

Islam's rise challenges U.S. policy

US Building Up Forces Near Iraq


CDC to Issue 'Tips' on Handling Mail

Scientists Open Leahy Anthrax Letter

The Pen is Mightier....

Are the people who posted some 13,000 Internet messages about subsidiaries of Varian Medical Systems funny First Amendment heroes or "despicable," obsessional liars? Click

An E-mail Bombardier

The Op-Ed Force

Buried stories. Click.


John Walker's puzzling odyssey

Johnny Jihad

Click. In Marin County, Calif., treason is just another alternative lifestyle.

Riordan reaches out to abortion-rights advocates

Davis suspends sale of state's birth, death data

Kendall-Jackson seeks Geysers pipeline wastewater for grapes

Click. Fate of huge farm bill crucial to California

S.F. students left to learn in the cold

Crabbers cut a deal, go fishing. Fishermen say price they're taking for catch is lowest in 5 years

Davis cuts working moms a break. Child-care benefits for former welfare recipients extended

Click. Election mess in Stanislaus


Ashcroft has upper hand in hearing on liberties

Judiciary hearing seen as 'legal history in the making'

Patrick Leahy Takes a Stand for Justice in Portland, Oregon 

DoD spurns congressional hearing

Rep. Henry Waxman Sets Up Cheney 'Dirt Hotline'


"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA wants six Pakistani scientists probed

Technology of 'Dirty Bomb' Simple, but Not the Execution

Man with Knife, Guns Arrested Near White House.

Click. Self-Made Maria Cantwell

Click. Cycle of violence pushing sentiment Sharon's way. Rhetoric linking Arafat to terrorists is gaining support

Eric Harris: "I'm Full of Hate and I Love It"

Jesse Ventura weakening in polls

O.J. Simpson has links to indicted drug ring leaders, sources say

John F. Kennedy negatives feared lost in Trade Center

Wozniak's smartphone adventure. Click.

Big Stink Over a Simple Link

China PC Makers Fight MS Piracy

New Hands-Free Kit Not So Handy

Dot-Info Challenges Name-Grabs

Will XP Allow Hackers Into Your Fridge?

The Strange Saga of Yahoo and WebRing

New Video Screen Is Like Paper


Packard Foundation poised for a showdown

GOP lawmaker fears IRS horning in on tax software. Online system seen as competing with his constituent

When Pro Forma Is Bad Form

Enron Execs Got $55 Million Just Before Bankruptcy!

Enron: The real face of the "new economy"


Enron Faces Labor, SEC Probes


Iraq And Bin Laden Sued For September 11 Attack

Ashcroft Unhinged

Click. Ross testifies it was self-defense After shooting her husband in the back of the head as they lay in bed, Mary Ross knelt at his side of the bed and stroked his head, saying, "Why did you make me do this, Stan? I'm sorry."

Buck Trust told to reply

Ridgway's life, habits detailed

Court nullifies Sacramento murder conviction

DA admits mistake in abuse case against educator

Drug dog links pot to English teacher

Judge aims to rethink system for foster care

Genovese mob family hit as 73 are charged with variety of crimes

Legal marijuana smoker sues Delta for kicking him off flight because he was carrying the drug

Site of Stayner trial at issue Click.

Cancer: Killing It Softly

Catalina's plants, animals on rebound. Experimental restoration a success

Why Back Pain is Hard to Beat

Space Pajamas Fight Infant Death

Where U.S., Kiwis Are Neighbors

Astronomers 'See' Dark Matter

Why did the salmon cross the road?

Dot-com tycoon space bound 

3D brain mappers scan thousands 

Prehistoric man 'was never a teenager' 

Pain and pleasure linked in the brain 

Teeth Point Up Human-Ape Difference 

'God particle may not exist' 

Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of Acid Indigestion

Monarchs May Be Saved

Estrogen Holds Promise As Preventive Therapy For Cardiovascular Disease

Brain Shows Ability To Recover From Some Methamphetamine Damage

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

Marin guide dog a lifesaver

'Word Perfect' theater

Garcia guitar deal falls through

Stitch and Bitch

Slack Keys and MP3s

The Prince and the King

Harry Scary

Ex-Sotheby's CEO is convicted in plot that rocked art world

'Unreleased' Harrison Song on Web Site

Word of the Day Click.

December 5, 2001

Bush: US Troops May Strike Outside Afghanistan

Two Americans Killed, 20 Wounded by 'Friendly Fire'

Thousands Ready for Assault on Tora Bora Caves

Bin Laden was 'close' to bomb

America fears attack on key Islamic date

US Marines Fight Off Afghan Germs

Allies Direct the Death Rites of Trapped Taliban Fighters Click.

Afghan "Highwaymen" Return Click.

Hamas Touts Untouchable 'Secret' Funding Sources

Playing radical footsie with the U.S. military

Foot-soldiers steal a march on elite troops

They ran for their lives through a field of death

Marines move to cut off escape routes

Afghanistan in all the Telemorphic Viewers

Click. Abamedia, an international media development and production company based in Fort Worth, Texas, has achieved official permission to put the Russian archives on the Internet.

Waxman Presses Cheney To Disclose ENRON Contacts As Congressional Probe Expands.


War briefing: December 5, 2001

‘Friendly Fire’ Kills 3 U.S. Troops


No Fetal Cells In New Smallpox Vaccines

AMA declines to call for nationwide smallpox vaccination

Pesticide Tests Approved for Humans

Bayer, Anthrax, and Trade

Click. "Gift Of The Magi" Bears Anti-Cancer Agents, Researchers Suggest


FBI brings anti-terror probe to Fremont

Enron's collapse sends chill through Bay Area campuses

City of West Hollywood declares itself a medical marijuana sanctuary

Schools hoping to cash in on lower 55% Bond vote margin

Woman says she killed in self-defense

Supervisors don't get along, go along

Sunol high-flier seeks personal helipad

Buck Trust agency's future in doubt

Martini spurns party leaders to oppose Woolsey

Marvelous adventure of 'Walker, Taliban Ranger'

Click. Alameda County votes to expand big solar array

Lazarus gay vote flap


O'Neill on his way out?

Regulatory czar asks business which rules to dump

Bush's first reaction to WTC: "There's one terrible pilot." (I am not making this up) Click.


'I hurt' for you, Bush tells Florida unemployed

Dissing Democracy

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA Infighting Over Chinese Embassy Bombing

CIA Officer Sues Over Bombing

Who are the real leaders of Belgium? Click.

Birchers: Top Intelligence Analyst Arrested as a Cuban Spy

Geeks and Spooks Click.

The Web Never Forgets (that sensitive information you're supposed to delete is still out there) Click.

Swiss terror swoop discomposes Boulez, 75


Click. Atomic treason in the U.S. House.

Israel targets Arafat's headquarters. US gives green light for war against Palestinian Authority

New 'Goner' Computer Virus Surfaces

Click. The gadget that allows you to stop mobile phones from ringing all around you.

Click. Cellphones help people to build relationships in the same way as apes.

New website offers P3P analysis, privacy benefits and drawbacks

Visual Studio.NET to be out in 30 days: Gates

Details on European Union directive to regulate cookies

Digital Angel launches human, animal GPS tracking system

Search engines finding stuff they're not supposed to find. Click. More: Click More: Click

Wireless tribes turning cafe tables into offices Click.


Click. IMF Admits Bankruptcy; Wall Street Alternatives A Fraud

Central Bank Advises Russians to Avoid Buying Euro

Sorting through the Enron mess. Click.

Some Russian Companies Just Never Die

New St. Petersburgers vs. Old Guard

The Pen is Mightier....

Horowitz goes haywire. Click.

Weekly columns from a reporter now missing in Afghanistan 11/22 11/15   11/8  11/1   10/25  10/18

New Company Besieges Colleges With Notices About Copyright Violations Click.

Experiments in the Future of Reading Click.

MIT Open Source Research Community Click.


California sells birth records of its citizens

Whiting breaks silence in Sarah Payne trial More: Click.

Prosecutor charged in stabbing

State Bar in evidence tug of war re: porn case

FBI reorganization highlights anti-computer crime efforts

Mom keeps son on marijuana regimen

Defense lawyers refusing to defend people accused of ties to the attacks Click.

Officers wary of doctor's account

Green River killings: A look at cases of 38 more women

Supreme Court test for juvenile justice law

Full court to decide on inmates' right to become dads

In S.F., pimps laugh at the law

Click. A trip to the International Space Station aboard a Soyuz rocket is announced as the prize for a new television show.

AMA shelves plan to study financial incentives for organ donors

Click. The largest prime number yet discovered is revealed to the world - all four million digits.

Time of day may affect kidney dialysis

Hepatitis A vaccines withdrawn

Doctors believe that boosting testosterone levels in middle aged men could help fight heart disease.

Cloning pioneer sees rapid advance

Cooking Oil, Chicken to Power Supermarket Trucks

Drug Fails to Halt Stroke Damage, May Hurt Patients

Scientists plan spray-on sex drug

Autistic Preschoolers Have Larger-Than-Normal Brains, Can't Distinguish Emotions From Facial Photographs

Molecule That Restricts Mouse Cells' Potency Could Yield Embryonic Stem Cells Without The Sacrifice Of Embryos

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

Feminists reaching for a clue. Click.

Animators bring movies to life in Richmond

Original Nessie Film Found

Circle of Sisters offers adolescent girls space to grow

Hasta La Vista, Budget: "T3" Is On

Van Gogh and Gauguin: The "Studio of the South"

Activists: Is that dog you’re wearing?

Word of the Day Click.

December 4, 2001

Click. Israel Unleashes More Airstrikes

Click. Blair Warms to Iraq Attack Plans

Click. Europe's Top Security Body Says War On Terror Must Not Trample Individual Rights

Click. SAS searches 'bin Laden' cave system

Click. Mullah Mohammed Omar 'lives in back of car to foil bombers'

Click. U.S. Rat Gets Grilled As Two More Surface

Click. Terrorism suspect arrested in Germany worked at Hamburg airport

Click. U.S. Fears Bin Laden Made Nuclear Strides

Click. Arafat's Reach Limited Among Militants

Click. US, India begin sweeping military ties

Click. Taliban-linked terrorists plan to attack U.S. troops

Click. Iraq threatens to "swallow" Israel up if America attacks Iraq

Click. Police leery of U.S. probe of Bay Area immigrants

Click. New Rules: Israel Widens Targets

Click. Bush Cyber-security Adviser Wants Internet Users To Get Free Security Software

Click. War briefing: December 4, 2001


65 bags of House mail to be burned. Click.

Click. More Mail Believed to Be Tainted


California gas prices at 2-year low

Click. N one of the three lost boaters wore a life jacket

Click. From Fairfax to the Taliban

Click. Concealing of Davis' name rejected

Click. San Francisco election mystery deepens

Click. Smiley's Schooner Saloon Celebrates 150th Birthday

Click. In response to schools fiasco, a plan to oversee S.F. bond money


Click. Bush to nominate "'Biblical law' activist"

Click. Bush administration shake-up imminent?

Click. The Florida Report Beating around the Bush


Click. John Birchers call Bush a "fascist".


"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. CIA Denies Naming Killed Officer for Publicity

Click. New Documents On Human Drug Testing & MK-ULTRA Mind Control

Click. Employees Sue CIA For 'Abuse Of Power'

Click. A deadly threat, courtesy of America

Click. How Malcolm X changed boy's life

Young women: an occupational hazard on the Hill. Click.

Click. F BI agents search O.J. Simpson's house in Miami

Click. Letter From Chile - By Jim Scanlon

Click. Net service back by Friday

Click. Design not Found

Click. Hewlett-Packard Launches 'Blade' Network Computers

Click. Olympics Net Security Is His Game

Click. Snail Mail, or E-Card Go?

Click. It's the Software, Stupid


Click. Huge biotech merger announced

Meet the Carlyle Group. Click.

Click. NASA: Taking Privatization Public

Stimulus Agendas Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. He's Geraldo non Grata

Click. Live & Let Spy: CIA's Role in Hollywood

Who's standing up to the "Big Government" assault on civil liberties? Click.


Click. Judge won't let Olson withdraw guilty plea in SLA bomb case More: Click. Defense team in disarray. Click.

Click. Speier proposes making leaving kids in car a crime

Click. The suspects charged with killing Selina Bishop and four others were involved in an elaborate scheme involving witchcraft, Ecstasy sales, blackmail, teen-age prostitution and a planned orphanage in Brazil.

Click. Court Patronage Rapped

Click. Prisoner undercount undercuts coffers

Click. Husband arrested in slaying of Luci Houston

D.A. cuts deal in Petaluma cat case. Click.

Dede on trial. Click.

Click. High Court to Review Curbs on Judicial Candidates

Click. Counterterrorism, Cybercrime Are Focus of FBI's Overhaul

Harrison leaves £20m to Krishnas Click.

Click. Why a dash of autism may be key to success

Click. Losing Sleep Over It

Click. Medicine Chest: Tequin

Click. Online kiosks aid abused women

Click. Could Nightly Sleep Become Optional?

Click. Bodybuilding Drug GBL Linked to Severe Withdrawal

Click. Lord of the Special Effects

Click. 'Bear-Proof' Suit to Be Put to the Test

Click. Genesis Spacecraft Begins Mission To Collect Samples Of The Sun

Click. Stem Cells, Forged Into Neurons, Show Promise For Brain Repair

Click. Scientists Find Hidden Piece Of Influenza Virus

Click. Genetic Vaccine For Metastatic Breast Cancer Shows Promise In Mice Studies

Click. Research Study Looks For Answers To Treating Teenage Depression

Click. Selecting the Right Toys for Kids With Disabilities

The zoo that survived the Taliban

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

Click. "I think the world can't ignore these kind of pictures of triangles in the air and Stars of David on the ground. What will happen. after the Chilbolton glyphs in England there was the WTC attack, what comes now?

Click. A Blue Dog Is This Man's Best Friend

Click. Music's life lessons

Click. Pleasure Is in the Seduction for Italian Men

Click. Purrfect Ending for Cat Colins 

Click. At an Ashram Near You: His Aura

Click. Stone Age Soundtracks

Word of the Day Click.

December 3, 2001

Click. Israel fires missiles near Arafat's headquarters

Click. Israel: After 13 hours of carnage, 26 lie dead and ceasefire hopes buried

Click. We'll fight terror our way, Sharon tells Bush 

Click. Hardline Israelis will call for all-out war

Click. Bombers' tactics foil Israeli agents

Click. Arafat now faces his moment of truth

The hardline Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas has enough suicide bombers  to last another 20 years, a senior Hamas leader said today. Click.

Attack on Tora Bora caves will be joint US - British operation. Click.

Click. British Special Forces Narrowly Miss Capturing Bin Laden

Click. Switching Sides  A report from inside Afghanistan on the fall of Kunduz.

Click. Awaiting Death on the Front Line in Afghanistan

Click. Omar buying camels, using motorcycle to avoid detection

Click. Taliban fighters emerge from grave

Click. French president praises north African leaders for commitment to fight terror

Click. What Will Rise if bin Laden Falls?

Click. 'Sleeper Cells' Of al Qaeda Are Next Target

Click. Russian airlift to Afghanistan highlights underlying US-Europe tensions

Click. Political Elite, Bureaucrats Profit From Afghan War

Click. Pashtun chief called likely new leader

Click. War briefing: December 3, 2001


CABAZONS: Click. Brother of tribe's chief executive indicted on embezzling charges

Click. Livermore Guard unit bides its time

Click. Internet Provider Cuts Off 850,000 AT&T Customers

Click. Biotech firm eyes Pleasanton

Click. Marin man found with Taliban

Click. School case generates criticism of Santa Clara D.A.'s office.

Click. Insurance pays reimbursement for marijuana stolen by police


Click. KPFA: Berkeley radio station's parent Pacifica Foundation takes step that may resolve internal political battles


Click. Will Bush be tarnished by Enron's collapse?

Bush’s Racial Coup D’Etat and Intell Shutdown Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. While troops and arms do their part, propaganda also proves central to military doctrine

Click. United Front takes control - Jane's Defense News

Click. Secret US Plan for Iraq War


Click. Bronx Letter May Hold Clues to Anthrax Death

Click. Florida county actually invites disaster

Click. Pledge for Smallpox Vaccine Runs Into Tight-Budget Reality

Click. Shah's Son Enlists Exiles in U.S. in Push to Change Iran

Click. US missile shield faces test

Click. Putin purges admirals over Kursk disaster

Click. Taiwan dumps its long-time rulers

Click. Unity-Fatherland Super Party Is Born

Click. Swiss reject proposals to abolish army

Click. Colombian paramilitary leader confesses to killing Pizarro

Click. Putin Turns On Yeltsin Old Guard

Feds sell "coin-knife". Click.

Click. Grid unlocks power of technology

Click. Hackers Take Out U.S. Government Sites

Click. Senator questions MS settlement

Click. Steve Jobs Rejects Microsoft Plan

Click. At M.I.T., a Fake Web Site Pokes Fun at the Media Lab

Click. QuickTime shows staying power in digital video and audio

Click. IBM Feels The Need For Speed


Click. Stock options seen in harsh light

Click. Cingular Wireless Deal Worth Almost $4 Billion

Click. Private U.S. Power Firm Plans Enron Takeover

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Clampdown covers websites, libraries, even press releases

Click. Fox Portrays a War of Good and Evil, and Many Applaud

Click. Writers on Writing: They Leap From Your Brain Then Take Over Your Heart

Click. Attack of the War Movies


Click. Bush law chief tried to drop habeas corpus

Click. Legal Scholars Criticize Wording Of Bush Order

Click. U.S. to consider extradition concessions for suspected terrorists

Click. Civil Liberties: Ashcroft and Leahy Battle Over Expanding Police Powers

Click. Olson's Request to Change Guilty Plea to Be Heard

Click. Supreme Court: pronouncing Judgments

Click. Ashcroft Seeks to Strengthen U.S.-Canadian Border


Click. Third Oregon City Resisting Federal Probe

Click. Few terror referrals prosecuted

Click. Supreme Court to decide ageism case

Click. Who needs 12 when one will do?

Click. Military tribunals could preclude defense attorneys

Click. How the Music Industry Blew It

IT! Click.

Click. 'New' leukemia discovered

Mars' blue sky. Click.

Click. Disease Killer Garlic Put Under the Microscope

Click. Condom size doesn't matter, elasticity counts

Click. Stem Cells: From Blank to Brain

Click. Tiny Lizard Illustrates Big Lessons on Habitat

Click. Flu's hidden secrets of success

Click. Underground Sea in Jupiter Moon?

Click. Monkey Eggs Grow Into Embryos in Experiment

What is happening at the South Pole? Click.

Click. Paying donors for organs gets put to AMA debate

Click. Cloning laws in Japan to allow human-animal mix

Click. Marijuana Abuse May Up Risk of Depression

Click. Jefferson Scientists Use Computer Model To Show Cancer May Be A Stem Cell Disorder

Click. Delayed Treatment Of Spinal Cord Injury May Improve Recovery

Rembrandt. Christ Drives Money-Changers from the Temple. 1626. Oil on panel. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia 

Click. At Stonehenge, Remedying a 'Disgrace'

Click. Tolkien family split over 'Rings' film

Click. The world of J. R. R. Tolkien, soon to be at a movie theatre near you.

Click. More magnificent than Temple

Click. Attack of the War Movies

Click. Beatle Yogi cremated

Click. Ghost issue: Earl swaps ancestral home for croft

Click. George Harrison Left $300 Million 

Click. Artistic Fact or Optical Delusion?

Click. Kesey extravaganza

Word of the Day Click.