NEWSGRIDS November 2001
November 30, 2001

Click. 'Final fight' for Kandahar begins

Click. How Afghanistan went unlisted as terrorist sponsor

Troops did not stop Taliban killing

Click. How al-Qaeda hatched plot to bomb heart of Montreal

Click. Hundreds of Russians have arrived in Kabul. Moscow says contingent has humanitarian aims

Click. If US won't protect POWs, who will?

Click. Leading Polish Weekly Claims New Interview With Taliban's Omar

Click. Why US, rest of world differ on threat posed by Iraq

Click. Russia debates a military of the future

Click. After US massacre of Taliban POWs: the stench of death and more media lies

Click. Castle of Death

Click. Most of those detained in US are from Pakistan

Click. Why Afghanistan's future is unlikely to be settled in Germany

Click. War on Drugs Filling Up the Taliban's Coffers

Click. Iran's foreign minister cautions U.S. against military strikes outside Afghanistan

Click. More Marines arrive at base

Click. No Big Fish in 9/11 Dragnet

Click. Daily News Exclusive: Hijack Plot Suspect Says It's All a Mix-up

Click. Blair and Chirac united against American hawks


Click. Only a few labs had anthrax strain suspected in attacks

Click. Wall Street Warns Of Upcoming Mad Cow Crisis In The US

Click. A Scientist's Mystery

Click. Many U.S. Postal Workers Report Cipro Side Effects


Click. Salinas man is among 603 detainees

Governor pushes for bond measure for new schools

Click. Ammiano bawls out S.F. elections overseer

Public transit 'smart card' to be tested.  One ticket will pay for Bay Area travel

Click. Fire erupts at plant near Valero refinery

Contra Costa County cleared of discrimination, court rules

Click. Gallo family's contributions to agriculture recognized by foundation.


Click. Panel develops 3 plans to rework Social Security. Private accounts part and parcel of all

Click. How Clinton set the scene for 9/11 by Dick Morris

The Bush administration has turned down a Cuban offer to compensate Americans whose properties were confiscated 40 years ago if the United States agreed to lift its embargo and make other concessions. Click.

Click. Molly Ivins views current events

Click. A thousand points of light: No help for lesbian terrorist victim

Click. SHAKEUP: Gilmore Resigns as GOP Chairman.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. Historians Reveal Swiss-Nazi Links

Click. U.S. Customs database used to track terrorist financing

Click. Electronic Warfare Handbook 

CIA hero may have triggered Mazur revolt. Click.

Click. Advanced technologies help sift nuggets of information from torrents of data.


Click. Soldier to publish attack on Iraq raid

Click. Hearings Against Sharon Postponed

Click. US steps up pressure on North Korea

Click. Web site will delete birth data by request

Click. American role in Mideast is all smoke and mirrors

Click.' ILLICIT TOUCHING': Flight Crews Charge Improper Searches By Airport Screeners.

Click. NASA Steps in to Unravel Flight 587 Mystery

Click. IBM loses supercomputer crown

Click. This Ping Thing Didn't Take Wing

Click. Designer web

Click. Enron: A Bandwidth Bloodbath

Click. Palm: Long Walk on Short Plank

Humbled tech industry bids good riddance to 2001. Click.

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values ."  ZBIGNIEW BREZINSKY

Click. Mortgage shoppers see fast jump in rates

Click. $ 37 million for plaza in Emeryville

Click. A revealing speech by a US Federal Reserve Board governor

Click. Santa Rosa  Safeway housing plan sets precedent

Click. Nanotech, but Not in a Nanosecond

Click. US Congress to probe Enron's disaster

Click. Bank profits fall nearly 10 percent

The Pen is Mightier....
Click. Sept. 11 turns obscure book into a best seller


Click. Internet Use Takes A Toll On Television Viewing


Click. A cautionary tale from another war. S.F. man convicted of sabotage in secret military trial

Click. Roosevelt's end run around the courts. Secret trial provoked constitutional crisis

Click. Cop of the year accused of misconduct. Oakland narcotics officer faces allegations of taking money, filing false reports

Click. Copyright Law Foes Lose Big

Click. Ghilotti could go free today. State would have to prove its doctors incompetent

Click. L.A. prosecutors oppose Olson's change of plea. Judge to weigh accepting reversal

Click. FBI guidelines governing terror investigations under review

Click. S F judge slaps Old Republic with additional civil fines

Online birth records raise privacy concerns. Click.

Click. Like a kingpin: Prosecuting Osama bin Laden under RICO

Click. Hair drug testing

Click. Canadian Hate Bill C-36? Wait until you meet its brother

Click. Portland Police Chief Under Fire For Refusal To Cooperate With FBI Questioning.

Appellate court upholds juvenile justice law. Click.

Click. Mars Was Once Awash With Water, Study Shows

Click. Travel blood clot warning issued
Pregnant women and those on the Pill should seek medical advice about the risks of long-distance air travel.

Click. Scientists warn of 'super athletes'

Click. Obesity 'not linked to childhood'

Click. NASA's Eggs-ellent Experiment

Click. Drilling the Red Planet

Click. Star scientists work to save oaks

Click. Underground Sea in Jupiter Moon?

Click. A Search for the Chemicals of Alien Life

Click. Digging Deep for Life's Answers

Click. Eat More Often to Lower Cholesterol, Doctors Say

Click. New Details Of Earth's Internal Structure Emerge From Seismic Data

Click. Comprehensive Set Of Vision Genes Discovered: Identification Could Help In Diagnosing And Treating Blinding Diseases

Click. Pictures Reveal How Nerve Cells Form Connections To Store Short- And Long-Term Memories In Brain

Click. New Computer Program Detects Overlooked Gene Segments: Previous Estimates Of Human Gene Number Too Low

Click. Autism parents need help to fend off bigotry

"A Beauty" Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1808)

Click. Ex-Beatle Harrison dies

Paul McCartney mourns his baby brother and Beatles mate. Click.

Click. Spike & Mike offers deal to car thief. Give back films, keep the Honda

Click. Quiet Storm

Don't clone the Vatican. Click.

Click. OK, just which teenage girl is that online?

J.D. Salinger's letters to his daughter to be auctioned. Click.

Click. 'Oliver Twist' is a textbook of child abuse

Churchill's wartime bunker to be open to public. Click.

Living through Italian eyes. Click.

Click. Author John Knowles dies at age 75

Click. Astral Projection

Word of the Day Click.

November 29, 2001

US has flown 13 suspected al-Qa'eda fighters to a military base in the Pacific. Click.

Click. Coalition allies warn US not to make Iraq its next target

Click. Major powers pull the strings at Bonn talks on Afghanistan

Click. Top al Qaida associates seized Interrogation may lead U.S. to bin Laden

Click. Deadly hide and seek at camp Tora Bora

Click. Russia Is Urged Not to Undertake Any Abrupt Moves

Click. Allies justify mass killing

How Our Allies Applied the Geneva Convention Click.

Click. U.S., Russia Reach Deal on Iraq Policy

Click.  World poverty, injustice provide fertile soil for terrorists

Click. China, Russia Begin Anti-Terrorism Talks

Click. Fighting in Somalia Draws U.S. Attention

Click. Germany Makes Its First Sept. 11 Arrest

Click. American soldier 'killed by air strike'

Click. War briefing: 11/29/01

Click. Hawks Winning Bush Over on Iraq


Click. Germs and the Movies

Click. A Terrorist's Fragile Footprint

Click. No Evidence of Chem, Bio, or Nuke Weapons Found

Click. Univ. of Conn Lab Anthrax Probe

Click. U.S. Expert Said Behind Anthrax 

Click. Janes: Have Soviet-era bio-weapons infected Afghan refugees?


Click. Marin DA wants grand jury to hear evidence in stabbing incident

Click. Killer surf wave survivors

Click. Sales tax targeted for terror readiness

Click. Berkeley: Little India feeling economic pain

Click. Judge rules for mobile home residents

Click. Placer killing tied to pot deal

Click. Marin D.A. files to detain rapist at Atascadero. Patrick Ghilotti due for release

Click. Valley of the Moon Children's Home gets county boost

Click. Father sought in Willits store owner slaying case

Click. Santa Rosa may ban new wood-burning fireplaces

Click. Latino home-buying in Sonoma County soars

Click. Dangerous decks claim new victim. Some criticize S.F. inspection system

Click. San Ramon couple held on drug-making charges



President Tom Daschle. Click.

Click. Ashcroft Undaunted As Criticism Grows

Click. Norton Will Face Contempt Charges

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA agent, Mike Spann killed by a Taliban mob was kicked, beaten and bitten to death, US intelligence chiefs said last night. Click.

Click. Taliban reported to have hanged alleged spy

Click. The Story British Spies Don't Want You to Hear

Click. Maoists bomb Coke plant in Kathmandu

Click. North Korea rejects U.S. call for arms inspections

Click. White House, congressional negotiators agree on plan to open U.S. roads to Mexican trucks

Click. Caspian Pipeline Skirts Trouble Spots

Click. Deal to privatize Philadelphia schools

Click. Worms: Despite patching, infection continues. Why?

Click. The Google attack engine.

Click. Digital Earth Reference Model

Click. McAfee Virus Software Opens Your Computer to Feds?

Click. DOJ's Already Monitoring Modems


Click. U.S.: Russia Crucial To World Economy

Click. White House budget director predicts federal deficits likely for several years

Click. State Budgets On Fire: Don't Worry, Say Experts

Click. Enron lawsuits highlight ``eggs in one basket'' risk

Click. Boeing's Sweet Deal

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. The incredible shrinking San Francisco Chronicle

Click. PR for the 'Book of Life'

CNN hires Billy Bush (W's cousin) to join Paul Zahn on its morning news show. Click.

Click. Time shuts Asiaweek, On, Family Life magazines

Debating alternative realities. Click.

The press v. Al Gore. Click.


Ashcroft orders secret immigration courts. Click.

Click. RCMP takes part in child porn crackdown

Click. How well would we handle bin Laden in the well?

Click. Detention necessary to combat 'sleeper cells,' government lawyer testifies

Click. Europeans Reluctant to Send Terror Suspects to U.S.

Click. Deep Undercover.

Click. Ex-LAPD officer, Perez, returning to prison after agreeing to plead guilty to civil rights charges.

A veteran Oakland police narcotics investigator is accused of pilfering money seized in drug raids and falsifying reports. Click.

Click. Are you a terrorist?

Click. Mother fights pedophile's access appeal

Click. Virginia Case a Window on Terror Probe

Click. Hearing for suspects in grisly killings will remain open

Click. Bush Expected To Name Comey N.Y. Prosecutor

Click. Many Held on Tenuous Ties to Sept. 11

Click. Stayner triple-murder trial loses two potential venues

Click. California Supreme Court refuses doctor's appeal against Kaiser

After police balk, Oregon attorney general clears way for state to question foreigners. Click.

Click. Vitamin E may blunt benefits of cholesterol drugs

Click. Time is critical when a stroke hits

Click. DNA from genetically modified corn found in Mexican maize

Reviving extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Click.

Click. Heart trouble reduced in study: Drug-niacin mix may reverse disease

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory helps fight terrorism. Click.

Click. Will 'It' Finally Be Revealed?

Click. Teen Girls More Likely to Be Cyber-Schizoid

Click. B Vitamins Help Clear Arteries After Angioplasty

Click. MIT Scientist Unveils Device To Convert Excess Heat Into Electricity

Click. Air Pollution Causes Lung Disease In School-Age Children

Click. Study Confirms Secretin No More Effective Than Placebo In Treating Autism Symptoms

Click. Cancer Suspect From Grilled Meat In Human Milk?

Click. A Continuum of Terror: From Mujahedeen to al Qaeda

Click. James Madison vs. George W. Bush

Click. Politics mar Milk-Moscone remembrance

Click. Woman Struggles To Cope

Click. 5 women at table in Afghan talks

Click. Yes, Pakistan evacuated men from Kunduz. Why'd the U.S. let them?

Click. Ain't this America? Ticketed by camera!

"A Beauty" Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1808)

Click. Arnold Schönberg

Elton John: Don't shoot me, I'm only the producer. Click.

Click. 'New Pompeii'

New submarine search for Amelia Earhart. Click.

Mass grave marks England's bloodiest battle. Click.

Click. Giordano Bruno: 16th Century UFOlogist? 

Click. Civil War Rages On, and On and On

Click. The next generation takes a bow

Click. Norse God Odin Was a Real King, Explorer Says

Click. Mayan caves

Click. Healy Researchers Make A Series Of Striking Discoveries About Arctic Ocean

Click. The Terrible Twos: What Might Happen If Our Sun Had A Twin

Word of the Day Click.

November 28, 2001

Click. Afghans Uneasy as Russians Show Flag in Kabul

Israel and 911 Click.

Click. War On Terror: Prosperity For Poppy Growers?

Click. German officials arrest man linked to Sept. 11 attacks

Click. Stolen American Kids Become Pawns in Terror War

Click. FBI suspects the two Indonesians could be a living link between the terrorists' operation in Hamburg, Germany, and the U.S.

The Marine. Click.

The mother of all nightmares. Click.

Click. Recognizing the Enemy

Russia, oil and conspiracy theories. Click.

Click. US atrocity against Taliban POWs: Whatever happened to the Geneva Convention?

Click. Yemen Hears Benefits Of Joining U.S. Fight


Click. Anthrax attack plans found in Pak scientists' office

Click. Once again: government, media silent on right-wing role in US anthrax attacks

Click. New FBI Team Tackles Anthrax

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Government Censorship Must Not Continue Unchallenged

Click. Can a Free Press Survive America's New War?

Click. 220 Chronicle jobs cut; ad woes blamed

KRON tie to NBC to end Jan. 1 Click.

Hustler's Larry Flynt asks why a porn mogul and not the New York Times had to sue the government for press access in Afghanistan. Click.


Awash in even more trouble? The lids to S.F. ballot boxes are found floating in the ocean. Click.

Click. Man opens fire on Sausalito police; officer saved by bulletproof vest

Click. Governor shows off new device purported to stop hijacked trucks

Click. Corrections deficit near $200 million

Click. Bay Area children, schools struggle due to income gaps

Click. Wine supply firm continues to grow with industry

Click. Advanced Cell's CEO has roots in Bay Area


Click. Bush's Hollow Victory

Click. LaRouche Evaluates Putin-Bush Cooperation In Growing Crisis

Click. Bush's Father Sent to Attend Memorial for British Victims

Ashcroft to Face Tough Senate Grilling on Tribunals ("the wave of arrests did not materialize") Click.

Anti-terrorism bill had almost nothing to do with the September 11th attacks (The main exception was the part about money laundering) Click.

The Sacking of Science at Interior Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

National Security Agency considering extensive lay-offs. Click.

Click. New Sensors Report, 'I Know They're in There, I Can See Them Breathing'

Click. Parapsychology In Intelligence: A Personal Review & Conclusions, by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress

Click. Police in England and Scotland carry out dawn raids on suspected internet pedophiles as part of a huge international operation.

Click. After 19 Years, Truth at Last

Click. The Rotary Factor

McCall tags Cuomo as the field levels. Click.

Click. Mexico Acknowledges Role in Disappearances

Click. Devious viruses set to grow

Click. AV Makers Blind-eye FBI Dirty Secrets

Click. Women shun 'geeky' internet jobs

Click. Quite a quandary for McAfee: Either help Feds and compromise user liberties, or, possibly, shield terrorists

Click. Water Drop Holds a Trillion Computers

Click. Football Shirt With On-Board Computer

Click. Justice Proposed Final Judgment on Microsoft

Trust Us. Click.

Click. IBM to Cut 1,000 Microelectronics Jobs

Click. Digital beasts roar to life 


AOL Time Warner at work. Click.

Click. Firm drops EU antitrust hearing bid

Click. A Reversal of Roles in Asia

Click. The Resource Curse

New NYSE. Click.

Click. BMG to Lose Head

Click. World May Be Allergic to Euro


Click. US Looks at Dumping Posse Comitatus Law

Click. Marin DA might try to block Ghilotti release

Click. Alleged Colombine type plot seen exposed out of loyalty to teacher

Click. High court to consider online porn law

Click. Judge dismisses 8 Columbine lawsuits

Click. Dragnet Produces Few Terrorist Ties

Bounty. Click.

Click. Punishment for juveniles: Get outta Dodge

Click. U.S. Assumes Global Cyber-Police Authority

Click. High Court Dismisses Affirmative Action Case

Click. Free Wake-up Call Service

Anti-Terror Wiretap Rule Is Illegal Click.

Click. Planet circling another star probed

Click. Atmosphere on far planet. 1st look at sodium gas in other solar system

Click. Peruvian mummies in TB surprise

Ancient cancer remedy. Click.

UC Davis study shows estrogen protects brain cells, reduces risk of developing Alzheimer's Click.

Click. Trading Places in the Psych Unit

Click. NASA: Smelling the Coffee

Click. U.S. Will Use Once-Banned Human Tests

Click. Sensor Snaps Polluting Vehicles Passing By

Click. Tumor 'Freeze' Improves Prostate Cancer Outcome

Click. Report Predicts Major Forest Loss in South

Click. How to Find Life on Mars

Click. Certain Jobs May Be Linked to Male Infertility

Click. Small Study Supports Food Allergy-ADHD Link

Click. Timeless Lifestyle in Peril

"A Beauty" Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1808)

Click. A spiritual stand

Click. Electronic Music Interactive Primer

Click. Common Beliefs on Low Self-Esteem Are Myths

Click. The Lonely Hunter

Click. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Set to Tour

Click. Camp for Nude Witches Fights Closing

Click. Native American Rap Music American Indian Hip Hop

Word of the Day Click.

November 27, 2001

Click. Marines enter Afghanistan to cut off escape routes

Click. The US begins an endgame

Click. Americans want a war on Iraq and we can't stop them

Click. Pakistani Intelligence Hunting for Bin Laden

Click. Men in Black Jackets Slip Into Seats of Power

Click. US Concerned Over Opium Surge Expected From War

Al-Qaeda's underground cave complex. Click.

Click. Detained Indonesian linked to terrorist cell. FBI says he had contact with hijackers

Click. FBI warns oil, gas companies to gird for terrorist retaliation

Click. Face The Facts: Bombing Works


Click. Taking a Germ Bullet From 1954 to 1973 during Operation Whitecoat, the Army exposed hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists to diseases to learn about possible bioweaponry.

Fugitive abortion foe: I sent anthrax threats Click.

Quarantine. Click. Getting on the train....

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Independent TV Station In Moscow Faces Closing

Swede is 8th journalist killed since Afghan war strikes. Click.

Click. The leading U.S. financial firms and law-enforcement agencies are considering an agreement that would give authorities sweeping power to trace terrorists using the financial system.

Click. Jackson Stephens active in Venice, FL


Click. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Thomas Reardon lowered bail for Michael Schoop, 51, after the defense submitted a statement to the court from a 17-year-old boy who said a picture of him found in the defendant's possession was doctored with a computer to be pornographic.

Click. Red-hot Bay Area real estate cools off

Click. Housing scarce for disabled

Click. Lawyer faces trial on embezzlement charges

Click. Atherton: Stolen car connected to molestation found

Click. Redwood City: Police think attacks on girls may be linked

Condit edges toward running. Click.


Click. The political team that helped Al Gore come within a few disputed ballots of the presidency cannot be counted on to help him again.

Click. So Bush Did Steal the White House

The Bush Administration's War On Terrorism Means More Than You Think Click.

Click. New Hope For Afghanistan's Women, By Hillary Clinton

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. 'Patriotism' Deflects Questions of Intelligence Failures

Mossad Agents Arrested In Attempt To Bomb Mexican Congress

Click. Navajo Code Talkers tell their story

Click. A hobby, or espionage?

Click. Roosevelt's spy games

John Birchers: Click. McVeigh-Iraq Connection Alleged

Click. Fox Vows Prosecution Of Rights Abuse Cases

Click. Mexico's War on Terror

John Birchers: Click. Color Them Lavender 

Click. China: Next Stop for the Exportation of American Jobs

Click. New Worm Replaces Sircam as No. 1

Click. eBlaster, The V-Chip's Tougher Big Brother

Click. Microsoft Discusses Plan for Homes.

Click. Is Magnetic Tape Doomed?

Click. Boohoo Tells a Dot-Com Disaster

Click. Jobless techies change course

Click. Settlement faces showdown: Lawyers in 5 states oppose Microsoft class-action deal

Click. 'Lantern' Backdoor Flap Rages

Click. IBM Deal Sends Red Hat Shares Flying

Click. Dorothy Denning on "geo-encryption": Tracking people by their locations

Click. California appeals court upholds right to flame companies online


Click. Pulling out every trick in the book to get an appraisal

Click. New Treasury Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines

Click. Enron In Free Fall

Click. Caymans to Share Tax Information

Click. S.F. man sentenced in Israel

Click. Two Cisco accountants get 34 months for stock fraud



Click. Judges told to jail fewer women

Click. FBI Links Va. Man to Terrorists

Click. FBI "Trojan Horse" Triggers Alarms

Click. Ashcroft Defends Hold on Detainees' Names

Click. Murder case prosecutors outline complex scheme

Click. Lawyer says Olson felt 'coercion' to plead guilty in SLA case More: Click.

Click. Defendants in Bishop slaying ask for hearing to be sealed

Click. Informant, former gang member handed 30-year sentence

Click. Supreme Court To Decide Lawyer Fees for Handling Disability Claims

Click. Supreme Court to hear schoolwork grading dispute

Pot at center of church lawsuit. Click.

Click. "The Supreme Court refused to consider whether a judge was wrong to leave an accused killer under guard in a courtroom while prospective jurors were questioned outside in the hall." 

Click. Pill to treat leukemia

Click. Experts Rip Cloning 'Story'

Click. Dinosaur Killer Spread Wide

Click. No more needless biopsies?

Click. The Little Engine That Could Be

Click. Death by chocolate?

Click. Comeback of syphilis stuns California officials

Click. New tree found in Vietnam.

Click. New Process May Aid Cancer Patients

Click. Hormones May Play Key Role in Migraines

Click. Panayiotis Zavos, human cloning trailblazer

Click. 'Rational' Decisions Clouded by Emotions

Click. Steroids More Effective Than Antihistamines When Used As Needed For Allergies

Click. Hip Research: Making More Durable Artificial Joints

Click. Protein Could Help Rejuvenate Oxygen-Starved Cardiac Tissue, Heal Wounds

Click. New Finding May Help Doctors Prevent HIV Drug Resistance

"A Beauty" Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1808)

Click. Letters from a Young Writer

Click. Net Users More Chic Than Geek

Click. Archaeology and the Bible - Christian Answers

Click. Playwright uses math as a milieu in 'Proof'

Click. Brilliant Careers: Meg Whitman

Click. The Global Flaneur

Click. Actress Swank's Back -- This Time as Pretty Woman

Click. Rome's Envoy to Saudi Arabia Converts to Islam

Click. Much Gold, Silver, Other Metals Lie Undiscovered In Saudi Arabia

Word of the Day Click.

November 24, 2001

Click. OBL Helped Negotiate Peaceful Handover of Jalalabad, Then Fled for Hills

Click. 'Sleepless nights for Bin Laden'

Click. Pakistan warns of Kunduz 'tragedy'

Click. Rabbani 'to accept Bonn decision'

Click. Al Qaeda's origins and links.

Click. In bustling Kabul, a silent U.S. compound

Click. Kunduz: A Poisoned Chalice

Click. Report: 35 Special Forces Killed

Click. Vidal says US attack on Afghans is 'suicidal':

Click. 60 Israelis Detained in US since 9/11.

Click. Canada a perfect haven for bin Laden

Click. China okays U.S. carrier stop in Hong Kong

Click. The creation of a Canadian-U.S. elite force

Click. Red-green big power politics. German parliament votes for participation in Afghanistan war

Click. Putin rules out Russia as NATO member.

CIA guys vs. Pentagon hawks. Click.


Click. Soil searched for anthrax clues. Victim in Connecticut may have inhaled decades-old spores

Click. FBI is watching case of missing biologist



Click. Academic gap at Berkeley High School follows racial lines

Click. Novato doctor to lead state medical group

Click. State may take over East Palo Alto school district

Click. Tax credit: Boost to low-end earners

Big dreams for rustic camp Click.

Click. L.A. Politics Being Turned Inside Out


Click. Recount Counterspin

Click. Republican campaign insider to oversee campaign financing rules

Click. A Leadership Lesson From FDR Cleland Combats Worry With 'Children's Hour' for Staffers

Click. Bush nominee linked to Latin American terrorism

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. Interview with a Bomb maker

When an American e-mailed Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein, he got a surprising response. Click.

Click. Spy web sticks to bin Laden

Declassified files profile Afghan King. Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Return of the Witch-Hunters

Click. The federal government (FCC) will decide whether the Victoria's televised fashion show was too lewd for TV.

Click. Streaming media: not just for online porn

Click. A call to arms for airline passengers. Anti-hijacking movement takes flight

Click. Milosevic to be tried on charge of genocide. Move signals escalation of his case

Click. Terrorism and Globalization

Click. Pogroms Return to Russia

Click. Sharon Summoned to Court: Belgian Appeals Court Set to Decide Next Steps in War Crimes Case Against Ariel Sharon


Click. Five Most Thankless Tech Jobs

Click. British inventors search for lost factor-X

Visualizing carnivore. Click.

Top Ten Tech Turkeys. Click.

Click. Electronic Mind Over Gray Matter


Click. Americans buy second homes as a refuge

Trouble in the Far East. Click.

Click. From Dune Buggy to Combat Vehicle

Click. Oil giant Unocal's history of dealing with unsavory regimes.

Click. The Economic Stimulus Scam: 15-Year Retroactive Tax Rebate to Corporations?

Click. Moon Mining: Want to Invest in the Final Frontier?

Franchise films. Click.

Click. Christian music sales up after terrorist crisis


Click. Nazi Tribunal is a Model of Deception

Click. We Have the Right Courts for Bin Laden

Click. More Police Chiefs Balk at Ashcroft's Police State

Click. Jailed NY Suspect May Face First Military Tribunal

Click. French 'Sheriff' Is on the Case

They treated us like terrorists, say five Israelis held in US Click.

Click. Berkeley landlord's immigration, sex scandal fades from public spotlight

Click. Tribal fate in hands of a few federal employees

Click. Employee sues Enron, alleging $400,000 stock loss

Click. UK: Jail sentence of 10 years is penalty for baby cloning

From siege engines to robots to bicycles. A Paris security show offers everything a cop could want. Click.

Click. An Internet privacy firm has closed an anonymous Web surfing service that had been partly funded by the CIA and intended to give Web users in countries such as China and Iran a way to circumvent censors.

Click. Scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot. Israel, have developed the first successful vaccine for Type I diabetes.

Click. A major discovery from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope about a planet outside our Solar System will be announced 

Click. Wires grown in liquid may help find toxins

Click.  Veterinarians warn of health problems as dogs mimic their overweight owners

Click. Don’t Exercise - Just Think

Click. Abuse Linked to Women's Ovarian Function  A history of physical or sexual abuse may affect women's ovarian function, potentially leading to the early onset of menopause, new research suggests.

Butterfly conservatory virtual tour. Click.

Click. Remembering in bronze & stone

Click. A Living Lab on the Edge of Suburbia

Click. Magic Plastic: The It toy

Click. Paintings of mythical animal-human hybrids are among the oldest surviving art ever produced.

Click. Is Play Behavior Sign of Sexual Orientation?

JOHN F. KENNEDY: "We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

Remarks Prepared for Delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas. Click.

"A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers - and this is the basis of all human morality."

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."

"When we got into office, the thing that surprised me most was to find that things were just as bad as we'd been saying they were." (May 27, 1961)

I have just received the following telegram from my generous Daddy. It says, "Dear Jack: Don't buy a single vote more than is necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide." (Gridiron Dinner, Washington, D.C., 1958)

Little Boy: "Mr. President, how did you become a war hero?"
President Kennedy: "It was absolutely involuntary. They sank my boat."

"I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together in the White House -- with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." (White House dinner honoring Nobel Prize winners.)

November 23, 2001

Mullah Omar hands power to army chief Click.

Afghanistan's best chance for attracting foreign capital rests with its strategic location as a potential major transit route for Siberian and Central Asian oil and natural gas exports to South and East Asia. In 1997, an international consortium announced plans to build a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan, but they fell through. Uwe Parpart writes that the time is now right to revive the project. Click.

Click. Terror grown at home

Click. Experts: al-Qaida network may survive to fight another day

Click. U.S. details 22 Taliban atrocities

Click. Mystery, martyrdom beckon OBL.

Click. Once again, bandits rule the road to Kabul

Click. Silent Sensors Wait for bin Laden

Click. Alleged agent of bin Laden was in Canada, sources say

Click. NATO leaders consider equal role for Russia. Plan would give former foe veto power over some issues


Click. A world-renowned Harvard scientist and expert in highly contagious and deadly viruses mysteriously disappeared in Tennessee early last Friday

Click. Anthrax Case in Chile Confirmed


Click. Pleasanton to host cat show

Click. Winegrowers Association chief leaves for consulting job

Click. Assemblyman's aide accused of molesting 12-year-old boy

Sheriff's aide in County jail - suspected of molesting children. Click.

Click. Pacific Lumber takes ax to Headwaters redwoods. Environmentalists lose battle for 705-acre 'Hole'



"Intelligence" agents at "work" or at "play".

Click. Stolen Info and Fake Addresses Complicate FBI’s Job of Naming Hijackers

Click. Probe reconstructs horror, calculated attacks on planes

Click. FBI's 'Trojan Horse' to Grab Passwords

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. The U.S. is considering a plan to spend $500 million to launch a satellite channel that would compete with Al-Jazeera and be aimed at younger Muslims who are seen as anti-American.

Click. State Department Movie Made to Influence World Opinion, But Banned in the U.S.

Click. Pope Apologizes to Victims of Sex Abuse by Clergy

Riceland food ships first rice to Cuba in 40 years. Click.

Couple shot over crying baby. Click.

Click. France: Support for war, attacks on democratic rights

Click. Riding the rails to rediscover America. Train travel's languorous pace has new appeal

Click. New Hacker Tool Could Target Web Servers

Click. Anti-terror law bad news for foreign hackers

Website checks schools' crime records. Click.

Click. Red Hat Trumps Charity Offer by MS

Click. Bill to Linus: You Owe Me

Click. Hazards and Illegality of FBI's Magic Lantern


Vatican Bank - top 10 money laundering destination. Click.

Click. Putting up with the office idiot

Click. Health coverage for poor at stake

Click. $15 billion in unclaimed property nationwide

Click. Free Card Game Is Such a Deal

Click. The War And Your Nest Egg


$1 million awarded to inmate raped in jail. Click.

Couple sue State for cashing in their blue chips. Click.

Click. Christian theme park sues Florida over denial of tax exempt status. 

Click. Jack Sirard: Investors would get little from Enron suit

Bill would extend tribal police powers Click.

Click. Couple sue state for cashing in their Blue Chips

Hawaii Court knocks down registration for sex offenders. Click.

Click. Top fencing suspect held in jewel heist. $1 million in stolen gems found after probe into theft in Millbrae

After 30 years, D.B. Cooper's disappearance remains a mystery. Click.

Click. Justice Dept Won't Identify Sept. 11 Detainees

Click. MLK Jr. Memorial Stalls Over Family's Fee Request

Click. Medications' Effects on Driving Under the Influence Weighed

Word of the Day Click.

Click.  A new experimental drug can block the progression of insulin-dependent diabetes and may be able to prevent the disease, which affects up to 20 million people worldwide.

Click. Depressed? Eat Some Sushi, Scientists Say

Auto maintenance online. Click.

Click. Researchers Identify Possible MS Gene

Click. Coffee May Boost Estrogen Levels in Women

Click. Curry Spice Could Slow Alzheimer's, Study Shows

Click. China Moves Ahead with Manned Moon Landing Plans

Click. Plucky survivor beat odds, needs boost.

Mexico celebrates 50th anniversary of discovery that led to the "pill". Click.

Click. The Tech of Star Trek: Part 2

Click. McCartney is undaunted by solo career

Click. Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics Dies

Click. "Harry Potter" producer: "We are making seven films"

Click. Beijing's 'Secret' Gay Web Confab

Click. Four Weddings actress Charlotte Coleman dies, aged 33

JOHN F. KENNEDY: "We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

Remarks Prepared for Delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas. Click.

"A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers - and this is the basis of all human morality."

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."

"When we got into office, the thing that surprised me most was to find that things were just as bad as we'd been saying they were." (May 27, 1961)

I have just received the following telegram from my generous Daddy. It says, "Dear Jack: Don't buy a single vote more than is necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide." (Gridiron Dinner, Washington, D.C., 1958)

Little Boy: "Mr. President, how did you become a war hero?"
President Kennedy: "It was absolutely involuntary. They sank my boat."

"I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together in the White House -- with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." (White House dinner honoring Nobel Prize winners.)

November 22, 2001

Click. Alliance advances on Kunduz

Click. Hawks Pushing Bush to Attack Iraq

Click. War Against Al-Qaida Going Worldwide

Click. Warlord Ejects Rival Iran-Backed Group

Click. Smuggled Jewels and Opium Fund Northern Alliance

Click. Afghans try to comprehend Bush's reward for bin Laden

Click. Navy Ordered to Block Any Bid by Bin Laden to Escape by Sea

Click. Bin Laden and Bombs

Click. Afghanistan: US sets stage for a massacre in Kunduz

Click. Vatican Heightens Security Around Pope; Fear Attack by Bin Laden

Click. Visa Dates Give Hijack Clues

Click. Moscow, NATO Seek Cooperation To Combat International Terrorism

Click. Kabul: City In Ruins

Click. Pentagon to base AC-130 gunships in Uzbekistan


Click. How to Make Anthrax for $10

The Justice Department isn't investigating violent militants on the right Click.


Click. Rent dispute leads to ex-trustee's arrest

Click. Woolsey might face primary challenge

Click. Dad struggles to raise 3 kids

Click. Budget crisis latest political test for California's governor

Click. 'Extremely disturbing findings' in state probe of 2000 S.F. vote

Click. Drug thugs back off on mid-Market

Click. Santa Cruz may be earthquake hot spot

Click. Mountain View: Police seek details on molestation suspect


Click. Bush Warns The Worst Is Yet To Come

Click. New Anti-Terror Commander Has Strong Ties to Iraqi Opposition Group

"Intelligence" agents at "work" or at "play".

Click. CIA Plays Key Role In War On Terror

Click. Churchill's Secret Lair

Click. U.S. Officials Outline Plot For Sept. 11

Click. Jewish group slams Italian town's Mussolini homage

Click. US Vows to End Terrorism Against India

After the World Trade Center, Taisei tumbles down Click.

Click. FBI's "Trojan Horse" Program To Grab Passwords

Click. Smallest Space Telescope Ever to Launch


Click. Chiron gets bad news on sepsis drug

Click. Hiring chill: Retailers this year are holding down holiday staffing because they fear sluggish sales

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Three More Journalists Killed in Alliance Territory

Click. China Closes 17,000 Internet Cafes

Click. Journalist Finds Al-Qaeda Nerve Gas

Click. New attacks on academic free speech in US

Click. The Press and the USA Patriot Act: Where Were They When It Counted? By Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair


Click. Sarah accused denied killing her

Click. Paycheck inequity continues

Click. U .S. Death Penalty stops Spain extraditing suspects

Click. Spanish Judge names 14 more ETA-Linked suspects

Click. No charges yet in Marin County prosecutor stabbing case

Click. Request to lower bail denied in fatal SF dog mauling case

Click. POP impresario Jonathan King "exploited his celebrity" to sexually abuse star-struck schoolboys as young as 14, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.
Click. Sorry is the hardest word for jailed King More: Click. THE GAIN OF FAVOR: THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE

Click. Court clarifies decision on adoptions. Past '2nd-parent' cases not invalid

Click. FBI's Magic Revealed As Old Tricks

Click. Portland police won't help FBI question immigrants as part of terror probe

Word of the Day Click.

Cows making cloning seem easy. Click.

Click. New Gravity Map Released

Click. Infection 'sniffer' wins approval

Click. Warning over child animal cruelty

Click. 'Friendly' mosquitoes to check malaria

Click. Ibuprofen may help prevent Alzheimer's. 

Click. Scientists build tiny computer from DNA

Click. New Drugs a Boon for Cardiac Patients

Click. Madonna's husband hates her saucy T-Shirts

Click. Cleaned-up version of Joyce's 'Ulysses' banned

Click. God in the Details: Celebrating the Life of a Russian Saint

Click. Women risked Taliban's wrath to educate young girls

Click. Taliban's orgy of art smashing

Click. Revolution in Collectibles

Click. The Odyssey Game.

Click. Recreation Salvage

JOHN F. KENNEDY: "We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

"A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers - and this is the basis of all human morality."

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."

"When we got into office, the thing that surprised me most was to find that things were just as bad as we'd been saying they were." (May 27, 1961)

I have just received the following telegram from my generous Daddy. It says, "Dear Jack: Don't buy a single vote more than is necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide." (Gridiron Dinner, Washington, D.C., 1958)

Little Boy: "Mr. President, how did you become a war hero?"
President Kennedy: "It was absolutely involuntary. They sank my boat."

"I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together in the White House -- with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." (White House dinner honoring Nobel Prize winners.)

November 21, 2001

Where America's leaders fear to tread. Click.

Click. Taliban puts $50 million price on Bush's head

Click. Slain Reporters Found Osama's Sarin Nerve Gas

Click. Bombing errors few, but terrible

Click. UK May Withdraw Troops

Click. Is the House of Saud Close to Collapse?

Click. China: 10 Xinjiang Separatist Groups Linked to Bin Laden

Click. Germans Cheer Blair's Nuremberg Rally Tony Blair: praised a 'new Germany' willing to play a front-line role in international military operations.

The truth about Egypt. Click.

Click. Osama's spiritual guru walks free in UK

Click. Futile campaign against the head of a hydra

America must tell its Northern Alliance proxies to obey the rules of law. Click.

Click. No clear mission for troops

Click. Guerrilla warfare savvy

Click. Five Pentagon Victims Can't Be Found

Click. Former boy soldier urges UN to consider plight of children

Click. America's "killing hour": a revealing comment in the Wall Street Journal


Click. Anthrax Mail Mystery Won’t Be Solved: F.B.I.’s Hands Tied From Above


Click. Scientists identify 21 medicines that may cure smallpox

Click. Afghan repair bill could pass $50 billion.

Click. GERTZ: Pentagon offers to halt strikes.

Click. Israeli Intelligence Says Iraq 'Not linked to September 11'


Click. MORE SCHOOL RIP-OFFS (FBI looks the other way as thieves walk) Layoffs follow funds' misuse by S.F. schools. 'Radical reorganization' vowed after probe of misspent millions

Click. Trauma network at risk

Click. Thieves make off with 1,000 pounds of Thanksgiving meats for the needy

Click. Winegrowers Association chief leaves for consulting job

Click. Marin County adopts living-wage ordinance

Click. San Mateo County, known for wealth, socked by slump

Click. California readies new alert system

Click. Private security to be moved out of 'critical' areas at Oakland Airport

Click. DMV's warm side: Reuniting old acquaintances

Click. Bay Area commute longest in West

Click. EAST PALO ALTO: Man pleads no contest to sex with a minor

Click. Danielle’s parking orgy


Where Uncle Sam Goes if a Holocaust comes to town. Click.

Ashcroft refuses to answer questions posed by Leahy and Hatch regarding his new broad anti-terrorism powers. Click.

Some lawmakers court danger on foreign missions. Click.

Click. Republican unrest on the Hill 

Click. Bioterror bill would expand state powers

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and at "play".

German 9/11 links Click.

Click. CIA-backed team used brutal means to break up terrorist cell in Albania: Officials call operation one of the agency’s great successes

Click. Pentagon "Proconsuls"

Click. Harvard professor (virus expert)  missing

Click. Asian Countries Using War on Terror to Curb Dissent

Click. India Ponders an Invitation to Align With America

Surgeon Crenshaw - man of principle. Click.

Click. Dot-com bust -- call-girl boom

Click. BBI Software Cracks Encryption Wall ‘Magic Lantern’ part of new ‘Enhanced Carnivore Project’

Click. Tots can surf with ComfyNet

Click. Microsoft offers to settle suits by helping schools

Click. U.S. Tech Firms Abusing Visa Program, Critics Say

Click. Microhard?

Click. No Thumbprint, No Rental Car


Barclays France probed in Israel-linked money laundering Click.

Click. China's Whampoa Ltd. Opens Port In Bahamas

The "British Invisibles". Click.

Click. Huge land swap OK'd

Click. Oakland man cleared of insider trading

Click. Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Deans of Investigative Reporting Return as "Stars".

Click. Taliban stoned and shot journalists

Click. Saudi Arabia blocks political websites, fosters terrorism?

Beating up the universities. Group backed by Lynn Cheney explains who is ruining America. Click.

Click. Spontaneous, Unedited, Naked

Click. Why the US bombed al-Jazeera's TV station in Kabul

Click. Jihad MTV


Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, looked at her daughter and said, ''Cara, if anyone tries to tell you this is the type of justice your grandpa would embrace, don't believe it.'' Click.

Click. Uncivil actions: Rude lawyers rampant

Click. Abandoning the Country to Military Tribunals

Click. Gov't Orders Libraries, Websites to Destroy 'Dangerous' Public Info

Click. Bringing up baby - with a lawyer's help

Click. Feds can't collect info on visitors to their sites, new law says

Click. Mi Casa No Es Su Casa

Click. Trial set for Oakland officers

Click. Driver in fatal W. Marin crash avoids jail term

Click. Jurors deadlocked in Reno murder case of man accused of staging crash to kill wife

Click. ACLU "dismayed" over Fresno facecams; biometric news update

Click. Contract reportedly out on life of dog case prosecutor

Click. Bay Area pot guru busted in Utah.

Click. Dozens of Israelis are Being Kept in Federal Detention

Hawking's new book. Click.

Click. Contraceptive patch heads into pharmacies

Click. Scientists Predict Next Ice Age


Click. Euthanasia More Common Than We Think

Click. Mass Extinctions May Be A Myth, Claim Scientists

Click. War Boosts Popularity of Satellite Phones

Click. The Best Inventions of 2001

Click. Virtual Astronomy: Anyone Can Make a Discovery

Click. Study Links Long Menstrual Cycle to Diabetes Risk

Click. New Procedure Silences Loud Snorers

Click. Melatonin May Treat Side Effects of Antipsychotics

Bacteria have sex with hamster cells. Click.

Click. New Test For Curable Early-Stage Prostate Cancer?

Click. The Horseshoe Crab: Natural History, Anatomy, Conservation and Current Research

Click. Sea Anemone Toxin Halts Experimental Multiple Sclerosis; Findings May Lead To New Treatments For Disease

Mimi and Her Cat, Gaugin, 1890

How to Prepare a Thanksgiving Feast Guide for Idiots. Click.

How to beat the holiday blues. Click.

Click. Web group wants to rebuild Buddha

Click. We Can Learn About ET Speech from Ancient Civilizations

Click. Boom in grandparents raising second families

Click. This Cloak-and-Dagger Story Is an Overt Operation

Click. Study finds closest genetic connection between Jews, Kurds

Click. Lunch with Neil Simon

Click. Dear Playmate, Say Hi to GI Joe

Virginia college bans affairs between professors, undergrads after instructor pens racy tell-all Click.

The 7 vices of highly creative people? Click.

Click. Explorers plan final journey for Drake

Word of the Day Click.

November 20, 2001

Click. America will take no prisoners

Click. Taliban prepare for last stand

Click. On Afghanistan's Plains

Click. Search for Bin Laden Will Use U.S. Gadgetry, Afghan Hunters

Click. Covert Teams join hunt

Click. US Marines to join hunt

Click. US Narrows Targets to Iraq, 5 Others



Click.  A Northern Virginia man who may be connected to the terrorist cell in Germany.

Click. The Possible Link Between Al Qaeda and Far Right Racists

Click. Graphic: Current positions

Click. Taliban rule out talks on Kandahar

Click. Bunker-buster bombs blast bin Laden caves

Click. Swaggering Taliban scorn bombs and vow to fight on

World War IV Click.

Looking the World in the Eye. Click.

Click. Pakistan: No agreement to hand over scientists to US

Click. U.S. to Help Stopping Chechen Guerrilla

Click. Syria is said to hand Egypt suspect tied to bin Laden

Click. GERTZ: Terrorist tried to assassinate Saudi Arabian King Fahd 

Click The case against Pakistan's dictator

Six European militaries Monday launched a joint study on the development of a range of fifth generation air warfare advances Click.


Click. Biological warfare weapons, know-how readily available


Thieves who stole millions from Emery School District are walking around free, courtesy of the FBI and D.A. Orloff, while Henry Der's job is to rebuild bankrupt Emery school district. Good PR if the Emery kids who were abused can afford it. Click.

Click. $40 million to retrain the jobless. Silicon Valley comes in for a huge chunk

Click. Brockovich speaks to Marin audience

Click. Chaplaincy urged to halt Christians-only hiring policy

Rule forced Condit's hand. Click.

Click.  N ew hands-free road condition update offered for motorists

Click. Mountain View mayor denies charges against him

Click. Castro Valley couple arrested on drugs, weapons charges  

Alleged top Alameda County pot dealer busted. Click.


Click. Bush hosts iftar dinner, Wendy fasts

Gingrich behind the scenes. Click.

Click. Big-money donors are packing coffers of Maryland Lt.-Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. 

Click. W Doesn't Do RFK Debate Justice

Power to the President. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and at "play".

Click. Plane-spotters face fresh charges

Click. Burma's Boy Soldiers May Resettle in U.S.

Click. Phone transcript links bin Laden to September 11

Click. Building Panic with Planted Disinformation

Click. Is Bin Laden's Fate to be a Mystery?

Click. Indictment by Spanish judge paints picture of terror cell

Click. Until a cease-fire is achieved, the American position is that the ball is in Yasser Arafat's court

Click. Powell to 'push and prod' Middle East

Click. Program allows Chinese to get an American education without leaving their homeland.

Click. A Renaissance man at Columbia

Click. Spider Webs In The Sky to Catch Hijackers

Click. "If she hadn't met George Stephanopoulos, Alexandra Wentworth, (wife-to-be) would have become either a slut or a lesbian. (Ever wonder what George would have become?)

Click. Vote Here for Vaporware

Click. A Tell-All ZD Would Rather Ignore

Click. Famed Lab Seeks Big Grid

Click. Aussies: 'Drive-by' Hacking a Real Threat

Click. The Next Computer Interface

Amherst Company Sets Up Cardless Biometric Service at Library System Click.


Click. Ex-CEO of Sotheby's Tells of Price-Fixing

Click. Nvidia Insider Trading Alleged

Click. Naked Online Market Reports Offer Bottom Line

Click. Flight Attendants: First to Die, First to Get Laid Off

Click. What's the Next Wave in Spectrum?

Click. Disney Official Touts 'Wireless' Magic Kingdom

Click. Italian financier pleads guilty in MGM takeover case

Guy who sold everything he owns on eBay and is now visiting his sales on his travels. Click.

Click. China's Whampoa Ltd. Opens Port in Bahamas


Click. Brother 'seconds from saving Sarah'

Click. Utah Lawman Faces MS Heat

Click. Man Allegedly 'Encouraged Law-Breaking on Web'

Click. M an who caused Atlanta airport shutdown won't face federal charges

Click. U.S. Warns 40 Web Sites on Bogus Bioterror Products

Click. Five nVidia employees charged with insider trading

Click. F eds allege insider trading in connection to Xbox design

Click. "ABCNEWS has learned that shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, authorities dusted off a rarely used rule to close hearings and court records to the public."

Click.  Unmarried partners could get benefits in wake of attacks

Click. Judge rejects doctors' suit against Stanford

Click. Last hope to escape a life in prison

Retired Judge takes the Fifth (He oversaw private trusts). Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Hustler Larry Flynt has sued the Defense Department for the right to send reporters to Afghan front..

NEWSMAX: Controlled? Click.

Click. Osama's Faked Nuke Plans

Click. I'm the Real Tourist Guy

Click. US-led coalition admits early errors in media campaign

Click. 4 approaches to e-publishing

Click. From bestseller to blockbuster

Click. For the scoop, more Americans turn to the Brits

Click. Ginger eases arthritis pain

Click. FDA Reverses Surgical Gel Denial

Click. Gene discovery on spina bifida

Click. Fat drug 'could block HIV'

Click. Smallpox Vaccine To Cure Cervical Cancer

Click. Stress Stamina Can Help Predict Health Risk: Study 

Click. Chinese Herbs Cure Malaria

Click. NASA scientists have failed to prove meteorite contains evidence of life, group says

Click. 13 Percent of U.S. Turkeys Have Salmonella

Click. Venom Component Fights MS-Like Disease in Rats

Click. Study finds 41 percent of doctors would participate in execution

Click. Tiny guard for mouth wipes out headaches

Click. Blood Vessels Grown In Live Animals

Click. Genesis Spacecraft Enters Its Orbit To Begin Collecting Solar Wind Particles

Click. New Theory Proposed For Cystic Fibrosis Infections

Click. Evidence Of Martian Life Dealt Critical Blow

Click. New University Of Colorado Electron Microscopes Provide Cell Images Never Seen Before

Click. Adelaide Scientists Make HIV A Safe Aid In Gene Therapy

Click. New Analysis Promises To Speed Application Of Human Genome Draft

Click. Rings Tell Tale Of Stringed Historic Instrument's Origin

Rising Fears That What We Do Know Can Hurt Us Click.

Mimi and Her Cat, Gaugin, 1890

Click. Was Ezekiel an epileptic?

Click. Erotic Roman frescoes unveiled at Pompeii baths complex.

Click. The man behind the monsters

Click. Through a Glass, Brightly  Did Old Masters use lenses and projection in creating their paintings? 

Click. Ancient Tombs Found in Central China

Click. Elaine Stritch's Stage-struck Journey; The Women 

Click. Paul Gently Weeps in Visit With George

Click. The State Co-opts Jesus

Click. Reawakening a Creative Indian Spirit

Click. Final Adams Novel to Be Published

Click. Rules of the Game

Click. Online Library Expands Database

Click. Beyond Pumpkin Pie

Click. Egypt Finds 2,500-Year-Old Tomb in Cairo

Click. Political Coup takes rap to another level

Click. Dry Seahenge Circle will be 'destroyed' if it goes back to sea.

Click. Walk on Computers make our distant cousins move

Word of the Day Click.

November 19, 2001

Click. British halt their Army's move into Kabul

Click. Ship sinks with banned Iraqi oil, Pentagon says.

Click. Cheering stops in Jalalabad as life after the Taliban sinks in

Click. New Afghan Civil War Brewing

Click. Afghan warlords cut aid routes

Click. Mujahideen Back to 'Rob and Beat Us'

Click. Just What is Next for Our Troops?

Click. Terrorists push plots from jail

Click. Senior Taliban Officials to be Included in New Gov't?

Judge rules that Spanish al-Qaeda cell was directly involved in US attacks Click.

The rout of the Taliban. Click.

Click. Security Ahoy: Sea marshals escorting many river freighters

Click. Guess what, the bombing worked like a charm by Christopher Hitchens.

Al Qaeda's Filipino branch office. Click.

Click. AirSama

Click. Qaida Agents in the West Wait Quietly for Orders

Click. OBL zeal for stature used psychology, religion


Click. Smallpox Vaccine Uses Fetal Cell Line

Click. Physicists propose using guinea pigs to detect anthrax

Click. U.S. accuses nations of germ warfare

Click. Anthrax factory claimed found in Kabul.

Click. Smallpox Treatment or Snake Oil?


Click. More state teachers expected to gain national certification

Click. Local schools get drama teachers on loan

Click. Island in Delta going to the birds

Click. Huge reward for capture of killer of senator's son

Click. Yosemite gets a push to rebuild

Click. Cloverdale vs. mosquitoes

Click. Mayor Willie Brown can take the money -- but can he run?


Click. Writing History to Executive Order

Click. Al Gore named vice chairman of LA financial services firm

Click. Pentagon builds case on Iraq

Click. Stimulus package shows gridlock is back in style

Click. The United States of oil

Click. The Democratic Party is doomed

Click. Karen Hughes Describes Role Of Faith In Her Decision To Work For Bush.

If Wolfowitz gets his way: it's looking more like Iraq will be the next target Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and at "play".

Click. CIA Denies Keeping Military in Dark in Afghanistan

CIA units in secret combat role. Click. More: Click.

Click. Brits Put Nuclear Secrets on the Web

Click. Cloaked Nazi businesses.

Click. German Intelligence: Up to 70,000 Sleepers Trained To Attack West 

Click. Six Nations elect first female chief

Click. Victor in election calls Kosovo ready for independence

Click. Socialist wins Bulgaria's presidential race

Click. Russia opens 'serious' talks with Chechens

Torch begins journey to Salt Lake. Click.

Click. Questions About the Crash of American Airlines Flight 587 in Queens

Click. Israeli premier firm on condition of halt in violence before talks

Click. Techno composer

Click. Apple's foe becomes its big buddy in software development

Click. US Wants Its Own Internet

Click. Virtual golf games tee off

Click. Dell launches low-priced server

Click. China to have Intel 'do it yourself' laptops

Click. Desktop Plant

Click. The race for a new internet



Click. Enron. The power that was

The rise and fall of Enron. Click.

Click. Zero-interest car deals attractive, but check the fine print

Click. Phillips, Conoco agree to $35 billion merger. Move to create third-largest oil firm in U.S.

End of HP as we knew it. Click.

Click. Defense contractor wannabes. 


Click. US Military Lawyers Vetoed Terror Targets

Click. Patriot Act Authorizes National DNA Database

The FBI is examining the activities of an Orange County group of self-styled freedom fighters that has been branded a terrorist organization by the Vietnamese government. Click.

Click. Last moments with murdered Sarah

Click. MPs in revolt over Bill for internment

Click. "The Grand Tyranny" by Al Martin

Colorado criminal records will be available over the internet in early '02. Click.

Click. Trashed totem pole returns as legal mess

Click. Cook's tale offers glimpse into dragnet. No terrorism links, but a visa violation leaves him jailed

Click. San Jose doctor killed at home. Police blame domestic violence

Click. Senator Patrick Leahy Questions Unilateral Executive Order Creating Military Tribunals

Click. Her Boss at United Got $3.2 Million. She Got Shoved Out the Door.

Click. Particle physics telescope explodes

Click. Safety experts warn holiday cooks of carbon dioxide risks associated with gas stoves

Why some age prematurely. Click.

Fat zapper breaks down flab without liposuction. Click.

Knee surgery deaths probed. Click.

Click. Traumas of incest survivors

Click. Saving endangered leopard

The psychological aftermath of 9/11 Click.

Click. Stanford tests bioterror warning system. 

Click. Ride a Balloon Into Space

Click. Antarctic History Frozen in Time

Click. Researchers Study Bowel Disorder

Click. Pharmacia: Arthritis Drug OK

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Editors Blast British 'Pravda'

Click. Should current events have the power to make art a crime?

Journalists missing Click.

A lesson in propaganda. Click.

If you publish it.... Click.

U.S. libraries ordered to destroy government data. Click.

Mimi and Her Cat, Gaugin, 1890

Edith Piaf. Click.

Judith Shulevitz, editor at Lingua Franca. Click.

Click. Pope calls meeting of all religions

Click. Older people, more needs

Click. Was Ezekiel an epileptic?

Click. Jagger says he's turned a good boy

Click. Erotic Roman frescoes unveiled at Pompeii baths complex.

Harry Potter and his Hollywood sales team. Click.

Click. Re-enter the dragon, a computerized Lee


Click. Douglas Adams' Final 'Hitch Hiker's Guide' Found

Word of the Day Click.

November 17,18, 2001

Click. This is a war that dare not speak its name

Click. OBL has left Afghanistan, Taliban says

A fresh horror has emerged from the ruins of post-Taliban Kabul, with the discovery of al-Qa'ida plans for manufacturing the biological poison ricin. Click.



Click. 6000 take suicide vow.

Click. Hijacker's farewell letter found, German authorities say

Click. Documents in capital point to terror. List of Florida flight schools found in papers Taliban left

Click. Algerian charged in failed plot to blow up L.A. airport. Canadians have held him since late July

Click. Schroeder Wins His Gamble On Troop Deployment Vote

Click. How Not to Fight Terror

Click. French warplanes to target al-Qaida strongholds


Click. Foot & Mouth Disease Arrived in Dust Storm

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Jailed writer requests Supreme Court review.

Click. Kathy Gannon: 'I don't think any story is worth dying for'

A Harvard Hero. Nathan Pusey stood against both McCarthyism and communism. Click.

Click. The Avalon Project : Documents on Terrorism

Click. China confiscates bin Laden pins from street vendors

Click. LAURA BUSH RADIO: Brutal oppression of women is a central goal of the terrorists.


Click. Suit alleges S.F. schools' kickbacks It claims money was steered to district official.

Household Finance and Beneficial sued for predatory lending by the State of California. Click.

Click. Will he become Senator Willie Brown?

Click. No holds barred: Oakland youths protest county 'superjail' plan

Click. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan fined $500,000 in patient's death

Click. Caltrain to cut weekend service for two years

Warm Springs hatchery closed Click.

Click. Little hope for oak cure soon

Click. Jones says Davis hit 'new low' in N.Y. trip

Click. Helicopters, the only way to commute.

Click. First rains of the season enliven Sonoma wetlands. 


Click. Bush won't abandon unilateralist approach

Jonathan D Farley, a fellow American at Oxford, questions Chelsea Clinton's appetite for war. Click.

Pat Buchanan: Why the war party may fail? Click.

Click.  Bush announces new police-state measures

Sean Penn  is promoting Oakland's Barbara Lee. Click.

Up to 50 states are next on the terrorist blacklist says Cheney. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and at "play".

Click. Terrorist cells operating in U.S., FBI says

Digital moles in the White House? Click.

Spies R Us, 2: Seoul's old spooks tell all Click.

Click. Blair initiative could mean joint Nato-Russia missions

FAA knew of problem with tail of Airbus. Click.

Flight 587. Was there an explosive decompression? Click.

Click. Uncle Sam is watching Israeli settlements in the territories.

Click. Plans for germ research at Los Alamos lab worry locals

Ghadafi seeks to change image from terrorist to elder statesman. Click.

Click. Plan for Postage Meter Carnivore

Click. US bans internet taxes for another two years.

Click. Hewlett lays groundwork for proxy fight

Click. Vinton Cerf on the future of e-mail

Click. Europe moves closer to 'cookies' ban

Click. Xbox squared

Click. The End of the Net

Click. The Dark Internet  For many people, large areas of the internet are completely unreachable.

Click. How MS Settlement Was Reached

Click. Promise of Touch Technologies

Click. Enhanced Carnivore and Echelon


Click. NextWave settles dispute with feds

Click. Picking Over the NextWave Carcass


Click. Hoffa holds on to Teamsters reins

Click. Flight restrictions hurting small plane owners  

Click. FTC, DOJ to Hold Hearings on Patents

Click. Slowdown in US is longest since 1930s depression


The FBI Spins Its Terrorism Web. A Little-Known Office Snares Thousands of Potential Leads on the Internet Click.

San Francisco Deputy D.A. arrested in stabbing. Click.

Click. Driver gets 4-month term for fatal crash

Click. DEA's 'Operation Landslide' nets arrests, heroin seizures

Click. Sausage maker asks for new legal counsel

Click. Judge: Mom's charges remain She is to stand trial on charges of kidnapping her daughters to keep them away from her ex-husband.

Click. Chaplains' creed raises legal alarms Publicly-funded Law Enforcement's Chaplainry in Sacramento requires all participants to sign a form stating they are followers of Jesus Christ.

Police use "dispersion blast" to scatter G-20 protesters, four arrested. Click.

Fremont bomber Rodney Blach ordered to pay $1.2 Million! Click.

Click. U.K. move to block human cloning

Click. Iceberg adrift off Antarctica

Click. Doctor to exploit cloning loophole

St. Paul's revolutionizes AIDS treatment. Gene sequencing used to tailor medication. Click.

Click. 'Safer' cigarette with palladium on its way

Click. Hopes rise for China's pandas

Experiments may allow organ transplants without lifetime of anti-rejection drugs Click.

Click. Night sky set for celestial downpour

Click. Some Migraine Drugs Much Better Than Others

Click. Fundamental theory under question

Click. Baby sea otter to debut soon at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Click. Prince Charles calls for holistic hospitals

Click. New Regs for Transplant Wait List

Click. Boot Up, Log On, Turn Calm

Click. NIST Gov Inventions Available

Dead Sea Scrolls complete after 54 years Click.

Kristallnacht - broken glass or pogrom. Click.

Click. New site to search for life in space. Silicon Valley spot dedicated for Carl Sagan Center

Click. Sweet Musette

Nobody beats the Wizard. Click.

Click. The Fully Accessible Harry Potter

Click. Curtains for Adams  John Adams's controversial opera, "The Death of Klinghoffer," gets booted in Boston.

Holy Wells. Click.

Click. UFOs Return to Jackson MS

Click. Europeans united in the hunt for aliens

Click. Lifting the Veil Again

Click. Monument to the Good Life in Napa

Word of the Day Click.

November 14, 2001

Click. Stratford: Taliban Withdrawal Was Strategy, Not Rout

Click. Thousands of British troops are on 48-hour standby to act as a stabilization force in Afghanistan,

Click. Pilots fought for control after hearing two rattles

Click. Rout or tactical retreat by Kabul forces?

Click. Russia warns of long guerrilla war

The Northern Alliance from within. Click.

Click. The Northern Alliance Atrocity Chart

Click. The Future of Flight Attendants


Click. Doctor Says FBI Continues to Ignore Early Anthrax Lead

Click. Whiff of Florida in San Francisco
Click. The dream that was America


Bush's airport screener plan. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and at "play".

Click. Stalin recruited Kim Philby to murder Franco

Click. What's Behind the FBI Search of Suburban Philadelphia Homes?

The Pen is Mightier.....

Bloomberg L.P. May Hire an Ombudsman for News Conflicts Click.

Click. Journalism, Integrity and Refugee Camps

Taking Dad's Reins, Young Murdoch Says Post is a Business Click.

Click. Bush and Putin call for Mideast talks at the highest levels

Click. Libya condemned over Berlin bomb

Bloomberg's Big Week: Next Mayor Broken In To Triumph, Disaster Click.

Click. Bin Laden is shoving Iran into America's arms

Click. Afghan women demand role in post-Taliban administration

Click. Elian Lawyer Elected Miami Mayor

MS 'Security Framework' is another .NET vulnerability Click.

Click. ICANN: To Serve and Protect

Click. Reading, Writing and Robotics


Click. Enron Chief Waives Severance Pay


President approves trials by military. Click.

Click. Backers Say Olson Wants to Withdraw Plea, Face Trial

Click. London: suspected terrorists will not see evidence

Click. Problems of internment

Click. Mistrial In Rabbi's Trial for Wife's Death

Click. Government Too Secretive About Jailing Immigrants

Click. Candidate's Next Real Address May Be Jail

Click. 5,000 Sought by Feds to Aid Terror Probe

Click. Garlic 'fights malaria'

Click. More People Could Benefit From Statins, Study Finds

Click. Building Attack-Proof Buildings

Click. 38 Million Animals A Year Stolen From Brazil's Rain Forests 

Click. Gay Partners of 9-11 Victims Struggle to Get Benefits

Egypt jails men in gay sex trial Click.

Click. Poundstone, comedian Is Jailed for 3 Hours

Click. Are anthrax letters ok for abortion rights places?

Click. Lynne Cheney on the Attack, Soviet Style. Just Call Her Mrs. Brezhnev. 11/13

Should women propose in wartime? Click.

Click. The Mystery Gallery

Click. Write stuff, right UC campus?

Click. All the News That's Fit to Flaunt

Click. Countdown to turkey day

Clean and Sober , But Still 5'2", Paul Williams' Has New Stature. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

November 13, 2001

Click. Northern Alliance Takes Kabul

Click. Executions reveal ugly side of alliance

Click. U.N. officials rush to assemble coalition government for Afghanistan

Click. 'Good' Afghan warlord offers hope. Moderate Alliance commander once controlled 6 provinces

Click. Voice Recorder Indicates Plane Crash Was Accident

Click. Inquiry to focus on fire that engulfed engine 

Click. Former NTSB Official Doubts Accident Caused Flt. 587 Crash

Click. Selective Service Begins High School Drive

Click. Al Qaeda Leader Warns of 'Next Strikes'

Click. US Special Forces Land at Airport Near Kabul

Click. Spanish police arrest 9 allegedly linked to al-Qaida

Click. Taliban take aid workers with them


Click. Solving The Anthrax Mailing Mystery May Be Easy: FBI Doesn't Seem Interested

Click. Howard University's Mailroom Tests Positive for Anthrax


Click. Security for water has price 

Click. A new appeal for more money. Despite misspending tens of millions of dollars, S.F. school district says new bond is the only answer to fiscal woes

Click. Truck stops begin at area bridges. 

Click. S.F. vote may be challenged

Click. Public power slips amid serious election irregularities

Click. Burton offers housing bond

Click. Berkeley braces for boycott


Click. GOP candidates saw effectiveness of key issue diminished after attacks, advisors say

Click. How Bush Lost Florida But Won

Click. Gore Wins Under Six of Nine Scenarios

Click. Study: Black Votes More Likely Spoiled in Florida

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and at "play".


Click. New Laws Will Turn EU Into A Global Superpower

Click. Lawmakers Debate Sending in the Troops – At Home

Click. Nancy Pelosi Finds Her Place as Minority Whip in the House

Click. Four convicted in Berlin disco bombing that killed 2 U.S. soldiers

Click. Bush, Putin Try to Reduce Nuke Arms at Summit

Click. Cookies on the menu for European Parliament

Click. Young man takes own path to computer business

Click. The future of gaming lies in virtual reality

Click. IBM Launches Linux-Based Server, Software Package


Click. Falling Down in Qatar?

Click. HP hires proxy-fight firm, move signifies stepped-up battle over Compaq

Click. Marconi announces huge losses

Click. China faces agricultural revolution


Click. New British Courts, No Jury, No Appeal

Click. Stabbing by Deputy D.A. called self-defense

Click. Latent Print Examination

Click. Judge bars 2 AIDS activists. The men are suspected of threatening Chronicle staff members

Click. Ashcroft links marijuana ruling to assisted suicide

Click. Pot clubs bracing for DEA crackdown. Operators fear members' records will be confiscated

Click. Police Clueless on Jailed Star's Pregnancy

Click. Harry Potter’s New Foe: The Religious Right

Click. Women Have The Brains

Click. Robot dog learns its first words

Click. Risk reduced for heart patients

Click. Permanent heart pump could save thousands, trial shows

Click. The beasts come alive

Click. Imagined Workout Can Up Muscle Strength: Study

Click. Short legs 'a heart risk'

Click. Spinach, Blueberries Said Brain Food

Click. War heroes who became guinea pigs

U.S. develops combat laser. Click.

Click. Magic and Awakening

Click. President Teddy

Click. Man behind the Q

Click. Archaeologists Unearth Roman City, Winery in Egypt

Click. Fashion guru, Old Navy pitchwoman Carrie Donovan dies

The Pen is Mightier.....

Agence France-Press reports that a U.S. warplane bombed the Kabul office of Al-Jazeera. Click.

Click. Saudi Royals Launch Major Public Relations Effort

Click. War and language

Word of the Day Click.

November 12, 2001


A senior Bush administration official told CNN initial indications are that there was an explosion aboard the plane but that the source of the explosion is unknown. Click.

Click. Ananova: FBI says explosion on plane before crash

Internment plan for suspected terrorists Click.

The Herald's Paul McGeough tells how he hung on for grim death to an armored personnel carrier in the midst of a Taliban ambush that killed three fellow reporters. Click.

Click. Russians Acknowledge Nuclear Security Breaches

Click. OBL met nuclear scientists from Pakistan

Click. Navy seeks to protect sunken warships

Is OBL using Short Message Service to brief his sleepers? Click.

Click. Executions, abductions reported in Mazar-e-Sharif, U.N. officials say

Rotten deals bound to prolong war Click.

Pakistan deports British journalist. Click.

Click. Mystery surrounds immigrants detained in Texas

Click. French agents detain 5 in anti-terror sweep

Click Jane's military intelligence on the effectiveness of the coalition bombing.


Click. The Bidding to Mass Produce a Smallpox Vaccine?

Click. Survivalists - from crackpots to gurus

Click. 22,000 U.S. labs handle deadly germs. Feinstein backs bill for government tracking system


Click. S.F. school officials overlooked the indications of misspent millions

Click. Obit: Robert Treuhaft, crusading Bay Area lawyer, Hillary's early mentor, Champion of leftist causes for decades

Click. Surprise surveillance on bay span. All trucks headed to Golden Gate Bridge stopped and searched

Alameda County's property data base invades privacy. Click.

Click. California governor's race could come down to who's the 'real Republican'

Click. Nerves in Bay Area rattled by unpublicized air show 11/12

Click. For too many years, say Bay Area American Indians, it's all been about turkeys.

Click. Fearing effects of propaganda

Click. Push for vets homes causing battle fatigue

Click. Elephant calf's death a bitter loss for Oakland Zoo curator

Click. Sonoma mayor puts new spin on politics


Click. Cheney: AF1 Was Target

Bush hits the wrong note at the UN. Click.

Click. Amid war, GAO puts legal fight with Vice President Cheney on hold; Agency head predicts a similar clash with Ridge's Homeland Office.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and at "play".

Click. David Shayler on MI6 Kill Gaddafi Cover-up

Click. US Spooks Using Psychics to Find Osama

Mark Idan. Click.

Click. Spies Who Do Something

Click. British plane-spotters face spying charges

Click. Bloomberg victory highlights disintegration of New York Democrats
Click. Bloomberg's victory and the triumph of business news

Click. Quotes From Witnesses, Officials
Regarding Jetliner Crash

Click. Giuliani factor moves West. New York mayor will campaign for Bill Simon

Click. Assassination of Mexican human rights activist provokes political crisis

Click. Celebrating the senses -- Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts makes a smashing debut in Napa

What does Bob Woodward know about terrorist attacks? Click.

It's Mario v. Bill Gates next week. Click.

Dot-Gone Guy lives! Click.

Click. It's All Arabic-English to Him

Click. Robots That Repair Roads

Click. Pirated XP Popular in Thailand


NextWave wireless settlement stalled. Click.

The HP-Compaq Deal/ Packard heirs driven to preserve 'HP way'. Click.

Click. The Fight Of Fiorina's Life

Click. Constellation Eyes Purchase of Sutter Home

Click. At trade talks, generic-drug issue key

The WTO's Hidden Agenda Click.

Click. China admitted to global market

Click. Anticipation and Angst in China Over WTO

Click. A Call to Counter Terrorism


Department of Justice notice on eavesdropping on prisoner-lawyer communications. Click.

Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 bans use of troops for many actions on U.S. soil. The Act is being violated. Click.

Lawyers for 9/11 victims reconstruct the horror to attempt to put a dollar value on pain and suffering. Click.

Click. Indefinite internment for suspected terrorists allowed in new bill in Great Britain

Bush's most controversial judicial picks will not get a Senate vote this year Click.

Click. Brace yourself for the new McCarthyism.

Good 'ole boy hatred of a brilliant woman attorney or love of decorum? Click. 

US lawmakers snub noses at world court Click.

The judge called the Huntington Park officers a "liars club." Click.

Click. Has someone been sitting on the FBI? 

New legislation aimed at curbing terrorist activity could seriously hinder important research. Click.

Click. Swedish zoo kills bear cubs.

Click. Why WTC Towers Stood, Then Fell

Click. Turtle sighting prompts search

Click. Europe Plans To Put Man On Mars

Click. Ritalin May Change Brain Long-Term, Study Shows

Click. New hope of giving sight to the blind

Click. Tobacco Firm To Profit From Cancer Genes One of the world's biggest tobacco companies aims to make billions from the diseases caused by cigarette smoking by pushing future lung cancer vaccines.

Click. The Disaster That Befell Philadelphia in 1793

Click. First Evidence Meteor Impact Ended The Bronze Age

Click. Scientists: U.S. Classrooms Are a Hard Place to Listen

Click. Prozac triggers increase in aggression in mice

Click. Cancer Care: Mind, Body and Soul

Legacy of the Cathars. Click.

Click. French cinema is back in vogue

Isle of May is the mythical Avalon? Click.

Click. Jews are the Genetic Brothers of Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese but not to Non-Jewish Europeans

Click. Molecular Genealogy Project 

Click. Golgotha! Calvary and the Elusive Tomb of Jesus of Nazareth: the Bishop's Secret!

Click. The Lost 10 Tribes

Click. The Seductress of Qumran

Click. 'Unique' Find At Ancient Miami Circle Site

The Pen is Mightier.....

John Rendon, "an Information Warrior and a perception manager," heads the PR group to sell the war overseas. Click.

Click. Undersecretary of State, Charlotte Beers, the "queen of branding," went from selling Uncle Ben's to selling Uncle Sam. Click. "The US is most elegant brand I've ever had to work with".

Word of the Day Click.

November 9, 2001

Click. We've Taken Mazar-e-Sharif: Opposition Forces Claim They've Broken Through Taliban Defenses.

Click. General: Capture of Bin Laden 'Not Part of Mission'

Click. German Gov't Close to Collapse Over War Role

Click. Boys learn the Way of  Warriors

Click. Former US-Backed 'Freedom Fighter' Seeks Alliance With Taliban

Click. Allied SAS soldiers prefer to go it alone

Taliban operate in small units and are highly mobile. Click.

Opposition leaders ready to quit battle against Taliban. US blunders leave key fighters disillusioned Click.

Click. Vajpayee Says U.S. Wasn't Ready for War

Click. The US war drive and the destabilization of Egypt Part 2

Cloudy weather is beginning to limit the ability of U.S. analysts to maintain surveillance of Taliban and Al Qaeda forces, while heavy icing has downed a special forces helicopter and a third Predator unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in Afghanistan. Click.


Click. Anthrax probe hampered by FBI blunders. Agents unprepared for complexities of case

Click. FBI Profilers Think Anthrax Attacker May Be 'Non-Muslim'

Click. Abortion Groups Receive More Than 100 Threatening Packages

Click. Police Detain Turks Smuggling Uranium

Click. Have you officially, publicly denounced terrorist groups?

Click. Osama Family's Suspicious Site


Click. Davis meets with Bay Area mayors to discuss security

Click. UC and CSU schools will jointly offer doctorates

Click. Rock LaFleche school sows seeds of success

New State park in Santa Cruz Click.

Click. All-in-one transit card begins trials

Click. Pleasanton quarries to become lakes

Click. Soccer coach sentenced

Click. State looking at S.F. ballot oddities. City attorney Renne wants 'to clear air'

"Living" in THE BUSHES' WORLD....

GOP's Conservative Agenda Smothered by War Click.

While your attention is diverted: Social Security commission meets in secret. Click.

OBL's relatives made a first-class escape. Click.

Click. Lawsuit brews over ex-presidents' papers 

The "studmuffin" administration. Click.

Carlyle Group's hiring of former world potentates (May 2001) Click.


Click. An Enduring Legacy of a Divided Era Twelve years after the Berlin Wall fell, access to spy agency files kept by the Communists remains a contentious issue for the nation.

Click. Does bin Laden have Marfan syndrome?

Click. Senate approves increases in spending for spy agencies

Spies R Us: Inter-Korean infiltration Click.

Click. A Long Road West for Russia

Click. Alabama to keep textbook stickers warning that evolution is 'controversial theory'

Click. Winning was the easy part. Tough agenda for new leader of Nicaragua

"The Second Half of 48": The Sharon-Ya'alon Plan Click.

Pat Robertson's partnership with Osama bin Laden's diamond dealer Click. More: Click.


Click. Israel Loves Nice Jewish Boy Bloomy

Click. A Partner For Your PDA

Click. Scientists Invent Tiny Transistor

Click. G rove details early life under Nazis, fleeing homeland

Click. Nimda Lives; What a Concept

Click. Students Expose Bank ATM Hole

Click. MS IIS Tops FBI's 20-Most-Wanted List

Click. IBM to Build Second Blue Gene Supercomputer


Click. Joint Strike Fighter: Deal of the Century

Click. Enron Says 'Oops' It did it again: Enron admits its books for the past five years have been fictional.

Click. Disney earnings drop 68 percent on soft ad revenue, low theme park attendance

Click. Huge ingot from California Gold Rush sells for $8 million

Click. Enron, we hardly knew ye

Click. OBL's Boston Bank


Click. Feds Suspend Attorney-Client Privilege in Terrorist Cases

Click. Worst may be yet to come for Sara Jane Olson in U.S. case

Click. Marital privilege applies to estranged, court rules

During one prison stretch in Oregon in the early 1990s, Stokes wrote to a therapist that he had molested 212 victims and felt like a monster. But he eventually was released and hit the road again. Click.

Click. Marin attorneys win appeal of $26.5 million tobacco award

Click. Judge Blocks Sanctions Over Assisted Suicide

Click. Landlord loses major mold case

Click. Justice Dept. undergoing radical shift. Traditional operations will take a back seat to counter terrorism

Click. Annual prank gets sour reaction. Parents threaten lawsuits after 15 students suspended in Benicia

Click. Objectivist Center replies to Politech post on torture, Nat'l ID

Click. Surgeon Uses Strip Club to Bankroll His Research

Click. Sunny solution. Solar installation lets couple drop high power bill to zero

Click. New Mars Photos Show Lively Landscape

Click. New Form of Matter or Energy Suspected in Neutrino Trial

Click. 10 million transistors no bigger than a pinhead. Molecule-size devices rival silicon chips

Click. California heart transplant patient scales Kilimanjaro

Leonid meteor shower. Click.

Click. Drugs quadruple life span of mice

Click. Gene Discovery a Defect Detector

Click. Green Light for Pluto

Click. U.S. Approves First Ecstasy Trials

Click. Immune Booster Could Combat Bioweapons

Click. Imaging Study Produces Genetic Brain Maps

Click. Permanent Vacation

Click. Why do you think they called them "best boys"? A new book names names as it charts the lasting influence of gays and lesbians on the movie business.

Click. Firm Marketing Parachute for Office Workers

Click. Surrogate Boyfriends Rescue Men From Shopping

Othello Navigator (example of a thorough hyperlinked annotation of a literary text) Click.


The Pen is Mightier....

America's hypocritical politically correct mullahs Click.

Click. 'Tourist Guy': Is He or Isn't He?

Click. CBS, NBC Diss President's Speech

Word of the Day Click. Click.

November 8, 2001

Blair: Airstrikes not enough. Click.

UN warns of disaster as U.S. bombs dam in Afghanistan. Click.

Click. Anti-Taliban leader calls for help

Click. Taliban suicide squads primed for action

Click. War Close to Spilling Into Tajikistan

Click. Israel Calls Iran 'Biggest Threat'

Click. War Support Ebbs Worldwide

Click. Rebel supply line a merciless trail

Click. No One Can Locate Pakistan Nuclear Assets: Experts

Click. E-BOMB In the blink of an eye, electromagnetic bombs could throw civilization back 200 years. And terrorists can build them for $400.

Click. The US war drive and the destabilization of Egypt Part 1

Doctor to the mujahedeen Click.

Click. 10 nations train in Egypt's Bright Star

Click. Chancellor Schröder calls for an expanded military role for Germany

Click. A l Qaeda -- Holy War Inc. at the click of a mouse

Islamic terrorists' budget has more funds that the government agencies trying to track it down. Click.

Pentagon flies home 18 body bags. Click.

Shoulder-launched missiles are cheap, portable and deadly against lumbering commercial jets -- and terrorists in the U.S. may already have them. Click.


Click. Dying worker sought answers

Click. Indian Cipro Copies Don't Pay Off

Click. FTC, FDA Target Bioterrorism Websites

Click. US raids 2 money networks

Click. Crackdown hits Somali brothers' Dorchester office

Click. Al-Qaeda probe entangles small Ottawa business


Click. Riordan says Davis blew it

Click. Bizarre S.F. vote drama -- accusations fly. "The banana republic of San Francisco"

Click. Public power close to victory in San Francisco

Click. Stoneridge Drive plan adopted

Click. Illegal dams on Marin creek targeted

Click. Condit son files to seek Senate seat

Rabbit Ridge Vineyards to pay record settlement Click.

Click. New fish ladder a step up

"Living" in THE BUSHES' WORLD....

Click. Bush develops nuclear plan ahead of meeting with Russian leader

Click. Bush's war at home: a creeping coup d'état

Click. The Bush Administration's Gimmick of a 10% Senior Medication "Discount" Card Gets a Go-Ahead from the Courts. They Still Have to Find a Way to Pay the Other 90%, and the Drug Companies Will Rake in the Profits.

Click. Rove goes Hollywood

Click. BUSH JUSTICE DEPARTMENT BLOCKS RENO DEPOSITION Latest Obstruction Prevents Scheduled Testimony In Defamation Case Against Accused Spy Wen Ho Lee

Bush also tries to keep his Texas records off limits. Click.


U.S. satellite detection of portable nuclear weapons. Click.


Click. Problem With the Predator

Click. US Military to Continue Monopoly on Space Imaging

Click. Defectors detail Saddam's agents of terror

Click. Intelligence Briefings Leave Senators in the Dark

Click. I n aftermath of Sept 11, should Social Security files be more open to police?

Click. Attempt on Saddam's Son


Vancouver police 'not pursuing' arrests for possession of hard drugs Click.

Click. Human mules.

Click. More than 350,000 Mexicans have returned home since U.S. attacks

One day after voters tossed out their mayor, two news organizations got a look Wednesday at an escort service's business records that may have influenced the outcome of the election Click.

Click. Siebel Systems Unveils 'Homeland Security' Software

Click. The race for a new internet

Click. Welcome to the era of drive-by hacking

Click. PATHFINDER Intelligence Software

Click. Wireless networks wide open

Click. E lectronic Frontier Foundation defends 'next Napster' company

Click. U.K. police "anti-terrorism" spy powers extend to minor crimes

Click. Napster Technology Could Aid Terrorism Fight, Officials Say.


Click. Few women directors, report finds

Click. Dynegy Is Said to Be Near to Acquiring Enron for $8 Billion

Click. Wells Fargo to Accept ID Cards Issued by Mexico

Click. George Soros and fixing the world

Click. Motorola to invest billions in booming China market

Click. $ 5 billion Exxon penalty overturned

The Emirates' order for huge commercial planes and what it means. Click.

The air campaign over Afghanistan's rugged terrain has spotlighted the versatile roles of the C-130 Hercules, and its manufacturer plans to lean on that renewed focus to drive structural upgrade sales. Click.

Click. Much of bin Laden money network still undetected, authorities say


Click. Tax watchdog to challenge Marin judge Outspoken San Rafael lawyer Nancy McCarthy yesterday filed a declaration of intent to challenge Judge Verna Adams for her seat on the Marin County Superior Court

Click. FBI considers truth serum to get detainees to talk. Tactic's effectiveness, morality in question

Click. A jury is set to begin deliberating today whether Sonoma County District Attorney Mike Mullins mishandled a sexual harassment complaint against one of his deputies.

Click. Hallinan’s pot shot at feds District Attorney Terrance Hallinan has a message for the Drug Enforcement Agency: Get out of The City's pot clubs.

Click. L awsuit alleges World Trade Center brokerage bilked investors

Click. Los Angeles D.A.: No New Rampart Charges

Judge rules U.S.-based Web sites operated by Yahoo are not subject to French laws banning the sale of Nazi-related items Click.

Click. Millionaire swipes at relatives from grave

Click. Lone holdout, mistrial in blast-plot case

Click. High court weighs definition of disabled. 

Rape suspect vanishes -- may try to flee country Click.

Click. Forests 'only temporary carbon absorbers'

Click. Amazing powers of sheep Sheep have emotions and could be capable of consciousness, say British scientists.

Click. Fresh clue to homeopath mystery Many scientists think it is physically impossible for homeopathy to work - but new research suggests how remedies might be having an effect.

Click. Floppy Scientist brings 'Genius' to Station

Click. New interest in high-tech escapes from high-rises

Click. U.S. Bumps Up Stem Cell Numbers

Click. Beautiful Faces Trigger Reward Center of Brain

Click. Sky Survey Lowers Estimate Of Asteroid Impact Risk

Click. Researchers Zero In On Date Of Early Hominids

Click. UCSD Researchers Suggest Naturally Occurring Molecules May Alleviate Build-Up Of Plaque In Parkinson's Patients

Click. Why The Big Animals Went Down In The Pleistocene: Was It Just The Climate?

Click. Popular Arthritis Drug May Enhance Radiation Effects Against Cancer

Click. Mini Motor Could Change The Shape Of Micromedical Applications

Click. Researchers Discover Precise Olfactory Map

Click. Brave new world of Baroque

Click. Fox strikes gold with bug's life

Click. Excavations at Aztec Peasant Sites

Sweet & Sultry. The ugly-duckling sweet potato does a Cinderella act Click.

Click. Snapshots from Golgotha  A new biography considers the life of Jesus Christ.

Click. Wharram Percy, located in Yorkshire, has been occupied by humans since the Iron Age. 

Click. Japan's 'Genius Convention' Flops

Click. So, This Is Heaven: Norway

Click. Holiday Fruit Ranks Number One In Antioxidants

The Pen is Mightier....

Robert Fisk: Hypocrisy, hatred and the war on terror. Click.

Click. What The Media Is Churning Out Is Trash

Click. The New York Times and the "terror alert" How the US media lies for Bush


Word of the Day Click.

November 7, 2001

Click. U.S. freezes overseas bin Laden assets

Click. Does Bin Laden have the bomb?

The Secret Army for Justice did it. (It says). Click.

Click. Taliban execute Abdul Haq's nephew

France ready to send forces to Afghanistan Click.

Click. Deep reservations as Germany prepares for War

The war in two hours. Click.

Click. War briefing: November 7

OBL buying nukes. Click.

Click. Taliban hit by bombs used in Vietnam

ISRAEL'S version of the SAS has been called in to help America's bungling Delta Force special units Click.

Knives, knuckle dusters and a stun gun found in luggage of four British men AFTER they got off a jet. Click.

Click. United expands duties of company involved in breach

Click. US, Pakistan Agree on UN-Backed Gov't for Afghans

Click. U.S. Drops The Weapon That Packs An 'Atomic' Punch


Click. Senators Want New Registration System for Bio Labs

Click. Costs for smallpox vaccine may be higher than anticipated

Click. Tainted Letter Suggests Foreign Source for Anthrax

US consulate in Siberia hit by anthrax. Click.

Click. HHS Set to Order Smallpox Vaccine for All Americans

Click. Expert says FBI lacking anthrax answers. No tally of labs with bacteria, he tells senators


Click. FBI flip flops on bridge threat

Click. Voters transform San Francisco into solar power leader

Click. Lazarus, Herrera in S.F. attorney runoff

Sonoma Valley teachers were on high alert Tuesday as sheriff's detectives canvassed the area for a second day, looking for a man who kidnapped and molested a 9-year-old girl waiting for her school bus. Click.

Click. PG&E blasted in filings

Click. Dim bulb award goes to PG&E

Click. One incumbent ousted, second survives in Novato

Click. Livermore elects Kamena

Click. Ex-aide of supervisor Haggerty vows to appeal verdict

Click. Casino proposal inches forward

"Living" in THE BUSHES' WORLD....

Click. Bush Urged to Rescind Order On Presidential Materials

Click. Gone shootin': Cheney ducks out of the action

Could the worse be yet to come? Click.


"It might seem a little bit strange, but I had a feeling of guilt for this tragedy," said Putin Click.

Click. Former Saudi spy chief says Bin Laden had no links with CIA

The suspicious murder of Abdul Haq Click.

Distributing and managing the U.S. Air Force's stockpile of technical data on its own weapons systems will be upgraded dramatically under a new contract with IHS Enterprise Solutions of Denver. Click.

How global heroin shifts could hit home. Click.

How’d It Happen? It’s Rudy-mentary! As Weeks Wore On, Mark’s Smugness, Perceived Inaction Gnawed at His Numbers; Meanwhile, Bloomberg TV Ads Used Giuliani Nearly Like Post-Hypnotic Instruction. Click.

Click. Setting the record straight: Japan bombed Alaska, too

Click. Central Asia's Other Fight Armed Groups Also Tied to Lucrative Drug Trade

Click. Getting the right result Nicaragua's election showed the US still won't allow a free vote, writes Duncan Campbell.

Click. Former Chilean army officials file criminal complaint against Gen. Augusto Pinochet

Click. LBJ tape 'confirms Vietnam war error'

Click. Rise in Rapes of Children Outrages South Africans

Click. IBM launches new hard disk drive

Click. Hewlett family opposing Compaq purchase

Click. International Internet Bandwidth

MS passport cracked with Hotmail. Click.

Click. Internet Explorer Bug Can Lead to Strange Search


Click. Concerns that US may be going down the Japan road

Click. Millions of unemployed finding US safety net in shreds

Click. How low can Fed go? Try 2 percent

Click. Indictment expected in hijackings Suspect called would-be pilot; anthrax tie seen to conspiracy

Click. Italian police detain two Egyptian financiers for alleged al-Qaida links

Click. 2 Muslim charities probed for terror link


Click. Ex-SLA Fugitive Olson Reaffirms Guilty Plea More: Click.

Click. FBI Rejects Offers From Terrorism Experts

Click. Attorney General allows DEA to go after suicide doctors

Click. William Cooper Killed in Shootout

Click. Sheriff's Report on the Cooper Shooting

Click. French court denies damage claim by Al Fayed

Click. Top cop-turned-jewel-thief used police databases to plot crimes

Click. Body found is missing prostitute's. Broadmoor man implicated in case

Appeals court suspends judge's order to display ceramic tiles at Columbine High School. Click.

Click. Taking Scientists Out of Nuclear Equation The U.S. government is teaching former Soviet scientists and engineers how to produce software.

Click. It's not like "ER"-The scandal of patient dumping in US hospitals

Click. Returning rhinos are Uganda's white hope

Click. Global Warming 'Altering Genes'

Click. Organic Treatments for Stressful Times

Click. Whose Dreams Are We Deferring When We Patent Plants And Animals?

Click. Fifth Self-Contained Heart Installed

Click. World's Smallest Self-Propelled Satellite Nearly Ready For Air Force, NASA

Click. Arteries Secretly Re-Clog After Angioplasty More Than Half The Time

Click. Tiniest Paleozoic Sea Creatures Were Lunch Of Choice

Click. Photographing the Rio Grande on a wing and a prayer

Poor Lingua Franca Click.

Click. France is running out of priests

Click. Billy the Kid's family still trying to clear his name

Click. Machover Gives Tolstoy a Makeover

The Cardinal and the Jews Click.

Women's aphrodisiac hits Kansas State University area

Click. Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Egypt Doctor's Tomb 

The Pen is Mightier....
Click. Bush to Outline Hollywood's War Agenda

November 6, 2001

Click. US Plutonium, Uranium 'Unaccounted For'

Revealed: how bungled US raid came close to disaster. Click.

Click. Hersh Stands By Report, Says Delta Force Sending A Message To Superiors...

The Arabs and not the Afghan Taliban fighters are controlling important parts of the country and fighting major battles on frontlines Click.

Click. Taliban down US chopper over Pakistan?

Click. US Ready to Seize Pakistan's Nukes

Click. U.S. Drops 15,000-lb. Bomb 

Laden's terror will outlast him

U.S. soldiers direct Northern Alliance in battle. Click.

Click. John Birchers: NATO Patrols American Skies

Blood on diamonds. Click.

Click. Treasure at mercy of Taleban

Click. Canada's elite ponders implications of "Fortress America"

Click. War briefing: November 6

Lebanon won't freeze Hezbollah's assets. Click.

Click. Germany Offers 3,900 Troops for War

Early Saudi/Taliban connections Click.

Click. War Behind Schedule.


Click. World must vaccinate against smallpox, say Russian scientists

Click. Hospital develops spray to destroy anthrax spores

Click. Taliban Will Vaccinate

Click. Smallpox vaccine tested  

Click. New quick anthrax test 

Click. U.S. Sets Up Plan to Fight Smallpox in Case of Attack

Click. Experts warn of health risk as nation dons latex gloves. 


2nd girl attacked in El Verano. A 9-year-old Sonoma Valley girl waiting with her younger sister at a school bus stop Monday morning was pulled into a car and sexually molested, Sonoma County sheriff's investigators said. Click. More. Click.

Click. BIG LITTLE TOWN: Redevelopment brought Emeryville back to life, but some residents and planners say the cost is way too high

Click. Northern lights make rare appearance in North Coast sky

Click. Wary commuters jam ferries

Click. Bridges are hard to bring down, experts say

Click. Glen Ellen divided by fate of historic hotel

Click. Riordan to tour state to kick off run for governor

Click. Afghan Archivist of Culture

"Living" in THE BUSHES' WORLD....

Click. US appoints representative to Afghan opposition

Click. Nation divided over Bush as leader

Click. Ex-President Bush part of 'unprecedented' effort to aid GOP candidates. 

New evil empire. Click.

Click. Breach of Faith


Click. Taliban Provides Red Cross With Details on Alleged Spy

Scholar and spy Anthony Blunt shared the moral nullity of Establishment types who did what they wanted. Click.

Click. FBI Turns Down Hundreds of Ex-Agents Offering Help.

Click. Harvard scholar's '96 book becomes the word on war

Click. Intrigue follows the men in dark glasses

Click. Internal Troubles Make FBI's Task That Much Harder

Click. Philadelphia's Schools to Be Privately Run Under Pa. Plan

Click. Terrorism Creates Dilemmas for Nov. 9 WTO Protests 

Click: Arafat considering declaring state at UN this weekend

Click. Drug smugglers get back to business

Click. Nicaragua elects Bolanos as leader

Click. If voters approve Issue 7, Akron, Ohio, will be the first U.S. city to have full public financing of election campaigns.

Click. Brokovich investigating health claims of Exxon Valdez spill cleanup workers

40% accidentally get net porn. Click.

New York survivor's son turns traitor. Click.

Click. Bring on the nerds.

Click. Mouse inventor strives for more

Click. How does Windows XP shape up once you've been using it for a couple of months?

Click. IBM makes a huge contribution to open source

Click. Defense may reshape Silicon Valley, again

Click. Not a standard dot-com tale

Click. ICANN Eyes New Vote Plan

Click. Motorola Shows New, Daring Phone

Click. Hitachi develops versatile DVD drive


Click. Serious Conflicts Threaten Trade Talks

Click. Clout of Fed rate cuts questioned. Reduction expected today -- some doubt it will boost economy

Click. Cisco: We Rode the Slump

IRS left holding rebates for taxpayers Click.

Click. Argentina: Default By Any Name... Will Be Biggest Ever



Click. Confusion Over Number of Detainees

Click. White House, Justice Dept. at Odds Over Arrests

Click. Alan Dershowitz suggests judges could issue "torture warrants"

Click. Mother sues after gay son's suicide

Click. Apple Hit With Racial Lawsuit

Click. 271-year term for first fugitive extradited from South Korea

Click. Viet adoptions still tangled up in legal red tape

Click. Oakland man sentenced to 17 1 / 2 years after HIV status is cited

Click. Katherine Harris and family lose battle over grandfather's fortune.

Click. Family Feud 80-year-old does battle with his kids and court-ordered conservancy.

Click. 271-year term for first fugitive extradited from South Korea

Click. Homosexual 'Parents' in Colorado Win Landmark Decision

Click. Indonesia to freeze Osama's 28 bank accounts

Click. Dubai May Be Haven for Terrorists

Click. Stem cells created from egg alone -- cannot mature. Work could alter ethical debate

Click. HIV bites back at key drug

Botulism toxin treatment can also improve tiptoe-walking common in children with cerebral palsy. Click.

Click. Computerized body scanning is catching on fast

Click. Molecular Farming Under Fire

Click. Breaking a Sweat Produces Germ Fighter

Click. Aspirin Reduces Risk of Pregnancy Complication

Click. Astrobiology.

Click. Urban Legend Machine.

Click. In Powerful Gamma-Ray Bursts, Neutrinos May Fly Out First, Scientists Say

Click. Jefferson Researchers Show Angiostatin And Radiation Are Safe In Early Trials For Advanced Cancer

Click. Researchers Describe Atomic-Size "Sorter" That Performs Vital Cellular Function

Click. Ohio State University Scientists Study Soy And Tomato Diet In Prostate Cancer

Click. Alternative To Hormone Replacement Therapy Shows Promising Results

Click. A Fish Named Wayne-Wanda?

Click. Statisticians Seek Clues To What Causes Disease Clusters

A pair of shoes so lethal that they will not actually go into production. Click.

Click. Tomb-raider ransacks treasures of Alexander

The genius of Jack Miles is to insist that Christ is a grotesque parody of the Messiah — else we lose the meaning of his life and death. Click. More. Click.

Yoko Ono explains. Click.

Every now and then I get a letter from someone who demands that I tell him why no female Shakespeare has emerged Click.

Click. Meteor clue to end of Middle East civilizations

Click. UFOs and the Great Outdoors

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Judgment could ban kiss and tell stories and political exposés

Click. US unleashes new weapon in propaganda war

Click. U.S. wages Mideast media campaign to discredit abundant conspiracy theories on attacks

Click. Simon Says: Buy E-Books Here

The propaganda war, and why bin Laden is winning Click.

November 5, 2001

More U.S. troops enter Afghanistan.

Click. US ready for massive use of ground forces

"The Americans don't know what they're getting into.  People here think nothing of killing." Click.

U.S. airdrops supplies to Pashtun chief. Leader with stature to challenge Taliban recruits in Afghanistan

Click. US ready for shoot-out if Musharraf is ousted

Click. How Afghanistan Went Unlisted as Terrorist Sponsor

Click. A new Army readies for a changed world

Click. War briefing: November 5

Millionaire brothers who bankrolled the rebels. Click.

Click. Arab chiefs say bin Laden is at war with world

Anti-globalist resistance: Beyond Left and Right. Click.


Click. In Anthrax Probe, Questions of Skill, Motive

Click. The Ames Strain

Click. Scientists Discover Anthrax Cure

Click. Bioterror May Use Ventilation

Click. Anthrax scare aids new firm

Click. Bin Laden-linked bank not on U.S. terror list

Click. Hijackers Depicted as Elite Group

Al Qaeda terrorist worked with FBI. Ex-Silicon Valley resident plotted embassy attacks. Click.

Hijackers' Meticulous Strategy of Brains, Muscle and Practice. Click.

Highjackers depicted as elite group. Click.

FBI arrests Saudi national in counterfeit visa scheme. Click.


Click. The vast estates, lush foliage and tall fences of the wealthy mid-Peninsula town of Atherton have helped a suspect in a rape attempt regarding a 12-year old, elude police for nearly a week.

Click. Suspects arrested in multimillion-dollar meth bust

San Francisco - the last bastion on edge. Click.

Weeks ago, scientists warned of bridges' susceptibility to terrorists Click.

Click. Lab scientist's advice helps fortify Bay Bridge.

Click. Police close female fighting expo in Pasadena

Click. Worry mounts over water. 

Sonoma County's largest surviving orchard will soon be converted to grapevines Click.

Click. Mystery slaying haunts town. Well-liked marina owner in Knightsen killed on the night of her going-away party

Click. County's last one-room school may close

Click. G reenpeace lights up Coit Tower with solar power

Click. Patty Hearst may get her wish, avoids taking stand

"Living" in THE BUSHES' WORLD....

Click. Bush Defends Decision on Papers

Click. Administration's verbal bumbling

Click. From Justice John Paul Stevens, A Surprising Symbol of Presidential Support


Click. Terrorists hit CIA

Click. CIA's pet project for a purrfect spy fails

Revealed: the bloody pages of Al-Qaeda's killing manual Click.

Click. Prince to see scars of history in Baltic states

Click. Fur Flies Around Japan's Foreign Minister

Click. Anger over cutbacks. New York firefighters storm "Ground Zero"

Sandinistas' Ortega awaits voters' verdict in Nicaragua

Hebrew U. professor quits Vatican Holocaust panel. In July, the commission suspended its activities after the Vatican failed to answer 47 preliminary questions and denied access to archive material. Click. More: Click.

Click. Heads up You too can have a digital double

Click. It was a David-and-Goliath battle. How a design firm beat the might of Microsoft to hold on to its trade mark ... and its existence.

Click. S.F. working to fine-tune Internet searches

Click. Jim Warren on his FBI visit during Phil Zimmermann investigation

Click. Ferreting Out Virus 'DNA'

Click. The Tiniest Dots on the Web

Click. Digi Pens: Anybody Need 'Em?

Click. Oracle Announces New FREE Software Development Tools 


Click. Enron Could Be Forced Into Asset Sales

Click. Harvard Offers a Dose of Reality

Click. Russia's worth a new look

Click. Working Wounded: Don't Succumb to Your Weaknesses

Shanghai: China's New Gotham Click.

China's richest family: The Liu brothers. Click.

Click. WTC attack spurs US Jews' readiness to join Israeli biotech sector

SEC accuses Camarillo man of Investment Fraud Click.


Click. Secret court seldom says no to spying

Click. More on FBI wants San Francisco IMC's logs, reported anthrax threat

Click. Court rules against prosecution of threats made during therapy

Government Asks Court to Consider Case of Professor Accused in Secret Papers Click.

Click. Foes of USA Patriot surveillance law contemplate court challenge

Click. Concerns about terrorism lead to boom in tools for keeping tabs on kids

75-year-old Helen Morris received $4,320 in restitution for a criminal fraud committed against her. Now she's being told she has to give the money back because the people who committed the fraud have filed bankruptcy Click.

Schizophrenic represented himself in death penalty case. Click.

"I really couldn't believe a lawyer would have accepted appointment to a death penalty case after having represented the person the defendant was accused of killing" Click.

Click. Italian wants to clone humans in Britain

Click. Smart bandage 'spots infection'

Click. Major Solar Flare Erupts, Radiation Storm in Progress

Click. Project to Name All Life-Forms

Click. Weekly Contraceptive Patch Found Safe, Effective 

Click. NASA in dock for overspending

Click. Study ties genes, size of brain areas. Intelligence linked to quantity

Click. Global warming 'could affect' winter birds

Five generic drugs: Cheap but ignored. Click.

Click. Acne may protect against disease

Click. Why colds are sweeping your office

Click. Muscular dystrophy 'hits poor'

Click. Apollo to launch emergency network

Click. Marin firm reports success in drug for rare genetic ailment

Rx For A Better Life? Get A Pet, And Do It Now

Click. Festival of undersea magic

Click. No longer the grand fromage

Click. Lucas Sends in the "Clones" Trailer

Click. Revamped "E.T." Courts Controversy

Click. The Unsolved Riddle of Rembrandt's Women

Click. New Yorkers turn to cyber bar

Click. Display of religious relics opens

Click. Children of Koren

Click. Sculpting Peace or Buddha versus the Psycho-Techno-War machine

Click. Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner demonstrate show must go on 

Create Your Own Photo Essay

Word of the Day Click.

The Pen is Mightier....
The gas chamber execution of the remarkable Caryl Chessman. Click.

November 2, 2001


Click. Larger attack than 911, says intercept

Taliban have arrested 25 followers of tribal leader Hamid Karzai, a supporter of ex-King Zahir Shah, and plan to execute some on Friday. Click.

Click. Chilling Photos Show Afghan Children Taught Ways of War

70 U.S. Soldiers killed, claim Taliban. Click.

Click. White House trashes Taliban claim of killing US soldiers

Click. Blair's Concorde flight to brief Bush

"Yes, this is about Islam": Salman Rushdie Click.

Click. Text of Bin Laden Letter

Click. What prompted US carpet-bombing?

Click. Six Islamic terrorists are in U.S. carrying Israeli passports

Click. John Ashcroft also recommended to brand as terrorist organization the Rabita Trust of Lahore of which Musharraf was a board member.

Click. The general and the bomb - Jane's International Security News 

Click. Donald Rumsfeld's Al Jazeera Interview

Click. Cracks in the Coalition

Click. Power behind throne is Saudi of a different stripe

Click. Farhad Azad, A young Afghani-American

Click. UK Supports Russia's Antiterrorist Campaign In Chechnya


Click. Supergerms Are Dark Side Of Advances In Biology

Click. Deadly Mail: An Alternative View

Click. Anthrax vaccine report shows spikes in potency

Click. Post offices in S.F. tested for presence of anthrax

Click. Feds don't let locals know of anthrax contamination; State Health Commissioner got the news from TV

Click. Harvard's president on public service and the rebirth of patriotism.

Click. FBI hunting suspected terrorists with Israeli passports


Click. FBI statement re: California bridges

Click. FBI responds to Bay Area bridge threat

Click. San Francisco City attorney race gets the nasties

Click. Woodacre considers improving fish pathway

Click. Medical marijuana stolen at gunpoint in Guerneville

Click. Judge dismisses charges in cybersex case.

S.F. voters to weigh replacing PG&E with public power agency. Click.

Click. State raises sales tax quarter-cent. Worsening budget picture forces automatic increase next year

Click. Riordan announces campaign manager, other staff

Click. Gov. Davis' veto powers ensnared in constitutional showdown



Enron: Washington's Number One Behind-the-Scenes GATS Negotiator Click.

Bush team wallows in self-praise. Click.

Withholding Florida ballot data. Click.

Click. Card Says He Doesn't Expect To Remain At Current Post Much Longer.


Novak: CIA Betrayed Afghan Freedom Fighter

A Pakistani nuclear scientist who believes in specters, spirits and souls has spooked the American strategic and intelligence community. Click.

Click. Campus Spies

Click. Intelligence officials say diamond pipeline enriches bin Laden

Click. Taliban spy web makes infiltrating difficult

Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, leader of the Haitian death squad FRAPH, has been in the United States for seven years, tenderly sheltered by the CIA even after his conviction. Click.

Click. How the CIA betrayed an Afghan freedom-fighter.

Click. Iraq says diplomat never met with hijacker

Armed with a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court, the Bush administration has begun its first major crackdown on the distribution of marijuana for medical purposes. Click.

Click. Former U.S. foe Ortega may lead Nicaragua

Click. Georgia's Shevardnadze fires Cabinet. Move meant to quell furor after raid at independent TV station

Click. Relatives Cheer Bill Clearing Salem Witches

Click. Anti-war T-shirt doesn't deserve free speech protection, court rules

Click. U.S. vs. Microsoft: It's Over

Click. States cool to Microsoft settlement

Click. Microsoft, please fix your software!

Click. Dot-Kids, or Dot-Kids R US?

Click. Networking Central Asia's Silk Road

Whatever happened to "fair use"? Click.

Click. Robot Dog 'Bugs' Inventor

Click. Hacker Claims FBI Fingered Wrong Person

Click. A Smarter Web

Click. Digital Audio Revolution Speeds Toward Cars

Click. California appeals court rules in favor man who published DVD hacker software on Internet


Click. October job losses worst in two decades

Click. Halliburton and Hussein

Click. Cheap money fuels record U.S. auto sales

Bankrupt Dot-Coms Ask to Sell User Data Click.

Click. Web site offers first commercial links to North Korea

Bush is putting the economy on a war footing appropriate to the new type of battle being fought against terrorism. Click.

Click. Robert Rubin on an economic stimulus package

Some Northwestern University alumni are withholding donations to the school after learning former Weather Underground radical Bernadine Dohrn is a law school faculty member. Click.


Click. Foreigners Are Shackled, Then Jailed And Denied Their Rights In FBI Crackdown

Sonoma D.A. Mike Mullins found himself on the witness stand Thursday, answering questions about his handling of a sexual harassment complaint involving three of his employees. Click.

Judge rules against West Virginia high school anarchist Click.

Click. Sara Jane Olson called into judge's office. Remarks to press could lead to full trial

Click. Patty gets her wish, avoids taking stand When the former SLA member once featured on 'America's Most Wanted' pleaded guilty Wednesday, Patty Hearst was freed.

Click. Jewish leaders angry over Episcopal protest

Click. Bulger victim can't sue

SR police arrest man in tarot card sex scam Click.

Click. Sonoma County Sheriff deputy jailed for year in sex case

Click. San Francisco: Man pleads guilty to pimping young girls

Heirs sue Turner Entertainment over 'Gone With the Wind' Click.

Click. Washington state Supreme Court orders new trial in gay rights dispute in estate case
Click. All 19 Hijackers Had Social Security Cards


Click. Buy a Canary

Click. Vitamin D 'reduces risk of diabetes'

Click. Bacteria 'to make wood products'

Click. Pet Sick? Download the Diagnosis

Click. Brain Uses Dreams to Process Memories

The Microbes That "Rule the World" Click.

The Bush Administration's aggressive support of space-based defense represents a "huge opportunity" for the aerospace industry to advance technology and capitalize on the new infrastructure. Click.

Click. Scientists kill mice with dance music.

Click. Irritability Linked to Brain Chemistry, Study Finds

Click. Small companies mute Net radio

The Taliban deserter from East London

Click. Associate of Pentagon hijackers indicted on perjury charges

Click. Malaysian leader says group plotted to attack U.S. sailors

Click. Associate of Pentagon hijackers indicted on perjury charges

Click. Pictures of Osama bin Laden and videotapes about martyrs were found in the car and apartment of a college student from Jordan who knew two hijackers of the airliner that hit the Pentagon, prosecutors said in an indictment Thursday

 Romeo and Juliet,
 Ford Madox Brown, 1870

The windswept ruins of Tintagel castle on England's Cornwall coast mystify and intrigue historians and true believers in the Arthurian legend. Click.

Body image problems hit men. Click.

Click. Inspirational poet re: tolerance

Click. When mammoths roamed England

Click. Threatened Hendrix house finds an angel

Click. The Noir Brothers

Click. Celebrities without makeup

The Pen is Mightier....



Click. Is the force with Lucas in porn parody flap?

Click. Geraldo Rivera quitting CNBC talk show, heading to Afghanistan 

When Mickey Mouse offends even Mickey. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

November 1, 2001


Click. Assad ambushes Blair

Click. Blair gets mauled.

Canada's Solicitor-General accused of 'security breach' MPs say MacAulay released too many details about CSIS warning to U.S.

Click. CSIS tip-off 'led' to U.S. terror alert

Pentagon insiders criticize tactics, missed opportunity Click.

Click. Megawati warns US not to prolong war

Click. American knights' Afghan fantasy

Click. How the war in Afghanistan is increasing tensions between two nuclear nations: India and Pakistan.

Click. United Nations envoy rejects Taliban's request for a meeting

Click. Is this the man who inspired Bin Laden?

Click. US puts target-spotters on ground

Click. Allies plan spring invasion

Click. Rumsfeld Heads to Moscow

Click. Turkey Officially Enters the War

Click. Signs Point To A Bin Laden-Balkan Link

Click. Federal Investigators Never Interviewed Top Two Experts: Time

Vlick. United States: all-powerful but powerless 

Click. War Briefing: November 1


Click. Anthrax death in NYC a new mystery

Click. Federal Investigators Never Interviewed Top Two Experts: Time

Click. Anthrax found in U.S. embassy mail in Lithuania

Click. Warding off anthrax with Cipro makes many sick

Click. PRE-911 'TERRORIST' MAIL Mailed from Indianapolis

Click. Anthrax Found on Postal Equipment in Indianapolis

Click. Anthrax Found at 4 FDA Mailrooms, Early Tests Show 


Click. In War and Peace, Republicans Replenish the Rich

Click. Bike messengers sign on for Disaster 101

Click. El Dorado jail officer charged with assault

Click. Feinstein: Tighten access to biological agents

Click. Record fine paid by Oakland incinerator. $925,000 for delaying medical-waste treatment

Livermore man convicted in Anthrax hoax. Click.


Click. Bush Clamping Down On Presidential Papers

Click. Using the Clinton playbook, Democrats are near victory in New Jersey and Virginia.

Click. 100G-a-Couple Dinner for Jeb to Star Prez 

Click. Trenches to Troughs: Bush's rich friends will get richer thanks to the war.

Click. House Prepared To Transfer Business To Fort McNair.

Click. Karl Rove, Bush's political guru, finds himself on periphery after Sept. 11.

Affirmative action unravels. Click.

Click. Handling Of Anthrax Probe Prompts Some Criticism, Rep. Waxman Mulling Call For Hearings.


Click. Child-spy network a key weapon in intelligence war

Click. Panel Wants CIA Out of Drug Flights

CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July Click.

Click. CIA Denies Bin Laden Contact

Click.3 Arabs in Custody Knew Attacks Were Coming: AG

Click. Hannsen Files

Click. Figaro and Carlyle link

Click. Spooked Le Figaro reports that when bin Laden was in a Dubai hospital in July he had an unlikely visitor -- the local CIA agent.

Click. Gas Stations in the Sky Extend Fighters' Reach


115 removed from Missouri school because of child abuse. Click.

Click. Healthy Hemp in Hot Peril

Click. New Interest in Escapes From High-Rises

How New York's Mosquito-Spray Campaign Spawned a Deadly Neurotoxin Click.

Click. A Fuel Cell in Your Phone

Click. Tech firms face months of gloom

Click. Microsoft, Justice Department shape tentative settlement

Click. Toshiba Flirting With Siemens

Click. Amazon: Linux Saved Us Millions

Click. Speedy Data Delivery


Click. Lloyd's members insist "very large profits are possible" following September 11

CSFB’s Laura Martin Made a Controversial Call—And a Few Weeks Later Was Fired: Banned by Boston Click.

Click. Russia Creates Finance Intelligence

Click. LexisNexis To Acquire CourtLink

Click. FBI fury as men with nuclear plan escape

Click. FBI manhunt after nuclear suspects freed

Click. FBI Denies Report of Search for Six Men

Click. Terrorists 'could make atom bomb by raiding hospitals'

Click. U.S. papers: FBI hunting suspected terrorists with Israeli passports

Click. Toronto man linked to Osama bin Laden's network, Canadian government says


Click. Terrorist link to Paraguayan border town


Click. Olson Enters Surprise Guilty Plea in SLA Case More: Click.

Click. Head of Terror Probe Will Retire From FBI

Click. Two Texas oil executives are challenging the U.S. government's enforcement of a landmark international bribery law. At stake is the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ability to curb international corruption.

Click. 8 of ValuJet Contractor's Convictions Overturned

Click. California appeals court rules that sex show is not form of prostitution

Click. SEC opens formal investigation into Enron

Click. Durst Pal: He Was in California

Click. Ex-Boss Key to Mob Case

Click. Hallmark FBI Case Sheds Light on New Anti-Terrorism Law 

Click. 224G Penalty Is Foretold for Psychic Hotline

Click. Tentative agreement reached in custody dispute over Jerry Garcia's guitars

Click. Appeals court finds in favor of drug treatment programs

Click. Arab flight students streaming into U.S.


Click. Treat First, Think Later

Click. Nanobiotic Lifesavers  

Click. Pioneering Station Crews Paving For Human Trips To Mars 

Click. Heart patients 'benefit from prayer'

Click. "Global" HIV vaccine a step closer

Click. Robo-Fly

Click. Hi-tech sunscreen

Click. Breath test helps target cancer drugs

Click. Immortal Skin Line Could Aid Burns

Click. 'How MS drug helped me'

Click. Priscilla McMillan on the Thermonuclear World of Edward Teller

Click. Power Tubes 

Click. Melanoma Vaccine Shows Promise

Click. Even Slightly High Blood Pressure Poses Health Risk

Click. Normal Blood Pressure May Be Too High

Click. Our Galaxy Should Be Teeming With Civilizations, But Where Are They? 

Click. Harmless Virus Prevents HIV Variant From Spreading In Human Tissue Blocks

 Romeo and Juliet,
 Ford Madox Brown, 1870

Click. Norway builds Da Vinci's 500-year-old bridge

Click. 'Living is risking'

Click. Buildings that remain just a dream

Lewis Carroll Click.

Click. Lord of the Rings archive up for auction

Click. Confessions of a Call Girl's Friend

Click. Jesus Is Back, and She's Chinese

The Pen is Mightier....
Click. Press baron made real baron

Click. Turner's Lost Love, CNN, Has a Doomsday Plan in the Can

Click. Charlotte Beers Lands the War Propaganda Account

Click. Aaron Brown takes a leading role at CNN

Word of the Day Click.