June 30, July 1, 2001

Yugoslav Gov't Quits Over 'Extradition' Click.

Click. Yugoslav leaders hope to contain anger at the handover of Slobodan Milosevic, which has caused protests and political upheaval.

Click. How the US Blackmailed the Serbs

Click. For A Fist Full Of Dollars: Huge Aid Promise Prompted Handover

Click. Condit tells days before intern vanished were busy

British plan condoms in schools. Click.

Click. Popular revolt against Algeria's military regime spreads

China opens a 3 mile high rail track for mass migration to Tibet. Click.

Click. Safra case: American Green Beret Ted Maher held hostage for 569 days.

Click. Why MI5 wanted gerbils with a nose for fear and there's plenty of MI5 files ready to possibly view.

Click. It was the FBI, and not the Venezuelan police, which was responsible for catching the runaway ex-secret service chief of Peru, Vladimiro Montesinos, responsible for the scandal which led to Alberto Fujimori’s downfall. 


Click Petaluma government squabble.

Click. Measure targets charter schools
A last-minute bill in the Legislature that would cut funding for charter schools serving Independent Study and home-schooled students has caused a huge stir among charter operators in California.

Medical marijuana return hailed in Sonoma County. Click.

Click. Emeryville interim Superintendent gets top San Rafael school job

Click. Oakland boot camp prepares seventh-graders for new school

Click. Toxic Dangers At Hamilton - By Louis Nuyens

Lottery prize went to deserving man. Click.

Click. NetTrends: Not a Dot-Com But It Fell Like One

Click. WorldCom Says Employee Caused Nasdaq Failure

Click. The Contrarian: Adventures of a junk bond king

Click. Casio introduces the world's first wrist-type wearable digital camera

Click. Big Plans for the Tiny Screen

Albuquerque teen accused of hacking NASA computer. Click.

How the Navy Marine Corps Intranet will be secured for $4.1 billion. Click.

Click. After splitting with his younger brother and Myst collaborator, Rand Miller raises venture financing -- virtually unheard of among game developers -- to build a game that he hopes will change the world.

Click. Goodbye Microsoft. Hello Verisign. The new  name for monopoly abuse.

Click. Fish or Cut Bait: An intact Microsoft is too expensive

Click.  Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are using supercomputers to understand mathematically the workings of the human heart.

Surgeon General David Satcher's new report on sexuality was drafted by an internationally known authority on homosexual and transgender practices. Click.

THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT. Washington Warriors Clash over History by David Corn Click.


Click. The mistress and me, by Lady Archer

Click. All the world's a stage for Archer and his Ophelia

Click. A landlord-tenant dilemma

Click. Different stories to different juries

Click. Two child molest suspects sought in Santa Rosa

Finances questioned in Mob trial. Click.

Click. Organ theft doctor given probation.

Click. Nationwide, 12 percent of Black men between 20 and 34 were locked up last year.

Click. Courtney Love blocks release of Nirvana song

Click. Nun slams Catholic Church at women's ordination conference

Click. Spray-on skin graft will heal burn scars

Click. Alarm raised over tobacco substitutes Scientists say tobacco substitutes can stimulate the growth of tumors and should not be used over a long period of time.

Click. Quest for Universe's Oldest Light

Click. What 'Smart Dust' Could Do for You

Click. The Ultimate Optical Fiber

Click. The Measure of Power

Genetically modified bugs to be released in Arizona. Click.

Click. Acupuncture Better Than Massage for Neck Pain

Click. Gene Research Suggests How Parkinson's Might Arise

Click. Johns Hopkins to build fleet of spacecraft


Click. New worries as virus cluster grows

Riders on the Beach
 Paul Gaugin, 1902

Click. Gay "Star Trek"?

Click. Hip-hop’s first gay superstar?

Click. A.I.: Lacks a Human Touch

The great library of Alexandria. Click.

Click. Mistresses and muses - Famous seductresses of artists reap riches, notoriety and on occasion, a postmortem miniseries.

General Joshua L. Chamberlain - "One of the Knightliest Soldiers" Click.

Search set for French, English ships sunk in 1512. Click.

Word of the day: Ice Click.

June 29, 2001

Click. Vice President Cheney expects to get pacemaker device

Click. US 'Advisors' Among Albanian Rebels

Click. Bush Wants to End Nuke Test Moratorium

Click. Milosevic Handed Over To War Crimes Tribunal

Click. Major Iraqi Troop Movements Reported

Click. U.S. fears weapons of mass destruction in next Middle East war.

Click. 5 More Cases Added to Probe of Roger Clinton

Click. LaRouche Predicts Russian Greatness

Click. Spy Blake Emerges From Shadows More: Click.

We drove the US out of three Arab countries by just threatening to hit them Click.

Model Prison for Milosevic. Click.

Click. Mira the mystic is left with lost vision

FBI Official Misled Congress About Lee, GAO Says . Click.

Click. Misreading the Pentagon Papers

Click. Lying About Vietnam

Click. Will the Saudis Get the Bomb?

Click. EU Ratifies Long Data Retention


Click. East Bay rapidly becoming new high-tech hub

School recall backers relish a new day in Orange County. Click.

California charter schools that do not have attendance records signed by properly credentialed teachers now risk closure because the state Department of Education is withholding their operating funds. Click.

Despite court order, Ravenswood school district fails its neediest students. Click.

Click. Power firms held in contempt

Click. House bill triples funds to fight vineyard disease

St. Helena's vintage battle against the Wine Train. Click.

Loggers, environmentalists at odds over Coho. Click.

Click. Study says energy crisis is dragging down state's economy

Click. For mauled boy, recovery will be long, arduous.

Click. The Santa Rita Jail Looks for Sunny Days

Click. Could GE Withdraw Its Bid For Honeywell?

Advertising didn't work, subscriptions didn't work. Maybe content syndication will save Salon. Click.

30-inch humanoid robot costs $60k  Click.

Click. Can old-world courts catch up to high tech?

Click. Google has a new image search database.

Click. 9 in 10 British children have a mobile phone.

Bell Labs scientists have established the theoretical upper limit for data transfers over fiber -- 100 terabits per second. Click.

Microsoft and the DOJ - both happy, both lying. Click.

Click. Real MS Verdict: Jackson Blew It

Click. Post-Tasini: Pity the Librarians

Webcam map. Click.

Click. Microsoft's Thesaurus censors sexuality out of language

"I want to thank you for coming to the White House to give me the opportunity to urge you to work with these three Senators and five Congressmen, to work hard to get this trade promotion authority moving.  The power that be, well most of the power that be, sits right here." Washington D.C. June 18, 2001.

Click. US Senator Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) to switch parties

Click. Republicans turn their back on teachers

Click. The incredible shrinking presidency by Ariana Huffington 


Click. California Supreme Court decision cripples assault weapons ban

Ashcroft Seeks Limits on Gun Records

Click. Hero off the bench

Click. Woman sentenced for role in abduction and rape of Japanese students

A woman in her 20s was gang-raped early today by men believed to be US servicemen in the southern Japanese island of Okinawa, it has been reported in Tokyo. Click.

Click. Jackson to Help Missing Child Search

Click. Slaying suspect in meat inspectors killing case trying to fire lawyer

Click. A longtime Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy was charged this week with molesting a 5-year-old girl.

What really happened to Bessie and Glen in the Grand Canyon. Click.

Click. Report: Charges center on Poundstone's own children

Click. Dog-maul attorney challenged by Client he defended

School video surveillance next. Click.

Eco activist gets 20+ year sentence in Oregon. Click.

Click. Bare skin on TV must be banned by FCC, says Gloria Tristani

Click. Jogging may ward off osteoporosis

Click. Scientists no longer in the dark on fireflies

Click. Cranberry Juice Helps Urinary Tract

Click. What's Left to Do When You Don't 'Do Windows'?

Click. 18 cloned cows giving milk, state firm says

Click. How Electromagnetic Propulsion Will Work

Click. Russia To Bring Space Shuttle Back From The Grave

Click. DNA Chips Target Cancer

Click. Medicine to curb gambling looks like a good bet

Click. Scientists Report New Findings On The Connection Between Diabetes And Heart Disease And Stroke

Click. USC Study Suggests Low Levels Of Dietary Nutrient Lutein, Found In Leafy Greens, Linked To Thickening In Neck Arteries

Click. The Role Of Cell Suicide In The Development And Treatment Of Cancer

Click. The Aerover Blimp: The Ultimate All-Terrain Vehicle ... For A Trip To Saturn's Moon Titan

Click. Temperature Map Of Jupiter's Volcanic Moon Io Presents A Puzzle

Click. Important Pathogens And Cures Belong To Little-Known Group Of Fungi; Research Points Way To Discovering Other Agents

Click. Venus Holds Clues To Finding Earth's Platinum And Diamonds

Riders on the Beach
 Paul Gaugin, 1902

World's largest sculpted horse. Click.

Mein Kampf was one of the top bestsellers of its time. It made Hitler a millionaire, and its royalties are still enriching secret charities. Click.

Click. Artificial maturity In "A.I.," Steven Spielberg continues his quest to be a real live adult. He was far greater as a real live boy. New Yorker review: Click. I. Robot

Click. The Mad Poets Society. Alex Beam on Plath, Lowell, and Sexton, and the mental institution they shared.

Click. Salon and the decay of American liberal journalism

Delegates to conference on women priests claimed intimidation. Click.

Sweet legacy for a dark film. Click.

Click. Freelance Journalists Their role in the world

Living Edens. Click.

On this day. Click. June 29, 1995

Word of the day: Seaway Click.

Click. Dating study 'means human history rethink' 

Click. Smallest guitar, about the size of a human cell

June 28, 2001

Iraq prepares for war. Click.


Click. Sharon Defiant Over Split With Bush

Click. The devil is in the details

Click. Putin Sends Bush a Missile 'Hint'

Click. Putin Has Illuminated Missile Defense Dangers

Click. France Ends Military Draft

Click. How The NSA Is Monitoring You--and Why It's Wasting Its Time Echelon may not be able to read GIF, BMP, JPG, or MP3 files.

In his collection of 2,400 Vladi-videos, Montesinos has dirt on nearly everyone. Click.

Click. Peru's violent past on trial. Arrests may solve decades of mysteries

Click. FSB Witness Must Make Putin Blush

Click. Macedonia: US troops intervene to save Albanian separatists

Fed Watching is nerve wracking. Click.

Click. Pope names 28 Ukrainians deserving of sainthood


Click. Police try to determine if pit bull in West Oakland mauled boy

Click. Ravenswood schools chief benefits while students lag

Inmate calls raise millions for Gov. Davis' budget. Click.

Click. Investigators may seek contempt sanctions against power generators

N.Y. developer says Burton was touted for lobbyist job. S.F. port director allegedly urged hiring

Click. Report on threats made in schools. San Mateo County grand jury assessment

De La Fuente wants to limit medical pot law. Click.

Healdsburg sex offender vanishes. Click.

Click. Battle begins over Montalcino resort

Harvard's hoard. Click.

Click. Special report: Venture capital across America

Click. Greenspan's thinking stuck firmly in the 1970s

Click. Most Auditing Fees Not Used for Auditing

Microsoft Breakup Overturned by Appeals Court; Jackson Removed From Case
A U.S. appeals court overturned a ruling splitting Microsoft Corp. into two companies, while upholding a judge's finding that the largest software company illegally defended its Windows monopoly. Click.

Click. 'sexism' Men "still in driving seat" in the new economy

Click. India to Compute on the Cheap

Click. Rather than broadcasting radio waves to cell phones, why not beam them to each one, with laserlike accuracy?

Click. Microsoft Drops Controversial Tagging Feature from Windows XP

Brass Knuckles Interviews Arch Fiend. Click.

Click. One big happy channel?

Click. Nose for Business goes out of business

Click. Investors who like risk should like Yahoo

Click. Advertising Invades Instant Messaging

Click. Bush Hints Nuclear Test Moratorium May End

Click. Bush won't carry stem cell research to term

An Analysis of Spoiled Ballots in the 2000 Florida Election Click.


Click. Supreme Court Rejects Indefinite Alien Detention

Click. Supreme Court Upholds Broad Property Rights 

Click. Nine more charged in FBI file theft scandal

Click. Court freezes Milosevic extradition

Click. The Trial Of Milosevic Could Unnerve Leaders In The U.S. And Europe Development may set a new precedent: the threshold for crimes against humanity has been significantly lowered.

Click. Arms Deal Case Against Mitterrand Son Halted

Click. Heat is on French president. Plane tickets for Chirac's family called into question

Click. Standup comedian Paula Poundstone charged with child endangerment

How one Oakland judge is pushing a juror to vote for death. Click.

Click. Car Phone Ban Author Wants Offenders treated like drunk drivers.

Click. Scientists to engineer allergen-free cats

Click. Oxygen Cuts Infections By Half

An exotic mosquito known for its aggressive bites and its potential to spread a sometimes fatal tropical disease has been discovered among imported "lucky bamboo" in Los Angeles County. Click.

Click. Geneticists Await Haplotype Map

Click. Making a Language Out of ATCG

Click. Robo Attorney

Click. GM Canola Becomes Uncontrollable Weed

Click.  Planet-Sized Drifters Bewilders Hubble Scientists

Click. HIV's Deadly Assault On Immune Cells Chronicled In Step-By-Step Account Of Viral Invasion

Click. Physicists Join Fight Against Cancer, By Understanding How Best To Use Radiation To Kill Tumor Cells

Click. Study Confirms Replacing Estrogen By Skin Patches Decreases Nerve Activity, Blood Pressure In Postmenopausal Women

Click. UCSD Biologists Identify 548 Genes In The Fruit Fly Likely To Play A Role In Human Genetic Diseases

Click. Study Helps Predict Children With Difficult-To-Treat Epilepsy

Click. As Young As 8-1/2 Months, Babies Seem To Know Where Words Begin And End.

Riders on the Beach
 Paul Gaugin, 1902

Click. Twain's lost tale finally published 

Click. Who wants to run a record company?

Click. Lemmon on working with Marilyn Monroe in the 1959 classic comedy `Some Like It Hot'

Following Jewish tradition but accepting Jesus Christ as  Savior. 

On this Day. Click. June 28, 1919,

Word of the Day. Strand. Click.

Upcoming Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Conference. Click.

Alexandria picks up pieces of its ancient past. Click.

Click. 'Bigfoot' on the Prowl ?

Click. Flocking to See the Lucky Lizard

Artifacts hint at an American Indian  history that spans 10,000 years. Click.

A wobble in Mercury's orbit could have wiped out the dinosaurs. Click.

Click. Giant Carnivores Threatened By Alien Weed

June 27, 2001

Click. Pentagon Defends Evacuation of Terrorists

Click. Retired US Army Colonel Convicted Of Selling Secrets To The Russians

Click. Chinese Doctor Tells Of Organ Removals After Executions

Click. Battlefield Uses Of Biotech Proposed In Report To Army

At the Paris Air Show with the Merchants of Death. Click.

Uncle Sam's Medical Pot Project Is Light on Research, Heavy on Compassion. Click.

Kidnapping casts shadow over Copa America. Click.

Frigate on patrol in Persian Gulf ordered to stay at sea. Click.

Japanese diplomatic dispatches infiltrated by English-speaking spies. Click.

Click. US and China factions are battling it out in Pakistan's inner circles.

A former CIA operative explains why the terrorist Osama bin Laden has little to fear from American intelligence. Click. 


California Lawmakers Keep Condit at Arm’s Length. Click.

Click. Oakland proposes tougher rent laws. 

Click. 'Little Punjab' in Yuba City

First Annual Conspiracy Convention. Click.

Click. The Rumor Mill At The Bottom Of The World

Click. Geologist says Nessie just a trick of tectonics

Click. Zebra and Shetland Pony fell in love and made history.

Click. Nefertiti Mummy Found

Click. Machu Picchu in Collapse

Click. General Motors plans review of European strategy

Click. Ebusiness Books Worth Reading

Click. No new Internet taxes, forever?

Click. The state of VC in Texas and the Northeast

Click. How IBM helped the Nazis. IBM and the Holocaust, by Edwin Black

The wired car in the wired world. Click.

Australia's remote Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is set to be turned into a space launch center. Click.

These are busy times at the FBI's San Francisco office, home of the most active computer-crimes unit in the country. Thanks to the availability of automated tools that can wreak havoc on the Web, investigators there are seeing increasing reports of malicious hacking. Click.

Click. House Blocks Bush Plan to Allow Long-Haul Mexican Trucks in US

Click. Vice President Dick Cheney has declined to identify the people who met privately with his energy task force, raising tensions with congressional investigators who have repeatedly requested the information.

Click. Bush to Jump-Start Energy Plan

Somewhere in the FBI family there must be a hero who threatened to expose the obstruction of justice, implicating Louis Freeh and forcing him to order Danny Defenbaugh to surrender his hoard. Click.


Florida: Busted for disclosing information about a police investigation -- even if you're the person who had filed a complaint alleging police wrongdoing. Click.

Judge recoils at child sex video. Click.

Click. Female molest suspect in Novato hit with 9 more counts

Click. Searching for Rochelle I was the caseworker assigned to hunt for a sexually abused 2-year-old in the wilds of New York

Click. Petaluma police say reported abduction was a hoax

Click. World Court rules against US


Click. Montana hate crime victim arrested

Click. No Second Chances for the Bankrupt

Click. FBI Employee Arrested in Las Vegas; More Arrests To Come by Al Martin

Click. Mole in U.S. Attorney's Office.

Federal prosecutor suspended in Providence corruption case for screening FBI video for friends. Click.

Click. All The World's A Stage ... For Dust

Click. Martian water hunt leads to poles

Click. Condoms significantly reduce risk of herpes for women

Click. Diabetes Cure in Mice Offers Hope for Humans-Study  A simple 40-day treatment that cures type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice might offer hope for humans with the disease.

Click. Norwegian Sea Proposed As Storage Site For Carbon Dioxide

Click. University Of Iowa Study Investigates Embryonic-Like Ability Of Aggressive Melanoma Cells

Click. Study Finds Changes In Hormone Levels In Men Who Become Fathers

Click. Novel Therapy Shows Promise To Prevent Recurrence Of Head And Neck Cancer

Click. USGS Finds Mixing Between California Spotted Owls And Northern Spotted Owls

Click. Researchers Develop White Wine With Health Benefits Similar To Red

Click. Toxic Compound Opens Potentially Important Cell Gates

Click. Shadow Science

Click. Biotech without boundaries

Click. Instant messaging on the brain

Riders on the Beach
 Paul Gaugin, 1902

Church recognizes suffering of 27 people during Nazi and Communist rule. Click.

Click. Manson's in the shadow of more shocking rockers

Click. Sexy Scientists! JPL Engineer Selected as One of People Magazine's Desirable Bachelors 

Psychology of the eyelids. Click.

Phoenicia. Click.

Click. The Yattir Mosaic. A Visual Journey to Christ

Click. King Hezekiah's Seal Revisited

Click. Virtual Temple Mount

Click. Chemtrail controversy making the mainstream --A.C. Griffith

Click. Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery

On this day: Click. June 27, 1950

Word of the Day: Rebuke. Click.

June 26, 2001

Click. A Memo From Osama

Click. Asia's new power balance - Jane's International Security News

Iraq is helping Algeria build a nuclear program. Click.

Click. China Deploys More Than A Dozen Warships near Spratly Islands

Click. Iraqi Troops In Position To Invade Kurdistan

Click. NATO Escorts Armed Terrorists to Safety

Information Operations at the Point of the Spear: Enclave Site Defense Tactics at the Army Operations Center. Click.

Click. Second major Mexican drug figure extradited to the United States

Click. Jailed U.S. student worked for FBI - Russian agency

Soldier of the Future. Click.

Click. Al Fayed chases Gobi Desert gold

Click. Mass executions expected in China

Click. Homosexuality rift hampers UN summit on AIDS

War And The Causes Of War from Brasscheck. Click.

Click. Australia will make its spies reveal themselves!

Click. Panamanian Spies for US Disclosed

Click. Muddy Waters: Letting The Gulf Of Mexico Breathe Again


A man with a handgun abducted a 17-year-old Petaluma youth early Monday, forcing him to drive to the Central Valley where he was safely released four hours later, Petaluma police said. Click.

Click. Richmond dog owner free on bail. Family of mauled boy outraged at release

Click. Health care plan for women. Contra Costa Supervisors' debate today

Click. Resculpted cove matches Drake-era drawings Those who believe Sir Francis Drake landed his leaky ship in the summer of 1579 in Marin say they have new evidence: a reformed cove at Drakes Bay.

Click. Students start orientation for Oakland military school  

Click. A civil grand jury report suggests Marin City employees are collecting excessive building permit fees in violation of law

Click. Mexico will not sign any border agreement that fails to include the
legalization of the 3 million to 4 million undocumented Mexican citizens already living in the United States, Mexico's foreign minister said

Power talks begin for California Click.

Click. The World of Voodoo

The Cosmic Holy Grail. Click.

Click. A guide to European megaliths

Unexpected evidence of early Christianity. Click.

Ancient Greeks fired curses from the Underworld. Click. 

Click. How Microsoft is Building a Global Monopoly

Click. Jobs Throws Apple at Teachers

Click. Like "Star Trek's" all-powerful Borg, AOL and Microsoft are determined to crush the spirit of online independence. Is resistance futile?

Click. Byting Into the New Chips

Click.  Yahoo adds video feature to instant messaging service

Click. Developers of first commercial computer reminisce

New York City Schools' restrictive web rules. Click.

Click. New Software Streamlines The Search For Disease-Causing Genes

Click. The Outernet Is Coming

Congress trashes local control of schools. Click.

Click. Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger has opened a global consulting firm; among his clients is Duke Energy, already under fire for alleged price gouging in California. 

Click. The dozens of lobbyists and advisers who now sit in on Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's breakfast meetings could help determine whether he makes it to the White House.

Click. Cracks appear in GOP front

Click. The people who want Jeb's job.

Click. GAO looks into Bush pals.

Pentagon Report Fails to Address Key Question in Voting Controversy Click.


Click. New York passes first state ban on mobile phones

Click. Dirty Money Bought Mobster Fort: Feds

Prison made a new man out of Jonathan Nobles...But death row only has one exit. Click.

Click. Secrets of Avoiding Securities-Fraud Class Action Suits

Click. Vallejo: Kidnapper's mattress taken for DNA tests

Click. A bill to use $10 of attorneys' State Bar dues to help colleagues with drug, alcohol and mental illness problems has been sent to Gov. Gray Davis.

Click. Army spy defendant: Knowledge of KGB names was a `coincidence'

Click. Japan doomsday cult leader's wife loses appeal


Click. Tesco enters US market via internet

Click. Boutique VCs in vogue

Click. VC money is not just from Silicon Valley anymore

Click. Barrick Gold will purchase Walnut Creek-based Homestake Mining Co. in a $2.3 billion stock swap.

Click. How the brain learns to use transplanted hands

Click. After a nearly 80-year hunt to end the need for painful daily injections for diabetics, researchers reported Monday that an experimental oral spray successfully delivers critical insulin into the bloodstream and may spell the end of the needle.

Click. Lack of Sleep Increases Diabetes Risk: Study

A German company offering a quick and easy mail-order paternity test that can be carried out by either party without the other's knowledge. Click.


Click. ' Golden rice' remains years from reality in agriculture

Click. New weapons created to battle bacteria 

Click. The real-life future of A.I. robots 

Click. Brainy robot gets Arctic test-drive 

Click. World's most powerful non-nuclear explosive.

Click. Satellites Show Earth One Big Sponge 

Click. Urine Test Predicts Heart Disease in Some Women

Click. Homing In On Better Bone Marrow Transplants

Click. Tularemia -- Rabbit Fever -- Could Be Bioweapon Threat

Click. New Method Of Predicting Stroke In Heart Patients

Riders on the Beach
 Paul Gaugin, 1902


Click. Older Rockers Flop on Pop Charts


Click. Pope's gesture to the Jews

Dominick Dunne's latest. Click.

Click. The Annotated "American Pie"

Mies. Click.

Many famous authors have had writer's block. Douglas Adams's publisher had to lock him in a hotel to get novels out of him. Click.

Click. Online publishers form trade group

It Smacks of Angelina. Click.

Click. Geronimo, His own story 

Click. Most Fantasize About Sex Outside Relationship

Cats in Art. Click.

Click. Is Your TV Set Watching You?

ON THIS DAY: June 26, 1963

Word of the day: Shanghai Click.

June 25, 2001


Iraqi positioned to invade Kurdistan. Click.

Click. Cheney Hit By Iraq Deal Scandal

The beginning of Iraqgate. Click.

Click. Bin Laden 'plans new attacks in two weeks'

Click. U.S. Gulf Forces Placed On Con Delta Alert

Taiwan Tests Patriot Antimissile System; China Keeps Mum. Click.

Click. Former spy chief held after eight months on the run

Click. US professor under police protection after accusing Sharon of war crimes

Click. AIDS activists change their act On the eve of a United Nations conference, the once-militant ACT-UP revises its tactics and focus

Click. David Horowitz There really is a valid military argument against gays in the military, but the forces of political correctness won't allow it to be heard.

Click. Palestinian Activist Killed by Phone Bomb

Click. Japan to Pursue Independent Missile Defense

Click. Cool Politician Condit at Heart of Mystery Over Intern More: Washington Culture Complicates Mystery

Click. Open road for Mexico trucks

Click. Croatian Nazi Party Faces Its Final Battle In A United States Courtroom

Click. The future of war: robotic fighter jets

Click. 'Smart ships' at sea

Click. FBI Systems Under Scrutiny


Click. Tension, suspicion rising over bombings in Fremont

Click. Can Riordan replace Reagan?

Groups to park on Union Pacific Railroad property. Click.

Click. LAPD officers live in safest cities outside city, some outside the county

Click. Copia wine center transforming Napa

Hate, bigotry twist truth about gays. Click.

Absolutely Henry Moore. Click.

Band with naughty name and sweet sound. Click.

French Court acquits head of Solar Temple cult. Click.

Click. Experiment tests theory that wind power built pyramids

Mass UK 'TETRA' Mind Control Technology Now Said A Reality. Click.

Click. Moon Shots 'Faked'

Click. Napoleon 'poisoned by French royalists'

Click. Naval Secrets Of D-Day Landing Emerging From Coastal Depths, As Archaeologists Continue Omaha And Utah Beach Survey

Click. Top Riviera magistrate 'raided database' for Masonic lodge

Click. National Security Agency: Enemy of the State? Interview with James Branford

Click. Francis Gary Powers: Traitor, Hero, Father, Spy

Click. MINUTES OF THE WANNSEE CONFERENCE: Where the "Final Solution" was planned over lunch  

Click. Oh what a tangled world wide web we weave

Click. Google mulls float plans

Click. The saga of

Click. Online ads grow both innovative and annoying

Click. Marketers grabbing attention by putting Web ads into motion

Click. IBM turns up the transistor heat

'Chinaman' dethrones 'Hacker' on cyber-terror hit parade. Click.

Click. New online ads can't be missed by Web surfers

Click. American to serve two years in jail for 'harming' Qatar on Internet..

The Easy Way to Crush Dissenting Voices. Click.

Flaw means virus could disable Norton Anti-Virus. Click.

Click. High-Tech Thieves Plant Money 'Bugs'

Click. Bush, Abortion and Racial Eugenics: The Real Story by Robert Lederman.

Click. Two out of every five of President George W Bush's top appointees worked for his father too.

Click. Bush may name Stanford grad White House science adviser

Click. San Angelo, Texas: Home of Spies


Billionaire dynasties. Click.

Click. Guerrilla Investing: Companies Fail, But Execs Prosper


Click. Free-lance writers win Supreme Court case 

THE KILLERS OF JAMES BULGAR ARE RELEASED. Click. No hiding place More: Click. They said over and over that they loved him and then, really very quickly, Jon said: 'I did kill him' More: Click. The boys aren't being let out ... they're men More: Click. Seventy young killers to get sentence review More: Bulgar mother's tortured life. Click.

Click. Pleasanton police pack defibrillators

Independent FBI overseer proposed. Click.

Tying the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to Mark Thomas, who lived in the Alburtis area, and others who belonged to Thomas' group of white supremacists? Click.

Click. Post-Columbine flood of "school security" money spent on counselors, cops, cell phones, cameras

Click. Accessible sites for the disabled mandated by U.S.A.

Click. New York's Egan is Too Secretive on Priestly Predators

Click. Suspect's bed seized to test for Xiana's DNA

Click. California boosts felon's DNA database- largest in U.S.

Click.  Courts likely to rule Pinochet's memory not up to a trial


Click. High blood pressure a serious health risk for young men

A new study has boosted hopes that some of Jupiter's moons could support life. Click.

Click. Study Focuses on Red Meat, Cancer

Click. Lawsuit puts pain management in spotlight

Click. Edward James, 83, was a renowned expert in explosives at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Click. The Brain Chain

Click. Energy drinks winning fans at bars, not the gym

Click. Space Medicine Gets Smart

Click. University Of Illinois At Chicago Researchers Create Lifelike Cardiac Tissue

Click. Scientists Complete Early Testing of Experimental Leukemia Drug

Click. Aspirin Targets Key Cell That Triggers Organ Rejection And Other Immune Responses, Report University Of Pittsburgh Researchers

Click. "Fast Track" Prostate Cancer Surgery Gets Patients Home Faster But Just As Satisfied

Click. Computer Recognizes Abnormal Heart Sounds In Children

Click. Variety In Diet Could Be A Factor In Obesity Problem In The U.S.; When Eating One Food, Satiation Is Reached More Quickly And Therefore Overeating Less Likely

Riders on the Beach
 Paul Gaugin, 1902

Click. Art crusaders on the edge

Greyhounds, both ancient and royal. Click.

Inventor of the book. Click.

Click. Looking for God at Berkeley

Click. A Kinder, Gentler Reich  Disney makes history safe for the overseas market.

Click. The 1880 U.S. census is available for viewing at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints history center near you.

On Becoming a Gay Media Mogul: Q&A with Chris Crain Click.

Click. Is Michael Jackson Still Marketable?

Click. Building Web Pages, Not Campfires Girls go to camp to boost their technology skills.

A.I. = (2001 + E.T.)² Click.

Click. " Kimberly began to doubt the boys' sincerity in putting her on a pedestal."

On this day June 25, 1876. Click.

Word of the Day: Fume Click.

June 23, 24, 2001 

Click. Yugo Cabinet OKs Milosevic Extradition

Click. US Gulf Forces Go on Highest Terror Alert

Click. Anarchists Plot Medieval Warfare At G8 Summit

Click. Georgia university cancels class on Nazi culture

Click. Germany may not pay up in full to Nazi-era slaves

Colombia busts kidnap gang

Click. 56 die in U.S.-backed drug war clashes in Colombia

Click. Paper Says Cheney Firm Had Greater Iraq Dealings

Click. Houston's Murderous Underfunding of Infrastructure Killed Flood Victims


Click. Mediator sees likely energy refunds

Click. Judge halts oil and natural gas exploration off California

Click. Woman, 80, third victim of meningitis. Link to pharmacy in Walnut Creek

Click. California condor hatches in wild for first time in 17 years

The Chandra Levy Affair by Sherman H. Skolnick.

Click. Libya, Lockerbie & Lies

What people are searching for on Lycos Click.


Back to the future for Atari games 

What people are searching for on Lycos Click.

Global Treaty Could Transform Web Click.

Click. Microsoft Lawyers Join Open-source Fray


Scam Uncovered An international money- laundering task force reported that the Philippines -- along with Russia, Israel, Nigeria, Indonesia and 12 smaller countries, does not adequately police money launderers.

Supreme Court Urged to Decide School Voucher issues. Click.


Judge Boyd says Sonoma D.A. didn't verify bias allegation

Avant!: Former engineer sentenced in trade secrets case.


Computerized tracking of parolees. Click.

Click. Man seeks gang truce

Parents of five charged with kidnapping school superintendent

Cat Aids vaccine's hope for humans

Aspirin Could Preserve Sight in Diabetic Patients

Study Links Processed Meat to Cancer

Diet Linked to One in Three Cancers

High Fiber Diet Can Cut Cancer Risk by 40 Percent-Study

Education, Intensive Therapy Eases Low Back Pain

Precision vision: Tailor-made laser surgery could give eyesight that is better than "perfect" 20/20

Copy catch: Hidden electronic bugs can copy credit card information and automatically send it to fraudsters

 Photo by Linda Moulton Howe
© 2001

Back to the future for Atari games 

Global Treaty Could Transform Web Click.

Click. Microsoft Lawyers Join Open-source Fray

Click. Pope arrives in Ukraine amid Orthodox discontent

The trials of Oscar Wilde. Click.

June 22, 2001

Sharon says army now free to act as Mideast ceasefire closer to collapse. Click.

Click. China's blitz on Tibetan monastery

Click. China Builds Anti-NATO Bloc

Click. Up To 300 N. Koreans In Egypt For Missile Program

Click. Body Bags Stockpiled for G8 Summit. Click.

Click. US Space Command Plans Warfare

Click. Fast Facts on the Arms Trade

Click. Pentagon's Hacker Chief is Top Candidate for Joint Chiefs Chair

Click. Colombia's FARC Rebels Living in Time Warp

CIA: Russia, China working on information warfare. Click.

Click. Hackers Move Too Fast For CIA

CIA admits it can't keep up with 'commie' hackers and wants more money. Click.

Click. A Dangerous Oil Game in the Caspian

Click. Spies Doing A Bad Job, Says Former KGB Man Putin
Gives the intelligence agencies a reprimand for "getting in the way" and being obsessed with inter-service rivalries rather than countering the real threats their nations faced.


Click. One of three pit bulls captured Owner pleads not guilty to 2 misdemeanors

Click. Boy still unconscious; doctors battle infection

Old deck relocates for use. Click.

Click. Yosemite tourism is down

Click. Power firm accused of price-fixing

Click. Silicon Valley crowns its goddess. Mills College science professor wins 'Sexiest Geek Alive' contest

Click. Woman sues country club The Lagunitas Country Club in Ross has been served with a $1 million lawsuit that alleges the club discriminated against a lesbian and her 11-year-old son when it ended their membership.

Click. Exxon 'Helped Torture In Indonesia'

Click. The Red Army owed its defeat of the Germans in the Second World War to large daily shots of vodka.

USA Today as Department of Defense Cyberwar mouthpiece. Click.

Learning to love totalitarianism. Click.

Cheney to host pro-terrorist Muslim group. Click.

Click. She's the Sexiest Geek Alive
Here's how a college science professor won the "Sexiest Geek Alive" contest: She sued a now-defunct dot-com for spamming her, and won. Get that cold shower ready. More: Click. Birth Of A Thinking Machine

Click. The Real-Life Future For A.I. Robots

Click. Easy Web café man becomes billionaire

This is how Microsoft will end up running the Internet. Click.


Click. Tech Firms Fight for Star Wars Trade

Bill Clinton is looking at a book publishing megadeal. Click.

Russia, others issued money laundering ultimatum. Click.

Click. Supersize IPO seen for McDonald's in Japan

Click. German recession fears grow as confidence slips

Click. Japan announces economic reforms. Leaders say process will be painful

Click. Microsoft Web venture will target Hispanic users

Click. Dot-Bankruptcies Slow Down


Click. Federal jury cuffs LAPD Chief for malicious retaliation

Click. Davis' denial of parole to inmate is illegal, judge rules.

Click. Global Policeman Now Global Judge

Click. Foreigners Use U.S. Legal System to Plead Their Cases at Home.

McGuckin children left in limbo. Click.

Click. L.A. judge likely 9th Circuit nominee. Recommendation may test Demos' response to Bush

U.S. eyewitnesses denounce Lori Berenson verdict. Click.

Click. The congressman, the missing intern and the mother

Click. Judge gives Dead more time to make case

Satellite images of fields in Arkansas helped the federal government win a false claims case against three farmers. Click.

Click. Rivals make progress on psoriasis treatment

Click. GM Canola Out Of Control Now...And GM Wheat Becoming 'A Weed'


Click. Heredity and Humanity

Click. Eating the Genes

Click. DNA Check Could Save Millions

Click. Natural "Lava Lamp" Draws Sea Floor Patterns

Click. Penn Study Findings Reverse Key Chronology For Development Of Alzheimer's Disease

Click. Selenium Deficiency Causes Flu Virus To Mutate Into More Dangerous Forms

Click. Researchers Find The "North Pole" Of The Molecular World

Click. Study Shows New Technique For Removing Cancerous Kidneys 

Click. Prenatal Diagnosis Of Heart Defect May Reduce Seizures And Coma In Newborns

Click. We've Got Rhythm: Research Into Finger-Tapping 

 Photo by Linda Moulton Howe
© 2000

Click. Magic of Stonehenge summons up the sun

Peter Owen has published the mavericks of literature, from Anaïs Nin to Yoko Ono. Click.

Click. "Xena" blazed the way for superwomen.

Click. Pope to take on Ukraine. Religious factions divided over pontiff's visit

Click. Believing in fairy tales The ability to pretend she's madly in love may be the hostess's most important skill.

Click. Sex Shop Declares National Orgasm Day

Military Said Behind Up To Four Different Chemtrail Programs Click.

Click. Fan Converts Home Into 'Star Trek' Spaceship

June 21, 2001

EU tries to stop full-scale war in Macedonia. Click.

Click. US, UK Deny Planes Killed 23 Iraqis

Click. Cocaine kingdom. Rare visit to jungle lab probes rebels' drug connection


Click. A game of triangular geopolitics

Plague suspected in Colorado death. Click.

Click. Army Urged To Embrace Biotechnology Study recommends the Army seek legal means of sidestepping Food and Drug Administration approval of medical therapies in special circumstances.

Click. Euro-Nuke Convoy Starts Across U.S.

Click. Does Europe Covet Own Echelon Interception System?

Click. G8 body bags

Click. Let Others Take Up Peacekeeping, Pentagon's No. 2 Says Wolfowitz: Long Missions Taxing

Click. Rumsfeld Questions U.S. Two-War Strategy

Is Algeria making nukes for Iraq? Click.

Click. Squadrons Activated For Space Duty

Click.  Some of Britain's biggest companies are running their internet operations on systems installed in a 300ft-deep nuclear blast-proof bunker to stave off anarchists.

Click. Battlefield uses of biotech proposed in report to Army


Click. Davis insists on energy refunds

Click. Pit bull owner "panicked" and dumped dogs, mauled boy still critical

Click. Pit bulls' owner defends his actions.  He fled mauling, assumed boy died

Click. San Francisco: Owner of attacked dog shoots, kills pit bull

Murders of mother, daughter may be linked. Click.

A piece of Asia in Richmond. Click.

Click. High noon for the morning-after pill It's the most effective way to reduce the number of abortions. So why are Jesse Helms and right-to-life groups out to stop emergency contraception?

Click. Bush backs tough anti-cloning bill White House favors ban on human embryos for research.

Click. Measuring failure. Is Testing The President's Low Road To School Privatization?

Click. D.C. Culture: Clean? How About Mercenary

If there are two things that can rouse Hillary Clinton from the comforts of backbench banality, they are her commitment to children's safety and her resistance to rubber-stamping objectionable nominations. Combine the two, and you have a feisty liberal--and a real fight--on your hands. Click.

Trim, tan Clinton plays the Cow Palace. Click.

Click. GAO Report Raises Concerns Over SEC Reviews Calls for more consistency when examining accounting issues at public companies

President Dick Cheney  met with Microsfot CEO Steve Ballmer on Tuesday -- what's the buzz? Click.

How Google works. Click.

Click. New lawsuit considered against Microsoft

Stealth detection system disappears from screens. Click.

Click. Microsoft has no contingency plan for breakup-Post

Click. I BM supercomputer aims to find fuel-efficient auto engine

Click. Target and Visa U.S.A. to issue smart cards

Click. Beatles ring tones coming soon on mobile phones

Click. Sony to launch high-speed Internet entertainment service

Click. You might be surprised who's hacking you

Flood victims of Tropical Storm Allison are getting a break from a Novato firm specializing in retrieving data from damaged computer hard drives and other digital media .Click.


Click.  Little known company has billion-dollar backers in offer to buy transmission lines

Click. US and Europe split on GE takeover of Honeywell

Click. Program designed to get disadvantaged schools online is a success--sort of.

Asian founded tech firms face funding hurdles. Click.

What Can Be Pulled From The Dot-Com Wreckage? Click.


Ashcroft appoints FBI review panel. Click.

Click. Speculation begins on successor to Justice Stanley Mosk

Click. Ex-detective's suit vs. LAPD nixed

Click. Election worker charged with changing votes of elderly people he was supposed to be assisting

Click. Funds denied for Folsom prison violence program

Click. D.A. wants to slash nuisance crime team

Click. Teacher sues, claiming she was fired because of rumors she's a witch

Click. Rape seems more likely to make women pregnant than sex by consent.

Rental car companies using high tech devices to nab speeders for the police. Click.

Click. Canada Pet Food Firm stops using Dog And Cat Meat

Click. Activist Jamie Love says pharmaceutical companies must be forced to yield their patents to save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Campaigner admits abduction charge. Click.

Click. Bulger's mother says keep killers locked up

Click. Lawsuit over Jerry Garcia guitars allowed to proceed

Click. Pipeline across Audubon land challenged.

Click. Berenson Appeals 'Unjust' 20-Year Sentence in Peru

Click. Agencies Lagging With Online Data

Click. Senators Urge FBI Changes

Heart Assn. Chills Embryo Cell Studies

Click. HIV Superbugs Could Be On the Way


Mini robot can swim through blood vessels. Click.

Click. Seeing Into Biology's Future

Click. Hantavirus Found In San Diego County

Cartoon Cars. Click.

Click. Selenium Research Points to Curative Powers

Click. Huntington's Disease: Italian Discovery May Suggest A New Approach For Developing Therapies

Click. Doctors Test Memory Drug For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Russia wants to put a pop star in Space. Click.

Men at risk of prostate cancer might want to include more tofu and tomatoes in their diets. Click.

Space is an odd place to live. Click.

Click. University Of Maryland Physicians Use Ultrasound In Novel Way; For Most Moms-To-Be, There Is An Audible Sigh Of Relief

Click. Are UFOs Real? Now it's Not Worth a Bet

Ancient quarry found along Peace River. Click.

Click. Evidence Of Ancient El Ninos And Cultural Development

Click. England's monarchs may have murdered their closest kin to secure the throne, but they stayed true to a key evolutionary rule.

Click. Any two people could be connected via a chain of just two or three sexual relationships, says a Swedish study.

Click. The World's Only Missile Silo Luxury Home with Runway 

 Photo by Linda Moulton Howe
© 2000

Thousands of people gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice. Click.

Click. Summer Solstice in Britain

Click. Mars' close pass livens up solstice More:  Click.

NASA has announced it will broadcast Thursday's solar eclipse live on the internet. Click.

Solar Eclipse web casts live! Click.

Click. The Battle of Hastings.

Alternet relaunches. A project of the San Francisco–based Independent Media Institute, has a budget of about $1 million, paid for by foundations such as George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Click.

Click. Technology camp helps girls build solid foundation

Chris Tucker and Chris Rock try to shuck, jive, grin, shout, and bulge their eyes all the way back to the days of minstrelsy. Click.

Click. Net 'revolutionizing' life for today's teens

Visit to St. Cecilia's Abbey on the Isle of Wight. Click.

Click. Gay Muslims battle oppression

Click. Women, It's not time to be wallflowers and wimps.

Why women have more reason than men to fear the gossip's tongue. Click.

Harvard was the zone of ferocious competition and status anxiety  Click.

Word of the day: Stainless. Click.

June 20, 2001


Putin's ploy. Click.

Click. Pentagon to scrap two-war readiness

Click. Castro denies weapons shipments from China

Click. US confirms Belarus officials given asylum after "death squad" claims.

Inspector general criticizes CIA's mismanagement. Click.

Click. D.C. Intern Was Smitten by Condit

Click. Police will talk to Condit again 

Click. Bin Laden's terror network is circulating a chilling recruitment video in which he urges Islamic militants to join his holy war on the United States and Israel - and calls for "blood, blood and destruction, destruction."

Click. Terrorist recruitment video links bin Laden, Cole

General: US Will Need Larger Bases in SE Asia

Stealing Europe.  Click.

Neil Sheehan - blacklisted by New York Times for scooping the Pentagon Papers story. Click.

As the perpetrators of atrocities in Central America are finally convicted, the US is again center stage. Click.


Click. Richmond boy critical after pit bull attack

Click. Davis urges FERC to do more; will try again to purchase assets from bankrupt PG&E.

Click. California Controller won't pay for Governor's "energy crisis" spin doctors

Click. Democrats get a chance for revenge as Bush's men face sleaze investigations

Click. Taliban Twists Shrub With Poppy Politics

Click. Bush Teams Military Focus Is Skewing U.S. Foreign Policy

Click. US Military Role Grows on Home Front

Click. EU Elite 'Is Building A Superstate'

Social Security Fix is All Wrong: Helen Thomas. Click.

It's time to demand a Senate investigation into Dubya's "Harkengate" Click.

Click. BUSH PLAYS THE RUSSIAN CARD – or is Putin playing the American card?

Click. Cyber war declared on World Bank

Click Ultimate in Internet security or hype?

Click. Gates - the future?

Click. Scott McNealy - the future?

Google knows more about you than you do. Click.

How to correct all errors in the smallest unit of quantum data. Click.

Click. EU clears IBM's $1 billion purchase of Informix database

Flexboards roll together to the size of a checkbook. Click.

Click. As American as Curry Pie

Holographic memory and processing. Click.

More on Digital Angel. Click.

Click. Web at risk from new MS flaw

Click. Hotmail Co-Founder Goes Bust


Profits aren't profits. Click.

Click. Control of Financial Web Sites

Click. There's no there there Do bankrupt technology firms hold hidden value? Distressed investors don't think so.

Click. Andersen Settles With SEC



Click. As belated compensation for his enforced service in the Nazi war effort—working 12 hours a day, six days a week, for two years and nine months—Norbert Nadler will receive within the week the sum of $4,400.

Click. Etan Is Declared Dead

Click. 1 in 5 kids receive online sex requests

Click. Berkeleye landlord sentenced after judge says deal too lenient in sex case More: Click.

Click. Authorities release notes from Columbine crime scene

Click. Social worker advises detention for hacker known as Mafiaboy

Click. Persistent detective work solved Leo's case

Click. California Supreme Court Justice Mosk dies

Click. Officials are cracking down on dance clubs that provide health information about recreational drugs. They may shut down some raves, but kids will die.

Emery school chief allegedly stole $50,000. Click.

Berenson to hear Peru trial verdict. Click.

Click. Daffodil drug combats dementia

Click. S.F. woman hears what she's missed Bionic ear gives sound.

Click. Surgeons shave off boy's brain tumor

Click. Australian vaccine promises safe gene-altered food

Click. Protein Researchers Get New Tools

Study Suggests That Potential Alzheimer Drugs Might Be Dangerous

From Flies To Humans -- Ancient Gene May Be Involved In Male Infertility

Click.- Medical researchers in Singapore say they have changed human bone marrow cells into heart muscle in a breakthrough that could offer millions of sufferers from heart disease an alternative to transplants.

Click. Tests fail to reveal the identity of a highly lethal disease in India

Click. Insight: John Hogue on Current Signs in the Sky

Cells look like human brains. Click.

Click. Researcher May Have Broken Code of Stunning Crop Circle

Venomous spider invades Windsor Castle. Click.

Looking for wolves beneath the skin. Click.

Click. University Of Cincinnati Archaeologist To Launch Excavations At Bronze Age Harbor Town In Cyprus

New texts by Archimedes Click.

 Photo by Linda Moulton Howe
© 2000

Beyond Stonehenge. Click.

The Mozart Project. Click.

Click.  After six years of wandering the streets of suburban Los Angeles, Lukee the Lhasa Apso finally came home.

Click. FCC Censors Feminist Lyrics

Click. The Psychedelic Sixties Home Page.

Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick have collaborated in spirit on a fabulous fable called A.I. Click.

Click. E. L. Doctorow publishes "A House on the Plains," a new short story. Here Doctorow discusses the real-life crimes that inspired his story.

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire With Courtney Love. Click.

The art of making men come back for more is a delicate one that mama-sans nurture in young hostesses. Click.

Click. Girls' film shatters old images of women

Click. Gay pastor considers future role in church 

How to speak "Pirate". Click.

Word of the day: Travel. Click.

June 19, 2001

Click. Putin Says Russia Would Counter U.S. Shield; Upgrade Strategic Nuclear Arsenal With Multiple Warheads

Childhood "demons," including an obsession with pornography and fear of his domineering father, drove ex-FBI agent Robert Hanssen to lead a double life spying for the Soviet Union and later for Russia, says a psychiatrist hired by Hanssen's lawyers. Click.

Click. Yemen Foils US Embassy Bomb Plot

The Gothenburg street fighters were driven to violent protest. Click.

A retired Los Alamos nuclear security official filed a lawsuit Monday to try to force the government to allow the release of his book on the Chinese nuclear weapons program. Click.

Click. It was no coincidence that President Putin stopped in China before his meeting with U.S. President Bush.

Click. Putin hints at upgrading nuclear arms over Bush missile plan

The United States military has been covertly involved in the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo and American companies, including one linked to Bush Sr. are stoking the Congo conflict for monetary gain. Click.

Click. Going Global a Matter of Survival for Big Oil High oil prices mean prosperity for the players in the Russian oil and gas production industry.

Click. France implicated in attempted coup in Central African Republic

Click. Geraldine Ferraro Has Blood Cancer

Click. Condit May Tap Campaign Funds To Pay Legal Bills

Click. Sharon May Be Charged in 1982 Massacre


Click. Edited power pacts difficult to assess. CENSORED: Public left in dark on details of agreements

No guarantee FERC order will stop gouging, shortages. Click.

Click. Bill banning execution of retarded stalled. State Democrats fear vote's political consequences

Click. 'Red' Nelson, San Quentin ex-warden, handled the big San Quentin rebels, including Jackson.

Click. California Gov. Gray Davis is paying two public relations consultants on state pay at $30,000 a month, more than double what he himself makes monthly ($13,750).

New Bay Area low-income $2.1 billion mortgage initiative. Click.
Click. Bush defends adviser Rove's ethics.

Click. Many of the plum legal jobs in the Bush administration are going to attorneys who pursued scandal allegations against the Clinton administration or served on the GOP legal team in the Florida recount.

Click. Patrick Pizzella, Bush nominee as an assistant secretary of labor, was a lobbyist for the Mariana Islands, a notorious haven for foreign-owned sweatshops.

Click. Treasury Secretary Paul H. O'Neill -- the keynote speaker at a luncheon for a new organization of Wall Street companies that will promote the privatization of Social Security, a policy shift that would bring the firms billions in fees and commissions.

Click. Floridians and Pennsylvanians get scorched by George W.'s favorite governors

Click. How Bush Became A Believer

Click. Oracle Sings an Upbeat Tune

Click. Microsoft Uses Open Source, Despite Denials

Click. E-mail slips as web use grows

Volkswagen's Golf will be the first mass produced internet ready car. You can only buy it online. Click.

Toshiba debuts cheap hi-res digital camera. Click.

Click.  Lawyers warn companies using AltaVista's new search engine technology are at risk of breaching data protection laws. Launched last week, AltaVista's new software lets people search entire corporate networks allowing employees to access all network folders, personal computers and emails.

Click. Could the Internet Kill the Mailman?

Click. Call centers are the new e-commerce selling tool

Click. Online group to develop privacy symbols

Yahoo in Porn Foe's Sights

Condom Broke? Head for Web

Click. Wearable Computers: Suit Yourself

Click. Wireless Keyboards= Boon for Hackers

Click. Technology Fatigue Syndrome Strikes Computer Users

Round one knockout: E-banks vs. bricks-and-mortar banks. Click.

Click.MI6 spy Tomlinson duped by the Russians? 


Click. Justices block S.F. protester's brutality suit. Cops immune if they thought level of force was permissible More: Marin man loses in Supreme Court. Click.

Click. Folsom prison may take some of the most violent inmates and utilize special behavioral training.

Click. The anguish of the drug war judges and Sporkin too!

Click. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the IRS by two trust planning organizations.

Mayor Giuliani's fate: judge is set to decide whether to appoint a forensic mental health expert to examine his family. Click.

Click. Legal update: Toiletcam decision, cybersquatting, Jailcam

Click. Polly Want a Divorce?

Click. Russians thrash their drug takers to stop addiction

Click. Opposition Grows to Searches of Students

Jurors increasingly skip telling the whole truth. Click.


Click. A New Reason to Hate the Phone Company

Click. Here's what Venture Capital firms say they're looking for today.

The current economic malaise sees the return of the Entrepreneur- In-Residence at several Venture Capital firms. Click.

Round one knockout: E-banks vs. bricks-and-mortar banks. Click.

Export Credit Agencies Fund Immoral and Environmentally Damaging Projects. Click.

Physicists working in nickel mine upset beliefs on neutrinos. Click.

Click. Crickets & Hoppers Plague Western U.S. (and Turn Pink in Scotland)

Hunt for sun's secrets heats up. Click.

Click. Two Emotional States - Fear And Anxiety - Have Profoundly Different Effects On Person's Ability To Feel Pain

Click. Scientists Find New Reason Red Blood Cells Cut Blood Flow In Sickle Cell Disease Victims

Click. Gencorn Said not to be Allergy Danger

Click. First Results From The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Explain The Missing Solar Neutrinos And Reveal New Neutrino Properties

Click. Microwaves To Reveal Ocean Weather, Locate Land Mines

Click. Hubble Pictures Show Single Stars In Distant Galaxy

Click. Depo-Provera: Blessing or Curse?

Click. Study Uncovers Structure Of Key Molecule Responsible For Clearing Drugs From The Body

Click. Changing Colors In Mice: Gene Turned On And Off At Will Through Simple Dietary Change

Click. Biologists Find Cells’ Nuclear Surface More Complicated Than Expected

Click. Cornell-Bred, Blight-Resistant Potato Variety -- New York 121 -- Is Sent To Russia For Testing To Stave Off Potato Crisis

Click. Getting the Genome Letter-Perfect

Click. Antioxidant Lutein May Fight Heart Disease

Click. Deadly Nerve Gas Found in Trash Pile

New documents released re: World War II secrets. Click.

Apricot Trees in Blossom
Vincent Van Gogh, April, 1888

Click. Brilliant Careers: Mel Brooks

Click. Bamily unveils "mysterious" director Stanley Kubrick

Atheist America. Click.


Click. The Push to Push Women Higher

Click. Project to Identify 'Genetic' Traits in Music

Interview with Molly Ivans. Click.

Click. Greek myths in cartoon formats.

Word of the day: Stinkard. Click.

Click. Unusual Astronomical Events, Solar Activity Coincide

Click. Kennewick Man: Study or Bury Him?

Digital technology, advanced imaging offer paleontologists clearer clues as to how dinosaurs behaved. Click.

Click. Detective Work Finds Egyptian Queen 

Click. 10-Year-Old 'Dog Boy' Found Living in Cave 

Click. Monkey Man Blamed on Mass Hysteria

International team searches for Irelands Laugh Ree monster. Click..

Is Earth being probed with high-tech lasers? Click.

Click. Carlos Castaneda and New Age Shamanism.

Click. Sri Lankans urged to breed for war

June 18, 2001

Click. US To Break With ABM Treaty When Necessary: Powell

Click. Exiled Bulgarian king sweeps to victory

Click. US-Backed Sudan Rebels Target Foreign Oil Firms

Click. Sudan has built three weapons factories with Chinese help in a drive to halt the rebel advance in the oil-rich south.

Click. UK Navy To Get Two 'Super' Aircraft Carriers

Click. CNN: West Nile virus expected to spread across country - June 15, 2001

Click. Colombia Moves Close to Martial Law

Click. Baghdad Puts A Price On Heads Of U.S. Pilots

Click. EU Calls For An Iron Fist To Crush The Summit Protesters

Click. EU Leaders Fear The "People"

Click. MI6 'Firm' Spied On Green Groups

Norway and Switzerland have shown that you don’t have to be big to carry international diplomatic clout. Click.

Click. Russia launches European communications satellite 

Why Huckabee Must Be Grateful to Hale Click.

Merchants of war and death. Click.

Click. Small Catholic Group On The Rise


Click. Karin Steele worked to save dogs

Click. San Francisco's black population plummets

Mental cruelty in San Francisco. Click.

Click. A different breed of protester. Opposition to clear-cutting of timber grows among Humboldt County residents

Click. Haley Barbour: The GOP's Utility Man

Click. The European education of George W.


Click. Bush Celebrating Successful Trip

According to President Bush’s May 24th letter to Congress explaining his decision to continue the "State of Emergency," Yugoslavia’s post-Milosevic government poses "an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States." Click.

Bush USAID chief Andrew Natsios, addressing Africa's AIDS issue, says the problem is Africans don't know what time it is. Click.

Click. White House To Support
Energy Price Restraints

Click. Bush: FERC Plan Is Not Price Controls

Arise Sir Lou of Big Blue! Click.

New Hack Club. Click.

A new project could allow the automatic encryption of email and instant messages, as well as throwing up a smoke screen of fake data. Click.

Click. Toys Are Made for Tinkering

Click. In what could be a major shift for the English-centric Web, Internet users soon will be able to send e-mail or search for Web addresses in more than 350 languages, from Arabic to Urdu.

Click. Gold bugs offer bullion-based cybercash

Christer Fahraeus is planning to revolutionize information technology -- with a pen and paper. A digital pen, that is, and paper marked with faint coordinates. Click.

Click. What Domain Holders Really Want

Click. SPINTRONICS. Spin Moves With Unexpected Ease From One Semiconductor To Another

Click. Secrets of the mummy return in Egypt dig

Click. "City of the Hawk"

Click. The community liked a pint

The Syrian Assassins order. Click.

The Incorruptibles. Click.

Click. Nuclear bomb may have been tested in Australian rainforest

Titanic Explorer hunts for Noah's Ark. Click.


Click. Supreme  Court Sides With Prison Journalist On Bias

Click. Elite German group apologizes for role in Nazi experiments

Click. Eichmann trial: The complete transcripts

Click. Texas bill to ban execution of mentally retarded vetoed

Women! Do Not Open the Door! Click.

Click. Lawyers move to dismiss suit in dog mauling. Motions call civil case filed by victim's partner a 'sham'

Click. Nowhere left to hide Whether you're in jail or at the supermarket, your image might end up on the Net -- and there's not a thing you can do about it.

What do teen killers have in common? Click.

Click. Some Say Requiring Drug Treatment Rather Than Jail, Will Swamp L.A. System 

Missing young adult women. Click.

Click. Lots of Loot on the Lam

What's the law? Threats of murder and the First Amendment. Click.

Click. Annan also became the first UN secretary-general to have a "get-acquainted" session with members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Click. New Zealanders call for fat tax

Man in wheelchair shot and killed by North Miami Beach police. Click.


Click. Federal investigators are facing increasingly sophisticated and violent eco-terrorists whose trail often vanishes where they've torched or raided.

Click. His goal: The end of civilization

Click. "These are anti-human attacks, not pro-animal'

Click. Azerbaijanis seem to possess secrets to long, healthy life. 

Click. Better way to view cancer

Berkeley astronomer's quest for new planets. Click.

Click. Company Wants to Sail DNA Into Space

Click. Chinese healing art gives hope for autism

Click. 'An end to insulin jabs'

Click. Study finds drugs that head off repeat stroke

Click. Artificial Blood Is in the Pipeline Universally compatible, the milky white substitute could hit market in two years.

Click. Olive farming alert 

Price of launching satellites on Ariane may fall 

Click. Another Clue To Secrets Of Cellular Aging

Click. Bipolar Disorder In Children Appears More Severe Than In Most Adults

Click. Burning Now An Option To Clean Up Ocean Oil Spills 

Click. Two New Dinosaurs Found, 

Ecosystem that thrives in complete darkness. Click.

What do analysts do all day? Click.

Carlisle Trust profits rise Click.

Moscow Times: Larry Summers takes over as president of Harvard. Click.

Click. The art of being Armani

Silicon Valley Watch. Click.

Click. Wine tasting at the grocery store?

Click. Smart Card Companies

EU and US competition policy Click.

Federal Reserve Cracks Down on Hanks. Click.

Apricot Trees in Blossom
Vincent Van Gogh, April, 1888

Click. Heavenly Garden

Waterloo brought fresh, young teeth galore. Click.

Click. Chelsea Clinton bids farewell to Stanford

Click. Royal Babylon

Click. Comics in the Post-Peanuts Era

Traveling "Lucy" show lets visitors take part. Click.

Wildcam at Chiswell Island visits the largest and most northerly of all sea lions. Click.

Catholic social thought as the invisible battleground of American politics Click.

Europe Resists American Religious Cults Click.

Click. - Writer's almanac

Click. 'Women's battle for rights lay in better access to media'

Click. Chicago Planned Parenthood is putting posters in the stalls of women's bathrooms telling them they have 72 hours to help prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex by using the 'morning after' pill and how to obtain it online.

Badge of 'Honor': Documentary captures story of Steven Cozza, who at age 12 took on the Boy Scouts' anti-gay policy. Click.

The relationship between brain and religion. Click.

It's Nookie Beer! Click.

Click. 5 Technologies You Need To Know

Time to have some financial heads examined. Click.

June 15, 2001

Click. UK Special Forces Prepare Macedonia Invasion

Click. Tenet's tenets

Allies Fail to Share Vision Thing on Rogue States. Click.

Click. Putin, Jiang Lead Asian Nations in United Front Against US Missile Plan

Afghan Hindus marked for death. Click.

Click. Parents of missing intern Chandra Levy said they are not ruling out the possibility that U.S. Rep. Gary A. Condit was involved in the disappearance. Joe Cotchett is now attorney for Condit. 

Click. Missing Intern's Parents Think Condit Is Hiding Something

Click. U.S. to lift sanctions imposed on India after nuclear tests

Click. Americans blamed in Colombia raid

Click. US Pilots Summoned in Colombia Bombing Probe

Click. US is punishing the Iraqis and its own gas guzzlers

Click. Senator Offers Proof: Oil Companies Created Shortages On Purpose More: Click.

Click. Russia's Navy Showing Signs of Strength - Perhaps Due to Help from U.S. Secrets

Click. Software Likely In Hands Of Terrorist bin Laden

Click. Don't be fooled by Putin

Click. Italy: Berlusconi forms ultra-right cabinet

Click. Taliban Say They Undermined U.S. Economy

Cooperation could spare Hanssen from death penalty. Click.


Click. Home school loophole spurs call for reform. Some charter operators seen as abusing system

Click.  San Rafael: Murder suspect still being held; faces INS review

Click. Prescribed fire burns out of control in San Bernardino National Forest

Click. Hamilton waste file missing

Click. Coalition launches effort to prevent gravel mining.


House panel sends message to financial analysts.

Click. While the wine runs dry in France

Click. Time to refinance those student loans

Dupont and ethics. Click.

Click. Public markets leave side door open There is an alternative, less flashy route to going public: the one-step spin-off.

The Suing Game. The same law firms are aggressively stalking beaten down companies. Click.

French place anti-ageing pill on the market. Click.

Bush in Warsaw: No more East and West! Click.

Bush offers wider version of "Europe" that includes Russia. Click.

Elliott Abrams: It's Back! Click.

Is Bush As Bad As They Thought? 
by Molly Ivans. Click.

Click. Have you been smart tagged? WinXP IE6 has a little list Actually, not so little.

Click. Men rule the cellular airwaves

Click. Behold Oracle's Sexy, 'Cheap' Data Base!

Click. Ex-GOP Senator's Wife Pleads to Email Attack Campaign.

The sound of shrinking. Click.

Wanna-be hacker caught. Click.

CEO, CIO, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Directors risk cyber crime law suits. Click.

Click. Reporters Win Web Logs Fight against the FBI

Castro calls U.S. concerns about Cuban cyber attacks 'craziness'. Click.

Click. Body of 'Wild Bill' exhumed to see if he cheated hangman

Click. UFO buff becomes multi-lingual to talk to aliens

Ancient fleet unearthed in Sardinia. Click.

Click. Distrust makes people listen

Excavations reveal what is probably the largest ancient theatre in Cyprus. Click.

Click. Key Mayan sites in Guatemala are yet to be explored.

The OKC bombing chronology you're not supposed to know. Click.

Click. Story of McVeigh and victims bought by CBS

Unsolved deaths in Oklahoma. Click.

Click. US Planned to Nuke Russia in 1951

Great-grandson of Holocaust victim sues over family land. Click.


Click. Murder most Hollywood

Cool liars can evade polygraph. Click.

Click. Lockdown at school = Preppin' for prison. 

Click. Police to take over Oakland high school security

Click. Portrait of an Eight-Year-Old Sex Offender.

Bishop helped pedophile priest more than victims. Click.

All about "gangs". Click.

Click. Prosecutors say LAPD officer used his position to steal drugs

Click. Lawyers split $52 million in Nazi slave-labor case

Click. Mumia's all-or-nothing gamble
New lawyers now claim he's completely innocent and that the real culprit was a mobster hired by corrupt Philly cops. 

Click. Ex-lawyer acquitted in Ramsey ransom note case.

Click. Ohio Executes Schizophrenic Inmate Despite Outcry

Click. Cultural defense used by Berkeley multimillionaire convicted of importing girls for sex.

Click. Wife accused of faking abuse

Click. Doctors’ Disclosure Dilemma --experimenting for financial gain.

Click. The History of Shock Therapy in Psychiatry

Do you really want to know where your food comes from? Click.

Morning after pill for HIV prevention tested. Click.

Nanoscience for the soldier. Click.

NASA's Deep Space Network Extends its Reach. Click.

Click. Vitamin C Found to Promote Cancer-Causing Agents 

Click. Transplanted Pig Cells Help Control Diabetes

Click. "Grow-In-The-Dark" Algae May Promise Dietary Supplements, Glowing Pigments, And More

Click. Hopkins Researchers Combat Sickle Cell Anemia In Mice With "Mini-Transplant"

Click. Microbes And The Dust They Ride In Pose Potential Health Risks

Could an overactive immune system be the trigger for some people's life-threatening depression? Click.

Click. Software To Make Testing Of New Generic Drugs More Thorough

Click. How Black Boxes Really Work

Click. Atomic catapults

NASA selects candidates for 2007 mission to Mars. Click.

Garden with Weeping Tree
Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

FRIDAY'S WEB SITE PICK: IRONIC TIMES Laugh until you cry. Click.

The first black character in the history of Disney animated feature films. Click.

July 1, 2001 - Princess Diana would have been 40 years old. Click.

Leaning tower of Pisa to re-open. Click.

Click. New Huckleberry Finn Debuts 

Click. Life with Madonna Hard Work, Husband Ritchie Says

Michael Jackson Presents the 'Invincible' Album, Record Execs Go Crazy. Click.

Click. New "UFO" Peach Variety Has Strange Shape And Sweet Taste

Click. Elder-abuse verdict challenges physicians on pain. Doctors must balance relief against addiction

Click. Japanese Firm To Shoot Commercial in Space 

Word of the day: Possession. Click.

 June 14, 2001

Click. "Drug kingpin" arrested One of the biggest drug suspects in Mexico, who officials say smuggled billions of dollars of cocaine to the United States under the protection of a governor, has been arrested after years of impunity.

Click. FERC set to extend power caps. Government sources say price controls will be round-the-clock

Click. Judge orders contract disclosures. State told to release edited versions of energy agreements tomorrow

Click. Allies fail to share vision thing over rogue states

Click. Bin Laden Plots Bush Hit German intelligence services warns that Bin Laden is secretly financing neo-Nazi skinhead groups throughout Europe to commit acts of violence during the summit.

Click. Software likely in hands of terrorist Osama bin Laden

Click. Anti-Bush protests turn violent

Click. Maya Indians bring charges against two former dictators

Click. Brits Blasted for Teenage Soldiers

Click. Balkan Crisis Upstages Bush in Europe

Click. Pentagon can't track money meant to go for spare parts

Click. U.N. police accused of involvement in prostitution in Bosnia

Click. Bush aide Rove held Intel stock with merger pending

Click. First know your enemy, Mr. Bush

Click. Bush Eyes Net Security

Click. Doctrinaire Unilateralism

Click. Bush Foreign Policy: Speak Spanish, Put Foot in Mouth

Click. Mr. Bush Meets Mr. Putin


Click. Fremont police find 12 bombs within past month More: Click. Feds join Fremont bomb investigation More: Click. 

Click. State report due on S.F. election messes

Click. Pleasanton judge Harry Sheppard elected to preside in Alameda County court

Click. Radical chic is politics as usual. School activists don't stress success

Click. Little Brown Church pastor feels blessed

Click. Emeryville cops trying to identify body of woman

Click. Marin DA won't charge LA man with park slaying; not enough evidence

Click. Grand jury criticizes Contra Costa. Panel says too many consultants hired

Click. There's a violent sucking sound going on in Silicon Valley: It's top entrepreneurs disappearing into the innards of venture capital firms.

Click. California acts to help taxpayers on stock options.

Click. The ultimate e-tailer is morphing into an e-marketer.

Click. Drug Makers' Virtual Shmooze

Vineyard prices skyrocket. Click.

Click. Sad Workers May Make Better Workers

Click. How to Find Warning Signs in Quarterly Reports

Click. Grocery chains carefully time specials so the poorest pay highest prices

Click. Cheating ruins the fun for game companies

Children's charity Barnardo's shocking new series of anti-child abuse advertisements aims to show the effects of child cruelty in later life. Click.

How do you  pass off a cancer reducing mobile add-on? Click.

Click. Microsoft Poised for Music Domination

Click. Japan Prime Minister's Million-Human E-Mail

Click. Teen Goes After Star Programmer

Click. Senators Reach Deal On Internet Taxes, Setting Guidelines For State Plans After 2006.

Click. Major airlines planning onboard broadband access

Click. Rep. Army asks Justice Department to rethink Carnivore's use

Click. New Materials' Odd Traits To Help Improve Computer Memory

Click. Engineer Brings Cost Of Experiments Down To Earth

Click. Censorship High

Click. How airport security works. 

Bullied into submission by lawyers who were protecting a trademarked name that wasn't in use anywhere except by his program. Click.

Click. Missing link: CIA's role in deaths of Allende followers

EyeSpy. Click.

Click. Sub crew takes in view of world from North Pole

Huntsville Arms Dealers Make Out Like Bandits by Al Martin Click.

Click Is Oliver North headed for Congress?

Click. Power failure kills woman on operating table.

Click. When It Comes To Running The
Country, Does Father Know Best?


Click. Prosecutors to show Stayner's videotaped confession  

Click. Judge orders trial for Stayner

Click. Stayner's Grisly Tale

Click. Family finds evil truth at hearing

Click. Fourth slaying jolted cabbie

Click. A 36-year-old Novato woman registered as a sex offender was charged yesterday with molesting a teen-age runaway who was living in her trailer home.

Click. French cleric accused of hiding child sex abuse.

Click. Doctor found reckless for not relieving pain. $1.5 million jury verdict for family of cancer patient who went home to Hayward to die

Click. A state inquiry into Judge Maria Lopez appears to be focusing on what investigators see as an orchestrated attempt by the judge and her supporters to discredit an 11-year-old victim in a highly publicized sexual assault case, sources said.

Click. Today's kidnappers are in it for the money

Click. L.A.P.D. officer jailed on federal drug charges

Click. New Treatment Helps Paraplegic An American paraplegic undergoing treatment in Israel involving white blood cells experiences movement in her toes, encouraging researchers.

Click. Bug-free food

Click. Martian meteorite may contain water

Click. Microbe research lab plan for state. Officials consider UC Davis as site

Click. NASA selects 10 candidates for 2007 mission to Mars

Click. Don't Junk That Umbilical Cord

Click. One of You Must Die

Click. Sarafem: The Pimping of Prozac for PMS

Click. Oceanic Bacterial Photopigments Convert Light Into Biochemical Energy

Click. Hutchinson Center Researchers First To Induce State Of Suspended Animation In Model Vertebrate Organism

Click. Increase In Antioxidants, Decrease In Free Radicals Identified As Likely New Mechanism Of Action For Purple Grape Juice Benefits

Click. Lab Rat: Growing your own bone To get cells to grow into tissue, a scientist is providing a framework made from so-called smart gels, which release growth factors just when they are needed.

Moored Boats
Vincent Van Gogh, 1887

Women's' Comic Books - From Teens to Zines. Click.

Click. More Anasazi ruins revealed in the aftermath of last summer's wildfires

Click. Going Mobile  The art of Alexander Calder

Click. Defining the Book in the Digital World

The politics of love. Click.

Click. ABC's "The Beast" (10 pm Wed) features always-on-camera reporters

Click. The Troubles At Penn State

Tree Superlatives. Click.

California's Gold Rush Country. Click.

Word of the day: affection Click.

Click. They are rebuilding the Lockheed Super G Constellation.

Click. Dr. Laura Offends Tourette's Syndrome Families

June 13, 2001

France, Germany Unite Against Bush Click.

Germany will be a tough sell. It wants to move beyond nuclear energy fast

Click. Pentagon Proposes Joint Command

Click. A huge, multibillion-dollar company closely tied to the Chinese army has set up operations in ports all around the world.

Click. India and Russia Jointly Test Cruise Missile "With a 280 kilometre range (174 miles) and supersonic cruise capability, this missile is the first of its kind in the world."

Click. Shrinking the Dead Zone

Click. Four children a day are victims of bullies Protestors urged local authorities across Scotland to begin systematically recording incidents of school bullying to find out the precise scale of the problem.

Click. "I'm a three-star general. You can't give me orders like this"

Click. Lionel Jospin's "Euro speech": European integration process falters

Quick Strike Forces Urged for Military Pentagon Study Gives Multiservice Units 30 Days to Control Outbreak of Trouble. Click.

Click. Foreign generals close ranks with Bush in fight against Euro army

Click. The Model Bush  The President's niece Lauren, out and about. 

Click. Wildlife runs for cover as Don George blunders into Spain It was the day Don Quixote was reunited with Sancho Panza. The man who is convinced he is leader of the free world stood side by side with a man whose name and title he could not quite remember

Bush flies into storm of protest

Draft Florida report of civil rights commission Click.

THE 'NEW' UNILATERALISM George W. Bush at the end of history Click.

Click. Social Security must protect women, Bush told

Columba Bush, the "fiery Mexican beauty" and mother of those whom Bush père called the "little brown ones," is high-maintenance. Click.


Click. School board president Mike Cerney facing recall in Sunol

Click. Marin County's blackout plan is powered by paranoia? Or is this summer reality.

Click. State must add ethanol to gas    prices could jump as much as 50 cents a gallon and air pollution will worsen.

Click. Grand jury to look into price manipulation by energy suppliers.

Click. Mill Valley man, 29, dies after long bout with rare medical condition

Click. Power kingpins rake in millions in stock deals. 

Click. Santa Rita Jail's solar array--biggest in the world

Click. A widening investigation of cortisone contamination spread to a Pittsburg clinic Tuesday as Contra Costa health officials said as many as 60 people may have been treated with the bad medicine.

Attorney General to investigate Kaiser's contributions to Gov. Davis. Click.

Click. Harvard, Stanford vie for $150m

Click. GM Says Its Future Is In Fuel Cells

Click. Under pressure, Wall Street analysts are pledging to beef up measures to make their practices more credible.

Click. Stan Lee Media Founder Indicted for massive stock manipulation.

Click. Firms Seeking Venture Capital Face New Hurdles These Days

Click. Streamlined tax rules could mean an end to the Net tax moratorium.

Mexico to offer microcredit program to poor. Click.

Click. Bill Haseltine He's brilliant. He's swaggering. And he may soon be Genomics' first billionaire.

Click. Rep. Tauzin to SEC: Don't regulate dot com financial sites

Click. Virus promising view of McVeigh execution exploits voyeurs

Click. Building a Better Bio-Supercomputer

Click. Smart Card cash machines for Bolivia's rural poor.

Click. Unisys Confesses UNIVAC Sins

Click. Launching the Web Into Outer Space

Click. Newly Available Tool Makes The Web Search A Graphic Experience

Click. Fuel Cell Phones

Click. A new computer code translator promises to break down the language barriers between different computer chips

Click. Nonvolatile computer RAM

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Top 11 Failed Advertising Campaigns. Click.

Click. DNA study aims to trace relatives of ancient man unearthed near Alaska-Canada border

Click. Universal Fires Up 'Hannibal' Prequel

Click. Hopkins considers third bite at Hannibal

Click. Monster-hunters set sights on Ireland 

The Birth of The CIA - And Flying Saucers. Click.

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew it in 1974. Click.

The earliest mummies ever. Click.

Apple's legal team if fighting the Church of Satan. Click.

Iran's Princess Leila - another lost child of the revolution. Click.

Click. Execution Day in America

Click. More children going straight from playpen to front lines

Click. Nepal probe 'seeks prince's girlfriend'

Surprise Wedding Guest. Wow! Click.

Click. Wanted: Sad people


Stayner's print on letter to FBI, court told. Map indicated location of body in Yosemite slayings

Click. Before and after photos show bleak contrast of Yosemite visit

Click. McVeigh financial tab likely runs into billions.

Click.  Judge rules health plan must cover contraception

Click. Murder police turn to the internet for help

Scores of black and Hispanic gang members have faced death-sentence prosecutions, but white mob figures have been virtually exempt from the federal death penalty since it was restored in 1988. Click. The Two Faces Of Death Penalty and Click. Mob Still Appears To Be Dodging Death

Click. Amnesty International Goes After U.S. Supermax Prisons

Click. FBI: Net Fraud Reports Rising

Click. Sounding Out Snipers

Gov. Jeb Bush signs law banning execution of mentally retarded killers. Click.

Hyper-masculinity in Prison. Click.

Click. Pimps charge 'transfer fees' for women

Click. Shannon Doherty Gets Speaking Gigs Over Jail

Black landowners are set to challenge the seizure of their land for the construction of a $930 million Nissan car factory. Click.

Click. Planned heart attacks on the rise MGH doctors avoid surgery by inducing coronary to kill dangerous tissue.

Click. Antibiotic right after tick bite found to prevent Lyme disease

The Xybernaut Corporation, of Fairfax, Virginia, has announced that it will be providing mobile wearable computing systems for a future conquest of Mars. Click.

Click. Scientists Sequence Genome Of Major Periodontal Disease Bacterium

Click. DNA Evidence Calls Irish Potato Famine Theory Into Question

Click. Enzyme Therapy Shown Effective And Safe For Fabry Disease

Click. New Study Questions Role Of Ginseng As Mood Enhancer

Click. "Perfume" Lures Flies Into Trap

Click. Frozen Light

Click. A breakthrough molecular account of the first few days of HIV infection reveals the virus's craftiest genetic tricks

Click. The robotic stroking of glasshouse seedlings could significantly boost their chances of survival.

Generate your own electricity by stepping on special plastic inserts in your shoes. Click.

Click. Mercury Orbiter Gets NASA Approval 

Click. NASA To "Map" Big Bang Remnant To Solve Universal Mysteries

Click. Mars putting on dazzling show for stargazers 

Click. The jellyfish triumph

Moored Boats
Vincent Van Gogh, 1887

New look at Nazism captures British book prize.  It compares Nazi fascism to a religious fanaticism in which Jesus Christ is replaced by Hitler. Click.

Click. Sigma Chi Chimpy

Click.: Three new plays at New America Playwrights Festival gives San Jose Repertory Theatre sense of adventure.

Click. A Mind for Consciousness

Click. Lost Digital Films Found on the Road

Click. The Truth and the Hype of Hypnosis

Great Wine Regions Lie Near U.S. Military Bases in Europe. Click.

Click. Study: Soul Mates in Vogue for U.S. Spouse-Seekers

Click. Review: Sultry Climates: Travel and Sex Since the Grand Tour by Ian Littlewood

Click. Christian theme park photorama.

Click. Sake, tea or me? Inside the strange, sometimes dangerous world of a Tokyo hostess.

Click. The powder puff girls My $5,000 night at the most exclusive geisha house in Japan

Word of the day. Wreckage. Click.

June 12, 2001

Click. CIA-led Middle East talks fall apart


The rivers are the last frontier in the Colombia cocaine wars. Click.

Click. Colombian paramilitary leader vows renewed fight

'McCarthyism' stalks France as spies track human rights leaders. Click.

U.S. policy in Macedonia - prelude to intervention. Click.

Chaos is Katmandu. Who or what is behind Nepal's regicide. Click.

Click. UK Navy 'Unable to Fulfill NATO Commitments'

Click. Cell Phones Can Foil Stealth Bomber

Gertz: China secretly shipping arms to Cuba. Click.

Click. More on porn sites, CyberCash, and Virginia governor race

Click. H HS secretary looking for compromise accord on stem cell research

School choice and other "white lies". Click.

Click. The US president gives the first hints at what he wants to replace the Kyoto greenhouse gas protocol.

Author of "Fortunate Son", James Hatfield reveals "sources". Click.

Click. Dick Morris: Digging Dubya A Green Grave

Click. Bushzilla goes to Europe

Click. Memo to W. from the White House travel office

Click. Social Security panel expects to prescribe bitter pills. Later retirement, less money considered


Click. Sonoma County pot guidelines soothe fears?

Click. Feds to probe Texas energy company's practices during California energy crisis

Click. Two more hospitalized with meningitis in Contra Costa County

Click. 38 received shots of tainted cortisone

Click. Battle over plan for pipeline. Feud includes utility, ranchers and frogs


Click. HMOs have dropped more than one quarter of enrolled Medicare beneficiaries. The cost of HMOs is 13 percent higher than traditional Medicare. But the government wants more seniors enrolled in HMOs. Does this make sense?

Click. HUD'S Healthy Homes Initiative

Corporate "terrorism" in Kansas City - Shut down the plant, CEO's take the money and run! Click.

Hip Hop Summit with FCC. Click.

Click. California man sentenced for pilfering online stock accounts

Yahoo CEO is a risk taker. Click.

Click. The second generation of e-tailing, and how businesses will tailor their Web efforts to suit the new era.

Click. How to Be a Wealthy Failure

Click. NetVmg wants to speed up traffic on the Net and has raised $57 million to help make it happen.

Click. Facing Federal Probe, Credit Suisse Argues It Didn't Break IPO Rules U.S. attorney, SEC, NASD examine whether securities firms got kickbacks.

Click. Why can't PCs read?

Click. AOL forges online deal in China

Click. Study: Computer Users' Risk of Carpal Tunnel Low

Click. AdultCheck orders sex-themed sites not to mention "Britney Spears"

Click. EPIC's Filters and Freedom

Cryptobox. Click.

Click.  AltaVista, CMGI Inc.'s Internet search service, will introduce a new software product designed to help businesses conduct quick searches through multiple sources of corporate data, from their own Web sites to employee e-mails.

Click. Microsoft leads revolution in Web telephony

Click. The Condemned and Their Websites

Click. Privacy? Who Cares. More and more Web-enabled gadgets collect data on customers. That makes privacy advocates mad, but the resulting furor doesn't last long.

Click. "Application streaming" will put complicated software in the palm of your hand.

U.S. Expands Echelon spying in UK. Click.


Police Thwart Possible Attempt to Disrupt Bush Trip Click.

Late Shah's Daughter Found Dead Click.

ICANN To Gauge Privacy Concerns Over 'Whois' Database Click.

Click. Web battle Why North America is losing its dominance of the internet

Click. Gas-Pricing Probe Shows
Democrats' New Power

Click. Juror: Disks Made Spy Case Easy


Supreme Court Rules Infrared Imaging of Homes Requires a Warrant. Click.

Wall Street analysts face more scrutiny. Click.

Click. Stock brokers new code of conduct due. 

Click.  Stayner back in court as judge weighs evidence

Click. Stayner case case under way

Click. Sund details frantic hunt for wife, daughter

Click. Murder not even mentioned in Yosemite homicide hearing

Click. Preliminary hearings begin in Stayner case 

Husband, dad of victims is first to testify

Click. US Court Allows Groups to Contest 'Terrorist' Label

Click. ax Factor heir to stand trial in date-rape case

Click. After 17 years, man who may have been wrongly convicted, is released on bail

Click. A man faces federal charges for illegally accessing the computers of Catholic Healthcare West to send e-mails to thousands of employees.

Attorneys for Oakland Police 'Riders'  takes shots at prosecution's star witness. Click.

I am an "ex-Con" by Webster Hubbell. Click.

Click. Pollution found to be linked to heart attacks

Click.  Study finds using marijuana ups heart attack risk

Click. Sleep Can Help Some Cope with Stress

Click. Quest Goes on for All-Round Platinum Cancer Drug  Precious metal platinum has long adorned the wealthy as jewelry, but its unique chemical properties also make it key for cancer treatment and scientists are working on a new class of drugs that may fight more cancers than ever before.

Click. Laboratory Study Shows Measles Vaccine May Offer Novel Approach For Treating Lymphoma

Click. Pioneering Hip Replacement Surgery Sends Patients Home The Day After The Operation

Click. "I Tawt I Taw" A Bunny Wabbit At Disneyland: New Evidence Shows False Memories Can Be Created

Click. Seizure savior Grafts of cells engineered to reduce electrical activity in the brain prevent epileptic seizures in rats

Click. Life's Rocky Road To New Worlds

Click. A drug currently used to induce abortion is being reinvented as a once-a-month contraceptive pill

Cones on Mars. Click.

Click. WWII Memorial Firm Has 'Nazi Ties'

Click. Tularemia as a Biological Weapon

Click. Ruin of a laboratory is a reminder to China of gruesome, wartime biological experiments conducted by Japan

Moored Boats
Vincent Van Gogh, 1887

No cover at this New York Yuppie sex club. Click.

Leading Stanford University School of Medicine physician asserts that a natural nutritional supplement widely available on grocery-store shelves can significantly improve women's sexual desire and overall satisfaction. Click.

Brilliant career: Julie Christie. Click.

The novel as self-portrait. Click.

Click. Portrait of Genomics as Art

Click. Vanished: Anasazi Indians disappearance remains a mystery And the spiritual presence is intriguing. Click.

Click. Arthur C. Clarke Stands By His Belief In Life On Mars

The evolution of war. Click.

Walk the Great Wall of China. Click.

Britain leads illicit trade in rare books. Click.

Mummy worship sweeping Britain. Click.

Shakespeare's London. Click.

Word of the day. Spectre. Click.

Click. Women's Sexuality in WWII Concentration Camps:

June 12, 2001

Click. Killing will hinder the search for McVeigh's helpers

Click. Dead men don't talk.

Click. CIA Chief's Mideast Peace Plan Hits A Snag

Mexican trucks may roll into the U.S. Click.

Can Arafat stop the terrorists? Click.

New Election laws in 10 states involve computer-aided purging of centralized voter files (THE SAME PURGE SYSTEM DISENFRANCHISED THOUSANDS OF BLACK VOTERS IN FLORIDA!)  Click.

Click. 'Stealth' bombers lose their stealth.

Click. Porn sites, CyberCash entangle Virginia candidates for governor

America will go-it-alone. Click.

Bush wants to indict Castro. Click.

Click. The Dubya Doctrine

Click. Report: Bush Got Nudge From Father on North Korea  President Bush 's decision to reopen contacts with North Korea may have been influenced by a memo addressed to his father that made a strong case for resuming talks with the secretive communist nation, The New York Times reported on its Web site on Saturday.

Southern Flank' in Mexico Against Bush's Energy Cartel Click.

Click. US Court Allows Groups to Contest 'Terrorist' Label

'McCarthyism' stalks France as spies track human rights leaders. Click.

U.S. policy in Macedonia - prelude to intervention. Click.


Click. William Pickard's long, strange trip. Suspected LSD trail leads from the Bay Area's psychedelics era to a missile silo in Kansas

Click. BIG TIME MONEY IN CHARTER SCHOOLS! Adviser fired after questioning Contra Costa program's finances

Click. Migden's choice for successor

Click. Businesses can be paid to use less electricity  

Click. Electricity traders' tech habits get scrutiny

Click. Lieberman invites governor to testify against federal regulators.

Click. The hempire strikes back 

Russian Mega firms haunt EU. Click.

Click. Don't Be Afraid To Die In 2011 

Click. Here's how to plan if you think the new law, which sunsets in 2011, won't be the death of the estate tax.

Dream tax cut becomes a nightmare. Click.

Click. U.S. is seeking to harvest fruits of ag research Two table grape varieties developed by Fresno-based scientists are sweetening the meaning of intellectual property.

Guerrilla Investing: Small Companies Provide Big Opportunities. Click.

Click. The Great CEO Pay Heist

Richard Helms - still silent about the assassination of JFK. Click.

JACK MCLAMB: I'm going to help the McGuckin family in Sandpoint, Idaho, on Monday. Click.

Cellular service offers military-level encryption. Click.

Click. Intel unveils fastest silicon transistor

Cell phone firms patent cancer shields

Electric shock game controller. Click.

Click. Techies squeeze Juice into their jobs In the New Economy, a magazine cutout collage might be a crucial step toward a $100,000-per-year job.

Click. Interplanetary networks are the new Internet frontier -

Click. MIT Media Lab  wants to open a net work of labs in India

Click. Technology and the Corruption of Copyright

Managers could learn a lot from hackers and their attitudes. Click.

Click. Fish or Cut Bait:'s amazing profit aspirations

Click. Rough start for Sony's new Internet bank

Click. Big Blue raking in cash from telecom services

Click. Funding keeps flowing in Silicon Valley

Click. Silicon Valley cities offer executives housing subsidies

Click. NSA Moves Bad Aibling Echelon operation to Menwith Hill

Click. How to Bypass Echelon

Click. T he Power Crisis Cyber-attack reveals holes in ISO shield  


English Magistrate announces he is a witch. Click.

Click. NAPA: Child molester gets 131 years Graham Roger-Lee DeLuisConti will spend the rest of his life in state prison.

Since 1997, the U.S. Postal Service has been conducting a customer-surveillance program, ‘Under the Eagle’s Eye,’ and reporting innocent activity to federal law enforcement. Click.

Click. Self-help lawyering on the rise

Click. Keith Henson Freed, Granted Asylum by Canada because of his "persecution" by Scientologists in America.

Click. Stayner hearing in Yosemite killings set More: Click. Case against Stayner to be unveiled More: Click.

Indiana Coroner prepares for McVeigh. Click.

Click. Congress to probe Wall Street analysts

[email protected]
Ranjit Singh Sahota, 
36 of Scenic Road, Fairfax. Arrested for
alleged attempt to 
solicit minors. MetaTV founder.

Scientists' answer to global warming: nudge the planet farther from Sun. Click.

Einstein's brain. Click.

Click. Baseball science.

Click. Hiking Has Special Training Needs

Click. UCSF Begins Clinical Trials For New Bionic Ear For Profoundly Deaf Adults

Click. Earliest Efficient Chewing Herbivore Ever Found Spurred Animal Life On Land

Click. Study Reveals Molecular Key To Tumor Suppressor Activity

Click. Elimination Of Household Allergens And Pets Could Reduce Asthma Nearly 45 Percent Among Older Children, Adolescents

Click. University Of Pittsburgh Researchers Use Stem Cells To Treat Incontinence In Animal Models

High-tech concrete: It bends! It flexes! It floats! And it could make great spaceships, too. Click.

Click. No more rear-view mirrors

Click. China Moves Towards New Generation Of Weather Birds

Click. German WWII Sub Found in Gulf 

Click. Germans learn truth about Von Braun's "space research" base

Richard Helms - still silent about the assassination of JFK. Click.

Click. An experiment with "orphans" leaves a lifetime of anguish

Moored Boats
Vincent Van Gogh, 1887

Click. Nun banned by 'Inquisition' attacks Church over gays

Click. Zingaro Horses Dance to Stravinsky

Click. New Theory Offered in Mozart's Death

Homosexuals: Victims of the Nazi era. Click.

Click. The Nahmans of Gerona

Ben Franklin revealed. Click.

Word of the day: Trident. Click.

Click. ONLY IN OREGON: Activists used to living the high life Walking through a stand of old-growth Douglas fir, a woman who calls herself Jitterbug tilts her head back, cups her mouth and shouts a greeting: "Hello trees!"

Click. MORE ONLY IN OREGON: Rocket Guy: Oregon Man Set for Self-Launch

Click. Two mothers set up a lemonade stand on a rural Healdsburg road Sunday and handed out free lemonade and fliers to warn residents about a repeat sex offender.

Gorbachev Launches TV talk show "Secrets of Power"

June 10, 11, 2001

Click. The head of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights plans to expand its investigation beyond Florida's troubled election to other states, opening an unprecedented study of voting that could continue through Election Day 2002.


Click. Rumsfeld presses defense plan at Baltics meeting

Click. Pentagon Plans to X-Out Old Data

Click. First Bush Missile Defense Test Said Likely in July

Click. Tangled Web: The Marketing of Missile Defense 1994-2000

The Heavens at War. Click.

The Bush administration is considering a crash effort to put into place a rudimentary missile defense system before the end of President Bush's current term in 2004. Click.

Click. Former defense company executives who now head the Navy and Air Force will be exempted from a federal law that prohibits them from dealing with their former employers for one year, according to aides to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Click. Floating abortion clinic sets sail for Ireland

Click. EU in Chaos After Irish Vote More: Click.

Click. Military men, priest guilty in Guatemalan bishop's slaying

Click. Reformer wins 2nd term in Iran

Click. Five Cubans convicted of spying on U.S.

W. GETS HIS WIN by David Corn. Senate Democrats can try to torpedo Bush's agenda, but Bush has already bagged the number-one prize: the surplus. It's been wrapped and sent off to his campaign contributors.

The Bush administration has delayed for a second time the release of 68,000 pages of presidential records from the 1980s that offer a glimpse into who and what influenced policy in the Reagan White House. Click.

Terrible Tax Cut by Molly Ivans. Click.



Click. Marin County government has been far too lenient in its enforcement of laws bearing on the controversial San Rafael Rock Quarry, according to a 45-page report issued yesterday by the county's civil grand jury.

Click. San Jose police name murder suspect, linking him to five other slayings

Click. Recall ordered of meningitis-tainted eye medication

Grape growers and environmentalists have reached a compromise in the long-running fight over forced spraying to control the glassy-winged sharpshooter if it infests Sonoma County. Click.

Click Grid operators ask for billions in refunds from generators

Click. Letters demand harsh sentence for Berkeley landlord  

Click. Increasingly controlled by a handful of Mexican drug cartels, California's billion-dollar wilderness marijuana industry has shifted from the Emerald Triangle in the north to the southern Sierra Nevada.

Click. Pipe Bomb Scares in Fremont.

Click. Disney in global push

Click. Banks signal support for Nasdaq Europe platform

Click. Study of Business History Gains in Importance in German Society

The Bush administration has ordered that more than 40,000 federal workers compete for their jobs with the private sector, a first step toward President Bush's goal of making about 425,000 government jobs eligible for private contracting. Click.

Click. NASA Places Fourth on U.S. Government Mismanagement List 

China, U.S. Reach Accord on WTO Entry Issues. Click.

Click. Bush Promotes Tax Credits to Help Low-Income Homeowners

Ranjit Singh Sahota, 36 of Scenic 
Road, Fairfax. DO YOU KNOW THIS GUY OR KNOW ABOUT SCENIC ROAD, FAIRFAX? If so, email reporter:

Click. MetaTV founder's release discussed A federal prosecutor told a judge yesterday she would agree to the release of a Marin man, Ranjit Singh Sahota, facing indictment in connection with the sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl in Sunnyvale if the man participates in counseling and posts a $200,000 bond.

Today's special: computerized shopping cart

Click. NEC to double non-Japanese Asian engineers

Click. Energy computers penetrated by hackers. Grid nearly exposed by spring attacks

Click. Italian Firm's Dolce Music Deal

Click. IBM Claims Chip Speed Breakthrough

Idiot's guide to  how Microsoft's Smart Tags will work on your Internet Explorer.  Click.

Click. A Spam Cop Goes AWOL

Why killer apps are killing me. Click.

Don't let your kids grow up to be hackers! Click.

Click. "Project Matrix" seeks to map federal vulnerabilities,

Courts without the use of paper. Click

Click. Ashcroft wants to imprison sex site operators who feature obscene images. 

Click. Portable video phones.


Click. Eliza will handle zettabytes (1 followed by 21 zeros) of internet data.


Click. Judge scolds Disney, sets deadline to turn over list of people who suffered brain hemorrhages while on Disney rides. More: Click.

Click. Oakland Police Rookie testifies he was pressured to quit More: Click.

Click. Oakland Police rookie relationship with Rider 'stormy'

A judge dismissed misdemeanor charges against a lawyer for former SLA fugitive Sara Jane Olson. But the long-delayed case against Olson could remain on hold even longer until a separate probe by the California State Bar is resolved. Click.

Click. Technology and the Corruption of Copyright

Emeryville's Howard Varinsky did jury profiles for McVeigh trial. Click.

Click. Judge orders 19-year-old guy: No more sex
Click. California Medical Board probes what it claims is too many medical marijuana prescriptions.
Click. Canada reportedly grants "refugee" status to Scientology critic
Click. Berenson defense asks for acquittal in Peru terrorism trial

McVeigh starves himself. Click.

Click. Virus injection blasts blood cancers

Click. Color clue in Saturn's rings

Click. Vast Invisible Damage from Northwest Quake

Click. Brain Differences Detected in Alcoholics' Kids

Click. Hong Kong Patient Has Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease

Click. Rare toads hop home after 30 years 

Click. Pungent Plant Repels Pesky Pets

Click. Pumping Iron Helps Women Win Battle of the Bulge 

Arthur C. Clarke reiterates his belief that there is life on Mars. Click.

Click. Don't Believe The Hype - UFOs, JFK, And Tim McVeigh by Nessie

Click. Gallup Poll Releases - Americans' Belief in Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena Is Up Over Last Decade

Click. Mind-control, at low prices Former Wal-Mart employees sue retail giant, call it a brainwashing cult.

Click. Conspiracy theories in Kathmandu

The secret of invisible ink. Click.

Click Women in Ancient Egypt.

The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, and Senor Xolotl, Frida Kahlo, 1949

Click. U.S. protestors threaten to disrupt Calgary gay pride parade

On the heels of Otto the Great. Click.

Click. Researchers find the first ridden horses.

Click. Some pre-cursors to Freud and Psychoanalysis

Click. Researchers Divided Over Whether Anasazi Indians were cannibals.

Word of the Day: Chap. Click.

Click. More Ancient Sunken Cities Found

Click. Study Examines Why Young Urban Women Have Sex

Ancient Prince’s burial palace found near Veliky Novgorod. Click.

June 9, 2001


Click. Drug War Outsourcing Detailed

Click. Reformists who ride Iran's tiger

Click. Echelon's Cover "Blown"

Click. China wants space arms banned due to 'danger' from US

Click. Report: Osama bin Laden's network covers 55 nations

Summit cut by Bush stokes fear in Europe. Click.

US Steps Up Mid-East Peace Drive


Click. Options: No Execs Need Apply

America's 80 million white-collar employees are working longer hours, for the same pay and fewer benefits, at jobs that are markedly less secure, and for corporations that regard firing whole ranks of employees as a way to post paper gains and so win Wall Street's favor. Click.

Are cell phones now cheaper than regular phones? Click.

A new Ottawa-based website, (to which a pornographic ad seemed to have been added late last night), is streaming live cell phone audio onto the Net from a radio that scans cell phone frequencies in the city. Click.


Click. California Politician Condit Hires Lawyer to Fight Intern Rumors

Click. Condit aide says news story wrong. Aide denies Condit told police woman had stayed over

Click. Intern Called Condit Before Vanishing

Click. Faced with "sobering" results from this spring's high school exit exam, California education officials on Thursday set the minimum passing score at 55 percent for math and 60 percent for English.

Click. Fatal meningitis traced to pain shots. Contra Costa investigates outbreak of noncontagious form

Click. Creditors hear PG&E's bonus defense. Executives say retention is critical to smoothing bankruptcy process

Click. Legislators considered acquisition of PG&E and buying Edison firm

Click. Experts say cutting voltage equal to two new power plants

Click. Stonehenge - the beginning of Camelot.

Click. Sacred Labyrinths

Biggest funder of  paranormal research. Click.

The Matter of Howard Hughes. Click.

Ellsberg's Perilous Peccadillos Click.

Thomson Bets On Smart Cards For Video Encryption. Click.

EU proposes plan to secure Internet. Click.

Is doomed? Click.

Click. WindowsXP's version of Internet Explorer uses smart tags to turn select keywords on any website into Microsoft's hyperlink gallery of pay for keyword placement.

Click. Juno, NetZero to Merge

Click. Oracle And BEA Chiefs Face Off 

Click. DIRT surveillance software is a "fraud," says U.K. Register

Click. Cat Takes Paws With PC Game

"It's important for young men and women who look at the Nebraska champs to understand that quality of life is more than just blocking shots." Remarks to the University of Nebraska women's volleyball team, the 2001 national champions, Washington, D.C., May 31, 2001

Click. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill promised to dump his Alcoa stock in March. He still hasn't. In the meantime, Bush energy policies have helped O'Neill's stock jump more than $60 million in value

How Bush is mobilizing Labor to win in 2004. Click.

Same old Bush operatives now working again to defeat Sandinista party. Click.


Teachers tense as pressure mounts to report sex abuse. Click.

Click. Rookie testifies against former Oakland police officers More: Click.

How Oakland cops try to smear the reputations of citizens complaining about police abuse. Click.

Click. Father is spared jail after killing suicidal daughter

Click. Assembly approves gun control measure. It requires thumbprint, proficiency

Click. Police search home of kidnapper Curtis Dean Anderson's mom. Boxes removed from Vallejo house

Click Man who killed over disclosure of homosexuality battles governor in court over parole decisons

'Pseudologia Fantastica' Won't Fly. Judge is disciplined. Click.

Congress to probe use of FBI informants. Click.

More FBI Misdeed Allegations. Newly Revealed Documents Prove Woman Innocent of Cyanide Killings, PI Says Click.

Prosecutor Targets Police Questioning and confession. Police Must Provide Interrogation Notes. Click.

New incredible lie detector tests. Click.

Click. A team of UC Berkeley chemists has created the world's smallest laser from miniature tubes 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Click. AIDS In Africa Has Potential To Affect Human Evolution

Click. Stress Delays Puberty,

Click. New Research Shows Mountain Glaciers Shrinking Worldwide

Click. Glucose Deficit Affects Young And Old, Could Impact School Schedules

Click. Microphone Array Necklace Aids The Deaf In Discerning Speech

Click. My Own Private Space Station

Click. Poor nutrition may contribute to the development of deadlier human viruses.

Click. Exercise may extend life for chronically ill

Click. Kids With Pets Have Fewer Allergies

Click. Few Depressed, Anxious Americans Seek Treatment

Click. Diabetes Shortens Lifespan Radically, Study Shows  Diabetes sufferers die much younger than people without the disease, regardless of age, sex or affluence, scientists said on Friday.

Was a strain of bacteria brought back to life after having remained dormant in a rock crystal for 250 million years? Click.

The Closer to Truth show makes science sexy? Click.

The statue of the Goddess Isis sits on display on a barge in an Alexandria naval base June 7, 2001. Statues, sunken ships, gold coins and jewelry are among the submerged treasures that French Marine archaeologist Frank Goddio has uncovered in the ancient submerged city of Heracleion off the coast of Alexandria. REUTERS/Aladin Abdel Naby

Click. Treasures of Sunken Egyptian Port Revealed. Pictures: Click.

Click. Early humans ate their way through species. Megafauna in America, Australia were killed off over time, studies say.

Click. This Swordfish Is Half-Baked John Travolta's latest effort fails as a hacker film, but it succeeds as a second-rate action movie.

Click. Girls Will Be Boys Some graduates of women's colleges are grappling with a whole new kind of gender politics. In fact, some will tell you they are not women at all.

June 7, 2001  

McVeigh appeal filed. Click.

Click. PA leaders reject Israeli demands for arrest of terrorists

U.S. Rep. Gary A. Condit told D.C. police that Chandra Levy has spent the night at his Adams Morgan apartment. Click.

Click. Bush to resume arms talks with North Korea

Click. Reversal: Rumsfeld Wants US Troops in Balkans

Click. Bill Would Move Communication Satellites From State to Commerce Dept.

Russia will develop a nationwide missile defense for India and sell naval, aircraft and armor technologies as part of a $10 billion package, the two nations announced. Click.

Republicans will to do what they criticized Clinton for doing -- sell top secret technology to China. Click.

Congressional hearings on voting technology (scroll down to May 22nd) Click.

Click. Hillary's College Thesis Up for Grabs on Web

Click. Ashcroft Hit in House on Torricelli Leaks

Click. President nominates 40 to be generals

Australian babies used in US nuclear tests. Click.

Police seize Curtis Dean Anderson's belongings, connect him to other child abduction cases. Click. More: Click.

Former Argentine president Carlos Menem was placed under house arrest Thursday by a court probing illegal arms sales to Croatia and Ecuador in the 1990s. Click.


Click.  Assembly approves expanding domestic partners rights

Click. Lawyer admits client threw Leo the Dog, but only because puppy bit him

Los Angeles' dirty little election. Click.

Click. Two men may share $85,000 for providing tips leading to conviction of Fremont Bomber

Click. Hundreds march in Oakland to protest power prices

Click. Senator ready to strong-arm energy panel. New committee chairman to give regulators 2 weeks to set price caps

Click. Tiny island in SF Bay on sale for $10 million

Click. Livermore: This isn't the Walkers' first rodeo

Stupid Tax Tricks. Click.

Post Bubble America. Click.

Click. AtomShockwave pink-slips three quarters of its staff as it moves from producing and financing Internet films to the more lucrative business of distributing them.

Click. A Northern California nonprofit feeds the Cuban health-care system by donating technological infrastructure used to spread medical information.

Click. Iridium Casts Global Net

Click. In the current market what's the state of Mergers and Acquisitions?

Click. Hewlitt Packard feels the weight of the world

Click. The Billion-Dollar Losers Club

New web ads target floating readers. Click.

Local phone and cable monopolies screw up broadband Click.

U.S. Post Office vying with e-mail

Click. Privacy? Who Cares. More and more Web-enabled gadgets collect data on customers.

Click. Investor rage gets ugly


" Our nation must come together to unite. "Tampa, Fla., June 4, 2001

"So on behalf of a well-oiled unit of people who came together to serve something greater than themselves, congratulations." Remarks to the University of Nebraska women's volleyball team, the 2001 national champions, Washington, D.C., May 31, 2001

How "Bush Speak" works. Click.

To read the face behind the words: David Givens' Nonverbal Dictionary of facial expressions Click

Admitting that Bush constantly lies -- and applauding it? Click.

America's New Civil War Click.

Bush supporters organizing vengeance against bar owner who busted his daughters Click.

Click. Eyes of Texas on Twins' Bar - Chuy's under fire!

President George W. Bush will attend the EU Summit in Sweden next Thursday, a venue at which he can expect to hear some strong criticism of his environmental policies, or lack of them. Click.

Gypsies to sue IBM over Nazi 'links'. Click.

Click. Nepal is in the grip of conspiracy theory and chaos


The Hidden, Accepted Horror of our Prisons - Rape Click.

There are now 150,000 women incarcerated in U.S. prisons and jails--75 percent of whom are mothers. Two-thirds of these women have children under the age of 18. And most women are in jail as a result of drug and alcohol addiction. Click.

Text of ruling on the execution of Timothy McVeigh. Click.

U.S. Supreme Court explains golf to you : ''At Holing, you are to play your ball honestly for the Hole, and not to play upon your Adversary's ball, not lying in your way to the Hole.'' Click.

Only in Florida! People busted for just protesting Bush's speech. Click. More. The Tampa Three. Click.

The Internet's Legal Conundrum Click.

Click. Department of Justice study: No racial or ethnic bias in death penalty

Click. Holocaust: The Prison Industrial Complex

Click. Senate bucks feds and approves medical marijuana licensing

Click. Attorney general argues taping inmates is OK. Lockyer takes issue with 1982 court ruling

Idaho McGuckin children go to a foster home. Click.

Alzheimer’s patients at four British hospitals have been given a revolutionary vaccine to combat the disease. Click.

Click. Bacteria 'cause asthma'

Click. Damaged hearts can repair themselves by growing brand-new muscle cells.

Click. New White Wine Has Health Benefits of Red Wine  

Click. French vineyards marketing wine pills.

Click. Wrong Culprit Blamed for Irish Potato Famine

A New Black Sexual Identity May Be an Incubator for AIDS. Click.

US firm clones pigs with human DNA. Click.

It is known that HIV virus perishes by the temperature + 43-44 degrees Celsius. And now scientists of International Health Centre from the city of Novosibirsk know the way to heighten the temperature of human body till 43-44 degrees Celsius without any danger for human life. This method, called as “general controlled hyperthermia” is really a sensational discovery. Not only AIDS could be defeated with this method, it signifies some other possibilities for modern medicine. The fact is, that temperature of 43-44 degrees Celsius kills also cancer cells, stops (for 5-7 hours) chemical dependence of drug addiction, ruins many bacteria and viruses. Click.

Click. NASA Resurrects Pluto Interest

Plan to put a Human colony on Europa. Click. 

Click. The Democrats & Star Wars

My Favorite Poet, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Click. N.Y. Times works to keep Web presence

A virtual tour of the Baths of Caracalla.

Click. City Stories.

The many faces of Cleopatra. Click.

Cherokee debate possible development of tribal birthplace in Kituwah . Click.

Click. The word "Barley".

Sexcapades and politics behind New York's "Catholic Museum. " Click.

J.R.R. Tolkien Still Feeds the Nerd Nation’s Imagination. Lord of the Geeks. Click.

Click. Donald and Rita Oomens gave all 17 of their kids a Catholic education. Now, about $300,000 later, the last of the brood graduates high school.

Click. Looting a lost civilization. Maya scholars in race with thieves

Were kites used to build the Pyramids. Click.

Pilgrimage route uncovered at Lake Titicaca. Click.

Daily Senate Hearings Live on the Web Click.

June 6, 2001

Sharon, US Work Out Settlement Deal. Click.

Click. Brinkmanship of blood Pushed to the edge by rage and revenge, Palestinians and Israelis stare into the abyss of war

Bush sends CIA chief to help Mideast peace. Click.

Surprise!) US Planes Bomb Iraq. Click.

Click. New Japan Foreign Minister Tanaka Anything But Diplomatic

Click. Governor Bush calls election report biased

Click. Anti-Fraud Agency Fakes Documents The Pentagon agency charged with rooting out fraud destroyed documents and substituted fakes to win a passing grade in an audit of its own operations, according to an internal inquiry.

Elegant analogy between Clinton-Monica and W-Jenna hypocrisies Click.


Click Recount asked in Marin County DA recall Hoping to close a 34,000-vote gap in the polls, a group called the Children's and Parents Rights Forum has demanded a manual recount of last month's recall election against District Attorney Paula Kamena.

Click. James Hahn, newly elected mayor of Los Angeles

Click. San Jose council gives green light to generating plant

Click. Foster care reforms win OK. Assembly package responds to dire needs

Click. Businesses vie for blackout exemptions

Click. Bill would give ferrets their day in the California sun

Click. Sharpshooter discovered in Imperial County

Click. Netscape: We're in Media, Not Browser Business Now

Click. Net2Phone offers new Net-phone service Net2Phone will launch a new service Wednesday that allows consumers to make phone calls over the Internet using their regular phones.

Click. Napster Signs With the Major Labels

Click. PlayStation branches out 

Click. Hot New IPO Trend: Suing

Click. Silicon Island: A Cuban Fantasy?

Click. They Think They Feel Your Pain via the internet

Click. Broadband Walks the Last Mile

Click. Game Controller Shocks Players


Click. Barrymore held in pool death probe

Teen tells of harsh beating in trial of 'Riders' officers. Click.

Click. Sonoma County D.A. Mullins defends disqualifying judge

Click. McVeigh team says Feds withheld evidence showing wider conspiracy

Click. New approach to criminal justice

Click. Bloom, the advocate for prisoners

Click. FBI shooter can be tried in Ruby Ridge slaying, court says

Click. Connecticut Attorney General Probes Fake Movie Critic

Click. Prosecutors: Retired Army Colonel Topped KGB Chief Yuri Andropov's List Of Spies


Click. New sky map touted as 'field guide to the heavens'

Click. Tummy tuck. New stomach band treatment for obesity

Click. BSE 'cross-infection' risk

Click. FDA deciding whether to regulate cloned livestock

Click. Biotech brainiacs. Gene Connection group teaches the DNA basics

Women 'would cause conflicts' on Mars mission. Click.

Click. Vaccine hope for Alzheimer's

Click. New U. Of Colorado Astronomy Study Indicates Planet Formation May Be Rare In Universe

Click. Recently-Discovered Protein Could Be Key To Understanding And Preventing Type-2 Diabetes, Yale Researchers Find

Click. Alzheimer's Disease Meets Its Boxing Match: Molecular Link Between Alzheimer's And 'Punch Drunk' Syndrome Found In Humans

Click. Animal Welfare Can Now Be "Objectively" Measured

Stills of X-43A scramjet failure. Click.

My Favorite Poet, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Click. Food in Shakespeare's time.

Click. Spy Letters of the American Revolution.

Click. History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America.

Click. Word of the Day from the Oxford English Dictionary

Click. Falun Gong protest in S.F.

Click. Funky Precedent  Seventies soul survivor Shuggie Otis resurfaces as a twenty-first-century man.

Click. Bestseller Japanese rush to buy controversial school book

Click. Jackie Chan Wants to Switch From Action to Acting

Click. Irish Wart-Curing Well Threatened by Highway 

June 5, 2991

Click. Pentagon Cuts Off All Contacts With China

The great White House crusade for missile defense reached an unprecedented level of strangeness: the United States to buy a big consignment of Soviet-designed S-300 air-defense systems and set them up in Europe as part of the American missile shield. Click.

Click. Freeh says FBI right to admit mistake in bombing case

Click. Grocers concerned by food scares demand inspections of growers

Click. Senate to subpoena documents from power generators

Click. Abortion consent bill gets Oklahoma Governor Keating signature  Any doctor who performs an abortion on an unwed young girl without notifying her parents is now responsible for problems caused by the abortion.

Wrong ones are going to prison. Click.

Click.  Eagle Aviation and Technology Services, Inc. involved in Colombian drug missions has Iran-Contra past

London: Civil servants are being instructed to treat victims of Gulf War Syndrome, depleted uranium poisoning and nuclear testing as "political" when assessing applications for war pensions. Click.

Bilderberg participants 2001. Click.

Bad Aibling's (U.S. Echelon post)  tasks would be performed by "other technologies" once it shuts down. Click.

Expected massacres in Israel and Palestine. Click. 


Click. Prix fixe natural gas now available An affiliate of Enron Corp., the politically potent and wildly profitable Houston-based energy conglomerate, has got a deal for you.

Click. Rodney Blach bomber case reward of $85,000 should be split. Recommendation from jury, prosecutor.

Click. Sausalito executive appears in court in Internet-molest case

Click. Lawyer troubles continue to cloud Olson SLA case

Click. Simon, banking on his business experience, to run for governor

Click. Chevron threatens to cut gas supply in state

Click. PG&E creditors approve bonuses. Utility must file reorganization plan by end of year, or CEO only gets $600,000 extra

Click. Critics say feds ignored California's deregulation flaws

Click. Civil rights panel reportedly finds fault with Florida balloting; no conspiracy found

Click. Spilled Milk: Jonathan Chait on Jim Jeffords, dairy socialist.

Click. White House Watch: Ryan Lizza watches W.'s strong-arming finally backfire.

Click. Government Ethics Board Says Rove Is Dragging His Feet On Conflict Of Interest Stock Sales

Click. Bush Aide Karl Rove Is One Rich Dude

Getting Around D.I.R.T. Click.

Click. Battered Computers: An Epidemic

Click. Travel Website Faces Intense Scrutiny

Click. Report: Four Web Sites Control Half of Surfing Time

Click. Microsoft and AOL's Windows XP talks are deadlocked because Redmond wants immunity from legal action.

Click. Microsoft: The Beast Is Back

Click. Apple's moviemaking revolution



How the other 1% lives. Click.


Click. SAP Goes All Out The German software giant updates its image.

Click. The Red Eye: Harvard economics

Japan's New Economy vending machines have got boxers, breakfast, beer—and a brand-new business model on tap. Click.

Click. Texas: 'Green light' to close casino

Click. Kendall Jackson chief Platt quits after end of sales talks Lewis E. Platt, the former Hewlett-Packard chief who became the most prominent executive to lead a Sonoma County wine company, resigned Monday from his post at Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates.


Click. Nevada approves web gambling

Gold Club mogul Steve Kaplan routinely paid his strippers to perform sex acts for big-name athletes, including Patrick Ewing and Reggie Miller, a former club executive testified yesterday. Click.

The Supreme Court yesterday stepped in to resolve in favor of workers legislative and legal confusion over limits on damages for sexual harassment and similar workplace misdeeds. Click.

Click. Scam Alert: Authorities sound alarm on automatic-debit fraud

Click. Death sentence reversed for retarded Texas man. Supreme Court faults jury instructions

Click. Santa Rosa police to get high-tech laser guns to target single speeders

Click. After 16 months, dog-hurling case goes to trial. Renegade repairman faces 3-year term if result is conviction

Click. A little-noticed loophole in new medical privacy regulations allows law enforcement access to medical records without the patient's consent. Will doctors soon be reading you your rights?

Click. Death Threats Traced to Protester

Click. Nevada lawmakers vote to legalize medical marijuana

Computerized prescription records could save 7000 lives per year. Click.

Click. Theory says teens wired to take risks. 

Click. May the Worst Tech Win Why the better invention isn't always the better invention.

University of California, Berkeley lab duplicates the dying groans of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Click.

Click. Fields of Gene Factories

Click. Sensitive Cells

Click. San Francisco blames highest Syphilis rate in a decade on AOL

Click. New procedure may add important safeguard to nation's blood supply

Click. Possible Improved Ways To Starve Tumors

Click. Evolution Faster Than You Think

Click. Common Genetic Mutation Linked To Uterine Cancer

Click. Copper Is Crucial For Embryonic Development,

Click. Superbug Appearance

Click. Food Contamination Threat 

Click. Lack of Iron Can Cause Learning Problems in Kids

Click. State of the Earth study 

Click. Jelly plants on Mars 

Click. World's largest flower opens 

Virulent Bacteria in US Meat. Click.

My Favorite Poet, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Where hippies never die. Click.

Click. Human flaws and fate collided, and a 233-year prophesy was fulfilled

Click. Scorsese launches campaign for widescreen TV

Click. Bull from the Sky  Is Kansas City ashamed of its cowtown past?

Book traces the Supreme Court Justices' stance toward gays. Click.

The Broadway 'The Producers' phenomenon Click.

Click. Duchovny Swears Off "X-Files"

Click. Tom Cruise: Really Not Gay

Click. Edgar Allan Poe? Adults only.

Rock Art: 26000 years old. Click.

Click. Brilliant Careers: Stevie Nicks

Click. Kennewick Man 

Maya Ruins are the Heart of a Bold Economic Plan. Click.

John Lennon artificial intelligence project. Click.

Update On The Bay Of Havana And The Isle Of Youth. Click.

June 4, 2001

Click. White House Reportedly Narrows List for FBI Chief.

Click. FBI Troubles Could Imperil Carnivore

Click. Government To Counter McVeigh Stay Bid

Click. Top Court Delays New Trial
Ruling For OKC Figure

Iraq stops oil exports. Click.

Click. Citzen Kane on Steroids - Berlusconi wins, democracy loses by Martin A. Lee

Click. How Many Must Die Before Sharon Strikes?

Click. Sharon's Hawks Plan for War

Click. German Parliament Endorses Expansion of Kosovo Mission

Click. U.S. downgrades relations with China Bilateral military contacts reduced; to be assessed on case-by-case basis

Click. Peru Elects Indian as President

Click. Makiko tells it like it is.

Bush's drug war strategy - escalate it.  Dyncorp's role. Click.

Energy Department starts Livermore Lab shakeup. Click.

Click. The Politics of Overnight Birth Control

Click. Lethal Meningitis Strain Kills Two Teens

Land (And Water Grab) In Idaho: The Real McGuckin Story by Don Harkins Click.

Click. The U.S. Army Recruiting Command and Halliburton Company signed an agreement May 16 to provide priority hiring status to qualified soldiers participating in the Partnership for Youth Success Program.  As part of the enlistment process, recruits sign a letter of intent to work for Halliburton upon completion of their term of service.

Click. Communist Party admits pervasive unrest in China. Report blames corruption, rich-poor gap

Secret CIA civilian pilots - Air America - honored 25 years later. Click.

As it ferrets out its own moles, the FBI can take a lesson from a CIA spy hunt that went too far. Click


Click. India,Russia Discuss Arms Deals


Click. Sausalito executive arrested on sex charge More: Click.

Click. Builders see 'critical habitat' designation as economically ruinous More than half the land in the East Bay falls under new rules that protect the Alameda whipsnake and the California red-legged frog, adding another layer of regulation that could make much of that land more difficult to develop.

Click. Pomo factions cancel each other's votes on leaders Members of the Dry Creek Pomo tribe remain caught in a web of family feuds and power struggles, leaving plans for Sonoma County's first casino stuck somewhere in between.

Click. New power market overwhelms FERC

Click. Electricity usage shrinks by 11%. State's consumers beat goal set by governor

Click. Wrestler's bias claim jolts University of California, Davis. A gender bias complaint filed by a female wrestler at the University of California, Davis, has shaken the athletic department.

Click. Key Bush advisers report large Enron holdings. Energy strategists received consulting fees, owned shares

Click. The Grand Old Petroleum Party

Shrub Dubs His Flub by Molly Ivans Click.

Click. Jeffords' special-ed plan revived 

Click. President Bush wants to make Jeffrey Sutton a federal judge. But Sutton's road just became a lot rockier.

Click. McCain's mutiny. 

Bush's Credibility Chasm by Robert Parry. Click.

Click. W's Bogus 'Election' 

Click. The 13 Scariest White Guys in America

Insight Magazine: New evidence showing that Yasser Arafat ordered the assassination of two U.S. diplomats in 1973 may require the Bush administration to issue a warrant for his arrest. Click.

Click. LaRouche on President's Rearmament Scam: Goebbels in Bush's Bunker

Click. Nicky Hager Statement for EP Echelon Study

Click. Polish Cipher System NATO E-mail Prospect

Click. Is Military Hiding Hacks?

Click. On-the-go porn Cellphone pornography is set to be the next wave of adult techno-entertainment.

Click.  The real story on why the revolution didn't happen.

Click. Did AnnaK Kill J.Lo Virus? Only a few people were duped by the virus that promised a look at Jennifer Lopez's bare behind. Was no one really interested? Perhaps virus awareness has Web users keeping their pants on.

Click. Travel Web site faces intense scrutiny

Click. Dirty, Dirty Clown

Click. India's Tech Workers Feel Squeeze

Click. The Internet is raising havoc with the corporate media's message
Click. The Democracy Chronicle to make content from the Internet more accessible to people who are not online

Confusing details about the CIA's Net.anonymizer (Triangle Boy) Click.

CIA Adventures in Venture Capital. Hill Reviewing Agency's Multimillion-Dollar In-Q-Tel Offshoot for Value. Click.

Click. Lone Wolf activism. Those who once haunted hate groups blend dangerously into society

Click Small Business Funding Programs Gaining Popularity

Click. The demand for cell phones and computer chips is helping fuel a bloody civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Click. Clinton and Gore 'drove each other nuts' from start; have not spoken since Bush inauguration.

Click. Clinton Idaho Mom Rejects Judge's Offer.

Click. Russia in crisis as vodka runs out.

Click. Lawyer troubles continue to cloud Olson SLA case

Click. B osses would have to notify workers before monitoring e-mail


Click. Financial Disclosure Sunshine law casts shadow on privacy. Web provides easy access to donors' names

Click. Buddhist meditation brings release behind bars

Click. Forensic hair analysis under scrutiny

False confessions mar murder cases. Click.

Deeply weird story about the Los Angeles Police. "Biggie Smalls." Click.

Skolnick: McVeigh and fraud upon the court. Click.

Click. SEC's top cop says companies still abuse new disclosure rule

Click. A device capable of detecting concealed weapons in a crowd.

The 'holy grail' of policing. Click.


Click. Tax on tribes

Inside HUD’s Financial Fiasco Click.

Click. Sony moves financial operations center to London

Click. IBM's Biotech Ambitions

Click. AOL, Legend to Unveil China Alliance

Click. Don't let angel investors bedevil your startup.

Click. Ancient Oceans Experienced a Global Surge in Biological Productivity.

Scientists cure varicose veins with a single injection. Click.

India to levitate flying car. Click.

Click. Researchers undaunted in complex quest for AIDS vaccine. Half-dozen creations in test stages

Click. Plumbing the immune system. AIDS research sheds light on functions, but vaccine remains elusive

Pesticides trigger Parkinson's disease. Click.

Click. Stretching Nerve Cells For Transplant

Click. Soy Extract Reduces Prostate Cancer Growth In Mice, Cell Culture, UD Davis Study Finds

New revelations at Karnak Click.

Proof of UFO's? Click.

Where was Abraham's Ur? Click.

Click. Remnants Of Secret Society Pose A Mystery Across The U.S. Skeletons found in old lodges of Odd Fellows.

Sacred stones in the desert. Click.

The struggle for the Dead Sea scrolls. Click.

Click. King David's secret demons. 

Did Nepal's royal family die for this woman? Click.

"The Beard of Avon" toys with Shakespeare's identity. Click.

Lion, Witch and Mickey Mouse. Click.

My Favorite Poet, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Click.   Berkeley special effects wizard Phil Tippett.

Puppy love can wreck young persons' lives. Click.

Click. Newest teen dance is freaking out school administrators nationwide. Some ban movements described as 'sex with their clothes on'

Click. Titans Of Worship: Megachurches Draw Huge Crowds


Click. Pope John XXIII's body goes on show in Rome.

Click. James Gillray: Caricatures from the Gifford Collection, Bucknell University. "...the most renowned and prolific British caricaturist of his age, the grand master of visual satire."

Click. 'Producers' Perfection

Click. Robert E. Lee's Civil War

Is Abercrombie & Fitch a cult? Click.

At last! The Blonde Legal Defense Club. Click.

The Lord of the Rings - the book of the century?

Ancient Cuban shipwrecks, underground city, explored for 1st time Click.

June 3, 2001

Click. Another Step Closer to a Long, Painful War

Click. Sharon Considers 48-Hour 'Knockout Punch'

Click. Japanese Minister Questions Star Wars

Did the Secret Service drop the ball when protecting the Bush girls from under age alcohol use? Click.

US proxy war on drug barons unravels. Click.

Click. FDR's ''Day of Infamy'' speech written the day before attack

Click. Rollback of South Africa's Bio-War Program

Click. Surveillance team targets Gay Days at Disney World

Click. Women born to fugitive Japanese Red Army members return from Lebanon, North Korea and speak of their unusual childhoods.

"Private" British military companies. Dogs of War. Click.    

Click. Sandia satellite Watches Arms, Earth


Click. Rodney Blach found guilty of Fremont bombings  Convicted by his "confession" in Astrological charts. Click.

Click. Marin County: Supervisor Rose recall bid suffers setback

Click. Marin County: Man accused in Hamilton molestation

Click. San Jose couple suspected of embezzling from school district

Click. California says San Bernandino county can't ban abortion pill. 

Click. Pomo tribal dispute threatens casino 

Click. Danville Mother sues pediatrician and three East Bay Hospitals, in child's death from E. coli

Click. Barbara Moscowitz, Moe's Books founder

Click. Grand jury finds Napa Valley Unified School District's spending OK; Grand jury found a citizen's complaint that the Napa Valley Unified School District was misspending money to be the result of a "misunderstanding."

Click. Microsoft's Office XP: A Leap Worth Taking?

Click. Deutsche Telekom Now No. 2 The German telco acquires two American phone services and becomes the world's second largest cell phone service. It plans to offer global roaming and high-speed wireless surfing by summer.

Left unchecked, cable firms will funnel Internet traffic to their own content--and the Web won't be worldly or wise. Click.

Click. D.I.R.T: Data Interception by Remote Transmission

U.S. Echelon station in Germany closing. Click.

Oldest writing in the world found. Click.

UFO video goes to Hollywood. Click.

Click. Want to Really Find Your Ancestors? Which of these 13 Women is your penultimate grandmother?

Unmade movie had CIA, Colorado ties. Click. 


Click. Test results of Waco simulation called into question

Click. The simulation that concluded government agents did not
fire their guns during the Waco siege did not test the type of assault rifle the FBI had at the scene, according to an official who helped run the test.

Click. Ex-Davidian prosecutor could be jailed. Probation deal pulled over public comments.

Click. Sonoma County D.A. orders deputies to disqualify Judge Boyd because he is too close to prominent Santa Rosa defense attorney Andrian.

Social workers can search wherever they want. Click.

Man testifies of brutal beating from Oakland police aka The Riders. "He socked me in the ribs, elbowed me, kicked me". Click.

Click. Denver: Doctors threatened with federal prosecution if they prescribe medical marijuana

Click. Investigators probe Bakley's life


Click. New nanowires could track tiny explosives 

Click. Revamped Russian Space Force Officially Launches 

Click. Revolutionary aircraft poised for test flight 

When they were ready to have another child, the Ransoms decided to use one of the embryos which had been created for them seven years before. Click.


Click. Getting to Core of Power Crunch Part of California's power problem is that it can only move so much of the stuff from one place to another. A project that will replace the steel cores of wiring lines with fiber optics would increase the flow without adding new lines.

The European Union's top police agency, Europol, is under investigation by the Dutch criminal authorities for alleged fraud and money-laundering. Click.

Click. Marine Finds Medical Care Not Covered

My Favorite Poet, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Click. Arsenic poisoning killed Napoleon, new tests confirm

Click. In defense of Andrew Sullivan who went onto AOL looking for a date. Whatever discrepancies exist between his public words and his private actions, the attempt to smear him sexually is a vendetta masquerading as journalism.

Click. DEFENDING MY LIFE What's a life worth? Geov Parrish fought the system to get approval to save his life by pressuring his insurance company into paying for a then "experimental" double organ transplant.

Orwell. Click.

Click. Dog runs for Mayor! He's dogged in pursuit of victory

June 1, 2001

Click. Bush shifts his stand on peacekeeping

Click. The Military-Industrial Complex Rules

Click. Iran Test Fires New Missile

Click. India approves development of nuclear-capable missile: report

Click. Israel Sending Special Units Into West Bank

Click. Rich can get transplants quickly 

Click. The FBI-CIA Wars: An Update on the Phony Hanssen Case by Al Martin

Click. The Myth of the Media's Role in Vietnam

Children and Dogs hold off Idaho Sheriff. Click.

Click. Idaho family's decline

Click. Russian space forces re-born 

Click. The power behind the throne has lost the kingdom for George II

Click. The U.S. Forces stationed at Bad Aibling Station (BAS), Germany, integral part of the Department of Defense communications network which provides support to U.S. and allied interests, will be consolidated and realigned according to an announcement today.

435 secret US governmental Pan Am 103 investigation-files from 1988-1991, available for direct download. Click.


McVeigh files: See a partial list of what the FBI withheld. Click.

Click. Document provides evidence
tying white racists to McVeigh

Click. Evans-Pritchard: Alternative media dig into, reveal true story


Click. Regulators say they're close to proving power manipulation

Click. How California's contracts with power suppliers actually encourage price gouging

Click. Santa Rosa: Ghilotti death declared suicide

Click. Many Small Businesses Thrive and Survive In The Box Store World

Click. Will Ft. Baker Become A Tourist And Traffic Magnet?

Click. RFK, Jr. Talks of Future, West Marin Water Quality

California slummin' -  Bush comes to the "Land Most Reviled"


Click. How about a big dam along the Canada-U.S. border? Bulk water sales by Canada to the U.S.

Five Questions with Radha Basu CEO of Click.

Click. Is greed good for AOL and other ISPs?

Click. Going public: IPO review for 2000

Building a customer base one by one. Click.

Click. Lessons of the Internet Era

Click. U.S. Equity Movers: Frontier Airlines, Immune Response, Ixia


Click. They Price Laundered Money

IT'S WAR: Microsoft Supporters Fire Salvo as Office XP Launches. Click. More: Click. Ready, Set ... Office XP

Click. New 'pop-under' Web advertising earns attention  

What are those words that trigger Echelon? Click.

Click. A mobile phone that protects transmissions from sophisticated eavesdropping is launched in Germany.

Software that's hot on the trail of credit crooks

Organic computer screens. Click.

Computers will save us. Click.

Click. India's answer to the tech slowdown is to entice U.S. companies to set up shop there.

Click. Microsoft Monopolizes U.K. Gov't Site

Click. Technological changes take years to diffuse through the economy. Contrary to popular wisdom, the Internet is no exception.

Microsoft obtains e-book patent. Click.

Click. Security expert says, Windows XP will make Internet unstable

Smart key chains beat smart wallet. Click. 

Click. Underwater Footage Reveals D-Day Wreckage 

Ancient Japanese mound supports the notion of a Kinki Dominatrix. Click.

Click. Chance discovery leads to vital evidence of human life on west coast of Scotland 9,500 years ago.


Click. Donna Seeks Rudy's Big Bucks

Click. Rudy's Rough Week: An Embattled Mayor Is Facing His Limits

Click. Bush Signed Law That Got Daughters in Trouble

Click. California Supreme Court: Suing landlord made harder. Not responsible for crime on premises 

Click. FBI resisted Waco investigation, says special counsel

Click. A Constitutional Right to Decode?

Click. Russia reins in scientists. Any contacts with foreigners must be reported

Click. Court upholds $26 million judgment in Ford Bronco rollover case

Click. Oakland Police fabricated evidence, court hears.

Women in prison - children in crisis. Click.

Click. California court says children's privacy trumps free speech

Click. Women may get Viagra free from the British National Health System

Click. A fast-acting rival to the anti-impotence pill Viagra is approved for sale in Europe

Click. Gene Chips Accurately Diagnose Four Complex Childhood Cancers; Artificial Intelligence Used With Gene Expression Microarrays For The First Time

Click. Stem Cells Help Regenerate Tissue Damaged From Heart Attack

Click. Digital Model Of Amoeba Helps Scientists Study Human Cells

Click. Birth Order Affects Career Interests, Study Shows

Click. Fingering Cancer Genes

Click. Jet Propulsion Lab Radar Scans Asteroid Moon During Earth Flyby

The unexpected neurological changes caused by coke. Click.

Human brain has an unsuspected oxygen reserve. Click.

Secret channel holds the key to metabolic mysteries. Click.

Civil War wounds that glowed. Click. 

U.S. Army's high tech pick up. Click.

Japan: Worked to death a threat to women too. Click.

The Roses of Heliogabalus, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Click to see enlarged version.

Click. The sizzling sleepers of summer Forget "The Mummy Returns" and "Pearl Harbor": Here are the season's most scorching movies

Click. Death of the novel

Click. Fact or fiction?

Click. Pope John XXIII's Coffin to Be Shown

New species of dinosaur unearthed in Egypt  

Click. What inspired Sean Penn to become a director?

Click. Animal DNA testing in high demand

Click. Hindu holy woman 

Click. Revolt of the Wage Slave

Click. National Book Awards Decides to Consider E-Books

Forget flowers. Today's women prefer to be wooed with  gadgets. Click..