US Troops Arriving in Georgian Republic

U.S. Efforts in Caucasus Underscore Global Fight

Russia Tells US to Keep Out of Its Backyard


Witnesses Say GIs Were Duped in Raid on Afghans

War for Oil?

Colombian Rebel Says Thousands to Die in Total War

Gaddafi son spurns idea of hereditary Libyan rule

Bush promised the Japanese Premier Koizumi to assist in the issue of the South Kurile islands. Click.

US security products are openly on display at a trade fair in Iran, despite sanctions banning virtually all trade and transfer of technology to the Islamic republic. Click.

US Conference to Form Plan to Oust Saddam from Power

Iran Now Can Strike Much of Mideast with Missiles

Diamond-Backed Warriors

The Division of Afghanistan Begins Click.

Panel On Military Women In Peril

Break For 3 Louima Cops

Native American Suit Winds Down

Bag Scanning System Called Easily Foiled

Iowa Passes English-Only Measure

RFK Jr. helps launch RiverKeeper program

Pope says abortion could lead to downfall of democracies

United Airlines to Start Stun Gun Training


Welfare Ban for Drug Felons Harms Children, Study Says

Official scrambles to save information agency

Jerry Brown riles his mayoral opponent. Incumbent's low-key campaign has rival Riles taking off the gloves

Feinstein launches crusade against cancer

Missing Crescent City teen safe in Portland

Down, out and old. Homeless seniors get tips on how to survive golden years on S.F.'s streets


Bush Headlines Retirement Summit

Democrats Challenge Pentagon

Ridge to Profit From US Security Boost

Cheney's war against the right to know.

Questions for Judge Smith. More Bush Nominees With Questionable Backgrounds.

Senator Hollings Blames Bush Administration for 9/11 Attacks

Bush to Push Social Security Private Accounts

Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

U.S. Intelligence Team In N. Iraq

US Fails to Find Evidence at Camp X-Ray Click.

At Hearing, British Fingerprint Expert Calls FBI's Proficiency Test a "Joke" Click. More: Click. More: Click.

Click. Recruiting Domestic Spies and Agents

Click. DoJ Hiding Secret Weekly Reports to Ashcroft

Report: Covert Action Targets Saddam

FBI: 2 Aided Hijackers

Enron Spin Will Define Bush

The Other Enron Whistle Blower

Arthur Andersen Aims to Avoid Indictment with Quick Settlements

The Scandal Before The Fall 

Liability insurance payments on hold to pay attorneys' fees

Judge approves Enron worker fund

Government might have to take over Enron pension plan

Prosecutors weighing aid for testimony

Smithsonian exhibit to tell Enron story


Hewlett speculates on life after Fiorina

Fiorina makes last big pitch for Compaq deal

Two Novato tech firms take blows

How Michael Powell helped resurrect Ma Bell

Global Crossing Whistleblower Files Suit

IMF Says It Will Probably Send IMF Negotiating Team To Argentina Next Week

Intel backs consumers over Hollywood

Buffer Overflow in Microsoft Internet Explorer Click.

Bush shutting down "digital divide" programs Click.

Have iPod, Will Secretly Bootleg

Dell Proves a Bit Gun-Shy

Morpheus' File-Trading Fiasco


3 NYPD Torture Convictions Voided

The ADL Spying Case Is Over, But The Struggle Continues

More Questions About McVeigh

Coroner might probe 1990 baby death

INS allows widow, 72, previously facing deportation, to stay in the U.S.

Renter protection measure advances

High court hears disability case

Neighbor describes 'dark shadow' over mauling victim. Witnesses call lawyer calm after mauling

Guilty plea in S.F. minority fraud case. Fine, detention for using fake firm to gain contract

Student's head wrap bothers justices. UC Berkeley intern angry she was asked to remove scarf in courtroom

New trial ordered in killing of DEA agents


Investigators subpoena anthrax samples, records from research labs

Five Top US Health Posts Are Unfilled

Anthrax Spores Use Failsafe Protection System, Say University Of Michigan Scientists

Scientists fights research controls. Click.

Hormone swings affect men too, suggests research

Tyrannosaurus rex: See how they run

Pollution blamed for cancer ravaging Quebec's whales.

Mom's Worry Over Kid's Weight Ups Child's Fat Risk

Annual Dose of Drug May Help Fight Osteoporosis

Strength Training May Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Acupuncture May Safely Treat Morning Sickness

New Neurons Work in an Old Brain

Jupiter's Awesome Aurora Revealed

Airships Get Tech Mission

Researchers Discover Mechanism Of Plant Resistance To Pathogens

Worm Neuron Research May Lead To Powerful Model For Parkinson's Study

Silent Earthquake In Hawaii Offers Clues To Early Detection Of Catastrophic Tsunamis

Testicular Cancer: Cure Rates Now So High Patients May Be More At Risk From Treatment

Oral Diabetes Drug Shows Promise In Preventing Miscarriage In Common Infertility Disorder

New Sensor Being Designed To Detect, Identify Invisible Agents Faster

Forerunner To Insulin May Predict Coronary Heart Disease  

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

The Jitterbug Still Flies

David Craig on 'Nature Writing'

Welcome to the Internet Movie Advisor

Degrees of separation?

Goat, horse share treats, friendship through fence

Sarah Hughes: The Unofficial Sarah Hughes Web Page

Tonda Traditional Japanese Bunraku Puppets.

Can Bono Save The World?

The Pen is Mightier....

NY Times' board member William E. Kennard is a managing director of The Carlyle Group. Click.

Terrorism link in drug ads whips up backlash

The meaning of Danny Pearl's death? Click.

Detailed description of the Pearl tape. Click.

U.S. Government Rebuilds Net Image

Word of the Day Click.


US May Send Troops to Georgia Republic

Georgia Says It Has No Plans for Joint Operation with U.S.

GAO Wants Halt in US Funds for Colombia Drug War

A Canadian Link To Pearl Kidnapping?

Suppose they gave a war that never ended

U.S. hero search takes a wrong turn

Land for Peace Is a Losing Trade

Disorganized at Defense

The lack of U.S. policy raises the risk of war

Conundrum in Colombia

Colombian rebels warn of 'total war'

Power balance in East Asia

Peace on Israel's terms

Deception As a Weapon

Hawkish flights of faith

Marines, Special Operations Command Increase Ties

Report Faults Security of Russian Arsenal

Army's Reality Game Takes a Deadly Turn

Fort Bragg alters Ex Robin Sage

700 National Guard Will Patrol Border with Canada

A Critical Appraisal of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Afghanistan War Click.

U.S. to Weigh Computer Chip Implant

U.S. Update on Drug Growers Excuses Some

Drug trafficking growing on Internet

UN Africa Aid Workers in 'Widespread' Sex Abuse of Children

Colleges Fear Anti-Terrorism Law Could Turn Them Into Big Brother Click.


Pesticide use on trails stops

State investigating charter school system. Recent fraud probe sparks scrutiny

Simon leaps in front of Riordan

Wilderness group outlines top 10 endangered California wild areas

State plans charter school audits after Fresno troubles Click.

Family not buying Condit blitz. Click.

Homing pigeons ruffle neighbors' feathers

Grand jury has harsh words for Sonoma County psychiatric center

Is there life for Brown when monarchy ends?

Crescent City teen vanishes during bus trip. Girl had visited Sacramento

Affordable housing gets lift

Criminal record of direct-mail whiz stuns candidates

Feng shui a Sausalito voter issue. Planned city building called energy blocker


'Axis of Evil' Author Quits White House

Click. Tom Ridge says he has no plans to sell stock that he owns in several companies lobbying the Bush administration for defense contracts.

Bush helps Elizabeth Dole raise money

Hillary's Cash Machine Back in Gear

Pelosi, Miller battle Bush budget for more national park funds

Bush embraces Saudi prince's vision for peace in Middle East

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".


Chinese Arms Control Chief to Visit U.S.

Where did the plan for space weapons come from and why is it controversial?

The Disappeared Click.

Framing Enron

Lifestyles of the rich and infamous. Enron's elite indulged in cars, homes, art, trips

Oil execs urged Cheney to open undersea tract. Deal sheds light on tangled web of energy interests at White House

Investigator Fears "Dozens of Enrons" Click.

Analysts deny being pushed
to recommend Enron stock

Greenspan says Enron's collapse won't badly hurt economy

Nine Florida legislators investigating Enron received money from company

Creditors try to cut off use of funds

Fired treasurer was 'seduced' by Enron, ex-colleague suggests

Watkins blames Lay for failure


$152m worth of condos sell out in just five hours Click.

Channel Islands agree tax haven deal

527 groups

Exec pay latest dispute in HP battle

Hewlett: HP, Compaq, hiding executive bonuses


The CIA's Role in the Anthrax Mailings: Could Our Spies be Agents for Military-Industrial Sabotage, Terrorism, and Even Population Control? Click.

U.S.: Enforcement of mad cow rules lax

The Pen is Mightier....

Former President Bush to Marin County: 'I apologize'

Click. Christian fiction takes off.


Pentagon: US Lacks Evidence for Tribunals

Slobodan Milosevic in a Kangaroo Court

Restaurateur wins $9.89 million suit

Marin County joins lawsuit over weapons by mail

Click. Court orders release of immigrant.

Teacher pleads not guilty in sex case

County ordered to pay in shooting

A federal judge has granted $1 million in legal fees to the law firm that represents a man shot by a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy six years ago Click.

Courts martial are 'flawed'

Dems in Attack on Second Bush Judicial Nominee

Daughter relives sexual assault in pair's murder trial

Jurors told lawyers' dog lunged at small boy in S.F. Prosecutors cite 30 other run-ins before fatal mauling

Britain To Lead Way with World's First Stem Cell Bank

Evolving away from animal tests. Click.

Romancing the molecule. Click.

AIDS Vaccine Shows Early Promise in Human Testing

An 'Atlas' to Count the Genes

Prolific Sperm Donor's Bad Gene

Hubble Servicing Promises High Drama

Scientists Plan Pluto Flyby

Sandia Tackles Tomorrow's Terror

Click, No Film

Buried ice suspected on Mars

Obesity Growing Threat To World Health

Study Shows Vast Majority Of Middle-Aged Americans At Risk Of Developing Hypertension

Gene Linked To Accelerated Brain Aging In Healthy Adults

Are Crackers Behind AOL Spree?

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

The Truth About Color-Seers

To save half a million children is a privilege.

How to Listen.

Floral Radiographs: The Secret Garden.

Heloise to Peter Abelard.

Hitler's clairvoyant

Web sites help with homework

Mormon Leader 'Ordered Massacre of Settlers'

Pope May Sack Polish Prelate in Sex Scandal

Net Gambit: See Art, Pay Amnesty

Word of the Day Click.

February 26, 2002

Reports Say US Iraq Strike Imminent

Rumsfeld: UN Arms Inspections of Iraq Insufficient

Congress considers new kind of draft

US to Waive Afghanistan Narcotics Sanctions

Reports: Bush, Blair To Discuss Iraq Action

U.S. Too Weak to Attack Iraq

Click. Robots with energy guns to replace armored vehicles.

The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 7 by Sherman Skolnick

Pregnant women victims of gunfire. Palestinian, Israeli give birth to healthy babies after being shot


The international war on drugs is the redheaded stepchild in the war-on-terror family. Click.

Victims of missionary plane downing in Peru seek millions in compensation from U.S.

Click. South Carolina has been surreptitiously collecting the DNA of newborn babies for their databank.

German government bypasses parliament to fund military transport project

Click. Are Agro-Giants Taking Over University Research?

Handlebars go hi-tech

Overhaul of Internet authority recommended

Trust us, we're Microsoft

10 things Google has found to be true

If ICANN Can't, Who Should?

Chip Advances Chase Moore's Law

Persuasive, Pervasive Computing

Asian women love e-mail 

Microsoft Guru: Stamp Out HTTP


State to ask federal energy regulators to reverse power deals

Teacher faces charge in student-sex affair

Former exec gets 3 years in Internet sex case

Teacher training: An 'administrative quagmire'

Trees cut for butterfly habitat

Click. Big plan to save Steelhead

'I can't pay the $2 bridge toll because ...'

Livermore bars investigated after fatal crash

Simon's gain in polls makes him a GOP target

HUD's top local official says he's out. He blames criticism of S.F. housing agency

Sturgeon's sawmill


Click. Meet the new Dixiecrats, Ralph Neas and John Edwards.

''Ashcroft, American history, and speaking in tongues''

Cher steamed at John Ashcroft

Ashcroft to defend Bush spending priorities

Click. VP Cheney: 9/11 Godsend for Spy Tech Sector  

Bush Invites Mel Gibson To White House For Screening Of Vietnam War Movie

Cowboy Bush Has a Corporate Agenda

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA Report Details Thefts Of Nuclear Fuel From Russia

Click. Follow the money and see how right-wing ideologues infiltrated the USA.

Musharraf Takes on Spy Agency Click.

Click. Net As An Open Source Intelligence Tool

Ex-Enron treasurer a possible cooperating witness

Multiple Enron probes aim to avoid colliding

The Enron Collapse: A Financial Scandal Rooted in Politics

Former Enron Chief Says He Did Not Lie

DA says Enron may owe back tax

Sour deal brings big profits to insiders

Enron can be a thriving firm, ex-staff told

Lawsuit timeline debated

CEOs may be held liable for accounts

Skilling's testimony questioned by lawmaker

Lay told workers of his support for Bush

Lay gave list of favored names to White House for energy panel


Pilot's suicide ends tax saga

Vaxgen, S. Korea investors in deal

Financial services giant J.P. Morgan falls from pedestal

Friendships at the office can be risky business

Look into Bermuda tax dodge

Idaho workers oppose HP merger. Click.

Contracts So Complex They Imperil the System Click.


FBI list of anthrax suspects at 18-20 people. No prime candidate rises to the top

FBI Denies It Has An Anthrax Suspect

Anthrax probe focuses on letter

'Several' Anthrax Suspects Claimed


Ashcroft's Police State Tightens Grip

Ex-topless dancer pleads guilty to charges of Web-stalking ex-lover Click.

Teenagers on bail to be tagged

Inmate alleges threat by San Jose cop

Lakireddy's lawyers want charges struck

Court Rejects VoyeurDorm Case

New Front on Ecoterror?

Indian Affairs security lapses exposed. Under instruction from court, lawyer easily infiltrated bureau's computer system

Neighbors testify in mauling trial. Dogs described as out of control

Antioch millionaire received housing assistance, pleads guilty.

Can the World Be Copyrighted?

Kidnap victim testifies at murder trial

Attorneys in past SLA cases can remain, judge rules. Click.

Use a bug - go to jail. Click.

Critics Pointing an Accusing Finger at Prints

Investigators secretly taped conversations involving SLA suspects, attorneys say Click.

Heart op on five-month fetus

Half of U.S. HIV cases undiagnosed

Transparent Aluminum now a reality

Contraceptive patch set for Europe

Aspirin 'could tackle viruses'

Hospitals cutting out episiotomies. Procedure doubles severe tearing cases

Expert: Look at the Clean Genes

Beating schizophrenia

Cell study 'could aid vaccines'

Developing drugs attack HIV in new ways

Physicals With the Works

Duke Researchers Identify Age At Onset Genes For Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Disease

Gene Therapy To Treat Angina Appears Safe

New Treatment Options For Children With ADHD

University Of Maryland Researchers Use "Artificial Intelligence" For First Time To Diagnose Colon Tumors

Homing In On A Receptor For The Fifth Taste

Asthma Researchers Present New Results, New Perspectives On The Disease

"Smart" Methods For Detecting Computer Network Intruders

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Although Louis-Dreyfus show isn't funny, at least it's unusual

Gods and monsters

Virtual world of Neopets breeding success

Chants of a lifetime: What I learned about yoga's pleasures, perils

Tap Dancing Gets Its Feet Web

Mormons Mum On What Lies Beneath

This Cow's a Ham

The Pen is Mightier....

Feds Order Public Libraries to Destroy Records

Microsoft case files open to media

Novato High journalists' will pays off

A Medical Text That Heals Itself

Blind Gain New Site for Literature

A crime made for Hollywood

Word of the Day Click.



February 25, 2002

Senator Says 100 Al-Qaeda Inside US

Swiss Patriots Say 'No' to UN

Israel to Keep Arafat Confined

Bush's Vietnam: An Afghan Quagmire Begins

National Guard Longstanding Practice Of False Troop Reporting To The Pentagon

Instability is intensifying

Hole Under U.S. Embassy in Rome Fuels Terror Probe

A tribal mentality keeps Saudi Arabia secret

Rumsfeld seems to raise bar for Iraq to avert U.S. action

Blair tries to steel MPs for possible attacks on Iraq

Somalian Link Seen to Al Qaeda

Colombia abandons peace effort

Arafat 'depressed and nervous'

Behind Confident Front, Karzai's Control Often Illusory

Not Much Change In Bishops' Policies

Ed Rosenthal: Pot-growing icon takes raid in stride

Senator Wellstone of Minnesota Says He Has Multiple Sclerosis

A Magical Week Set for Sarah

Mexico Wants an E-Revolution

Tech's Toxic Trash

IBM Builds World's Fastest Communications Microchip

Plastic LEDs

Toyota to Make Car Fuelled by Hydrogen

Digital Railroad


$2 billion at stake in bonds, taxes. School districts count on measures passing

Old downtown makes Petaluma a pedestrian's paradise

Berkeley schools $7 million in the red. Old computer system at root of problem

Rash of video game thefts


U.S. Won't Last As World's Most Powerful Nation Says Clinton

Did illegally counted overseas absentee ballots decide the 2000 U.S. presidential election?

Sneaking With the Enemy

Rumsfeld and Powell: The Face-off

McAuliffe Trashes Governor Bush At Democratic Dinner

Tipper Gore: Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy Doesn't Work

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

KGB's Secret Tricks Still Beset Afghans

Straw Huts and Sat Phones

Satellite Subversives

Click. Socrates Kokkalis - More Allegations   

The Pen is Mightier....

Journalists must juggle safety, work. Threat of attack by militants makes job increasingly dangerous


Analysis of Tape Raises Questions About Pearl's Killing

The "New Yorker" Interview with Aaron Sorkin of West Wing

The killing of Daniel Pearl

Linda and Ken Lay's Shaky Family Foundation


About the Judge Who Will Oversee the GAO Case Against Cheney

Insurers: J.P. Morgan disguised loans to Enron

Professors in Enron-endowed posts get ribbed

California asking FERC to modify power contracts

Centrica OKs acquisition of NewPower

33 states oppose Enron aiding executives


The Red, White and ... Green?

The price of securities deregulation is rapacious financial practices, phony audits and a sham SEC

Army to Pick Lead Developer of Futuristic Combat System

Scam In Sudan

States Cut Back Health Coverage for Poor

Xbox Success in Japan Crucial for Microsoft

Clear Channel: an Empire Built on Deregulation


Anthrax Suspect Worked in US Lab

FBI knows anthrax mailer but won't make an arrest, US scientist charges


Jewish defense group settles S.F. spying suit

Gestapo? - No, It's The DEA

U.S. may seek extradition in Pearl case.

Deadbeat parents risk passport loss

New trial sought in horse-neglect case

Military tribunals began in Crusades

Feds Overwhelmed By Animal Trafficking

Cafe Owners or Porn Police?

DNA Profiling 'Will Transform Policing'

Drugs in Our Food = National Security?

Bullets Fly at Hells Angels-Pagan Biker Gang Brawl

Remake for an Ex-Felon

Attorneys in Dog-Mauling Case Deploy Widely Different Styles

To The Rescue


Aquarium discovers two 'gay' penguins

Vitamin C, Carotenoids Cut Women's Cataract Risk

New Report Links Birth Defects, Premature Birth To Being Overweight Before Pregnancy

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Help Prevent Chronic Wounds In Elderly Patients

Electrodes And Nanoprobes Signal New DNA Detection Method

NASA Helps Fetal Hearts Beat Loud And Clear

Scientists From Syracuse University And The Netherlands Create First Global Map Of Grazing Mammal Biodiversity

Chinese Tallow Tree Invades Texas Prairies

Operation on Fetus's Heart Valve Called a 'Science Fiction' Success...

Sun ring could point the way to distant planet systems

Robo-Therapist Helps Ailing Limbs

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Planet X Flyby In 2003 -- ZetaHysteria vs. ZetaFact

Om schooling.

The Wisdom of the Desert

Living in a hollow trunk?

Raven's Bread.

Cat of the Day.

Help for Overly Frisky Felines

Drinkers Bitter Over 'Fast' Guinness

Legendary City of El Dorado Exists 

DNA Unveils Ghost Town Secrets

Word of the Day Click.

February 24, 2002

US Troops Reported Operating in N. Iraq

Pentagon Denies US Troops Are in Iraq

Russia Angry at US War Plan for Georgia

President Jiang tells Bush not to bully Iraq

China won't stop 'axis' arms sales

Sharon unveils buffer zone plan. Click.

FARC explains Click.


In the Philippines, an enemy with three faces Click.

US May Pay Ransom For Hostages Under New Policy

U.S. Drops Pledge Not To Use Nukes Against Non-Nuclear States Click.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Helping Make Tomorrow’s Soldiers All They Can Be

A Current Controversy: Is Europe About To Freeze?

Burn down the shopping malls!

Schröder calls for Europe to set tax rates

Straw takes giant leap in favor of EU constitution

Robertson Calls Islam a Religion of Violence, Mayhem

Putin enters Olympic row

Tale of the Radioactive Boy Scout.

Click. Fast Smart Card Cracker Using DPA/DFA  

Webcasters worry royalties threaten free Internet service

Famed Hacker Mitnick Greets Former Target

Mac Cluster's Last Stand?


The S.F. Hustler

SLA victim's rescuer now heads Foster facility

Lawsuit seeks cleaner runoff from farms into bay delta

Woolsey plans move for Pelosi post

Dispute over Miwok site finally ends


Daschle Gives Strongest Indication Yet Of Interest In 2004 Campaign...

Wolfowitz and the Axis of Evil

Where in the world is Neil Bush?

The gospel according to John (Ashcroft)

Molly Ivins: Profits trump patriotism

The former President Bush made a tidy $4.5 million from his shares in now-bankrupt Global Crossing Click.

The Bush Oil-igarchy's Pipeline Protection Package Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Musharraf takes on spy agency

CD-ROM of Key NATO Secrets Feared Sold

Battle Brews Over Consumer Data

Biometric Passports for Brits by 2006

Beijing to acquire espionage network via Global Crossing? Click.

Instant DNA Fingerprinting Turns Sci-fi Into Reality

Those Voices In Your Head May Be Real

The Pen is Mightier....

Gay movement archives given to SJSU library

Presidio Press of Novato is sold

Vietnam joins the Internet revolution Click.

O'Neill: CEOs get paid `big bucks' to know details

Enron Unit's Finances Set for Close Scrutiny

Enron unit investment made profit for Jeb Bush

Enron's entrepreneurial spirit finds new paths

Enron exec's testimony disputed

Enron fallout hits workers at Andersen

Enron fall shows pension plan loss can affect politics

Enron had an $8 million legal bill in December

Enron VP tells Congress she feared for her life. But media remains silent on Baxter "suicide"

Global Crossing Case Figure Not Questioned Click.

Shady Enron Dealings Go Back to 1987 -- and Ken Lay Didn't Fire Perpetrators

Lay's Lobbying Reached the Top of Treasury


PayPal hit by class-action suit

Safeway to start home delivery

SEC budget needs a boost, Inslee is told

Franklin Graham Thrives in Family Business

SEC budget needs a boost, Inslee is told


Click. Army Offers License for Hantavirus Vaccine

Dark Ages return to plague India Click.

More data on dead microbiologists. Click.


Judge Terrence Boren reduces bail in baby death case

'Family' court papers describe ritual beatings, 'target practice'

Killer dogs vicious: Witness

Witness links attorneys to prison gang in dog maul trial.

Probation Terms Eased for Paula Poundstone

Four in race for seat on Alameda Superior Court

More horror in testimony at Daveggio and Michaud trial

Maine Woman Acquitted In 1st Anthrax Hoax Trial

Smutmonger's Day in Court

Indian Trust Fund Contempt Trial: Judge Says Officials 'Duped' Court

Law on criminals' profits thrown out

U.S. Judge Dismisses Challenge to Detentions

Ex-teacher loses harassment lawsuit

Judge wears  two hats

Sonoma D.A. candidates debate

Mullins passes Passalacqua in campaign fund-raising

State must provide for disabled on test.

Helping Girls Move 'Like Boys' Cuts Knee Injuries

Bacteria Can Live Under Pressure

Test of Alzheimer's Vaccine Is Halted

Full-body scans offered at local hospitals

'Dig deep to find alien life'

Tough bugs point to life on Mars

'Designer' baby decision due

Danger legacy of cancer cures

NASA Gets a New Fix on Problems

Instant Diagnosis in Your Palm

Ginger Still Needs Dance License

Scientists Build Ultra-Broadband Laser

Single Cell Type Seems To Control Internal Clock And Pupil Of Eye

Wheat May Be Vital In Battle Against Cancer And Other Diseases

Plant Stems And Leaves Are Always Proportional To Roots, Scientists Find

Compounds Rejuvenate Rats, May Aid Humans

Nicotine Withdrawal Woes Shown To Be Similar To Inflammatory Response

Patents Prove Cell-Phone Dangers?

Antimatter Captured

New Superconducting Transformer Is Light And Compact

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Was George Handel gay? Click.

Rudy Galindo Click.

Hollywood's New War Flicks

Love-Struck Toads on Road to Safety

Secrets of Silbury Hill uncovered.

Go on, I dare you, to Latin dance

Nifty after 50: Famous women enjoy their age

Looking for Hannah

Activist priest set to speak in valley

Zen Gardens.

1,500 year-old graveyard uncovered in Ireland.

Turning into digital goldfish

Losing e-mail proves strangely liberating

Word of the Day Click.

February 21, 2002

WW III American military forces have landed in Iraq, on the territory of the northern no-fly zone near the Turkish border. Click.

New Arabic website carries fresh messages of Osama, Omar Click.

Sharon: 'We are at war' Click.

Sharon Under Fire on Home Front

North won't be hit, Bush tells Koreans

The insanity of Europe's farewell to arms

Europe is a terrorist target

Wanted (badly): more Green Beret recruits

Plot to poison Rome's water

Philippines and the War on Terror

Korea -- 50 years ago this week, Feb 21-27, 1952

Click. Milosevic tells some secrets.

The hunt for Abu Zubaydah – the man believed to be in charge of operations for al-Qaida. Click.

Network-enabled US infantry Click.

As US Teams Guided Pilots' Attacks, Civilian Presence Made Task Tougher Click.

Moscow slams U.S. for alleged dreams of world domination

Raid prompts nationwide crackdown on Iraqi bank accounts.

Argentina Dropped From Non-Visa Travel Program

Of Time and the Luger

Israel Ordered to Accept Conversions

Livermore lab participates in counterterrorism training demonstrations

The Pen is Mightier....

Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer rift

ABC To Launch Weekly 'Reality Series' On US Terrorism War 

Howard K. Smith

New York Times bars free-lance author accused of misrepresenting story
Ads Play to Users' Privacy Fears


Click. If the SLA had nabbed Eugene Trefethen, (former President of Kaiser industries) the organization would have held a target far different from Patty Hearst.

San Diego child disappearances go back 4 decades

Sunol - where the wild things roam.

What Lies Beneath Santa Barbara

White House Pushes to Reshape Calif. GOP

Marin leaders seek lawmakers' help to fight breast cancer

Riordan's Lead Slipping In Calif. GOP Primary

'Family' kids mistreated, report says

30-day notices 'unethical' but legal

Covered In Red Ink

'Like a Three Stooges movie'

Robert Treuhaft memorial

Davis budget plan may end health care for 900,000 kids


Cheney's Quiet Visit

Lieberman chides Bush environmental policies

McCain-Lieberman Duo Destabilize the President

California trip puts vice president back into public view

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

The story about the Pentagon's disinformation campaign was obviously leaked by officials within the Pentagon who oppose the disinformation plan. Click.

Click. Greek tycoon faces charges of spying, fraud

The persistent theft of components from one of Britain's largest academic super- computers is taking a sinister turn. A scientist is warning that thieves might be selling the computer's brainpower to Iraq or al-Qaida for clandestine weapons research. Click.

Private military sector might have a role in enabling the UN to respond more rapidly and effectively to crises

MI5 Fears Flood Of Afghan Heroin

Two federal agencies gave Enron millions in loans

Former Enron exec admits fake trading session

Senate probes Clinton loans for Enron deals Click.

Targeting Arthur Andersen Click.

Who is Pugs Winokur, Enron Director

Winokur and the President Click.

Clinton helped Enron finance projects

Battle over Andersen's Enron liability Click.

Ex-exec defends partnerships in law firm review


Richard Grasso and FARC. Click.

Caspian Abuzz Over New Oil Tenders

Thumb Is the New Currency at Store, at Bank, on the Job Click.

Striking Saddam: Some Stocks Could Soar

Enron fallout is spreading

Lay told analysts of faith in CFO; Fastow placed on leave next day

Microsoft told to open Windows

Web rage hits the internet

Grid Project to Wed Web Services

Segway auction

Who Lost China's Internet? Click.

Analysis of Microsoft/Intel's mobile telephone plans Click. More: Click.

New wireless Net access close to being practical

Trust us, we're Microsoft

The Grid Draws Its Battle Lines

AI Reboots

Wardriving: Hackers on Wheels

Microsoft Program Tracks User Habits


Two San Diego men allegedly linked to child pornography ring

Justices Weigh Vouchers for Parochial School Use

Dog maul trial: the grisly details

Vet says he warned of dogs' danger

Asylum in Canada could be sought in pot case

Woman says couple molested her on Oregon trip when she was 12

Accused's daughter tells of pre-teen sex attack

Move grows to prohibit executing the retarded

Court to decide whether police can monitor e-mail without a warrant

FTC Sues Cell Shield Firms

Europe Offers Patent Proposal

Talks Fail--Napster's Back in Court

Foster care fund embezzlement gets ex-county worker 5 years

Royalty rate set for Webcasts

Florida seeks answers on investing in Enron

Europe's largest satellite to lift-off

Fear no more the scar after surgery

Robot care bears for the elderly

Scientists Give Up Search for Woodpecker

Centuries-old clock puzzle solved

Experts Chew Fat Off New 'Remedy'

Major effort to crack flu

Is someone from outer space watching us?

Abused boys 'have more health problems'

Click. A breakthrough in heart disease detection

Yeast breakthrough in cancer battle

Cell transplant hope for diabetics

Report: Infants' multiple vaccines not harmful to the immune system

Mars 'Recent' Water Gushers Found

Strange New Fish—Or None At All

Love & Marriage in a Space Colony

Sex Survey Finds Age Is No Passion Killer

Rat Makes A Partial Recovery Following A Spinal Cord Lesion

Cycled Light Promotes Growth In Pre-Term Infants

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Supernatural Selection

Sleeping with the enemy

Click. The circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of Richard II are set to be re-examined in light of research in the Scottish town of Stirling.

Presbyterians overrule vote on ordaining gays. Rights groups promise to keep fighting

Grover Krantz -- Bigfoot academic

Salvation On A Shoestring

Oliver Stone' "Looking for Fidel."

Van Gogh's Van Goghs: Virtual Tour

The idea that he had discovered evidence of ancient Europeans and Asians in the panhandle of Oklahoma was not unusual to Bill McGlone.


Word of the Day Click.

February 20, 2002

US Orders Strikes on Anti-Karzai Warlords

US Military Chief: Afghan War 'Just Beginning'

Western Naval Force Of 45 Warships Blocks The Persian Gulf

Saddam Training Suicide Pilots, Intelligence Expert Says

Iran Agents Working with Afghan Rebels

US Special Forces Train for Somalia Duty

Italy Arrests Four Moroccans with Cyanide, Maps

US militarism targets South American oil

Americans are fighting the wrong Philippine war

Replacing the USA

US, China cautiously rekindle military ties

Colombia pitches cease-fire proposal to rebel group

Israel takes revenge on Arafat office

Bush Seeks New Generation of Nukes

China Building Port In Pakistan

200,000 Gulf Vets File for Disability

US intends to set up a central leadership base in Bahrain in order to supervise the land war to be carried out by some 200,000 US soldiers from Kuwait under the cover of intensive air bombardment operations against Iraq from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as well as planes carriers in the Gulf.  The countdown has started to carry out the strikes against Iraq in May. Click.

Games Elevate Hate to Next Level


Argentineans moving out of Argentina


Can Andrew Cuomo relax? Click.

Despite newfound power, it's not easy being Greens. Many feel German party losing identity


Building a better bridge

25,000 Sonoma county absentee ballots at risk

Kimball jury selection begins

Naked corpse in Nob Hill love nest

Naked women to gawk at? Flynt opens S.F. club.

Emperor Norton’s widows

Flaunt it, shake it, and get that vote girl!


Al Gore backs Bush's war plans

Ashcroft Invokes Religion In U.S. War on Terrorism

Cheney's Venues Change But Message Doesn't

Democrat Carol Roberts gained fame in 2000 butterfly-ballot dispute

Jeffords Plans to Stump for Senate Democrats


Jeb Appointed a Ken Lay Point Man to Head the Florida Energy Commission

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Government cyber security chief warns of threats to infrastructure

The Security & Intelligence Digests from Aleksey Shcherbakov

The Pentagon's New Black Propaganda Unit

Pentagon Propaganda Plan is Undemocratic, Maybe Illegal

Pakistan shakes up spy service in new sign of tilt toward West

Iran’s Secret Diplomacy

Beefed-Up Global Surveillance?


Plague Confirmed In Northern India

Detailed descriptions of the swift and relentless course of inhalational anthrax, and of doctors' futile efforts to save two women whose symptoms were not diagnosed early enough Click.

FBI Says No Prime Anthrax Suspect

Big Get Bigger

"500 Enron-affiliated companies receiving mail at P.O. Box 1350, [Cayman Islands]"

Froma Harrop: Ignorance at Enron: 'I dunno,' says the Fourth Monkey

Lay says Skilling knew of Enron partners. Click.

Chief fudge-the-books officer

Enron Aides Say CEO Knew of Risks

Enron - Someone knew. Click.

Which Hat Was He Wearing?


Accountants boycott state hearing. CPAs fear bias by lawmakers because of Enron scandal

Congress Widens Enron Probe to Wall St.

Lay repeatedly told probers he didn't know about deals

Bankers believed deals hinged on investment

Chief auditor takes Fifth at deposition

Enron gets bid for broadband unit


Global Crossing's Strange Deals

Accounting True Confessions

Click. O Canada! U.S. startups look north for funding.

Valley boards grill management on accounting practices

Making Money, the Bush Way

Computer Associates Under Scrutiny

Google launches money-based placement system

Next generation DVD born

Battle lines drawn over future phones

New cellular technologies are all about location

The search for intelligence

A Very Candid Camera

Dangerous Yarner worm spells bad news


Feds, Microsoft want SBC out of settlement hearing

Lockerbie appeal raises new questions

36,000 pages of undisclosed evidence? Click. Court could allow Nichols' lawyers to see FBI tips

Dramatic start to mauling trial

Milosevic takes on 'unreliable' witness in four-hour tussle

Women file lawsuit aimed at bankrupting terrorists

Student Grading by Peers Passes Test of High Court

High court hears case on evictions of aged

Witness Says She Deposited $16,700 in Cash for Traficant

Another California death sentence tossed

Liberal Groups Question Nominee's Role in '97 Case

Woman describes sexual assault at age 13 by Pleasanton murder trial duo

Ex-Black Panther's Trial Begins

Too Bizzaro for words

High Court to Hear Case on Copyright

Virus link to brain tumors

World said to be in palindromic symmetry Wednesday

Alien worlds have seen Earth's signature of life

New poll indicates diabetics misjudge heart disease

Mars Odyssey maps Red Planet

Animals dream about the rat race

Artificial Muscles Gain Strength

Social Interactions May Be Traced Back To Carnivorous Behavior

Battle Of The Sexes Leads To A Biological Arms Race

Raloxifene After Tamoxifen Not Beneficial, According To New Study

New Software Helps Design Multi-Task, Jaw-Like, Surgical Mini-Tools

EMBL Researchers Discover Rapid-Response, Interferon-Producing Cells

"Cotton Candy" Fiber Barrier Protects Crops From Pests

Alaskan Waters Growing Hospitable To Sharks While Seals And Sea Lions Decline

The Pen is Mightier....

ABC News stars deny rift over Rosie O'Donnell story

Peekabooty Aims To Banish Internet Censorship

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

The Floating World of Ukiyo-e.

When Pigs Fly

Russia unveils newly restored Amber Room

Who'd pay $2000 for a hairless dog? Click.

Keep your Secrets ...

How Queen Boadicea Stayed on the Wagon

I Ching

Ex Libris--an E-Zine for Librarians

Lucian: Greek Science Fiction.

Ancient Scotland Tour.

UFO Fly-By Predicted for the Olympics

Cats with Nine Lives and No Conscience. Click.

Your new cat hates you. Click.

I did not seduce that priest

Word of the Day Click.

February 19, 2002

Bush Renews Attacks on 'Axis of Evil'

Bush Asks Koizumi to Lean on Iran

Koizumi and Bush connect on 'axis'

France and Germany Warn Bush Against Iraq Strike

US to Fly Patrols Over Philippines Rebel Island

Somalia Braces for US Attack

Russia Says Some of Its Citizens Held at Guantanamo

Arab Nations Lost in a Pit of Desperation

Bush to Offer Bribe to N. Korea to Halt Missile Program

The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 6 by Sherman Skolnick

Priest abuse case eluded Archbishop Law's reforms

What is behind the Olympics figure skating furor?


FBI Said To Have Suspect in Anthrax Letters.

Lax Security Persisted At Biowar Labs


A bold endeavor -- or just all wet?

Funds to publicize baby law freed up

S.F. voting system in shambles, mistrust. Errors, mismanagement, instability

Migrants' housing on Napa ballot. 5 camps envisaged for farmworkers

Redevelopment commissioner refuses to quit. Pressure from angry S.F. mayor


Clinton prosecutor may run for Senate.

Los Angeles Times: Bush Is Dogged by 'Axis of Evil' in Visit to Japan

Bush draws from nuclear industry for energy team

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

US to Boost Spying With Powerful New Birds

The Middle Eastern Connection To Oklahoma City

Philippine Terrorists Linked To OKC, McVeigh


Report on a James Bamford Talk at Berkeley

Controversial US Army Secretary, Ex-Enron Exec, Building Home in Naples Click.

Cayman Islands Government open to U.S. requests for assistance on Enron investigation Click.

Enron investigators turn attention to Wall Street

Records raise questions over some Enron gas trades

Making a case the big question

Stock analysts' reports flawed, experts warn

Enron figures, auditor sat on same board

Texans, a forgiving sort, may give Lay second chance

Employees could alter dynamic of Enron's efforts to rebuild


Companies simplifying accounting

"Smart" biometric ID cards in Hong Kong Click.

The quest for near-perfect compression

Radarlike technology wins OK from FCC


Supreme Court to Decide on Web Copyrights

DNA of suspect in Livermore kidnap could tie him to other crimes.

Kostunica Blasts Unfair Hague Trial

Bush to Offer Bribe to N. Korea to Halt Missile Program

Patent dispute getting woolly

Battle to stay execution of delusional man.

Senator's Son Gets Federal Judgeship

The Pen is Mightier....


The chill is gone

Food Supplements Found To Reverse The Ageing Process

Dinosaur discoveries wow Boston

Certain Foods May Boost Brain Activity

Welcome to Earth

Campaign to save women from HIV

Top scientist to research anti-oxidants.

Hopes grow for anti-ageing drug

Autistic boy treated by football physio

HIV 'singled out for destruction'

Hunting 'longevity genes'

Schering-Plough Recalls Claritin-D Lots

NASA Astronaut, Dr. Shannon Lucid, Selected as Chief Scientist

Retired Marine General To Lead Johnson Space Center 

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Who Will Determine Your Need To Know About Planet X (Nibiru)?

Masterpiece: "Who's Next"

Married Men Open Up in Old Age, Study Shows


Patent to protect ancient knowledge

Reality beyond 3-D on verge of detection, physicist says

Word of the Day Click.

February 18, 2002

Bush Eases Rhetoric for Asia Trip

Iran Claims Capture of Osama's #2 Man

U.S. Green Berets Land on Philippine Rebel Island

Israelis Losing Faith in Military Solution

Laser of Death Cleared for Take-Off

Pershing's Ghost Returns to the Philippines

Columbia: Forget Drugs, This is About the Guerrillas

Farrakhan condemns U.S. war on terrorism

U.S. Gung-ho and Alone in Iraq

British marines storm Spanish beach by mistake

Bush endorses Koizumi's reform plans

Time running out for Koizumi Click.


U.S. ready to attack Iraq. Click.

Pilot's Licenses Easy for Aliens in US

Porn watchdog under fire 

War wounds

`The Eviction' tells potent tale of downfall

Federal government takes over security at nation's airports

Colombia to go ahead with IRA terror trial


A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health - Especially Since 9-11

Smallpox tests show signs of success 

Bush Withdraws Documents On Major Germ Weapons

Major effort to crack flu

Call for bioweapons database


University of California at Berkeley has suspended a male sexuality class after allegations that students watched their instructor have sex at a strip club and participated in an orgy at an extracurricular party Click.

Davis support only lukewarm

Man arrested at LAX for possession of explosive device

Yosemite Sunrise.

S.F. assessor in political fight of her life

Impoverished? Line starts here

John W. Gardner

Sale of BART land may drive out Livermore's llamas

Vice President Cheney coming to Pleasanton

Priest to enter plea on warrant

Riordan, a liberal Republican, is hard to categorize

Top Power Players Come Calling on Hollywood Women

Sheriff proposes tent city to help homeless in L.A.


Bush gaffe sends yen south

Bush's world view

Jeb Bush and Enron

Click. Solving Climate Change With Texas-Style Accounting


"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

U.S. Tightening Rules on Keeping Scientific Secrets.

Beijing spies get ready to greet Bush.

Politician Wants to 'Get Chipped'

FBI in Libraries and Bookstores - Eyeing What You Read

CIA showcases array of spy gadgets at Reagan Presidential Library

DNC chairman has 'two Enrons'

Enron hedged bets, curried Gore's favor

Enron Got Advice on Whistleblowers.

Enron for Dummies

Acting chief of Enron vows rapid legal attack

Litigation king leads Enron case; UC calling shots

Tech fearing Enron backlash

Army Secretary's Enron Role Probed

Handling of claims by Enron queried

Newsweek: Andersen internal probe clears top managers in shredding case

Acting Enron CEO Plans Litigation


Martinez Reverses Course And Releases HUD Fund To Nonprofits

Incorporating in Bermuda. Click.

Reinventing the company

Small firm nets giant partner

Nanotechnology finding backers

United Consulting with Bankruptcy Lawyer

'Channeling' Is Latest Trading Fad

The Worldwide Computer

Microsoft and data storage

Building a better robot species

Small step for NASA; giant leap for small cars Click.

Duncan Frissell on AAMVA, licenses as biometric smartcards

Pentagon test finds iris, face scan technology not that reliable

National ID? Driver's licenses to become biometric smartcards

USNews' Dana Hawkins on biometrics, facecams, and "light prints"


Irony confronts ex-Panther on trial

High-tech teens turn to life of cybercrime

SLA holdup defendant free on $1 million bail

Menesini hopes to become Contra Costa D.A.

Kimball molest case goes to trial Click.

New laws to suppress academic research. Click.

Click. County jail inmates cut off by exorbitant phone rates

Sex change complicates custody

Jamaican Jails Going Online

Blair government refuses to protest false imprisonment of British nationals by Saudi Arabia

Click. Transnational Crime Reports and More

Grand Jury Eying Sheik

Spies in Blue at the WEF Protests

World of unreason. Click.

'Rogues' Gallery' Strains Resources At Plymouth Jail

Theory Links Auto Fires To Zero-percent Financing

Florida Tops Murder-suicide List

Click. Scientists are developing a mouthwash that contains a genetically modified bacteria that prevents tooth decay.

Ultrasound can cauterize wounds deep in the body

Cocaine Speeds HIV's Spread In Cells: Mouse Study

How Origami Helps Science, Saves Lives

Brain scans help aged improve memory

Natural relief for osteoarthritis pain

New pap guidelines can ease anxiety

Shielding monarchs' kingdom

Atomic clock slices time

Scientists May Find Space Warps Within Three Years

Moon Hides Saturn, Joins Jupiter

'Suicide gene' hits rat tumors

Fiber diet 'aids mental health'

The Pen is Mightier....

CNN cancels Greenfield show Click.

NBC shows its true colors

Pearl Abduction Said to Be Warning
Blah, Blah, Blah and Blog

Political reaction and intellectual charlatanry: US academics issue statement in support of war

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nibiru

Undercover art

Chile: The Long Walk.

Art: In the Ear of the Beholder

Parrot's powers of reasoning make him professor's star pupil

The Last Cargo Cult

A risk-taking director with spiritual curiosity

The music man: For 23 1/2 years, he's made Castro Theatre's pipe organ hum

The last link to Lincoln is laid to rest

King Arthur

Traveling the Old Roads of Italy

Cats In the Wonderland of Libraries

Scientists wants to know why sex is popular. Click.

Saving children's health care. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

February 16, 17, 2002

WW III Click. Bush Plans Big War

Click.  Bush Oil Ties Supporting Slow Coup d'Etat MORE: Click. 

Milosevic Says US Was Ally of Al-Qaeda in Kosovo

Afghan Drug Money Financing Albanian Rebels

A Kenyan diamond mine owner, in Belgian custody, explains business dealings between al-Qaeda and one of the world's largest arms trafficking operations, run by a Russian broker named Victor Bout. Click.

Protection for oil pipeline raises U.S. profile in Colombia. New policy stirs fears Bush seeks to widen war

Al Qaeda Leader Abu Zubaydah Planning New Terror Attacks?

Bush renews North Korea warning

Vatican: Mosque will be `cancer' in ties between Jews, Christians

Since September 11, the US has extended new military assistance to governments engaged in serious human rights abuse, including torture, political killings, illegal detention, religious persecution, and attacks on civilians during armed conflict Click.

Arrival of elite U.S. troops scheduled today

Taliban returned to Libya

Rumsfeld Pares Oversight of Missile Defense Agency

Nevadans go on high alert to protect Yucca from Bush's nuclear dump plan

Priest-Sex Scandal Expands to New Hampshire

Rags-to-riches sugar daddy of copied cat. Sharecropper's son put up $3.7 million kitty for clone

Judge's sobbing outburst propelled medal review

THE OLYMPIC WAR The spirit of 'sportsmanship'? – Fugeddaboutit! Click.

Open Letter to the NTSB Witness Chairman Regarding a Witness Who Observed Flight 587 Very Early in Flight

Blair's neocolonialist vision for Africa

Skin and sin are in again on the Las Vegas Strip


There Are No Winners in Montana's Politics of Hate Click.


'Dilbert' goes to prison -- a con's tale. 

Bay’s Falun outlaws More: Click.

Flu season makes a delayed debut

School forgets developer fees.

Davis blocks sale of personal data

Sexuality class under fire

New table grape market

Step into California history

Petaluma police chief to retire

Napa Valley tunnels a new trend

One man still in jail after local pot arrests

Another $1 for tolls on East Bay bridges?

Local historian's imprint on Palm Springs


Enron dogs Cheney's path to California.

President goes to Asia with new priorities

Disenfranchised Florida Black Voters Win Victory

Bill Clinton: Less Defense, More Foreign Aid: "Build A World With More Partners"

Bush's Mexican Amnesty Plan Resurfaces

Angry tone to Bush Asia tour

White House Mulls Probe of French Bank, represented by Bush's lawyer in the Florida election situation.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Pentagon Blames CIA for Allies' Deaths

Vernon Walters

Iridium launches five satellites to boost global constellation

Scanning Tech a Blurry Picture

Click. G8 Gov-ISP Plan for Cyberspace Spying 

Click. FCC Approves Ultra-Wideband Snooping Systems  

Click. US Army Manual: Basic Cryptanalysis

Click. OMB Report on Government Infosecurity

Fighting Terror With Databases Click.

Records: Bush smoothed path for Enron

Enron creditors question cash 'hole'

Enron Spanned the Globe With High-Risk Projects

Former employees say Enron mishandled billing

Memo: Bush, Enron lawyers may have appearance of conflict

UC leads lawsuit against Enron

Enron's history of ducking taxes probed by Senate Finance panel

Lay borrowed millions, repaid Enron with stock

Enron's retired get burned, too. Deferred-salary plan fizzles

Pay for new Enron boss rings to tune of $110,000 per month

Los Angeles Times: Enron Flew Under the Radar


Accounting worries hit IBM

In praise of the barcode

PayPal IPO best in almost a year

Major investors buying HP stock

Global Crossing's Washington influence

Click. Breaking Moore's Law by 2006 will take teamwork

Justice identifies 'major' complaints with Microsoft settlement deal

A Fine (Print) Mess Comcast Is In

Utah Getting Traffic 411 on 511

Coming Soon: Foot-powered Laptops

FCC approves use of ultrawideband technology

MSN Messenger Worm Marks Troubling Trend

Online Dating Booming in Europe

The Pen is Mightier....

Weblogs Make the Web Work for You Click.

New suspect in journalist's kidnap


Millions Are at Stake Over War-Crimes Cases

Racist Flyers Considered 'Terrorism'

Jurors in dog-maul trial chosen. S.F. prosecutors' opening statements to start Tuesday

Workers' comp pay to increase next year.

Court overturns big jury verdict. Marin brothers had sued Citicorp

EU Arrest Warrant Put On Fast Track

Shoplifters snatch $42,800 ring

Lawyer dead, wife missing -- questions mount

FBI to Probe Nose-Biting Assault as Hate Crime

Poor elderly fight federal evictions

A jailhouse romance may halt deportation

Governor urged to free killer

Click. Raise The Fist Charges Dropped

FBI Says Arson Killed Woman Accused in License Scheme Click.

Scientists probe the life in rocks. Exotic bacteria, microbes offer evidence creatures exist in some unexpected places

Humans will 'sail to the stars'

Deep fish 'trawled to oblivion'

Gene mutation risk of HIV children

The dangers of bio-prospecting

Sunshine 'prevents cancer'

Cancer concern over vegetable nitrates

Colds at nursery 'a good thing'

Nerve fault linked to domestic abuse

Ocean Beauty, Medicine at Risk

Arthritis Drug Linked to Rare Lupus Side Effect

Decay of World Coral Reef Threatens Ocean Wonders

"Magic number" for space pioneers calculated

Oldest jewelry disputes "out of Africa" theory


India plague scare: report on Monday

Mysterious rash hits school kids here, across U.S.

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Standing out in the crowd

Sept. 11 helps fuel new era of military impostors

Hollywood has a new enemy: Big Medicine


Literary Daybook

Barbara Walters 'Outs' Lesbian Rosie O'Donnell

From Houston to Delhi

Atoning for Atonality

Art: In the Ear of the Beholder

Zen Eccentrics.

Vatican to Open Some WWII-Era Files on Pius XI

Word of the Day Click.

February 15, 2002

WW III Arrogance, ignorance and the real new world order

Click. U.S. aircraft in southern Afghanistan are dropping $100 bills tucked into envelopes bearing a picture of President Bush.

Bush's "evil axis" speech destabilizes the Korean peninsula

Is WWIII imminent? Click.

Who will run Iraq after Saddam?

War, on Advice of Counsel

FBI Failed to Notify Embassies of Terror Threat

U.S., Britain Conduct Joint Nuclear Test

Duh Award! Six Yemenis Taken off List In Terror Alert because they were in jail anyway.

Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organization may have moved up the Sept.11 attacks on New York and Washington because law enforcement agencies were closing in.Click.

US troops under Philippine command Click.

Despite therapies, pedophilia eludes cure

Powell Urges Condom Use

France: the politics of presidential candidate Jean-Pierre Chevènement

German Chancellor arrives in Argentina. Click.

China's elite clearly split over foreign policy Click.

Japan's single mothers fight back Click.

Foreigners stand in for Falun Gong

1.6 Million Jeep Cherokees Are Recalled

Belgium to Drop Case Against Sharon

The Olympic War of 2002. Click.

Something's Fishy About That Lipstick?


Medical team probing plague-like infection Click.

Mystery Death Of Yet Another Top Microbiologist

A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health

The Cowboys Are Ruining Our Food


Police say Marin man used lover to recruit

Boy accused of threats to kill Novato principal

Peskin versus Larry Flynt

Fatal stretch of Tassajara under fire

Marin man acquitted of racketeering

Billionaire's sale of Santa Rosa homes may oust hundreds of renters

Money-losing marina may be sold


Ashcroft's integrity questioned over Microsoft campaign contributions

European foreign ministers attack Bush's policy

Moscow Times: Axis of Evil? Click.

No Clarity on 'Evil' in Gore's Talk

Senate Democrats Fault Bush Nuclear Plan

A Biography Restates Its Assets re: Secretary of Army White



Being Critical of Bush Can Get You Fired

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

The Other Spy Case Isn't So Open and Shut

U.S. outsourcing spy services

CIA Conducts Its Own War in Afghanistan

Vet Accused of Iraq Spy Bid

Indictment Says Suspect Tried to Sell Defense Secrets

US Lets Airlines Continue Dealings With Argenbright Click.

Protests against Echelon are growing also in Japan. Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Soros supports plan calling for Web-based science journals

Indonesia slowly investigates Dutch journalist's death

Big Brother Is Watching You Read Click.

Does the White House Have a Press Blacklist? Click.

BG Group buys Enron stake in Panna-Mukta

Enron Europe traders to reap bonuses, creditors told

No notes taken when Lay talked to Powers. Click.

CEO Was 'Misserved' At Enron, Hill Told

Exec tells of fear at Enron

Enron's Lay Accused of Pressuring TVA

Senate Democrats Set an Agenda on Enron

Do You Have Any Confidence in this Investigation by the Man "Kenny Boy" Lay Picked to Head FERC?

Lay Helped Drive Bush's Tort Agenda Click.

Enron Is But a Pebble in the Wave Click.

Does Enron Need a Trustee? Click.

Multinational Monitor - Enron Web Page Click.

Risk Management of "Fiasco" Stocks Click.

Enron agrees to release tax records

In their own words: Watkins testimony

Fake transfer of ownership filed for Lay properties


Euro-constitution for business

Richard Cook to Become Disney Studios Chairman

Battle over HP's fate gets nastier

Report by GAO Cites INS on Benefit Fraud

SEC seeks money from fraud case

Factors Behind Global Crossing's Failure Click.

Microsoft tools up for .Net expansion

Mobile movies

Internet: More flexible ID method

Experts say biometric security needs tech standards

Collapsible cardboard speakers unveiled Click.

Why Your Digital Data Could One Day Disappear Click.


Jail threat for MMR vaccine refusniks

FBI convicts Saudi man of lying

Stealing From the Dead

Milosevic wants to call Clinton and Albright

Report From the Kangaroo Court at the Hague

Judge's Bribery Trial Will Be on TV

Judge to Hear Abuse Case of Sept. 11 Detainee

No Longer Material Witness, West African Still Detained

For Iranian Lawyer Here, Trials Are Personal and Political

Gang probe spurs FBI-led task force for North Bay

Sex harassment case will set state law on employers' liability

Woman's freedom up to governor. Victim of violence may get parole

Lab-built bladders on the way

Doctors herald grow-your-own organs

Malaria drug offers new hope

Promising results for 'superbug' vaccine

10 minutes crucial in cardiac recovery

In Texas, Cloning Advance Comes on Little Cat Feat

Cloned - but not an exact copycat

'Super Aspirin' May Prevent Neurological Ills

'New research suggests chameleons colonized the globe by surfing across the seas.'

Robot mine hunter does job quietly.

Eating for cancer prevention

Babies Can Learn in Their Sleep—But You Can’t

Archeology Keeps Secrets

Examining a family's 'Chemistry'

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Parrot fashions new thinking

The Addams Imagination

Islam's Female Converts

Love cats

The appeal of innocence

Cupid's rules: courtship in a chatroom age

Bristling With Attitude

Venus and Adonis at the White Hart Inn, St. Albans.

Love is a battlefield.

Trickster's Way.

Word of the Day Click.

February 14, 2002

WW III The Pentagon and the CIA have begun preparations for an assault on Iraq involving up to 200,000 US troops that is likely to be launched later this year with the aim of removing Saddam Hussein from power, US and diplomatic sources told the Guardian yesterday. Click.

Bush Orders Plans to Topple Saddam

Two Men Arrested Near Pentagon

Powell: US Knows What's Best For Iranians

Bush Now Says US Won't Act Alone Against Iraq

Click. In rare interview, Iraqi opposition leader rejects the "Afghan model" of intervention.

Return of the 'military-industrial complex'?

Staid Afghan City Tunes Into the World of Porn

A suspected al Qaeda terrorist wanted in connection with the October 2000 bombing of the USS Cole blew himself up with a grenade as Yemeni security forces closed in on him. Click.

Afghan villagers killed and prisoners beaten in US military "mistake"

Extreme Right Wing Austrian Leader and Saddam Hussein

Militant Sect of Black Muslims Probed for Terrorist Ties

Muslims in Tow Truck with Multiple IDs Held

California Raids Charter School with Ties to Terrorists


Want to be harassed? Call Miss Cleo now to make it come true

Possum capital of the South

Girl Scouts Survey Net Sex

Rebels without a clue

Click. US Vaunts Intellectual Piracy Rights


Feds vs. S.F. on pot

Kidnap attempt inspires action by officials

9 counties told they must replace punch cards by '04

Options few in effort to aid renters

Big salmon run in Marin

Marc Klaas offers help to missing girl's family

Napa Denny's accused in racial discrimination suit

Inches away from death

Newsom plan gets a razzing




Axis of stupidity. Click.

Talkin' Turkey

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

FBI Seeks 2 Men in Tanker Truck Incident

Russian judges deal blow to spymasters

Stiner, Clancy explain Special Ops in 'Shadow Warriors'  More: Click.

Click. The CIA-funded firm that promises users anonymous Web browsing says it will issue a patch to repair well-documented bugs.

FBI: Fiery Death of 'Crooked' DMV Worker 'No Accident'

Cameras to Monitor Wide Areas of DC

Click. FBI On Its Web Cache Mirroring 

The Pen is Mightier....

Bizzaro world. Life as a comic book. Click.

Cheney May Bar Media on Mideast Trip

Media Prods US to Open Up on War

What's a Wireless Editor to Do?

M-Business: M Is for Moribund

Lou Dobbs' jousting. Click.

Increasingly, the government is demanding that bookstores reveal what books their customers have purchased.

Porn king blasts his S.F. critics

How Wall Street marketed Enron's "partnerships" Click.

Enron: A "partnerships" blueprint. Click.

Immunity deal with an ex-Enron accountant who's described as a potential "ace in the hole"? Click.

What the U.S. news media has missed about the Bush-Lay coziness. Click.

Feds plan to probe Enron deals in West

Bush and Andersen's Texas Two-Step

Enron's Watkins Advised Lay on How to Blame Others

Enron Whistleblower Watkins Testifies

Ken Lay Sells Aspen Home for $10 Mil

FERC chairman ordered to reveal Enron contacts Click.

Lawmaker says Enron executive warned of 'outright manipulations'

Lay gave list of favored names to White House for energy panel

Executive offered advice to Lay on steps to save Enron

Documents map details of creative accounting

Two subsidiaries close to sale, may bring $3.4 billion

Board told about deals, records indicate


Click. Critical Path CEO Pleads Guilty

Business Is 'Awful' During Salt Lake Games

02/13/02 Levin seeks to end the double standard of stock options.

Share market fall deepens Japan's banking crisis

He Invented Links

Web Surfers  and E-Cards

Microsoft Security Patch Said Ineffective

Chip fuels tiny monitor resolution

Comcast Will Stop Tracking Users

ICANN Warns of Domain-Registration Back Doors

Chips Could Revolutionize Digital Photography

The Nanotube Computer

Click. Scientology Finagles Google Rankings


Witnesses say 'Family' used drugs, white guilt on recruits

"Family" baby had abrasions, report says

Incumbent D.A. stresses experience, challenger cites Pelfini case in debate

Judge Thomas S. Ellis III.


Judge rules recent S.F. housing law invalid. Tenancies in common in conflict with state

Stayner trial is postponed until June 10

Petaluman faces pot charges after 2-nation bust

Hague justice should not become a habit

Judge Dubious About Link Patent

Traficant Says He's a Victim as He Opens Own Defense

Yale's Child-Porn Professor Gets 15 Years

Neighborhood Law Corps

Click. US Secret Service: Seizure of E-Evidence 

Buildup of specific amino acid linked to Alzheimer's in study

Fossil bolsters avian theory

Oregano is good for more than spaghetti sauce

Texas Scientists Clone Domestic Cat

Study Shows Babies Do Have Minds of Their Own

Reapplying Sunscreen Earlier Offers Best Protection

NASA Ramping Up 'Cliff-Bots' to Explore Mars

Global Warming Will Lengthen Day

Keeping Alien Samples Safe for Study

Major Company Targeted for GM Foods

Insects rule the world.

Gene Therapy Promising For Rheumatoid Arthritis

New Mouse Model Enables Studies Of Heart, Brain And Spinal Cord

Antidepressant Provides A Cool Choice For Hot Flashes

Low-Nicotine Cigarettes

Sandia Gun Residue Detection Technique Will Help Police ID Shooters Right At The Crime Scene

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Distant love

The Old Hippie's Groovy Site.

Miss America denies reports of unhappiness

Bound Manuscript

Punk Rock Revolutionary: The Legacy of Joey Ramone

Three magic little words

Galway's Medieval Mermaids.

Water Spirit Legends.

Spark a Little Romance With Some Tea

Revisiting the Dawn of Avant-Garde Films

Strange cloud puzzles Mars scientists

Word of the Day Click.

February 12, 2002

US Chooses Saddam's Successor

US Says It's in a Fog of Confusion in Afghanistan

Pentagon Blames CIA for Errant Missile Attack

How US strategy in Tora Bora failed

Terror suspect released on bail

Poor Man's Osama

French Investigators Getting an Earful on Al Qaeda

Russia: We did have prisoners of war. Click.

India: Ayodhya campaign heightens the danger of communal conflict and war

Savage girls and wild boys

Davos Exposed!

Pseudo campaign reform


MIT Professor Alleges Fraud in Missile Defense Research Click.

Click. Russia's leader: Smart, modest and an enigma.

The Pen is Mightier....

Anarchists and oddballs

US Troops Threaten to Shoot Wash. Post Reporter

E-mail Transformed Personal Communication After September 11th Attacks Click.

A Kidnapping in Pakistan

War Against Journalists!

Click. Flynt’s hustle: Pseudo kiddie porn ad raises San Francisco's ire.


Five arraigned in death of baby

Leader of the Hunt

Democrats' focus shifts to practical business matters

Notices to vacate stun area renters

Rush is on to make state tax law conform

Historic span will get retrofit

Citizen groups to patrol Russian River

High-tech tracking of homeless.

San Jose-born militant sentenced to be hanged

Danville man writes of prison

A tale of my life 50 years ago in Napa

The City’s welfare is best of the Bay


'80s flashback: Deficits are OK

"The Company Presidency,"

Gigantisme Militaire

Report: Clinton Diverted Billions from Pentagon to UN Peacekeeping


Donald Rumsfeld: Matinee Idol or Prevaricator-in-Chief?

Viewing Oil as a Bonding Agent

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Kissinger: Bush Sr. considered too weak for China mission.

CIA, Military Lines Blur in War on Afghanistan

How Briton Hid Deadly Boot Bomb on Jet Click.

George Tenet vs. the CIA

The Enron Black Magic - Part Five

Senators Chastise Ex-Enron Chief

Boxer blames Enron for high energy pacts. Senator demands regulators reduce inflated contracts

Defense Department Included In Effort to Save Enron Data

Enron and the Gramms of Texas

Details of Jeb Bush's relationship with Enron Click.

Enron Executives: Every Man For Himself Click.

Former traders for Enron start work under UBS

Law firm's Enron work comes under scrutiny

Andersen is Auditor for Federal Thrift Savings Plan


SEC widens net in telecoms accounting probe

AIB knew of need for tighter regulation

The mutual fund from hell

Businesses should play the name game

Sell offs of Biotech Stock Ahead of Fed News Sparks Furor

Internet mosaic continues to grow

Languages in the palm of your hand

Louisiana government accuses Paypal of running unauthorized bank

Web Services: Turning Lead Into Gold?


2001 Laws Cost Taxpayers $733 Billion

Evidence 'bogus,' say lawyers for ex-SLA members

What's a nice girl doing vetting jurors in a case like this?

Probe sought in county sex case

How to Fake a Passport Click.

Why This Link Patent Case Is Weak

Cybercrime Bill Ups the Ante

Congress weighs life imprisonment for some computer intrusions

Gay sperm donations could soon be illegal

Attorneys In SLA Case Reveal Strategy

Defense Lawyers Say Hearst Will Be Challenged at Trial

Freak storm decimates butterfly population

Jovian Tidings May Stir And Heat Up Life On Europa

Differences found in autistic brains

The cause of bad moods

Under fours suffer depression

Bone cancer advance

Bioengineered Skin: Alternative to Animal Testing

Lionfish Invades U.S. Reefs

Dust from 9/11 WTC collapse analyzed by Livermore scientists

Physicist pursues punch-card quest for nuclear data

Study Links Chiropractic Neck Treatment to Stroke

Night Eating Syndrome Due to Stress, Not Hunger

Piglets Cloned From Ear Cells of Prized Boars.

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Better than a saint

How to survive a cougar attack

Rift Between Vatican, Orthodox

Irish step dancer owes livelihood to `Riverdance'

Documentary photographers find intimate moments of truth

Athena and Me


Reading on the Net With Boys

Word of the Day Click.

February 11, 2002

Bush Team Agrees to Target Saddam

Putin Warns U.S.: Don't Attack Iraq

Iran Commander Threatens US with Attack on Gulf Oil Fields

Iran's Khatami Warns Against 'Unfathomable' War

US Military 'Prepared to Take Casualties' This Week in Philippines

FARC triggers concern in U.S.

Islamist hide-outs in Virginia

Pakistan, Afghanistan Agree on Major Pipeline Deal

An Empire Preparing for War

Idea of bridge tolls for walkers horrifies some

Civil Affairs Troops Aim to Win Afghan Hearts, Minds

Invade Iraq and Iran

Who's Running Iran?

Raytheon hopes to show off gun system at U.S. sites

Iran May Have Nukes Soon

On battle alert: Tense Wall Street Journal waits for Perl. Click.

Jacobses could become first family in world to be implanted with microchips that contain personal info

UN dumps Pol Pot trials

LSD Pioneer Rosemary Woodruff Leary Takes Her Final Trip

"American Porn"

Alternative routes to globalization

Hobnobbing with the elite

Free Money

Canada's Prime Minster accuses opposition of assisting terrorists

Argentina overhauls political system

The day that rocked US-Saudi alliance

Within four decades, one in 20 Americans may be a Mormon

UN Protects Balkan Sex Industry

A Resolute Law Repeats He Won't Go


Santa Rosa Jr. College at a crossroads

Of Pasties And Pews

No news is good news for Fermilab researchers

Students struggle with new standards

GOP core still sees Riordan as a traitor

Alaskan defends proposal to ship Mendocino water south

Gadfly group spurs affordable housing

If bonds pass, Santa Rosa may have to accommodate charter schools

Vote Flawed But Legal

Tot Death Shakes Marin

Land Trust preserving Napa's open space

Condit, Cardoza stay civil in first public face-off


Bush incensed, then soothed, the Saudis

Bellicose Bush pushing his luck with coalition

Al Who?

Why Bush Won't Let Go

Bush, Oil and Taliban: Bernard & Dasquie interview

Bush Team Targets Hillary in Expanded Scandal Probe

Katherine Harris is Getting Sued by Her Kinfolk!

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Tech salesman foils espionage plan

Simple error means big change

Israeli Intelligence Misled Bush On Iran

Intelligence suggests Osama is alive, say US senators

Click. Ex-Secretary of Defense explains it all to you.

Click. Witness Statements on 911 Failure Inquiry

Enron chief may face perjury charge

Shades of Enron at Global Crossing

Enron paid hefty bonuses before bankruptcy

Enron lobbyist plotted strategy against Democrats

Skilling's combative lobbying style

Enron's law firm may face own lawsuits

Government seeks removal of Enron executives from retirement plan

Trader's fortunes rose, fell with Enron power in West

Click. Markets lost faith in Enron before politicians did.

Executives Beyond Enron Took Months to Report Insider Sales

Enron Agrees to Let U.S. Take Over Pension Fund After Millions Are Lost


Qwest receives SEC subpoena on Global Crossing documents

Argentine peso down as queues for dollars swell

Japan the Asian Argentina? Click.

Regulators shut down San Francisco's virtual NextBank

Biotech firms gird for fight in China Click.

Illegals Stuffing US Banks With Cash

How to Get the Truth About Earnings

Tech trainees remain upbeat

Google to Offer New Search Product for Companies

Dell service complaints appear to be on the rise

Women help drive car design

'Presence' software: Now you can't hide

Wi-Fi is the guerrilla revolution

Snoop Software Shreds Reality

Why Your Digital Camera Is Already Obsolete


Crank Out The Cyber Defenders

Death Penalty Reversals Studied

Fugitive Broker Surrenders To FBI Agents in Cleveland

Human Resources: More disclosure of background checks required

Traficant and judge spar at opening of corruption trial Click.

Imagine flexible intellectual-property licenses for free

Innocent plea in cat case

Church beliefs at issue in case

Click. Government Crime Business Booming

Canadian Farm Searched for Bodies of 50 Prostitutes

DAs Name 49 More Sex Abuse Priests in Boston Diocese


Dengue fever threatens carnival

Empty Medicine Cabinets

The bio-terror time bomb

Research into Agent Orange

Origins of Spanish Flu Disputed

'Lethal Anthrax' Report Kept from CDC

Adult Stem Cells From Knee Fat Turned Into Cartilage, Bone, Fat Cells More: Click.

Next-Generation Biomaterials To Help Body Heal Itself

New microchips run small biolabs

Depression 'lowers disease immunity'

Click. A space probe launched 30 years ago has come under the influence of a force that has baffled scientists and could rewrite the laws of physics.

Shocking strokes


Tonic boost from ants

Stem cells therapy 'may grow tissue'

Inventor creates translating glove for deaf

Healing heat

Fresh warning over cloning dangers

Oceans of Hope

Europe blasted by UV rays

Cockroaches in Coke Is Secret Potion for Star Athlete

Heart Attacks: Recognizing and Treating Them

When The Earth Dried Out

Jurassic Age Dinosaur Vomit

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

'Skittles' the Cat Finds Way Home in 350-Mile Odyssey

Oldest living surrealist tells all

Skeleton on ice

The hidden side of Monticello

Family affair

Our intrepid reporter tries speed dating, meets men in seven minutes flat 

Stilettos and the City

Pick a Fight With Your Beloved--It Might Help

The Molly Maguires Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Networks sue over new video recorder

National Review's military socialism. Click.

What's New On the Tube in 2002?

Newspapers filter out "bad words" from email to their reporters

Word of the Day Click.

February 8, 2002

Iran Arrests Taliban Infiltrators

Mind games: Captors, detainees at Guantanamo psych each other out

Guantanamo Inmates Are POWs Despite Bush View -ICRC

NASA Budget Promotes Space Nukes

Propaganda War in Philippines

Bush's Comments Bolster Old Guard in Tehran Click.

Ridge: Gov't might need reorganizing

Sophisticated Design Indicates Shoe-Bomb Suspect Didn't Act Alone

India, Russia Sign Arms Deal

High Islamic Council in Saudi Arabia issued a "fatwa," or edict, that decreed women should join men as suicide martyrs for Islam. Click.

Delta jet searched after 'security incident' in Atlanta

The British Are Coming!

The Romeo File

Experts Veto Internet Elections

From Computer Games to U.S. Prison Cells" Click.

6 more priests removed on allegations of abuse

Microsoft settlement may be `refined'

Mitnick to Plead for Ham License

Have Cell Phone, Will Shoot

Big China Sites at Crossroads

Google Offers Cash to Creative Coders

Corvette Floats on Air

Deaf go mobile phone crazy 


Point Reyes land bought

Bridge panel open to toll above $5

Food stamp hurdles. For many, the hassle outweighs the benefits

Police Protect Newsom From Upset Advocates

Bomb hoax at S.F. federal court building

'Survival sex' a risky reality for poor

Protester tells us what drives the anti-corporate fracas


Bush, China and religion Click.

Cheney: asset to albatross.

"Reasons why Mr. Bush may prefer to whip up irrational war hysteria" Click.

"Bush lawyers have an aggressive strategy to advance presidential authority"

Bush Admin. Wants 'Charter Forests'

Bush Aide Rove Gets Briefings on 'Gay' GOP Effort

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA's Venture Capital Unit Grows After 9/11

CIA: Government Inside A Government

Click. 9/11 cover-up?

Spy trial for later this year

Watching your every move

Russia Rips CIA Report on Technology

Face Facts: Biometrics Is Future Of Security

Iran rejects Britain's ambassador as Jew, spy


Bigger than bioterror. Click.

Skilling's high-stakes strategy

Ex-Enron Employees Spawn Online Community

"Unusually bitter and personal"

Former CEO Skilling's Testimony Elicits Disdain, Derision in Houston Click.

Mansion Loophole in Bankruptcy Laws Targeted

Enron Workers Say They Faked Trading to Impress Analysts Click.

Why so many people want Andersen shut down Click.

Enron Execs Touted Their Ethics on an Educational CD Click.

Auditor independence and the fed: a problem?


Former Enron boss blames panicking investors

Chao Pledges Labor's Help in Effort Save Enron Pensions

Lay's lawyer makes living getting clients out of jams

Empire strikes back over use of 'Star Wars' names


Bio-Rad stock up 6% on record sales increase of 42%

HP courts institutional investors

The Kyl Amendment to Lock in Permanent Repeal of The Estate Tax

AIB left US subsidiary to act independently

FBI, SEC Investigate Global Crossing


Three strikes law takes a hit

Law powered by Polly case

Defense attorney: Russell taped sex

A trail of suspicion in elder abuse case

HP faces age-bias suit that's all relative

B.C. farm searched in missing-women case

Former LAPD officer tells court about false police report

Wife sought as dead lawyer ID'd

Out of harm's way: Can mothers who have abused children be rehabilitated?

Linking Patent Goes to Court

Scientist Ends Copyright Law Crusade

Lawyers in rape trial argue over telling jury of earlier sex attacks

Circuit court says that thumbnail photos not covered by copyright Click.

Beam Me Up Scotty: Teleportation Becomes A Real Possibility

Secret to body's 24-hour time clock is in the eye

Ovarian cancer blood test promising

Floating hotel planned in Space

Study shows atom bomb tests caused genetic anomalies. Soviet radiation results surprise U.S. scientists

Supercomputer Opens Up Physics Database
Blood pressure linked to childhood

Fat? Pop a Pill

Robot wars for real

Video pill makes 'fantastic voyage' inside body

Scientists Say Cough Syrup May Be Waste of Money

Women Should Avoid Third-Generation Pill

Clues to Why Breast Cancer More Fatal in Blacks

Hot flash: Hormone therapy doesn't work as claimed

"Bionic" Replacement Parts Becoming More Human

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Get thee to a nunnery

A wild time at Oakland Zoo

Image of Stone Age death

Robert Altman remains a maverick

Internet Film Rentals Alarm Hollywood

The Pen is Mightier....

Man Detained in Reporter Kidnap Case

The prison diary

Michael Moore on his book almost not getting published Click.

Bush-Speak - From Churchill To Goldilocks

Hillary Rocks at Press Dinner

Internet Book Promotions  

February 7, 2002

US: Iraq Needs 'Regime Change'

Powell Rejects Iraq Talks

Sharon and Bush to Meet on Moves Against Iraq

Will Russia Accept Force Against Iraq?

Russian Military Intelligence: The War on Iraq Will Be Launched in September

Military exercises to test the “Iraqi scenario” have recently been carried out in Israel by Israeli and US forces. Click.

Beware unilateral war without end. Click.

China Wants 'New World Order'

Warlord Gets Money, Arms From Iran, Afghan Aides Say

Sharon Meets With Bush on Mideast

Talib's Anti-American E-Mails

France Upbraids U.S. as 'Simplistic'

Where antiterror doctrine leads - preemptive strikes

Senate Extends Jobless Benefits

Did Werner Heisenberg try to scuttle the Nazi bomb project, as he later claimed? Click.. More: Click..

Nazi Documents Stun Scientist Bohr

New World Order in Canada via Vaccination program? Click.

China buys U.S. satellite data to target Taiwan

Size matters in fending off hacker attacks

Web service economy

100 People Who Changed Our World

Google Down on Pop-Up Sneaks

Bots Battle, Breed in A.I. Test

Q&A: Steve Ballmer -- Trust Us

'Unrippable' CD? Impossible, Experts Say

The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer


Pelosi rock 'n' rolls into new job. S.F. Democrat sworn in as first female whip

Spy cameras watch over Fremont High

Streamline school agencies, Jones says

Mendocino man king of the vines

Panel approves Rohnert Park annexation plans

State OKs Cesar Chavez lessons

Ex-cop accused of raping prostitutes out on bail.

Newsom: No more homeless drug money


Republican loyalists in Washington stood by their party for eight long years, expecting a chance to play on George Bush's team. It seems no one told them the president hates pros. Click.

Bush is proposing to spend more on defense than the next 25 countries combined Click.

Bush's executive-privilege two-step

Cheney will come out of hiding to visit nine Middle East nations

Bush Plans Early Warning System for Terror


Burton renewing efforts to get documents in Boston mob informant case

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

DARPA funds open-source bug hunt Click.

Laden's trail cold: Interpol chief

India Pakistan war risk highest since 1971: CIA

'See No Evil': A Former C.I.A. Cowboy and His Disillusioning Ride

CIA Chief Identifies Enemies Galore

Why Germans Can't Spy

Low-Profile Partnership Head Stayed on Job Until Judge's Order

'Low-Profile Guy' Was Wizard Behind Enron's Complex Books

CEO Pushed Hard for Transformation of Firm

Ally of Lay Appointed To 2 Posts By Bush

Arthur Andersen and the Baptists

Execs risk fines, jail in failing to appear at state Senate

Enron lawyer questioned off-the-book deals

Enron's use of partnerships made some executives very rich

Enron's In-House Collapse Click.

Enron executives enter hot seat as sham transactions alleged

Deal paid off for Fastow proxy

Lays selling houses, land worth millions

Letter links Lay to federal energy regulator

Andersen given 20 days to send data to creditors

Playing the Enron Blame Game



Click. The 750 Million Dollar Man

Investigators probe $750m AIB forex fraud

Trader Mentioned in Probe Lives Modestly in Baltimore

Exchange dealers baffled by how it was done

Lure of the big money draws bankers to crime

Lawmaker warns SEC to lay off financial portals


Incarceration Policies Eased,

Sun Microsystems preparing to sue Microsoft

Lindh's Lawyers: They Threatened Him With Death

Milosevic Will Try to Call Clinton, Blair to Testify

Jury prospects for mauling trial tell stories of dogs and bites

High court hears Ghilotti case

El Dorado water agency faces state criminal counts

Ex-Santa Rosa officer cleared in 1996 killing

Missing baby found safe at grandfather's -- 4 arrested

What Marin man said could be key at his trial. Defense seeks to keep comments from jury

Victoria Gotti Granted Divorce From Jailed Husband

'Riders' trial slated to start April 29 in Oakland

Scene set in sex-killer trial

Accused arsonist goes on trial in Napa court

Hundreds of molestation charges filed against Napan

Playmate Checkmates Hef's Mag

The price of milk (and sex) in Cuba

Outlaw mom

Science 'giant' Perutz dies

Healthy sex drive

HIV-AIDS spreads along Asia's drug routes

Scientists take money for papers ghostwritten by drug companies

Breakthroughs in effort to map body's proteins

Men Overestimate Women's Sexual Interest: Study

Lifestyle Changes Reduce Diabetes Incidence

Group names bioengineered Kraft foods

Physics Simulations Create Convincing Illusions in Films and Games Click.

Deep brain stimulation to stop shaking: Steady progress

Osteoporosis: Part II

GM Superweeds 'Not Uncommon'

NASA Seeks $1 Billion for Nuclear Propulsion Plan

First Genetic Evidence Uncovered Of How Major Changes In Body Shapes Occurred During Early Animal Evolution

Potential Allergy Vaccine Boosts Hope For Sufferers

Stem Cell Study Provides New Clues To Origin Of Down Syndrome

Scopolamine Should Be Tested As New Nerve Agent Treatment

Time Machine may change the way we view TV

Hantavirus detected in Redlands

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Woman asserts right to wear her cross

Starter marriages

Gay priest no longer a Father

Contraception service for Catholics

Laughing Indian guru

The Complete Petra


The Shapwick Project.

The Pen is Mightier....

Mormons take media beating

The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and The Birth of PR Click.

Apocalyptic Christian Sci-Fi Is a Smash Hit

Reporter off radio after Taliban story Click.


Bush requests BBC smallpox drama.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria in Pigs Spread to People

Word of the Day Click.

February 6, 2002

Iran Asks US to Help Catch Al-Qaeda

Rumsfeld: 'No Question' Al-Qaeda in Iran

Teheran's tentacles of terror

Click. Bush sides with the Iranian people, and they back him.

Bush wants $98 million to defend Colombian oil pipeline

US Defiant Over Growing Split With Europe

Bin Laden in Chechnya?

US Official: Attack on Iraq 'Unavoidable'

US Will Dictate Canada's Military Roles

Suspected Bin Laden Operative Put on Trial

Russian deserters massacre seven

Raytheon hopes to show off gun system to protect domestic infrastructure sites

Power, counter-power, Part 2: The fractal war Click.

Pros and cons of being a surfer in military

Israel says U.S. will attack Iraq in May. Click.

Libya Revives Missile Program After Lifting of UN Sanctions

China: The new and 'pushy' boy on the block Click.

Moscow revitalizes its old priorities in Asia Click.

Nuclear experts on risky Georgian mission

Click. Battling Hopeless Diamond Trade Terrorism

Electronic ID System Scheduled To Begin On Some Bases

Feinstein offers measure to OK curative cloning. Senate committee debates use of fetal stem cells for research

Medical experts linked to drug companies. 9 out of 10 who write treatment guidelines don't disclose relationship, survey finds

Something rotten in Nepal

Thai families partners in child sex trade. Border area's products are drugs and daughters

She’s rich but can’t feed the children


Click. In the East Bay, a year of full-time child care for a toddler costs about twice as much as the annual tuition at UC Berkeley.

Shelters for women to get funds

Elk Grove's new school of thought 

Sea bass whisked off menus

8 Novato parents sue schools re: show's references to gays

$5 Golden Gate Bridge toll proposed

Judge allows special Bahia fee assessment

W. Marin writers to lose their cabins

Burton political machine throttles up. S.F. election pits connected insider against newcomer

CHP officers to fly as sky marshals. FAA has approved Davis security plan

Drug costs leap for mentally ill jail inmates

Oakland: Police warn prostitutes after serial car rapes

Bold jewel heist


Bush team stumps for deficit spending. Economy can handle red ink, Bush team argues

Daschle derails stimulus package

Billions for war and repression: Bush budget for a garrison state

Bush's proposed budget boosts electronic surveillance, wiretapping

Clinton Apologist Ann Lewis Named to Top Democratic Party Post

California Supremes Consider County Bans on Gun Shows

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA: No Iraqi Terrorism Against US

FEMA: 400,000 Volunteers Needed

CIA's Tenet warns of more planned al Qaeda attacks

Craving those ID chips now

FBI Appoints Training Director, Highest-Ranking Black Woman

FBI Eyes Virginia Link to Militant Muslim Sect

Click. Europol Monkey-Boys FBI

Congress Told Enron Cover-Up 'Pervasive'

Delay is the name of the Enron game. Click.

Ken Lay's un-American activities

Enron board actions were ‘appalling’ Click.

Enron Europe debt pile to total ‘billions of dollars’

America determined to cauterize the Enron bug Click.

Click. Former Enron adviser Paul Krugman's latest dishonest accounting.

The Betty Crocker of Cooked Books. Click.

Labor secretary testifies at Enron hearings

Report: Execs sold off stock knowing of loss concerns

Former chairman of Enron to face lawmakers next week

Andersen leader testifies before House committee

Enron's broadband unit owes back taxes


Rogue trader missing after $750m fraud

HP, Compaq set shareholder votes

Protection Money

Sweden's Ericsson posts historic losses

Click. Freezing Records of Enroning US Indians

Irish Bank Defrauded of $750 Million

Accounting: It's a Brave New World

Click. Computers hinder paper shredders.

DotNow? DotNever--part deux Click.

Microsoft launches MSN mobile portals

Digging Deep Into Compression

IBM to unveil five-inch long computer

Computer Crash Strikes Space Station

Samsung predicts new memory chip revolution


Federal Report On FBI OKC Foul-up Could Be Released In March

Castro Faces International Criminal Charges

Boy who burned dog must enter foster care

The roving rape and kill couple: Pair studied killing, lawyer says.  More: Click.

Sonoma County D.A. on the line: Contradictions, embarrassment in Pelfini trial tapes

Civil jury weighs fatal shooting by Santa Rosa officer

Seattle: Who runs police? A lot of people

Charges mount for Marin Taliban. At bail hearing, lawyers to argue he was mistreated

After lifetime in law, Judge Orrick rests his case. He sentenced Hearst to 7 years in prison

There is no new baby, cult mother tells court Click.

Jurors weeded out in mauling case. One didn't want to see gore

Protecting People Above Patents

Man Gets 19-Years for Prez Threats

Religious Sect Parents Jailed Over 'Missing Baby'

Man, 26, charged in Oakland-Reno pimping racket

Group Pushes Earth-Mars Transit System

Horse gives birth to donkey to save a species

Click. Mental patients in some of the world's most remote areas have been successfully treated using telemedicine.

Measles study raises bowel disease link

Electronic module to predict class of cancer

Satellite in orbit to study solar flares. UC team rejoices after overcoming communication glitch

How to Turn On a Gene

Seal Cams Probe Antarctic

Selling the Moon

Results of NASA Mission Survey

Asteroid gives the Earth a close shave

Hormone Therapy Can Lower Energy Levels, Study Says

Novel Vaccine Combats Cancer

New Study Links Homophobia with Homosexual Arousal

Nuclear Powered Spacecraft Get a Boost

Lasetron to Produce Zeptosecond Flashes


First Suspected Case of Human Form of Mad Cow Disease

High-stakes food fight goes national

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Sesame Street tries to ease kids' fears

Dating an undertaker

`Outrageous science'. UC Berkeley's highly praised anthropology department turns 100

Ancient Pre-Inca Temple Found

Spanish occupation told with no glitz

Sculptures of the goddess Athena

The Way 'Rollerball' Bounces

100 Views of the Moon.

Woman briefly at helm of Kuwaiti parliament.

Gloucester Cathedral.

The Pen is Mightier....

UK militant linked to reporter's kidnap

Pearl case: Jaish leader key suspect

Did 9/11 cause a downturn in IQ levels, as well as the stock market – or is it something in the water? Click.

Andrea Barrett: The Science of Stories

The top video of 9/11 attack. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

February 5, 2002

Bush plan may expand US involvement in Colombia

Tehran challenges US over axis of evil

Old Enforcers Limit New Freedoms

Woman bomber didn't mean to kill herself Click.

Allied Jets Bomb Iraqi Air Defenses

South Korean foreign minister dismissed

Canada accused of failing to care for troubled troops

Trillions Lost To US 'Ghost Army'

Afghan War Costs $1.8 Billion A Month

Some US Officials Want Ties with Libya

New US Military Bases: Side Effects or Causes of War?

Brits Seek Use Of Chinese Bases

Is bin Laden targeting Olympic Games?

Singapore's 'Osama' May Have Targeted U.S.

The Few, the Proud, the Well-Dressed

The wild card in Sudan's civil war is a "lake of oil" that happens to ooze just beneath the surface of some of the most contested real estate on Earth. Click.

Ethics: Can the Senate Police Its Own?

Exiled Royal Makes Bid for Return to Italy

Norton calls fear of terror threat to liberty

Argentine Leader Moves Against Court and Banks

Russia Preparing To Supplant Saudi Arabia As The Main Supplier Of Oil To The U.S.

EBay CEO donates $30 million to Princeton

'Trusted' Air Travelers Would Minimize Wait

Hillary Joins in US Bashing at World Economic Forum

Teacher Accused of Murder Allowed in Class for Two Years


Workers' comp bill headed to Davis

San Rafael adopts bicycle master plan

Illness may force  Sonoma County Supervisor Cale to resign

Speier's shakedown

Sam Deitch -- North Beach personality

School illegally rented city space, say officials

No charges filed against alleged madam of brothel Sheriff's investigators are exploring whether a suspected brothel raided last week on Redwood Road is tied to an international prostitution ring busted by federal authorities

Chinese exports driving state nuts


Judge Rejects Bush Pick For Civil Rights Agency

Bush Unveils Management Scorecards

Richard the Third

Bush's New Stridency

Bush budget to cut state's highway funds

Bush Eyeballs Heavy Tech Spending

Bush boys' old dealings. Click.

Bush Shell Game. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA Gets Big Boost in Bush Budget

Who Is Osama bin Laden, and Does He Have Anything to Do With the Sept. 11 Attack?
Beijing Continues Anti-Satellite Work

Old Tin Eye got what he wanted without mistreating prisoners

Top-Secret Russian Equipment Swiped

Spyplane Could Hunt for Terrorists


What happened to the Linda and Ken Lay Family Foundation's $48 million in Enron Stock? Click.

Odds workers will receive Enron payoff: 'Slim' 401(k) holders are the last to recover losses under bankruptcy law

Panel Gives 'Road Map' For Enron Indictments

Raptor accounts brought Enron dinosaur down

Critics: Probe 'pretty soft' on Enron board

Identifying the limited partners in the Enron scam Click.

Insiders reaped pots of gold from development

Dynegy charges Enron has only itself to blame

Enron workers' benefits reportedly raided


Equitable Life members take £1.9bn and run

Bertelsmann to overhaul management structure

Japan's Death Spiral?

Tax Doctors

Making Hay On The Nasdaq

Google whacking. Click.

Spotlight on Speed: Microprocessors Keep Surpassing Threshold

Who'll Pay, Pal, for This IPO?

Inside Intel's Monster Chip

Getting a Piece of the Anti-Terrorism Action

Econ Forum Site Goes Down

Click. FCC to Hear Kevin Mitnick on Radio License

Interview with the new CEO of Google Click.

'Dangerous' hole discovered in Morpheus


Questions remain about Columbine school massacre Click.

ABA Proposes Courts-Martial Legal Rights for Terror Suspects

Teacher cleared of sex abuse charges is banned as a risk to boys

Rape is on videotape, Alameda cops say. Raiders player, others face 25 charges each

Click. A Marin woman who said she was forced to go on welfare after an insurance company cut off her disability benefits was awarded $7.6 million in damages and fees by a federal jury yesterday.

Yosemite killings trial to proceed

Quackenbush and deputy won't be charged, sources say

Renters' revenge

Judge rejects bestiality references. Prosecution gets OK to mention prison gang ties in dog-maul case

Court loosens arbitration rules. Mandatory settlements can be rejected, appeals panel decides

Pinole man gets 27 months in child-porn case

Defending the indefensible: more US lies on Afghan prisoners and Geneva Convention

Alleged spammer claims California anti-spam law is unconstitutional


West Nile Virus Heading Toward Texas

FBI Asks Microbiologists for Help

Smiling to the Beat of a Normal Life

Review finds flaws in federal biological opinions

Doctors unveil update of Hippocratic oath

New studies are providing some hope, but great challenges lie ahead in finding cure for muscular dystrophy

RU-486 is tested as birth control

Gray wolves heading to California. Defenders seek protections as ranchers howl

Solar flares focus of satellite set to orbit. Berkeley scientists designed spacecraft

The End of Cancer?

Study Links 'Western' Diet with Adult Diabetes

Report Says Gene-Modified Crops Could Create Superweed

Are There Other Universes?

Johns Hopkins Scientists Find Brain's Nose Plug

A Key "Brake" Of The Immune Response

Propellant-Free Space Propulsion Technology

Pitt's Transplant Team Uses Standard Stem Cell Procedure In Unique Way For Recipient Of Living Donor Kidney Transplant

Cancer-Causing Drug Safe And Effective In Treating Eye Disease

Cave Men Diets Offer Insights To Today's Health Problems, Study Shows

A Peptide Whose Absence Leads To Narcolepsy Also Might Play Role In Pain Sensation

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Occultic and Masonic Influence in Early Mormonism Click.

The man who found a formula for Hollywood success

'Machismo isn't that easy to wear'

Lost boys and One for the lads


Click. Carson McCullers' dinner party for Marilyn Monroe and the writer desperate to meet her.

Final touches on 'Peanuts' mural

Cryptic fliers perplex cat fans

In Peru Highlands, Temple Remains Offer Window on Pre-Inca Civilization

The Pen is Mightier....

Network President Plans to Restore ABC's Happier Days Click.

Sesame Street Gets Makeover

E-Mail That Lures Book Readers

Madonna Called 'Role Model for Women'

$1 Streams: Get It While It's Hot

Michael Ovitz Asserts Contrition As Hollywood Gasps and Slavers Click

Word of the Day Click.

February 4, 2002

Bush: Pentagon Spending 'Non-Negotiable'

Pentagon in a League of Its Own

IDF lawyers step in with `conditions' for assassination policy

Where's military creativity?

Terrorism's slippery definition eludes UN diplomats

Pentagon Seeks New Weapons, Equipment for Elite Troops - More

Rumsfeld: Some Al-Qaida Hide in Iran

Peres Asserts Iran Armed Hezbollah

Taleban warrior? No, I'm a lost backpacker

Kremlin exercises its muscle in Central Asia Click.

Sharon's gamble

Al Qaida may have tried to kill former President Clinton, apparently while he was in office, and perhaps planned further attempts on world leaders. Click.

Return of pederasty to Kandahar.

Mayor bans Satan from her town! Click.

Click. Women in the sex industry: can they turn pornography into retail therapy?

The losers: Once they were girls. Now they are slaves

New Pitch in Anti-Drug Ads: Anti-Terrorism

Illinois: $1.5 billion pot brims with secretive pork

Chelsea's New Oxford Boyfriend Is Clinton Look-Alike

Richard Bolt -- analyzed Watergate tape gap

Digital gear gives luge the edge

Interview with Microsoft's Scott Charney on benefits of key escrow

DF1LM MovieMaker

Recipe for the Next Valley

Researchers Develop World's First Light-Tunable "Plastic" Magnet

'Systems biology' the focus of new UC research project. Top scientist hired to lead innovative UC bioresearch project Click.


Speaking her mind has won Barbara Lee thousands in donations

Hooks Banned For Fishing

Federal And State Septic Reform Imminent; Fair Warning To State And Marin

California's economic downturn: history repeats itself

Dominican opens its doors to the public

Santa Cruz's bid to aid homeless whips up dispute

Decades-old wine mystery unraveled

Jerry Brown faces quiet race. Critics contend Oakland mayor has given up his populist ways

Blood sport of S.F. politics

SAVING BIG RIVER: Tiny group musters Mendocino to action


Bush May Ax Police Technology Program

Best democracy money can buy. Click.

Bush Keeps Photo Hit-List of Enemies

Bush's Permanent War

Saudiphones target Neil Bush and Bushies target Iran. Click.

Of Course Bush Identifies with the Wealthy

Bush and his Untouchable Friends

George W - We Really Knew You. Click.

Bush holding up oak tree epidemic research funds

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Strange fish caught in Daniel Pearl dragnet Click.

The encrypted jihad

Saudi Arabia has been trying to persuade the United States to help foment an internal revolt against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for the last 10 years. Click.

I'll Have Mr. OSD(PA) Get Back to You

Please Release My Friend Daniel Pearl

Lay pulls out of Enron testimony to Congress

Fastow, Kopper to take 5th, lawmaker says

Meltdown Is Deja Vu for Some at Enron

Enron internal report blasts managers on partnerships

Enron's collapse haunts World Economic Forum

Barry: Explaining the Enron collapse through simple financial terms

Enron: the meetings British Labour didn't reveal Click.

You scratch our backs and we'll sink our claws in Click.

Enron Promised Croatia NATO Entry

California system was easy pickings. Enron helped build market, then exploited weaknesses

White House stonewalls Congressional probe into Enron links

Enron: A House Divided

The Enron Story, With a Plot as Thick as Pea Soup

How Chewco Brought Down an Empire

Big Kahuna

Another secret Cheney meeting re: Enron. Click.

Enron and securities fraud


CEO'S Feast During Famine

Argentina is on the brink of bankruptcy. Click.

Argentina unveils sweeping new economic plan

Wake up and smell the subterfuge

Auditors get jump on jobs with clients

Internet is proving to be great for loan research

The Billionaires And Their Teams

Global Crossing Faces SEC Probe of Accounting Practices on Leases



Alameda Superior Court race tightening

Sperm donor identification raises ethical, legal issues

Eco-terrorists frustrate FBI. Sentencing of  "The Santa Cruz 2" marks a rare victory for the agency

"How to Find Out What Uncle Sam Knows About You" Click.

White House asks bar association not to take position on military tribunals, sources say

American Academy of Pediatrics endorses homosexual adoptions

Justice at the click of a mouse

Colorado judge strikes down photo radar, dismisses tickets

Woman shrugs off challengers for Sonoma County D.A.

Tiny church wants tiny radio signal, government says "no"


Millions of Doses for Radioactive Fallout

Anthrax God's Work, Says Bin Laden

Bush wants $11 billion for biodefense. Amount of request surprises experts

Shortages hobble childhood vaccination programs

Rainforests Harvest The Skies

Discovery of 'Methuselah gene' unlocks secret of long life

Drug hope for obesity

Flu shots may ward off strokes, study indicates

Alzheimer's treatment - bacteria study.

GM food 'to get all-clear'

Astronomers admire 'Lord of the Rings'

Move to the Rhythm of Your Heartbeat

When your brain cells go haywire

The Paleogeographic Atlas Project

Amateur Astronomers to Put Telescope on International Space Station

"Pharoah's Ears"

Stanford Researchers Home In On Huntington's Disease Treatment

Exposure To Toxin In Certain Foods Could Cause Testicular Cancer

Research Shows Way To Boost Morphine's Pain-Killing Benefits

New Technique Speeds Gene Research In Mammalian Cells

Deep Sea Creatures Collected For Studies

New Understanding Of Complex Virus Nano-Machine For Cell Puncturing And DNA Delivery

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

High Calling for Delphi Priestesses

Masons, come out with your trouser-leg up

Film reviews: Come hell or bathwater

D-Day hero and museum clash in battle of bagpipes

Bunker typist tells of Hitler, the friendly boss

Ethnic theatre goes mainstream

Tibet: Lost in the Himalayas

Superman through the ages

The Graying of the Great White Way

The Pen is Mightier....

The shaky bond between reporters and militants

Ashcroft's Media Scam

Media monitors note expanding presence of erotica

Click. Rosie O'Donnell Busts Out of the Closet

Note to journalists: Warning about PressBlaster spam

Red, White and Phew!

Word of the Day Click.

February 2, 2002

U.S. focuses attention on rural Muslim group

FBI seeks origin of al-Qaida computer

We must 'go after poverty' to stop terror, Powell says


State graduate tips FBI to cleric involved in 9/11.

Claim that al-Qaida cased Salt Lake City Click.

Kandahar: Snakes, sand, scorpions, snipers - and stench

Napoleon at the Gates of Ramallah: Ariel Sharon's Mistake

Bay Area native fights terror in Central Asia

Potomac Watch: Fund for terror victims sparks fight over gay rights

Foundation seeking trademark for phrase. Beamer Foundation seeks to trademark Sept. 11 rallying cry

Voting Rights in Peril Click.

Anti-European agenda of the Freedom Party provokes government crisis in Austria

Only a few friends say final farewell to slain prostitute

Church To Keep Low Profile During Olympics

The Most Advanced City in France

Hackers kill British Web firm

The financial and social costs of protecting digital information are growing Click.
From Sims to Slammin' Steel


Earth to United Airlines...


Meter readers hope new law takes bite out of dogs

Ex-Oakland officer sues police, city

Kilo of cocaine, cash found in Novato bust

Business: Marin man guilty; clients bilked out of $500,000

Commuters testing card good for all public transit

SFO screener admits his part in airport security fiasco

'Godfather' convicted in gang attack

Vote early by touch-screen at your local city hall


GAO v. Cheney Is Big-Time Stalling by John Dean Click.

Long delays in access to Bush's gubernatorial papers Click.

George, Jeb, those Bush kids and the anti-Reno crowd

Hillary's 'Iowa' Cash Bash Stirring Up Prez Buzz

USA Freedom Corps Blasted by Libertarians, Taxpayer Group

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

U.S. intelligence agencies to increase their monitoring of Iran, Iraq and North Korea.  Click.

CIA Outlines North Korean Weapons Plan

Accounting group drops resistance to SEC limits

Barings' auditor accused in court of negligence

Cheney denies seeing memo

Enron debacle spurs debate over 401(k) suspension periods

Gov. Davis met with Enron leader, but ignored his advice Click.

Houston, We Have a Problem Click.

Justice Dept. tells White House to preserve Enron documents

Enron allegations too vague for his staff to probe, DA says

Lay's son, sister profited from dealings with Enron

Congressmen cry foul in Enron's self-investigation


Disgruntled HUD official shunted to L.A. Move follows memo on ex-S.F. housing chief case

The Chinese banker who had it all

World Bank Insider Speaks Out

The Pen is Mightier....

A row has broken out between the American network CNN and the Arabic satellite channel Al-Jazeera over the broadcasting of an interview with Osama bin Laden. Click.

Will Fox Spin A ‘Foxy’ Van Susteren?


Sacramento FBI office loses another chief

Blood clot class action hits Qantas

Bail $1 million for ex-SLA pair

Emotions grip courtroom 

Daughter of Slain Virginia Biophysicist Arrested

Judge bars Seattle man from publishing retelling of Tolkien epic

Family law court judge honored in S.F

US Attorney Says No to Columbine Grand Jury

Meteor Sounds Captured on Tape 

Electrodes Help Partly Paralyzed Man Walk

Study: Calcium May Help Determine Risk of Stroke

Diagnosing Breast Cancer


Albright Criticizes Bush Foreign Policy

Israel's military has concluded a huge simulation exercise to test its response to an Iraqi missile attack that delivered nonconventional weapons to the Jewish state. The exercise, held over two days last week, was based on a scenario that Iraq fired missiles tipped with warheads that contained anthrax. The scenario envisaged up to 15,000 people affected by a single missile salvo. Click.

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Eva Hesse's enduring art

Two orcas like peas without pods

The Sea In Winter

A voice to take your breath away.

Rethinking Rules of Parenting

Men Paying on Dates: Women Love It

Sex Clubs of Enlightenment Scotland and Their Rituals Click.

Word of the Day Click.

February 1, 2002

Don't make empty threats against Iraq

The Gun Is on the Table, and Iraqis Await Their Liberators

A civil war is in full swing in Afghanistan.

FBI Says Malaysia Was Site of Sept. 11 Planning

U.N. Seeks Nuclear Devices in Georgia

Communist rebels may have fired
on US plane in Philippines: official.

DoD cannot account for $2.3 trillion Click.

Click. Never mind Osama, Let's conquer the world instead.

Report: Saudis financed escape of 4,000 Al Qaida to fight Israel

Intricate Screening of Fliers in Works

Arthur Anderson oversaw Pooh case at Disney as shredding went on

Murder Throws Spotlight on Rise in Satanism

Brazil's Anti-Global Gadfly

Click. Are compact discs going to be replaced?

Russian hacker breaks into US bank database. Click.

Judge drops Napster bombshell. Click.

FreedomCAR: Will It Drive?


Speakers recount Marin family court troubles

Anatomy of an airport security breakdown

SFO security firm accused of trying to hide mistake
Seven planes took off before federal officials were told of breach at screening station

Capitol deal reached to boost injury pay

Andal demands UC fire outside lawyers

The Bohemian Club is quietly conducting its own investigation into how a heavily armed man managed to sneak past security into the club's Russian River camp.

1 shot in 'food rage' fracas


New Director for Faith-Based Office

Europe reacts nervously to Bush's State of the Union speech

Drapes of Wrath

Click. Bush Excuses Groom Lake Filth

Analysis of Bush's use of political code-words Click.

Kidnappers Threaten 'Real War' on US...

Cheney Made Millions Off Oil Deals with Hussein

Media Mergers: Who Should Rule?

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. CIA Report on Weapons of Mass Destruction Technologies Full text

Lay hasn't sought immunity. Click.

Bush made Lay's man regulator chief

Wakeham quits in Enron scandal

Buying In

Regulators to probe Enron's role in Calif. energy crisis

Lay gave list of favored names

Lawmakers out to lift 'shroud of secrecy' at Lay hearings

Enron exec concedes he gave poor advice

Probe likely to blame former execs

Senate panel seeks data on aid for Enron

Motions filed for former Enron workers

Did Enron Jack Up Energy Futures? Click.


Canada's 'Loonie' Heading South

Regulators move to speed US accounting overhaul

CSFB and Deutsche show debt damage

The Pen is Mightier....

Journalist's kidnapping a puzzling power play

Radio steams ahead as TV falters


Lockerbie appeal told of possible Heathrow link

Babies stolen for sale on Chinese black market

Just days before his criminal trial is set to begin, Ohio Rep. James Traficant (D) has been handed what legal experts called "a ticking time bomb" Click.

Undercover FBI investigation nets hundreds of fake badges online

Click. How sex criminals get punished twice.

Dog mauling defendant loses bid to oust counsel

Unfertilized monkey eggs give stem cells

Scientists close in on wonder drug

Spinal implants give hope to disabled

Sperm-less embryo produces stem cells

Hollywood's Hot Diets

'Cool babies' theory tested

Microchip Can Turn Heat Into Electricity Click.

Reaching For Pluto - A Rendezvous Between Planetary Science and Politics

Smart bandage’ detects germs 


Mysterious 'Alien' Corn Invades Mexico Countryside

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Saint receives a rockstar's welcome

Love, peace and hippy nostalgia

If the Kilt Fits, Wear It

Six Degrees of Separation

Word of the Day Click.