December 31, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraqi Prime Minister Warns Neighbors Against Cross-Border Insurgency + Suicide Car Bomber Kills Seven in Iraq's North + Deadly Year in Iraq Has Grown Worse + US Troops Round Up 49 Suspects Near Tikrit + Entire Mosul Election Staff Quits After Threats + 'Bang, Bang You're Dead': UK Troops Head Blindly Into Iraq + Arab League Won't Dispatch Troops to Iraq Under US Command + Attacks claim more than a dozen Iraqi lives + Rebels die in Mosul battle + American forces decided on Musil clashes by warplanes + Explosions, Gunfire and Other Clatter Are the Soundtrack for Life in Baghdad + IRAQ: A Year of Unreality + Citizens urged to take part in elections; on the file of kidnapped in Iraq + Not a Happy New Year in Fallujah + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Legal Flaws Threat to Saddam Trial + Iraqi Candidate Names Not Released for 'Security Reasons' Click. + Iraq's Mrs. Anthrax has cancer

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Minister Quits Over Censorship of Speeches

MIDDLE EAST: Israeli calls for wider pullout + Jerusalem at heat of conflict Sharon Deputy Calls for Wider Withdrawals From West Bank

Egypt announces success in the mediation between Libya and Saudi Arabia

RUSSIA: Russian Army’s 2005 Shopping List + Russia: The Kremlin's Oligarchs

UKRAINE: Yanukovych Resigns Post As Ukraine PM + Jonathan Steele on US influence in Ukraine

EUROPE: Lithuania shuts down atomic unit

Blair refuses to convene G8 summit

Man Wielding Camera Tripod Strikes Italy's Berlusconi; No Major Injuries

AFRICA: Sudan, Rebels Sign Landmark Peace Deals

Uganda's full ceasefire deal indefinitely postponed: mediators

ASIA PACIFIC: Musharraf reneges on pledge to resign as head of army. He says change now would be dangerous

In Rare Glimpse Behind Sri Lankan Rebel Lines, Guerrilla Base Lies in Ruins After Tsunami Disaster

AMERICAS: Guatemala: A tenuous calm where death once stalked

Locked Exit Doors Prevented Escape From Buenos Aires Nightclub Fire That Killed 175 People, Say Officials, Survivors

Calvo: Colombia's Private War

African-Based Religions Surge in Brazil

Race to Lead OAS Highlights Group's Growing Clout


FBI to Probe Mystery Lasers Aimed at Planes

Pentagon Boots Official Over WMD Claim

Space Tiff Signals Rapid, Alarming Freeze in US-Russia Relations

Chem Attacks an Easier, but Less Deadly, Terror Recipe

Click. UK Army spy site warns of "unit's terror link"

Saudi Arabia: Two Most Wanted Terrorists Killed

U.S. & Japanese Forces Train Together

CIA goes public in classified ads

CIA looking for medical doctors

Two Agencies Melding Minds on Intelligence


Supplying troops in Iraq, profits clothed in sadness

Dire times for United pilots' pensions. Federal agency petitions to take over $1.4 billion in costs

Click. Last chance to apply for Medicare pharmacy discounts

Plenty of fun set for big year for Disney

Hormel buys Farmer John, Clougherty Packing Co. for $186 million

A modern prefab house fills the bill

2004 "a flat year" for biotech industry

GE Completes $500 Million Sale of Global Outsourcing Operations Stake 


Justice Department revises legal definition of torture

Justice Thomas leads court in getting gifts, ethics disclosures show

Colombia Extradites Rebel Leader 'Trinidad' to U.S.

Anna Nicole's Lawyer Vows to Appeal Ruling

The Legal System and Clergy Abuse in 2004: Reasons for Victims to Be At Least Somewhat Optimistic

Buffett firm helps with SEC probe

UK: Militant fathers intimidating court staff

4 Allegedly Rolled Back Own Prices at Wal-Mart

No Big Payout for Elderly Lottery Winner

Court targets abuses by immigration lawyers

High-Profile Murders Have Called Florida's Probation System Into Question

Judge Allows Wal-Mart Immigrant Janitors' Lawsuit to Proceed


Calif. prepares first execution in 3 years after appeal rejected + Plea for clemency sent to governor

Youth Authority reins in wards after two escape + CYA suspends work project after escapes

Sacramento: Builder warned by state to drop racketeering suit + Sacramento regulators say Comcast owes $400,000 in franchise fees + Greenville teen likely killed by train + State Comp Ins. Fund files suit to ensure insurance adequately covers staff from outsourcing firms

San Francisco, San Mateo: Third Bayview shooting victim dies + S.F. slayings soar in '04 + Click. Murdered man's wife accused of taking $1.8M.

Alameda: Thieves swindle Oakland teacher for $500 + Oakland: Loaded ammo clip found on jetliner

New Oakland Police Chief will face a tough initiation + Authorized passenger carried clip + Robbers strike twice in Warm Springs + Sheriff's detectives thaw cold cases

Santa Clara: Police Blotter + S.J.'s 2004 homicide rate lowest in years

Contra Costa: Alert is issued for Richmond teen after carjack + Influential Richmond police officer retires

Sonoma: Merchants say fur protests backfired + Petaluma wetlands Alliance shifts focus + Housing for mentally ill delayed + The year in review

Solano: Police, fire officials warn against gunfire, fireworks + Emergency flights taking longer to reach Vacaville + Vallejo Police Calls

Monterey: Cars vandalized in Chualar, Spreckels

Central Valley: Selection of Nesler jury set Jan. 12 + Man's ferocious injury kicks off debate + Law & Order

Southern California: Violent crime down sharply in L.A. in past year + Court orders new hearing for strip club
+ Court rules against panel + Listen Up, Politicians: It's Ears Before Ayes + Rounding Up New Ideas for Trial Courts + Santa Ana Couple Slain in Their Home; Man Sought + Businessman Held Over Alleged Threat to Judge


The Governor:  Death-row inmate asks Gov. for clemency

Editorial: Rents out of reach

Bill would require birth control sales + License gone for good on 3rd DUI?

Editorial: Embrace the Ugly Ripe

LOCAL NEWS:  The new year will come storming in

PG&E offers outage wake-up calls

Sacramento & north: Grocery workers would take hit + CHP official seeks workers' comp + Top 5 stories of 2004 + Fire reinstatements raise brows + Rivers called repository of sunken boats + Elvis has left the region - for a banking job in Alabama + R.E. Graswich: Looking back at '04: Secrets revealed, wrongs righted, friends lost + Airport concourse is evacuated + Six missing Woodland men rescued in Mendocino forest + Highway 20 crash victim is identified + Yuba-Sutter jobless rate hits 13%

San Francisco, San Mateo: How San Francisco went national in '05 + S.F.: Buddha arrives in the Mission. German Lutheran church now serves growing Asian community + S.F. slayings soar in '04

Alameda: Bernal designs go to Pleasanton council + Christine Gualt of Castro Valley wins medals for her bravery in Iraq + Oakland welcomes challenge of pandas +" Fremont man recounts his tsunami experience + Stage set for fight over Oakland Airport proposals + Tight-lipped Alameda city manager Jim Flint opens up on the way out + Supervisor Scott Hagerty quits Coliseum Authority + Cabbies continue fight against fees + Protecting Oakland is a labor of love + Center offers work, hope to day laborers + Alameda County focuses on attracting business + Farm workers' son welcomes readers to 'Tavo's World' + Pipeline construction dilemmas to subside + Second pet saved after dog killed on interstate + Alameda ferry service resumes

Santa Clara: FIREFIGHTERS PROVIDE FAMILY WITH FOUNDATION OF COMFORT + Los Altos nursing home ousts pair of live-in companion dogs East Bay parks have money worries

Contra Costa: Child care training may face overhaul + Martinez to vote on police pensions + Walnut Creek: Woman found dead in house

Marin: Marin's $45 million royal secret + Marin family was nearly swept away

Sonoma: Merchants say fur protests backfired + Petaluma wetlands Alliance shifts focus + Housing for mentally ill delayed + The year in review

Napa: Local residents escape deadly tsunami + Teen exchange student from Calistoga safe from Thailand's deadly tsunami disaster + 2004- The year that was in Napa + Robert Redford joins Land Trust of Napa County's Advisory Council

Solano: Mare Island lifts barriers, draws crowd + To Benicians, a little green was big deal + - County tried, then discarded touch-screen voting + - Comcast gives customers free access to Asian news

Monterey: Sunset's new chief to meet Carmel City Council + Service set for Seaside soldier killed in Iraq

Central Valley: Merced grad remains missing + Turlock couple's family escapes harm + Listen, Sayeth The Dragon + Mike Farrell of 'MASH' to speak at MLK event + Del Rey's end won't stop group + Council urged to revisit construction slowdown + Rain can't keep Hmong from celebration + News & Notes + Around the Region + Community Briefing

Central Coast: Businessman sets sights on library crisis + Watsonville couple buys new home with help from nonprofit + County public health nurse retires after 32 years + Santa Cruz parade denies entry to troop supporters

Southern California: Click. Longtime Haven's Black Population Dwindles + Frye's Backers Issue Appeal to City Council + Protest Spirit Has a Home in Laguna + Workshop Offered on Caring for Feral Cats

School days: Applications pour into Cal State University + Sonoma County preparing students for global workplace + Two top-10 lists for state schools

TSUNAMI: Scientists in Pacific 'saw' event unfold + Tsunami Death Toll Climbs to 150,000; Donations to Victims at $1.2 Billion + UN says warning systems could be working in southern Asia within a year + A diver's account from the sea + Click. Digital Globe Satellite Images of Tsunami + 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Millionaires Flocking to Yellowstone Club

Dog therapist explains it all to you: "You have to treat the entire dog"

Electricity? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Electricity

Blood for pork....

New weapons around the world

AP Enterprise: Top Homeland Security Contractors Had Recent Run-Ins With Government


Respiratory illness taking grim toll at nation's boot camps

Spain back to the barricades over Civil War archive

Canada suspects new mad cow disease case. Positive test comes after U.S. says normal cattle trade can resume

Suspect Cow Won't Affect Imports, U.S. Says

INEEL-designed System Assists Army With Chemical Weapon Destruction

Prominent Wildlife Experts Die in Colo. Highway Crash

More Than 10% of Preschoolers Are Overweight

Eli Lilly Said to Know of Prozac Risks

Snow leopard project faces finish

Genetic Shortcut To Breeding Super-healthy Salmon

Cassini Scientist Sees Evidence That Saturn's Outer Rings Could Be Disappearing

The Secret Life Of Acid Dust: Team Discovers Large, New Class Of Airborne Particles Unaccounted For In Climate Models

After Combing The Scientific Literature, Researchers Conclude Head Hair And Fur Aren't The Same

Increased Asthma Found Among Iowa Children Living On Hog Farms

How Platelets Help Cancer Invade Other Tissues

Return Of The Staphylococcus Aureus 'Superbug'

Loss Of Fruit Fly Retinal Protein Delays Blinding Light Damage

Science's Breakthrough Of The Year: Salty, Acidic Soup Could Have Supported Life On Mars

New Model Of Cancer Syndrome Could Lead To Treatments

Alcohol Vulnerability Linked To Action Of Insulin

New Route To Parkinson's Found In Cells' 'Garbage Disposal' System

Witnessing Event Can Produce Same Fear Response As Experiencing It, NYU Study Shows

Team Engineers Cell-deforming Technique To Help Understand Malaria

Study Medication May Improve 'Wearing-Off' Effects Of Parkinson's Drugs

University Takes National Lead On Earthquake Study

Vitamin E In Plant Seeds Could Halt Prostate, Lung Cancer, Says Purdue Scientist

Stanford Study Questions Accuracy Of Ads For Body Scans

Lilly Documents Link Prozac to Violence, British Medical Journal Reports

FDA Approves Pfizer Drug for Diabetes Pain, but Not for Seizures

Surgery Restores Man's Tears; 'Imagine Sandpaper Scratching Your Eye Every Day'

Apple buzz: $499 computer

Accidents Waiting to Happen: Rural Roads In Southeast Are Deadliest In Nation

Gladwin County Man Invents Snow Boat Recognized by Time Magazine


US pledges $350m in tsunami aid

Bush Foreign Policy Team to Focus on Iraq, Allies

Bush Downplays Sunni Election Boycott

US-Funded Arabic Station to Offer Iraqi Election Night Coverage

U.S. Aid Generous and Stingy

Bush Breaks Silence on bin Laden

Pentagon Misses Goal for Missile Defense System

Social Security Underestimates Future Life Spans, Critics Say

Carrier and Jets to Go in Bush's Military Budget Cuts

Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging Nebraska's Corporate Farming Ban

After 100 Years, Forest Service Still Focus of Debate

Congress: L.A.'s party animals in Congress + Click. Conflict-of-interest woes involving House and Senate members have resulted in wrist slaps and promises -- but little actual reform.

Democrats: A bluer shade of New England + Rep. Patrick Kennedy Says No to a Senate Bid in 2006 in Rhode Island

Vote fraud: Gregoire certified as next governor + Contesting it: Uncharted territory + Jamieson: Re-do would create 'Dino-zilla' + Ohio Justice to Remain on Vote Challenge+ Rally Jan. 3 in San Francisco to urge Sen. Boxer to contest Ohio vote + Ohio Candidates Seek Second Presidential Recount


Heather Wokusch: 'Stingy? Not with WMD and war Click.

Molly Ivins: 2004: How 'bout a do-over? Click.

Jonathan Chait: Billions for pork as science is slashed Click.

Patrick Cockburn: The bullet and the ballot

John Dean: Jim Haynes As a Stalking Horse In Torturegate: Why President Bush Renominated Him for A Federal Appellate Judgeship

Can I Quietly Reverse My Pro-War Position?

A Vietnam Grunt Looks at Iraq

The Wreath Blair Didn't Lay

Confused About Democracy: Alan Bock

The price of Ukrainian democracy

Bush administration targets medical care for the poor

Who's To Blame?

Risk and privatized Social Security

MILITARY City Plans a Texas-Size Send-Off for Guard Troops Headed to Iraq

Travis unit leaves today to help out in Tsunami area

INFANTRY: Essential Arab Phrases for the Combat Soldier

COMBAT SUPPORT: Putting Commercial Games in Uniform

For families of war dead, a final choice

Navy's Final Gem: an Emerald

Antarctica: Casualties of cold war in a cold place

Army chief joins order of chivalry

Terrorism: Troubles with Germany's Star Terror Witness

Soldier Shot While Allegedly Vandalizing Homes

Report: Academy Scandal Investigator May Have Known of Allegations in Mid-2002

LEAKGATES  Did FBI Use Pentagon Analyst to ‘Sting’ AIPAC?

Robert Novak "Failing as a Journalist" in Plame Affair?

Single US ID Moves Closer to Reality

US Muslim Rights Group Seeks Probe Over Fingerprinting for Religious Profiling

Department of Justice issues first-ever medical guidelines for treating sexual-assault victims - without mention of emergency contraception, standard precaution against pregnancy after rape Click.

Political pitfalls of a Japanese war shrine

Columbian paper unveils human rights violations in Polisario-controlled camps

Columnist Pipes Calls for Crackdown on Civil Liberties for all Muslim-Americans

Click. 26th MEU enhances urban warfare capabilities in New Orleans

A Merry Prankster Keeps On Chuckling

Santa Cruz parade denies entry to troop supporters

Lake Superior State University's 2005 List of Words Proposed for Banning

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  New year, new laws: Gay couples to acquire new rights

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Iraq vs. Tsunami: Duplicity of the media

Federal Complaint Charges 'L.A. Times' Disclosed Patient Info

Readers Defend "Traitor" Al Neuharth--and Freedom of Speech

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

ARTIE SHAW: 1910-2004. Bandleader was last of the swing-era giants

I'm still damn good (at age 48), says Navratilova

Berkeley p

photographer captures the soul of jazz

Stories of Man, Carved in Detail Through the Ages

Report: Martha Stewart loses decorating contest in prison

Kamiel Proost

Zen Gardens


Pre-Raphaelite Passion + Medieval and Arthurian Pre-Raphaelite art

Women in Greek Myths

John Lahr on Neil LaBute

Alex Ross on William Bolcom

Restored Egyptian pyramid to reopen + Chephren pyramid open

Thanks For The Memories: Cinematic Portrayal Of Amnesia Is Profoundly Misleading

Happy dis-mas, Martha

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Do you know your 2004 gossip?

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Word of the day

December 30, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Guerrillas ambush U.S. post in Mosul + US Soldier, 25 Rebels Killed in Mosul Battle + Fallujans Jolted By City's Condition + U.S. military launches attack in 'triangle of death' + US Bombs, Battles Mosul Militants + New Offensive Launched South of Baghdad + New attacks target psyche as Iraqi vote nears + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq attacks claim more lives as plans unveiled to protect voters + Gas shortage fuels resentment in Iraq

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon, Peres Reach Deal on Israel Unity Government

RUSSIA: A Spinning Yukos Goes (Almost) Full Circle

UKRAINE: Ukrainian election commission rejects appeal of Sunday's vote by Viktor Yanukovych + Organizer of Viktor Yanukovich's election campaign found dead in Kiev

EUROPE: In Europe, Islam Fills Marxism's Old Shoes

AFRICA: Vote Fraud Fuels Nigerian Oil Delta Strife

ASIA PACIFIC: China's Luster Fades

Pakistani president tells nation he'll stay on as army chief; accuses opposition of 'threatening' democracy

TSUNAMI: Indian Officials to Investigate Newspaper Report That Early Warning on Tsunami Fell Through Cracks + Islands so remote that no one knows if there are survivors + Five million people in 11 countries lack the basic requirements for life + France urges Paris Club moratorium on debt owed by tsunami-hit countries + Tsunami death toll hits 123,000 + Berlusconi calls for G8 tsunami talks


U.S. Attorney Assails Lawyer Lynne Stewart in Terror Trial + Push to jail terror lawyer

FBI Probes Laser Beams in Plane Cockpits

Head of CIA analysis unit joins exodus of top officials in shake-up + FBI Names 6th Counterterrorism Chief Since 9/11

Saudis hunt bombers' accomplices + Saudi Says Kills 10 Militants in 2 Days of Raids

Trial of bin Laden driver may affect Hussein case

Chilling report details al-Qaida surveillance techniques

ETA Attacks Cost Spain Billions

In Iraq, a clear-cut bin Laden-Zarqawi alliance

Feds claim Trenton man aided Nazis in Ukraine

MILITARY Ft. Lewis Remembers Six Strykers Killed in Mess Tent Suicide Blast

Improved armor, care keep wounded troops alive

Daley's son ships out

Air Force Academy Ignored Rape Allegations

For China masses, an increasingly short fuse

Why We Shouldn't Ban Hezbollah TV

Muslims See Imam's Case as an Omen


Republican Judge Takes Aim at Bush Terror Policies

Yakama tribal lockup again under federal scrutiny

Can you copyright a stick figure? Chinese court says yes, fines Nike

Anonymous lawyer's blog


Hundreds of new laws set to take effect

U.S. court refuses to block execution of Donald Beardslee set to die Jan. 19 + Improper jury instruction didn't affect verdict

Death row inmate on row 17 yrs, dies of complications from cancer

New year, new laws: Hybrids stall on way to car-pool lane

U.S. court refuses to block execution of Donald Beardslee set to die Jan. 19

Hybrids can't use carpool lanes despite signing of new state law Click.

Plaintiffs in Suit Claim Wal-Mart Fudged on Study Click.

Buyers are snatching up pricey .50-caliber rifles soon to be outlawed in California Click.

Sacramento & north: Marjie Lundstrom: Charm vs. clutter: Highway 99 may be on the road to a face-lift 2 CYA inmates flee Cal Expo work assignment + Happy the donkey can bray away, judge rules + Civil claims re: alleged sexual assault by firefighters at Porn Start Costume Ball + Ramcho Cordova: Fourth suspect in slaying sought + Stockton psychiatrist sues county

San Francisco, San Mateo: Woman, 50, mistakenly gunned down in Bayview home. Police believe killing may be related to 2 shootings earlier in day + Redwood City: $12,000 gift makes up for Grinch-like theft of Salvation Army kettles

Alameda: Livermore gas station robbed + Livermore: Rapist gets six years for teen's attack + Police say robbery, assault in Union City wasn't random + Bullets found on Oakland jet

Santa Clara: Suspect freed in death of fetus

Contra Costa: Concord stabbing leads to arrest

Marin: Marin woman's killer loses appeal of death sentence

Sonoma: New law bans camping or living in vehicles in unincorporated Sonoma County Click. + Police say SR man fatally shot by friend + Ukiah: Jobless claims called fake, 4 indicted + Money stolen from Petaluma Salvation Army returned

Napa: Death certificates offer few clues on murders

Solano: Publicized cases find closure + Vallejo Police Calls

Monterey: Health group head indicted + Woman evades abduction attempt + Residents caught in dark courthouse + Father pleads not guilty

Central Valley: Out-of-town judge likely to hear case + Law & Order

Central Coast: Girl admits to stabbing outside S.C. High Southern California: Lawsuit says actress Debbie Reynolds, son breached lease contract + Prosecutors subpoenaed 12 San Diego officials in pension probe + Thieves steal artifacts from Mojave desert museum+ Dog finds molester evidence + Jackson trial summonses on way


The Governor: Board of Ed member resigns before confirmation hearing + Ex-CalPERS president blames Gov for ousting + CalPERS' ex-chief howls on + State works on tsunami plans

Legislative 'Pork' OKd in Boom Leaves Bad Taste in Lean Times

Click. Two recent moves by Bush administration and U.S. Forest Service may leave communities throughout the Sierra at too great a risk from fire. + Agriculture official planning review of Sierra forest decision

State victims fund rebounds Click.

Disney fends off CalPERS Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  East Bay Regional Park District struggles to maintain support

Sacramento & north: First Night Stockton set to ring in the New Year + Concern over levee collapses growing Click. + Crash victim, 85, identified + Stockton psychiatrist sues county + Marjie Lundstrom: Charm vs. clutter: Highway 99 may be on the road to a face-lift

San Francisco, San Mateo: Union: Lockout hurt hotels + S.F. man killed in hit-and-run + Union links cutbacks to fatal fire. S.F. firefighters contend station 'brownouts' may be putting lives at unnecessary risk

Alameda: 1,200 mourn Greek Orthodox church leader. He was noted for folk-dance festival, ecumenical work

Santa Clara: Herhold: Tsunami's wrath touches Stanford

Contra Costa: Martinez holiday bash is alcohol-free

Marin: Disputed paintings in Mill Valley removed + Rainstorms help fragile salmon set record flow

Sonoma: Small twister damages SR home; heavy rain expected today + North Coast pastor Monaghan dies at 90 + SR woman, trapped underwater, had given up

Napa: Local residents escape deadly tsunami + Teen exchange student from Calistoga safe from Thailand's deadly tsunami disaster + Actor Redford appointed to Land Trust's advisory group

Solano: Benicia woman hopes to make injured troops more comfortable + Local News Briefs + Fat cat or mountain lion

Monterey: City opts to put hotel tax hike on ballot + Local group to rebuild Indian village + New ambulance bids sought + No word from local sailor in Thailand

Central Valley: Ridiculous ban on 'ugly' tomato sales +Wounded soldier's buddy is off to Iraq + Country man won't sell land for any price + Valley's ideas for state parks sought + News & Notes + Around the Region

Central Coast: Take me to the river: Santa Cruz First Night 2005 celebrates flow of life + County cuts deal to turn dump gas into power + Sacramento lawyer pays for Pajaro mother’s humanitarian mission to Jordan + Bond seals deal for affordable housing units + High-speed chase leads to Highway 1 crash; driver gets away + Nightmare tow job on Highway 17 turns into good deed + Preservation group buys Watsonville’s historic Redman House

Southern California: Troubled LA hospital could lose funding after failing inspection+ Southern California gets twister, more rain, as new storm nears+ Hertzberg's Gimmick + Sepulveda dam functioned just as it was designed

School days: Schools chief calls universal preschool a priority for 2005+ Think you can't afford college in 2005? Think again, experts urge + State education chief praises Marin public schools


U.S. Stands Firm on Canadian Beef Imports Despite Suspected Mad Cow Case

Canada Finds Suspected New Case of Mad Cow

New Study Shows How Mad Cow Prions Hitch A Ride Into Intestine

False Positive Screening For Cancer Found To Be Frequent And Costly

Simple Science Could Have Saved Thousands

How safe is the water?

More Than One Can Conceive

Captive shark feasting on record

Vitamin D deficiency tied to host of dangers

Einstein's century

UCI May Have Prescription for Improving Latino Healthcare

Researchers Control Chemical Reactions One Molecule At A Time

A Genetic Difference At The Opiate Receptor Gene Affects A Person's Response To Alcohol

$43 Million Grant From Gates Foundation Brings Together Unique Collaboration For Antimalarial Drug

Space Scientist Proposes New Model For Jupiter's Core

Purdue Scientists Hunt For 'Secret X' To Treat Liver Cancer

UCSB Makes Important Advances In Studies Of Retinal Detachment

The Human Eye Cannot Spot The Offside Rule

Research Led By UGA Professor Reports First Routine Tool Use By Wild Capuchin Monkeys

Satellite Tags Show How White Sharks Travel

Drinking Dangers in Older People

On Pins and Needles: Acupuncture for Arthritis Relief

Lifting heavy weights all the time is not the best way to build muscle

Doctors Link Common Chemotherapy Drug To Jawbone Necrosis

Efficiently Organic: Researchers Use Pentacene To Develop Next-generation Solar Power

Kinder, Gentler Procedure Gives Superior Results For Stem Cell Transplants

CT Imaging Can Help Diagnose And Define Occult Recurrent Cancer

Ice Cores Disagree On Origin Of White River Ash Deposit

UCSC Engineers Develop Assistive Technologies For The Blind

Winds, Ice Motion Root Cause Of Decline In Sea Ice, Not Warmer Temperatures

Cumulative Trauma In Adulthood Can Worsen Health In Later Years

Very High Prevalence Of Virus Linked To Cervical Cancer Found In Adolescent Women

Microbe's Genome Reveals Insights Into Ocean Ecology

Surgery Helps Relieve Migraines

Windows XP users Phelled by new Trojan

Microsoft revokes Passport service

Cheap Cell Calls Have a Price

Satellites Plus Software Equal Best-ever Mediterranean Heat Map

Scientists 'PAD' Their Way To New Metal-oxide Film Technology


Bush 'Undermining UN with Aid Coalition'

Pentagon Official Who Disclosed Russia-Iraq Arms Link Ousted + Freeze: Pentagon not talking to Israelis after China standoff

Bush Takes Rare Step of Debating bin Laden

U.S. rule of Pacific waves faces challenge from China

Shred the Roadmap to Salmon Extinction

Poll: War Bad for Business

Pentagon Offers $60 Billion in Cuts Over 6 Years

Extensive early warnings, next a global warning system?

How the 2005 economy could affect Bush's big plans

Bush strategies called better bang for buck. Major parties spent more than $2 billion in '04 campaign

No Longer a Superpower

Time to Bring Out the Tar & Feathers?

U.S. to Defend Foresters Sued by Developer

Congress: New Congress will confront funding disaster relief

Feinstein's federal anti-gang drive resumes

US Congress Working on Tsunami Aid Package

How five newcomers could change Senate

G.O.P. to make ethics inquiries harder to begin Click. + House GOP wants tighter rules for ethics investigations. Panel chief may lose post for allowing criticisms of Delay

Democrats: To boost party support, strategists tell Democrats to look West Click.

Vote fraud: Democrat Declared Wash. Governor-Elect + Gregoire declared governor-elect, but Rossi wants new vote + Mark Halvorson & Kirk Lund: 'We may never know what happened in the Ohio vote Click.


An Arctic threat

Bush's 'Healthy Forests' plan more bad news for California

Poll: War Bad for Business: Jim Lobe

Blowback in Britain: How Iraq Tore the UK Apart

Who's Whipping Up Iran Hysteria?

America's Maginot Minds

Treason's Greetings!

Elections - Mission Accomplished again

Bush's response to South Asia disaster: indifference compounded by political incompetence

Catherine O'Sullivan: Is George W. Bush a psychopath — literally? Click.

Greg Mitchell: Some readers want to lock up Al Neuharth Click.


How Setbacks Sent a Family Tumbling Out of Prosperity

IPOs come rocketing back in 2004

Disney wins bid on proxy access

Wal-Mart anti-suit tactics assailed

Celebrex Prescriptions Plunge After Risk Found

EBay latest to dump Microsoft's Passport

China and Latin America trade


Microsoft loses in court again; Could its bundling strategy be coming apart?


Chris Cane: Fully recovered and ready for '05

An emerging philanthropic trend: the 'giving circle'

Toys With A Switch: Barney, Elmo And Others Repaired, Modified For Kids With Disabilities By Case Engineers

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay partners receive legal responsibilities + California: New benefits for gay couples + Highlights of new state law on benefits for gay couples + Arkansas judge voids ban on gay foster parents + Montana High Court: Gay Couples Due Same Benefits as Unmarried Opposite-Sex Couples

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

A year of writing dangerously

'The Sun' Asks Judge to Lift Ban on State Workers Speaking To Reporters

"Slate" is brought in chains to NY

You go to war with the press you have

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Historic Redman home in Watsonville to be restored

Sean Penn Finds Truth in Tale of Would-Be Assassin

They year in comics

Iran, Russia To Study UFO Wave

New Yorker's Diary by Bruce Feirstein

At The Theater With John Heilpern

Battle over inspiration for Middle Earth

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 29, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Troops Launch Offensive as 29 Die in Insurgent Ambush of Elite Iraqi Police Unit + 2 Police Among 62 Killed in Iraq + Dozens of Iraqi Police Die in Booby trapped House + Huge Baghdad Bomb Kills 29 + Insurgents Focus On Tikrit Area + Spate of attacks on Iraq security forces kills 33. Most violence in Sunni triangle, but cops in Baghdad lured to blast on phony tip + Freed Polish Hostage Feared Rescue + U.S. toll + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Ramsey Clarke to defend Saddam

MIDDLE EAST: Staking Their Claim to a 'Greater Israel'

Morocco passes draft law criminalizing torture

Militants Set off Car Bombs, Clash With Police in Saudi Capital

RUSSIA: Putin aide calls Yukos sale a 'swindle' + Russian Gas Giant Gazprom Consolidates Stakes in Arctic Oil, Gas Fields

UKRAINE: Ukraine's presumptive new leader fears government will cut last-minute deals + Yushchenko Backers Block Cabinet Building + Confrontation Looms in Ukraine Over Premier's Plans to Return + Passion Led American on Road to Kiev + A fight between millionaires and billionaires

EUROPE: German jobless face rude awakening in '05

AFRICA: A Marshall Plan is not what Africa needs

ASIA PACIFIC: Wal-Mart's China operation a study in contrasts

Talk Swirling of North Korean Regime Collapse + Portrait of a family at war: Kim Jong Il purges relatives after alleged coup bid

Talks With India End on Upbeat Note

TSUNAMI: Death Count Exceeds 70,000 as Bodies Wash Ashore + Sounding the alarm is a costly, inexact science + Death toll could double from diseases + Early data on Asian quake went unnoticed in Vienna + At the epicenter, a perfect wave-maker was created + Experts Say Corpses Do Not Increase Risk of Disease + Tsunami May Affect Two Civil Wars

AMERICAS: Haiti pays former soldiers who overthrew Aristide


C.I.A. Deputy for Analysis Is Being Removed + Another Shoe Drops at CIA + Another Top CIA Official Forced Out

Getting An Education in Jihad

FBI Probes Laser Beam Directed at Cockpit

China spying on Canada

Nuclear Capabilities May Elude Terrorists

Attack With Dirty Bomb More Likely

China’s navy fans out in the Pacific

Saudi Police Capture Two Militants in Jeddah Shootout

Cambodia Jails JI Suspects for Life, Frees Egyptian

South Korean with U.S. Army Defects to North

Agencies clash on fingerprint database

Terror Case Against 7 Men Underway in Cambodia

Pius XII barred Jewish children returning home


When nature's wrath is history's reminder

Rape, religion and artistic freedom

Xymphora on what was America's worst year?

Appeal: A lifesaving remedy plus a regular source of income. And it all comes from one plant

Experiences Make People Happier Than Material Goods, Says University Of Colorado Prof

What to Do With Gift Cards You Really Didn't Want


Case reveals previous allegation against former Nevada priest

Merck CEO May Testify in Vioxx Suits

Survivors of Holocaust Struggle for Pensions

Mass. governor to file death penalty bill

Washington: Child molester sentenced to 30 years

Houston Will Tow the Line on Roadside Breakdowns

Colombia Cartel Suspect Is Seized

Russian Man Found Shot Dead in Cancun

Vang pleads not guilty

Killing A Woman to Kidnap Her Fetus: Why This Is An Especially Appalling Murder

Disappearance of Executive Clemency in Capital Cases: What Has Happened to Mercy in America?

Family Files Lawsuit in Case of Woman Killed by Experimental AIDS Drug Regimen


Click. Companies initiate to limit lawsuits against businesses to purge pre-existing cases from, despite assertions by consumer groups that Proposition 64 should not apply.

Paternity standards revised under new law

New year, new laws: One hurdle gone for drug felons

Lunch and the law

Casino's makeup rule upheld. Court says fired woman didn't prove sex discrimination

Sacramento & north: Trial error may block execution in '83 case re: Redwood City man + Victim's loved ones show anger at hearing re murder of James Dee Hurst + Tough lessons for Elk Grove family of slain man + 3 bombs found at Lincoln home sites

San Francisco, San Mateo: Simple case turned catalyst. BALCO unwittingly triggered sweeping anti-doping movement + S.F.: 2 slain in separate incidents / Man shot getting into car; woman killed by intruders + Judge denies request to dismiss BALCO charges + S.F. + Family's lawsuit cites city, cops in fatal police shooting + Judges weigh bid to derail execution of Peninsula man for double murder + Judge in BALCO case will let defendants argue statements to investigators illegally coerced

Alameda: Oakland: Homicide rate plummeting. Down 23% to date, and police expect decline to continue +Owners of pit bulls sought after attack on pet terrier + Police seek owner of found gifts + Hayward crash kills girl, 14, hurts 4; alcohol suspected

Santa Clara: Salvation Army kettles stolen + Clues sought in car-lot arson + Police Blotter

Contra Costa: Walnut Creek man ordered to pay millions to victim. Real estate scam cost Moraga college $121 million pledge + Judgment ordered in St. Mary's scam + Robbery was likely the motive in Antioch slaying + Boyfriend likely was target in shooting + Two arrested in variation on Nigerian cash swindle

Marin: Suits by disabled target Marin malls + Lawyer says jury swayed in choosing death sentence re: 1981 slaying in Marin

Solano: Bizarre deaths stun locals

Monterey: Salinas: 5 yr-old boy eludes capture after home invasion robbery

Central Valley: DreamLife CEO's bail to remain $800,000 + Bad habit is 'key' to a ticket + Tracy foundation writes bad checks to cancer victim + Farmers heartened by ruling + Law & Order

Central Coast: Santa Barbara: 2 brothers sue Franciscan Friars for sexual abuse, 1989 to 1994 + Cops and Courts

Southern California: Orange County imam agrees to leave U.S. + A Wet Canvas and Meticulous Documentation + Disney Float Knocks Woman Unconscious + Newport Police Kill Man Who Brandished Gun


The Governor: Gov. gets real on cost of his staff + Hey, Gov., the GOP Won, but He's blind to values mandate in urging a broader party + Gov. rushes to fill water boards + State water boards need replenishing

Legislature: Fee helps snuff out tobacco sales to minors + Effort to protect car buyers revived

California tsunami threat: Whom to warn, and how? Click.

Perata's troubles stuff of dramas

Lobbyists' Spending Spree, $1.4 billion first half of 2004

Laptop computers stolen from state water agency

Forecast for 2005: More fights over water on horizon

Indian tribes: Tribes, environmentalists in casino clash + Casino harmful to birds, group says


Sacramento & north: Two awards for Cal-EPA headquarters + Stranded climber rescued on Shasta + For feral felines, she's the cat's meow + Sacramento: Two people die in separate accidents + Lost climber rescued on Mount Shasta

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F. coastline susceptible to huge quake-triggered waves + S.F. Firehouse sales talk makes chief burn. Hayes-White douses idea of cashing in on historic home + San Mateo: Ocean novice drowns. Midwest transplant was trying new wetsuit + Home fires injure 4 in Vallejo, S.F. Damage may be close to $1.8 million + Fires raise concerns over brownouts + San Mateo County sues natural gas companies + Medical center watchdogs not giving up yet + 2004: A Year of Mayoral Triumph + Ghost of Politics Past + Market Economics

Alameda: Oakland: Casino harmful to birds, group says. Gambling palace proposed near Arrowhead Marsh + Fremont: Truck driver dies in fiery I-680 crash Trucker dies as fire engulfs cab+ Plane makes history with futuristic ideas Oakland: Outside audit of Overtime costs wasteful + Island's retiring city manager hits on highs, lows + Police seek owner of found gifts

Santa Clara: Stanford business student missing on Thai island + Gene tracking stirs debate + Palo Alto finds power in trash + Beer, sports key to salon for men + Firm puts Moss Landing water plant plans on hold + Details of fatal swim revealed + Roadshow: Cell lot set for SJ airport

Contra Costa: Hercules secures state housing grant

Marin: Sausalito: Can-do real estate agent is undaunted by stroke, but bills pile up + JCC workers relieved that friends in Asia are safe + MGH to offer injured grandmother surgery

Sonoma: DeLoach winery rises from ashes

Napa: In winter, only a few winery workers remain + AmCan family homeless, but together after Christmas Day fire + Actor joins Napa Land Trust advisory board

Solano: Dixon: Concord woman dies in I-80 wreck + Home fires injure 4 in Vallejo

Monterey: Sunset Center OKs fivefold rent hikes + New ambulance bids sought + Fire hits apartment in Soledad + No word from local sailor in Thailand + County hopes breeching not need in Carmel river + Concern Los Padres Dam will spill

Central Valley: Breathe easier, valley — dust reduction coming + Area responds with aid to victims + 96 Merced grad listed as missing + Outgoing ag secretary sees bigger rift on issues + Story of Sikh Faith Shared at Camp + Queen's trip to Turlock near + News & Notes + Around the Region + Mites killing off bees in Fresno + Bakersfield girl orphaned by car accident + San Joaquin: $500,000 supports breast-feeding + San Joaquin County water districts buoyed by tobacco-tax money settlement+ Tracy's Kaiser clinic set to open + + Manteca: Unattended candle starts fire

Central Coast: Aptos woman sends aid to victims in her native Sri Lanka + Holiday donations fall short in Santa Cruz + New dental director puts teeth into community effort + Downtown Santa Cruz revving up to ring in New Year + Firefighters bid farewell + Long-term fix still needed for Pajaro levee + Loaded big-rig overturns on Highway 17 + SPCA, radio host boost aid to boy + Local News Briefs + Coast Lines + Santa Cruz dance plan naughty or nice?

Southern California: Hahn's complaint + L.A. Valley missing at Rose Parade+ 4,000 to Get Call for Jackson Jury+ New City Atty. on the Offensive in San Diego + Area politicians no rebels + Orange County: Taking On the Issues Here and in Iraq + Boyle Heights: Husband Sought in Woman's Beating Death + L.A. police Seek Drive-by Killer of Man in Car + The 5 and Whine

School days: Four-day schedules under consideration in schools + San Francisco parents race to pick right schools + San Juan schools in severe financial crisis + San Juan: As new board corrects course + Musty Old Gym Routine Gets Benched in Favor of Fun

Genetic 'overdrive' that made the human brain special is discovered

Prominent cardiologist criticizes drug ads directly to consumers

Don't block this drug, Nevarapine

New observations rule out asteroid-earth impact in 2029


FDA OKs Genzyme Drug for Childhood Leukemia (after other drugs fail)

The transplant miracle still holds many perils

Russia Ends Free Rides for U.S. Astronauts

Cassini spacecraft alters course to avoid Saturn moon

FDA Links Dog Deaths to Drug Novartis

Russia flies to Mars in 2014, USA's Martian mission slated for 2030

Why hospitals are forbidding women who had C-sections from having vaginal births

Strange Ocean Wave Patterns Raise Questions About Beach Erosion

Going To Extremes: Pulsar Gives Insight On Ultra Dense Matter And Magnetic Fields

Dwarf Mistletoe Reveals Its Sexual Secrets

New Monkey Discovered In Northeastern India

Study Finds Lemons, Lilac Among Top 10 Smells That Predict Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers Develop MRI Technique To Study Brain Anatomy In Invertebrates

Silent Risk Of Osteoporosis In Men With Prostate Cancer

Risk Of Tuberculosis Doubles In First Year Of HIV Infection

Femtosecond Laser Technique Opens New Opportunities For Research On Neural Regeneration

A Designer Drug for MS

New Study Shows Early Ritalin May Cause Long-term Effects On The Brain

Study Provides Clues To Alcohol's Cancer Connection

Few Americans Are Aware They Have Chronic Kidney Disease

Free Nicotine Patches Increase Short-Term Smoking Quit Rates

Stroke Risk Is Greater For Migraine Sufferers, Especially Those On Oral Contraceptives

New Easy-to-read Road Signs Based On Penn State Research UNC Scientists Develop Promising New Assay For Studying Cancer-causing Breaks In DNA

Study Suggests Akt3 Protein Is Key To Melanoma's Resistance To Chemotherapy

Unsafe Gun, Poison Chemical Storage In Homes Can Turn Holiday Visits Deadly

Toxic Proteins Affect Memory

International Study Shows Select Improvements In US Math And Science

Timing Scavenging To Prevent Age-related Blindness

Medication May Reduce Incidence, Severity Of Mouth Sores In Some Cancer Patients

Business users worry that open-source could mean open season for lawyers

Gillmor: Valley tech highlights of '04

Car locator could help forgetful motorists - and turn a profit, too

The BitTorrent Effect


Powell: Iraq Insurgency 'Will Not End'

Armitage discusses in Damascus the participation of Iraqi Sunni in the elections

Bush announces coalition. U.S., Australia, India, to aid Asia

Bush says Iraqi election marks crossroads

U.S. aid grows as do questions about Bush

WASH POST: Vacationing President 'insensitive' + Tony Blair goes on vacation too

Bush approval rating at historic low.

U.S. to investigate how 2 airlines turned holiday weekend into havoc

Group, feds reach Mo. water agreement


Congress: Tauscher to try for crib law

Vote fraud: Group holds fast to Kerry cause with Beacon Hill vigil


Bush's activist bench

The Birth of a 'Latino Race' instead of `Other Race'

Robert Kuttner: 'You can't blame 'Uncle Sam' for what Bush does' Click.

Michael Hammerschlag: 'Could America go bad? Click.

Ward Reilly: 'General Curious George, CIC' Click.

We Must Leave Iraq: Justin Raimondo

The Neoconnerie: Ilana Mercer

Who's in Charge of Russia Policy?: Pat Buchanan

Bye, Bye Unipolar World: Jim Lobe

Expect No Mideast Miracles

Avert Your Eyes With Shame

Pat Morrison: The perfect candidate for Iraq Click.

US Congress uses Alice in Wonderland logic to sell cuts in college grants

Michael Goodwin: Scoundrel year

MILITARY Needing Cash, Veterans Sign Over Pensions

Veterans return to fight for pensions

Complaints flare over soldiers' mental health care Click.

Investigation after British soldier is found dead

Troops battle with words

Army Seeks to Save Marriages Torn Apart by War

LEAKGATES Spain: Madrid Commission confirms conspiracy of lies used to justify Iraq War

Talks with Sikhs backfired on theatre

Bonfire of Turner's erotic vanities never took place


Crude Oil Rises as Saudi Arabia Explosions Boost Concerns About Security

Video sales bolster film studios

'Found money' figures into housing demand in area

Outrageous Fortune for executives a Fannie Mae as they escape

$2 billion in federal contract money for small businesses instead went to large businesses

Push by Disney Investors Loses Weight of SEC

Focus on Enron Shifting to Trials of Former Execs

Co-Owners Pritzkers of Failed Chicago Bank to Get Millions

Lionel Gets One-Month Extension on Loans

Loral Is Expected to Miss Satmex Payment on Satellites Mexicanos

PeopleSoft Founder Duffield Resigns as CEO + Oracle completes regime change at PeopleSoft

Flight Attendants Sue Northwest so rank and file can observe contract negotiations

Cushy Severance for B of A Chairman

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Same-sex retirement benefits lag + Arkansas Judge Strikes Down Ban on Placing Children in Homes With a Gay Person Present

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

AP Gets A First Look at Tsunami Damage in Sumatra, By Copter

Officials Refuse Paper's Request for 'Stun-Gun' Officer's Records

Juror Gets Newspaper in Hot Water in Death Penalty Case

L.A. Community Newspaper Chain The Wave Files for Protection from Creditors

Univision to Buy Puerto Rican Stations

6 Members of Elite Navy Force Sue News Agency Over Photos

Chris Suellentrop: Bush's don't-ask, don't-tell press conference Click.

Click. Clarence Page: Bush's lump of coal for students.

New York City "legal" harassment of New York

Blog of the year goes to extremes

Whitney: Falluja and Media

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Private collector shares her Jewish artifacts with public

General's Daughter may get makeover

Susan Sontag: Remembering an intellectual hero by Christopher Hitchens

Four museums in Palm Springs offer out-of-sun fun

Trisha Brown's lyrical fusion

London's theaters, a year to sing about

A Royal Academy with no drama?

30 years of Midwestern humor

Tony Kushner

John Lahr on Neil LaBute

Ann Hodgman on miniature-drink makers

Virtual Portmeirion

Macho movies of '04 + Baby, it's cold inside the theater  + Toga party +  Reasons to disbelieve +  Taking sides
+  Discovery channel +  The snow globe

Man arrested for stealing Munch Scream

What The Assassination of Richard Nixon Gets Right

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher

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Word of the day

December 28, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Slayings Spur Exodus of Kurds From Iraqi Town Iraq Blast Kills U.S. Soldier + Blitz of Attacks on Iraqi Security Forces Kills 42 + US, Brits Holding 10,000 Prisoners in Iraq + US Commander: More Troops Needed in Mosul for Iraqi Poll + In Mosul, U.S. troops and Iraqis on edge + Iraqi infiltration on U.S. bases widely-known + 25 Die in String of Iraq Insurgent Attacks + Rebels Strike Iraqi Forces After Bin Laden Call + Al-Zarqawi's Group Claims Responsibility for Assassination Attempt of Prominent Shiite Muslim Politician + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Top Sunni Party Quits Election + U.S. faces speculation over Iraqi elections credibility + Top Sunni Party Pulls Out of Iraq Vote+ Shi'ite Leaders Split: Religious vs. Secular Govt

IRAN: Iran 2004: The Resistance and the Western Anti-War Movement

MIDDLE EAST: Committed to the Battle With Israel + Israel, Seeking to Give Abbas a Boost, Frees 159 Palestinians + Palestinian Women Triumph at Polls

RUSSIA: Putin acknowledges state's implication in Yukos intrigue + Update 1: Former Yukos Chief Assails the Kremlin

UKRAINE: Uncovering Ukraine's True Colors + Ukrainian prime minister refuses to admit defeat. He says millions were disenfranchised + Yushchenko regrets Russian stance + Yushchenko Calls for Blockade of Ukraine Government Building

EUROPE: Go-ahead for Balkan oil pipeline

AFRICA: Mission to assess Somali damage

Region blamed for Ivorian horror

ASIA PACIFIC: Asian Americans: The road to Double Happiness

Meanwhile: The unsung genius of India's reforms

Former Philippine President Says Successor Fears His Popular Power, Prosecutors Have No Evidence Against Him

AMERICAS: Looking Away as a Democracy Dies in Ecuador Colombia hostage search goes on

Aid flow triggers Clinton warning

Chile ready to bury Pinochet

Chavez predicts energy deals with China to boost trade to $3b


Bin Laden Tapes Raked for Inadvertent Leads

FBI director names Willie T. Hulon counterterrorism chief

Dept. of Homeland Security Pushes More Secrecy

Pentagon: Rumsfeld Misspoke on Flight 93 Crash

US Spied on Pakistan's Nuclear Scientist for Three Decades

Counterterrorism agencies recruiting

Port security said being short-changed

America finally makes amends for Nazi Gold Train looting

ETA attacks cost Spain billions

Intelligence analysts in high demand

What's going on? Cell phone vandalism in Texas

U.S. Ponders How Much Monitoring Needed Against Attack

Analysts See Shift in Bin Laden's Rhetoric

The FAA's Terrorist Road Map

Blood for pork....

U.S. Troops Answered Occidental Oil Firm's Pleas in Colombia

Navy Renews CACI Contract + CACI employees tortured prisoners at Abu Ghraib


Thousands still missing; fears of epidemic grow


Northrop Grumman to settle

Worldwide Warez hunt nets first conviction

Lawsuit claims Children's Motrin causes severe side-effects

Lawsuit claims Children's Motrin causes severe side-effects

Can a Parent Be Guilty of Neglect Simply Because She Is Victimized in the Presence of Her Children?

Rosa Parks center of legal storm

Woman charged with killing pregnant woman and taking fetus appears in court

Click.  Wisconsin attorney general to handle Vang case


Two firms fined over workers' comp fees

New year, new laws: Needle policy to be eased

1,607 drunken-driving arrests in Bay Area crackdown. 125 law enforcement agencies involved in holiday campaign

New jury selection process will debut at Jackson trial

Toll lanes could help drivers buy time. Bay Area officials embrace HOT trend in transportation

Sacramento & north: Rapist's suit against county gets go-ahead

Alameda: Oakland: Robbery suspect photo aired + Oakland man charged in slaying of cousin will enter a plea today + Warm Springs: Parolee, wife charged with selling drugs in 2 counties + Police find pipe bomb in stolen car + Dog survives mauling by two pit bulls + Overdue rental car leads to arrests + Hayward couple looks for dog's attackers + Oakland to settle sex suit against police officer for $175,000 + Teen arrested after girlfriend reports being stabbed, beaten

Santa Clara: Arson likely in torching of 8 vehicles + Sex offender's move faces further delays

Contra Costa: Verse awaits OK to move into Contra Costa residence + Judge orders $12.7 million award in St. Mary's investment scam + No perjury charge for Brentwood Councilman Petrovich + Verse's move has futher delays

Marin: Nonprofit offers legal counsel when public defender can't

Sonoma: Santa Rosa: 2 more arrests in Christmas Day killing + Sixth man held in SR Christmas brawl

Napa: Exit door is swinging at Napa police + Familiar faces leaving the force

Central Valley: Law & Order + Manteca cops defuse bomb, investigate stabbing

Central Coast: Witness’ safety prompts early testimony + Judge Morse leaves Watsonville with fond memories + Barton to take over South County court post

Southern California: Police Arrest Doctor in Fake Art Sting + Youth's Death Spurs Call for Tougher Driving Laws + An Island of Peace on the Peninsula + Gang Charges Added in Fatal Knife Attack + Arson Possible in Church Blaze + Muslims Meet Congressman to Protest Imam's Detention + Mexico Extradites Suspect in O.C. Killing + Teacher Is Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Child Molestation + Torrance: Victim to receive half of alleged molester's estate + Orange County man arrested in art fraud sting + Riverside: Defense requests two juries in teen sex slaying case + Bell Gardens, Calif., company recalls dried lily flowers + Murder charges filed in Orange County road rage death + Teacher sentenced in LA after pleading guilty to molest charges + Fences and roots don't deter theft of valuable plants


The Governor: Gov. and wife give all California military personnel in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, prepaid telephone cards + New finance chief Tom Campbell called a quick study. Ex-congressman praised as a smart solution-seeker + Gov.'s support could help build more toll roads

Senator Perata's financial labyrinth scrutinized + Chart: Perata money flow (PDF)

U.S. West Coast vulnerable to same geologic forces + California Not Prepared for a Tsunami

Lockyer Releases Records, Schedules

Critics: FPPC lacks teeth

Editorial: Origins of pension bloat

Firms that paid no state taxes set to get $82 million in refunds + Tax refunds to firms spark anger + 3 firms that paid no taxes to reap huge state refunds

Sheep ranchers to vote on board

Indian tribes: Click. A group of Nisqually Indians seeks to clear the name of Leschi, the tribe's last chief.

LOCAL NEWS:   Toll lanes could help drivers buy time. Bay Area officials embrace HOT trend in transportation

Quail fans try to boost numbers

Sacramento & north: Costly cleanup after tug sinks, spills fuel at port + Patient's status is now just click away + For brothers, friendly competition is fare game + Man killed in Christmas crash ID'd as Antelope resident + Car hits tree, killing Elk Grove man + Man dies after auto, truck collide + Mall owners try to widen appeal + Jack Sirard: Placer Sierra, on roll, sees big future + Peabody's struggling

San Francisco, San Mateo: Free, extended Muni service for revelers on New Year's Eve + Moss Landing: Plans delayed for desalinization + Young man dies while apparently surfing near Montara State Beach + San Mateo County sues natural gas companies + Medical center watchdogs not giving up yet

Alameda: Unincorporated areas seek aid + Pardee to seek signatures for measure after holidays + Preservation group selling memories to raise funds + Hayward: Flag hoisted in honor of sailor's retirement + Livermore Center to open soon + Lai-Bitker works for jobs in unincorporated areas + Personal Raiders seat licenses, the sequel

Santa Clara: Bay Area Asians launch massive relief effort

Contra Costa: Open space is finally free in Walnut Creek

Marin: Marin Red Cross staffer joins humanitarian blitz

Sonoma: Early morning quake rattles Geysers area + Michele Rosen of cheesecake fame dies + Sixth man held in SR Christmas brawl + Sonoma County flu shot clinics still in demand + Dr. Gina Ramirez-Azcarraga's patients at Southwest Community Health Center + Sebastopol man witnesses tsunami's wrath + Tsunami no stranger to Crescent City + Guerneville fur fight gains momentum

Napa: Election 2005: Houghton wants to make Napa more family friendly + Blake ready to speak to the concerns of majority

Central Valley: Valley's Indians mourn victims Sergeant's battle plan now directed at crime + Graffiti now big problem for Merced, residents say + 97-year-old Sonoran, bypass booster dies + News & Notes + Around the Region + Community Briefing

Central Coast: Geologist: Tsunami not likely on Santa Cruz coast, Tsunami hit Santa Cruz in 1964  + Local scientist heading to disaster site + Judge Morse leaves Watsonville with fond memories + Barton to take over South County court post + 100 room inn considered in Hearst San Simeon conservation development + Santa Barbara: Beenie Babies Mogul donates to repair hazardous pier

Southern California: Grief Hits Home in Southland + Club Fans Fight Proposed Takeover of Florentine Garens for fire station site + Click. Ailments force an Orange County nun to scale back involvement in the AIDS information bank she founded -- the largest of its kind in the world + Freeway Project to Extend 405's Carpool Lanes + 6 Inland Cities See a Path on Red Car Route + 4 Injured at Disneyland Parade + Orange County's rocky look-alike + Hahn says investigations are taking too long

School days: Hmong teens learn English in their own environment + Parents protest closure of 2 elementary schools in San Jose + Tougher rules for school fire sprinklers debated + Vallejo Unified still dishing out unearned health benefits + Schools Replace Milk Cartons With Bottles + Research program is a step up for students

MILITARY Court-martialed commander released from San Diego Navy brig

Pentagon Is Pressing to Bypass Environmental Laws for War Games and Arms Testing

William Pfaff: An army in decliners at Abu Ghraib

Try a tiny melon or rainbow carrots with more nutrients than nature provides

Amid dramatic lifestyle changes, Transplant recipient Matt Callison is thankful for his donor's gift

Oil spill isn't worst scourge raised by grounded ship. Alaska biologists frantic to contain predatory rats

Ecstasy to be tested on terminal patients. FDA ruling might lead to use of other psychedelic drugs

Tiny particles 'threaten brain'

Workers struck by lung diseases

Test to spot early liver disease

Technique to detect cancer spread

UK women travel to Romania for egg donation

Orthofix Gets FDA Approval for Bone-Growth Stimulator

FDA Approves New Drug for Severe Pain

Treating Varicose Veins With Radiofrequency Or Laser Heat

Historic Himalayan Ice Dams Created Huge Lakes, Mammoth Floods

New Antibiotic Target Could Mean The End Of Pneumonia Brain Imaging Reveals New Language Circuits

Increased Suicide Rate Is Possibly Linked To Chemicals Released From Nearby Asphalt Plants, Study Suggests

Contractor Ignorance Kills Earthquake Victims In Seismic Zones, Says U. Of Colorado Professor

Discovery Of Compound Could Enhance Cancer Treatments With Fewer Side Effects

Nevada Seismology Researchers Develop Model That Estimates Impact Of Large Earthquake In Los Angeles

Study By US, Hebrew University Scientists Sheds Light On How Bacteria Persist Despite Antibiotics

Gastrointestinal Disorders Are Associated Significantly With Sleepless Nights

O Christmas Tree: Your Bark May Fight Arthritis

Conduct Disorder, Alcoholism May Have Different Origins in Teens

Breast milk may help patients

Bronx Zoo to remove hundreds of animals from Georgia island

Cassini's goodbye Huygens picture

Virgin soars to new frontier

Cassini Shows Before And After Look At Saturn's Moon Titan

World's Most Powerful Infrared Camera Opens Its Eyes On The Heavens

Giant Telescope Will Keep An Eye On Planets In Other Solar Systems

NASA Finishes Redesigned Shuttle Fuel Tank

Nanotechnology boost for medical diagnosis

Tsunameter could avert disasters + Fair warning is possible

When Heads Knock, Helmet Listens

Steam engines could be eco hope

TSUNAMI: A Third of the Dead in Undersea Quake Are Said to Be Children + Warning Center, Alert for the Quake, None for a Tsunami + Tsunami's eerie warning sign


Bush Biking, Relaxing at Ranch

Bush gala has big donations pouring in

Reelection Honeymoon With Voters Eludes Bush, Polls Say

Syria's Foreign Minister Dismisses U.S. and Iraqi Accusations It Is Aiding Insurgents in Iraq Amid Fresh Allegations of Support

Bush's Germany Visit Seen as Chance to Ease Tension

Alberto Gonzalez revisited

Social Security: Plan for Social Security relies on an immediate, familiar Bush strategy + Another Day, Another Social Security Plan + The Chilean Miracle: Less Than Meets the Eye

Congress: Ethics committee to investigate McDermott for illegally recording telephone conversation + Congress, Paranoia and Horse Manure + If There's a Cause, There's a Caucus + Arianna Huffington: W's goal: A rubber-stamp Senate

Democrats: Privacy Piracy? What Howard Dean May Bring to the DNC

Vote fraud: Ohio Recount Ends, Shows Vote is 300 Closer + Ohio official refuses interview over vote + GOP wants King County vote data + Secretary of State Aims to Dodge Deposition + Richard Hayes Phillips: Another third rate burglary Click.


Bush Sending the Wrong Message as Chaos Smolders in Iraq

Scheer: A Devil's Island for Our Times

Govt Spending Can't Buy Security: Ivan Eland

Mass Murder, the Unknown Ideal: William Raspberry

Bereaved Parents' Trip to Iraq: Jim Lobe

Osama Must Be Pleased

Conservative Sadists

Four Ways to Find Out What's Really Up in Iraq

Helen Thomas: The buck never stops at the top

Ron Suskind: The cabinet of incuriosities Click.

Winning the war after the war

Xymphora opines on Rumsfeld's Freudian slips

Re-engineering America for tomorrow

The Chief Weirdo at the Pentagon: Rumsfeld Must Go

The American Empire Goes For Broke, Maybe Literally

Before There Were Tsunamis, There Was Wolfowitz


Stocks in U.S. Rise as Confidence Climbs; Indexes at Highest Since 2001

Investment Folio for Average Joe

Bechtel to cut 200 more jobs from S.F. headquarters

Apple's Steve Jobs Tops List + What Bay Area executives made last year

Clouds Start to Lift for Comair and U.S. Airways

Older players driving sales of video games

Fannie Mae CEO set for huge payout

Chinese TV maker cites California company in losses

Second funding helps soothe savage beast

Cattle Video Stirs Kosher Meat Debate

Bravo, American Dissidents!: Mendo Henriques

Chinese Labor Activist Runs Radio Protest

Disappearing the Anti-War Movement at the NYTs


Click. Checking in on two unusual homeless New Yorkers.

Islamic holy books highlight sex

50 ways to fix your life

N.Y. supermodel held on for dear life for 8 hours in raging surf

The Death of Reggie White: an Off the Field Obituary

Be Careful Not to Get Too Much Education: It's Happened to a Lot of Good Christians

'Today people regard convict ancestry as a badge of honor'

Tank girls: the frontline feminists

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  The battle over same-sex marriage: S.F. can't challenge 'mental disorder' argument. Judge won't allow city to submit opposing evidence + Mayor orders golf club fined over gay benefits + Campus club seeks right to exclude gays

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Video of disaster sought by competing networks

Navy SEALs Sue AP Over Alleged Abuse Photos

Vt. Paper's Anthrax Scare Leads to Lockdown, and Maybe Legal Action

Maryland Governor Seeks Dismissal of 'Sun' Lawsuit

Study: Craigslist Costs Bay Area Papers $50M in Ad Revenue

Silicio, Woman Who Took Iraq 'Coffins' Photo, Has No Regrets Click.

Press Clips: 2004, From the Dean Scream to Abu Ghraib

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

First Night planners of Monterey ready to revel

Susan Sontag, Leading Intellectual, Dies at 71

Marin's Sean Penn sees similarities with 9/11 and his new film

John Lahr on Neil LaBute

Alex Ross on William Bolcom

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher

Medieval mural's tales of sorcery

Legalizing 'noodling': Missouri Approves Fishing With You Bare Hands

Lady and the lamp

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 27, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Shi'ite Leader Survives Attack, 15 Killed + Trust Becomes an Issue on Base + US Army Chief: Iraq War Is 'Going Pretty Well' + Marines: Almost 1,500 Fallujans Have Returned Home + Waiting to execute + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq Rejects US Vote-Adjustment Talk + Iraqi Official: Vote May Be Delayed in Some Areas

Slain soldiers' mothers reaching out to Iraqis. Delegation bringing cash, relief supplies to Fallujah refugees

War prisons: US Disclosures Signal Wider Detainee Abuse + CIA resists request for abuse data

IRAN: Iran's Air Force Ordered to Defend Nuclear Facilities From 'Flying Objects'

MIDDLE EAST: A Camera's View of the Mideast Conflict

UKRAINE: Yushchenko's Disease: A Tale of Two Poisons + Yanukovych Vows Challenge in Ukraine + Former Reagan aide is new First Lady of Ukraine

EUROPE: Uzbeks Vote, but There's No Opposition

ASIA PACIFIC: India Pursuing Energy Sources in Some of the Diciest Places

Pakistan, India in peace talks overshadowed by Asian quake

Trying to Curb Graft in Vietnam

Hong Kong Papers Report Riot in China

The factory nuns of urban China

ASIA TSUNAMI: 22,000 Dead, Millions Homeless in Asia + Inundated: 'It was like the sea stood up and walked to your door' + Collapse of seabed launches deadly waves. Subduction event 6 miles beneath ocean is rarely seen on such massive scale

MILITARY  Special Forces soldiers track remnants of Taliban, al-Qaida (Dec. 26)

Most Sought After Headgear

Whatever became of General Draughon's sword?

Go Ahead, Try to Disappear

Group Heads to Jordan to Wage Peace

LAPD: We Know That Mug

US Latinas seek answers in Islam

Is your car spying on you?


Bin Laden Tape Names Zarqawi His Iraq Deputy + Purported Bin Laden Tape Calls for Boycott of Elections

Intelligence agencies face staff shortage + Hunt for intelligence analysts

Univ. California Davis scholar sues CIA for Vietnam papers

Scientists study, test life span of H-bomb

Japanese to Develop Ballistic-Missile Attack Warning System

Secret Rendition Not So Secret Anymore

When Is a Terror Group Not a Terror Group? When US Says So

French bin Laden Inquiry to Widen

Training for the 'War on Terror'

Russia and China plan war games

Mystery Of Rudolf Hess Finally Solved

Arafat's Death Spurs Militant Rocket Race

Drone doggies and more

U.S. has done little to shut down A. Q. Khan's nuclear smuggling network


Click. Some law firms have formed special units to search for digital data and help their clients manage it.

Rehnquist must loathe opening morning papers these days

Fiction foreshadows reality

Accused girls' coach found dead in cell

Scores of Texas nurses are drug, sex offenders

The Post-September 11 Compensation of Different Victim Groups: Comparing the RAND Corporation Study with the Special Master's Report


Bringing Her Lone Star Power to fix CYA

Formerly a Ward of the Court, then Homeless, He Has a Life Plan

To Protect the Elderly, UC Doctor Pioneers Programs, Networking Ideas

Citing Prop. 64, Firms Seek to Kill Lawsuits

Sex offender site popular but not perfect

New year, new laws: Children under 6 must sit in car's back seat + New laws on guns, domestic partners and tanning beds on Jan. 1 + New laws taking effect Jan. 1 at-a-glance

Investigators on hot run in six cold homicide cases + Burglary suspect's getaway halted

Santa Clara: San Jose: Man booked in death of fetus. Pregnant woman says boyfriend kicked her + The steep price of driving drunk + Pair of probes concern some in San Carlos

Contra Costa: Wells for irrigation may have to be removed + De La Salle abuse cases settled for $6.3 million + Alcohol-related arrests increase

Sonoma: Santa Rosa: 4 arrested in holiday brawl death + Windsor: Police Are Stumped by Attacks on Town's Trees + Man dies following Christmas Day shooting

Solano: Two stabbed in fight; alleged assailant jailed + Man accused of wielding meat cleaver

Monterey: Man sought in Watsonville abduction attempt + King City man shot. CASA workers sought

Central Valley: Law & Order

Central Coast: Atascadero man faces life in prison

Southern California: SoCal actor released from Pakistan prison returns to LA + Report on Indian Wells land deals raises questions + LA may settle discrimination lawsuits filed by gay police officers + Man accused of Ontario murder could be faking mental illness + New Query Follows Gun Lawsuit + Marine Suspected in Slaying Is Fatally Shot After Pursuit


The Governor:  Partisanship Back in Play at Capitol + Environmentalists oppose proposed changes to State Water Project to allow local water wholesalers to run part of massive state aqueduct, reservoir system + Hypocrisy on State's Spending Mandates + New car-donor law has charities wary Critics: FPPC lacks teeth

California senator seeking a new state budget cap

Former governor Jerry Brown wants to keep politics in the family

Indian tribes: Tribal Money Linked to GOP Fundraising

LOCAL NEWS:  Minting Bay Area history

Man-made risk for condors not out of woods yet

Sacramento & north: CSUS plays name game + A bird in the hand ... + Ranger's legacy is adventure + Back-seat driver: Folsom Dam Road's permanent closure not a done deal, feds say

San Francisco, San Mateo: Final Mass at Sacred Heart. Historic church closes due to retrofit cost, low attendance

Alameda: Hotel union leader Blanca Limon stands steadfast + Hairstylist in Albany marks 30 cutting years + Historic Bal Theater tries movies again + Oakland: Ashland youth-recreation programs get funding + Fruitvale church gives back to its community

Santa Clara: Closing time for City Hall eatery

Contra Costa: 'Extreme' family donates help in Martinez + Proposed homes irk secluded neighborhood + + New tax prompts pact for eBART

Marin: Thrill of discovery for Audubon birdwatchers + Novato mayor wants meeting changes + Hacker shuts down Mill Valley community Web site + Longtime county official Joseph Coffrini dies at 70 on Christmas

Sonoma: Guerneville fur fight gains momentum + Night meetings of Sonoma supervisors to change + County offering 80 flu shots a week to newly eligible + Bodega Bay fishermen call for local boatyard + A good excuse to go shop where anti-fur protestors are protesting

Napa: More employers offer free workplace language lessons + Napa companies look to plans for 2005

Solano: AmCan family gets out through windows when fire erupts

Monterey: Development battles continue + Military briefs

Central Valley: Does immigration need force or hope? + Families find a place to live their finances can live with + Dooley will lead food firms + Valley's growth hot again in 2004 + Tuolumne River journey shows the damage done + Hilmar Cheese must fix mess, pay fines now + State parks officials aiming to expand Valley holdings+ Bush administration to pay $16.7 million to Central Valley farmers, irrigation districts whose water deliveries were cut to protect endangered fish + Steinbeck's Hometown to Close Libraries + Stanlislaus transportation agency finally makes right turn + Short Take: Finley gives valley voice in VA hospital location

Central Coast: Pajaro feels sting of farmworker hiatus + Teen earns invite to Bush’s big day + King City financial boon, Naples news

Southern California: L.A. Urbanites Still Want Cars + Baby Boy in Need of Organs Dies + Plan to Cut Port Smog to Be Unveiled + A Savvy Housing Group Expands + Toxins Harm O.C. Water, Suit Alleges + Before the Parade Passes by, LaBonge Gets L.A. in Line for Rose Parade + Citrus, Avocado Firm Is Set to Branch Out+ Push on to keep Edwards Airforce base + Citrus, Avocado Firm Is Set to Branch Out

School days: UC System: Tobacco industry research grants spur debate. A ban would violate academic freedom, say many on faculty + Tests Are History at This High School + Mt. Diablo: Battles rage over school district boundaries + Oakland schools face more big changes + Rio District Ordered to Pay Fired Official+ Lecture series enthralls students + Parents battle San Jose school closures + A winter of discontent at Tri-City schools + Vallejo's school system flunked finances in 2004 + Sudden fiscal revelation stunned board members + Students Recruited to Be Country Doctors + Young Teachers Make a Difference in Tough Schools


How will we face the future?


Online games play with politics

Why some politicians need their prisons to be full

MIT: Magnesium May Reverse Middle-age Memory Loss

Transplant patient's climb back to health peaks with once-unthinkable trip to slopes

Sudden oak death quarantine expanded to Oregon, Washington

Coaches Help Children Move Past Illnesses

Study aims to cut cost of heart patients' care

Typhoid Fever Genomes To Help Scientists Seek Better Vaccinesto The Unknown

Research Points To New Theory Driving Evolutionary Changes

Peace-Loving Primates' Population Plummets

Research Studies Effects Of Soy Baby Formula On Intestinal Development

CU Speech Pathologist Studies Device That Helps Reduce Stuttering

Herpes: To Suppress or Not to Suppress

Fighting Breast Cancer Recurrence

Undermining the Effectiveness of Aspirin Therapy

Emerging Class Of Viruses Found To Change Shape To Infect Humans

Stowers Researcher Publishes DNA Double-strand Break Repair Discovery

Major Climate Change Occurred 5,200 Years Ago: Evidence Suggests That History Could Repeat Itself

Some Don't Like It Hot: Unraveling The Molecular Basis Of Thermotaxis

New Pathway Identified In Angiogenesis

Nearsighted Children May Benefit From Rigid Contact Lenses

Fewer Calories Could Slow Alzheimer's

Drug Combo Slows Heart Disease

Lymphomas Need Distinct Care

Infants, Children Prefer Sounds Over Pictures And Only Slowly Become Visually Oriented, Studies Find

Worm inspires 'comfortable' test

Target found to stop gallstones

Hope for mass-produced lab blood

Scientists 'map' key brain genes

Google Designs an Engine for Eggheads

China launches Cernet2 high-speed Internet backbone

New Santy Worm Threatens More Sites

Seeing the family over the Internet

Google vs. Yahoo

Software helps the tone deaf

Worming Into Apple

Huygens Begins Its Final Journey

Greenland Ice Cores Offer Glimpse Of Weather System History

NASA Study Finds Tiny Particles In Air May Influence Carbon Sinks

New Desalination Technology Taps Waste Heat From Power Plants

New Railroad Across Tibet Conquers Permafrost Using Crushed Rocks

Cassini's goodbye Huygens picture


Bush spending last week of 2004 in Texas

Bush Plan Could Imperil Tax Write-Off for New York

Click. Bonds posted by companies with federal oil and gas leases cover only a small fraction of costs of plugging wells and restoring land once fuel is extracted, leaving taxpayers with cleanup bills Bush faces GOP fight over guest workers

College Republicans allegedly misled donors: Some thought money was going to GOP Click.

Concerned Women for America even takes on allies on the right when they're seen as soft Click.

Congress: New GOP Senators May Back Filibuster Limits + Salazar calls for bipartisan cooperation + GOP sets up Senate collision on judges


Holiday gift for timber industry + Forest Non-Planning

Bush Sending the Wrong Message as Chaos Smolders in Iraq

Neocons and the Cult of State

Slam-Dunk Tenet Gets a Medal

Families Pay the Price

The Emperor's Same Old Clothes

The Fallacy of '39: Justin Raimondo

Linda McQuaig: History will show U.S. lusted after oil Click.

Hugh Cortazzi: Democracy by cookie cutter Click.

Bush's win-win plan to protect the oceans

Naomi Klein: The US must pull out of Iraq

Blood for pork....

When bullets fly, some firms swoop in


Dollar Declines to Record $1.36 Against Euro as U.S., Europe Allow Slide

Crude Oil Drops by Almost $3 a Barrel on Forecast for Milder U.S. Weather

Camouflaged ads sometimes succeed

Two Airlines Can't Get Past Holiday Turbulence

Forget Free Trade: US Interventionism Brings Back Oil Nationalization

New owner of IBM's PC unit adapts to being a multinational firm

Many consumers unaware of routine 'bounce loans'

Clawing back satellite demand

Company Of The Year: Amgen

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay marriage amendment not coming soon + Lesbian minister to challenge defrocking + Atlanta Mayor Fines Golf Club for Refusing to Obey Domestic Partners Law

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

'Washington Post' Reporter Caught in Earthquake Drama

Pentagon Channel targets troops

Editor Regrets Letting Reporter Pose as Prostitute

'St. Louis Post-Dispatch' Blogger Outed, Suspended

Click. The world press finds local angles to Sunday's tsunami disaster.

Satellite Radio Posts Subscriber Gains

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Mexican riders spur each other on to victory

From farm worker to author

Children's art museum seeks pieces for exhibit

Hayward residents relish in their Hollywood moment

Latest search for Earhart's plane to depend on technology

'Smart house' has brains, beauty

Penn Museum Archaeochemist And International Scholars Confirm 9,000-Year History Of Chinese Fermented Beverages

How to Write Your Name In Mayan Glyphs

J. M. Synge - The Abbey and The Playboy of the Western World

Discovery of ancient village derails bridge repair

Six Things You Should Know About The Photo Market

Rare portrait of Charlotte Bronte

Donkeys bray their way back into vogue

Bogus biblical relics roil Israel Museum

Moviegoers flock to 'Fockers'

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher:

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 24, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Explosion rips Baghdad as Rumsfeld leaves + General takes blame + Mosul attack haunts troops + Kurds: Bombers are militant splinter group + U.S. Army Appoints General to Probe Mosul Attack + US: Mosul Insurgents Operating at Will + Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Mosul to `Look the Soldiers in the Eye' + After 18,434 Wounded From Iraq, Landstuhl Was Prepared for Mosul + Rumsfeld Tells U.S. Troops in Iraq They Can Win + Rumsfeld Gets Friendly Questions in Iraq + Rumsfeld in Musil + Another Guard Unit Decries Training, Equipment + Fallujah refugees allowed to visit homes. Americans fight remaining rebels -- 3 Marines killed + Returning back to Falluja + Falluja 'unfit for animals' + The toll in Iraq + Armenia to deploy 46 troops to Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq Election Is Difficult in U.S. as Well + Iraqis' Dismay Surges as Lights Flicker and Gas Lines Grow

AFGHANISTAN: New Karzai team has warlords out, technocrats in. Afghan president remakes Cabinet, picks Western-oriented Pashtuns for key posts

PAKISTAN: Two Officers Convicted for Musharraf Life Attempts

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinians quit state for homeland. Onetime Californians return to Bethlehem saying despite its troubles, life is better there + Lengthy election cycle for Palestinians starts on an exuberant note. Municipal balloting pits Hamas against Fatah for first time + IDF to oust troops who obey rabbis rather than officers + Hamas vies for power against Fatah faction + Erdogan ends visit to Syria: we will work to double trade

RUSSIA: Putin blasts U.S., Europe for disputing Ukraine vote. Russian president expresses doubts on election in 'fully occupied' Iraq

AMERICAS: Gunmen Kill 23 in Attack on Bus in Honduras

Colombian Rebels Kill Catholic Priest - Church

Castro walks in public after knee injury


On counterterror front, little 'chatter' to sift through

Israel detains nuke whistleblower

U.K. Freezes Assets of Group Linked With Saudi Arabian Dissident Al-Faqih

Bowling Alley Will Return Arafat Funds

Click. BBC reporter Frank Gardner tells how Saudi gunmen shot his friend and left him for dead

Report: US Considering Strikes Into Syria

With the Pope ailing, who is really running the Vatican?

Supercomputer to Test Aging Nukes

Inside the Ring

UN Security Council puts al-Faqih on terrorism list

U.S. air marshals dodge suit Nazis

Mladic bunker secrets revealed

Departure of Three Top U.N. Officials Gives Annan Opportunity to Clean House





China strengthens its antipiracy laws

Exotic bird smuggling a growing problem

Testing cell phones ties up 911 / CHP: Call someone else with new gift

Connecticut's ex-governor faces prison after guilty plea. He took gifts from contractors who did business with state

Authorities Link Maryland Arsons to Racing Club

Vets Hall volunteers prepare traditional feast

Taking California's DNA Law to Rest of Nation

Feds take aim at government corruption

Drug courts are not a right, justices rule

Adopted boy sent back to biological mom


Condemned double murderer's life hangs on legal shoestring

Workers' comp fraud tips sought

Sacramento & north: Man found dead in Sacramento jail + Drivers dodge classes on DUI + Suspected ambulance thief arrested + Asian gang members can be tried again + Winters woman dies in head-on crash

Alameda: Man denies involvement in soccer fight + Cops: Bickering, fanned by alcohol, led to shooting death + Oakland man back from Texas to face a murder charge Ex-Albany cop sues department + Alameda driver is held in Richmond + Perata's home quietly searched + Argus sues for firefighters' morale report + Note-toting robber hits Livermore bank + Man arrested in shooting of cousin inside apartment

Santa Clara: Don't dial 911 to test new cell, CHP says + Couple spur tenants to rid complex of gangs and graffiti + Drunk driving campaign on record pace + Man charged with kicking ref + Police Blotter + Dad faces charges in fatal crash

Contra Costa: Pleasanton eatery's owner faces charges re: sexual batter, writing bad checks + Richmond residents sue for leak at refinery + Concord: 3 ex-students settle abuse lawsuit. Catholic brothers allegedly abused them years ago at De La Salle

Napa: Jessup Cellars may file Chapter 11 bankruptcy to keep creditors at bay

Solano: Vallejo Police Calls + Vacaville man accused of molesting two girls

Central Valley: Stopping inebriated motorists + Witnesses: Teens driving 80 mph before 108 crash + Police probe DreamLife break-in + Date set for ruling in Geragos accusation + Meth house creates 'environmental mess' + Man is held in stabbing

Southern California: Gardena police shoot carjacking suspect at Hustler Casino + Former Brando business manager alleges sexual harassment + Police to stop using Taser guns at troubled Drew/King hospital + Long Beach man pleads innocent in plot to kill his estranged wife. + San Diego city manager, others subpoenaed in SEC probe + Massive Overhaul of Ailing Hospital King/Drew Urged + Harassment Claim Filed Against Marlon Brando's Estate + Painful Gift for the Children of a Slain Woman + Use of Taser Spurs Change + Suspect Arrested in Fatal O.C. Toll Road Altercation+ Orange County: Wal-Mart Reopens After Arson Fires + Rape Case Against 3 Teenagers Dismissed + Westminster: Man Sentenced in Fatal Hit-and-Run + Police I.D. Man Killed by Officers Near Placentia Store + Suspect Named in Killing of 2 Brothers + Kids safe; aunt in custody after abduction incident + Four men being held in Burbank stabbing

Scott Peterson: Date set for ruling in Geragos accusation


The Governor:  Gov. proposes new worker compensation rules + Gov.'s semi-candor + Gov. fudges on release of calendars + Maria Shriver helps troops phone home Click. + Gov., Shriver Give Troops Gifts

Shelley Reconsidering Voter Registry Plan + Shelley's office filled with political appointees

State's oversight of doctors blasted. Report criticizes Medical Board as slow, secretive

In GOP They Trust

New year, new laws: Don't try to scoot by with no license

Workers comp injury rules on fast track

Click. Starting Jan. 1, many California employers will be required to provide sexual harassment training for supervisors, and some insurance providers will extend health coverage to domestic partners

Dan Walters: West Hollywood's birthday underscores municipal trends

LOCAL NEWS:  Wellness Community founder Harold Benjamin dies at 80

A tale of two bridges. If France can get a breathtaking new span ahead of schedule and for a relatively modest price, why can't the Bay Area? Well, let's start with the $8 toll. + Caltrans' Bay Bridge fiasco

Eureka! Caviar from California

Sacramento & north: Cat-leash rule riles homeowner + Baker's fortunes rising + Winters woman dies in head-on crash+ R.E. Graswich: Sacramento Mayor to get personal police driver in 2005? Perhaps, or perhaps not + Citrus Heights: Sheriff's deputy rouses family to flee burning home + Man dies after his Jeep hits tree

San Francisco, San Mateo: St. Mary's celebrates big birthday + Quake repairs move slowly + Senator Boxer halts strike at S.F. seniors' home + Supervisor proposes wheelchair access solution + Tinsel Thomas, Anderson's tale

Alameda: Donations sought for drowned cop + Fire destroys Island home, injures one + Pair coming down to Earth after a Mile High adventure + Oaklanders bark at mayor over parks, dog-walking sites + Neighbor rescues ill man from fire + Tri-City homes brighten holidays + Union City leisure services schedules drop-in recreation program + Animal shelter welcomes 'miracles after miracles' + The following is a list of holiday light displays in the Tri-Valley area

Santa Clara: Partnership cleans up apartments + Peninsula motor home a haven for reunited family + Trash sorters enlist legislator + Vacationing deputy drowns in Hawaii + Wage dispute unresolved + Autistic kids move to the beat + Mr. Roadshow: BART, bullet would make S.J. major hub

Sonoma: Homes may replace golf range + New SR route under 101 weighed

Napa: HOPE gives just that to Napa homeless Wine Train must pay $1.3 million to winery + Napa senior facility hits hard financial times + AmCan councilwoman barred from Wal-Mart talks + Santa reveals VIP list for Napans

Solano: Benicia: Daughter's illness, death send couple into tailspin + Pair comes through for community + AmCan may attempt to lure high-tech industries + Local activist wins battle over use of city building + Local News Briefs + Touro gets federal grant to help train teachers

Monterey: Seaside soldier dies in Iraq + Alternatives to demolish Marsh's explored + Home renovation stalled

Central Valley: Procrastinators hitting stores on eve of the eve + A service fit for a hero set for Modesto Marine + Delivery Lights Up Holiday + Holiday greetings push buttons

Central Coast: Healthy Kids program offers health coverage to poor families + Parking lot owner apparently backs off towing cars +Decorations earn holiday cheers + Downtown Santa Cruz business mood ‘really good, upbeat’ + Low-income residents get cool gift + Gracias, Santa!’ + Santa Cruz actor gets Scorsese treatment in ‘The Aviator’

Southern California: Mass desert cleanup at Baker continues month after gas pipeline burst + Massive Overhaul of Ailing Hospital King/Drew Urged + A Trauma Center to the Rescue + Canoga Park Shifts From Aerospace to Retail Hubs + U.S. Funds Tunnel Study in Orange County + Shell Oil to Pay $1 million for cleanup in San Diego Click.

School days: San Francisco School board members jockey for presidency + Feds slashing aid to college students + School reformer to leave Oakland district + NAACP questions UCSC job practices + Santa Cruz: PCS principal wants exit to be smooth process: Keating hopes to implement honor code + Sierra Joint Community College chief should quit, trustee says

Artificial disk an alternative to spinal fusion. Recipients give positive reports but insurers still have doubts Orbiter

Earth's Safe Zone Became Hot During Legendary Solar Storms

Scientists Solve The Mystery Of How Botox Attacks Nerves And Eliminates Wrinkles

Microbe's Genome Promises Insight Into Earth's Carbon And Sulfur Cycling

Researchers Find High Levels Of Potentially Toxic Heavy Metals In Herbal Medicine Products

Success Of Experimental Herpes Vaccine Builds Momentum For Human Clinical Trials

UF Study: Bigfoot Myth Persists Because It Depicts Humans' Wild Side

Discovery Of Compound Could Enhance Cancer Treatments With Fewer Side Effects

Undermining the Effectiveness of Aspirin Therapy

Symptoms of ovarian cancer can mimic some GI disorders

Yo-yo Diet Redistributes Toxins In Body Tissue; Olestra Plus Caloric Cut Boosts Toxic Excretion

NASA Helps Visually Impaired Students Touch The Sun

New Study Suggests Levodopa May Slow Progression Of Parkinson Disease

FDA Statement On Iressa

Vaccinating Wildlife Can Reduce Human Risk For Lyme Disease

Decreased Sensitivity In The Brain To Estrogen May Help Explain Menopausal Changes

Iceberg Poses No Threat To Antarctic Personnel

Diabetes: A Link Between Oral And Overall Health?

Celecoxib Shows Surprising Activity Against Estrogen Receptors

Your Brain And You: Penn Researcher Forecasts Ethical Challenges Ahead For Neuroscience And Society

Superconductors Ready to Ramp Up for the Real World

Apple seeks soft landing for iPod

Which Search Engine Firm Is Coming Back?

I Want My Internet TV

Sprucing Up Open Source's GPL Foundation

UC Berkeley Researchers Field Testing Low-altitude Robo-copters

European Space Agency's Huygens Probe Set To Detach From Cassini Orbiter

Russia Launches Supplies to Astronauts in Orbit

Saturn's mysterious moon beckons to craft. Probe to separate from mother ship tonight as perilous 3-week voyage to Titan begins

Asteroid gets initial elevated risk rating, but impact unlikely


Powell Advised Bush to Add Iraq Troops

Bush Recycles Judicial Nominees

New year to bring Medicare transition

Democrats: Clinton Opens New Unit at N.Y. Hospital + Sen. Kennedy visits wounded soldiers

Vote fraud: GOP to fight Gregoire victory + Emotions run high over recount


World feels bullied by Washington Click.

Chris Floyd: Poison pen Click.

Rebecca Solnit: Hope at midnight Click.

Andrew Greeley: No peace on Earth during unjust war Click.

Bob Herbert: Families pay the price Click.

Steve Weissman: How Uncle Santa diddles Dems from Ukraine to Venezuela Click.

Richard Walter: Back to the '50s? We'd rather pass Click.

The Devil's Christmas: Justin Raimondo

Restoring Christmas: Alan Bock

Mother Pleads to Pentagon: Tom Griffin

US Out of Iraq: Al Neuharth, USA Today

Thanks to the Lords, Libs, and the Law

Groups Fight Internet Wiretap Push

Revisiting past human rights violations to win the bet of the future, intellectuals and political leaders

Federal Judge Dismisses New York's Bid to Force Bike Rally to Get Permit


Click. How to avoid holiday arguments with pro-war relatives (Pt 1) by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst

Stardom: Keeping the X In XMAS

Siblings of ill kids find connection

Gold Tempts Nicaragua Children to Risk Lives

Blood for pork....

Army weapons on black market


UES Breakup Approved by Russia as Putin Seeks to Deregulate Energy Market

Dollar Drops to Record Amid Speculation ECB Won't Step In to Weaken Euro

His rug business is flying high

Click. Richest Penthouses in NYC

MILITARY David Letterman entertains troops in Iraq for Christmas Eve

GIs savor holidays before heading to Iraq

PX offers taste of home for holidays


FDA's Approval Policy Pits Speed Against Safety

One year after Mad Cow questions linger

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Shortage Turns to Surplus

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: California court hears same-sex marriage arguments + Lawyer says gays are 'unfit' + Judge Hears Debate on Gay Unions

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Argus sues for firefighters' morale report


100 most useful websites

Press Clips: Jack Newfield, 1938-2004

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

A Man's Quest Reverberates Up and Down State

How to introduce your children to the real magic of a Victorian Christmas

Archeologists uncover pool believed to be site of Biblical miracle

Israel finds Jesus miracle sites

Folk art of Mexico

On The Town With Rex Reed

At The Theater With John Heilpern

The King William's College quiz

Rush & Molloy: I saw Mommy dissing Santa Claus

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: 'Today' has missing Paige

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 23, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
No Security Changes Yet in Wake of Suspected Suicide Bombing + Clashes disrupt return to Falluja + Four US military personnel killed in Iraq as base bombing probed + Three US marines die in Falluja fighting + US forces clash with fighters in Falluja + US families to assist Falluja refugees + More signs of Syria turn up in Iraq + U.S. Bases on Alert for 'Copycat' Iraq Bomber + Mosul Bomber Wore Iraqi Military Uniform + Investigation raises questions about security for military + Iraq Bombing Represents Security Breach + Soldiers in Sunni Town Run Into Wall of Silence +Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Spate of parties crowds ballot despite violence. Behind closed doors, contenders gear up for public campaigns + Foreign Team Will Watch Vote in Iraq From Jordan

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan president names Cabinet + Karzai replaces warlord minister

IRAN: Iran's Military on Standby to Defend Nuclear Sites

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinians vote in landmark municipal elections, row over Blair conference

RUSSIA: Putin Defends Yukos Deal as 'Perfectly Normal' + Putin claims the right to re-nationalize Yukos + Putin: Is U.S trying to isolate Russia?

UKRAINE: How Did the Blogosphere Get Fooled on Ukraine? + Interpreting Ukraine: Beyond 'Good' and 'Evil'   + Report from Kiev: Yushchenko's Not Quite Ready for Sainthood + Vote monitors deploy in Ukraine, Putin sees 'double standards'

ASIA PACIFIC: Nepal Army Kills 22 Maoists, Rebel Blockade Begins


Insurgents Have Better Intel on US Forces

FCC amends Nextel deal to clear reception

Stanford lab safety studied

DARPA Funds Dozens Of New Urban Warfare Tools

A grisly Christmas tale

Dutch Intelligence Agency Warns That Radical Islam Spreading

Counterterror Officials Say There's Little Specific 'chatter' About Any New Plot

Where Osama bin Laden went wrong

North Korea's nukes: advanced, but hidden


Suspect who killed mother, took baby, ‘burned some bridges’

Connecticut's Rowland Faces Prison in Corruption Case (Update2)

Social workers 'ignored' child's abuse before 2003 murder, panel rules

Miami Police Use Taser to Subdue Wheelchair-Bound Man

Police Use Taser on 14-Year-Old Boy

Police Officer Tasers 12-Year-Old Special-Needs Student

Israeli Prosecutors to Indict Antiquities Collector Next Week

Prosecutor Says Man With Pyrotechnics Expertise Was Ringleader in Md. Arson Spree


Reno man, self-described leader of Aryan Nations in S.F. and Nevada, admits he sent threatening e-mail

Governor pardons 3 ex-cons. He breaks 6-year moratorium on forgiving criminals

Judge: Condit Foe's Videotaped Deposition Can Go Public Click.

R.J. Reynolds Settles Lawsuit with Attorney General, Setting Teen Ad Limits Click.

Report Critical of CYA Click.

Divorce Cases raises questions on records laws Click.

Teens accused in Aspen beating of California runaway, arrested on East Coast

Sacramento & north: Ex-Amador church volunteer gets jail for molesting teenager + Alleged tagger 'Crooks' taken into custody + Police: Plasma TVs popular among burglars this season + Nursing home fined $80,000 in death + Two held in pot bust after robbery

San Francisco, San Mateo: Heading off homicide. S.F. police say a surge in killings has slowed because they're jailing 'the baddest of the bad' + Police tackle San Bruno robberies + New judge in San Mateo -- Cliff Cretan

Alameda: Dublin: Camp Parks stops suspicious vehicle + Berkeley: Methadone blamed in Cal student's death + Hayward: Boy allegedly taken by dad is found safe + Oakland: Second man charged in mail carrier attack + Livermore bank robber gets away + Oakland: Mean streets claim a dad, son + Call to 'Riders' witness by union blasted + Boy found safe in Oakland; hunt for dad goes on + City cops, CHP nab 19 sought in DUIs + Shooter fires into home, killing 5-year-old + Union City cops seek public help in homicide + Suspected kidnapper nabbed at Raiders DUI crackdown

Santa Clara: Repairing lives torn by domestic abuse + In chase, CHP car hits two vehicles

Contra Costa: Judge dismisses suit aimed at San Ramon school district + Richmond: Victim pleaded with killers, police say + Molestation suspect Gallo caught

Marin: Murder mystery has Marin link + Sausalito suspect accused of stealing 6,660 bottles of wine

Sonoma: Fisherman may not avoid jail time + Three arrested in SR stabbing + 17-yr-old boy faces life in prison for murder prompted by sexual advances of former evangelist preacher

Solano: Vallejo's Police Calls

Monterey: Salinas: Father charged with felony child endangerment for buying alcohol for 17-yr-old after her DUI + Details emerge around shooting

Central Valley: Cops say site isn't a license to harass + Condit foe can't avoid spotlight + State goes after stores for unpaid fees + Day care center seen as casualty of school closure + Doubts emerge on Soquel Creek-Pajaro Valley water project

Southern California: Orange County man pleads guilty in credit card scam + Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband sues for breach of contract for losing job + Man arrested in East Los Angeles bicycle shooting of two brothers + Car Window Shootings Prompt CHP Hunt Click.

Blake trial: Doctor: Blake's cries for help seemed feigned

Jackson trial: Jackson case to debut Santa Barbara's new jury selection process

Scott Peterson: Geragos hit with contract lawsuit + Laci Peterson's mother: 'Closure will only occur...when I die'


The Governor: Tantalizing peek at Gov.'s calendars. Budget meetings vie with interviews with Access Hollywood + Gov.'s employees total just fewer than 185 Click. + Gov.'s calendar shows lots of fund-raising, media events + Gov. will pursue lunch change through channels Click. + Gov. Leaves State for Vacation Click. + Stolen laptop of Gov.'s press secretary hunted Click. + Gov. makes time for contributors

Feinstein raps Fed plan to cut $9 million from wildfire prevention efforts Click.

A wise pause on nurse ratios + Access to data leading to better convalescent care Click.

Second-guessing Prop. 71

Legislature:  FBI took senator's records on same day son's house was raided + Perata Served with FBI Warrant Click. + Partner law survives activists' challenge

LOCAL NEWS:  Audit rips Caltrans on bridge costs.  Agency concealed the soaring price tag for Bay Bridge span + State auditor's report at a glance

Santa Rosa woman, Maureen Middlebrook, heads Golden Gate Bridge district

Sacramento & north: Marysville: Bok Kai Temple to be saved by grant + Donations are drying up for surplus bookstore

San Francisco, San Mateo: SFO's $2 billion transit maze. Some visitors puzzled by links to trains + Stickers help Hunters Point kids + Mayoral mansion mired + Neighborhood Business: Solar power to the people

Alameda: RIP: Francis Pierce Lathrop -- developer + Fox Theater rehab plan + Indian a first for Fremont council + Oakland council authorizes settlements in cop misconduct cases  + Niles key district in mayor's race

Santa Clara: Toll plan puts solo drivers in carpool lane + Liquor sales raise residents' alarm + Seniors see red over remodel + Consider buyout for councilman

Contra Costa: Lafayette: Couple remembered fondly by friends. Killed by avalanche on Austrian vacation + Call home saves soldier's life + San Ramon: 'Secret ballot' policy examined + Coast Guard cutter returns home + Duncan Canyon now twice rejected by Pinole

Marin: County votes deeper shade of blue than rest of state + Sausalito firm sells its first cloned pet + Retirement delay boosted former Novato police chief's pay + Greenbrae doctor Wm Silverman, pioneer in neonatal disease

Sonoma: Drug rehab program heavily in debt + SR plans fire station in southwest business park + New rules aim at oak killer + $760,000 at stake in Healdsburg billing error + Fur protests threaten to split Guerneville

Napa: Facts and figures about Constellation Brands and Mondavi  

Solano: Textile worker injured on job + Dixon racetrack plan progresses + Coffey barred from Wal-Mart meetings + High-paid Solano officials get big bonuses + Grocers sponsor food bank

Monterey: Shark hits 100th day at grateful aquarium. Adds to survival record -- and to gross receipts + GREAT WHITE LEARNING EXPERIENCE + Caddie hopes to get back on fairway + Heater sparks house fire in Seaside

Central Valley: 3 killed in 108 crash + Daniloo St. was almost on the map + Loophole bigger than broadside of a barn + Warmhearted Firefighters + Neighbors' generosity brightens holidays + Turlock again proves it works well Together + Son giving gift of life to mother + Nonprofit sets sights on Capitol Hill

Central Coast: Santa Cruz family disputes wacky TV portrayal + Gov. pardons local man: Retired UCSC technician’s bust for drugs forgiven + Watsonville company buys Israeli security firm

Southern California: Mass desert cleanup continues month after gas pipeline burst + San Diego: Media's Role In Mayoral Recount Prompts Charges of Partisanship Click. + Attacks on L. A. Mayoral hopefuls get nasty Click. + L.A. Planning Director Says He Will Retire Click. + Massive overhaul of aging King/Drew hospital urged Click. + Eastside L.A. Hospital In Trouble Click. + Brea: Hundreds evacuated after arson fires at store

School days: Students to Bear More of the Cost of College + Education crisis looms in California's future + L.A. Unified Selects Special Counsel Click. + Grant's trustees OK merger + Rombeck: S.J. revamps community classes + SFSU gets $1M donation to boost scholarship program + Vallejo: Teams formed to address school recovery + Colleges trying to fill up classes


Martha Stewart's Christmas message. Inmate lobbies for prison reform

Some Latino churches are using the story of the Holy Family's search for shelter to address issues of discrimination Click.

As More of Life Gets Digitized, Questions Raised About What Happens in Death

Cancer Research Yields Clues to Gray Hair

FDA Urges Caution Using Cox-2 Inhibitors, Other Anti-Inflammatory drugs + FDA asks for Crestor ad to be stopped

Exercise helps, but losing weight essential.

Scientists Solve The Mystery Of How Botox Attacks Nerves And Eliminates Wrinkles

Neural Crest Stem Cells In Skin Could Provide Alternative To Embryonic Stem Cell Use

Sandia To Begin Testing Innovative Arsenic-removal Technologies In Socorro, N.M.

Hypertension: On The Pill? Tell Your Dentist

FDA Approves Drug For Use In Cataract Surgery

Aging Universe May Still Be Spawning Massive Galaxies

Gene Therapy Reduces Skin Cancer To Sunburn In Mouse Model

Engineers Aim To Mend Broken Hearts

Acupuncture Relieves Pain And Improves Knee Osteoarthritis

'Purple Berries' Rank High In Antioxidants, USDA Study Says

'Signal' That Enables Malarial Parasites To Target Blood Cells

Melatonin Supplements Offer Little Or No Benefit For The Sleep Deprived

Safety Of Childbirth After C-section Examined

Fleeting Images Of Fearful Faces Reveal Neurocircuitry Of Unconscious Anxiety

Researchers Find Circulating Tumor Cells In Long-term Cancer Survivors

Can The Standard Course Of Radiation Therapy Following Lumpectomy Be Shortened?

Poison Digs Its Own Grave

Global Pattern Of Blindness Changes With Success In Tackling Infectious Disease And As Population Ages

Parachute system aims to save planes

Stardom: Blame it on RIO

GM recalling more than 700,000 minivans

Build your own Apollo rocket!

Scientists Find Atomic Clues To Tougher Ceramics

Glass Gives Up Secrets Under Pressure

Research Demystifies Quantum Properties Of Exotic Materials


Bush to Re-nominate Controversial Court Picks

Tough Questions on U.S. Prisoner Abuse Still to Come

Governors ask Bush not to cut Medicaid

Rumsfeld tells media he feels grief 'to my core' + Rumsfeld: Iraq Election Won't Quell Violence + Rumsfeld Is Already on His Way Out

New pat-down procedures at airports. Feds say screeners won't touch women between their breasts

New rule for forest planning. Environmentalists fear jump in logging + Administration Overhauls Rules for U.S. Forests

U.S. to release $100M in heating aid

Nursing home quality-improvement program to expand, White House says

Apologetic Kerik quits Giuliani's firm

Congress: Feinstein wants end to Electoral College and will seek constitutional amendment

Democrats: Democratic party leadership rethinking abortion Click. + An Encounter with Sen. Schumer: a Very Dangerous Democrat

Vote fraud: Dem grabs lead in wild Washington race. GOP won't concede in back-forth tally of vote for governor + King County tallying disputed ballots + Third time may be charm for Gregoire + Voters glad their ballots finally will count + Cannonfire reports


Social Security Pump and Dump

Torture at the Top: Ari Berman

Merck's Merry X-mas

Gene Lyons: Bush backers made a sucker's bet Click.

Jason Vest: Merry Christmas, Mr. Rumsfeld Click.

Bush as Time magazine's "2004 Person of the Year": why him?

The power struggle in Ukraine and America's strategy for global supremacy

First we vote, then we kick you out

The soul of a machine

Letter to Bush from Santa

Whose war is it now?

MILITARY Suicide Rate Among Marines Highest in Five Years

Air Force further reprimands top lawyer

Ft. Bliss Training Was Poor, Members of Guard Unit Say

'L.A. Times' Uncovers Another Guard Unit That Went to War Unprepared

Personal misconduct cited for spike in Navy firings

Korean-Americans in LA protest China's human rights policy

US Seeks to Silence Arab Democracy Activists

Pirate radio broadcast calls for inauguration protests Click.

Adoption reality show 'Who's Your Daddy?' sparks furor

UPDATE: Massive response after USATODAY founder calls for U.S. pullout in Iraq

Stars sign letter in support of playwright in hiding

Coming next from Michael Moore: Sicko, the film


Livermore collection firm in the running for IRS work

Wall Street workers reap bonus bonanza

Report: Regulator focuses on Fannie Mae pay

Upward mobility

100-Year-Old Mexican Leads Coffee Growers to Success

Disney Revamps Executive Pay Policies, Favoring Restricted Stock Units Over Options Grants

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Tradition vs. equality argued in S.F. court

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Freed journalists return as French policy is questioned. Fear of U.S. attack part of their ordeal

Indecency on the Air, Evolution Atop the F.C.C.

Radio station owner faces $220,000 fine

Galloway brings Zapatista to book

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Cat has 10 lives, thanks to $50,000 cloning. In a first, Texas woman pays Sausalito firm to duplicate her recently deceased pet

Signs that your party is serious

George Eliot: 'The Sage of Unbelief'


NY Play 'Fat Pig' Tackles What May Be the Last Taboo

Emirate's Falconer's Club

Dam is threat to Iran's heritage

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: We'll never have Paris again Rush & Molloy: Playmate still baring teeth at heiress

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 22, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Suicide Bomber Behind Bloodshed at Mosul Base +  U.S. Military Sweeps Through Mosul After Explosion Kills 22 + Hardened Bunker for Mosul Dining Hall Was Days From Completion + US 'Chow Tents' Prime Targets for Mortar Attacks + Inside the Mosul mess tent + Troops under fire, and unprotected + The Most Feared Terrorists in Iraq + Soldiers Injured in Iraq Flown to Germany + U.S. forces seal off Mosul + A Different Kind of War in Mosul + 2 French journalists freed after 4 months. Kidnappers had demanded end to head scarf ban + France denies ransom paid + Iraq units called far from ready + Mosul resistance attack reveals US disarray in Iraq + The NGO Problems + Fallujah uninhabitable + Ten more years in Iraq? + Amid the screaming, soldiers use their lunch tables as stretchers + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: How Blair flew into the heat of conflict

War prisons: Documents cast doubt on probes into killings of Iraqi prisoners by GIs. Deaths of prisoners not fully investigated

MIDDLE EAST: Blair hails Mid-East peace move

In-fighting clouds Labor vote to join Sharon coalition. Palestinians honor Arafat at end of mourning period

Saudis rebuke Libya over 'plot'

RUSSIA: Putin dots all "i's" about Chechnya and Yukos on his visit to Germany

AFRICA: 4 million dead in Congo


A softer bin Laden?

Stanford to review safety at SLAC

Pan Am 103. Why did they die?

Ban on terror-group training upheld. Appeals court alters earlier ruling after Congress revises law

Tanzanian man pleads guilty to LA mall terrorist hoax

NAVAL AVIATION: Chinese Mystery Deepens

Iran's Nuclear Program May Trigger the Young Turks To Think Nuclear

STRATEGIC NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Russia Trades Quantity for Quality

KOREA: Who Guards the Palace Guard Up North?

THE BALKANS: Everyone Cracks Down on Albanian Terrorists


Entertaining Web Sites Promote Products Subtly

Ads in the spotlight, drugs under a cloud. Hard sell to public called into question

New chapter looms in tale of 2 wine firms

Diller unchained

Real Estate Hunters Go Old School

Shareholders Approve Sale of Mondavi to Constellation

Fannie Mae Shares Rise After Ousting of Raines, Howard; Mudd Takes Charge


Rare Pneumonia Found Among US Soldiers in Iraq + US troops suffer rare illness

Scientists want to see a stockpiling of antiviral drugs

MILITARY Army Reserve irked by soldier's fund-raiser. Bay Area man is selling 49ers keepsakes to raise cash for equipment to take to Iraq

Getting Used to Home Takes Time for Troops

Sexual assaults in Air Force go underreported

Tuition break for military dependents may continue

Peacekeeping Vehicles Doomed

Navy Has Relieved at Least 80 Commanders for Performance Problems


Ruling on Microsoft is upheld by EU court

Mexican city outlaws indoor nudity

Britain: Law lords' terror ruling provokes constitutional crisis

Why It's Unconstitutional to Teach "Intelligent Design" in the Public Schools, as an Alternative to Evolution

Arsons Were Notoriety Ploy, Defendant Says

Iran Confirms Death Verdict Against Young Woman Convicted of Prostitution, but Denies She Is Mentally Disabled


Billionaire Burkle employs new law in bid to seal divorce records under new State law

Official attacks prison's segregation policy

Medical pot user fights to keep driver's license + DMV delays testing marijuana user + Medical pot advocate sees act of 'retaliation'

Hospital settles with patients: $395 million. Lawsuit said Tenet performed hundreds of needless surgeries

Sacramento & north: R.E. Graswich: Waters irked at judge's refusal to cite homeless man for camping in park + Cold case revived by DNA + Man killed on Hwy. 99 was from Los Molinos + Dispute ends in fatal shooting + Man killed on dirt bike is identified

San Francisco, San Mateo: Search dogs to the rescue + Who's Your Daddy?

Alameda: Amber Alert canceled for Hayward boy + 4 sought in girl's death + Methadone overdose killed student at Cal + Mayor could change his mind on city's mounted patrol + Fremont: Trespassers plow through nursery + Mall worker robbed of store's deposit + Modesto CEO charged in bilking of clients + Rural helipad could be grounded

Santa Clara: No contest plea in rape of daughters

Contra Costa: Suspects in Antioch killing are found on Oregon farm + Suit filed in death of father who died fighting with unlicensed security guard

Marin: Jury backs ex-Marin firefighter + Daylight burglary baffles police in Belvedere

Sonoma: Graton teen convicted of murder + What Brett's mom would like to hear + Santa Rosa woman foils burglary suspect + Woman's arrest on suspicion of DUI fourth in 2 months

Solano: Massage parlors stung in Vallejo + Warning issued about fake charities

Monterey: Fired deputy wants job back + Bus driver at fault in crash, CHP says + O'Shea wants state to take case + Salinas: Resident shoots, kills home invader

Central Valley: Daniloo affidavit alleges DreamLife scheme + Deputy-run report harsh on top aide + Delta recovers stolen laptop + Modestan held in killing amid drug sting + Family calls for clues in slaying

Central Coast: Dreams cut short in shooting victim’s death

Southern California: Jurors hear Robert Blake and witnesses to his wife's death + Suspended LA priest ordered to trial in sex abuse case + Gunman shooting at vehicles on Southern California freeways + Brutal Death of Blake's Wife Described

Scott Peterson: Could Scott Peterson Have Avoided The Death Penalty? Why Mark Geragos Should Have Put Peterson on the Witness Stand


The Governor: Dems call for Gov to persuade Bush to give back California's "fair share" of federal taxes, to allow state to erase deficit without huge cuts or tax hikes + Gov. to unmask his staff + Gov.'s health care reform plan for the poor is ready Click. + Gov. sued by California 's largest nursing union as it moved to uphold landmark hospital staffing ratios he recently blocked Click. + Dan Walters: Gov.'s mild advice snowballs into hot-button issue + Insider navigates Gov. into a swamp

State Wants Money Back from non profit Click.

CalPERS right about clean air standards

Hetch Hetchy's management found wanting. Audit spells out PUC's costly missteps in water and power system

California company recalls gas control valve recall due to fire hazard

Loretta Lynch's legacy

Value words, a linguist advises Democrats

Legislature: Reservist Umberg who won Assembly seat returns home from military service Click.

Indian tribes: Gov. won't OK casinos in East Bay, letter says

LOCAL NEWS:  Crabbers want a law

Bay Area: Household water use projected to level off. Any rise in demand on Hetch Hetchy tied to businesses

Sacramento & north: New law may slam door on city hood + Del Paso trustees OK merger with Grant + Feds sign off on widening of Tower Bridge sidewalks + Judge's order halts Teichert mining project near Lincoln

San Francisco, San Mateo: Giants seek tax break on 4-year-old stadium + Menlo Park considers relocating auto dealers + Burlingame entrepreneurs bank on thrill of racing + Burnout, office swaps

Alameda: Oakland city clerk resigns + Oakland: Sheriff's deputy drowns on vacation + Island poet John Isles wins NEA prize + San Leandro to restore 1800s streetlamps + Tong back at Newark City Hall + Fremont: Commuter train collides with truck + Council changes ante for card rooms

Santa Clara: Valley transit fares to rise again + Helping was crash victim's nature + Residents in new development get their grassy patch of open space + Milpitas city manager resigns post at meeting

Contra Costa: Lafayette couple die in avalanche. Parents of 2 sons on skiing vacation in western Austria + Martinez: Community services chief quits under fire

Marin: Battle brewing over school tax + Two victims of fatal crash in Novato identified as Santa Rosa residents

Sonoma: Bush, general salute wounded Boonville soldier + Night out in SF ends in fatal crash

Napa: Consolidation continued in wine industry in 2004 + St. Helena to redo part of flood plan

Solano: Benicia makeover opportunity begins within + Skateboarders, BMX fans, dogs will share park + Downtown Vallejo stages holiday event + Federal grant supports food, shelter programs

Monterey: Emergency funds drop

Central Valley: Bakersfield: Dean Gardner faces more charge Click. + Farmers have until year's end to turn in plans to clean the air Click. + Turlock supercenter ban upheld + Stanislaus: Want a shot? Flu vaccines are available + County OKs fire district oversight + Oakdale approves 'big-box' standards + Oakdale district shutters pipeline + Red-light cameras not yet functioning + Farmers win endangered-species water fight

Central Coast: Service honors homeless victims + Mother of slain Pajaro Marine heads to Middle East on peace mission + Families join neighborhood posada march + Grant aids family services

Southern California: On child killed, one injured in Huntington Park apartment fire + Rivals Fire at Hahn's Record Click. + San Bernardino: 'Rising Star' steps down Click. + D.A.'s office probing campaign donations Click. + Paso Robles: Quake-hit city on the rebound, booming again + Hahn, rivals spar over environmental issues

School days: College chief picked for U.N. job + Need a hand on SAT? Just call + Planting seeds for scholarships + Merced board OKs concept of UC campus community +Kids Get With The Program at Creative Arts Camp + Napa school district seeking oversight members + CSU Monterey Bay losing leader + SCC satellites likely to offer degree classes + Philadelphia Schools Experiment Seen as Leader

Vaccine 'may stop heart disease'

News about side effects puts doctors in a pickle. What do they tell their worried, confused patients?

Stem-Cell Method May Cheat Death

Study Resolves Doubt About Origin Of Earth's Oldest Rocks, Possibility Of Finding Traces Of Ancient Life

New Warning For Strattera

First Blood Test To Diagnose Paralyzing, Blinding Disease

Injectable Gel Could Speed Repair Of Torn Cartilage

Researchers Present Saturn Lightning Findings

Cell's Tiny Power Source Critical For Synapse Function

Chemicals Found In Cherries May Help Fight Diabetes

The Real World: Recognizing Mental Illness in Young Adults

Sense and Sensitivity: Understanding Food Allergies in Kids

More Than Seizures: Helping Children with Epilepsy Learn

Symphony Of Colours In The Tarantula

Researchers Discover New Gene In Colon Cancer: A Naturally Occurring COX-2 Inhibitor

Moth Joins Battle To Cut Mimosa Down To Size

Another Step Towards Understanding The Causes Of Narcolepsy

Research In Yeast Yields Missing Link In DNA Maintenance Machinery

Old T Cells Cripple Immune Function In The Elderly

High-flying Observatory Reveals Land Changing To Desert

Blocking Molecules Protects Health Of Implants

Research Explores Addiction As Computational Process

Manipulating Our Memories Of Food Can Influence What We Choose To Eat, UCI Study Suggests

Latest Census Finds More American Pika Populations Disappear As Climate Warms

Jefferson Scientists Find Way To See Breast Cancer Activity From Outside The Body

Strokes: Dental X-rays Reveal More Than Cavities

Anger, Negative Emotions May Trigger Stroke

Big day 'can't slow cancer death'

Talent 'changes way brain works'

Huge rocket makes maiden flight

A new satellite is monitoring Earth's thin blue shield

DIET: Cancer Research Group Offers Free Weekly Recipes by E-Mail to Promote Better Health

Speech Takes on Search Engines

Santy worm makes unwelcome visit + Google recovers after virus hits + Toxic web links

Brussels blow to Microsoft upheld + Europe to Get Retooled Windows

The Future's Bright For Diamond Dust

Ultrawideband Spec Battle Takes Shape

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century

Chinese Software Maker Watchdata Plans IPO Worth Up to $100 Million


Iraq blast dims Bush's hopes

Bush Social Security plan worries GOP

U.S. Cutting Food Aid Aimed at Self-Sufficiency

Water rights decision sends powerful message

Imported drugs' safety questioned. Contents of reports may indicate Bush won't hurry on issue

Bush, NAACP leader meet to discuss strained relations

GOP corporate donors cash in on smut

Big cities get big boost in anti-terror grants. New threat criteria force cuts in funds for smaller towns

Regulators take aim at mattress fires

U.S. forest plan would lessen restraints

Bush's tax overhaul may be incremental

Even Republicans Doubt Bush's Social Security Plan

Don't Count on Immediate Tax Overhaul

Science, Commerce Mingle at NIH + Public Pays for Expert's Advice, and So Do Firms Research Stalls as Experts Work for Rival

Congress: Fewer U.S. Lawmakers Visit Iraq, and Those Who Do Find Dangers Increasing

Democrats: Democrats Claim Win in Washington Gov.'s Race

Vote fraud: Democrats: Gregoire wins by 8 votes + Recount dispute goes to high court + Click. Rick Perlstein: The case of the Ohio recount + Election Observers Rule Out Computer Tampering + Election fraud discovered


Rumsfeld's spying ambitions

Now They're After Rummy: Justin Raimondo

Fallujah: Little Stalingrad: William S. Lind

'Peaceful' Regime Change in Iran?: Jim Lobe

Shock, Awe, and the Human Body: William Pfaff

A Catastrophic Success

Morford: Is For Republicans

US crisis in Iraq sparks Republican attacks on Rumsfeld

Post-9/11 memo argued for unlimited presidential war-making powers

Molly Ivins: Iraq reality check

Huffington: Will the GOP nuke the Constitution?

Down and Out in Discount America

Throw Down Your Cross

Déjà vu for the delusion of medals

What Social Security 'crisis'? 

Bush monkey portrait causes a stir in New York + Banned artwork of Bush suddenly gets bigger audience

School Yuletide Observances Shift into Neutral Click.

Teen sues after school banned Confederate flag prom dress

Playwright goes into hiding and blocks plan to perform work


Drug firms are on the defense as Michael Moore plans to dissect their industry Click.

Mysterious cleansings keep Mars rover humming

Stardom: SANTY Arrived Early

Pravda.Ru's portrayal of the "Kursk" tragedy serves a basis for a film

Blood for pork....

Click.  Halliburton Names KBR Four Killed in Mosul

American firm pulls out of Iraq

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Parties backing state's marriage law have little in common + Straight family-man Herrera an improbable gay rights defender + Court won't block California's domestic partners law + Most gay couples decline city refund re: marriage license + Dates in California history important to same-sex marriage debate + Onward Christian ex-gays

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Schram: Press fails to press Bush

Failure of the Washington Press Corps

Click. Publisher seeks trademark status for Examiner

On Second Thought, Maybe 'The Tennessean' Would Distribute Bibles

Proposed AP Ethics Policy Draws Some Guild Concerns

A Minnesota Town's Multitasking Newspaperman: Editor, Publisher, and Mayor

Top Papers Editorialize on Mosul, Realism, and Iraqi Elections

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan


Island poet John Isles wins NEA prize

Unique Ancient Portrait

Find tied to Jesus' first miracle

Roman Face Cream Reproduced

The Boy from Rotterdam

Nancy Franklin on the biology of Beatles listeners

Dave Eggers on Monty Python

The Leonard Bernstein Collection

St. Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen

Da food ain't fit ta eat in dis joint, Martha sez on website

Rush & Molloy

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 21, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Military: Americans among 20 dead in Mosul attack + Radical Muslim group Ansar al-Sunnah claims responsibility + Coincides with Blair's surprise visit to Baghdad + Attack in Mosul Follows Sunday Bombings That Killed Over 60 + 'I Can't Hear, I Can't Hear,' Soldier Cried After Noon Attack on U.S. Chow Hall in Mosul + 2 French Hostages Released in Baghdad + Blair Backs Iraqi Election, Rallies UK Troops + Battle-damaged Fallujah awaits the return of evacuees + Annan Says UN Had a `Horrible Year,' Iraq Violence Threatens January Vote + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports + Iraq holds lottery for ballot order. But officials worry of surging violence

War prisons: ACLU: FBI ruse used in Guantanamo abuse + SEAL acquitted of abuse charges + FBI agents saw detainees abused by U.S. military. Federal memos on Guantanamo, Iraq released by ACLU + FBI: Military Wrapped Detainees in Israeli Flags

MIDDLE EAST: Arafat Cabinet chief says he knows when leader was poisoned

Settlers endorse call for civil disobedience. Evictions by Israel in Gaza, West Bank

RUSSIA: Putin Makes Abrupt Reversal on Ukraine + Chinese could take role in exploiting Yukos main asset: Putin+ U.S. Protests Sale of YUKOS Unit + Putin's corruption

UKRAINE: US Programs Tread Thin Line in Ukraine


Security Drill at Weapons Plant Raises Safety Questions

CIA loses bid to keep record secret

Surveillance is daunting in Internet's dark alleys

Report: foreigners defeat border security with stolen passports

Appeals court reinstates terror indictments

Study spells out high toll on city in LNG attack

Schools Forward Private Information to Military Recruiters

Northrop Grumman to Provide Biometric Technology to UK

Activists, Human Rights Leaders Suspicious in Murder of U.S. Union Leader in El Salvador


U.S. government returns smuggled parrots to Mexico

Child porn suspect suicide tally hits 32


Cutter Boutwell returning to port with drug haul from off Guatemala

State sues securities company

State won't appeal ruling allowing brokers to publish real estate on web without license

Sacramento & north: Sacramento officers cleared of abuse + Woodson, Anderson arrested in incident + Capital getting a new college + Senior citizen woodworkers hammered by theft of tools + Finalists picked for lieutenants' jobs + Shooting by SWAT team investigated + Tenet agrees to $395 million settlement with Redding patients

San Francisco, San Mateo: Reward set in '03 jewel heist + $50,000 reward in huge jewel heist + Consultant charged with fraud felony + Amphlett ahead in war on gangs

Alameda: Oakland police slow to reform, study says + Police link Highway 13 fatality to alcohol + Fremont family's gift: an eviction notice + Fremont finalists now a fab four + Police investigate two in carjacking + Housing co-op, neighbors wait for suit's result + Testimony ends in suit against co-op + Teen recounts strip search done in parking lot + Pleasanton: Robbery suspect escapes + Testimony finished in student co-op trial + Internal investigations by Police Dept. ignore evidence, report says + Taming an `Animal House'

Santa Clara: Driver shot while fumbling with revolver + Parents file suit in teen's death

Contra Costa: Pattersons sue maker of RU-486 + Sheriff's deputies seek man in Bay Point stabbing death + County works on pension crisis

Marin: Novato man sues Nortel over pay + Disabled activist, attorney ordered to justify lawsuits

Sonoma: Sebastopol plan for police car idled + Mobile home park rent freeze approved

Solano: Mother of convicted killer gets more time to pay restitution

Monterey: Ex-DOJ staffer pleads not guilty to practicing law without license + Lawyer pleads not guilty + Second arrest made in slaying

Central Valley: Blood donors told to watch for ID theft + Red-light cameras still not snapping + Fine for leaving keys in car is rejected + Deputies working to identify 2 bodies

Central Coast: Capitola teen makes splash in surf world + Soquel Creek Water District customers face rate hike

Central Coast: Judge’s ruling allows FLOW to be heard in water rate case

Southern California: Prosecutors open inquiry into campaign money funneled to LA mayor + Judge clears way for start of Jackson trial by rejecting motion for delay + Details of marriage central in Blake trial + Prosecutors open inquiry into campaign money funneled to LA mayor + Judge clears way for start of Jackson trial by rejecting motion for delay + Jurors hear opening statements in Robert Blake murder trial + Buyer of missing Arizona couple's yacht allegedly linked to drug sales + Former Carson mayor sentenced for taking contract bribes + 7 Arrested in Hog and Dog Competitions + D.A. Opens Inquiry on Donations + Judge Affirms Park Eviction + Card Stores Settle Credit Card Receipt Case + Man Wanted in Murder Killed in Shootout + Judge Quashes Big Award in Girl's Death + Gangbusting agency

Scott Peterson: Web site by Peterson's lawyer seeks 'real killer' + Laci's image belied peril, a syndrome all too typical + Geragos Web site says money needed to find real killer


The Governor:  Gov. seeks funds for lab's laser project + Gov. backs off on lunch rules + Plan for emergency order dropped after high volume of calls expressing concern + Gov. offers bold promise on electricity

Audit emphasizes why Shelley needs to go

Garamendi's Executive Life deal still a political headache

Democratic adviser Garry South called turncoat

Indian tribes: Tribes turn to charter schools for help + Casino garage nearly ready; liquor license pending

LOCAL NEWS:  Tentative deal heads off a grocery strike vote

Is a bridge game afoot?

Hidden Fault May Contribute To Bay Area Earthquake Risks

San Francisco, San Mateo: Barbara Brown's soup kitchen started out of a car 2 decades ago + City attorney wants PG&E to pay penalties for outage + Newsom wants Prop. 63 funds spent mostly on chronically homeless + Daly joins protesters at mayor's office + Health officials issue alert about rare sexually transmitted disease +City: Punish PG&E + Yee to run for state Senate + Parks closures on way + San Carlos bails on South County Fire + Nevin's term ends as new doors open+ Consultant charged with fraud felony + Amphlett ahead in war on gangs

Alameda: Panel slams rezoning for personal heliport + Hayward gets a taste of Hollywood + Famed Bay Area contractor Lathrop dies + Berkeley skating rink may face closure + Alameda poet John Isles wins coveted NEA award + Hospitals, SEIU Local 250 to establish training fund + Check out holiday lights in the Tri-City area + Taxi drivers' protest delays vote on limo services + Construction on Livermore to S.F. pipeline nears its end + Berkeley to close offices again to save money op trial + Internal investigations by Police Dept. ignore evidence, report says + Taming an `Animal House'

Santa Clara: S.J. ranks No. 7 for expensive rents + Bringing back a lost language Chochenyo + East P.A. weighs drafting policy for liquor sales + Low-cost bonds to boost housing + Valley's entrepreneurs must be out in garage

Contra Costa: Contra Costa Community services chief quits under fire + Pardee will wait to circulate project petitions + County works on pension burden

Marin: Grant to help protect native plants + Liberatore at Large


Sonoma: Sebastopol plan for police car idled + Mobile home park rent freeze approved

Solano: Giuliani's goodbye

Monterey: Otter mural can be painted over

Central Valley: Crash kills life of party at 16 + Fallen Modesto Marine hero of Fallujah battle + City staff still sorts through fee mess in Patterson + The personal touch critical for some lawmakers' letters

Central Coast: Capitola teen makes splash in surf world + Soquel Creek Water District customers face rate hike

Southern California: San Diego officials to testify in SEC probe + Riverside fire officials determine cause of last year's Mountain Fire + Library Gets a Warm Welcome + Alarcon Proposes Contributions Limit + Gadfly's Messages Tout Moore for Mayor + Tower in Deadly Crash Was a Menace to Incoming Fullerton Flights, Pilots Say + GAO says feds near blunder on courthouse or else

School days: Santa Clara: Move to carve up East Side District + Skipping school not always path to techie riches + U.S. Slips in Attracting the World's Best Students + Group protests CSUH change + Personal cost of teaching in Bay Area + Ideological diversity in short supply on college campuses + Swamped By Depression, Feelings Of Guilt, Panic

Scientists Study Fish Oil Diet In Bid To Cut Heart Attack Risks

Reshaping medicine with gene tests

Naproxen is latest painkiller suspected of health risk

Acupuncture found to relieve arthritis in knee

Exercise Program Specially Fit to Needs of Mentally Ill People

Lake Tahoe Warmer, Study Finds

Drug makers revamping clinical-trial system

Cloned Gene From Sea Animal May Prove Key In Cancer Drug Development

50,000-year-old Plant May Warn Of The Death Of Tropical Ice Caps

Baby Songbirds And Human Infants Learn Sounds In Similar Ways

Nuclear-powered Mission To Neptune Could Answer Questions About Planetary Formation

McGill Researchers Identify New Way To Reduce Cholesterol Levels

A New Model For Child Survival In Africa

Researchers Report Early Success Using Saliva To Detect Oral Cancer

A New Vaccine Against Enteritidis Salmonella

New Tuberculosis Antibiotic May Shorten Treatment Time, Fight Drug-resistant Strains

Physicians May Need To Dig Deeper When Treating HIV-related Lymphomas

Dream Home: Malaria Parasite Renovates To Suit Its Tastes

3.6 Million Philippine Flood Victims Threatened By Outbreaks Of Diseases

What Should Celebrex And Bextra Patients Do?

Children's Hospital Boston Launches Major Genetic Study Of Autism

DNA May Hold Key To Information Processing And Data Storage

In Wake Of Lyme Disease Vaccine For People, Mice May Be Next In Line

Novel Cellular Pathway Increases Sensitivity Of Body's Immune Detective

Rapid Progress Reported In Emerging Field Of Molecular Electronics

Gravity May Lose Its Pull


U.S. Says 'Enemies of Freedom' Seek to Derail Iraq

W. House Expects Probe of Iraq, Guantanamo Abuses

Drug-Import Safety Costs, Risks Outweigh Savings, U.S. Task Force Reports

Bush Vows Intelligence Director Will Have Real Power

U.S. Seeking Talks with Iran - Iran Official

Bush faults Iraqi forces. He acknowledges mixed results from U.S. training

W rues Kerik demise, lets vetters off hook

Seniors can claim a $600 drug credit

FAA on air traffic controller hiring spree

Social Security reverses on marriages

Woman pleads guilty to threatening Bush

FDA: Options Open on Naproxen, Celebrex

Congress: 9/11 panel looks to revamp Congress. Offshoot group's lobbying campaign to begin next month

Democrats: Who can lead the Democrats?

Vote fraud: Gregoire: Let's accept recount + In the Ohio Recount, the True Villian Is Slipping Away


Bush-speak, a glittering world of fantasy

Bush's press conference remarks have very little to do with reality

Richard Cohen: Soc Sec 'crisis' is Bush's new WMD

The politics of the Christmas story

Remembering Rumsfeld's Rules

A Shameful Silence on Torture

Why Rummy Should Stay

Saddam Didn't Do It Alone

Bush Lied While Americans Died

Admitting the Truth


Why Men Are Attracted To Subordinate Women

Invisible bias

With Peterson Trial Over, One Question Remains: Why Murder Over Divorce?


Vintners Courted as Wine Sales Flourish

SBA has new view of 'small'

USGS Estimates Undiscovered Oil & Gas In Yukon Flats, East-Central Alaska

Purdue Engineers Define 15 Dimensions Of 'E-Work'


'Hot' times in the city: People get radioactive

Articles about AIDS drug trial prompt outrage in Africa. Fraud alleged in tests of medicine to treat pregnant women

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  S.F. gay marriages head to court. Judge will begin hearing arguments Wednesday on constitutionality of California's ban on same-sex unions + Those who filed suit

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

'Times-Dispatch' of Richmond, Va., Runs Early On-Scene Report on Mosul Attack

Washington Post to Buy Web Magazine Slate

Gallup: Online News Hasn't Beaten Old Media -- Yet

Columnist Jack Newfield is Dead at 66

Minneapolis Paper Refuses Gay Pride Ad, Draws Discrimination Complaint

Bible Society Wants to Distribute More New Testaments via Newspapers

Wellesley Women's Review shuts down

Sixth Harry Potter Book Due Out in July

TV Reporter Sentenced for Contempt Decides Not to Appeal

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Modern muralists act as renaissance painters

Who Should Tell History: The Tribes or the Museums?

Flamenco. Heart's desire of Japanese dancers

Labyrinthos - Labyrinth Resource Centre - Caerdroia

Henrik Ibsen - Playing With A Doll's House

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Trump tenants: Fired up

Rush & Molloy: Penn's 'Surprise' was just murder

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Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 20, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Bombs in Shiite cities kill 60, hurt 123 more. 3 election officials yanked from car, killed by rebels in Baghdad + US Warplanes Continue to Strike Fallujah + Iraq PM: Rebels want civil war + Two American soldiers killed in a traffic accident in Kuwait + New bombing rocks Shia holy city + Blasts hit Karbala, Najaf + US warplanes strike Falluja + Election drives attacks on Shia + Residents 'can return to Falluja' + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Security for aid workers - a missing link

War prisons: U.S. Panel Reverses Pentagon on 'Enemy Combatant'

MIDDLE EAST: Freeing 170 Palestinians -- an Israeli nod to Egypt. Gesture may reflect warmer relations -- some deride accord

Moussa: Mubarak's warning on attacking Iran reflects strategic vision

Mubarak: Palestinian State would be created by 2008

Egyptian pope goes into seclusion

UKRAINE: Ukraine rivals cross swords in TV debate

EUROPE: Germany gambles on amped-up push for renewable power

Spanish suffer lack of sleep as globalisation ends siesta

AFRICA: Sudan rebels reject Libyan proposal on Darfur, talks end Tuesday

US Gravely Concerned About Darfur

AMERICAS: Cuba Wraps Up Military Defense Exercises

Schulz: Bolivia Water War

Chilean court OKs Pinochet arrest, trial


New National Guard team prepares for the biggest attacks


Click. A tell-all book about U.N. peacekeeping stirs up controversy

Click. Technical Analysis of the UN Bugging Device

New Law to Spread the Use Of CIA's Analysis Approach

Outsourcing Detention

Osama's coiled for strike, says terror expert

Telltale technologies

Alleged Aide of Libyan Al-Qaida Operative Arrested in Pakistan

Yemeni Youths, Some Seeking Martyrdom, Head to Iraq to Join Insurgents

Blood for pork....

Firm accused of Iraqi fraud disputes federal suit. No U.S. money allegedly taken, lawyers argue


Water Investing Enters The Mainstream

Analysts Bet Pfizer's Celebrex Won't Be Withdrawn

Disney Settles Dispute With SEC

Shift to Foreign Stocks Sapping the Dollar

Diageo Wins Bid for Chalone

After Disney's Ovitz trial, ushering in a new era of humility in Hollywood Click. US housing rentals unaffordable to Poor

Outsource or perish


Automated Water Safety Sensor Units Detect Currently Unmonitored Biological Agents

Lung Cancer Linked to Gulf War Fires


Church abuse victims' tactics add to controversy

Tentative Unocal deal could alter behavior of multinationals

House of Cards for Black Law Students

Women Reach Out After Doing Time

DEA offers $5 million reward for Mexican drug kingpin

NASA hacker jailed for six months

Report: China to Start Holding Jury Trials

U.S. Agrees to Nazi 'Gold Train' Settlement

Many New or Expectant Mothers Die Violent Deaths

Reward offered in occultist murder case

Westar Trial Ends in Hung Jury for Former Chief Wittig and Vice President

Martha Stewart's Camp Cupcake holiday plans


California Sues Brokerage Firm for Fraud on Same Day SEC Announces Settlement Over Similar Allegations

Salespeople profit from 'horror' of probate + Seniors' assets an easy target

New Year's New Laws. Vote-by Fax, Marriage-by-Proxy Legal Click.

More needs to be done about disability pension fraud

After a death, a long wait for a death certificate

Sacramento & north: Grocery talks go down to wire + Smud looks to grow west + Conaway Ranch's sale is a surprise

San Francisco, San Mateo: Beardslee's execution date set

Alameda: Police link San Leandro fatality to alcohol + Man arrested on suspicion of mortgage fraud + Church told to hand over priest files + Fremont man robbed, stabbed + Fremont brawl leads to 7 arrests

Marin: Explosives found near trail above Mill Valley + Dynamite discovery troubles residents. TNT detonated after hiker finds military-style cache + Longtime Marin activist appointed to State Bar board

Solano: Over and out + Vallejo Police Calls

Monterey: Heroin use alleged against Monterey paramedics in wrongful death case + Girl who abandoned baby, released from custody + Wild boars excavating lawns + Three gifts born from tragedy + A pitch to help youth

Central Valley: Waterford man killed in bedroom + Dispute turns fatal, police say

Central Coast: Family time eases jail time

Southern California: San Diego: Immigrant smugglers recruiting gamblers + Opening statements expected in Robert Blake trial + Hearings focus on Michael Jackson's past, request for trial delay + San Diego man sues U.S. Forest Service employees under mafia law + San Diego: First Amendment does not protect taking police uniform off for profit LA hospital could lose federal funding over police stun gun use on mental patients + A Child Is at Heart of Blake Case+ DNA Query in O.C. Child Slaying+ Actor Josh Brolin arrested for domestic battery+ 5 Held in Heist of 198 Pounds of Cocaine + Robert Blake trial gets underway + Prosecutor: Blake Obsessed with Child, Hated Wife + Lawyer for Jackson Seeks Trial Delay, Says He Was 'sandbagged' by Prosecution

Scott Peterson: Archives offer details of murder of Scott Peterson's grandfather Seeing parallels in '96 execution + Lockyer has been notably subdued


The Governor:  State may get new militia + Credit card bill for California skyrockets + California National Guard members eye state pension + Gov.'s solar program would be costly + Gov. readies try at changing government

Shelley's screwups + Legislature can't ignore Shelley's bungling

Congress ducks immigrant licenses issue, but state can't

CALNET II bid design draws fire Johnstone will lead CalPERS compliance

Two New Commissioners Could Help to Energize California PUC

State Recycling On the Rise. Rates Leveling Off Across Nation as Program Participating Slows Click.

Stem cell panel: Geron leads in stem cell work + Bio-Babel blockages scientific dialogue

Legislature: California legislators want suicide law like Oregon's + Lawmakers contemplate "naval militia" + Lungren stakes his spot in limelight early

Indian tribes: Casino would deal blow to wildlife, groups say + Note to self: Steer wide of casinos

LOCAL NEWS:  Report: Getty trust sold land below appraised value + Getty Land Deal Raises Questions

Come See Our Hideous Slab + Skyway may not be best bridge fix

Sacramento & north: Grocery talks go down to wire + Smud looks to grow west + Conaway Ranch's sale is a surprise

San Francisco, San Mateo: Time mag: Gavin matters + City Team at work + S.F. Mint, Angel Island get $6 million for renovations + Airline caterers give union OK + Monday wash: Getty gets it

Alameda: When property lines run through the front door. The slowly shifting ground in the Berkeley hills area means the land that's yours today may be your neighbor's tomorrow + Final hearing nears for Cal residence + County to extend health aid for low-income kids + Newark City Council finalists face board + Helipad south of Livermore runs into opposition

Santa Clara: More cuts ahead for Palo Alto libraries + Hindu families find they can blend traditions + Birders flock to S.J. area count + + San Jose gambles on grand prix. Officials pick up tab for event, hope for downtown boom

Contra Costa: Concord politician brings toughness, soft touch to job + Ramp, plaza are just first steps for Martinez marina + Dublin: Woman pulls mother from house fire

Marin: More trash at Marin's only landfill + Permit for landfills must wind through many state agencies + Marin General Hospital bows to state complaint + Quentin plan session held

Sonoma: Plan for 56 homes in east SR moves ahead + Changing the guard; guarding the change + Petaluma outlet mall, fairgrounds swap proposed + Mobile home rent freeze possible

Napa: British firm to buy Napa wine company + Constellation gains new star, Mondavi + Effort could renew river's original course + Construction could affect 14 animal species + Salmon spawning on the upswing

Solano: From foster home to House of Joy + Former clinic CEO sentenced + First Street plan wins council OK

Monterey: Marsh building in limbo + Asthma project gets results + Cemetery coordinator + Grants benefit Harrison library

Central Valley: Pieces of past in Portugal personalize Nativity tradition + Two crashes on 99 claim three lives + Thick fog to linger for while + Windmill removal urged for birds + Let small wineries sell their products on the Internet

Central Coast: Community shows support for boy in need of canine

Southern California: Alarcon, Hahn in Opposite Lanes on Tollbooth Idea + Old Courthouse in Santa Ana May Get Its Crown Back + Treatment Sought for Muslim Leader + SEC Subpoenas San Diego Officials, Records. Probe Targets City's Finances, Pension Woes Click. + Hahn's payoff

School days: Vietnamese voice in San Jose school district + Error about reserve is bad news for Mt. Diablo district + San Jose schools mount truancy effort + UCD med school dean tender - and tough + Widespread deficiencies cited at College of Marin + At Oakland School District meeting, sad lessons in failure + Demanding Students Test Their Teacher's Dreams + Space Crunch for Charter Schools Click. + Sonoma schools seek new or higher parcel tax + Alameda County education chief's salary hike questioned + Diversity among teachers is target of Project Quest + Jackson's Lawyers Seek Six-Week Delay + Schools falter, reap funds + New York City's 10% solution for the gifted

MILITARY The New Military Life: Heading Back to the War

War Games: Army's Hollywood Sim

Pentagon cost-cutting aimed at new gear


Underperforming schools -- new front in today's struggle for civil rights

Animal E.R.

'B.C. Bud' game highlights the perils of marijuana growing

European Study Highlights Persistent 3 Decade Increase In Childhood Cancer Incidence

Scientists Discover Recipe For Life: Eating The 'Polymeal' Cuts Heart Disease By 76%

Magnetic Bracelets Reduce The Pain Of Osteoarthritis, Study Finds

Companies Team Up for All-In-One HIV Pill

Kidney swaps keep patients alive with a series of trades

Shutdown Of Circulation Pattern Could Be Disastrous, Researchers Say

Global Bird Populations Face Dramatic Decline In Coming Decades, Study Predicts

NASA Set To Launch First Comet Impact Probe

Opening The Way For Nerve Regeneration Studies In Worms

NIH Halts Use Of COX-2 Inhibitor In Large Cancer Prevention Trial

NASA Selects Investigations For The Mars Science Laboratory

Oxidants Link Obesity To Diabetes

Innovative Metagenomics Strategy Used To Study Oral Microbes

Little Evidence To Link Mercury Fillings To Human Health Problems

Solving The Mechanism Of Rett Syndrome

Reducing Anti-rejection Meds After Transplant Shows Less Complications

Nanotubes Glow, Even Within Biological Cells

Early Learning Leaves Lasting Changes In Brain, Stanford Owl Study Shows

Scientists Discover Enzyme Crucial To The Transportation Of Proteins Within Cells

Herding With Hockey Sticks: Elk Trained To Stay Away From Tourists

Small Variations In Genes Can Determine Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer

Model Simulates Dynamics Of Heart Rhythm Disorders

NASA to Smack a Comet

MS damage repair mechanism found

Why some people become hoarders

Scientists 'switch off' arthritis

Pacemaker stops epilepsy deaths

Boys 'cured' with gene therapy

Monkey vocal ability investigated

Fee or free in fighting viruses?

What to consider when shopping for a new laptop

Road to hydrogen cars may not be so clean. Environmental peril in making, containing fuel

Researchers expose Google flaw. Security weakness discovered in new search tool

NASA Nanotechnology To Improve Microelectronics

Emory Chemists Reveal Challenge To Reaction Theory

Stardom: [Win]Amping OUT

Five Gadgets You Can't Buy In The U.S.


Bush Dismayed by Failures of Iraqi Troops and Police + Text of President's Press Conference + Bush: Iraq Bombers 'are Having an Effect' on Americans' Resolve + Bush Renews Call for Guest Worker Plan for Immigrants

Gonzales vetted over torture techniques

U.S. to audit states' Medicaid programs. Practice of shifting local costs to federal government targeted

Beltway battle sharpens over FDA and drug safety. White House defends agency, Kennedy seeks bipartisan reforms

Bush, Putin to meet in Slovakia in Feb.

Bushes' Vogue portrait reveals new nonchalance

FDA's Reliance On Unconfirmed Chiefs Is Faulted

Daily News Exclusive: Opening Kerik's E-mail

Bush Defends Rumsfeld As 'A Caring Fellow' + Dems Call Rumsfeld Leadership Flawed + Senate Leaders Reluctant to Replace Rumsfeld + Rumsfeld Nailed to Using Autopen to Sign Sympathy Letters

Congress: Report: Congresswoman Maxine Water's family profited + Schumer shows Senate Democrats his way to re-election Click. + How a Congresswoman's Family Cashed In + More Aggressive Congress Could Hinder Bush's Plans

Vote fraud: Washington: GOP chief charges public misled + Ohio Recount Stirs Trouble + Nashua Advocate reports


Wildlife rulings ignore key science, critics say + Plan called threat to at-risk fish

Bush May Be Borrowing Trouble With Social Security Plan

Evelyn Pringle: Asian $$: Prince Neil Bush gets media protection Click.

David Morris: Fighting dirty Click.

Patrick O'Heffernan: Tort reform will handcuff lawyers for Natl Guard families Click.

Bob Herbert: War on the cheap Click.

The Forgotten Turkmen of Iraq

Kerik Mess Shows Why Bush Sticks to Inner Circle

Weapons-Grade Paranoia

In the Zone With GI Joe

Forward to a new Dark Age

White House Knew Kerik Was Dirty

Fisk: An Army Without Compassion

Fighting Dirty

Ill-Starred 'Star Wars' Tests

Social Security Time Bomb

R.E. Graswich: Beware: Honking for peace can be detrimental to your pocketbook

Activists demonstrate ahead of EU meet

Chinese police hold human rights activist

Columbia Professors Threaten Free Inquiry

US censors silenced me over the Gitmo gulag

Play axed after Sikh protests

O mother, where art thou?

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  In California, gay marriage goes back to the starting gate+ Deep in the Bible Belt, Oklahoma gays emerge from election dismayed but determined + Singapore won't allow all-gay public parties: report

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Multimedia savvy leads Campanella to KPFA

Google's ambitious book-scanning plan a key shift in paper-based culture

Randolph T. Holhut: Gary Webb: The lonesome death of a truthteller Click.

Don't Get Used to It: Today's Bush Press Conference a Rarity

'Boston Phoenix' Hit with Nearly $1 Million Libel Judgment

Soldier Says He Asked Rumsfeld Armor Question Without Aid of Embed

At Least a Dozen News Orgs to be Subpoenaed by Hatfill Lawyer

AP Photographer Captures Baghdad Killings

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Celebrating the solstice

Thousands seek solstice sun in Stone Age tomb in Ireland

Returning to Mexico

Oakland's historic homes all spruced up for holidays

SAN FRANCISCO Changes at the Castro Theaterupset many film buffs

Knowlton, who believed her father was Black Dahlia killer, dead at 67

D. H. Lawrence, Philip Larkin - Lady Chatterley, Philip Larkin

The Legend Of Anne Bonney and Mary Read

Smugglers Arrested Selling Ancient Jars Found by Greek Fisherman

Cargo cults

Davy Jones' Locker

Rosslyn Chapel

Making Modern Art Seem Ancient

Fire reveals moors' stone legacy

Santa Fe's artistic La Fonda

Hollywood coming to China

Devout thousands walk, even crawl, to honor saint Lazarus

New search for Earhart plane takes off in '05

Rush & Molloy: Times scribe has no room for Jenna Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: A nasty Wake Up call

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Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

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Word of the day

December 16, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Turkish Embassy Guards Are Killed by Mosul Assailants on Way to Baghdad + 'Foreigners' Killed in Attack in Iraq's Mosul + Four killed in Mosul attack + It's a Strange World + US marine, Iraqi guardsmen killed + Italian captive Santoro killed in Iraq + Family pleads for release of civilian hostage in Iraq + General: Insurgents Directed From Syria + Militants Kill Three Foreigners in Northern Iraqi City, Saboteurs Strike Oil Pipeline + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Hearing Set for Saddam's Defense Minister + Rights group: Iraq war tribunal flawed + Saddam sees lawyer for the first time

War prisons: Officials say CIA ran secret jail in Cuba + CIA has prison within a prison at Guantanamo Bay. Spy agency had been holding terror suspects in nations around the world

AFGHANISTAN: Afghans dig in, but losing ground to 7-year drought. 37 percent of population can't meet basic needs + The Winter Offensive

MIDDLE EAST: Donor nations may add billions to Palestinian aid. $8 billion package possible if conflict with Israel eases + Israeli Army Raid Into Gaza Kills 8 Palestinians

RUSSIA: Russia exposes the list of most wanted terrorists

UKRAINE: Ukrainian Premier Foresees New Crisis

EUROPE: 'Deal' struck in Turkey-EU talks

ASIA PACIFIC: China gets tough on corrupt officials. 750 rebuked -- auditing campaign to expand next year

N. Korea Could Test Long-Range Missile Any Time - U.S.


IA says tape likely bin Laden. He urges Muslims to stop Mideast oil from coming to U.S.

Prison memoir takes holy war into cyberspace. Perpetrator of Bali attacks urges online fraud by radicals

Horse gets good care with bin Laden on run. Terror mastermind used to enjoy riding white mare in Sudan

Cargo security plan starts to take shape

West African Oil Gives U.S. New Security Challenge

U.N. Says Bugging Device Found at Its Geneva HQ + U.N.: Spy device found in Geneva office + UN spy-bug shock+ Listening bug found in French Hall in Geneva UN + U.N. European HQ May Be Full of Bugs - Security Source

Scientist Says FSB Vindictive

FBI steps up AIPAC espionage probe

German translator freed in China spy trial

FBI initiated bogus entrapment operation against AIPAC

Espionage Charges Still Taint Army Engineer's Career

Reform bill misses the mark, intelligence veterans say

President Gets to Fill Ranks of New Intelligence Superstructure

New Director Might Prepare Bush's Daily Intelligence Brief

OSI looking for new recruits across the AF

It's Planes vs. Satellites in Debate on Spying

Security operation assailed

Foreign Intelligence Service to be Set up

Hungary ready to open up Communist-era files

Bin Laden tape put online + Quit or be toppled, bin Laden tells Saudi elite

INFORMATION WARFARE: The FBI Copes With Technology

Osama snubs Iraq thug

Bobby Inman opines

The School of the Americas Gets a Makeover

If you value your freedom, reject this sinister ID card


British high court tosses out law on indefinite detention. Holding foreign terror suspects without charges violates rights -- setback for Blair

Baby Girl Who Was Cut From Her Mother's Womb Is Found in Good Health

Iceland OKs asylum for Bobby Fischer

Lack of data on firearms, report finds. Ways to reduce gun violence impossible to prove, study says

Family of couple paralyzed by unapproved toxin shots sue doctor

Colorado Forestry Worker's Arson Sentence Thrown Out Because Judge Too Personally Involved

Guard at Md. Fire Site Charged With Arson

Change of ethics guidelines for federal judges criticized + Senator to Revisit Judicial Travel Ethics (AP)

U.S. won't charge deputy who shot black man to death


Public swamps Web site listing sex offenders' data + Millions hit sex crime Web site

DUI deaths in state nearing 5-year high

Sacramento & north: Polluter will pay $591,000 + Two girls reportedly threaten suicide + Suspects sought in burglary string + Click. Three men accused of beating a Galt man to death arraigned on murder charges in Shasta court.

San Francisco, San Mateo: Lori's restaurant chain hit by harassment suit / 4 women allege they were peeped at, groped and slurred + Police bring cheer

Alameda: Public defenders need time to find counsel for Livermore man who killed father + Oakland: Arrest in shooting of postal worker + Oakland: Bank robbery suspect charged with escape + Riders case: Prosecution's witness says he was pressured into misconduct + Hayward cop resigns after pleading no-contest to felony + Whistle-blower faces 'Riders' attorneys + Fremont: Foster parents enter pleas + Gray's gun charge dropped + Armed carjackers target cars with chrome wheels + Valley man faces tax evasion charge

Santa Clara: Suspect finally arrested in Los Gatos slaying + Man arrested for killing Jeanine Harms + Rug played key role in arrest + Prosecution without body rare + Teacher held on porn charge + Longtime suspect charged with killing Jeanine Harms + Teacher is arrested in child porn probe

Contra Costa: Contra Costa jury recommends death for quintuple murderer + Richmond: Not guilty plea in death of toddler + Man pleads not guilty in toddler death

Marin: Rapist Ghilloti could be free soon

Sonoma: Teens with fake guns arrested in Sonoma + Judge to allow new autopsy in jet ski death

Solano: Second autopsy in Jet Ski murder case + Teen arrested in shooting may be linked to series of crimes + Office, retail building planned for AmCan + Man stabbed in possible domestic dispute

Monterey: Salinas man shot in head in Las Lomas: Sheriff’s deputies say shooting is gang-related; gunmen remain at large + Click. Farmworker who abandoned baby in toilet held for immigration + Road rage case will be retried + Third suspect in slaying named + Man shot in head in Las Lomas

Central Valley: Duran in court before trial judge + Keyes girls report flasher

Central Coast: Santa Maria: Marine arrested for sex with minor + Teacher faces child molest charges + Man, 58, Will Be Tried in San Luis Obispo 1985 Rape, Slaying

Southern California: Hate crimes drop in L.A., but get more vicious + FlyAway terminal to open + Hahn gets blessings from unions + Neighborhood discrimination re: subway thru Westside + Gunman kills self hours after opening fire at Crystal Cathedral + Cuban dancers go from immigration asylum interview to Disneyland + Orange County men sentenced to six years in racing death + LA judge rejects motion for new trial in Botox case + A Deal Is a Deal? Tell It to the D.A. + Worker Settles Suit vs. Riverside Sheriff for $77,000

Scott Peterson: Peterson 'very cheerful', gets lots of mail + Jury holdout comfortable with sentence + Peterson upbeat despite sentence + Will Stanislaus pay? + Peterson case is gone, but county is left with big tab


The Governor: PUC seats, Cal-EPA post filled +Gov. picks new EPA chief, PUC commissioners +Gov. dismays Blue Star Mothers + Gov. taps Air Board chair to head Cal-EPA + Consumer advocates leave PUC, Gov. picks Poizner, Grueneich + Tentative deal for psychiatric aides

Shelley mismanaged cash + Auditor charges Shelley with 'poor management' of money + Audit blasts Shelley + Dan Walters: Auditor confirms Shelley's money miscues, but will Legislature act? + Management practices could force state to return money approved by Congress + Text of State Auditor's Report

Consumer advocates step down from PUC + PUC favors free-market approach

CalPERS and the corporate governance wars

Health premiums rise again + At $834 a month, insurance in state now above average

Group seeks status review on 198 California endangered species

Workers comp: Doctor, attorneys find widespread denial of care for workers

A look at cancer and ethnicity in California

State's housing bubble is bound to burst

Governor takes wrong approach to state's nursing staffing levels

Stem cells: Stem cell meeting agenda cut short over violation of secret meeting laws + Controversy embroils stem cell panel + Stem cell panel scrubs its agenda + Stem Cell Agency Cuts Its Inaugural Agenda + The Stem Cell Chair to the Highest Bidder?

Indian tribes: Oakland casino plan draws neighbors' ire

LOCAL NEWS:   Ban sought to protect condors from poisoning

Bay Area crab war reaching boil

Emperor Norton? You've got to be joking

‘Spanglish’ can’t overcome language barrier

Click. Caltrans chief asks leaders to back Bay Bridge skyway despite millions already spent

Sacramento & north: Groups decry rehiring deputy + Area's map for the future + R.E. Graswich: Emergency repairs to levee leave $600,000 hole in project's budget + Foodlink still doing its part in the war against hunger + Ex-W. Sac mayor is appointed to council + County's retirement system needs another $45 million + Yuba floodplain needs revision + Probe continues in Cal gridder's arrest

San Francisco, San Mateo: Hotel workers union rejects latest proposal. Employers move on health care costs + San Mateo County: Murderer scheduled to die Jan. 19. Federal appeals court grants one last hearing + Bid for handgun ban faces hurdles. S.F. measure's legal, practical obstacles + Cutting OT pay could save millions, controller explains + Gun ban irks some + Daly City manager announces departure + Friday fishwrap: Nice Neil Young

Alameda: Union City approves Flight 93 memorial + Perata has paid son $721,000 since 1999 + Oakland: 'Ugliest' store a nuisance no more + County crackdown on DUI starts today + County to expand health insurance to children + Oakland council aims at own with rule fix + Damaged dock halts Alameda-S.F. ferry + Millions go to Tri-City parks

Santa Clara: S.J. councilman Gregory could lose duties + Fault zone found near Campbell, S.J.

Contra Costa: Las Lomas students raise funds for victims of pipeline explosion + Walnut Creek asks arts lovers to redouble fund-raising efforts + Region scores low in housing report + A holiday labor of love in El Cerrito

Marin: Housing market in Marin goes wild + Mount Tam quake fear + Marin unfazed by idea of Mt. Tam fault + Milk truck flips near Big Rock + Top official gets 10% pay bonus + County rates C-minus on regional housing report card

Sonoma: Sonoma Valley resort plan dead + Owners hope to save French Laundry + Firefighters use grant to upgrade equipment + Plaza to be transformed + Historic building's renovation set to begin + Sweed building to be reborn

Napa: Controversial pick for planning commission + Napa council field largest since 1999 + Residents say winery is too much for Partrick's sylvan setting + You wouldn't know it's a budget crisis + 12 candidates file for 3 open council seats

Solano: Kaiser is planning Vacaville hospital + Water fight not over, group vows + Minor delay for restoration of Children's Wonderland + Office, retail building planned for AmCan

Monterey: Development center opens + Butterfly Sanctuary to close + Seaside misses out on state library funds

Central Valley: DreamLife goes belly up + Wal-Mart opponents find hope in Bakersfield + Stanislaus median home price tops $300K, up 28.5% in year + Vehicle fees go up $2 in April + Building fees set to go up in 2005 + Bacterial ailment fatal in foothills + Barbara Bush is scheduled to speak at Stan State forum + Carnegie will add elevator + 74-year-old dies in fire near Sonora + PG&E, Tri-Dam OK deal + Parkfield quake data doesn't improve ability to predict temblors

Central Coast: Pole-dance show in S.C. covered up: Business owner bows to pressure + Nature nurtures neighborhoods: Wetlands trail system links homes, town + Nature nurtures neighborhoods: Sloughs’ birds need help from cat owners + Pitching-machine pioneer Ponza dies: Inventions put Glenwood native in Baseball Hall of Fame + Planning panel ponders hotel renovation + State mediator ‘not optimistic’ after SCCS talks

Southern California: Strong Santa Anas bring dust storms, overturned trucks, fires + Weak Dollar Has a Silver Lining for L.A. Tourism + Labor Group Backs Hahn + Frye's Unofficial Margin Widens + Bill Targets Loss of Hotels + Ludlow Proposes City Anti-Gang Agency + Riding the crest of a wave

School days: LA District overlooking bond oversight committee + Anti-hate vigil lights up Tam High + Oakland: Theme campuses for needy pupils to be phased out. State administrator takes new approach to an old problem + Island schools, developer settle for $1.2 million + Ohlone may put land up for sale + + T-shirts, pins increase tension at New Haven + S.C. schools look for new benefits options Board votes to leave Joint Powers Authority + Benicia schools seeing trouble on the horizon + Pacific Grove man to head business office of Monterey schools

Pfizer Finds Celebrex Heart Attack Risk

Stem cell researcher makes paralyzed rats walk

Shrinking glaciers evidence of global warming. Differences seen by looking at photos from 100 years ago

Giant Atmospheric Brown Cloud Has Intercontinental Reach

Oceanographers Combine Numerical Models To Improve Hurricane Research

Free Radicals And Fertilization: Study Reveals Egg Protection Secret

Salt-water Minnow Research Helps Explain Human Cardiology

Study Identifies Key Aspect Of Immune Response Against HIV

Peptide Vaccine Can Produce Complete Remission In Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Study Shows Haploidentical Natural Killer Cells May Provide Hope For Some Patients With AML

Cell Marker Identifies Patients Who Are More Likely To Respond To Taxol

Research Studies Drug To Treat Brain Metastases

The Platonic Form Of Stalactites

New Marrow Transplant Method Developed At Stanford May Eliminate Fatal Side Effects

Accumulated Lead Exposure May Be An Important Risk Factor For Cataracts

More Than Half Of Relapsed CLL Patients Respond To Two Biologics With Chemotherapy

Protein 'Key' Could Aid Search For Cancer Drugs

Caution On Osteonecrosis With Bisphosphonates

Researchers Set New Standard Of Care For Adult Cord Blood Transplant Patients

Farnesyl Transferase Inhibitor Can Help Patients At High-risk For Developing AML

Mutant Gene Linked To Treatment-Resistant Depression

New Worldwide Coral Reef Library Created

Drinking Without Food May Set You Up For High Blood Pressure

MS plugs weak XP firewall

ESA Astronaut Goes Underwater To Test European Robotic Arm

Chemical Process Developed To Use Cotton Gin Residue

Bionic Dolphin Fulfills Lifelong Dream


Bush Signs Sweeping Intelligence Overhaul + Text of bill

Bush Lowers Job-Growth Forecast, Predicts Steady Economy

Social Security 'Crisis Is Now,' Bush Says in Pitch for Overhaul

W. House Gives Rumsfeld New Vote of Confidence

Cabinet has low profile: 'It's clearly a steady- as-you-go team'

Bush ready for fights on Social Security, tax code, tort law

Arms reductions, troop increase eyed

L.A.'s top cop uninterested in Cabinet post

Kerik omitted background for NYC job

Gadhafi takes some credit for Bush's win

Bill expands war criminals hunting powers

IRS revises standards for tax attorneys

Bush orders better ocean oversight + White House ocean policy + U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy

Bush considers domestic spending freeze

Newsview: U.S. takes cool stance on Annan

Earth-hostile chemical methyl bromide gets White House OK

Bush prepares for possible GPS shutdown

U.S. slaps sanctions against Bosnian-Serbs

DuPont, EPA spar over chemical in Teflon

Many workers call FDA inadequate at monitoring drugs. One-fifth of agency's scientists feel pressured to OK new medicines

Orcas May Make Protected List

S. Africa Attacks U.S. Over AIDS Drug

Departing NASA Boss Says He Does Not Regret Canceling Shuttle Flight to Hubble or Anything Else

Powell Says He Told ElBaradei Last Summer He Should Leave Nuclear Post

Congress: Intel-overhaul foe Jim Sensenbrenne not afraid to hold out+ A brief biography

Democrats: Ex-Denver mayor Wellington Webb announces run for DNC + It's time to pass torch, younger Dems say + D.L.C.: Democrats Love Corporations? + Possible Democratic Chair Candidate Wants to End Iowa, New Hampshire Dominance of Calendar

Vote fraud: Washington court considers fate of newly discovered ballots in governor's race


Israel's Fifth Column: Justin Raimondo

Are They Serious About Syria?

Bonkers Bolton Hastens Iran Showdown

Ivins: The Reality-Based Environment

House of Saud shows its colors

The US's failure inFallujah

Oppose Bush's Social Security Plan? Get in Line

Daniel Schorr: A new round in poisonous game

Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble. Part 3: 9-11 served a multitude of purposes. The Idiot's Guide to Securing Social Security

MILITARY Military Says Missile Defense System Won't Be Activated Until Early 2005

National Guard needs more recruits, funds. Fewer signing up as more reservists fill ranks in battle

Army Corps moves on Mississippi locks

Weary Guard Seeks to Rebuild

Black Watch to go but name will linger on + Scotland furious over loss

Battle of the Bulge 60th anniversary

ATTRITION: Lowering Standards to Maintain Strength

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Mexican Special Forces and the Drug War

Smaller Is Better on Battlefield


Family's Journey to Fill In the Blanks

Stardom: Shocking DANGERS Between Foods and Medicines

Google and God's Mind


Silicon Valley loses fight on stock options. Companies must deduct perk's value when figuring profit

Fannie Mae chiefs could lose jobs

IRS revises ethical standards + IRS revises standards for tax attorneys


Pentagon wants anthrax vaccine authorized

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Many flu vaccines could go to waste + Flu Shot Eligibility May Be Expanded + People with the flu are contagious for 24 hours before they have symptoms

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  ‘Gay Day’ High School Event bars pro-Family Parents + Gay Episcopal Bishop Offers Concession + ACTION! ALERT No gay tees for teens + School's Diversity Day will go on despite opposition

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Why we need federal shield law

Visci named publisher of San Luis Obispo newspaper

What Now for Right-Wing Hacks?

Frank Vega to Leave Detroit JOA for 'S.F. Chronicle'

Cops Threaten Reporter with Subpoena, This Time in Easton, Pa.

Proposed Ohio Law Would Mandate Public-Records Training

U.S. Designates Al-Manar TV as 'Terrorist'

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Nostalgia collector sells stuff your mother once threw away

Peruvian photo show at Singer Gallery

Behind the Masks, Portraits of Southern Gothic

Donation Is a MOCA Milestone

Thousands welcome return of Sikhdom's holy pot from Britain

Anne Franks' first house in Amsterdam becomes haven for refugee writers

Spock's Futuristic Gesture Grew From Ancient Roots

Cleopatra - Brilliant Scientist, Not Seductress?

Submerged archeological sites in Iran

Merry-go-round for art lovers

Pedaling hope

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Sex, lies & videotape

Rush & Molloy: Parker to Billy: To see baby, Claire out!

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 15, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US Eyes Suspected Insurgents in Syria + Iraq bombings show futility of security efforts + Bomb at Shiite Shrine Kills 7 in Karbala + Iraqi Shi'ites Bombed, Bush Warns on Meddling + Fighters target police stations in Mosul + Threats to convoys mean more airlifts. U.S. ramps up aerial transport of supplies to stave off ambushes + Iraq Insurgents Growing 'More Effective'-US General + Saddam's cousin: No link to fighters + Al-Sadr wants US withdrawal guarantee + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Despite widespread violence, scores of candidates running + Judicial hearings set for Hussein's comrades. Proceedings come only 6 weeks before national elections + Iraqi Campaign Raises Question of Iran's Sway + 'Chemical Ali' to Lead Off War Crimes Trials in Iraq

War prisons: Files reveal new abuses of Iraqi prisoners. 10 incidents resulted in courts-martial of 11 Marines so far + Detainee Abuse by Marines Is Detailed + PENTAGON: 130 TROOPS PUNISHED FOR ABUSE

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. caught in Kabul

MIDDLE EAST: Abbas calls for end to armed resistance. Palestinian election favorite says attacks delay peace hopes

RUSSIA: USA to help Japan take Kuril Islands away from Russia

UKRAINE: Yushchenko's Dioxin Poison Level More Than 6,000 Times Higher Than Normal

EUROPE: Hijackers of Greek bus free some passengers, threaten to blow up vehicle

Blunkett resigns

AFRICA: Democracy, Islam share a home in Mali

AMERICAS: Central America seeks to open borders between nations

Brazil corruption charges urged


U.S. interceptor missile fails in test launch

ANALYSIS: The new top in redrawn U.S. intelligence

Israel's Mossad Looks to Leaner, Meaner Future

ElBaradei in US Crosshairs

The Contras and Cocaine

Did CIA Chief Porter Goss Protect CIA Drug Trafficking?

Mike Whitney: Corporate America, 'silent partners' in intelligence reform Click.

Odds even in 'info' war

German translator in China espionage scandal

Russia Caught 18 Foreign Spies in 2004 – FSB

Justice Urged to Open Satellite Leak Probe

Former FBI agent cites penetration of CIA by China

Russia stopped operations of 18 foreign intelligence officers in 2004

Court: Officer Spied for Estonia

Pauper Chase at the IRS

Private Indian guards ‘spying for Pakistan’

Reform from within

Buying Intelligence Blind

Unlikely thorn in government's side

KGB defector begins hunger strike

Shalom to Assad: Return Eli Cohen's remains

New Georgia Cabinet Nominated

Poison's role in politics: Ukraine isn't alone

Click. Former KGB Officer Protests British Betrayal

Former FBI agent cites Chinese penetration of CIA

AMPHIBIOUS OPERATIONS: China Builds Invasion Fleet


National Security Report: Canadian Security Net Full of Holes


American woman speaks out about Mexican imprisonment

Rehnquist receives support over cancer

U.S.: One-child abuses rampant in China

Judge Rejects Claim in Trademark Case Against Google

No Deal Near in Holocaust Survivors' Suit

Click. Ask Jeeves founder tells feds seized money is all legitimate

Click. Thousands who are dead or lack Social Security numbers are getting millions of dollars in benefits, audit finds

The Ku Klux Klan Versus the NYPD

In Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland, Kingpin Spammers Go to the Slammer

The mob's engineers


State's chief justice sees slow improvement in death penalty system

As nationwide meth fight grows, state funding share shrinks

State's chief justice praises long appeals process. 'We don't turn them out like Texas,' he says

Attorney convicted in credit card scam used to pay for law school

Sacramento & north: Gunman killed by UCD officer + Pair sentenced in slaying + Infections linked to nail salons + Stabbing victim is identified

San Francisco, San Mateo: Remaining count dropped against officer in Fajitagate scandal + Fajita-brawl charges against cop are dropped + Fourth bank robbery suspect found guilty + D.A. creating unit to fight child assaults

Alameda: Jury: Death for 'Sausage King' + 'Sausage king' gets death for killing 3 + Loss of Mounted Patrol a blow to city + Jury convicts Oakland man in 2003 San Jose bank holdup + Auto shootout kills man, 33, in Oakland + Another carjacking in Tri-City area + Police arrest suspect and victim in Union City stabbing + Livermore: Murder confession in triplicate + Man arrested in mortgage fraud + Fiberglass pole on the way for downtown + Security cameras filmed 'sausage king' shooting 3 inspectors + Berkeley: New sketch released of hit-and-run driver

Santa Clara: Suspect in S.J. killing was framed + Justice Dept. drops dog bite case + Details of brawl in S.J. still unclear + Police auditor on the move + Girl, 16, who told of kidnapping found + Officials identify homicide victim + S.J. hospital owner seeks expansion

Contra Costa: Prosecution describes Helzer murder spree + Prosecutor calls killer a 'psychopath,' religious extremist. Saw similar to that used in murders activated in court + St. Isadore Church theft

Sonoma: Sebastopol woman missing + Cause of Geysers wildfire withheld

Napa: Val's Liquor caught selling alcohol to minors + Cork company sues Mondavi Winery, says it broke contract

Solano: Grisly discovery stirs fear + Judge finds probable cause to try pair in shooting death

Monterey: CHP slowing down speeders + Second suspect found in slaying of teen + Man asks for lower bail, delay in retrial + County court sentences gang member Garcia + Three cited for alcohol sales to minors

Central Valley: Let this tragic spectacle finally come to an end + Competence hearing nears end + Man accused of killing officer ordered to trial + Trio recovering in burn units

Central Coast: Prosecutors ask to use old allegations against Michael Jackson

Southern California: Proposal discourages police from using flashlights as weapons + Judge closes apartment complex in South L.A. used by gangs + Veteran LAPD commander collapses during meeting + Man who led police on chase with son pleads no contest + Former Riverside County priest sued for alleged sexual abuse + Chief Bratton reorganizes LAPD leadership ranks + South L.A. Evictions OKd + Orange County coach Arrested Over Alleged Offers for Sex + 2 Held in Blake Case Burglary

Scott Peterson: Jurors swamped in media frenzy + Long appeal process stands between Peterson, execution + Legal superstar who could do no wrong stung by Peterson defeat + Geragos takes a hit with defeat + Geragos, despite loss, still likely to remain a hot legal commodity. Trial's publicity not bad for his career, law experts say + Redwood City relieved to see trailers, spectators leave town + Juror's inside tale + Death may turn into life

Will Scott Peterson Ultimately Be Executed? The Impact of Evidence Offered in the Penalty Phase, and Its Effect on Appeal


The Governor: Your lights will be on,' governor vows + Gov. signals removal of infamous power delivery bottleneck + Clash over new rules for lunch breaks + State's power grid bottleneck + Schrag: The Gov.'s next reforms: Deeper into paralysis +CalPERS panel targets pension fraud

Bill aims to boost oversight of First 5 children's programs + Legislator will try again to pass laws curbing steroid use + Bill would raise oversight of how money is spent on child programs + Better, fewer bills needed + Groups' goal: Health plan for all kids + Bill targets teens' supplement use + Reiner, Chan want tobacco tax reform + Mandatory Health Insurance Is Urged

Stem cell panel chair  set +Front-runner Klein will head enterprise + California's Stem Cell Gold Rush

Ghost Quality Education Commission

Indian tribes: Gov. asked to delay Rohnert Park casino by Sonoma officials

LOCAL NEWS: Anyone over age 49 can now get a flu shot

Another curve in bridge saga

Sacramento & north: SMUD proposes 6% rate increase + Quick work to clean debris + Letting an old flour mill bloom again + Lofty goals in Oak Park + The cost of access to Sutter + 10 finalists selected for W. Sac council + Davis: Project's environmental effects told + New program adds to tax credits for poor + $6M more found for S.F. budget

San Francisco, San Mateo: Care Not Cash helps some by hurting others + Renegotiation of PG&E's low franchise fee could give city money, leverage + Fishing on the Dock of the Bay + Emperor Norton's name may yet span the bay bridge + Home-building ban OKd for lower Potrero Hill. 1-year prohibition designed to protect small businesses + $6 million more found for budget. Well-used health, homeless services to receive funding + Former shipyard site development gets OK + Man about town names the names

Alameda: 785 Oakland workers' pay tops $100,000 + City panel backs Fox Theater restoration + AC Transit calls on ex-supervisor + Supervisors divvy up cash in Measure A + Berkeley Bowl's plans for new store are big - very big + Fire safety trailer coming soon + Tea events to help Shepherd's Gate + Measure A spending formula passes + Council split on Mission rezoning + Oakland shelter offers touch of home + Critics in a lather over Berkeley workers' health club deal + Fremont Family braves hardships after Taliban kills father

Santa Clara: County OKs manager pay raises + S.J. council tries to mop up several thorny '04 issues+ Stanford, city set on soccer fields + Town's old map raising new fears + Well cleanup plan pushed + Town wants bigger slice of tax pie + Council gives OK to pool project + Woodside grants Jobs right to get rid of house. Apple founder wants to tear down 'historic' mansion

Contra Costa: DeSaulnier moves to clean up elections + Supervisors close door on open-space authority + Brentwood councilman resigns after investigation + Contra Costa: Needles available without prescription + County requires healthier snack foods

Marin: Carter signs his new book in Corte Madera + Limited growth in Marin forecast + ILM workers protest proposed pay cut + Architects appeal to Novato council over city hall + Supervisors put off vote on trauma center upgrade

Sonoma: SR shelter to stay open weekends + SR seniors get OK to plan new center + Footprints lead to lost hunter at Lake Sonoma + Elephant seal attacks kayaker + Public spaces reflect our aspirations + Click. A 226-acre ranch will become part of a vast greenbelt on the northern slope of Sonoma Mountain

Napa: New bidder makes offer on Chalone Group + Napa Sanitation likely to reject sewer line extension to Silverado, Monticello area + Cope money class makes 'cents' for many + Garbage workers stay, new company

Solano: Water rate hike OK'd + Long-ago fallen firefighters finally honored + Vallejo's bill for sheltering stray animals is apt to rise + Smart growth would be boon to Vallejo, group says + AmCan project's price balloons to $8.5 million

Monterey: Salinas votes to shut libraries. Only a dedicated tax will reopen them, officials say + Salinas to close libraries + Butterfly sanctuary may be off limits + County approves Rancho San Juan + Colleagues bid farewell as Johnsen retires + Group fights Cal Am merger

Central Valley:

Bumper crop of preservationists + It's tell-all time on water front + Study: Big farms reap big rewards + Tackling obesity in west Modesto Study: Fog acts as Central Valley air filter + DreamLife money rejected by Emanuel Med Center and Cal State Univ. + Stanislaus puts bite in its pet law + Gallo building: Watch out below + Unhappy holiday happenings + Health plan coverage for children up + Modesto council might privatize landscape jobs + County ties fee increase to annual inflation index + Turlock seeking financial advice from residents + Hospital begins patient care at Escalon clinic + TID electricity rates will grow an average of 5% + Farmers Fill Up at Federal Water Trough

Central Coast: Graffiti buster hits Watsonville streets + Watsonville city government no longer a family affair + Watsonville: Fix your feline and canine or pay a fine + Turf backer says Mission Hill battle was ‘Nimbyism’ at its worst + Workers union to council: Expect another contract fight next year

Southern California: Report: Amount of fine-particle pollution drops significantly + LA City Council OK's $11 billion airport remodeling + Cities block 5,800 homes + Ballot Review Favors Frye + Plan for Homes Worries Drivers + An Ethnic Center's New Pull + Orange County Medical Billing System Crawls + 2 on Anaheim City Council Sued

School days: Costly substitutions + Fired Contra Costa Community College chancellor files claim over benefits + St. Mary's department head is named school's president + New UCSC chancellor named + East Side schools face job, budget changes + Santa Clara County: Jewish high school moving + Pint-sized scholars + San Rafael teachers seek raises + Novato cuts $3.4 million from schools + Oakland schools face big shake-up + Keeping an eye on Oakland School Board meetings + Development tops Ohlone agenda + Newark trustee fights for crisis counselor + American eighth-graders shine in math tests + Oakland: Plans sought for ailing schools. Administrator asks for ideas; low test scores dictate change + San Francisco Teachers upset by jobs vote / 'They must reapply for 'Dream Schools' posts, board says + St. Mary's new head no stranger to campus + Regents pick new UCSC chancellor + Benicia board to weigh school closure + LAUSD cuts rushed to halt rating change + LAPD traffic officers patrolling Valley schools + Money 101: College Aid Is Available

NASA projectile to blast through comet's skin. Scientist hope to learn about sources of life's chemicals

Report ties some herb remedies to toxic metals

Dr. Jos. Murray and transplant science

Scientists finding new way to use dairy byproduct

Scientists debate decline of oil stores: Sooner or later?

Tarantula venom could be a new source for healing

Birthing study re-examines risks

'Nano-needle' operates on cell

Sharks respond to magnetic lines

The Diagnosis

The big melt  

Carbon Nanotubes Yield A New Class Of Biological Sensors

Researchers Improve Predictions Of Cloud Formation For Better Global Climate Modeling

Insights Into Human Brain From Study Of Marine Snail

NASA Scientists Link Greenhouse Gases To Insects And Trees

Transplanted Bone Marrow Cells Reduce Liver Fibrosis In Mice

Green Tea Polyphenols Thwart Prostate Cancer Development

Less Fat Makes Better Process For Designing New Drugs

New Study Discovers Why 'Persister' Cells Never Say Die

Add An 'E' For 'Evolving' To The Alphabet For Identifying Melanoma

Lifting heavy weights all the time is not the best way to build muscle

New Drug Delivery System For Treating Cancer Tested In Animals

Copper Oxide Effective Against Nematodes In Small Ruminants

Bone Marrow Fat May Indicate Bone Weakening

Low Platelet Counts Linked To Decreased Survival In HIV-infected Women

Prevalence Of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Varies By Ethnicity

University At Albany Researchers Link PCBs To Respiratory Diseases

USC-led Team Of Scientists Recreates DNA-mending Pathway In Test-tube

Multi-center Study Finds Therapy Boosts Kidney Transplants In 'Highly Sensitized' Patients

Scientists Create New Vaccine For Wildlife Rabies

Good Results With Only One Egg In In-vitro Fertilization

Brain Activity Reflects Complexity Of Responses To Other-race Faces

A Magnetosphere of One's Own

Ecobot Eats Dead Flies for Fuel

Russians Continue Work on Space Parachute

Here's What You Will - and Won't - Be Able to See When Searching for Library Books on Google


Bush Urges Syria, Iran Not to Meddle in Iraq

Bush Thanks Italian Prime Minister for Cooperation on Iraq, Afghanistan

War funding request may hit $100 billion

In America shelter and food requests up

Bush takes first steps to push second-term agenda. Social Security is focus of economic summit

Cheney: Economy needs permanent tax cuts

Army spending $4B to send armored vehicles to Iraq

Bush inauguration to tout freedom, service + Inauguration gives GOP fund-raising chance

Bush reported set to press Congress on air quality rules

Bush pledges strong-dollar policy

U.S. envoy keeps N. Korea talks idea open

Ridge agrees to rethink color-coded alerts

Senator seeks clemency for Ohio soldiers who stole old vehicles to arm themselves in Iraq

Flight attendants rally at White House

FCC OKs rules for local phone competition + FCC to allow wireless access on planes + FCC WON'T CENSOR SATELLITE STERN

Kerik debacle raises questions on vetting

Congress: Retiring congressman Billy Tauzin to lead trade group + ANALYSIS: Parties gird for epic judicial battle

Democrats: Dems to Hollywood: The End + Why Demo mayors must build cities by establishing urban real estate cartels + Pauline Gore, mother of former VP, dies + GOP Has Lock on South, and Democrats Can't Find Key + Hillary presses 'suburban evolution' + Former Texas Party Chair Mulling Entry Into Race for Democratic Chairman

Vote fraud: Court rules against Gregoire + Olbermann reports + As Washington State Recount Drags on, Questions and Conspiracy Theories Multiply


Why elections won't quell Iraq resistance

Yushchenko 'Poison Plot' Fraud: Justin Raimondo

Lethal Weapons: Neocon Groupies: Ilana Mercer

Rummy Back on the Rocks?: Jim Lobe

Ann Cahill: If dictators buy votes with fear, we buy them with dollars Click.

Molly Ivins: Social Security suicide

Joe Conason: Where was Rudy in the Kerik mess? Click.

War on terror 'a threat to Red Cross'

What Bush's Cheerleaders Won't Say

Conason: Rumsfeld, the Bungler

Iran is Pulling Neoconservatives Apart

Never a Discouraging Word at Bush Economic Forum An AP News Analysis

Blood for pork....

More Evidence of More Halliburton Fraud

NIGERIA: Growing War Over Oil Wealth


Russian oil giant Yukos files for US bankruptcy protection

New option rules in Silicon Valley

Telemarketers won't get cell database

Time Warner, AOL settle fraud charges

Sprint acquiring Nextel in $35B deal

When firms merge, a clash of cultures

A Toy Story With a New Beginning

WTO welcomes Iraq and Afghanistan, leaves Russia behind again

SEC Proposing Revamped Package of Changes in How Stocks Are Traded


Anthrax Killer at Large

First U.S. SARS Vaccine Trial Opens At NIH

LEAKGATES Justice urged to open satellite leak probe

Quiet protest planned for inauguration

Parents sue schools over 'intelligent design'. Teaching about 'gaps' in evolution theory violates church-state separation, they claim

Eskimos Seek to Recast Global Warming as a Rights Issue

Dark side of Google's online library quest

MILITARY Soldier's Heart + From battlefield to street corner

Pentagon announces units for deployment

More GIs surviving battlefield injuries

Soldiers' Questions Can't Be Brushed Aside

From Moral Individuals to Obedient Recruits ... if They Survive

How to Build an Instant Airbase

Stryker Struggles With Big Gun

Top 10 Lists:  The Best War Movies


For conservatives, 'Merry Christmas' becomes a cause

Canada Goes To Hell

Lab to study emotion of gaming

Adoption Community Raises Hell over Inappropriate Reality Show: "Who's Your Daddy?"

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: The Canadian Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Decision: An Interesting Contrast to the United States's Law

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Gary Webb's suicide confirmed by Sacramento coroner

Gary Webb Was The Real Deal

Who Killed Gary Webb?

Evidence Begins To Indicate Gary Webb Murdered

A Personal Experience With Gary Webb

Press Accounts Fail to Mention Gary Webb's Vindication by CIA Inspector General Reports and Congressional Investigations

Kerik's other foxy lady

MTV to launch channels for Indian, Chinese and Korean viewers in US

Zell Miller grabs Fox News gig Click.

Government Easing Restrictions for U.S. Publishers Dealing With Cuba, Iran, Sudan

Magazine licensing hot in China

Journalists Launch 'Sunshine Week'

Oakland, Calif., Community Activist Buys Local Black Weekly

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

A ballerina made of iron

Art: Empire wreckers

Picking the best wine + A range of fine choices for wine lovers on your gift list + Brother Timothy's last blend on sale

Click.  Robert Lowell’s letters to Elizabeth Bishop

Queen Victoria's Affection for Servant Reflected in Newly Found Letter 

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 14, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Bombers Strike Baghdad's Green Zone + Ground Attacks Prompt U.S. to Airlift Supplies + Falluja refugees 'to return soon' + GIs Adapt to Tactics of Suicide Bombers + Foreign terrorists in Fallujah + 14 Executed Bodies Found in Mosul + Two Days in August Haunt Charlie Company + Emotional Rollercoaster+ Iraqi Christians Mull Taking Up Arms + Iraqi police suffer ambush + Al-Sadr wants US withdrawal guarantee + Al-Yawir slams US for army break up + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Saddam may have joined hunger strike + 'Hitler figure' could rise from Iraq's instability + Trial imminent for Saddam aides  + UN struggles as election looms + Iraqi Minister Names Saddam Jail for First Time + 'Long way to go' before Iraqis take over security + Iraq's spiritual healers post-Saddam

War prisons: C.I.A. Order on Detainees Shows Its Role Was Curbed + Britain is conniving in torture + 8 detainees died in Afghanistan + US 'must come clean' over new Afghan + U.S. Classifies 13 Guantanamo Detainees

AFGHANISTAN: Chemical 'warfare' angers Afghans + Weary Taliban coming in from the cold + Afghans Catch Mullah Omar's Security Chief

MIDDLE EAST: Abbas Calls on Palestinians to Drop Armed Struggle + Hamas 'in contact' with EU and US + Moscow's Middle East maneuverings

RUSSIA: Russia's Dismantling of Yukos Seen as Part of a Troubling Trend +"United States of Russia" to save the nation from final destruction

UKRAINE: Yushchenko: Don't investigate poisoning

AFRICA: UN halts Darfur aid work after killings

Congo Troops Fight Rwandan Forces

Uganda's bright star dims

S. Africa's White Poverty Grows as Apartheid Fades

ASIA PACIFIC: China Detains 3 Who Criticized Government + Gagging China's intellectuals  

In Philippines, a renewed bid to drive out terror factions

AMERICAS: Pinochet stalls arrest with request to drop charges+ Chilean Judge Says Pinochet Is Fit for Trial + Pinochet arrested in Chile on "Condor" killings + The victims of Operation Condor + SPIEGEL's Daily Take: Will Pinochet Finally Face Up to His Crimes?


FSB officer charged with espionage, put behind bars for 10 years + More

Victor Makarov: the Russian who risked his life for Britain in the Cold War+ THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD + The spy left out in the cold

3 Cuban dissidents find 'bugs' on home phones

Russian secret services block sociological study

Uganda secrets sold to Rwanda

Buying Intelligence Blind

RAW incompetence

Even those with the intelligence get it wrong

Too much talk lets out US spy secret

Inside The New Spy Bill

KGB spy on hunger strike for UK pension

Israel’s Mossad looks to future

Spy head replaced without explanation

Spy agency overhaul after year of living dangerously

For North Korea, Openness Proves a Two-Way Street

Someone to watch more closely over them

He spies with his little eye

Aznar wiped files on Madrid bombings

Spain Arrests Four Terrorists

Militant Offers Tips on Credit Card Fraud

LAX Guards Against Portable Missile Attacks Click.

Pakistan Denies CIA Bases on Its Soil

Russia Alerts World of New Mobile Nuclear Missiles by 2006

US Warns Egypt and Israel of Al Qaeda Threat Click.


Supreme Court Makes It Tougher to Sue Police Click.

Server Operators Sued in Bid to Stymie Online

Rehnquist further reduces workload

Unocal to pay villagers, fund improvements to settle rights case

Skolnick - Marc Rich - All Purpose Swindler

Founder Escapes Charges in Global Crossing Failure

Report lays part of blame for Concorde crash on Continental Airlines

La. judge suspended for wearing blackface

FDA says four people injected with unapproved toxin

Hollywood Wants BitTorrent Dead


Immigrants' new track: Out of jail

A Move for Art's Sake Stirs Debate on Bequests

Thousands of parolees could have supervision end early

Sacramento & north: Roseville woman, 85, slain. Husband arrested + Student faces prison for siege in classroom + New hearing for autopsy aide who stole human tissue from UC Davis + Drug deal suspected in man's slaying + Beware swindlers, food bank warns

San Francisco, San Mateo: Man suspected in gang killings is slain + San Mateo firm settles with SEC

Alameda: Hills residents plagued by more car thefts + Livermore man confesses to father's slaying + 'Riders' lied, brutalized man, ex-rookie testifies. Whistle-blower says he feared losing job by coming forward + Sausage King: Lawyer requests mistrial for murderer + Alexander juror wants off panel

Santa Clara: Missing 16-yr-old girl found in Oakland, may be charged with crime + Girls file nail salon suit + Identity of man found on fire remains unknown

Contra Costa: Helzer case: Killers' lawyers blame motivational seminars+ North Richmond: Man, 19, arrested in probe of killing + Helzer's ex wife: execution would devastate daughters

Marin: Judges rule on Novato vet's appeal

Sonoma: Landmark oak tree vandalized in Windsor; $10,000 reward offered + Petaluma woman shot in both legs + Not guilty plea in jet-ski death + Jet ski case: Accused husband seeks new autopsy

Solano: Easterling pleads not guilty; his lawyer wants another autopsy + New hearing ordered for Vacaville man convicted of attempted murder in 2001 + Richmond man shot multiple times on Sawyer Street

Monterey: Accused killer was under probe + Man robbed by three masked men in Salinas +Charges in fatal accident reduced + Woman acquitted of battery

Central Valley: Court slaps Fresno on Wal-Mart Click. + Modestans rate police service + Detective describes gang mentality + Ex-public defender investigator held

Central Coast: Peter Chang, 1937-2004: Former D.A. oversaw county’s most notorious cases + Judge bans mountain bikes in Nisene Marks + Turning jail into beautiful space

Southern California:  Merging LAX police with LAPD could cost $50 million + Jackson lawyers move to delay trial and dismiss charges + Judge Blocks Crackdown on Redondo Beach's Day Laborers Click. + Authorities recover computer stolen from Blake defense lawyer + San Diego cops on a hiring binge Click. + DNA evidence presented in Samantha Runnion pretrial hearing

Scott Peterson: How they decided he should die + Autopsy photos a reminder of brutal murders + Possible routes appellate lawyers may pursue + Faces bleak existence + Mother's anguish helped in decision, juror says + Next steps in legal saga


The Governor:  Gov. celebrates energy feat as crisis looms +Fight over lunch breaks pits Gov. against labor Click. + Power upgrade celebrated today Click. + Gov. to make film cameo + + Editorial: Opening windows? No, Gov wants you to just take a peek + Editorial: Gov. 'kicks' nurses

Dan Walters: How state could again be a player in presidential elections

Quevedo stays on board of CalPERS + L.A. union activist wins CalPERS reappointment + Ousted CalPERS Leader Fails in Bid to Regain Board Seat Click.

State opens application process for poet laureate

State helps cure kids' health woes Click.

Stem cell panel:: Parkinson's advocate on state panel + Stem cell panel selections named + Stem cell committee at 22; five more to go Click. + A legend in biotech world, Dr. Ivor Royston Click.

Million solar roofs achievable by 2018, officials say

Garamendi hails insurance ruling that he can regulate workers comp co.'s

Federal rule could worsen county's nurse shortage Click. + Nurses plan to picket again Click.

There's a responsibility to check out big donors

Indian tribes: Morongo and Pechanga tribes: Progress reported in video-lottery terminal talks Click. + Alameda supervisors may oppose casino plan

LOCAL NEWS:   Flu shot age eligibility may be lowered to age 50 Click.

Sacramento & north: Grant will help home buyers + Bumper crop for seat on W. Sac council + New sinkhole discovered in Delta levee; risk called low + Sutter CEO stepping down to head Mormon mission

San Francisco, San Mateo: Landlord offers deal to avoid Trinity vote + Meeting tonight on Central Subway + Search for mother of dead baby on bus + Miracles, tree theft mark the season

Alameda: Unpleasantness for Pleasanton re: Oracle deal + $100,000 raised for Berkeley library system + Berkeley: Medical cannabis recount under way + Oakland cops need a chief + Car, truck pollution decline Click.+ 'Gender variants' could earn county protections + Police arrest suspect and victim in Union City stabbing + Thieves beat, kidnap local man

Santa Clara: Palo Alto Council says no to closing libraries Click. + New trouble for S.J. official Terry Gregory + San Jose ponders tent for events + Valley takes getting used to, fortunately + Taking the best of two worlds + Popular teacher hit by commuter train + Plan to clean up wells to be unveiled today + Being Asian not always like this in the valley

Contra Costa: Over-the-counter needle sales at hand + Old Delta water plan resurfaces

Marin: Terror threat may reshape Golden Gate seismic plans + Locals join 2004 electoral vote + Hospice moves under one roof + Showing Mill Valley's best face + Beyond Hunger helped woman get to root of the pangs

Sonoma: Wrecking ball poised to bring down Rohnert Park stadium + SR waits as Comcast rolls out on-demand + Ukiah girl's smile says 'mac and cheese' + Bodega fire district board rolls back tax increase

Napa: Napa Valley Music Associates brings music into the lives of children + Senior complex gets relief from City

Solano: Water rate hike could be decided today + Vallejo eyes a new fee for permits + Grant will aid Vallejo's homeless

Monterey: Cal Am seeks 33% rate increase + Schools plan for Marina's growth + Woman acquitted of battery Inside Bakersfield's Bible beltway Sutter Tracy to open new surgical center + Environmental Injustice' + Recipients evaluating Daniloo pledges report + Sewage, potholes await Hughson's new council + Kickin' up their skirts + Bee criticism unfair to hard-working Supervisor Pat Paul

Central Coast: Davenport cement plant likely to get new owner + County courts lawmakers for fee hikes + Wineries, new film add to region's rustic, low-key appeal

Southern California: Gas-station boycott planned to promote immigrant licenses Click. + L. A. County Pensions Examined for Abuse Click. + Airport officials: Speed up Lindbergh improvements Click. + San Fernando Busway Gets $7.9 Million More  Click. + San Diego pension whistle-blower sees 'sinister' ouster plot Click. + Officials ponder San Diego airport options  Click. + DHL Picks March Air Reserve Base as New Hub Click. + Review of San Diego Mayoral Votes Boosts Write-in Candidate's Case

School days: San Juan district, teachers reach a tentative agreement + CSUS names new student affairs chief + SFSU's Legacy Of Intolerance + Required: School Prayer at L.A.'s Washington Prep Click. + State oversight sought for Rob Reiner's preschool program Click. + Contra Costa: West County residents 'adopt' school classes Click. + Future of Alameda tech school in doubt + Officials reassure parents of safety at Cupertino elementary + New chief for S.J. district + UCSC Foundation board adds six new members + We can do better at teaching kids math vaccine shortage

In Autism, New Goal Is Finding It Soon Enough to Fight It

Spirit claims Mars water prize

Cancer war focuses on a key gene

Research Team Discovers First Evidence Of Microbes Living In A Rock Glacier

New Pheromone Creates Buzz About The Clout Of Older Bees

Seismic Shaking Erased Small Impact Craters On Asteroid Eros

Molecular Test Can Predict Both The Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence And Who Will Benefit From Chemotherapy

Molecular Tailoring Of Chemotherapy With Novel Imaging Techniques

Broad-based Vaccination Of Wild Mice Could Help Reduce Lyme Disease Risk In Humans

Birds, Butterflies, Bacteria: Same Law Of Biology Appears To Apply

Sense and Sensitivity: Understanding Food Allergies in Kids

A Designer Drug for MS

Stressed Mice Quicker To Get Skin Cancer

Scientists Discover How Rate Of Tectonic Plate Separation Controls Geologic Processes

Study Finds Continued Reduction In Breast Cancer Incidence Associated With Longer Use Of Raloxifene

INEEL And NASA Launch UAVS To Evaluate Earthbound Missions

Slip Of The Tongue: Word Substitution Mistakes

Efforts To Clone Primates Move Forward

New Molecular Classification Of Breast Cancer Predicts Response To Chemotherapy

University Of Pittsburgh Research Points To Anxiety As A Key Risk Trait For Eating Disorders

Pitt Research Shows NASA Sleep-wake Scheduling Guide May Need To Be Changed

Success Of New Treatment Halts International Blood Pressure Drug Trial

Livestock Grazing Study Finds Moderate Grazing Beneficial To Great Basin Plant Communities

New Approach Studying Protein Structure Could Advance Drug Development

Diabetics With Mental Disorders At Increased Risk For Diabetic Complications

Innovative Take-off System Could Lead To Safer, Cleaner Air Travel

Mighty mites: Pesticide-resistant parasites are killing honeybees vital to crops

Parasitic worm hope for Crohn's

Parkinson's risk 'cut by dieting'

Pakistan's trade in kidneys is unregulated - and flourishing

Blind man 'sees' emotions

Cal professor's work at malaria fight's forefront

MIT grows beating heart tissue

A Species in a Second: Promise of DNA 'Bar Codes'

Google Is Adding Major Libraries to Its Database

A Data 'Repair Kit' For Quantum Computers

Microchip Industry Strives To Perfect Its Timing

Continental, Design Blamed for Concorde Crash

Technology may update white canes for the blind

Linux: Fewer Bugs Than Rivals

Lamprey May Offer Paralysis Cure


Pentagon Emergency: Additional $80 Billion For Iraq, Afghanistan

McCain, Schwarzkopf Blast Rumsfeld on Iraq

Health secretary nominee may cut programs

Bush Awards Medal of Freedom to Tenet, Franks, Bremer

Military Will March Front and Center at Inaugural Festivities

Renewal of deal to help secure Russian arms in doubt


Washington tries to frustrate Russo-Venezuelan military alliance

USA compels defense concept changes from Japan

Swift Boat Author Taking Aim at New Target: Iran

Congress: Boxer says 'no nukes' for upcoming high court battle Click. + GOP May Target Use of Filibuster

Democrats: Boxer criticizes vetting of security nominee. She also speaks out on drugs in baseball and Rumsfeld's war + License To Bill + Roemer May Enter Race for Democratic Chairman

Vote fraud: Challengers Want Ohio Vote Review + Washington: Supreme Court turns down Democrats + Much smoke in Ohio, but is there a fire?


Just answer the question, Mr. Rumsfeld

The death of Pat Tillman: military mythmaking and the "war on terror"

Can Bush Avoid the Second Term Jinx?

Blue voters now urged to buy blue Click.

George Packer: Invasion vs. persuasion Click.

MILITARY  MILITARY DOES NOT KNOW HOW MANY TROOPS HAVE SERVED IN IRAQ + Army Guard now says its Iraq troops figure was inaccurate

Canadian military puts anti-terrorism urban tactics to the test

Army asks Hoon for 'SAS-lite' unit

Army Reprimand Reported in Slaying

Rate of Guard deaths higher

UK Soldiers Sue GIs for Running Them Off the Road in Iraq

LEAKGATES Victor Bout's contracts with Iraq

You Can't Monkey Around With Bush's Image

Louisiana teens getting driver's license also forced to register for draft Click

Islamic Scholar, Visa Withheld, Gives Up U.S. Post

Dutch Prince Bernhard Stirs Controversy With Secret Media Interviews


Fed Raises Interest Rate to 2.25 Percent

U.S. Trade Gap Swelled to a Record $55.5 Billion

Oracle's extra $1 billion seals PeopleSoft deal + HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 18-MONTH MERGER BATTLE + Living in Larry's world + No punches pulled in the fight for PeopleSoft + To the victor, the spoils + Oracle deal may spur new takeovers

China to tax its clothing exports

Chief of federal mediations quits

Blockbuster to end late fees


This is what facing it looks like

Aerosmith Sells You A Buick

Blood for pork....

What happens when the US assigns a war to private contractors?

Blacklisted Russian's planes tied to U.S. contracts in Iraq


Report: States slow to prepare for bioterror

Canada: Feds sign deal for anti-anthrax inhaler

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Three strategies for preventing another vaccine shortage

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  George Michael Hits Back in War of Words with Elton + Klein and Cabinet discuss gay marriage + Idaho Gay Marriage Amendment Unlikely To Pass

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The Gary Webb case by Sam Smith

Robert Parry: Gary Webb R.I.P.

Editorial: The Sinclair Propaganda Machine

Media Misleads On Social Security

Libraries are branching out. In the 21st century, services are no longer strictly book-related

Nothing Elementary About New Sherlock Holmes Tome

PBS' Future Post-Moyers

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

'Dig' at Petaluma's Old Adobe offers new view of the past

Hale's Refuge

Fremont displays traces of prehistoric life

Scottish setting sparks Christmas Revels this year

Sunvalley rich with hot youth trends

McMaster Researchers Seek To Unlock The Mysteries Of Ancient Potters

Visitors to 'take part' in Battle of Culloden

Blue robin in rare festive visit

Fortune Comes Knocking for Lemony Snicket

Hawks' eviction ruffles feathers in New York

Vatican seminar on Satanism seeks to curb Italian devil-worship

"Therapy dogs" give patients a smile

Fiction by Edward P. Jones

John Lahr on August Wilson

Ireland and potency

The Promised Key

Mother of all curses

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 13, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
8 US Marines Killed in Fallujah Area + Bomb Kills 7 Iraqis, Year After Saddam's Capture + Fallujah, Iraq's Tora Bora + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

MIDDLE EAST: Abbas set for victory in Palestinian vote but violence bodes ill

Bomb kills 4 Israeli troops. 8 soldiers also hurt at checkpoint on Egypt-Gaza border

UKRAINE: U.S. Meddled in Vote, Ukraine Leader Says + Opposition chief's poisoning dominates Ukraine campaign


China, Russia to hold first joint military exercise

Judge Indicts Chile's Ex-Leader Pinochet

Iraq Cleric Inspires Arab Democrats from His Grave

USA compels defense concept changes from Japan

Beware al-Qaeda watchers

Japan, slumbering military giant, stirs

Spanish leader makes bid to reshape the war on terror

A Hostile Land Foils the Quest for bin Laden

Karzai rejects claims that Bin Laden trail has gone cold


Prosecutors Move to Bar Informant Controversy From New York Terror Trial

Spain's Prime Minister Alleges His Predecessor's Government Erased Computer Records After March 11 Bombings


WTO Agrees Entry Talks with Iraq, U.S. Blocks Iran

Oracle Ups Its Offer and Buys PeopleSoft for $10.3 Billion

China Relents, and Promises Textile Tariffs

Firms come up with plan for making money, but analysts doubt many will be profitable

Dollar's Fall a Mixed Bag in U.S Click.

Mobile Cash Points Coming Soon


U.S. Government Starts Test of SARS Vaccine

UT Southwestern Initiating Trials In Humans For Ricin Vaccine

AP: U.S. Officials Knew of AIDS Drug Risks + A Glance at AIDS Drug Nevirapine


Exodus of Staff Hobbles the FBI

Board for ill workers of DOE meets today

Court Backs Police in Search and Seizure Case

Rehnquist Sits Out Some High Court Cases

Colombia steps up extraditions to U.S.

Jeffrey Toobin on a Bronfman heir’s substance trial

Are We Puppets or Free Agents?

The Daschner case and the rehabilitation of torture in Germany

Life Tenure for Federal Judges: Should It Be Abolished?


New troubles plague CYA system even as reforms are planned

Effort to monitor priests falls short, groups claim

Early end to parole seen as cost savings

Settlement in works over human rights case involving Unocal

State Probe of Wells Fargo Urged Click.

Jails prepare to take felons' DNA Click.

Sacramento & north: Review spurs nurse's arrest + Homeless man dies of stab wounds

San Francisco, San Mateo: Newborn's body found on bus in Greyhound yard

Alameda: Livermore: Eccentric accused of killing his father. Victim, 80, was former scientist at weapons lab + Oakland woman shot after Friday fight dies + Warrant issued in fatal shooting on Thanksgiving + Fremont courthouse opens advice center

Santa Clara: Reported San Jose trash fire turns out to be a body + Newborn found at bus station + Rape suspect due in court + Solace for victims of sex assault

Contra Costa: Convenience store clerk shot, killed in Richmond + Richmond residents challenge 'sham' refinery deal

Marin: Spirit of the Season: Centerforce helps ex-convict rebuild his family, life

Napa: Police aim to curb vehicle accidents

Monterey: Coroner deals with the strain + Second firebomb case hits Pacific Grove + Ex-Taco Bell employee charged in slaying of co-worker

Scott Peterson: Scott Peterson Gets Death Sentence for Murdering His Pregnant Wife


The Governor: Gov. Considers a Power Play + Taking on nurses, Gov. may be kicking the wrong group +
Gov. approaches critical juncture + Gov. ponders special election + Bustamante lashes out at Gov. Click. + Gov. may seek curbs on Legislature's power to block his plans + Gov. pushes agencies to make solar power commonplace + Special vote unnecessary on state redistricting +
Riordan Takes a Back Seat as State Education Secretary

Groups Fueling Ad Blitz for LNG

State lags on applications for kids' health care

California zeroing in on sprawl

Dan Walters: Homeownership is a deepening social fault line in state

Hope hasn't expired yet on license bill  Click. + Democrats Could Pursue Liberal Principles Over a Political Cliff Click. + Groups Fueling Ad Blitz for LNG Click. + Solar powered homes bill recharged Click.

New sales reignite timber battles Click.

Hazards of haze Click.

New law requires school bus restraints Click.

Indian tribes: The battle for casinos in East Bay + Gov., Miller trade blame for mega-casino plan Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Will Bay Area get 'freeway on stilts' and higher toll?

Sacramento & north:
 Airport nearly scrapes bottom in user survey + New San Joaquin commuter train proposed Click. + Lake Tahoe's temperature is rising Click. + St. Joe Medical Center's $73M investment Click.

San Francisco, San Mateo: Likely S.F. board chief Peskin a savvy dealmaker+  Slablike tower doesn't fit in on slopes of San Bruno Mountain

Alameda: Old wind turbines are coming down Click. + Band-Aid fix at cop building? + Alameda County to consider gender identity policy + Cop headquarters has a checkered past + Pleasanton celebrates sister city

Santa Clara: Crews hope to fix Hwy. 87 dips + Efforts to fix El Monte woes bearing fruit + Palo Alto council to consider 10% raise for city manager

Contra Costa: Old wind turbines being destroyed in Contra Costa + Halfway to Concord Publishes Analysis of Contra Costa County’s Investigation of Embattled Head Start Program Click.

Marin: Sacred Ground: Mill Valley eco-friendly cemetery draws 85 to public event + Turning the page + Larkspur might restrict fireplaces to cut smoke + County cancer study awarded EPA grant + Dana King is fully anchored

Sonoma: Four of county's smallest cities get new mayors + SR senior citizens seek new center

Napa: Flood project will likely take longer than five more years + Officials pay $4.4 million for project's most expensive land buy + Napa in $18 million budget hole + Mobile home park residents challenge feds over lake

Solano: New government center will be artistic endeavor

Monterey: Warming trend affecting Bay + Strengthening Families agency gets grant

Central Valley: Judge's dam ruling frets legislators + Breaking Law Is No Walk in Park Click. + One year left for ozone depleting chemical Click. + New law requires bus restraints + Council returns to the garage + Water could pose health risk to some Oakdale residents + Merced County wants to cut arsenic level in water + Ridenour's First Year + Modesto City Council, mayor deserve more than $5 an hour

Central Coast: Prop. 63 funds will fill county’s mental health void + Going green is good for local business + Metro working out ParaCruz kinks

Southern California: Alarcon wants new major L.A. airport Click. + L.A. City budget sees red Click. + Orange County Bus Drivers Ratify Contract, Halting Standoff Click.

School days: Lifting test scores in one San Jose district + Asian educational pressure cooker + Sacramento schools expect teacher crunch + Q&A: Santa Clara schools chief optimistic + Lifting test scores in one San Jose district + Benefits deal haunts Healdsburg schools + New law requires school bus restraints Click. + Regents to review filling post of UCSC chancellor + Computer donations help out Fremont school district

Gates research grant to fund malaria drug. Engineered version sought of effective Chinese herbal cure

Scientists clash over origin of 'the Great Dying'.

Study links weak defense against toxic metals, autism Click

Gene Variants May Help Fend Off HIV Infection

New Technique Scans Electrical 'Brainscape'

What Have Scientists Learned Since Mount St. Helens Erupted?

Promising Next Generation Treatments For Multiple Myeloma

First Genetic Glimpse Of Aging Kidney Offers Insights Into How Cells Grow Old

Sibling Bird Species See Themselves In A Different Light

Falling Short: Under-Treatment in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Fighting Breast Cancer Recurrence: New Studies, New Recommendations

If you have a cataract in one eye, you will probably have it in the other eye

We’ve known about psoriasis for more than 2,000 years

Ritalin (Methylphenidate) Improves Attention, Behavior Of Children Surviving Leukemia, Brain Tumors

The Impact Of Body Weight On The Progression Of Knee Osteoarthritis

Imatinib (Gleevec) Has Activity In AIDS-related Kaposi's Sarcoma 7

Log on, link up

Ringing up the best high-end cell phones

Construction of World's Tallest Tower to Begin

Chipmakers Advance Transistor Technology

Silicon Ring Boosts Light Chips

Rensselaer Researchers Experiment With Solar Underwater Robots

Spitzer And Hubble Capture Evolving Planetary Systems

Deep Tremors Under San Andreas Fault Could Portend Earthquakes


Pentagon Weighs Use of Deception in a Broad Arena

Bush faces tough lifting on reform-heavy agenda

Strain Is Seen in Giuliani Ties With President

New sales reignite timber battles. Bush allows harvest of larger, older trees in northern California counties

Bush Taps EPA Chief As Health Secretary

McCain: 'No Confidence' in Rumsfeld

Medicaid Expendable Under Budget Cuts

NASA Head O'Keefe Quits After Applying for Louisiana State University Job

Vote fraud: Activists fighting for Kerry in Ohio + More Questions for Florida


The Ukrainian Template: Justin Raimondo

How to Change a Regime

Kerik declines Homeland Security nomination: why Bush lost his hand-picked henchman

Lord Butler belatedly comes out against Blair

Postponing the election can save Iraq

MILITARY Military debates how to win war of words. Propaganda critics say proposal could shatter credibility

Navy under global pressure to limit sonar use. EU, others call for cut in noises that harm sea life

Killings Sting Proud Battalion

The history behind the equipment shortage

Report leans toward women in combat

Retired Army colonel, 70, sent to Afghanistan Click.

Disability-rights advocates take on insulin battle in public schools Click.

Christian activists take agenda to states

Mormon Writer Suspended by the Church

Defamation lawsuits put activists on defensive


Paisano Program eases Mexican travelers' trip home for holidays Click.

From child to bride in the U.S.A.

China's deadly fix for modern pressures

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Canada's gay-friendly image worth $1B + Murdered colonel 'had secret gay affairs' + Gay detective finds support instead of bias

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

RIP: Gary Webb -- reporter who alleged CIA-crack link in L.A. Click.

Cobb buys Oakland Post paper

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Midnight journey + Virgen de Guadalupe celebrated

Sketches From the Front: An Artist's Dispatches, Rendered in Ink and Paint

Sam Spade can't drop in now -- longtime smoke shop closing. The ghost of 'The Maltese Falcon' private eye haunts this corner

`Sideways' is up, with a leading 7 Golden Globe nominations

Two-thirds Of School-age Children Have An Imaginary Companion By Age 7

History of Bolinas, Stinson detailed in new book

Film reveals life as a teen inmate

Movie Maestro, Yes, But Scorsese Is Still Learning

Spain's Bardem Delights in Being Unknown in U.S.

Monty Python and Broadway

History’s Tides

The Mozart project

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 10, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. convoys hit; blasts near Italian Embassy in Baghdad. 3 reported killed in Waziriya, one a man in wheelchair + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Fallujah To Be A Virtual Concentration Camp + Ahmad Chalabi and the ecret Iraq Election Campaigns + U.S. Officials Sound Alarm Over Iraq Fuel Crisis + A Look at the Leading Candidates in the 228-Member United Iraqi Alliance + Names on Shiite Candidate List Hint at Shape of Iraq's Political Future

AFGHANISTAN: Karzai vows to combat flourishing Afghan opium trade

IRAN: Khatami takes a final bow

RUSSIA: Astounded, Moscow weighs where it went wrong in Ukraine

EUROPE: IRA says it's willing to disarm -- if photo demand dropped

Berlusconi Saved in Graft Trial by Time Ruling


Charged Chinese double agent in spy case wants charges dropped

What it will take to terror-proof border

Lockheed gets one more year at Sandia lab

Twelve years of CIA discontent

The Best Spies Didn't Wear Suits

Intelligence Efforts Get Boost

Three lives of a Cold War warrior

Hungary to Open Spy Files

Cypriot spy shops himself

Azzam: Prisoners treated me well

+ FBI investigating Israelis for espionage

Interpreter Says No to Secrecy

Debate on Secret Program Bursts Into Open + Senator: Mystery Spy Project Dangerous + Lawmaker Vows Efforts to Kill Spy Program

NSA methods lag in age of terror

Officer Alleges CIA Retaliation

At Foreign Service, Road to the Top Will Run Through Hardship Posts

BVD had three cover organizations

Spycatchers missing the old days

Spy base protest marks birthday

Katsav contacts Assad for Eli Cohen's remains

Fort had a secret mission in WWII

U.S. Alone Among Allies in Centralizing Spy Powers

Lawmakers Approve Panel to Appeal Secrecy

Bush key to spy chief's power

Gunman Sentenced to 10 Years for Attempt to Assassinate French President in 2002

Intel Bill Expands Police Powers

Shift Toward Skepticism for Civil Rights Panel

Feds Use 'Secret Laws' to Justify Harassment of Americans

Zlatkin: Boycott, boycott, boycott!

Americans in Venezuela to support leftist leader

Hotel's Guests Embrace Iris-Recognition Technology

Report from Iron Mountain


By bus and boat, polio spreads in West Africa. To health professionals working to erase the disease, travelers are potential carriers


Condit lawyer: Ex-congressman ready to reveal sexual history in slander case

Offshore tax shelter guru sentenced

Kazaa can't bar child pornographers, court told

File Sharing Goes to High Court

U.S. Court to Hear Case of Mexican on Texas Death Row

U.S. Financier Frankel Gets Nearly 17 Years for Fraud

U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Appeal of Mexican Citizen Sentenced to Death


Audit: Sex-case releases are risky

Report: State losing track of sex offenders

Witness: Disney committee discussed Ovitz termination language

Mahony defends decisions

Sacramento & north: 3 testify they saw police brutality + Placer too slow - inmate released + R.E. Graswich: For light-rail attack victim, bystander apathy worse than thugs' blows + Plea deal accepted in prostitution cases + Panel backs halving of visitors bureau funding

San Francisco, San Mateo: EPA fines import firm over illegal mothballs + 12 years for man who admitted killing mom + Man pleads not guilty to raping 9-year-old girl inside her home. Judge orders him to give blood to test for sexual diseases + Residents sue city over flood damage + 3-year sentence in Medicare fraud + Judge clears Beardslee for execution hearing

Alameda: Whistle-blower tells of 'Riders' exploits + Autopsy: Bullet killed crash victim + Police hope sketch helps nab attacker + Couple arrested on drug charges + Emeryville man sues city over pot bust, plant deaths + San Leandro driver fends off carjacker + Police ready to take on sideshows + Emeryville: Medical marijuana patient sues over plants + Suspected meth dealer held after car search + Fremont: Witness says cash, liquor motives for shooting

Santa Clara: Man files suit over loss of hand + Coroner `hiring crisis,' DA says + Suit claims psychiatrist molested patient + Ingenuity keeps blind parents ahead

Concord: Sikh family reflects after house fire. Police want laborer charged with arson and burglary after blaze guts home + CHP looking at whether cars were racing before I-80 crash + Jury chooses prison for '89 murder + Doctor: Helzer unsure of reality

Marin: Tam High gay bashing probed + Deputies testify about investigation at Marin City hate crime trial

Sonoma: SR police arrest man wanted in shooting + Graton teen calls killing of man self-defense

Napa: Cops still searching for clues in double murder + AmCan could get bigger if annexations are approved

Solano: Fairfield: Meth lab discovered in home with children + Hearing begins for July killing

Monterey: Instead of jail time, Salinas man to volunteer at food bank

Central Valley: Condit can't shield his private life + Suspect in abuse of girls commits suicide in jail + Cemetery district offers vandalism spree reward + Trucking firms indicted over fake work logs

Central Coast: Thief steals blind girl’s CDs from truck in Soquel

Southern California: Orange County bishop behind abuse deal seen as moral, pragmatic + Simi Valley vows to root out racism + A look at Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown + LAPD corruption case dropped after five years


The Governor: Gov. celebrates Hanukkah + Gov. picks simpler design for Bay Bridge + Caltrans goes back to square one on Bay Bridge + School groups want gov. to pay up + Stylish bridge design to be abandoned in favor of skyway in response to mushrooming costs + Ensuring trust in secretary of state. 2 proposals would turn the job into a nonpartisan post + Taxpayer group moves to block state's billion dollar bond sale + State sued over move to borrow for pensions

CalFed plan shifts burden to the feds, water users + 'A shortage of cheap water'

Nurses in spotlight + Not just the patients are hurting + New regulations puts work permits on hold for foreign nurses

Voluntary effort fails, regulators require diesel emission upgrades

Studio chief Lansing to join stem cell panel + Editorial: Brave, new world

Dan Walters: Capitol's own 'Tory reformer' takes another shot at the status quo

Click. County coroners throughout California have among them 150 or 160 unidentified children who died in their jurisdictions, and it is a number that is very hard to reduce.

State: California gained 8,700 payroll jobs in November

Perata allies' ties to BART detailed

Panetta won't be stem cell board pick Click.

Restrictions on who can get a flu shot could be lifted today Click.

Indian tribes: Indian tribes plan to build 15-story hotel next to Capitol + Tribal alliance denounces use of video lottery games Click. Tribe Unveils Its Casino Royale Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Seafood business mirrors the changing face of a state

Sacramento & north: Civil service commissioner blasted + UCD patient data disclosed in survey glitch + Cost of 8 new fire stations rises sharply + Small sinkhole found in Delta levee + Flu vaccine available at county clinics + El Dorado panel rejects bid for Teichert asphalt plant + Reward offered in 2003 shooting + Granados will head Metro Fire board + Moody's lowers port's bond rating

San Francisco, San Mateo: Last word on government / Graffiti installation in Gonzalez's office gets mixed reviews + San Francisco: Study on black youths depicts a grim reality. Disproportionate number in child protective services + Panel backs halving of visitors bureau funding

Alameda: Recount ahead for pot measure + Berkeley: Flu shots offered to infants, seniors + Indian ambassador visits Fremont + Union City: 46 years later, plan hits dead end

Santa Clara: S.J. councilman Terry Gregory faces censure + Council moves toward stadium + Audit: City reforms just cosmetic + Proposed hillside mansion a wake-up call for planners + Hospital's doors are finally closed + PA council pushes to close libraries + New VTA board could seal GM's fate

Contra Costa: Richmond names acting chief + Pittsburg: Ex-mayor to pay big fine + Brentwood: Former Ventura city manager hired + Two cars go over Concord embankment

Marin: Marin: Local kids meet U.S. learning standard + Recycling's new frontier in Marin + Web site for home buyers

Sonoma: Windsor downing 100 trees + Garbage-exporting idea jeered + Fund-raising effort boosts Klaas Center + Petaluma: Business district approved again + Street signs too costly for city + Waiting list for Wilmar + County mental health leader takes leave + $400,000 grant to fund countywide art project + Dan Hamburg jailed in Ohio in effort to contest vote

Napa: County, city, scramble to finish homeless shelter, start garage + AmCan could get bigger if annexations are approved

Solano: No quick fix ahead for Vacaville snarl + Vallejo may dump transit firm + Tearing down old bridge will cost almost $50 million + GVRD votes to hand out bonuses + Renovation plan could cost Vallejo $10 million + Opponents scrambling to fight water rate hike + Child advocate stands up

Monterey: New military housing at Ford Ord + Panel backs library closures Salinas + + Keeley takes Santa Cruz post + King City chief takes new job + Administrator rejects job offer

Central Valley: Injured deputy awake, talking + Parents urged to recognize, act on signs of gang activity

Paul was flying on county's money on way out + Cardoza: Troops shortchanged + Hands-on learning experience + Count starts for fire tax ballots + Patterson has a council seat to fill

Central Coast: Mother’s condition critical: Fire chief recounts extricating woman from under her car + Transportation chief Wilshusen hits the end of the road: Retirement ends 19-year reign + Apple farmer donates 200,000 pounds to feed the hungry

Southern California: San Diego Mayor supports full recount, says, 'Let's get on with it' Click. + Debt Has City of Gardena on Ropes Click. Villaraigosa Attacks Hahn Over PR Billing Click. + Hahn calls in sick for State of the Valley event Click.

School days: Cal teacher vows to fight tenure rejection + S.J. middle school set to close + Supporters urge tenure for outspoken professor + A cheesy university tradition gets sliced + Wells Fargo helps out schools in Oakland + Students' strike remains peaceful + Comedian's call to action -- 'love, education and care', Cosby brings message of accountability to Bayview-Hunters Point + 'Mystery candidate' sworn in as O.C. school board member + Pajaro Valley school district tightens prescription drug benefits for teachers+ Cosby lauds Dream School

Tremors rock earth deep beneath San Andreas Fault. Puzzling vibrations baffle researchers

Your Brain on Meth

Test Shows Who Needs Chemo for Cancer

Bristol-Myers to Seek Over-the-Counter Sales of Cholesterol Drug Pravachol

MIT, Columbia Begin New Energy Experiment: Half-ton Levitating Ring Is Key To Work

Researchers Compare Chicken, Human Genomes- Analysis Of First Avian Genome Uncovers Differences Between Birds And Mammals

Did Our Sun Capture Alien Worlds? Close Encounter May Explain Some Objects Beyond Neptune

Ocean Tides Once Spread Massive Icebergs, According To Study

Tracking Orangutans From The Sky

Encouraging Results From Validation Study Of Trial Of Personalized Treatment In Breast Cancer

NIDA Study Offers New Clues About Connection Between Cocaine Abuse, Thinking, And Decision-making

Bulimic Teens Also Likely To Suffer From Depression

Can Primary Care Doctors Treat Depression?

Researchers Discover Direct Link Between Agricultural Runoff And Massive Algal Blooms In The Sea

Novel P53 Gene-based Therapy Boosts Immune System And Reduces Tumor Size

Study Urges Caution In Contaminant Source Tracking

Save Up Your Energy Reserves For A Longer Life!

Before Using That Shampoo, Read The Label: Pitt Study Finds Common Ingredient Affects Developing Neurons Of Rats

Small Study Shows SAMe May Improve Treatment Of Depression

Drinking Water Could Be Beneficial To Patients With Low Blood Pressure

Novel Gene Transfer Prevents Hypertension-Related Enlarged Heart, Cardiac Fibrosis

New Breast Cancer Study Shows Hormonal Therapy Not Enough

'BitTorrent' software gives Hollywood a blockbuster headache

Device translates brain's energy into actions. Nonsurgical mind-computer link could assist patients unable to move or speak

The strange death of the mass mailing virus

HP launches new low-end PC in China

PowerPoint Message Is the Medium

Wireless Network Smashes World Speed Record

Robotic Pods Take on Car Design

Robotic Fish From China

Russia's new super computer performs over 2 trillion operations a second

Software Tool Finds 'Needles' In Data 'Haystacks'


Bush administration urges Supreme Court to uphold Ten Commandments displays Click.

Putin Stings Washington: The Man in the Glass House

Bush to Participate Actively in Coming White House Economic Conference

Bush taps Bodman to head Energy Dept.

Mineta lays out second-term agenda. Transportation secretary says states will have to pay larger share of Amtrak costs

Inaugural fund-raisers set goal of up to $50m


Ex-presidential yacht may be bought by U.S. Carter had vessel auctioned off for $286,000 in 1977

US stance on armor disputed + Armor Scarce for Big Trucks Transporting Cargo in Iraq

Washington to be criticized at UN climate change summit in Buenos Aires

"U.S. Retreats from Theory of Democratic Transformation in the Middle East"

EPA proposes new looser selenium standards

Security nominee got rich on Tasers. Kerik's relationship with stun-gun firm earned him millions

Congress: Camera phone voyeurism bill passes + Key senator criticizes government spy project as 'wasteful' + Feinstein's first trip to Iraq more eventful than desired + Congress expands use of terrorist watch lists

Democrats: Edwards' wife talks about her cancer battle + MoveOn vows: We're taking back the Party from 'professional election losers Click.


Sheila Samples: Mr. President de la Mancha Click.

O'Heffernan: Strengthening marriage to retain White House and re-enslave women Click.

Tim Appelo: Is Bush the Antichrist? Click.

Reggie Rivers: Bush administration on trial in Germany Click.

Chris Floyd: Home cooking: Feasting on the fruits of torture Click.

Matthew Rothschild: Bush wants to rob you of your Social Security benefits Click.

Jonathan Chait: Why Academia shuns Republicans Click. Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble. Part 2: 9/11 Commission and Bridas

The Splendid Failure of Occupation. Part 23: Dick Cheney, reshaping history with an ax

Destroying Social Security to save it


Poor War Planning Becomes Issue Again

Read My Lips, Part II? Bush Pledges No Tax Hike to Save Social Security

Alexander was, after all, defeated

MILITARY Aggressive war: then and now

Of Japanese strawberries and soldiers

Rumsfeld questioner a hero in his hometown

Photographs of the American Civil War

Rebellion in the Ranks: Justin Raimondo

He Lost an Arm in Iraq; the Army Bills Him for It

Lawmakers Help Wounded Soldier Get Home After Pay Dispute

One Million US Troops Have Gone to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

US soldier found guilty of murdering unarmed Iraqi


Jack Sirard: Microsoft dividend gets special treatment

OPEC Agrees Oil Supply Crackdown

Employees Bring Bad Moods Home, But They Disappear By Morning


Consumer Reports turns focus to prescription drugs

Old friends, new neighbors

Bringing love and mercy

Blood for pork....

U.S. security firms sending hundreds of Salvadorans to Iraq. Pay as guard beats poverty at home -- companies save

Work During Wartime

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay rights activists reassess strategy after setbacks + Click. Who's more gay--Michael Jackson or Eminem?

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The End of TV as We Know It

Harry Potter and the Order of the Typo

Controversy in Venezuela over new media law

Where Science, Fiction Meet

TV reporter gets confined to home. 6 month sentence for refusing to reveal source of FBI tape

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Day Trip: A Victorian holiday

Bay Area musicians reinterpret Dylan's classics

Selling a piece of military history

Tiny, free galleries bring art to masses

Carving found in garden fetches fortune

Keeping Love Connections Open

Japanese Girl

Italian film wins first prize at Cairo festival

Sacrificial Burial Deepens Mystery At Teotihuacan, But Confirms The City's Militarism

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 9, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Fallujah 'Victory' by US Hasn't Slowed Insurgency + US Troops on Emotional Rollercoaster + Red Cross enters Falluja + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation:  Shiite parties fix split,
ally for vote. Chances improved for January date as Sunni groups register + Debate in press on election date + Shi'ites Agree on Broad Election List + Shi'ite Election List Excludes Sadr + The grand elector Sistani

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt Reaches "principle Agreement" to Comprehensively Settle the Mideast Conflict + Militant Chief Wounded in Israeli Strike in Gaza

RUSSIA: Russians consider Ukraine integral to the motherland. Moscow fears Kiev will pull free of its commanding grip

ASIA PACIFIC: Nepal's guerrillas snare families in war. Children forced to join Maoists -- army retaliates

AMERICAS: Zapatista Rebel Leader Subcomandante Marcos Takes Up Crime Writing; Another Mystery From Chiapas


Ex-CIA officer alleges agency retaliated after he didn't falsify WMD report Click.

'Where Are the Americans?' Attackers Shouted as They Stormed Into Compound in Saudi Arabia

Outgoing CIA Chief in Iraq Says Better Government, Economy Needed to Tame Insurgency

UN Security Council: Schroeder Demands German Veto Power

MILITARY 4 Green Berets reprimanded for using stun guns on Iraqis

Possible problems in Pacific Rim drives home need for bases in California

Commanders at Air Force Academy Failed to Deal With Sexual Assault Reports, Pentagon Inspector Says

Heated debate in Cupertino on religion's place in schools

France finds it difficult to ban hateful Arabic TV

What Price Privacy?

Annan Opens First-Ever Seminar on Islamophobia With Plea Not to Judge Muslims by Acts of Extremists

What Now for the NAACP?

School days: Long Beach:
Teaching assistants strike 23 campuses + Newark: 3rd-grade teacher awarded $25,000 + Connerly won't seek 2nd term as UC Regent Click. + Black woman cardiologist appointed to promote Stanford diversity + After-school programs keep children safe but face challenges + King/Drew: Why Supervisors Let Deadly Problems Slide Click. (LAT Reg) + In a bind over seat belts Click. + San Fernando Valley parents feel betrayed on bonds Click. + LAUSD wants to raze 8 homes for school Click. + Oakland parents hope wait for school pays off Click. + Fresno school board gives bleak fiscal view Click. + CSU student employees plan to strike + Vallejo teachers ask state to settle pay fight + Salinas: Parents protest plan to pare bilingual program + Mertes named board's president for Las Positas

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Canada 'can permit gay marriage' + Canada to Move on Gay Marriage After Court Ruling


Judges take up journalists' appeal. Court to decide on protection of secret sources

Top court listens to food fight

Editorial: Decency to a fault

Former congressman Gary Condit must reveal sexual history in slander case against writer, judge rules

Supreme Court Considers Secrecy in Tax Disputes

Federal Appeals Judge Charles Pickering Announces Retirement From Federal Bench

Couple Arrested in Denmark in Record Hashish Smuggling Case


Lockyer to sue for abortion rights. Bush has signed bill penalizing states that protect choice

Sacramento & north: Deputy's return after trespass conviction sparks outrage + Traffic stop on trial + Swastikas painted on synagogue + Prison gang, drug cartel link probed + Appeals court orders Pocket project review + Victims describe similar man + Thwarting a burglary + Warren tabbed to be Lassen sheriff + Suit targets El Dorado ballot measure

San Francisco, San Mateo: 'A parent's worst nightmare'. 9-year-old girl sexually assaulted in her bedroom + Firm school district exposed pleads guilty + Car burglars may be key to solving slaying

Alameda: Screener's lawsuit tossed out. 9/11-inspired law took away some of his rights, judge says + Suspect in violent Island heist nabbed + Landlord hit with $70,000 in fines + Longtime judge in county, William McGuiness, native of Oakland, dies

Santa Clara: Slaying trial to be in Mexico + More charges filed in immigration case

Solano: Transient couple faces charges in Benicia

Monterey: Lawyer owed fees re: public records request, judge says + Two men rob East Salinas Jewelry store

Central Valley: Four valley car dealers join in air rules lawsuit + Sheriff's deputy shot in training + Police: Rampage meth-induced + No contest plea means long jail term for man + Defendant faces sanity hearing + Cold Cases: 8-year-old murder given another look + Tracy growth ordinance delayed

Central Coast: Wrongful death suit settled for $90,000: Father of teen donates money to area schools + Rights advocate allowed to pursue case against Santa Cruz + Capitola may settle 5 environmental suits + Possible bike-ban matter is up to a judge

Southern California: OC rape suspect hit with stun gun in jail, attorney says + Simi Valley: Black teen attacked by whites recalls attack + Teen sentenced to juvenile camp in Long Beach shark killing case

Scott Peterson: Prosecutor presents final argument to jurors + In emotional plea, mother begs jury to let her son live. Laci's mom listens impassively to testimony + An impassioned plea by mother + Peterson's mom tugs few heartstrings +Killer's mother pleads with jury + Mom makes tearful plea for Peterson's life


The Governor:  Economy is growing, but so is state deficit. Legislators await governor's '05 budget + New job reduces governor's earnings, taxes + Few details on tax return + Gov. to Withhold Tax Returns Click. + Driver license issue  put off Click. + Is Trucking Office Going Downhill? Click. (LAT Reg) + Stanford Lecturer Is Elected to Head State Coastal Commission Click. (LAT Reg) + State deserves a share of stem-cell benefits + Stem Cell Initiative Lacks Oversight Click. (LAT Reg)

CalPERS probes Sudan investments + Editorial: Harrigan's costly legacy

Caltrans miscalculates another bridge

Shelley says audit will clear him

Legislature: Bill mandates hospitals treat poor

Indian tribes: Casinos set to deal 'em Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Soaring cost takes tomatoes off menu

Sacramento & north: Federal bill sends millions to Placer + Sheriff's Department going under microscope + Help for mentally ill is out there - but precious few open spots + North state supermarkets, union extend contract + + News from San Joaquin Valley

San Francisco, San Mateo: Where S.F.'s budget cuts bleed. Voters' rejection of tax measures brings an edict by Mayor Newsom to reduce services + Protest against PG&E plant. Hunters Point residents say it's sickening their kids + Few in survey say homelessness worse + The budget dance

Alameda: Berkeley budget aided by unforeseen transfer tax revenue + Berkeley will split vice mayor position + Livermore builder Pardee homes targets June ballot + Oakland: Closed meeting riles neighbors near priory + BART tests novel way to encourage ridership. Rockridge Station sensors announce open parking spots + Fremont: Last stand for winter wonderland + Oakland: Highland Hospital tracks new staph strain. Though treatable, bacteria too tough for typical antibiotics + City of Alameda opposes Oakland casino plan + Alameda: `97 robbery suspect arrested in Seattle + Berkeley: Bayside path closed for restoration + Berkeley: Jerry Brown to give UC graduation speech + Oakland residents lodge 'sideshow' complaints + Anti-terror funds cut for Oakland + Study derails Jack London Square trolley + Financial institutions consider pouring dollars into East Oakland + Newark faces garbage fee increase

Santa Clara: S.J. BART rides on agency's decision + Weimers: Treasures uncovered as S.J. hospital closes + Sadness on hospital's final day + Mountain View council votes to keep passes to Shoreline + Auditors find mess at city-run camp + Garden gives disabled an assist in feeling comfortable in community + Cupertino: Historic ranch bought for public ownership

Contra Costa: Twice-tallied ballots yield Raines' win + New Brentwood manager named + Connerly won't seek 2nd term + El Cerrito: New mayor Sandi Potter to use redevelopment funds for new City Hall, library + Eight newcomers come aboard local city councils + Carquinez Bridge demolition costs soar.Estimate's 3-fold leap labeled another Caltrans 'blunder' + Contra Costa supes oppose gun shows at fairgrounds

Marin: San Anselmo school reopens + Longtime Kentfield resident was king of 'buzz cut' + Accident victim was cook at Stinson restaurant

Sonoma: Study: No new dump, ship trash out of county + Police, fire top Measure O donors + Santa Rosa city manager, attorney get raises + Crab fishing 'even more hazardous'

Napa: Napa nursing home to close within a month + Evans to chair Assembly's Human Services + Petition aims to have lawmakers sign off on what they read

Solano: GVRD may offer bonuses + Six Flags may get more time for buyout + Benicia board again weighs parcel tax + Bordoni Ranch development worries Benicians

Monterey: Planners pass on Highway 68 billboard + Aquarists discuss safe breeding of seahorses + Coastal panel hears appeals on subdivision

Central Valley: 'Affordable' housing lauded + Bids for Oakdale firehouse come in high + Historic supersonic jet arrives at Castle + Power rate hike on table at TID

Central Coast: Toys for Tots warehouse flooded; 400 toys lost: Volunteers, firefighters plea for help + Mom pinned by car: Woman critical after trying to stop runaway vehicle with boy inside + City workers OK contract: S.C. pact garners grudging approval + Deluge of water-company complaints in Felton + New CCC director lends hand to Watsonville project

Southern California: Murphy takes oath, but Frye's backers request recount hours later Click. + Bankers give reprieve to troubled Gardena on $26 million debt + San Diego: Rate hike for power could zap eateries Click. + Report: Desal plant possible at San Onofre Click. + Fullerton Asks Halt to El Toro Auction Click. (LAT Reg) + Orange County: Environmental Coalition Sues to Block Development Click. (LAT Reg) + Showdown on Canyon Hills Click. + Plan to Bus Homeless Criticized Click. (LAT Reg) + Hahn's Replacement of Public Works Commissioner Decried Click.

Key HIV-fighting genes identified

Scientists Uncover Clues To The Mystery Of 'Gene Deserts'

New System Reduces Risk Of Burns During Interventional X-rays

Mayo Clinic Discovers Potential Marker For Aggressive Kidney Cancer

Simple Intervention Nearly Eliminates Catheter-related Bloodstream Infections

Sizing Up Thyroid Cancer

Vioxx Alternatives:

Deadly Soybean Disease In Georgia

Drug As Therapeutic Candidate For Spinal Muscular Atrophy

'Lighter Than Air' Breathing More Than Doubles COPD Patients' Exercise Endurance

Canola Study Solves Seed Oil Mystery

New Class Of Drugs To Repair Psychiatric Disorders

New Research Shows Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Originates From Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells

Imaging Tool May Help Physicians Diagnose Bipolar Disorder

Increased Benefits Found From Wider Use Of Anti-parasite Drugs

Abundance Of Myostatin In Infected Swine Results In Reduced Muscle Mass

Tool use confirmed in monkeys

Novel Test Drug Offers New Hope for Tuberculosis Treatment

Britons growing 'digitally obese'

RSS: Show Me the Money

Purdue Engineers Create Model For Testing Transistor Reliability

Major Milestone In Hydrogen Research

Panel recommends shuttle to service, upgrade Hubble.

Carbon Sink Or Carbon Source? Aerosols Play Significant Role In Shifts

Cassini Captures Saturn Moon Red-Handed

Impact Of 2002 Canadian Forest Fires Felt 700 Miles Away In Baltimore, Maryland

When Earth Turned Bad: New Evidence Supports Terrestrial Cause Of End-Permian Mass Extinctionon Red-Handed


Bush: No payroll tax hike for Social Security

Bush Is Close to Completing Cabinet After Reappointing Four Secretaries

United States Defends Global Warming Strategy at International Climate Summit

Bush Taps Republican Activist as Veterans Chief + Bush's Choice for VA Secretary Has Long Served His Country

Bush, Rumsfeld Try to Soothe Angry U.S. Troops + Troops confront Rumsfeld, ask for better battle gear. Challenges from National Guardsmen bound for combat unnerve Pentagon chief + Rumsfeld Says Hearing Troops' Questions Was Good + Drudge: Reporter Planted Rumsfeld Questions

Bush on Notice Despite Win in Congress

Bush to Visit NATO, EU on Feb. 22

EPA: Sewage agencies may get break on releases

Congress: Congress passes bill to allow space tourism + Immigration reform 'top priority' Click. + Bills to Thwart Piracy Falter Click. (LAT Reg) + House speaker draws fire for hardball move

Vote fraud: John Conyers wants 'raw' exit poll data from media Click. + Ann Harrison: 'The Ohio recount: Reluctant officials and few rules Click. + Keith Olbermann: 'Town halls in Washington and Kuwait Click. + Recount Requested in Ohio; Third-Party Candidates Allege Irregularities + Democratic Congressman, Jackson Vow to Continue Inquiry of Ohio Vote


Sidney Blumenthal: 'All hail to Caligula's horse Click.

Alan Bisbort: 'No checks, no balance: U.S. Congress is a disgrace to democracy Click.

Staggering National Debt Worries Economists


Lenovo poised as major player + Global Cachet Comes With Chinese Deal for IBM Unit Click. (LAT Reg)

The allure of foreign funds

IBM alters policy on pension plan

Grocery unions gear up for an offensive

Hard times linger for high tech firms in Silicon Valley

Soy boom endangers South American environment


New Weapon In Germ Warfare: 'Jamming' Bacteria Signals Stops Cholera

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Chiron plant suspension extended + Now, an excess of flu vaccine

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

San Jose Mercury News suing San Jose for Cisco records

Santa Cruz: Voices in support of free radio

A Sign of Hope for Reporters in CIA Leak Case

Reporter Gets 6 Months Home Confinement Revealing Source

Reporter Facing Prison Over Source of FBI Tape Says Source May Have Bragged About Leak

Venezuelan President Approves Media Law, Despite Harsh Criticism

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Cartoons with an edge in SF exhibit

Boat tours near Fresno offer closer look at wintering raptors

Marin's 'Survivors': Novato family finds their own reality on the Vanuatu Islands

Christmas Revels tap 18th-century Scotland for inspiration

Geocaching devotees use latest GPS gear in fun scoots for loot

Ten good uses for worldly new gadgetry

Napoleon Memoir and Will Sold at Paris Auction

Impulsive Behavior May Be Relict Of Hunter-gatherer Past

Brueghel Painting Fetches $7 Million at Auction in London

Johns Hopkins Opens New Lab For Study Of Child Development

Elderly New York Man Unlikely Advice Guru in China

U.S. gives 1st funds for black museum

Pakistani film on fundamentalism screened at Dubai festival

Iran's "Beautiful City" romps home with top award of Indian film fest

Alexander the Great died of acute pancreatis, Greek doctor says

'Chinatown' Makers Recall How Classic Made

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 8, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Combat Deaths in Iraq Climb to 1,001 + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraqis May Extend Election Amid Violence + Intimidation Against Iraqis Slows Rebuilding Work + Iran aims to tip neighbor's vote for Shi'ite gain, Sunnis say + Stay out of our polls, Iraq warns Iran as vote concerns mount + Putin doubts date of the elections, Allawi confirms it will be made in phases

War prisons: Interrogators objected to tactics + FBI had warned Pentagon on tactics

MIDDLE EAST: Egyptian President Tours Persian Gulf, Trying to Build Momentum to Revive Peace Process + Mubarak in Kuwait

UKRAINE: Ukraine Parliament Votes for Sweeping Electoral Changes

EUROPE: EU split on China arms ban, but 'tide turning' toward lift + N. Ireland peace deal left undone, Blair and Ahern admit

AMERICAS: Mexico's Fox defends his presidency


Senate Passes Historic Intelligence Reform

House OKs intelligence bill. Measure creates new director to control 15 different spy agencies + Director's Control Is a Concern + Will More Power for Intelligence Chief Mean Better Results? + Compromises Curb Spy Chief's Power What spy reforms mean

Afghan prisoners told FBI about death of CIA officer. Captives said Spann may have sparked riot that killed him

Pakistan Tests Medium-Range Nuclear-Capable Missile

Al-Qaeda vs. the House of Saud: Ehsan Ahrari

Mail with mercury sent to Nebraska officials

US accuses Israel of industrial spying

FBI setup in AIPAC case confirmed + Jewish confidence remains high as FBI probe of AIPAC intensifies

Egyptian Charged with Spying for Iran + Egypt to try Iranian and Egyptian on spy charges + Iran rejects Egypt conspiracy accusations + Israeli Arab remanded for allegedly recruiting for Iran + Ghanem family: 'For us this is like death'

Iran probing 4 suspected nuke spies: Judiciary

MK Kara proposes state compensation for Azzam Azzam

Something Personal in FSB Convictions

Iran Launches Largest Military Exercise Ever

Click.  Fmr. Counterterror Chief Richard Clarke on Intel Bill, Iraq and the Threat of Another Attack on the U.S.

Risk of Birth Defects Found in 2 Epilepsy Drugs

My 3 Sons: Cloning's Unexpected Results

Huygens To Begin Its Final Journey To Titan

Novel Imaging Technique Shows Abnormal Brain Anatomy In Children With ADHD

Zebrafish Study Yields Observation Of Muscle Formation

How The Early Universe Got Dusty Remains A Mystery

New Study Finds Link Between Obesity And Atrial Fibrillation

Risk Of Muscle-damaging Disorder Low For Most Commonly Prescribed Statin Drugs

Fragmented Habitats No Ultimate Refuges For Forest-dwelling Tropical Birds

NASA Study Links Wind And Current Changes To Indian Ocean Warming

The Treadmill Test: Is It a Heart Saver?

An initial hepatitis C infection can look like the flu

Got Heart Disease? The Answer May Be In Your Fingertips

University Of Texas At Austin Researchers Identify Drug-tolerance Mechanism In Flies

Revisiting The Vertebrate Invasion Of The Land

UCLA Brain Researchers Uncover New Clues To SIDS

MRI Shows Liver Tumors Freezing In Real Time

Ventricular Regulation May Be Key To Preventing Heart Failure

A New Species Of Amyloid Peptide

It's Not All In The Wrist

Ongoing Transfusions Needed To Avoid Strokes In Children With Sickle Cell Disease

Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Found To Be Airborne In Concentrated Swine Operation

New Findings In Innate Immunity May Lead To Treatments For Atherosclerosis

Marine Sponge Leads Researchers To Immune System Regulator

New sub-species of tiger found

Hypertension trial stopped early because results so good

Advance in breast cancer treatment

Feeding Astronauts on Mars-Bound Missions


Justices Pick Apart Ban on Wine Sales From State to State

Click. Vang: A conflicting portrait


Ignore killer's retardation plea, high court told

Females in California's youth prisons and county juvenile halls have unique needs that are going unmet Click.

Carmakers, dealers sue state over reduction of greenhouse gases

3 firms told: Stop investment adviser business

Appellate court upholds curbs on runoff pollution Click.

ACLU sues to scrap Prop. 69 and its DNA databank. Invasion of privacy charged; backers say law on solid ground

Sacramento & north: Panel orders deputy sheriff (trespasser) rehired + Psychologist gets prison term for Medicare fraud + Fugitive convicted in W. Sac stabbing is arrested + Two teens face trial Jan. 25 in alleged school death plot + Pair of church bombings linked

San Francisco, San Mateo: Woman accused of starving puppy

Alameda: 2nd man arrested in Oakland slaying + Groups try to restore Prop. 42 road funding + Police on lookout for robbery suspect + Fremont: Coach faces drug trial + Body is found in Oakland estuary + Union City: Police confirm robbery motive + Local father shot, killed in Union City

Santa Clara: Mtn. View man bolts during escort to jail

Contra Costa: Antioch: Disabled vet killed -- police suspect couple

Sonoma: Body found in SR Creek; police suspect homicide + Nine-year sentence for 2003 Cotati roadside rampage + Lake County man charged in fatal shooting of girlfriend

Solano: Fairfield police to patrol mall

Monterey: Officers cleared in Taser death + Competency hearing postponed + Operation Cease-Fire under way

Central Valley: Man pleads not guilty in death of girl, 11 + Homeless man found dead was run over, police say + Driver reported on a rampage + Gustine man pleads not guilty to murder charge + Officer wanna-be gets probation

Central Coast: Santa Cruz Neighbors tackle crime: Downtown group says it’s fed up

Southern California: 5 DUIs didn't stop driver Click. + Simi Valley: 4 White Youths Held in Black Teen's Beating Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Peterson's Frail Mom Testifies in Court + For Peterson jury, lives likely changed forever + Jurors not allowed to consider Peterson family impact + Killer's mom expected to be crucial ito spare her son's life


The Governor:  At tribute for women, Gov. angers nurses. He quips protesters are 'special interests' -- 'I kick their butt' + Gov. opens huge women's conference as nurses protest + Gov. vows to end ceiling for women + 10,000 women network at Gov.'s conference + Nurses protest  + Restore funds for highways, Gov. is warned + Latino caucus calls GOP ads racist +Dan Walters: Tax panel's change of heart pops up and helps theaters +State keeps flood-plan hopes Click.

Workers' comp misgivings aired + Reforms assailed + Work-comp rule could cut benefits by two-thirds + Is Full of Loopholes Click. (LAT Reg)

CalPERS to reveal venture-capital fees

Program to thin Sierra's forests has environmentalists crying foul

Abuse and fraud run rampant in CHP disability retirement

Stem cells: Prop. 71's fine print contains surprises. Tightly written law leaves little room for oversight or changes + Prop. 71 stem cell funds bring hopes of major breakthrough. Diabetes a first target for research in regenerative medicine

Legislature: Bill would blend state history, women's section in new museum + Measure aims to let gays marry inside state + Bill to create website for buy Canadian drugs + Joe Nation urges tax revision to Prop.13 + Gay-marriage fight engrosses capital + Democrats team up to support agendas + Perata takes helm, vows legislative unity Click. + Shelley on defense against critics Click. + Merced senator to head ag panel

Indian tribes: Put spotlight on gaming deals

LOCAL NEWS:  No relief in sight for high produce prices

BART brass get raise before possible boot

Farmers may win dispute on water, fish. U.S. near deal with San Joaquin districts

Sacramento & north: 'Swing county' politics + Planned asphalt plant protested + Yolo workers prepare for unpaid leave + Bee court filing seeks firefighters' names + Pot store permit request to go to vote + MacGlashan sworn in as supervisor

San Francisco, San Mateo: Muni chief offers plan to fix budget + Supervisors end zoo's elephant era + Mayor vows to keep adding housing for homeless + Golf course lease raises questions + Frank Jordan answers back

Alameda: Oakland salaries a shocking secret + Berkeley: Addition to landmark house approved after long struggle + Oakland: Report details overtime in public safety. 74 of 100 highest-paid city employees during the last fiscal year were police or firefighters + Oakland hires outside help for police chief hunt + Work on bridge detour stopped + BART will test assured parking + Berkeley flu shot clinic to benefit at-risk people + Neighbors want open meeting with priory + Convention targets port transportation + Tri-City area water rates may rise + Pleasanton: Voters will fill council vacancy

Santa Clara: All systems go for S.J. car race + Study sought on S.J. BART Final days for medical center + Alamaden sports site approved + Mtn. View council OKs new center for child care

Contra Costa: County asks state to block gun shows + Richmond selects its city manager + Supervisors set up Head Start probe + Miller Center advocates await state grant funds + Richmond: Audit blames former city manager for mess. Deliberate errors, unjustifiable raises, claims state report + Board delays vote on delta pollution + Head Start problems jeopardize funding

Marin: County offers e-garage sale for residents to swap, barter + Fire shuts San Anselmo school + County OKs garden center in Tam Valley + Canal Area could get new health center

Sonoma: SR planning Fountaingrove park + Memorial Hospital head Ameen leaving post + Bender replaces Wright as Santa Rosa mayor + 3 county commissions consolidated

Napa: $16 million goes to Napa flood control + Cops, firefighters challenge city policy + LAFCO shows city council ignoring problems

Solano: Frank Jordan answers back + Businesses choosing Midwest, not Vallejo + Travis to privatize housing

Monterey: Don't reject Rancho San Juan, Reed warns + Fifteen students injured in Highway 1 bus crash + Time for a zoning change, city says + Salinas city council members, mayors take office + Reed bids emotional adieu + City OKs protest letter on fee + Development hits snag

Central Valley: Farmers continue using chemical slated for phase-out + Council sets 15-year plan in motion to meter water + Two hospitalized after Modesto fire + New tax hike to save Stanislaus programs + New Ripon councilman not following status quo + New Escalon health center is scheduled to open Thursday + Cold reception at Little Sweden + Denham's overtures pay off big for valley

Central Coast: School buses collide in Moss Landing wreck: No one seriously hurt in chain-reaction pile-up on Highway 1 + Resident killed in S.V. mobile home fire + Keeley lands county treasurer-tax collector post + P.V. field workers grow comfortable on computers + Funds found for B.C. fish-passage project + Board mixed on library growth in county + Watsonville’s Sunny Meadows now a gated community + County pool experiment at Simpkins a success, so far

Southern California: Hahn goes for new look on panels + Council OKs LAX master plan + Appeals court lifts stay in San Diego mayor's race + Southern California energy crunch seen + King/Drew: How Whole Departments Fail A Hospital's Patients + Hospital Places Former King/Drew Doctor on Leave Click. (LAT Reg)+ Orange County Canadian-Drug Plan Stalled by Legal Risk Click. (LAT Reg) + Bid Would Open El Toro Housing Click. (LAT Reg) + Bobby Shriver sworn in as Santa Monica city councilman + Mayor Declared Winner in Close San Diego Election Click.

School days: LAUSD's bait and switch + Integrity problem at LAUSD + Nontraditional schools get boost from Bill Gates foundation + New admissions chief at UC-Berkeley + Peter Schrag: Good teachers or warm bodies: Which will we get? + Requests for tutors in Santa Rosa, at public expense, up tenfold + State is due to lose qualified teachers + Alameda educator keen on challenge + Union City: New Haven revives 'alternative H.S., The Ranch' + Kern County teachers to get random drug testing Click. + A Drive to Split L.A. School District Click. (LAT Reg) + State schools' chief: 34% of San Joaquin County kids obese Click.

Risk of Birth Defects Found in 2 Epilepsy Drugs

My 3 Sons: Cloning's Unexpected Results

Huygens To Begin Its Final Journey

Novel Imaging Technique Shows Abnormal Brain Anatomy In Children With ADHD

Zebrafish Study Yields Observation Of Muscle Formation

New Study Finds Link Between Obesity And Atrial Fibrillation

Risk Of Muscle-damaging Disorder Low For Most Commonly Prescribed Statin Drugs

Fragmented Habitats No Ultimate Refuges For Forest-dwelling Tropical Birds

The Treadmill Test: Is It a Heart Saver?

An initial hepatitis C infection can look like the flu

Got Heart Disease? The Answer May Be In Your Fingertips

 Researchers Identify Drug-tolerance Mechanism In Flies

Revisiting The Vertebrate Invasion Of The Land

UCLA Brain Researchers Uncover New Clues To SIDS

MRI Shows Liver Tumors Freezing In Real Time

Ventricular Regulation May Be Key To Preventing Heart Failure

A New Species Of Amyloid Peptide

It's Not All In The Wrist

Ongoing Transfusions Needed To Avoid Strokes In Children With Sickle Cell

Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Found To Be Airborne In Concentrated Swine Operation

New Findings In Innate Immunity May Lead To Treatments For Atherosclerosis

Marine Sponge Leads Researchers To Immune System Regulator

New sub-species of tiger found

Hypertension trial stopped early because results so good

Advance in breast cancer treatment Missions

Sale of I.B.M. PC Unit Is a Bridge Between Cultures + $1.75 billion deal to leave Big Blue with 18.9% interest

Japanese get 'beautiful' house sitter with jellyfish-shaped robot

Scheme Simplifies Quantum Chips

Feeding Astronauts on Mars-Bound Missions

How The Early Universe Got Dusty Remains A Mystery

NASA Study Links Wind And Current Changes To Indian Ocean Warming


Bush acknowledges toll war taking on military. President offers Marines sober assessment of conflict's progress + Bush meets with families of Marines who died Click.

Snow to Remain Treasury Secretary as Bush Ends Speculation on Replacements

Bush Gives $20 Mln to Palestinians to Pay Israeli Utility Bills

Disgruntled Troops Complain to Rumsfeld

India warns Rumsfeld on F-16s

Homeless Iraq vets showing up at shelters

Powell Makes Plea for Europe to Reconcile with U.S.

Powell rips Russia over Ukraine. Kremlin bashed for eroding democracy at home and in its neighbors

Kerik's surveillance activities in Saudi Arabia questioned + Mondo Washington: Kerik Has Big Critics in New York

FDA approves warnings for heart drug+ Frequently asked questions about amiodarone+ RISKY RX: A Knight Ridder drug investigation + A sick agency in need of a cure? + Looking for some trouble

Postal Service ends year $3.1b in black

Panel Suggests Ways to Ensure U.S. Energy Security

New York waits, upstate is fed security pork

Medicare Help Line Not Always Helpful, GAO Says

Congress: Boost for specialty crops + DeLay's legal defense fund allegedly broke House rules, accepted lobbyists' money + House Democrats Reject Calls for Annan's Resignation

Democrats: Dean's speech on the future of democracy

Vote fraud: Rosenfeld, Fitrakis & Wasserman: Ohio election uproar blasting to new level Click. + Jesse Jackson: In Cleveland as in Kiev


A toothless FDA

Medford: What Are You, On Drugs?

Who knew what at Abu Ghraib?

The 'Stop Loss' Scam: Justin Raimondo

Paranoia and Pre-emption: Is the Bush Administration Certifiable?


Always Online: When information access is so easy, truth can be elusive

Fetal Frontier: A New Pro-Choice Strategy

Four dots, and wow! You'll menstruate very three months

Pull yourselves together

Experts Offer a Few Tips for Alleviating Technology-Related Stress


Saudi Questions Need for OPEC Oil Cuts

Recession may hit in '06, UCLA says

Serious business for CritterPix

Oracle president admits PeopleSoft bid is uphill battle

Starbucks Gives a Caffeine Jolt to Sales of CD


Biotech in the developing world

Quick Bird Flu Test Developed

MILITARY Judge Rejects Soldier's Request to Block Deployment to Iraq


Air Force's chief lawyer accused of improper affairs

Cupertino teacher sues to tell role of Christianity+ Sues school over ban on religion-laced materials for history class + Cupertino history lesson

ACLU files challenge to law expanding DNA database

Al Jazeera is currently banned in five Arab countries including Saudi Arabia and Iraq

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Sodomy conviction in military reversed. Gays praise ruling as key legal victory + Minister says Gay "Marriage" could be Federal Law  + Gay Kiwis civil about wedlock

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Slew of journalists under legal siege for not revealing sources + CIA leak investigator presses reporters to talk

Can the Point Reyes Light Stay Afloat?

Top editor appointed for Contra Costa Times

Knight Ridder ad revenue up 7 percent in November

Arrested development: Martha to host homemaking show

Linguist deciphers uses of word 'dude'

ABC New's Vargas girl asks: Why so few women in prime time?


Des Moines Paper Omits a Key Point in Clergy Sex Case

Film on Al-Jazeera newsroom during Iraq war wins Arab applause

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Infiltrator visits New Age convention

Stage set for hip-hop moms

Tracy Hogg, child-minder to the stars, dies at 44

Paris lures foreign designers to put down roots

A full-bodied vintage trial

Rabbi spreads Jewish word in Mormon realm

Crete snaps up re-discovered El Greco

Ancient Apollo sanctuary found on uninhabited Greek islet

Blows to head kept Tintin young during decades of adventures

Midler adds topical local humor to her versatile lineup for Everett show

The ghost of Verdi

The trials of Travolta

Marty's mistake: Leo as Hughes

Rush & Molloy: Pacino in image protection program?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: 'O.C.'s' mixed blessing

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 7, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
1,000th U.S. Soldier Killed in Action in Iraq + NBC: Foreigners Enter Iraq to Launch Suicide Attacks + Icarus (Armed With Vipers) Over Iraq + Iraqi Official Denounces Neighbors for Doing Too Little to Keep Foreigners From Joining Insurgency + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Fallujah as a 'Model City': Dahr Jamail + Click. (LAT Reg) Factional Disputes Beset Shi'ites as Vote Nears Click. (LAT Reg) + Iraqi Shi'ites Plan Autonomous Region

War prisons: FBI letter alleged abuse of detainees + Abu Ghraib defendant dealt 2 legal setbacks + FBI Agents Witnessed Gitmo Abuse+ Navy: Some SEALs Photos Important for Intel + Inquiry Defends Seals' Treatment of Prisoners + 'Torture' of Guantánamo Britons to be outlined

AFGHANISTAN: Cheney hails "historic" inauguration of Afghan leader Karzai + Karzai warns of Afghan dangers

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt heralds Mideast peace 'breakthrough', eyes return of ambassador

RUSSIA: Russia, U.S. Clash Over Ukraine, OSCE Monitoring

UKRAINE: UKRAINE OPPOSITION WAS TO BE SMEARED WITH TERROR ATTACK + Ukraine power struggle shifts to parliament after talks fail



Outgoing CIA Chief in Iraq Says Better Government, Economy Needed to Tame Insurgency

The CIA's tough task in recruiting spies

Chip planned to protect water from terror attack

Device for the Paralyzed Turns Thinking to Doing

Saudi Attackers Monitored U.S. Consulate Before Attack

Spain handed Madrid bomb suspect

Supreme Court Won't Fast-Track Terror Case

Click. House Report: Cybersecurity for the Homeland

'Where Are the Americans?' Attackers Shouted as They Stormed Into Compound in Saudi Arabia

Spain Says Italy Has Handed Over Key Suspect in Madrid Terror Attack

Marine Security Team Heading to Jiddah


Banking's soldiers of fortune

Europe raises pressure on US to prop up dollar

Internet patents sold at S.F. auction

Disney is ready to enter food biz

Silicon Valley shares its savvy

Chesapeake Bay Researchers Growing Blue Crabs in the Lab in Hopes of Restoring the Industry

Hewlett-Packard Board Considered but Rejected Breakups Three Times

Vons offers to buy out veteran union employees Click. + Supermarkets agree to settle with janitors


FDA bolsters food-tracking measures

Food Supply Vulnerable to Terror Attack

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Agency: German Flu Vaccine Safe for U.S. + HHS Buys 'Experimental' Glaxo Flu Vaccine + More Flu Vaccine Available From Germany, but Deal With Canada Falls Through


Justices Give Second Hearing in a Texas Death Row Case

Dozens of arrests in Naples anti-Mafia swoop

Wine shipping laws under review

Divorce court scams

Sheryl Crow's "Suitor" and Other Celebrity Stalkers: When Do They Legally Infringe Privacy?

Burger King Franchise Owners Settle Harassment Suit With Teenage Girls


Word war moves to high court

State court to decide standard for retarded. Ruling could affect 20 to 30 prisoners on Death Row Click.

Automakers Sue Over California's Tough Vehicle-Emissions Rules

Reversal on bank data-sharing ban likely Click.

The entertainment industry and the news media may disclose information from public records — even if it is decades old — without violating a person's right to privacy Click.

Sacramento & north: Third settlement in Rosen case + Diana Griego Erwin: Mother says police ignored her pleas for help for mentally ill son + Man surrenders in kidnapping case + Lodi fire chief cleared of sex charges brought by daughter

San Francisco, San Mateo: Tax-shelter author sentenced to prison + Cops suggest one-way ticket for homeless

Contra Costa: Helzer witnesses talk of his religion, youth + Police have 'strong leads' in Antioch man's killing + Chung: What makes baby Rivaldo at risk? + Defense seeks to spare Helzer

Sonoma: Laborer testifies in murder trial + Vroman sued over barring judge

Napa: Class action suit against Mondavi moves forward

Solano: Ex-Vallejoan ID'd as victim in Richmond shooting + Pizza' slaying suspects plead not guilty + Defender appointed in shooting, beating case

Monterey: Jury split in road-rage shooting + Jury awards $3.6 million in crash + Single father on tightrope between work, parenting + Salinas man facing weapons charges

Central Valley: Trucking companies indicted for falsifying driver's logs + Witnesses point to Rivera as Merced officer's killer + Modestans enable criminals by blaming themselves for crime

Central Coast: No arrest in Watsonville slaying + Judge’s helmet-law ruling leaves cops, courts and biker confused + Murderer gets 25 to life

Southern California: Accused pleads guilty in CHP officer's death + Man fatally stabbed by intruder at home + Blake trial delayed as key witness sent to mental hospital + Former Compton mayor eligible for bail + Redondo Beach temporarily blocked from arresting day laborers

Scott Peterson: Jury to begin deliberating Thursday + Family, friends make impassioned appeal for Peterson's life


The Governor: Nurses Decry New TV Spot in which RN thanks Gov. Click. (LAT Reg) + Shriver goes to bat for Bonds in steroid scandal Click. + State Fears Ruling's Effect on Environmental Water Policy Click. (LAT Reg) + Equalization Board battle brews after Migden leaves + Political angling at CalPERS

Stem cell funding may get its start in May + Stem Cell Spending Fight Builds Click. Stem-cell planning begins Click. + Creating $3 billion stem cell agency no small feat

Legislature: Old divisions split new Legislature + Perata takes helm, vows  unity + Legislature mixes a bit of history with a barrel of conflict + Assembly, Senate start new session + Battling bills on gay marriage + Perata is elected leader of Senate Click. + Perata, Nuez deny 'ganging up' on Gov. Click. + McClintock urges budget reform Click. + State partisan fight starts early Click. + Bill would bar state meddling in water pacts Click. + Highlights of bills Monday + Torrico digs in; begins by leading committee

PUC's firecracker's final salvo Click.

CalFed shifts burden from state

Indian tribes: Gambling pact review period sought Click. + Oakland Airport casino plan subject of hearing

LOCAL NEWS:  Advocates for abandoned babies win lottery millions

When it comes to almonds, ask Jane

New urgency for oceans

Flight from San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City to make history Click.

Sacramento & north: CSUS and RT discuss options for mass transit + Mustangs' slaughter feared + Mayor's chief of staff opts for private sector + Red-light cameras come to Roseville + Ailing port plans to sell 65 acres

San Francisco, San Mateo: Getting hard-core homeless into housing a huge battle -- and it's just the beginning + Care Not Cash success story + Storm-drain cleaning set for flood zones + Panel bars Potrero development plans + Muni chief suggests increase in taxes to cut agency deficit + MTA weighs budget cuts + Tax measures did poorly on Newsom's turf + Optimism rises

Alameda: Oakland forced to release salary info Click. + Trolley plan makes very little noise + Forum will focus on boosting E. Oakland + Newark considers 15 for council seat

Santa Clara: Closing of San Jose Medical Center + San Jose car race subsidy at issue + Ex-R.C. councilman sworn into Assembly + Former Ass't U.S. Attorney named to probe conduct of San Jose City Councilman Gregory + Palo Alto OKs fire chief

Contra Costa: Vasco Road bill would increase traffic fines + Head Start 'deficient,' officials say + Failure of land initiative outlined + Two hotly contested races in Byron, Hercules head for recount + 'Smart parking' signs at BART make debut + Blind couple say scare past + Delta is a graveyard for orphan boats, junk. Contra Costa plans to crack down on runaway pollution + Tax fears sank open space plan. Poll shows strongest opposition came from taxpayer associations + Dublin aims to clean up with new trash contract

Marin: WWII history comes to life for Marin students; veterans interviewed for project + San Rafael to sever ties with Marinwood fire + MMWD board rejects arming wardens on Mt. Tam + Judge rejects free Healthcare District election recount + Oakview housing project receives approval Sonoma: Sutter strike satisfies workers, management

Sonoma: Laborer testifies in murder trial + Vroman sued over barring judge

Napa: PlumpJack Group to run Carneros Inn

Solano: Council to vote on water projects + Benicia council not thrilled with Vallejo expansion plans + Plans for racetrack in Dixon begin to solidify

Monterey: Board elects Foss president + Residents: Measure I wasn't on some ballots + SEAWALL PLAN IRKS OWNERS + C.V. could stand alone financially + Residents against water rate merge

Central Valley: Water park sliding into oblivion + Merced posse hopes to lasso inaugural invite + Manteca bike park clears 1st city vote

Central Coast: ‘Surf City’ showdown + Gil Mello leaves imprint on Pajaro Valley + Laird will head key Legislature budget panel + Biancalana retires from Cabrillo

Southern California: Assembly, Senate start new session + Big break for L.A. businesses + San Diego officials sworn in, but no mayor + One doctor's long trail of dangerous mistakes at King/Drew + Day of history and sadness for Van Tran Click. + Pact a Reprieve for Shell Refinery Click. (LAT Reg) + Mega-port possibilities seen for Baja Click.

School days: Math + test = trouble for US economy + Redwood City school trustees weighing 100 layoffs + LAUSD short of decree goals + Novato school board votes to cut $3.7 million; 2 schools face closure + Mountain View: High school students debate steroid ethics + Student health center lowers expectations

Scientist: Tiny microbes make us who we are

Russian call for Mars volunteers

Human gland evolved from gills

MS risk 'linked to birth month'

Hope for brain tumor treatment

Basis For Determining Handedness In Chimpanzees

Way To Deliver Promising Genetic Tool Into Living Cells

Proof Positive: Mars Once Had Water

Two-Fisted Assault On Dopamine Transport System May Be Foundation Of Parkinson's Disease

Disoriented T Cells Cause Liver Disease

Cracking The Genomic Code: Gene Decoding Revealed At Atomic Level

Researchers Trace How Virus That Causes AIDS Spreads Following Oral Exposure

The Real World: Recognizing Mental Illness in Young Adults

Left-Brain/Right-Brain Differences In People With Autism

Pathogens In Dental Plaque Implicated In Development Of Pneumonia In Hospitalized Elderly

Proposed Addiction Treatment Successful, Safe In Second Small Trial

Surgeons Pinch More Than An Inch From The Arm To Rebuild A Micropenis

Findings Show How Toxic Proteins Rob Alzheimer's Patients Of Memory

Brain Remapping May Be Key To Recovery From Stroke

Mechanism 'Protects' Against Inhibitors

NASA Satellites See El Nino Creep In From The Indian Ocean

Family History Predicts Young Women's Risk Of Stroke

Ubiquitination In Real-time

'Brainwave' cap controls computer

Toyota Vehicles to Offer Both XM, Sirius Satellite Radio

'White collar' virus writers make cash from chaos

String Theory, at 20, Explains It All (or Not)

Google unveils improvements to groups

Search sites get closer to users

Bill Clinton Helps Launch new Chinese Search Engine

Realization Of Quantum Memory For Light Allows The Extension Of Quantum Communication Far Beyond 100 Km


Bush Scores Intelligence Bill Victory

Bush Thanks U.S. Soldiers at Calif. Base

Iraqi Training Is Behind Schedule, Forcing U.S. to Increase Troop Strength

Powell to visit Europe, Africa on healing mission

Putin casts doubt on Iraq polls, US combat deaths near 1,000

Despite Cabinet shuffle, neocon ideology remains

What's in the cards for loyal Andy?

Bush Headed for Showdown With Civil Rights Board

Powell Rejects Russian Charges of Manipulation of Ukraine Election Process

Poor Who Would Benefit Most From Drug Card Are the Hardest to Sign Up

Spitzer, Prosecutor Who Shook Up Wall Street, to Run for New York Governor

Congress: Deal in place to overhaul intelligence + Holdouts back spy agencies' overhaul. GOP objectors OK last-minute revision + Pharmacists Inflating Charges for Medicaid Drugs, Lawmakers Say

Legislators feel need to respond to BALCO reports. Recent reports have changed tone in nation's capital

Vote fraud: DNC leader plans investigation of Ohio voting irregularities


Afraid to look in the moral abyss

Nixon in China, Bush in Mideast - the parallels

A who's who of players in the battle of biology class

Mainline Protestants Challenge Israel Lobby

In This Election, Moral Values Were Neither

Howard Dean: The future of the Democratic Party Click. (LAT Reg)Click.


MILITARY U.S. to Court Martial Soldier in Iraq Murder Case

Bay Area Coast Guard Cutter deployed to Iraq

Biplane was backbone of World War II

Bronze Star caps story of survivor of Bataan Death March

Thai origami peace bid met with violence


Dispute on medical record access settled. Cancer researchers wanted University of California data on new cases quicker

Sailor Refuses to Deploy With Iraq Strike Group

Bill Berkowitz: Michael Moore: Made over and moving on Click. (

China targets media's 'evil'

Blood for pork....

Cost of Guards, Guns Deters Some Contractors

Russia-India partnership to end technical deadlock


Science Is Eating His Dust

Why I'm a wolf man

How Are We Doing? Researchers Aim To Measure National Well Being

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: NZ debates gay marriage + LA Gay and Lesbian Center's estate planning forum December 7 + Networks wimp out on church commercial + ACLU SUES SCHOOL OVER GAY T-SHIRT BAN + Leno's measure divides Democrats. Same-sex marriage legalization bill draws opposition among moderates Click.

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Clear Channel picks Fox for radio news

Contra Costa Times publisher moving to Mercury News

Iraq, the Press and the Election

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

New York stage looks to the Heavens

NYC siesta salon offers 20-minute pick-me-ups

Wine-tippling in China 9,000 years ago. Residue discovered in potsherds from the late Stone Age

Girl with Guitar

Anthony Lane on “Closer”

New unique animal, liger, born in Siberian zoo

Kennedy Center awards: Hollywood, theater "lefts" rub shoulders with Bush

Excavators Discover 20 Mummies in Western Egypt

The Royal Family

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 6, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraqi and U.S. Forces Intensify Efforts + Generals See Gains From Iraq Offensives + Violence escalated in Iraq + Another bloody day in Iraq, al-Ibraheimi doubts the date of the elections + Iraq Mayhem Looking Like Civil War+ US Detains Sistani Election List Organizer + Sadr to Join Sistani's Election List + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Returning Fallujans Face Police State, Possible Forced Labor

MIDDLE EAST: Abbas visits Damascus today to end tension, meets with Palestinian groups

Yemen to be a regional center for democratic dialogue in the region

Israel celebrates the release of Azzam, considers his release an rapprochement opportunity with Egypt

'We will not boycott elections and are willing to declare a truce with Israel'

UKRAINE: Ukraine leader weighs in on revote. Kuchma advises chosen successor against running + European mediators bid to break renewed deadlock Ukraine crisis + Ukraine Parliament Leaders to Vote on Election Changes Amid Disputed Vote

EUROPE: The Plague: Locusts Swarm Europe

ASIA PACIFIC: North Korea has expanded arms program, expert believes. Atomic agency chief says nation has fuel for 4-6 nuclear bombs


Intelligence for grownups

German Papers: Chinese Horse Trading: Weapons Embargo for a Security Council Seat

Huge Potential in China's Initiatives in Ibero-America

Republicans Fight Themselves Over Intel Bill

How the Abusive Protect the Repressive at the U.N.

Why I resigned from the CIA

U.S. cybersecurity report available online

CIA's remote viewers initiated quest for WMD in Iraq

Russia Seeks Safety in Nuclear Arms

Terrorists Develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

When a Virtual Bomb May Be Better Than the Real Thing

Canadian spy agency investigates Libya's interest in WMDs

Spy freed as part of prisoner exchange

Trail cold on Bin Laden, says Musharraf

MILITARY  Soldiers Challenge Enlistment Extensions

Minor Sanctions for U.S. Troops Who Balked in Iraq

Hero's Courageous Sacrifice Click. (LAT Reg)

Marines fine-tune selves for changing war tactics Click.

Denis Hamill: Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts go to war

Military Judge Says President's Statements Didn't Taint Jury Pool

LEAKGATES N.Y. Times' Attorney Expects No Decision This Week on Plame Appeal


Investment adviser warns about perils of offshore accounts

Shakeout seen for high-tech businesses

For $999, a lifetime of Internet phone calls

Auction of Web patents could be a royalty pain

Unused vacation time can't be taken away

We Can Work with You

Blogs May Be a Wealth Hazard

Plastic Finally Surpasses Paper Checks as America's Favorite Payment Medium


Always Online: A special report

Tricks of the Eye

Toddlers Targeted for Video Games

Some College Professors Cheat Their Students

Garage Door Won't Open? Blame Uncle Sam

NHS revolution: nurses to train as surgeons


Supreme Court Denies Klan Appeal to Anti-Mask Law

Waiting For The Gun

Iowa, Ohio prisons see inmate suicide spike

Jacko swabbed, and it's a bitter pill

US giant's defence on Bhopal could be undermined by company papers

Former Rite Aid Exec Wins Bail During Appeal of Accounting Scandal Conviction


High court throws out ruling in San Diego sex video case

Sacramento & north: Care home deaths raise alarm

San Francisco, San Mateo: Redwood City: Parents fear newborn will be taken away because they're blind

Alameda: Inmate dies in city jail + San Jose man, 24, identified as 83rd Oakland homicide + San Leandro police report fatal shooting + Putting a friendly face on Fremont courthouse + Lawsuit: Neighbors compare a UC Berkeley Co-op to "Animal House"+ Neighbors sue Cal student co-op

Napa: Former winery head testifies in suit against Wine Train

Solano: Police investigating psychiatric patient's death

Central Coast: Injured bicyclist settles claim with driver for $2.4 million

Southern California: Days after record settlement, Orange County bishop 'at peace' + Opening statements scheduled in Robert Blake murder trial + Suit alleges inmates left in cold with little covering during search Click.

Scott Peterson: Peterson defense works to create lingering doubt in penalty phase + Peterson could be in prison near bay


The Governor: Gov. taps Swift Boat group's consultants + Stop dithering on appointments, Gov. + Questions may delay Bay Bridge call + From Hollywood to gay marriage, state at core of values debate + Gov. Savages California, Aims at Presidency

Stem cell advocate tries to plug Prop. 71 holes. Senator wants state to get portion of patent royalties + Stem cell scientists from Britain flock to state's brave new world

Car-pool lanes are down the road for hybrid drivers + Dan Walters: Politicos dither and dally as transportation crisis rolls on

California Boy Wins National Science Competition

Cost of illegal immigration in California estimated at nearly $9 billion Click.

State's Nuclear Future on the Line Click. (LAT Reg)

Legislature: Assemblyman will reintroduce bill to OK gay nuptials + Senate Democrats to focus on congestion, housing woes + Legislators hold lucrative jobs + Candidates who employ relatives walk a fine line + Legislature returns to face many of the same issues as in 2004 + Senate, Assembly gear up to reform + 2005 California Legislature at a glance+ Perata planning agenda despite FBI investigation + Perata Taking Reins in Senate Click. (LAT Reg) + Good Luck Getting That Knife Near Electoral Pie Click. (LAT Reg) + McClintock battles ballooning, late budgets Click. + Legislators push new bills, plan to revive old ghosts Click. + Lawmakers gear up for new year Click.

Indian tribes: San Pablo Indian casino may be smaller


Sacramento & north: Indian clinic could reopen + R.E. Graswich: St. Elizabeth Parish to lose its priest - but not its Portuguese Mass + A tale of two cities, Stockton & Lodi

San Francisco, San Mateo: For mayor's team of street crusaders, getting the chronically homeless into housing requires patience as they battle their addictions -- and persistence if they relapse

Alameda: Oakland port swallows rent debt of $600K + Immigrants fashioning new ethnic district in East Bay + Oakland's cops lack leadership + Livermore: Rural road inviting for speeders + Foundation's grant funds students' wetlands projects + New Oakland library will boost community

Santa Clara: Council weighs playfield plan + Flashing freeway sign to tout Ikea + BART's future in S.J. hangs on more taxes + Activists say blind parents are being treated unfairly

Contra Costa: Concord council prepares for McManigal's departure + Six Richmond unions approve contracts + Christian Brothers turn to laypeople + Supervisor Uilkema prepares for new post + Pleasanton council may be short a body for months + Urban-limit line negotiations stir controversy + Danville's plan urges small-town feel

Marin: Marin coalition promotes minorities + Campaign reform goes to vote

Sonoma: Petaluma housing plan raises concern + Forests become industry friend + Rail opens great divide between Sonoma, Marin

Napa: Community gathers to lay fallen AmCan marine to rest

Solano: County board to review garbage service + Triad may get Vacaville job

Monterey: Seaside mayor finds strength in harsh past + Blaze scorches mushroom farm + Web site rates care facilities + PUC to hear Cal Am's rates bid

Central Valley: Pombo, Tracy, paid relatives big sums, records show + Easing regulations for 'crisis nurseries' creates controversy + Council talk turns to meters for water + Ammo plant jockeys for funds + Storm basin could be remade as BMX track + Pombo wife, brother get $256,000 + A critical week for Stanislaus Consolidated + Bill will target water supplies Click.

Central Coast: Henry J. Mello eulogized

Southern California: Report: Troubled LA hospital pays high malpractice costs + Underfunding is a myth, but the squandering is real + Fuse Getting Short on L.A. Pension Debt Time Bomb Click. (LAT Reg) + Palm Springs: Cash woes dim resort's cachet Click. + Ventura: Tax shift might lead to higher water rates Click. + L.A. Deputies demand big hike Click. + L.A. Union May Try to Avoid Strike Against Hotels Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Los Altos, Mountain View districts seek leaders who will stay + Universities join to train next leaders + Union City: Door signs spark controversy at Logan + Newark school board set to name new president + Science teacher has the formula for learning


The Cuban Biotech Revolution

EU: Flu Pandemic Is Waiting to Happen

Anti-Bioterror Labs Raise Risk to US, Critics Say

Physicists mull year's top events. Institute's list of most significant developments draws debate

Creepy solution to stem cell debate

Patients getting gene tests in secret

Replicating An Eel's Nerve Circuitry May Aid Paralyzed People

Northeastern Researcher Finds Missing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Astronaut's Eyes May Become Windows On The Bloodstream

Fastest Glacier In Greenland Doubles Speed

Purdue Research Offers Hope For Canine, Human Spinal Injuries

Common Lineage Suggested For Viruses That Infect Hosts From All Three Domains Of Life

Reports Detail Rover Discoveries Of Wet Martian History

Researchers Help Uncover Why Aging Reduces Immune System Function

Dental X-rays Could Be First Step In Osteoporosis Screening

NASA Reaches Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Milestone

Estrogen-associated COX-2 Pathways Explain Protection From Heart Disease In Female Mice

Study: Eat Leafy Green Veggies To Help Prevent Cataracts

Nerve Damage From Alcoholism Reversed After Liver Transplantation

Humans Mostly To Blame For 2003 Heatwave, According To UK Study

United States Sees Steep Rise In 'No Indicated Risk' Caesareans

Small Social Circles Tied To Heart Disease Death In Women

Squeezing Out Monkey Clones

Baby Teeth Provide Life-Giving Stem Cells

How the Brain Recognize Faces

Two new 'targeted' leukemia drugs show promise

Listening devices helping visually impaired 'see' movies

Peripherals for the iPod

New Software Developed By Penn State Improves Database Security

Spyware on My Machine? So What?

The Magic That Makes Google Tick

Street Smarts: Device to Help the Blind Find Crosswalks

DNA Makes Nanotube Transistors


Twelve Killed in Attack on U.S. Mission in Jeddah + Violence Linked to Extremists in Saudi Arabia + Attack tests Saudi security strategy

Cheney May Be at Risk of Taliban Attack in Kabul

Bush, Iraqi Leader Vow Jan. 30 Elections

Former Rite Aid Exec Wins Bail During Appeal of Accounting Scandal Conviction

Bush Presses Congress on Intelligence Bill, Deal Said to Clear Way for Vote

Bush Presses Congress on Anti-Terror Bill

White House Sees Borrowing to Fund Social Security Plan + Seniors organization digs in for fight over private Social Security accounts

At F.D.A., Strong Drug Ties and Less Monitoring

Rumsfeld Stays On, Hopes Troops Quit Iraq in 4 Years

Sen. Feinstein Urges Bush to Tell the Truth About Length of Iraq Mission

Precise date of Kerik's departure from Iraq may be key

Congress: Lawmakers enter fray on drug use in baseball. McCain says Bush would back threat to toughen testing + DeLay's Push Helps Deliver NASA Funds + Obama shows media he's a stand-up guy + Reid to Congress: Stay in Town Until Intel Bill Passes

Democrats: Oral history planned for Sen. Kennedy + Kerry opens war chest for fellow Democrats + Obama takes secretive flight to visit Buffett + Gen. Wesley Clark Rattles His Saber

Vote fraud: Challenges Expected Over Ohio Vote + Things just got very interesting in Ohio


Save us from the politicians who have God on their side

Religion in your schools: Creationists try to edge around ban Click.

US admits the war for 'hearts and minds' in Iraq is now lost Click.

So Much for the Honeymoon

Apocalypse Not Yet

Bush FDA Protects Profit Rather Than Health

Harvest of death

Bush's money for space cometh

A Taxing Idea for Social Security

Will executions haunt the American public?

The New Cold War: Justin Raimondo

What Are We Up to – in Ukraine?: Pat Buchanan

Icarus Over Iraq: Tom Engelhardt

Blood for pork....

French Total company returns back to Damascus

Germany Seeks to End EU's China Arms Ban

Old draft dodgers help today's resisters

Krassner: Chilling effects

Video Game Aims to Recreate Fallujah Slaughter

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Leno renews push for gay marriage bill + Gay Novelist Joseph Hansen Dies + GAY GAMES CHICAGO SIGNS $3.2M BROADCAST DEAL + Gay Veterans of War on Terrorism Sue Pentagon for Reinstatement

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

FCC's Powell to Delay Vote on Forcing U.S. Switch to Digital Television

Jon Stewart's 'America' Named Book of Year

UCLA Physicist Applies Physics To Best-selling Books

Little Big Man, Bob Novak

The perfect mystery

Reuters Still Seeking Answers on Alleged Abuse of 3 Staffers

Child's eye view


Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Pioneering band brings 'Fiesta Navidad' to Mondavi

Busteruds celebrate tall-ship legacy

Liberatore at Large: Cartoonists put seniors in spotlight

A Gold Mine of History

Scores flock to Coal Shed to seek work by 11 artists

Sasha Frere-Jones on Keren Ann

The Land of the Rising Song

Mystics Can Pocket a Million - When Pigs Can Fly

Newly Found Tennessee Williams Plays Staged in NY

La Scala revealed: opera showcases work by Salieri for its revival

Cinema Armondiso. A concise history of film

Report: Diana Had Bad Dreams About Boyfriend's Death

Rush & Molloy: Nelly's sure been catering to Ashanti

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Moan for the holidays

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

December 3, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Airborne Troops Head for Iraq in Major Buildup + At least 26 dead in Baghdad attacks, NATO chief visits + Inside the triangle of death + Fears for refugees who fled Fallujah + Orders of battle Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Abuse at U.S. prisons in Iraq mirrored at jails in Afghanistan. Report says lax rules invited mistreatment

MIDDLE EAST: German Papers: Sharon's Political Tight Rope Act

10 vying to lead the Palestinian Authority

RUSSIA: Commander Says Russian Air Force Could Be Used to Strike Terrorists Abroad

UKRAINE: Crisis in Kiev: The Leeches of Ukraine + Ukraine Court Orders New Run-Off Election + Putin makes Ukrainian crisis Russia's internal matter + Ukraine: Where Will the New Vote Take the Nation? An AP News Analysis

EUROPE: A military test for the European Union

Defense demands Berlusconi acquittal in Italian corruption trial


Five explosions hit Madrid; ETA suspected

General drops opposition to intelligence bill. Myers says concerns about measure were resolved in House

Former Nazi camp commandant Josef Schwammberger dies in prison hospital

Afrasaibi: Iran/China Oil

Germany Arrests Three in Suspected Terror Plan Against Iraqi PM

MILITARY Marine's mom sends gift to 1,200 troops

Fears grow of military spread thin

Speculating on Germany's Past: Soldiers of Fortune

Extended Iraq duty weighs on the troops

Army Deserter to Make New Life on Remote Japanese Island Where His Wife Grew Up

ID cards will hit business, watchdog warns

Constant surveillance makes Chinese restive. As security cameras proliferate, so do legal protests

Should this man come to the U.S.?

Managers Misuse Tech to Control Workers


Biotech's gamble paying off in San Diego Click.


High Court to Hear Cable Internet Case

Slaying of fed prosecutor in Pennsylvania still a mystery

Brain Imaging With MRI Could Replace Lie Detector

4 execs of Infeon center to plead guilty to price fixing

Credit card foolery

Click. Judge Rejects Crazed DoJ Secrecy Motion

Red Cross Worker, Two Other People, Charged in Identity-Theft Scheme Involving Blood Donors

New Competency Hearings Ordered for Man Accused of Kidnapping Utah Teenager

Mel Gibson's accused stalker is own lawyer


Bonds told BALCO grandy jury: Just clear substance and cream + Don't ask me, just trust me + DOJ may probe into media leaks + Doping Scandal Breaks Open Click. (LAT Reg) + Bonds Said Unknowingly Used BALCO Supplements

California Supreme Court Upholds Lawyer Fees in Advocacy Suits Click.

Suit asks bar on taxpayer rescue of missions. Bill's backers argue Catholic sites vital to all state residents Click.

Safeway settles tobacco-sales suit

Sacramento & north: R.E. Graswich: Suspect in theft of prison clothes could be issued his own set + Global meth network alleged

San Francisco, San Mateo: He's not the killer, attorney says. Freeway-shooting defendant called dupe of real slayer

Alameda: Charges for sex offender in 2 rapes + Cop who aided 'Riders' probe on stand. He says defendants told him to recopy false police reports + Union head banned as 'snitch' testifies + Cops: Pair pulled other hills heists + Virgin Mary statue stolen from Fremont family's garden

Contra Costa: Court told of killer Helzer's escape plan + Pittsburg: Gang rivalry linked to student's slaying + Prosecution wraps up case to put Glenn Helzer to death + Gang rivalry blamed in man's death + Details of Helzer escape plot told

Marin: Alleged thief back in jail after chase + Safety of Marin streets gets spotlight + Marin City hate trial opens

Sonoma: No-contest plea in death of son who died from being locked in car + Woman pleads no contest + 100-mph chase in car theft + Water board fines couple

Napa: Lawsuits were filed, the contractor was fined, and the bridge work carried on

Solano: Autopsy and Easterling's remarks led to his arrest

Monterey: Ex-chief settles Pacific Grove lawsuit + Trio will face kidnap, murder charges + Grants aid local police + Sentencing delayed for worker who stole + Gag order in Oaxacan girl case

Central Valley: High-stakes lawsuits highlight Central Valley water costs Click. + Breaking News: Man arrested in death of 11-yr-old Newman girl + Man is shot over money, police say + Merced police add firepower to arsenal + Judge rules 3 irrigation districts can't put pesticides in water without review + Tracy woman charged in sister's death

Central Coast: Woman stabbed with screwdriver; 2 arrested

Southern California: Burglary imperils Blake trial + Search warrant served at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch + East L.A. priest to expand landmark gang project after 20 years + Apple Valley teacher arrested for child porn + California diocese settles clergy abuse cases

Scott Peterson: Peterson weeps during appeals + Family, friends hail killer's virtues. But experts question whether glowing portrayals are right strategy to save his life + Peterson accounts focus on early life + The Peterson File + Peterson wanted to please his parents, brother testifies+ Devoted Trial-Watchers Take Peterson Case Personally


The Governor: Gov. and GOP want to change way state allots Electoral College votes and draws political district boundaries Click. + Interim lottery chief Demo Chon Gutierrez has held post before + Click. Arnold's new aide explains plans to cut oil dependence Click. + Bay Area firms honored by governor + First lady Shriver encourages 30 minutes of daily reading

AG Lockyer says schools can't tell mom, dad when kids go for abortion, other services

Parole Chief is out, but lagging reform didn't prompt his removal

Party Is Over on Workers' Comp Click. (LAT Reg)

The melodrama of Harrigan's CalPERS' ouster + Tough time for CalSTRS + Retirement benefits for teachers may drop

Legislature: Florez to chair powerful Senate panel Click. + Bay Area senators named to top posts + Chair of Assembly Transportation Committee has tumor removed + Burton leaves Senate with a mixed record

Health: Tentative Pact for Nurses Click. (LAT Reg)+ Sutter Hospital strike leads to lockout

Indian tribes: Chumash Casino Riches Mean Life of Payouts, Not Handouts Click. (LAT Reg) + Blood Feuds Over Chumash Lineage. Each member gets $350,000 per year gambling revenue Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS: One in eight motorists in state drives an SUV Click.

Mervyn's reverses ban. Salvation Army's bell ringers to return Click. Critics vs. Target bell-ringer ban Click.

Sacramento & north: Council cool to pitch for retailer + West Sac rejects bid for election + Rubicon Trail plan gets public hearing

San Francisco, San Mateo: Harsh talk on budget shortfall. Daly blames latest crisis on mayor's 'stupid politics' + Latina appointed city's postmaster

Alameda: Berkeley's medical marijuana measure fails Click. + Misguided uproar over 7 priests + Malcom X daughter to attend gift show + Livermore airport plan remains undecided + Non-profit's new leader has experience, contacts

Santa Clara: Firehouses to receive newborns + Holiday parade may draw 100,000 + Reptiles abound in San Jose home + P.A. plaza plan hits money, art trouble + Mayor denies bullying relatives

Contra Costa: Concord retirees get advice on leisure. Seniors find moving away from work can be a challenge + Brentwood official's residence under investigation + Sikhs ready their plan to expand in El Sobrante

Marin: Car-pool lane change finds little support + Novato pub finds chunk of money

Sonoma: Rap group's show riles state agents. Raunchy performance could lead to liquor license suspension + Christian Brothers winemaker widely revered + Consultant: Lucchesi Park most popular spot for swim center + Bird mess evokes cries of 'fowl' + Two wheelchairs stolen from SRJC

Napa: RIP: Christian Brother Timothy -- pioneer in wine industry + Family-owned garbage consortium appears to be front runner for Napa garbage franchise + More Mondavi layoffs planned+ Flood project gets shot in the arm, $9 million more than expected + Planning commissioner announces bid for Napa council seat

Solano: Water rate hike: Only direct-bill customers can object + City mum on transit, coffee shop funding miscues + Nonprofit stays open after care network takeover

Monterey: Rancho San Juan project faces uphill battle

Central Valley: Hwy. 99 makeover plan in the works Click. + Bakersfield: Dooley lands top job with trade group Click. + Ripon's mayor, vice mayor nudged aside + Transportation taxes can be a tough sell + Tract woman charged in sister's death

Central Coast: Santa Cruz approved to buy Union Pacific Rail line + Santa Cruz strike averted for now + Former Watsonville mayor de la Paz steps out of politics + Coast Hotel vote put on hold

Southern California: Donna Frye must chose soon to fight or bow out re: San Diego Mayor race + Film crews looking for perks not just tax credits Click. + San Diego Gas & Electric hit with new costs Click. PUC Divides Power Costs for Utilities Click. (LAT Reg) + Advocates Want Tests for Steelhead Fish Click. (LAT Reg) + New program to help owners keep, repair their homes in L.A. Click. + Delay of San Diego's water projects raises concerns Click. + Debate Puts Hahn on Hot Seat Click. + Federal judge denies motion to block closing of troubled South LA hospital's trauma unit + LA County reaches tentative agreement with its nurses union + Four rivals hammer L.A. mayor on ethics, alleged corruption at City Hall

Racial Disparities Noted In Immune System Genes

Live to be 1,000

Online organ linkups spur debate

New dinosaur species found in Brazil

Conditions On Vast Plain On Mars Could Have Been Suitable For Life

Improved Molecular Switch Could Serve As Sensor, Medical Tool

Antipsychotic Drugs Stop Fatal Viral Infection In Brain Cells

Autism: Why Do Some Develop Then Regress?

Temporary Weight Gain Over The Winter Holidays... Might Be A Good Thing

Shark Cartilage Cancer 'Cure' Shows Danger Of Pseudoscience

Say Goodbye To Rudolph, Other Reindeer If Global Warming Continues

The Treadmill Test: Is It a Heart Saver?

Herpes: To Suppress or Not to Suppress

Focusing on New Targets in Lung Cancer

Antibiotic Rifampicin Shows Promise For Fighting Parkinson's Disease

CT Helps Find Cause Of Puzzling Cough In World Trade Center Rescue Workers

Mayo Clinic Examines Neurostimulator In Patients With Epilepsy

Virtual Colonoscopy Shows Significant Promise

Reduced Fish Stocks Linked To Increased Bushmeat Trade

Mammalian Cells Outside The Brain Have Their Own Circadian Clocks

Study Will Identify Lung Cancer Patients For Upfront Iressa Treatment

Computer Reads Heart Condition From X-ray Images

Low-glycemic Load Diet May Improve Ability To Stay On Diet Longer

NASA Research Shows Wetland Changes Affect Florida Freezes

Imaging Study: Structural Difference In The Brains Of Cocaine Addicts

Gene Mutations Responsible For Childhood Cataracts Discovered

Eggs Fertilized Without Sperm

IBM puts PC unit up for sale + IBM Exit From PC Business Has Been One Long Goodbye +  IBM Hires Merrill Lynch to Find Buyer for PC Business (Update2)

Google unveils improvements to groups

Mushrooms Transformed Into Allergy-Free Rubber

Back To Basics: Designing New Metals, From The Bottom Up

The Poppy-seed Bagel Theorem

Knotty Four-decade-old Math Problem Solved By Team Including UGA Professor


Thompson Resigns From Bush's Cabinet With Dire Warning

Russia's Putin Calls U.S. Policy 'Dictatorial'

Powell Lauds UN Chief, in First U.S. Defense

Bush's campaign plate piled high

Rory McCarthy: Kerik, man on a mission

Ex-cop tapped as top terror fighter. Bush also picks Nebraska governor to head Agriculture

Endangered Species Act: Governors may push to alter U.S. law Click.

Congress: Congress Fuels Fire Between FERC, States Click. (LAT Reg) + Vietnam denies visa to U.S. Congresswoman, says visit would hurt countries' relations + Michelle Malkin: The skanks on Capitol Hill + House GOP Aide Was Prime Mover of Tax Return Provision

Democrats: Tally shows Democrats actually beat GOP in fund raising

Vote fraud: Kerry campaign joins suit seeking recount of Ohio vote + Bush's Victory in Ohio Was a Little Closer Than Originally Thought, Won't Trigger Recount


The public cost of privatization

Escaping blame for Abu Ghraib

A UN for this century, not the last one

John W. Dean: A closer look at the red/blue cultural divide: It's mostly hokum Click.

Morford: Very, very dirty pictures

Helen Thomas: U.S. snubs international court


Play is still the thing

Walking is by far the deadliest way to travel Click. (LAT Reg)

Stardom: Deja VOODOO

Research ranks happiness factor of daily activities

When big, nasty growth arrives, you might want to move

Chung: Consider risks of pedicures

Blood for pork....

Swiss Freeze Accounts in Investigation of Alleged Bribes by Halliburton Partner


Wall Street Firms, Analysts Get Guidelines for Paid Research

Mondavi's chair gets big bonus

School days: Federal court monitor flunks L.A. special education Click. + Latinos split between the more Americanized and those more drawn to their immigrant roots Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A. Schools Beef Up Patrols After Fights between Blacks, Latinos Click. (LAT Reg) + Discussing Iraq war in Orange County schools Click. + 92 apply for San Francisco Dream positions + Pleasant Hill: Teachers protest 'death of quality'. Mock funeral staged on quad at Diablo Valley + China trip touches local classes + Pair of professors at Mills recognized for their writing + John Muir Elementary wins national honor + Travis superintendent to lead Woodland district + Vallejo schools consider whether to sell off excess property

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Castro chapter of Annapolis alumni rejected + Lesbian Methodist minister defrocked. Jury of clergy says her gay relationship violated church law

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

I pity the poor journalist who will interview Bob Dylan

High-tech publishing pioneer Red Herring to try a 'blogozine'

Justice Department probe into BALCO media leaks is sought. Chronicle reporters will not divulge sources, editor says

CBS parent Viacom agrees to buy Sacramento's KOVR Click.

Mr. President, will you answer the question?

Media Challenges Military Decision to Close Hearing in Prison Abuse Case

Ohio Papers Getting Nowhere on Vote Fraud Allegations

Free Weekly for African-Americans to Launch in L.A.

'S.F. Chron.' Editor Bronstein Braces for Reaction to Giambi/Bonds Bombshells

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Field Museum art sold for $17 million

Russians buy back national treasures that went West

International film festival opens in Pakistan

Debrett's sold for £1m

Mystery of the Ross obelisk

Exhibit shows art of mushroom hunting

Local oral history projects keep tape recorders rolling

GPS Technology Drives Global Treasure Hunt

Tramp buried instead of Nikolas II, Russia's last emperor

Smithsonian Exhibit Explores Variety of Orchid Lore

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Worked up over Will

Rush & Molloy: ODB widow just one of the gals?

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Word of the day

December 2, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Insurgency Broken? Far From It + The civilians we killed + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Fear Grips Iraqi Voters + US Gives Up on Iraqification + Sunnis Warn of Civil War if Election Goes Ahead

War prisons: Judge challenges U.S. on detainees. Power to imprison 'enemy combatants' called into question + Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: "We don't think it's torture" + Judge to Allow Early Statements by England in Abuse Case

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon Plans New Coalition for Gaza Plan + Barghuti throws Palestinian leadership into turmoil; Sharon seeks partners

RUSSIA: Poland's lawmakers explore Russian connection / Panel checks presidential ally's alleged bid to sell off vital oil refinery to Moscow firm

UKRAINE: Ukrainians Anxiously Watch Live Broadcast of Supreme Court for Resolution to Election Crisis + Putin urges new Ukraine election +The roots of Ukraine crisis in US policy + Ukraine Supreme Court Debates New Vote + Kuchma wins Putin's support; Ukraine opposition demands quick vote

EUROPE: EU takes over Bosnia peacekeeping from NATO

US government exports election fraud to Belgium

ASIA PACIFIC: ASEAN, China all smiles for now

AMERICAS: Chaos keeps most foreign aid out of Haiti, Violence erupts as Powell meets with president in capital

Desperate Mexican Town Pins Hopes on Massachusetts Man to Exterminate Rats


U.N. nuclear inspectors seek access to secret Iranian military sites. Data point to work on arms processes

Feds giving business, management important role in Los Alamos bid +
UC / Los Alamos specifications announced

Thyroid Treatment Can Trigger Homeland Security Detectors

Four Subpoenaed After FBI Raids Israeli Lobby

A dwarf known as Al Qaeda

The Persian puzzle, or the CIA's?

Click. Secret Presidential Tunnel in DC

Former FSB Officer Faces 15-Year Sentence

Defector-spy imbroglio grows

Official Accused of Passing State Secrets

Court Refuses Army Engineer's Case

“Secret Reentrance of North Korean Defectors into the North” Creating a Stir

N.K. defector probed on espionage charges

Ex-agent OK'd to talk in spy case

MI6 fills spy gap with OAP agents

Russian Talk on Ukraine Recalls Cold War

Polish Prosecutors Launch Probe Into 1940 Soviet War Crimes

Tenet Criticizes Idea of Nat'l Intel Chief

Intelligence reform already in gear

Tenet calls for Internet security

Quantum key distribution

Insiders fear that changeovers at the CIA will weaken the agency

Road to CIA reform

The Good Shepard movie

Marc Rich tied to Iraq oil

ACLU Says FBI Spying on Religious, Protest Groups

Disenchanted Soldiers Break Code of Silence


Vaccination With Anthrax Capsule Protects Against Experimental Infection In Animals

West Nile: Where will it strike next? Click.


Texas Woman About to Be Executed Wins Rare Reprieve

Peru Says Top Court Upholds Berenson Terror Verdict

3 Former KMart Execs Charged with Fraud

UK police fingerprint system collapses

There was a Wisconsin warrant for Vang

Gambro Agrees to Pay $350 Million to Settle Medical Fraud Case


Group files lawsuit over missions bill

Report: Giambi testified he used steroids, human growth hormone

Workers' comp chief orders judicial review of judges' claims

Marin law firm accuses another of plagiarism

Inmate presses campaign to safeguard right to vote

Gray Davis joins entertainment law firm

Sacramento & north: Meth sting shows huge scope of the problem + Court fight over Plumas logging plan + Firefighters seek to keep misconduct data private + Ex-nanny can fight deportation + Commissioner Brian Murphy named to Human Services

San Francisco, San Mateo: $835,000 to settle suit over protester's injury + Misdemeanor charges for ex-court worker. San Mateo Commissioner fired for taking fees to perform 4 weddings + City will make owners pay if graffiti stays

Alameda: Lawyers wind down debate over fate of 'sausage king' + Defense, prosecution paint portraits of 'sausage king' + Damages award against Kaiser. $3.3 million for man who had surgery he didn't need + Oakland:5 masked men steal $15,000 in gold teeth + Depression wracks mom held in baby's death + Prosecutors: 'Sausage king' 'deserves to die' for 3 killings + Pair held in Oakland hills burglaries + Oaklander found dead in county jail + Foster parents accused of killing toddler hire attorneys + Hayward: Fire may be linked to drug laboratory

Santa Clara: Neighborhood car chases -- worth the risk? + Man pleads guilty in rapes + 3 guilty of taking donors' millions

Contra Costa: Unsolved case haunts 10 years later + Burned homeless man found dead near I-80 + Richmond lawyer's comment examined

Marin: Corte Madera suspects used judge's vehicle

Sonoma: Molester sentenced to 25 years to life + Vroman disqualifies Fort Bragg judge from cases

Napa: Solo crash takes life of young Napan + AmCan vigil for a hero + County flu shots begin for high risk patients + Brother Timothy, wine industry icon dies + Angwin agency fears winery expansion may pollute lakes

Solano: Driver of Camry sought in multiple vehicle 1-80 crash + CHP grants help fund sobriety checkpoints + Man charged with killing neighbor

Monterey: Cuffney named first female undersheriff

Central Valley: Parents: publicize anti-gang meetings + Daughter's death stuns immigrants

Southern California: Second former LAPD officer pleads guilty for role in invasion-style robberies + Jury selected for Robert Blake murder case + Yorba Linda man pleads guilty to weapons charge + LA man sentenced for DVD piracy + Ventura: CYA Guards Accused of Misconduct Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Friend testifies about Peterson as penalty phase resumes + Scott Peterson's father explains family horror if son is put to death + Scott's relatives tell of life worth saving


The Governor: Gov. may go to voters yet again + Daniel Weintraub: Gov. might get another shot at spending limit + State's Budget Balancing Just an Act Click. (LAT Reg) + Business Applauds Shake-Up at CalPERS Click. (LAT Reg) + Harrigan loses spot on CalPERS board +State parole chief removed from job

Legislature:  Núñez: Let's look at remap process + Fabian Nunez: Is California itchin' to follow Texas' redistricting blueprint? + Lawmakers back Perata, for now + Machado to lead Senate tax panel + Pombo takes aim at endangered species act + Pombo seeks Gov.'s help + Coarse and Cantankerous, Burton Had a Soft Spot for Downtrodden Click. (LAT Reg) + Privacy bill stems from hacking breach Click.

Health: Hospital workers protest + Budget crisis took toll on state nursing board Click. + Staffing issues harm nursing home care Click. + Health care measure fails + Off to see the governor

Group wants to save Hetch Hetchy dam

Marjie Lundstrom: California should abstain from 'abstinence only' funds

PG&E says heating homes will cost 11% more this winter + Bill rider may hurt state on LNG issue Click.

New welfare rules could boost education

State has 40% of water needs Click.

Indian tribes: New TV ad by San Manuel tribe attacks Schwarzenegger

LOCAL NEWS: Pandas possible in 2005 in Oakland + Politics, patience

Mexican Avocados to Return Despite State Growers' Fears

Bay Bridge: Officials identify those helping state find cheaper design

BART board OKs 5% raise for bosses

Ban on charity bell ringers makes shoppers think twice Click. + Bell ringer at small store can't always cover his own wage Click.

Sacramento & north: Feds propose changing Delta water marks for fish, farmers + County backs housing for poor + Region's biomed industry needs jolt + Port weighs sale of 65-acre riverfront property + Sac City College to get aid to recruit nursing students + New Placerville councilman named

San Francisco, San Mateo: Newsom: Cutting care + Aquatic plant environmentally stressed + Supervisor pushing Visitor Bureau trim + Research company looks to Mission Bay + The Hellman Challenge + Budget belt-tightening

Alameda: Shirek career ends with ouster from council + Oakland Mayor gets varied advice on new police chief + Port seeing a surge in cargo traffic + Area hospital workers raise voice + Oaklanders want chief who will restore trust + Eden in operation despite hospital strike + Union City streets

Santa Clara: Downtown north? + Scope of pedicure outbreak unknown + Los Altos Hills may require energy efficiency + City embarking on effort to rezone Haven Avenue area + More answers  on Los Altos swim center

Contra Costa: Environmentalists cry foul over newest Delta proposal + Protesters decry toxic cleanup efforts at Campus Bay site + Richmond: Complete financial overhaul gets OK + Brentwood official's residency in question + Richmond: Pickets call attention to toxic dust + Contra Costa aims to shut off future fires

Marin: Marin lawmaker urges reforms in health insurance + Coastal areas join mosquito district + Marcucci firefighting era ends + San Rafael boy admits he vandalized dragon

Sonoma: Sutter to lock out striking workers + Stage Gulch Road project on fast track + El Molino athlete dies in sleep + Mosquito district to cover all of Sonoma, Marin counties + Local pastors dismayed over rejected ad + Can Sonoma put up with all that jazz?

Napa: Solo crash takes life of young Napan + AmCan vigil for a hero + County flu shots begin for high risk patients + Brother Timothy, wine industry icon dies + Angwin agency fears winery expansion

Solano: Fire agencies win big grants

Monterey: Sea change for Pacific Grove city council + Planners vote against Salinas development + Local biologists criticize federal fish proposal + Carmel man is the 'most gorgeous male model' + Salinas Memorial Hospital to get major expansion +

Central Valley: Fresno: Ag biotech endorsed + Highway 99 in line for makeover + Oakdale trucker killed in accident + Inquiry targets church finances + Six Million Burritos A Day Click. + Air deadline nears for 8,000 Valley farms Click.

Central Coast: Cambria to build two water tanks + Santa Cruz tells landowner: Use it or lose it + Mom and pop shops face down the giant: Home Depot: Sales exceed store forecast+ Cold spell will persist through weekend: Santa Cruz exposure victim identified + Ladies of Harley pitch in for women in crisis + County takes over Simpkins experiment

Southern California: San Diego write-in candidate girds for battle + San Diego's water projects in jeopardy Click. + Certifying the vote for San Diego mayor still iffy Click. + San Onofre nuclear plant restart delayed Click. + Officials Move to Stall LAX Overhaul Click. (LAT Reg) + LA Mayor, Rival Push Tax Hikes Click. (LAT Reg) Hahn to Face Challengers in 1st Debate Click. (LAT Reg) + DWP deaf to '02 alarm Click.

School days: Asbestos seals off school for adults in Oakland + Alameda school gets a makeover + Parents come to rescue of grads + Merced advances UC housing plan + Judge orders lawyers to select some SoCal clergy abuse cases for trial + Four more years for New Haven's Dino + Indicted in Condo Conversions Click. (LAT Reg) + LAUSD-breakup plan revived Click. + Hollywood District Takes Tough Tack on Truancy Click. + Capistrano spares schools Click. + Administrative jobs on Vallejo school district's chopping block + Aum Rock board's history may hinder search for chief

ACLU Says FBI Spying on Religious, Protest Groups

Disenchanted Soldiers Break Code of Silence


Vaccination With Anthrax Capsule Protects Against Experimental Infection In Animals + West Nile: Where will it strike next? Click.

Federal Advisers Decline to Recommend New Drug That Restores Women's Libido

More Than 40 Percent of Americans Using Prescription Drugs

Dental plaque linked to pneumonia

Pills can treat occasional irregular heartbeats, study says

AIDS Rate for Gay Men Climbs

URI Researcher: Dinosaur Extinction Occurred At Peak Of Diversity

Cannabis Increases Risk Of Psychosis

Surfing Creates Unique Injuries

Breast Conserving Therapy Safe For Hereditary Breast Cancer

Chemist To Map DNA's Surface, Uncovering Details That Will Show How Structure Abets Function

Getting A Whiff Of Speciation By Reinforcement

Researchers Identify Genetic Cause Of Rare Eye Disease In Utah Family

Penn State Diet Studies: To Weigh Less, Eat More

Russia-wide Tiger Count Begins

University Of Manchester Uses Crystals To Help Battle Deadly Diseases

UGA Explains Recent Decline In Georgia's Blue Crab Population

Probing The Link Between Genetic Architecture And Adaptation

How Receptors Govern Inflammatory Pain

Mayo Clinic Radiation Oncologists Use Respiratory Gating Technology To Target Tumors

Substance Abuse Relapses: Could It Be a Dual Diagnosis?

Sizing Up Thyroid Cancer

Mutations In A Multifunctional Protein Cause Parkinsonism

Green tea polyphenols thwart prostate cancer development at multiple levels

Microsoft sees blogs for the masses

IBM discloses supercomputer chip details

Researchers Compost Old Mobile Phones & Transform Them Into Flowers

Corporate PCs 'riddled with spyware'

Far-reaching planetoid Sedna could be kin of distant star

Hubble Uncovers A Baby Galaxy In A Grown-Up Universe

University Of Ulster Research Pushing Back The Frontiers Of Space


U.S. to raise troop level in Iraq. Increase to 150,000 to be met by keeping soldiers in war longer

Bush Sidesteps Question on Whether Annan Should Resign

Bush Adamant on Iraq Election Schedule

President Outlines Foreign Policy

U.S. Ambassador Appeals to Taliban to Make Peace

Bush Calls for Full U.N. Oil-For-Food Probe

Cheney to Lead U.S. Delegation to Afghanistan

Bush's plan to halve federal deficit seen as unlikely

Cheney wants broader social security reform

Neb. Governor Chosen for Agriculture Post

Commerce Secretary Nominee Sought Trade With Cuba

Bennett Raley, Bush's Point Man on Western Water Is Stepping Down Click.

Bush finished campaign with millions unspent

Giuliani buys investment bank

Federal Civil Rights Agency Leaders Call Bush Policies Racist

Sen. Jon Corzine Announces Plans to Run for Governor of New Jersey

Congress: Spy Satellite Control, Political Asylum Rules Block Intelligence Bill

Democrats: After election setback, MoveOn girds for battles ahead + The DNC Chairmanship Merry-Go-Round

Vote fraud: Ohio Decides Election is Over


Randolph T. Holhut: Economic Armageddon? It may come sooner than you think Click.

Sidney Blumenthal: You call this liberation? Click.

Arianna Huffington: Can the Democrats make 2006 their 1994?

Stardom: Post Traumatic ELECTION Disorder Can KILL

Bush's new style proves a hard sell

There are worse things than a nuclear Iran

Blood for pork....

A US arms offer Delhi can't refuse

Halliburton wins MoD vote for £4bn Royal Navy deal


Betting on 'green' energy Click.

Study Shows How Takeover Bids Change Stock Prices Of Firms

MILITARY Military Judge OKs Use of Defendant's Statement in Grenade Attack Court-Martial

Three Soldiers Charged With Murder in Iraqi General's Death During Interrogation Face Hearing

LEAKGATES  Gonzales to Recuse Himself From CIA Probe


The anxious epic

Distortion, falsity found in abstinence programs. Waxman report says teens told abortion can lead to suicide

Japanese city to require dads to spend time with newborns

Sexual Counter-Revolution

Brotherhood of the aching back

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Methodist jury convicts lesbian minister

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Dowd: It's still a man's world on the idiot box

Defendants assail media leaks, ask federal judge to toss case. BALCO founder Conte due to appear on TV news show this week

California Journal to suspend publication Click.

Anti-Syphilis TV Message Finds Few Takers Click. (LAT Reg)

Interview: Unembedded journalist Dahr Jamail on what is really going on in Iraq Click.

News reports on terrorism to be censored in Russia

You can blog but you can't hide

Al-Jazeera to tone it down for Asia

Judith Miller Finds It's 'Hard to Keep Doing Your Job'

Latest 'S.F. Chronicle' Steroid Scoop a Slap at Feds + S.F. Chronicle' Breaks Baseball/Steroid Case Wide Open

Jesse Jackson Column Draws Heat from Ohio Sec. of State's Office

Two-Thirds of Media Multitaskers Read the Paper While Watching TV

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

What is the "San Francisco sound"? + More

Mushroom mania comes to Oakland

Monarchs alight in Bodega Bay

King Tut returns to Los Angeles, but at record prices

Shopping for museum pieces

Bergman's talent, if not technique, shows in early films

Ancient Curse, Modern War Hide Arabian Desert Tombs

U.S. Students Get Chance to Stage Broadway Musicals

Historic Hollywood studio that was former headquarters of Columbia Pictures sold

A Psychomagical Encounter

Radiologists Help Provide Worldwide Access To Ancient Art

The imperishable body of Buddhist lama mesmerizes medics

The Religion of the Samurai

Mary Wollstonecraft

Panchen Lama surfs net, learns English

Rush & Molloy: Bittersweet ending for Drew and dad

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Charges of heir strike

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