NOVEMBER 30, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US soldier, four Iraqis killed as fresh attacks cap deadly month + Iraqi forces wilting under relentless attacks. Some have fought bravely, but many recruits intimidated + Attack on police station kills 12. Suicide bomber plows car into group of officers + U.S. troops seize bonanza of arms in Fallujah. Tons of weapons were stashed in homes, mosques + US army blocks aid convoy for Falluja + ICRC blasts 'inhumanity' of Falluja battles + Aid trickling in to desperate Fallujans + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iran War Generation at the Vanguard of 'New Iraq' + Turkish chefs dish it up at US base in Iraq + US Firm on Iraq Election Date in Face of Rising Concerns + American General: Mosul Violence Undermining Elections + Iraq invasion 'a public health disaster'

War prisons: Red Cross says U.S. using 'form of torture' at Guantanamo

IRAN: Nuclear Agency Praises Iran + The old bear is stirring again in Ukraine + Ukraine on a knife-edge + Putinism On the March

MIDDLE EAST: Syria denies Cairo's mediation between Damascus and Tel Aviv

Positive atmosphere prevails on Syria- US money talks

Lebanese march to back Syrian troops

UKRAINE: East-West standoff in Ukraine hardens, EU seeks to mediate + Ukraine: Poll Results Aren't the Real Issue + The hand of the CIA in Ukraine + Ukraine: All Eyes on Putin, and Rightfully So

EUROPE: New N. Ireland talks as leaders push for swift peace deal

British troops head fledgeling EU army

A Battle of Ideas Over the Future of France

ASIA PACIFIC: Embarrassment over Myanmar, pride at China trade deal as ASEAN wraps up

Asia Faces Living Nightmare from Climate Change


Moving Out

Stardom: Put Another NEEDLE In???

Richard Cohen: A lot of fans look to be mentally off


Credit reports -- free for all

Bubble Trouble in the Red-Hot Housing Market?

Sun Microsystems sends a top man to sit down with Microsoft

Under All That Ice, Maybe Oil

Top Wall Street Firms Involved in Prospectus Failures, NYSE Says


High Court Limits Lending Law Damages

Hmong get closer look since shootings

Hearing highlights DNA tests' delicacy

Naples Trembles Under Camorra Turf War

Quiet Man Is New Capo of Resurgent Mexican Drug Gang

Univ. of Louisville honors Elizabeth Loftus, repressed memory researcher

Microsoft files first authenticity certificate lawsuits

Does Title IX Prohibit Retaliation Against Coaches Who Point Out Sex Discrimination?

AIG's $126 Million Settlement Provides for Independent Monitor, Avoids Criminal Prosecution


State top court limits reversed-conviction retrials

Taser study sparks disagreement

Gas Traders Charged for Allegedly Fake Reports Click. (LAT Reg)

Wal-Mart Seeks to Get Class Status Overturned Click. (LAT Reg)

Univision Drops Suit Click. (LAT Reg)

Brain research might lead way to reducing crime Click.

Sacramento & north: Elk Grove boys wanted to beat Colombine death record + Scharf sentenced in wife's murder + Respected judge Jeffrey Gunther is retiring from Superior Court + Alleged massacre plot detailed + Fresh hope for cold cases + Retrial granted in Cameron Park killing + Placer deputies hunt suspect in attempted kidnapping + Boaters arrested in Stockton mooning incident Click.

San Francisco, San Mateo: City Tow storage-fee case settled -- deal includes refunds + Federal agent charged in case where colleagues made up story

Alameda: Abuse support group alarmed by priests. 7 clerics suspected of molestation live at Rockridge priory + Small firms can't get big project + Court hears of Alexander's charity + Man asking for water robs Residence Inn + Fremont: Men bound to stand trial in shooting at elementary school grounds + Jury: Fremont gang shooting suspect guilty

Santa Clara: Sheriff's daughter charged in burglaries + Suits, evictions in baker's past + Ousted doctors to speak out + Man killed in East P.A.; his fiancée is wounded + UCSC student, 21, held in sex assault + RIP: Dennis Giorgi, veteran San Mateo County prosecutor

Contra Costa: Death penalty upheld in '91 Antioch slayings + More Antioch death sentence stands + Woman claims sexual assault, stranded at South Shore

Sonoma: D.A. opposes parole for man convicted in Petaluma murder + Gun-wielding man takes $6 from shopper in RP parking lot

Napa: St. Apollinaris school teacher sues for age discrimination

Solano: Man charged in wife's death on Bay + Lawyer opposes release of body + Lawyer named to defend one suspect in fatal shooting of pizza deliveryman + Ex-Vallejo cop may serve jail term in Yolo County + Father arrested, tot returned to mother

Monterey: Royal Oaks murder case winds down

Central Valley: Stanislaus car thieves cash in + Injured deputy returns to duty + Fresno broadcaster to stand trial for molestation

Central Coast: Teen girls held in stabbing at Santa Cruz H.S. + Teen girl stabbed at S.C. High + Police watchdog group offers Watsonville training + UCSC student accused of rape

Southern California: Jackson defense won't get psychological exam of accuser, family + Teenage pleads guilty in necrophilia murder + Judge orders striking LA county pharmacists back to work + LAPD Considers New Tactics to Curtail Rave Parties Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Prosecutors Focus on Devastated Family of Laci Peterson as Murder Trial's Penalty Phase Opens + Jury's choice: Life or death


The Governor: Gov. jets to Texas for award, fund raising + Former president to laud Gov. + Food Maker Amy's Kitchen Looks North Despite Gov.'s Pleas Click.

CalPERS chief says he's being removed + Pension funds follow agenda Click.

Fitch upgrades rating for state's bond offering Click.

Tort lawyers are smart folks, but not when it comes to politics Click.

Cedillo says he will try again Click.

Challenges to Frye's candidacy continue Click.

State won't reveal bridge panelists Click. Finishing Bay Bridge no easy task Click.

Workers' comp costs decline

Nurses plan to protest ratio change

Propositions fallout: 5 Bay Area libraries to get grants. State doles out last $77 million from bond measure

Indian tribes: Morongo tribe, state to hold lottery-machine talks Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Rocky the sea lion, media and research star, dies at 28

Sacramento & north: Affordable housing at crossroads + County exec set for raise + County to offer $10 flu shots at clinics

San Francisco, San Mateo: Budget shortfall creates Muni crisis. Transit chief's call for emergency measures promises contention + Golden Gate Park garage entryway OKd + Aaron Peskin's rise from 'Hank' to prez

Alameda: Livermore airport task force readies report + Livermore maze gets 'Letterman' shows' attention + 'Sausage King' trial begins to wrap up + Oakland Mayor seeks input on hiring police chief + Oakland: $27.7 million shortfall expected next year + Woman dies after she consumed wild mushrooms + E. Oakland granted millions for library + Priory neighbors wary of residents + Value of land at Jack London Square in dispute

Santa Clara: After 81 years, San Jose Medical Center ready to close Dec. 9 + Foes cast shadow on plans for Stanford dormitories + Finding new roles for at-risk kids + Jury: Fremont gang shooting suspect guilty

Contra Costa: Richmond PAC readies post-election plans + Lafayette wins bid for state library funds

Marin: Child aid services rank high in Marin + Blaze in Marin pig sty challenges fire crew + Frieman wants recount in health board race

Sonoma: Mendocino: Surgeon William Krupski feared dead on abalone outing + Sutter hospitals, nurses brace for strike + Amy's Kitchen expanding in Oregon + Flames gut Burbank Housing office + Recount sought in Mendocino County race + Journalist Leroy Aarons of Sebastopol dies at 70

Napa: St. Apollinaris school teacher sues for age discrimination

Solano: Blue Rock clubhouse is doubtful + New voice speaks for Travis

Monterey: Smucker plant to close next year + Tree that fell on woman was diseased + Rancho San Juan project finds backers, foes + Rippling River gets fix-it list

Central Valley: Ukranian MJC alumna leading protest in Kiev + Transportation tax eyed for '06 + Resistance is not futile in battle against urban sprawl + Valley farms, businesses may get aid for drought Click.

Central Coast: Watsonville farmer lends his name to wetlands learning center

Southern California: Dog stung to death by bees in Los Angeles suburb+ A Year-End Push to Cut Crime in L.A Click. + Bratton's Biggest Goal Still Elusive Click. (LAT Reg) + Hahn backs tax-hike plan to fund city's cops Click. + Parks calls for nixing LAPD's three-day workweek Click.

School days: Livermore schoolhouse to be part of Pardee plan + Charter school chiefs held in finance probe. 3 ex-officials accused of embezzling funds for defunct academy + Trustees have plan for Laney property + Deficit likely for Palo Alto schools + Fremont school boundary fight makes NPR + Fremont: Patterson parents picket school over batteries + Hopes run high for UC Merced + Vallejo school district property may be sold, leased + Fresno School audit warns of takeover Click. + Junk-food ban eats revenues Click. + Report: Minority students fall between the cracks Click. University's Bookstore Is Seen as a Campus Bully Click. (LAT Reg) + 'Shop' class catches up Click. + An unacademic exercise Click.

Unions call homeland security directive unconstitutional

Judy Andreas: Telltale signs

Anti-discrimination group to close San Diego branch Click.

Early aging tied to chronic stress. Study finds evidence mind is connected to changes in body

Tests on milk, lettuce find perchlorate is widespread

Tissue Engineered Blood Vessels That Respond To Changing Blood Flow Have Potential For Use In Heart Bypass Surgery

New Method To Measure Ancient Land Elevation

Researchers Discover New Way to Boost Grain Crops' Drought Tolerance

Fuzz-Free Strawberries Forecast With New Food Safety Treatment

Salmonella Uses Hydrogen As An Energy Source, New Study Shows

Alzheimer's Drug Improves Memory Of MS Patients

Computer Program Helps Doctors Diagnose Lung Cancer

Promising Results In The Battle Against Incurable ALS Muscle Disease

Factors Associated With Long-term Opioid Treatment Of Veteran Patients

Ocean's Mud-dwellers Provide Clues To The Impact Extinction Can Have On Ecosystems

Testosterone Deficiency Found In One-Third Of Diabetic Men

Flawed Pesticide Studies Using Human Subjects Could Result In Higher Allowable Exposures For Both Children And Adults

Muscle Loss From Space Travel, Prolonged Inactivity Linked To Two Genes

Purdue Researchers Align Nanotubes To Improve Artificial Joints

MBL Scientists Embark On International Effort To Uncover Microbial Diversity In World's Oceans

Brains Of People With Autism Recall Letters Of The Alphabet In Brain Areas Dealing With Shapes

UCLA/Emory: How Human Brain Evolved Separately From Body

Emory Chemists Create Unprecedented Metallic Molecule

The Lost Genetic Legacy Of American Gray Wolves

Lung Cancer in Women: A Different Disease?

Using your cell phone as a wallet

Google TV?

Ultrafast Laser Speeds Up Quest For Atomic Control

New Project Takes Measure Of Plastic Electronics


Bush Defends Iraq Decisions in Canada + Bush Visits Canada Amid Anti-War Protests + Bush seeks aid on Iraqi, Afghan fronts + Bush bringing top diplomats with him

Ridge resigns Homeland Security post

Gutierrez fought for open trade at Kellogg

Republican Is Certified the Winner in Washington Governor's Race, but a Recount Is All but Certain

Congress: Homeland Security Network Advances Even As Congress Intelligence Bill Stalls + Senate leaders plan to protect Boy Scouts from attacks

Democrats: NAACP President Kweisi Mfume Steps Down + What Now for John Edwards?

Vote fraud: Recounts requested in Nevada and New Mexico


What's the Matter with Democrats?

Take a Chair, Any Chair

The U.S. is now on a losing streak

The Grassroots Can Save Democrats

Who Is John Stott?

A Lesson for the Liberal Elite


CIA Taps Richer for Operations Post + CIA Names Replacements for Two Resignations

CIA's hiring dilemma: few meet requirements

9/11 commissioner says don’t wait on intelligence backbone

Bedouin tracker indicted on charges of espionage, treason + IDF tracker indicted for espionage + IDF tracker indicted for alleged contact with Hezbollah

Palestinian court sentences 2 Israeli spies to death

Offensive counterintelligence

Former Cuban Spy Released From Prison

Canadian Inventor Lets Everyone Be an Armchair Spy

Alleged Scandal Rocks Poland + Scientist or Spy?

ASIO man bid to clear name + Defector's web still tangling

Wartime Spy Pigeon's Bravery Medal Fetches £9,200

Japanese intelligence had used Afghanistan to spy on USSR

Ukrainian intelligence does utmost to prevent violence, split

Why CSIS agents couldn't chase their tails

FSB manipulating the Jury

Lying Makes Brain Work Harder

Interpreter admits giving incomplete answers to FBI

Investigator suggests foreign intelligence involved in Russia school attack

How the CIA Monitors Your Chatroom

Carlos the Jackal quits food

MILITARY LEADERSHIP: The Plan Survived Contact with Fallujah

No Fortunate Son: Member of Famous Chicago Political Family Joins Army

AF Academy Rape Claim Goes to Court

Group works to save black officers' club

New law helps protects military shipwrecks

'Gang rape' at Deepcut investigated by police

Hoon compares regiments campaign to tartan trivia

India, Russia to hold joint paratroopers exercise

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: All eyes on gay vows in San Francisco

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Kristof and 'NY Times' Attorney See Libel Dismissal As A Double Victory

Are Blogs the future of journalism?

Leroy Aarons, former Tribune editor, founder of gay journalists group, dies

Bush reporters race to get flu shots

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Castro Valley gem club

Sundance film fest unveils 2005 line-up with new World Cinema competition

Drew Barrymore's father dies

Dublin mayor pledges to fight for iconic cafes

Oscar-winning animator's new film wows Japan, readies to take on world

US Army wins its battle for custody of Hitler paintings

Peter Schjeldahl on MOMA

Tour of Beauty

Liberatore at Large: Hand-blown art

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Bio has dirt on Quentin

Rush & Molloy: Fergie said to shop while WTC burned

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Word of the day

NOVEMBER 29, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
 Suicide Bomber Kills 12 in Attack on Iraqi Police + Fallujah's mosques hid arms, militants + Two marines killed in the triangle of death to the south of Baghdad + Iraqi units have just about given up + Taking False Comfort in How "Light" Casualties Have Been + U.S. Military Hospital in Germany Treats 21,000 Soldiers From Iraq, Afghanistan + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Powell Confident Iraq Elections Will Go Ahead + A Culinary oasis + Sadr's Movement Re-energized, May Make Election Bid + French journalists in 'good health'

AFGHANISTAN: Suspected Taliban fighters kill 3 at aid offices / 3 guards injured, one man missing in Afghan attack

In Afghanistan, roses bloom almost all year

IRAN: Iran relents on key issue in nuclear deal. Tehran says it won't conduct tests with centrifuges + U.S. May Go It Alone on Iran Sanctions Referral + IAEA adopts resolution as Iran is urged to keep nuclear pledge

MIDDLE EAST: Abbas ready to discuss statehood / Palestinian leader wants accord with Israel by end of '05

Biggest Sharon Coalition Partner Threatens to Quit

Hamas Calls Halt to Attacks on Israelis

King Hussein's favoured son loses claim to Jordan's throne

RUSSIA: Mafia dominates Russian pharmaceutical industry

UKRAINE: Ukraine's President Proposes New Elections + The Yushchenko Mythos: Justin Raimondo + Ukraine to split over election dispute

EUROPE: Northern Ireland peace talks at 'very intensive stage': Blair

AFRICA: Sudan expels representatives of two British aid groups

ASIA PACIFIC: SE Asia Forges Closer Ties with China, Japan, S.Korea

Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi house arrest extended: party

Asian summit moves to create single market, inks historic deal with China

World's luxury goods purveyors just can't get enough of China


Chile to Pay Torture Victims

Brazil's Da Silva: Moroccan king visit opens 'significant opportunities' for bilateral cooperation

Free Trade in Americas Spawns Masses of Marauding `Maras'


Police, fire departments see shortages across USA

UN plan demands more intervention

Russia tests anti-missile system

Pentagon pinpoints propaganda failures

Soldiers in Iraq get bird's-eye view with new satellite technology

High-tech failure against terror

Spy ring at Gitmo?

MILITARY Every Enlistee First a Warrior

Accidental strafing divides New Jersey region

Families endure private war

Army National Training center plays key war role Click.

Weddings in wartime Click.

LEAKGATES  Update on Plame case


'Green' startups draw California pension fund investors

The Disco Ball of Failed Hopes and Other Tales From Inside Intel

Carbon Storage Comes to Disused Texas Oil Fields

Work (Part Time) Until You Drop

From Arrests to Acceptance, Cities Grapple With Immigrant Day Laborers


Supreme Court declines to enter gay marriage fight

Medical Marijuana Law Draws Skepticism in Arguments at U.S. Supreme Court

Tech giants edgy over pending Web services patent sale

Universities selective with logo cameos guard trademarks

Bite-mark verdict faces new scrutiny

High-tech 'bait cars' catch unsuspecting auto thieves

Martha has a jailhouse flock - nun

Judge throws monkey wrench into home sales

Agency Says Broader Law Needed to Protect Civil Rights of Disabled

Former Disney Director: Retaining Ovitz Would Have Been 'detrimental'


Life on parole: Out of chances

Dentist sees duty to report abuse

Jiffy Lube's legal problems

Sacramento & north: DHL founder pleads ignorance in sworn testimony

Alameda: Police grant fights human trafficking + 'Sausage King' defense tries for life + Natural gas a bargain for airport taxis

Contra Costa: Ginny Nelson, Clerk to Judge Arnason is retiring, has kept the order in court

Napa: Suspects still at large as officials focus on recent homicides + Auto accident, gang violence mark county's last murder trials + Talent agents target of legal scrutiny

Solano: Deputies fire at suspect + Police need help finding father and 2-year-old son + Boy, 16, wounded in drive-by shooting + Vallejo Police Calls

Monterey: BATF grant to Salinas police

Central Valley: Law & Order + A father avenges his daughter in lawless 1870s Modesto

Southern California: Los Angeles police officer shot while breaking up illegal party + Man sues over TV broadcast that brought old criminal charge to light

Scott Peterson: As jury decides Peterson's fate, maze of appeals looms + Staring down the killer + Death penalty works too slowly, families say


The Governor:  Reclusive millionaire quietly tops Schwarzenegger donors + The buzz: Service award honors those who 'help' Bush

Perrata probe agitates 'partisan cesspool' + Stalking the Senator

They're married to politics - and to each other

Caution is urged on Hetch Hetchy

Capital is stage for meeting of activist alliance

The Other Bridges

California's New Stem-Cell Initiative Is Already Raising Concerns Click. (NYT)

Will 'amnesty' talk bring illegal flood? Click.

Propositions fallout: Groups weigh in on how to use money for treating the mentally ill Click.

Indian tribes: Man hopes to influence his tribe as lawyer Click.

LOCAL NEWS:   Tinkerbelle the elephant's big move comes off without a hitch

BART invokes call of the wild, pigeons take flight

Sacramento & north: Two new homeless shelters to open + Some urge election for West Sac council seat + R.E. Graswich: Sacramento's top cop won't get burned again trying to fire officers + Editorial: Water purge

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F. housing motto: hurry up and wait

Alameda: Oakland: 4-year-old girl dies in driveway accident + Oakland Zoo making better place for kids, animals to run wild + Livermore: Vice mayor tapped for another term + Oakland women make imprint on industry with own stores Click.

Santa Clara: Hwy. 85 resurfacing may cut noise + Village replaces Los Gatos mobile home park

Contra Costa: Seismic sleeper in Pittsburg + Philanthropist's eatery is a mecca for Pittsburg + Delta ferries remain vital link

Marin: Coho comeback: Salmon returning to Marin creeks + A sweet way to help homeless + Belvedere searches for new city manager + San Rafael trash rights spark battle + Marin Profile: Fair maven Phyllis Patterson

Sonoma: The Geysers + Geysers project garners 4 awards + Diver missing, feared dead + Rohnert Park pursues own field of dreams + Geyserville accident kills one, injures 2 others

Monterey: 4.2 earthquake hits Monterey County + Pacific Grove: Tree kills woman in Butterfly Grove + Seaside Highlands residents begin to establish a neighborhood + Pumped up on biodiesel + Student learns to handle greased car

Central Valley: Valley has 1st winter freeze + Last of the lots + Oakdale's theater doing OK + Don Pedro's fee increase being fought + A Queen Anne beauty shall carry on regally + Merced forgets about food handout + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Pet overpopulation plan likely to become a peeve

Southern California: Most LA officials reject matching funds for forthcoming election + Dan Walters: San Diego, once a civic model, has become 'Enron by the Bay' + Cri$is for Los Angeles civic projects Click. + Ventura: Doctor Presides Over Rural Hospital's Rebirth Click. (LAT Reg) + Colton Public Hospital's Fiscal Diagnosis: Stable Click. (LAT Reg) + Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex Bracing for a Tighter Fit Click. (LAT Reg) + Los Angeles Mayoral Hopefuls Bring In Big Guns Click. (LAT Reg) + Is any of us really ready for the reign of 'Mayor Hertzy'? Click. + Mayoral Contenders Vie for Key Backers Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: San Fernando Valley school files for charter as arts campus + Preserving S.F.'s beautiful schools + For math professor, career change adds up. She gave up spot as principal dancer in ballet + Sonoma school districts push parcel tax measures + Newark grading policy 'not fair' + Capistrano District May Shut 3 Schools Click. (LAT Reg) + Choosing just the right 500 words for college application Click. (SJM Reg) + USC Has Global Strategy to Enroll New Trojans Click. (LAT Reg) + Parents integral to Richmond charter school's success Click. (CCT Reg)


Meditation study aims to leap over mental barriers

Patti Davis' memoir a kind of father/daughter love story

Daily News Exclusive: Seek kidney online

Stardom: MURDERED, She Wrote

Hitchens: What Made Alexander So Great?

Faculty Clubs and Church Pews


Vaccine Injury Claims Face Grueling Fight Click. (LAT Reg)

Whooping cough is on the rise

Contracts Keep Drug Research Out of Reach

Chronic pain

Sacramento family adapts to challenge of caring for toddler with rare skin disorder

Cruel irony -- Gehrig's disease expert stricken

Scientific maverick's theory on Earth's core up for a test. Controversial view sees vast uranium field that serves as natural reactor

Mother carrying "designer" baby

UF Researchers Build Mars Simulator To Put Interplanetary Greenhouses To The Test

Young Stars Poised For Production Of Rocky Planets

More Muscle Means Better Regulation Of Blood Pressure, Study Finds

UF Researchers Build Mars Simulator To Put Interplanetary Greenhouses To The Test

Pigeons Can Sense The Earth's Magnetic Field; Ability Might Allow Them To Return Home

Killer fingertips can stop E.coli

Milk link to ovarian cancer risk

Smart drug for lung cancer tested

The humble pomegranate may ward off heart disease

Surprise origin of stomach cancer

Study Documents Decline In Rare Paralytic Disorder Linked To Influenza Vaccination

Women Taking Breast Enhancement Pills Swallow Empty Promises

'Virtual Surgery' Simulations Help Train Tomorrow's Surgeons

Love Your Liver: Hepatitis B Basics

Don't Forgo Foot Care During Winter

People with restless leg syndrome may have an iron deficiency

How Good Is This Hospital?

Here, Kiddie, Kiddie (Re ADHD drugs)

Is Microsoft creating tomorrow's IE security holes today?

Humanoid robot to put on song and dance at Stanford

Best antivirus software for 2005

Google's Orkut puzzles experts

The Insider: Games firm sends workers into 'combat'

Paul Andrews: Linux gains as Windows alternative

MS wins Isle of Man government IT deal

New Transistor Laser Could Lead To Faster Signal Processing

First look at PlayStation 3 chip

Device to probe limits of physics


U.S. General Warns Iran Against Exploiting U.S.

Bush Picks Kellogg CEO Cafor Commerce Post + Commerce Nominee Fled Cuba As a Child

Bush to Change Economic Team

Make spy reforms happen, Bush told

Beware perils of overreaching, GOP is warned

Sensational Allegation That Colombian Rebels Wanted to Kill Bush Crumbles

Powell Plans Trip to Europe, North Africa

Powell Takes Stand in Talks With Ukrainian President, Russian Foreign Minister

Congress: Bill would strengthen 3-day wait rule on legislative votes + The Crooks of Capitol Hill

Democrats: Edwards considers his next steps + Kerry and the Gift of Impunity

Vote fraud: Paper's Partial Recount Suggests Bush Fla. Win Was Legit + Nearly One Month After Election Day, Ohio Ballot Challenges Continue


Neither Left Wing Nor Right - It's The Bush Wing

Lying About Iran: Gordon Prather

War Crimes or Withdrawal: Stephen A. Allen

Ashcroft's Achievements

What Bush Could Have Learned in Chile

Juan Cole: Iraq and Damned Statistics

Harley Sorensen: A fundamental change In America Click.

Mike Whitney: The man who killed the National Intelligence Director Click.

Molly Ivins: Gee...thanks: Turkeys in Washington ruin our holiday spirit Click.

Chomsky: 2004 Elections

Slave Labor Is Behind Bush's `Immigration Reform' Policy Fight

LaRouche: The Follies of theEconomic Hit Men

Thomas Friedman: America is losing the last mile in Iraq

Dick Morris: What's Not Bush's Mandate

Child 'locator' learns to talk

Silicon Valley view: Setting protections on human ID chips

Vanessa Redgrave to Launch UK Human Rights Party


Cuban Government Suddenly Releases Some Dissidents Arrested in Last Year's Crackdown

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Indian culture keeps many in the closet + Sex, lies and Ken Mehlman

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

A long way from carrier pigeons

British journalist criticizes western media

Muslim TV channel aims at biases Click.

Biggest Loser on Nov. 2 Was Press, Not John Kerry, Says Jay Rosen's Blog

The Revival of the Black Press in America

Lost texts find new life

How This Reporter Got Fallujah Right

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Broadway's new season offers reasons to N.Y.

Architectural Mecca

Ohlone museum steps back 1 million years

To Stretch City's Budget for the Arts, Chicago Turns to EBay

Lake Washington "time machine" hooks divers

Warming up to language Irish once found uncool

Nothing like a (chess) dame, 500 years after Isabel

Bollywood stars, celebrities descend on Goa as film festival kicks off

Cretan city launches national appeal to buy El Greco painting

France chooses northern city for Louvre annex

Gallic war treasure discovered in southern France

It's a hard climb to one of Eritrea's oldest monasteries

Review of Stone's Alexander movie

Laura Miller on Lord Dunsany

Chushingura: Revenge of the 47 Samurai


Another Stonehenge found in Russia

John Lahr on Dame Edna

Rush & Molloy: Torn fabric: Beyoncé's mom & Tommy

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Print-cess & her peeves

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Word of the day

NOVEMBER 12, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Americans Push Deeper Into Fallujah; Police in Mosul Lose Control Amid Militant Attacks, Chief Replaced + US troops control most of Fallujah, rebels take fight to Mosul +  Attacks on Mosul could disrupt area's oil production + Inside the Martyrs neighborhood + US 'negotiates' on Falluja mosque + Insurgents cornered in south end of city rally forces with flags + Rebel deserters shot by their comrades -- 20 bodies found + New Insurgency Confronts US Forces + GIs Force Men Fleeing Fallujah to Return + US Raids Homes of Clerics Critical of Offensive + Iraqi Police in Mosul Accused of Cooperating With Insurgents + The Strongman of Baghdad + Marines Torpedo Roadside Bombs + Air strikes on Mosul as guerillas shift target + All the military news that fits + Falluja a 'Big Disaster,' Aid Needed - Red Crescent + Northern Iraq's Mosul Tense After U.S. Air Strikes + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Election will be hollow

War prisons: More Abuse Allegations Surface at Guantanamo

IRAN: EU studies Iranian response on nuclear program wrangle

MIDDLE EAST: ARAFAT BURIED AMID CHAOS AT MUQATA + Arab MKs speak to Syrian Pres. Assad at Yasser Arafat's funeral in Cairo + Intifada activists pose challenge to moderates + Arafat's rival heirs + Despite Broad Economic, Humanitarian Ties to Region, Europe's Leverage Seems Limited in Middle East Peacemaking

Hezbollah says has capability to bomb Israel from the air using drone

AFRICA: SOMALIA: Begging for Peacekeepers Who Aren't There

ASIA PACIFIC: Las Vegas comes to Macau, notorious for its sleazy ways

In China, no money means no treatment


Purported al-Zarqawi tape urges fighters to hang on


Japan says Chinese sub intruded into its waters

NPS officer honored by Knights of Malta for aiding hospital

Dutch Raid Kurdish Training Camp, Arrest 38

CIA agent publicly chides White House for terror war + Former Chief of CIA's Bin Laden Unit Leaves

Danilov wants his penalty changed

The woman who kept spy secrets of 'third man'

Arafat: The Father of Modern Terrorism + The birth of international terrorism + Arafat´s Terrorist Legacy: A Partial List + Arafat's Secret Strategies

Islamic terrorism in Europe

Saudi King Fahd Releases 31 Militants

Islamist Websites and their Hosts Part II: Clerics

MILITARY  Immigrant sailors, Marines become citizens on Veterans Day

California National Guard leader is on guard for the worst

How the Army Misplaced 60,000 Soldiers

Army Gives Family 'No Answers' in Suicide

Massive Arctic military exercise planned

Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

US Army Demands Armed UAVs

American Troops Reimbursed for Buying Combat Gear

AH-64s Get Robotic Copilots


Marvel sues firms behind online superhero role-playing game

Twins sharing a lover create paternity puzzle

An Eye on Movie Theater Pirates

E-tail Fraud Remains a Threat

Rolling Stones get no satisfaction from British court

Nichols' prosecutor arrested in prostitution sting

Sex-by-the-numbers prenup quashed

Maher palimony mess

Child Sex Trade Becoming Lucrative, Pan-Asian Epidemic Click.

Acquitted Enron Defendant Says She's Wiser, Not Bitter

Dozens of Alleged Members of Violent Chinese Gangs Face Federal Charges

Lawyers in Evolution-Sticker Trial Make Final Pleas to Judge; Ruling Could Take Weeks

DOT Orders FedEx to Repay $29 Million


Click. State will distribute $12.8 million to 28 charities statewide from a settlement fund created by leading vitamin makers sued for price-fixing

California Residents have until January 8, 2005 to file to claim their share of $1.1 billion settlement in antitrust suit vs. Microsoft

State Nears Accord With Franklin Click. (LAT Reg)

R.E. Graswich: Beware of 'electricians' who want to turn off your burglar alarm

Unordered merchandise is free gift under law

Outspoken federal judge A. Andrew Hauk dead at 91

Sacramento & north: Man sought in 2 south Sac robberies + Editorial: What's Sheriff Blanas hiding?

San Francisco, San Mateo: Task force singles out Bayview liquor stores. Crackdown on violence-plagued intersections + Levada takes heat over abuse inquiry. Panel member resigns, says church suppressed results + Chairman of panel investigating abuse in SF diocese resigns because Levada blocks release of records of 40 priests

Alameda: Some market owners fear 'ugly' problems on the way + Liquor stores try to improve image + Police arrest three Oakland teens in robberies + Jeweler shoots suspect during robbery attempt + Fremont: Teens, family claim abuse by Taser + Fremont: Man runs from officer, bitten by search dog

Santa Clara: Probe of police sought in stun gun use on teen

Contra Costa: Search continues in Richmond for escaped prisoner + Orinda: Third man charged in bank robbery + County runs out of flu shot at clinics Click.

Marin: Marin man dies. Standoff ends in shooting

Sonoma: Mental patient Joshua Theo Schwartz allegedly tries to abduct 9-year-old girl+ Sebastopol deputies fatally shoot husband suspected of killing wife's brother. Woman says spouse may have had psychotic episode + Deputies kill man suspected in slaying

Napa: Evidence in double murder sent to FBI crime lab

Solano: Gentleman robber' surprises woman in Vallejo

Monterey: Bogus lawyer fooled federal employer, U.S. Dept of Justice + Student shot near North Salinas High School

Central Valley: Fired Vons workers in Fresno angry over discrimination Click.

Central Coast: Live Oak stabbing victim clings to life + Sticky fingers swipe courthouse doughnuts

Southern California: Road rage suspect caught in Armenia + Anti-tagger task force arrests 11 teenagers + Man who shot at LA's Mexican consulate declared brain dead + Teens targeted by police with Taser guns want apology + Workers call for boycott of nine L.A.-area hotels + Apparent kidnapping videotaped by California mall camera + Driver arrested after hitting soap actor Allen Maldonado, others

Scott Peterson: Peterson trial: 3 alternates and counting + Peterson jury set to resume deliberations + Peterson replica boat stirs drama + Boat stunt by attorney Geragos backfires, experts say + Hometown watches, agonizes + Amateurs make Peterson case more interesting + It's time for the twists in case to end


The Governor: Come to California, Gov. urges Japanese + Tour(ism) de force + Gov. courts Japanese business + Gov. meets Koizumi + Gov. wows Japan + Schwarzenegger visits Toyota officials + Where have you gone, Arnold? + Touts California Products Click. (LAT Reg) + Valley crops touted in Japan Click. + Politicians' trips drawing criticism + Gov.'s priorities jobs, economy, aide says + State to examine Hetch Hetchy restoration + Challenge is to find resources to supplant water stored there + 2 state agencies to investigate + Dan Walters: Gov.'s latest surprise picks will tackle toughest issues

Election spurs move for judges to do redistricting + Safe seats rile author of recall Click.

Anthem, Wellpoint medical deal not done?

Red flag found at the PUC

Indian tribes: No casino by the bay

LOCAL NEWS:  Fledgling Condor Makes History as First Wild-Born Chick to Fly in State Since 1982 Click. (LAT Reg)

Many buffalo on Catalina Island are going 'home' Click.

Sutter Hospital workers vote on strike

Sacramento & north: Placer water project has a hitch + W. Sac agrees to build transit plaza + W. Sac looks for more terror grants

San Francisco, San Mateo: Upgrade for Redwood City + Lockout a bitter pill for owner of acclaimed new restaurant. Michael Mina trying to make the best of 'devastating' situation + San Fancisco firefighters scolded over racy TV show + Newsom fights limit on condo conversion + PipeVine charity money still unpaid + Fairmont hotelier on the hot seat + Union workers face loss of benefits on Dec. 1

Alameda: Group knocks Pombo for pro-Bush mailer + EPA praises UC for internal audit + Suspects wanted in Oakland mailman shooting

Santa Clara: Author Iris Chang's death stuns friends, fans + Iris Chang Was 'Exhausted' + Stanford to fill looming gap in trauma care. Pending closure of San Jose Medical Center had threatened to end service in 3 counties + Campbell: Picture might be worth more than thousands of words from tipsters

Contra Costa: Refinery apologizes for Rodeo incident + Brentwood: New center to help people seeking jobs Walnut Creek blast: Man died helping colleague after blast + Rescuers retrieve two more bodies after Walnut Creek explosion

Marin: Real estate giant targets Marin + Red Hill Park's new design OK'd despite tiff

Sonoma: Windsor Fire: Send help + Gold Ridge fire tax supporters optimistic

Napa: Supes eye with interest anti-tobacco funds + Napa County's e-voting passes state scrutiny

Solano: Benicia's botanic park fulfills man's last wish + Mare Island guards stand down + Measure S now mathematically defeated

Monterey: Planners to consider Crossroads remodeling + Veterans narrate DVD on bombers

Central Valley: Drive to restore cemeteries started + Wildlife habitat plan set for vote + Proposed high-speed rail line has stops in Modesto, Atwater + University planned giving site opens Monday + Hospice provides holiday help + Ceres upgrading playground equipment + Caltrans gets an earful at Highway 99 meeting + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Portugal roots (Jim Costa) add variety in Congress Click.

Central Coast: Santa Cruz labor action looms + Alliance introduces guide to locally grown food

Southern California: Disney workers reject contract; leaders authorized to call strike + Sheriff Baca term unlimited + CSUN grads, faculty fuel San Fernando Valley economy + L.A. to get new trauma center + Plans announced for new local Armenian cathedral + Burbank cops, managers, city at impasse + San Diego swearing-in day poses mayoral riddle Click. + Writing the Wave in San Diego Click. + Sharply Split on Curbs at King/Drew Click. (LAT Reg) + Health plan helps Orange County Mexicans cross-borders Click. + Kern Animal shelter says: Away, strays Click. + L.A. offers the inside poop on its sludge Click. + LAPD Is Finally Rolling on Expansion of Facilities Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: UCD Med Center evolving into complete teaching site + New SJSU leader takes action + S.F. schools chief Ackerman's term likely to be extended. New contract with 'compatibility clause' up for vote + Dominican University growing + Pleasanton keeps school on hold + State's schools dissected at conference + Intervention team hired for Graham school in Newark + Fremont: School career center back on track + Cal Berkeley wins grant for minorities in science + AmCan growth crowds schools, parents worried + Local Digest: Soquel shines in high school surf contest + Modesto Jr. College focusing on math majors + Mysterious OC school board trustee plans to show up

S.F. group sues Somalis for alleged torture

U.S. school board mandates 'intelligent design' as alternative to teaching evolution

U.S. wants passenger lists prior to takeoff

China cracks down on religious activities of unofficial Protestant church


A Prison Cookbook, and It's Not From Martha

Couple buys North Dakota's highest peak, will keep it open to public


Anthrax attack drill called a real success

Hippo deaths raise fears of anthrax epidemic

Food allergy vaccine

Many are bipolar but able to keep working

Cassini Radar Sees Bright Flow-Like Feature On Titan

Scientists Hunt For Acid Rain And Methane In Wetlands

Showing Florida How To Oust An Invasive Pest

Crucial Evolutionary Link Points To Origins Of Modern Cells

Do the Legwork: Is Your Pain Caused by Arthritis or Artery Disease?

New Study Reveals Locations Of Possible Alzheimer's Genes

Molecular Clock Genes Influence Metabolism Of Sugar And Dietary Fats

Overweight And Obesity Linked To Heart Muscle Abnormalities, Even Without Heart Disease

Seismosaur Cut Down To Size

Intestinal gas is ubiquitous

Researchers Find Color Sensitive Atomic Switch In Bacteria

Obesity Linked To Another Cancer - Leukemia In Older Women

Genetic Link Suggested In Deaths From Cardiac Valve Diseases

Scientific Paper Submitted From Space Focuses On Ultrasound Tests

Tuberculosis Drug Combined With Virtual Reality Therapy Is Effective In Treating Fear

Doctors Transplant Ovary To Woman's Arm To Preserve Fertility

UNC Lineberger Researchers Identify Molecular Markers Of Aging

University Of Kentucky Researcher Uncovers Clues To Alzheimer's Disease

Blood Transplants May Be More Harmful Than Bone Marrow Transplants In Pediatric Leukemia Patients

Unseen Colorado Mountain Aquifers Throw Water On 'Teflon Basin' Myth

Sexual Competition Drives Evolution Of A Sex-related Gene

Lengthening Mars Rover Mission Presents Challenge To Cornell Researchers And Students Working In Operations Center

Earliest Tracks Of 4-Legged Stroll

Improved Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treatment Offers Hope For Eliminating Irradiation

Taking aim at Alzheimer's Click.

Microsoft's Google-killer arrives with a 'whuh?'

Windows XP SP2 derails some PCs

Sandia, Stirling To Build Solar Dish Engine Power Plant

Most oil spills remain a mystery

Digital River Rumored to Be Working With Apple


Bush: We have a great chance to create Palestinian state within 4 years + Bush Pledges to Work with Europe on Mideast Peace + Full text of press conference

U.S. to Consider Naming Mideast Peace Envoy

Intelligence Reform Looks Like a Lame Duck for Now

Ashcroft Says Judges Threaten National Security by Questioning Bush Decisions

Economists put budget gap at top of Bush to-do list

Attorney general post could be prelude

Musical Chairs in the White House

Renewal of Patriot Act, FBI Reform Key Issues in Second Term

Texas comptroller eyes governor's race

Evangelicals Want Faith Rewarded Click. (LAT Reg)

Experts see states as force in fighting global warming + US states defy Bush over greenhouse gases

The Senate Takes a Hard Right

Dubya saves: Bob Jones

Bush eyes the 'Big Enchilada'

Democrats: Democrats ready to confirm defender of torture as new US attorney general

Scapegoating the Democrats and the politics of intonation

US liberals: a 'people without a country'

A change in direction

Vote fraud: Kerry's lawyers checking Ohio vote + David S. Bernstein: 'Questioning Ohio Click. + $100,000 reward offered for evidence of vote fraud to change election + Crunch Time for Those Who Want to Re-Crunch Election Numbers + Dirty work at Philly polls


Morford: Down With Fancy Book Learnin'

Iraq: The Unthinkable Becomes Normal

Helen Thomas: Attack on Fallujah can't be justified

Thomas Friedman: Déjà vu all over again in Fallujah

Fern Chandonnet: Here's some more truth about the election Click.

Frank Rich: On moral values, its blue in a landslide Click.

Patrick Seale: Bush's risky gamble at Fallujah Click.

Dawn of the Brain-Dead

Dubya's Debt to Monica Lewinsky

Arafat's death a major test for Bush

Greeley: How many more Iraqis must die for our revenge? WE WUZ ROBBED . . . AGAIN!

How to spot 'Stuck-on-Stupid' in Washington, DC

Hung over in the End Times

It's time to turn on the soul power in U.S. politics

After the fix, how do we fix the fix we're in?

Blood for pork....

Report: France Planning EADS-Thales Merger to Create Defense Giant


U.S. Retail Sales, Confidence Gain, Signaling Job Gains May Drive Spending

Dollar Falls Against Yen, Euro on Speculation U.S. Will Tolerate Decline

Merck Chief Gilmartin Will Appear at Senate Panel Hearing on Vioxx Recall

Eurozone growth prospects fade as France reveals flagging momentum

SBC touts $4 billion blueprint

Hit animated films boost Pixar

Intel appoints Otellini as CEO + Who is Paul Otellini?

Web pharmacies fear net tightening

Harvard vs. Kmart

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Group to honor lesbians and gays + Gay rights groups won't attack marriage restrictions head-on. They fear backlash if tactics are deemed to be too aggressive + Caution in Court for Gay Rights Groups Click. + Secrecy, Stones and Insults: the Gay Life on Zanzibar + Peru gives green light for gays in military to have sex

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Iraqi Stringer for Reuters Is Rare Unembedded Reporter in Fallujah

At Northwestern, Howard Dean Challenges Media View that 'Values' Swung Election

Journos Might Be "Biggest Threat to Truth Today," Bernstein Tells Texas Audience

Russia starts moral crusade against media

TV networks ordered off the air in Afghanistan

Iraqi Govt Warns Media on Coverage of War

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Alameda County Fairgrounds: Goodguys car event attracts oddities

Rice and Saki festival in Napa

Panda-monium at the Oakland Zoo

San Francisco festival showcases South Asian filmmaking

Putumayo's 'Latinas' concert tour makes a stop in Marin

Emeryville artists bring some color to underpass

Journey yields glimpse of African past

Review of The Incredibles

How Pixar conquered the planet

End of the Road Is Nowhere

Scientists Pioneer Biotech Techniques To Halt Infestation Of History, Art Treasures In Tropics

It's Love Me Tutu as The Beatles go ballet in Hong Kong

Afghanistan wants 'Dead Sea Scrolls of Buddhism' back from UK

Lagerfeld designs for masses take world's couture capital by storm

Kinsey, the man who turned America on to sex, inflames passions again in controversial film

Presidential Baby Pictures, Congress' First Law Displayed in New Archives Exhibit

Funny peculiar

Painting bohemia

Tub thumping

All points Norse

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: A short romance for Lil' Kim

Rush & Molloy: Is 'Kinsey' a perversion of the truth?

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

NOVEMBER 11, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Fallujah Fighting Intensifies as Troops Search House-to-House for Rebels + U.S. launches second phase + Insurgents Try to Flee Encircled Fallujah + Iraq Rebels Hit Back + Rebels fight for life in Fallujah; car bomb rips through Bagdhad +
US: 600 Insurgents Killed in Fallujah + 200 US Casualties Reported in Fallujah + Two Marine Copters Shot Down Near Fallujah + The Failure of Success in Fallujah + The sun sets, mayhem begins + Rebel Fluidity Brings US Control Into Question + 'Ill-Educated, Unfit' UK Troops on Front Lines + 'Every Town Will Become a Fallujah' + 'The Only Place I Am Going From Here Is Heaven' + A Yemeni's Journey to Fallujah + Warnings gave insurgents time to flee Fallujah + New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah + Tactics of street-fighting + Falluja marines face fight of will and skill + It's slow going for marines on an urban battlefield + Fallujah Set to Fall, Violence Spreads + Dozens of Wounded GIs Sent to Germany + Big Guns Clear Path for the Infantry + Death behind the wheel in Iraq + At best, a hollow victory + A regrettable necessity + Click. How the Pioneer robot plane helped win an artillery duel + Marines 'find imprisoned hostage' + Insurgents have plenty of cash + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports + U.S. Military Intelligence Officers Comb Through Fallujah 'hostage Slaughterhouse' + Reservists Suffering Large Share of U.S. Deaths in Iraq Since Fallujah Fighting Started + Developments in Iraq + Fallujah Fighters Try to Escape U.S. Cordon; Insurgents Strike at Police Stations in Northern City

Occupation: Die Now, Vote Later

War prisons: Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Trials Moved to U.S. + Jury finds Marine major guilty of lesser charges in death of Iraqi inmate

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt Prepares Military Funeral for Yasser Arafat + Fattouh to Lead Palestinian Authority Until Elections; Abbas to Head PLO + Clinton Says Arafat Missed the Chance for Peace + U.S. Sees Chance of Peace Hinging on Arafat Successor + Arafat receives full honors in France + Arafat's illness still a mystery + Palestinian Refugees Across the Arab World Burn Tires, Fire Shots and Weep Over Arafat's Death + Foreign Minister Dismisses Hamas Claims That Israel Poisoned Arafat

EUROPE: Bulgaria struggles to remember its past

Lithuania backs EU constitution

I fear for my country (re Van Gogh death)

AFRICA: Sudan police accused of new attack. Refugees say they were beaten in raid to destroy camp

ASIA PACIFIC: S. Korea Made Near Bomb-Grade Uranium - U.N.

Crash landing coming for China

AMERICAS: Latin America Quick to Dance to China's Tune

Peruvian terrorists, aided by drug ties, re-emerge

Chile Issues Report on Pinochet Torture


FBI Incompetence and the First WTC Bombing


Dutch arrest 2 terror suspects. Investigators seek Syrian once held on suspicion of recruiting volunteers for violent acts

Mind control: The Zombie Effect

For EU and NATO, snags over intelligence

Vanunu arrested by Israeli police + A-G orders Vanunu arrested + Israeli police: Nuclear whistleblower arrested

Vanunu detained on suspicion of revealing confidential information

Ex-C.I.A. Chief Nets $500,000 on Talk Circuit

Platt Calls New Spy Book “Fatally Flawed" re: Harry Dexter White

WestJet CEO accuses Air Canada of hitting low in espionage lawsuit + WestJet CEO offered to quit over spy fiasco

Toy robot takes geek world by storm

Burma junta preparing to form new intelligence force

North Korean at U.S. Consulate in Russia Tests New Asylum Rules

Wi-Fi vulnerabilities found in public, private sectors

Danilov Jailed Over Newspaper Remarks + Prosecutors say Danilov broke pledge not to leave

Reports: Student 'obsessed with jihad' + Roommate's computer led to arrest of student on terrorist charge + Man Charged With Aiding Terrorists

Kazakhs break al Qaeda-linked Islamist cell

Arab Response to Attacks Reveals Mixed Allegiances

Rise of Islamic terrorism in S.E. Asia

Man on Terror Tape May Be Californian

Ex-CIA official calls bin Laden 'narcissist' after seeing video

Former Jihad Fighter in Afghanistan: Al-Zarqawi's Group Adopted the Worst Practices of the Algerian GIA

Into the Den of Spies

Blood for pork....

U.S. AMBASSADOR INTERVENED IN HALLIBURTON CONTRACT + U.S. pushed deal with Kuwaiti firm for Iraqi gas. Diplomats urged Halliburton to use firm despite price

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Gay activists 'regrouping' at meeting


Top Justices See Benefits of Police Dogs

Milosevic Wants Clinton to Testify by Christmas

Hoffa seeks probe of Teamster killing

Ex-superintendent of Ga. schools indicted

FBI captures Intel staffer with Texas-sized gun cache

Judges bar execution of 2 retarded inmates

£14m deal means Franklin Mint has say in Diana fund spending

Judge Orders Jailed Man to Pay Ex-Wife $4.2 Million in Divorce Case

U.S. Prosecutors Investigating Aegon in Insurance Fraud Probe


9 Salinas Valley prison Guards named in '01 probe

Apparent Kidnapping Videotaped by California Mall Camera Joaquin Valley

Sacramento & north: South Placer to see new justice center + Man found unfit to stand trial + Mother unfit for murder trial + Davis: Arrest brings back memories of 'Rooftop Robber' + Adult clubs to donate to health care clinic

Alameda: Family retains rights to Raiders + Dublin residents can e-mail their complaints to the police department + Judge rules family co-owns Raiders + Al Davis loses suit to partner's heirs + Cameras put Oakland police on best behavior + Berkeley: One shot in robberies of newspaper trucks

Santa Clara: San Jose: Wanted by the Police: A Good Interface

Contra Costa: Richmond: Man arrested in baby's death

Marin: Mill Valley killer says she heard voices + 15 years to life in slaying of Fairfax man Oldham + Petaluma youth charged in fatal accident + MGH worker died of drug overdose + San Rafael: Manslaughter charge for student in crash + Mentally ill slayer Kruse wants out

Sonoma: Petaluma teen charged with manslaughter + DNA ties man to '75 Navarro slaying

Napa: Judge consolidates suits against Mondavi

Solano: Testimony continues in Smith brothers' attempted murder trial + $500,000 bail set for Vallejo murder suspect

Monterey: Girl involved in fatal crash to be tried as juvenile + Student shot near North Salinas High School + Alleged gang member J. D. Horne on trial. Snitches testify

Central Valley: Murder solicitation admitted + Split Nesler case trials asked + Merced courtroom entries undergo security overhaul

Central Coast: Watsonville: Former school counselor aide and pastor arrested for child molestation

Southern California: Thieves right at home at construction sites ++ Man shot by police near consulate had starter gun + Police seek answers in baby's death + Courtney pleads not guilty to assault + Carjackers rescued + Judge recuses San Diego bench from mayoral dispute + Woman sues Bill Maher, says he reneged on offer to marry her + Man to stand trial in alleged killing that was kept secret+ Judge rules that grand jury transcripts in Spector case can be released+ Four teens charged in Long Beach shark killings + Sweatshop pay hurts economy Click. + L.A. to Get Downtown Trauma Center Click. (LAT Reg) + Sale of L.A. Marathon Raises Questions About City Subsidy Click. (LAT Reg) + Judge bars Kern shelters from killing animals early Click.

Scott Peterson: Judge dumps third Peterson juror + Replica of fishing boat becomes a memorial. Geragos placed it near courthouse + Foreman latest juror to bite dust  + Trial turmoil continues + Intrigue swirls as jury foreman ousted + Laci Jury Mutiny + Peyser: Only Evidence Against Peterson is His Own Smirk


The Governor: Gov.'s star power sells state overseas. Plenty of publicity for trade mission  + Gov. makes novel pitch in Japan + Gov. courts Japanese business + Arnold may do Japanese ads + Schwarzenegger Japanese ad could fund Calif. trade office + Gov. markets golden opportunity Click. + Fight brews over redistricting + Business leaders look to Capitol for help + Daniel Weintraub: Gov. should fulfill his pledge to end secrecy + Editorial: Welcome, Tom Campbell + State Wants Some Top Level Political Employees to Punch Clock Click. (LAT Reg)

AES Corp. disputed California Treasurer Phil Angelides' assertions that the company paid too much to its top five executives Click. (LAT Reg)

Insuring merger benefits

Workers' comp rule fought re: forcing injured to see company doctors + Injured Employees Challenge Provision of Revised State Workers' Compensation Law Click. (LAT Reg)

Diebold suit settled for $2.6 million + Settlement in electronic voting lawsuit + E-voting firm puts adversity behind it

Water, sewer rates may rise as state raids property taxes Click.

Propositions fallout: Marjie Lundstrom: 'Three strikes' battle continues after demise of Prop. 66 + Is It Time to Vote Term Limits Out of Office? Click. (LAT Reg) + Term limits has backers, but has the idea failed? Click.

Indian tribes: Gov. hits tribes on slot-like devices Click. + Richmond casino faces long odds


Bullet train: Agency reveals likely bullet train routes + Tentative map of California high speed rail route reviewed + San Bernardino Would Be Cut From Rapid Rail Click. (LAT Reg) + High-speed rail picks downtown Bakersfield stop Click.

Sacramento & north: City: Capital signs up to assist visitors + Winners still uncertain in 4 local races + Capital hub urged for bullet train + Fire at W. Sac church was arson, officials say + Placerville council to fill seat by appointment + Folsom fire captain: Councilman harassed me + McClellan job loss is probed + News from the San Joaquin Valley+ Delta Earthquake Danger Click.

San Francisco, San Mateo: Inequities toward Chinese alleged in S.F. vote + Ranked voting troublesome for Chinese. Survey finds S.F. bloc may not have understood process + Port developer Mills' donations questioned. Firm legally skirted city law in giving to Newsom, Sandoval + Newsom's foray provides snapshot of the homeless. Mayor's outreach last month turned up fresh statistics + 2 locations added for hourly car rentals + Mayor learns to carshare + Belmont: Measure G needs votes + Movie coup for city + Pelosi: Lockout hurts The City's reputation + Club cancels tribute to slain rapper

Alameda: Berkeley landmarks panel to rule on cottage. Building designed by famed architect William Wurster + Berkeley confirms female fire chief + Biodiesel station gets pump + Union City firefighters demand release of report + San Ramon card room ordinance put on hold + Updated aquatic park possibility for Dublin + Memories and legends of the Tri-Valley + Grant boosts Fremont senior services

Santa Clara: Stanford ready for trauma center closing fallout Click. + Possible San Jose hospital investor drops out Click. + Families offer compromise on closing Agnews Developmental Care Center Click. + 'Nanking' author found dead + Herhold: Council accounts ripe for abuse

Contra Costa: Richmond casino has barriers yet to pass + Catch-22 could stop San Ramon card room + Supervisor pushes a state university for Contra Costa. Despite enrollment decline, he suggests branch's expansion + Point Molate casino on track after City Council OKs proposal. Willie Brown enters fray for Chevron, which is fighting deal + Richmond to sell bayfront land to casino planners + Developers eye airfield in Concord + San Pablo veterans hospital to close Click.

Walnut Creek explosion: Seeking answers + Continued risk hinders search; burn victim dies + Graphic: Theory of what caused blast (.pdf file) + 3rd worker in fuel blast dies. Rescuers face perilous search for 2 workers missing, feared dead inside water pipe + Burns from blast claim worker remembered as loyal father, brother. Survivors could be hospitalized for as long as 2 months + Underfoot in suburbia lies dangerous ground. Vast pipeline carries 15 billion barrels of oil annually in U.S. + Pipes tight at explosion site + Pipes tight at explosion site

Marin: County blasts EIR report on San Quentin + San Anselmo sets up subcommittee on sign

Sonoma: Veterans seek site for crosses marking Iraq deaths

Napa: Napa opts to join with county on road tax + Napa High's Sierra Club joins PETA protest + Napa unsure where to park new parking garage

Solano: Rapper's funeral stirs chaos + Family feuds at Mac Dre funeral + Vallejo woman hurt in crash + More flu vaccine sent to Solano + Vallejo woman died from drug overdose at Marin hospital

Monterey: Two finance officers plan to leave + Residents wary of desal plans + School bus crash sets off chain reaction

Central Valley: Urgent call for flood control + Turlock resident is disturbed by events in native Ivory Coast + Horseplay causes fatal car crash + The boom is back in Turlock + Snowmobile letters by Pombo criticized + Patterson zoning: It's all business + Board missed chance to fight air pollution + Stanislaus supervisors should appoint a temporary tax collector + Manteca authorities arrest teen after chase

Central Coast: Panetta Institute honoring two senators at dinner + Students threaten action backing worker demands

Southern California: Sen. Alarcon joins Hahn challengers + City to save $500,000 on 800 lines + High court declines safety funding lawsuit + Court: Baca can be re-elected as many times as he runs + New trauma unit could absorb patients from troubled King/Drew + Click. Sweatshop pay hurts economy Click. + L.A. to Get Downtown Trauma Center Click. (LAT Reg) + Sale of L.A. Marathon Raises Questions About City Subsidy Click. (LAT Reg) + Judge bars Kern shelters from killing animals early Click.

School days: School district rejects Pleasanton loan + Students go online to tell if teachers make the grade + Report slams San Juan buyout + Antioch schools attempt to plan for growth + Shuttered schools + San Juan finds new uses for old schools; Tahoe is still trying + Rebuilt San Francisco school dazzles + San Mateo: Scholarship fund to aid science majors + Bridging S.F.'s school gap + Alameda County schools lose $1M for software purchased but never used + Woman selected as Santa Rosa schools chief + CSU graduates record number + Parents celebrate Livermore Valley charter school OK + San Joaquin boundaries plan


WHO Recommends Approval for Genetically Altering Smallpox to Help Test Drugs' Effectiveness

Genetic Variation May Help Some Resist Human Form of Mad Cow Disease

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Some officials order vaccine from Europe

Experts to Meet in February to Discuss Arthritis Drug Risks

Doctors Are Urged to Say They Are Sorry

Monitoring Life, One Breath At A Time: Respiratory Sensor May Provide New Tool For Emergency Responders

 UCSD Chemists Use Tiny 'Chaperones' To Direct Molecules And Nanoparticles In Drop Of Liquid

Spirit Adds Clues About History Of Rocks In Martian Hills

Gene Found To Defend Against Environmental Pollutants And Pulmonary Emphysema

Plentiful Fossils Of Dinosaur Contemporary Allow Population Study

Maintaining Stable Weight, Even In The Obese, Reduces Heart Risks

X-rays Reveal Details Of Cancer Protein

Honeybees Defy Dino-killing 'Nuclear Winter'

Cell Enzyme May Help Suppress Cancer Development

Fat Buildup Found In Hearts Of Obese Or Diabetic Heart Failure Patients

Images Of Desire: Brain Regions Activated By Food Craving Overlap With Areas Implicated In Drug Craving

Sea Change: Skeletons Of Ancient Corals Different From Today's

Loyola Begins Study On Blood Substitute In Trauma Patients At The Scene Of Injury

Study Reveals Genetic Link To Colon Cancer

Annual Vaccination Against Influenza Associated With Decreased Risk Of Death In Elderly

Mayo Clinic Discovers One Mechanism For Why Men And Women Differ In Immune Response

Gene Regulated By Need To Process Proteins Linked To Enlargement Of Protein Processing Factory

Wistar Study Demonstrates Heritability Of Non-Genomic Information

Researchers Discover Transport Molecule That Allows Boron Into Cells

Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Link Between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Alcoholism And Mental Illness

Study Of Cancer Trials Finds Significant Safety Improvement

Shutting down disease-causing gene can lower cholesterol in mice

Madagascar Protects Its Biodiversity

European Spacecraft Prepares to Orbit Moon

Mars moon emerges from the dark

Eight Google Wannabes

Purdue, Japanese Researchers To Create More Human-Like Robots

Toy robot takes geek world by storm

Air Bubbles In Breakfast Syrup Illustrate Potential Pathway To New Technology

Trying to make a pen as mighty as the keyboard

These Traffic Numbers Are Real

Microsoft Search More of a Quest

The Reality of Virtual Servers

Vodafone unveils advanced service


High-stakes summit + Blair seeks Bush's help on Mideast

U.S. welcomes speech by Taiwan president

Bush Could Use Political Capital on Immigration

Bush Asked to Break Deadlock on Intel Reform

Pageantry planned for Bush inauguration

Government plans air cargo safety rules

Gonzales: Gonzales pick is no lightening rod + Gonzales Often Clashed With Ashcroft + A Record of Injustice + Attorney General Nominee Advocates Loss of Freedom, Individual Rights + Meet Your New AG: Alberto Torquemada + Former Top Government Lawyer Predicts Tough Going for Next Justice

Romney rules out Bush Cabinet post

Why Russia's Vladimir Putin campaigned for Bush

Congress: Specter wants to make case to lead panel

End of the Road for Two Veteran Committee Chairs

Democrats: Sen. Clinton's star power attracts 5,000 to Tufts


Orin: Billionaires' Great Bungles Doomed Dems

Kerry's Enablers: the Clinton Cult Factor

Vote fraud: KUCINICH KEEPING AN EYE ON OHIO VOTE COUNT + If it's too bad to be true, it may not be voter fraud. Most statistical enigmas in recent election have logical explanations, despite Web rants + Florida E-Vote Fraud? Unlikely + Peter Coyote on election fraud


Bush's goal: Destroy what's left of America

Chris Caen: We once knew how to end wars

Novak: In the end, Democrats wrong about those 'loony rightists'

Iraq's Allawi Is a 'Straw Man' and a 'Criminal,' Says Sy Hersh at NYU

It's Official: 'Newsday' Announces Plan to Cut 100 Jobs

Scientists React to Bush Victory

Mossback: Manchurian Mandate

It's Super Bush!

In American politics, geography is destiny

Helen Thomas: More government from the right

Maureen Dowd: A moveable feast of terrorism

Blumenthal: The lowest ignorance takes charge

Stardom: America: Love It or LEAVE IT?

Bob Jones wants his payback

MILITARY Walt Wiley: Carmichael veterans to board tall ships for mock battle

Better health care sought for incarcerated veterans

Veteran relives Fallujah ordeal

U.S. wounded face a new battle

Ex-Marine still fighting; now it's red tape


Court reverses some Falun Gong convictions


Indymedia Subject of Secret 'Criminal Terrorism Investigation' + US: We seize servers. You have no standing to complain

Moore plans 'Fahrenheit 9/11' sequel

DA uses due process to undo dissent

Upstate New York College's Decision to Hire Former Radical for Brief Course Ignites Criticism

SCLC, Civil Rights Founded by King, Is in Turmoil Again


U.S. Stocks Advance; S&P 500 Reaches Three-Year High as Crude Oil Declines

Dell's Profit Climbs 25 Percent, Driven by Back-to-School Demand for PCs

Delta Pilots Approve $5 Billion in Cuts to Help Carrier Avoid Bankruptcy

Eurozone experts growing warier about growth outlook, ECB poll shows

German economic recovery runs out of steam

Mondavi meeting is off

Profits Prove Elusive in Madagascar Sapphire Rush

Otellini to succeed Barrett as Intel CEO

Union Leader Calls for AFL-CIO Changes Click. (LAT Reg) + Upstarts tell it to Sweeney

Bechtel's Boston tunnel project leaking water Click.

Deductible yachting

Click. The Public-Relations Princesses

Luxury Hotels Target China in Push for Asian Expansion


Sex education, Texas-style

Diana Griego Erwin: Mom knows anguish of calling police to deal with mentally ill son

Titanic Disaster: New Theory Fingers Coal Fire

Women! Who! Kill!

Architecture with heart

N.Y.’s Irish tide is flowing home

Exhibit Tells Story of Nuns in America

The Pen Is Mightier.... 


Chinese American writer Iris Chang found dead in South Bay

APME Comments Suggest Gonzales Won't Be a Press-Friendly A.G.

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Mission bells mark the road again. Nostalgic symbols indicate Spanish-era route from Los Angeles to San Francisco Early birds get to see the most River otter reported at Alameda Creek 007's buggy, Chaplin's mustache for sale

Mill Valley photographer focuses on celebrations of women around the world

Squash blossoms taste like fall

Irish Author Doyle Tackles Jazz in America

Germany's carnival season bursts into life

Cartoons animate Hollywood's end-of-year line-up

H and M brings Lagerfeld's haute couture to the masses

Earhart - Latest On-Scene Report!

Art: When 'new' becomes history

On The Town With Rex Reed

NY Dance by Robert Gottlieb

Warhol riot work fetches $15m

Gilgamesh tomb believed found

Metropolitan Museum of Art buys tiny Duccio for £25m

Neurotic poets

Rush & Molloy: Looks like Naomi needs help with anger

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: An adult education

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

NOVEMBER 10, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Battle rages in centre of Fallujah + Defiance amid carnage + US troops capture most of Fallujah, Allawi relatives kidnapped + Rebel Fighters Who Fled Attack May Now Be Active Elsewhere + Gunmen Kidnap Three Members of Allawi's Family + In Taking Falluja Mosque, Victory by the Inch + `Ghost 3' keeps wary watch for snipers + Commanders: Fallujah insurgents 'blinded' + 'Body Parts Everywhere' + General says troops found 'hostage slaughterhouses' + Group 'holding 20 Iraqi national guards' + US losses mount + Tough riding along Iraqi express + Hundreds of armed men control al-Ramada downtown + Marines tighten grip in Fallujah + Fallujah's defiance of a new empire + The Watchdogs of Fallujah + US 'pacifies' city but rebels take violence to rest of country + Old errors meant assault became inevitable + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: A German Lesson for Remaking Iraq + Rebuilding What the Assault Turns to Rubble + US Taxpayers to Rebuild the Rubble of Fallujah + General Appointed as Fallujah Region's Governor + Iraqi debt gives Russia mixed relief + Iraqi financial experts work to settle blocked assets with Syria

War prisons: Deliberations begin for Marine major in Iraqi prisoner death

AFGHANISTAN: Terrorism defeated', Afghan president says

SYRIA: Syria Seeks Turkey's Support Ahead of Iraq Conference

MIDDLE EAST: The men who could replace Arafat + Palestinians prepare for Arafat's death, lay groundwork for succession + Why Israel will not allow Arafat to be buried in Jerusalem

RUSSIA: Russian Authorities Launch Criminal Case Into Nuclear Meltdown Rumors

EUROPE: Bosnian Serbs apologize for Srebrenica massacre

AFRICA: Exodus from Ivory Coast as foreigners, citizens flee violence

Two security and humanitarian protocols on Darfur signed

AMERICAS: Rightist Militias Are a Force in Colombia's Congress

Peace Corps opens office in Mexico


Terror threat for financial institutions being lowered to yellow

Iraq war little problem for Al Qaeda, experts say

Dealing With Casualties From A Terrorist Attack - Lessons Learnt From The Madrid Bombing

CIA insider may face disciplinary action re: media contact

Rochford leading Oak Ridge counterintelligence office

RIP: Jack Wolff

Russian Spy Suspect Danilov Put Into Custody + Court orders custody

Ambassadors who defect

Deserter Jenkins lifts veil on closed regime

China jails British national for spying

Suspect Charged in Connection to MS Windows Leak

Al Qaeda 'To Disintegrate' in 2 Years - UK Adviser

Accused spy jumps NT$300,000 bail, officials confirm + Wanted Chinese spy fled after changing his name Alleged spy now officially missing

Man Charged With Aiding Terrorists

Two arrests made as Dutch police end raid on terror suspects' nest

Mystery sub spotted in Japanese waters

Homeland Security Inspector Charged With Immigrant Shakedown Plot

George Mason U. Plans Terrorism Defense Lab

Aussies to Bear Missile Shield

Panel compares census count to internment

Iran bars four photographers from exhibiting 'insulting' work in Paris

Theo van Gogh murdered on the streets of Amsterdam


Twentysomethings find ways to be own boss

Amelia Earhart's Grave Found?

Patron Saint of the Nerds

Arctic Thaw May Open Ship Lanes, But Risks High

Blood for pork....

Jordanian Firm Pulls Out of Iraq


Supreme Court looks at dogs, drugs, privacy

Rehnquist filling duties at home

Visa replacing debit cards in possible security breach

Abercrombie to pay $50 million in bias suits

In Vegas, an Unholy Alliance between ACLU and evangelicals

Princess Diana memorial fund and Franklin Mint settle lawsuit

Child porn navy doctor keeps job

Students Fight Copyright Hoarders

Martha serves her biz with $3.7M legal bill

UK: 'No court bias against fathers'


Clayton Marsh inmates' labors of love enliven holiday season

Salinas Valley State Prison: 9 officers fired over beating, cover-up

Editorial: Segregation lives on in prison system

Six CYA staffers appeal firings Click.

Sacramento & north: Family: CPR plea ignored by deputies + Sacramento man sentenced in fraud, ordered to repay $2.5 million+ R.E. Graswich: Ex-lawman Waters keeps his cool as a Bush-hating attorney loses his + County hopes to create psychiatric crisis teams + Dead couple identified in Chico + Man slain in his kitchen identified + 30-day term for former Roseville officer + Pot-for-tires idea is a bust, police say + 2 arrested in south area meth raid

San Francisco, San Mateo: Rental car company settles suit over GPS devices+ San Mateo car rental firm to repay customers tracked by GPS + Cops seek Visitation Valley school gunman

Alameda: Judge orders Oakland to reveal salaries for some employees + Fights erupt near Fremont High School in Oakland + Third man charged in robbery charges against third man + Hayward: Patient arrested in strangling death + Vigil memorializes slain Fremont man + Union City expands thin blue line + Custodian arrested in Oakland school theft

Santa Clara: S.J. shooting victim identified + DOE probes Foothill taunt reaction + Man pleads no contest to manslaughter in SUV death + No contest plea in SUV run-over death

Contra Costa: D.A. may seek death for Canal trail slaying + Richmond: Sketches released of robbery suspects + Richmond: Man in jail jumpsuit eludes deputies + Jury to decide Concord man's fate for 2000 killing spree

Sonoma: Rape in Healdsburg

Marin: San Rafael man to stand trial in hit-and-run

Napa: Deaths of two young women leave friends, neighbors shaken + Family, friends recall Adriane Insogna + Judge consolidates suits against Mondavi

Solano: Viewing for slain Vallejo rapper Mac Dre + Thousands say farewell to Mac Dre + Police hear rumors of rap war' brewing

Monterey: Atty for teen in double fatal crash questions probation dept's prior treatment of her in DUI case + Salinas pizza parlor robbed + Salinas driver stabbed by man on bicycle + Click. Judge ended Oliver Armando Martinez's murder trial Monday after the prosecution's star witness failed to appear in court.

Central Valley: Ripon fraud case grows + Four boys hit by car; man jailed + Deputies seek suspects in Patterson stabbing + Stanislaus County "fun run" needs scrutiny by sheriff, public

Central Coast: Santa Cruz man pleads no contest in party-fight death + Flu vaccine available for priority patients, county announces + Area farm conference focuses on Africa

Marin: San Rafael man to stand trial in hit-and-run

Southern California: Police shoot hostage-taker at Mexican consulate in Los Angeles + More prospective jurors summoned for Robert Blake murder trial + SoCal man arrested after girlfriend's body found stuffed in suitcase+ Teens arrested for allegedly killing two sharks at Long Beach aquarium+ Lawyer argues Caltech grad student Wm Jensen Cottrell suffers from a form of autism that made him an unwitting dupe in an arson rampage that destroyed 125 sport utility vehicles in San Gabriel Valley Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A.'s cash register rip-offs drop 75% Click. + L.A. Council Adopts Anti-Sweatshop Law Click. (LAT Reg) + Princess Diana memorial fund and Franklin Mint settle lawsuit

Scott Peterson: Another Juror Removed in California Peterson Trial + Peterson judge removes foreman; third juror to be dismissed + J


The Governor: Gov. in Japan to boost California trade + Gov. hits 1st stop + There's gold in them thar hills - Japan's, that is + Gov. hopes to turn cachet into cash for state + Gov. considering making commercial to raise funds for trade office Click. + Gov.'s hushed- up nonprofit political fund reaches half-million dollars + Gov. seeks rise in prison spending Click. + Gov. can't dent Democrats' edge + Members of Gov.'s base retention council+ Panel to make bases' cases + PANETTA TO HEAD PANEL + Henning named director of EDD + Labor expert picked + Challenge for Campbell + Angelides tells top execs to rein in pay or face wrath of state's two biggest pension funds + Garamendi approves big health plan merger + Deal OKd  Click. + Anthem Money a Band-Aid to Clinics Click. (LAT Reg) + States may rethink settlement terms Click. + CalPERS asks Shell to audit reserves Click.

Law on fixing flaws boosts construction

Dan Walters: 14 years of term limits

Editorial: The disappearing Delta

Indian tribes: Stakes high in Cabazon and Pechange tribes' fight with Gov. Click. + Gov. asks tribes to remove 'video lottery' machines Click.


Hearst beach to grow 13 miles

PG&E billing woes continue

California 'meanest' to homeless

California gets 315,000 more doses of flu vaccine

Ridership fond of Baby Bullet

Sacramento & north: Sacto County managers get pay increase + A phoenix rises in historic Chinatown + Downtown revitalization group OK'd in Sacramento + Two nonprofits get $200,000 grants + City to expand Oak Park center

San Francisco, San Mateo: Not running for supervisor (Tony Hall) is an expensive undertaking + Panel OKs port complex. Mills Corp. gets key approval for retail plan at Piers 27-31 + It's kaput for those old air-raid sirens + Health Commission accepts $15.5 million less in budget. It's part of mayor's $97 million plan for cuts across board + Mayor issues ultimatum to hotels + What went wrong for Newsom in election? + Husbanding Our Resources + Port project endorsed + City loudspeaker system on the way

Alameda: Oakland bans several crowd control devices + Berkeley youth programs bracing for cuts + Oakland begins free tree-planting spree + Alameda to recycle cell phones + Fremont: Local seniors group wins $150,000 grant + Livermore counseling program rescued + Livermore council reduces growth rates + Livermore: $759 million to protect vernal pools + Fine upped for illegal dumping

Santa Clara:  Mess not just registrar's fault + Uncounted ballot backlog drops + Palo Alto school tax backers vow another try + S.J. launches ethics investigation of councilman + 49ers' charities surviving rough year + Integrity guidelines' debated, approved

Contra Costa: Developers see 6000 homes and more at Buchanan Field + Mountain lion seen in Pleasanton + Richmond Council approves casino plan. Hotel, slots may come to Point Molate + Richmond: Shoreline project oversight shifted to toxics panel / State EPA takes responsibility away from water board + Walnut Creek Pipeline Blast: Two dead, six injured in Walnut Creek explosion+ Volatile arteries lace East Bay underground + Driver unharmed just feet from blast + 1,700 Las Lomas students evacuate + It hasn't been a smooth road for contractor or water project + Two die + Explosion latest setback for water supply project + Deadly blast in fuel pipeline won't affect S.J. airport + Blast kills 2, puts 6 in hospital

Marin: Making way for wider Highway 101 + Sausalito police chief hired by Novato + Grants target Marin alcohol abuse+ San Rafael businesses become rubble + New home for Novato city offices still vexing + Fairfax dumps + Point Reyes homes to sell at full price + Plan unveiled to fix Marin roads

Sonoma: Geysers firms offer neighbors $100K a year + Hope for more flu vaccine + Businesses shun Petaluma parking garage fund + Yardbirds vows to block Lowe's in Petaluma

Napa: Napa opts to join with county on road tax + Napa High's Sierra Club joins PETA protest + Napa unsure where to park new parking garage + More flu vaccine on its way to Napa + Napa sales tax proponents take heart

Solano: Vallejo: Blow to head killed football player + Vigil honors athlete

Monterey: Consumer group asks PUC to consider water moratorium + Parker concedes to Smith + General plan may take one more year + Retention of Salinas libraries urged + Highway cleanup progressing

Central Valley: Modesto rink to close doors in December + Modesto Disposal's contract extended + County sees great things in old air base + Chopper drops its radar device on flight route + Critics blast Modesto Irrigation District higher rates + Patterson takes plunge with new pool + Stanislaus board honors employees serving in Iraq + Ceres reaches outward for more land + Work on Yosemite utilities path can continue + News from San Joaquin + California cattle producers enjoying second year of record prices+  Central Valley levees in danger of failing + Foreign aid to Afghanistan criticized by raison industry Click. + Some don't condone Fresno methadone clinic Click.

Central Coast: News from the Central Coast + Keeley eyes county post + Construction woes stall P.V. High opening

Southern California:  L.A. Police shoot hostage-taker at Mexican consulate + More prospective jurors summoned for Blake murder trial + SoCal man arrested after girlfriend's body found stuffed in suitcase+ Teens arrested for allegedly killing two sharks at Long Beach aquarium+ Lawyer argues Caltech grad student Wm Jensen Cottrell suffers from a form of autism that made him an unwitting dupe in an arson rampage that destroyed 125 sport utility vehicles in San Gabriel Valley Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A.'s cash register rip-offs drop 75% Click. + L.A. Council Adopts Anti-Sweatshop Law Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: S.J. Steinbeck school may shut down + Report card for public schools expanded + Foreign student body in California colleges shrinking + Oakland schools may stop presses + Cal wins grant for minorities in science + San Francisco teachers robbed at gunpoint in school. Campus closes for the day after 7 a.m. incident in office + San Francisco: Ackerman's Dream Schools in spotlight. Backers, opponents jam board meeting to debate plan + Demanding UC Berkeley boost minority enrollment + USC No. 1 Again in Foreign Students Click. (LAT Reg) + Colleges take on hacking, ID theft Click. + Fremont: Let's mediate like its 1999 + Manteca board considers code of conduct + After cuts, Monterey trustees briefed on savings + Bay View residents support San Francisco Dream Schools + Vallejo school chief grilled about cuts + UCSC fund-raising goal of $50 million nearly reached

Stem Cell Therapy Effectively Treats Heart Attacks In Animals

First Human Trial Of Bioartificial Kidney Shows Promise For Acute Renal Failure

Special Report: Is this the miracle pill?

Scientists Find a New, Double-Barreled Approach to Controlling Cholesterol

How stem cells could lead to a biological pacemaker

The first 'ethnic drug' could be the medicine of the future

Research Focuses On Antibiotic-resistant Bacterium And Touches On Longevity

NIDA Researchers Develop New Genetic Strain Of Mice To Study Nicotine Addiction

Jefferson Neuroscientists Studying New Type Of Alzheimer's Drug Aimed At Halting Disease Progression

Link Between Immune Protein And Longer Survival In Melanoma Patients Identified

Oceanographers: Fish Sang Through Hurricane Charley

Trauma's Aftermath: Coping with PTSD

Picking a Prostate Surgery: The Laparoscopic Approach

Many people who have hepatitis are unaware they carry the virus

Certain PCBs Linked To Increased Risk Of Cancer

Initial Sensor For P53 Tumor-suppressing Pathway Identified

For The First Time, Observing Protein Synthesis And Other Single-molecule Processes

Eating Fruits And Vegetables Associated With Reduction In Cardiovascular Disease, But Not Cancer

Powerful 'Toolkit' Developed For Functional Profiling Of Yeast Genes

Advanced, Precise Radiation May Boost Limb-sparing Therapy For Sarcoma

Scientists Pinpoint Flaw, Offer New Promise For Stroke Treatment

Being Active In Middle Age May Prevent Early Death, Especially If Your Heart Risk Is High

Climate Uncertainty With CO2 Rise Due To Uncertainty About Aerosols

Ecosystem Remodeling Among Vertebrates During The Permian-Triassic Extinction

Blood tests may show stillborn risk

Breast exams not standard, study says

Czechs offer a glimmer of hope for threatened rhinoceros

Apples with slogans ripened into the fruit's skin

Study: Lower-than-normal blood pressure best for heart patients

High Doses of Vitamin E May Hasten Death

State and Fed officers, others, close for Veterans Day, Thursday, Nov. 11

Just what America needs - a car even bigger than the Hummer

MS search engine rumors abound + Microsoft previews search tool

Pressure treating of wood is questioned

Fuel from rice, wheat and fallen trees

NASA Unveils Its Newest, Most Powerful Supercomputer

Tiny Tools Carve Glass

Godiva's Speedy Ride: USC PIM Chip On Track To Beat Itanium

Even Digital Memories Can Fade

Konfabulator comes to Windows

US compute labs in desperate need of Federal swill

DSL Deals: Buyer Beware

Firms look to shuttle successor

Saturn moon may have ice volcano

Possibility Of Life On Mars

Chandra's Find Of Lonely Halo Raises Questions About Dark Matter

Firms Look to Shuttle Successor

Mining the Moon, Gateway to Mars


Bush Picks Gonzales as New Attorney General + Author of Anti-Rights Memo to Replace Ashcroft

Bush Comments on Battle in Fallouja

Spain's Zapatero Phones, but Bush Doesn't Answer

Bush wants line-item veto to be revived

State Dep't report: Lowered terror attack figures were staff error

Falwell plans for 'evangelical revolution'

Officials ask Bush to aid man in China

Canada Warns It Cannot Be the Drugstore to U.S.

Rove: Marriage issue and role of money were big

Russia Warns US Over Assault on Fallujah

Bush administration backs new power-grab by Pakistan's military strongman

Tennessee Governor to End Expanded Medicaid Program, Revert to Lesser Benefits


Democrats: Race under way for parties' top slots

Kerry joins party chiefs in Capitol

Vote fraud: Miami judge rejects ACLU ballot-count suit + E-voting reliability has a ways to go + Democratic dysfunction + Ohio counting methods explain errors + Tampa Vote: Dispatches from the Ground


Morford: We Are All Dubya's Doormat

Unions Confront Post-election Reality

Scary Times, Even for a Preacher Click. (LAT Reg)

Condi to rise? ... and more high talk

Scott Ritter: Squeezing Jello in Fallujah

Evangelicals are crediting God with securing re-election victory for Bush Click.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Republican dictionary Click.

Robert Parry: Explaining ourselves Click.

Stardom: News BLACKOUT Over

Satan hides in a hospital

A cry from the mosque

Pyrrhic victory

Springtime for spooks

Death will be his witness

Santa Rosa Jr. College teacher Michael Balleau found dead. He had students write "kill President" and got Secret Service attention

Peter Schrag: California: The left-out coast, or the leading edge?

MILITARY Santa Rosa Guardsmen headed to Sinai

Veterans return, but not always with healthcare

Blair orders MoD to 'save the regiments'


Irish vCJD case confirmed

New Standards Meant to Help Find Anthrax Tests That Really Work

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Pneumonia vaccine combats ravages of flu + Stretching The Supply Of Flu Vaccine: Solution Offered In New SLU Research

Louisiana Reports First U.S. Case of Crop Fungus Soybean Rust


Fed Raises Benchmark Interest Rate to 2 Percent, Maintains `Measured' Plan

PeopleSoft Rejects Oracle's $8.8 Billion Bid a Fifth Time as `Inadequate'

Cisco reports higher profit

Click. FCC says firms not subject to state regulations, taxes

G7 considers coordinated forex intervention: Italy

Is offshore Internet gambling coming to the U.S.?

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Cal Polytech students apologize for likening gay marriage to bestiality + Gay leaders try to reframe struggle for marriage rights Click. + Music: Ladies first + Irish court to review recognition of Lesbians' marriage

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Mideast Press Anger at Fallujah Assault

Jimmy Lai, the media typhoon

Zell Miller Takes on Maureen Dowd

Columbia campaign desk

New 'Washington Post' M.E. Bennett Fields Questions from Readers

Study: Want Libel Suit To Go Away? Just Ask

Media Company Touts Service for Predicting Hit Television Series in Advance

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco art in Orange County

Critic's Choice - San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival

Stage: Critic's Choice - Kate Mitchell

The Met Makes Its Biggest Purchase Ever

Mathieu Francois, French stone-cutter on the Athens Acropolis

Rebel Dutch Photographer Wants to Stimulate Debate

At Sotheby's, a record 17.4 million USD for a Rothko

$30m Vermeer sale helps Sotheby's to narrow its losses

Visitors enter the dragon's lair as reptiles aid Indonesia's tourism revival

Imitation male cry ends flight of UN's feathered mascot

The Graeco-Roman Museum, Alexandria

First wooden coffin of 13th dynasty unearthed in Luxor

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Words, then wine, fly at InStyle bash

Rush & Molloy: When Beatty had Brando's number

Do pixels make perfect?

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

NOVEMBER 9, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US troops seize third of Fallujah  + Iraq train station turned into U.S. base + Driving to heart of the enemy + 14 GIs Killed  + Fallujah Ushers in New Phase of Resistance + US failing as offensive compared to terror tactics of pariah states + Black Watch pays price  + US Colonel: Satan 'Lives in Fallujah' + Top U.S. Commander expects hand-to-hand fighting + 'We're Here to Fight the Infidels' + Army scouts set stage for invasion + U.S. tests new tactics in urban warfare + Click. Eyeballing the Fallujah Kill Zone + Fighting in an urban jungle + Hospital hit + Fifteen US soldiers killed + Police stations hit in Baquba + Roadside bomb kills Black Watch soldier + I got my "kills". I just love my job + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports + Sunni Party Quits Iraqi Govt Over Fallujah

War prisons: Marine testifies he didn't intend to harm Iraqi inmate + Legal Know-How Absent at Gitmo? + Diego Garcia and Freedom, Bush-Style

IRAN: Iran 'can' mass-produce missiles + Iran: Countdown to showdown

SYRIA: Syria works to scrap US accusations of money laundry

MIDDLE EAST: Arafat's wife ignites storm + Hunt for missing millions begins + Palestinian delegation to Paris ignoring Suha Arafat's insults

RUSSIA: Russian government lies to victims of Beslan crisis

EUROPE: Europe and India Sign 'Strategic Partnership' + Top court brands Belgian far-right party racist + East Germany Becoming a Retro Utopia 15 Years On

AFRICA: Sudan Signs Darfur Deals with Rebels - Mediator + Islamic initiative to contain the situation in Darfur

French forces fire shots as protesters mass in Ivory Coast + Stuck in France's orbit: a depressingly circular history + Why the One-Time "Paris of Africa" Is Sliding Into War, Why it matters

ASIA PACIFIC: India Follows China's Central Asian Steps

China's only children


CIA Official Challenges Agency on Terrorism + CIA official defies order to stop criticizing agency

Click. USA Cross-Examines Lawyer Lynne Stewart + Lawyer Facing Terror Charge Cites Need for Violence

Arrest of Orange County mosque leader a 'mistake,' supporters say

Emergence of Copycat Militant Groups Bedevils Intelligence Official

Jordan Acquits Four Suspected in Plot to Attack US Forces

How Much Did the US Know About Israel's Nukes? Everything

Film Fame Finds Shadowy ETA Spy Still on the Run

IDF officer suspected of Hizbullah ties + Bedouin tracker planned to spy for Hezbollah+ IDF Scout Arrested

Pair jailed for spying for Britain

House Committee Cool to Senate Offer on Intelligence + Concession Breaks Impasse on Bill to Create Spy Post

Jury Convicts Danilov in Retrial

Japan intends to set up intelligence station at East China Sea

Japan, N Korea to discuss missing

Terror threats increase data load on ASIO

PA excludes a spy in Arafat's crew

Jailed Cubans Honored

Voice of 'Azzam' studied for match

Jordan finds convicted persons not guilty of conspiring against Americans

He Helped Set Stage for D-Day

Why there is no KH-9 spy satellite in the Smithsonian

Head of MI5 warns business to guard against terrorism

France to Begin Production of New Nuclear Missiles


Supreme Court: Drunken Driving Doesn't Warrant Deportation

Stealing movies: Why the MPAA can afford to relax

Defense Lawyers Say Rapport with Milosevic Ruined

'Incredibles' portrays lawyers as evildoers

Lithuanians crack fake euro ring

How Top Shows Depict Lawyers and The Legal Process

Former Boston Mob Boss Charged With Lying About 1993 Killing

Boston Man Acquitted in Shooting Death of Toddler During Break-In

FTC Sues Companies for Weight-Loss Claims, Warns Media Outlets That Advertised Them

Witness: Ovitz Wanted Signing Bonus as Disney President


Reform for CYA lockups pledged + CYA's oldest ward, age 32, drops release request

Slow to Execute, California Sees Death Row Swell

California couple seeks religious tax break, citing Scientologists

Law says retailers can't charge for credit card use

Vacaville inmate claims threats on his life after TV ad re: 3 strikes

Sacramento & north: Elk Grove: Man shot by Sacto sheriff deputies dies + Suit settled in Sacto carwash electrocution + Sacto: Paying child support just got easier by website or credit card + New hearing is set in theft of human remains from UC Davis Med school + Sacto: 3 more arrests in transient's death + Colusa trial set in policeman's slaying

San Francisco, San Mateo: Astronaut's son Walter Shirra arrested at airport on child sex charges as boarding plane to Thailand + Fajita fight trial wraps up testimony. Alleged victim's plea deal recounted + Youth looks like innocent victim in gang slaying + Breast cancer charity Big Bam is probed Click.

Alameda: Judge tells Oakland to disclose worker pay + Police suspect man, 35, in death of roommate at Hayward home for mentally ill + Early Oakland prostitution sting nets 85 suspects + Officers testify against 'Riders' + Dublin panel to view new courthouse plan + Prosecution ends case in penalty phase of Sausage King trial + Two men charged in January shooting death in E. Oakland + Hayward courthouse looking for volunteers + Car in drive-by shooting in Niles eludes police + Fremont: Police tasers subdue teens + Dozens of cats found in rented home in San Carlos

Santa Clara: Palo Alto PTAs help rape victim + Officials probe wood chipper death + Twins, 17, shot with Tasers + Man held in scams at Stanford copy shop + Judge rules for county in S.J. concert hall case + Stanford University: $1.5 million billing for copies disputed + San Jose: Wood chipper accident is fatal + Rebecca Cohn aide takes step toward hostile working environment suit Click.

Contra Costa: Killer Glen Taylor Helzer was mentally ill, lawyer says + Helzer cast as either madman or mastermind + Helzer penalty phase begins

Marin: Judge grants goats a stay for now + Novato man is fourth to die at county jail in 16 months

Napa: Napa slaying victims fought for lives + Police reach out to Hispanic residents about double murder

Solano: No contest plea to rape, kidnapping

Monterey: Teen driver could face trial as adult for fatal car crash

Central Valley: Stanislaus County is No. 1 in car thefts + Guard killed at Foster Farms + Modesto drug den turns to kindling + Turlock to add three dogs to K-9 unit

Central Coast: Central Coast news briefs + Santa Cruz: Ouch! Inmate tries to smuggle big load of drugs into County Jail + Child-killer abandons parole bid + Man arrested at cliff’s edge after hammer attack

Southern California: Long Beach: Woman stabbed as police wait outside her home + Businessman charged in wine scam pleads not guilty in LA+ Hostage Standoff Reported at L.A. Mexican Consulate + Charges Brought in Sea Lion Shootings Click. (LAT Reg) + A Race to Trauma Center Stop the Bleeding Click. (LAT Reg) + Orange County: Development for 23,000-Acre Rancho Mission Viejo Site OKd Click. + Lawsuit: Biologists, San Bernardino forest supe abused power to stop development Click. + Suit Aimed at Blocking San Diego Candidate Click. + Police Shoot Man Who Took Hostage at Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles

Scott Peterson: Hearing eyes possible Peterson juror misconduct + Judge in Scott Peterson Murder Trial Meets With Lawyers as Observers Fear Stalemate +Jurors comb evidence + Rift on jury prompts lecture from judge + Jury told to check passions + Jurors may be 'stuck' + Jury rocks the boat + Evidence of jury discord? + Mistrial denied + Trial's price tag tops a million Click.


The Governor:  Japan trip agenda goes beyond hype + Californians traveling to Japan with G0v. + Jelly Belly chairman going on Japan trip with Gov. + Diversion of gas tax revenue could be risky for governor + Battle over spending gas sales tax + Reorganization commission tosses plan to Gov. with little advice

Anthem's $16.4 Billion WellPoint Purchase Cleared by California Regulator

Gay marriage battle heats up in state

State to debate assisted suicide + Assisted suicide here?

UC alleges price gouging by natural gas providers

California's manure energy plan becoming heap of issues

Propositions fallout: Stem cells: A gold rush is on + Daniel Weintraub: Prop. 63 feels good, but it is bad public policy + Other views: Prison reform must be a priority + Let the sun shine in + Prop 34: Campaign Reflects New Influence of Local Panels Click. (LAT Reg) + Efforts against illegal immigrants rise Click. + Children's Hospital Bond Fuels Projects Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: Governor tells tribes they must remove video lottery terminals + State Seeking to Stop 2 Tribes From Installing Machines Similar to Slots Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Ruby the elephant's stay in LA may be short-lived

Sacramento & north: Placerville official Bob Salazar succumbs to cancer + Sacto shelters survive a budget storm + Hmong can get business, housing help

San Francisco, San Mateo: Honeymoon over for Newsom + Newsom may be losing touch + Condo conversion uproar. 2-unit buildings would be restricted under proposed law + Time line announced for closing power plants + Port panel set to vote today on project plan + Tenant bills cause stir at City Hall + Brisbane: Found human skull possibly prehistoric + Budget cuts target seniors + Instant runoff's allies cite merits

Alameda: $1 million federal grant to help youngsters + Berkeley hills neighbors feud over addition to cottage + Al's Liquors will remain shuttered + Livermore: Kamena's stories of WWII & limo hijinks + Annual Danville ceremony will dedicate memorial + Former Port of Oakland director gets national post + Wetlands focus of Livermore event + Sunol: Bosco's gets new leash on life + Fremont: Help decide hunting rules for Don Edwards refuge

Santa Clara: San Jose hospital extends its Medi-Cal deadline + Poizner concedes race for Assembly to Ruskin + VTA advances BART plan + Electrifying Caltrain about 14 years away + Mission bells going up to mark historic route + Letting a park go to the dogs + P.A. council cool on centralized library + 3,500 doses of flu vaccine to go to `high risk' people + Poll watcher learns about shared values between ideologies + Bayshore Road office building gets thumbs down + Poizner finally concedes Assembly race

Contra Costa: Richmond: Campus Bay cleanup control shifts to state + Hercules: Unknown man saves woman from fire + Renovation starts at Pleasant Hill shopping center + Walnut Creek: City overdue for new library. Officials seeking $18 million in state funds to replace gloomy, overcrowded facility + Contra Costa County's tax strategy cited as a success

Marin: Park board juggles users' needs re: park behind Red Hill shopping center, San Anselmo + Ferry terminals get security upgrade + Grateful Bahia residents to give firefighters donation

Sonoma: Hwy. 101 widening funds up in air + Lowe's foes throw in towel + Money takes a walk in Rohnert Park campaign as Tim Smith wins

Napa: County ready to declare homeless crisis + Napa properties may be among those put on state auction block

Solano: Vallejo: Friends, family remember football player's short life. Jesse Bethel High honors memory of Michael Pennerman + Hundreds come to celebrate Zampa Bridge + Mac Dre memorial takes place today + New child welfare director optimistic about the future + Ubalde back in lead for SCC seat

Monterey: Planned store signs stir fears of visual blight + Candidates wait, and wait

Central Valley: First report issued in 'fun run' inquiry + Extra $302,000 for police before council + Incorrect boundary bars Merced voters + Schools get a break on water rates + FAA help for Castle projects sought + Utilities offer farmers a deal Click.

Central Coast: S.C. Medical Foundation proposes clinic near Rodeo Gulch Road + Central Coast news briefs

Southern California: Frye blasts talk of legal challenge to her write-in San Diego mayoral bid + Hahn, Hertzberg file for LA mayor's race + San Diego: Write-in candidate leads mayoral race + L.A. Housing agency hid $30 million + Race for City Hall begins + Will Ruby be brought back at all? + Hahn nixes boost in arts funding + L.A. panel suggests tax or fee hike

School days: Reed might sell Granada site in Corte Madera + Tougher punishment urged for school threat at San Juan Unified + San Francisco: Ackerman's 'dream' ruffles some factions. Forced to reapply for jobs, teachers say they're insulted + Principal's blunt look at teen suicide + San Francisco: Ackerman wants to delay Envision firm's second school + Review set for suit on control of Oakland schools + Tracy board talks school boundaries + Fremont: The 3 r's: reading, 'riting, respect + State watching Graham Elementary in Newark + After cuts, Monterey trustees briefed on savings + Four San Francisco schools added to intervention list + Georgia Evolution Lawsuit Is a Fact + Flex time for Newport Mesa high school Click. + San Francisco: Forced to reapply for jobs, teachers say they're insulted Click. + A tangled Web of Internet education offerings + In quest for an MBA, Americans cross the Atlantic + Education Groups Push for Greater Diversity in Teaching Force


Taking biodefense too far

WHO sends malaria drug warning

Anthrax kills nearly 200 hippos in Uganda

Sanofi Diet Drug Impressive in 2-Year Study

Pioneer pooches detect diabetes crises

San Francisco nonprofit helps develop low-cost cure for black fever (visceral leishmaniasis) Click.

Radar Image Shows Titan's Surface Live And In Color

University Of Michigan Researcher Examines The Cell's Housekeeping Habits

New Scientific Consensus: Arctic Is Warming Rapidly

Cornell's Tiny, Vibrating Paddle Oscillator Senses The Mass Of A Virus

Student's Winning Invention Enables 'Animal On A Chip'

Some Allergic Conditions Increase Risk Of Blood Cancer, Study Finds

Body Shaving And Turf Burns Spread Infection

Cornell Researchers Take Step In Deciphering What Proteins Look Like Through Discovery Of New Family Member Important In Making DNA

Suicidal Thoughts More Common Among Women

People with restless leg syndrome may have an iron deficiency

The Anti-arthritic Effects Of Bee Venom: Study Reveals How Melittin In Venom Blocks Inflammation

Pitt Researchers Identify Biomarkers Of Lupus Which Could Lead To Quicker And Better Diagnosis

Scientists Closing In On Nerve Proteins' Contributions To Memory And Hearing Loss

Researchers Uncover How Infections Combat Plant Immune Responses

Loyola Warns Lower Temps Mean Greater Risk Of Fire From Space Heaters

Cornell Researchers Take Step In Deciphering What Proteins Look Like Through Discovery Of New Family Member Important In Making DNA

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Good For The Heart, And (maybe) Good For The Brain

Bristol Scientists Find Key To Unlock Body's Own Cancer Defense

Roman Face Cream Discovered And Reproduced

Engineered Stem Cells Can Home In On Tumors And Deliver Drug Payload In Mice

Research Team Discovers Possible Genetic Mechanism Behind Congenital Heart Defects

CT With Multiplanar Reconstruction Gives New Perspective On Complex Ankle Fractures

Studies Demonstrate Positive Data In Treatment Of Hepatitis C

Cells From Babies Help Heal Mom

Schizophrenia brain fault 'found' + Older father schizophrenia link + Womb flu link to schizophrenia

U.S. losing edge in supercomputing, report warns + Supercomputer mastery + Supercomputer powers up Nasa

Firefox browser takes on Microsoft + Hunting with Firefox

Valley firm could shake up market for flash memory chips

Silicon Valley's go-to man in China

Smart Building Controls May Help Manage Peak Energy Demand In Northwest


Bush Visits With Wounded Soldiers as Fighting Rages in Iraq

U.S. Official Doubts Iran's Good Faith in Talks With Europeans on Nuclear Activities

Deficits Limit Bush's Options

Bush Looking Anew for Oil Drilling in Alaska Wildlife Refuge

Bush Administration Asks Supreme Court to Block Assisted Suicide Law in Oregon

Bush Tells Mubarak Will Work for Palestinian State

Powell: U.S. Will Pursue Aggressive Foreign Policy

Blair Defends Assault on Fallujah

Rumsfeld expects difficult battles, scores killed in American bombardment in Falluja hospital

Mexico pushes U.S. on immigration

First Lady Officially Reopens Pennsylvania Avenue for Pedestrians

Congress: Rhode Island Senator Chafee to stay Republican

Try a new focus on welfare reform: the men

Specter pushes for judiciary chair

Congress Unprepared for Terrorist Attack

Democrats: 2008 Run Among Kerry's Options Click. (LAT Reg)

Vote fraud: Ohio Is Set to Reckon With Outstanding Ballots + Poll workers overmatched in high security age + Sam Parry: 'Bush's incredible' vote tallies Click.


Weyrich: Time for a Conservative Debate on War

Fallujah: All the Makings of a War Crime

For the Empire, All Is Permitted

The Quagmire Deepens in Fallujah

Losing Iraq

Iraqi Muslim Scholars Commission: a war of extermination + Riyadh criticizes statement of 26 scholars on Iraq

Stem-cell vote blurs religion-based politics

Why the Specter flap matters

Hitchens: Bush's Secularist Triumph

Puritanism of the rich

Fearful in Fallujah

Bush's Olive Branch Is a Sword

It's the Wealth, Stupid

MILITARY  VA Backlog Forcing Iraq, Afghanistan Vets to Wait for Treatment

Marines encircling Fallujah believed to be from San Diego County Click. + Pendleton families react to news of Fallujah battle Click.

Residents angry over school strafing

Milo Grow's Letters from the Civil War

Spouse hiring system goes Armywide

Blood for pork....

Halliburton Acknowledges Bribes May Have Been Paid

There's Always Halliburton


Payout to Victims of 9/11 Tops $38 Billion

9/11 Compensation Weighted Toward Emergency Responders


Fed's Rate Hikes Expected to Continue This Week and Most of Next Year

Google Blazes Lonely IPO Trail

Schwab keeps ousted chief on payroll

Labeling of U.S. corn is sought

Airbus Pursues Tanker Contract

FCC to states: hands off of Internet-based phone services

Popular San Francisco messenger bag firm finds cheaper labor overseas Click.

Abandoned mining site seen as vista

Rebuilding the Anti-War Movement

Nova Scotia Concerned US Law Reaches Into Canadian Databases

Fatherhood Activists Protest TV Ad Mocking Dad Who Tries to Help Daughter With Homework

Uncle Sam is watching you


St. Louis company offers discount generic drugs to low income Americans

Drug for Only Blacks Stirs Hope, Concern

Stardom: News BLACKOUT: Day Two

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Dan Walters: Bush may owe S.F. Mayor Newsom big debt of gratitude + S.F. assemblyman Mark Leno to be honored in Newark, CA + Gay Marriage: the New Nader + New Tactics for the Same Pressing Issues + Gay-Rights Supporters Sue Over Georgia Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

The Pen Is Mightier....

Western journalists quit Fallujah


New York Times' Friedman gloats as Arafat lies near death

Newsday names new editor + New 'Newsday' Editor Vows Improvements, Despite Pending Buyout

Pressing the President

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Monterey: Ways sought to uncover '30s art

Capitola cottage finds its place in Santa Cruz history

Getting a Hobby, and History, on Track in the Central Valley Click. (LAT Reg)

'Polar Express' author says the film is like seeing 'a painting come to life'

Waiting for storks in Croatia's European village

Rush to get Taj Mahal ready for full moon viewing

Marilyn Monroe Key to Whopping Finnish Fish Tale

Ertha, the Germanic Earth Goddess

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity

The bell tolls for Hemingway home

Is Chinese art kicking butt ... or kissing it?

Edinburgh festival faces new rival

Archaeologists fear 'looters' charter'

Rush & Molloy: Burt goes from wooing to suing

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: When Shih Tzus hit the fan

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Word of the day

NOVEMBER 8, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US led forces unleash 'Phantom Fury' to regain Fallujah + Hospital is seized in first phase of attack + General: 10,000-15,000 US, Iraqi Troops in Fallujah + US attacks Iraq rebel stronghold + Witness: Taking cover in Falluja + Analysis: Beginning of the end? + Many Marines Face Fallujah With No Combat Experience + Suicide Bomber Attacks U.S. Convoy in Baghdad + Assault on besieged Fallujah under way + Fallujah: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet + Syrians Reinforce Security at Iraq Border + Report: Extremists Moving Across Iran-Iraq Border + A Look at Possible Iraq Insurgency Groups + Zarqawi Group Posts Video of Attack on UK Troops + Out on the Street + Fanning the flames of resistance + No carrots, all stick in Iraq + AMS warns Iraqi forces + Allawi shuts Iraq's airport and borders + British soldier killed in central Iraq + Militants Attack Two Churches, Hospital in Baghdad, Killing at Least 6 People + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq Govt TV Broadcasts Foreign Fighters' Confessions + US Forces to Give Iraqis Cash for Reporting Explosives

War prisons: Guantanamo Trials Unlawful, Federal Judge Rules + Guantanamo Bay Justice: Three Hours Behind Closed Doors + U.S. Court Halts Proceedings in Case of Osama Bin Laden's Yemeni Driver

AFGHANISTAN: US Ambassador to Afghanistan: 'I Didn't Come Here to Be a Flower Pot'

IRAN: 2 issues snag Iran nuclear accord. Freeze agreement possible by midweek + EU, Iran Nuclear Deal Seen Doomed Without U.S. Help + Iran Sanctions Help the Mullahs

MIDDLE EAST: Will $1 billion be buried with Arafat? + Palestinian leaders set out for Paris despite Suha Arafat broadside + Arafat is alive but condition is 'very complex', say French + Arafat's Millions Could Slip Away in Behind-the-Scenes Battle Over Inheritance + Pro-Settlement Party to Quit Israeli Coalition Government Over Gaza Pullout Plan

EUROPE: Buttiglione backs 'theo-con' aims

EU Files WTO Complaint Against U.S., Canada in Hormone Beef Dispute

AFRICA: France 're-imposing' Ivorian calm

AMERICAS: Dollar replaced by 'monopoly money' in Cuba

Honduran President: Sorry About the Death Squads


Young Muslim Who Allegedly Killed Dutch Filmmaker Turned From Student and Volunteer to Radical Islam - Part of a Pattern of Jihad

Muslim school in Netherlands bombed

Naval Postgrad School teacher works on Afghan policies

Missing anti-aircraft missiles alarm aides

Clinton had plans to nuke North Korea

CIA Official: Evolving Nature of al-Qaeda Is Misunderstood

RIP: CIA Official John Waller; Was Historian and Author

China jails former Hong Kong envoys for spying for Britain

Negotiators See New Hope for Intelligence Bill

Homeland security incubator to aid NSA

Velva Klaessy, government code breaker, dies at 88

Spiro the spy, an American war hero

The invisible Big Bird: why there is no KH-9 spy satellite in the Smithsonian

The Reds are dead, but the spies are still around

China jails officials for spying

Ordeal for Muslim Businessman Continues

New exhibits fuel airline espionage case

India Test Fires Nuke-Capable Missile

Terror threats increase data load on ASIO

Race Against Time to Prevent Nuclear Terror

Syria Struggles to Stay Afloat

Chinese Su-27 Construction Halted

Head of MI5 Warns That Britons Still Face Threat of Terrorist Attack


Crude Oil Falls on Optimism U.S. Will Have Enough Heating Fuel for Winter

H&R Block Financial Advisors Accused by NASD of Fraud in Enron Bond Sales

Yahoo looking at new arena

Health plans reach out with new alternatives Click. (LAT Reg)

The Insider: Weyerhaeuser CEO tells why company outsources

GE sells Indian outsourcing unit

Disney, Already a Hit With Girls, Aims to Capture the Elusive Boys Market

Oracle to Drop Lawsuit if PeopleSoft Tender Fails


Justices Refuse to Review Inmate Voting Rights

More women in prison than ever, report finds + Inmate numbers keep on growing. Crime down, but strict sentencing laws fuel increase

FBI: 132 police officers killed on duty in 2003

Feds OK Taser Stun Guns for Airlines

Microsoft to pay 536 million dollars in Novell antitrust settlement + Microsoft announces legal settlements; rival to sue in U.S. court

General Information about Migratory Documents and Visas

At U.S. request, Israeli reputed mob boss arrested over drug smuggling

The Scalia Court

Former NHL Player Mike Danton Sentenced to 7 1/2 Years in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Enron's Skilling Seeking to Move Trial Out of Texas

FBI Investigating Thefts of 100 Propane Tanks in Denver Area

Sicilian Investigators: Jailed Mobsters Used Dirty Laundry to Send Orders


San Francisco: Violence descending in Visitation Valley + Oceanview killings prompt cop call

Santa Clara: Palo Alto cops called overzealous in probe + Results expected from clue in Palo Alto rape + Palo Alto: Reward offered in sexual assault case

Contra Costa: Penalty phase starts in Taylor Helzer trial

Solano: Retired police chief clears theft charges + Pizza parlors revamp policies + Suspects in Pizzaman killing case to return to court

Alameda: Boy's death haunts foster care workers + Two killed in separate Oakland shootings + Ex-mayor of Alameda dies at 85 + Suspect bitten by police dog after fleeing + Oakland crowd control revamped + Man gets 50 to life in slaying of woman

Napa: Napa police say slayings of women not random + Residents gather to discuss Napa murders with investigators

Central Valley: Three Turlock gas thefts in a 4-day span + November 2003: CEOs, stolen cars and Peterson

Southern California: For sale: One ex-wife's $250 million divorce judgment vs. Saudi royal family + Lawyer: Bryant accuser may sue him in California + Burt Reynolds sues ex-girlfriend, claiming extortion + Real pain for a false alarm + Belushi, Newmar in legal catfight

Scott Peterson: Peterson Judge Lectures Panel About Keeping Open Mind on Third Full Day of Deliberations + A nod means 'I agree'... or does it? + When tea leaves become headlines. As Peterson jury is sequestered, pundits frantic for clues + Peterson jurors expected to view boat


The Governor:  Gov. to visit Japan on first trade mission + Courting Japan + Gov. was king of TV pitchmen -- in Japan + Gov. brought spotlight, no cigar for Podesto + Gov. asks 'losers' for unity + Arnold's next mission + Gov.'s Sequel Rewrites Reagan's Script Click. (LAT Reg) + Dan Walters: Energy looms as confrontation for Schwarzenegger, Legislature + Tom Campbell: Finance appointee vows tight rein Click.

Lungren's back in the saddle

The buzz: Finding someone to run can be the tough part

Propositions fall-out: State's voters wielded big stick + Health care fight not over + Scientists already lining up for Prop. 71 stem cell funds + Daniel Weintraub: Where now to turn to fix health care in California + Fear sells state on Proposition 66, does nothing about sentencing system

Indian tribes: Indian Casinos Hit Jackpot With the Elderly Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   In the carpool lane, a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Trickery and excuses abound as CHP tracks Bay Bridge violators

High-flying firefighting Click.

San Francisco, San Mateo: Redwood City: Fire destroys three businesses + S.F. and Marin top charts of high breast cancer rates + Downtown ambulance slowdown?

Santa Clara: The worst street in San Jose + The worst street in San Jose + Towers Lane timeline of events + Food banks cater to cultures

Sacramento & north: SMUD eyes possible 6% rate hike + New pressures threaten to undermine Delta ecological systems + Latte (with lid) now OK aboard light rail + Lodi: Manure energy plan becoming a pile of issues

Solano: Vallejo student dies day after football-field accident + Bethel football player dies + Local coaches shocked by football tragedy + AmCan councilman steps aside + Industrial area development plans likely to generate heated discussion + Two county offices may relocate

Alameda: Oakland: Are liquor stores 'ugly' neighbors? + Tale of 2 'bad' alcohol outlets: Owners say ratings flawed + Loopholes make liquor licenses hard to revoke + Vagrant blamed for Oakland Fox theater blaze + Newark: Despite sale of lands, Cargill is producing as much salt as ever + Salt of Newark's Earth + DeSilva cited for Leona Quarry pollution violations + Mission Valley ROP to receive free car for shop students + Wetlands draft to be aired in Livermore

Napa: Incentives abound in glutted Napa apartment housing market + California provides numerous migrant families with housing as they follow the yearly harvest + Families work together inside Migrant Family Housing Center + Laborers leave true homes for temporary ones when work calls

Marin: New look for West Peak of Mount Tam? + Supervisors to hold rare night meeting tomorrow + Marinwood doctor worries cell-phone antenna will harm kids + Ross weighs sharing fire service + New chief chosen for San Rafael library

Monterey: S.F. workers picket Hyatt's sister hotel + Supervisors to get look at new draft general plan + Strikers protest in Monterey

Central Valley: Valley voters decidedly dissent + Decision boots the first plan for Salida + Stanislaus Union finances in question + Salida, north Modesto need growth discussion + The more air regs change, the more pollution stays the same

Central Coast: News highlights + New program in Watsonville puts troubled youth back on track + Parking plan at Santa Cruz wharf aims to entice area residents + Coalinga begs for city clerk Click.

Sonoma: Heating bills to keep rising; conservation urged

Monterey: Hatton Canyon Park? + Big ideas for growing Castroville

Southern California: LA pastor and activist retires from influential black church + North Hollywood coming to life + Villaraigosa Grim on Return From Kerry Campaign Click. (LAT Reg) + San Diego: Write-In Wave May Carry Her to Victory Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Mt. Diablo schools to consider cuts, tax + New engineering building heralds UCSC's growth + Boys taking to dance classes that include emphasis on etiquette + Ukiah schools lose kids + City high schools fight to save newspapers + Group celebrates giving girls equation for success + Ohlone cops consider getting guns + Fremont teachers get ready for tense battle + Network entices girls into science + High interest predicted for seats on Napa bond watchdog group + Nevada school district tentatively agrees to settle charges for Napa school + Freedom ‘food police’ worry parent + Vacaville school district facing deficit dilemma + Salinas elementary district keeps cutting + Recluse elected to school board + Few Parents Move Their Children Out of Failing Schools Click. (LAT Reg) + Fight over bilingual education continues in San Diego Click. + Plan for 6 new schools in Fresno put on hold Click. + Fontana students' rocky road home Click. Sounding the smog horn in L.A. Click. + Alcohol-Related Deaths at Colleges This Fall Raise Long-Standing Question for Administrators - What Can Be Done?


Got Anti-Nuke Pills? Probably Not

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Pneumonia shots seen as flu backup + Flu remedy sales watched to spot outbreaks + Just the Flu

'Ovary-arm' transplant a success

'Biological' kidney implant hope

Doctors Praise New Mesh Stocking Heart Device

Pollution link to heart disease

How men give promiscuous women a 'sperm' chastity belt

Hopes of premature labor insight

Pressure on Europe's bird species

Earthquake forecasts hit mark Click.

EU confident over fusion project

Report: Many Species Scramble to Adjust to Warming

Seeking toxic causes of breast cancer. Effort to find source of Bay Area's unusually high rate

Tumbleweeds Good For Uranium Clean-Up

Researchers Discover Potential Skin Cancer Prevention Target

Gut Microbes Can Open Gates In Fat Cells

CU Researchers Find That Dopamine Is Key To Learning Likes And Dislikes

Sandbagging Cancer In The Bloodstream

Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria Increased After Clindamycin Use For Common Vaginal Infection

Who Laid The First Egg? Scientists Move A Step Closer To Linking Embryos Of Earth's First Animals To Adult Form

The Treadmill Test: Is It a Heart Saver?

Breast Cancer Risk, Prognosis And Weight Gain Reduced With Physical Activity

Trojan-Horse Therapy Blocks Buildup Of Alzheimer's Plaques

Loyola Begins Study On Blood Substitute In Trauma Patients At The Scene Of Injury

Gene Mutations Responsible For Childhood Cataracts Discovered

Research On Nerve Cell Circuitry Reveals Clue About Schizophrenia

Location Of Body Fat Important In Predicting Heart Attack Risk

New Ways Identified To Treat 'Lazy Eye' In Children: Beyond Eye Patches And Daily Drops

Researchers Unlock Mysteries Of Toxic Metals In The Largest Contaminated Site In United States

Do Lead Bullets Continue To Be A Hazard After They Land?

Usual Test For Vitamin Deficiency Can Mislead Doctors

Enzyme Linked To Mania And Schizophrenia Impairs Higher Brain Functions

Labor Takes Longer For Overweight And Obese Women, Study Finds

Sleep Disorders Often Indicate Multiple Health Conditions

Anxiety Good For Memory Recall, Bad For Solving Complex Problems

Most Precise Measurement Ever Made Of Helium-6 Charge Radius

Pfizer Likely to Add Severe Warning to Bextra

Heart stents don't extend life

MIT Team Guides Airplane Remotely Using Spoken English

'Black cabs in sky' promise freedom of the city at 350mph

Getting the most digital camera bang for your buck

Bay Area labs called tops in supercomputing

Goliath Microsoft's Newest David is Mozilla

Underwater Robot Makes History Crossing Gulf Stream

The Real da Vinci Code

Microsoft Braces for Crucial TV Test


Advisers expect Bush's style to change

Rumsfeld Says Large Numbers of Iraqi Civilians Won't Be Killed in Siege of Fallujah + Rumsfeld Says He Hasn't Talked With Bush About Staying on as Defense Secretary

Terror financing fines fall after 9/11

Rove: Bush serious about gay marriage ban

Card to remain White House chief of staff


Business Groups Invested in Races, Now Wait for Returns

Rove prepares to make GOP into durable majority

Powell to Discuss Migration During Mexico Visit

G.O.P. plans to give environment rules a free-market tilt Click.


Congress: Specter Defends Record on Judiciary

Clone Ban Unlikely to Pass Senate

Democrats: A Line Forms to Check Out Clinton Library

Bill O'Reilly: To win in '08, Hillary needs a makeover

House Dems Seek Election Inquiry

NJ Governor Apologizes In Farewell Address


Blinkered Bush Set to Blunder Again

1,000 Is Just a Number, Until You See the Crosses

Iraq isn't star wars

Reach out and sneer: Dem radicals speak to the Red States

Mel Giles: The politics of victimization

Sheila Samples: The last battle

Keith Olbermann: George John and Warren

Ernest Partridge: Do we still have a democracy

Bob Fitrakis: Did Kerry concede too soon?

Bob Herbert: Voting without the facts

Xymphora on election fraud

Bush suspends logic on Social Security with plan that would expose elderly

The new Republican reality: no policy is too right-wing

MILITARY Bay Area: Parades honor 'the real heroes'. Sparse crowds remember veterans who defended liberty

The Continued Myths of Urban Warfare

WARPLANES: UAVs Replacing Helicopters

Air Force Resumes Fighter Competition After 8-Year Hiatus

William Clarke Quantrill

Vet called up 13 years after discharge sues

LEAKGATES  Click. How a government committee made a piece of literature.

Feds track diarrhea, cold medicines + Public health database

Cell phones could track buying habits

Marine recruiting program takes educators to school Click.

Putting a face to 'Big Brother'

Bittersweet Award for Banned China Author

Activists slam homeless tracking


Mexicans abroad fight for the right to vote back home

Business gets done in France after they have their cigarette break

Stardom: News BLACKOUT

Taming the Wild Mississippi River

Seeing a Broadway show can change your life

The United States of Europe and the Merovingian Master Plan

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Concerns shadow Palms Springs gay pride parade + Combating Gay Teen Suicide Risk Click. (LAT Reg)

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Fallujah's Screams Won't Be Heard

David Swanson: Media blacks out voting problems

BBC to cull more online content

Long-lost novel by Auschwitz victim gets French literary award

France's top literary prize goes to Laurent Gaude

Canadian Media Loses Fight Over Closed-Door Policy of Sub Hearing

CBS Files and Opposes Super Bowl Indecency Fine

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Gauguin, Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco shipwreck hunter touches history on land and sea

Mining local history Black Diamond. Preserve inspires novel

Talkin' turkey with an expert, Mary Pitman

Tortoises find home in local yard

Musical star Howard Keel, who found new fame with 'Dallas,' dies at 85

Cartoonist draws crowd in Santa Rosa

Bodega Bay fisherman still looks for the big catch

Disney, Pixar score 'Incredible' opening

Lebanon's artisans pass down secrets of soaps over the centuries

Curtain to go up in Goa on India's major international film festival

Fur flies as beavers return to Belgian rivers

Musician Urges Parents to Tune in to Mozart Effect

A walk through the new MOMA

Andy Borowitz on Pavlov’s brother

Fiction by James Ellis Thomas

J. K. Rowling - Shakespeare, Harry Potter and the Bodleian

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Crooner's one for the road

Rush & Molloy: Sean Lennon gets run of the Milla

A nite with Jacko

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Word of the day

.NOVEMBER 5, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US forces seal off Falluja + Prayers and tears inside city + UN Warns on Fallujah, U.S. Urges Civilians to Flee City + Annan warns + Near Fallujah, healing and medical preparation + Iraq PM says peace window closing in + 'Mercy killing' of Iraqi revives GI conduct debate. Teen rubbish patrol shot up by troops -- wounded youth slain + The Kurdish Powder Keg Is Ready to Blow + Two U.S. Marines Killed  + Oil Targets Threatened if US Storms Fallujah +  Orders of battle + Americans Close Roads as Showdown With Insurgents Looms + Fallujah - City of Mosques and of Resistance

Occupation: Iraq decides to let expatriates vote in election, a likely boon for Shiites + Allawi Calls on 'Spectators' to Join Occupation

War prisons: AP: U.S. report details Guantanamo abuses + U.S. Soldiers Face Murder Charges for Iraq Killing

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Kidnappers Extend Deadline to Saturday Night

IRAN: Iran, EU Nuke Talks Progress, But No Deal Yet + Khamenei denies Iran seeks nuke weapons, hits Bush

MIDDLE EAST: Arafat Has Requested Jerusalem Burial, Top Muslim Cleric Says; Israel Insists It Will Only Permit Gaza Funeral +Arafat Spokeswoman Says He Is in Coma, "between Life and Death"; Doctors Say His Condition Stable  +  Palestinians Choose Two To Assume Arafat Roles

Saudi women still hope to take the wheel 14 years after defiant demo

Israel scrambles aircraft as Lebanon hears news

RUSSIA: Putin Signs Up Russia for Kyoto Pact + Member of Pro-Kremlin Party Assails Putin

AFRICA: Darfur Aid Groups Fear Fresh Violence, Move Staff

ASIA PACIFIC: Upsurge of social strife rattles China's rulers.

India riveted as feud flares between the nation's two 'first families'

AMERICAS: Bridge to link Brazil, Peru -- and 2 oceans. Highway through Amazon seen as threat to rain forest

Corruption probe could ruin Mexico City mayor's presidential bid.

Shining Path retrial suspended

Latin American Leaders Pledge Rescue Plan for Haiti


U.S. Intelligence: Getting Back to Basics

Slugs Fired at School by National Guard Jet Entered Classrooms, Police Say

Diplomats: Traces of Plutonium Found Near Egyptian Nuclear Facility

700 arrested in terror probe, U.S. says

French Judge: US Too Focused on bin Laden

'Terrorist conspiracy' behind murder of Dutch filmmaker: prosecutors

Video could replace 'black boxes'

Russian Court Overturns Acquittal of Suspected Spy

Court of Jury Finds Russian Scientist Danilov Guilty of Espionage + Retrial convicts Russia space spy

Retired Official Defends The CIA's Performance

CIA's Goss Names Undercover Officer To No. 3 Position

Russia's Defense Minister: Military Intelligence Is "Eyes And Ears" Of The State

GCHQ Opens its Doors Using Innovative Job Recruitment Launch with TMP Worldwide

Nations use Net to spy, plot attacks: ex-Bush aide

Man gets 7-year RI in espionage case

Bonner points to still-powerful KGB

Documentary uncovers Nazi gold trail to Argentina

Tapes reveal more details about Jonestown deaths

Pentagon OKs Further F-35 Development

USSR leaders drank super expensive luxury vodka, smoked Delux cigarettes


New juries must weigh sentence in capital case

Nasal spray users suing over alleged loss of smell

Former nanny to Marcos aide fights deportation. Woman says U.S. reneged on promise

New York AG Spitzer, SEC settle mutual fund timing case with Fremont

Movie Studios to Start Filing Piracy Lawsuits Click.

Shooting of Lawyer Followed Bitter Court Dispute Over Last Year and a Half

Parents Sue School Over Young Boys' Drinking Deaths


California Justices Seem Divided on Parole Board Policy Click. (LAT Reg)

Lawsuits target new logging plan

Workplace harassment law re: co-workers isn't retroactive, court says

Oakland defending anti-predatory lending law before Supreme Court

Alameda: Jurors moved by families of slain meat inspectors + Drugs in blood of dead Cal student + Fishy scheme detailed in conspiracy indictment + Indictment: Hayward toy firm bilked of $1.1 million + Berkeley: Dead student's friends enter pleas + Fremont: Asleep at wheel suspect arrested + Newark: Driver arrested after fleeing ER + Dublin police seek armed robbers + Oakland sees rise in cop complaints

Contra Costa: Las Lomas (Walnut Creek) fight prompts inquiry + Man held on Carquinez bridge was not a fugitive + Antioch, Brentwood residents file suit against builders + Suspects in Orinda bank heist caught in Oakland after chase + Orinda: 2 men charged with robbing bank + Pittsburg: Ex-con charged in fatal shooting

Sacramento & north: Appeals court issues stinging rebuke to Sacramento Superior Court Judge Brian R. Van Camp for pressuring deadlocked jury to return a verdict + An eye toward tracking taggers + Events hazy, kidnapping suspect says + Sacramento: Three held in kidnapping, slaying of homeless man + Mercy General Hospital worker guilty of sex abuse + Rancho Cordova: Two sought in bank robbery + Sacramento: Man convicted in 2003 killing + Editorial: Elk Grove 'Mayor' for hire

San Francisco, San Mateo: Belmont: Officials rule stock broker's death a suicide + Ex-officer denies he kicked alleged victim. Testimony in off-duty fracas involving bag of steak fajitas + RIP: Richard Hongisto. S.F. public servant led a tumultuous life as cop, sheriff, supervisor, assessor, police chief

Santa Clara: Stockbroker driver's death called suicide, but family maintains he was killed + 2 area seafood executives indicted on conspiracy charges + Mother arrested after teen party + Mental health advocates see end of budget cuts

Marin: Greenbrae bank theft suspect + Mill Valley seniors come to the aid of Haiti flood victims + Click. Judicial race between Paul Haakenson and Faye D'Opal may depend on absentee, provisional counts + Mill Valley: 14-month-old who was beaten to death is mourned. Warrant issued for mom's boyfriend, who has disappeared

Sonoma: Grand jury investigates seafood firm. Santa Rosa outfit failed to report 45 tons of fish, indictment says + No death penalty in Guerneville slaying + 2 accused of illegally buying 45 tons of fish

Napa: Fatal stabbings mystify Napa police + Napa teen in 2002 Safeway heist gets 15 years

Solano: Fairfield: Public viewing set for rapper Mac Dre. Police in Kansas City investigate shooting + Autopsy in Taser case still unfinished

Central Valley: Dentist assets frozen + Wood-treating company fined for hazardous waste + Surprise was key to barn raid + Convict pleads not guilty to rape, murder in 1986

Central Coast: Man who stole CHP car arrested again

Southern California: Norco golf course managers, woman sentenced for holding 'girlie' tournament + Judge freezes $600 million linked to tax scheme aimed at doctors + San Diego financial analyst profited when stock went down because FBI agent gave him tips + North Hills woman convicted of 2003 killing of newborn son + Judge Freezes Assets of Alleged Ponzi Scheme Click. (LAT Reg) + LAPD Recruitment is focus of mini films Click.

Scott Peterson: No cameras permitted for Peterson verdict + Peterson jurors enter third day of deliberations + Court TV to send verdict notices + Sequestered jury asks to see evidence photos + Jurors choose foreman + Jury asks to review specific evidence + Judge: Peterson transcripts private + Key figures in the Laci Peterson case


The Governor:  Gov. closes ears to Democrat 'losers'. He taps Republican as money chief, vows not to increase taxes + Gov. calls Democrats 'losers' + Tom Campbell named state budget chief + Campbell plans to return as dean of Haas + Gov.'s "collectinator" (state's lobbyist) Stacy Carlson to step down, work in movies + Gov. Taps Ex-Lobbyist Will Kempton to Fill Long-Vacant Caltrans Post Click. (LAT Reg) + Selling surplus land could generate $1 billion windfall for state + State Could Raise $4 Billion by Selling Property, Study Shows Click. (LAT Reg) + Arnold may sell historic places Click. + State eases nurse-staffing law until 2008 + Gov. seeks nurse-ratio flexibility + Knuckleheaded politics

CalSTRS takes anti-torture stand

McCarthy remains Assembly GOP head Click.

Election fall-out: Dan Walters: Everyone spins election results, but who really did win in California? + Some blame S.F. mayor for conservative turnout + Will smooth election delay reform?

Some races hang on final vote tally

Propositions fall-out: DNA initiative opponents to sue to block database expansion + Prop. 1A ushers in 'new era' for governments Click.

Indian tribes: Gov., Indian tribes remain at odds over gambling deals + Election a good reason

LOCAL NEWS:  Wild condor chick takes off

Alameda: Alameda County hears wind-farm appeals + Dellums provides a little sage advice + Incumbents re-elected to Alameda hospital board + Runoff election in San Leandro + Livermore: Workshop on saving vernal pools + San Ramon school officials extend deadline for seniors to skip Measure A tax + Livermore airport meeting Saturday + East Bay gossip

Contra Costa: Latinos display political muscle in Richmond + Martinez plans downtown work + Hercules challengers say issues hit home

Sacramento & north: Builder restricts choices on loans + Flu shots going first to those at high risk + Money woes force closure of meals-delivery program + Yuba City race still tight for 2; FPPC filing vowed in county contest + Elk Grove water official fired + Politics of deep flood basin known as Natomas

San Francisco, San Mateo: 'Ranked-choice voting' experiment hits unexpected snag + Turnout swamped 'ranked' software + Bair Island near Redwood City to be restored as marshland + Chinese workers protest business bankruptcy practices in San Francisco + Newsom proposes sharp budget cuts. Dozens of programs, 200 workers to be axed after voters reject tax hikes to close deficit + Peninsula leaders rethink approach to new housing. Voters defeated high-rise plan + Nursing homes get first dibs on flu shots + Rent hike threatens public health clinic + A jewel among parks + San Francisco to cut 300 jobs and MUNI fares could rise + Rec centers face temporary shutdowns+ Strong voter turnout is blamed for delays+ Dick Hongisto, city icebreaker

Santa Clara: Stockbroker driver's death called suicide, but family maintains he was killed + 2 area seafood executives indicted on conspiracy charges + Mother arrested after teen party + Mental health advocates see end of budget cuts

Marin: Marin critics of new death row want Gov. to stop San Quentin project + Mill Valley gives $25,000 to buy land

Sonoma: 6,000 flu shots on the way + 17-year-old killed in SR crash + War stories and salutes in SR + Ballot measures fare well at polls + Infusions finding its moorings

Napa: Mondavi agrees to $1.35 billion buyout bid + Jamieson moves forward, counties seek funding + Slim chance of new winners in two county races + State 'shadows' Napa County's voting

Solano: Benicia: $105 parcel tax just shy of passage + New Sutter Solano Medical Center in the works + Lennar gets another shot at Mare Island + As absentee votes are counted, lead in SCC trustee race changes hands

Central Valley: Ballot backlog of 56,000 holds up tally + For sixth year, valley leads nation in clean air violations + 2-hour glitch deprives some of vote on bond + Turlock senior complex is applauded + San Joaquin Air board's split defeats proposed $2 vehicle fee Click. + Methyl bromide rules revised Click. + 2004 navel crop among largest Click.

Monterey: New health clinic facility welcomed + Latest election count tightens some races + San Clemente dam a contentious issue

Central Coast: Review period for UCSC long-range plan ends today + UCSC neighbors work to air concerns + Students want more time to consider proposals + Measure J tallies highlight North, South County divide + As We See It: Santa Cruz council gets new look

Southern California: L.A. air quality improves, but remains nation's worst + San Diego surfer may become mayor + Orange County: Former Vietnamese refugee 'muddles way' to Sacramento. Self-effacing lawyer wins Assembly seat + Inland GOP ballot power grows Click.

School days: Two SJSU administrators resign + Russians get schooled about education in Marin + Other view: Students need to see wide scope of state history + Concord students protest campus security issues + Total-immersion business ed + US business schools reinvent the MBA + A trip to the outdoors opens children's minds + Schools find voters ready, willing to help by passing parcel tax measures in California + Hercules wants new school district. Shrinking finances prompted petition + Teachers demonstrate outside Newark district office + UC fall 2005 undergrad application period opens + Tracy schools talk new bond + Livermore: Smith Elementary to hold 'wild' fund-raiser + S.F. Bd Ed candidate Hiles holds out for 'long shot' + School kids get 'valet' service for safety's sake Click. + No 'check in the mail' for school libraries Click. + Skaggs gives UCSD $30 million; Kavli brain institute feted Click. + SLV High stages hate-crime play + State's report blasts Vallejo schools


Home Is Where the Hurt Was

Secularism' in Europe vexes Vatican

Britons set fires ablaze for historic bomb plotter Guy Fawkes


China's Richest 200

In India, outsourcing firms rejoice

Mergers reshaping wine trade

Jack Sirard: Some of aging in-law's care may be tax-deductible

Intel chief Barrett lays out U.S. tech policy agenda

Russia tries to boost software industry


T. Boone Pickens On Oil And Gas

October Hiring at a Seven-Month Peak

Initial Public Offerings Scheduled to Debut Next Week

Vioxx recall spurs FDA overhaul

Retinal Stem Cells Can Regenerate After Transplant

Aging: Is it a power failure?

Bed rest for early labor pains

Researchers buzzing about marijuana-derived medicines. Cannabinoids may help against many diseases

Keeping a cancer drug effective

Possible Origin Of Cosmic Rays Revealed With Gamma Rays

New Finding About Alcohol And Sleep

Mixed Signals To Blame For Restless Legs Syndrome

New Italian Research Links Migraine And Endometriosis

Snapshot Yields Inside Look At Molecular Movement

One-way Processes Speed Degradation Of Coral Reefs

The Diabetes-Dementia Link

Food Shortages Threaten Antarctic Wildlife

People Cause More Soil Erosion Than All Natural Processes

A Clear View Of Mycobacterial Infection

Development Of Working Memory, Allowing Voluntary Control Of Behavior, Defined

Gambling Among Adolescents And Young Adults Associated With Psychiatric Problems

Gene-Silencing Technique Offers New Way To Fight Drug-Resistant Leukemia

Fly Gut's 'Sticky Spot' For Leishmaniasis Parasite

New Radiotherapy Regime Benefits Young Women With Breast Cancer

Like Old Faithful: Researchers Describe How Natural Nuclear Reactor Worked

Keeping Apples Cool To The Core

Job-stressed Women More Vulnerable Than Men To 9/11 Trauma

Titan moon holds on to enigma

Supercomputer breaks speed record

Rover gets mystery power boost

Rovers compile record of water at Martian sites. 2 robots have had few problems after 10 months on planet

Mars Rover Science Planning Shifts From the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to Cornell

Assistive technology helps the visually impaired navigate the Web


Bush claims mandate, sets 2nd-term goals. 'I earned capital in this campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it'

CentCom Chief: Bad Iraq News Is 'Hype'

Bush's Hands Untied in Iraq

Bush Won't Estimate Costs of 'Staying the Course'

US Faces Gap in 'Intelligence War' in Iraq

Bush may tap black attorney general, Latino justice + Speculation Swirls Around Top Justice Job + Daniel Schor: Four more years - but not with Powell

Atomic Energy head says U.S. pursues split policy on nuclear arms

News Analysis: Bush team considers a reshaped Middle East

Politicus: Now it's payback time for Bush's staunch allies

U.S. seeks to derail climate report. Scientists link faster Arctic warming to greenhouse gases

Specter backpedals over advice to Bush on court nominees. GOP irate over Roe vs. Wade warning

Hil won't squelch chatter on '08 bid

Congress: Matsui unfazed by loss of two seats in the House + New leader of Senate Democrats is steady + Majority Republicans in Senate Confident They Can Overcome Democratic Delaying Tactics


Democrats prepare for internal bloodletting

Voting machine error gives Bush 3,893 extra votes in Ohio

Bush wins Iowa to claim last three states

How organized religion, not net religion, won it for Bush


How will Bush pay for plans?

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Better than you are, and out of power

Mark Morford: Hello, Uranus? Got Any Room?

Henry A. Kissinger: Defining a new world order

Buck Up, You Lefties!: Justin Raimondo

Opportunities Ahead: Alan Bock

Blair Will Be Rewarded: Peter Oborne

Minimize the Mandate: Paul Craig Roberts

Hersh: Military Afraid to Tell Bush the Truth

Robin Cook: Bush will now celebrate by putting Falluja to the torch

Now That He's Free, No Need for Reality Click. (LAT Reg)

On foreign policy, how bold will Bush II be?

Juan Gonzalez: GOP's mad dash to irrelevance

Charles Krauthammer: Look for an even bolder Bush

Looking for a Mandate

Molly Ivins: Mourning for America

John W. Dean: Understanding the 2004 presidential election Click.

Paul Krugman: No surrender Click.

Michael Moore: 17 reasons not to slit your wrists Click.

Charles Cutter: Suicide by ballot Click.

Juan Cole reports

MILITARY More Strain, More Stress for US Forces

ACLU claims 'No-Fly List' biased


On the Move: When a pat-down seems like a groping

Textbook publishers change definition of marriage to appease Texas


VaxGen to produce anthrax vaccine

Contra Costa, CA: West Nile virus threat is not over

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay marriage hurts kids, lawyer argues

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Greg Mitchell: The 51% mandate

Media: Jimmy Breslin says he's done

Writers and Alcohol

Columbia campaign desk

Howard Pyle, The Nation Makers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Getting a jump on the Napa Mustard Festival

5 houses reveal Los Gatos' past

High-seas skeleton sails in red ink in Alameda. Funds running short to bring 109-year-old vessel back to life

Finding history at your doorstep

Berkeley artist makes a sweet statement

Cage birds have their day

Buddhism and Sushi motivate him

New venues and companies breathe life into Boston's theater scene

Dead Sea scrolls exhibit

Young filmmakers refuse to play it safe

Rodin's work, seen his way

Merrily down the Seine: in the footsteps of the Impressionists

Cheap theater pays off

Posh facades, empty streets in post-Soviet Azeri Jewish village

Gauguin, Modigliani works sell at auction for over 30 million dollars apiece

Jury at Chinese "Oscars" overwhelmed with good films, says chairwoman

Elton John to become sitcom superstar with 'Spinal Tap'-style TV comedy

Ancient Sudanese artifacts

Monet's view of parliament in fog sells for £11m

Strindberg on stage and on show

Clough centre stage again in new drama

Fighting for the Little Dogs

Meghan O’Rourke on Nancy Drew

Rush & Molloy: Elton altar-ing wedding plans?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Benny's 2nd split of note

Sam Shepard - Early Sam Shepard

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

NOVEMBER 4, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Jets Hit Fallujah Ahead of Expected Offensive; Three British Soldiers Killed + U.S. Pounds Rebel Iraqi City, Aid Group Quits + Bombs, kidnapping in Baghdad area. Hungary will pull out troops after elections + Iraqi Oil Executive Shot and Killed by Rebels + Three UK soldiers killed + Marines' Center Symbolic of Failed US Plans for Iraq + Blair Warns Fallujans: Submit or Die + Rising Concerns About Insurgents' Weaponry + UK Troops Got 'Battered in Basra' + Beheaded bodies in Baghdad, two Iraqis injured in a raid on Falluja + US faces delicate task in volatile Fallujah + Iraqi Government Setting Up New Administration for 'liberated' Fallujah + Marines Going Through Urban Warfare Drills Ahead of Showdown Against Insurgents in Fallujah + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Key Saddam trial evidence 'lost' + Iraqi and Jordanian committees for co-operation, key projects approved

War prisons: Detainees' cases show another side of Gitmo + China's Uighurs Trapped at Guantanamo

AFGHANISTAN: Disarming Afghan warriors a gun-wrenching exercise. U.N. making slow progress in nation awash in munitions + Karzai confirmed as Afghan president. Election board says vote result correct despite irregularities + Afghanistan's newly elected president vows to stamp out private militias

MIDDLE EAST: Yasser Arafat Is on Life-Support Equipment, Has Not Died, Officials Say + Hamas prepares for post-Arafat era + Who will succeed Arafat?

Sharon wins round on settler compensation + Israel's Gaza commander resigns

RUSSIA: Member of Pro-Kremlin Party Assails Putin's Policy, Kremlin Pressure on Parliament

EUROPE: Greece protests US recognition of "Republic of Macedonia"

US, EU start formal talks to resolve aircraft subsidies dispute

AFRICA: U.N. urged to act on Darfur mayhem. Annan calls Sudan's efforts to disarm militias a 'pinprick'

ASIA PACIFIC: Women swell ranks of Nepal's Maoists

AMERICAS: Communist Cuba Gives People Another Week to Change U.S. Dollars for Local Currency

Latin American Leaders Discuss Haiti, Impact of Bush Re-Election



Roots of Abu Ghraib in CIA techniques

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Chooses Visual Analytics

Redress urged 25 years after hostage crisis

Liberty Beat: Will Torture Become Legal?

S.F. marchers protest re-election, war

‘Iran Man’ challenges conceptions of race, class and gender

Inquiries up from anti-Bush Americans seeking to leave U.S. Click.

Museum remembers Cambodia's Killing Fields

Indymedia server grab. Home Office knew, but isn't telling

Seamen sail into biometric future

Eight Islamic Radicals Arrested In van Gogh Murder

Blood for pork....

Iraq Struggles to Keep Rebuilding Hopes Alive

UK Defense Contractor Investigated Over Saudi Fraud Allegations


Seattle: Ex-prosecutor accused of shooting lawyer

IBM releases health study data

Former Merrill bankers, Enron executive convicted over Nigerian energy deal

3D patent suit extended to Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, others

Rent Control In Hawaii Goes All the Way to the Supreme Court

Police: Man Dies in Hospital After Fort Worth Plus Use a Stun Gun on Him

Former University of Texas Student Indicted for Allegedly Hacking Into Computers, Stealing Info

Two Found Guilty in Nation's First Felony Spam Conviction


Sacramento & North: Ex-police officer Darryl Rosen appeals 9-year sex-assault term + Prison term set for Barbara Manning, former controller, in workers' comp fraud + Body found at river identified

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F. sweatshop owners face penalties + Employees say firms using bankruptcy to not pay wages + Cop says Fagan intervened in fight, kept kicking man

Alameda: Oakland: 'Riders' defense attorney calls witnesses self-serving + 'Riders' defense labels witness a liar + Sausage King case: Courtroom is moved by victim's daughter

Santa Clara: Killer Sohraj's plan to escape thwarted + Driver shoots at E. Palo Alto police officer + 3 plead not guilty to killing S.J. teen

Napa: Autopsies show women, 26, were stabbed; both Napans identified

Solano: Vallejo police, CHP pursue, arrest fugitive + Slain Bay Area rapper's entourage tight-lipped + Did dispute over performance lead to Mac Dre's death?

Contra Costa: Richmond: Homicide victim, 18, came from nurturing foster family + Motive unknown in fatal shooting of Hercules teenager

Monterey: Child attacked during Halloween outing + Salinas shooting gang-related, police say

Marin: Second Marin General Hospital worker found dead

Sonoma: RP police sleuths link 2 in drug, burglary case

Central Coast: Santa Barbara: Accused Highway 101 sniper Keith Tomlinson ruled mentally unfit for trial + Smith found guilty of strangling lover + Jail time urged for South County elder abuser; sentencing postponed

Central Valley: Barn full of pot uncovered in Merced

Southern California: Elderly driver faces trial in farmer's market accident + Gomez wins judgeship

Scott Peterson: Waiting starts as jury begins deliberations + Peterson's fate up to jury + Jurors sequestered until verdict reached. Defense blames homeless person or burglar

Michael Jackson: Judge won't remove Jackson DA

Diabetic Damage To Eyes, Heart, Nerves, Kidneys May Be Explained By Controversial Theory

Spawning of Interloper Fish in Potomac Worries Experts


Researchers Grow Sperm Stem Cells In Laboratory Cultures

Optimism Associated With Lowered Risk Of Dying From Heart Disease

Nitric Oxide Is Essential For Animal Development

Constructing Tree Of Life From DNA Sequences: Surprising Finding

Psychologist Finds Instance Where 'Two Wrongs Do Make A Right'

New Geological Time Scale

The Problems of Paralysis

Study Shows Differences In Natural Immunity In Cloned Pigs

Mouse Study: Signal Overload In Alzheimer Brains

New Quick Test For Drug-resistant Strains Of Gonorrhea

New Study Lays To Rest Concerns About Virtual Colonoscopy

Mothers Have Brains Primed For Care

Pesticides May Promote Parkinson's Disease

New Protein Associated With Aggressiveness In Breast And Ovarian Cancer

Advances In Understanding Brain Circuits Responsible For Tics In Tourette's Shed Light On Disorder

Call To End Fishing 'Discards'

Smokers With Psychiatric Disorders Including Nicotine Dependence Consume Most U.S. Cigarettes

Newborn babies feed on their own cells immediately after birth

Allergy link to blood cancer risk

Pfizer Stands by Celebrex's Safety After Report Links It to Deaths

CDC: Hepatitis B Cases Down 89 Percent Among Children, Adolescents in 1990s


The Governor: Gov. may effect constitutional change + Daniel Weintraub: For Gov. a silver lining in the election + Mixed results for Gov. in election + Gov. shows his clout on propositions + Gov.'s election victories stop short at legislature's door + The 'Arnold factor' + Arnold may have weak spot + Arnold 'delighted' voters follow his lead on measures + Partisan battle may lie on the horizon between Gov. and legislators Click. + Analysis: State GOP's revival fizzles Click. + Voters Slow Gov.'s Drive to Change Balance of Power Click. (LAT Reg) + No change back on money spent Click. + After Election, Gov. Gains Muscle Needed for Historic Role Click. (LAT Reg) + Color code sought for immigrants' driver licenses Click.

Post-election analysis reveals troubling trend for women Click.

Caltrans has new hand on wheel


Future via propositions: Stem cell research now on fast track + Accountability part of stem-cell mix +
A new era for stem-cell study + Diana Griego Erwin: Passage of Prop. 63 promises to transform 'fail first' mental health system + California receives mental health windfall + Businesses hail Prop. 64 victory + Biotech tide turns + Critics of `3 strikes' law plan to continue push for change + Efforts to reform 'three strikes' law likely to be on ballot again +Late infusion of cash sank Proposition 66 Click. + Binding arbitration measure fails + Look at the Initiatives Money Can Buy Click. (LAT Reg) + Defeats Don't Mean the Casinos' Dealing's Done Click. (LAT Reg) + State's Businesses Are Given a Lift by Voters Click. (LAT Reg)

CalSTRS considers foreign report card + CalPERS seeks firms' potential conflicts

Voting issues: Presidential tie in Mono County leads to recount + Some counties ran out of ballots

LOCAL NEWS:  Venus, Jupiter to put on celestial show Friday

Sacramento & North: Sacramento voters set stage for growth in three areas + Decent roads trump taxes + Several victories for Cabaldon + El Dorado voters decline to limit board's authority + Yolo supervisor candidates only 19 votes apart + Roseville school bond wins, but building will take years

San Francisco, San Mateo: How Newsom became a labor folk hero overnight + Leal cuts loose the PUC's solar, public power expert Smeloff + Sunshine victory + Mayor loses big-time. Setbacks may cost hundreds of jobs + Candlestick to stay Monster Park for now + New voting method breaks down + Newsom gets the message, no new taxes + Lempert re-elected to Board of Ed + Voters sink Marina Shores + Harbor District board remains the same + Daly City splits in tariff measures + Peskin sets sights on S.F. board presidency + Business split in aftermath of tax fight + Battle rages over Golden Gate Park garage

Alameda: Oakland passes anti-crime tax + Labor talks await new BART board + Police, city brass celebrate victory + Emeryville: Pixar expansion plan wins OK + Oakland: Hefty margin for anti-crime package a surprise + Oakland: Vote changes little about city pot policy + Berkeley cuts probable after tax defeats + At 93, Shirek out of office + Fremont: Wasserman defeats Pease in mayor's race + Fremont: Voters approve Washington hospital measure + Pleasanton council vacancy left by mayor + Houston's victory stems from issues + Dublin: Lockhart celebrates a 2nd term

Santa Clara: Slow count leaves many local races in limbo + Poizner refuses to concede to Ruskin + S.J. council candidate hangs on to lead + Successes elsewhere spell trouble for S.J. BART plan + Poizner's big spending produces no Capitol change + S. J. council does not censure Terry Gregory + Meeting advises residents about lion encounters + Herhold: Poizner's tenacity + S.J. offers anti-tobacco fund grants + E. Palo Alto: Determining a winner may take weeks

Napa: Hotel tax will go up in county + Coffey, Luporini win AmCan council seats + Lee keeps NVC seat while Busenbark joins board

Solano: Solano count continues + Experience is Kemp's edge + Measure A still alive, but only technically + Benicia officials get the message + Tanner concedes to Ubalde in SCC race + AmCan voters choose one new voice, one old

Contra Costa: Voters authorize DCSD to maintain Diablo road + Boy dies after being hit by closing car door + Open space and most incumbents get nod from throngs of voters + Richmond: Green Party candidate wins City Council seat. Teacher opposes plan for big casino in Point Molate + Piepho ready for seat on board + Steve Glazer win Orinda City Council Click.

Monterey: Uncounted ballots keep close races in suspense + Few cost-saving options seen with failure of tax measures + Old and new faces on council + Rubio city's first Latino mayor + Family vehicle crushes man + More cuts planned in Monterey minus tax hike + Pacific Grove council vows civility + In Carmel, ban is artful approach to gallery glut

Marin: Election goes on for Marin registrar + Albertsons to sell property, not groceries, at Hamilton + Gridlock annoyed voters, official says + Large donation shocks Mill Valley retirement center + San Anselmo council picks lawyer Wayne Cooper

Sonoma: Rohnert Park: Council retains pro-casino bent + Mendocino County races in limbo + Pierce, Sawyer join SR council + SR council gets first black, gay members + Petaluma council winners not 100% united on Rainier project + RP council seat awaits absentee ballot count + City moves to reap benefits of Measure O + Absentee ballots keep Measure M supporters waiting + Absentee votes put several county races on hold

Central Coast: Hearst Ranch operating costs undisclosed + Santa Cruz election bolsters liberal slant + Revamped Santa Cruz council faces tough challenges + Absentee, provisional ballots may change some close races + Santa Cruz County officials say shellfish safe + Voters like road work, dislike city services: Watsonville says yes to J, no to Q + Pajaro Valley Fire District winners declared

Central Valley: Mayfield excited, set to work + Crifasi takes on mayor's mantle + No clear victor seen in Hughson + Winterlike storm piles on the snow + Robertson neighbors want sewer lines + Machado wins costly contest + Three of five hotel tax increases rejected + College district bond looks like a go + Ripon council vote still hanging + Manteca faces utter rejection + Rezoning plan gets fast OK from city + Yerby council seat loss forecast + Measure F failing by a fraction + Tracy stands firm on growth + San Joaquin valley leads country in smog violations + Machado looks to heal wounds after nasty fight Click.

Southern California: Westminster: First Vietnamese-American lawmaker Tran is object of pride and threats + Ventura County: Saudi-born candidate denied Assembly bid + Gov.'s in-law wins Santa Monica council seat + Write-in candidate holding on to lead for San Diego mayor + Law enforcement officials to seek funding after LA County measure fails + Officials want clean L.A. River, Santa Monica Bay by 2006 + L.A. to study urban landfills + Tran's Step Up to Assembly Is a Community's Giant Leap Click. + Many Orange County residents eager to reach across the divide Click. + Polling place reflects Orange County vote Click.

School days: New Roseville trustees to alter focus + Results not final for Sacramento schools + Ballot position tied to surprise results at Grant District + S.F. school board reprimands critic + School bonds pass, parcel taxes still uncertain + Petaluma schools tax passes + Santa Clara Board takes no action on firing schools chief + Bay Are: Majority of school taxes OKd + San Francisco: New school board member pledges to bridge factions + Victories come handily for new Peralta board + Duo happy about win-win Alameda school board vote + Ivy Wu win brings diversity to Fremont school board + Union City: Rookie unseats veteran + Union City school board seat in limbo + Incumbents retain seats on Newark school board + Livermore Valley voters favor schools + Election results mixed bag for Tracy and Manteca schools + Hurtado wins Napa board seat by wide margin + State budget woes halt proposed UC merger with Monterey Institute of International Studies + Vallejo school board to review report by state auditors + Benicia Board may seek help to improve achievement + Vocational classes safe, says LAUSD


Britons Make Seal Pup Rescue a Part-Time Passion

Greeley: Where is God in all this? He won't say

Judy Andreas: Nobody's in


FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: How to spread the supply of flu vaccine. New study finds one-fifth of normal dose is just as good



U.S. Stocks Rise, Sending S&P 500 to Eighth Straight Gain; Exxon Climbs

Crude Oil Futures Fall on Speculation of Additional U.S. Supply Increases

Altria, Parent of Philip Morris, Kraft, May Break Up Company; Shares Surge

Euro Approaches Record High After Trichet Fails to Protest Four-Week Gain

Mondavi agrees to $1.36 billion purchase by Constellation Brands + Deal will keep brands under one roof

UC Davis launches business contest

Chip boom to end in 2005, trade group says

Atlanta Shutting Off Water as It Tries to Collect $35 Million Overdue

Hidden cost of Rule 12b-1

NYSE's Top Regulator Talks Tough on Wall Street Wrongdoing

Discovery Is A Step Towards Pollution-free Cars

Boeing's Gift to Chapped Fliers

Electronic Ref May Serve Up Help for Tennis

Cisco Source Code Offered for Sale

Google's surge creates dot-com flashbacks

The Mouse That Soared: High-energy Particles Around A Fast Moving Pulsar

Icelandic volcano puts on spectacular display for visitors

New NASA Satellite To Study Black Hole Birth And Gamma Ray Bursts


Bush will start new term with reforming social security + Bush vows to finish job in Iraq, pursue agenda + White House: Bush to Try to Revive Mideast Road Map + Bush Says Will Use Political Capital from Election

Potential Supreme Court Nominees in Bush's Second Term

Chirac, other European leaders try to make nice with Bush + 'New Europe' faced with four more years of US President Bush + Britain Sees No U.S. War Over Iran Nuclear Plans

Report: U.S. troops outnumbered by looters who took explosives from Iraqi facility + U.S. troops tell of watching Iraqis loot ammo dump. Eyewitnesses back claims the military failed to secure site

Wall Street welcomes Bush win

Bush is warned about anti-abortion judges

Powell skirts questions about his future

Aides say Ashcroft likely to step down as attorney general

U.S. closes Syrian embassy

Congress: Partisan lawmakers ready to put the gloves on

Reid eyes top Senate post after Daschle's loss

Pastor Cites 40 days of Fasting, Prayer for Bush Victory


In key state Ohio, rural vote swung big. GOP mobilized outside large cities to give Bush win

Moral issues: Dems caught by surprise

Did gay marriage issue help re-elect Bush?

Exit polls: Early numbers misread and misused


Hillary a rallying point for Dems

Bubba's now helping lots of others

Elizabeth Edwards Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Lefties reeling Click.


A better Bush

It's difficult to gauge what Bush does next

Democrats' Losses Go Far Beyond One Defeat

The Imperial Party Wins: Justin Raimondo

The Danger in Pushing Syria

Neocon 'Flex Players' Ready for Second Term

Why Not Blame Rosie?

An Election of Homophobia and Misogyny

De Profundis: the Morning After

Politics and Professions of Faith: "Your Rich Men are Full of Violence"

Blue State Secession: the Only Solution?

My Fellow Americans...Get Stuffed!

The Self-Fulfilling Prophesy of Lesser-Evilism

Ahoy Kerrycrats! Welcome to Our Nightmare

Knew It Was Over When Michael Moore Showed Up: He Was For Nader...Before He Was Against Him

Back in Office

Escobar: Value-added victory

Xymphora on why Kerry lost

Stardom: Opinions DIFFER Over The Youth Brigade

Cannonfire on voter fraud

Juan Cole: We need a Bubba

Mack White on the election

Blumenthal: A moral dilemma

The Dream Is Lost

MILITARY National guard fighter jet strafes New Jersey elementary school


Draft agency files notice to request record matching with Dep't of Education

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Hispanic Lesbian wins Sheriff election in Dallas + More on the Sheriff + Anti-gay star's UK tour cancelled

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Nancy Banks-Smith reviews the US election coverage

Court Ruling Could Limit Lawyers' Interactions With Press

Foundation delivers down payment to complete sale of KOCE-TV

NY Times Says Gets Subpoena in Circulation Probe

Men charged with blackmailing news anchor

Writing a first novel

Reporter Threatened With Criminal Contempt for Refusing to Divulge Plunder Dome Source

Librarian in Tehran on Cultural Visit

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Howard Pyle, The Nation Makers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Latino Film Festival ends eight-year hiatus in Marin

Bruce Conner


Long absent, absinthe to become legal in its native Switzerland

Feud over Princess Diana dolls could drain memorial fund: Diana's sister

Poi dance

Doin' it 'O.C.' style

Monet, Miro bright stars of Christie's fall auction

Elton developing rock comedy show

Click. How Lord Duveen turned millionaires into art lovers

Amos Oz writes the story of Israel

Nancy Drew’s Father

Traditional Chinese Painting in the Twentieth Century

Seasonal Imagery in Japanese Art

Medieval Paintings in the South of France

Trompe de l'Oeil

'This is Mother Nature's religion'

Inside the surreal world of Handsome Boy Modeling School

A pharoah to remember

Caravaggio's final works at National Gallery

Artangel heads to US and beyond

Peter Brook's new trilogy

Rush & Molloy: No kidding, Stewart down over vote

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: It's a Dixie land jam

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NOVEMBER 3, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Kidnappers Grab Second U.S. Citizen in a Week; Militants Behead Iraqi Army Officer and Three Iraqi National Guardsmen+ Marines' 'Night Walkers' Watch Over Dark Skies + Marines in Iraq Want an Exit Strategy + Split Over Fallujah Puts US on the Spot + Failing in Fallujah + Near Fallujah, a Sense of Imminent Action + Three Iraqi guards 'beheaded' + Pledge to Pull Out Black Watch After 30 Days + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: AL JAZEERA REFUSES TO AIR NEW MARGARET TAPE BECAUSE OF "HOSTAGE'S CONDITION" + Afghan Militants Extend Hostage Deadline + Note calls beheading revenge for deaths of Muslim Thais + Buddhist beheaded in revenge for Muslim deaths

War prisons: Guilty plea by soldier spares her prison term

MIDDLE EAST: Israel Parliament Clears Payoffs for Gaza Settlers

Gaza withdrawal plan takes step forward, Sharon in peril on budget

Child suicide attacks 'must stop'

Official: Arafat's Health Deteriorates

EUROPE: Germany says it will close 105 military bases

Queen talks of appalling suffering

ASIA PACIFIC: Chinese communist party hero Lei Feng - an anachronism that lives on


Bin Laden Warns of Retaliation for Iraqi Deaths + Full Transcript Of Bin Laden Video

64-Year Old American Charles Jenkins Pleads Guilty to Deserting to N. Korea + North Korean mystery solved + Jenkins deserted 'out of fear'

FSB restructured to counter new threats to security

Iran hostage crisis changed lives of two Georgians

Click. Was Hitler's Favorite Actress Olga Chekhova a Russian Spy?

The U.S. and the Law of the Sea

Why We Need the Raptor

New details about Saddam, gleaned from the CIA

International Atomic Agency's Computers Badly Outdated


Stocks in U.S. Rally on Bush Re-Election, Lifting S&P 500 to 4-Month High

Crude Oil Rises on Speculation U.S. Will Add Reserves After Bush Victory

Clorox profits wash out in first quarter

PG&E profit falls 55%

Atlantic City hotel workers settlement


Sarin 'Gulf war syndrome cause'

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Bugged by lack of flu vaccine? Beware of unproven alternatives


Man wrongly arrested for SUV attacks files lawsuit against U.S. government

Enron Jury Convicts Five, Including Merrill Banker Bayly, Over Barge Deal

A Look at the Remaining Enron Cases

Game Makers Hit With Graphics Patent Violation Suit

Source: Movie Industry to Sue Computer Users

Aging Supreme Court Considers Rights of Older Workers

Judge Gives Pediatrician Lenient Sentence of Home Confinement in Child-Porn Case

Brother and Sister Convicted in First Felony Spam Conviction; One Acquitted


Fed Court, Eastern District: Sentencings cap medical pot saga

Supreme Court to rule on California policy of segregating new and transferred prisoners by face is attacked in Supreme court

Contra Costa: Jury begins deliberations in 1989 killing + MARTINEZ POLICE LOG Police arrest suspect in domestic violence incident + PLEASANT HILL POLICE LOG Man scammed, buys newspapers instead of laptop + Richmond: Young man found slain on sidewalk

Alameda: Whistle-blower cop threatened, D.A. says. Rookie officer told superiors about 'the Riders' + DA praises 'Riders' whistle-blowers + Teen without license crashes dad's pickup in Newark + Police arrest two men in San Ramon assault

Napa: 2 women, 26, fatally stabbed at home IDd. City stunned by deaths of engineer and beauty queen + Slain women sustained multiple stab wounds

Sacramento & north: Man sought in sexual assault at Halloween party at UCD + Shaken children of kidnap victim face suspect in court + Former controller of workers' comp agency sentenced to prison for embezzlement

Central Valley: DNA ties suspect to rape cases + Stanislaus children removed from home

Sonoma: Arson fire set behind Santa Rosa businesses for 5th straight night + Bullets hit Santa Rosa home in apparent drive-by shooting + Few leads in father-son Ukiah homicide + What do we do with Joe Trombetta?

Monterey: Salinas: Key witness fails to arrive at murder trial. Charges may be dismissed + Two cited for selling alcohol to minors

Southern California: Questionnaires reduce Blake jury pool + Judge denies barring funds for new Los Angeles County seal + Ontario teens plead not guilty in slaying of elderly man in park + Arvin mayor arrested on molestation charges before election

Scott Peterson: Jury Begins Deliberating in Peterson Case + Defense rebuts each contention, but delivery lacks fire + Geragos says prosecution fell short + Peterson jury's options + DEFENSE + Geragos: Hate blurs the facts + Developments Tuesday

MILITARY Marine major faces court-martial in Iraq prisoner abuse case

National Guard Recruitment Goals Fall Short

Military Hopes to 'Ease Army Strain' Without Adding Troops

School days: (NOTE: SCHOOL BOARD RESULTS ARE LISTED IN COUNTY CATEGORIES, ABOVE) Mt. Diablo teachers union concerned benefits rolled in with salary + SJSU athletic director leaving + Freiler School, Tracy, rings up award for science + Student applications roll into Merced + New English learns failing to pass test of No Child Left Behind Click.


The Governor:  Gov.'s kingmaker role lauded, challenged + Gov. not on the ballot, but his prestige is on the line + Gov.'s clout goes only so far. + Key Ballot Measures Go Gov.'s Way Click. (LAT Reg)

Boxer quietly coasts to re-election

Calif. sending mostly Democratic contingent to GOP-held House

Electronic voting: Few glitches


Results - Propositions: Stem cell fund wins; health coverage trails + Lessons of Prop 71, stem cell research + Prop. 66 -- "three strikes" initiative -- is defeated + Proposal to expand DNA database on criminals headed for approval + Props. 68 and 70 go down big -- voters like the Gov.'s gaming deals + Both Indian gambling measures fail + Open primary looks to be losing + Mental health, kids' services to get funding Click.

Results - Assembly: Democrats keep big majorities in both houses of Calif. Legislature + Machado, Houston lead races + Four Assembly races too close to call + Lungren storms back in House + Migden elected in spite of campaign + Evans holds off Krueger in 7th State Assembly +Democrat Ruskin has 4-point lead over Poizner in Peninsula

LOCAL NEWS:  BART upgrades approved + Sales Taxes: Counties split on proposals for transit fixes + East Bay Parks: Parcel tax for improvements to single zone of park district gaining

Marin: Mill Valley extends parcel tax for schools + Joe Nation, State Assembly, D-San Rafael, declares victory from Boston + Migden elected in spite of campaign + Faye D'Opal elected as judge and Charles McGlashan as supervisor, Rohnert Park Casino-backers lead Click.

Sacramento & north: Measure A (sales tax for transportation) claims comfortable lead + Port boss weighs land sales + Mentally ill patients refusing moves to safer home + R.E. Graswich: Customer service is vital, a veteran school bus driver reminds RT + Two key efforts to ban biotech crops stumble + MORE ELECTION RESULTS FOR SACRAMENTO & NORTH FROM THE SACRAMENTO BEE

Alameda: Click. Measure Z passes. It orders the Oakland Police Department to make private, adult use of pot its lowest priority + Berkeley: Measure on prostitution failing at polls + Emeryville voters support Pixar Studios expansion plan + Berkeley: Anderson leads Shirek bid to retain her seat as write-in + Berkeley voters say no to city tax hike + Changes to BART, AC Transit boards + Oakland cops may get fiscal aid this time + Alameda City Schools: Gibson, Schaff, Forbes in early lead + Alameda City Council: Gilmore, deHaan lead in early returns + Berkeley school: Incumbents Rivera, Selawsky lead + New faces on Peralta college board to dominate + Piedmont favors parks, emergency service tax + 4 newcomers on top in Peralta college board race + Emeryville: Pixar draws support for expansion plans + Berkeley: $8 million in tax measures trail in early count + Alameda county Supervisors OK Asia trade mission

San Francisco, San Mateo: Premiere of ranked-choice voting method mostly gets a thumbs-up -- few glitches + Little support for preserving theaters + Candlestick Park likely to keep name + Withdrawal from Iraq favored by voters + Noncitizen voting for school board failing + Ups and downs for the city's Democratic high rollers + S.F. Schools. Big-spending school board member headed for defeat + Props A, B, J and K: Tax hikes, housing bond measure defeated + Bd of Supervisors: Political balance maintained / 6 incumbents lead in first test of ranked-choice balloting + Redwood City: High-rise condos going down + Newsom camp rife with setbacks after elections + New man in middle + Newsom's pick loses seat + Vaccine plan in works + The dark has returned to the City

Contra Costa: Martinez: Ross wins, Kennedy leads in council races + Hercules: Anti-urbanization measure victorious + West Contra Costa: Fiscal reform candidates ahead in schools race + Richmond sticks with 3 council members

Sonoma: Absentees to decide on Measure M (sales tax for transportation) + Santa Rosa voters approve police, fire funding + 2 Santa Rosa school board incumbents hold large leads + Schaffner, McGuire, Plass win Healdsburg + Call, Vas Dupre claim spots on SRJC board + Thein ahead in Clearlake City Council race + Robey keeping Lake County seat by 13-vote margin + Mendocino County's Delbar wins, Shoemaker in nail-biter + Sebastopol favoring increase in retail sales tax + Votes split in race for Sonoma council + Bender, Martini, Sawyer win Santa Rosa council seats + Evans holds off Krueger in 7th State Assembly

Central Valley: 9% hike likely in Modesto Irrigation District's rate for electricity + Stanislaus Board kicks in to help Economic Alliance + Oakdale council rejects claims regarding fatality + Costa holds lead over Ashburn in 20th District Click. + Parra again fends off Gardner Click.

Solano: Local race results + Measure A too close to call + Easy Assembly win for Evans + Prop. 1A wins easily, to local officials' relief + Measure S squeaks by, M and R fly + Coffey, Luporini make AmCan Council + Ubalde gains seat on SCC trustees

Monterey: High turnout leads to ballot shortage + Smith leads District 4 race + Two in danger of losing council seats + County re-elects Democrats + Albert, Roberson look like winners; 2 seats undecided + Pacific Grove: Two in danger of losing council seats + Rubio leads mayoral race; Bloomer ahead for council + Morrison looks to be re-elected, Wilmot likely to fill open seat + Ila Mettee-McCutchon takes early lead over Councilman Bruce Delgado + Haferman, Downey, Roberson leading in race for council seats + Dan Albert seems on his way past two challengers to his tenth term + Miller, Nilmeier, Cort may usher in new majority + Jim Costello is seeking to move up from city councilman to mayor + Incumbent Bloomer leads in council race + Russell holds slim lead for mayor of Del Ray Oaks + New county administrator named + Salinas: Caballero, De La Rosa leading, see tough times for city budget + Flu vaccine clinics scheduled

Napa: Napa voters back local tax and transportation measures, push Evans and Thompson toward victory

Central Coast: Measure J fails at ballot box + S.C. Council incumbents Kennedy, Primack lose; newcomers Madrigal, Coonerty victorious + Stone tops Aguilar in race for 5th District supervisor + Rios beats de la Paz, Bersamin tops Gonzalez in Watsonville City Council races + MORE CENTRAL COAST RESULTS FROM THE SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL

Santa Clara: San Jose City Council seat still in play + Ruskin heading to victory over Poizner + School tax measures falling short + Parcel tax measures fall short; bonds fare better + Light-rail line serves growing number of riders + More charges aimed at S. J. Councilman Terry Gregory's aide + Wage-setting by arbitration method losing at the polls + E. Palo Alto: Big lead for Latino in Council race

Contra Costa: Shelters raise funds to keep doors open

Southern California: Write-in candidate turns in strong showing for San Diego mayor + Jury to decide nurse's fate + Council tries to halt closure of Van Nuys medical center + Sales Tax Hike to Add Law Officers Comes Up Short Click. (LAT Reg) + Tran on Way to Assembly Win Click. (LAT Reg) + King/Drew Trauma Unit Hearing Is Set Click. (LAT Reg) + Tenet Reports Smaller Loss, Lists Obstacles Click. (LAT Reg) + Mental Patient Dies in Harbor-UCLA's Psychiatric ER Click. (LAT Reg) + Easing Seen in Ship Backlog at Area Ports Click. (LAT Reg)

Data Security Breached at Wells Fargo

Scientists See An 'Effect' Of Superconductor Research, Find Evidence That A Theoretical Phenomenon Is Real

Building Block Created For Quantum Computing, Secure Communication And Quantum Internet

Godiva's Speedy Ride: USC PIM Chip On Track to Beat Itanium Click.


UK politicians congratulate Bush

ABC News Kerry Says It's Time to 'Begin Healing'

A breakdown by state of the presidential race

Blair Congratulates Bush on Re-Election



Democrats, Republicans Split Gov. Races


Hoon left out of loop by US over Black Watch

Congress: Republican Congress Set to Push Bush Agenda


Middle East concern over Bush victory

Morford: Wallow In Chaos, And Laugh

And the Winner Is ….: Justin Raimondo


Osama Bin Laden's Wedge Politics: Pat Buchanan

Osama Threatening Red States?: Juan Cole

Beyond al-Qaqaa: Lisa Ashkenaz Croke

Hackworth: Four Decades of Imperial Hubris

Kerry Beat Himself

Stem cells used to bring cancer meds to tumors

Teamwork, Not Rivalry, Marks New Era in Research into helping people with paralyzed limbs Click. (LAT Reg)

Common Household Fragrances May Be Harming Aquatic Wildlife, Study Finds

'Broken' Gene Reveals Evolution Of Salt Retention And Possible Ties To Hypertension

Early Life Stress Harms Mental Function And Immune System In Later Years, According To New Research

Cassini's Radar Shows Titan's Young Active Surface

Vioxx Alternatives: Should You Go With Your Heart or Your Gut?

Stress Impairs Thinking Via Mania-Linked Enzyme

Scientists Identify Key Mechanism In Estrogen's Role In Preventing Bone Loss

New Research Provides Clues To The Genetic, Neurological, And Molecular Basis Of Autism

High-fat Diets Hammer Memory, More Than A Waistline Worry

Are Yeast Cells Bringing Us A Step Closer In Treating Obesity?

New Hope For ALS Seen With Genetic Techniques, Growth Factors

UW Medical Center To Implant First-ever Cesium-131 Brachytherapy Seeds To Treat Prostate Cancer

WSU Scientists Convert Baby Powder Chemical For Use As Light Emitting Source

Scientists lift veil on Beagle 3

Antarctic food web under pressure

Excessive criers' later problems

Doubt over stem cell blood theory

Vices 'combine' to harm the heart

Method predicts miscarriage risk

Antibiotic May Stop Preventable Blindness

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:

Eleven states, including Oregon, ban same-sex marriage

Suspect arrested in Dutch filmmaker death

Alex Ross on downtown protest music

US blogger fired by her airline


RFID Rights

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Covering the Concession: How Newspapers are Analyzing the End of the Presidential Race

Santa Cruz Sentinel names new general manager

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Howard Pyle, The Nation Makers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

S. Africa Park Reveals Glories of Ancient Kingdom

'Incredibles' Director Pressured by Pixar Success

140-year-old vines produce Aussie icon

Beach Boys monument to be dedicated

Click. Two forms of outrage in “9 Parts of Desire” and “Twelve Angry Men.”

Roman cosmetic secrets revealed

Preserving Art by Zapping Bugs

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Word of the day

/NOVEMBER 2, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Eight dead in Iraq car bombing spree on US election day, pipelines ablaze + Baghdad Car Bomb Kills Six Near Education Ministry; U.S. Strikes Fallujah + Car bomb targets Baghdad ministry + Massive attacks halt Iraqi oil flow + Highest US Troop Level Ahead of Fallujah Assault + The rise and fall of Fallujah + 'Prepare for civilian losses' + Iraqi Officials Split Over US Attack on Fallujah + Iraq Awash With Unaccounted for Weapons + Blasts in Mosul, Basra + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Anti-Insurgency Hot Line Set Up in Iraq + Saddam's family dismisses defense lawyer

Hostages: American, 3 others abducted in Baghdad. Deputy governor of province killed in an ambush + UK Hostage Captors Threaten to Hand Her to Zarqawi

War prisons: Marine major faces court-martial in Iraq prisoner abuse case + Navy Seal says Iraqi who died at Abu Ghraib was roughed up in CIA's `romper room' + SEALs couldn't be delicate, says lawyer + Third U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty in Abu Ghraib Abuse Case

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Kidnappers Demand Freeing of Named Prisoners

IRAN: EU powers hopeful on Iran nuclear front

MIDDLE EAST: Arafat Doctors Rule Out Leukemia, Cite Improvement

Report: UAE president Sheik Zayed dies + Female economy minister represents first for UAE + Dubai ruler to lead UAE in transition + Shaikh Zayid bin Sultan al-Nahayan + United Arab Emirates: A country profile

Israeli troops in drag make retaliatory attack + Israel Destroys Home of Suicide Bomber

RUSSIA: Top Russian General Shot Dead + War-Ravaged Economy Forces Chechens Into Rebel Ranks

EUROPE: Latvia to name new EU candidate

Fury at killing of Pyrenean bear

AFRICA: Sudan Army Surrounds Darfur Camps, Aid Agency Says + Sudan denies surrounding refugee camps

ASIA PACIFIC:  Chinese clash brings martial law. Traffic dispute draws thousands into ethnic strife


Bin Laden Lauds Costs of War to US + Full Translation of bin Laden's Speech

Secret Afghan Envoy Tells All : How Bush Was Offered Bin Laden and Blew It

Russian Scientist Surrenders Arms-Grade Plutonium

Pentagon's objections block overhaul of U.S. intelligence

Banna Family Illustrates Complexities of Modern Islam

Ten USS Cole Suspects Escape Yemen Jail

Jordanian Acquitted of Plotting With Zarqawi

France Fights Terrorism With Authoritarianism

The Sunburn - Iran's Awesome Nuclear Anti-Ship Missile

Jailed Basque leaders call for end to armed struggle

Cheap terrorism becomes more brutal

Is Thailand Joining the War on Terror? + Thai dilemma over Muslim anger

India and the road to Osama

Chief Rabbi Metzger pays visit to Pollard

ASIO acts illegal, says watchdog

Analyst Goes on Trial for Alleged Bribery of FBI agent

FBI: Gary M. Bald Named Executive Assistant Director For Counterterrorism And Counterintelligence

CIA enlists Hollywood for real-life action-adventure

U.S. and S. Korea meet to discuss military burden-sharing agreement

Israeli secret agents killed 310 Iraqi scientists


Return of chief justice in doubt. Cancer-stricken Rehnquist misses scheduled day back + Illness a delicate issue for court

U.S. Marshal charged with murder of Redding, Calif. man

Child porn fight 'lacks funding'

Washington: Boy tells court of being abducted

Britain won't ban spanking of children

Real estate listing service accuses another of monopoly

Bogus stem cell treatment rip-offs

AT&T Wireless billing suit settled; 3 million consumers affected

Phishing for dummies: hook, line and sinker

Protesters demand new inquiry into Mexican murders


Supreme Court: $4.5 million judgment is reinstated for whistle-blower

San Francisco, San Mateo: Police seeking leads in fatal shooting + Police officer accused of misconduct for third time + Castro fright fest marred by 30 arrests + Justice delayed (and delayed and delayed) + Nordstrom store faces staff suit

Napa: Napa house invaded, 2 women killed. Third roommate escapes the attack, calls 911 for help + Police mum on murders; one victim identified + Man set to retire sues Napan for missing funds

Solano: Vallejp: Rapper Mac Dre slain in Kansas City. This time rumors of his death are true -- he was killed in a freeway shooting + Mac Dre is killed + Public defender assigned to suspect in pizza killing

Alameda: Berkeley: 'Fishing hat robber' may be a repeater+ Oakland: Retrial starts of ex-cops called 'Riders'. D.A. says he has new evidence of altered documents + Suspect in Oakland hills thefts is parolee + East Oakland police sex sting nets 82 arrests + Fresh evidence opens 'Riders' retrial Click. + Livermore imam wins bid to stay in the U.S. Click.

Southern California: San Diego: Federal prosecutors to be more selective on immigration cases + Nurse charged in death of 80-year-old cancer patient pleads no contest + Madam sentenced to four and a half years in LA prostitution ring + Officials seek jail for son of ex-Orange County assistant sheriff + Claim Filed in Man's Death at King/Drew Click. (LAT Reg) + Pair Named in SUV Fires Click. (LAT Reg)

Central Valley: Judge Wray Ladine's excellence went far beyond the law + Tracy man dies while in San Joaquin jail

Contra Costa:
Group files suit over bird deaths at Altamont Pass Click. + Animal rights group sued for harassment Click. + Man shot to death in SUV in Richmond + Suspect in pizza shooting surrenders

Sonoma: Father, son found slain near Ukiah

Central Coast: Two Halloween revelers stabbed downtown + Sex offender arrested in molest

Santa Clara: Convicted E. Palo Alto councilman `innocent,' files appeal + S.J. violent crime up, bucking state trend + Man's murder verdict restored + Man gets jail term for illegal dumping

Sacramento & north: 'Amazing' survival in kidnapping + N. Natomas retail complex spurs two suits against city

Scott Peterson: Geragos contends evidence is lacking to convict Scott Peterson + Defense: Don't mistake hate with guilt + 'Ludicrous' Theories Cited in Peterson Murder Trial + Geragos says evidence clearly shows Peterson's innocence +  Prosecutor sums up: 'There is no big secret'. Mesmerizing portrait of murder defendant + Closing argument draws high marks from experts + Prosecutor fires up court + Highlights + Quotes from prosecutor Rick Distaso + Developments Monday + Peterson's 'betrayal' +No doubt, DA says + Double life emerges as prime theory

Michael Jackson: State attorney general: Don't remove DA from Jackson case


The Governor:  Arnold acts the regular guy -- but he's not + Whirlwind Finish for Governor Click. (LAT Reg) + Bay Area transportation veteran appointed director of Caltrans + Folsom official named Caltrans boss

Another Shriver's odd political debut. Kennedy kin in Schwarzenegger's shadow

Managing California's real estate a good idea. The question is how

Employers must provide time for going to the polls

Voting issues: San Francisco: Wrong election guide mailed to voters + A voting primer: The ins and outs + Dan Walters: Most voter slate cards aren't worth the cardboard they use + Daniel Weintraub: Tidbits from an election coverage notebook + Paper ballots available, sort of + L.A. County poll workers armed with training, cell phones Click. + Anxieties surround election this year Click. + E-voting to be put to the test today Click. + Records Set for Early Voters, Absentee Ballots Click. (LAT Reg) + In state, passion but little drama

LOCAL NEWS:  Price of natural gas has PG&E bills rising

Santa Clara: San Jose: 3-alarm fire damages 5 businesses + Regional Medical Center of San Jose seeking trauma center Click. + Dentists give kids cash to hand over their Halloween candy Click. + San Jose councilman may face censure probe

Alameda: Berkeley: Preservationists fight owners over future of 46-year-old building + RIP: Gail Hughes Keleman -- activist who saved Berkeley Rose Garden + Here's a look at Houston's family's companies, lawsuits + Workers: Nonprofit Traveler's Aid Society not paying wages + Houston borrowed $1.24 million for venture that failed + Fremont: Local leaders head to Asia

San Francisco: Vaccine plan in works + S.F. experiments with instant runoff + Earth to earth: San Francisco food makes good compost

Contra Costa: Richmond ordered to check on Chevron tank plan + Richmond youth centers receive $2.5 million grants + County officials to consider clean-air plan Click. + Coalition raises funds for shelters

Central Valley: Hughson mayor candidate pulls out; 73 percent voter turnout predicted + Manteca council approves project + Crowder says he's done with campaign + Stanislaus offers 5 flu shot clinics + It's a go for Villa Ticino West + Honoring former mayor Dick Lang + Oakdale OKs administrator's pay + Residents question reason for fee mess + Salinas: Malnourished horses seized + Fund-raising method lets Podesto rake it in Click. + Gov. visits Podesto, urges votes for him Click. Gov. helps ring up support in Fresno on eve of vote Click.

Sacramento & north: Elk Grove councilman takes consulting job

Sonoma: 3 walk-in flu shot clinics for veterans canceled in Santa Rosa + Timber lifts Mendocino ag value + Santa Rosa water conservation scores well

Solano: Business, parcel taxes among Benicia issues + AmCan ballot includes races for City Council + Voters to fill three seats on Solano Community College board

Marin: Housing projects keep HUD vouchers + Novato Sanitary District plans rate hike

Monterey: L.A. mayor got dubious funds from man accused of Pebble Beach, Carmel real estate scam + Salinas removing downtown trees + Greenfield man recovering after accident

Central Coast: Capitola seawall up for more discussion + Watsonville planners OK more housing + Mental health coalition raises funds, forges bonds

Southern California: Is the L.A. Hamburger Stand Cooked? + Santa Ana winds cause power outages, blamed for big-rig jackknife + Getting to ERs in LA Takes More Time Click. (LAT Reg) + Cities Address Sticky Situation That Can Lead to Sewage Spills  Click. (LAT Reg) + Inland Empire Loses Power to Wind Gusts Click. (LAT Reg) + Hahn denies contributor impropriety Click.

School days: San Francisco: Galileo PE teacher wants the district to honor Burl Toler + Proposed high school in Salida under attack + College of Alameda: Students to meet campus recruiters + Marin students to get civics lessons at polls + Students learn by flinging pumpkins + Dyslexic Mill Valley teenager awarded scholarship + Santa Rosa: Schooled in election drama + Exam tests students on college readiness Click. + West Contra Costa school board reworks renovation contracts + Vallejo school woes unresolved

MILITARY US Troops Leave Korean Border

Judge excludes medical evidence in court-martial of Marine

USS Stennis returns from deployment

British Army probes woman' soldier's death

Military Hazards Are Greater For Native Americans, According To Sociological Research


MAURA LERNER: Heart drug targeted at blacks stirs debate

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Flu shots fly in from Canada. Vaccine dearth prompts S.F. doctor to import his own supply + Annual Flu Shot Cuts Cause Deaths in Elderly

Anthrax vaccine to be studied in Seattle

Drug boosts lung cancer survival

Arctic heads into warmer future

Free cancer treatment often goes unused

'Money woes' foiled Beagle 2 shot

The supermice that resist cancer

Hormones predict miscarriage risk

HIV on the Rise Among Migrants Click. (LAT Reg)

UC Irvine engineer will help with Mars probes Click.

Kids with HIV, AIDS dying needlessly

Threatened Species May Spiral Into Oblivion

First Insects Are Cloned

Volcano erupts in isolated area of Iceland

Biodiversity: Measuring Up To The Loss

Artificial Spinal Disk Gains Approval From the F.D.A.

New Study Shows Sinus Surgery Can Improve Chronic Fatigue

UCSD Biologists Discover Chemical Important In Guiding Visual System Development

Swallowed Camera Finds Small Bowel Tumors

Alzheimer's Drug Could Also Help Those with Down's Syndrome

Singled Out: Spotting Mutant Neurons In Normal Brains Offers Clues To Fragile X

Old Dogs, New Tricks? New Study Examines How The Adult Dyslexic Brain Can Change

Research On "Holes" May Unearth Causes Of Superconductivity

Darwin's Greatest Challenge Tackled: The Mystery Of Eye Evolution

Higher Radiation Doses Help Some Lung Cancer Patients Live Longer

Potential Cancer Treatment Derived From Ancient Chinese Folk Remedy

Findings Challenge Darwinian Theory

Study Finds Potential New Cause Of Mental Decline In Old Age

Tufts Veterinary School Scientists Decode Cryptosporidium Genome

Is The Zebra Fish Leading Us To New Therapies?

Promise Of Stem Cells Amplified; New Evidence Shows Cells May Help Treat Many Disorders Including Paralysis And Brain Cancer

Red Wine Mist? Resveratrol Shows Potential Effects Against COPD, Asthma, Arthritis


US extends troops' time in Iraq

White House takes aim at U.N.'s nuclear chief. Some in Bush camp say ElBaradei trying to help elect Kerry


VIEWERS' GUIDE: Clues likely as early as 4 p.m.

Voting issues: Kerry, Bush have millions to fund recount + Slow and steady calls the race this time + Pols, Don't Count on Recounts

Greg Palast: An election spoiled rotten Click.

Late Ruling Allows GOP to Challenge Ohio Voters

S. Dakota: Native Americans Protest Flier + Judge partially grants Daschle request to limit activities of GOP poll watchers at re: American Indians


Judges could have last say

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush Makes Last Bid for Votes in Pivotal Ohio + Cheney invokes Pearl Harbor in slamming Kerry + President assures `finish line is in sight'

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry: Voters Choose New Direction or More of Same + Time for `the choice,' Kerry tells supporters


Neocons Set to Pull Strings for Four More Years  

Escobar: I n God - or reality - we trust

Is Tony Blair Duplicitous, or Just Indecisive?

Purple Hearts Shows the Aftermath of War

Jimmy Breslin: Why Kerry will beat Bush Click.

Michael Moore: One day left Click.

Paul Krugman: Faith in America Click.

Stardom: I Read The NEWS Today Oh Boy

Indian developer's hopes for Stephen Hawking software

Mobiles double up as bus tickets

Why voicemail is losing out to texting among the young

Wells Fargo customers face ID theft risk after computers stolen

India looks to China for techies

Meet the hacker who makes your appliances right with God

Whatdya mean, free software?

Click. An Imprinter that Combines Electron and Ion Beams Opens the Way for Wider Applications

Watts From Wastewater: New Device Produces Power While Treating Sewage

UCLA Chemists Report New Nano Flash Welding


Families are using DNA testing to establish if adopted children are "bio sibs"

Diana Griego Erwin: Looking back on women's struggles, a vote is a terrible thing to waste

Anthropologist Desmond Morris suggests discovery of  human "Hobbit" would force many religions to examine basic beliefs Click.

Sandbags and militiamen back in Beirut at bar '1975'

Synod must decide on women bishops

Blood for pork....

Violence thwarts help needed in Iraq

Guam Feels Economic Glow from U.S. Build-Up


Oil price eases below 50 dollars amid election jitters

Oracle raises bid, sets Nov. 19 deadline

Conrad Black quits as chairman, CEO of Hollinger Inc

Chalone winery to sell, pending other bids

Hollywood Pioneer Lansing Is Poised to Exit Paramount

Hong Kong Disneyland plans to hire 4,650 more staffers

Google changes thinking on IPOs

Start-ups in Bay Area see fortunes rise Click. + VCs reach moment of zen

James Surowiecki on corporate-insurance scandals

Gunman kills Dutch film director re: his film about Islamic culture

Patients at Tulare District Hospital, CA soon will wear bar codes Click.

Heavy Price for Free Speech

Nokia Adds RFID to Latest Handsets

Click. Yahoo Again Censors Mail List TSCM-L

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Elton John plans to marry longtime companion + Interview: Archbishop David Hope on gays and God

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

NBC deploys 'I can't vote' rant-line

Top Ohio papers defy ban, sneak reporters in to voting sites

Top Web Sites Gear Up for Election Coverage

Knight Ridder Results Mixed, but 'Mercury News' Feels Doldrums of Bay Area Economy

IAPA Looks at Latin American More with Alarm Than Hope

Ex-ABC TV programmer goes to Yahoo

Marines Say Reuters Cameraman Died in Gunbattle

BBC's web translation launch

Miniature Harry Potter book sells at auction for 11,000 pounds

France's Femina literature prize notches up centenary

Republicans unlikely to stop John and Ken Click.

Columbia campaign desk

Howard Pyle, The Nation Makers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Autumn leaves in Antelope and Plumas

Museum curator seeks to connect Sonoma residents with their county

Iraqi Women's Tales Brought to NY Stage

'Alfie' Loses His Edge in Jude Law Remake

Canine Tokyo lives it up with doggie hot springs, massage, aromatherapy

National Lewis and Clark park created

DNA Tests to Check the Score on Mozart

Origin of Underground People

"Coco" Chanel and the House of Chanel

Medieval Chinese jewels stolen from British Museum

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Word of the day

NOVEMBER 1, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
An American Is Kidnapped in Baghdad Gunbattle; Iraqi President Opposes All-Out U.S. Assault on Falluja + Iraq's leader gets public ready for U.S. offensive + Rocket blast kills 15 Iraqis at hotel. Interim chief warns militants in Falluja of imminent attack + US troops prep for Falluja fight + Reaching Out at Falluja Outpost + Army Maxing Helicopters in Counterinsurgency War + Fresh U.S. troops arrive in Iraq on eve of expected showdown in Falluja + Iraqi vice president looms of imposing the emergency law, Falluja negotiations + Heavy Clashes in Ramadi as U.S. Troop Buildup Begins + In Ramadi, GIs fight an elusive, expert foe + GIs in Iraq Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Demoted Iraqi judge fears for his country's future + For Iraq's Kurds, a 'golden age' of peace + Deputy Gov. of Baghdad killed + Elyawer in Kuwait carrying the two files of compensations, debts + Pentagon keeps secret count of civilian casualties

Hostages: Six people, including one American, Asian kidnapped in Baghdad

War prisons: New tribunal for detainees faces challenge

AFGHANISTAN: US soldier killed in southeast Afghanistan + Sorting Friends From Foes + Afghan Kidnappers Negotiating with Government + Afghan Villagers See Saintly Side of Al Qaeda

IRAN: Iran votes to resume nuclear program

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon unruffled by ailing Arafat. Israeli leader says Palestinian's illness won't alter pullout + Sharon ready to negotiate with a new Palestinian leadership, refuses Arafat's burial in Jerusalem + Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Israel with Arafat Abroad

Great changes in the Syrian Banks

EUROPE: Withdrawal of nominee eases EU crisis

Euroskepticism fades in Polish countryside

AFRICA: Nigerian oil unions take on Shell in build-up to general strike

Darfur rebels threaten to target Khartoum

ASIA PACIFIC: 100,000 protest new dam in China. Martial law imposed + Thousands of Police Patrol Chinese Town After Deadly Ethnic Rioting

China seizes private oil wells, mirrors Russia

AMERICAS: Uruguay's left makes history in winning presidential vote. Coalition includes former guerrillas turned politicians

Mexico Dreams of Challenging China in Bamboo Market

The human casualties of Brazil's rainforest disaster

The Coca Plant That Wouldn't Die


Zarqawi's role in Iraq overstated, analysts say + Jordan's Zarqawi Financier Jailed Six Months

U.S. Issues Nordic, Baltic Security Alert

Osama Burst Bubble of US Intel

Pentagon Given Authority to Pay, Equip Foreign Forces

Bin Laden: Bin Laden Video Inspires Conspiracy Theories + Bin Laden Casts Himself as Muslim Elder Statesman + 'Really close' on Bin Laden + Osama kin smells money + Guns and leaflets, but still no sign of bin Laden

Some Hazmat Trains Rerouted From DC Since March

'Quick Response Force' Poised for Natural Disaster or Attack

Australia: Indonesian Terrorist Sought Cash From Aussie Cell + ASIO's Soviet mole was never caught + ASIO mole report stays under wraps + FSB declines comment on spying allegations in Australian media + Former Soviet Spy Worked for Australian Intelligence + Spooks on the offensive + Double agent of 15 years still free + Soviet spy spilled beans on UK and US + Australia spy 'leaked US secrets' Trust and Betrayal + To Russia with Love

Trial of Russian physicist accused of espionage resumes

Suspected American spy killed in Wana

Sweden rejects Vanunu asylum request

How to Be a Spook + Overworld: The Life and Times of A Reluctant Spy

The International Spy Museum's Handbook of Practical Spying + Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage + The Literary Spy: The Ultimate Source for Quotations on Espionage & Intelligence

'Washington Gone Crazy': Nativist Son

Click. US Deploys Satellite Jammer

Saudi Arabia detains three and finds weapons in Riyadh

Louis Menand on J.F.K.’s big speech


Dow Average Rises as Oil Price Declines; United Technologies Shares Gain

Oracle Raises PeopleSoft Bid to $8.8 Billion; Ellison Says Offer Is Final

Merck Shares Drop on Report Suggesting Drugmaker Knew About Vioxx Dangers

Firm lets investors bet against disease

Biotech's agenda too narrow

GAP covers car owners' debt margin

Credit trend expanding into new arenas

A savings account alternative overseas

BancWest completes acquisitions of California, Midwest banks

Office parties can bring much to small business

From nameless cat to global icon, Japan's Hello Kitty turns 30

Nano-Economics in Lowell, Mass.

Minority of Patients Make Up Bulk of Critical Care Costs


Ailing U.S. Chief Justice Unable to Return to Work + Rehnquist undergoing radiation and chemo

Supreme Court Developments

Court won't hear appeal in fen-phen case

The new law enforcers, women

DNA links crime to woman with alibi -- she was in jail

Missouri highway incidents probed for sniper

Ex-Mob boss Joe Bonanno's house up for sale on eBay

You ain't got jack, Supremes tell 'Dr. Death' Kevorkian

Albanian 'Mafiosi' in feds' net

Milosevic to present own defense

Click. Anti-prostitution crusader takes to the streets to rein in lewd behavior by filming hookers and johns in the act

Court hears plaintiff tax-relief case

Man Gets 19 to 20 Years in 1975 Killing of 14-Year-Old Girl

State, Hospital Agree to Settle Suit in Jailed Miami Teen's Death

Analyst Goes on Trial for Allegedly Bribing FBI


Solano: Police name suspects in Vallejo pizza slaying + Vallejo: Neighbor arrested in fatal parking feud + 3 wanted in killing of pizzeria manager + Suspect in pizza death surrenders + Attorney: Shooting neighbor justified'

Santa Clara: Santa Clara Co. jail inmate who apparently hanged self identified (charged with molestation) + Los Altos Hills killer takes on parole process

Alameda: City cops ID suspect in Oakland hills thefts + Shooting kills man in East Oakland + Witnesses: Sausage king nearly torched boy + Police conference in Emeryville + Suicide victim's brothers sue John George medical center

Sonoma: One theft leads to another + Police chiefs honor Ukiah officer for bravery

Napa: Nursing home sued after resident has foot amputated + Two more area nursing homes face lawsuits

Monterey: Hip-hop track rips Seaside police + Operation safe streets in Salinas

Sacramento & north: R.E. Graswich: Top cop trying to get city psyched up for work with the mentally ill + Suspect in near-fatal attack was parolee

San Francisco: 2 shot in carjacking attempt, police say + Plea in tourist slash + Weekend shootings leave one dead, several injured

Southern California: Son of former Orange County assistant sheriff faces jail for alleged alcohol violation + Two wounded in shooting at Simi Valley party + LA mayor fund-raiser subject of criminal investigation + Police arrest man suspected of robbing 26 banks in LA County + Alleged 'fugitive coconspirators' identified in San Gabriel Valley arson spree + Norwalk Patient Restrained by Hospital Staff Dies Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Prosecutors note Peterson's fishing claim + In Closing Arguments, Scott Peterson Prosecutors Use Alibi Against Him +  In Closing Argument, Prosecutors Note Bodies Found Near Where Peterson Said He Was Fishing + Peterson prosecutors set for closing arguments + Attorneys seek closing of a lifetime + Crunch time at Peterson trial


The Governor:  Gov. turns focus to propositions + Gov. beats  drum for props + Gov., Senator Boxer stump in East Bay + Gov. earns "incomplete" on transportation + Gov.'s Star Power Fades for GOP in State Races Click. (LAT Reg) + Republicans discover impact of recall has some limitations + Gov. to receive Texas public service

U.S. Senate race shows Gov. the exception, not the rule + Boxer closes in for the knockout. GOP rival 1st major candidate in decades to not buy a TV ad + Jones Is Cut Out for Public Service, Not Politics Click. (LAT Reg)

Shelley's shuffle

Voting issues: Extensive ballot presents challenge to state's voters + Californians not confident in e-voting + Field Poll: Dems skeptical election will be clean. They're less confident than Republicans that voting will be fair Click. + San Joaquin absentee ballots lost Click. + Balloting fixed in Orange County, and critics approve Click. (OC Reg) + Immigrants find voting really counts Click. + Dan Walters: Californians still frustrated by state's dysfunctional politics

California's North-South split now East-West

The buzz: 'Presidential Guidester' helps the undecided

Inequities in state contracts

Propositions: Propositions draw record spending to sway voters + Editorial: Ignore attack on Prop. 66 + Interest groups counting on confusing voters + Prop. 66 in Tough Fight Click. (LAT Reg) + Prop. 64 Backers Fight for Attention Click. (LAT Reg) + Prop. 70 backers mystery easily solved: Follow cash

LOCAL NEWS:   Tug of War Over Desert Homestead Shanties

Scientists take flight to learn about Bay

Santa Clara: San Jose hospital to limit Medi-Cal services + San Jose tossed documents on dispatch bid process + East P.A. targeting asthma + Center overcoming obstacles to place pets with families + Santa Clara County bracing for more cuts

Contra Costa: Gas leak didn't trigger warnings at ConocoPhillips Rodeo refinery on Sunday, some say + Challenger unsettles Clayton race + Crockett: Gas leak sends residents indoors + Greenberg, Piepho make final vote push + Special interest groups set record + Four vie for Diablo's advisory council San Francisco, San Mateo: Upgrade turns water brown + As rodeo kicks off, animal-rights activists arrive + South county talking trash + So, them's my sentiments exactly

Alameda: 15th District Assembly slugfest: "Queen of Smear" Shaw vs. Houston, "cheating seniors of retirement funds" + Supervisor's turnaround on pot clubs + Mayor Jerry Brown makes the tough call + Oakland's new police chief -- Who decides? + J. London Sq. changes may be illegal + Rep. Stark heads for his 17th term + W. Oakland seeks small entrepreneurs + Hayward resident continues fight for fences + Mugged, robbed mom turns activist + Balance of power at stake in Fremont + Three seats up for grabs in BART election + Pleasanton: Campaigns raise more than $105,000 + East Bay Parks district takes new tax path + Port of Oakland, BART team up to lure importers + Newark council may have seat to fill + For these garagistes, it's all about grapes + New noise ordinance in unincorporated areas close to adoption + Alameda County asks advice on walking, biking

Central Valley: Two-way contest in Manteca + Firefighting funds go to Tracy department + Trail lost in financial woods + Turlock pins down plan for old bowling alley site + Feds may smile on irrigators in San Joaquin Valley Click. + We know Modesto's a good place; now let's prove it

Solano: M.I. sports complex now has lease + Two vie for local seat on SCC board + Benicia votes on development

Marin: Tiburon fountain to get artistic design + Ross residents cherish hometown police

Napa: Candidates in race for Area 7 Trustee offer similar platforms

Sonoma: Mendocino agencies risk losing Russian River water + Airport tops Horizon list + County doctors group has new chief new + Day-labor center opens + Local ballots offer slew of candidates, measures + Fighting and running for Santa Rosa City Hall

Monterey: Swan-boat replica coming to Lovers Point + Orphaned doves perched at SPCA

Central Coast: Stone enjoys incumbent’s edge in 5th District race

Sacramento & north: Sparks fly in local contests + Finally, a long-distance reunion + Back-seat driver: Transportation sales tax pondered by Placer ballot + Oakland: 'Pre-voters' stroll in political rally. Residents pushing election involvement give a tiny parade + FasTrak discount on bridge tolls ends + On the move: State counties group picks Keene to lead

Southern California: LA port officials weaken plan to limit air pollution at terminal + Venice Beach vendors, L.A. police clash + L.A. dump issue in play again + Hahn's quick fix + Saudi native makes pioneering run. Once a sizable underdog, Assembly hopeful in Ventura County closes gap + Study says L.A. economy needs trained work force + A Winged Salute to Jackie Cochran Click. (LAT Reg) + Donations to Hahn Allies Scrutinized Click. (LAT Reg) + 3 L.A. Mayoral Candidates Give Depositions in Lawsuits Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: El Cerrito: Double-duty principals get relief + New elementary set to open in Pittsburg + West Contra Costa County: Budget woes may shut 4 elementary schools. Parents are upset, say there are other ways to save money + UC cost shifted onto fees + Three Los Gatos residents sole voters on school measure + State clears Tam Union program + Tech labs close at local L.A. schools + Campus president reconnects Chabot to community + Benicia schools seek $105 parcel tax + San Francisco schools close to hiring Chief Operating Officer to be funded by business leaders + Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, has asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate grants to alternative teacher credentialing group and Arkansas Department of Education Click.

Sutter Health Medical records to go online in California

Blogger raided by Secret Service

A do not call list for cell phones. Tel number 1-888-382-1222


Born in America, adopted abroad

Why Muslims always blame the West

Vacationing in the heartland for a change

Paul Krassner: The two Johns

Study: Vaccine protects against cancer

New childhood vaccine helps older adults, doctors say

Illinois giving away flavored condoms

Branches appearing on human family tree

'Cage-free' eggs: not all they're cracked up to be?

Click. Scientific progress can't be put back in the box

Frugal and fit

Big Science with tiny particles hits a snag. PG&E opposes UC proposal to study neutrinos at nuclear plant

Native Americans fight their second biggest killer diabetes Click.

Is Kaiser the Future of American Health Care? Click.

Hong Kong dolphins lose the urge thanks to noise, pollution

Emotion-focused therapy - pioneering new treatment for emotional trauma and depression

Baby IQ quiz may reveal development

The Sun Is More Active Now Than Over The Last 8000 Years

Promise For Helping Adults With Dyslexia

Patent issued for nanotechnology bone biomaterial

Tea Could Improve Memory, Study Shows

New Technologies Shed Light On Schizophrenia

Hurricane Damage Creates Pecan Shortage

Traveling To Mars And Hibernating Like A Brown Bear

Sizing Up Thyroid Cancer

Falling Short: Under-Treatment in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Emory Study Details Dolphin Brain Evolution For The First Time

Evidence That Learning Is Consolidated During Sleep

Mail-Order Drugs Exposed To Extreme Heat

New M. D. Anderson Study Examines Skin Protection In Children

Stellar Survivor From 1572 A.D. Explosion Supports Supernova Theory

Researchers Identify How A Hormone Regulates Iron

Breast Cancer In Asian Americans Is Rising Faster Than Other Ethnic Groups

New Analysis Links Breastfeeding To Reduced Risk Of Childhood Leukemia

Study Results Show New Testicular Implant To Be Safe And To Improve Self Esteem In Boys And Men

Elderly Experience Long-term Cognitive Decline After Surgery

Clinic set for face transplants

Girl with rare disease doesn't know pain

FDA Approves Health Claims for Olive Oil

Embryos to be screened for cancer

'Stethoscope' hears kidney stones

Natural protein can starve cancer

China aims at five-day space shot

A Spyware Mystery: Who Are Those Guys?

Bluetooth cell phones: Getting beyond the hype

Consumers 'snub portable video'

Pompeii gets digital make-over

Green windsurfers take to the web


US Will Quiz China on Former Official's Blast at Bush

Bin Laden's Message: a Call to Bleed the United States Economically

Cubans should be freed, Bush tells Florida

Looters Overran Sensitive Iraq Desert Site; UN-Sealed Chemical Arms at Risk

Suits to target No Child Left Behind Act

To Bush, courts don't matter

Administration's own actions fuel rumors of draft Click.


Kerry, Bush Make Final Bid in Key States + A wing and a prayer + On the Trail

Polls:  Reuters: Bush Has One-Point Lead on Kerry + Knight Ridder: Bush has solid lead in 3 of 15 battleground states; turnout critical in rest

In rust belt, pride in troops and fear for jobs

Swing States: Et Tu, New Jersey?

Ohio: Religious voters torn between candidates

Daschle death match is 1 of 9 tight races with the control of Senate at stake

Voting issues: Ballot Boxing: Florida e-Voters Press Kerry, Get Bush + Latest Vote-Fraud Headlines + Wary Colorado prepares for no confidence vote + Click. City’s Lawyers Storm Florida In Ballot Blitz + If this election is stolen, will it be by enough to stop a recount? + An Election Spoiled Rotten + Electoral College Crash Courses; The Latest Election Fraud Allegations + Two federal judges on Monday barred political party representatives from challenging voters at polling places throughout Ohio Click.

BUSH/CHENEY: For the Bush campaign, incumbency has its perks + In an anti-Bush world, key backers + Bush stays positive + Click. In Deepest Ohio, I Was Embedded In Bush Bunker + Click. Returning to Their Roots, Russian Jews Back Bush + Off shoring Jobs, Bankrolling Bush + America Considers Hard Right Turn

KERRY/EDWARDS: Daily Endorsement Tally: Kerry Wraps It Up with Another Strong Day + Kerry lightens up + Click. Bill Goes to Temple in Last-Minute Swing through Florida + The Florida Troops Fighting to Win—and Keep—a Kerry Victory


Helen Thomas: Bush win would mean dark times Click.

Bob Herbert: Days of shame Click.

Robert S. McElvaine: Once again Republicans are running against the sixties Click.

Bush, Kerry ignore Burger King Moms

Bulgegate Confirmed: Press Yawns

The Truth Hurts: Justin Raimondo

Novak: Is Kerry relevant to 2004 election?

Protecting Us to Death: Teresa Whitehurst

Bin Laden video inspires Rove conspiracy theories + Osama video has a made-for-export quality

Scott Ritter: T he war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all

John Nichols: Even Republicans fear Bush Click.

Stardom: I Always Thought OBAMA Was A Typo

Only Fiction Can Do This Election Justice

Rummy's Failed War Plan Questions raised about Bush's mental and physical health

The 'Make Us Safe' believers: enabling their own march into fascism

Operation Eagle Eye: How to Think Like a Republican

Zlatkin: I will vote for a candidate on Tuesday


Military forensics system is questioned

'Arlington West' for Iraq War dead

Soldier Punished for Criticizing Vaccine

From jarhead to bowl maker: Grad student Ehren Tool's art of war


Dying man's $1.4 million gift to post-9/11 NY goes unused

On election eve, 9/11 doubters surface

With Little Oversight, Waste Rampant in 9/11 Aid Program

Blood for pork....

Contracts to rebuild Iraq picking up steam, report says. Still, U.S. has spent only fraction of fund

For sale: Vulcan bomber, one belligerent owner


Bird Flu Spread Tied to Ducks, Not Humans

Malaria Vaccine Trial Results Published

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco:
U.S. ill-prepared to handle bioterror attack, experts warn. Flu vaccine crisis called symptom of far wider problem + Mercury-free flu shot supply running short + Flu-spray firm runs high risks + Lack of flu vaccine angers high-risk patients + Fresno Valley starts flu prevention drive Click. + Vaccine shortage points to global risk, experts say + Click. GAO: Emerging Infectious Diseases

West Nile's no-show in Washington mystifies scientists

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Voters in 11 US states to decide on gay marriage

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Journalist photographing voters arrested

Media Response to New Osama bin Laden Video: Pundits Strike Out?

After 216 Years, London's 'Times' Goes All Tabloid

20 Papers Have Problem with Saturday's 'Doonesbury'

Ohio Papers 'Prepare for the Worst'

Unemployed brother of Germany's Schroeder gets offbeat media job

Building Bancroft in Berkeley: The Evolution of a Library.

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Howard Pyle, The Nation Makers

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco: Spooky but safe Fright Night. Tens of thousands converge on the Castro for a far-out, but peaceful, celebration + More than 200,000 join in Castro Halloween party

Start over with a California State History Museum

Getting ready for fall, Ayurvedic style

Without question, Che is reborn

A look at the National Book Awards finalists in Fiction

Paramount boss takes in exhibit on making films

'Sideways' Brings Touch of Humanity to Hollywood

Unseen Works by Impressionist Mary Cassatt Unveiled

Hong Kong graffiti artist's scrawls fetch 7,000 dollars

Tarantino to make Mandarin kung-fu film

Field Museum 'Reuniting' Scattered Collections From Ancient Iraq Site

Turning back tourist tide in the Valley of the Kings

Kitty survives washing machine ordeal

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Hilton's bad heir day?

Rush & Molloy: Family doesn't bio Peck portrayal

Meghan O’ Rourke on Nancy Drew

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